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(42) DM: (989) Kha: "Well you are welcome to come with us. We are about to goto a castle full of undead and deities"
(975) Ajaiyah: "Deities?"
(989) Kha: "Or so I suspect"
(989) Kha: "I was going to wait to tell everyone, but I guess enough of us are here."
(989) Kha: "Well the area we are going seems to be dominated by a massive castle with lots of guards, mostly human. and undead. There's a strange power emanation as if someone or something, deep within the castle, is drawing sustenance from the Dremrealm. The source of this power could be one of two deities Oneiros, and Mania, or something else I do not know about. Mania is also known as Delirium, she is an Aspect of Oneiros and it is said that you cannot speak to Delirium without being like her in some aspect, some way, or risk losing your mind forever. So prepare accordingly, we may be visiting a godess"
** (1008) Rin crouches to pluck the masterworked kukri from his boot, then offers it to Ajaiyah. **
** (1024) J'hzuu flicks his hand and a silver dagger emerges from his sleeves. He holds it to Ajaiyah. "J'hzuu does not really need it. He uses his magics, and if he must fight up-close" he shrugs and fans his fingers, causing his claws to spring from his fingers. "He is still not unarmed, yes?" **
** Ajaiyah accepts the dagger gratefully, along with the kukri. "Thank you." **
(1029) Git: "I figure the 'Goddess' is Takalara." :Git speaks suddenly as he appears in the doorway, finally out of bed.:
(1029) Git: "It seems she is following an old prophecy of a hundred years ago." :looks Ajaiyah over, and offers an odd snicker: "I guess she can tell the future after all."
(989) Kha: "I thought Takalara was a mortal ruler"
(1008) Rin: "Either's a possibility. Or both."
(1029) Git: :turns to Kha: "Perhaps she's mortal, but she's presenting herself as a goddess. Apparently Nobles in Pandar are worshipping her as a scapegoat from a prophecy foreseeing the destruction of all Kern.
(989) Kha: "Well I guess we will find out when we get there"
(1029) Git: "Tell me something, Kha... can someone who follows one of yuor gods know the future?"
(989) Kha: "Yes, many are oracles or seers"
(1029) Git: "Are there foretellings ever wrong?"
** (989) Kha shrugs "It depends on the interpreter I sapose" **
(1041) Baralis (enter):
(1029) Git: "So... if she is a seer, then chances are, she knows we're coming, how we'll come and what we'll do?"
(1008) Rin: "It seems likely that they can be wrong. I mean, the very act of telling someone about the future could grant them the power to change it. Or, in trying to change it, they could bring the event about. Though you then have to ask yourself if that event would have ever occured if someone had not foretolled it."
(989) Kha: "If she is just a seer and not a Godess she has far more power then I have ever seen. The power I felt at the castle was imense and as I said there are only two that I know of who could do that"
(1029) Git: "Maybe she is more than a seer, a chosen avatar perhaps?"
(1029) Git: "Unless she is outright usurping a god's power."
(1008) Rin: "Or perhaps she's just stealing power. Regardless, nothing gets accomplished if we just stand around."
(998) Lellick: "By destroying an avatar... I cannot imagine that the god would be happy with us."
(989) Kha: "Could be, As Fate told us only Oneiros' Aspects are allowed to mettle in mortal affairs"
(1041) Baralis (exit):
(1008) Rin: "Tough. He'll have to get over it."
(989) Kha: "As for a Dreamspeaker being wrong. History is like a river flowing endlessly...there is little one can do to stop it, but much one can do to divert its direction...yet no matter what may happen, things have a way of righting themselves again. So You may divert the prophacy for a time, but the goal it was ment to achive will be reached in the end"
(1008) Rin: "But who knows what that is."
(1029) Git: "Thank you for that bleak note. But right now, I'd rather focus on disrupting her prophecies."
(989) Kha: "Mania is a she, and she represents Delirium or Insanity. Though the Fates said to befriend Mania you must be able to divine the meaning behind her actions. So if it is her or her Avatar, then figuring this out should help us"
(1008) Rin: "Shall we go pay her a visit? She did invite us, after all."
(989) Kha: "Aye we are going to, just not today. We can leave with the sun tomarrow. I still have some buisness to take care of here in town today"
** (998) Lellick starts to nod, but then turns to look at Kha. "What sort of business could possibly be more important than dealing with this?" **
(989) Kha: "Would you like to go shoping Ajaiyah, it seems you are in need of some equipment and clothing"
(975) Ajaiyah: "I'd love to."
(989) Kha: "Several things Lellick, like being prepared"
(1008) Rin: "Prepared, how?"
(1008) Rin: "A letter to divvy up your belongings for your next of kin, perhaps?"
(989) Kha: "Like everyone having clothing would be a good start"
** (989) Kha head out to the market with Ajaiyah **
(998) Lellick: "Buying clothes shouldn't take all day..."
** (1008) Rin watches Kha leave. "Well, I'm ready to go. We could leave, and he could catch up at some point." **
(975) DM: ((not going to RP shopping...is there more?))
(1017) Agatha: "No, it won't. Learning the road and the troubles along it might take a while though. We may need a guide."
(1008) Rin: "Could you actually find someone crazy enough to come with us?"
(989) Kha: (( After shoping Kha is going to stop by the Masquers guild and let Cerwyth know he is leaving town for a while, and introduce him to Ajaiyah. After that he wants to stop by the
White Temple to see if the Ascetic got the other slave ))
(1017) Agatha: "It's big city. I'm sure it won't be much trouble to buy someone off."
** (998) Lellick laughs a little at that. "I suppose you're right. Still, the faster we can set out, the better." **
(1008) Rin: "Oh, yeah, I suppose we could. 'Hey, we need to go visit the house of a goddess, do you think you could guide us? We will pay you, and your funeral service is on us.' "
(975) DM: ((ok.))
(1029) Git: "Don't worry. It shouldn't be to hard to find our way. After all, we're the only ones who were invited."
(1017) Agatha: "It's all in how you phrase it, Rin. Git will be more than happy to demonstrate, I'll wager."
** (1017) Agatha gets up. "In the meanwhile, I've my own affairs to look into. I should be back in a few hours." **
(1008) Rin: "Well, I'm going to cast my vote for not endangering someone else's life. I'm sure it's dangerous outside, but everywhere is dangerous. If the choice is between waiting for Kha and a guide, and braving the dangers between us and Talakara, I'd rather the latter. I'm sure Lellick's family jewels agree with me."
(1029) Git: (Git will spend the day out and about meeting up with what contacts he made the night before, and tying up loose ends in town.)
(989) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (998) Lellick raises his eyebrows at Rin. "... How... thoughtful of you. I am stunned by your charity. Truly." His tone is about as dry as paper. **
** (1008) Rin offers Lellick a little bow and a teasing grin. "Think nothing of it, Sir Halfling." **
(998) Lellick: "Oh indeed, I won't."
(975) DM: ((skipping Cerwyth and FFing directly to the White Temple after shopping))
(989) Kha: (( back ))
(1017) Agatha: ((Agatha is going to be chasing for information on this Frida girl. Check with the guilds and markets, that sort of thing. Also picking up a composite longbow and arrows))
(1024) J'hzuu: ((J'hzuu don't need much. He'll wander about, window shopping basically.))
(998) Lellick: (Lel'll just stay in and pray, and read, and generally be lazy)
(1017) Agatha: ((In the evening, Ag will be catching up with the auctioneer to see what's come up about Linze))
** (1008) Rin (spends the day not doing much of anything.) **
** (989) Kha enters the Temple and looks around **
(1024) J'hzuu: ((AFK a few))
(975) Erosh: A few acolytes lighting candles. Of Erosh or Devian, there is no sign.
(975) DM: ((whoops, lol))
(1045) Aurala (enter): 01:37
(1045) Aurala (exit): 01:37
(1045) Aurala (enter): 01:37
** (989) Kha walks up to one of the Acolytes "Hello I was wondering if Erosh or Devian was avaliable." **
(1045) Aurala (exit): 01:39
(1046) Aurala (enter): 01:41
(1046) Aurala (exit): 01:41
(975) DM: He replies, "Certainly. A moment please."
** (989) Kha nods and takes a seat **
(975) DM: After a few moments, Devian comes out.
(989) Kha: "Ajaiyah you can return to the Inn if you wish" ** pulls out his room key ** "Of course you are free to stay as well, just not sure on how your view of other religions has changed"
(975) Devian: "Can I help you?"
(975) Ajaiyah: "No, I shall stay." (seems fascinated)
(989) Kha: "Hello, yes I spoke with Erosh about sending a Nezumi slave, that I saw at the auctions, along your route and I was wondering if he was able to do so. I also wanted to ask you for any information you can give me on Talakara. I heard about a prophacy and her being a Godess, and well you know more information is better"
** (989) Kha puts his key back **
(975) Devian: "Ah yes, the ratman. It seems that there was a bit of a commotion earlier today, as he escaped his confines. His whereabouts are currently unknown."
(1049) Lunauc (enter): 01:50
(975) Devian: "Doubtless he will try to leave the country, although he is certainly a long way from his home land in the Jade Isles."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1049) Lunauc...
(975) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1029) Lunauc' from room...
(1029) Lunauc (exit): 01:51
(1049) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(989) Kha: "Ahh good for him, I was hoping to speak with him though, oh well as long as he is free."
(975) Devian: "Or perhaps you might encounter him in your travels. It is a wide, wide world out there."
(989) Kha: "Aye that would be good as well, though I dont know if he would want to go to a castle full of undead"
** Devian nods. "What would you like to know about Lady Talakara?" **
(1049) Git: (brb)
(989) Kha: "What you know about this prophacy of her being a Godess for starters."
(1050) Aurala (enter): 01:57
(1050) Aurala (exit): 01:58
(975) Devian: "Officially, nothing. Unofficially, she is worshipped by most of the people in Pandar. She is the ultimate authority in all matters be they temporal or spiritual in the duchy."
(975) Devian: "She is not a true divinity, as far as we are able to determine. She is formidable however."
(989) Kha: "Aye if the power I felt from her castle while dreamwalking is any indication. It brought to mind Mania or Oneiros himself, though my experiance is limited in the dreamrealm."
(975) Devian: "Hm, that is interesting."
(975) Devian: "As far as we can tell, she is an archmagus of considerable power. However, it is possible that she may have other resources of which we are unaware."
(989) Kha: "She exists both in and out of the dream realm, it felt as if she were seems to be drawing sustenance from the dream realm itself. I came to get your opinion of her as you have more expirence with her then I"
(975) Devian: "Well...not really. Herrod was the authority on all matters relating to this 'Goddess' as well as the main diplomatic plenti-potentiary liasion between Pandar and Heathwold ((OOC: Heathwold is the duchy where Heathwatch is located)).
(989) Kha: "If it is Mania then I just need to be able to divine the meaning behind her actions. Which, if you know anything about the Aspects of Oneiros, may prove dificult"
(989) Kha: "Well that is all I wanted to know. I'll keep an eye out for the Nezumi and send him your way if he does not with to travel with my friends and I"
(975) Devian: "This one thing I do know. If it is an Aspect of Oneiros you are dealing with, then you might not know it until it is too late."
(989) Kha: "Thank Erosh for me for freeing my friend Ajaiyah, I would not have had the money to buy her myself"
(989) Kha: "If it is an Aspect of Oneiros then I will know it when the time is right. I must speak with them all. I was given a prophacy that said as much, and the Fates have clerified it some."
** Devian raises his eyebrows at hearing that, but says nothing. **
(975) Devian: "I shall. May the Light of Solnor show you the way when things grow dark."
(989) Kha: "I thank you for your time, but I am sure my friend are iching to leave." ** shakes his head ** "And they call me rash, they want to rush off and meet the Godess of Delirium without first investigating the situation"
(989) Kha: (( *itching or however you spell it ))
** (989) Kha gets up to leave "Was there anything else you wanted to do Ajaiyah?" **
(975) Ajaiyah: "I am ready whenever you are."
(989) Kha: "Ok, lets head back to the Inn and see if the others have decided to sleep in nice comphy beds tonight or on the ground"

(42) DM: ((that was 2 game days ago, as you're now on the road to what is supposed to be Caer Thorne))
** (51) Kha keeps watch in the woods as the walk hoping to see the Nezumi slave that escaped **
(74) Gautam (enter): 22:29
(61) Lunauc: (did we get mounts before leaving?)
** (52) Lellick is grateful for the activity while they're out in the cold like this, trying to keep out of the wind when he can. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (74) Gautam...
(42) DM: ((I don't know, did you want to? heh. I assume you did. Standard PH prices, deduct them from your totals.))
(56) ticattack: ((J'hzuu's good. Ridin' the disk.))
(61) Lunauc: (Right, guess we're walking.. or disking, as it were.)
** (61) Lunauc rides on J'hzuu's disking, writing in his journal as they make their way. **
** (62) Rin rides a horse he bought. **
** (52) Lellick will have also hitched a ride with J'hzuu. **
** (51) Kha walks **
** Ajaiyah rides along, simply amazed by the scenery. **
** (74) Gautam is hoofing it alongside the horses **
(74) Gautam: ((d'oh!))
** (74) Agatha is hoofing it alongside the horses **
(51) Kha: (to Ajaiyah)"You like the view here better then the desert?"
(56) ticattack has sent you a tree node...
** (56) ticattack does if'n you need it. Rich uncle Cat-boy. **
(42) Ajaiyah: "I am not sure if I like it. It is quite different."
(74) Agatha: "Aye, it's nice to finally walk around without having to worry if that's me that I smell cookin'."
(51) Kha: "True. I like it better, but that may be because I didnt grow up in the Desert"
(52) Lellick: "Anything's better than getting sand in your clothes."
** (56) J'hzuu shrugs. "Here there is still dirt." **
(61) Git: :shrugs without looking up from his book: "I found it quite exotic. I hope to go back there some day."
(42) Ajaiyah: "I had heard tales of lands such as this but never thought them to be true."
(61) Git: :smirks: "Trust me, there are far more interesting places than this in the world."
(42) Ajaiyah: "At least here, I do not expect to meet a vishap or a yak-man."
** (51) Kha laughs "How does the reality hold up to the tales?" **
** (62) Rin doesn't have anything to add, so he keeps to himself. **
(42) Ajaiyah: "More interesting than this?" (gestures at the rolling plains and light forest around you)
(61) Git: :nods: "Try the deep woods for a wilder touch. Or maybe you'd like to venture out for you're first see voyage."
(61) Git: (sea even#)
(42) Ajaiyah: "There are stories of a lake as far as the eye can see but water that you cannot drink. And of silver that falls from the sky. And sherbet in the mountains."
(42) Ajaiyah: "I would like to very much, yes."
(61) Git: "Yup. There are some very interesting places in this world."
** (61) Git grins as he returns to his journal. **
(51) Kha: "We were not too far from the 'Lage as far as you can see but cannot drink' Not sure what sherbet in the mountains is saposed to be, Snow maybe? And silver that falls from the sky?" ** shugs ** "Rain maybe, but you said you have been captured for months so I am sure you have seen rain"
(74) Agatha: "Perhaps snow then?"
(42) Ajaiyah: "What is snow?"
(61) Git: "I guess you'd call it frozen rain."
(42) Ajaiyah: "Rain I am familiar with, as it does rain in Zayal. Not often, but enough."
(56) J'hzuu: "Sounds painful..."
(74) Agatha: "Aye, when it gets cold enough, the rain freezes into these tiny flakes."
** (51) Kha looks around to see if any mountains can bee seen from their path **
(74) Agatha: "They say no two flakes are alike. But who'd waste their time comparing so many flakes is beyond me."
** (74) Agatha reconsiders this as her eyes falls on Kha. **
** (51) Kha points at the mountains in te distance to the east "There is probably snow there, but it's too far away to be helpfull now" **
** (51) Kha resumes his watch of the woods, still hoping to spot the escaped slave **
(61) Git: :noting Kha's persistant watch, reminds once more: "Even if the rat thing is escaped in this direction, I doubt it would approach you anyhow. Leave it be."
** (74) Agatha lets the others talk and goes back to reading her book as she walks along. **
** Ajaiyah goes back to watching the scenery around her. **
(51) Kha: "It may not, but I can approch him or her if I see thm. Offer food and clothing, it is col out if you have forgoten, wraped in your winter clothing, which reminds me Ajaiyah you may see snow since it is winter, maybe it will snow soon"
(51) Kha: (( *Them, *cold ))
** (61) Git shakes his head and continues jotting notes in the journal. **
(61) Git: (hmmm... FF?)
(42) DM: ((ok))
(51) Kha: (( Fine by me. Kha will want to stop about a half a days journy from the Keep to sleep and plan, but other then that he is only looking for the escaped slave ))
(74) Agatha: ((Ag's only reading the manual she acquired from Martek as she goes along. Maybe 4 hrs a day))
(42) DM: Ok. You settle down in a rather large clearing for the night.
(42) DM: This seems to be a rather unusual clearing...
** (51) Kha walks around the clearing investigating it before settaling down for the night **
(42) DM: In one part of the area is a large mound of rubble. In another part is a well filled with cool water. Third, are a ring of stone blocks -- perfectly symmetrical stone blocks -- set in a perfect circle.
(42) DM: The area within the blocks seems to have been charred to a crisp.
** (62) Rin moves over to examine the large mound of rubble. **
whispering to Rin, Whatever it was was a large structure because of the amount of rubble.
** (61) Git glances between the charred ring of stones and the rubble nearby, pondering aloud, "Did someone explode a tower?" **
(62) Rin: "Looks like it was some sort of structure."
** (61) Git walks the perimeter of the stone ring, trying to divine the structure which once stood there. **
** (74) Agatha investigates the circle of stones, trying to discern its purpose or what it might have been. **
(61) Git: Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [15,7] = (22)
** (52) Lellick moves slowly over to the well, looking down in it but not daring to even touch the water. **
** (51) Kha walks over to the well and whispers 'Oneiros, The Mistlord, I ask of you to banish Mania from my mind and let me see clearly.' **
whispering to Lunauc, possibly a tower of some sort
** (62) Rin picks through the rubble for a few minutes. "Some sort of wizard's tower, looks like." **
** (51) Kha draws some water and takes a drink then prepares camp while the others look around **
** (61) Git searches among the ring then among the rubble for remnants of furnishings or belongings of the former residents, seeing if he can get a clue to who this structure belonged to. **
(74) Agatha: "Great, more magicka. Can you tell if this thing was razed to the ground or blown up from the inside?
** (51) Kha finishes setting up camp then climbs into the well calling out "Come look at this" **
** (62) Rin closes his eyes for a moment, then glances about the clearing. He focuses on the ring of stones. **
(61) Git: "What? if there's something unsavory floating in the water, I'd rather not."
** (56) J'hzuu rubs his forehead gently, his eyes taking in the scenery with enhanced senses. (Detect Magic around the clearing). **
** (52) Lellick peers down at Kha with a frown. "..Dare I ask?" **
** (62) Rin moves over to the ring of stones and crouches to run a hand along the charred earth. **
** (74) Agatha walks up to the well. "He realizes he's swimming around in our drinking water, doesn't he?" **
(52) Lellick: "I'm not sure that I would trust drinking from a well that's been next to a wizard's tower, but as you say."
** (51) Kha pops back up "The door down there is locked. GIT can you unlock a door while underwater?" **
(61) Git: :looks up from his scouring of the rubble: "I.. suppose..."
(61) Git: "What's a door doing underwater though?"
(62) Rin: "Probably being hidden."
** (74) Agatha throws Kha a dubious look. "And how deep is it?" **
** (62) Rin moves to join the others at the well, peering idly down into the depths. **
(51) Kha: "Fifteen feet or so"
** (51) Kha climbs back out of the well **
** (61) Git moves the well's edge, and circles round until he can glance into the pool at the reflection of where the tower once stood, out of curiousity. **
(62) Rin: "There's something magical around that door."
(62) Rin: "Some sort of.. field, perhaps? It will likely need to be dealt with if you plan on opening it."
(61) Git: :after satisfying his reflection glancing needs, Git goes about searching the sides of the well for some devices which may drain the water.
(62) Rin: "It's possible the hatch is what keeps the water in."
(61) Git: (connection check)
(51) Kha: (( still here ))
(56) J'hzuu: ((Connected))
** (51) Kha strips out of his wet clothing and puts on his snake skin outfit **
(52) Lellick: (here)
** (62) Rin puts a hand over his eyes. **
(62) Rin: "If you're going to change, do it behind a bush."
** (74) Agatha turns around and focuses on the rest of the clearing. **
** (51) Kha looks around the clearing after changing "Bushes are too far away" **
(74) Agatha: "Y'know if was just a hatch for draining or adding water, why magick it up?"
(62) Rin: "Prevent the water from leaking through? Or the hatch from being opened except by the owner. You wouldn't want someone swimming down and draining out your water, would you?"
(62) Rin: "There are two possibilities: there's a water-filled space down there, or there's an air-filled space down there. If it was the latter, then the hatch would be keeping the water in the well."
** (52) Lellick shrugs. "It's possible that whatever magician lived here used his magic to remove the water when he had to enter the door..." **
** (61) Git groans a he dips a hand into the presumabl freezing cold water. "Is it really necessary to open a well hatch?" **
** (62) Rin points at Kha. "Not unless you're him." **
(61) Git: :nods in agreement to Rin.:
(62) Rin: "We probably can't get it open, in any case, unless the magical field can be dispelled."
(62) Rin: (afk a few)
(61) Git: "Good. Then I'm going to rest."
** (61) Git strolls away from the well. **
(51) Kha: "Guess I can try to unlock it" ** walks over to the well and takes out one of his spears and points it down into the well as the tip starts to crackle with energy ** "J`hzuu can you make the magic barrier go away?"
(74) Agatha: "Is that really all that wise? All this stray magick and all? We could wake up as newts or something."
** (52) Lellick takes care to step far back from the well. **
** (56) J'hzuu frowns and shrugs. "He can try." **
** (51) Kha nods "Please do" **
(61) Git: :eye twitches at Kha's "idea": "Umm... ."
** (56) J'hzuu approaches the well and begins muttering and gesturing down it. ((Supress Magic)) **
** (51) Kha steps back to give J`hzzu more room, his spear still crackaling with energy **
(61) Git: (brb)
(52) Lellick: "...I highly suggest that if you're going to do that,that everyone stays far, far back from the well..."
(56) J'hzuu: Wispy tendrils float from J'hzuu's hand to the hatch, but fade away harmlessly. The khajiit frowns. "Again?"
** (61) Git moves back toward the rubble to continue his earlier search... and take cover **
** (56) J'hzuu shrugs and repeats the spell. (([1d20+9] -> [10,9] = (19))) **
(56) J'hzuu: ... and watches the vapour repeat itself. "Once more, then all will need to think of another option." (([1d20+9] -> [20,9] = (29)))
** (74) Agatha slowly backs away, keeping the magic words that activate her armor on the tip of her tongue. **
** (51) Kha watches J`hzuu **
(52) Lellick: "Would another spell work? If I had time to pray, I could gain one that might get rid of the magics."
(56) J'hzuu: The mist seeps down the well again, and...
** (62) Rin takes a few large steps backwards. **
(56) J'hzuu: Seems to dissolve the barrier, the latter fading from existence.
(51) Kha: "Is it gone?"
(56) J'hzuu: "Yes, but this will not last long. If all are going down, all must go now."
** (51) Kha goes over to the well and points his spear down, "You may want to step back, not sure how lightning plays with water but we are going to see if it opens doors" **
** (56) J'hzuu blinks and hurriesw away. **
** (52) Lellick is still standing back, looking worried. **
** (62) Rin goes over to stand by Lellick, drawing his shield off his back since it might be useful for blocking debris. **
** (51) Kha makes sure everyone is away the releases the energy he was storing in his spear tip as a large bolt of lightning leeps off the spear tip into the well **
whispering to ticattack, send it to me again, I accidentally closed the whisper
(42) DM: There is a tremendous explosion and several things occur at once...
(42) DM: Within the well, the hatch opens, causing the water within to drain rapidly...
** (62) Rin ducks down, shielding the halfling, just in case. **
(42) DM: It becomes unbearably bright within the clearing as if it were daylight. In fact, the glow can be seen for miles from all appearances.
(61) Git: :while ducking behind debri: "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO NOW?!
(42) DM: The temperature immediately becomes hot and dry...as if you were in Zayal. Ajaiyah's mouth drops open, saying, "What did you do?"
** (56) J'hzuu squints his eyes against the light, trying to keep some amount of vision. **
(42) DM: A swarm of horseflies emerges from the well and escapes into the air....
** (51) Kha drops his spear and tries to cover his eyes at the bright light **
** (52) Lellick begins muttering quick prayers under his breath, "Merciful Tevesh, should we, your mortal followers perish, shelter us in your hands as you guide us to our eternity beyond this world..." **
(42) DM: ...and a tremendous cacophany emerges from within the well. Shouts, cries and keening...a babble of voices.
** (56) J'hzuu begins chanting as well, and hastily running a feather across his body. (Fly) **
(74) Agatha: "Damn it all. This is why ya don't play with magicks!"
(62) Rin: "This wasn't a good idea at all."
(56) J'hzuu: ((Just tell me when one round's gone by so I can act again.))
(42) DM: You can barely hear each other over the din.
(51) Kha: (( that all the things that happen at once so we can act again? ))
(42) DM: ((yup))
** (51) Kha shouts, "That was amazing, did you know Lightning would do that when blasted into a well?!" as he is hoping over the edge of the well and climbing down the ladder after the spear he droped **
(42) DM: ((after 1 round, the horseflies have flown away, but everything else remains))
(42) DM: ((getting food, brb))
(74) Agatha: Agatha's ears are still ringing.
** (62) Rin slowly stands, squinting at the well. He slowly strides over, peering down after Kha. He can at least watch the man die horribly. **
(51) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(74) Agatha: "You're mad, you know that? Alchemy-spewing, stark raving mad!"
** (52) Lellick steps out from behind Rin's shield once it seems that nothing else is immediately spewing out of the ground, cautiously. **
(56) J'hzuu: ((How bright is the light? Daylight or blinding-level?))s
(42) DM: ((nova bright))
** (61) Git climbs out from the rubble, shielding his eyes as he approaches the others, "Now what in Andurin have you unleashed?" **
** (62) Rin uses his shield to try and keep the light out of his face. **
** (56) J'hzuu has his robes over his eyes, and is hovering a foot from the ground. "J'hzuu does not know!" **
(51) Kha: "There are smelly plants down here" ** calls out from the bottom of the well **
** (62) Rin squints into the well. "Smell plants? What do they look like?" **
(52) Lellick: "Are you saying you've just released this hellish atmosphere for a bunch of plants?!"
(51) Kha: "Some type of bean plant that is growing very very fast"
(62) Rin: "...magic beans?"
(74) Agatha: "Bean plants?!"
(62) Rin: "Maybe you should.. I don't know.. get out of there, then?"
(51) Kha: "They seem to have stoped growing, does anyone have a rope? It's thirty fet to the bottom and I dont want to drop that far"
** (62) Rin sighs quietly, then straps his shield to his back again, before climbing over the lip of the well and down the ladder. **
** (56) J'hzuu walks over to the well and leaps down the shaft. "If not, J'hzuu can give flight." **
** (51) Kha looks up "Flight may not last long enough, a rope would be best so I can climb back out later" **
** (52) Lellick blinks, then slowly walks towards the well. "Come back up immediately if there's anything dangerous." **
** (61) Git grumbles a few choice swears in several languages before following Rin down the ladder **
(56) J'hzuu: ((afk a few))
** (62) Rin stops at the bottom of the ladder, dragging his pack around where he can get to it. He pulls a long coil of rope from inside, and begins to tie it to the ladder, leaving most of it coiled. When it's secure, he grabs the rope and lowers himself into the hole. (Climb check: [1d20+10] -> [19,10] = (29)) **
** (51) Kha follows after Rin **
(51) Kha: Climb Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14)
** (74) Agatha watches Rin climb down into the shaft. **
(74) Agatha: "This can't end well.."
** (51) Kha looks around the room once he gets to the bottom "Sorry, almost knocked you off there Rin" **
(74) Agatha: "Then again, everyone within two day's travel of here must've seen the blast, including our secret host. Going underground may not be the worst idea."
** (62) Rin glances around. "It's okay, just be more careful in the future." **
** (52) Lellick winces and nods. "We can't leave them down there if they're so intent on exploring, either." **
** (61) Git follows down behind kha, worried he'll set off more dangerous explosions if left unsupervised. **
** (74) Agatha turns to Lellick. "We can't?" **
** (52) Lellick grins somewhat sheepishly. "I suppose if we care about them getting hurt, we can't." **
(74) Agatha: "Hm. Given the recent events, I can't say I fit into the first group. Still, I suppose I can't risk Kha's ghost haunting me for the rest of my life, short as he might make it."
(74) Agatha: "Shall I go first or would you have the honors?"
(52) Lellick: "You'd better go first, in case I slip."
** (74) Agatha begins to climb down. "Fair enough." **
** (52) Lellick will wait a short while before climbing down after her. **
(56) J'hzuu: ((Sorry folks, I'm out of it. Zombified. I'm going to have to leave early and go lay down. At 3:30 pm...))
(51) Kha: (( rest well ))
(56) J'hzuu: ((Cheers. Seeya later))
(56) J'hzuu: Disconnecting from server...
(56) J'hzuu (exit): 01:39
(51) Kha: (( **pokes the DM to see if he is still alive** ))
** (74) Agatha slips on the slick wet rungs of the ladder and falls. **
(74) Agatha: "WaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhOOF!!"
** (52) Lellick pauses for a moment, clinging as he looks down into the gloom. "Agatha?!" **
** (62) Rin tries to break Agatha's fall by catching her. Or at least let her land on his soft and squishy body. **
** (51) Kha rushes over to Agatha "Are you ok?" **
** (74) Agatha groans as she lays on the floor of the well. **
(74) Agatha: "Oww..."
** (52) Lellick continues to climb down, carefully, if with more purpose. **
** (74) Agatha groans as she slowly gets up. "Watch out for that last step..." **
(74) Agatha: " 's a killer."
(51) Kha: "Thats what the rope was for."
(42) DM: ((just seeing you interact))
** (62) Rin breaks out his everburning torch. **
** (51) Kha walks around and looks at the plants for a momnt seeing if there are any beans on them yet **
(74) Agatha: "Ah, I must've missed that as I plumeting off the slick near-frozen bloody ladder!"
(42) DM: The chamber is roughly 30', perhaps 35' square and is hexagonal in construction. Ceiling is 30' above and you can see the cauldron suspended from the ceiling via iron chains. Holes have been cut into the bottom of the cauldron so when the hatch opened, the water drained into the room below; the cauldron acted as a giant watering can. A passage leads out of the room to a stone door. Holes cut into the floor of the hexagonal room slowly drain the water into the earth.
** (74) Agatha growls as she cricks her back. **
(42) DM: There is a strong odor of rancid spoiled bacon here.
(42) DM: Bean plants grow from a patch of dirt directly underneath the cauldron.
** (52) Lellick makes it to the bottom after a few near-slips, hurrying over to Agatha once he gets there. **
(62) Rin: "Well this is a little odd."
** (62) Rin moves over to examine the door. **
(61) Git: "Fascinating horticulture." :idly comments as he looks about for the light source for this subterran garden.
(52) Lellick: "Just hold still..."
(74) Agatha: "Don't worry about it lad. I've suffered worse."
(74) Agatha: "Nothing some bed rest won't cure."
(62) Rin: "There's a door here."
(52) Lellick: "I'd much rather have you in prime fighting condition. I would be very surprised if we don't run into something down here."
** (52) Lellick graps his holy symbol, reaching up to touch Agatha's arm and he intones, "May Tevesh ease this woman's pain and make her whole again." As the spell is cast, his hands glow with a faint white light, as well as her bruises. **
** (62) Rin closes his eyes, briefly, then peers about the room. He squints, then rubs at his forehead. A lot of magick. **
(52) Lellick: (Cure Light Wounds on Aggy, rolling for HP gain now)
(52) Lellick: [1d8+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(52) Lellick: (..oh well XD;; )
(74) Agatha: ((good enough))
** (74) Agatha follows Lellick through the doorway into the main chamber. **
(61) Git: "No shite." :dryly replies as he moves to the door, giving it a thorough going over for traps and lock.
** (62) Rin stands back to give Git some room to work, while holding the torch up to give him some light. **
(61) Git: "Well.. the door isn't locked, but..." :yanks hard on the knob: "It's damn stuck. You guys wanna give it some muscle?"
(74) Agatha: "If you can tell me it's not going to explode, I'll give her a try."
(62) Rin: "I'm.. reasonably certain it won't explode."
** (51) Kha goes to help open the door **
(51) Kha: Str check: [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
(74) Agatha: "Oh, well that fills me past the brim with confidence it does.
** (51) Kha steps back "I could open it like I opened the hatch to get down here" **
** (74) Agatha sighs and lends her efforts to open the door. **
(61) Git: :turns quicky to Kha: "NO!"
** (51) Kha shrugs **
(74) Agatha: Str check: [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(51) Kha: (to Agatha) "Lets try together"
** (61) Git moves away while the others try to pry the door open. He begins searching along the walls for a switch or valve or some such, which will perhaps release air into the next chamber and release the seal. **
** (74) Agatha nearly trips on a bean vine. "Ack! Damn plants." **
** (74) Agatha turns to Kha. "Hmph. So be it. On three?" **
** (51) Kha moves next to Agatha and grips the Door handle "Ok" **
(42) DM: ((seems like a good place to stop because I'm fading))
(51) Kha: (( Ok ))
(74) Agatha: ((Yeah, I kinda sensed that.))
(61) Git: (understood)
(42) DM: ((fyi, I'm cancelling Saturday's session))
(74) Agatha: ((decent session though))
(42) DM: ((ps, Git and DJ have already gone through part of this module in the Sat game, so no blabbing))
(42) DM: ((I ran it accidentally and then changed my mind))
(42) DM: ok, see you guys next time

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