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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(2080) ticattack: ((Only when he was drunk, too))
(2058) Kiral: We are standing in the temple with Norf standing above DJ's body of salt?
(2080) ticattack: ((Ah, yeah. 'kay, I'm good))
(2076) DM: ((yes, PCs had an audience with Fate, explore some of the city, Norf gets zapped by a guardian of Ra, and Kha sacrifices himself to save him))
(2069) Maximus: ((K, I remember now))
(2032) Norfirion: (I'm back, was in the restroom)
(2076) DM: ((ok, Kha is now salt. :) ))
(2069) Maximus: ((Good salt, or that kind that kills you twenty years from now?))
(2076) DM: ((rock salt? lol. continue))
** (2058) Kiral stands in the doorway, confused and almost unwilling to believe Kha made that sacrifice so quickly and abruptly **
(2064) Git: ((Damn.. and me without a pretzel...))
** (2058) Kiral looks at Nimer outside the Temple just wishing he could know she could enter safely, but it wasn't a choice he could make. His eyes turn back to what Kha is now **
** (2064) Git closes his eyes, lets out a wearied breath, turning away from the 'salting grounds', asking in after thought, "Norf, you alright?" **
** (2050) Lellick just barely restrains himself from wringing his hands. "That utter fool..." **
** (2032) Norfirion stares blankly off into his face before realizing anything's happened. He gazes around with a rare confused look covering his face. **
(2032) Norfirion: *space not face
(2032) Norfirion: "Wha....what happened?" *he says shocked as he finally realizes the pillar of salt in front of him is in the shape of Kha.*
** (2069) Maximus bows his head in Kha's memory. Whispering a prayer to Odion to honor the priests sacrifice. **
(2064) Git: :glances to Suhail, asking plainly: "Can he be saved?"
** (2032) Norfirion looks to the paladin confused. "Saved? What happened?" *shakes his head* **
J'hzuu: (Somewhat stunned) "Kha took your place..."
(2076) Suhail: That is up to the god.
(2064) Git: :nods, dryly speaking: "Alright then. We keep moving for now."
(2032) Norfirion: "What? My place? You mean....." *shakes his head again* "I was careless..."
(2032) Norfirion: "Kha you fool, what the hell were you thinking." *places his hand on the salt pillar.*
(2058) Kiral: "We must move, if we are going to save Kha, or at least give him a chance to save himself"
** (2050) Lellick motions towards the new salt pillar, "I suppose we're going to leave his.. remains.. standing there?" **
** (2069) Maximus looks to the elf, "Yes you were careless, but now is not the time for mourning. We need to push on and finish what we started, we can always venture to save him later." **
** (2032) Norfirion seems to stunned to be able to fully grasp whats happened, in only anything instant to him. **
(2032) Norfirion: (sorry guys my typing is frackin horrible tonight)
** (2064) Git moves on, looking about the Temple interior **
** (2058) Kiral moves in slowly, taking a glance back toward Nimer one last time, before he moves in behind Git **
** (2032) Norfirion lingers with the statue for a few minutes. He lowers his head dissapointed with himself and the outcome of recent events, he lets out a deep sigh as he places his hand on the salt pillar once more, his touch lingering before he finally forces himself to follow after the others. "Sleep for now my friend. I promise you I will make this right." **
** J'hzuu pats Norf on the shoulder, then turns and heads after the others. **
** (2032) Norfirion glances back at Kha's remains several times until he finally catches up with the group. **
** (2050) Lellick heads after the others, mumbling something about how it's a good thing it doesn't rain in the desert. **
** (2069) Maximus walks next to Git, his shield unslung and sword ready. **
(2064) Git: (Description, please...?)
** (2058) Kiral moves caustiously behind the pair, taking his shield from his side and the blade from his hip **
(2076) Suhail: A 10' wide colonnade supported by pillars surrounds the courtyard of the temple. Each pillar is topped by a blossom with many petals.
(2076) DM: (eek)
(2076) DM: The sand within the courtyard is wind-blown, for tiwsting and curling tracks upon it are probably due to the ceaslessly shifting wind. The far wall of the court is topped by columns much larger than those supporting the colonnade. The center, a wide portico opens into a darkened room beyond. The columns hold up the temple roof.
** (2050) Lellick sticks towards the middle of the group, looking up at the blossom on top of a closeby pillar. "Hmm." **
** (2064) Git heads into the courtyard, aiming for the darkened room. He keeps an eye on the ground before him though, wary of what traps may wait beneath the sandf. **
** (2058) Kiral 's eyes make their way throughout the courtyard examining the pillar and grandness of the temple **
** J'hzuu looks around in wonder at his surroundings, sticking close to the others. **
** (2032) Norfirion leans upon his staff following after the others inside the temple. His steps seem shakey and unsure. His mind unable to concentrate on anything other than the fate of Kha. **
** (2058) Kiral slows his steps, letting Git and Maximus gain a bit of ground on him **
** (2069) Maximus looks around the Temple, starting to appreciate the architecture of the city. **
(2076) DM: The portico beckons you.
(2076) DM: Deep within the interior, all is dark, as if a darkness beyond a bottomless void.
** (2064) Git looks into the void, can't resisting the need to spit into the blackness and listening for a small splash sound **
** (2069) Maximus looks to Git, "You first? Or should I enter and be the walking siege tower for a bit?' **
** (2058) Kiral stares blankly at the entrance, having all his attention turned toward the darkness, "What now?" **
** J'hzuu peers into the blackness, then turns to Norf. "Norf should check for magic in there" **
** J'hzuu gestures at the elf's staff. **
(2064) Git: ""I'm guessing this is where the gold caps come into play." :glances to Suhail for Confirmation:
(2058) Kiral: "I think it is safe to say the entire temple is radiating emmense magic"
** (2050) Lellick inches around the others, so he can get a look at the portico and the darkness. **
** (2032) Norfirion turns his attention to J'hzuu, snapping out of his daze. "Oh....yes you're right." **
** (2032) Norfirion raises his staff and speaks a quick word of magic as he waves the staff about the chamber. (Detect Magic, 60' radius) **
** (2058) Kiral looks around fruitlessly for the walking pink footed suitcase creature that is holding the caps **
** (2058) Kiral then turns to Git, "Do we actually know what to do with the caps, how to arrange them, or anything?" **
(2032) Norfirion: "Maybe they will assemble themselves with magicka once they're all gathered."
** (2064) Git just shrugs as he examines the structure for anything the caps would connect to. **
** (2058) Kiral moves a bit closer to examine how the caps might work **
(2085) Yazut (enter): 23:04
** (2076) Suhail shrugs. **
** (2032) Norfirion approaches to have a closer look at the caps, he turns to J'hzuu as he does so. "As Kiral said, this entire place is radiating emmense magicka." **
** J'hzuu nods. "So... All must simply walk in?" He doesn't look to happy with that thought. **
** (2064) Git pats his leg and whistles luggage over to get the caps out of it **
(2058) Kiral: "The caps look like they just interlock into place"
(2069) Maximus: ((I need to re-start Open, brb))
(2069) Maximus (exit): 23:08
** (2050) Lellick moves a bit closer to the entrance, unstrapping the healing staff from his back before quietly casting a spell on it. "Tevesh, safely illuminate our way." **
(2050) Lellick: (Casting Light)
** (2032) Norfirion waits for Git to retrieve the drain caps from the luggage and looks them over once he's done so, trying to determine any obvious way of assembling them together as a bridge. **
(2076) Suhail: Nothing seems to penetrate the void beyond the portico.
(2088) Maximus (enter): 23:10
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2088) Maximus...
(2088) Maximus: Disconnecting from server...
(2088) Maximus (exit): 23:10
** (2050) Lellick tries to stick just an end the staff into the portico, ready to jerk it back should it catch on fire or turn into salt or whichever. **
(2058) Kiral: "Does anyone else looking into this darkness thinking that there is no just flying across:
whispering to Lellick, you feel nothing beyond
whispering to Lellick, as in empty air
** (2064) Git works on finding how the caps link together and trying to find a way to connect them to the portico **
** (2058) Kiral stands beside Git watching as he works with the drainage caps **
** (2032) Norfirion assists the half-elf while keeping an eye on Lellick and his staff probing. **
** (2050) Lellick pokes the staff around in there before pulling it back, seemingly satisfied with the results. "..There's definitely nothing in there." **
(2090) Maximus (enter): 23:13
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2090) Maximus...
(2090) Maximus: ((Back))
(2076) DM: The drain caps fuse together once their tips touch each other.
** (2032) Norfirion smiles. "Good, as I excpected." **
(2032) Norfirion: "Lets hope everything else goes as smoothly."
(2076) DM: As each link fuses together, the void beyond the portico becomes less dark -- or perhaps your eyes have adjusted to the gloom.
(2076) DM: Floating in the void that surrounds it is a huge white marble altar upon which lies a gem easily the size of a child's fist, sparkling with a deep blue inner light.
(2091) ticattack (enter): 23:17
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2091) ticattack...
(2076) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2080) ticattack' from room...
(2080) ticattack (exit): 23:17
(2076) Suhail: Behold, your goal.
(2064) Git: :raises a brow to the gem: "Now aren't you pretty thing...?"
(2058) Kiral: "Like I said, I guess flying is not an option?"
(2076) Suhail: Lay the bridge of gold across the void, and cross it. When you get to the altar, you will need to make a leap of faith.
** (2064) Git gets in position to move the bridge instructed the others to help. "On 3... 1...2...3 eeeheave!" **
** (2058) Kiral helps Git move the bridge **
** (2032) Norfirion peers at the sparkling gem through the darkness. He lends a hand in moving the bridge into place, as best as he can. **
** J'hzuu assists in whatever limited way he can. **
(2076) DM: The bridge fuses to the ground and crosses the void.
** (2050) Lellick keeps out of the way, not being good with heavy lifting. **
(2076) DM: As it does so, one of the links vanishes, so that the bridge comes up one foot short of the altar.
** J'hzuu raises a brow. "Is that not a bit... small for a leap of faith?" **
(2064) Git: "A foot is hardly a leap of Faith." :scratches his chin in suspicion
** J'hzuu shrugs and begins walking across the bridge. **
(2076) Suhail: Such is a test of your faith in your god....or your Fate.
(2032) Norfirion: "This is a bizarre place J'hzuu. I wouldn't let appearances fool you here."
(2058) Kiral: "I think you mistake the distance for the task...do not underestimate your own faith"
** (2032) Norfirion takes a final look at solid ground and follows after J'hzuu. His staff clanking against the gold as he walks. **
(2085) PostSWd20Lurkage (exit): 23:24
** (2058) Kiral thinks it wise to let at least one of the faithful cross first, knowing where his own strength lies in his personal beliefs **
** (2032) Norfirion whispers repeatedly to himself, muttering as he walks slowly along the bridge. **
** (2064) Git follows across the bridge, waiting to see how the others do in their leap before him **
(2076) DM: You come to the end of the bridge. The void yawns beneath you into an endless abyss. So near, yet so far. The altar is but a foot away...
** (2090) Maximus slings his shield across his back, and sheathes his sword. Wrapping his holy symbol around his hand, he starts whispering quiet prayers to his god, Odion, Patron of the Imperial Line. **
** (2050) Lellick watches the others go, waiting to see what happens first. **
** J'hzuu crouches down in a very feline manner and jumps across the gap. **
(2032) Norfirion: "I can't fail this time, not again, there's too much at stake. Kha, Methiel, Rynduil, Pyrith, my friends, everyone. I am the master of my own fate. I am in control." *he mutters again and again to himself reassuringly*
** (2090) Maximus waits his turn, watching the cloistered elf attempt the jump. **
** (2032) Norfirion holds his breath as the khajit leaps. **
(2076) DM: J'hzuu lands on the altar safe and sound.
** J'hzuu leaps from the bridge and lands on the other side. He turns around to face the others, grinning. **
** (2032) Norfirion releases a breath of relief. **
(2064) Git: "Well... that seemed easy enough."
** (2058) Kiral watches the Khajit make the leap and, putting away his weapon and shield, begins to walk across the bridge **
** (2058) Kiral whispers a prayer to Elantra as he walks, "God goddess, in which form do I best serve you, serve you in the light I have been shown in nature, through you all blessing in the world are given **
** (2032) Norfirion glances to the others behind him as he prepares to follow J'hzuu across the span. "If something should happen to me, I know I haven't been.....well...I just want to say I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused." *And with that he leaps* **
** (2050) Lellick , seeing that everyone else has stepped on the bridge, finally follows after them, stepping carefully. **
** (2050) Lellick pauses there for a moment, just standing there before backing up and taking a running jump at the altar. **
(2076) DM: He lands on the altar safe and sound...
(2076) DM: ...as does Norfirion, although he seems less sure of his footing.
(2064) Git: :Assuming Norf makes it across, Git follows after, making a big show of readying for a big jump before taking a slight hop
** (2032) Norfirion lands with a surprise and quickly drops to his knees to avoid falling off the platform. He rises moments later, his face covered in sweat. **
** (2058) Kiral waits for Git to go, before he moves to the edge of the bridge, eyes closed, murmuring a prayer to his god, and jumping forward **
whispering to Git, Jump please
whispering to Kiral, Jump
(2076) DM: Kiral almost loses his footing but manages to make it intact.
(2076) DM: Git on the other hand lands safe and sound....in spades.
** (2058) Kiral lands barely safely on the other side, wiping the sweat from his brow, "Only a foot, but felt like an eternity" **
** (2064) Git hops across carelessly and moves to examine the gem, checking its placement for any traps **
(2032) Norfirion: "Indeed it did."
** (2032) Norfirion raises his staff and speaks a word of magic as he scans the gem for its school of magic. (Detect Magic) **
(2032) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+18] -> [3,18] = (21)
(2064) Git: rt"Huh?" :glancing up to the others: "What are you talking about? It was this far." :holds his hands a foot apart: "You're overreacting."
** (2090) Maximus walks slowly across the bridge, gaining speed for the the jump, all the while praying, or to be more precise, Max is reciting the basic tenents of his faith. He then jumps as he gets to the gap.. **
(2032) Norfirion: "You wouldn't understand."
(2064) Git: :sigh: "I suppose not."
** (2058) Kiral looks to Norf and then from Git back to Norf, "I understand...I do" **
** (2032) Norfirion lowers his staff to the ground turning his attention away from the gem. He tries to avoid looking into the black abyss. "The magicka here is so strong, that I can't even determine what type of magicka it is." *he notes to J'hzuu* **
** J'hzuu frowns. "That is not good..." **
(2064) Git: :If he finds no traps, Git reaches out to take up the gem:
J'hzuu: "Perhaps all should just... take it?" he stares intently at the gem.
** (2050) Lellick speaks distractedly, watching Max. "Does it matter what it is?" **
(2032) Norfirion: "Only to my curiosity." *he replies to Lellick's question*
J'hzuu: "Also, it would give all an idea of what to expect. Necromatic magicka does different things than evocation, which does different things than illusion"
** (2032) Norfirion nods in agreement as he glances back to the gem and Git. **
(2076) DM: As soon as that happens (Git taking the gem), Suhail vanishes from sight, and the void vanishes, instead becoming solid ground.
(2076) DM: Immediately thereafter, a distant chime begins to sound with regular frequency.
** J'hzuu glances around, trying to discern where the chiming is coming from. **
(2064) Git: "So..." :looks about the change of environment: ".. we move on to the next round now?"
(2076) DM: Definitely not within the temple.
(2050) Lellick: "...Is that an alarm?.."
** (2032) Norfirion glances down to the now solid ground with a look of relief. **
** J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu guesses so..." **
(2032) Norfirion: "This firm ground is good, but that accompanying sound is too similar to an alarm spell."
(2058) Kiral: "Well, you unleashed something with that pull Git"
** J'hzuu nods. "Perhaps all should move, in case it is, and guards come" **
(2064) Git: "I have this nagging feeling that the sound is coming from the monument we landed near"
(2050) Lellick: "We should get moving, then..."
(2032) Norfirion: "Agreed, let's go."
** (2064) Git pockets the gem and makes his way out of the temple, listening for the direction of the chiming **
** (2032) Norfirion sets foot on solid ground and makes haste out of the temple. **
** (2090) Maximus nods his agreement. **
** J'hzuu moves quickly but cautiously with the others. **
** (2058) Kiral moves quickly with the others, moving at good pace, ready to jump on Nimer when the get outside **
** (2050) Lellick hurries along with them, looking around, as if waiting for something to jump out at them. **
whispering to Git, correct, its coming from the obelisk
** (2064) Git takes a moment to orient himself before turning back toward their landing point to find the obelisk. **
(2076) DM: The chiming sound seems to be coming directly from the obelisk.
(2076) DM: It's glowing faintly.
** (2058) Kiral rides on Nimer who needs more than a brisk walk to keep up with the others **
** (2064) Git casual hums an elven tune, as he appraoches the obelisk. Pulling the gem from his pocket, he seeks out the depression they found in the monument, figuring the gem may be the perfect fit. **
** (2032) Norfirion approaches the obelisk, following Git. "I hope this is suppose to happen." **
** (2090) Maximus unslings his shield and takes a defensive posture when the group reaches the obelisk, incase something tries to sneak up on them. **
(2064) Git: :plays prophetic, offering back: "All that must happen shall happen."
(2076) Voice: The gem before you takes the power
(2076) Voice: To light the way toward Martek's tower
(2076) Voice: Where, if survive those here assembled
(2076) Voice: All shall see their finest hour.
(2064) Git: "That's most boring lymeric I've ever heard."
** (2050) Lellick looks up at the obelisk, blinking. **
** (2058) Kiral mumbles to himself, "If survived, survived what?" **
(2032) Norfirion: "Whatever's inside I would assume."
(2058) Kiral: "Wel,, bring it on," motions to Norf
** (2032) Norfirion glances around, his eyes darting nervously looking for signs of danger. **
J'hzuu: "J'hzuu would place a bet on the undead... Or something even worse" He shudders a little, and his cloak fades to a dark purple.
(2076) DM: The gem comes loose from the obelisk suddenly, as a beam of golden light streaks with blinding speed to the northeast. Simultaneously, another beam streaks to the northwest.
** (2032) Norfirion tries to follow the beams of light, shielding his eyes from its brightness. **
(2032) Norfirion: (follow with his eyes that is)
(2076) DM: Suddenly, overhead, the sky ripples in waves of clear light and then opens up, revealing an immense citadel floating 1000 feet in the air. The structure, which is perhaps ten miles wide at the base, has six elegant minarets. It appears that the legendary Citadel of Martek has been here, in the open, all these centuries.
** J'hzuu 's eyes open, and his jaw drops a little. **
J'hzuu: *widen, even.
** (2058) Kiral looks up, his jaw hanging, "Unbelievable, I bet this has been he since I was a kid" **
** (2032) Norfirion staggers back in awe, his gaze lifting skyward with wonder. **
(2032) Norfirion: "It's huge!"
(2076) DM: A pillar of light suddenly comes down from the Citadel's base and bathes a spot of sand in its brightness.
** (2050) Lellick spots the change out of the corner of his eyes, and stares straight up, stunned. **
** (2058) Kiral looks to the others, "Kha...." his voice tailing off **
(2076) DM: Kha is nowhere to be seen.
** (2064) Git watches the gargantuan citadel with a tired expression. "Great... more huge buildings to explore...." **
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(2032) Norfirion (exit): 00:24
(2064) Git: "So... are we ready to enter? Or does anyone want to take a small break first?"
(2058) Kiral: "Do we just step into the light, you think"
** J'hzuu shrugs. "Maybe... Only one way to find out, no?" **
** (2058) Kiral shrugs and holds on to the scruff of Nimer, leading them into the light **
(2076) DM: (so do you step into the light?)
** J'hzuu steps cautiously into the light. **
(2050) Lellick: "I would not have minded a break, but..."
** (2050) Lellick shrugs and follows them into the light. **
(2076) DM: You step into the pillar of light...
** (2064) Git groans, ruffling his hair in show of frustration before following into the light, "No rest for the wicked I suppose." **
(2076) DM: ...and vanish from your immediate surroundings.
** (2090) Maximus take deep breath, breathes out, and steps into the light. **
(2076) DM: When you come to, you seem to have woken up on a golden dais in the middle of a vast clearing....in a jungle.
(2076) DM: Six marble plinths surround the dais, near which there is a golden gong that floats in midair.
(2076) DM: There is a huddled form here, at the base of the gong.
** (2058) Kiral stands up and rubs his eyes as he does so, starring at the figure before them **
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(2091) ticattack (exit): 00:38
** (2064) Git looks around their surroundings for others signs of life before zeroing on the body by the gong, trying to determine what he can of it. **
** (2090) Maximus shakes the weariness from his body, and moves to the form, checking to see if it is friend or foe... **
(2058) Kiral: ((players dropping like flies))
** (2058) Kiral moves back atop Nimer and steers her walking next to Maximus **
** (2050) Lellick gapes at the jungle around them, and at the gongs, of course. "This is the citadel??" **
(2076) DM: It appears to be Basht.
** (2058) Kiral stars at the unknown figure, curiously as his eyes jump left to right exploring the jungle setting **
(2090) Maximus: "Git, is this the Khajit woman you know?"
** (2064) Git approaches slowly, looking her over. "Sure looks like her." **
(2076) DM: She's unconscious.
(2076) DM: The dais sits atop a small hill that's covered with stones and crushed bones.
(2058) Kiral: "You know this Khajit?"
(2064) Git: :kneels by Basht, reaching out to shake her shoulder: "Come on, Kitten, open those pretty eyes."
** (2090) Maximus looks to Git, "I'm out of healing grace for the day, so perhaps Lellick might revive her?" Max says the last part to the halfing. **
** (2050) Lellick starts to follow after them.. until he realizes what the hill is covered with. "...Er. This doesn't look very good." **
(2076) DM: Looking her over cursorily, you can see that she appears to have been battered by numerous smooth stones.
(2098) ticattack (enter): 00:45
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2098) ticattack...
** (2050) Lellick tries to not look down as he moves over to the others. **
** (2058) Kiral looks to Lellick, "Lellick, are you okay...ok to heal her, or should I try?" **
(2050) Lellick: "Yes, I'm fine. Let me."
** (2076) Basht remains unconscious. **
** (2050) Lellick crouches down next to the Khajit woman, looking her over before grasping his holy symbol and reaching out to touch her arm. "May Tevesh ease this woman's pain and make her whole again." His hands glow white briefly before the glow is transferred to her. **
(2050) Lellick: (Cure Moderate Wounds, rolling for damage healed now)
(2050) Lellick: [2d8+6] -> [2,5,6] = (13)
** Basht is healed of her immediate injuries but doesn't waken right away. **
(2099) ticattack (enter): 00:55
(2064) Git: :white the halfling tends to the catwooman, Git looks over the gong, examining it for any wrtiting or symbols.
(2064) Git: (while rather *)
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(2098) ticattack (exit): 00:56
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J'hzuu: ((AFK a few))
(2076) DM: ((Kiral's player is fading...))
** (2050) Lellick frowns, taking a moment to examine some of her bruises. "...I don't know why she's not waking up. That spell seems to have worked." **
(2076) DM: ((just as an fyi, and given the number of people who are out today, it might not be a good idea to continue if he leaves))
(2058) Kiral: ((I can do 30 more before I has to crash))
(2064) Git: "Her problems probably go beyond the physical ."
(2064) Git: (ok, I don't mind stopping early)
(2050) Lellick: (I don't mind either)
(2058) Kiral: ((I guess Norf's connection finally got him))
(2090) Maximus: ((I'm fading, so stopping early, I don't mind))
(2076) Basht: ok
(2076) DM: hah
(2076) DM: ok see some of you tomorrow then
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Server Administrator-> This channel is now unmoderated
(2064) Git: alrighty... g'nite then

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