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(1784) ticattack: ((Sure do. Also, brb))
(1782) DM: ((spent time in Heathwatch, did some shopping, hired a street urchin and set him up at a bardic college, and received a mysterious gift in the form of a scroll and a thornless black rose))
(1782) DM: (3187) DM: The auctioneer, an obese man in an ill-fitting brown tunic and leather breeches gestures to a blindfolded and shackled human woman with reddish brown hair braids that reach to her waist. She's clad in tattered armor and her skin is mottled with a number of welts, most likely from whip marks and nettle stings.
(3324) Git: :jests aside to another audience member: "Ah... eye-gouging, just what I look for in a servant."
(3187) Auctioneer: "Bidding starts at two thousand crowns, do I hear two thousand?"
** (3246) Agatha doesn't bother putting up an appearance of wealth, but has tried to conceal her axe as best she could. It's a botch of a job, but the thought is there. **
(3155) Kha: "Too much for one who will kill you given a chance"
** (3155) Kha whispers "Someone followed us here" **
(3187) Auctioneer: "Two thousand five hundred from the ilythi'iri magus in the far corner, do I hear two thousand six hundred?"
(3246) Agatha: "Your secret admirer, Kha?"
** (3210) Rin hunches his shoulders and folds his arms over his chest, trying not to look uncomfortable. **
** (3155) Kha looks over all the slaves **
(3324) Git: :glances back to Rin before answering Kha: "You mean the one from the inn?"
(3187) Auctioneer: "Two thousand seven hundred and fifty from the orc retainer in the front row, do I hear two thousand eight hundred?"
** (3155) Kha whispers "Aye, and I doubt it he looks too uncomphortable here" **
(3187) Auctioneer: "Three thousand from the ilythi'iri magus in the far corner, do I hear more?"
** (3196) Lellick frowns a little, glancing back to try and discreetly see the man. "So what are we going to do about it?.." **
(3246) Agatha: "Point him out to me."
(3187) Auctioneer: "Three thousand going once!"
(3187) Auctioneer: "Three thousand going twice!"
(3324) Git: :Pulling Kha's leg: "I chatted with him a bit back at the inn. He didn't have much to say, but mentioned you quite a bit, often while smiling like an idiot. Perhaps he did follow you here." :suggests: "It would be rude if you didn't at least talk to him."
(3187) Auctioneer: "Sold, for three thousand crowns!"
** (3155) Kha shrugs and makes his way back to the man who followed them "Hello, names Kha" **
** Auctioneer waddles off the stage and receives payment from the magus' servant, then viciously yanks his purchase by a neck chain. "Up, you." **
** (3210) Rin blinks, one brow arching upwards, as he finds himself confronted. "So it is." **
(3187) Auctioneer: "Ladies and gentles all, that concludes our business for today. Come again on the morrow when we shall have more fine wares from the Empire for your purchase!"
** (3324) Git stays watching the stage, and how the magus treats his new prize. **
** Auctioneer hands over the leash to the servant and begins to waddle off the stage. **
(3155) Kha: "Noticed you tailing us, so figured I would introduce myself."
(3155) Kha: "Excuse me" hurries to the stage "What will be the starting price for the rat looking one?"
** (3324) Git hurries to ward the stage, to catch the auctioneer before he leaves. "Pardon me, good man. Pardon." **
(3187) Auctioneer: "One thousand crowns." (wipes sweat from his jowls)
** (3210) Rin smiles, faintly. "If I were tailing you, then you'd have a tail." He watches the man wander off, with a look that boarders on surprise. "People these days, no manners." **
(3155) Kha: "Thank you."
(3187) DM: (well Kha's here as well...)
** (3155) Kha heads back to the main who was tailing them **
(3155) Kha: "Sorry I wanted to learn the starting price of one of the slaves."
(3324) Git: :to the auctioneer: "I hope you don't mind if I ask you a business question, one merchant to another, but, I was curious about the record keeping of local slavers."
(3324) Git: "You see, I'm trying to track down a slave for, 'certain reasons' and I'm trying to find how to go about it."
** (3210) Rin inwardly wonders if Kha is really a man, or some sort of magically transformed spastic rodent. "Buying?" **
(3155) Kha: (whispers) "Maybe, never seen his like and slavery isnt kind to most people, probably less kind to the strange or unique."
(3210) Rin: "No doubt. But feeding the pockets of the slavers to rescue the abused won't save them all."
** Auctioneer regards Git for a second. "I suppose I could talk shop." **
(3187) Auctioneer: "Who's the slave?"
(3324) Git: "Splendid. You see. I know not if the boy is currently on auction or previously sold. I just have reason to believe he's been through this town. One moment... Aggy, come here and give a description would you?"
** (3196) Lellick remains close to Agatha, casting slightly worried glances towards Kha and the stranger. **
(3155) Kha: "No, but I can what I can now. Anyways since you were following us you should meet the rest of my friends. Thats Git" ** pointing to Git ** "Thats Agatha"** pointing her out as he makes his way to her ** "Thats Lellick, andour other companion is off on some other business"
** Auctioneer leers at Agatha, licking his lips. **
(3187) Auctioneer: "Well now, is he a child or an adult? Children are almost impossible to track. One boy, you've seen them all."
** (3210) Rin glances towards the others, as they're introduced. This is quite the unexpected turn of events. **
(3155) Kha: "Now I didnt catch your name"
(3246) Agatha: "How about a lad with red hair, with scar on his left arm? He should be six and ten years old now."
(3210) Rin: "that's probably because you didn't ask me what my name was."
(3155) Kha: "Ahh true enough, how rude of me, So whats your name?"
** Auctioneer sniffs at hearing the description. "That could be any number of whelps." **
** (3246) Agatha shifts her weight, giving the auctioneer a well-practiced look that is all business. **
(3210) Rin: "Rin. You can call me Rin."
(3155) Kha: "Rin, nice ta meet you. So why were you following us anyways?"
(3324) Git: "How about names. Do you keep track?"
(3187) Auctioneer: "I can look in my ledger and see if there's someone that matches that description. You'll understand that we don't keep names and such. Far as I'm concerned, they don't deserve any."
(3246) Agatha: "What about where he was caught. You people ought to keep that information handy at least."
** Auctioneer shrugs. "Like a needle in a haystack. I'll look if you can make it worth my while." **
(3210) Rin: "I wasn't following you. You were leading me. So why were you leading me around, anyway?"
(3187) DM: (I can extend tonight till 3:30 am. at the very least, I'd like to cover the mystery of the box before we stop.)
(3155) Kha: (( I am fine to stay longer ))
(3246) Agatha: "What's your while worth?"
(3187) Auctioneer: "50 crowns or more."
(3324) Git: (I think I can stay awake that long... though if I go a while without responding.... you'll know I was wrong. ^_^)
(3196) Lellick: (I'm kinda dozing off here)
(3187) Auctioneer: "Come back tomorrow at highsun tomorrow and I'll have your answer for you then."
(3187) DM: (ok, stopping in 10 then)
(3155) Kha: "Cause I am a natural leader, people just tend to follow me I suppose. Thats why I am asking you to figure out why people like to follow me."
(3246) Agatha: "Tomorrow then."
(3210) Rin: "Well that is a mystery, isn't it. Have you inquired with the rest of your companions on the subject?"
(3155) Kha: "They dont know either" ** shakes his head in dismay **\
(3324) Git: "Thank you for your time." :waves off the fat man, and heads back to the rest of the group, offering to Aggy: "At least he didn't want a more 'intimate payment'."
** (3155) Kha heads back to the
Inn to get some rest before the meeting tonight **
(1777) Gautam: ((Now it's time to meet Kha's secret admirer and most likely bash his brains in.))
(1777) Gautam: ((That'll teach you to shove us into a side quest!))
(1782) DM: The note said to meet him at The Sapphire Circle, by moonrise. ((OOC: midnight))
(1782) DM: ((want to FF?))
(1784) ticattack: ((Sounds good))
** (1728) Kha wakes after his nap and heads to the Sapphire Circle several hours before moonrise **
(1728) Kha: "I would like the Reserve room please" ** states when the Tavern keep walks up to him **
** (1780) Git follows along with Kha, hoping that even if the meeting is a set up, hopefully the place will be entertaining. **
(1782) DM: (sec)
** (1777) Gautam follows behind the group, keeping an eye on the all-concealing shadows. **
** (1777) Agatha follows behind the group, keeping an eye on the all-concealing shadows. **
(1777) Agatha: ((oops))
** (1773) Lellick will tag along as well, not taking any pains to look more or less conspicuous than usual. **
** (1771) Rin tags along at a discreet distance, hands shoved in the pockets of his coat. **
** (1784) J'hzuu follows the others, unconsciously slinking along, his robe a dark purple. **
(1782) DM: As you enter the common room, you immediately sense something is amiss...the atmosphere in the inn is hostile, not warm and cheerful as usual. Six novice clerics of Solnor are in a corner, arguing loudly about the need for revenge. Two men at a table nearby are muttering, but all you can hear is, "...and the only thing they found was a black rose on the altar."
** (1780) Git groans as he looks about the room. "So much for an enjoyable evening." **
** (1773) Lellick frowns at this, looking intently at the arguing clerics for a moment or two. **
** (1771) Rin edges inside, keeping his back to the wall near the door.
He quirks a brow at the yelling priests, but doesn't seem particularly ruffled by the atmosphere. **

(1782) DM: The innkeep notices you and walks up to you with a worried expression on his face. "Greetings, milords, m'lady. What can I get for you tonight?"
(1728) Kha: "I would like the Reserve room please"
(1728) Kha: (( Still dressed in his nobles clothing ))
(1799) Erithin (enter): 22:27
(1782) DM: "This way please." (nods) "I must say that I have been busy this morning. It's a terrible tragedy and outrage, what happened at the White Temple tonight. But if you need anything up there, give a ring and I'll answer as quickly as I can."
(1782) DM: (he said that, not me)
(1771) Rin: "What happened at the White Temple tonight?"
** (1728) Kha follows the man **
** (1777) Agatha follows, looking back at the jumpy crowd. **
(1782) Jonathon: "Herrod, one of the ascendant priests of the Temple, was kidnapped."
(1782) Jonathon: "All that was found was a thornless black rose on the altar."
** (1780) Git controls his breathing at the mention of the priest, muttering only, "Kidnapped you say? Dirty business..." **
(1728) Kha: "Whats the black rose signify?"
** (1784) J'hzuu glances at the priests. "Who do they think did it?" **
(1782) Jonathon: "Five acolytes were poisoned but were revived once the foul deed was discovered."
** (1773) Lellick 's eyes widen a little, and he glances back at the clerics until they're out of sight of them. **
(1799) Erithin (exit): 22:31
(1782) Jonathon: "I myself do not know for certain, but there are those who whisper that the Lady Talakara must have been involved for her sigil is a thornless rose."
(1728) Kha: "I see, very interesting"
(1780) Git: "When did it haoppen?"
** (1728) Kha sits down at the table in the room "I would like the best food you have tonight." **
** Jonathon shows you to a sparely furnished conference room. "Should you have need of anything, please pull that bellcord in the corner." (indicates a brass tassel rope in the corner of the room) **
(1801) Erithin (enter): 22:33
(1802) Mindless (enter): 22:34
(1802) Mindless (exit): 22:34
(1803) A Lurker (enter): 22:34
** (1773) Lellick wanders into the room along with the others, barely even noting the surroundings. He mutters, under his breath, "Poison..." **
(1805) Erithin (enter): 22:35
(1804) stars (enter): 22:35
** (1728) Kha waits quietly for the man to leave then says "Ok, here is my plan, this is the room I am saposed to meet this mystery person in at moonrise. Any of you who wish to stay in here with me are welcome, but I think it would be usefull to have some of you down in the common room figuring out what happoned, as obviously the kidnaping is related to the person I am meeting." **
(1782) Jonathon: "Earlier this evening, milord. At slightly past moonwatch rising ten."
(1804) stars (exit): 22:36
(1782) DM: ((OOC: in other words, 9:10 pm))
(1780) Git: :nods: "I see... terrible to think such a thing could happen to a man of the robe."
** (1784) J'hzuu shrugs. "It could happen to anyone, J'hzuu thinks. It is more likely to happen to a priest, for politcal reasons, no?" **
** Jonathon nods solemnly. "If you shall excuse me, I must see to the needs of those downstairs. There is a pot of tarbean tea in the corner, freshly brewed, along with the usual wines and spirits." **
** (1777) Agatha thanks the barkeep and then turns to the conversation. **
(1728) Kha: "I wanted to get here early so we would be waiting on the person to arive, not the other way around. Anything else I should do?" ** Kha seems to being overly cautious, for him anyways **
(1782) Jonathon: (nods to Kha) "An order for dinner will be brought to you shortly. If you will excuse me." (leaves)
** (1728) Kha pulls a book out of his bag and starts reading it while waiting for dinner, and while listening to the others **
(1777) Agatha: "Hmph. By the sound of it, this fellow is nothing but bad news. I'll stay up here to make sure he isn't too much trouble."
(1780) Git: :sighs and advices Kha: "First thing first.. calm down."
(1780) Git: "If you're going to meeting someone on business you don't want to sound weak and unsure."
(1728) Kha: "Have I ever sounded unsure Git? I am always sure of my decisions when I make them"
(1777) Agatha: "Aye, with no concern of the doom you land yourself in."
(1780) Git: :gives the fate believer an odd glance: "Yes... I suppose that is why you die so often. Acting sure even with the wrong idea is a big part of negotiations. It's making the other person believe it's right that's the trick."
(1782) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1801) Erithin' from room...
(1801) Erithin (exit): 22:43
(1805) Erithin (exit): 22:44
(1728) Kha: "I would say I have done a decent job of that in the past, swaying you all to the course of action I felt was best." ** smirks but continues reading **
** (1773) Lellick slides into one of the chairs set at the table, shaking his head. "...we should just check the room. Wasn't that why we came here so early?" **
(1780) Git: "Us having to keep come save your ass, is hardly what I call swaying."
(1812) Ulrick (enter): 22:47
** (1728) Kha laughs "Thats why I am asking your advice now. We are here to find Agathas son, not on some quest of fate. Though the latter is involed to the point we should find out what we can about the brewing war, but it is a background thought while we help Agatha" **
(1812) Ulrick (exit): 22:49
(1803) A Lurker (exit): 22:49
** (1780) Git draws a calming breath, before responding, "My advice, be careful. For some strange man to have known you were here either means he had some mystical divination of our presence, or he caught your little show at the front gates. Either way, I feel he is planning to use you for something. And I doubt it is anything good." **
(1780) Git: "Now.. did he sat to meet alone?"
(1728) Kha: "Nope"
(1728) Kha: "I wouldnt have invited you if the note said that"
(1780) Git: :nods: "Alright, so he might have been expecting guests." :thinks for a moment: "Do you still have that note and black rose with you?"
(1728) Kha: "But it might be nice to have some of you downstairs so you can get a look at who ever comes up here and follow them. so if things go back we have them traped between us"
(1728) Kha: "I have the box and the rose, I burned the note"
(1728) Kha: (( *bad ))
(1780) Git: "Well, get rid of the rose as well... I fear it my connect us to the priest's disappearance."
** (1728) Kha shrugs and takes out the box and rose, holding the rose between his fingers he snaps and the rose bursts into flame then shrivles to ash which he deposits back in the box and back into his bag **
(1777) Agatha: "Aye, that crowd is just itching to draw their weapons."
(1777) Agatha: "No need to work up their ire."
(1780) Git: :nods to aggy: "Guess we should go have a little talk with them."
** (1728) Kha sits continuing to read while waiting for food **
** (1773) Lellick speaks slowly, "Is it even worth staying here at all? It had to be the same person... so... why listen to them at all?" **
(1780) Git: :To lellick: "To know what they know, of course."
(1777) Agatha: "Aye, I've enough on my mind. I don't need to be worryin' over some politickin' assassins."
(1773) Lellick: "That's assuming they'd give us the opportunity. ... I know we have little other choice. This just.. bothers me."
(1777) Agatha: "Besides, who's to say it's the same person. We never saw the man's face, and it's not like a black rose and a seal is so hard ta produce."
(1771) Rin: "The black rose is the seal."
(1816) Lightfaith (enter): 23:02
(1780) Git: :to Kha: "Alright, we're heading downstairs. Don't agree to anything, and don't overreact to anything he says, if he makes any propositions or asks you to follow him, I'll follow you, hopefully unnoticed. Alright?"
** (1728) Kha nods not looking up from his book **
(1728) Kha: "What was that Rin, about the rose being the seal?"
(1777) Agatha: "Aye, I'll be with you lad, hopefully very noticed."
(1816) Lightfaith (exit): 23:03
(1780) Git: "If the creep attacks... start yelling."
** (1780) Git heads for the door and back down into the barroom. **
(1728) Kha: "Dont wory Git, all within a leage of this place will hear me yell if I get attacked"
(1771) Rin: "That's what he said. The Lady's sigil is the black rose."
(1782) DM: On your way down to the common room, you encounter Jonathon heading up your way, a sandalwood box in his hands.
(1728) Kha: "Yes, so I presume that she, or her representative wishes to meet with me. How they knew I would be in the city before I knew I was is a mystery though"
(1780) Git: :note the box, comparing it to the one kha had:
(1782) Jonathon: "My lord, I am afraid the gentleman who invited you here tonight will be unable to keep the appointment. He sends his apologies and invites you to call on him at his home near the Ashen Mountains at your earliest convenience. He also sends you this gift, a small token of his esteem."
** (1728) Kha nods "Thank you, I will still stay for dinner though. Guess he wasnt expecting company except myself." **
** Jonathon hands the box to Git. **
whispering to Lunauc, similar size
** (1780) Git takes the box as he stands on the stairs, curiously he inspects it (search for traps) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
whispering to Lunauc, there doesn't appear to be any...
** (1773) Lellick moves out of the room at hearing the talking outside, lingering next to the doorway. "..That's.. odd." **
** (1780) Git shrugs and tosses the box upstairs to Kha, "I guess I'll have drink downstairs." **
** Jonathon waits expectantly. **
** (1728) Kha tosses Jonathon a silver coin **
** (1728) Kha waits untill he has left befome opening the box **
** Jonathon catches it and nods gratefully. "He was a strange one, milord." **
(1728) Kha: "Aye, scratchy voice, black armor?"
** Jonathon turns to leave but not before looking at the box curiously. **
(1782) Jonathon: "Ays. A tall man in full battle armor."
(1819) No Name (enter): 23:14
(1819) No Name (exit): 23:14
(1819) No Name (enter): 23:14
(1728) Kha: "Wish I knew who he was. Oh well only one way to find out I guess is to meet him at his home some time. Thank you again"
(1782) Jonathon: "Last night, a bit after moonrise, he walked into the inn. I looked up, since the entire room went quiet as soon as he walked in. He just stood there, still as a stone, by the door. I walked up, bade him good evening, and asked how I could help."
** (1780) Git slings an arm affably over Jonathon's shoulders, leading him along down the stairs, away from the terribly appealing mystery box. "Jona, could I get some of your finest ale?" **
whispering to Lunauc, "He told me he wanted to hold a reunion in this room. He paid me handsomely, then gave me this box. He said, 'I might not be able to make it to the reunion, but please give this present to my friends after they have arrived.' He made me learn the speech I gave a few moments ago, then walked out and closed the door behind him. I realized he hadn't even told me his name. I went outside to call him back, but I couldn't find him. The night had just swallowed him up."
whispering to Lunauc, Jonathon says this to you as he walks down the stairs
whispering to Lunauc, "I'm sorry, I must be raving. A tallglass of mintfyre then."
(1819) No Name (exit): 23:19
** (1728) Kha opens the box after the man heads back down the stairs with Git **
(1822) Gautam (enter): 23:20
** (1771) Rin moves over to try and get a look at the contents of the box. **
(1823) Allair (enter): 23:23
(1824) Gautam (enter): 23:24
(1728) Kha: (( lag check ))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1824) Gautam...
(1782) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1822) Gautam' from room...
(1822) Gautam (exit): 23:26
(1782) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1773) Lellick' from room...
(1773) Lellick (exit): 23:26
(1773) Lellick (enter): 23:26
(1782) DM: Within is a thornless black rose, a sealed glass vial filled with a fine gray powder and two scrolls.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1773) Lellick...
(1782) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1777) Gautam' from room...
(1777) Gautam (exit): 23:27
** (1728) Kha picks up one of the scrolls and reads it **
(1824) Agatha: "What is it?"
(1728) Kha: "Probably that priests Ashes and two notes"
(1784) J'hzuu: "Be careful. Any could be cursed."
(1780) Git: (brb)
** (1728) Kha sets the first note down and reads the other **
(1728) Kha: (( am I still here? ))
(1728) Kha: Disconnecting from server...
(1728) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 23:35
(1831) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 23:36
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1831) Dj Gilcrease...
(1831) Kha: (( wast sure if my messages were being sent so I restarted Open ))
(1782) DM: One is a map that shows the route to some place called "Caer Thorne" and another is a message on a scroll.
** (1831) Kha reads the message **
(1771) Rin: "What's it say?"
(1782) DM: It reads: "Kha Opren, Lellick of Tevesh, Agatha Magveyd, J'hzuu the Wise, Rin of the Shadows, Aragit Fellthorn, Ajaiyah of the Everlasting:

You're next."

(1782) DM: It is unsigned.
(1824) Agatha: "Ajaiyah? But how?"
** (1831) Kha looks at Rin Of the Shadow whats that mean?" And why would Ajaiyah be mentions, she isnt here with us and others from that area were just as helpfull to us as her." **
(1824) Agatha: "Everyone's memory of what happened was supposed to be erased."
** (1773) Lellick stares up at the note. "..But how? It must be strong magics that would be able to uncover so much about us in the first place!" **
(1831) Kha: "Though she did a little more then help me while we were there" ** he quietly muses to himself **
** (1771) Rin shrugs a little. "It means I'm terribly mysterious. As for how.. well.. perhaps he can perceive the future, since he suspected that I'd be here." **
** (1831) Kha looks to J'hzuu as if to ask something then decides better of it **
(1782) DM: ((Martek said that anything that occurred in relation to the ifrit was erased. The Everlasting is another story.))
** (1831) Kha looks at the vile o powder and whispers something **
** (1831) Kha places the two notes back in the box, taking the vial out then puts the bax on his bag **
(1831) Kha: "Any of you know where the White Temple is?"
(1782) DM: ((who are you asking?))
(1831) Kha: (( anyone in the room ))
** (1780) Git heads casualy back upstairs to meet the others. "You could ask the group of priests." **
** (1831) Kha puts his book back "We should as I think this" holding up the vial "Is their missing priest" **
(1773) Lellick: "... You... you think that's the priest?"
(1780) Git: :raises a brow at the vial: "Was there a note that said that?"
(1831) Kha: "The note said we are next and comes with a vial of grey powder. I am not going to open it to be sure, I'll leave that to the priests"
(1780) Git: "Don't bother. We just met Herrod today. The box was delivered last night. It kind of rules out the chances of him being in there."
(1771) Rin: "But it doesn't rule out the possibility of someone else being in there."
** (1773) Lellick rubs at his forehead, "That's assuming they're the ashes of a person at all. It could be anything else as well." **
(1780) Git: :nods to Rin: "True, but I doubt it's the priest. Are you sure it is ashes and not some other substance?"
(1824) Agatha: "What does the other scroll say?"
(1782) DM: The vial is labelled.
(1831) Kha: "Well all the same I want to take it to the priests to see if it is someone. I dont know if there is an oracle of Oneiros here, maybe I should find out."
(1780) Git: :eyes the label as Kha holds it out to him:
** (1831) Kha notices the lable and reads it Didnt see that before" **
(1840) Kaimaru (enter): 23:57
(1840) Kaimaru (exit): 23:58
** (1831) Kha almost drops the vial once he reads the lable. and starts crying "I am sorry Agatha" he tries to say though the crying and sets the vial back down then falls into his chair **
(1839) TW (enter): 00:00
(1839) TW (exit): 00:00
** (1824) Agatha is startled by Kha's reaction. She slowly picks up the vial and reads it. **
** (1780) Git bites his cheek hard, having feeling he already knows the name on the vial. **
(1780) Git: "It doesn't prove anything."
(1782) DM: The label reads, "Frida Magveyd".
(1845) ticattack (enter): 00:05
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1845) ticattack...
(1782) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1784) ticattack' from room...
(1784) ticattack (exit): 00:07
** (1824) Agatha raises an eyebrow. "Hmph. Guess he isn't so all-knowing after all. There's no Frida in my family." **
(1824) Agatha: "B-But, if he's willing to go this far..."
** (1831) Kha stops crying "Truly? That is good" **
** (1824) Agatha face is stricken in horror. "Oh gods, Linze..." **
(1824) Agatha: "If they find him..."
(1849) Lunauc (enter): 00:10
(1848) Grover (enter): 00:10
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(1790) Samantha (enter): 00:10
(1782) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1780) Lunauc' from room...
(1780) Lunauc (exit): 00:10
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(1831) Kha: "Well then I think we need to figure out who IS in here if it isnt a family member"
(1782) DM: ((ok, next session we're running on TW. this is getting ridiculous))
** (1773) Lellick speaks up, tone somewhat quiet, "We'll have to act fast." **
(1771) Rin: "I agree. If he's so desperate for a meeting, it would be rude if we didn't oblige him."
** (1824) Agatha pockets the vial then storms downstairs. **
** (1831) Kha jumps up and follows Agatha **
** (1773) Lellick blinks, then hurries after her, "Hold on! This has to be a trap!" **
** (1845) J'hzuu hurries after the woman. **
** (1771) Rin tags along after everyone else. **
(1848) Grover (exit): 00:13
** (1849) Git is the last to get up and follow, taking a second to think before running down the stairs after the others." **
** (1824) Agatha hurriedly approaches the barkeep Jonathan and grabs him by the collar. She keeps her voice low as she demands, "The man who brought package. Tell me everything you remember about him!" **
(1782) Jonathon: "Agggh!!"
** (1849) Git meets Aggy at the bar, just as she's throttling Jonathon, "You can let him go. Please." **
** Jonathon looks helplessly at Git. "Tall man in full battle armor. Used to be a knight. Extremely courtly. If you let me down milady, I might be able to speak better." **
** (1831) Kha hurries over to the gatherd priests "Can your High Priest resurect the dead from their ashes?" diggs in his bag and pulls out the box with the two scrolls in it and sets it on the table "You may be interested in that as well" **
** (1824) Agatha lets go of the barkeep. "You can't do any better than that? His face? Hair? Markings on his armor?" **
** (1773) Lellick looks back and fourth between Agatha and Kha, chosing to go over to the latter. "Kha... I don't think we should get strangers involved." **
(1831) Kha: "They are already involved if the person who gave us this and left the rose for them is one and the same"
** (1849) Git goes wide eyed at Kha's abrupt approach of the priests. Forgetting Aggy for a second, he hurries to the table of priests, putting the lid back on the box." Yes, you may give them the wrong idea. Don't disturb them." **
** (1773) Lellick gives the assembled priests a faint smile, "I'm sorry, our friend is.. very exciteable." **
** (1831) Kha takes the box back from Git and dumps the contents on the table **
** (1824) Agatha makes sure that barkeep is focused on her. She locks her eyes on his, trying to make sure he doesn't look away. **
(1773) Lellick: "..."
** (1773) Lellick reaches out to snatch the contents of the box off the table, then backs away with it. **
** (1849) Git is about to smack himself in the head at Kha's blurting, but decides he feels better smacking Kha in the back of the head. "Dtupid twit. Stop spouting things thoughtlessly." **
(1831) Kha: "Now answer me can your high priest resurect the dead from their ashes?" ((True Resurection spell))
(1790) Samantha (exit): 00:22
** (1771) Rin just watches the proceedings while absently rubbing at his forehead. He makes a note to query the halfling later, as to whether or not this is common practice. **
** Farin looks up from his conversation with his fellows. "Uhmm...excuse me?" **
** (1773) Lellick tucks the scrolls away on his person, but keeps holding the vial, looking at it solemnly. **
** (1831) Kha ignores Lellick as the black rose should have been clearly seen as he dumps the contents out **
(1831) Kha: (( Agatha has the vial ))
(1773) Lellick: (My bad, ignore that last part then)
(1831) Kha: (( the box only contained the two scrolls and the black rose ))
** Farin seems bewildered as Kha asks him about ressurection. "I'm only an initiate..." **
** (1773) Lellick has more of a problem tucking the rose away, settling for bending the stem and shoving it up his sleeve. **
(1849) Git: :speaks through gritted teeth: "Kha... I'm asking you to step down here. Please." :the last word is more harsh than pleading:
** Jonathon calms himself. "He wore ancient full plate mail, dark gray with age and etched with intricate metalwork and runes in some sort of language. A beautiful, antique sword with a black opal set in the pommel and a curved golden hilt. A soft, raspy voice although he spoke within his helm." **
(1782) Jonathon: "Last night, a bit after moonrise, he walked into the inn. I looked up, since the entire room went quiet as soon as he walked in. He just stood there, still as a stone, by the door. I walked up, bade him good evening, and asked how I could help."
(1831) Kha: "Damage done, now go make sure Agatha does not kill the Tavern keep" ** Kha replaies as he waits for the priests reaction to the rose **
(1849) Git: :to Kha: "May I speak with you aside for a moment?"
(1824) Agatha: "So you didn't see his face, then? Did the armor look Elvish to you?"
(1782) Jonathon: "He told me he wanted to hold a reunion in this room. He paid me handsomely, then gave me this box. He said, 'I might not be able to make it to the reunion, but please give this present to my friends after they have arrived.' He made me learn the speech I gave a few moments ago, then walked out and closed the door behind him. I realized he hadn't even told me his name. I went outside to call him back, but I couldn't find him. The night had just swallowed him up."
(1782) Jonathon: "I....I wouldn't know what elven armor looked like, milady. Not since the Purge, anyway."
(1782) Jonathon: While he was teaching me his speech in the foyer, he was very patient with me, even though I was making all kinds of mistakes. A couple of local ladies -- if you know what I mean -- rose from the bar to leave, and to my surprise, he stopped speaking and held the door open for both of them. As they left -- somewhat speechless, I might add -- for the last time anyone held the door open for them was when I used to employ a doorman -- he bowed stiffly to them and said, 'Good evening, ladies.'"
(1782) Jonathon: 'Are you a knight, milord?' I asked him when they had left and he had closed the door. "'I used to be,' he replied, and didn't say another word to me for several minutes. 'Sir, are you all right?' I asked him, and right away he continued teaching me my speech as if nothing had happened."
(1824) Agatha: "Was there anyone with him?"
(1782) Jonathon: "N...no, milady. I swear it."
** (1824) Agatha sighs, disappointed. "Alright. I've three things to tell you." **
** Jonathon nods solmenly, rubbing his throat. **
(1824) Agatha: "One: This so-called 'knight' is no friend of ours. Know that well."
(1824) Agatha: "Two: If anyone asks, all you know about us is that we're some high rollers and you didn't bother to ask questions."
(1824) Agatha: "Three: It's unlikely, but if this fellow comes by again. You do well to remember everything about him, 'specially those runes. Then you send a messenger to the Garden Inn to come get us."
** (1824) Agatha puts down some gold coins in the barkeep's hand as she makes this last point. **
(1824) Agatha: "Do you understand what I've told you?"
** Jonathon nods. "Understood, milady." **
** (1824) Agatha smiles.
"That's a good man." **

(1831) Kha: (to the priests) "Who ever left this for me left a vial full of a friends family members ashes"
** Farin glances up at Kha when he sees the black rose on the table. "Where...where did you get that?" (suspiciously and fearfully) **
(1782) DM: A few people glance over curiously.
(1849) Git: :to farin: "Please, do not overreact to the claims of a stranger."
(1782) Farin: "uh..." (looks over to his fellows) "You've heard of Herrod's disappearance? A black rose was on the altar."
** (1824) Agatha presents some more gold. "Now, it looks like all these blokes could use some cheering up. How about a round of drinks 'on the house'?" **
(1831) Kha: "Your Tavern Keep said a man in full battle armor left it for me. I recived a similar rose this morning when I first arived in the city."
** (1773) Lellick groans softly. **
(1849) Git: :harshly speaks to Kha: "be quitet, you fool."
(1831) Kha: "The note that came with the first rose said to meet the man here. The second note was a map, a vial of ashes, and a list of people the man plans to kill. I had not heard of Herrod untill I walk in here"
(1782) Alaric: "We should go to the guards with this." (whispers)
(1782) Farin: "I think....I don't know what to think."
** (1831) Kha looks at Lellick "If you would please put the map and note back, then you can leave if you wish." **
(1849) Git: :to Alaric: "There is no need for that."
(1849) Git: :To Kha: "you are making a mistake."
(1782) Alaric: "Say what you will about the Blackcloaks, but I'm sure they can get to the bottom of this."
** (1773) Lellick blinks at Kha, then shakes his head. "..No. No, I'll not do that. If you'll excuse me." He backs up a few more steps before moving towards the door leading outside. **
** (1831) Kha shrugs "I do that often enough Git, I cannot change how I read information and my gut tells me to talk to the priests" **
** (1831) Kha sits down **
(1782) Farin: "I...relaitions betwixt Lady Almeena and the Temple are not well. You know that, Alaric. Even I know that."
(1862) Niente (enter): 00:49
(1849) Git: "your decisions have lead you to death often, and it may lead this men to it next."
(1782) Farin: "Maybe they can...help us?" (looks at Kha) "I don't know why, but I feel like you're telling the truth."
** (1771) Rin gives the room a final look, before following after the halfling. Someone has to watch after the little bugger. **
(1831) Kha: "If you think the blackcloak can dig into this faster then my friends and I can you are sadly mistaken. A friends granchild now sits in a vial as nothing but ashes. Who ever did this will wish they had never been born when she gets ahold of them. The only reason I am talking to you, against my friends advice, if I heard about your priest"
** (1773) Lellick hesitates for a moment once outside, turning when he hears the door open again behind him. "..Oh. Hello." **
(1831) Kha: "So whoever took your priest killed a child and sent the ashes as a message. I will do everything in my power to find who did this and bring them to justice, though I cannot promise he will survive the encounter."
(1782) Alaric: "If they help us...SHE can't know about it. That was part of the compact."
** (1771) Rin rubs at the back of his head, with a little grin. "I just have to ask.. does he always act like that?" **
(1782) Farin: "If they help us, WE aren't going to decide. They should talk to Devian."
** (1849) Git seems to wrestle with the though of pulling a dagger on Kha, but calms himself enough to lean in and whisper to Kha: "Has it occurred to you that the rose and the vial are just a decoy to get us to enlist these priests in our aid, thus making them 'rebels'?" **
** Farin stares at Kha and Git even as he replies to Alaric. "We're only initiates. We don't know anything substantial." **
** (1831) Kha nods "If those in your orginization wish to speak with me further I can be found at the Garden Inn" **
** (1773) Lellick winces a little, and nods. "I'm afraid so. He's quite... impulsive." He goes silent for a second before adding, "I am sorry you've been caught up in this." **
** (1831) Kha stands picking the now empty box back up off the table and puts it back in his bag **
(1782) Alaric: "I suppose you're right. Though I wonder if they know what they're getting into." (shrugs) "Well, will you help us?"
(1831) Kha: "I will if you wish"
(1849) Git: :straightens up and advises the priests: "No. do not contact us. Do not get involved. Whatever we do must have no connection to your order.
** (1831) Kha turns to leave "Send someone to my room at the Garden Inn should you wish to speak further" **
** Alaric shoots a look at Farin as if to say 'I told you so.' **
(1771) Rin: "Nothing to apologize for. It seems I was bound to get involved in things, eventually. You probably would have tracked me down at some point, to figure out why my name was on that list."
(1782) Farin: "I'll pass the word on to Devian." (sighs) "We should head back to quarters before vespers."
** (1773) Lellick speaks wryly, "That's assuming your name would have been on there at all if we hadn't met. Fate, and all that." **
** (1831) Kha heads back to his own Inn **
(1831) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(1849) Git: :slams a hand on the table, stating to the priest once more: "Do not listen to that fool. Do not contact us."
(1849) Git: "Think this through. The controllers of this city want all religions wiped out, yes?"
(1771) Rin: "Perhaps, or perhaps we met because my name was on that list, even if we didn't know it at the time."
(1773) Lellick: "I've never had much of a head for that sort of thing. At least now we can be.. relatively more sure you're not an inept assassin."
** Farin jerks his head upwards. "SHE does, yes." **
(1849) Git: "Now... If this man my friend speaks of is inactuality 'innocent' or at least we have no proof of a crime, and we go against him, or even worse, if he is directly connected to Almeena or Talakara, and it is discovered that you '
(1849) Git: aided us, that gives them a pretty convenient excuse to label your whole temple with treason, no?"
(1782) Farin: "Yes, I suppose you're right."
(1849) Git: "As I said. If you value your temple. Do not get involved." :turns to stalk out the door, nowhere near his usual carefree self.:
(1771) Rin: "If I was going to kill you, I'd do it to your face and out in the open."
** (1773) Lellick raises his eyebrows at that. "..How kind of you." **
(1782) Farin: "Do you have a place where we can speak? This isn't exactly a good place to talk." (glances at a nearby table)
(1782) DM: Although the room is half-filled and people are conversing quietly, more than a few are looking on curiously at your gathering.
** (1849) Git ignores the priest and heads out. **
** (1771) Rin grins roguishly. "Don't mention it, it'd be the least I could do." **
(1782) Jonathon: "Drinks on the house!" (takes Agatha's payment and starts serving the room)
** (1773) Lellick looks up as Git walks out. "Ah.. how did it..?" **
(1849) Git: :groans: "I wonder..."
(1831) Kha: (( back ))
** (1824) Agatha takes a swig of ale as she rejoins the group. "So...what did the idiot do now?" **
** (1831) Kha is sitting in hiw room at the Garden Inn waiting for his friends to return **
(1831) Kha: (( *his ))
(1849) Git: (afk)
** (1773) Lellick shakes his head. "You mean other than announcing our troubles to the world?" **
** (1831) Kha sits and reads his book while he waits for someone to show up **
(1782) DM: ((Ag: Git and Kha left, Lel and Rin are just outside. just so you know))
(1824) Agatha: ((Ah. Right. Skip the brew then.))
(1771) Rin: "Though since he apparently does that often, you should be used to it by now."
** (1849) Git heads back to the Garden Inn, but pauses from going to the room, deciding to have a drink downstairs first, as he never got his ale at the Circle. **
** (1824) Agatha walks into Lellick and Rin as she leaves the building. "What were you all doing? **
(1824) Agatha: ((brb))
** (1773) Lellick looks to Agatha, "Nothing productive, I'm afraid. I believe I saw Git and Kha going that way," he added, motioning vaguely in the direction of the Garden Inn. "..We might as well not linger here ourselves." **
** (1773) Lellick starts heading for the Garden Inn. **
** (1771) Rin shrugs faintly, and follows. **
(1782) DM: ((what next, folks?))
(1831) Kha: (( waiting to argue with Git, or for someone from the Temple to show up and talk ))
(1782) DM: ((ok, so you head back to the inn, FFing.))
(1845) J'hzuu: (('k))
** (1831) Kha looks up from his book when he heard Git "Rebels? what do you know about the city polotics that would make them rebles if we help them?" **
** (1849) Git sighs as he lies back on the bed. "The 'LADY'..." :uses the word loosely: "Is trying to drive religion from this city. If they are seen to help us, and we do something with goes against the city, they could label the priests traitors. It gives them all the excuse they need to wipe out the last of the religions from this city." **
(1831) Kha: "So just remove this 'Lady' from power. Though the action is sure to prove harder then the idea"
** (1849) Git casts a scowl at the rediculous notion. **
(1824) Agatha: "Hmm. I don't mean to sound self-involved, but maybe it isn't about politics? That priest was seen talking to us before we entered the city. What if it's just a personal grudge against us?"
** (1773) Lellick gives a slight shake of his head. "We've talked to other people since we've been here. It would have to be a very vindictive person to target those who are near-strangers to us." **
(1849) Git: :sits up for Aggy: "I never said it wasn't personal, after all, he mentioned a reunion. So it's someone we know. However, the rose.. that is the connection to draw us to the temple."
(1824) Agatha: ((what time is it?))
(1782) DM: ((two moonrise rising twenty, or 2:20 am))
(1849) Git: "The question is, who did we know, in the timeframe during which Ajaiyah was planning to come with us, who was apparently a knight, who'd want to kill us now?"
** (1831) Kha shrugs **
(1773) Lellick: "I doubt any of the desert people would be inclined to do such a thing. Max was.. ... no. Surely not."
(1824) Agatha: "I think I remember Max mentioning some enemy of his, but he was from way over in Mel'Cendia, wasn't he?
(1831) Kha: "Max it is posible, he was from Mel'Cendia though. We wont find out untill we visit him at his home near the Ashen Mountains"
(1824) Agatha: "Aye, I'm sure he'll have quite the welcome prepared for us too."
(1773) Lellick: "What else are we to do? It's.. it's quite obvious he meant to enrage us. But we have no other clues."
(1880) Lunauc (enter): 01:50
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1880) Lunauc...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1880) Lunauc...
(1782) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1849) Lunauc' from room...
(1849) Lunauc (exit): 01:51
(1782) DM: There is a knock on the door.
** (1831) Kha gets up and opens the door **
(1782) DM: Two men stand outside, along with the innkeep, wearing dark blue robes with hooded cloaks.
(1782) Verthael: "Two visitors to see you, milord."
** (1831) Kha motions them inside "Come in and sit" **
** (1880) Git sees the robed men and groans. "So much for warnings." **
(1831) Kha: "Thank you Verthael"
** (1773) Lellick looks towards the door, blinking. **
(1782) DM: They enter, and remove their hoods. It's Farin and an older gentleman with a shock of white hair crowning his head whom you've not seen before.
(1782) Farin: "Might I introduce to you Lord Devian, the patriarch of the White Temple. Your Grace, these are the adventurers I spoke to you about."
(1824) Agatha: "How did you..."
(1831) Kha: "Welcome Lord Devian. I am glad you did not listen to my friends advice in not contacting us."
** (1880) Git begrudgingly sits up, offering a weak salute to the elder priest." **
** (1824) Agatha then lets her gaze fall on Kha. "Ah. Nevermind." **
(1880) Git: "And I think you're as stupid as him." :points to Kha:
(1782) Farin: "Yes, your friend told me to contact you, and His Grace thought that perhaps it was best."
** (1824) Agatha relaxes and moves her hand away from her axe for the moment. **
(1831) Kha: "Lelliick would you please give me the map and letter now?"
** (1773) Lellick smiles thinly. "..it is an honor to meet you, but. I fear I must agree with Git." **
** (1845) J'hzuu emerges from his hole in the air, but says nothing. **
** (1831) Kha looks around the room for a moment **
** (1773) Lellick just looks at Kha. "Do we truly need to show them the papers?" **
** (1880) Git pleas to the two men, "I know you're probably already in too deep just by coming here. But may I please ask you once more, reconsider your involvement. This may bring about the destruction of your Temple." **
(1831) Kha: "I think it would help as they may know what is shown in the map. I do not know this area at all"
** Devian smiles grimly. "Nevertheless it is the best course of action we have." **
(1782) Devian: "That it may, but I see no other choice."
** (1773) Lellick hesitates, then slowly draws only the map out of his pocket and passes it to Lord Devian. "Here you are. M'lord." The last was added more as an afterthought than anything. **
(1831) Kha: "My name is Kha Opren by the way."
(1880) Git: :mutters wearily: "There are always choices."
** Devian examines the map, as he strokes his chin. "I thnk it might be best if I started from the beginning, seeing as how you are strangers in a strange land." (hands the map back to Lellick) **
(1831) Kha: "I am a follower of Oneiros, My friends, well I'll let them introduce themselves"
(1782) Devian: "And once you know more, you can then decide." (shrugs)
(1862) Niente (exit): 02:02
** (1773) Lellick folds the map and tucks it safely out of sight. **
** Devian raises his eyebrows at Kha's comment. "Very interesting. It has been many a year since I have had the pleasure of being in the company of a dreamspeaker." **
(1831) Kha: "The begining, l ets see we arived only this morning and I found a package waiting for me. Now I found this strange because I did not know I was coming to the city until I got here. In this package was a black thornless rose and a note that said to meet the person at the Tavern at moonrise"
** Devian nods and listens. **
(1782) Devian: "Did you handle the rose?"
** (1831) Kha takes a breath "When we got there I heard about the priest that was taken and the black rose. While we waited the Tavern Keep brought another box similar to the first that comtained the map, a list of people he plans to kill and a vial of Ash that is labled as being the ramains of child that is related to one of us." **
** (1773) Lellick looks sharply at Lord Devian. "Do you think it was posioned?" **
** Devian nods slowly, his face becoming deadly serious and repeats his question once more. "Did you touch the rose?" **
(1831) Kha: "Yes, I burned the first one, and Lillick took the second after I dumpt it on the table infrom of your priests"
(1831) Kha: "I did not touch the second one"
(1831) Kha: "The vial of Ash is also why I asked if your High Priest, I am assuming thats you, could resurect the dead from their ashes"
(1782) Devian: "All it takes is once. The roses are, as you may have heard, associated with Lady Takalara, a member of the Nine Council, the council of Grand Dukes that rules Kern. The black rose is her personal sigil. Lady Takalara is an accomplished wizard and botanist, and poisoner. The roses are...poisoned so as to render whomever touches them sterile."
** (1773) Lellick pales. "But.. the roses had no thorns, are you saying it was coated with a substance, or..?" **
(1782) Devian: "That spell is beyond my power, unfortunately."
** (1880) Git lets out a snicker. **
(1782) Devian: "The roses are created by magicka and imbued with a naturally occurring poison."
** (1773) Lellick casts a glare in Git's direction. **
(1880) Git: :to Lellick: "I'm sorry."
(1782) Devian: "This is a long and complex story that I feel, would benefit you if you knew some of it, at least as best as I am able to tell of it."
(1831) Kha: "Maybe thats why Ajaiyah was listed, I spent a night with her while we were there. And the package was directed to me noone else"
(1773) Lellick: "... Forget it. Please continue, Lord Devian."
** (1831) Kha nods and takes a seat **
(1782) Devian: "Thirty years ago, there was a great war that engulfed most of this land. Kern was one of the instigators and also amongst the defeated. For a time, the country was freed of the yoke of the rule of the Nine Council until about ten years ago when they returned in force."
(1782) Devian: "Since then, the armies of the Nine Council, in conjunction with some warlords in Hyboras, some barbarian tribes in the Fhaard and the pirates of the Sea of Pelagia, those who call home to the twin isles of Vesicant and Scrape, have made this country a center of misery for its inhabitants. In particular, they have revived the slave trade once again."
(1782) Devian: "No one truly knows the goals of the Nine Council, although it is rumored that they wish to renew hostilities against the victors of the first war, in revenge. To better understand the Nine Council, you need to have a grasp of how Kern is ruled."
(1831) Kha: "The slave trade is partly why we chose to come to this area, though this exact city was Martek's choise"
(1782) Devian: "Kern is divided into several duchies, each of which is ruled by a member of the Nine Council. There are nine capitals. Heathwatch is the seat of power of the duchy ruled by Lady Almeena Darlastair, for example."
(1782) Devian: "I do not know who Martek is..."
(1831) Kha: "It does not matter"
(1782) Devian: "Each member of the Nine Council vies against the other eight for supremacy within the council, but when threatened, the whole bands together against that threat in an attempt to stamp it out. There is a constant tension within and without. If you can exploit this tension, you can possibly defeat them. But I am getting ahead of myself."
(1782) Devian: "Originally, Heathwatch was a city free of the politics surrounding the Nine Council until about seven years ago when Lady Almeena took the city by force and began her rule here. She first "protected" the city from incursions by barbarians in Hyboras and made a compact with various temples in the city, that she would rule with the patriarchs as her advisors."
(1782) Devian: "It was only then, after agreeing to the compact, that we discovered that she had no intention of ruling with wisdom. She instigated a process where most of the temples in the city were driven out or destroyed or cast down."
(1782) Devian: "However, Almeena realizes that without any of the Temples, even she will not be able to effectively manage the city, and assist against the other members of the Nine Council. For if the city should rise up, then she will be stripped of her position on the Council and lose power. So she has allowed the White Temple to remain, though we are powerless to act against her."
(1782) Devian: "She needs the White Temple to act as a 'champion of the people' though we are able to act in name only. Appearances matter." (bitterly)
(1831) Kha: "Leave, thats would be an act against her that you just said would strip her of her power"
(1782) Devian: "That, my friend is not as simple as you would make it sound. None of the other members of the Nine Council values the faith of Solnor. And where would we go? No, we need her as much as she needs us."
(1782) Devian: "There is more."
** (1831) Kha shakes his head but remains silent **
(1782) Devian: "There is a movement which, you may have heard, that sends slaves from here to elsewhere in the country and eventually north and east, to be freed. Herrod was a member of this network, and one of the key founders in Heathwatch."
** (1831) Kha shakes his head "I had not heard, but that is good." **
(1782) Devian: "His kidnapping threatens the foundation of the network, in fact within all of northern Kern. So you see, my friends, I come to you to plead for your help, that you might recognize this as a just cause."
(1880) Git: "What about Takalara, what's her deal with this city? Is she really trying to wrestle it away from Almeena?"
(1831) Kha: "I was already determined to go afterthe person, this Lady Talakara, or which ever of her followers killed a child as a message"
(1782) Devian: "We cannot...I cannot aid you directly. But I come to you to appeal to your sense of honor and justice, if you should value freedom and all that is good. Find Herrod and free him."
(1782) Devian: "It is possible that she conspires to wrest power from Almeena."
(1831) Kha: "Thats seems fairly simple Git, she is trying to connect us to the White Temple so Almeena will throw them out thus bring about her own destruction."
(1880) Git: "What acts has she taken? How long has she been intrudinf here?"
** (1831) Kha takes the map from Lellick and looks at it **
(1824) Agatha: "Hmm...this movement. Do they keep track of the people they free?"
** (1773) Lellick speaks somewhat desperately, "But this isn't covert! If she's leaving her symbol, she must want someone to recognize that it's her behind it all... could she be taunting Lady Almeena?..." **
(1782) Devian: "I...I do not know. Much of the struggles amongst the Nine Council take place beneath the notice of the populace. They do this for appearances, so as to prevent from being seen as a nonunified front. If the people ever saw how fractured their rule was, there would be a revolt."
(1771) Rin: "Or perhaps it's someone is trying to make Almeena think it is her, and start a conflict that neither are likely to leave unscathed."
(1880) Git: :to Lellick: "For all we know it could be Almeena herself, trying to frame Talakara, and force her from the city."
(1773) Lellick: "Then if it isn't Almeena, the roses might not have been poisoned?"
** (1773) Lellick looks to Devian, "Can cantrips find the posion on the roses? I still have the second one." **
(1880) Git: "Hmm... if we could determine if you're sterile, that may be some proof."
(1782) Devian: "You can try."
** Devian looks to Agatha. "Yes, I believe they do." **
(1831) Kha: "Devian are there any deep aincent woods within Kern?"
** (1773) Lellick speaks somewhat acidicly, glancing towards Git, "If you're to make light of something, let it be anything else." **
(1880) Git: :shrugs: "We have deeper concerns than you're virility at the moment."
** (1773) Lellick then moves away from the group slightly, pulling out the rose and his holy symbol, murmuring the spell. "Wise Tevesh, grant me the power to see what poisons might harm us." **
** Devian seems puzzled by Kha's request. "A forest to the south of the Ashen Mountains, Thornwood." **
(1773) Lellick: (Casting Detect Poison~)
** (1824) Agatha considers that for a moment. "Hmph. I can't make any promises, m'lord, but I'll certainly look into the matter. **
whispering to Lellick, the rose
** (1831) Kha nods **
** (1831) Kha whispers "Oneiros, The Mistlord, I ask of you to banish Mania from my mind and let me see clearly." **
** (1773) Lellick stares down at the rose for a while, jaw set. " ... Someone will need to burn this one as well. Please." **
(1824) Agatha: "I personally don't give a rat's ass about who's behind this or why they do what they do. All I know is that they've picked a fight with us and they threaten everyone close to me. I can't have that. Not when I'm so close."
(1880) Git: :to Lellick: "Even if it is poisoned, it might be stolen, so I guess that doesn't really prove much."
** (1831) Kha sits in cencentration his eyes rolled back in his head **
** (1773) Lellick waves the rose around a bit without looking up. "...Would you like to touch it and find out?" **
(1880) Git: "No.. no thank you."
(1773) Lellick: "As I thought."
** (1831) Kha shakes his head then looks at Lellick **
(1831) Kha: "Devian can the poison be countered?"
** (1824) Agatha lets the others bicker by themselves for once. She's said her piece. **
** (1831) Kha takes the rose from Lellick and puts it in the first box he got that still contains the ashes of the first rose. **
(1782) Devian: "I...yes. There IS a way, though fraught with peril."
(1773) Lellick: "How?"
(1831) Kha: "Isnt everything in our lives fraught with peril." ** smiles **
(1782) Devian: "You must find the magicka which causes the roses to grow and end it."
(1831) Kha: "Simple enough."
** (1845) J'hzuu frowns. "This will undo the effects of those already grown?" **
(1782) Devian: "I myself do not know how, but I know that this is one way. Travel to the seat of Lady Takalara's power, find her, and kill her."
** (1773) Lellick laughs harshly. "Simple? No. But who knows how many others have been poisoned by her roses as well?" **
(1845) J'hzuu: "How do you know this will work?"
(1782) Devian: "I know by the faith I have placed in my god. There may be other ways."
(1831) Kha: "Is Caer Thorne her seat of power?"
(1880) Git: "I'm sure the other Temple Leaders put faith in their gods too, right before they were wiped out."
(1782) Devian: "Yes, so far as I know."
(1831) Kha: "Well we have an invetation to go there from this tall man in full battle armor, so we may as well prepare to go."
** (1773) Lellick takes a deep breath, looking down at the floor. "All paths lead there. Shall we walk right in the front door? Ask for their hospitality?" **
(1880) Git: :plops back on the bed. Feels like a set up.
(1831) Kha: "Set up or no, I think we should just walk up to the front door and say hello. That is if Agatha can control her rage and not destroy the people before we find out more about what is going on."
(1886) Lunauc (enter): 02:48
(1831) Kha: (repeat for Git) "Set up or no, I think we should just walk up to the front door and say hello. That is if Agatha can control her rage and not destroy the people before we find out more about what is going on."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1886) Lunauc...
(1782) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1880) Lunauc' from room...
(1880) Lunauc (exit): 02:49
(1886) Git: "Right.. the 'walk up to death' approach. Always a classic."
(1831) Kha: "Has always worked for me" ** smirks **
** (1845) J'hzuu frowns. "Except when you died." **
(1831) Kha: "Yet here I am, alive and talking"
(1845) J'hzuu: "All raised you. If all walk up and die, all cannot raise all's selves."
(1845) J'hzuu: ((Bah. All saved, not raised. We're not the stage of raising yet.))
** (1831) Kha whispers "Oneiros, The Mistlord, I ask of you to banish Mania from my mind and let me see clearly." **
** (1773) Lellick speaks up again, looking towards the two priests, "...Thank you for the information, m'lord. I am afraid there are no guarantees, but we will do what we can." **
** (1845) J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu thinks all should see what can be found before rushing in, but there seems to be few other approaches." **
(1824) Agatha: "Hmph. I don't think it's a trap. If they wanted us dead, they'd have sent someone after us by now. No, they want something from us."
** (1831) Kha sits with his eyes rolled back in his head for a moment the shakes his head **
(1831) Kha: "Well you all have been telling me to take more caution with my action, so I have been. Oneiros agrees that the direct aproch with paitents to figure the situation out is a good course of action."
** (1845) J'hzuu shrugs and looks around, as if guaging the others' reactions. **
(1782) DM: ((stopping in 5 min))
(1886) Git: "I''ve never agreed with your god before, why start now?"
(1845) J'hzuu: (('k.))
(1824) Agatha: ((thas cool. I've been fading))
(1771) Rin: "I'm not one for slinking through the darkness. If we're going to confront them, I'd prefer to do it head on."
(1773) Lellick: "I'm afraid Agatha is right, but... I have no desire to cooperate with this woman."
(1831) Kha: "You have never agreed with any God Git, yet you wear the sword of the Avatar of Ra."
(1824) Agatha: "They'll be expecting us now. We don't know the land, so we've got ne'er a chance of surprising the bastards."
(1831) Kha: "Exactly, so just going and trying to figure out what all this is about is our best course of action."
(1824) Agatha: "I ain't saying we play lapdog to the nobles, Lellick. I'm just saying confrontation can't be avoided. We might as well know what we're dealing with."
** (1824) Agatha glances at Kha. "Did we just agree on something?" **
** (1831) Kha laughs "Been a while since that happened." **
(1824) Agatha: "Lovely, now I know we're doomed."
(1782) TaliesinNYC: and on that note, we'll stop

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