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(38) ticattack: ((Aye))
(43) Lellick: (I'd love a reminder of how the time-unfreezing amulet thingie works, too)
(36) DM: ((explored the Tower, prevented an assassination from occurring, spoke to Chronias; he gave you a medallion that can be used to unfreeze any three items or people. he also gave you the opportunity to ask him questions but I don't think people accepted his offer. ^ ^))
(44) Agatha: ((I'll take up the offer.))
(36) DM: ((You just touch the medallion to whatever it is you want to unfreeze. It functions three times and then teleports back to Chronias.))
(43) Lellick: (Gotcha)
** Chronias glances over to Agatha with a the ghost of a smile playing on his lips. **
** (44) Agatha looks at the medalliion in Lellick's hands and then back at Chronias. "Hmph. You seem to know an awful lot about this place. Perhaps you'd care tell us what exactly happened here to freeze time in place?" **
** (43) Lellick has nothing to add for now, simply standing there examining the medallion. **
(36) Chronias: Oh, that's easy. (smirks)
** (46) Dj Gilcrease rubs his ears "Man that ghost lady could scream" **
(36) Chronias: The archmage who created this place made a deal with me.
(36) Chronias: What's a century or two between friends? (rubs his fingernails on his chest and looks at them)
(37) Git: "What a charitable way of looking at things."
(43) Lellick: "So it was nothing these poor souls here did, then."
(37) Git: "Can you tell us the nature of this deal? Surely you get something out of it, no?"
** Chronias becomes serious. "Once you leave this place, this Tower of Mobius, I will be free to go. And in so doing, the contents of this Tower will be returned to its proper time." **
(36) Chronias: In ancient times did Martek perform a service for my master. I am here merely to repay his debt.
(37) Git: "Oh. then who is your Master, if I may ask?"
** Chronias quirks his brow at Git and opens his mouth as if to reply, then closes it. **
(36) Chronias: He goes by many names, but one of those is Potmos.
(37) Git: "Ah...." :glances to Kha: "Colleague of yours then, eh?"
(46) Dj Gilcrease: "Aye he is the God of Destiny, and an Aspect of Oneiros"
(37) Git: "Well, on the topic of destiny, I do have a question. Are there any items or people here which are essential to completing our Ka tet?"
(36) Chronias: In a manner of speaking. Mortals think of my Master and his ilk as gods. But they serve a function higher than those of gods. (shrugs)
** Chronias quivers his mouth in response. "Your ka-tet? That is a term I have not heard in a long time. I would say yes, there is." **
** (43) Lellick starts to listen with more interest now, looking up from the medallion. **
(37) Git: "Oh? Would you be able to name specifically?"
(36) Chronias: You should already know that which you seek. But...you have no Fate but the Fate you are given...or that you make.
(44) Agatha: "Hmph. You're talking about that minaret I take it?
(37) Git: "Yeah... I hear that a lot"
** Chronias gestures with his hand and a small sphere of light comes into being. There are images in the sphere, images that cannot be clearly seen though are audible to all within the room. **
(36) Chronias: 721) Urda, the Spinner: Each of you may ask.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Each of you will receive an answer.
** (720) Git looks skyward in thought, scratching the slight stubble at his chin. **
(721) Skuld, the Crone: A truthful answer, for which there will be no lie.
** (745) Norfirion ponders for a moment. **
** (710) Lellick looks at the floor as he thinks. **
(745) Norfirion: "If you know all, then you know what I seek. Where or how can I find it?"
(745) Norfirion: "The power over life and death."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Part of the Test, Norfirion, is that we must hear what you wish from us.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: We do not act on assumption.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: Your fate is your own, as ever.
(745) Norfirion: "My wife, my children, this is all that remains." *withdraws a small glass flask from his pouch. It appears to be filled with ashes*
(745) Norfirion: "I wish for the return of their lives, in exchange of my own if necessary."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Very well. You wish their return to the waking world, is that correct?
** (717) Agatha looks on the wizard with surprise. **
(745) Norfirion: "As they were before they were taken away from me. Alive!"
** (717) Agatha murmurs to herself. "He still has their ashes?" **
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Very well. But know this, Norfirion, that revenge is a road that is long and hard and leads only to endless bitterness. Your family will be returned to you when you enter the Citadel of Martek.
** (720) Git watches the scene with growing intensity. Biting his lip, he anxiously awaits the trio's response to such a request. **
(745) Norfirion: "We shall see."
(721) Verdande, the Caster: They will be returned to you alive, without harm to their heads, but you will be faced with a choice that will go to the core of your being.
(745) Norfirion: "I am prepared."
(721) Skuld, the Crone: And in that choice, you must decide for yourself if you would live your life or theirs.
** (745) Norfirion looks on unamused. "Whatever is necessary." **
(721) Urda, the Spinner: In Martek's Citadel, you will find a hallway that contains a passage to a room upon which is a table that contains a model of the Citadel in miniature.
** (710) Lellick looks slightly stunned, glancing back and fourth between Norf and the three Fate(s). **
** (717) Agatha watches the conversation in disbelief. It takes her a few moments to notice she's gaping like a fish. **
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Martek's Citadel contains six minarets. The model will have two minarets in place, and four that are missing. The four minarets are found in the Black Abyss, the Endless Tower, the Garden of Dreams and Amruen Portila, the birthplace of the People, the elves.

(46) Dj Gilcrease: "What function could be higher then that of Gods" **Kha clearling having heard nothing else since Chronias said that asks**
(36) Chronias: You have seen this. She who is Three-And-One told this to you. There is a minaret in each of the Black Abyss, the Endless Tower, the Garden of Dreams and Amruen Portila.
(36) Chronias: You have seen the minaret. Retrieve the minaret from this Tower and you will have that which shall return Martek from the land of the dead. And fulfill your ka-tet.
(36) Chronias: The nature of each of the other places I now reveal to you.
** (46) Dj Gilcrease shakes his head as if saying 'blablabla, we know all this already, get to something new or answer my question' **
(46) Kha: (( Ooops, forgot to turn on aliases :) ))
(36) Chronias: The Black Abyss, wherein the laws of reality shall change according to Chaos.
(50) Aziraphale (enter): 22:15
(36) Chronias: The Garden of Dreams, wherein the spirit of an elfking is on the brink of madness.
(36) Chronias: Amruen Portila, wherein one of your number seeks the return of lost love.
** Chronias turns to Kha. "Even a god can dream, even a god can die. In the beginning, when the first living thing awoke did Destiny enter the waking world. When the first living thing drew breath, Death entered the world. You know this, but you do not believe." **
** Chronias looks down and continues to buff his fingernails, whistling an elven aria as he waits for the next question. **
(37) Git: "The banshee which killed Kha earlier.... is there a reason that it remains unfrozen?"
(46) Kha: "Yes I know this, and how could I not believe I have met both of whom you speak. And that does not answer my question, as you just described functions of the gods, not functions higher then those of a god."
(46) Kha: "I died?"
** (43) Lellick looks to Kha, "Well.. yes, you did." **
(37) Git: :waves Kha off carelessly: "S'not important now."
** Chronias looks up at Git. "Yes. Those who have died are beyond my power but are beholden to Death. And yet, while this Tower exists, Death cannot affect those who have died in this place. And so, once you leave here with that which fulfills your ka-tet, all those who are within here shall go to their proper place be they alive or dead." **
(46) Kha: "I remember the ghost of the woman with the knife screamed at me, then I we headed here, when did I have time to die?"
(43) Lellick: "We sort of.. accidentally reversed what we did here at one point. It's a bit hard to explain."
(37) Git: "Ah, understood."
(44) Agatha: "It's probably better that you stop thinking about it before you hurt yourself."
** Chronias looks at Kha and says gently, "The Endless are higher than gods, but if it helps you to think of them as gods, then so be it." **
(37) Git: "Yes, they're more like persobifications of facts of existance I suppose. But that's no importat. Out of curiousity, were there amy great treasures or artifacts left in this place?" :A glib smirk plays at his lips:
(37) Git: (personifications rather)
(37) Git: (urg.. typos galore)
(46) Kha: "Well if that Madalion can unfreeze people I would like to unfreeze the Lady who screamed at me, right before she screamed she said she was tormented."
** (46) Kha nods to Chonias and looks sideways at Git **
(36) Chronias: In this place? Not particularly. Oh, some trinkets of minor importance here and there. But the medallion that you (points to Lellick) hold is priceless beyond compare.
(37) Git: :glances to Lellick: "Kinda tacky though, ain't it?"
(36) Chronias: In the other places such as the Garden of Dreams, that is another story.
** (43) Lellick raises his eyebrows at that, looking over to Git. "Does it matter?" **
(37) Git: :shrugs:
(43) Lellick: "Kha.. he did say that time would resume as soon as we leave here. It might not be necessary."
(37) Git: "Oh? What is there of such great value?"
** Chronias gestures, and another sphere of light comes into being, this time with a memory that stirs itself from your thoughts... **
(46) Kha: "Very insightfull of you Git, I think I understand. Teleute, Olethros, Aponoia, Mania, Potmos, and Epithumia are what makes this world, thier functions are not inseperable like those of the other Gods. Though some of the other gods share some of the responibilities that those I listed do they are still seperate in a way from existance. Am I understanding this right?"
(36) Chronias: (11649) Basht: You have no Fate but the Fate you have made, half-elf. You make your own Fate, your own ka-tet. But you have no Fate but the Fate you are given. And sometimes, your ka-tet determines itself.
(11683) Git: :narrows his vision at Basht before forcing himself to stands and strolls on wobbly legs into the temple after hally:
(11684) Norfirion: "Indeed Git, enough of this. I intend to do what I came here to do."
** (11684) Norfirion returns to the bone filled cloak and picks it up from the ground and follows behind Git into the temple. **
(11649) Basht: And what do you want to do, young elf? (looks on amusedly)
(11684) Norfirion: "To lay this girl to her rest, so that she may find some peace at last unlike those I loved."
(11651) Vrondard: "im fine with that... still would have liked to kill bug eyes there..."
(11651) Vrondard: "me swings were all off... what the heckfire was i doing that fer?"
** (11684) Norfirion turns his back to Basht and resumes his walk into the temple. **
(11670) Agatha: "Don't worry yerself, dwarf. I'm sure you'll get another crack at him."
(11649) DM: (those inside the temple): Lying in repose, across a stone bier with a smile on her face is the still form of Halthala. This is a crypt, it seems, dedicated to elven warriors who died in service to Ciriacil Nodelathael, and Halthala apparently was one of them. She is clad in a gleaming suit of mithril elven chain, and holds a bastard sword crafted from a strange bluish metal that you have never seen before. It has a black hilt and is similar to the Sword that Melisana held.
** (11651) Vrondard follows along but is mostly a straggler here **
** (11679) Ari follows along, feeling quite out of place. **
** (11649) Basht enters but does not proceed further, out of respect for the dead. **
** (11683) Git strolls toward her resting place, eyeing her curiously, "Lovely costume change gal. It suits you." Coming to rest against the bier with his back to her. "Ratehr rude just walking off by your self, but... I'll forgive ya." **
** (11684) Norfirion approaches the bier and unwraps the remains and places them gently on the stone surface. He then mutters several prayers to Ciriacil in star elven. **
** (11684) Norfirion then performs the appropriate start elven burial ceremony/rites. **
(11684) Norfirion: *star
(11649) DM: Halthala's remains stir in the air for a minute before disappearing out of sight, with a sparkle of light. You hear a soft whispered "thank you", but whether or not it is your imagination is unknown. The image of the sleeping star elf is unchanged.
** (11679) Ari blinks in wonder **
** (11683) Git bows his head a moment in silent respect before gazing up to Basht with a completely changed and relaxed face. "So.... They wanted the sword, right?" **
(11651) Vrondard: "hmmm" he seems a bit worried to break the silence "that it?"
** (11670) Agatha limps and stumbles in through the entrance, but goes no further than Basht, out of respect for the dead and that she is still woozy and dripping blood. **
(11670) Agatha: "Aye, something about a sword."
(11651) Vrondard: "yeah Mister Creepy said that"
(11649) Basht: Mrrr....this is the Sword of Mercy, known as Woundhealer. Only someone who has passed the test of faith or love, in the sla'mori of Alindal-en, can wield it.
(11684) Norfirion: "It doesnt seem right to remove it ourselves, but if they were after it, I would think Halthala would have wanted us to take it."
(11670) Agatha: "But we took the test of skill."
** (11679) Ari walks to Agatha, and without asking or thinking whispers her prayer **
(11679) Ari: Ari whispers her prayer "Goddess protect. Goddess provide Goddess reflect. Goddess unite Help me to see. Help me to feel Help me to be. Help me to heal." as she casts her healing spell
(11649) Basht: Yes, you did. (smiles slyly)
(11683) Git: "So... we can
(11683) Git: 't take the sword then?"
(11649) Basht: Mrrr....she would have wanted you to take it, but are you worthy of the Sword?
(11649) Basht: Take it, then.
(11684) Norfirion: "I didnt say that..."
(11684) Norfirion: "I just dont know what to do."
(11683) Git: :gives a chortle and shrug: "Probably not, but when has that ever stopped me?"
(11649) Basht: (smiles)
(11684) Norfirion: "Should we just leave it here for them to take?"
(11683) Git: "No... they shouldn't be coming back here to disturb these graves again."
** (11670) Agatha is vaguely aware that her wound have magically sealed themselves up. **
(11651) Vrondard: "yeah don't leave it fer em... whatever ya do"
** (11683) Git takes a seat on the bier beside Hally's ghostly form, looking down at her as he contemplates the situation" **
(11684) Norfirion: "Perhaps we have taken the test, and we merely do not know it? I'm so confused, something I dont like to admit."
** (11670) Agatha puts a hand on Ari's shoulder. "Again I'm in your debt, lass." **
** (11684) Norfirion sighs. **
(11649) Basht: As I said, you have many paths open before you. You can go on, on your original quest, to seek out this citadel of giants. Or you can follow your ka-tet. But in order to take the Sword, you must return in power, and defeat the Watcher who waits, which will lay to rest Halthala's sister.

(37) Git: :glances at kha, bklinks a couple of times, before assuring him: "Yeah, you've got it exactly." :Turns back to watch the spehere, wondering if that really is right:
(36) Chronias: You will see the memory of the Sword of Love, and in so doing, you will then be able to take it when next you see it again.
** (43) Lellick gives a slight start when he realizes what the memory they were shown is about. **
(53) Godeslas (enter): 22:35
(46) Kha: "I wasnt asking you if I understood Git, I wask asking Chonias
** (46) Kha looks at Lellick "You have the mark of that sword on your hand right?" **
(36) DM: (recall that in order to wield a Sword, it must be freely given; if not, you need to know its memory and then know its location. You must also be worthy of the Sword. That's what Basht meant when she said, "return with power".)
** Chronias nods at Kha. **
(37) Git: "So the Sword is back in the Garden?"
** (43) Lellick says with a touch of sarcasm, "It didn't come off when I last washed, so.." **
(36) Chronias: The memory of the Sword is in the Garden. It still remains where you last left it, with the elf you buried in ancient Celdenir.
(37) Git: "Celdenir... is the Garden...?"
(36) Chronias: Celdenir is the Garden yes, but as it was centuries ago before the ascendancy of Men.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (53) Godeslas...
(37) Git: "Alright.. I suppose we'll have to swing back that way someday."
(46) Kha: "Aye, we promised her we would"
(46) Kha: (( rebooting, brb ))
(46) Kha: Disconnecting from server...
(46) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 22:44
(54) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 22:46
(37) Git: :Sigh: "I do wish i understood this all better, but I never was one for prophecy I'm afraid. Never to worry, I'm sure Fate has it all planned out..." :Lets his head roll back in weariness.: "Anyone else have any questions?"
(43) Lellick: "I do not."
** (54) Kha takes a drink from his waterskin and walks a few feed away. clearly done asking questions and deep in thought **
(37) Git: "Then I suppose we should be on our way to finding the minarets... and whatever else catches our fany."
** (44) Agatha nods in ageement to Git. **
(37) Git: (er.. fancy)
(37) Git: "Any parting wisdoms to bestow upon us before we leave, oh well aged sage?" :inquires to Chronias while offering a half-serious bow:
(36) DM: (was in IMs, sorry)
(36) Chronias: I could. But you've heard it all before I suppose. (smirks)
(37) Git: (tsk, tsk, tsk)
(36) Chronias: Oh yes. I almost forgot. (gestures one more time)
(37) Git: :purses his lips and nods regretfully: "Thank you for saving us from repitition then."
(36) Chronias: I'm sure this one would appreciate being unfrozen. (giggles)
** (44) Agatha glances back at Chronias. **
(36) DM: A human male, garbed in slightly tarnished chain mail armor in the style of an Imperial appears next to you. He seems a bit dazed and unsure of his actions.
** Chronias chuckles, trying vainly to disguise his mirth. **
(53) Godeslas: Greatsword (base): [1d20+10] -> [7,10] = (17) ===> Damage: [2d6+0] -> [3,4,0] = (7)
(53) Godeslas: Greatsword (second): [1d20+4] -> [4,4] = (8) ===> Damage: [2d6+0] -> [2,1,0] = (3)
** (43) Lellick takes a step back, blinking. **
(53) Godeslas: (sorry, missclick)
** (54) Kha looks at the man that appeared "And who might you be?" **
(53) Gaius: "I am Decimus of Mel'cendria. You?"
(36) Chronias: This is Gaius Decimus, of House Agrippina. I'm sure you'll do him a kind turn.
(53) Gaius: (I'm still writing out the Character Sheet :p)
(53) Gaius has sent you a tree node...
(43) Lellick: "How.. thoughtful of you."
(54) Kha: "Fair enough"
(53) Gaius: "Good...day...to you all? Where on earth am I?"
(54) Kha: "In a time frozen tower, stading in front of a bunch of not quite stable people who are out to end an Efriti who they let lose."
(43) Lellick: "Now, now.. let's not scare him."
** (54) Kha laughs **
(56) Git (enter): 23:12
** (53) Gaius blinks a little, obviously still confused **
** (44) Agatha looks over the soldier, sizing him up. "Hmph. Another tag-along to watch over? I know we take on a lot of charges but it's assuming a lot when people start to hoist them on us." **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (56) Git...
(36) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(37) Git' from room...
(37) Git (exit): 23:12
** (43) Lellick gives Gaius a faint smile, "We will explain, in due time." **
(54) Kha: "He should know the truth before he dicides he wants the kind turn Chronias said we would give him"
(53) Gaius: "Well...in the mean time...at least tell me your names"
(54) Kha: "I am Kha Operan, Cleric of The Lord of Fate, Weaver of the One Power, and Spear Dancer of peace"
(53) Gaius: "Nice to meet you Sir Kha"
** (54) Kha laughs again then goes to sit down and listen **
** (44) Agatha is still put off by the sudden addition. "...Agatha Magveyd, of the Wylund." **
** (43) Lellick bows slightly, "I am Lellick Litefinger." **
** (53) Gaius nods to the group **
(53) Gaius: "So...what kind turn are you supposed to provide me with? Passage from this tower would be more than enough"
** (56) Git raises a pensive brow at the arrival of the strange man, Silently looking him over for a moment, he finally speaks, "Aye. If you can aid us along the way, we should gain you freedom, I suppose." **
(54) Kha: "That should be easy enough once we un freese a doll and two other things"
(53) Gaius: "Aid you? I suppose I could do such. What needs doing?"
(56) Git: "The short answer is... muc. The long answer... Oh I don't even want to think of the long answer."
(56) Git: (muc > much)
(53) Gaius: (Sending description to chat, sorry if it throws you off)
(53) Gaius: Gaius' appearance: Before you stands a man in Imperial garb wearing a chain shirt that appears to have been well worn, though slightly tarnished. Of average stature and weight, he seems to stand and move with an easy grace His face has the high cheekbones common in Mel'cendia, and his eyes are a dark blue hue. A shaggy mob of sandy blonde hair adorns his head, and a single, long scar graces his tanned neck. Strapped along his back in an X fashion are a large sword bearing Imperial signets and the like and a simple bow-case.
** (44) Agatha turns to Chronias. "So do you care to tell us why we're escorting this stranger, or are you just going to spout some convenient gibberish about fate and destiny?" **
(56) Git: :Speaks up in exaggerrated rousing: "Oh, just give in to it Aggy. Fate is your all encompassing Master, and it will work its will no matter what." :waves his hands about in phony arcane somatics:
(36) Chronias: He does not belong here, simple as that.
(54) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(36) Chronias: He was transported here as a result of a spell that went awry. (shrugs) It is of no consequence to me what you do with him. Leave him, if you wish, or take it upon yourselves to use what Fate has brought you. (smirks)
** (53) Gaius blinks at Chronias "Your pretty cryptic, aren't you?" **
** (44) Agatha smirks back at Chronias. "Fair enough." **
(57) ticattack (enter): 23:31
** (44) Agatha turns to the new guy. "You get used to it." **
(56) Git: :pats Gaius on the shoulder: "That's the way of Prophecy friend. It's a long slippery slope, which breeds only confusion and aggrevation. Welcome aboard."
(38) ticattack (exit): 23:31
(53) Gaius: "Prophecy..."
** (44) Agatha turns around to leave. "Well, let's go find us a minaret. I'd like to leave here before I find out we've been missing for a hundred years." **
** (53) Gaius shrugs "hopefully time will explain things better" **
(56) Git: "No.. no it won't/
** (43) Lellick moves to follow Agatha, "I agree. It's time we got this over with." **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (57) ticattack...
** Chronias whistles an elven aria. **
(59) Aziraphale (enter): 23:35
** (53) Gaius rubs his hands together "Well, what needs doing?" **
** (54) Kha stands and follows Git **
** (56) Git actually waits in the doorway a moment, watching the wizard whistle away as Aggy and Lellick pass him by. **
** (53) Gaius moves to follow the group tentatively, still looking quite bewildered **
** Chronias turns to a shadowy figure as the party leaves, whispering, "Donc que pensez-vous?" **
** Chronias nods, as Git waits in the doorway. "Cela est ce que m'inquiète, mon ami. En effet. Mais oui." **
(36) DM: (ok, so what now?)
(56) Git: "So.. there is someone else here then?"
(36) Chronias: My pardons, I was just talking to myself.
** Chronias continues whistling. **
(56) Git: "Uh.... looks to the shadowed figure then back to Chronias' whistling form. "Right.... Good day then." :turns to follow the others back out of the room.
(36) DM: ((that was not a conversation you heard, fyi.))
(56) Git: (uh......... ok....)
(36) DM: ((those four lines will be struck from the log))
** (54) Kha follows Git. "So have we decided what else to un freeze?" **
(36) DM: ((that conversation with Chronias took place at the end of last session. then the party rested. so now you're in room 4a, one level "above" where Chronias is located. recall that "up" and "down" are relative in the Tower.))
(56) Git: "Besides the minaret... I have no idea."
(53) Gaius: "Hmmm...I'm just following you folks
whispering to Git, you know that I do things like conversations heard offstage frequently. sorry if I was unclear
(43) Lellick: "I'm not sure if we've come across anything that might be of use."
** (44) Agatha coughs. "Well, there is my buckler. Though I suppose I can alway find another." **
(54) Kha: "We could always un freeze the woman who screamed at me so she is no longer tormented"
(44) Agatha: "I'm also what was behind that door we couldn't budge that had the servants so interested.
(43) Lellick: "Kha.. going in there in the first place is how you died! Do you think that is such a good idea?"
(56) Git: "Hmmm.. for a time suspended lost wixard's tower this place is rather dull. You'd figure there would be atleast one item of great value." :Sighs: "At this rate, I'm happy enough to just get the minaret and finish this mess already."
(56) Git: :to Kha: "If sh screamed at you, obviously she isn't frozen"
(54) Kha: The Ghost isnt, but her body is"
(56) Git: "Yes, and her body is dead. When we free this place from time, her spirit will pass on. Let it go."
(53) Gaius: "Free this place from time? What do you mean by that?"
(54) Kha: "Well if we have nothing else to use it on" **Kha shrugs**
(56) Git: :To Gaius: "That would be part of the long story. As you recall, I didn't want to go through that."
(53) Gaius: "Right...well...how exactly do we go about...doing that?
(36) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(50) Aziraphale' from room...
(50) Aziraphale (exit): 23:57
(56) Git: "We must retrieve the minaret in a room downstairs... or.. up... either way."
(53) Gaius: "Alright"
(56) Git: "Ummm... Does anyone remember how to get back there?"
(43) Lellick: "I think it was... up."
(54) Kha: "Does it matter, this is a looping tower"
(56) Git: :shrugs: "True, just a matter of persistance then." :Heads to the southern staircase and heads up.
** (53) Gaius follows Git, still unsure of whats going on **
** (54) Kha sighs and follows Git **
(36) DM: Eventually you're back in the central chamber.
(56) Git: (Tadah!)
(36) DM: (for the benefit of Gaius' player and the lurkers): You find yourself standing in a 40' square room, dimly lit by torches on the walls. There is a stillness in the room; there is no sound or motion here apart from yourselves. With a start, you notice that the dim flames in the torches do not flicker.
(36) DM: In the southern part of the room, a glittering object sits on a red silk pillow. It appears to be a crystalline minaret.
** (44) Agatha tries to explain the immediate situation to Gaius as they walk to try and put a halt to all the questions. **
(36) DM: ((that would be room 1a))
(44) Agatha: "They call this place the Endless Tower. For good reason, too. Just when you think you've reached the top you find yourself magically at the bottom."
(43) Lellick: "Shall we do the minaret first, or look for items?"
(44) Agatha: "All these people you see here are frozen in time. Why? I couldn't tell you."
(62) Git (enter): 00:09
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (62) Git...
(36) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(56) Git' from room...
(56) Git (exit): 00:09
whispering to Git, 1a
** (54) Kha heads over to the door that the Ghost is behind but stays behind the door and calls out "Hello lady who screamed at me, would you like it is we un froze your body?" ** Puts his hands over his hears to block out even moor sound then the door **
(44) Agatha: "That fellow Chronias tells us that time will be restored right where everything left off once we escape here. Personally, I'm a tad suspicious of 'im, but what can we do? I don't plan on making a permanant stay here."
(36) DM: There seems to be no response from the room beyond...
(62) Git: :turns to Kha, offering blandly: "You can't be that stupid."
(36) DM: ((LOL, oh yes he could. ^^))
(43) Lellick: "..Please don't get yourself hurt again.."
** (54) Kha turns back to Git "How did you get me out of that room without her screaming at you?" **
(62) Git: :shrge: "Magicka."
(43) Lellick: "....I suppose we dragged your corpse out of there before she could scream at us."
(54) Kha: "Ahh thats a good idea"
** (44) Agatha marches over to Kha and leads him away from the door by his ear. **
** (53) Gaius stands in the room with a rather bemused look on his face **
(44) Agatha: "C'mon lad, it's bad enough getting yourself killed once in a day, let alone twice.
(53) Gaius: "So you've obviously been together a long time..."
(44) Agatha: "Not really when you think about it."
(54) Kha: "Git can I see that unfreaze thing. I know how I can make it so she cannot scream. I did it to Norf when we first met"
(44) Agatha: "Sure as hell feels like it's been years though."
** (43) Lellick discreetly (or at least, tries to be discreet) slips the medallion into one of his pockets. **
(62) Git: :sternly to Kha: "No.. stop playing with the undead."
(44) Agatha: ((anyone got a rolled up newpaper? ;P)
** (62) Git approaches the minaret looking it over thoughtfully, before asking, "Does any greedy sould care to take a last sweep of the premises for anything the pilfer before we depart?" **
(54) Kha: "Just does not seem right to leave her spirit there being tormented when we could release it now"
(62) Git: "It will be released when we free the tower. Don't you listen to anyone but the voices in your head?"
(43) Lellick: "I would go looking, Git.. but I feel that is more your area of expertise."
(54) Kha: "I dont hear voices in my head, at least I hope I dont"
** (54) Kha laughs **
(62) Git: :shrugs to Lellick: "With the exception of some fancy bauble or interesting art piece, I don't see much worth expending our selves over."
(62) Git: "Although...."
(53) Gaius (exit): 00:25
** (62) Git scratches his chin a moment pensively, before reaching into his stachel for his journnal. Moving to take a seat on the floor he pulls out a pen and begins to write something out on a blank page. **
** (43) Lellick looks to Agatha, "Didn't you say something about your shield earlier?" **
(44) Agatha: "Aye. I didn't think anyone would take it seriously, however."
(43) Lellick: "Well, if we're not to be taking much else, anyway.."
** (44) Agatha shrugs. "Suits me just fine. I've just got this strange nagging feeling is all." **
(44) Agatha: "Like maybe this is a test of some sort."
** (44) Agatha points back at Kha "...Or maybe I've been spending too much time with the lad. Who can say?" **
** (43) Lellick considers that, rubbing at the back of his neck. "Everything else so far has been a test, so why not this?" **
** (54) Kha taps his foot and sits down and leans against the door to the Ghosts room **
** (62) Git writes diligently, producing a couple pages which he rips from his journal, neatly as possible, folds up and signs. "Alright.. lets get your shield back. I have something to give the shiek in return." **
(44) Agatha: "Kha Operan, you get away from that door, or so help me, I'll smash your face through it so maybe you'll finally learn to listen!"
whispering to Lellick, so did you get the minaret?
** (62) Git stands up and heads for the door to the shiek's room, calling back to Aggy: "Or do you mind if we leave it here?" **
** (44) Agatha turns politely to Git after snapping at Kha, not missing a beat. "It's done well by me, but it's nothing special. Do what you will." **
** (43) Lellick will follow Git. **
(62) Git: "Hmm.. alright then."
** (44) Agatha tugs on Kha's ear and leads him away like a misbehaving child as she follows Kha. **
(44) Agatha: ((as she follows Git*
(44) Agatha: heh ))
** (54) Kha shrugs at Agatha but stays seated "You all can go do what you have to do. I wont go in the room, no point without th unfreaze thing." **
** (62) Git heads for the shiek's bed chamber, this time looking the shiek over for any prominent items on him or in the room, a signet ring, a crown or such which may be of import to the man **
(36) DM: ((yes))
(36) DM: ((a signet ring on his right hand))
(62) Git: :to lellick: "See that ring? Take it."
** (62) Git reopens the letter, to take on at the end. "PS. If I meet you or one of your descendants in my time, I will return your ring as proof of my identity." **
(62) Git: (tack on rather)
** (43) Lellick looks to Git, then to the ring, before shrugging and carefully touching the medallion to it. **
** (44) Agatha notices the letter. "Hm? What's that?" **
** (62) Git then folds the letter back up and nestles it into th arm straps of the shield which mysteriously appeared to save the Shiek's life. **
(36) DM: The ring comes off the Sheik's finger.
(62) Git: :grins to Aggy: "Lets call it a bill for sevices rendered."
** (43) Lellick places the medallion back in his pocket, handing Git the ring. "Here you are." **
(62) Git: "Now come on. Lets get out of here."
** (62) Git takes the ring with a friendly nod and heads back to the central chamber. **
(36) DM: ((k))
(62) Git: "Alright.. lets unfreeze this place and head off to the next Fated task."
** (43) Lellick will walk over to the minaret once they're back in the center room, kneeling down next to the pillow before taking out the medallion and touching it to the minaret. **
(44) Agatha: "Huh? Don't we have a third charge on the little trinket?"
(36) DM: The minaret rolls off the silk pillow, into Lellick's hand.
(54) Kha: "Isnt that pointless Lellick, Chronias said everything in this room would go with us didnt he?"
** (43) Lellick stands, holding the minaret gently. "No, he said that only the things we unfreeze would." **
(54) Kha: "Ahh, my ears must have been ringing still."
(36) DM: (what next?)
(44) Agatha: ((Question: Did we use a charge on Gaius or not?))
(36) DM: (no)
(36) DM: (Chronias did that on his own.)
(36) DM: (going to FF if nothing else then)
(44) Agatha: ((we're still figuring it out))
(62) Git: (brb)
(36) DM: (ok. for reference, please include Aziraphale and The Lurker in your GWs, so they don't end up wondering why nothing's going on)
(43) Lellick: (Aye cap'n)
(62) Git: (Is a sack full of treasure considered one item? ^_^)
(54) Kha: "So you all know what we have to do to get out of here, I dont seem to remember learning the secret, but I was aperantly dead for a while"
(36) DM: (lol no)
(44) Agatha: "As near as I can guess, it might have been to keep the shiek from being killed. "
(54) Kha: "Then why are we still here with Time frozen?"
(62) Git: "To give us time to pick our door prizes of course."
(44) Agatha: "Time will be restored when we leave, and we were able to make it move for a few moments.
** (54) Kha shakes his head and mumbles "Circular justification" **
(62) Git: "Uh, sure... whatever..."
** (62) Git takes a walk back to the shiek's room, deciding to look over the assassin and the guards for any interesting items on them. **
(54) Kha: "Well go do whatever it is you think you need to do to get us out of here, I'll sit in here unless you need my help"
(36) DM: (ok)
** (44) Agatha ponders what to do. **
(44) Agatha: "Hmm...wasn't there a book you mages were interested in?"
whispering to ticattack, that would be you
** (57) J'hzuu shrugs. "It could be powerful magicks" **
(62) Git: "Fine, fine.. grab it and lets get outta here."
** (43) Lellick will unfreeze the book with the medallion once they get up to that room. **
** (44) Agatha nods in agreement. **
(36) DM: (ok)
(36) DM: Suddenly, there is a flash of light. The medallion disappears...
(36) DM: ...and time begins flowing in reverse.
(36) DM: It picks up faster and faster...
(36) DM: ...the only exception being that the items you unfroze accompany you...
** (54) Kha pokes his head into the room with the Ghost to see whats going on in there **
(36) DM: An ilythi'iri woman appears to be frozen in place, wielding a wicked looking jambiya in her hand.
(36) DM: Floating next to her is what appears to be a translucent spirit. Her back is turned towards you. (Kha)
(36) DM: (fyi, Kha's investigations occur before you release the book upstairs)
** (54) Kha calls out "Hello, is that you? Oh wait I cannot hear cause you screamed at me last time. Oh well I am sorry my friends did not free your body if that is you" looks mournfull while watching **
(36) DM: The spirit does not appear to notice...at least momentarily...
(36) DM: ...and then you emerge in the chamber with the model of the Citadel of Martek, in the hexagonal room beneath the iron phoenix.
** (54) Kha looks around **
(54) Kha: "Well I picked the last direction, who wants to pick the next?"
(62) Git: "So... um.... did it work?"
(36) DM: This time, the NE archway is dark, as well as the SE archway and the NW archway.
** (43) Lellick holds up the minaret. "I would say it did." **
(36) DM: Before each archway is a levitating cryalline sphere. The NE, SE and NW archways are darkened, and the spheres show no scenes within.
(36) DM: The N, S and SW archways are lit and each has a levitating crystalline sphere that depicts a scene.
** (43) Lellick goes over to the model, to see about placing the minaret in its proper slot. **
(36) DM: Within the N sphere: a platform of giant crystals floats in the center of a whirlpool of red storm clouds that sinks into the depths below. The island and air above it glow with a soft, white light. In the center of the island, a miniature crystal minaret stands on top of a crystal base.
(36) DM: Within the S sphere: A young elfwoman kneels inside a crystal cylinder, her face turned upward. A tear slides halfway down her cheeks. Her lovely oval face is set off by dark, almond eyes and by silken hair that sweeps to her waist. At her knee sits a brass ball of curious and intricate workmanship, and half hidden by the folds in her gown, a crystal minaret lies beside her. She is absolutely motionless.
(36) DM: Within the SW sphere: a darkened hall, and a jewel covered throne. Within the throne sits an elfking, his body rigid and his mouth formed into a silent scream. One hand rests atop a gigantic diamond sphere resting atop a glassteel tripod within which can be seen swirling colored mists. Coiled by his side is an emerald drake. A crystalline minaret can be seen at the base of the throne.
(62) Git: (Does the elf woman resesmble the silent images Norf made of his wife?)
(36) DM: (yes)
(54) Kha: (( I am falling asleep, so I am going to log off ))
(36) DM: The model of the Citadel beckons in the dim light of the hexagonal chamber. Two minarets are in place.
(36) DM: ((k))
(54) Kha: Disconnecting from server...
(54) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 01:38
** (43) Lellick looks over the model once more before placing the newly-retrieved minaret. **
(43) Lellick: "Now.. which way next?"
(44) Agatha: "One is as good as any other, I suppose. Though perhaps we should put off the garden for now.
(36) DM: The minaret fuses in place, and suffuses the model with a dim glow of azure light.
(44) Agatha: "Any strong feelings one way or the other?"
** (62) Git stares into the sphere depicting the elf woman. "We should save this one for last. If this really does revive Norf's family we don't want to drag them into danger in the other trials. Personally... i kinda want to slay the drake." :grins semi-amused: **
(43) Lellick: "Mmm, I have no preference."
** (44) Agatha looks at Git with a wry smile. "Pfft. You would." **
** (44) Agatha heads off for the south passage. **
(36) DM: (you all need to agree on the passage you enter)
(67) ticattack (enter): 01:52
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (67) ticattack...
** (62) Git moves toward the SW arch, eyeing the throne room in the sphere. "Shall we?" **
** (43) Lellick shrugs, and follows after Git. **
** (44) Agatha shrugs and follows. "Might as well." **
(36) DM: (ok, sec.)
(36) DM: You enter the archway....
(57) ticattack (exit): 02:06
(36) DM: There is a mild feeling of disorientation similar to when you entered the archway leading to the Endless Tower...
(36) DM: ...and when your vision clears...

A great river flows slowly through the woods. Huge trees form a vast canopy high
above the 100 foot wide waterway. Silvery leaves flutter down to rest on the water’s
tranquil surface. The water is not frozen. Indeed, the temperature of the air is
warmer than in the plains. It is, however, not a pleasant warmth. The air seems stagnant,
as if spring had stayed here too long and was slowly rotting.

A crystalline bridge crosses the river. On this side of the river, the woods seem tranquil. The forest on the other side is quite another story, as if the trees themselves are in pain. Gashes in the treebark open up like gaping wounds that ooze a sickly green sap that upwells from deep within each tree.

At the foot of the bridge is a floating emerald disk. Upon the disk are three coins, along with a scroll.

(62) Git: :quirks a brow at their new surroundings: "Heh... didn't think it would be as easy as walking through the door and facing the task."
** (62) Git eyes the coins a moment, trying to place their nation of origin **
** (43) Lellick takes a long look around, "I would say this was a nice change of pace, but..." **
(36) DM: The coins appear to be of star elven origin, from the time when Celdenir was a great city and not the ghostly ruin that it is today.
(44) Agatha: "So where are we?"
(62) Git: "Forest of the Damned seems a fitting name."
(62) Git: :suggests as he examines the scroll:
(62) Git: :reads aloud from the scroll: "Cast the coins into the river to recive a vision. The coins shall reveal your final destination and a possible solution or set of solutions to your taksk."
(43) Lellick: "At least they're straight-forward about it this time?"
(62) Git: "Heh... sounds like a Lucky Fountain."
(68) Zane (enter): 02:20
(44) Agatha: "Hunh. Well I've never known a scroll to lie. Let's give it a go."
(62) Git: "It's signed by Martek. And P.S. As Fate is random, so too shall the coin toss determine your path or paths."
(62) Git: "maybe not that straightforward."
** (43) Lellick eyes the floating platform a little more warily now. **
(44) Agatha: "That's a bit odd."
(36) DM: (ok, I need three of you to roll 1d20. I don't care who does it, but one roll per PC. The roll will simulate the casting of the coins. Odd = heads, even = tails.)
(62) Git: [1d20] -> [15] = (15)
(44) Agatha: [1d20] -> [20] = (20)
(43) Lellick: [1d20] -> [19] = (19)
(36) DM: A scene forms within the waters of the river...
(36) DM: In the ripples of the water below, you see withered trees bleeding from horrible
cracks in their bark. Dark and loathsome creatures move in the dense and mangled

A twisted tower stands among the winding streets of a tortured city. Within sits the
elfking upon his throne, the same elfking you saw in the sphere within the crystal cathedral. His mouth gapes in a silent scream. Shadows shift behind him, prodding him, tormenting him.

(36) DM: A woman surrounded by light points her finger at the king. The air wavers, her light splits the darkness and awakens the king as the world about him fades.

Suddenly, ripples cross the water. Beside the king is seen a glowing orb filled with both darkness and light. It falls to the floor and shatters as the hall fills with evil. The king awakens, and the evil crumbles into dawn.

So ends the vision.

(62) Git: "Right... now we just need to find a woman to blast the king with diving light."
(62) Git: (divine even)
(44) Agatha: "Hm, seems so simple."
** (44) Agatha isn't sure if she meant that to be sarcastic or not. **
(62) Git: "Hmmm... maybe we should post an ad in the local square. Wanted: One sacred woman of unearthly power. King slaying ability a must."
(67) ticattack (exit): 02:33
(43) Lellick: "Well, if we can't just do it ourselves.."
(72) ticattack (enter): 02:34
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (72) ticattack...
** (62) Git begins over the bridge **
** (44) Agatha follows, taking her axe out as she walks. **
** (43) Lellick takes up a spot close to the rear as he follows along. **
(36) DM: Dead and brittle thistlevines cross the road ahead in a tangled pattern. Black leaves rustle along the roadway that twists and turns among the trees. A green noxious light penetrates the fog overhead, green fog writhes in layers on the ground. You can see ahead or behind you only a few yards. The road twists out of sight in either direction.

The trees of fabled Celdenor weep blood.

(36) DM: (I need a marching order please.)
** (62) Git strolls along ahead, eyes and ears alert for dangers in this warped landscape. **
** (72) J'hzuu is somewhere in the middle, probably as near Aggie as he can get. **
** (43) Lellick will be last then. **
** (44) Agatha is right behind Git, ready to push him out of the way if necessary. **
(36) DM: All around you are the trees of fabled Celdenor, hideously changed. The soul of every tree appears to be trapped in torment, imprisoned within the trunk. The twisted branches of the trees are limbs of its spirit, contorted in agony. The grasping roots claw the ground in a hopeless attempt to flee. The rustling of leaves is a cry of pain and terror.
** (44) Agatha takes notes of the surroundings. "I'm not even an elf and I feel sad for these trees." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d100] -> [73] = (73)
(36) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
Attempting to DISABLE moderation in the current room...

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