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(375) Dj Gilcrease: (( please ))
(386) DM: 199) DM: You enter a large clearing in which stands a fort roughly 50' square. Its log walls are 10' tall and sharpened on top. There is only one door. Smoke can be seen rising out of the compound inside the walls. The underbrush has been carefully cleaned away outside the walls for about 50'.
(199) DM: The armored man enters, shouting, "Avarel athel palanteen!"
(273) Git: "Right... we're coming. we're coming." :follows inside, looking about studiously:
(199) DM: In response, several armored men come rushing out, each in plate mail, templar armor or field plate, all gleaming, all smiling.
(199) DM: They see Lellick and as one drop to bended knee, bowing in homage.
** (201) Lellick blinks at the sight of the fort, in particular eying the (presumably) campfire smoke. **
(201) Lellick: "..Oh.. oh, no. Don't tell me these ones worship halflings."
** J'hzuu cocks a brow. "Are little-folk's people master thieves?" **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: No, they think that priests of Solnor are worthy to be their leader.
** (201) Lellick blinks, then harshly runs a hand over his hair. **
(201) Lellick: "I.. excuse me?"
** Feridwyn of Solnor leaves the fort and studies you with a curious eye. "Some of my men saw you in the guilder village and followed you for a short while. But you don't look like guilders." **
** (202) Kiral looks to Lellick and then to the others and whispers to Git, "How many people are trapped here?" **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: My pardons. I am Feridwyn, of Highkeep, and a knight of Solnor.
(273) Git: "No... we're.. I guess you would say outsider."
(273) Git: :shrugs to Kiral:
(201) Lellick: "Heh."
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: As I am. You have a familiar way of speaking. From the south?
** (201) Lellick gives a small bow to him, "I am Lellick Litefinger... and I am afraid that your people here are mistaken. I do not focus my worship on Solnor." **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Solnor, Tevesh, it's all one and the same.
(273) Git: :nods to Feridwyn: "From Wylund myself"
** (202) Kiral thinks to himself, this is going to be trouble. I don't understand this place at all **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Very interesting. So, what brings you here?
** (201) Lellick cocks his head at that, "..Indeed. Might I inquire how you arrived here? Was it in a particularly bloody or harmful manner?" **
** Feridwyn of Solnor speaks to the palanteen, who get up and smile at you gently. **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: I was battling some undead in that ruined stone city beneath this place, and somehow ended up here.
(202) Kiral: "Did you use a fireball?"
(273) Git: "Are we the only ones who had to collect those silly bath plugs to get here?"
** (201) Lellick laughs softly at Kiral's comment, shaking his head. **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: That was quite some time ago. I had left an Oasis some weeks back. The tribesmen were quite agitated. Something about a missing princess.
(201) Lellick: "Git.. I have the feeling that we were."
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Well, I do not know. I am on a quest to rid my city of an accursed ruler who calls herself the Tempest.
(202) Kiral: "It should be of more concern that we wanted to get here...they got it by accident." he whispers
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: My journey had led me here to this place, in search of an item of power. But sadly, I did not find that, instead I found death and undeath.
(273) Git: :grumbles a bit, before asking of Feridwyn: "Tempest, huh? Haven't been to High keep in a while. Things so bad there you need to travel to a desert for a solution?"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: She is....bad, yes. She is no ordinary ruler.
** (201) Lellick gets a slightly sadded expression, "..I wish you luck in fulfilling your quest. It.. does not sound like it was.. er. Will be easy." **
(201) Lellick: "There is a more pressing manner, however. Our friend, there, that your friend carries.. is this state a common thing here?"
** Feridwyn of Solnor shrugs. "I'm not sure. Well, that's not true. Your friend, the Khajiit, came here, then went amongst the guilders. She was hurt but healed herself. The guilders stoned her and left her for dead." **
(201) Lellick: "I have heard of that, yes. And these guilders have no reason to be so distrustful of priests?"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: They don't particularly like the palanteen, to be honest. Though I suspect its the doing of the wizard Pawnis and his ilythi'iri companion than anything else.
** (202) Kiral scratches his head for a second as Feridwyn speaks **
** (202) Kiral can't help but wonder who to trust in this place **
(201) Lellick: "Do you have any reason to suspect such a thing? I apologize for the questioning, but we would rather not be caught up in something."
(202) Kiral: "Yeah, I agree with Lellick here, I am Kiral by the way. What support do you have for such suspicions?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (294) ticattack...
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Well, what do you think?
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Have you ever asked them what the purpose is of those cages?
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Or why they let the guilders steal?
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Or what the guilders do to those who practice magic of the gods?
(201) Lellick: "The guilders seemed quite simple-minded. Are you saying that Pawnis and the ilythi'iri taught them these things?"
(202) Kiral: "Well, as for the stealing I tend to wonder. And as I spoke of justice and punishment, they said naught"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Of course they did. The guilders and the palanteen have been here for as long as I can remember. Which isn't very long at all. But according to their records, they have been here for several centuries.
** (202) Kiral nods his head as he continues to listen **
(201) Lellick: "They have records..? Interesting. Would it be possible for us to see these records?"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: They were at one point, friends, but have since gravitated to opposite poles. Pawnis and his companions came here, and began to conquer their hearts and minds. Now the guilders are like slaves, bent to do the wizard's will.
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Of course, I will show them to you.
(273) Git: "How long has Pawnis been here?"
(201) Lellick: "Thank you."
(202) Kiral: "What type of power does the wizard possess, obviously enough for you all to fear him. Correct?"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: About as long as I have. Time seems to operate differently in this place.
** (201) Lellick mutters, "I wouldn't doubt it." **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: From what I have observed, time operates much slower here than in the outside world.
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: I do not fear him. I fear more for his charges.
(295) Tikk (exit): 02:45
(201) Lellick: "Since the other camp seems so dangerous a place, I wonder if we might stay here to rest? I am not sure how long we might stay here until our task is done."
(273) Git: "Tell me something... did Pawnis have a human girl with him when he arrived?"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Of course.
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Why yes, he did.
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: But I haven't seen her to be honest.
(273) Git: :raises a brow: "She may be hidden in that village."
(273) Git: "Guess we're taking a trip bck there."
(199) DM: (we'll stop here)

(386) DM: ((PCs explored the Garden of Delights, met the guilders and the palanteen. Guilders seem to be a tribe of thieves, palanteen seem to be a tribe of paladins. Each is led by an individual or individuals not native of Zayal, and trapped here in the Garden for a VERY long time.))
(386) DM: ((game resumes at this point))
(391) Git: "Question... is there a night time in this place?"
** (387) Lellick sighs quietly, "I have a feeling returning there isn't going to be easy, if they view us as taking sides..." **
(389) Agatha: "Well we have taken sides if we're right about that snakey wizard."
(391) Git: "Now, now Aggy, just don't go aggroing on the poor guilders. They're just following a bad example."
(389) Agatha: "I have no problem with the guilders...so long as they don't get between me and that slaver."
** (388) Kiral sits atop Nimer quietly observing the others **
(387) Lellick: "I'm afraid I must agree with him.. we're going to have to handle this.. carefully."
(386) DM: ((had the wrong tree up. send me your nodes again pls))
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: Night? No, not as you know it.
(391) Git: (just realized I never rolled for my lvl hp)
(388) Kiral has sent you a tree node...
(387) Lellick has sent you a tree node...
(391) Git: hp:[1d8+1] -> [5,1] = (6)
(391) Git has sent you a tree node...
(389) Agatha has sent you a tree node...
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: No, the sun never sets and the moon never rises. As far as I can tell.
(391) Git: "Then I suppose waiting for cover of darkness is out of the question." :shrugging, the former thief muses gladly: "If they don't suspect us, I suppose we may as well just wander right back into their village with big friendly smiles."
(391) Git: (color test)
** (387) Lellick murmurs, trying to keep his voice low enough for just the party to hear, "But if Feridwyn's people here followed us, then.." **
(391) Git: "Once we're there we skulk for the girl. Hopefully we can find her and sneak her out without being noticed. I don't want to pick a fight with the wiz or the Illythiri gal around the guilders. They may take it the wrong way."
(391) Git: :glances to Lellick: "Why would we want them to follow us?"
(375) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
(387) Lellick: "That's not what I meant. I meant that Pawnis' people may have tried to follow us as well."
** Kha groans **
(391) Git: "As long as we don't appear to take sides, hopefully no one will be incited."
(389) Agatha: "And what are you talking about, leaving Pawnis and his il'thyri wench in charge?"
(389) Agatha: "You see how he treats those people."
** Kha grunts as he lifts his head **
(391) Git: :to aggy: "Not in the long run. But I sure as hell don't want to start a fight with them where the Guilders will see. They're bound to misunderstand and attack us. We don't want to endanger their lives... or ours."
(387) Lellick: "Maybe we should speak about this somewhere more private.."
(389) Agatha: "Hmph."
** Kha sits up "Where are we?" **
(391) Git: :glances to Kha: "You've reached the after life. and Good news. You and me got into the same place." :grins to the fate worshipper:
** (389) Agatha turns to Lellick. "We're in a garden that exist completely separate from the world and time. Do your magicks even still work here?" **
** (388) Kiral looks to Agatha with that question, "Or mine for that matter. I don't know" **
** (387) Lellick glances over at Kha, then looks to Agatha and nods. "I was able to heal that lady Khajit earlier, though she did not wake." **
Kha: "I've died before, It did not hurt and my head is killing me" **Truns to Agatha** "Ahh the Garden we were saposed to enter I take it?"
** Kha looks to the Khajit that Lellick mentions "Is that Basht? I thought she died to keep one of the Star Gems out of the hands of the Drow." **
** Kha heads to the Khajit to make sure it is Basht **
(386) DM:
It DOES appear to be Basht.
** Kha checks over Basht **

Kha: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
(391) Git: :shrugs: "Good kharma I suppose. Consider her a dor prize for making it so far."
(387) Lellick: "Ah.. are you feeling alright, Kha? We could not get her to wake, and I was afraid the same would happen to you."
Kha: "My head is killing me and the last thing I remember is walking outside of the Temple with Norf's pile of salt"
Kha: "I think I need actual sleep, not just uncontiousness, is there a place I can sleep around here?"
(391) Git: "Funny you should mention it. There's a lovely little village of thieves back the way."
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: Certainly. I'll ask a palanteen to prepare a hut for you.
** (387) Lellick bows slightly to Feridwyn, "Thank you." **
(391) Git: :sighs: "Or we could stay in the stuffy paladin village."
Kha: "Planteen, thieves? a bed is all I need as long as I wont be butchered in my sleep"
(389) Agatha: "Aye, better here than there. I won't have worry about my purse."
(391) Git: :whispers to Aggy: "Don't get too relaxed just yet. Simply because he's a paladin of Solnor doesn't mean this place is absolutely safe."
** (388) Kiral remains quiet, unable to completely trust either of the two options at this point **
** (389) Agatha whispers back, "I never said it was safe, just that I wouldn't have to worry about my purse. I've got a nice little nest egg here, y'know." **
(389) Agatha: "Besides, I don't think Solnor is the sort to tolerate imposters of his soldiers."
** Kha holds his head while he waits for the planteen to show him to the hut **
(391) Git: :grins devilishily: "And yet you trust me to know?" :winks and gets up to take a look around the palanteen village.
(389) Agatha: "That's different. I can always find you."
** (389) Agatha smirks back. **
(391) Git: (what are the huts like? Are they reamshackle affairs that look recently slapped together? or are they more permanent, settled buildings? Just trying to guage how long the place has been around)
(386) DM: (thatch huts)
(386) DM: (permanent, settled buildings)
(391) Git: "Hey Feridwyn... Were the guilders and Palanteen always separate, or did something split the population here?"
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: They were at one point, citizens of Medinat al-Muskawoon.
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: When the city was destroyed, some fled and were somehow, transported here.
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: As far as I have been able to determine, they have been trapped here all this time, and have in the process, devolved into the states you see today.
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: Most of them do not believe in an outside world, as they have been here literally forever.
** (387) Lellick hums thoughtfully. "Surely this devolving couldn't be a natural thing?.." **
(391) Git: "So.. at least there's a common thread. Perhaps a common enemy could help them on the road to recovery then. Hmmmm..." :lets his head lull back in thought."
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: Besides slowing down the aging process, this place also slows time to a crawl. For each day in this place, one minute passes in the outside world. Or so my god tells me.
(388) Kiral: "Have the days been recorded?"
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: I gave up after a while. (shrugs)
** (388) Kiral nods in complete understanding **
(391) Git: :groans: "It's hard to plot on an empty stomache. Might we adjourn to yonder hut for a meal and rest before our rescue attempt."
(389) Agatha: "If what you say is true you could stay here a whole year not even have a day pass on the outside."
(391) Git: "Then at least we don't have to worry about being away too long."
** Kha comes back out of the hut where he was sleeping **
Kha: "Feridwyn where is the Golden gate?"
** Feridwyn of Solnor seems startled by the question. "Over there." (gestures in the distance) **
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: Why do you ask?
** (387) Lellick looks to Kha with a small grin, "We just brought you from there." **
Kha: "Cause thats the way out and we need to head there"
** Kha turns to Git "We still have those Star Gems right?" **
(391) Git: :Shrugs: "For what they're worth." :gives Kha a stern but discreet glance in silencing.:
Kha: "If you dont mind I would like to see this gate, even though you found me there I dont remember it. I wana practice my Juggling as well so I will need the Star Gems"
(388) Kiral: "Are you strong enough to walk," he asks in regards to Kha
Kha: "My headach is gone so I am well enough"
(389) Agatha: "Juggling?"
** (389) Agatha shakes her head. "You are daft." **
(391) Git: "Uh....." :tries to understand what kind of lie needing gems to juggle: "Yeah.. best you rest up for now. We may be rescuing Wa'run's siter soon. We'll need to be in top shape."
** (388) Kiral nods to Kha but slides off of the large cats back walking for himself now **
** Kha shrugs and picks up some rocks and starts juggling **
Kha: Dex check: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
Kha: "Oops, maybe I am not ready to use the Gems yet. But they would look much better then rocks"
** (387) Lellick just stares at Kha. **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, lol
** Kha sits down deciding to listen to Git, but keeps trying to juggle the rocks **
(391) Git: :shakes his head: "it'd be like giving a fine lute to a tone deaf fool."
(391) Git: :to feridwyn: "So.. how about that food?"
** (388) Kiral speaks in approval, "A little food would be appreciated" **
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: I thought you'd never ask. (grins)
Kha: Dex check: [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11)
** Kha drops the rocks again **
Kha: "This is harder then it looks"
(386) Feridwyn of Solnor: Please, feel free to walk around. Dinner will be served in an hour. Roast pig, I believe.
** (388) Kiral looks to the others, "I guess a bit more fitting than spiders, huh?" **
** Kha shudders and drops the rocks again **
** (391) Git takes a walk of the village until dinner is ready, noting the manners and practices of the locals in passing. **
** Kha decides to site here and wait for dinner so he can practice **
Kha: Dex check: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(391) Git: (We're gonna head back to the Guilders village after we rest, as long as nothing pops up. FF in a bit?)
** Kha shakes his head **
(386) DM: (ok)
(386) DM: A few hours later, the palanteen turn in to rest, though a sentry group remains vigilant and alert.
Kha: Dex check: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)
(391) Git: "So... we ready to go?"
Kha: "Oh I had it for a bit there, I think I might be getting better." ^em**Nods to Git**
** (388) Kiral taps his leg asking Nimer to sit until they return, looking to the group, "I am ready, just tell me, how much stealth do we need?" **
Kha: "Walking into a camp of Thieves, probably best to just let them know we are there and then wander around."
** (391) Git quirks a brow at Kha, before bending down to pick up a couple of rocks and giving juggling a try. **
(391) Git: Dex check: [1d20+4] -> [10,4] = (14)
(391) Git: :to kha: "Exactly. We walk back in naturally, don't try to hide anything. Say we checked with the Palanteen. They didn't know a way to get back either."
(387) Lellick: "And what do we do if that doesn't work?"
(389) Agatha: "Sounds like a good enough idea. Hope they buy it."
(386) Wa'run: And how will this free my sister?
(388) Kiral: "I am going to go under cover, I will be able to be silent and keep and eye out, just remember, if I blink my eyes twice, that means yes, once for no. Git, could you please hold your arm out," Kiral asks waiting for him to do so
(391) Git: :pats Wa'run's shoulder: "We go back in and we search for her in secret. Just make sure you don't take any dumb risks to let Pawnis know we're on to him."
** Kha checks his belongings quickly then looks to Basht "I think we should leave her with the Planteen for now" **
(391) Git: :holds out his arm to Kiral: "When you say undercover...?"
** (388) Kiral jumps into the air, and immediately begins to transform into a small eagle. He swoops up to the sky and then comes diving down quickly slowing to a steady perch on Git's arm **
(391) Git: :shakes his head to Kha: "We don't know them anymore than we do the guilders. Personally I'd rather not leave her alone."
** (389) Agatha turns to Wa'run. "The others are right about one thing. Barging in and making demands won't guarantee your sister's safety. If we keep things civil, we'll have time to search the camp." **
Kha: "Did these Thieves see me before?"
(391) Git: "Ah.... " :scratches bird Kiral's head.: "Lets just hope they don't eat poultry."
** (388) Kiral looks to Git and blinks twice **
(391) Git: :shakes his head to Kha: "We just found you at the gate with Feridwyn
** (388) Kiral turns his head in a constant swivel looking from side to side on the outstreched perch, supplying a more watchful eye than the group could offer alone **
(391) Git: "Won't they suddenly wonder where I got a bird from though? ANd where you went?"
** Kha suddenly looks almost exactly like Kiral **
(391) Git: :to Kiral: "Could Kha borrow your clothes?"
** Wa'run nods, mollified. **
Kha: Disguise Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [4,11] = (15)
(391) Git: "Oh... nevermind."
Kha: "Hope they dont remember what you sounded like"
** (389) Agatha places a reassuring hand on Wa'run's shoulder. "Don't worry, lad. We didn't come this far just to leave empty-handed. We made a promise to you, and I aim to keep it." **
Kha: "Halif you want to join us in the Thieves village?"
(391) Git: "Anyway..." :to Kiral: "If you find the girl don't jump the gun. Let us know and we'll plan an escape. Remember, we can't afford to alert Pawnis yet."
** (388) Kiral looks up to Git and blinks twice, taking off high into the sky hoovering gently above the group waiting for them to move **
(391) Git: "Right then... off to see the wizard." :begins into the jungle, headed back to the theif village.:
** Kha looks to Basht again and picks her up to carry her to the village **
** Halif nods, hefting his axe. **
** (387) Lellick walks along with them, telling Kha, "Be careful with her." **
** (389) Agatha follows Git and the others. **
Kha: "She will wake up when we put all the dolls in the house"
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(391) Git' from server... Removing dead client
(391) Git (exit): 00:06
** (388) Kiral swoops down into the jungle, flirting from tree branch to tree branch near silently above the others, scouting ahead as much as possible **
(403) Kiral (enter): 00:12
** (389) Agatha looks at Kha, then to the others. "Is it just me or is the boy more 'off' than usual?" **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (403) Kiral...
(386) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(388) Kiral' from room...
(388) Kiral (exit): 00:13
(403) Kiral: (( did you all see me coming down to land? before I disconnected ))
(386) DM: ((no))
** (403) Kiral squaks as the eagle version approaches for an arm from someone **
** Kha continues following Git while carrying Basht **
** (389) Agatha hold out an arm for the bird to perch. **
(404) Git (enter): 00:19
(386) DM: Eventually you reach the gulder village. A patrol of guilders, on seeing you, welcomes you into the village.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (404) Git...
(404) Git: (hoi.. froze up and got disconnected. I miss anything?)
** (403) Kiral moves over the group, circling once and landing on the arm of Agatha, giving a look toward a place in the village giving a squak again **
(386) DM: (not much)
** (403) Kiral bobs his head a bit and takes off again hoping the group got the message **
** (404) Git waves to the friendly natives, offering even though can not understand him, "Good day to you all. How goes the thieving. Pinch anything tasty?" **
** (403) Kiral flies up and moves to check out the cages **
** (403) Kiral flies over to cages peering in cautiously as he flies over **
whispering to Kiral, a human girl can be seen in one of the cages, whipped and bleeding.
(386) DM: A few wave back, giggling.
(404) Git: :smiles while asking his comrades: "Wonder what they're so happy about?"
** Kha looks for a soft place to lay Basht **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, ok
(404) Git: :to the guilders: "Could we get a bed for the lady." :pointing to Basht and pantomiming a bit of a bed and sleeping, hoping they understand well enough.:
(386) DM: A few of the guilders see Basht and frown, growling at you.
(389) Agatha: "I thought these people were supposed to like Khajit."
(386) DM: One of them turns tail and runs into a hut, growling.
(404) Git: "Don't worry. Don't worry." :tries to assauge the simple folk as if they were children: "Pointing to Basht he utters, "No Palanteen. No Palanteen." :while shaking his head, hoping it means no to this culture. (dip check...)
(404) Git: Diplomacy Skill Check: [1d20+16] -> [4,16] = (20)
(386) Voice: What? Usstan thought dos killed lil vanaraeth!
(404) Git: "Eh?" :looks for voice source:
** Kha does not set Basht down seeing thier reaction to her **
(386) DM: If anything, that provokes them even more. One or two pick up stones from the ground, hefting them.
whispering to Git, from the hut the guilder ran into
(389) Agatha: "Hmph. Sounds like someone didn't do their job right."
** Trifaere walks out, followed by the now hysterical guilder. More guilders come out of other huts, awakened by the commotion. **
** (387) Lellick steps out in front of Git and Basht, holding his hands up to the Guilders pleadingly. "Please, I think there's been a misunderstanding.." **
** Trifaere glowers at you, reaching for a whip at her belt but thinks better of it. "What do dossta want?" **
** (389) Agatha turns to Kha. "You might want to take Basht back to the other camp. She's getting them all riled up." **
(404) Git: :gives Aggy a withering glance before turning back to the natives holding up his hands and calling out to Trifaere: "Please ask them to calm."
(386) Trifaere: She tried to leave lil Garden. She deserved to die.
(404) Git: "We came back to see Pawnis. We visited the palanteen camp asking for a way to leave this place. They were no better aid to us."
** (389) Agatha slowly reaches for her axe. "Aye, we'd hate for their to be any ugliness." **
(389) Agatha: ((there*))
(386) Trifaere: Zhah nindol natha threat? (smiles thinly at Agatha)
(387) Lellick: "She is in no position to leave anywhere now. Why not leave her be?"
** Kha looks at Trifaere You are Ilythiiri?" **
(404) Git: ""No threat." :looks to Aggy assuring: "No threat."
** Trifaere barks at a guilder who cowers before her command, before running off into another hut. **
(386) DM: ((yes she is))
(404) Git: "We just figure as Pawnis is a mage, we may be better with him to find our way out of here. And this woman may have knowleged to aid our departure. That is all."
** Trifaere glares at Kha, saying "Dos do natha disservice ulu lil tongue d'lil Quarval'sharess, rivvil." **
** (389) Agatha reluctantly eases her hand away. **
** Trifaere shrugs. "Nindol zhah naut udosst problem." **
(386) Pawnis: What now? (leaves his hut blearily, rubbing his eyes) By the goddess, can I not get some sleep?
Kha: "I understand you just fine, though I dont speak you tongue, so please dont be rude to my friends where I can hear it"
(404) Git: :gives the wizard a brief bow: "Sorry to awaken you. I see we chose a bad time to return."
(389) Agatha: "Night and day is pretty confusing here?"
(389) Agatha: .*
(386) Pawnis: Ah, it's you. (looks at Basht) "Why did you bring her here?"
Kha: "Not nice to leave uncontious people laying around"
(404) Git: :glances to Basht: "We feel she may have some knowledge that may aid our way home. Thus... we'll hang onto her for now."
** (403) Kiral flies behind the cage and looks at the girl, then to the guards making sure they aren't close ((if they aren't close, or I feel I can hide from them I will continue to act, on that mark)) **
(386) Pawnis: You don't know what you're doing. (speaks to Trifaere in drow)
(404) Git: (Says that in drow to Trifaere? Or says it to use then speaks to Trifaere?)
(404) Git: (us even*)
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(387) Lellick' from server... Removing dead client
(387) Lellick (exit): 00:41
(386) DM: More guilders (about ten) peek out of a few more huts, and on seeing Basht deepen their mood.
(386) DM: (he says that to you and then speaks to Trifaere in drow)
(404) Git: "Understood. The girl makes them Nervous. We'll have her taken away in that case."
(407) Lellick (enter): 00:43
(386) Pawnis: Please be sure not to bring her here again. Next time I will not be held responsible for what might happen.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (407) Lellick...
** Trifaere glances at you and smiles viciously, nodding at Pawnis. **
** Kha shrugs and takes Basht back out of the village away from the Planteen's **
** (389) Agatha steps next to Git and whispers. "We still need to take a look around. Kiral was pointing something out about the cages." **
** (403) Kiral lays on the as an eagle and changes back to himself quickly immediately whispering to the girl in the cage as he lays prostrate hoping the cage protects him from their view, "If you are Wa'run's sister, be still, I am here to save you" **
(404) Git: :nods: "Halif, Kiral, would you mind taking her back to the Palanteen village?"
** Trifaere motions to the guilders and barks at them, causing a number of them to drop their stones. A few of them appear dejected. **
Kha: "I can sleep in the woods if the rest of you want to stay in beds here."
Kha: "I will watch her Git"
(404) Git: :nods to Kha: "Thank you Kiral."
** (407) Lellick relaxes a little when the guilders drop their makeshift weapons, but he still watches them warily. **
Kha: "Halif is welcome to stay with me if he wants though. I wont be going back to the other village though. Did not much like it there either"
** Halif grunts, leading Kiral out of the village. **
** (403) Kiral begins to crawl his way along the dirt, getting only close enough to see if the cage has a lock on the door **
** Kha follows Halif out carrying Basht, but making sure to head away from the Planteen **
(404) Git: :whispers to Kha: "With you outside the village it does at least offer an outside man to get the girl out"
** (403) Kiral crawls back to the shadows behind the cage, keeping his distance and pulls his sickle out to begin an attempt to saw the bottom of the cage poles, hoping to at least weaken them if he charges in animal form **
** Kha calls out to Trifaere once they are well out of the village "Tirfaere you and your friends can come join us once I get a fire going if you wish" **
** (403) Kiral feels the cage would take too long to cut through watches as the patrol begins to move again, retreating to his avian form again, he moves to find the others skying high quickly **
** Kha sets Basht down and motions to Halif to keep his axe close then begins building a fire **
** (403) Kiral begins to circle above the group quietly and high, coming down to land a top a hunt hoping the group will eye him having been looking for him **
(404) Git: :to Pawnis: "We are sorry again to interrupt your sleep. We will gladly wait until morning... or what passes for morning to talk. Would you mind if we stayed teh.. 'night'?"
(386) DM: There seems to be no response from the surrounding forest.
(403) Kiral: ((hunt - hut))
(386) Pawnis: I don't think that would be wise. Your coming here with the feline has roused the guilders. It might be best if you departed from here for now.
** Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power into himself **
(404) Git: :sighs: "Fair enough." We will return in the morning then. Hopefully all will be more relaxed by then."
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke break ))
** (403) Kiral listens and watches as the groups is soon to move out of the village, knowing the fun is yet to begin **
** (404) Git offers a parting bow and turns to leave the village, setting out for Kha's little campsite. **
** (403) Kiral watches as Git and the other move and flies toward the camp site he had seen Kha building hanging over the heads of his companions, looking for an arm to rest on **
** (404) Git holds out his arm as they approach the camp **
** (403) Kiral perches and waits, knowing they might be watched as they leave **
(404) Git: :whispers to the bird: "Did you find the girl?"
** (389) Agatha is the last to turn and leave. She gives Trifaere a stone-faced look. "Be seeing you." **
** (407) Lellick looks around the camp and remarks, "Well, this is.. cozy?" **
** (403) Kiral blinks twice with a nod of his head **
(404) Git: "I'm guessing in the hut Trifaere came out of eariler today... right?"
(403) Kiral: As they reach the camp, Kiral jumps off the arm of Git and changes mid air landing gently onto his feets as if by invisible wings
** (403) Kiral shakes his head and bit and response in kind, "No, there is a cage guarded near the lake. There is a girl, bleeding and badly beaten, and she responded to the name of Warun...She won't be able to hold out much longer, we need to act quickly" **
(403) Kiral: "I had no way to pick the lock on the heavily wrought bamboo cage. Though if we get it open, I can run her out of here with record speed as a cheetah...I just need help
(404) Git: :nods: "Alright. we'll have to go in for her tonight." For now though. do you think you could keep an eye on Pawnis and Trifaere. They're plotting something, and I'd like to know what."
(403) Kiral: "If you all can handle the girls and the mission alone, I can go spy on them both
** Kha greets the others "The man who we woke ordered Trifaere to kill us if we headed to the Panteen village" **
(403) Kiral: "But you can't just walk her out of the village, she needs to be carried."
(404) Git: :nods before asking Kiral: "The cage, is there anything between it and the lake?"
** Kha releases his diguise and looks like himself again **
** (407) Lellick winces at hearing Kha's words. "It looks like we won't be resting in anything resembling a bed, then..." **
(403) Kiral: "No, you don't have anything there to worry about. Why, what are you thinking"
(404) Git: "How many guards?"
(403) Kiral: "Just two, and a pretty short trek to the water through the beach. But I am sure there are more guards at a mere call"
(389) Agatha: "Well we'll just have to keep them from calling."
(404) Git: "Hmm..." :scratches his chin in thought: "They'd probably only expect an attack from the land. But if we waded in from the lake, we may have all the surprise we need."
Kha: "Thats easy enough"
Kha: "But there is another problem."
(404) Git: "They'll probably be keeping an eye on our camp to make sure we don't leave though."
(403) Kiral: "Then I am off, I will see what I can hear, and I am looking to Pawnis and Trifaere, right, assuming they are talking right now?"
Kha: "I am guessing that Trifaere is still around here, and probably close enough to hear us."
(404) Git: :nods to Kiral: "Kha, your helmet interprets languages righ? Perhaps Kiral could borrow it to listen?"
(389) Agatha: "We have another problem once we get the girl. Where are we going to go?"
(389) Agatha: "We still don't know how to open the gates."
Kha: "The Gate so we can leave"
Kha: "I do"
(389) Agatha: "Is that so?
** (403) Kiral looks to Kha, wondering his response to the helm **
(389) Agatha: "Do tell, spear dancer."
(404) Git: :to Aggy: "Even i assume to know how the Gate works. But we aren't ready to leave just yet."
Kha: "Yup, easy enough to open the gates" **unwindes the scarf from his head the was hiding the golden helm and hands the Helm to Kiral** "Dont get caught I want the helm back"
(389) Agatha: The whole reason we're doing this sneaking around is to get the Wa'run's sister out without a fight."
(389) Agatha: "Even if we get her out, we'll be forced to cut through guilders."
** Kha looks to Agatha "Just need to use the Star Gems to open it. I wanted to earlyer, but then Git mentioned Wa`Run's sister" **
** (407) Lellick murmurs, "If Kha was right about that woman listening in on us, we won't have the opportunity unless we hurry." **
** (403) Kiral nods and slides the helm unto his head, unclasping his amulet from gold chain that holds it, and clasping the end of the chain to the bottom of the helm. "This will be just fine." **
** (403) Kiral changes quickly and flies upward dodging tree limbs as he heads out **
(404) Git:
"Considering there's no night time, it may be best to wait on the rescue attempt until we have a way to distract the guilders. After all, snatching the girl right after we caused such a broohaha does seem ratehr suspicious."
** (403) Kiral flies to the village, and begins to circle it as high as possible looking to see what is happening below Spot [1d20+15] -> [14,15] = (29) **
"I think I can wander into the camp to distract them while the rest of you do your thing"
(404) Git:
:to kha: "But as long as they watch our camp we're stuck. Kha.. care to do a little more impersonation?"
"That was my plan. I was going to look like the man back at the Panteen village and claim that the outsiders killed one of his men so he came looking for them. I figure just the sight of the man would cause as much ruckuss as Basht did"
(404) Git:
"No... show up as a Palanteen, spouting a language they can't understand, and they'll probably just kill you."
"They understand just fine I think. I know they understood Drow, and probably common, may not chose to act like it though"
"So who do you want me to look like?"
(404) Git:
:grins, leans ina whispers: "Me."
"ok, why?'
(404) Git:
"Tomorrow, I said I'd be back to speak with Pawnis about getting out of the Garden. Instead you can take my place while I go pick the lock on that cage."
(404) Git:
"If you could try and get as much attention as possible and draw the reserve guards away so i only have to worry about the two, that would be nice as well."
(404) Git:
:grins: "Maybe you could amaze them with your juggling feats."
** Kha suddenly looks like a Khajit **
"Look good?"
(404) Git:
"By the way.. do any of you have a sleeing or silencing spell?"
(375) Dj Gilcrease:
"I can make an area silent"
(404) Git:
:raises a brow to Kha: "Great." :takes a second." Why are you a Khajit."
(404) Git:
(375) Dj Gilcrease:
"New look to walk into the village with"
(404) Git:
:shakes his head: "Anyone other than the guy who will be busy in the village?"
(407) Lellick:
"After a round of prayer, I would be able to provide a silence spell."
** Kha picks up a few rocks and heads out toward the village
"Halif keep Basht safe please, Trifaere or her cronies may still be about" **
** (403) Kiral can't even believe what he hears as he continues to spy, Kiral moves quickly to circle above the girl one last time before going to warn the others (same situation with the girl?) **
(404) Git:
:nods to Lellick: "Great. It will help me clear the water and take out the two guards without anyone hearing. By the way... how are you at swimming?"
** Kha practices his juggling on the way back to the village, making sure to take a long way around to come in from another side **
(404) Git:
:calls out to Kha: "Do you really want to incite them more? We want them to calm down."
** (407) Lellick shrugs, "I don't sink as soon as I step in, so.." **
(404) Git:
:waves a passing hand to Lellick: "That'll do."
(407) Lellick:
"How many times do you think you'll need the spell cast? It should last for.. six minutes at a time."
(404) Git:
"Only once."
** (404) Git gets up and goes on a bit of a walk about around the camp, collecting 'fire wood', and listening and watching for anyone spying on the camp. **
(386) DM:
You (Kha) enter the village.
(389) Agatha:
"Hmph. Well if you two are going to go off and play the sneak, I'd best keep an eye on Kha and make sure he doesn't get himself killed. Again."
** (389) Agatha takes off after Kha. **
(386) DM:
(Ag is in the distance)
(404) Git:
:nods to Aggy: "Lets just hope he's not doing anything dumb with this unplanned visit."
(389) Agatha:
((What is Wa'run doing?))
** Kha keeps walking and juggling as if oblivious to the village **
** (404) Git collects more sticks then they'd need for the fire, while waiting for Kiral's return. **
** (407) Lellick takes a seat close to the fire and starts praying. **
(386) DM:
(386) DM:
A few guilders look curiously at the juggling Khajiit and begin imitating him.
(386) DM:
Hoots and laughter.
** (389) Agatha decides to keep her distance and not spoil the show. **
** (403) Kiral flies into the campsite and lands easily in his human form. **
** (403) Kiral calls Git and Lellick toward him **
** Jin`Tar looks ours as if seeing the village for the first time and attempts to keep juggling **
** (407) Lellick blinks at hearing Kiral, then staggers up to his feet. "..What?" **
Dex check: [1d20+5] -> [5,5] = (10)
** (404) Git dumps the pile of sticks and apporaches the druid, "Find anything interesting?" **
(386) DM:
Trifaere exits a hut and drags a grinning guilder back inside, but not before she throws a curious look at you. She shrugs her shoulders and then steps in.
** Jin`Tar beds down to pick up the rock
now where did Jin`Tar wander off to looks around the village, seeing the others juggling as well shrugs and starts back up again and just keeps wandering around the village **
(403) Kiral:
"They know we carry powerful magic, I am assuming that means the stones, and the are moving NOW to hunt us down. Trifaere plan is to summon a Drider to hunt us down with the rest of their apparently waiting army. They are looking to escape as well from this garden."
(386) DM:
Screams begin issuing forth from the hut that Trifaere disappeared into. Surreally, the other guilders ignore the screams, instead hooting and laughing at you (Kha) as they imitate your actions.
(404) Git:
"Of course. Who'd want to stay? Do you know when it will come?"
** (407) Lellick groans, rubbing at his face with a hand. **
(386) DM:
Screams of utter agony...
(403) Kiral:
"Soon, real soon. And the guards have fallen asleep, near the girl. So I have a plan. I can take one of you, on my back with me, to pick the lock. And then fleetingly get out via the beach"
** Jin`Tar wanders around juggling and laughing with the rest of the gilders **
(403) Kiral:
"The other who remains needs to gather the others to escape to the golden gate quickly, meeting us there"
** (389) Agatha tries to sneak past the distracted guards with a handful of stones in case she needs to make a fool of herself as well. **
(386) DM:
A dark cloud issues forth from Trifaere's hut, as the screams suddenly cease.
(407) Lellick:
"Do you think you'll be able to elude the guilders carrying two people?"
(403) Kiral:
"No doubt, I will be uncatchable at full sprint"
(404) Git:
"I'd go with you to get the girl, but can the rest outrun a drider hunting them?"
** (407) Lellick says with a grim tone, "We'll deal with it. I'll go get Agatha and Kha. There's not time to stand around talking about this." **
** (403) Kiral shakes his head in anger, having forgetten about that, "No, I doubt they can. Damn it **
(404) Git:
"Mayhaps ambushing the drider is a safer bet. After all, they don't know we know what is coming."
(386) DM:
The cloud separates from Trifaere's hut and takes up position near it. The ilythi'iri leaves the hut again, clamps hold of another laughing guilder, and drags him back into the hut. She stops short and glances at you (Kha), furrowing her brow, then shakes her head and continues.
(407) Lellick:
"And how will we deal with the mobs of guilder who'll attack us then?"
** Jin`Tar keeps laughing and juggling and wandering slowly making his way toward the cages **
(403) Kiral:
"That doesn't save the girl though," Kiral says, "I think we need to flee from it, guard against it at the other village if nothing else"
(404) Git:
"Hmmm..." :scratches his chin: "Always so messy."
(386) DM:
And so it goes again. More screams from the drow's hut...
** (407) Lellick shakes his head and turns, "I'm going. Good luck," then sprints in the direction he saw Agatha leave in. **
** (389) Agatha tries to approach the hut and take a peek at what's going on. **
(404) Git:
"Alright....Lellick, you Wa'run and Halif head back toward the Palanteen village. We'll get the girl. Hopefully Aggy and Kha have enough sense not to hang around too long."
** (403) Kiral quickly shifts into a lean looking spotted cat standing nearly 3 feet tall and 5 feet long **
** (403) Kiral gives a deep roar, as Git moves to climb atop his back, ready to move **
** (407) Lellick doesn't stick around to listen to Git.. **
(404) Git:
:looks at cheetah Kiral: "This should be interesting." :climbs on.
** (403) Kiral takes off immediately, able to do most of the work in keeping Git stabilized as he moves toward the lake, knowing that the approach is safest by way of the beach **
(386) DM:
You (Agatha) see that the cloud slowly coalesces into the form of a bloated spider-like creature. Where there was once a guilder, now there is a drider...the head and torso of a guilder, with the bloated sickly hairy body of a tarantula. The guilder's appearance takes on that of a tormented human, with crimson eyes and a perpetual grimace, as it wields a barbed spear and weighted net.
** (407) Lellick slows as he enters the guilder village, looking around quickly before following the sounds of hooting and laughing guilder. **
(404) Git:
:calls to Halif before they take off: "You take the boy to the Palanteen then. Lellick and the others will have to catch up."
(386) DM:
Something causes the drider to not move more than a certain amount of feet from the hut. It stops, sniffs the air and turns in your direction, almost as if it can sense something out of place.
** (389) Agatha curses under her breath. "Well this is just beautiful." **
(386) DM:
You (Lellick) see this monstrosity as well. (Not hard to miss)
** (407) Lellick slows to a stop. Then he attempts to hide behind a nearby hut. **
(403) Kiral:
((might have to shake Git and run for my own life!))
** (389) Agatha tries to fade back towards Kha's show. **
** Jin`Tar glances around still laughing and juggling **
** (403) Kiral slows quickly remaining close to the wateline as they reach the cages, knowing Git sees what he is seeing **
** (404) Git hops off as they near the cages, trying to sneak up and not wake the guards. **
** (407) Lellick waits for a moment before moving away from the hut, putting some distance between him and that.. thing before heading around the long way towards the excited guilder. **
** Jin`Tar winks in Gits direction and keeps laughing and juggling trying to get the guards to have fun as well **
** (389) Agatha signals to Kha in charades about big spiders. Big, big spiders. **
(386) DM:
A second cloud issues forth from the ilythi'iri's hut and takes up position near it. Slowly it begins to coalesce into the form of another drider...
** (407) Lellick spots Agatha and hurries over to her. "We have to get out of here." **
** Jin`Tar keeps up his juggling and starts wanding back out of town the way he came in, very slowly thoug and avoiding going near the Hut **
(404) Git:
:Once the girl is free of the cage, git explains, "We're going to get you to Wa'run right fast. Just trust us. Okay?"
(404) Git:
:helps her onto Kiral's back, telling the cheetah: "Get her to the Palanteen quick and warn them what might be coming. See if you can get some reinforcements."
** (403) Kiral watches and waits patiently, a bit tense from the spiderlike creature...he is a bit confused when Git doesn't get on and motions with his head for git to jump on to with a soft purrrrrr **
** (389) Agatha watches Trifaere's hut from a distance while she tries to size up these driders. **
** Shaheen nods slowly, eyes wide with fright. **
(404) Git:
"Nah.. I'm not leaving just yet. And you can't carry two riders that fast. Get going."
** (407) Lellick pokes Aggy in the side, hissing at her. "They're going to kill us with those things. We're going to regroup at the Gate." **
** (403) Kiral responds with trust and takes off toward Palanteen as fast as his legs can take them **
** Trifaere marches forth from her hut and drags another guilder back inside. "Dos zuil be quiet now!" (slaps him hard) **
** (404) Git looks to the Drider's and Trifaere's hut, wondering if he might be able to sneak around back. **
(386) Trifaere:
Why xuil dos laughing? Usstan did naut tell dos ulu laugh!
** (389) Agatha nods and retreats back with Lellick. **
** (407) Lellick hurries out of the village, not quite running, yet. **
** (404) Git sports his elven cloak as he tries to sneak around the outskirts of the village, trying to find a safe approach to the rear of Trifaere's hut, and hopefully a window or other entry. **
(389) Agatha:
"So how did you do?"
(389) Agatha:
"Did you get the girl?"
(389) Agatha:
((to Lellick))
(407) Lellick:
"Git and Kiral were going to get her when I left them."
(386) DM:
((stopping in 15 minutes))
** (403) Kiral gets there and moves to Feridywn, the girl on his back...Kiral lays on the ground and rolls the girl off changing quickly back into his human form **
** (403) Kiral gasps for breathe in between words fighting hard to finishing his sentence for the man **
** (389) Agatha starts running once she and Lellick are out of sight of the village, picking Wa'run up along the way. **
** (407) Lellick runs as well, doing his best to keep up, occasionally glancing back over his shoulder. **
** (403) Kiral lifts her gently and moves her to the spot. "What can we do, do you have reinforcements I can prepare for a possible battle?" **
(386) DM:
((would be best to stop here. please continue on the boards. those of you who need to do die rolls can use the dice macro on the forum.))
(404) Git:
(403) Kiral:
fun session tonight everyone
(386) DM:
basically Feridwyn will heal Shaheen, and marshal his palanteen to escort you to the gates
(386) DM:
but please continue on the forums. there's no way I can run the rest in 30 minutes.
(407) Lellick:
Okay, no problem
(375) Dj Gilcrease:
Ya very fun, oh did we make it to the gate, those of us who were not riding a cheeta and heading there anyways. That will dictate if Kha does anything on the boards or not
(404) Git:
hiyo, this next part's rather tricky anyway

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