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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(199) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
(202) Kiral: please
(200) Git: (yes...please)
(201) Lellick: (Oui oui)
(199) DM: (PCs finish up an audience with Fate, find the fifth Star Gem, reveal the Citadel of Martek and discover Basht's corpse)
(199) DM: (2076) DM: Suddenly, overhead, the sky ripples in waves of clear light and then opens up, revealing an immense citadel floating 1000 feet in the air. The structure, which is perhaps ten miles wide at the base, has six elegant minarets. It appears that the legendary Citadel of Martek has been here, in the open, all these centuries.
** J'hzuu 's eyes open, and his jaw drops a little. **
J'hzuu: *widen, even.
** (2058) Kiral looks up, his jaw hanging, "Unbelievable, I bet this has been he since I was a kid" **
** (2032) Norfirion staggers back in awe, his gaze lifting skyward with wonder. **
(2032) Norfirion: "It's huge!"
(2076) DM: A pillar of light suddenly comes down from the Citadel's base and bathes a spot of sand in its brightness.
** (2050) Lellick spots the change out of the corner of his eyes, and stares straight up, stunned. **
** (2058) Kiral looks to the others, "Kha...." his voice tailing off **
(2076) DM: Kha is nowhere to be seen.
** (2064) Git watches the gargantuan citadel with a tired expression. "Great... more huge buildings to explore...." **
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(2032) Norfirion (exit): 00:24
(2064) Git: "So... are we ready to enter? Or does anyone want to take a small break first?"
(2058) Kiral: "Do we just step into the light, you think"
** J'hzuu shrugs. "Maybe... Only one way to find out, no?" **
** (2058) Kiral shrugs and holds on to the scruff of Nimer, leading them into the light **
(2076) DM: (so do you step into the light?)
** J'hzuu steps cautiously into the light. **
(2050) Lellick: "I would not have minded a break, but..."
** (2050) Lellick shrugs and follows them into the light. **
(2076) DM: You step into the pillar of light...
** (2064) Git groans, ruffling his hair in show of frustration before following into the light, "No rest for the wicked I suppose." **
(2076) DM: ...and vanish from your immediate surroundings.
** (2090) Maximus take deep breath, breathes out, and steps into the light. **
(2076) DM: When you come to, you seem to have woken up on a golden dais in the middle of a vast clearing....in a jungle.
(2076) DM: Six marble plinths surround the dais, near which there is a golden gong that floats in midair.
(2076) DM: There is a huddled form here, at the base of the gong.
** (2058) Kiral stands up and rubs his eyes as he does so, starring at the figure before them **
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** (2064) Git looks around their surroundings for others signs of life before zeroing on the body by the gong, trying to determine what he can of it. **
** (2090) Maximus shakes the weariness from his body, and moves to the form, checking to see if it is friend or foe... **
(2058) Kiral: ((players dropping like flies))
** (2058) Kiral moves back atop Nimer and steers her walking next to Maximus **
** (2050) Lellick gapes at the jungle around them, and at the gongs, of course. "This is the citadel??" **
(2076) DM: It appears to be Basht.
** (2058) Kiral stars at the unknown figure, curiously as his eyes jump left to right exploring the jungle setting **
(2090) Maximus: "Git, is this the Khajit woman you know?"
** (2064) Git approaches slowly, looking her over. "Sure looks like her." **
(2076) DM: She's unconscious.
(2076) DM: The dais sits atop a small hill that's covered with stones and crushed bones.
(2058) Kiral: "You know this Khajit?"
(2064) Git: :kneels by Basht, reaching out to shake her shoulder: "Come on, Kitten, open those pretty eyes."
** (2090) Maximus looks to Git, "I'm out of healing grace for the day, so perhaps Lellick might revive her?" Max says the last part to the halfing. **
** (2050) Lellick starts to follow after them.. until he realizes what the hill is covered with. "...Er. This doesn't look very good." **
(2076) DM: Looking her over cursorily, you can see that she appears to have been battered by numerous smooth stones.
(2098) ticattack (enter): 00:45
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** (2050) Lellick tries to not look down as he moves over to the others. **
** (2058) Kiral looks to Lellick, "Lellick, are you okay...ok to heal her, or should I try?" **
(2050) Lellick: "Yes, I'm fine. Let me."
** (2076) Basht remains unconscious. **
** (2050) Lellick crouches down next to the Khajit woman, looking her over before grasping his holy symbol and reaching out to touch her arm. "May Tevesh ease this woman's pain and make her whole again." His hands glow white briefly before the glow is transferred to her. **
(2050) Lellick: (Cure Moderate Wounds, rolling for damage healed now)
(2050) Lellick: [2d8+6] -> [1,5,6] = (12) -> [2,5,6] -> (2, 5, 6) = (13)
** Basht is healed of her immediate injuries but doesn't waken right away. **

** (200) Git leans over the halflings shoulder asking with trace concern, "Will she pull through?" **
** (201) Lellick stays where he is for the moment, staring at Basht. "I'm not sure. She may be in a coma... or under some sort of magical effect." **
** (200) Git nods, straightens up, and goes back to examining their surroundings trying to spot any thing over the jungle canopy, a tower, castle or hill in the distance maybe... **
** (202) Kiral pets Nimer as he moves a step closer to the unfamilar feline **
(205) Zinegata (enter): 22:37
** (202) Kiral continues to examine the jungle around them **
(202) Kiral: "Has anyone figured out where we are?
(200) Git: "Don't look at me. I'm not quite an expert on teleportation."
** J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu has no idea. He would think in the floating city, but..." he shrugs again. **
** (201) Lellick rises back to his feet, briefly dusting off his knees. "I do hope we are. If we're not... it may be a very long trip back." **
(202) Kiral: "Perhaps, perhaps this is but an illusion"
(205) Zinegata (exit): 22:44
(199) DM: The sky appears to be a gigantic dome of glowing light.
(199) DM: There are trails that meander amongst this jungle, bushes of ruby-red berries and trees of sweet, ripe fruit that give way to thick jungle.
(199) DM: Mounds of sweet-smelling dirt surround the base of the hill.
(199) DM: There doesn't seem to be any signs of civilization that you can see.
** (201) Lellick isn't about to wander off, even with the lure of fruit. The bones must mean that something isn't right. "So what's the plan?" **
(200) Git: "Well... who wants to strike the gong and see if something answers?" :gives a mischievous grin as he peruses the clearing.
J'hzuu: "All either rest, wait for her" (he gestures at Basht) "to wake up, or all move on, take her with all".
** (202) Kiral moves toward a path looking to inspect the fruit **
** (201) Lellick sort of eyes Git before saying to J'hzuu, "I think we should bring her with us. She might not wake up for quite some time." **
(200) Git: "Okay, rest up for now, and If she doesn't wake up soon, we start hiking.
(200) Git: "Good deal?"
(217) Sukoo (enter): 22:51
(202) Kiral: "Sure thing, I could use a little rest...being a long time since I did"
** (202) Kiral sits on the ground, Nimer laying beside him as a post to lean on **
(199) DM: Suddenly the forest erupts in a cacophony of noise...
** (202) Kiral sneaks toward the ground as the noise explodes, expecting the worse, as he reaches for his weapon **
(217) Sukoo (exit): 22:54
(199) DM: Men...and they ARE men, albeit dressed in camoflauged leather armor rise up from the jungle floor, whoop and holler greetings at you.
** J'hzuu jerks around at the source of the noise and lets out a sharp hiss. His claws extend from his fingertips, and he glances around wildly, crouched down, ready for any trouble. **
** (201) Lellick looks around wildly, eyes wide. "What... where did they come from?!" **
(199) DM: From all appearances, there seem to be at least thirty of them. A horn sounds in the distance.
** (202) Kiral moves quickly to his feet, ready to change at any time. Kiral can't help but think how easy it would be to hide in a jungle **
(199) DM: All of them seem to be human, and look at you curiously, pointing and gesticulating.
** (200) Git moves toward the gong, hoping it will provide a shield and perhaps a quick hiding spot for a moment. Drawing his bow along th eway **
** (201) Lellick sounds rather surprised. "They aren't trying to kill us yet?" **
(219) Samantha (enter): 22:56
(219) Samantha (exit): 22:56
(200) Git: "Um... tourguides perhaps
(200) Git: ?"
** J'hzuu looks at the strangers, his ears flattened against his head and his robe shifting to a deep, dark purple. After a moment, when they don't attack, he ventures "Greetings?" **
(199) DM: They look stupidly at you.
(202) Kiral: [1d20] -> [4] = (4)
** (202) Kiral looks curiously to the people, wandering how to even approach them **
(202) Kiral: ((sorry))
(200) Git: :calls out speculatively to the surrounding men, "Greetings from Medinat al Muskawoon. I hope this day bids you well."
** (200) Git hopes they speak his language. **
** J'hzuu takes a tentative step foward and holds out his hands in peaceful greeting. "Hello?" **
(199) DM: No response. Dumb looks. Curious, dumb looks.
(200) Git: "Alright... who speaks jungle man?"
(199) DM: One of them smiles at you wordlessly.
(199) DM: A few more, and then the rest of them begin cheering and whooping.
(201) Lellick: "Ah. I would have to pray for a spell to communicate with them, assuming that it works.."
(201) Lellick: "... My, they're excitable, aren't they?"
(199) DM: One of them speaks in broken Common. "Guilder?"
** J'hzuu smiles back, trying not to show too much fang. When they begin whooping, he begins to nod slowly. "At least they are not attacking" he whispers back. **
(202) Kiral: "/me looks to the one as he speaks
(200) Git: :raises a brow to the 'spokesman' : "... Guilder..?"
(199) Tribesman: "Stealie." (smiles a toothless grin)
(199) Tribesman: Several of them notice J'hzuu and begin cheering louder.
** (201) Lellick stares for a moment at the tribesman, then starts to softly laugh. **
(199) DM: (lol)
(200) Git: "Stealie...." :thinks it over: ".. Stealie? ... Steal? Guild.. stealer guild...?"
** Tribesman nods and points to J'hzuu, approaching him. **
** J'hzuu takes half a step back, but stands his ground, grinning weakly and nervously. **
(199) Tribesman: "Cathay stealie. Cathay guilder stealie."
(199) Voice: They're harmless.
** (202) Kiral looks around for the faceless voice **
(200) Git: "Cathay... Guilder ... stealie..." :looks to his comrades: "What in the heck are they talking about?"
** J'hzuu looks around, but keeps an eye on the approaching tribesman. **
J'hzuu: "The Cathay-raht. Khajiit"
(199) DM: A tall, black-bearded human man, in glittering black robes trimmed in silver dust enters the clearing, carrying a carved ebony staff with a bronze drake claw clutching a spherical glowing crystal.
(200) Git: "Huh?" :looks for the voice:
** (202) Kiral eyes the man from head to toe as he seems to approach **
** (201) Lellick blinks, staring openly at the man. "Er." **
(199) Pawnis: They're harmless, for the most part. My name is Pawnis and I welcome you to the Garden of Delights.
(199) Pawnis: They call themselves guilders. (shrugs)
(200) Git: :nods to the large, bearded man, offering affably: "Yes, they do seem nice enough. And you appear a regal fellow. Allow me to introduce my self, as Aragit Fellthorn."
** (202) Kiral looks around at the place again..."I am Kiral ibn Aydin al-Rey'hani, and this is Nimer. You Garden is quite wonderful" **
** J'hzuu makes a half-bow. "Thankyou. Ahh... what is it they mean by 'cathay guilder stealie', if J'hzuu may ask?" **
** (201) Lellick bows slightly to the man, "And I am Lellick Litefinger." **
(199) Pawnis: Thank you. (bows) But I am not responsible for this. (gestures to the jungle) I am, like you, trapped.
(199) Pawnis: They think you are their king. Khajiit are honored amongst the guilders for being master thieves.
** Pawnis seems momentarily wary of J'hzuu, then smiles again. **
(200) Git: :raises a brow to J'hzuu: "I had no idea. We could have been having a lot more fun up to now." :sly grin:
** J'hzuu lets out a small snort of laughter, but his grin fades a bit when he realises Pawnis is serious. "Ah...". After a moment, the grin returns. **
(201) Lellick: "Well, it could be much worse..."
(202) Kiral: "J'hzuu, perhaps you have found a new home?"
(200) Git: :holds up his hands passively to Pawnis assuring with a smile, "Worry not, we come not to steal, but to .. actually.. I'm not entirely sure what we're here to do. But I assure you we have no ill intent."
(199) Pawnis: Yes. You get used to it...eventually. So, you're here.
(199) Pawnis: Shakti. (gestures with a lowering motion with his right hand)
(199) DM: As one, the guilders settle down on the ground looking up at you, smiling.
(200) Git: (do the guilders speak the same language as any desert folk we've met?)
** J'hzuu shifts from one foot to the other, somewhat uneasily. He looks to Pawnis for a moment, registering what the man had said. "What do you mean trapped?" **
(199) DM: ((nope))
** Pawnis smiles tightly. "Trapped. There is no way to leave this place. I've tried." **
(199) Pawnis: Though you cannot see from here, there are two massive gates of gold far to the north. And they can't be opened.
(199) Pawnis: Each has a spherical indentation. (shrugs)
** J'hzuu 's jaw opens a little. "But how have you tried? Force? Magic?" **
(199) Pawnis: My spells are useless against it.
(199) Pawnis: The doors resist all force.
(202) Kiral: "What spells are those?"
** (201) Lellick frowns at that, then points to Basht. "I suppose she's trapped, too? Do you know how long she's been sitting there?" **
(200) Git: (we still have the gems, right?)
(199) Pawnis: I don't know who she is. (shrugs)
(199) DM: ((yes))
(202) Kiral: "Have you found anything that might fit in the spherical indentations?"
J'hzuu: "Has she been there long?"
(199) Pawnis: Fruit? Not really.
(199) Pawnis: I...I don't know.
(199) DM: The guilders don't seem to notice Basht.
(200) Git: "I think we can get the doors open if you can show us the way. By the way.. how did you come to be here, if I may ask?"
** (201) Lellick rubs his chin, going quiet, though he gives Basht's still form a long look. **
(199) DM: The guilders just look at you, each smiling dumbly.
(199) Pawnis: Mmmm, I was exploring a ruined city. I cast a spell to flee some undead, and was teleported here.
(200) Git: "Hmph... dreadful luck."
J'hzuu: "What spell?"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, tabbed whispers still don't work
(199) Pawnis: A fireball. (smiles)
** J'hzuu frowns. "A fireball teleported you?" **
(199) Pawnis: I don't know what teleported me, but my spell was twisted.
(200) Git: "Hmph.. we go to all that trouble to end up here, and you just stumble on in. How's that for Irony?"
** (202) Kiral looks to Git, "I bet something more happened than that." **
(200) Git: "Anyhow, these two golden gates you spoke of, is there any difference between the two?"
** (202) Kiral looks back to Pawnis, "What sort of undead did you face, the foul creatures?" **
** J'hzuu nods slightly, subconsciously. "A fireball does not simply teleport its caster to a prison. Something else was acting..." **
(199) Pawnis: Ghosts from the past. If you were there, you would know.
** (202) Kiral thinks to himself, Ghosts from the past. How long ago I wonder. **
(201) Lellick: "I'm sorry to interrupt this fascinating conversation... but perhaps we should have a look at those gates?"
(238) Sukoo (enter): 23:32
(238) Sukoo (exit): 23:32
(238) Sukoo (enter): 23:32
(238) Sukoo (exit): 23:32
(200) Git: "We may as well take that break first. Rest up for the hike, give Basht a chance to awaken, prepare for what may wait beyond the gates..."
** J'hzuu nods. "Yes. Could you show all where they are?" **
(199) Pawnis: Very well. Shakta.
(199) DM: As one, the guilders rise and smile dumbly at you, then file out of the clearing, to the west.
(199) Pawnis: This way. We have a village near here, to where we will take you, for dinner. Then the gates per your request.
** J'hzuu nods. "Thankyou" **
** (202) Kiral nods in acceptance, feeling a bit hungry **
(200) Git: "We are much obliged." :offers a slight bow and prepares to follow, moving to lift up Basht for the trip.
** (202) Kiral moves atop the beast, willing to let his friend carry him to the village...if for nothing else than a sign of strength to the tribesmen **
** (201) Lellick also follows along, glad to be away from the mound here now that they know they're in safe territory. **
** (202) Kiral looks back to Git, "She can ride with me if you'd like" **
(200) Git: :nods to Kiral: "Good. The chivalrous act is nice and all.." :hefts the catgirl onto the feral mount: ".. but who needs the back pain?"
** (202) Kiral places his hand on the back of Basht to steady her for the ride **
(199) DM: The guilder village lies quietly near a calm lake, which is about 200 feet wide and 500 feet long. Among the wooden huts with woven mat roofs, the villagers go quietly about their business. On the north side of the lake are several heavy bamboo cages, all are empty.
(199) Pawnis: Welcome. (smiles gently) Dinner will be served shortly. Please, be at home.
** Pawnis disappears into a hut. **
(199) DM: The guilders look at you with dumb, stupid blank looks on their faces, grinning wordlessly, as they go about their business.
** (200) Git eyes the cages with a bit of thought, curious if they're sized for men or beasts, but for the most part, takes in the quiant village with a relaxed air. "Thank you all for you rgracious hospitality." :offers even if the people don't understand: **
** (202) Kiral looks down to Basht and then to the others, "Where can we safely take her?" **
(199) DM: ((men))
(199) DM: One of the guilders seems rather normal....a portly, almost obese half-elven man in ill-fitting leather armor. He's bent over preparing a number of tarantula steaks for roasting in a firepit, as you enter the clearing.
(199) DM: He barks some orders to a few guilders, rises and then approaches you.
(199) Bandik: Welcome to our village. (smiles graciously)
(200) Git: ((are all of the guilders men?))
(201) Lellick: "Thank the gods more than one person here speaks a normal language.."
(199) DM: ((yes))
(199) Bandik: My name is Bandik. Bandik Sparcicus, of Mel Dorath.
(249) ticattack (enter): 23:53
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (249) ticattack...
(198) ticattack (exit): 23:54
(200) Git: :nods to the fellow half-elf: "Well met, Bandik. The name's Aragit. You have a lovely little village here."
** (202) Kiral nods to the man, still seated atop the Tiger, "I am Kiral. How did you come to be here" **
(199) Bandik: Thank you. (smiles) I think so, but its a far cry from Mel Dorath. (sighs)
(199) Bandik: Please, be at ease. Dinner will be served shortly.
** (201) Lellick moves a bit closer, looking with interest at the steaks. "I'm Lellick.. and what sort of dinner, might I ask?" **
(200) Git: :nods: "I've never been there, but I would prefer any city myself."
(199) DM: A guilder bumps into Lellick, smiling stupidly.
(199) Bandik: Roasted tarantula steaks and boiled squash.
** (201) Lellick stumbles forward a bit, half-turning to eye the guilder. He mumbles, "..excuse you." **
(201) Lellick: "Erm.. did I hear you right?"
(200) Git: :casts a quick glance to the guilder who bumped into the halfling.
** (202) Kiral can't help but laugh a bit under his breathe as Lellick gets bumped **
(199) DM: He doesn't respond, instead giggling madly.
(200) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [6,9] = (15)
(252) Norfirion (enter): 23:58
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (252) Norfirion...
** (200) Git casually strolls aside, 'accidentally' bumping the same man **
(200) Git: Pick Pocket Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [2,11] = (13)
(252) Norfirion: (Sorry I'm late, if you didnt read my message on the boards, I've been having some technical difficulties)
(199) DM: (someone bring Norf up to speed)
** (201) Lellick addresses Bandik somewhat wearily, "Does tarantula at least taste like something, er, normal..?" **
** (252) Norfirion wrinkles his nose. "I'm afraid thats even beyond my appreciate for fine food and drink." **
(252) Norfirion: *appreciation
** Bandik smirks. "It has an acquired taste, like chicken." **
(254) Sukoo (enter): 00:06
(255) Sin (enter): 00:06
(254) Sukoo (exit): 00:06
(255) Sin (exit): 00:06
** Bandik notices Git but doesn't say anything, instead smiling at him with a knowing grin. **
(199) Bandik: Oh, yes, I should mention something.
(199) Bandik: In case you haven't figured it out, the guilders believe in theft as a way of life and as a religion.
(200) Git: :shrugs to Bandik and holds out Lellick's component pouch to the halfling
(201) Lellick: "...What?"
** Bandik grins at the halfling's discomfort. **
** (201) Lellick looks up at Git, glances at Bandik, then takes the pouch back with a sigh. "..Thank you." **
(200) Git: "I think I'm going to have fun here."
(201) Lellick: "I don't suppose we can.. ah.. claim diplomatic immunity?"
(202) Kiral: "And I suppose there is no...justice, to punish the thief if caught?"
(200) Git: :shrugs to Lellick: "I don't know. Perhaps if the King declares it...?" :glances to J'hzuu:
** Bandik shrugs. "No. I'll mention something to Pawnis though." **
** J'hzuu shrugs. "If you spot it, you take your possessions back. If you don't, they have earned it through skill, no? **
(199) Bandik: Justice? (smirks)
J'hzuu: "Keep things wrapped under your clothing, secured tightly to you and so on".
** (201) Lellick ties his component pouch back on his belt, trying to make the knot as tight as he can get it. **
(199) Bandik: Yes, precisely.
(201) Lellick: "..Honestly, J'hzuu, if one of them stole something important, I doubt you'd be saying that."
(199) Bandik: You haven't met the palanae, have you?
** J'hzuu slips the wands he carries into the folds of his robes - still within fairly easy reach, but not so immediately obvious. **
(200) Git: "The who now..?"
(199) Bandik: I see you haven't. The guilders hate the palanae. (offhandedly)
(199) Bandik: Your Khajiit friend healed herself, which is why she was stoned to death.
(200) Git: "That seems rather.. unnecesary."
** Bandik comments, and then raises his eyes to meet yours. "Thought you should know." **
(199) Bandik: Well, you haven't met them, but perhaps you will.
** (201) Lellick speaks incredulously, "These palanae stoned her??" **
(199) Bandik: No, the guilders did.
(200) Git: "Out of curiousity.. are the Palanae servants of Ra?"
(199) Bandik: I wouldn't know. (mutters to a guilder who answers in kind)
(199) Bandik: Apparently, yes.
** (201) Lellick slowly turns to look at the guilders wandering around the village now, with far more distrust than he had before. **
(200) Git: "Hmmm... we'll need to meet with them eventually then."
(199) Bandik: I see. (shrugs)
(199) Bandik: Well, their village lies on the other side of this place, about a day's journey from here.
(200) Git: "Later, perhaps. For now, let us eat, rest and... get acquainted."
(252) Norfirion: "Eat? Here?" *flashes Git a look*
(200) Git: :to Norf: "What? They seem friendly."
(252) Norfirion: "I'll stick with my dried rations, thank you anyways." *he shakes his head, wondering how someone could each such bizarre food*
(202) Kiral: "What is wrong with eating a spider? Just another part of nature"
(199) DM: An ilythi'iri female exits one of the huts, then quickly retreats inside. Bandik doesn't seem to notice.
** Bandik returns to his task. **
(200) Git: "Hmmmm.." : noting the Ilythi'ri: "Ah.. you do have women here."
(199) Bandik: Oh yes. That's Trifaere. I can't understand her half the time.
(201) Lellick: "If you'll excuse me, I think I'll stick to a kinder sort of nature food. Like that squash he mentioned earlier."
(252) Norfirion: "Refuse is also a part of nature, but you don't eat that it either. At least I don't. I apologize if I've offended you, but I'm afraid my tastes are suited for more subtle food." *he retorts to Kiral*
** No match found
(200) Git: :asks with mock surprise: "You mean, you can understand a woman half the time?"
(199) Bandik: She's quite knowledgeable about spiders though. And hunts them well.
** (252) Norfirion flashes a look over towards the hut briefly, but tries to put the matter out of his mind, not wanting to risk conflict over his misguided hatred of the Ilyth'ri.* **
** Trifaere exits the hut and walks across the clearing, glancing at you from time to time. **
** (202) Kiral just shakes his head with a brief response, "No worries here, to each there own" **
** (200) Git offers the woman a friendly salute and smile when she looks to him, but does not bother approaching yet. **
(252) Norfirion: "Well if you can't understand her well, perhaps we should go have a chat with her?" *looks to the others*
** Trifaere strides up to the fire pit, unafraid of your curious (and hostile) stares. "Quar ussta phuul rakt?" **
(252) Norfirion: "I know the tongue of her people, and some other languages which should suffice."
(199) Bandik: Ah, time is slipping so quickly here. Tell Pawnis that dinner will be ready soon.
(200) Git: :nods and heads off to find Pawnis: "wil do."
** Trifaere glances at you. "Dossta mzil naut mranaz ulu udossten." **
** (200) Git takes a walk about the village looking for the mage. **
(199) Bandik: They seemed harmless enough. (shrugs)
** (252) Norfirion answers with a greeting in Ilyth'ri. **
** (252) Norfirion he waits to see if she understands. **
** J'hzuu nods in greetings to the woman. **
** (202) Kiral moves off Nimer and walks with the group, quietly, walking those in the town **
** Trifaere snorts. "Usst d'udossten zhah natha quessir. Natha quessir valanthare." **
** (201) Lellick murmurs to himself, "Quite a menangerie here.." **
(199) DM: (One of them is a mage. An elven mage.)
** (252) Norfirion shrugs his shoulders. "Apparently she didn't recieve that all to well." **
(199) Bandik: I know. What of it?
** Trifaere just glares at Norfirion. "Usstan sully lil language d'lil Quarval'sharess!" **
** Trifaere slaps Norfirion across the face angrily. **
(199) Bandik: Hey now! Stop!
** (252) Norfirion sneers in returns, his hatred showing for a brief moment before he waves his hand dismissingly. "Enough with your ranting. Leave me be..." *he turns on his heel, his fist clenched in anger as he tries to cool himself* **
(199) DM: Several of the guilders notice this, their smiles quickly changing to frowns.
** J'hzuu 's eyes open in surprise, and his claws extend instinctively for a moment before he calms himself. Seeing the guilders, he turns to them and smiles reassuringly. **
(199) Bandik: My apologies for this. It's the sight of an elf, you know. (motions to a few guilders who physically restrain the ilythi'iri)
(252) Norfirion: "You cannot expect worms to have manners..." *he snaps*
** (201) Lellick watches the exchange with a frown of his own. "..I do not think we can afford to make enemies here." **
** Bandik barks something to a guilder and points to the hut where Trifaere exited from, looking at you almost apologetically. **
** (252) Norfirion waves his hand again. "There is no need, just keep her away from me, otherwise I may do something I regret." **
(263) ticattack (enter): 00:36
(249) ticattack (exit): 00:38
** (202) Kiral watches Norfirion, wondering where his anger will take him...for he has yet to really watch the elf unleash his power **
** (252) Norfirion shakes his head, his sense of pride severly wounded. Had it not been for the rest of the group, its certain there would have been a battle. **
** (200) Git continues among the village, looking for Pawnis and being quite friendly with the natives along the way, offering happy greetings, pats the back and shakes in passing greeting. **
** (202) Kiral moves beside Norf, "You alright? Don't even pay no mind to people like that, they get theirs" **
(252) Norfirion: "Hmph, leave me be edan. You have no understanding of this matter. Had she not been a woman, I would have struct her down without hesitation."
(252) Norfirion: "I appreciate your concern, but now is not the time."
** (201) Lellick groans quietly, then speaks to Bandik, not even trying to keep his voice down. "Would it be possible for you to keep that woman away from our elf here? I realize it may be much to ask, but..." **
** (202) Kiral nods to the spell caster and moves away easily **
(200) Git: brb
(199) Bandik: It will be done.
(201) Lellick: "You have my sincere thanks."
** (252) Norfirion closes his eyes in meditation, occasionaly peering through a half-closed eye, suspicious of the folk here. **
(263) ticattack (exit): 01:03
** (201) Lellick turns to look at the others, "..Well. Shall we find somewhere to rest while we wait for supper?" **
** (202) Kiral looks to Lellick, "I think that would be wise. Do you think that they could walk us to the door before, so that we might be able to discuss it during?" **
(201) Lellick: "I suppose that depends on how far away it is.."
(268) ticattack (enter): 01:06
(252) Norfirion: (Guys I'm fading fast. I'm gonna call it a night. It's been a long day. I'll see tomorrow at gametime.)
(201) Lellick: (Bye Norf)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (268) ticattack...
(202) Kiral: (Night)
(252) Norfirion: Disconnecting from server...
(252) Norfirion (exit): 01:19
(199) DM: (ok, what now?)
Kha: (( Hello? ))
(201) Lellick: (Didn't Pawnis say that the gates were far? I'm in favor of checking them out if we have time before supper.. and if not, resting until whenever I guess)
(200) Git: (I think we were all just heading bck for the meal before we set out for the gates)
(202) Kiral: (( either way is find for Kiral ))
(199) DM: (ok, FFing)
J'hzuu: ((H'ok))
(269) ©St.Luminä© (enter): 01:33
(200) Git (exit): 01:33
(268) ticattack (exit): 01:33
(273) Git (enter): 01:33
(269) ©St.Luminä© (exit): 01:33
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (273) Git...
(274) ticattack (enter): 01:38
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (274) ticattack...
(199) DM: The journey to the gates takes several hours.
(199) DM: During this time, the light in the dome seems to have dimmed only slightly, but doesn't fade away.
** (273) Git tries to make small talk along the way, trying to learn how the various people came to be in such a place, and how long they'd been trapped. **
** (201) Lellick enjoys the trip to the gates - though he tries to keep his distance from the guilders leading them, the jungle is a very welcome change of pace. **
** (202) Kiral feels grand, as if on a vacation, away from the sand of his life and into the beauty of Elantra's creations. **
(274) ticattack (exit): 01:45
(278) ticattack (enter): 01:45
(273) Git: :When we reach the gates, Git looks them over for rightings or signs of Ra, as well as a spherical impression the star gem may fit into.
(199) DM: Majestic twin doors of gold tower 100' to an archway.
** (201) Lellick is likewise curious about the gates, staring up at them in wonder. **
(199) DM: They are each 50' wide and have no markings, handles, or hinges. From 10' wide openings on either side of the doors, 75' waterfalls cascade down into pools from which flow rivers.
(199) DM: In front of the doors, there is a platform made of a strange polished blue-gray stone. A small altar stands on the platform., 50' in front of the doors. It has three oddly shaped holes carved into the side facing the doors.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (278) ticattack...
(199) DM: Kha is here, unconscious.
(281) ticattack (enter): 01:52
** (202) Kiral notices the figure of Kha, and smiles a bit **
(199) DM: A human man, clad in plate mail armor can be seen by his side.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (281) ticattack...
(278) ticattack (exit): 01:53
(273) Git: :grins at the sight of the spearman. "Welll.. whatta ya know."
(202) Kiral: "Look over here at this alter, the holes"
** (201) Lellick notices Kha and the other man after he's slightly less dazzled by the gold, and hurries over to them. **
(199) DM: The knight looks up at you as you enter the clearing and smiles.
** (273) Git approaches cautiously, waving to the armored man, "Good day fellow. I see you've met a friend of ours." **
(199) DM: He has a wide eyed innocent look on his face and grins at you stupidly.
(273) Git: "You don't speak our language either, huh?"
** (201) Lellick fusses about Kha, paying little attention to the other man for now. "At least it seems we're having a streak of good luck now..." He checks over Kha for injuries, and to see if his state is similar to Basht's. **
** (202) Kiral continues to examine the alter **
(283) Zane (enter): 01:58
(273) Git: :looking over the man's armor, Git chances: "Palanae?"
** (201) Lellick slowly lifts his head, looking at the knight now, with an expression of mixed suspicion and disbelief. "..Holy symbols, does he have holy symbols?" **
(199) DM: (yes)
** Tribesman1 nods and points to himself. "Palanae" **
(201) Lellick: (Are they of Solnor?)
** Tribesman1 points to himself and says "Palanteen." **
(199) DM: (no)
** (202) Kiral moves next to Git, "Another puzzle in language, who is he?" **
(199) Tribesman1: "Guilder?" (points to you)
** (201) Lellick moves away from Kha, looking very perturbed. "I.. this.. this is all very strange, and I think..." **
** (202) Kiral looks to Lellick, "You think what?" **
** Tribesman1 notices Lellick and smiles broadly. "Avara athel palanteen!" **
(273) Git: :shakes his head: "Tolmaran."
** (201) Lellick points to Kha emphatically, "He was dead! Turned to a pillar of salt! And that other man, the mage, he said he was 'teleported' by a fireball! You don't get teleported by those. You get killed." **
** Tribesman1 stands up and bows deeply to Lellick. "Avara athel palanteen!" **
** (201) Lellick throws up his hands, turning to the knight, "Please. I don't understand you." **
** Palanae takes your (Lellick's) hand gently and says, smiling broadly, "Avara athel palanteen." (drops hand and beckons you to follow him) **
(199) Palanae: "Karos a erul avara athel palanteen!"
** (201) Lellick looks rather stunned, his almost-ranting starting to lose steam. "..Uh. Well then." **
** (201) Lellick glances back at the party with a touch of uncertaintly before moving to follow him. **
(273) Git: :to Lellick: Lets just hope this isn't his way of coming on to you." :jokes and follows aftr the man:
** J'hzuu shrugs at the others, and follows. **
(202) Kiral: "Well, it seems safe, even if he is", he says as he moves with the others
** Palanae goes to Kha and picks him up gently, then looks at you stupidly before walking down a trail into the jungle. **
** (201) Lellick gets even more flustered at the suggestion. "Really, now. Do the lot of you not realize what I mean here?" **
(273) Git: "Where's he going with Kha?"
(273) Git: :sighs and keeps following the man... for now:
(199) DM: You enter a large clearing in which stands a fort roughly 50' square. Its log walls are 10' tall and sharpened on top. There is only one door. Smoke can be seen rising out of the compound inside the walls. The underbrush has been carefully cleaned away outside the walls for about 50'.
(199) DM: The armored man enters, shouting, "Avarel athel palanteen!"
(273) Git: "Right... we're coming. we're coming." :follows inside, looking about studiously:
(199) DM: In response, several armored men come rushing out, each in plate mail, templar armor or field plate, all gleaming, all smiling.
(199) DM: They see Lellick and as one drop to bended knee, bowing in homage.
** (201) Lellick blinks at the sight of the fort, in particular eying the (presumably) campfire smoke. **
(201) Lellick: "..Oh.. oh, no. Don't tell me these ones worship halflings."
** J'hzuu cocks a brow. "Are little-folk's people master thieves?" **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: No, they think that priests of Solnor are worthy to be their leader.
** (201) Lellick blinks, then harshly runs a hand over his hair. **
(201) Lellick: "I.. excuse me?"
** Feridwyn of Solnor leaves the fort and studies you with a curious eye. "Some of my men saw you in the guilder village and followed you for a short while. But you don't look like guilders." **
** (202) Kiral looks to Lellick and then to the others and whispers to Git, "How many people are trapped here?" **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: My pardons. I am Feridwyn, of Highkeep, and a knight of Solnor.
(273) Git: "No... we're.. I guess you would say outsider."
(273) Git: :shrugs to Kiral:
(201) Lellick: "Heh."
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: As I am. You have a familiar way of speaking. From the south?
** (201) Lellick gives a small bow to him, "I am Lellick Litefinger... and I am afraid that your people here are mistaken. I do not focus my worship on Solnor." **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Solnor, Tevesh, it's all one and the same.
(273) Git: :nods to Feridwyn: "From Wylund myself"
** (202) Kiral thinks to himself, this is going to be trouble. I don't understand this place at all **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Very interesting. So, what brings you here?
** (201) Lellick cocks his head at that, "..Indeed. Might I inquire how you arrived here? Was it in a particularly bloody or harmful manner?" **
** Feridwyn of Solnor speaks to the palanteen, who get up and smile at you gently. **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: I was battling some undead in that ruined stone city beneath this place, and somehow ended up here.
(202) Kiral: "Did you use a fireball?"
(273) Git: "Are we the only ones who had to collect those silly bath plugs to get here?"
** (201) Lellick laughs softly at Kiral's comment, shaking his head. **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: That was quite some time ago. I had left an Oasis some weeks back. The tribesmen were quite agitated. Something about a missing princess.
(201) Lellick: "Git.. I have the feeling that we were."
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Well, I do not know. I am on a quest to rid my city of an accursed ruler who calls herself the Tempest.
(202) Kiral: "It should be of more concern that we wanted to get here...they got it by accident." he whispers
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: My journey had led me here to this place, in search of an item of power. But sadly, I did not find that, instead I found death and undeath.
(273) Git: :grumbles a bit, before asking of Feridwyn: "Tempest, huh? Haven't been to High keep in a while. Things so bad there you need to travel to a desert for a solution?"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: She is....bad, yes. She is no ordinary ruler.
** (201) Lellick gets a slightly sadded expression, "..I wish you luck in fulfilling your quest. It.. does not sound like it was.. er. Will be easy." **
(201) Lellick: "There is a more pressing manner, however. Our friend, there, that your friend carries.. is this state a common thing here?"
** Feridwyn of Solnor shrugs. "I'm not sure. Well, that's not true. Your friend, the Khajiit, came here, then went amongst the guilders. She was hurt but healed herself. The guilders stoned her and left her for dead." **
(201) Lellick: "I have heard of that, yes. And these guilders have no reason to be so distrustful of priests?"
(281) ticattack (exit): 02:32
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: They don't particularly like the palanteen, to be honest. Though I suspect its the doing of the wizard Pawnis and his ilythi'iri companion than anything else.
** (202) Kiral scratches his head for a second as Feridwyn speaks **
(294) ticattack (enter): 02:34
** (202) Kiral can't help but wonder who to trust in this place **
(201) Lellick: "Do you have any reason to suspect such a thing? I apologize for the questioning, but we would rather not be caught up in something."
(202) Kiral: "Yeah, I agree with Lellick here, I am Kiral by the way. What support do you have for such suspicions?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (294) ticattack...
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Well, what do you think?
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Have you ever asked them what the purpose is of those cages?
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Or why they let the guilders steal?
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Or what the guilders do to those who practice magic of the gods?
(201) Lellick: "The guilders seemed quite simple-minded. Are you saying that Pawnis and the ilythi'iri taught them these things?"
(295) Tikk (enter): 02:41
(202) Kiral: "Well, as for the stealing I tend to wonder. And as I spoke of justice and punishment, they said naught"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Of course they did. The guilders and the palanteen have been here for as long as I can remember. Which isn't very long at all. But according to their records, they have been here for several centuries.
** (202) Kiral nods his head as he continues to listen **
(201) Lellick: "They have records..? Interesting. Would it be possible for us to see these records?"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: They were at one point, friends, but have since gravitated to opposite poles. Pawnis and his companions came here, and began to conquer their hearts and minds. Now the guilders are like slaves, bent to do the wizard's will.
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Of course, I will show them to you.
(273) Git: "How long has Pawnis been here?"
(201) Lellick: "Thank you."
(202) Kiral: "What type of power does the wizard possess, obviously enough for you all to fear him. Correct?"
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: About as long as I have. Time seems to operate differently in this place.
** (201) Lellick mutters, "I wouldn't doubt it." **
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: From what I have observed, time operates much slower here than in the outside world.
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: I do not fear him. I fear more for his charges.
(295) Tikk (exit): 02:45
(201) Lellick: "Since the other camp seems so dangerous a place, I wonder if we might stay here to rest? I am not sure how long we might stay here until our task is done."
(273) Git: "Tell me something... did Pawnis have a human girl with him when he arrived?"
(202) Kiral: (( Do we still have Basht on Nimer, or did we leave her in town? ))
(201) Lellick: (I don't think anyone took her off.. did they?)
(202) Kiral: (( Not specifically, just checking))
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Of course.
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: Why yes, he did.
(199) Feridwyn of Solnor: But I haven't seen her to be honest.
(273) Git: :raises a brow: "She may be hidden in that village."
(273) Git: "Guess we're taking a trip bck there."
(199) DM: (we'll stop here)

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