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(522) DM: ** (1165) Kha tries talking in elven "Hey whatever you are we dont want to hurt you we just cannot breath in this sm

(522) DM: ** (1165) Kha tries talking in elven "Hey whatever you are we dont want to hurt you we just cannot breath in this smoke!" **
** (1159) Agatha notes the caution in the others not to harm this...whatever it is. She holds back and waits for the creatures response. **
(1161) DM: The creature finishes shifting its form and suddenly becomes a column of ash that proceeds to attack Kha and Git.
(1161) DM: ((AOO))
(1174) Git: Aelous Attack Roll: [1d20+13] -> [4,13] = (17) -> [17,13] -> (17, 13) = (30) ===> Damage: [1d4+2+0] -> [1,2,0] = (3) -> [2,2,0] -> (2, 2, 0) = (4)
(1165) Kha: "Hey!"
(1165) Kha: Spear of Fire Attack Roll: [1d20+15] -> [19,15] = (34) ==> [2] -> 2 + {15} = (17) ===> Damage: [2d12+4] -> [7,10,4] = (21) ==> [4, 8] -> (4, 8) + {4} = (16)
(1174) Git: "koff ..something tells me.. it doesn't care.. hak.."
(1165) Kha: "Obviously!"
(1174) Git: Sword, bastard used 2 handed Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [11,5] = (16) -> [13,5] -> (13, 5) = (18) ===> Damage: [1d10+0] -> [10,0] = (10) -> [8,0] -> (8, 0) = (8)
(1161) DM: ((5, Rin))
** (1155) Rin continues to climb, until he feels a small ledge off to his left. Coughing, he clings to it, while trying to peer through the thick smoke. "I think.." Cough. "I think this is it.." **
(1159) Agatha: ((Agatha will be taking her initiative here))
(1159) Agatha: ((after Rin))
(1155) Rin: (I'm done.)
(1161) DM: ((6 rounds total. 21, Kha))
** (1159) Agatha takes her cue after the creature and goes at it with her greataxe. **
(1161) DM: (k)
(1159) Agatha: [1d20+15] -> [8,15] = (23) -> [4,15] -> (4, 15) = (19)
** (1165) Kha strikes out with his spear "I didnt want to hurt you untill you attacked me" **
(1165) Kha: Spear of Fire Attack Roll: [1d20+15] -> [11,15] = (26) ==> [10] -> 10 + {15} = (25) ===> Damage: [2d12+4] -> [7,6,4] = (17) ==> [7, 10] -> (7, 10) + {4} = (21)
(1165) Kha: Spear of Fire Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [5,10] = (15) ==> [15] -> 15 + {10} = (25) ===> Damage: [2d12+4] -> [5,4,4] = (13) ==> [11, 10] -> (11, 10) + {4} = (25)
(1159) Agatha: ((brb afk))
(1161) DM: (19 is a miss.)
(1161) DM: The form gives no sign of having heard Kha. ((19, Git))
(1155) Rin: (Git is 10. >_>)
(1161) DM: (er, I mean Lel)
** (1145) Lellick gropes around the ledge, cork in hand, sticking it in whatever bottle or hole he manages to find first. **
(1145) Lellick: (done)
(1161) DM: ((Git, 10))
** (1174) Lunauc lets the dagger fall from his hand, as he reaches for the shiny new bastard sword on his back. Squaring his stance quickly, he takes a swing for the phantasmal figure. **
** (1174) Git lets the dagger fall from his hand, as he reaches for the shiny new bastard sword on his back. Squaring his stance quickly, he takes a swing for the phantasmal figure. **
(1174) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword(2nd) Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [14,5] -> (14, 5) = (19) -> [14,5] = (19) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] -> [5,3,0] -> (5, 3, 0) = (8) -> [5,3,0] -> (5, 3, 0) = (8)
(1174) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [14,10] = (24) -> [19,10] -> (19, 10) = (29) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] -> [5,3,0] = (8) -> [5,3,0] = (8)
(1174) Git: (second rolls the right one)
(1145) Lellick: "It's not working! It's not.. sticking in for some reason!"
(1155) Rin: "Can you.. plug it with a finger or something?"
(1174) Git: "Hakk... push harder!"
(1161) DM: ((10, Ag))
** (1159) Agatha goes all out on the monster, not quite sure what to make of it. ((full attack)) **
(1159) Agatha: 1st attack: [1d20+15] -> [16,15] = (31) -> [18,15] -> (18, 15) = (33) attack, [1d12+7] -> [5,7] = (12) -> [4,7] -> (4, 7) = (11)
(1161) DM: The form collapses into a pile of ash. The smoke continues to flow out of the room, unabated. ((7 rounds total.))
** (1159) Agatha stands over the fallen pile of ash. "Koff, kaff. What the hell was that thing?" **
(1174) Git: "Annoying."
(1145) Lellick: (Combat over?)
** (1159) Agatha shouts back in the smoke. "Lellick, kaff, plug it now!" **
(1161) DM: (yep)
** (1165) Kha pokes the ash pile **
(1174) Git: "Cover it with your hand if you have to."
(1161) DM: It's lifeless, whatever it was.
** (1145) Lellick gives a few harsh coughs as he hurriedly unwraps the bandages from his right hand, wrapping it as best he can around the cork and the bottle's neck before outright closing his hand over it. **
(1161) DM: Wisps of smoke continually pours out from the bottle.
(1161) DM: Judging from the amount of smoke in the area, it'll be a while before it fully clears. (8 rounds total)
(1174) Git: "What's the problem, lellick?" :hakk hakk:
** (1165) Kha goes back out to the room with the plants **
(1145) Lellick: "I think I've got it enough. The cork won't stay in. It might have its own stopper somewhere...?"
(1174) Git: "How hard is it to cover the mouth of the bottle with your palm until we find it?" :asks as he begins scouring for the right cork, starting by the door, hoping it was attached by a trip line.
(1159) Agatha: ((afk for a while. food. food that took forever for me to cook))
** (1155) Rin just hangs out on the ledge with Lellick. **
** (1145) Lellick coughs again before answering, "Not hard. I'll be fine up here." **
(1161) DM: It seems to be a rather large area, and smoke is slowly filtering out of the room.
(1165) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (1174) Git searches down the stairs for the proper cork, grabbing his daggers along the way **
(1174) Git: "hmmm.. do you think you can pry the bottle from the ceiling?"
(1185) Lellick (enter): 00:25
(1186) Lunauc (enter): 00:27
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1186) Lunauc...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1185) Lellick...
(1161) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1174) Lunauc' from room...
(1174) Lunauc (exit): 00:29
(1161) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1145) Lellick' from room...
(1145) Lellick (exit): 00:30
(1161) DM: ((it's sitting on a ledge above the door...))
(1186) Lunauc (exit): 00:32
(1186) Lunauc (enter): 00:32
(1165) Kha: (( I think I am getting old, I am starting to fade and I have only been up for 16 hours ))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1186) Lunauc...
(1161) DM: ((if you need to go, go..., we can carry on))
whispering to Lellick, 9 rounds now
(1186) Git: (Yes.. there's absolutely no reason for you to feel like less of a man for not being able to stay up. There's no shame in lacking stamina.)
** (1185) Lellick tries keeping both hands clamped to the top of the bottle now, leaning away from what little smoke is still coming out. **
(1165) Kha: ok, I I'll see ya tomarrow
(1165) Kha: Disconnecting from server...
(1165) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 00:38
(1161) DM: ((going to FF a bit. Git, you can take 20 if you like searching the room. In that time, you don't find the stopper.))
(1161) DM: ((or rather, you don't find ANOTHER stopper.))
(1186) Git: (could I try fashioning a cap from some leather and sinew twine?)
(1161) DM: ((sure.))
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(1155) Rin' from server... Removing dead client
(1155) Rin (exit): 00:42
(1186) Git: (is it still attached to the ceiling? I only ask since lellick is holding it with both hands, when he was on Rinn's back.)
** (1186) Git cuts a bit of leather from his satchel's flap and cuts some twine from the bindings of his bracer, to make an impromptu cap from the weakly stoppered bottle. **
(1161) DM: ((it was never attached to the ceiling. it was sitting on a ledge above the door...))
(1189) Silverstar (enter): 00:48
(1186) Git: (well, I missed that part, do to disconnection, sorry)
(1189) Silverstar (exit): 00:48
(1161) DM: ((np. and Rin just d/ced))
(1186) Git: (thus zapping him to PC limbo and dropping his rider Lellick from the ceiling)
(1186) Git: (does the mock cap work?)
(1185) Lellick: (Haha, like Lel needs to take any more damage..)
(1161) DM: ((no))
(1161) DM: ((so now what?))
(1159) Agatha: "Think you can make your way through the smoke and see what's past the door, Git?"
** (1186) Git gets out his trusty old disguise kit trying. Employing some soft wax putty, he tries to make a seal around the small cork and finish it off with the leather cap. **
(1186) Git: "Probably.. though I'd prefer to be able to breathe."
(1159) Agatha: "It'll clear up, kaff, soon enough."
(1161) DM: The seal barely holds.
(1186) Git: :hands off the sloppily stopped bottle to Aggy.: "Remind me to go cork shopping later."
** (1186) Git moves in to check the new room, as the smoke begins to clear. **
whispering to Gautam, The bottle immediately begins shaking as if pressure is building up inside and threatens to undo the seal.
(1161) DM: It seems to be an empty chamber, roughly 50' wide, albeit octagonal shaped. There seems to be no other exits from the room.
(1186) Git: "This is sort of a let down." :looks about the blank chamber quizzically.: (no markings or pictures or such on the walls or ceilings?)
(1185) Lellick: "I'd say. All that trouble just for this?.."
** (1159) Agatha looks down at the bottle and picks it up. "Well that doesn't look good." **
(1186) Git: :to aggy: "What now?"
(1161) DM: (nope)
(1159) Agatha: "I don't think this seal is gonna hold."
(1161) DM: The bottle is shaking violently as if the pressure inside threatens to undo the seal.
** (1159) Agatha trots then runs back to the well and hurls it at the ground away from her. **
** (1186) Git begins a search along the walls, a dagger in each hand, one's blade scouring for odd grooves while the pommel of the other beats along the stone listening for hollow caversn beyond. **
(1186) Git: (search along the walls clockwise from the doorway)
(1186) Git: :calls after aggy: "Throw it outside."
(1197) Fairweather (enter): 01:11
** (1185) Lellick rubs at the back of his neck, watching Git work. "Outside? ... I guess we already did announce our presence here, with all that earlier..." **
whispering to Lunauc, well you do find the four secret doors above
** (1186) Git completes his circle of the room, then resturns to the northwest wall and feels around **
(1185) Lellick: "Find anything?"
(1186) Git: "Yeah... four doors."
(1200) Spectator (enter): 01:23
(1200) Spectator (exit): 01:25
** (1159) Agatha walks back from the hatch entrance. "Hopefully that bottle will run itself out before we're done here. **

(522) DM: ((still in the mysterious dungeon on the way to Caer Thorne. defeated a smoke para-elemental which was trapped inside a room with an ever-smoking bottle. and you haven't been able to find the stopper...well perhaps. :) ))
(521) Agatha: ((ah. It's all coming back now))
(522) DM: ((so the bottle is in room 1 (not on the map)))
(522) DM: ((and it's still leaking smoke.))
(523) J'hzuu: ((And where are we?))
(525) Rin: (Back.)
** (519) Lellick takes a look around the group before grasping his holy symbol, murmuring, "May Tevesh ease my pain and make me whole again." **
(519) Lellick: (Casting Cure Serious Wounds on self, rolling now)
(519) Lellick: [3d8+7] -> [3,8,1,7] = (19)
(522) DM: ((area 2))
(522) DM: ((The room will take a bit of time to air out.))
(536) Rin'sMapisBroken (enter): 22:22
(522) DM: ((so what now?))
** (525) Rin coughs a few times, waiting for the room to clear out a bit more. **
** (523) J'hzuu coughs as he wanders around the edge of the room. He begins gently rubbing his head, muttering as he does. (Casting Detect Magic and scanning the room). **
** (521) Agatha looks around at the doors. "Well which one will it be?" **
whispering to ticattack, the entire place radiates powerful magicka
whispering to ticattack, abjuration and transmutation being the two chief schools
(525) Rin: "Flip a coin?"
(523) J'hzuu: ((Aren't the doors secret?))s
(523) J'hzuu: ((Hidden, that is. Concealed, whatever))
(519) Lellick: (Are we free to assume that Git got the doors open for us?)
(521) Agatha: ((are the doors locked?))
(522) DM: ((they're not visible...))
(522) DM: ((Git's not here...so, no.))
(521) Agatha: ((wait a sec. Didn't Kha and Ag knock down a door before we ended last session))
(522) DM: ((Git found four doors, yes, but he hasn't opened them.))
(522) DM: ((the locations are marked on the map above))
(523) J'hzuu: ((So... we know they're there?))
(523) J'hzuu: ((And we can open them?))
** (521) Agatha examines the second door to the left. **
(522) DM: ((presumably, yes..))
** (525) Rin glances around, looking slightly puzzled. "Where did Git and Kha wander off to? Did they go on ahead without us?" **
whispering to Gautam, its a panel that depresses
(521) Agatha: "Hmph. Well one's as good as any other."
** (519) Lellick wanders forward to somewhere around the rightmost door, feeling around the wall for the seal of the door. **
whispering to Lellick, it's a panel that depresses
** (521) Agatha turns back to the others. "Ya might wanna step back a bit. I don't want anyone getting caught in a trap." **
** (519) Lellick looks up, then nods at Agatha and backs up a good distance. **
** (525) Rin goes and stands by Lellick, shield and sword drawn. **
** (521) Agatha goes back to door and tries to push the panel aside. **
(522) DM: All four doors open at once.
(522) DM: They slide to the right, revealing four different corridors leading into the interior of the dungeon. A strong spicy odor wafts out, redolent of garlic.
(525) Rin: "Well.. you opened them. Good job."
(521) Agatha: "Aye, it looks like an open invitation."
(525) Rin: "Looks like we're going to have to advance single file, though."
(523) J'hzuu: ((How high's the ceiling?))
(522) DM: (30')
(522) DM: (er, I mean 10', sorry)
** (519) Lellick inches forward a few steps. "Ah. Just keep me in the middle, then." **
** (523) J'hzuu frowns and moves to take the position second from the back. **
(525) Rin: "You want the front or rear, Agatha?"
(521) Agatha: "I'll take the lead. It I trip something, I'll be better to bear it than you."
(525) Rin: "Alright."
** (521) Agatha steps ahead and heads into the second passage from the left. **
(522) DM: It's definitely a maze.
(550) Quazerdale (enter): 22:51
(521) Agatha: "Keep your weapons and spells ready."
** (521) Agatha looks around. "What in the--Well, why bother having 4 doors?" **
(525) Rin: "To be irritating."
(522) DM: Coquettish laughter can be heard deep within this place.
(522) Voice: "It's been a long time since I've had any visitors."
** (519) Lellick looks around, brow furrowed. "...Well, hello to you, too." **
** (525) Rin keeps a careful eye towards the rear of the party. "Oh, great." **
(521) Agatha: "Hmph. That's reassuring. Nobody wonder off now."
** (521) Agatha Agatha leads the way through the center path. **
(522) Voice: "The cards see all...the cards know all. Pick a card, any card."
(523) J'hzuu: "Show yourself!"
(550) Quazerdale (exit): 22:55
(522) DM: As you round the corner, you spy an ancient crone, garbed in garish purple gypsy robes. She sits at a low table in the center of this stone maze, shuffling a deck of cards. She spies you, looks up and grins toothily.
(522) Crone: "Ah, live ones. Welcome to the Tomb of Zathis, the Ever-Merciful."
** (521) Agatha stops in her tracks. "Who?" **
(525) Rin: "...merciful is good."
(522) Crone: "Dare you your destiny? Pick a card, any card. The cards see all, the cards know all." (cackles)
(525) Rin: "I'll draw a card."
(522) Crone: "Zathis the Ever-Merciful. He gave much in life, and he gives still in death."
(522) TaliesinNYC: [1d100] -> [6] = (6)
** (521) Agatha gives the crone an odd look. "What kind of game is this? Who..what are you?" **
** (519) Lellick glances to Rin. "..Aren't you being a little hasty?! We don't even know what she means to do to us!" **
(522) Crone: "How easily you forget, live one."
(525) Rin: "Hasty? Maybe. But I doubt anything would have come of sitting around and talking about her game. Sometimes the best teacher is experience."
(521) Agatha: ((Is she one of the three crones from back in Zayal?))
(522) DM: (she looks like Skuld)
(522) DM: She winks at you broadly but doesn't reply, instead peering at Rin. Her skin is pockmarked and lined with age. Her left eye is milky, though she tries mightily to look about. Her other good eye is sharp and misses nothing.
** Crone offers the deck to Rin. "Dare you your destiny? Hee hee!" **
** (525) Rin calmly peers right back. "I do dare." He reaches to pull a card from the deck, curious. **
(521) Agatha: "You're one of the three crones, aren't you? What are you doing here?"
(522) DM: You take one of the cards -- ivory plaques really -- the back of each marked with a circular design, that of a silver drake entwined with an onyx drake, each eating its mate's tail. The design reminds you of two tadpoles, different yet strangely similar.

You flip it over...and it reveals the image of three women -- a maiden, a mother and a crone. Below is the script entitled, "Fate".

(522) Crone: "A good card, a card of mystery, a card of wonder. Use the magicka wisely, use it well. Hee hee!"
** (525) Rin scans the image, at length, before slipping it into a pocket. He offers the old woman a respectful bow. "Thank you." **
(522) DM: She turns to face Agatha. "Perhaps, live one. Perhaps. The cards foretold your coming. The cards see all, the cards know all."
whispering to Rin, note the card
whispering to Rin, it'll be important later
(521) Agatha: "That so? Perhaps you can tell me where these tunnels go, or why the tower above was razed to the ground?"
(521) Agatha: "Better yet, how to get to where we're going without being detected?"
(522) Crone: "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies." (cackles) "Dare you your destiny?"
(522) Crone: "Zathis built this place, to test those who would come here. He gave much in life, and he gives much in death. The power you find, should you be worthy, shall aid you in your endeavor. This I can answer, freely of my will."
(525) Rin: "How do we know if we're worthy?"
(522) Crone: "If you survive this place, then you are worthy of his knowledge."
** (519) Lellick looks to Agatha, "If this would aid us, then we should not turn back." **
(521) Agatha: "Hmph. Fair enough."
** (521) Agatha eyes the deck with apprehension. **
** (521) Agatha sighs and reaches for a card. "I can't risk not knowing." **
(522) DM: It flips over and reveals...the image of a bronze chalice overflowing with a silvery liquid. Beneath the image is the script: "Wrath"
(525) Rin: "..that looks pretty accurate."
** (523) J'hzuu shifts his weight from foot to foot, then leans foward and slowly, warily takes a card. **
(522) DM: She peers at the card and smiles slyly at Agatha. "The fire that burns in you is strong but is a double-edged sword that might turn you against yourself. Use this magicka wisely! Use it well! Hee hee!"
** (519) Lellick looks at the others, then looks to the crone, relunctantly reaching out to take one of the cards. **
(522) DM: It flips over...and reveals the image of a shadow, and a figure cloaked in black. The figure is unidentifiable, save for a sword it wields that seems a piece of the night sky. Beneath this ominous image is the script: "Fear"
** (521) Agatha looks at the crone curiously. "Y'know, it'd be nice if for once you oracles could just say what you mean instead of being so damned mysterious." **
(523) J'hzuu: ((Whose is that, J'hzuu or Lel?))
** Crone frowns at you and frowns at the card. "For you, it is written that you shall face a test of compassion -- do you let Death die eternal, or do you cause it to be shackled? Use this magicka wisely! Use it well!" **
(522) DM: ((you))
** (523) J'hzuu raises a brow. "Oh..." **
(522) DM: ((taps foot))
(519) Lellick: (Lel drew one too *points up*)
(522) DM: ((That was Lel))
(522) DM: ((ok))
(521) Agatha: ((can we move past the crone?))
(522) DM: The plaque flips over and reveals the image of a gilded scale, one side filled with coins, the other empty. Beneath is the script: "Influence".
(522) DM: She peers at the card and glances at J'hzuu.
(522) Crone: "One such as you should know when to speak for good or for ill. Use this magicka wisely, use it well! Hee hee!"
(522) Crone: "We shall meet again, once, twice, thrice! For you have no Fate but the Fate you are given!"
(522) DM: She vanishes, cackling madly.
whispering to ticattack, remember what she said and the card you pulled
(525) Rin: "...should have asked her what happened to Git and Kha."
whispering to Lellick, remember what she said and the card you pulled
** (519) Lellick rubs at the back of his head, looking disturbed. "She seemed far too amused by all that...." **
(523) J'hzuu: ((That's why I asked wether the death card was me or Lel. You said "you"))
(523) J'hzuu: ((Wait... no, sorry))
(521) Agatha: "Bah. They're all like that. Let's move on."
(525) Rin: "All old people, or all fortune telling crones?"
** (521) Agatha tries not to show how much the crone's words weigh on her. **
(521) Agatha: "Eternal personifications of fate."
** (521) Agatha leads the group forward. **
(521) Agatha: "Hmm.. Now we've been left. Gone straight. Right seems about right."
** (521) Agatha takes the rightmost path. **
(521) Agatha: ((second rightmost technically))
(522) DM: The maze continues on, without seeming end.
(521) Agatha: "Hmm. Another branch, or we approaching the center again?"
** (521) Agatha cautiously maintains her heading. **
(525) Rin: "Well, I'm pretty sure we're not headed towards the center."
(521) Agatha: ((btw, can everyone see the path on the whiteboard?))
(519) Lellick: (I can)
(525) Rin: (Yuss.)
(522) DM: Eventually, you come to a pit (3a) that separates a levitating platform (3b). The platform is 6" below a ledge and a stone door that leads out of the maze. The door seems to be closed.
(525) Rin: (How wide?)
(525) Rin: (How wide is the pit?)
(521) Agatha: ((yes and how wide is the platform?))
(522) DM: (10' wide on all sides. 30' deep.)
(522) DM: The bottom of the pit contains a piece of rope.
(522) DM: The platform is about 10' x 10'.
(522) DM: (not a piece of rope but a length of rope that seems to have been carelessly tossed to the ground)
(525) Rin: "Anybody have an idea?"
(521) Agatha: "Anyone have a grappling hook?"
** (523) J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu could fly down?" **
(525) Rin: "I could jump across."
** (519) Lellick moves a little closer to the pit, peering down at the rope. **
(522) TaliesinNYC: brb
(521) Agatha: "Eh? Why fly down when we can fly across?"
(523) J'hzuu: "J
(523) J'hzuu: 'hzuu could not caryy you all across. Using the rope would also mean all could get back out if J'hzuu had exhausted his magicka."
** (523) J'hzuu shrugs. "Agatha could carry all across." He takes a feather from his spellpouch and runs it along Agatha's arm, muttering and gesturing as he does. (Casting Fly on Aggie) **
(521) Agatha: "That should do it."
(525) Rin: "I'm still jumping."
** (521) Agatha shrugs. "Suit yourself." **
** (523) J'hzuu clambers onto Aggie's back, piggy-back-style and waits to be carried across. **
(521) Agatha: "Lemme go first though. This walk has been too easy for my tastes."
** (521) Agatha flies up to the door and examines it quickly. **
(522) DM: (bak)
(525) Rin: "And let me jump before you take anyone across."
(521) Agatha: "It's unlocked."
** (521) Agatha looks down at Rin. If something happens, I won't have to worry about the fall. So let me handle this." **
(521) Agatha: "Hang on J'hzuu."
(525) Rin: "Okay. You can all crowd on that little platform, then I can jump and shove a few of you off of it."
** (523) J'hzuu nods and takes a step back, ready to jump out the way if something flies out or explodes. **
** (521) Agatha gently opens the door, all too ready to jump back. **
(522) DM: As the door opens, it reveals a vestibule...that's 5' x 5'. The vestibule leads to an exit tunnel....that's 5' wide but the ceiling is barely 5' high, if that.
(521) Agatha: "Hmph. We're not burnt to a crisp. That's a good sign."
** (521) Agatha lets J'hzuu down at the door. "Keep an eye out while I get the others." **
** (525) Rin backs off down the hall so he can get a good running start to jump the gap. [1d20+9] -> [8,9] = (17) **
** (521) Agatha swoops back down for Lellick, then the others. **
** (519) Lellick steps gingerly onto the platform after Agatha deposits him there. **
(521) Agatha: "All set?"
** (523) J'hzuu nods. **
** (521) Agatha ducks her head a bit as she moves into the tunnels. "Keep yourselves spaced out. It's tricky enough moving around without having to bump into each other." **
** (525) Rin waits for everyone to go past, then takes up the rear again. **
(522) DM: You're crawling along...and you come up to a wall...of cloth. It's burlap and it's stretched quite taut.
(522) DM: ...taut across this opening.
** (521) Agatha looks at the cloth curiously and then motions for the others to be quiet. **
** (525) Rin stays very quiet. **
** (521) Agatha places her ear near the cloth and listens. **
** (519) Lellick stops in his tracks, blinking. **
** (521) Agatha shrugs and looks back at the others. "Anyone got a knife?" **
(525) Rin: "Sword?"
(521) Agatha: "Good enough."
(521) Agatha: "Pass it up here."
** (523) J'hzuu holds up his hand and unsheatheshis claws, looking questioningly at Aggie. **
** (525) Rin passes up his great scimitar. **
(582) Zane (enter): 00:44
** (521) Agatha takes the blade and shakes her head at J'hzuu, pointing point out their tight space. **
** (521) Agatha pokes a small hole in the cloth and peeks inside. **
(522) DM: (uh-oh)
(522) DM: (I need a marching order please)
(522) DM: (this is incredibly important)
(525) Rin: (Agatha, Lellick, J'hzuu, Rin? ...can we put Kha in the front?)
(523) J'hzuu: ((Towards the back. Second last, if posible.))
(519) Lellick: (Sounds right to me)
(521) Agatha: ((I'm in front. Rin's in back. We should have 5 between each of us.))
(521) Agatha: ((5ft of space between each of us))
(522) DM: ((so Agatha...I need you to do a Reflex save please.))
(521) Agatha: Reflex save: [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15)
(521) Agatha: ((eee..this will be close))
(522) DM: As soon as Agatha pokes a hole in the cloth, it ruptures immediately and a rift opens in the air. A howling wind emerges from beyond that drowns out all conversation and threatens to suck her inside.
(525) Rin: "Link hands, quick!"
** (521) Agatha shouts as the rift sucks her words into the nothingness. **
(521) Agatha: "Yaaaaaaahhh!!"
(522) DM: Her hands are slipping as the wind gradually yanks her into the rift...
** (521) Agatha reaches out for Lellick's arm. **
(525) Rin: (...what happened to my sword?)
(522) DM: (It's lost inside the rift.)
(519) Lellick: (Er. My rolls not getting through?)
(522) DM: (nope)
(519) Lellick: [1d20+10] -> [5,10] = (15)
(519) Lellick: (..that might've been why)
** (521) Agatha struggles to use her axe for leverage. **
** (525) Rin tries to climb over everyone to go after it. **
(522) DM: (well that's impossible, given that the ceiling is barely 5' high)
(522) DM: The wind yanks Agatha through the rift, and the rift closes with a bang. Of the burlap, there is no sign. Neither is Agatha.
** (525) Rin just kind of stares. **
** (525) Rin mutters, a bit weakly: "..my sword." **
** (523) J'hzuu 's eyes widen in surprise, then fear. He stands motionless, frozen to the spot. **
** (519) Lellick 's hand closes around nothing but air as Agatha is sucked in, leaving him leaning so far he stumbles forward a step. **
** (521) Agatha notices Rin letting go before blackness envelops her. **
(522) DM: (the passage is 5' wide x 40' deep and barely a 5' high ceiling. can't really climb over each other.)
(519) Lellick: "Where.. where did that thing take her?!"
(525) Rin: "I don't know. Get out of the passage."
** (519) Lellick looks at Rin with faint surprise, then moves forward and into the next room to get out of the way. **
(523) J'hzuu: "But..." The khajiit blinks, then follows after Lellick.
** (525) Rin follows the others out into the next room. "But what? We can't do anything squatting in a little tunnel." **
(522) DM: The passage leads to a circular chamber, with a flight of spiral stairs leading down.
(522) DM: Aside from the staircase, this chamber is bare.
** (525) Rin struggles not to look upset at he is, as he stows his shield and strings his bow. **
(525) Rin: *as he is
** (519) Lellick peers walks around the room, disappointed to not find anything of notice. "Well. Should we continue on?" **
(519) Lellick: (er.. take out 'peers' there)
** (525) Rin tests the draw, before shouldering his pack and nodding towards the stairs. "Let's go." He takes point, creeping cautiously down the steps. **
(522) Voice: "....Use this magicka wisely, use it well..."
(589) blah (enter): 01:12
(522) DM: The crone's voice seems to echo from afar.
** (525) Rin peers around, with an irritated frown. There's a sigh, and he digs around in his pocket for the Fate card. He peers at it, flips it over to peer at the back, then gives it a little shake. "Magical card, I choose you?" **
(589) blah (exit): 01:14
** (523) J'hzuu opens his mouth, then turns to Lellick. "Unshackling death?" he says. He takes his own card. "Ifluence..." He frowns and shakes his head. **
(519) Lellick: "..We have no proof that she is dead..."
** (525) Rin peers at the card, eyes narrowing, then he abruptly takes a seat on the step he'd been standing on. **
(523) J'hzuu: "No... but if the cards are to be used to get through this place safely..." He shrugs. "J'hzuu's makles little sense here. Who should he influence? It could be Agatha's, he supposes." He sighs.
** (525) Rin taps the card against his forehead, looking thoughtful. "Give me a second." **
(591) Balin (enter): 01:21
(525) Rin: "I wish for Agatha to appear whole and healthy at the top of these stairs, holding my sword."
(522) DM: The card disappears from your hands, and Agatha reappears in front of you, holding your sword.
** (525) Rin cheers, inwardly. **
(522) DM: She's unconscious however.
(523) J'hzuu: ((Is she whoole and healthy?s))
** (521) Agatha blinks, confused. "What..What happened?" **
(522) DM: ((yes, so it seems))
** (525) Rin watches her until he's certain she's alive. **
(591) Balin (exit): 01:28
** (519) Lellick moves forward, holding the back of his hand about an inch from her nose. "..She seems to be fine." **
** (525) Rin leans against the wall and closes his eyes. "Well that's good." **
(521) Agatha: "What's going on? I poked that drumskin or whatever it was and then..."
(525) Rin: "..remind me to thank that lady the next time we see her."
(525) Rin: "You got sucked into a rift. And then I wished you out."
(525) Rin: "...could I have my sword back now, please?"
** (521) Agatha suddenly looks at Rin and narrows her eyes. She charges Rin and lets him have it with a left hook to the jaw. **
** (521) Agatha snarls at Rin. "Why the bloody hell did you let go?" **
** (525) Rin ducks. "Let go of what?" **
(523) J'hzuu: ((AFK a few))
(521) Agatha: "Everyone joined hands to stay outta that...whatever the hell it was. You let go!"
(521) Agatha: ((Agatha's memory may be skewed based on her perceptions and preconceived notions. =P))
** (525) Rin stands, holding his hands out. "I don't know what you're talking about. J'hzuu never grabbed on to anyone, so I wasn't holding anything. And for that matter, why did you let go of my sword? It's very valuable, and I trusted you not to lose it, but you were awfully quick to drop it into that rift, weren't you?" **
(519) Lellick: "Hey, hey! It doesn't matter. Everything's back now, isn't it?"
(521) Agatha: "We nearly get sucked into an abyss and all you're worried about is the shoddy piece of scrap?!"
** (521) Agatha chucks the sword against the wall. **
** (525) Rin stares at Agatha, long and hard, before he silently moves to retrieve his sword, before starting down the steps. **
(522) DM: (sec, need to map.)
** (521) Agatha nostrils flare. "I don't even know why that bastard is tagging along. What use is someone who values a damned sword over the lives of the people he's with?" **
(599) ticattack (enter): 01:43
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(522) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(523) ticattack' from room...
(523) ticattack (exit): 01:43
** (519) Lellick sighs. "He was the one that got you back." **
** (521) Agatha shoots Lellick a look. "What?" **
(519) Lellick: "He used the card he took from the crone to get you back here. The cards are spell talismans, apparently."
** (521) Agatha calms down, but not by much. "Hmph. The bastard just didn't want to look bad. You'll notice he brought his little pigsticker back along with me." **
(521) Agatha: "I don't like him. I sure as hell don't trust him. As soon as this business is over with, I hope to never see him again, for his sake."
(521) Agatha: With that, Agatha storms down the stairs.
** (519) Lellick stares after her for a moment, before shaking his head and following. **
** (599) J'hzuu makes a "tsk" sound and follows Lellick. **
(602) Taahre (enter): 01:55
(602) Taahre (exit): 02:02
(522) TaliesinNYC: I'm kinda fading
(522) TaliesinNYC: and this next part you guys need to have a full group
(599) J'hzuu: ((Fair enough. I've got some stuff I should get done soon anyway, so...))
(522) TaliesinNYC: a bit of research (for next time)
(521) Agatha: ((Yeah, I suppose we could wait for a trap-dodging rogue. If we really have to.))
(521) Agatha:
(521) Agatha: >>
(521) Agatha: .
(521) Agatha: ((hunh))
(522) TaliesinNYC: given a 10 x 10 x 10 cube, how long will it take for the cube to fill up with water at the rate of 30 gallons a D&D 3.5 round?
(522) TaliesinNYC: let me know the answer to that please
(599) ticattack: Erk... maths.
(521) Agatha: 1000 cubic feet...
(519) Lellick: ..33.3 repeating rounds? >_>;
(519) Lellick: But I suck at math too.
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(525) Rin: 7.5 gallons per cubic foot, I believe.
(599) ticattack: Meh. This stuff in Imperial measurements is silly. Metric. Litres all the way, baby.
(522) TaliesinNYC: yes Rockman, sometimes we end early because the poor DM can't stay awake
(522) TaliesinNYC: see some of you tomorrow

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