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(429) DM: (eating, gimme 5 pls)

(429) DM: (eating, gimme 5 pls)
(436) ticattack (enter): 23:48
(437) Pensador (enter): 23:50
(437) Pensador (exit): 23:51
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (436) ticattack...
(429) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(423) ticattack' from room...
(423) ticattack (exit): 23:54
(429) DM: (15, Rin)
(396) Rin: (How far away are the bats?)
** (396) Rin waits by the door, incase something should come closer. (Ready Action: enemy coming in sword range.) **
(396) Rin: (Done.)
(436) J'hzuu: ((J'hzuu fired and got a natural 1))
(429) DM: (far end of the room. the map isn't to scale. 90' from end to end)
(429) DM: (J'hz, 10)
(436) J'hzuu: ((I thought I was first, before your map issues. Uless you're gonna let me reroll it? :p))
(436) J'hzuu: ((So... Kha?))
(429) DM: (I was told you went on 10)
(436) J'hzuu: ((I did. I must've missed Rin's roll, because I thought I was highest on 10. So I acted. Then he told me he rolled a 15. So, Rin's just gone, I went before, out of turn, but it was ineffectual anyway. Kha's after my 10))
(429) DM: ((er...so Kha goes on 10 and you go on 9?))
(396) Rin: (Yeah.)
(436) J'hzuu: ((No. J'hzuu's 10, Kha's 9. I went before. It's now Kha's go))
(429) DM: ((....))
(396) Rin: (Er.. yeah, what he said.)
(436) J'hzuu: ((I accidentally acted out of turn. Before Rin.))
(429) DM: ((just go J'hz and we'll sort this out later))
** (436) J'hzuu pulls out his bow and fires into the nearest of the bats. (([1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16), Damage [1d8] => [7] = (7))) **
(429) DM: ((hit))
(429) DM: ((Kha, 9))
** (398) Kha thrusts his spear in the direction of the demon letting the electrisity fly off it **
(429) DM: ((damage?))
(398) Kha: (( sorry my macro whispers it 21 to the Demon, and 10 to all within 10 feet. Reflex DC 21 for 1/2 ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [11,5] = (16)
(429) DM: The arc of lightnin' strikes it in d'e chest and leaves a smokin' ruin, yet it doesn't seem t' 'ave been badly damaged.
(439) ticattack (enter): 00:13
(398) Kha: (( done ))
(429) DM: One of d'e bats spirals t' d'e ground, d'e flames d'at wreat' it sputterin' out.
(406) Lunauc: (the Dm's gone Cockney.....)
(429) DM: The daemon vanishes without a trace, as the spectre flies straight at Kha.
(429) DM: (Git, 5)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (439) ticattack...
(429) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(436) ticattack' from room...
(436) ticattack (exit): 00:19
(439) J'hzuu: ((Brb))
** (406) Lunauc is already on the move to close the door, but noticing quickly that Kha refuses to follow, the rogue groans and pulls his shiny new bastard sword instead, ready to strike whatever approaches the doorway(ready to cut and done) **
** (406) Git is already on the move to close the door, but noticing quickly that Kha refuses to follow, the rogue groans and pulls his shiny new bastard sword instead, ready to strike whatever approaches the doorway(ready to cut and done) **
(406) Git: :grumbles something about..: ".. lock the idiot in.."
(429) DM: ((Lel, 4))
** (395) Lellick grabs his holy symbol, holding it out as he intones, "Merciful Tevesh! We beg you for your favor! Protect us from those that would do us harm!" As he finishes speaking, the members of the party glow briefly with a pure, white light. **
(395) Lellick: (Casting Prayer, so everyone within 40 feet gets +1 luck bonus to attacks, weapon damage, saves, and skills.. think Kha and the baddies are too far away to be affected, but correct me if I'm wrong)
(395) Lellick: (And, done)
(406) Git: (what's the spell range?)
(429) DM: As one, the firebats seem to fade from sight with an explosion of fire and brimstone.
(429) DM: (Rin, 15)
(395) Lellick: (40 feet, centered on caster)
(406) Git: (yeah ou t of range)
** (396) Rin continues to guard the door. **
(396) Rin: (Done)
(429) DM: (10, J'hz)
(429) DM: (J'hz?)
(398) Kha: (( time to play kick the cat =P ))
(398) Kha: (( or maybe Skicp the cat? ))
(429) DM: ((ok, Kha, 9))
** (398) Kha steps back letting his holy symbol drop from his left sleave and holding it up **
(398) Kha: (( [1d20+2] => [11,2] = (13) [2d6+4] => [3,2,4] = (9) ))
(398) Kha: "Oneiros, Time Lord, Grant me power over Aponia to send these creatures back to the grave!"
(398) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke since we seem to have time between rounds ))
(429) DM: It's kept at bay. However, the daemon appears next to you and attacks.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [2,10] = (12),[1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16),[1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
(398) Kha: ((HP: 90 / 97))
(429) DM: It flails at you with its limbs, sending gobs of sticky goo in all directions. It's swipes don't strike you, although it does manage to latch onto your shield arm and chews off a strip of flesh. (AC 26)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6+3] -> [6,2,6,3] = (17)
(429) DM: (17 damage)
(429) DM: (Git, 5)
** (406) Git mutters a curse as he rushes into the room to join the stubborn kha (running to cover the distance) **
(406) Git: (combat expertise: 5)
(406) Git: ""You can't just retreat when asked to, huh?"
(406) Git: (done.. no time to attack)
(429) DM: (Lel, 4)
** (395) Lellick runs forward, holding his holy symbol out in the direction of the demon, lightly gritting his teeth. "I beg to you, Tevesh! Send this creature back to the Hells it came from!" **
(395) Lellick: (Casting Holy Smite, centered to hit only the demon and the spectre (for fun) ... that'll do 3d8 to each evil creature or 3d6 to evil outsiders, and blinds for one round.. Will save to half damage and negate blindness)
(395) Lellick: (The save DC should be... 17)
(398) Kha: (( back BTW ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
(429) DM: ((success))
(429) DM: ((damage for each please))
(395) Lellick: (He an evil outsider or just evil? Need to know for damage roll)
(429) DM: ((the spectre is undead, the daemon is an outsider))
(395) Lellick: [3d8] -> [4,1,7] = (12)
(395) Lellick: [3d6] -> [1,4,3] = (8)
(445) Zane (enter): 01:02
(429) DM: ((Rin, 15))
(439) J'hzuu: ((Back. Excuse my prolonged absence. Something of a minor emergency. All good now.))
(396) Rin: (How hurt does the demon look?)
(429) DM: ((It somewhat injured.))
** (396) Rin sighs, with a shake of his head, then he quickly murmers out a word, vanishing in motes of light, to reappear within the room. He hustles forward, to reach Kha's side. (Quick Cast to cast Dimension Hop as an immediate action, move action to move up to Kha.) He concentrates, hurriedly mumbling out the words of a spell, his blade surrounded by alternating bands of crimson and ebon energy. Then he strikes at the spectre. (Attack Action: Arcane Channeling to infuse his blade with Shocking Grasp, and using Arcane Strike {3rd level spell} with the attack. Attack Roll: [1d20+16] -> [8,16] = (24) Crit on natural 15 or higher.) **
(429) DM: (hit)
(396) Rin: (Damage: [1d8+4+3d4] -> [7,4,3,2,4] = (20) Shocking Grasp: [5d6] -> [6,5,6,3,4] = (24) No Save)
(448) Lunauc (enter): 01:12
(396) Rin: (... my mini won't move.)
(396) Rin: (Fixed.)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (448) Lunauc...
(396) Rin: (..and done.)
(429) DM: ((J'hz, 10))
(429) DM: Eldritch energy sinks into the daemon's form, causing it pain and opening great wounds that leak out increasing amounts of sickly yellow pus. It bares its teeth in rage.
** DM pokes J'hz **
** (439) J'hzuu knocks another arrow and lets it fly at the demon. (([1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22), Damage: [1d8] => [2] = (2))) **
(451) Swirln (enter): 01:16
(429) DM: ((9, Kha))
(429) DM: ((22 is a hit, btw))
** (398) Kha shakes his arm "Ouch" and thrusts at the demon **
(398) Kha: Spear of Fire Attack Roll: [1d20+15] => [13,15] = (28) ===> Damage: [2d12+4] => [10,5,4] = (19)
(398) Kha: Spear of Fire Attack Roll: [1d20+10] => [2,10] = (12) ===> Damage: [2d12+4] => [8,12,4] = (24)
(451) Swirln (exit): 01:20
(429) DM: The daemon dies, melting into a pool of sticky sickly-white goo.
(398) Kha: Disconnecting from server...
(398) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 01:23
(453) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 01:24
(454) Tano (enter): 01:24
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (453) Dj Gilcrease...
(454) Tano (exit): 01:27
(429) DM: The spectre flees (AOO by those in range).
(396) Rin: [1d20+13] -> [4,13] = (17)
(396) Rin: Damage, just in case: [1d8+4] -> [8,4] = (12)
(429) DM: (miss)
(429) DM: (anyone else?)
(453) Dj Gilcrease: (( not in range so no from me ))
(429) DM: It flees through the walls of this room and fades from view.
** (448) Git sighs as the last enemy flees. Cautiously he looks about the room for any other threat. **
** (396) Rin takes a moment to peer at the mirrors lining the room, then gestures about. "I don't see any exit from here." **
(396) Rin: "A dead end?"
** (395) Lellick slowly moves over to the others, looking around the room a bit warily. **
(448) Git: (brb)
** (453) Dj Gilcrease places his hand over the bite **
** (453) Kha places his hand over the bite **
(429) DM: The walls are covered with mirrors...
** (396) Rin turns to look at Git. **
** (453) Kha removes his hand and the wound is closed **
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(406) Lunauc' from server... Removing dead client
(406) Lunauc (exit): 01:40
(448) Git: (back)
** (448) Git begins walking the room, eyeing the mirror's suspiciously in passing. **
** (396) Rin waits, quietly, while Git works. **
(456) Lunauc (enter): 01:43
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (456) Lunauc...
(429) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(448) Lunauc' from room...
(448) Lunauc (exit): 01:45
(429) DM: As far as you can tell, there doesn't seem to be another exit out of this room. Another visible exit, that is.
** (456) Git shrugs and turns to Kha. "Ok.. keep breaking mirrors." **
(396) Rin: (The room was suddenly full of shrimp.)
** (453) Kha walks around the room poking mirrors **
** (456) Git starts from the doorway, circling th room clockwise, breaking the remaining mirrors. **
** (439) J'hzuu frowns and pulls out the feather in his pouch, running it along himself. ((Casting Fly)) **
** (396) Rin moves towards the center of the room, standing at the ready to attack if something should jump out. **
** (395) Lellick stays far back from the mirrors being broken as well, trying to generally keep an eye on the whole party. **
(429) DM: Two mirrors shatter and reveal doors behind them. (7a and 7b)
(456) Git: (since I'd break 7a first...) :Git peers into the revealed chamber:
** (396) Rin moves over towards Git, curious as to what he's found. **
** (439) J'hzuu descends to the door, floating a few centimetres from the ground, peering through the doors.. **
(429) DM: There's nothing but a mirror mounted on the opposite wall. It seems rather nondescript.
** (396) Rin peers around the corner, concentrating on the mirror. **
** (456) Git looks to Rin and J'hzuu, pointing to the mirror: "You get anything out of this?" **
(429) DM: Rin walks out of the mirror and attacks.
** (439) J'hzuu blinks. **
(456) Git: "Oh.. one of those." :dryly offers as evil Rin strikes.:
(429) DM: It's an exact duplicate of Rin, except with a malicious grin on his face.
** (396) Rin backs up, voice full of sarcasm. "I think it's magical, Git." **
(456) Git: "No kidding?"
(456) Git: (init?)
(396) Rin: Init: [1d20+1] -> [16,1] = (17)
(396) Evil Rin: Init: [1d20+1] -> [9,1] = (10)
(439) J'hzuu: ((Init: [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)))
(456) Git: Init: [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)
(453) Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] => [5,7] = (12)
(395) Lellick: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
** (396) Evil Rin glares at everyone, a nasty grin on his face. **
(396) Evil Rin: (Jh'zuu, Rin, Lellick, Kha, Evil Rin, Git.)
(396) Evil Rin: (Jh'zuu, you're first.)
** (439) J'hzuu leaps to the air (as high as the roof allows), and begins speaking and gesturing. Four balls of whitish energy erupt from the claws of his right hand, plummeting towards the duplicate. ((Magic Missile: [4d4+4)). **
(439) J'hzuu: ((Sorry, five missiles. [5d4+5] => [3,4,2,1,4,5] = (19)))
(396) Evil Rin: (Damage?)
(439) J'hzuu: ((That would be the 5d4+5))
(396) Evil Rin: (Okay, Rin)
(439) J'hzuu: ((How high is the roof?))
** (396) Evil Rin moves towards his double, slashing with his sword. [1d20+13] -> [11,13] = (24) **
** (396) Rin moves towards his double, slashing with his sword. [1d20+13] -> [16,13] = (29) **
(429) DM: (20')
** (396) Evil Rin mutters a word, and the attack reflects off a shield of softly glowiing light that springs into being just before he's hit. **
(396) Evil Rin: (Lellick.)
** (395) Lellick looking a little weirded-out by the double, he grasps his holy symbol tightly, He points to the double as he says the words of the spell, "Great Tevesh, prevent this one from doing us harm!" **
(395) Lellick: (Hold person, will save negates, DC.. 15)
(396) Evil Rin: (Saved.)
(395) Lellick: (No more actions)
(396) Evil Rin: (Kha.)
(456) Lunauc: (how wide is the room?)
** (453) Kha stays back and watches **
(429) DM: (room 7 is 90', room 7a is 10x10)
(396) Evil Rin: (That it? Evil Rin.)
(456) Lunauc: (ok, just checking if I had room to move in after Rin)
** (396) Evil Rin moves out to engage Git, murmering eldritch words as he swings a blade suddenly dancing with magical energy. (Using Arcane Strike {3rd Level} and Arcane Channeling with Vampiric Touch. Attack Roll: [1d20+15] -> [17,15] = (32).) This is followed by a sudden rush of words and a hand pointed directly up at Jh'zuu, from which flies a burst of flame. (Burning Hands Quick Cast. AoO Rin and Git.) **
(456) Lunauc: (how many actions was that?)
(396) Evil Rin: (One Move, One Standard, One Swift.)
(396) Evil Rin: (But he can only do that once a day.)
(456) Lunauc: (well it's a hit)
(453) Kha: (( didnt he use his swift action to activate the shield? ))
(396) Evil Rin: (No, that's deflect. He can cast that on other people's turns.)
(456) Lunauc: (dmg?)
(453) Kha: (( Aye, but still counts as your swift action for the round ))
(396) Evil Rin: (Git Damage: [1d8+4+3d4] -> [6,4,1,2,4] = (17) Vampiric Touch: [4d6] -> [4,3,3,3] = (13) You've got an AoO to try and prevent his burning hands.)
(456) Lunauc: Dancing +3 Bastardsword Attack Roll: [1d20+10] => [8,10] = (18) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [7,3,0] = (10)
(396) Evil Rin: (No, it doesn't. Deflect isn't a swift action.)
(396) Evil Rin: (Miss.)
(456) Lunauc: (wouldn't Rin get an aoo before he even reaches me though as he moves through the threatened space?)
(396) Rin: (He doesn't move out of Rin's threatened area, I believe. You were right next to the door, right?)
(453) Kha: (( Immidiate actions use your Swift Action for your next turn acording to the PHB2 ))
(396) Rin: (Rin's AoO: [1d20+13] -> [8,13] = (21))
(456) Lunauc: (and rin rushed into the room ahead, so rin's between me and evil rin)
(456) Lunauc: (actually if Rin's in the room with him and it's a 10x10 room, he'd have to overrun Rin just to reach me...)
(396) Rin: (Does it? Hm. Well he doesn't burning hands, then. And Rin can have an AoO. [1d20+13] -> [12,13] = (25)
(396) Rin: (Which hits.)
(396) Rin: (Git.)
(456) Lunauc: (since I'm a bit out of place as to where rin is right now, how far would I need to move from beside the door to flank?)
(429) DM: ((whomever was in the entrance of room 7a would be in melee range with Rin))
(396) Rin: (Five feet, or so?)
(429) DM: ((if you were in the entrance of the room, then yes))
** (456) Lunauc recoils from the vicious mystical stabbing and forces himself to slide a step into better position (5' step to flank) and rears down his sword for vitals. **
(456) Lunauc: Dancing +3 Bastardsword(Sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+10] => [13,10] = (23) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+3d6+0] => [6,3,6,1,4,0] = (20)
(456) Lunauc: (+3 with flank and lellick's spell, 26 atk)
(396) Rin: (Hit.)
** (396) Evil Rin staggers a step, bleeding profusely. **
(396) Evil Rin: (Jh'zuu.)
(439) J'hzuu: ((Can you flank while hovering 5 ft. in the air?))
(456) Lunauc: (hmm... only if someone's 5' below him.)
(396) Evil Rin: (Yeah, you have to have someone on the opposite side.)
(439) J'hzuu: ((Aye. S'what I figured.))
(456) Lunauc: (which is silly. I figure if someone is flanked by one pair of people he's going to fair no better against all the other people around him.)
(439) J'hzuu: ((Is there a position free for flanking?))
(456) Lunauc: (not yet. but if you move in to one side of him, you can make one on the other.)
(439) J'hzuu: ((I mean, how many folks are around him in melee?))
(396) Evil Rin: (Don't believe so, no. Two.)
** (439) J'hzuu hovers across to a position behind the duplicate and lashes out with his claws, hissing as he does. (([1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18), Damage: [1d4] => [1] = (1))) **
(396) Evil Rin: (Miss.)
(439) J'hzuu: ((AFK one min.))
(396) Evil Rin: (Rin.)
** (396) Rin uses his flanking position with Git to an advantage, striking at his busy clone. [1d20+13] -> [3,13] = (16) **
(396) Rin: (Miss. Kha.)
(396) Rin: (Err.. Lellick.)
** (395) Lellick hurries up to behind Git, putting a hand on his back. "May Tevesh ease this man's pain and make him whole again!" **
(439) J'hzuu: ((Back))
(395) Lellick: (Casting.. cure serious wounds, rolling for HP gain now)
(395) Lellick: [3d8+7] -> [6,1,6,7] = (20)
(395) Lellick: (and done)
(396) Rin: (Kha.)
** (453) Kha still hangs back trying to figure out why he should attack and why. **
** (456) Lunauc groans contently as his pain is eased, "Much obliged, Lel." **
** (456) Git groans contently as his pain is eased, "Much obliged, Lel." **
** (396) Evil Rin cuts at Git again, his sword dancing with arcane energy once more. This is followed by a quick burst of flame, point blank. (Arcane Strike {3rd}, Arcane Channeled Shocking Grasp. You get an AoO to stop the quick casted burning hands. Attack Roll: [1d20+15] -> [4,15] = (19)) **
(456) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword(Sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+10] => [6,10] = (16) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+3d6+0] => [6,3,2,6,4,0] = (21)
(456) Git: (18, not that that helps)
(456) Git: (er 19)
(396) Evil Rin: (Miss. Rin and Jh'zuu, too.)
(396) Evil Rin: Rin AoO: [1d20+13] -> [8,13] = (21)
(396) Evil Rin: (Miss.)
(396) Evil Rin: (No wait, hit.)
(439) J'hzuu: ((Hits me or misses?))
(456) Git: (attack misses though)
(456) Git: (eh?)
(396) Evil Rin: (Jh'zuu, you get an AoO. Rin's AoO hit. Evil Rin was attacking Git, and missed?)
(456) Git: (19 misses Git)
(439) J'hzuu: ((AoO" [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17) Damage [1d4] => [4] = (4)))
(439) J'hzuu: ((Erm... +4 rather. So 18))
(429) DM: The mirror shatters. Rin's duplicate vanishes.
(396) Evil Rin: (Passed his concentration check, Jh'zuu misses. Burning Hands: [5d4] -> [4,1,4,1,2] = (12) to Git and probably Lellick.)
(456) Git: 0.o
(429) Voice: Hmph. I suppose you've earned the right to pass the first test. Behold, your reward.
** (396) Evil Rin vanishes, screaming something about melting. **
(429) DM: The door on the far right of the room opens, revealing a flight of stairs leading downwards.
(429) Voice: For am I not Zathis the Merciful? And those who dare descend must pass the Gauntlet to be judged worthy of my gifting.
(439) J'hzuu: ((We know we could kill Rin if the need ever arose. Isn't that almost reward enough?))
(396) Rin: (Gee, thanks.)
** (395) Lellick mutters to himself, "..why was that a question?.." **
** (396) Rin looks a little upset. "I don't know. Are you Zathis the Merciful?" **
(456) Git: "Aargh.." :drops to a seat on the ground.:
** (396) Rin looks to Git and Lellick. "Are you two alright?" **
(456) Git: :glares at Rin: "I'd feel better if a mage knew better than to look into a mirror of opposition."
(396) Rin: "Hey, you asked if we were getting anything from it."
(395) Lellick: "...I'm fine."
(456) Git: "You can detect magic with your eyes closed."
(395) Lellick: "...Could you two stop it? That whole room was full of mirrors, and none of them did.. that."
** (456) Git grumbles a bi in elven, as he rises, trying to balance his wounded and burned body. **
(396) Rin: "Well, I apologize for looking into the mirror."
(396) Rin: "Though judging by that voice, someone would have had to."
(456) Git: "Yeah. but we could have had someone less threatening do it."
(396) Rin: "Like Lellick?"
(456) Git: "Exactly."
(396) Rin: "Alright, I motion that the halfling looks into all future mirrors. Anyone second that?"
(395) Lellick: "........"
** (456) Git slaps himself in the head, as he turns to head for the newly open passage. "Damned if he isn't kha's twin brother." **
** (396) Rin peers after Git. "That hurts, you know. My feelings have been injured." **
(405) rockman18: Sweet a statue thats kool
** (453) Kha heads into the room that does not have evil closes (7b) **
(456) Git: :retorts harshly: "My abdomens been injured. I think your emotions are an easier mend."
(405) rockman18: Ok I will do that, take it easy
(405) rockman18: doh, sorry
(429) TaliesinNYC: and on that note, we'll stop
(396) Rin: "That's not true. Clerics can't mend feelings, but they can cure physical wounds."

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