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(2329) DM: ((who wants to run J'hzuu in the time we have remaining?))
whispering to Git, we're starting
(2329) DM: ((does anyone need a recap?))
(2330) Lellick: (I need a bio break first, brb)
(2329) DM: ((k))
(2366) Agatha: ((I'm good.))
(2375) No Name (enter): 00:15
(2375) No Name (exit): 00:15
(2329) DM: J'hzuu: "It means there must be something all missed on the first time up..."
(110) Lellick: "He said we had to find a bedroom, did he not?"
(115) Git: "Hmmm..."
** (115) Git heads back down the stairs, hoping to end up back on the forth floor, so he can cut across back to the eastern stairs and continue up. **
(100) DM: ((ok so Git is now at the staircase to the north of 1D))
Agatha: "Well, I don't think a king would sleep on the bottom floor."
Agatha: "Wait a second. Is this the bottom floor?"
** (110) Lellick scratches his head. "I don't think there would be one, with a setup like this." **
(116) Git: "Not sure it has a bottom, in the conventional sense."
J'hzuu: "If it was built as a normal tower and then magicked, J'hzuu would think there would be one..."
J'hzuu: "Even if it rarely mattered"
(100) DM: 1D: This small 20' square room has two arched doorways, one in the south wall and one in the east wall (that you're looking into). Four large muscular guards stand at attention. Their faces are masked by turbans and they wear robes. They have large scimitars at their sides.
** (116) Git gives the men a once over while moving along south to 1e **
(100) DM: 1E: A heavily hooded figure with a bow stands in the partly-opened south door of this room. In the room before him, rich drapes hang like iron over a comfortable looking but rock hard bed. Lying peacefully asleep on the bed is a handsome man of the desert. Suspended in the air just a few inches from the sleeping figure, an arrow is trapped in its flight straight toward the sleeper's heart.
Agatha: "Guess we found the right place."
** Agatha rushes to the King's side and tries to pluck the arrow from its path. **
(116) Git: "Well.. that was easy enough. Now the puzzling part... how to stop an arrow before time starts back up."
** (110) Lellick moves slowly into the room, a bit wide-eyed at the spectacle. **
** (116) Git moves to the bed, prodding at the men lying within, determining if he can be moved. **
(100) DM: The arrow is frozen in time.
(100) DM: As is usual, everything in the room is time trapped.
(116) Git: "We need to find something to put between him and the arrow."
** (110) Lellick looks consideringly at the arrow. "A shield?" **
(116) Git: :nods to lellick: "Aye.. that would work."
** Agatha unstraps her buckler and places it unceremoniously over the shiek's chest. **
Agatha: "Well, that takes care of the first shot, but I doubt that an assassin keeps only one arrow."
(116) Git: "Hmm..." hopefully the shiek will be alarmed by the shot and call out to his guards."
(110) Lellick: "That gives us little guarantee that he will not still succeed."
** Agatha looks over the assassin, paying attention to his weapons. **
(100) DM: It seems to be an ilythi'iri male.
(100) DM: Besides the bow (which is actually a hand crossbow), he has a scimitar at one side and a jambiya at the other, as well as a jambiya strapped to a wrist.
Agatha: "Hmm..."
(116) Git: "We could bind his weapons in their sheathes."
(116) Git: "Hmmm.... I'll be right back."
** (116) Git runs out of the room. He heads for the third floor to retrieve on of the active torches, before coming back to the shiek's bed chamber **
** Agatha rips off a strip of cloth from the tunic under armor and tries to tie a blind-fold around the assailant's eyes. **
** (110) Lellick comments with a smile, "If only we could move him, we could truss him up like a goose." **
Agatha: "I think we can manage something close. Can either of you spare a bit of rope?"
** (116) Git comes back with the torch and cuts off a long strip from his robe to use as binding. Then, trying to get the torch up under the back of the assassin's robe, he binds it into place around his waste. Thus when time restarts, his clothing will catch on fire. **
(100) DM: (cool. 50 xp.)
Agatha: "That's a bit much, don't you think?"
** J'hzuu shrugs. "If it works, it works". **
(116) Git: "What? It seems perfectly fine to me. When he comes to with the fire on his ass, he should make plenty of commotion to rouse the guards."
(110) Lellick: "He has a point there."

** (2366) Agatha shrugs. "I just hope the bloke doesn't spread fire to the whole bloody place." **
(2355) Git: "Nah... I'm sure the guards will stomp it out for him."
(2355) Git: "Now.. how do we start this place moving again to see if this all works out?"
(2329) DM: ((I'll run J'hzuu as an NPC, but A will run him for combat if you need to.))
(2330) Lellick: "I suppose we must return to that wizard."
** (2355) Git looks about the room meticuously, making sure the shield is in the right spot to protect the shiek from the arrow. "Alright then. Let's go hear his evaluation." **
(2329) J'hzuu: J'hzuu thinks that the strange pillar above us might have something to do with it, n'wah.
(2366) Agatha: "Hm?"
** (2366) Agatha looks up. **
(2329) J'hzuu: In the room with the tapestry of the Citadel.
(2329) J'hzuu: In the room above us....at least J'hzuu thinks it is above. (scratches his head)
(2355) Git: :Blinks at J'hzuu's sudden moment of brilliant deduction: "um... alright then. Up stairs it is."
(2329) DM: ((well remember, he told you last session that it radiated a type of magic he had never seen before))
(2366) Agatha: ((right))
** (2355) Git gives a nod to the catman and heads out of the room, back toward the pillar. **
** (2330) Lellick follows along, glancing back at the scene they left behind before hurrying to catch up. **
(2366) Agatha: "Aye, let's hope the mages can figure out how to work the damned things."
(2329) DM: You're back in the pillar chamber.
(2355) Git: "Hmmmm..." :Walks around the pillar, looking it over thoughfully for some triggering mechanism to the thing.: "Anyone know how to use a pillar to restart time?"
(2330) Lellick: "Ask it nicely?"
(2329) TaliesinNYC: 4a: This vast room is lit by globes of bright light that hang from the 100' high arched ceiling. This room is an octagon 80' across with curtained archways on alternating walls.

In the center of the room and rising to the ceiling stands a 20' square pillar of crystal, glittering light flashing up and down its four sides. The pillar stands on a large and ornate base 15' tall. Within the base are two 10' tall archways, one on the north side and one on the south. Each is blocked by a shimmering curtain.

A tapestry hangs on the northeast wall. It is a picture of the central chamber in the crystal prism, complete with the model of the Citadel of Martek.

(2366) Agatha: "Aye, I don't think hitting it would do much good either."
(2330) Lellick: "Hmmm.. what about those archways there?"
** (2355) Git tries reaching out to touch the crystal **
** (2330) Lellick moves around to one of the archways, looking at it closely. **
whispering to Lellick, it seems as if the curtains move slightly from side to side...
(2330) Lellick: "..huh."
(2329) J'hzuu: (the crystal, meaning the pillar?)
(2329) DM: (the crystal, meaning the pillar?)
(2355) Git: (yes)
(2329) DM: It feels warm to the touch, almost as if its alive.
** (2330) Lellick reaches out to touch the curtain, and push it aside. **
(2329) DM: It does.
whispering to Lellick, North or south?
(2329) DM: Behind the curtain is a 5' square alcove. Within a 2' square hole is an hourglass on a frame.
(2330) Lellick: "Git? I think I've found it."
** (2366) Agatha checks the other archway. **
(2355) Git: "Huh?" :glances over the halfling: "Found what?"
(2379) Vicissitude (enter): 00:41
(2330) Lellick: "There's an hourglass here, and I would bet that it's not just for decoration."
(2329) DM: The other archway contains a similar curtain that blocks the interior view.
** (2355) Git heads over to lellick to check out the hourglass. seeing if the sand in frozen in suspension or anything else strange. **
** (2366) Agatha pushes aside the curtain to get a better view. **
(2379) Vicissitude (exit): 00:44
(2379) Vicissitude (enter): 00:44
(2379) Vicissitude (exit): 00:45
(2329) DM: Within the northern archway is a 3" wide hole in the roof that streams a column of bright white light down to a similar hole in the floor. The glittering light looks like and behaves like a liquid, or so it seems.
(2329) DM: The sands within the hourglass are all within the bottom chamber.
** (2355) Git gives the sand glass a quick once over for traps before trying to turn it over. **
** (2366) Agatha takes a coin from her purse and flips it into the light. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [9,16] = (25)
whispering to Git, there seems to be no traps...
whispering to Agatha, it flies through the column, causing droplets of light to sputter and spark onto the floor
whispering to Agatha, and lands on the other side...
(2329) DM: You (Git) turn the hourglass over...and suddenly....
(2329) DM: ...you feel yourself swept off your feet and see yourself doing things in reverse...
(2329) DM: You see your companions doing things in reverse. Time seems to have reversed itself...
(2329) DM: ...and things move faster and faster...
(2329) DM: ...you undo your plans in the Sheik's bedchamber...
(2355) Git: "...parc yloH"
(2329) DM: Kha is ressurected from his fight with the banshee...
(2329) DM: ...you see yourselves exploring the Tower but in reverse...
(2329) DM: ...and then, there is a flash, and you find yourselves teleported out into where you first entered the Endless Tower, except you still do not have the minaret.
(2355) Git: "Uhhhhh......"
** (2330) Lellick looks around, then rubs at his eyes, then looks around again. "...I suppose that wasn't it after all." **
(2366) Agatha: "Bloody Hell! What the hell did you two do?"
(2355) Git: "I... uh... I..." :looks around a bit and smiles: "I resurrected Kha!"
** (2366) Agatha looks wildly around her surroundings in confusion. **
(2329) DM: (hah)
(2330) Lellick: "I didn't touch anything, he was the one who did it!"
(2355) Git: :pats the spearman on the shoulder: "Welcome back. You can thank me later."
(2330) Lellick: "Er.. does this mean we'll have to go back in there again?"
(2355) Git: "Eh.. no problem. We know what we have to do. Just set it back up and try again."
(2382) Arman (enter): 00:59
(2355) Git: "WEll then.. back the shiek's chambers to reset the scene?"
(2382) crimson_ghost (exit): 01:03
(2330) Lellick: "Might as well, then."
** (2355) Git sets out to return to the shiek's room, stopping along the way to retrieve the torch to recreate their set up. **
** (2366) Agatha keeps an eye for the damned banshee. **
(2329) DM: (ok, you're back in the Sheik's bedchamber then)
(2329) DM: (if you recall, the banshee couldn't leave her room and only appeared because Kha wandered off. ^ ^)
(2366) Agatha: ((Even still ;P)
** (2355) Git carefully resets the scene, shielding the shiek and trapping the assassin. Once finished. "Alright... shall we take one more shot at this whole restarting time thing?" **
(2355) Git: (afk)
(2329) DM: (ok)
** (2330) Lellick voices his agreement, heading back to the pillar-room. **
** (2366) Agatha follows, curious about the liquid light. **
(2329) DM: (ok)
** (2330) Lellick looks around the room with a faint frown. "Hmm.. there's got to be something else here. I doubt trying the hourglass again will help any." **
(2366) Agatha: "Well, I did find something in the other archway while you two were fooling around the hourglass.
** (2366) Agatha displays the light behind the northern curtain. **
** (2366) Agatha cautiously passes her hand throught the beam of light in the northern archway. **
(2330) Lellick: "Oh?"
** (2355) Git follows aggy to the light beam in the northern archway. **
** (2330) Lellick follows Agatha to the other archway, looking curiously at the light there. **
(2355) Git: "uuuuuhhh... what's it do?"
(2329) DM: As expected, this disrupts the light beam causing the light to behave as if it were a column of water.
(2366) Agatha: "I'm not sure..."
(2329) DM: (passing her hand through the beam of light causes flecks of light to drop to the floor as if they were water droplets)
(2366) Agatha: "...Do you still have that steel mirror of yours, Git?"
(2355) Git: (is the light collecting into something at the bottom, like a pool?)
(2329) DM: (its escaping into a similar hole in the floor)
(2329) DM: (when the light flecks drop to the floor, they vanish)
(2355) Git: :raises a brow to Aggy a moment, before retrieving the small mirror strapped to the undersides of his bracer.: "Here.."
** (2366) Agatha takes the mirror and tries to see if she can reflect the light. **
(2329) DM: Not really.
(2329) DM: When you disrupt the column, the light bounces off the mirror and vanishes into thin air.
** (2366) Agatha scratches her head. "Hmm. So much for that." **
(2355) Git (exit): 01:28
** (2330) Lellick murmurs, "It is quite beautiful...," sticking his cupped hand into the column to 'catch' some of the light drops. **
(2329) DM: And strangely enough, sensationless.
(2389) Git (enter): 01:32
(2330) Lellick: "..This can't just be an illusion. It has to have some sort of signifigance."
** (2366) Agatha hands back the mirror to Git, stumped as what to do with this oddity. **
(2377) Kas (enter): 01:33
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2389) Git...
** (2330) Lellick kneels down and tries poking his finger in the hole there at the bottom of the column. **
(2377) Kas (exit): 01:35
(2329) DM: As you (Lellick) do so, the column of light ceases to flow, and vanishes.
(2330) Lellick: "..."
** (2330) Lellick quickly takes his finger out again. **
(2329) DM: The column of light quickly reappears, as if nothing had happened...
(2389) Git: "Great.. now ya broke it."
(2330) Lellick: "..At least it didn't take us back through time?"
(2389) Git: "Oh...": watches the light reappear:
** (2389) Git passes the halfling an annoyed glance for a second, before consenting with a shrug. Kneeling down he repeats lellick's act, reaching into the hole in the floor, seeing if the light fades from the bottom up or the top down. **
** (2330) Lellick moves out of the way, to give him more room. **
(2329) DM: (from the top down)
(2389) Git: :Takes his had away and watches how it reapprars:
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] -> [6,1] = (7)
(2329) DM: (almost within seconds)
(2389) Git: "Hmmm... who wants to put the sandglass in the light?"
(2330) Lellick: "I'll leave that to you. If it explodes, it can be your fault."
(2389) Git: "Then it should be no different than usual."
(2366) Agatha: "Hmm..I can't imagine what that might do, but it's not like we have any better ideas."
** (2389) Git goes to get the sandglass and returns to place it into the light for experimental purposes. **
(2329) DM: You can't take the hourglass out of the alcove. It's impossible.
(2389) Git: (do we have any of those bath plugs left?)
(2366) Agatha: ((I don't think so.))
(2366) Agatha: "Hmph. Well that was another fine idea."
(2330) Lellick: "Do you think that blocking the light might cause something to happen elsewhere?"
(2389) Git: "Might as well try. 'm shor to on ideas."
** (2330) Lellick digs in his pockets before coming up with a bit of cloth, wadding it up before sticking it in the hole. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] -> [3,3] = (6)
(2329) DM: (ok)
(2329) DM: As that happens, predictably, the column of light disappears.
(2330) Lellick: "Now... I suppose we should take another look around."
(2389) Git: "Uh... alright..."
** (2330) Lellick gives Git an embarrassed smile, "This is really more your expertise than mine. I'm just guessing here." **
(2389) Git: "Don't look at me. Time distoritng sandglasses and liquid light.. not exactly my forte either."
** (2389) Git heads out of the pillar chamber, to check if anything is moving in the rest of the citadel. **
** (2366) Agatha follows Git. **
** (2330) Lellick also follows. **
(2329) DM: (where to?)
(2329) DM: You can hear laughter and music....
(2366) Agatha: ((I say the Sheik's chambers))
(2329) DM: ...a shout and a scream...
(2389) Git: (downstairs is fine, looking for something that was frozen and is now moing)
(2330) Lellick: "It worked!"
(2389) Git: "Well... that sounded like a resounding success."
(2329) DM: As you return to the Sheik's chambers, you exit from the stairs just in time to see a group of mamluks overpower an ilythi'iri whose clothes have caught fire.
** (2389) Git casually strolls to the scene, glancing aside to make sure the shiek is still alive. **
(2329) DM: One of the mamluks glances at you and rises, moving to unsheathe his scimitar. The Sheik is sitting bolt upright in his bed, clutching at a shield that deflected the formerly time-trapped crossbow bolt.
** (2389) Git holds up his hands in submission to the mamluk: "Easy, friend, we're only here to help. Oh and, can we get our shield back? "Pointing to the shiek. **
** (2330) Lellick gives the mamluk what he hopes is a reassuring smile. **
(2329) DM: The mamluk looks at you uncomprehendingly...and then freezes into place.
(2366) Agatha: "Aye, I'm rather partial to that buckler."
(2389) Git: (as in time freezes again?)
(2329) DM: (yes)
(2395) Git (enter): 02:16
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2395) Git...
(2366) Agatha: "Hm. In that case.."
(2389) Git (exit): 02:16
** (2366) Agatha tries to take back her buckler. **
** (2330) Lellick stares at the mamluk for a moment before waving his hand around in front of him. "But we just... why did it stop again??" **
(2395) Git: "Eh... mission complete. lets go see chronos about fixing this for good."
** (2330) Lellick slowly nods. "..yes, let's." **
** (2395) Git turns to leave the room, making his way back to the wizard's room. **
** Chronias whistles an elven aria as you enter his throne room. **
(2329) Chronias: You're back. (yawns, looking at his fingernails)
(2366) Agatha: ((So did I get the buckler back or did that get time-frozen?))
(2329) DM: ((its frozen))
(2329) Chronias: So, what can I do for you? (seems amused)
(2395) Git: "Yep... saved a shiek, travelled time, learned a lesson about playing with magick sandglasses. So... can you help us restart time now?"
** (2366) Agatha is still grumbling about her lost shield. **
(2329) Chronias: I suppose I could do that. (giggles)
(2329) Chronias: Well. You're looking for the minaret.
** (2330) Lellick looks at Chronias defiantly. "We are." **
(2329) Chronias: Spunk. I like that. (giggles)
(2329) Chronias: Here's a little puzzle for you. This medallion can unfreeze any three objects within this tower and bring it into your time frame.
(2329) Chronias: To leave the Tower, you must flip the hourglass. Anything brought into the central room within the Tower will also be brought into your time-frame.
(2330) Lellick: "..only three? What about all the people here?! Are they to be stuck here forever?"
(2329) Chronias: However, once you flip the hourglass, you will leave the Tower. Anything within the room at the time you flip over the sandglass will be teleported with you.
(2329) Chronias: Therein lies the puzzle. Do you choose to save yourselves or save these souls? (giggles)
(2329) Chronias: I shall also answer as many questions as you like about your current predicament...if you like.
(2366) Agatha: "Aye, I've got a question for you. What's with that charm around your neck?"
(2366) Agatha: "And why are you alone unaffected by the magic here?"
(2329) Chronias: The medallion of which I speak. (chuckles)
(2329) Chronias: What is time to one such as I? (giggles)
** Chronias unfastens the medallion from his neck and tosses it to Lellick. **
(2329) Chronias: Take good care of it. You'll need it. (giggles enthusiastically)
(2395) Git: "And what manner of entity are you eaxactly, if I may inquirte?"
** (2330) Lellick darts his hand out to catch the medallion, looking at it with a faint frown. **
(2329) Chronias: Mmm, there is no name that one of your kind would know for one such as I.
(2399) Vicissitude (enter): 02:43
(2329) DM: (if you want, we can stop here and resume next time since I sense that people are fading.)
(2399) Vicissitude (exit): 02:43
(2395) Git: "Understood... or.. not not understood, with good reason. Anyway, once we've chosen what will come with us, how do we actually restart tiem?"
(2395) Git: (alright)
(2329) Chronias: Within this Tower, you cannot.
(2329) Chronias: You can only release objects or people that are time-trapped. What you choose to do with the medallion is up to you.
(2330) Lellick: "And how do we use the medallion, exactly?"
(2403) No Name (enter): 02:48
(2403) No Name (exit): 02:48
(2329) Chronias: Merely wear the medallion and touch that which you wish to release, and it shall be so.

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