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(2299) Dj Gilcrease: (( if I remember corectly were said our dream goodbye's and are now in Kern, thats the last I remember anyways ))
(2339) Lunauc (exit): 22:48
(2339) Lunauc (enter): 22:48
(2336) Gautam: I could sure do with a "last time on..." before the opening sequence.
(2339) Lunauc (exit): 22:48
(2339) Lunauc (enter): 22:48
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2339) Lunauc...
(2339) Lunauc: (Yeah.. you know what? I changed my mind. Let's go to Melcendia instead.)
(2339) Lunauc: (hehehehehe)
(2336) Gautam: ((Hah! Too late! The magic school bus has already left. =P
(2368) Lellick: (Now I can hear Arthur in my head going 'Not again!')
(2332) ticattack: ((The Draconomicon would be helpful if we went on a tour of the inside of a dragon...))
(2378) Mikal (exit): 22:52
(2361) DM: ((well last time, you were in Martek's citadel resting and recuperating from your ordeal in the desert))
(2361) DM: ((and you witnessed him giving Khalitarius the smackdown on his fiery candy ass))
(2361) DM: ((and were rewarded handsomely))
(2361) DM: ((and attended a dream council -- which OOC we have to do one of these days, so maybe in a special session))
(2336) Gautam: ((Oh great, now I have required reading in RL and in-game. ;P ))
(2368) Lellick: (I just wish I could read something IRL that would give me more charisma!)
(2332) ticattack: ((How to Make Friends and Influence People?))
(2299) Dj Gilcrease: (( lol ))
** (2299) Kha looks around at the city that now sits infront of them "Shall we go see how the cities of Kern accept strangers? Or would it be better to stay out of sight for now and take a look tonight in the shadows?" **
** (2339) Lunauc looks about wondering if it's a Kernin city near the border he may have visited before. **
(2339) Lunauc: (erk...)
** (2339) Git looks about wondering if it's a Kernin city near the border he may have visited before. **
** (2368) Lellick straightens his stance a bit, also taking a look around. "I suppose we won't know how friendly they are until we get going." **
(2361) DM: ((so you're at the outskirts of Heathwatch))
(2332) J'hzuu: "In any case, they are more likely to be friendly to strange travellers than to strangers who skulk about in the shadows, no?"
** (2336) Agatha looks around, stunned at the sudden change in scenery. She takes a moment to let it all sink before she realizes how cold she feels. She clenches her desert robes tighter around her. **
(2339) Git: :offers offhand as he begins into the city.: "People are people. Don't worry. They may have their own customs and laws, but as long as you follow along and don't make a scene, everything should be fine."
(2336) Agatha: "You know, now that we're here, I'm quite sure where to start. Linze could be anywhere."
(2336) Agatha: ((not quite sure*))
** (2332) J'hzuu rubs his wrists and mutters, and the group's clothing begins to warm a little. (Prestidigitation) **
(2339) Git: :shrugs: "Hopefully Martek knew what he was doing in sending us to this city. For now we'll investigate slave trades and ask around about your son. Someone may know of him."
(2299) Kha: "Well, I would start by finding out about their slave laws, how open they are about buying, selling. That type of thing. Maybe visit a few sales if posible. And start droping a few hints you are looking for a certain type of slave. May work if your son is disticntive enough"
** (2339) Git walks along into the city, looking for a guard or a townsperson to ask some quick questions of the city they find themselves in. **
** (2299) Kha brushes some dust of his snakes skin outfit as they aproch the city **
** (2332) J'hzuu shrugs and follows after Git. **
** (2368) Lellick lags just a little behind the others as he walks with them, gladly taking in the more 'normal' surroundings. **
(2339) Git: :giving a glance back to Kha, offers oh so helpfully: "Let's just hope they aren't snake lovers."
(2361) DM: ((it's winter btw))
(2361) DM: ((late fall/early winter))
(2361) DM: ((and dusk))
(2299) Kha: "Let us find and Inn, I wish to finish reading the book I got and pull my winter boots out of my pack."
(2339) Git: "Agreed. Personnally, I'd like to find a shop open late to purchase a warmer wardrobe"
(2336) Agatha: "Aye, these clothes aren't good for anything in sane weather. Plus, we stick out like old nails."
(2299) Kha: "Better then the pompery that I have in my packs from that dance we had to attend back in Waylund"
(2368) Lellick: "I daresay we'd stick out anyway."
** (2339) Git heads into town, asking around for an inn or a market **
(2299) Kha: "I am for relaxing around town, doing only cursory investigations for aleast a week as well. a break from running around with people or things trying to kill us would be very welcome"
(2332) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu doubts there would be a market open now. Tomorrow might bring a better chance, no?"
** (2299) Kha watches for Inn's as they walk, wanting one a little up scale but not too fancy **
(2339) Git: "Pay a little extra and some people don't mind staying open late."
** (2336) Agatha merely watches for an inn where she's sure their throats won't be slit in their sleep. **
(2361) DM: You appear at the outskirts of a large city that sits on the edge of water that stretches as far as your eye can see to the horizon. There is a road paved with cobblestones that meanders along and leads to the city. Stone columns dot the road every so often, rising majestically into the air.
(2299) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
(2361) DM: It is, by the position of the stars in the night sky, late fall.
** (2339) Git ... keeps looking for an inn **
(2332) J'hzuu: ((AFK a few))
(2361) DM: There seems to be a hostel in the distance. By your estimation, even though you're near the outskirts of the city, it would take a few more hours of travel....and it might be easier come morning to continue on your way.
(2299) Kha: (( AFK Smoke ))
(2339) Git: (and yet sleeping outdoors in the late fall in light robes does not seem very comfortable...)
** (2368) Lellick hums consideringly. "I am glad he thought to put us where we'd cause no notice, but on the other hand..." **
(2336) Agatha: "Hmm...perhaps we should just camp here. J'Hzuu, how long can you maintain that magic room of yours?"
(2339) Git: (think he's afk... just assume we spent the night in the rope trick space and set out in the morning?)
(2361) DM: ((well, I would say yes...the problem is that someone has other plans heh. so I need to know what you want to do.))
(2299) Kha: (( back ))
** (2332) J'hzuu shrugs. "Eight, nine hours? Enough for sleeping..." **
** (2336) Agatha nods. "That should work. Make it happen." **
** (2299) Kha nods "Sounds good, I dont want to walk for a few more hours in these boots. Easyer to find a propper Inn in the light of day anyways" **
(2368) Lellick: "Mmm, that's fine with me as well."
(2361) DM: ((FF if you want))
(2339) Git: (please)
** (2299) Kha sleeps for a few hours, then pulls out his winter boots and sits and waits for the others while he reads **
(2299) Kha: (( yup sounds good ))
** (2336) Agatha tosses and turns in her sleep. **
(2361) DM: ((morning. it's snowing lightly.))
** (2299) Kha puts the book away as the others awak and starts off toward the city as soon as they are ready **
** (2339) Git groans as he looks out at the snow falling between them and the city. "Bastard couldn't teleport us a bit closer..?" **
** (2336) Agatha shivers as she moves about in the cold morning air. A thick blanket is all that remains of her cold weather gear. **
(2339) Git: :after binding his hands and feet best he can with strip cut from his robe, he makes his way toward the city in a hustle.:
** (2368) Lellick follows Git equally as quickly, arms wrapped around himself in an effort to keep warm. **
(2361) DM: Marching can be heard in the distance, coming from the direction of the city. You pass by the hostel and it appears as if a nearby stable is full with horses.
(2361) DM: A priest of Solnor exits the stable and hurries towards the inn, in an agitated state.
** (2299) Kha moves to one side of the road to make sure whoever is marching his way has room **
(2339) Git: "Good day, priest, lovely weather we're having." :greets affably as he hurries into the inn as well.:
(2361) DM: A troop of soldiers, it appears, garbed in ebony armor and furs, marching along the road in your general direction. Their helms are down and they march in lockstep, timing their cadence in unison.
(2361) Herrod: "Oh? Yes, yes, by the god's teeth." (glances at the inn worriedly)
** (2368) Lellick slows a bit, getting a good look at the soldiers before also moving out of the way. **
(2361) Herrod: "My pardons, please, let me open the door for you. You seem underdressed for this weather." (to Git)
** (2299) Kha looks back at Git as he goes into the Inn "Why is he going in there, the city is further up and I would prefer to be in the city." continues down the road making sure to stay wide of the soldiers **
(2339) Git: :looks between the priest and the guards, wondering if his worry is connected: "Much obliged. I seem to have lost my winter furs somehow." :as he enters:
(2361) DM: They appear comfortably dressed, their visors down. Shields are a black field with that of a golden crown through which can be seen a lightning bolt thrust through.
** Herrod glances at the soldiers and blanches with fear as he enters the inn, muttering. "Their timing couldn't be worse." **
(2339) Git: :to the priest: "Problems, friend?"
** (2336) Agatha follows Git in search of a warm hearth. **
** (2368) Lellick gladly slips into the inn after them. **
** Herrod glances at Git for a moment, as if sizing him up. "A great deal." **
(2361) Herrod: "You're not from here, are you? Otherwise you would know about them." (jerks his thumb at the passing troop)
(2339) Git: :shivering cold, and dressed raggedly, he still manages a friendly and confident tone: "Am I that transparent? Yes, we are... pilgrims.. I suppose is a good word for it."
(2339) Git: "Who are they?" :asks as he moves into the in to find a warm fire:
** Herrod looks outside the inn before closing the door, slightly relieved that the soldiers don't appear to be headed to the hostel, but no less agitated than before. **
(2361) Herrod: "Soldiers of House Darlastair."
(2361) Herrod: "The fair Lady Darlastair, the Ever-Maiden."
(2416) Kendel (enter): 00:13
(2332) J'hzuu: ((Bloody hell. If you want to hear the beep when someone types something, it helps to have the speakers on. J'hzuu's in the inn.))
** (2368) Lellick 's first instinct is not to go for the hearth, but to find someone who works here to inquire about breakfast. **
(2339) Git: "She sounds lovely... what's she really like?"
(2361) DM: Breakfast is already set up by the bar. It seems to be a full service buffet: sliced ham, warm rolls, crocks of butter mixed with salt and herbs, fried cockatrice, crab and egg omelette, heathberry marmalade, ale, mead, mintwater, applewine, cider and sheep's milk cheese.
(2339) Git: "Oh..." :sidetracks toward the bar to build himself a plate to take to the heath, while listening for the priest's reply.
(2361) Herrod: "A foul necromancer some say, or an enchantress who can charm people to do her bidding. Her voice is like ice on a barren plain. She is thoroughly evil and rules Heathwatch with an iron grip." (seems preoccupied with something as he moves to the bar, looking about for a waitstaff)
** (2336) Agatha is already filling up on the omlettes, rolls, and marmalade, unable to resist the hot and familiar foods. **
(2339) Git: "And is there something her guard has against you personally? Or do you just find them as unpleasant as to need to avoid them?"
** (2332) J'hzuu follows Git's lead, cramming a roll with far more marmalade than necessary, and chowing down. **
** (2368) Lellick gathers up a somewhat large amount of food on his plate before joining the others back at the hearth. **
(2361) Herrod: "She tolerates the priesthood of the Silverseal, as we do her."
(2420) Lellick (enter): 00:21
(2361) Herrod: "The poor, the downtrodden, the sick, these are our flock and we tend to them as best we can. Lady Darlastair sees the White Temple as a threat to her power, yet we perform a necessary function, and so, we remain."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2420) Lellick...
(2361) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2368) Lellick' from room...
(2368) Lellick (exit): 00:22
(2422) Lunauc (enter): 00:23
(2361) Herrod: "Her rival on the Council of the Nine on the other hand has no such compunction. Lady Talakara is against priests in all forms and rumor has it has driven out all practitioners of all faiths from Stressex."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2422) Lunauc...
(2361) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2339) Lunauc' from room...
(2339) Lunauc (exit): 00:24
(2422) Git: "Hmph.. tough lady. Is Talkara trying to impress her will here to?"
** (2420) Lellick looks up at hearing that, quickly chewing and swallowing his current mouthful of food. "How did such a vile person gain a foothold like that here?" **
** Herrod regards Git oddly. "The Grand Dukes are always at each others' throats in one way or another. Strife is the order of the day, especially since the Great War." **
(2422) Git: :shrugs to Lellick: "Sometimes it's better to draw a profit than to support people's faiths.. at least in politics."
(2361) DM: The common room is filled with people, merchants, travellers and the like. Most are human with a scattering of star elves and half-elves mixed in.
(2422) Git: :nods: "But why hide from Darlaistar's men if she tolerates the priests? If they are rivals wouldn't she protect your right, if only to spite her contemporary?"
** Herrod glances around. "Hist. I have spoken too much already. It is not safe to speak loosely. I bid you well, my friends, and should you have need of me, to come to the White Temple in the city and ask for Herrod. Herrod of Solnor." (bows slightly) **
(2361) Herrod: "We...I prefer to avoid them as much as possible."
** (2332) J'hzuu nods in farewell as the man leaves. **
whispering to Lunauc, Kha isn't with you.
(2422) Git: "I see..." :bows: "I'll try to stop by for a visit in the city. Hopefully we can talk further on the subject, in more... secure settings"
** (2420) Lellick frowns, but offers to the priest, "Go well, Herrod." **
** Herrod moves off to sit by the bar and picks at his food. He seems to be waiting for someone. **
(2336) Agatha: "Hmph. Friendly place we've landed ourselves in."
(2422) Git: :while Herrod waits, Git heads to warm himself by the fire as he eats. Meanwhile he tries to speak with some of the other patrons, seeing if any of the merchants happen to have warmer clothing in their stock, and seeing what he can learn of th city and any slave trade here.
** (2420) Lellick relunctantly stops eating for a moment, taking a look around the room before untying the holy symbol at his belt and slipping it into his pack. **
** (2332) J'hzuu sighs. "Do politics and feuding usually follow all around, or is it only since J'hzuu has joined all?" He pauses for a moment. "Still, at least these are not assassins, J'hzuu supposes". **
(2422) Git: "No assassins.. yet." :Git corrects: "And yeah... this is pretty normal."
(2361) DM: A tall, bearded half-elf in buckskin leathers enters the inn and makes his way over to the bar, sitting next to Herrod. He orders a mug of ale and sips quietly.
whispering to Lunauc, warmer clothing, yes
whispering to Lunauc, slave trade: not prevalent in Heathwatch as much as it is elsewhere in Kern. the city is divided into two factions, those under House Darlastair and those under House Goldensheaf
whispering to Lunauc, Goldensheaf is a minor noble house but popular with the people of the city and patron of the Solnari
** (2420) Lellick eats in silence for a while before speaking up again, "Do we have anything of a plan beyond finding out the lay of the land, so to speak?" **
** (2332) J'hzuu shrugs. "Agatha's son, no?" **
(2361) DM: Herrod seems to be engaging in conversation with the half-elf.
** (2422) Git is busy chatting with merchants as he eats **
(2416) Kendel (exit): 00:45
(2336) Agatha: "Aye, Linze is somewhere in this country, but where exactly, I have no idea."
(2336) Agatha: "Hell, I don't even know where we are."
** (2422) Git eventually moves back from his new friends to his old oned, "We're in northwestern Kern, near a city called Heathwatch. It's controlled by two major houses, Darlastair and Goldensheaf, the latter of which is rumored to be abolitionists, and, that nice merchant over there is willing to sell us some warmer clothes." **
** (2336) Agatha turns to Git with surprise. "That was quick." **
(2422) Git: "That's nothing. You should see me work with women.":downs a sip of ale: "By the way, there isn't much of a slave trade here, so if Linze is about, he's probably already owned or freed. We may want to check with the two houses if they keep records of the sort."
(2422) Git: :as he speaks with his comrades, he looks to Harrod and his companion, trying to listen in or read lips to get a gist of what they're meeting about.:
** Herrod picks at his food, gesturing agitatedly to his friend who listens calmly. **
(2422) Git: Listen Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
(2361) DM: The half-elf whispers something to Herrod, nods to the bartender and pays his bill, then gets up as if to leave.
(2361) DM: He leaves the inn.
** Herrod sighs with relief and continues eating, his face no longer creased with worry lines. A thornless black rose can be seen next to him, on the bar. **
** (2422) Git takes note of the half-elf for later recognition, but is not about to disturb a stranger so soon after meeting Herrod. **
** (2422) Git moves to the bar to whisper to the priest, "You seem in better spirits now." **
(2361) Herrod: "Eh...? Oh, it's you again."
(2361) Herrod: "Seem, yes. Not really though."
** (2420) Lellick muses, "I wonder if it wouldn't be faster to split up to ask about for those records." He looks to Agatha, tone a little softer, "Does your son have any scars, birthmarks..? Something we could identify him by, if we do find him?" **
** Herrod glances down at the rose and becomes agitated again. **
(2422) Git: :shrugs as he takes a seat near Herrod: "Hmph... temporary reprieve of stress from a friend I suppose."
(2361) Herrod: "You seem trustworthy for a reason. I don't know you at all but you have an honest face and demeanor." (picks at his food)
(2422) Git: :comments vaguely: "Strange to see a rose at this time of year."
(2422) Git: :grins: "I like to believe I'm trustworthy."
(2361) Herrod: "Yes." (continues eating, slowly) "A flower associated with death."
** Herrod thinks for a moment. "Trustworthy enough to say, perform a service for a stranger?" **
(2422) Git: :picks at a roll: "Oh.. I do hope you have not lost someone close by. Or is it more of a foretelling?"
(2336) Agatha: "Hmm. There's a small scar on his left arm from when he got too close to a stray dog. That and his red hair ought to make him stick out around here."
(2361) Herrod: "It could be a foretelling. Or not." (bites into a piece of ham)
(2422) Git: "Well.. it would depend on the service... and the stranger. Though a priest of Solnor seems an alright sort of stranger."
** (2420) Lellick nods at her, "That should be enough to go by." **
** Herrod looks around a bit. Most of the common room is deep into their cups or breakfast. "The White Temple is somewhat more secure. When will you be in the city?" **
(2422) Git: "Soon.. very soon."
(2361) Herrod: "Good." (sketches a map on a napkin) "When you arrive at the gates, say to the guard that you've been hired by Asterias of House Goldensheaf, that you're a mercenary who hasn't been given a badge token yet. You might consider opening your pouch if you have any coin. Once you get inside the gates -- there are three sets of gates by the way, so you'll need to do a bit of bribing -- go down the Street of the Whores until you see an obsidian tower, then turn right onto Silk Street. Proceed two blocks until you arrive at the marble gate. Once you get through that gate, you'll be in the Temple Quarter. The White Temple is in the center of the Quarter. You can't miss it."
** Herrod hands the napkin to Git. "Thank you, neighbor." **
** (2422) Git discretely tucks the napkin in his hip pouch. "I will tell my comrades of your offer, and hopefully we will be around soon to work out the details. until then, have a god life." **
** (2336) Agatha finishes her meal with a swig as Git returns to the group. "Well, then. Let's go see about those clothes shall we?" **
** (2422) Git returns to his friends and goes about introducing them to the clothing merchant, so they can be on their way. **
(2422) Git: (ff to after we've gotten some warm threads and are on our way to the ciity?)
(2431) Durion (enter): 01:23
(2336) Agatha: ((Yes. Let's see what sort of trouble our speardancing friend has found for us now.))
(2422) Git: (...arriving just in time to find Kha picking a fight witht he guards)
(2299) Kha: (( Kha would not pick a fight, if they wouldnt let him in the city he would just sit down next to them and chat ))
(2431) Durion (exit): 01:25
(2336) Agatha: ((That's what worries me ;P ))
(2361) DM: ((ok, FF then))
(2361) DM: After some time having left the inn, you pass by a patch of ground that seems to have had a message scrawled in the dirt. It reads, "Kha in town."
** (2422) Git gladly continues down the road in a snazzy furlined elk skin winter suit, with matching cap. Passing the spearman's note, he offers aloud, let's hope that wasn't just optimism on his part and he really is in town." **
** (2422) Git continues toward the gate **
(2361) DM: (stopping in 20, kinda fading)
(2361) DM: As you approach the city, you see that there's a long line of people waiting to enter. There seems to be a series of gates encircling the city. The walls are imposing and quite thick.
** (2420) Lellick blinks when he sees this, moving to take a good look at the general state of the people in line. **
** (2422) Git looks down the line, wondering if Kha's made it in yet, or if he perhaps found his own entrance. **
(2361) DM: Most are despondent, not at all happy to be there but resigned to their fate.
(2422) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [5,9] = (14)
(2422) Git: :taps the person ahead of them in line, asking: "excuse me... is it always this busy to get into the city?"
(2299) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Jus' sittin around with nothin to do, come on down and have a brew. While David's here, he'll pour for you. Just have another round

(2299) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Your numbers gone and your feelin low, an havnt any where else to go. Grab a stout and drink it slow, and have an another round.

(2299) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Drinkin is the life for me. You take one, an I'll take three. Order up a pint of brown. An have another round.

(2361) Commoner: "No, no, tisn't. But then, the streets are paved with blood between those of Darlastair and Goldensheaf. Precautions, tis'."
** (2336) Agatha hears Kha's singing and looks up at the sky. "Hmph. Still a tad early in the morn for the lad to be drunk already." **
(2299) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Working all week to make some dough its fiday night your ready to go so get off your ass and jump around and have another round.

(2422) Git: "Oh.. I was not aware things were so... violent between them. I suppose we should be careful after all."
(2299) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.

** (2336) Agatha turns to the task of locating Kha. Not all that hard when you think about it. **
(2361) TaliesinNYC: ok I really need to stop
(2361) TaliesinNYC: fading
(2422) Git: okey doke

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