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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(203) Git: about how much land does this cover?
(208) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
(208) DM: (roughly two or three miles in diameter)
(206) Dj Gilcrease: (( Nope, Kha is making his way to the gates from the Gilder Village so figure he is someware between 4 and 5 in the woods ))
(209) ticattack: ((Quick one'd be nice))
(204) Agatha: ((Lellick, were we headed to the doors or the palanteen village?))
(203) Git: (Git's circling round 2 someplace and I think everyone else but Kha is heading for the Palanteen village. Halif and Wa
(203) Git: 'run had a head start, but cheetah but might beat em there.)
(199) Lellick: (Uhm.. hmm. I think he was told to head for the doors before he ran off..)
(203) Git: (*cheetah boy rather)
(212) Garun (enter): 22:35
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (212) Kiral...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (212) Kiral...
(208) DM: ((you rescued Wa'run's sister, you're trying to escape from here, Trifaere is slowly converting the guilder village to driders...))
** Kha makes his way though the woods as quickly and quietly as posible, stoping every twenty minutes or so to make sure he is not being followed **
(204) Agatha: "Come on, Lellick! Pick up the pace."
** (203) Git heads quickly and quietly out of the village, heading downwind. On his departure he keeps an eye out for loose guilder clothing, hung out or lines or unwatched homes to quickly snatch some from. **
** (204) Agatha grows impatient and abruptly begins to carry the halfling as they run towards the rendezvous. **
** (212) Kiral stands beside Nimer as the he watches of Wa'run's sister being cared for **
** (199) Lellick might be tired, but that doesn't mean he's not going to protest. "HEY! I can run on my own!" **
(208) DM: The guilders do nothing to stop you from leaving. It's almost disheartening, seeing these almost innocent men being turned into monstrous creatures.
(204) Agatha: "Not as fast as Wa'run and I. Now stop wriggling!"
** (199) Lellick grumbles under his breath, "But this is embarrassing..." **
whispering to Raust Von Heldzig, can I help you?
(203) Git: (Do they guilders know that Trifaere is turning them? and do they seem to accept it?))
(208) DM: (its as if they're unaware of what's going on)
(203) Git: (Are the driders out in the open for the guilders to see?)
(208) DM: (in your time here, you've noticed a few peculiar things: namely, that the guilders are ruled by passion and emotion, that the palanteen are ruled by reason and logic...among other things)
(204) Agatha: "Suck it up. You saw those spider things, same as I did. The sooner we get get back to the meeting place, the sooner we can mount a defense."
(204) Agatha: "Besides, it's not like anyone is gonna see you?"
(204) Agatha: .*
(208) DM: (there are only two so far, and are limited to the space around Trifaere's hut. yes they're in the open but for some reason the guilders are unable to sense them.)
** (199) Lellick just sighs and says, "Put me down before we get there, at least." **
(208) DM: Eventually, you arrive at the golden doors.
(208) DM: In the distance, you can hear drums, as if preparations for a battle are being made.
** (203) Git heads to a position in the brush, draping pilfered clothes over his shoulder, as he mechanically cuts strips of cloth from his robes. Breathing steadily, he tries to calm his nerves for what he plans. Crouching down in hiding, he gets out a pint of oil and begins to soak the rags before tying them off to arrows, then lashing a smoke stick to another. (preparing as described in post) **
** (204) Agatha lets the halfling down and pulls out her axe in preparation. **
(204) Agatha: ((when they get there*))
** (199) Lellick brushes off his clothes, looking a bit indignant, though he does try to determine where those drums are coming from. **
whispering to Lellick, from the direction of the palanteen village, so it sounds like
(199) Lellick: "..Those must be the Palanteen! Do they know about the driders?"
(204) Agatha: ((Um, I thought the plan was that we all meet back at the village first?))
(208) DM: ((I'm not sure. I thought you were heading to the golden doors?))
(203) Git: (Kha was heading to the doors))
(204) Agatha: "If they don't, they'll find out soon enough."
Kha: "We need three of the Star Gems to open this Gate, so when Git gets here we'll open it and be gone"
(212) Kiral: ((I thought I was waiting for the others to arrive in the village as per Git's request, all the while waiting for Warun's Sister to be cared for))
(208) DM: ((ok, well then everyone else is back in the palanteen village? if that's the case, then you see that the palanteen seem to be preparing for a battle))
(204) Agatha: ((k, thanks. sorry for the confusion.))
Kha: (( Ok scratch what I said then untill people show up at the gate ))
** (212) Kiral watches as Agatha and Lellick arrive with Warun, "Warun, they have your sister, she is alive" **
(209) ticattack: ((Sorry, are we out in the open, or hiding/concealed from the palanteen?))
(208) DM: ((open))
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(209) ticattack (exit): 23:06
** Feridwyn of Solnor leaves a hut followed by Basht, who seems clad in an aura of glowing topaz light. Around her neck can be seen a gleaming silver ankh. **
(208) Basht: Mrrr. You have returned, by the god.
(204) Agatha: "So have you, by the looks of it."
(204) Agatha: "Unless that flash of light killed us all. In which case, you clerics lied to us about the afterlife."
** (204) Agatha smirks down at Lellick. **
** (199) Lellick looks Basht up and down with wide eyes, then turns to Feridwyn. "Your people are going to fight?" **
** (199) Lellick looks up at Agatha and raises his eyebrows. **
(208) Basht: Mrrrow. I am here, by the grace of Ra, my lord and master. And because of the faith of this one. (holds Feridwyn's shoulder)
** (212) Kiral stands near the others, beginning to arm himself by readying his shield in place easily **
(208) Feridwyn of Solnor: Yes. Long ago, we and the guilders were one people, but since our coming here, we were split in twain. This is our chance to fight, and to die in peace.
** (212) Kiral watches as they speak with the cat, wholely unaware of her roll in everything thus far **
(208) Feridwyn of Solnor: You can help us or not, but this fight is not yours. Your Fate, such as it is, lies elsewhere.
** (204) Agatha shrugs back at Lellick. "I was expecting it to be more...white. And fluffy." **
** (199) Lellick looks frustrated at that. "Peace? You wish to purposely die?" **
** (199) Lellick shakes his head, looking back to Agatha again, "Who said this was our afterlife?" **
** (212) Kiral begins to look around worriedly, eyeing the others and looks to Agatha...."Did you not see Git coming behind you," he interrupts rudely. **
(216) ticattack (enter): 23:13
(208) Basht: Small one, their time is long past. They have been here for many of your centuries. Mrrrow.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (216) ticattack...
** (204) Agatha looks back at Feridwyn. "We can't allow the wizard and the wench to escape this place. We have your back for now." **
(204) Agatha: "You're welcome to come back with us. Those still alive that is."
(208) Feridwyn of Solnor: Suit yourselves then. We march in an hour.
** (199) Lellick seems to wind down a little at Basht's words, and speaks in a quieter tone, "I had suspected that. The way they said they arrived here didn't make sense. But.. this is truly the only way?" **
(208) Basht: Once the doors of Grandal are opened, he and she will leave this place. You must be the first to raise Martek from the Beyond, else your quest will be for naught.
(204) Agatha: "You should know. They've been turning the guilders into large spider creatures. I've faced such thingss before. They aren't so tough, I wouldn't take on one alone."
** Basht smiles sadly at Lellick and says nothing, instead walking amongst the palanteen looking over their preparations. **
** (204) Agatha turns to Basht. "Beat them to Martek? Why the hell can't we just stop them here?" **
** (212) Kiral moves a step closer to Agatha, his eyes still on the woods looking and waiting for Git to reappear...wondering if she had heard him in her plea of defense **
** Basht turns back and glances at Agatha. "There is more here than just Martek. Much depends on you. Others depend on you." **
(208) Basht: "Behold." (spreads her hands as a series of glowing white spheres forms above her head. within each sphere is a scene.)
** (212) Kiral turns toward Basht to observe what she had uncovered **
(208) DM: The first sphere depicts you facing a myrdraal in ancient Celdenor. Halthala sacrifices herself in order to grant you the memory of the Sword of Love.
(208) Basht: If you do not raise Martek, then this sacrifice was and is for naught.
** (199) Lellick mutely looks up at the spheres. **
(208) DM: The second sphere depicts the City of Tolmara, as you left it...except that it appears to be in flames. Giants and orckin are advancing on the city with murderous intent.
(208) Basht: If you do not raise Martek, all that you know in one year's time shall be gone in ways you shall not like.
(208) DM: The third sphere shows a massive entourage of people cast in chains. Looking closer, you see that they appear to be slaves.
(208) Basht: If Martek is not brought back from the Beyond, those who seek the enslavement of all will see their destiny realized. (looking directly at Agatha)
** (204) Agatha nostrils flare. "Fine. You've made your point. We'll play it your way." **
(208) DM: The fourth sphere depicts a barrier of light so bright it hurts your eyes to look at it. Slowly hairline fractures appear in the barrier, causing it to crack. Something within the barrier seeks to escape...something dark.
(208) Basht: Martek's return will prevent the Great Barrier surrounding Mel Nethra from being destroyed, and will reform the rift that is present within the Imperial capital. If he is not raised, then the Empire will be thrown into chaos.
(208) Basht: I do not speak to influence your actions, Agatha. I merely foretell.
(208) DM: The fifth sphere depicts a raging battle between the djann and the ifrit.
(208) Basht: If you do not best Pawnis and his minion, then this battle, which was foretold by sages past, that you helped create, will never see resolution.
** Basht slowly turns away to walk amongst the palanteen, offering them words of encouragement as they continue their preparations. "The palanteen will create a diversion which you may take advantage of, or not. You have no Fate but the Fate you are given, or make." **
** (212) Kiral looks to the others, "So what now?." **
(199) Lellick: "..We should look for the others. We're missing a few, aren't we?"
(204) Agatha: "Aye, but running around the whole damn forest won't do us any good. We wait here as long as we can and then make for the gate."
(212) Kiral: "Should I go back to look for them?"
(204) Agatha: "If you think you be quick about it. Become something that flies fast and sees far."
(212) Kiral: "I am weak on that power for now, by Nimer can cover ground quickly with me, and if I find Git, he can ride her as I get back on my own. What about Warun and his sister. Are they to come with us?\
(199) Lellick: "We certainly can't leave them here."
(204) Agatha: "Aye, we all leave together.
(212) Kiral: "You are gather the others, hopefully they have his sister fully stabilized, and I will meet you at the gate or back here?
(204) Agatha: "Stabilized? What in the devil happened to her? How is she?"
** (212) Kiral shakes his heads sadly, "Was as near death as I have ever seen anyone. She was strong to have help on as long as she did" **
** (199) Lellick frowns. "If she is still suffering from her injuries by the time we leave, I will be able to tend to her." **
** (212) Kiral nods and hops on the back of Nimer, "Stay strong, I will return. Be ready to go," Kiral says as he leans in Nimers eye and whispers to her, with that, she leaps forth speeding into the woods back toward where he last saw Git, hopefully on the outskirts of the kingdom at least **
(204) Agatha: "Let's see to the girl then. Kiral, do what you can, but remember our priority is to get out of here. We'll see you at the gate."
** (199) Lellick looks around for where Feridwyn went, asking one of the Palanteen to take him to Wa'run's sister if he can't find the priest. **
(208) Basht: You (Kiral) meet Git on his way back to the palanteen village.
(208) DM: (oops)
(203) Git: :skids to a stops: "Oi... how's things?"
** (212) Kiral sees Git, and halts Nimer "We need to get back, a war is brewing and I came to find you. We need to move to the gate" **
(203) Git: "Okay... I think my work is done here."
(212) Kiral: "Will you ride with me? We can make good time and it will be very soon that the Palenteen Village sets forth on March to provide our distraction for escape"
(203) Git: :mounts on the tiger: "Can Nimar carry us both?"
** (212) Kiral nods to the rear of the bgreat cat and smiles, "The Cat, Basht is up and I will explain the rest as we ride." Speaking to Nimer as they take off toward the gate **
** (203) Git listens in on the details, returning a few of his own, "I set fire to some huts in the village. The Guliders noticed what Trifaere was doing and fled like rats from a torch. It's pretty much chaos over there, and I'm sorry to say I lost track of the gruesome twosome." **
(212) Kiral: "Well, no doubt, they have reserves for their fight, but a halt will help the Palenteens get the first strike, and hopefully grant us success."
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(216) ticattack (exit): 00:01
(203) Git: brb
(208) DM: Eventually you arrive at the gates. Kha is here.
** Kha looks up as the other arive "We need three of the Star Gems to open this Gate, so when Git gets here we'll open it and be gone and leave these people to thier Fate." **
** (212) Kiral hops off of Nimer as he and Git arrive, and listens to his words **
Kha: "Oh there you are Git, did not see you on the back of the cat, Is Basht with you?"
** (212) Kiral smiles making Git visible after having hid him on the tiger **
** (203) Git hops off the big cat, rubbing his butt. "Eesshh.. a tiger is not the comfiest ride around." **
** (212) Kiral points to Agatha, Lellick and Basht as they arrive from the road, the cat having pushed through the jungle, "There she is, with the rest of the group **
** Kha turns away from the gate **
** (203) Git scratches Nimar between the ears, offering in consolation, "Thanks for the ride though kitty." **
** (212) Kiral then looks to Git, "You must be a saddle type person" he smiles choking back a laugh **
** Kha gets three of the Star Gems and moves to place them in the indentations on the Gates **
(203) Git: :peers ato Kiral: "Saddles were made for a reasn."
(203) Git: :looks to the others approaching and calls out, "Oi, Wa'run, how's your sister doing?"
** (212) Kiral shrugs, not having found much need for one in his time **
Kha: "Everyone ready to leave?"
** (212) Kiral looks to Kha, "Is it really going to be so easy?" **
Kha: "One can hope" Places the first Star Gem.
(204) Agatha: "We have to be lucky every once in a while."
** Kha places the other two Gems and stands back **
** (204) Agatha looks at Git. "What was taking you so long?" **
(203) Git: :just shrugs to Aggy as he watches the gate: "Had to leave my mark on the village"
** (199) Lellick also watches, though he keeps looking over his shoulder at the forest behind them. **
(204) Agatha: "What of the spiders?"
(203) Git: "Not really sure. They seemed to be going all crazy like when I left."
(225) ticattack (enter): 00:19
(204) Agatha: "I can't tell if that's good or bad. Any idea where Pawnis and his witch are?"
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(208) DM: The gem fits the indentation perfectly.
(208) DM: A loud bell peals, as the gates begin to shimmer.
(208) DM: The remaining gems fit, and then the gates disappear with a soundless implosion.
(208) DM: The Star Gems reappear in Kha's hands.
** (212) Kiral pulls the shield from his back and stands at the ready **
** (203) Git looks about the clearing as thegates respond, watching for signs of Pawnis, trifaere or the driders **
(208) DM: As the gates vanish, the sound of a thousand doors opening simultaneously reverberates through the garden.
(204) Agatha: "Well if that won't get their attention, I don't know what will."
(208) DM: At the sides of this hall made of glassteel, a blue fire burns fiercely. The hall is 30' wide and 100' tall. Every 20', a glassteel wall blocks the hall. There is an open door in the center of each wall.
(208) DM: Peering through the gates, you can see that the corridor goes for several thousand feet forwards.
(199) Lellick: "..Let's go. The sooner we're out of here, the better."
(203) Git: :draws a breath: "Well... one more time into the unknown it seems." :heads into the corridor:
** (212) Kiral pulls the sickle from his side and begins to move foward, the tiger at his side **
Kha: (( back ))
** (204) Agatha waits for the others and keeps the rear guard, watching out for any followers." **
(208) DM: There is a firepit on each side of the corridor. The flames seem to burn with no heat...
** Kha enters the hall ready to be gone **
** (199) Lellick jogs after the others into the corridor, more concerned with moving than the surroundings. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (225) ticattack...
** Kha tries to shut the first set of doors they pass after everyone is past in the hopes it will stop, or atleast slow down those bound to follow us **
(208) DM: You walk and walk and walk and walk....and walk and walk and walk and walk....and it seems there is no end to this hall of corridors.
(208) DM: The doors do not seem to budge.
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(225) ticattack (exit): 00:35
(208) Voice: My monument to Phoenix
Good friend and true
Stands watch over the way
To the gate of my tomb.

Walk that path straight and narrow
Do not waver or falter
And your chance will be given
To come to my altar.

** (203) Git continues on resolutely, watching the corridors for deviations or sign of an end **
(208) DM: A soft male voice echoes down the corridor as you traverse the hall...
** Kha continues after failing to shut the doors **
(204) Agatha: "Well, I've never been one to ignore a strange disembodied voice. Let's hope this one isn't a mummy."
** (199) Lellick looks up at hearing the voice, "Another test?.." **
(203) Git: "Test.. creepy greeting. s'all pretty much the same."
(226) ticattack (enter): 00:39
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (226) ticattack...
(212) Kiral: Disconnecting from server...
(212) Kiral (exit): 00:43
(208) DM: After traversing the hall -- over 3 miles long! -- you come to its end...
(208) DM: The corridor leads up to an octagonal platform beneath a stately iron phoenix.
(208) DM: The platform gleams with a soft azure light that beckons you forward.
** Kha places the three Star Gems back in his bags before he starts trying to juggle them. Then moves toward the light **
** (203) Git walks purposefully toward the light, coming before the great pheonix **
** (199) Lellick also steps up to the platform, looking up at the phoenix. **
(208) DM: Once you step on the platform, it begins to descend slowly beneath the level of the corridor.
** (204) Agatha nearly trips onto the platform as it descends. "Woah!" **
(204) Agatha: "Would it have been so hard to just have a staircase?"
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(226) ticattack (exit): 00:52
(208) DM: The walls of the shaft open up as the disk drops through the ceiling of an amazingly large room. This is a cathedral of crystal, brilliantly lit from within. The room is an enormous hexagon (map above is not to scale), 420' from side to side. The disk continues to drop from the dizzy height of 1200'., finally coming to rest gently on the floor about 90' from the southern corner of the room.
(208) DM: In the center of the room is a platform of white stone. Stairs lead up to it from all sides. There are crystals on top of the platform, but they are too far away to be seen clearly.
** Kha heads toward the platform to get a better look **
(208) DM: An arched hall, 60' wide and 200' tall opens to the south. It is dark. There are five other hallways, each at one of the other corners of this hexagonal room. The passageways to the north, northwest, southeast and southwest are brightly lit, and the sole remaining passage to the north is dark.
(208) DM: (I mean the passage to the northeast is dark)
(208) DM: The crystal atop the platform is a minature model of the Citadel of Martek. Two minarets are in the model, while four are missing. An obelisk can be seen here, covered with runes.
Kha: "Ahh this is the house we put the dolls in. Guess we should head down a lit hall first to look for the other four"
(203) Git: "So then... which hall do we take first?"
** (199) Lellick slowly moves towards the platform in the center, wanting to see these crystals for himself. "I wonder if this could give us a clue.." **
Kha: "The North hall sounds good to me"
(208) DM: As if on cue, four spheres come into being, each atop a hole in the model. Within each sphere is a scene.
(208) DM: The holes (and the spheres) correspond to a lit corridor -- namely 1, 3, 5 and 6.
** (199) Lellick blinks at that, leaning in closer to look at the scenes. **
(208) DM: 1: Within a dimly lit room 40' square, a crystal minaret rests on a red satin pillow. The torches on the walls give off light but they do not flicker. Four doors lead out of the room, two of these are open.
(208) DM: 3: A platform of giant crystals floats in the center of whirlpool of red storm clouds that sinks into the depths below. The island and the air above it glow with a soft, white light. In the center of the island, a minature crystal minaret stands on top of a crystal base.
(208) DM: 5: A young woman kneels inside a crystal cylinder, her face turned upward, a tear half-way down her cheek. Her lovely oval face is set off by dark, almond eyes, and by silken hair that sweeps to her waist. At her knee sits a brass ball of curious and intricate workmanship, and, half hidden by the folds of her gown, a crystal minaret lies beside her. She is absolutely motionless.
(208) DM: 6: A group of elves can be seen, grieving over Norfirion's corpse.
(208) DM: A minaret lies next to him.
** (199) Lellick 's eyes widen as he sees the last scene, and he points to that sphere, stunned. "But.. he.. is that even possible??" **
** (204) Agatha shrugs. "It's magic." **
(208) DM: You seem to recall what was said by the Fates...
** Kha waits by the North door **
(208) DM: (745) Norfirion: "You are, she's already addressed you."
(745) Norfirion: "Forgive his rudeness ladies." *smiles at Git*
(720) Git: :shrugs: "May be, but I can't think of what I wish to ask."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Each of you may ask.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Each of you will receive an answer.
** (720) Git looks skyward in thought, scratching the slight stubble at his chin. **
(721) Skuld, the Crone: A truthful answer, for which there will be no lie.
** (745) Norfirion ponders for a moment. **
** (710) Lellick looks at the floor as he thinks. **
(745) Norfirion: "If you know all, then you know what I seek. Where or how can I find it?"
(745) Norfirion: "The power over life and death."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Part of the Test, Norfirion, is that we must hear what you wish from us.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: We do not act on assumption.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: Your fate is your own, as ever.
(745) Norfirion: "My wife, my children, this is all that remains." *withdraws a small glass flask from his pouch. It appears to be filled with ashes*
(745) Norfirion: "I wish for the return of their lives, in exchange of my own if necessary."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Very well. You wish their return to the waking world, is that correct?
** (717) Agatha looks on the wizard with surprise. **
(745) Norfirion: "As they were before they were taken away from me. Alive!"
** (717) Agatha murmurs to herself. "He still has their ashes?" **
(721) Urda, the Caster: Very well. But know this, Norfirion, that revenge is a road that is long and hard and leads only to endless bitterness. Your family will be returned to you when you enter the Citadel of Martek.
** (720) Git watches the scene with growing intensity. Biting his lip, he anxiously awaits the trio's response to such a request. **
(745) Norfirion: "We shall see."
(721) Verdande, the Caster: They will be returned to you alive, without harm to their heads, but you will be faced with a choice that will go to the core of your being.
(745) Norfirion: "I am prepared."
(721) Skuld, the Crone: And in that choice, you must decide for yourself if you would live your life or theirs.
** (745) Norfirion looks on unamused. "Whatever is necessary." **
(721) Urda, the Spinner: In Martek's Citadel, you will find a hallway that contains a passage to a room upon which is a table that contains a model of the Citadel in miniature.
** (710) Lellick looks slightly stunned, glancing back and fourth between Norf and the three Fate(s). **
** (717) Agatha watches the conversation in disbelief. It takes her a few moments to notice she's gaping like a fish. **
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Martek's Citadel contains six minarets. The model will have two minarets in place, and four that are missing. The four minarets are found in the Black Abyss, the Endless Tower, the Garden of Dreams and Amrun Portila, the birthplace of the People, the elves.
** (745) Norfirion listens on with interest. **
(721) Skuld, the Crone: If you wish to see your family once again, retrieve the minaret from Amrun Portila. Retrieve the minaret, place it in the model, and your family will be returned to you alive and without harm. But you will then be faced with a choice that goes to the core of your being.
(745) Norfirion: "Yes...yes...I'm quite aware of that. I assure you it will be done, at whatever the costs" *he sneers*
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Know this, that to enter Martek's Inner Sanctum and retrieve his Sphere of Power, you must retrieve all four minarets and replace them in the model.

(203) Git: (Which of the four scenes lies to the north, judging by the model?)
(208) DM: (the scene with the red satin pillow)
whispering to Raust Von Heldzig, you've been silent all this time, is there something I can help you with?
(208) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(202) Raust Von Heldzig' from room...
(202) Raust Von Heldzig (exit): 01:14
Kha: "So you all pick a Hall yet, or it the North as good a start as any?"
** (199) Lellick lowers his arm, staring at the last scene still. "It's just as they said... but is this a vision of the future?" **
** (203) Git heads to the north hall to meet Kha. "One's as good as the other for now." **
** (199) Lellick looks up, then follows the others to the north, moving slightly slower than usual. **
(208) DM: At the end of the corridor is a glowing blue disk much like the disk that brought you into the crystal cathedral.
(203) Git: "i wonder if this one goes up or down." :offers in musing as he approaches the disk:
** Kha shrugs and steps on **
(203) Git: :steps on:
** (199) Lellick also steps onto the disk. **
** (204) Agatha follows suit. **
(204) Agatha: "I guess this must lead to that Endless Tower."
(208) DM: Your companions vanish from sight...
(208) DM: (mapping)
(208) DM: (you appear in 1a)
(208) DM: (bear with me pls)
** Kha looks around the room noting the four doors **
(208) DM: You find yourself standing in a 40' square room, dimly lit by torches on the walls. There is a stillness in the room; there is no sound or motion here. With a start, you notice that the dim flames in the torches do not flicker.
** Kha moves toward the west door and looks at it in more detail **
(208) DM: You are standing on a raised circular platform 20' across. To the south, a glittering object sits on a red satin pillow. Four doorways lead out of the room, one near each corner of the room. The NE door is open 2'. The SW door is wide open, and the other two doors are closed.
** (203) Git moves cautiously toward the pillow seated object, looking it over thoughtfully **
(208) DM: It's a crystal minaret.
(199) Lellick: "This seems far too easy.. why have all these rooms if it's just out in the open?"
Kha: "Wonder if the platform we came up on will take us back down, but for some reason I think not"
** (203) Git examines the minaret and pillow for any trap to its removal, not entirely sure he would notice one if it were magical, before picking it up. **
(203) Git: "The trick may not be to reach the minaret, but to get out with it."
(204) Agatha: "Could be."
(204) Agatha: "It could also be that this isn't the real thing."
(203) Git: "Also true."
Kha: "Just grab it and lets see if we can get back to the main hall"
** Kha tries to open the door he is standing by **
Kha: "Strange door that does not move"
(203) Git: "Try one of the open ones." :advices as he grabs up the minaret, or trie to.
** Kha heads to the NE door and pushes it open the rest of the way **
whispering to Git, you find that you are unable to pick the minaret up.
** (204) Agatha stands ready with her axe. **
whispering to Git, it feels real and solid. you just can't pick it up, try as you might
Kha: "Whats wrong with these doors, this one is partly open and it does not move either"
(199) Lellick: "And the torches aren't moving..."
** (203) Git yanks at the minaret for a while, before giving up. "Urhg... it's like the whole place is frozen in time." **
** Kha pokes his head though the door **
** (203) Git heads to the open door to the SW hoping to see something more useful in this room **
** (204) Agatha tries to keep a watchful eye on the surroundings. "This place is too strange. It's downright creepy." **
whispering to Git, appears to be a feasthall
(199) Lellick: "Let's just hope that, if there's anyone else in these rooms, they're as frozen as everything else is."
** (203) Git roams into the feasthall, looking for anything that stands out to him, or another passage. **
** Kha starts wandering around the rooms looking for something not stuck in time **
(208) DM: (it would help if you're going to wander, to let me know where)
** (199) Lellick will follow after Git, since he doesn't like the idea of them getting seperated in here. **
** (204) Agatha follows Git because he as much a penchant for attracting trouble as Kha. **
(204) Agatha: "Anything interesting?"
(208) DM: (if you receive a node from me, it's because you're with Git. also stopping in 5 minutes)
** (203) Git pokes and prods a bit at the frozen man in 1f. Seeing if he gets any reaction, or finds some type of identification. **
** (199) Lellick takes a moment looking at the servant, almost tempted to stick his finger into the (supposedly) wine. **
** (204) Agatha looks at Lellick. "I wouldn't. You might become part of the scenery." **
(208) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
(208) DM: (next session will begin with combat. only Kha will roll for init)
Kha: doh
(203) Git: (okey doke... I'm about to pass out at the keyboard anyway
(204) Agatha: Damn. Backed the wrong horse.
(208) DM: (it occurs when you touch the dagger. :) )

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