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(206) Demian (enter): 22:41

(206) Demian (enter): 22:41
(205) DM: 69) DM: And suddenly, the model grows in size...or perhaps, it is you who are shrinking. Regardless, the four of you vanish and reappear inside the model of the now completed Citadel of Martek.
** (76) Git tenses his body against the biting cold. A relaxed breath leaving his freezing lungs as he reappears in the cathedral: "Enjoy oblivion.. whiner." **
** (63) Lellick looks around wildly, clutching the frost-covered blisters on one of his arms. "Where'd he...?" **
** (68) Agatha is still shivering as she slowly brushes off the ice on her and prays that her fingers stay attached. **
** (76) Git takes in their new surroundings thoughtfully, while hugging his chilled figure for warmth. "Thanks for the quick action, J'hzuu. i owe you a load of fresh fish and a jug of milk." **
** (81) J'hzuu nods, distracted with the scorch marks across his fur. "Not a problem. J'hzuu's magicks save the day once again..." **
(68) Agatha: "Think you could spare some magic for a fire, hot shot?"
(69) DM: You appear in the middle of a vast dark area. A single pillar of light shines down from an immense dome overhead. The shaft strikes the top of a round platform, 20' above the floor. Stairs rise up to the sides of the platform to the skeleton of a man, bathed in brilliant light. The bones are laid out so that the feet point to the east and the skull to the west. On the skull is a metal headpiece that reflects the light into three beams, each of which strikes a great statue. The room is hushed.
** (81) J'hzuu waves his hand with a toothy grin, and a flame appears hovering over it. He holds it near the others. "If all has something to light, J'hzuu can build a real fire, yes?" **
** (81) J'hzuu freezes, his hand outstretched as he looks about. "Or... not, J'hzuu guesses...". **
(68) Agatha: "Good k-k-kitty."
** (63) Lellick straightens up somewhat, concentrating as he holds his holy symbol, causing it to glow with a white light. He then goes over to J'hzuu and touches his arm, casting a healing spell on him before casting another on himself. **
(69) DM: The net effect is that of a three-sided pyramid which surrounds the skeleton. Each of the statues is 30' tall and appears to be that of a giant djann wearing a turban and holding a giant scimitar before him. There is a hole in each turban, as if it were a setting for a very large gemstone.
(76) Git: :looking up the stairs to the laid out skeleton, "Martek, i presume."
(63) Lellick: (Using Sacred Boost to maximize a spontaneous Cure Moderare Wounds for each of them - so they each get 23 hp healed)
(63) Lellick: (*Moderate)
(69) DM: There is a socket at the base of the skull and at the skeleton's feet.
** (68) Agatha notes the slots as Lellick's divine magic fills her bones with warmth. **
(76) Git: "J'zuu... got enough flight left in you to place some star gems?"
** (81) J'hzuu nods. "Yes, J'hzuu thinks so" **
** (81) J'hzuu holds his hands out for the gems. **
(76) Git: "I wonder if they're suppose to be placed in a certain order."
(68) Agatha: "I don't know, but it looks like each gem has its own special roost."
** (76) Git gets out the star gems, looking then over for a moment before handing three to J'hzuu. Here... place these in the statues. I'll put the other two with the skeleton." **
** (81) J'hzuu takes the gems, and kicks off from the ground, placing the gems in and checking that they are secure. **
** (76) Git heads up the stairs to place the other two gems in the slots at the skeleton's feet and head. **
** (63) Lellick watches them for a moment, then looks around at the rest of the chamber, not entirely trusting that something won't come out of the shadows. **
(69) DM: As the fifth and last Star Gem is placed, a dull throbbing starts to build. Suddenly, there is the sizzling sound of lightning, the pillar of light splits into three beams from the ceiling. Each beam shines on one of the Star Gems in the statue's turbans, these reflect the light to the other statues forming a pyramid of light about the platform that pulsates to the rhythm of throbbing sound.
** (68) Agatha eyes the area warily, almost expecting a golem or some phantom to jump out of nowhere. **
** (76) Git cautiously backs away from the skeleton **
(69) DM: A crack like thunder fills the room, and two more beams of light shoot down from the ceiling striking the Star Gems at the skeleton's head and foot. These bathe the bones in the reflected beams, playing over them with ever-increasing speed. The throbbing increases to ear-deafening pounding, and a keening moan of rushing wind begins to build sending shivers down your spine.
(69) DM: The ancient bones stir, and then in a brilliant flash from the gems at its head and feet, the skeleton rises and spins into a blur. When the spinning stops, a live man stands on the platform. Though dressed simply and now crownless, his gentle face and welcoming gestures tell you that he is Martek, returned from the Beyond.
** (76) Git bows to the restored man. "Good day to you, m'lord." **

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Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
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(206) Demian (exit): 22:42
** (201) Agatha is glancing around expecting some sort of cheap shot. "So what happens now?" **
(205) Martek: "It is a good day, indeed."
(203) Lunauc: "It must be. You're looking a thousand years younger, I'd say."
** (202) J'hzuu is silent, his mouth slightly ajar. Agatha's words seem to snap him out of it. "Erm..." His gaze turns back to Martek, and he raises his brow questioningly. **
** Martek smiles at J'hzuu's astonishment. "Yes, it is I, and I have returned. You have fulfilled an ancient prophecy which in turn is part of a larger foretelling. You shall be rewarded for your efforts, and you have questions which I shall answer to the best of my abilities." **
** (199) Lellick is sort of staring, unable to look away for very long. "It will be reward enough that you play your part in.. all this." **
(205) Martek: "Ah yes, humility. An admirable quality in short supply these days." (steps off the dais and gestures with his right hand)
(200) Kha: "The prophecy isnt totaly fufilled is it, doesnt the efreti that we freed have to be contained or killed?"
(205) DM: Three brass doors appear illuminated in far reaches of the hall.
(205) DM: One door has a brass doorknob, one has a silver doorknob and one has a wooden doorknob.
(205) Martek: "It shall be fulfilled once you have been rewarded and your questions answered."
** (200) Kha nods **
(203) Lunauc: "Heh.. I love prophecies with profitable resolutions."
(203) Lunauc: "So... what's the deal with the doors?"
** (202) J'hzuu grins. "Better than those that end with the heroes sacrificing themselves, J'hzuu thinks." **
(205) Martek: "The doors beyond represent your rewards, be they knowledge, magicka or power. Choose wisely. Only one door for each of you."
** (202) J'hzuu frowns. "Which is which? Or must all choose themselves? **
** (200) Kha walks to the door with the wooden handle and opens it **
(205) Martek: "Brass represents power, silver magicka and wood, knowledge."
** (203) Lunauc watches what happens to Kha **
(205) DM: Kha vanishes.
** (202) J'hzuu approaches the doors, and pauses a few feet behind Kha, looking from the wooden handle to the silver. **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, its a library
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, respond to this whisper
(205) DM: The door remains closed. Of Kha, there is no sign.
** (199) Lellick looks over the doors, frowning slightly. "I suppose we don't get any hints as to what they do?" **
** (201) Agatha watches the wizard closely, trying to figure him out. "Hmph. I'd ask you if this was a test, but then you'd answer that every decision is a test and throw us that old line about our fates." **
(210) ticattack (enter): 23:03
** (203) Git rests his hands behind his head as he strolls toward the doors, looking them over thoughtfully. **
(208) Iscariot (enter): 23:05
(208) Iscariot (exit): 23:05
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(205) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(202) ticattack' from room...
(202) ticattack (exit): 23:05
(203) Git: "Hmmm... I have no talent for magicks, so that's out. I doubt the power promise is anything substantial enough to make a warrior of me. Though, who knows what kind of knowledge you offer. Hmmmm..."
(205) Martek: "It isn't a test so much as what you want."
(205) Martek: "The rewards are substantial given that your efforts were instrumental to resolution of an age old evil."
** (210) J'hzuu sighs, and moves for the silver door. "Knowledge can be gained by J'hzuu travelling. Magicka will help him not be killed while he travels." **
(201) Agatha: "I didn't do this for any reward. We unleashed this demon. It's only right that we take responsibility and clean up our mess.
(203) Git: "Mant I ask, wouls the knowledge aspect be the same for all of us? Or specifically what we want to know?"
** (201) Agatha smirks as she adds "But if you insist..." **
** (210) J'hzuu grins. "J'hzuu did not release a demon. J'hzuu will take Agatha's if she does not want it." **
(205) Martek: "You unleashed an ifrit in order to return me to the waking world. And it remains for me to resolve that which was banished ages ago. It is not given to you -- for you lack the power -- to banish Khalitarius." (gently)
(203) Git: (mant...? may I rather)
(205) Martek: "You have desires, do you not? Only you can satisfy them. I cannot."
(201) Agatha: "You make it sound like you don't plan on coming back from this fight."
** Martek smiles mysteriously. **
** (199) Lellick just looks over the doors silently, considering. **
** (201) Agatha shrugs. "Fine, keep your secrets. I may as well take advantage of a what little good fortune we find." **
(203) Git: "Hmmm... this is too hard a decision for me."
** (203) Git takes out a coin and gives it a flip. [1d2] -> [2] = (2) **
(205) DM: Kha reappears, clutching a leatherbound tome in his hands.
(205) DM: J'hzuu vanishes.
(203) Git: "Hmmmm.. power, huh?" :looks up from the coin: "Oi Kha. Get anything good?"
(200) Kha: "A book, lots of good books in there, but I could only pick one"
** (201) Agatha walks up slowly to the wooden door and pauses. "Hmm...knowledge ain't the same as wisdom..." **
(203) Git: "Ah... too bad. What did you pick?"
(201) Agatha: "But then it seems that all the wrong people end up with more power than good sense and magic leads to nothing but trouble, now more than ever."
(200) Kha: "Umm not sure I just picked one at random, lets see what it says" **Looks at the book to see if it says anything**
** (201) Agatha sighs and reaches for the wooden handle. "Here goes nothing." **
(205) DM: Agatha vanishes. (I can only type so fast so give me a few secs per PC)
** (203) Git walks to the brass door, following his coin's advice. Not bothering to hesitate, he enters. **
(203) Git: (hai. gomen)
(200) Kha: "It says 'To Become more Agile'"
whispering to Gautam, its a treasury filled with magical items and coins. respond to this whisper please
(205) DM: Git vanishes.
(213) ticattack (enter): 23:21
whispering to Lunauc, its a treasury filled with magical items and coins. respond to this whisper please.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (213) ticattack...
(205) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(210) ticattack' from room...
(210) ticattack (exit): 23:22
whispering to ticattack, let me know which spells pls
** (200) Kha sits down and starts reading his new book **
** (199) Lellick mutters to himself, "You can never gain something that doesn't have a burden, can you?", before slowly approaching the wooden door and reaching out to grasp the handle. **
(205) DM: Lellick vanishes.
whispering to Lellick, I need to wait on you because Agatha chose knowledge. so give me a few
(205) DM: J'hzuu reappears.
(205) DM: He has several scroll cases.
** (213) J'hzuu shakes his head. "Magicka." he says with a smile. **
** (200) Kha puts his book down getting very board of reading it "I think I picked a bum book, this one is not interesting at all" **
(203) Git: [1d2] -> [1] = (1)
(205) DM: Agatha reappears, with a book bound in emerald drakescale and silver clasps.
** (213) J'hzuu shrugs. "Should have chosen more carefully." he says as he carefully tucks the scroll cases into the folds of his robe. **
** (201) Gautam is already flipping through the pages of her book. "Hmm..." **
(200) Kha: "Oh another book, which did you get Agatha?"
(205) DM: Lellick appears, with a set of ivory plates bound together with string.
(200) Kha: "Mine is not very interesting, its called 'To Become More Agile' "
** (213) J'hzuu looks up at Lellick. "Well?" **
(201) Gautam: "Hmph. Clomburn's Guide to Reading the Wind."
(200) Kha: "That sounds much more interesting, maybe it will teach me to control the weather better then just lighning bolts"
(201) Gautam: "Though looking through it, it's no better than a farmer's almanac. Nothing but gobbledy-gook that just adds up to common sense. Nothing I don't already know."
** (199) Lellick shrugs, holding up the book to show J'hzuu. "The title sounded pretentious, but it looked worthwhile." **
(205) DM: Git appears with a sheathed bastard sword. The hilt is encrusted in jewels -- mostly aquamarines, white opals and moonstones, the crosspiece is shining mithril and the scabbard is a magnificent rune-etched onyx drakescale trimmed with gold dust.
(200) Kha: "You want my book, I cannot seem to make heads or tails of what is writen in it"
** (199) Lellick spots Git and whistles, impressed. **
(201) Gautam: "The title is more about noticing things and what those things mean. You might like it though, Kha. Might teach you to keep from getting blown up. Gods know getting nearly killed so many times didn't teach you better."
(203) Git: :holds up a hand to the halfling: "Yes.. I know I'm amazing."
(199) Lellick: "I didn't mean that. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you took that sword out of a palace."
** Martek smiles with approval. "You chose wisely. And now, having come so far, surely you must have inquiries about your experiences. This is the next part of your reward." **
(203) Git: "I'm pretty sure this place can be considered as substantial as a palace, at least."
** (201) Agatha looks at Kha's book. "Hmm. More agile? Well I suppose I could use some help squeezing through some of these tight caverns." **
(203) Git: "Yes." :turns to Martek: "Do you know who will be responsible for the Kernish mobilization to war?"
** (200) Kha hands Agatha his book, "Lets see if yours makes more sense to me" **
(205) DM: ((in game terms, each PC can ask Martek as many questions as he or she wants, and Martek will answer to the best of his ability. the questions cannot be about what lies beyond Zayal. only about your time in the desert. he will answer truthfully and will not lie.))
(203) Git: (we learned about it... in the desert...)
** (201) Agatha hands Kha her book. **
** (200) Kha starts reading the book Agatha had **
(205) DM: ((it refers to something OUTSIDE Zayal.))
(205) Martek: "Ah, but I am not infinitely knowledgeable. I am sorry, effendi, for I cannot answer that question."
** (201) Agatha flips through the manual quickly then packs it away so she can turn to more important matters. **
(203) Git: "You just woke up from being a skeleton for the gods know how long. Figures you'd be out of the loop."
** (201) Agatha turns to Martek. "Hmph. Well I'll bet you've been following our doings since we turned up. Gods know every other magic being under the sun has." **
(203) Git: "How about travel out of the desert? We need to get back south to Wylund. Is there an expedient means of travel you know of?"
(205) Martek: "Yes, I have. In more than one way." (eyes twinkle)
** (201) Agatha continues her line of thought ignoring Git. "In which case, you know exactly how much damage Khalitarius has caused, don't you?" **
(205) Martek: "Yes, sadly, I do."
(205) Martek: "Of long ago, I had foreseen that he would return with a vengeance, for it was I who banished him within the box that was sealed by the Star Gem. A box that waited to be opened by an intrepid adventurer, who would in turn set in motion events that would lead to the fulfillment of Fate."
(201) Agatha: "Well, how bad is it? I've seen some, but I haven't seen it all. We might as well know how much trouble we've caused."
(205) Martek: "He has laid waste to an entire swath of Zayal, from the capital of Huzuz to the City of Mamluks, fair Qudra, from the shores of the Sea of Glass to the ever-green land of the priests of Thendri, from the Galandarel Mountains to the Barren Wastes beyond, from the Valley of the Pharoahs to the City of Secrets, al-Adura. He is vengeance incarnate, and he has raised armies of death and undeath."
(205) Martek: "The good people of Zayal have suffered long enough. Your efforts shall not have been in vain."
(203) Git: "Will they really be able to rebuild?"
** (199) Lellick stares for a moment, then looks down at the floor, whispering, "Armies..?" **
(205) Martek: "In his coming, many have aligned, such as holy slayers as the Everlasting and the Courageous, with the nomads of the desert and the al-Badia, all against his name."
** (201) Agatha is taken aback by the amount of destruction. **
(205) Martek: "They will, they must. For is it written, that we have no Fate but the Fate we are given?"
(203) Git: :grins: "Tragedy does breed resolution."
** (213) J'hzuu opens his mouth to speak, then closes it again. He thinks, then asks his question. "You mentioned only cities. How have the desert-tribes fared?" **
** (200) Kha looks up from his book "Or the Fate that you make" **
** (200) Kha goes back to reading his book **
** (201) Agatha mumbles an answer to the request. "Apparantly, and it looks like everyone in the bloody message had a copy." **
(205) Martek: "You were instrumental in brokering peace with the al-Badia, the nomads who live with the Oasis of the White Palm. You rescued the fair Shadalah from the Crypt of al-Alisk, you brought peace between the Everlasting and the Sheik of the Oasis. You caused the river Athis to flow once again and you revived trade within the desert. Your efforts have not been in vain."
(201) Agatha: ((bloody desert* rather))
(201) Agatha: ((And rhetorical question* not request. D'oh!))
(203) Git: "It's just too bad we never got a chance to collected moderation fees."
(201) Agatha: "Hmph. With all the lives it cost, I'd say we're still in the red, Git."
(205) Martek: "You removed the influence of gods who walked amongst Men, for it is written that the gods are not part of the mortal realm. For it is given to Men and the mortal races to determine their fate under the eyes of Fate, not for the gods and their ilk to influence all."
(203) Git: :rolls his eyes to Aggy: "Those are two completely different issues."
(205) DM: (other mortal races*)
(203) Git: :nods to Martek: "I say that all the time. Speaking of sercive to gods... what of Suhail? What is his fate?"
(205) Martek: "Suhail was an Aspect of Ra, the Ever-Living. The battle between him and Set-i rages on, as ever, till the end of time."
(203) Git: "Hmph... guess some people really do never learn."
(201) Agatha: "And Trifakas and his followers?"
(213) J'hzuu: "And you thought Kha was slow to learn..."
(205) Martek: "Trifakas perished within the Black Abyss, as he was not able to return to this plane. However, you may still encounter him in the future, for one who lives within that realm may have remade him in a new form."
** (200) Kha looks up "I am not slow to learn, I just chose to ignore some lessons" **goes back to reading **
(203) Git: "And what of the Dark One, whom Khalitarius served. Does he have any more hold on this land?"
** Martek grows serious. "He served Set-i but in truth, he also served the Great Lord of the Dark. For it has been many an Age since the Dark One has entered this world of al-Andurin and in that time, He has bound many secret and dark things in his name, things best left out of sight from mortal eyes, things who serve other ancient, evil powers." **
(205) Martek: "Does the Dark One hold within this land? He has been dealt a severe blow, one that He might not recover from, due to your efforts."
(203) Git: "Well, that's a relief."
** (200) Kha looks up again "My guess is the Dark One will continue to gain a greater hold on this world as long as the Gods like Ra, and Set-i are fighting amoungst each other" **
(200) Kha: "Where their fighting affects mortals anyways"
** (200) Kha goes back to reading his book **
(203) Git: "What will become of the city of Muskawoon?"
(205) Martek: "The Cursed City of Stone, Medinat al-Muskawoon, may return to its former status should travellers come there with frequency. Now that trade has returned to the desert, others seeking riches will come and clear the City of those who live within. That Set-i and Ra no longer walk the desert shall cause the spirits who live within the City to go to their proper rest."
(205) Martek: "The Three-Who-Are-One shall live as they have always, for it is there that Fate makes her demesne within the waking world."
(203) Git: "Hmmm... I wonder if I can claim right of conquest to the city." :thinks to himself.:
(220) ticattack (enter): 00:32
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (220) ticattack...
(205) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(213) ticattack' from room...
(213) ticattack (exit): 00:32
(219) OneWinged4ngel (enter): 00:32
(203) Git: "Oh... Do you happen to know anything of the owner of this ring?" :holds up the signet ring on his hand, taken from the time frozen shiek:
(205) Martek: "Yes. And after you leave here, it shall become as dreams do after you wake."
(203) Git: "Huh?"
(205) Martek: "He died in years past. He was an ancestor of the Sheik of the Oasis."
(205) Martek: "Those who lived within the Endless Tower no longer live except in dreams and in my magicka."
(203) Git: "Alright then... I know who to see about this then. By the way... is the pass to Melcendia the only way to reach this desert from the south, or are their other trails or port cities to the north?"
(205) Martek: "The tests within this Citadel were designed so that a party of worthy individuals could retrieve the minarets and summon me forth from the Beyond."
(205) Martek: "There are ways to reach points south. There is the matter of where you wish to go and what you would like to do after you leave here. You may, if you wish, return to your home. Or you may go elsewhere within al-Andurin. For you have no Fate but the Fate you make."
(205) Martek: "Should you desire to go to the lands of the Empire, it shall be. Or should you desire to visit the lands of the sword and the spear, so shall it be. Or if you wish to go where slaves live in misery, so shall it be. Or if you wish to go elsewhere, so shall it be."
** (200) Kha stops reading "We need to goto Mel'Ciendia to the city of Mel Nethra" **
(203) Git: :blinks as he turns to Kha: "Why?"
** (201) Agatha turns to Kha. "Eh? What for?" **
(200) Kha: "Cause I need to pay a visit to a shrine dedicated to Potmos, The Mirror of Destiny to be exact"
(203) Git: "Yes... and why do all of us have to go out of our way for it?"
(200) Kha: "Not out of our way realy, we pay a quick visit to the shrine, then head to Kern to do what we can to mediate the damage this war is going to cause"
(203) Git: "It is out of the way. It's not as if Kern is just a stroll down the lane from Mel Nathra."
(203) Git: "Besides.. what's so important about looking at a mirror?"
(200) Kha: "Something you dont much like, Prophacy"
(203) Git: "Ah.. then no."
(201) Agatha: "It's almost in the exact opposite direction, Kha."
(203) Git: "Unless you have some absolutely urgent reason for us to go there.. and can explain it. Please drop it."
(203) Git: (brb)
(200) Kha: "I'll let you talk and try to decide while I think oof how to word my argument"
(197) LanceK (exit): 01:00
(223) Amreth (enter): 01:00
(203) Git: "Hmmm.. I don't think I have anymore questions you might have answers for.
(203) Git: " :to Martek:
(203) Git: :to the group: "Anyone else?"
** (201) Agatha turns back to Martek. "So this truce between the Everlasting and the Shiek, how long do you think it will last?" **
(205) Martek: "That remains to be seen, and not something I can foretell."
** (199) Lellick rubs the back of his head. "I really would rather at least start heading towards home... I've had my fill of all these foreign places." **
(205) Martek: "It may last a generation or two. Perhaps Marwan has come to his senses at last."
(200) Kha: "Well after thinking about it There are several reasons I came up with that we should goto Mel`Cendia, greatest of those is that we could help seave the Empire from self destructing, and posibly influance them to bring their power against Kern from behind while Kern presses against Waylund. But then I remembered what the crons said to Agatha, so there may be more pressing needs amoung our group to get to Kern as soon as posible"
(203) Git: "I'd like to speak with them before we leave the desert. Last moment mediation, if you will."
** (220) J'hzuu smiles at Lellick. "J'hzuu would not mind seeing other lands. He has not been to Kern." He shrugs. "He will go wherever all travels." **
** (201) Agatha glances back at Kha for a moment then turns her attention back to Martek. **
** (199) Lellick gives J'hzuu a small grin. "I'm just sick of camel meat." **
(205) Martek: "Then so shall it be."
(203) Git: "Hmmm.. I find it hard to believe that we can indebt ourselves to the Empire enough that they would join us in a war. And if they did, you'd just end up with a bigger war."
(205) Martek: "You may be at peace here, and make your preparations if you wish to. And when you are ready to leave, merely speak my name and I shall send you on your way, after you have witnessed the fulfillment of my return. For when you sleep tonight, you shall speak to the Sheik and to Marwan whereever he might be."
(203) Git: :bows to Martek: "I thank you for this kindness."
(203) Git: "Though I ask, do you plan to simply Magick us away to where we please, when we decide? After all, I doubt the children and our minotaur friend would choose to follow us from their desert home."
(203) Git: "Also, there are a few people at the Oasis I'd love to say goodbye to.. of course that's little more than an unnecessary nicety." :grins:
(203) Git: "Oh... and do you have anything to eat?"
(205) Martek: "They each shall make their way as they wish to wheresoever they wish."
** Martek waves his arms in a complicated spell, causing a feast to appear before you. "Eat and be refreshed." **
** Martek vanishes from the sanctum. "When you are ready to depart, merely speak my name. I have preparations to make." **
(205) DM: The three doors vanish as well.
(203) Git: "Ah, thank you. I perfer to perform diplomacy on a full stomach." :sits to eat:
** (200) Kha sits down and eats while reading his book **
** (220) J'hzuu doesn't eat, but sits with the others. **
(203) Git: (FF?)
(205) DM: (if you want to)
(220) J'hzuu: ((Fine by me))
(201) Agatha: ((by all means please do))
(200) Kha: (( have we decided where we are going? ))
(203) Git: (Canada. It's lovely this time of year(
(200) Kha: (( ya it is, I just got back from there today =P ))
(199) Lellick: (An FF sounds good)
(205) DM: ((so where ARE you going? lol. this is important))
(200) Kha: (( debating in group chat ))
(205) DM: ((its important because it will also determine how much of a break we need to take since I can't prepare adequately in 1 week))
** (200) Kha looks up from his book "So Agatha would you accept our help in finding your son, while we find infromation on this war?" **
(203) Git: (seems like Kern)
(201) Agatha: "Help or no help, the road for me goes to Kern. But I certainly wouldn't turn down any company."
(200) Kha: "I figured as much, The Gods know I run off on my own often enough I have learned a thing or two in those time, that the aid of friends is invaluable, so I would not let you endanger yourself alone"
(201) Agatha: "This is family business, you understand. I ain't gonna try to talk you or guilt you into some risky venture that you ain't obligated to come along with, 'specially when there's nothing in it for you."
(203) Git: "I'd be glad to help Aggy. I use to deal with Slavers back when I worked with the Network. Perhaps i can use some old ploys to our advantage."
** (201) Agatha looks at Git. "You wouldn't be looking at much of a profit." **
(203) Git: "Helping a friend is profit enough. Besides, I'm a parent myself."
(200) Kha: "Martek, we have decided"
** (199) Lellick speaks with a small smile, "I already feel quite sorry for those that have drawn your wrath." **
** (201) Agatha smiles. "Hmph. To Kern it is then." **
(203) Git: "Kha... not now."
(205) Voice: "Aider un ami est le plus certainement assez bénéfice."
(203) Git: "First we sleep. We meet with the Shiek and Marwan, and in the morning we go on our way."
** (200) Kha shrugs **
(203) Git: "And as for you kids...." :turns to Wa'run and his sister: "I think you should go back to the Oasis."
** Wa'run nods. "We cannot come with you?" **
(203) Git: :gives the boy a hard gaze: "Wa'run, why did you follow us?"
(205) Wa'run: "So that you could find Zayeera."
(205) Zayeera: "And now that I am here, we have no one to return to."
** (201) Agatha shakes her head. "I think the Shiek can find a place for two children as brave and honored as you." **
(203) Git: :nods: "Your home land is in tatters. It's going to need strong young people like you to ensure it's future. Besides... the Shiek owes us."
** Wa'run nods slowly. "If you think it best then, Ag-atha. I thank you for being with me and I am proud to call you friend." **
(205) DM: Martek appears, accompanied by an elderly human man wearing amber-colored robes and wielding an amber staff capped with a glistening cut topaz.
** (201) Agatha musses Wa'run's hair. "Aye you're a good lad. You remind me of my son, though not too much I hope. One's gotta know when to listen to his elders." **
(205) Martek: "I have further preparations to make, but we shall leave in the morning. This is a dear friend of mine, Etienne. He has a few words he would speak with you."
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "Vous avez demandé plus tôt qui commence la mobilisation de Kern pour faire la guerre. Et alors que Martek ne peut pas répondre, je bidon."
(203) Git: :looks to Martek and his friend: "Alright."
(203) Git: "Uuuuhhhh... say what?"
** (201) Agatha looks at the strange woman blankly. **
(200) Kha: "All of you, Halif you too, are welcome to come with us. But I think if may be good for you both to stay and learn from both Marwan and the Shiek, maybe some day you will be given the chance to lead your people and what you have learned while with us and what you will learn from both the Shiek and the leader of the Everlasting will prove usefull in that"
** Martek whispers to Etienne who nods, slightly embarrassed. **
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "Mes pardons....but I have not spoken this tongue for a very long time. Martek said earlier that he could not speak of who shall turn Kern to war. I can."
(203) Git: "Ah... splendid."
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "Have they....?" (gestures to Git and the others)
(205) Martek: "We have no Fate but the Fate we are given." (solemnly)
(203) Git: :raises a curious brow to Etienne's hesitationL
** Etienne d'Amberville gives Martek a strange look, shrugs and continues, "It might surprise you perhaps not to know that Martek's return to the waking world is but part of a larger prophecy." **
(225) NimBel FinGers (enter): 02:03
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "There are events in the world that have begun and move to their inexorable conclusion. But the outcome is greatly affected by the actions of many, so it is not written in stone."
(199) Lellick: "So... what does this larger prophecy say, exactly?"
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "Perhaps I should begin at the beginning. 30 years ago, Kern was part of a war that involved most of the land west of the Galandarel Mountains. This involved Wylund, Kern, Toralin and to some extent, the Empire of Mel'Cendia."
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "Kern has never fully recovered from that last war. They and their ilythi'iri allies were defeated and routed."
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "However, now, there are stirrings within Kern and elsewhere that speak of inciting a grand conflagration that shall bring ruin and destruction to those who caused their defeat so many years ago."
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "This larger prophecy speaks of the role of the Great Lord of the Dark within Andurin and those arrayed against him. It is a foretelling which will determine the fate of this world."
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "There are other foretellings within this prophecy. Your quest is to save a kingdom. Others are involved in a quest to save this world. Your quest and theirs are intertwined."
(203) Git: "Save a kingdom...?" :glances to Kha and groans: "Is it a specific kingdom?"
(222) Pern (enter): 02:13
(222) Pern (exit): 02:13
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "You have elected to go to Kern. Therefore you must know that you go to a place where misery the lot of most of the people in life."
(226) ticattack (enter): 02:14
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "Behold..."
(205) DM: 4067) Ayyers: Very well then. In simple terms, I am asking ye to become agents of the Crown in a series of tasks.
(4066) Git: "What kind of tasks?"
(4067) Ayyers: There are a number of things of concern to this Kingdom, which might or might not be of interest to ye.
(4070) Vrondard: "hmm many masters and even more tasks.."
** (4069) Kha stays silent waiting for the King to finish his explination before asking questions **
(4070) Vrondard: "guess thats why we are getting so much finery these days"
(4067) Ayyers: Ultimately, it will involve acting for the good of the Kingdom, and the good of all who live, everywhere. But I am far afield of myself.
(4067) Ayyers: We have reason to believe that there are a group of individuals who would desire nothing more than the destruction of this Kingdom. This group is spread far and wide, but at the core are a few people who are from Kern.
(4067) Ayyers: Such individuals engage in amongst other things, murder, blackmail, extortion and other crimes. The highest, blackest crime of all is slavery.
** (4066) Git sits back, seemingly uninterested though paying careful attention **
(4067) Ayyers: There is however, no proof that these are anything more than rumors. However, there is a clear pattern that seems to suggest as if a greater force were behind this group's actions, that make it seem as if the force of an entire kingdom were behind it.
(4067) Ayyers: And so what I am asking ye to do, not commanding ye, but asking ye, is to become employed in our name, to act in our stead, to do what must be done, for the sake of us and the Kingdom. And ye will find, for the sake of those ye hold dear -- (gazing at all of you) -- for if they will enslave humans, what is to stop them from stopping with just humans?

Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (226) ticattack...
(205) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(220) ticattack' from room...
(220) ticattack (exit): 02:15
(227) Kalliger (enter): 02:15
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "You remember this, do you not?"
** (200) Kha nods **
(225) NimBel FinGers (exit): 02:16
** (226) J'hzuu shakes his head, unsure whether or not he should. **
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "You have also been told that in one year's time that should Martek not have been returned from the Beyond, that your land shall be in flames."
** (199) Lellick turns to look at the others, stunned. "You're working for a kingdom? Which one?" **
(205) DM: (4361) Kha: "Git Prophacy is the meathod the gods use to improve our world, even Seti"
(4294) Git: "No... prophecy is a powerful SUGGESTION. Nothing can be certain or else what's the point of living?"
(4311) Agatha: "But this cat is awfully persistant. Perhaps we should consider it."
(4324) Norfirion: "And is always for the worse it seems, all of the events in my life that I wish I could change, were laid out for me in the starts to see, but I failed to grasp their meaning. It isnt something I should do again."
(4319) Basht: Very well, I shall come once more to you. There is a weaving that has been set in motion and one that needs answers. You have it in yourselves to help that weaving or hinder it. Become the heroes you are meant to be or fail in your ka-tet. This kingdom you see around you will be for naught in one year's time if you continue to deny your ka-tet. So has it been spoken, but not by my tongue. Mrr.
(4361) Kha: "You are correct Git, it is a sugjestion that the gods make to use. This sugjestion is ment to in the end improve our world"
(4294) Git: "You forget there are dark gods with dark suggestions. Not all are meant to improve."
** (4361) Kha sits down making sure the light of his righ keeps all the shadows at a distance **
(4333) Vrondard: "gar all this startin to hurt me head"
** (4294) Git walks off to check if Halthala's awake yet **
(4324) Norfirion: "The kingdom is something I hold no allegience to, but if doing nothing means more innocents are to come to harm, then I must act, regardless. You have my support."
(4361) Kha: "Even Seti, which as you say is a dark god seeks to improve this world"
(4361) Kha: "Just because you do not agree with his improvements does not mean they are not"
(4333) Vrondard: "just tell me who to bust up.. hopefully that will be heroic enough for Kha's tit... like I want to look at that anyway"
** (4361) Kha laughs at Vrondards pun **
** (4319) Halthala mumbles in her sleep **
(4294) Git: "People would get by just fine without the gods "improvements'. It's the petty and weak minded who need such herding methods to lead their lives."
(4361) Kha: "Git you hold no aligens to any of the gods correct?"
(4294) Git: "Not that I'm aware of. THough I have to say that Basht has a nice frame on her."
** (4319) Basht smiles, and transforms into an orange tabby, and scampers up the stairs. **

(201) Agatha: "Aye, but last I checked we've only been gone a month or so....Haven't we?"
(200) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(201) Agatha: ((okay probably closer to 2 or 3 months, but whatever ;P ))
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "Should you go to Kern, you will have the opportunity to change history, both of Kern and of the kingdom of Wylund, your home. Your ventures will determine whether you (gazes at Agatha) shall see your family again and whether all you know (gazes at Git) shall live or die, and on a larger scale, whether your King and land are put to the sword or not."
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "In Kern, your goal is immense. No less than the discovery of those the Slave Lords of Kern, for it is they who traffick in the misery of the people of the land. And it is they who would see revenge against Wylund, Damrosil and the lands around them."
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "You have decided to go to Kern. If you are successful, you will change history and your own personal fortunes. Martek and I would wish to know if this is so, for once you leave this place, you will not be able to return."
** Halif gazes at Etienne in wonder and looks at Agatha. **
(201) Agatha: "I've seen what havok these slavers can wage on families and the happiness deserved of all free folk. Now you're telling me they aiming to take our lands and the rest of my children."
(201) Agatha: "How the hell can I refuse?"
(200) Kha: "So whoever you are what can you tell us about if we decided to goto Mel`Cendia?"
** Etienne d'Amberville says grimly, "If you choose to go to the land of the Twilight Sun, you shall save an Empire from itself and witness the return of an ancient hero, born to sire uncertain, whose Aspect marks his certain fate, though wicked stalk him and righteous curse him, prophets speak but all deny." **
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "The First Empire begat the Second and the line of Emperors is in slow decline. The Empire no longer stands for justice and the rule of law, nor does it stand for the people who uphold the Emperors and his servants. The fate of the Empire shall be in your hands. And it too shall determine the war that shall be played out in this land, and you too shall change history but from a different viewpoint."
(200) Kha: "But in doing so we abandon Agathas son to a life of misery?"
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "That remains to be seen."
(199) Lellick: "..let's not forget the whole 'letting a war' happen part, Kha."
(226) J'hzuu: ((AFK a few))
(200) Kha: "The war will happen no matter what we do, we can only curb it's outcome"
(199) Lellick: "Yes, and far better to curb it at the source!"
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "Mel'Cendia was instrumental in ending the war that occurred thirty years ago, for the Emperor and the Imperial Legion entered the conflict towards the end and helped drive the Kernin back to their homeland."
** (199) Lellick looks to Etienne with a slight frown, "Be that as it may, it's not a certain thing that they'd choose to participate this time." **
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "No, it is not." (agrees)
(200) Kha: "Well I am still for going to Kern, if only to help Agatha save her son"
** (226) J'hzuu nods. **
(205) Etienne d'Amberville: "Very well." (smiles gently) "Martek, let us talk." (to you) "We shall see each other again."
** Etienne d'Amberville clasps Martek's hand and vanishes from sight. **
(205) DM: After a brief while, Martek reappears.
(205) Martek: "Join your hands together."
(205) DM: ((Git will get to say goodbye to people and so forth but I'd like to do that on the boards as PBP))
** (200) Kha reaches out and grabs the hands of those sitting next to him **
** (201) Agatha joins hands with the children. **
** (199) Lellick takes the hands of whoever's closest to him. **
(205) TaliesinNYC: A brilliant flash of light surrounds you as Martek gestures.

Blindingly white light softens to a blue color. You are in a bubble of soft glass, turning slowly. Nearby, you see the other members of your party, in their own bubbles, also floating through a blue mist. Martek's strong and powerful voice speaks into your mind:

"Behold the prophecy fulfilled. Look upon the fruit of your courage and determination."

The blue mists start to change into sky. The vast desert of Zayal stretches out 1000 feet below you. Your sphere quickly flies towards huge billowing clouds on the horizon. After only a breath, you are in those clouds, safe within your floating sphere.

The clouds suddenly part. You are floating within the center of a raging storm. Aeraldoth, the djann Vizier, stands like a giant on the desert sands. His upstretched arms command a gale of wind and ice. Not far from the djann, the evil ifrit Pasha, Khalitarius, calls down wave after wave of flame and lightning.

A small figure appears suddenly betwixt the djann and ifrit. It is Martek. Robes flowing in the wind, Martek taps his staff upon the ground three times. Three thunderclaps, like voices of doom, ring across the desert. The wind and flames stop. The ifrit looks down upon Martek in surprise and fear.

Martek speaks, saying,

"Khalitarius, I call upon the Three-Who-Are-One by the power in thy name. This day of thy doom was foretold. So shall it be."

The voice of the ifrit rumbles like distant thunder, replying:

"Martek! Are you here now or is this but another of my fears come to me in a dream? Leave me to my vengeance!"

Martek replies calmly,

"Nay, ifrit, no mere bottle for thee this time. Thou hast wasted thy powers upon the desert and this good djann. Thou hast nothing left to fight my command!"

The ifrit raises his arms in anger and fear. His horrible screech pierces the clouds. Martek too, raises his arms. As Martek speaks again, the fiery ifrit bursts into a million streaks of flame, darting madly through the wind. A horrendous crash of thunder and wind throws desert sands across your bubble, blocking your vision. Your bubble is moving again, and the desert sky is changing into soft blue mists once more.

Martek's voice speaks again:

"The desert is returned to its people, the ifrit is no more. One final gift I give to you, though you may not feel it a true one. Those people whom you have met on this quest who are still alive will remember thee no more, and you are free to travel the face of this world, as you want, making thy way with no prior prejudice. All to whom you tell this tale will believe it to be but a fable. Only you shall know the truth of what you have seen. There are other prophecies to be fulfilled. Farewell, my friends."

The blue mists flash into white, blinding you a moment.

Then the sphere of glass is gone.....

(205) DM: ....and you are on the outskirts of a strange city unfamiliar to you.
(205) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)

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