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(975) TaliesinNYC: ok, let's go

(975) TaliesinNYC: ok, let's go
(975) DM: (1782) Devian: "I...I do not know. Much of the struggles amongst the Nine Council take place beneath the notice of the populace. They do this for appearances, so as to prevent from being seen as a nonunified front. If the people ever saw how fractured their rule was, there would be a revolt."
(1771) Rin: "Or perhaps it's someone is trying to make Almeena think it is her, and start a conflict that neither are likely to leave unscathed."
(1880) Git: :to Lellick: "For all we know it could be Almeena herself, trying to frame Talakara, and force her from the city."
(1773) Lellick: "Then if it isn't Almeena, the roses might not have been poisoned?"
** (1773) Lellick looks to Devian, "Can cantrips find the posion on the roses? I still have the second one." **
(1880) Git: "Hmm... if we could determine if you're sterile, that may be some proof."
(1782) Devian: "You can try."
** Devian looks to Agatha. "Yes, I believe they do." **
(1831) Kha: "Devian are there any deep aincent woods within Kern?"
** (1773) Lellick speaks somewhat acidicly, glancing towards Git, "If you're to make light of something, let it be anything else." **
(1880) Git: :shrugs: "We have deeper concerns than you're virility at the moment."
** (1773) Lellick then moves away from the group slightly, pulling out the rose and his holy symbol, murmuring the spell. "Wise Tevesh, grant me the power to see what poisons might harm us." **
** Devian seems puzzled by Kha's request. "A forest to the south of the
Ashen Mountains, Thornwood." **
(1773) Lellick: (Casting Detect Poison~)
** (1824) Agatha considers that for a moment. "Hmph. I can't make any promises, m'lord, but I'll certainly look into the matter. **
whispering to Lellick, the rose
** (1831) Kha nods **
** (1831) Kha whispers "Oneiros, The Mistlord, I ask of you to banish Mania from my mind and let me see clearly." **
** (1773) Lellick stares down at the rose for a while, jaw set. " ... Someone will need to burn this one as well. Please." **
(1824) Agatha: "I personally don't give a rat's ass about who's behind this or why they do what they do. All I know is that they've picked a fight with us and they threaten everyone close to me. I can't have that. Not when I'm so close."
(1880) Git: :to Lellick: "Even if it is poisoned, it might be stolen, so I guess that doesn't really prove much."
** (1831) Kha sits in cencentration his eyes rolled back in his head **
** (1773) Lellick waves the rose around a bit without looking up. "...Would you like to touch it and find out?" **
(1880) Git: "No.. no thank you."
(1773) Lellick: "As I thought."
** (1831) Kha shakes his head then looks at Lellick **
(1831) Kha: "Devian can the poison be countered?"
** (1824) Agatha lets the others bicker by themselves for once. She's said her piece. **
** (1831) Kha takes the rose from Lellick and puts it in the first box he got that still contains the ashes of the first rose. **
(1782) Devian: "I...yes. There IS a way, though fraught with peril."
(1773) Lellick: "How?"
(1831) Kha: "Isnt everything in our lives fraught with peril." ** smiles **
(1782) Devian: "You must find the magicka which causes the roses to grow and end it."
(1831) Kha: "Simple enough."
** (1845) J'hzuu frowns. "This will undo the effects of those already grown?" **
(1782) Devian: "I myself do not know how, but I know that this is one way. Travel to the seat of Lady Takalara's power, find her, and kill her."
** (1773) Lellick laughs harshly. "Simple? No. But who knows how many others have been poisoned by her roses as well?" **
(1845) J'hzuu: "How do you know this will work?"
(1782) Devian: "I know by the faith I have placed in my god. There may be other ways."
(1831) Kha: "Is Caer Thorne her seat of power?"
(1880) Git: "I'm sure the other
Temple Leaders put faith in their gods too, right before they were wiped out."
(1782) Devian: "Yes, so far as I know."
(1831) Kha: "Well we have an invetation to go there from this tall man in full battle armor, so we may as well prepare to go."
** (1773) Lellick takes a deep breath, looking down at the floor. "All paths lead there. Shall we walk right in the front door? Ask for their hospitality?" **
(1880) Git: :plops back on the bed. Feels like a set up.
(1831) Kha: "Set up or no, I think we should just walk up to the front door and say hello. That is if Agatha can control her rage and not destroy the people before we find out more about what is going on."
(1886) Lunauc (enter):
(1831) Kha: (repeat for Git) "Set up or no, I think we should just walk up to the front door and say hello. That is if Agatha can control her rage and not destroy the people before we find out more about what is going on."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1886) Lunauc...
(1782) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1880) Lunauc' from room...
(1880) Lunauc (exit):
(1886) Git: "Right.. the 'walk up to death' approach. Always a classic."
(1831) Kha: "Has always worked for me" ** smirks **
** (1845) J'hzuu frowns. "Except when you died." **
(1831) Kha: "Yet here I am, alive and talking"
(1845) J'hzuu: "All raised you. If all walk up and die, all cannot raise all's selves."
(1845) J'hzuu: ((Bah. All saved, not raised. We're not the stage of raising yet.))
** (1831) Kha whispers "Oneiros, The Mistlord, I ask of you to banish Mania from my mind and let me see clearly." **
** (1773) Lellick speaks up again, looking towards the two priests, "...Thank you for the information, m'lord. I am afraid there are no guarantees, but we will do what we can." **
** (1845) J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu thinks all should see what can be found before rushing in, but there seems to be few other approaches." **
(1824) Agatha: "Hmph. I don't think it's a trap. If they wanted us dead, they'd have sent someone after us by now. No, they want something from us."
** (1831) Kha sits with his eyes rolled back in his head for a moment the shakes his head **
(1831) Kha: "Well you all have been telling me to take more caution with my action, so I have been. Oneiros agrees that the direct aproch with paitents to figure the situation out is a good course of action."
** (1845) J'hzuu shrugs and looks around, as if guaging the others' reactions. **
(1782) DM: ((stopping in 5 min))
(1886) Git: "I''ve never agreed with your god before, why start now?"
(1845) J'hzuu: (('k.))
(1824) Agatha: ((thas cool. I've been fading))
(1771) Rin: "I'm not one for slinking through the darkness. If we're going to confront them, I'd prefer to do it head on."
(1773) Lellick: "I'm afraid Agatha is right, but... I have no desire to cooperate with this woman."
(1831) Kha: "You have never agreed with any God Git, yet you wear the sword of the Avatar of Ra."
(1824) Agatha: "They'll be expecting us now. We don't know the land, so we've got ne'er a chance of surprising the bastards."
(1831) Kha: "Exactly, so just going and trying to figure out what all this is about is our best course of action."
(1824) Agatha: "I ain't saying we play lapdog to the nobles, Lellick. I'm just saying confrontation can't be avoided. We might as well know what we're dealing with."
** (1824) Agatha glances at Kha. "Did we just agree on something?" **
** (1831) Kha laughs "Been a while since that happened." **
(1824) Agatha: "Lovely, now I know we're doomed."

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(1009) Niente (enter): 22:08
(975) DM: ((because Ag isn't here, I'll place her in limbo))
(989) Kha: "Well Before we go I want to go back to the slave auctions, I saw an interesting slave there for sale and want to see if I can purchess them."
(1000) Git: "Oh? How 'interesting'? " :holds his hands before his chest in an inflating bust gesture:
** (1001) J'hzuu tilts his head to the side. "You will buy a slave? Yes, interesting how?" **
(989) Kha: "So if none of you have objections I will goto sleep and let you plan the trip, Rin you can use the room I got for Cerwyth."
** (1008) Rin sniggers quietly. "I'm sure he's not interested in that at all. And thank you, Kha." **
(989) Kha: "Umm bid on them like the rest of the people. I assume you ment 'why', in which case I would reply, 'so I can set them free'
(1000) Git: "Well, we don't have the funds to be buying freedom for all the slaves. So, what? You're just going to free the ones who 'interest' you?"
(1001) J'hzuu: "You said the slave was interesting. Interesting how?"
(1008) Rin: "You can't afford to buy them all."
(989) Kha: "Interesting as in he looked like a humonoid Rat, never see his like before. And your right Git and Rin I cannot afford to free them all, but I can try to free one at least"
(1000) Git: "Hmph.. as long as you're spending your own money, do as you please."
(989) Kha: "Any way I am going to sleep now, so go use one of the other rooms to talk"
(1015) Lunauc (enter): 22:18
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1015) Lunauc...
(975) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1000) Lunauc' from room...
(1000) Lunauc (exit): 22:18
** (1008) Rin nods and makes his way towards the door. "It's your money." **
(1016) Gautam (enter): 22:19
** (1001) J'hzuu shrugs and heads towards the door. **
(1016) Gautam (exit): 22:19
(1017) Gautam (enter): 22:19
** (1015) Git passes Kha an annoyed scowl, before standing to leave the room. **
** (998) Lellick also rises from his seat, shaking his head as he follows them to the door. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1017) Gautam...
(975) DM: ((Bring G up to speed pls))
(1015) Git: :once outside: "I think I'll have a drink downstairs with the locals. Strangers seem better company at the moment." :heads downstairs.:
** (1008) Rin nods at the retreating Git. "I'm going to grab some rest, too." **
** (998) Lellick shrugs, "I suppose that's best," and heads for his own room as well. **
(975) DM: The mood in the common room is subdued, as if there is a slight damper on things.
** (1015) Git strolls down into the tavern and up to the bar, ordering mug of spiced wine and inquiring, "Why is the place so somber?" **
(975) Innkeep: Hadn't youv'e heard? The patriarch of the White Temple's missing.
(975) Innkeep: "Without His Grace's presence, the Blackcloaks might as well start running the city."
(1015) Git: "Oh, yes. I had heard. I just did not know so many followed their temple. Even without him though, the Temple does still stand."
(975) Innkeep: "Yes, but Master Herrod is a force to be reckoned with, within the Temple."
(1015) Git: "Then it begs to wonder, who could stroll right into the Temple and take him. It would have to be an assailant of some means."
(975) Merith: "Almeena needs them as much as they need her. Without the Temple, then she has to deal with the Goddess and her forces."
(1015) Git: "Goddess...?"
(975) Jeryn: "You're not from around here, are you? The Goddess Takalara. She's worshipped in Pandar, the neighboring duchy."
(975) DM: ((Talakara*))
(1015) Git: :blinks: "I thought she was just a Grand Duke or some such. How did she achieve divinity, if I may ask?"
(975) Merith: "Could've been a daemon that carried him off. Or some foul black magicka."
** Jeryn snorts. "It's practically a legend from these parts. Once upon a time, over a century ago, the Goddess arrived in Pandar. For a year, she travelled the duchy in the guise of a seeress, learning about the priests and wizards as well as the local lords and ladies. Then, at a spring festival, she presented herself to the Duke and prophesied that Kern would be destroyed: "First, the wizards, then the priests, then the lords and ladies, the nobility of Kern. And after the terror, the Goddess will come. **
(1022) Lunauc (enter): 22:48
(975) Jeryn: "Needless to say, her prophesy wasn't very well received, but before the Duke could have his guards capture her and cut out her tongue, the seeress vanished.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1022) Lunauc...
(975) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1015) Lunauc' from room...
(1015) Lunauc (exit): 22:49
(975) Jeryn: ** Jeryn snorts. "It's practically a legend from these parts. Once upon a time, over a century ago, the Goddess arrived in Pandar. For a year, she travelled the duchy in the guise of a seeress, learning about the priests and wizards as well as the local lords and ladies. Then, at a spring festival, she presented herself to the Duke and prophesied that Kern would be destroyed: "First, the wizards, then the priests, then the lords and ladies, the nobility of Kern. And after the terror, the Goddess will come. ** (repost)
(975) Jeryn: "Needless to say, her prophesy wasn't very well received, but before the Duke could have his guards capture her and cut out her tongue, the seeress vanished. (repost)
(975) Jeryn: "Sure enough, the very next day, Pandar's wizards began to disappear. Rumors began to surface that the Goddess had appeared in a vision to all the wizards in the duchy and warned them to leave or be destroyed. At first, no one much noticed or cared (we had always been more of a god-fearing nation than a magic-fearing nation), but soon scouts reported that wizards were flying east and north, across the Fhaard and the Fens of the Dead and not returning.
(1022) Git: "Well... if Takalara is supposed to be the goddess, doesn't that make her a bit early in the prophecy. I mean they haven't even finished the priest part yet."
(975) Jeryn: "Several decades passed quietly, and people forgot the seeress' prophecy and that they had ever depended upon wizards. Well, they almost forgot. The east road out of Heathwatch leads from the city to the home of the Goddess, near the Ashen Mountains, and is called "Wizards' Flight" in their dubious honor.
(975) Jeryn: "Well...I'm getting there.
(995) A Lurker (enter): 22:54
(975) Jeryn: "As I said earlier, things were quiet right after the wizards departed. Then about five years ago, the dark times came. Priests and nobles were hacked to death in their sleep right in their homes, castles, temples and keeps by an invincible monster. Then, as she had herself prophesied so many years before, the Goddess began to appear throughout Pandar. She promised a few nobles safety from horrible death if they worshipped her. Those that agreed were spared. Those that didn't were murdered. But now, the murders were of a different nature. Before, the victims had been brutally chopped to pieces in terrifying but obviously mindless acts of destruction.
(975) Jeryn: "Soon, however, victims began disappearing from their beds at night. A small wooden box would be delivered by a young peasant child to the victim's residence in the morning. A small sandalwood box." (quietly)
(975) Jeryn: "The box invariably contained a single black rose and an urn filled with the victim's ashes. This was a more dreadful form of death. It was mysterious, calculating and precise."
** (1022) Git takes a moment to mull the information over, before giving a bemused snicker, "Interesting grift she's pulled." **
(1022) Git: "By buying into peoples superstitions of an old tale, she makes herself out to be a God. It's rather silly. But I have to applaud her success."
(1022) Git: "I can't really agree with her tactics though."
(975) Jeryn: "Well, whatever has been happening, it's caused Lady Almeena concern. It's because of this Goddess that she's ceased her purge of priests from Heathwatch. But with the disappearance of the patriarch of the White Temple, who knows what will happen now..."
(1022) Git: :idly mutters in reply: "Without the head, the Temple will fall. Almeena will lose her symbiosis with them, and Takalara will step in to take power."
(975) Merith: "Things are going to get worse before they'll get any better." (shakes his head and takes a pull of spicewine)
(1022) Git: "But there's a step somewhere in the middle there, that I'm just not seeing." :groans to himself.:
(1022) Git: "Perhaps the Lady Almeena would have better luck answering that question for me."
(975) Jeryn: "And what's that?"
whispering to Lunauc, a little help from you. I don't know enough about Morti's mother to actually do her justice. so I need a write up by next session
whispering to Lunauc, I have some idea of what she's like but not enough to properly RP her
(1022) Git: :glances to Jeryn and asks, as if the man would know: "How will Takalara take power? By force? By will of the Nobles? Or will Almeena be made to hand it over?"
(1024) ticattack (enter): 23:09
** Jeryn shrugs. "I don't really know the truth of that. Whatever will befall, it will be between the Ever-maiden and the self-styled Goddess of Pandar." **
(995) A Lurker (exit): 23:09
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(975) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1001) ticattack' from room...
(1001) ticattack (exit): 23:09
(1022) Git: :nods: "I suppose I'll have to ask the Ever-maiden then."
(975) DM: ((FF?))
(989) Kha: (( sure ))
(1024) J'hzuu: (('k))
(975) DM: (sec)
(1017) Agatha: ((sounds good))
(975) DM: ((ok, next morning))
** (1022) Git , after a long night of carousing with the locals decides to sleep in, and avoid Kha's slave shopping endeavor. **
** (989) Kha makes his way to the slave auctions and watches the slaves to see when the rat looking one is going to be up for auction **
** (1008) Rin has a leisurely breakfast in the inn, instead of accompanying Kha on his little outing. **
** (1024) J'hzuu accompanies Kha, out of mild curiosity at this "rat man". **
** (998) Lellick opts to remain behind as well, remaining in his room for a lenghty bout of prayer. **
** (1017) Agatha is following Kha, both to keep him from getting gutted and track down the trader from yesterday. **
(1022) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
** (989) Kha tries to get a closer look at the nezumi before he goes up for auction, and prays the price does not go too high for him / her **
(975) DM: You make your way to the slave pens. There seems to be, as usual, an auction in progress.
(975) Auctioneer: "We have a VERY VERY special treat for you, one and all."
(975) DM: The auctioneer, a bald, heavy-set man with an unctuous leer and pasty white skin gazes out amongst you seemingly unable to contain his glee.
(975) DM: "Bring her out by her leash!" (calls out behind him)
(975) DM: He's standing on a raised platform, behind which you can see a veiled-off area that contains cages and a huge, penned off corral.
** (989) Kha watches the spectical with intrest **
(975) DM: An armed guard prods a struggling half-naked and hooded human girl from behind the veil. She's hooded, and whip lash marks criss-cross her figure. A chain attached to a rawhide collar is lashed to her neck, from which other cords are connected to a pair of shackles around her wrists. She seems strangely familiar.
(1029) Lunauc (enter): 23:33
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1029) Lunauc...
(975) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1022) Lunauc' from room...
(1022) Lunauc (exit): 23:33
whispering to Lunauc, as I said, I wanted to RP her properly seeing as how she's your creation.
** (989) Kha tries to recall where he may have seen the girl before **
** (1017) Agatha is more concerned with the poor girl's condition. **
(975) Auctioneer: "A spitfire, isn't she? A savage beast of wonder, from the far northern wilds! An Imperial by the looks of her skin. A princess in need of a good taming. Bidding will start at one thousand shillings!"
(975) DM: ((fyi, see the file I wrote on currency in Kern for more information. remember that a "shilling" is not a coin but a unit of 12 silver pence.))
(989) Kha: (( so 1250 crowns is worth what in shillings? ))
(975) DM: ((31 L., 5 s., or 625 shillings))
(1017) Agatha: ((1 shilling = 2gp))
(989) Kha: (( Ahh ok, so thats how much Kha has =P ))
(1017) Agatha: ((Yeah, you couldn't get a one-legged gnome for what you've got. =P ))
(975) DM: "One thousand shillings! Ah! Do I hear one thousand one hundred? One thousand one hundred. Do I hear more? Surely you jest! This is a fine specimen of Imperial blood from the northern wilds! We hardly get any slaves from the Empire these days!"
(975) Auctioneer: ((says this))
** (989) Kha shouts "Take off the hood so we can see how much of a 'princess' she is!" **
** (989) Kha looks to see who bid **
(975) Auctioneer: "One thousand two hundred! Do I hear more? Look at her lithe arms and legs, ladies and gentlepersons! A worthy bodyguard assuming she can be broken! Ah yes, finally we're getting somewhere! One thousand four hundred!"
(1024) J'hzuu: ((How far away is she?))
(975) DM: A shaven headed man in a dirty white robe that marks him as an ascetic of the White Temple.
** (1017) Agatha growls. "They're selling that girl like meat at a market and she's the savage beast?" **
(975) Auctioneer: "A splendid idea! But I warn you, she does bite."
** (989) Kha walks over to the man to see if he is one of the three he has met from the Temple **
** Auctioneer flicks his fingers at the guard, who grabs the girl by the nape of her neck and yanks the hood off. An unruly shock of bedraggled honey brown hair comes tumbling out. It's Ajaiyah. **
(975) DM: ((she's standing 30' away from you.))
(1017) Agatha: "Of all the..."
** (1017) Agatha turns to Kha. "How much have you got?" **
(975) DM: A steel toothguard has been shoved into her mouth and lashed to her head to prevent her from biting apparently. The auctioneer leers at her before turning to face the audience. "Do I hear more? One thousand four hundred, going once..."
** (989) Kha whispers to the acetic "She is a friend of mine, I dont have enough to bid, but I can give you what I do if you will release her to us" **
** Ajaiyah stares at the ground stoically, her eyes cast down in defeat. **
(1024) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu has the gold. How much does Kha need?"
(975) The ascetic: "How do I know you won't mistreat her?" (hisses)
(975) Auctioneer: "One thousand four hundred, going twice..."
(989) Kha: "Ask her when you win the bidding"
(989) Kha: ((still whispering) "If she does not want to come with us you can send her along your 'route'"
** The ascetic stares at Kha, his eyes growing wide. "Who have you been talking to?" (suspiciously) **
(989) Kha: "I only have six hundred and twenty five shillings J`hzuu"
(975) Auctioneer: "Sold for one thousand four hundred shillings to the monk in the fourth row!"
** Auctioneer points to the ascetic. Eyes turn to gaze at him as he glances at Kha with a strange look and then shuffles over to the stage. **
** (1024) J'hzuu glances up as the woman is sold, and offers a small, apologetic smile to Kha. **
** (989) Kha waits till the auction resumes before speaking any further **
** (1017) Agatha moves up alongside Kha and whispers, "Do you think he'll deal?" **
(1032) Gil (enter): 23:52
(1032) Gil (exit): 23:53
(1032) Gil (enter): 23:53
(1032) Gil (exit): 23:53
(975) DM: The ascetic takes a sack of coins and gems from beneath his robe and makes payment to the auctioneer. "Come, you," he says, yanking her along.
** (989) Kha nods to Agatha **
** (989) Kha follows after the Ascetic after a moment **
** The ascetic leads Ajaiyah behind him as he heads back your way. "Whomever you are, this isn't a good place to talk, if you have certain intentions." **
(1017) Agatha: "Hmph. Let's hope so, for his sake. It'd be a shame to ruffle feathers with the White Temple after that chat last night."
(989) Kha: "Lets goto the Garden Inn, I have rooms there"
** Ajaiyah jerks for a moment, hope flooding her features as she blinks, recognizing you. The toothguard prevents her from speaking. **
(989) Kha: "Hello Ajaiyah, I did not think to see you again"
(989) Kha: "May I take the thing out of her mouth?" ** he asks the ascetic **
(1034) Gil (enter): 23:58
** (989) Kha moves o take the toothguard out of her mouth as they head back to the Garden Inn **
** (1017) Agatha smiles grimly at Ajaiyah. "Hmph. Y'know, you're making it damn hard for a woman to keep her promise. I told you what would happen if we ever met again and you show up all bruised and bloodied already. I can't take any satisfaction in addin' to that." **
(989) Kha: (( **pokes the DM ** ))
(989) Kha: (( Well AFK for a smoke, hope the DM comes back soon ))
(975) DM: (sec)
(975) The ascetic: "Go ahead."
(975) The ascetic: "But not here, not where we can be seen."
(975) Ajaiyah: "I had prayed to noble Kor that my saviors would come again and so you have. I have no Fate but the Fate I am given."
(989) Kha: (( back ))
** (989) Kha sits down in his room "So how did you get here? Last I knew you were still back at the Oasis" **
(989) Kha: "And I must admit, you were not what I was expecting to leave that auction with, though you are much better looking" ** as he tosses her a spare shirt from his packs **
(989) Kha: (to the ascetic) "So will you leave her with us instead of sending her along this route of yours that Devian mentioned?"
** Ajaiyah catches the shirt gratefully, as the ascetic releases her. **
(975) The ascetic: "You know these people?" (incredulously)
(975) Ajaiyah: "Ah yes, by the touch of silent Zann."
(989) Kha: "As I said she is a friend of ours"
** (1008) Rin wanders into Kha's room, having seen them return. "I see you found your rat. Did they shave it or something?" **
** (989) Kha laughs Watch what you say once she has a knife again Rin, she is far faster then one would think" **
** Ajaiyah turns to look at Kha, saying, "Shortly after you left for Medinat al-Muskawoon, I decided to make my way into the world and see what I could of the lands beyond the mountains. It was after a long road and many hardships, that I fell afoul of a merchant caravan that turned out to be traders in salaamanen, or slaves as you might say in your tongue, may Selan have mercy on my maidenhood and my soul. It has been months since I last saw you, months since I have walked free." **
(1008) Rin: "Well, I can't fault you on your choice of chosing her instead of an ugly rat man."
(989) Kha: (to the Ascetic) "My name is Kha, might I get yours so I know who to thank?"
** (998) Lellick leaves his room with the intention of getting something to eat, but instead veers towards Kha's room when he hears voices. He peeks his head in, and stares at seeing Ajaiyah, and the state she's in. "By Tevesh's hands, what happened to you..?!" **
(989) Kha: "Months? To me it has only been a few days, a week at most."
** (1017) Agatha hands Ajaiyah a drinks. "Hmm. Well that puts us at odds. The wizard only dropped us off here some days ago." **
(989) Kha: "Oh and your name appeared on a list of people someone named Talakara wishes to kill."
** (989) Kha waits for the ascetic to either leave or provide his name before speaking further **
** (998) Lellick walks in and busies himself with looking over her visible wounds, murmuring to her, "Let me apologize for our horrid hospitality." **
(1008) Rin: "If she really wants to kill us. If it's even her."
(975) The ascetic: "Erosh."
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(1034) Gil (exit): 00:29
(989) Kha: "Well Erosh, does your Temple normaly charge to send slaves down this route to freedom?"
(975) Erosh: "Well, now that she's in good hands, I shall take my leave then. May Solnor watch over you and yours." (bows)
** Erosh shrugs. "We do what we can with what limited resources we have. I don't know enough about you to talk about such a thing." **
(989) Kha: "Hey Erosh, could you go back to the auction and check on a nezumi, that is who I was there to free until I saw my friend here"
(975) Erosh: "Uh, what is a nez....nezumi?"
(1008) Rin: "A rat guy."
(989) Kha: "A bipedal rat by the looks of him. I have never seen one so I was going to buy him and set him free"
(975) Erosh: "I see. I shall try..." (seems unsure)
(989) Kha: "I'll make a sizeable donation to the Temple if you would do this. I would very much like to talk to him or her."
** (998) Lellick makes sure the door is closed before pulling out his holy symbol, resting his hand on Ajaiyah's arm. "May Tevesh ease this woman's pain and make her whole again." As he casts the spell, his hands and her wounds glow faintly white before healing over. **
(998) Lellick: (Spontaneously casting Cure Serious Wounds, rolling for HP gain now)
(998) Lellick: [3d8+8] -> [2,5,8,8] = (23)
(989) Kha: "So Ajaiyah, how is it you were taken by a caravan, If I remember corectly you are rather skilled with a knife and quick as well."
(1017) Agatha: "Obviously not quick enough."
(1008) Rin: "There's only so much one can do against a group of people."
(975) Ajaiyah: "Yes, but a stranger in a strange land and with nowhere to turn. Even a vishap can be ambushed by a kagouti if one is not careful."
(1008) Rin: "See? Even a whatever she said can be ambushed by that other thing she said."
** Ajaiyah seems fascinated as Lellick heals her wounds. "One of these days, effendi, you must tell me how you do that for I have never seen a priest such as you work wonders." **
** (998) Lellick smiles faintly as he puts his holy symbol away. "I suppose our gods grant magic differently than yours." **
(1008) Rin: "So now what are we going to do?"
(989) Kha: "True enough. Dont sapose you have a weapon do you? I can spare my knife though I promised to give it to Cerwyth, a street boy who I paid to put into a schoo to get him off the streets, before we leave the area"
(975) Ajaiyah: "A knife or my hands." (smiles)
(1008) Rin: "She can take my knife, if she wants it."
(975) Ajaiyah: "It would be well if I could travel with you once again. There is so much for me to see and do, and here, I am free of all that bound me before."
(989) Kha: "Well you are welcome to come with us. We are about to goto a castle full of undead and deities"
(975) Ajaiyah: "Deities?"
(989) Kha: "Or so I suspect"
(989) Kha: "I was going to wait to tell everyone, but I guess enough of us are here."
(989) Kha: "Well the area we are going seems to be dominated by a massive castle with lots of guards, mostly human. and undead. There's a strange power emanation as if someone or something, deep within the castle, is drawing sustenance from the Dremrealm. The source of this power could be one of two deities Oneiros, and Mania, or something else I do not know about. Mania is also known as Delirium, she is an Aspect of Oneiros and it is said that you cannot speak to Delirium without being like her in some aspect, some way, or risk losing your mind forever. So prepare accordingly, we may be visiting a godess"
** (1008) Rin crouches to pluck the masterworked kukri from his boot, then offers it to Ajaiyah. **
** (1024) J'hzuu flicks his hand and a silver dagger emerges from his sleeves. He holds it to Ajaiyah. "J'hzuu does not really need it. He uses his magics, and if he must fight up-close" he shrugs and fans his fingers, causing his claws to spring from his fingers. "He is still not unarmed, yes?" **
** Ajaiyah accepts the dagger gratefully, along with the kukri. "Thank you." **
(1029) Git: "I figure the 'Goddess' is Takalara." :Git speaks suddenly as he appears in the doorway, finally out of bed.:
(1029) Git: "It seems she is following an old prophecy of a hundred years ago." :looks Ajaiyah over, and offers an odd snicker: "I guess she can tell the future after all."
(989) Kha: "I thought Takalara was a mortal ruler"
(1008) Rin: "Either's a possibility. Or both."
(1029) Git: :turns to Kha: "Perhaps she's mortal, but she's presenting herself as a goddess. Apparently Nobles in Pandar are worshipping her as a scapegoat from a prophecy foreseeing the destruction of all Kern.
(989) Kha: "Well I guess we will find out when we get there"
(1029) Git: "Tell me something, Kha... can someone who follows one of yuor gods know the future?"
(989) Kha: "Yes, many are oracles or seers"
(1029) Git: "Are there foretellings ever wrong?"
** (989) Kha shrugs "It depends on the interpreter I sapose" **
(1041) Baralis (enter): 01:01
(1029) Git: "So... if she is a seer, then chances are, she knows we're coming, how we'll come and what we'll do?"
(1008) Rin: "It seems likely that they can be wrong. I mean, the very act of telling someone about the future could grant them the power to change it. Or, in trying to change it, they could bring the event about. Though you then have to ask yourself if that event would have ever occured if someone had not foretolled it."
(989) Kha: "If she is just a seer and not a Godess she has far more power then I have ever seen. The power I felt at the castle was imense and as I said there are only two that I know of who could do that"
(1029) Git: "Maybe she is more than a seer, a chosen avatar perhaps?"
(1029) Git: "Unless she is outright usurping a god's power."
(1008) Rin: "Or perhaps she's just stealing power. Regardless, nothing gets accomplished if we just stand around."
(998) Lellick: "By destroying an avatar... I cannot imagine that the god would be happy with us."
(989) Kha: "Could be, As Fate told us only Oneiros' Aspects are allowed to mettle in mortal affairs"
(1041) Baralis (exit): 01:05
(1008) Rin: "Tough. He'll have to get over it."
(989) Kha: "As for a Dreamspeaker being wrong. History is like a river flowing endlessly...there is little one can do to stop it, but much one can do to divert its direction...yet no matter what may happen, things have a way of righting themselves again. So You may divert the prophacy for a time, but the goal it was ment to achive will be reached in the end"
(1008) Rin: "But who knows what that is."
(1029) Git: "Thank you for that bleak note. But right now, I'd rather focus on disrupting her prophecies."
(989) Kha: "Mania is a she, and she represents Delirium or Insanity. Though the Fates said to befriend Mania you must be able to divine the meaning behind her actions. So if it is her or her Avatar, then figuring this out should help us"
(1008) Rin: "Shall we go pay her a visit? She did invite us, after all."
(989) Kha: "Aye we are going to, just not today. We can leave with the sun tomarrow. I still have some buisness to take care of here in town today"
** (998) Lellick starts to nod, but then turns to look at Kha. "What sort of business could possibly be more important than dealing with this?" **
(989) Kha: "Would you like to go shoping Ajaiyah, it seems you are in need of some equipment and clothing"
(975) Ajaiyah: "I'd love to."
(989) Kha: "Several things Lellick, like being prepared"
(1008) Rin: "Prepared, how?"
(1008) Rin: "A letter to divvy up your belongings for your next of kin, perhaps?"
(989) Kha: "Like everyone having clothing would be a good start"
** (989) Kha head out to the market with Ajaiyah **
(998) Lellick: "Buying clothes shouldn't take all day..."
** (1008) Rin watches Kha leave. "Well, I'm ready to go. We could leave, and he could catch up at some point." **
(975) DM: ((not going to RP shopping...is there more?))
(1017) Agatha: "No, it won't. Learning the road and the troubles along it might take a while though. We may need a guide."
(1008) Rin: "Could you actually find someone crazy enough to come with us?"
(989) Kha: (( After shoping Kha is going to stop by the Masquers guild and let Cerwyth know he is leaving town for a while, and introduce him to Ajaiyah. After that he wants to stop by the White Temple to see if the Ascetic got the other slave ))
(1017) Agatha: "It's big city. I'm sure it won't be much trouble to buy someone off."
** (998) Lellick laughs a little at that. "I suppose you're right. Still, the faster we can set out, the better." **
(1008) Rin: "Oh, yeah, I suppose we could. 'Hey, we need to go visit the house of a goddess, do you think you could guide us? We will pay you, and your funeral service is on us.' "
(975) DM: ((ok.))
(1029) Git: "Don't worry. It shouldn't be to hard to find our way. After all, we're the only ones who were invited."
(1017) Agatha: "It's all in how you phrase it, Rin. Git will be more than happy to demonstrate, I'll wager."
** (1017) Agatha gets up. "In the meanwhile, I've my own affairs to look into. I should be back in a few hours." **
(1008) Rin: "Well, I'm going to cast my vote for not endangering someone else's life. I'm sure it's dangerous outside, but everywhere is dangerous. If the choice is between waiting for Kha and a guide, and braving the dangers between us and Talakara, I'd rather the latter. I'm sure Lellick's family jewels agree with me."
(1029) Git: (Git will spend the day out and about meeting up with what contacts he made the night before, and tying up loose ends in town.)
(989) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (998) Lellick raises his eyebrows at Rin. "... How... thoughtful of you. I am stunned by your charity. Truly." His tone is about as dry as paper. **
** (1008) Rin offers Lellick a little bow and a teasing grin. "Think nothing of it, Sir Halfling." **
(998) Lellick: "Oh indeed, I won't."
(975) DM: ((skipping Cerwyth and FFing directly to the White Temple after shopping))
(989) Kha: (( back ))
(1017) Agatha: ((Agatha is going to be chasing for information on this Frida girl. Check with the guilds and markets, that sort of thing. Also picking up a composite longbow and arrows))
(1024) J'hzuu: ((J'hzuu don't need much. He'll wander about, window shopping basically.))
(998) Lellick: (Lel'll just stay in and pray, and read, and generally be lazy)
(1017) Agatha: ((In the evening, Ag will be catching up with the auctioneer to see what's come up about Linze))
** (1008) Rin (spends the day not doing much of anything.) **
** (989) Kha enters the Temple and looks around **
(1024) J'hzuu: ((AFK a few))
(975) Erosh: A few acolytes lighting candles. Of Erosh or Devian, there is no sign.
(975) DM: ((whoops, lol))
(1045) Aurala (enter): 01:37
(1045) Aurala (exit): 01:37
(1045) Aurala (enter): 01:37
** (989) Kha walks up to one of the Acolytes "Hello I was wondering if Erosh or Devian was avaliable." **
(1045) Aurala (exit): 01:39
(1046) Aurala (enter): 01:41
(1046) Aurala (exit): 01:41
(975) DM: He replies, "Certainly. A moment please."
** (989) Kha nods and takes a seat **
(975) DM: After a few moments, Devian comes out.
(989) Kha: "Ajaiyah you can return to the Inn if you wish" ** pulls out his room key ** "Of course you are free to stay as well, just not sure on how your view of other religions has changed"
(975) Devian: "Can I help you?"
(975) Ajaiyah: "No, I shall stay." (seems fascinated)
(989) Kha: "Hello, yes I spoke with Erosh about sending a Nezumi slave, that I saw at the auctions, along your route and I was wondering if he was able to do so. I also wanted to ask you for any information you can give me on Talakara. I heard about a prophacy and her being a Godess, and well you know more information is better"
** (989) Kha puts his key back **
(975) Devian: "Ah yes, the ratman. It seems that there was a bit of a commotion earlier today, as he escaped his confines. His whereabouts are currently unknown."
(1049) Lunauc (enter): 01:50
(975) Devian: "Doubtless he will try to leave the country, although he is certainly a long way from his home land in the Jade Isles."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1049) Lunauc...
(975) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1029) Lunauc' from room...
(1029) Lunauc (exit): 01:51
(1049) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(989) Kha: "Ahh good for him, I was hoping to speak with him though, oh well as long as he is free."
(975) Devian: "Or perhaps you might encounter him in your travels. It is a wide, wide world out there."
(989) Kha: "Aye that would be good as well, though I dont know if he would want to go to a castle full of undead"
** Devian nods. "What would you like to know about Lady Talakara?" **
(1049) Git: (brb)
(989) Kha: "What you know about this prophacy of her being a Godess for starters."
(1050) Aurala (enter): 01:57
(1050) Aurala (exit): 01:58
(975) Devian: "Officially, nothing. Unofficially, she is worshipped by most of the people in Pandar. She is the ultimate authority in all matters be they temporal or spiritual in the duchy."
(975) Devian: "She is not a true divinity, as far as we are able to determine. She is formidable however."
(989) Kha: "Aye if the power I felt from her castle while dreamwalking is any indication. It brought to mind Mania or Oneiros himself, though my experiance is limited in the dreamrealm."
(975) Devian: "Hm, that is interesting."
(975) Devian: "As far as we can tell, she is an archmagus of considerable power. However, it is possible that she may have other resources of which we are unaware."
(989) Kha: "She exists both in and out of the dream realm, it felt as if she were seems to be drawing sustenance from the dream realm itself. I came to get your opinion of her as you have more expirence with her then I"
(975) Devian: "Well...not really. Herrod was the authority on all matters relating to this 'Goddess' as well as the main diplomatic plenti-potentiary liasion between Pandar and Heathwold ((OOC: Heathwold is the duchy where Heathwatch is located)).
(989) Kha: "If it is Mania then I just need to be able to divine the meaning behind her actions. Which, if you know anything about the Aspects of Oneiros, may prove dificult"
(989) Kha: "Well that is all I wanted to know. I'll keep an eye out for the Nezumi and send him your way if he does not with to travel with my friends and I"
(975) Devian: "This one thing I do know. If it is an Aspect of Oneiros you are dealing with, then you might not know it until it is too late."
(989) Kha: "Thank Erosh for me for freeing my friend Ajaiyah, I would not have had the money to buy her myself"
(989) Kha: "If it is an Aspect of Oneiros then I will know it when the time is right. I must speak with them all. I was given a prophacy that said as much, and the Fates have clerified it some."
** Devian raises his eyebrows at hearing that, but says nothing. **
(975) Devian: "I shall. May the Light of Solnor show you the way when things grow dark."
(989) Kha: "I thank you for your time, but I am sure my friend are iching to leave." ** shakes his head ** "And they call me rash, they want to rush off and meet the Godess of Delirium without first investigating the situation"
(989) Kha: (( *itching or however you spell it ))
** (989) Kha gets up to leave "Was there anything else you wanted to do Ajaiyah?" **
(975) Ajaiyah: "I am ready whenever you are."
(989) Kha: "Ok, lets head back to the Inn and see if the others have decided to sleep in nice comphy beds tonight or on the ground"
(1055) Lunauc (enter): 02:21
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1055) Lunauc...
(975) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1049) Lunauc' from room...
(1049) Lunauc (exit): 02:22
(1009) Niente (exit): 02:23
(975) DM: ((kinda fading here))
(989) Kha: (( ok ))

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