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(611) Tiejaz (enter): 22:18
(611) Tiejaz: (( hello.)
(614) TaliesinNYC: hi
(611) Tiejaz: is this a dnd game that I can join?
(614) TaliesinNYC: yes its a D&D 3.5 game but there are some things you need to know first
(614) TaliesinNYC: see that node
(646) Hihepux (exit): 22:20
(611) Tiejaz: what time did the game start?
(611) Tiejaz: 9.30 at GMT -5?
(611) Tiejaz: so 50 m ago?
(611) Tiejaz: .... Are you kidding? I'm not 18.
(614) TaliesinNYC: yes
(611) Tiejaz: may I still join?
(614) TaliesinNYC: we have a rule that says if there are less than 4 players present, the session doesn't start until we have 4
(614) TaliesinNYC: you need to be older than 18
(611) Tiejaz: why?
(614) TaliesinNYC: preferences.
(614) TaliesinNYC: thanks for the interest.
(611) Tiejaz: that's so discriminatory.
(614) TaliesinNYC: it is.
(611) Tiejaz: I'm more mature than half the 18 year olds I know.
(614) TaliesinNYC: that's subjective, isn't it?
(611) Tiejaz: give me a chance?
(634) Git: Too be fair, I know a lot of 25 yr olds who aren't that mature
(614) TaliesinNYC: I'm going to let my players determine that
(614) TaliesinNYC: so have at it, folks
(611) Tiejaz: i'm 16
(634) Git: ..and how tall are you?
(614) TaliesinNYC: bad Git lol
(634) Git: 0.o
** (645) Dj Gilcrease votes no, not based on age but based on the way you reacted to the age requirment. Had you been more Mature about it I may have let it slide **
(611) Tiejaz: almost 6'
(611) Tiejaz: I just thought it was a bit ridiculous that you think age determines maturity.
(634) Git: Oooo... just shy of the height requirements. Would you mind wearing lifts?
(614) TaliesinNYC: if you read it
(614) TaliesinNYC: you would see that I specifically state “We recognize that age is not usually a reliable barometer of maturity, but in our experience, most players who we have come across that we have liked or who have joined the campaign tend to be past this point”
(614) TaliesinNYC: read that again if you need further clarification
whispering to Lellick, what do you think?
(611) Tiejaz: I have to lurk one whole session before playing?
(614) TaliesinNYC: yes
(611) Tiejaz: ...
(614) TaliesinNYC: you need to lurk for at least one session
(611) Tiejaz (exit): 22:30
(614) TaliesinNYC: lol
(634) Git: is one session that much?
(614) TaliesinNYC: apparently
(614) TaliesinNYC: the concept of making sure you like it before you commit is apparently too foreign
(634) Git: Heh.. I figured the buttload of reading would have done him in instead.
(614) TaliesinNYC: true
 (634) Git: Speed reader with a short attention span perhaps
(634) Git: brb
(614) TaliesinNYC: speed reader with a short attention span = DJ
(614) TaliesinNYC: ^ ^
(645) Dj Gilcrease: lol
(614) TaliesinNYC: kidding
(645) Dj Gilcrease: I actualy agree with that =P
(614) TaliesinNYC: ok, well I'm tabling tonight's session
(645) Dj Gilcrease: Agatha sais she would be late, but here
(633) Lellick: Which means.. cancelled?
(614) TaliesinNYC: its up to you
(614) TaliesinNYC: but Gautam posted he would be late on the boards
(614) TaliesinNYC: its now 11
(633) Lellick: I have nothing to do for the rest of the night, so I don't mind either way
(614) TaliesinNYC: so if he does show, we have 3 hours
(614) TaliesinNYC: ok, brb
(614) TaliesinNYC: heh
(614) TaliesinNYC: yay
(614) TaliesinNYC: we have our 4th
(674) ticattack (enter): 23:00
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (674) ticattack...
(633) Lellick: Hey Tic
(614) TaliesinNYC: so I'm removing Maximus from the group
(614) TaliesinNYC: he hasn't e-mailed me for over 2 months
(614) TaliesinNYC: and let's start
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(614) DM: Anyone need a recap?
(634) Git: please
(674) ticattack: ((Quick'un, aye))
(614) DM: ((basically explored more of the tower, had a brief combat with a banshee. Kha died, Teleute appeared and told you that he would return if you could find a way to restore the flow of time...and allow those who have died in the Tower to leave))
(614) DM: ((a minor banshee, btw. you've explored and discovered most of the rooms on this level except for any door that has a closed door per the map above.))
(614) DM: ((in room 1L, there is a bottle that rocks back and forth on the floor by itself. you have not been able to enter room 1E.))
(634) Git: (now If I could just remember what room I was in...)
(633) Lellick: (I think we were in 1k?)
(614) TaliesinNYC: ((1K when last we left))
(634) Git: (I forget..was the door to room 1l just narrowly closed?)
(634) Git: (that's 1L)
(614) DM: ((it was slightly ajar. about 1" open.))
(634) Git: (The jar.. is it rocking randomly, or more exact, like a metrinome, like time is just playing the moevement back and forth?)
(614) DM: ((more exact. more precise.))
(634) Git: (is the crack wide enough to poke my extending pole throught to prod at the jar?)
(634) Git: (er.. bottle rather)
** (633) Lellick waits against the opposite walll as they fiddle with the door. **
(697) Tarl (enter): 23:18
(614) DM: ((yes, barely))
** (634) Git pulls a pole from his back, and with a flick, extends one end. Then, carefully he pokes the rod in through the crack(excuse suggestiveness) in the door and tries to reach teh bottle, seing if it can be disturbed in some way. **
(614) DM: It ISN'T time-trapped....unlike everything else you've met thus far.
(634) Git: (Exactly why I feel the need to disturb it. ;P)
(715) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 23:27
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (715) Dj Gilcrease...
(614) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(645) Dj Gilcrease' from room...
(645) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 23:28
(614) DM: You're able to get it to the edge of the door....but not fully out of the room. Or at least manipulate it so that the stopper faces you.
(614) DM: It doesn't cease rocking, but in fact acts more agitated.
(718) ticattack (enter): 23:29
whispering to Tarl, the famous Tarl I see. :)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (718) ticattack...
(614) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(674) ticattack' from room...
(674) ticattack (exit): 23:29
** (634) Git tries to nudge the bottle's stopped close enough to the door's opening that his can reach his fingers through and pinch for the stopper. **
** (633) Lellick tenatively moves up behind Git, trying to peer around him to see what he's doing. "...You moved it??" **
(634) Git: "Yeah... s'kinda like fishing.. without the worms."
(634) Git: :If he does get his fingers on the stopper, don't pull it until he's ducked fully behind the door, with the exception of his hand:
(614) DM: ((ok))
(614) DM: The stopper comes out, with a loud pop.
(614) DM: A beat. And then...a slow hiss escapes from the bottle, which no longer rocks of its own accord. A hiss, as if air escapes from a balloon.
(715) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
** (634) Git holds his breath and awaits the results from behind the door. **
(614) DM: After a long minute or so, a column of grayish-blue smoke coalesces atop which you can see a muscular light-blue skinned humanoid wearing a turban. It is, in fact, a djann, albeit in miniature.
** (633) Lellick blinks, backing up a few steps. "That's..." **
(614) DM: It seems to be about 1' tall, but is in all other respects, a djann.
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: Salutations, O my Masters! With sweetness and lightness, I thank you for freeing me from the confines of that bottle, may Fate protect you from all harm!
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: How might I serve you?
** (634) Git peeks at the mini-djinn through the crack. Holding up a hand in curious greeting, he offers, "Goodday Small friend. I'm glad you aren't something that explodes in my face." **
(634) Git: "I... don't suppose you have any talents in unfreezing time...?"
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: I beg your pardon? Unfreezing time?
(614) DM: The djann puffs his chest proudly, exclaiming, "I am Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr, and I have many talents but not one of them can stop a mighty flowing river that is time itself."
(633) Lellick: "..Well, so much for getting right to the point."
(633) Lellick: "May we ask you a few questions?"
(634) Git: :nod, nod: "That's good. That's good. After all, we do not wish to stop it. We want it to go."
J'hzuu: "Not stop it, restart it"
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: Of course, lady. I am at your service for it is the least I can do for your freeing me.
** Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr seems puzzled at Git's request. **
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: Restart it?
(633) Lellick: "It's a bit complicated, I'm afraid. We're in an area where time seems to have stopped. At any rate.. could you tell us how you got in that bottle?"
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: I was commanded by a noble of steel and ice to live out one thousand and one years in this bottle for failing to preserve the life of my last master. I have had ample time to ponder the depths of my failings.
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: To tell you the truth, I have lost track of time itself. It seemed as clear as yesterday that my trial had ended.
** (633) Lellick runs a hand over his hair, faintly frustrated. "So you have no idea how your bottle came to be in this room?" **
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: No, I am afraid not. The last thing I remember was my trial. A sha'ir by the name of Martek was in attendance.
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: Most remarkable, that a human would be admitted into an audience amongst the Seven Viziers.
(634) Git: "Yes.. I'm sure he is quite impressive." :Git offers dryly: "By the way... can you get out of the room?"
(718) ticattack (exit): 23:50
** Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr dissolves into a column of smoke, and reappears on the other side of the door, reforming in a few seconds. "You mean, like this?" he grins mischievously. **
(634) Git: "Ah.." :gives a small applause. Good for you."
(733) ticattack (enter): 23:54
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (733) ticattack...
** (633) Lellick hums thoughtfully. "I suppose we should press on, then?" **
(634) Git: "By the way.. do you have any knowledge of this citadel? or is this place also a blank to you?"
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: I do not know where this is, lady.
(614) Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr: But you have freed me, and so I am honor bound to serve you or until the debt is paid.
(634) Git: "Eh... did you just call me Lady?" :quirks a brow:
(614) DM: (that was a mistake, sorry)
(741) Dante (enter): 23:58
(741) Dante (exit): 23:59
(741) Dante (enter): 23:59
(741) Dante (exit): 23:59
(634) Git: "Right then... shall we try the stairs?
** (634) Git heads out of the room, on his way toward 1g. "Perhaps up or down we'll find another stairway to bring us to that side of the building." **
(633) Lellick (exit): 00:02
(743) Mindless (enter): 00:03
(744) Lellick (enter): 00:03
(745) Dante (enter): 00:03
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (744) Lellick...
(744) Lellick: (..That was weird)
(614) DM: ((Veav seems to be a relatively unstable server.))
(743) Mindless (exit): 00:03
(614) DM: ((which flight of stairs?))
(634) Git: (can't we only reach the one at 1g?)
(614) DM: ((1G or the flight of stairs outside of 1B))
(634) Git: (oh, guess we'll try 1b then.. it's closer.)
(745) Dante (exit): 00:08
(614) DM: ((ok, bear with me pls))
(750) Joe (enter): 00:09
(614) DM: ((it's not apparent from the map, but the flight of stairs leads up to a landing that has an exit to your left. it also continues upwards. the exit leads to room 2H.))
(614) DM: ((correction, sorry. the stairs DO NOT continue up.))
(750) Joe (exit): 00:11
** (634) Git moves out from the stairwell into 2H, taking in their new surroundings **
(614) TaliesinNYC: 2h: This room is 30' wide and 40' long. There are open archways in the center of the north and south walls. A curtain blocks a 20' wide hole in the east wall. There is a 10' wide iron door in the center of the west wall. Three guards, with their swords drawn, stand on each side of the room.

Two other guards are frozen in mid-stride as they race for the north doorway.

Three men, clad in ebony armor stand with drawn scimitars and block the running guards' way. One of them wears an unholy symbol of Gorgauth prominently emblazoned on his breastplate.

** (744) Lellick follows after Git as they leave the stairs, raising his eyebrows at the scene. "Now this is interesting." **
(614) DM: ((when I say ebony, I don't mean ebony as in "black", but ebony as in the material in The Elder Scrolls games. typically ebony armor is something that's normally found in Mel'Cendia or in Alalminor.))
(634) Git: "Yes.. seesm were getting closer to the action." :as he observes the stopped men, and tries to see what the guards are heading north for:
(614) DM: The guards seem to have been moving to intercept the men in ebony armor.
** (634) Git moves to see if he can get beyond the curtain to the east, or evene just peek through. **
whispering to Git, nope
whispering to Git, its time-trapped
(634) Git: "Hmph... outta all the places I've snuck into.. all the situations I'v conned my way into.. what stops me? A curtain?" :grumbles a bit, half-jokingly and walks off toward 2g to fid a naalternate route.
** (744) Lellick looks musingly at the men in the ebony armor. "This doesn't shed very much light on the situation. It's not difficult to run afoul of Gorgauth's clergy..." **
(614) TaliesinNYC: 2g: This 30' long hallway is 20' wide.

Three 10' wide cells open from each side, in front of which are six huge figures, their faces shrouded by robes. They stand at attention.

The figure of another huge man lies on the floor, his robes draped loosel over his body. An open archway leads from the west end of the hall.

There is an extremely foul odor here.

** (634) Git checks out the men in passing, trying to discern whose side the the standing men and the fallen man are on. **
(614) DM: An open door hangs motionless in the east wall.
(614) DM: The fallen figure is in the center of the room.
(614) DM: You're not able to determine much without closer or more thorough inspection.
(634) Git: :inspects closer:
whispering to Git, I mean as in trying to remove his clothing
** (634) Git shrugs and continues into 2g **
** (744) Lellick moves to follow after Git now, holding his hand over his mouth and nose at the smell. **
(614) DM: Its as if a corpse is decomposing.
(614) DM: ((J'hz? Doing anything?))
** Ha'shef of the Undying Zephyr follows along silently, wrinkling his nose at the stench. **
** (744) Lellick lowers his hand long enough to ask, "Why would there be a smell? None of the food in the kitchens did." **
(634) Git: "Once more.. perhaps we're getting closer to the action."
** (634) Git steps back into the hall in after thought, nudging th ecorpse with his toe. **
** J'hzuu makes a gagging noise and covers his mouth with one hand. "Could a body smell when frozen in time?" he asks, motioning at the fallen man with his other hand. **
(614) DM: The robes seem to shift slightly off the corpse.
(614) DM: This appears to be skeletal remains of a human, clad in tarnished plate armor.
** (634) Git gives a considering groan. Then drawing Suhail, the rogue reaches down with the sword's tip to pull the robe back from the body. **
(763) Enthalpy (enter): 00:34
(634) Git: :speaks to the corpse as if it would answer: "Now... why did you still age?"
(614) DM: The corpse's features are quite unrecognizeable at this point. However, the telltale sign of a symbol of Ra, the Ever-Living can be seen etched onto the figure's breastplate.
(634) Git: (Is there a major difference between the corpses style o dress and the others in this place?)
** J'hzuu frowns. "Be careful. The banshee could still move. Perhaps the undead are not affected?" **
** (744) Lellick hesitantly moves a bit closer, to get a better look at the corpse. **
(614) DM: ((its of a style that seems to have been similar to the palanae in the Eternal Garden))
(763) Enthalpy (exit): 00:36
(614) DM: As you (Lellick) do so, a smoky form issues forth from the remains of the figure's mouth, rising into the air, and gradually taking on the shape of an armored man. The form wavers in the still air, as if not quite believable.
(634) Git: :examines the bodie's clothing and remains for signs of blood or trauma to indicate a physically violent death.
** J'hzuu claps his hands over his ears and watches the shape warily. **
** (744) Lellick scrambles back, half looking like he's about to punch it. "...." **
** (634) Git shoots back a step, sword reay as he watches the spectre's formation **
(744) Lellick: "...Hello?"
(614) Ibrahim: You who are alive, behold my failure to protect His Excellency from an untimely death....
** J'hzuu slowly brings his hands from his ears. "His Excellency?" **
(614) Ibrahim: ...in life I was Ibrahim, the Captain of the Guard, and charged with protecting His Excellency, the lord of this Tower from harm. And now in death, I look upon the faces of my men who died before they could act....
** Ibrahim nods. "Yes, His Excellency, the most noble Sheik Ma'haf al-Furani al-Qudr, of the Wind Across the Desert, the Inscrutable, the Wise, the Radiant Light, may Fate protect him from all harm." **
(614) Ibrahim: "I failed....and now I gaze upon the faces of my men in death eternal...."
(767) Vyctavyre (enter): 00:45
(767) Vyctavyre (exit): 00:45
(767) Vyctavyre (enter): 00:45
(634) Git: :offers a slight bow: "Well.. we do regret your loss. I wonder though.. is it his majesty's death which froze time in this place? Or some other event?
** (744) Lellick relaxes a bit, though he still stands stiffly. "Please. Can you tell us of the circumstances? Who killed your lord?" **
(614) Ibrahim: "...if you are able, look you upon His Excellency and see for yourselves the manner of his death. And if you are able, you who are alive, to see how it could have been prevented, I and my brethren will be eternally grateful, in the name of Fate and the gods above and below, for you have no Fate but the Fate you are given."
(769) Clay (enter): 00:48
(770) spike(1) (enter): 00:48
(769) Clay (exit): 00:48
(770) spike(1) (exit): 00:48
(614) Ibrahim: "...as assassins were making their way into the Tower, I assembled my men to inspect them. I played a coward's role, and in so doing, trapped my lord in his chamber, preventing him from living. And I was cursed by Fate and the gods above and below to live out the rest of my life, the rest of my years in this place. His chamber of rest lies below you, below this floor. Look you upon him, you who are alive..."
(767) Vyctavyre (exit): 00:50
(634) Git: :resheathes Suhail, and gives the ghost a brief bow: "Thank you. We will do this."
** Ibrahim nods solemnly and falls silent, looking down upon his corpse. **
** J'hzuu nods slowly. **
** (744) Lellick speaks up, "Is there.. anything we might do for your remains?" **
J'hzuu: ((AFK a few))
(774) Vicious DM (enter): 00:54
** Ibrahim raises his eyes to meet the halfling's gaze. "If you are able, please say a blessing over my remains in whatever god you serve, live one." **
(744) Lellick: "I am proud to serve."
(774) Telgore (exit): 00:57
** (744) Lellick gives Git and J'hzuu a faint smile, "Don't wait up for me," before approaching the corpse. He sinks to his knees down beside it, pulling his holy symbol off his belt before beginning to murmur a blessing for the dead. "I beseech thee, Tevesh, look down upon this one that lost his life to violence..." **
** (634) Git gives the halfling a nod, and moves into the eastern doorway to 2g **
(614) DM: ((you mean 2F))
(614) TaliesinNYC: 2f: Two huge figures stand in this 20' square room. Their faces are wrapped in cloth, their eyes almost hidden in the shadows beneath their helmets and turbans. They stand ready, swords in their gloved hands. Archways are open in the north and south walls. A wooden door in the west wall is partly open. A door in the east wall is closed.
(778) tiejaz (enter): 01:05
(778) tiejaz (exit): 01:05
** (634) Git draws Suhail and gives the frozen men a decent poke, just to be sure they're frozen, beofer checking out the norther archway. **
(614) DM: They seem to be quite frozen all right.
(614) DM: The archway seems to open up into a throne room.
(733) ticattack (exit): 01:08
(634) Git: :heads into the throne room
(614) TaliesinNYC: sigh
(781) ticattack (enter): 01:10
(614) TaliesinNYC: I propose we break here since we really have 3 players
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(614) TaliesinNYC: DJ's PC isn't anywhere near ready
(614) TaliesinNYC: seeing as how I need to review the psi book
(744) Lellick: Hmm, alright

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