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 Friday Game: 9:30pm - 3am EST

Read This Post for more information.

(147) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 21:55
(148) TaliesinNYC (enter): 21:55
(149) ACStrife (enter): 21:55
(150) Lellick (enter): 21:55
(155) ticattack (enter): 21:55
(157) Git (enter): 21:55
DM: ((someone bring Ag up to speed.))
** (150) Lellick inches over to Git, trying to stay as quiet as possible. **
** (157) Git draws Suhail and a dagger, just in case, while Lellick sees of he can save their comade **
whispering to Lellick, Git, Dj Gilcrease, ticattack, (GW): pissed off a banshee, huh? Yeah, that sounds about right for Kha.
DM: The scimitar glows with a bright golden light, bathing your (Git's) form in its radiance.
** (150) Lellick whispers again, "He's dead. Doesn't matter anyway. We need to.. get rid of it, or get his body out." **
(157) Git: "Eh?" :stares at the glowing blade curiously. and a bit perturbed it would choose now to go all luminescant
** J'hzuu 's eyes open wide as the light extends. "Turn it off!" he whispers sharply. **
(157) Git: :if there's no response from the figure in the room, Git quickly resheaths Suhail to turn off the lightshow
(161) Agatha: "Hmph. I dunno about you, but in the stories it's never a good sign when a mystical weapon glows crazily like that."
DM: (doesn't appear to react)
(157) Git: :whispers harshly to the sword: "Don't do that when I'm trying to hide from something!"
** (157) Git checks out the room with his mirror again, to see if the entity is still waiting around, abd why it did not respond to all the glowing **
** J'hzuu glances in the mirror to get a glimpse of whatever is in the room. **
DM: The spirit seems to have shifted its gaze from Kha's form and is now floating within the room.
DM: She doesn't appear to have noticed you. Her appearance is rather ghastly.
DM: It's that of an elfmaid, albeit as a smoky image. Her face is one of utter contempt and evil.
(157) Git: :While the creature floatsaway, Git creeps back from the door to the others, looking back at kha's body, asking Lellick, is there anything we can do for him?"
** (150) Lellick keeps whispering. "No. Suhail might be able to, assuming we can get him safely away." **
** (161) Agatha turns to the image of Teleute, thinking it to be some sort of illusion. ((whisper)) "Hmph. I don't suppose you have any bright ideas, do you?" **
J'hzuu: (Whispering) "It is a banshee... It can kill with a scream..." He shudders.
(157) Git: "Great.. get some wax in your eara then." :offers half-joking:
** J'hzuu frowns. "J'hzuu does not know if this would work. It might?" **
(161) Agatha: ((whispering)) "Hmm. Kha knew a spell that could create a field of silence. Could anyone here do that?"
** (150) Lellick spreads his hands helplessly. "Not unless you want to wait a few hours while I pray." **
** J'hzuu shakes his head. "J'hzuu cannot." **
(161) Agatha: "Well so much for that idea. What do we have to plug our ears with?"
** J'hzuu gestures to his spell components pouch. "There is plenty in here, J'hzuu thinks". **
** J'hzuu reachs in and rummages about, pulling out a piece of fleece. "Well... Who will to test it?" **
** (150) Lellick gets a wry look, and starts looking through his own component pouch. **
(161) Agatha: "I'll do it. This banshee can't be any worse than my children when they threw tantrums."
(157) Git: "Let's hop not. But I prefer we do this smart, rather than rushing in thoughtlessly."
** J'hzuu takes out bits of fleece and hands it to Agatha. **
** (157) Git holds out his hand for some fleece to stuff his own ears **
** (161) Agatha takes the fleece and tries to plug her ears as best she can. ((does this require some sort of check for effectiveness?)) **
** (150) Lellick produces a small candle after rummaging around a bit, and breaks off pieces of wax. **
(157) Git: :before ears get stuffed and everyone deafened: "J'hzuu, lellick, I want you two to grab Kha's body and pull him out of the room, when i say to. Me and Aggy will flank the door. Hopefully, when the gassy wench in there sees her victim missing, she'
(157) Git: ll come out to investigate and we can ambush her. Agreed?"
DM: ((no))
 ** (150) Lellick looks at Git for a moment before conceeding with a small grin. "Alright. I think we should get some spells cast on ourselves, first." **
** J'hzuu nods. "Do all think it will hear all?" **
** (157) Git nods to Lellick, and heads back to the doorway to keep an eye on the banshee's action in the room, as they prepare **
** (161) Agatha gets out her axe and takes the other side of the door. **
** J'hzuu rises, standing a few feet from the door and takes out a bit of leather. He runs it along his torso, uttering his nonsensical-sounding words as he does. A bubble of bluish-whiteish energy shimmers around him, then fades from sight (Mage armour). **
(150) Lellick: "If it does.. then it'll come this way anyway."
** (150) Lellick moves to stand roughly in the center of the room, trying to keep his voice down as he chants and motions with his hands. "Tevesh, give us your guidance so that we may prevail against this abomination." (Bless) **
** J'hzuu moves to cautiously take a glance through the door, to see if the banshee has moved, or shown sign of hearing him. **
** (150) Lellick starts casting another spell, once he sees that nothing jumps out at them. He reaches up to lay his hand on J'hzuu's arm, a faintly shimmery globe apearing around him as he does. "May Tevesh shelter this man from harm." (Sanctuary on J'hzuu) **
** J'hzuu glances at the globe, then nods in thanks to Lellick.

(150) Lellick: (Sanctuary will last.. 6 rounds, and Bless for 6 minutes)
(150) Lellick: "Ready now?"
** J'hzuu frowns, then takes a feather from his spell pouch. "One moment" **
(157) Git: :after stuffing his ears, git nods to Lellick , and waves him and J'jzuu to take their position, ready to pull kha from the doorway.
** J'hzuu pauses. "Never mind". He puts the feather back in the pouch and moves to take up a position. **
** (150) Lellick moves forward, stuffing some of his wax in his ears as he does. **
J'hzuu: ((Sorry, blonde moment. Fly isn't too useful in a room with a ceiling... :) ))
** (157) Git watches for a moment when the banshee is not looking to the door before singalling the duo to pull **
** J'hzuu stuffs the fleece and wax in his ears, then grabs Kha on Git's signal. **
DM: (room is 30 x 30, fyi)
(157) Git: :meanwhile, he draws his weapons, trying to keep Suhail's glow obscured by his gray cloak:
DM: The spirit glances up at the sudden movement. She hisses, "I see you! Show yourselves!"
** (150) Lellick will also move to grab Kha, pulling on whatever body part he gets his hands on first. **
** J'hzuu gives a heaving grunt and tries to pull Kha out of the room. **
** (157) Git remains quiet, hugging close to the wall, waiting for the banshee to come out between he and Aggy **
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
DM: She doesn't come out.
** (161) Agatha muscles tenses, uneasy that she can't hear so well. **
J'hzuu: ((I've just got to duck AFK for a minute or two as well))
** (150) Lellick pauses for about half a second after Kha's body clears the doorway, helping to move him to the side and out of the way of any possible fights. **
** (157) Git stays waiting, not about to rush head long against a strange opponent. **
** (161) Agatha glances to the others. "What's it doing?" **
(157) Git: :shrugs to Aggy, suggesting: "Maybe it can't leave the room...?"
** J'hzuu shrugs. "If it can't, this might make fighting it easier..." **
** (157) Git chances a glance into the room, using Suhail's blade as a mirror, to see what the banshee is doing **
** (161) Agatha has trouble making out Git's words in the darkness. "Huh? Why's it not following? It's gotta be on to us." **
** (150) Lellick takes the wax out of one of his ears, making a face at the feeling. "Will we have to do battle with it at all?" **
** J'hzuu looks down at Kha's body. "If all do, all should prepare first. Help Kha, let little-folk pray for helpful magicks" **
(157) Git: :pulls the wax from one ear and replies: "Perhaps not after all"
Kha: (( back ))
** (161) Agatha take a piece of fleece out of her ear. "So what now?" **
** J'hzuu takes the wax and fleece from his ears, grimacing a little as it pulls the fur out. "All should help Kha before anything else" **
** (157) Git sighs and looks down over Kha's corpse, "Help him...? How...?" **
J'hzuu: "Can little-folk not do something" He looks questioningly to Lellick.
(150) Lellick: "First, we should get away from here..."
** (150) Lellick looks consideringly at Kha's body. "..I do have that staff. But I think Suhail was trying to tell us something." **
(157) Git: (brb)
** Agatha **
(157) Git: :speaks to Suhail, as if he'd get an answer, "Oi, steel for brains, did you have something to say?"
** Agatha looks around at the other exits. "Well we need to get out of here. Take Kha around to one of the other rooms. I'll watch your backs." **
Teleute: No, but I do.
** Teleute fades into being, standing next to Kha's corpse. **
** J'hzuu picks up Kha's arms and looks from Lellick to Kha's feet. **
J'hzuu: ((Now... we can see him now? :) ))
J'hzuu: ((*her))
DM: (Death is a woman. :) )
** (150) Lellick grabs Kha all ready to help drag, but he jumps back at seeing Teleute. "AH! ... Erm. Hello." **
** (157) Git sheathes Suhail and offers the deity a courteous, bow, "And what can we do for you? Or vice versa?" **
(157) Git: :muses to self: 'I'm getting way to use to seeing gods.'
** Teleute smiles slightly at seeing Lellick's discomfiture. A silver ankh hangs against her pale white skin in contrast to her somber black robes. **
** J'hzuu drops Kha's arms onto the ground and brings his claws out, crouched down and letting out a long, sharp hiss. His robe flashes a deep purple. **
(161) Agatha: "Does anyone else suddenly have a feeling of deja vu?"
Teleute: It wouldn't be the first time. (shrugs)
** J'hzuu eyes Git's reaction and slowly straightens up, retracts his claws and stands stationary. **
J'hzuu: (Slightly awkwardly) "Greetings..."
** (150) Lellick likewise tries to pretend that he wasn't just suddenly startled like that. **
** Teleute waves the Khajiit off. "I'm not supposed to be here. I only came because...well...your friend died." **
(157) Git: :shrugs: "Eh... he does that a lot."
(161) Agatha: "So he's really dead?"
** J'hzuu grins a little at Git's comment. **
Teleute: I can do nothing for your friend.
Teleute: Yes, he really is dead. However, there is something you can do for me...which is also a way for you to leave. And if you do this, Kha shall return, but not in the way he was.
** J'hzuu 's grin fades and he looks to the others. "What?" **
** (150) Lellick rubs the back of his neck, smiling shyly. "..I hope you don't mean that he'll return as something unpleasant." **
** Agatha face falls as she looks at her then Kha in disbelief. **
Teleute: That is entirely up to him.
Teleute: You are in the Endless Tower, a creation of the archmage Martek.
Teleute: As you might have surmised, the Tower is trapped amidst time and space. Very few things in this place are free to move. You are among those few.
Teleute: There is a way for you to leave, but doing so will cause the events that transpired here long ago to reverse themselves. I would recommend that you first make yourselves aware of what you have stumbled into before attempting to leave.
Teleute: The Tower is a puzzle on two levels. The first is to determine what happened at the time the Tower was frozen in time.
(157) Git: :nods to the godess, offering: "I'm all ears, luv. Educate me."
Teleute: The second puzzle is to determine how to leave.
(157) Git: "Do you mean we have to discover what froze this place?"
Teleute: Yes.
Teleute: Here is a clue which might help you:
(157) Git: "I'm gonna say... it was Magicka. Do I win yet?"
Teleute: Up continues ever up and down continues down.
The tower built by Mobius is one eternal round.
But if you wish to leave this place of endless cheer and woe
Think of the times before you came and thither you must go.

Teleute: And if you should reverse what happened all those centuries ago, you will be able to leave this place, and Kha shall return.
(157) Git: :Points out rediculously: "The last part didn't rhyme."
** Agatha composes herself and turns to Telute. "So we have reverse time itself?" **
Teleute: I'm afraid so.
** Teleute turns to Kha. "And now, my friend. It's time for us to leave." **
Teleute: Kha? Take my hand.
** Kha takes Teleutes hand **
** (150) Lellick offers a slight bow to Teleute. "..Thank you for the advice." **
DM: There is a flash of light, and with that Teleute vanishes.
(157) Git: (kha's corpse still around?)
** Agatha sighs. "Y'know, the longer we stay on this quest, the easier the final goal seems in comparison to all the shite we have to wade through." **
DM: (yes)
(157) Git: "Well, I suppose it is one of those trial by fire type things, making us continuously challenge ourselves and improve."
(157) Git: "Or... maybe the gods are just jerks."
(157) Git: :points to the corpse: "What do we do with him then?"
(150) Lellick: "Sometimes I honestly think it's the latter."
** Agatha takes a breath. "Take Kha to a safe spot. We can't afford to drag his corpse through the whole bloody tower. I'll watch your backs in case that banshee gets antsy." **
(157) Git: :nods to Aggy: "Seems pretty safe right there.. for now."
(148) TaliesinNYC (exit): 23:41
(161) Agatha: "Fine, but let's at least cover him up. I don't care to find anything munching on the body when we come back."
** (150) Lellick fusses a little with Kha's body, straightening his legs and folding his arms over his chest, actually somewhat gently. **
(157) Git: (which rooms have we examined, I know 1b and 1f. can't remember any others.)
(150) Lellick: (Don't forget 1h)
J'hzuu: ((AFK a few))
(157) Git: (.... missing a dm...)
(165) TaliesinNYC (enter): 23:47
(161) Agatha: ((damn, and just we about to start a sexy party in the DM's absence))
DM: (heh)
DM: (so what's the plan folks?)
DM: (someone will have to e-mail me the log when we stop, since I forgot to save when I got kicked.)
** Agatha drapes a dark cloth over Kha in an attempt to hide his body. **
** Agatha looks back over her shoulder to the room haunted by the banshee. "So where now?" **
(157) Git: "I suppose for now we have to just investigate the freezing of the citadel.Unless ouf arcanists have some clue how something such as this is achieved, we may as well go room to room, lookingfor the answer."
(161) Agatha: ((banshee is in 1a?))
** (150) Lellick asks, "It would be a very powerful spell to do this, wouldn't it?," looking to J'hzuu for confirmation. **
(155) ticattack (exit): 23:58
DM: (1b)
** Agatha points to the door to 1h. "How about that one?" **
** (157) Git heads back into 1h, looking around, curiously, before heading back into the feast hall. Once more, he tries to note anything unusual, or movable, as well as facial expressions o the frozen **
** (150) Lellick wanders after Git, still not wanting them to get split up. **
(167) ticattack (enter): 00:02
(165) TaliesinNYC: 1h: A low, long table fills the center of the room. Pillows are strewn about, most of them at the western end of the table. A servant stoops over the table pouring a red liquid into a goblet on the table. The liquid is frozen in mid-air, halfway to the goblet. There is a doorway with its curtains pulled back in the east wall. An archway in the west wall opens onto a hall going north.
DM: There is an open archway in the middle of the wall to your right (in 1h).
DM: (...and one directly opposite.)
(157) Git: "whatever happened, I dount it happened in here. After all, theervant didn't even flinch from pouring." :offers as he tries to see who the drink was being poured for, checking for an impression of the pillow at that seat, to determine if someone had been sitting there when time froze
(150) Lellick: "That's a safe assumption."
(167) ticattack (exit): 00:07
** Agatha takes a look around the room. "Well this place is supposed to be a tower. It wouldn't be much of a puzzle if what we're looking for was right here on the first floor." **
** Agatha takes a peek into 1f. **
(168) ticattack (enter): 00:13
(165) TaliesinNYC: 1f: The walls of this 20' square room are lined with pegs on which handsome robes hang. A tall man in rich white robes stands against one wall of the passageway leading off to the east. Half-hidden by the open curtains at the passage opening, he faces you. An archway in the south wall leads to a spiral staircase leading up and down.
(161) Agatha: "Hmm. Well, I've found the stairs at any rate. What's through the other door?"
** (150) Lellick hums, looking into the room that Agatha's examining. "..That's a bit of an odd pose." **
** (157) Git continues into the next room, toward 1i **
DM: Tables line the east and west walls of this 20' x 30' wide room. Open archways lead from the centers of the north and south walls. The motionless figure of a servant girl stands in an eternal blush. Her hand is trapped in a slap across the face of a surprised fat man dressed in rich robes and a turban.
** (157) Git gives an amused snicker to the scene, as he heads in to examine the two figures, poking at them a bit as he looks about the room' **
** Agatha turns back to follow Git. **
** (150) Lellick trails along behind Agatha, starting to feel that all these frozen people are a bit creepy. **
** Agatha smiles at the sight.
"Nice to know that no matter the time or place, some things are the same wherever you go." **

** (157) Git moves on to 1J **
DM: This is a kitchen. Lush and wonderful foods of every kind you can imagine lay on the counters. But all the food is rock hard, tasteless and odorless. Archways lead from the north and south walls. There is a closed door in the east wall.
** (150) Lellick can't resist taking a closer look at the food, poking at one or two of the dishes, but definitely not trying to eat them. **
(168) ticattack (exit): 00:33
** (157) Git pokes at some ot the food in passing, lazily testing for moving objects on his way to room 1k **
(170) ticattack (enter): 00:35
DM: None that you see.
DM: Rough shelves line the west wall of this 20' square room. Meat hooks with quartered beasts hang from the ceiling. The meat looks appetizing but it is stone hard. Two cooks kneel motionlessly with their ears pressed against a closed door on the east wall. They seem to be trying to hear some sound through the door.
DM: (this is 1k, fyi)
(161) Agatha: "Hm. That looks promising."
** (157) Git eyes the cooks thoughfully. Heading to the door, he takes a moment himself to try to hear anything, before testing if this partiuclat foor works **
(161) Agatha: "Anything?"
(170) ticattack (exit): 00:43
(171) ticattack (enter): 00:43
** (157) Git tries to wefge his mirror into the crack of the door to see what the cook's are spying on **
(157) Git: (wedge rather *)
(161) Agatha: "You're being awful cautious. Outside of the damned banshee, this place is as silent as a tomb."
(150) Lellick: "I wouldn't say that's a bad thing. We have no idea what else might be here."
(157) Git: "Hey, I found something moving... sort of..." :calls to the oters as he inspects the cav
** Agatha raises her axe. "What is it?" **
(157) Git: through thee crack in the door. "It's a bottle."
** (150) Lellick sounds doubtful. "..A bottle." **
(161) Agatha: "A bottle?"
(157) Git: "Yeah... filled with blue stuff. It's kind of rocking
(157) Git: :to aggy: "Think you can knock open a time frozen door?"
** Agatha shrugs with a smile. "I'm not sure. But let's give it a try." **
(171) ticattack (exit): 00:57
** (150) Lellick steps back to give them room. **
** Agatha waits for Git to move out of way, then takes a big swing with her axe, trying to sink it in deep. **
DM: The door barely budges.
(161) Agatha: "The hell?"
** Agatha decides to put her shoulder into it and lowers her axe as she slams into the door. **
DM: It barely moves a micro-inch.
** Agatha stops and rubs her shoulder. "Hmph. I guess if a door is frozen in time, it aims to stay frozen." **
(161) Agatha: "That or there's something heavy blocking the door."
(157) Git: "Well... it did move, if only a little..."
** (150) Lellick laughs softly. "Maybe we can open it some other way." **
(161) Agatha: "Or maybe there's another way around."
DM: (ok, I detect people are flagging, so we can stop here.)
(165) TaliesinNYC: someone please e-mail me the log
** (165) TaliesinNYC pokes Git **

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