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(1401) DM: (before we begin, anyone need a recap?)
(1398) Git: (not much)
(1403) ticattack: ((Quick one, yeah, ta))
(1405) Maximus: ((I read the excert in the OOC thread, is that the end of last session?))
(1401) DM: (yes)
(1401) DM: (PCs had a battle with a spirit wraith and had an audience with Fate)
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: (721) DM: Almost due east of the glass lake and touching the esplanade, stands a low, curving hill about 500 feet across. Beyond the mound, the tops of a number of stone objects can be seen. Three openings lead through the mound which forms a ring 20' high. A space of 30' separates this ring from a second mound, which forms an inner ring also 20' high. A single opening leads through the inner ring, and that is aligned so that a passageway leads from the esplanade through both rings.
(721) DM: Just within the inner ring, flanking the entry path, are two immense gray stones that tower over the inner yard. These stones, which are 10' tall on a side and stand 40' tall, are part of a circle of smaller stones, the tops of which can be seen behind the mound. Aligned with the entry passage, a stone shrine can be seen through the entry stones.
(721) Suhail: The Temple of Baldras. If you have anything wooden on your person, these will be waiting for you once you leave the Temple. For as Baldras was slain by a wand of mistletoe, so too are all wooden objects forbidden from entrance.
** (710) Lellick blinks at that, then quietly counts on his fingers, "..Ah. We will have to leave the staff of healing behind." **
** J'hzuu glances down at his bow and his quiver of arrows. "What should all do with them? There is no place to leave them... Besides, J'hzuu would want to keep his bow" **
(745) Norfirion: "My staff as well."
** (717) Agatha turns to a spot on the floor in response. "Luggage?" **
** (721) Suhail says nothing. **
whispering to Agatha, It seems to be barred from entering the Temple.
** (720) Git makes sure there are no offending woodens items on him before he approaches the entrance to the shrine. "Now id there any pomp or practice involved before I walk in?" **
** (745) Norfirion lays down his staff and approaches the temple entrance. **
(721) Suhail: Enter, then.
** (710) Lellick digs through his pack, lying his wooden things on the ground there close to the entrance.. the healing staff, his nunchaku, a wand, a smokestick, sunrods.. **
** (745) Norfirion walks inside, arms crossed in the folds of his robe. **
** J'hzuu looks about, then takes the coil of rope he carries, lays it on the ground, and takes a piece of parchment out of his spell pouch. He twists it into a loop, drops it on the rope, and sprinkles them both with a fine powder, chanting and gesticulating all the while (Rope Trick). **
** (720) Git shrugs and steps through, offering affably to any inhabitants, "please excuse out trespass." **
** J'hzuu watches the rope rise into the air, then vanish. He climbs up, and returns a moment later - minus his bow, arrows, and the wands he normally has at his belt. **
** J'hzuu throws a glance at the others, then tosses the rope up into the hole, where it vanishes. He turns and moves after the others, muttering under his breath. **
** (717) Agatha watches as the others resolve their storage problem before walking in with the draincap-filled Luggage. **
** (710) Lellick shrugs his pack back on once he's done, then hurries after the others. **
(721) DM: Inside the shrine, there is a pool of black glass in the center. As you enter, three women in gray robes appear out of nowhere: a maiden with blond tresses, a matron with graying blond hair and an elderly woman, with white shoulder-length hair tied in a single braid.
** J'hzuu stops, looking warily at the women. "Hello". **
** (720) Git bows respectfully to the three woman, "Pardon us, Ladies, I hope we do not intrude." **
** (745) Norfirion follows Git's lead, and offers a slight bow as well. **
(745) Norfirion: "Fate..."
** (710) Lellick looks somewhat nervously at the three women, inclining his head towards them in a small bow, but also not getting too close. **
(717) Agatha: "So you three are what everyone can't stop talking about? Funny, you don't look like much."
(721) DM: Each of them speaks with a distinct voice, yet simultaneously.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Welcome, friends, to the Temple of Baldras. Speak, to us who is known as Aragit, where do you come from?
(721) Verdande, the Caster: What do you seek in this city?
** (745) Norfirion looks to Git and nods. **
(721) Skuld, the Crone: What do you wish from us? Speak, Aragit and say your answers.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: We are everyone you have ever known, Agatha...
(721) Verdande, the Caster: ...everyone you do know...
(721) Skuld, the Crone: ...and everyone you shall know.
(720) Git: "We come from a land far to the South, spirited here to face great evil which looms over the world. Unfortunately, we also freed great evil upon your land. So much for good intentions.." :offers a bitt too jovially.:
(720) Git: "If you are Fate, than you know all of this, and what we seek here, correct?"
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Your fate is your own to make, Aragit.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: We know many things....
(721) Skuld, the Crone: ...but not everything.
(720) Git: "Fair enough... we come seeking the fifth Star Gem and the return of Martek, so we may stop the mighty Ifrit Khalitarius."
(721) Skuld, the Crone: And what do you wish from us, Aragit? One question, we may answer for you, and it shall be truthful, and it shall contain no lie.
(717) Agatha: "There also a young girl who was enslaved and brought here. We seek to free her."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Yes, you seek this, Agatha.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: And you shall have this answer.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: When you answer our questions.
(720) Git: "Oh? I didn't know there would be a quiz."
** (717) Agatha is just a bit unnerved by this triplet routine. **
(721) DM: (that is, when Skuld says one question, that means one per PC in the group, not one per PC who is present)
(721) Verdande, the Caster: You are being tested, Aragit.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: You have no fate but the fate you are given.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: Or that which you make.
(720) Git: :nods: "Fair enough."
(720) Git: :turns to his group: "Who wants to go first?"
** J'hzuu glances around, then shrugs. "Not J'hzuu" **
(745) Norfirion: "You are, she's already addressed you."
(745) Norfirion: "Forgive his rudeness ladies." *smiles at Git*
(720) Git: :shrugs: "May be, but I can't think of what I wish to ask."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Each of you may ask.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Each of you will receive an answer.
** (720) Git looks skyward in thought, scratching the slight stubble at his chin. **
(721) Skuld, the Crone: A truthful answer, for which there will be no lie.
** (745) Norfirion ponders for a moment. **
** (710) Lellick looks at the floor as he thinks. **
(721) DM: ((OOC: I would suggest you confer amongst yourselves. Take all the time you need.))
(745) Norfirion: "If you know all, then you know what I seek. Where or how can I find it?"
(745) Norfirion: "The power over life and death."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Part of the Test, Norfirion, is that we must hear what you wish from us.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: We do not act on assumption.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: Your fate is your own, as ever.
(745) Norfirion: "My wife, my children, this is all that remains." *withdraws a small glass flask from his pouch. It appears to be filled with ashes*
(745) Norfirion: "I wish for the return of their lives, in exchange of my own if necessary."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Very well. You wish their return to the waking world, is that correct?
** (717) Agatha looks on the wizard with surprise. **
(745) Norfirion: "As they were before they were taken away from me. Alive!"
** (717) Agatha murmurs to herself. "He still has their ashes?" **
(721) Urda, the Caster: Very well. But know this, Norfirion, that revenge is a road that is long and hard and leads only to endless bitterness. Your family will be returned to you when you enter the Citadel of Martek.
** (720) Git watches the scene with growing intensity. Biting his lip, he anxiously awaits the trio's response to such a request. **
(745) Norfirion: "We shall see."
(721) Verdande, the Caster: They will be returned to you alive, without harm to their heads, but you will be faced with a choice that will go to the core of your being.
(745) Norfirion: "I am prepared."
(721) Skuld, the Crone: And in that choice, you must decide for yourself if you would live your life or theirs.
** (745) Norfirion looks on unamused. "Whatever is necessary." **
(721) Urda, the Spinner: In Martek's Citadel, you will find a hallway that contains a passage to a room upon which is a table that contains a model of the Citadel in miniature.
** (710) Lellick looks slightly stunned, glancing back and fourth between Norf and the three Fate(s). **
** (717) Agatha watches the conversation in disbelief. It takes her a few moments to notice she's gaping like a fish. **
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Martek's Citadel contains six minarets. The model will have two minarets in place, and four that are missing. The four minarets are found in the Black Abyss, the Endless Tower, the Garden of Dreams and Amrun Portila, the birthplace of the People, the elves.
** (745) Norfirion listens on with interest. **
(721) Skuld, the Crone: If you wish to see your family once again, retrieve the minaret from Amrun Portila. Retrieve the minaret, place it in the model, and your family will be returned to you alive and without harm. But you will then be faced with a choice that goes to the core of your being.
(745) Norfirion: "Yes...yes...I'm quite aware of that. I assure you it will be done, at whatever the costs" *he sneers*
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Know this, that to enter Martek's Inner Sanctum and retrieve his Sphere of Power, you must retrieve all four minarets and replace them in the model.
** (745) Norfirion seems rather unconvinced, but curious all the same. **
(721) DM: The goddess adds this as an afterthought, after a moment's pause.
(745) Norfirion: "We have plenty of work ahead of us then."
(745) Norfirion: "Does anyone else have a word?"
** (720) Git stares at the floor, deep in thought following Norf's hopeful answer. **
** (717) Agatha is still in shock, struggling to find words. **
** (745) Norfirion leans against a wall and closes his eyes while the others contemplate. **
** (717) Agatha takes a deep breath, gathering herself to ask the question no one can seem to answer. **
** (720) Git mutters to himself under his breath, weighing out options, internally bickering back and forth and appearing more and more stressed for it. **
(717) Agatha: "...Do you know know where he is?"
(717) Agatha: "My son, Linze. Do you know where he is?"
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Yes.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: He is currently enslaved by the Kernin.
** (717) Agatha looks up, eyes wide. **
(717) Agatha: "He's alive?"
(721) Skuld, the Crone: But he is alive, and thinks of you often.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: You will have a chance to free him from his enslavement.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: This chance will come once you leave this land of Zayal.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: It will come very soon, sooner than you think.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: This path will be central to that which was asked of you by His Majesty of Wylund.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Kern acts against Wylund in many ways, and repeats that which has come before.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: There will be war, and death and blood. But that is in the future.
(745) Norfirion: "How fortunate."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Where is he specifically? In the city of Whytecoin, capital of Kern.
** (717) Agatha tries to speak a few times, but can't find the words. There are so many questions trying to force their way out of her mouth that none can fit through. The only thing she can manage is "...alive..." **
(721) Verdande, the Caster: In the Aerie of the Slavelords of Kern.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: You will have a hand in his freedom, but your fate as ever, is your own.
** (710) Lellick murmurs to himself, "Wylund and Kern...?" **
(762) Wa'run: And what of my sister?
(762) Urda, the Spinner: Yes, your sister, Zayeera. She is in the Garden of Eternal Delight, inside the Citadel of Martek.
** (717) Agatha slumps down to the floor, lost in her thoughts. **
(762) Verdande, the Caster: She is a captive and a slave of an Imperial wizard, who seeks knowledge and power that he might return to Mel'Cendia.
** J'hzuu kneels down beside Agatha, putting a hand on her shoulder, making sure she's alright, but not saying anything. **
(762) Skuld, the Crone: She despairs often and does not understand that which has befallen her.
(762) Wa'run: I will kill this sha'ir! I swear it!
(745) Norfirion: "Interesting..."
** (720) Git seems greatly ignorant of the conversations, as he's taken to pacing with his thoughts. **
** (710) Lellick speaks up now, voice somewhat quiet, "I have a question. We have been plagued by Munafik, who serves Khalitarius. I am afraid that have no choice but to be rid of him permanently, before we can complete our task. How might we kill Munafik?" **
(762) Urda, the Spinner: You cannot permanently kill that which does not reside on this plane. Great magicka is required to do this, and though Martek is the greatest mage that has or had ever lived, even he was not able to.
(762) Verdande, the Caster: To unmake something goes against the law of this world. If you unmake a being such as Khalitarius or one such as Munafik, you must do so where he makes his abode, and in doing so, face the consequences of violating that law.
(762) Skuld, the Crone: However, you can banish the ifrit permanently from the mortal plane. Great magicka is required to do this, and there is no mage alive now except for one. And that mage is Martek, who is and was Ra's greatest servant.
** (710) Lellick tilts his head slightly as he listens, then nods. "..I see. Thank you." **
(762) Urda, the Spinner: There is a very subtle difference between killing and unmaking.
(762) Verdande, the Caster: To kill something is to allow that thing to live fully to the end of its days, whenever that moment would come. It's thread has been spun, woven and cut into the tapestry of Fate.
(762) Skuld, the Crone: To unmake something is to cause something to never have been, as if that thing had never existed. You cannot unmake something without unmaking yourself.
(762) Urda, the Spinner: You have asked how you would kill Munafik.
(762) Verdande, the Caster: Munafik is a servant of Set, the Eternal Taker, as is Khalitarius, the ifrit lord. Suhail, along with the djann vizier Aeraldoth, are both servants of Ra, the Ever-Living. As ifrit battles djann, so too is your fate mirrored against Munafik, so too is the conflict between Ra and Set. You will have one, perhaps two more conflicts, and then, battle shall be joined.
(762) Skuld, the Crone: For each group of minions you defeat, the battle will go easier for you. Keep Suhail alive, and you will live to see the defeat of the undying spirit of Set.
(710) Lellick: "Keep him alive? Well.. that is a worthy goal."
(762) Urda, the Spinner: Because each is a divine servant and thus are not of the mortal realm, they must conserve their magicka lest their powers be used for naught.
(762) Verdande, the Caster: We cannot see where and when your conflicts will occur. But they will, either here or within the Citadel of Martek.
(762) Skuld, the Crone: And this is where your greatest challenge will occur, for Munafik, should he gain entrance to the Citadel, will seek to possess the sha'ir who holds Wa'run's sister captive.
** (710) Lellick 's eyes widen at hearing that. "Oh.. that.. won't be very pleasant, I think." **

(1390) Kiral: Kiral can't help but wonder what question fate could possibly answer for him
(1407) Agatha (enter): 22:08
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** (1390) Kiral continues to think to himself, "As much as I have been told that the fate I have is my own, I can't help but think that the present reality I wander in is of greater design than my own" **
** (1401) Urda, the Spinner turns to Kiral, as if in unspoken reply. "You have many questions, Kiral... **
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: ....and you think that perhaps your actions are for naught...
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** Kha waits in the back untill everyone else has taken thier turn **
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: ...but this is not true. You have no fate but the fate you are given or the one you make.
** (1390) Kiral looks up from his contemplation toward the three **
(1390) Kiral: "So how is it my fate to be 100 years from my present in a situation of great nobility and honor to travel with companions such as these, why does it seem so contrived, as if I am just a pawn in a larger game that I can't quite fathom."
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: Do you really think you are a pawn?
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: When you can change the terms of the game?
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: And determine the nature of the outcome?
(1390) Kiral: "It doesn't seem to be a fate I consciously made, nor one I ever would have wished for, either my presence is of some importance, or my life was a waste....is a waste. How can I describe it as anything other than a pawn...what control do I have. I might be able to change an outcome, but not on my terms"
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: You have as much control as you have of your own body....
(1402) Norfirion: "You see Kiral, you lack that which is necessary to controling your fate...simply human, it is called 'power'."
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: ...as much control as your wish to live...
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: ...or to die.
(1402) Norfirion: "So we search for that power to control our fate, some more than others."
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: You have not asked of us what you wish from us.
** (1390) Kiral looks to Norfirion, and then back to the fates, "I can see that as true, and I understand that, but with so little power as I have now, I never know if I will gain that control" **
** J'hzuu shrugs. "There is a question, maybe. How would you gain that power?" **
J'hzuu: ((*Control, rather))
(1390) Kiral: "I wish to know if my path is still one of the honor I attempted to lead myself toward before I was re-awaken, do I continue to make my father proud. Did he die proud of me"
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: The path you walk now is but a tributary that leads to a greater road.
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: And though it does not seem like much, who knows what might come of the future?
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: But to arrive at your ultimate destination will take you through many trials. One of those is what you are involved in now, another will come very soon in a land far from here.
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: Ask yourself, in your heart, and you will know the answer.
(1390) Kiral: "A land far away?" Kiral extends curiously
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: A land far from here, near a nearly limitless body of water.
** (1401) Urda, the Spinner peers directly at Agatha as her sister says this. **
** (1390) Kiral puts his head down for a moment and looks up to the fates with a smile on his face, "Thank you...you have answered much" **
(1390) Kiral: Kiral continues to think to himself, "It will soon come to pass that this group understand the person that lies beneath this hidden shell, I cannot continue to keep myself hidden. Soon."
** (1401) Urda, the Spinner turns to face Kha. **
** Kha nods then motions for Agatha to procced **
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: You have come far to see us, plainsman. Speak, who is known to us as Kha Opren, that we might know what you wish of us.
** Kha sighs seeing it is his turn **
** Kha sits down infron of the three fates and contemplates briefly before speaking **
Kha: "I have many questions for you, but io be fair to my friends I will only ask one. But first you wished to know what I sought from you."
** Kha thinks a moment **
Kha: "What I seek I am begining to realize only I can grant myself, but incase I am wrong, which has been known to happen. I seek to become the Champion of Oneiros. It is my belief that I am the one that will fufill the prophacy that soke of this champion, and the one Oracle I asked of this gave me enough information so I was able to figure out what I must do."
** Kha pulls his journal out and flips to a well worn page and hands it over to the sisters and lets them read the page before continuing with this question. **
(1390) Kiral: [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
Kha: "Now that you have read what I believe I must do to become the Champion of Oneiros, my question is simply, Is my interpretation of what I must do correct?"
** (1390) Kiral proceeds to watch as Kha hands the fates his journal **
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: Some of it is.
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: To best Epithumia, you must cause those who serve her to desire something other than your death.
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: To defeat Aponoia, you must be devoid of despair in your heart.
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: To triumph over Olethros, realize that a combat is not necessarily won with weapons.
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: The challenge for Potmos is to breach the barrier surrounding Mel Nethra.
** (1405) Maximus looks startled at the word of Mel Nethra. **
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: To befriend Mania, you must be able to divine the meaning behind her actions.
(1407) Agatha: "Mel Nethra?"
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: If you live one day as Teleute and are not slain in the process, she will grant you a boon.
** (1407) Agatha senses the word is familiar, but can't remember why. It doesn't sound like anything pleasant, that's for sure. **
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: Sing a song or recite a story that has never been heard before, and you will be a champion of Oneiros. And in so doing, the Oracle will prophesy for you, and there will be no lie.
** Kha shakes his head and mumbles "I should have asked Teleute last time I saw her" **
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: Yes, sister of the blade. The city of Mel Nethra, capital of an Empire, far to the west of this land.
** Kha stands the bows to the three sisters and moves back so Agatha can speek with them **
(1401) DM: (Agatha already went)
(1401) DM: (Git, J'hzuu and Max are next)
Kha: (( ok well to make room for whoever ;)) ))
** (1407) Agatha returns the gaze right back at Kha. She had her say. **
** (1398) Git sits on the floor, having remained quite quiet and pensive for a whil. Well, a while for him. Now he glances up over his shoulder to Suhail, Wa'run and Halif. "You three have anything to ask?" **
** Kha sits down and begins writing in his journal again **
** (1401) Halif shakes his head. **
(1401) Halif: This (points to his axe) is all that I need to know about my fate.
(1401) Halif: A true warrior lives and dies by the blade.
(1398) Git: :grins: "Then would you mind asking a couple of questions on our behalf?"
(1401) Halif: If you want.
(1401) Halif: What would you have me ask?
(1398) Git: :shrugs: "good question. I'm still working on my own."
(1401) DM: ((so discuss amongst yourselves what you want Halif to ask))
(1401) DM: ((it should be a question applicable to the group.))
** J'hzuu steps foward. "While all are thinking, J'hzuu will go next. If J'hzuu continues to travel with these" (he gestures at the others) "what will come of it?" **
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: That depends on you.
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: And it depends on what you want to do.
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: And it depends on what you want in your life.
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: You get what anyone gets.
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: You get a lifetime.
(1390) Kiral: Kiral glances at J'hzuu and whispers to himself, "A lifetime to live up to one's own expectations"
(1407) Agatha: "Hmph. You hear that cat? They said flat out that you don't really have nine lives."
** Kha laughs while writing **
** J'hzuu nods slowly, grins at Agatha, then takes a few steps back, trying to work out if he just wasted the opportunity or recieved profound opportunity. **
J'hzuu: ((*Profound insight))
(1415) Zaris (enter): 22:57
(1415) Zaris (exit): 22:59
** (1398) Git finally stands,patting down his robes to shake them loose of dust and straighten them into place. Holding up a querying finger to the Three, he inquires, "Pardon, Madams, may I approach to whisper my question to you in confidence? It is of a rather personal matter." **
** (1401) Skuld, the Crone nods. **
** (1398) Git grins and strolls to the women. Leaning in he whispers low to them **
(1398) Git: "My path, as it is, is unsure and still... poorly concieved. Yet, I am formulating plans to hopefully sort out my dubitable existance. And... while I do choose not to believe that Fate can have but one single path we must follow, whether this is true or not, I surely believe you understand at least the chance and probability of the outcome for one's life. Thusly I inquire to you. Should I follow through with my planned designs, seek to establish a trade route from this desert down south back to Wylund, gain contacts and partners and try to form my own information and smuggling network, can I succeed? Will I be able to make myself either an invaluable diplomat or tool to the Network, or even wrestle power away from the Silent Network all together, or will my delusions of grandeur simply endanger my daughter's life, my life and those around me?"
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: That is not one question. (frowns)
(1398) Git: "Surely it is... just longwinded."
** (1407) Agatha raises an eyebrow in curiosity. **
(1398) Git: "All I wish to know is if my plans are possible. Not fated, not assured, not even likely, simply possible."
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: You wish to know what will become of your life....
(1407) Agatha: What do you suppose he's up to now?"
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: ....but you do not know what to do and so instead you ask our counsel.
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: We told you before, we must hear what you wish from us, and we do not act on assumption.
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: We refuse you this answer.
(1398) Git: :nodding along he whispers solemnly: "fair enough."
** (1398) Git stands turns and walks back to the others: "Anyone else have a question?" **
** (1390) Kiral frowns a bit as the fates respond to Git in a refusal **
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: Your fate, as ever, is your own.
(1401) DM: (Max? your turn)
(1398) Git: "Turly I feel the same.. yet I could not pass up a chance to ask this question. Fore, if I knew my designs had no hope, there is no way I would take the risks."
(1405) Maximus: (I'm thinking.)
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: Then perhaps you should do what you have always done. (gently)
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: We know many things....
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: ...but not everything.
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: But one thing we can reveal to you, and this is freely given.
** (1398) Git looks back with minor curiousity **
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(1411) ticattack (exit): 23:10
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: Nine months from now, there will be a time of great turmoil in the city of diamonds, and the world that you once knew will come crashing down around your ears.
(1417) ticattack (enter): 23:11
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: There will be war, and death and blood.
** (1402) Norfirion shakes his head. **
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: There will be great opportunity. The Thirteen will walk, a guild shall be leaderless, and a leader reborn.
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: If you are that leader, Aragit, that remains to be seen.
(1402) Norfirion: "Out of all you could ask of the Fates themselves. You all seek such petty things." *sneers*
(1390) Kiral: "The Thirteen," Kiral says curiously
(1398) Git: "Is there anyway to stop this war?"
(1402) Norfirion: "And I am seen as the cold one....Hmpf...."
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: And your daughter? We cannot see this far into the future. But she will play a role in things to come.
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(1401) Urda, the Spinner: Yes, and your actions in Kern will be of great importance.
(1398) Git: :turns to the minotaur: "Halif, could you ask for me what must be done to keep this war from happening?"
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: It will happen.
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: The seeds have already been planted.
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: You were witness to the event which started this path.
Kha: "Or if it should be prevented. As this war may be needed by the Gods to banish Shia`tan
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: You will have the opportunity to change things, but you cannot prevent it from occuring.
(1407) Agatha: "Well, that's one less worry. So to speak."
(1398) Git: :sneers back to the Three: "A war that has not yet happened must be possible of halting somehow. There are people who steer the war onward. If those people are stopped, so too may the effort, yes?"
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: There are larger forces at work here, Aragit.
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: This is a war that will happen in both the celestial realm and the mortal plane.
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: It has been foretold of old. And it will happen.
** (1405) Maximus pulls his holy symbol from around his neck and seems to look into the symbol itself. Replacing his symbol around his neck, and placing his hand on the hilt of his sword, a comfortable position for the holy swordsman., Maximus looks to the Fates, "Will I, in my lifetime be able to help the forces that would renew the empire to it's former glory? **
(1405) Maximus: ((Crap, hit enter on accident.))
(1398) Git: "Tch... great, prophetic screw job."
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: You cannot stop a swiftly moving river by being a mere pebble.
J'hzuu: "If an invading warlord is slain, another might take his place. The actions of all might even make things worse, a more bloodthirsty leader, for example"
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: However, you are not pawns in this. The path which you are now on, which you helped create, which too was foretold of old, has the potential to change the course of events.
(1398) Git: "Then gather many pebbles around you and become a mound to dam the river."
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: The war will happen. But whether it becomes a catastrophe or a mere footnote in history is for you to determine.
** (1398) Git nods and offers a patented grin and bow: "I'll see what we can manage, M'lady." **
(1390) Kiral: "An if any of us where to just move, avoid such a war, what would become"
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: Soon after you leave this land of Zayal, you will have a great opportunity, Maximus. An opportunity to rescue an Imperial scion.
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: And with this opportunity comes great responsibility.
(1401) Urda, the Spinner: And if you succeed, then your name and your House will be spoken of with pride for many generations to come.
** (1405) Maximus nods his head in thanks. **
(1401) Verdande, the Caster: For with this opportunity, the student shall teach the master...
(1401) Skuld, the Crone: ...and in time, perhaps the master shall hold the student in high regard.
(1405) Maximus: "Thank you for your answer Lady Fates." Maximus gives a small bow, and backs off a step or two, allowing anyone esle a chance to speak.
** Kha finishes writing and gets ready to leave **
** (1390) Kiral continues to watch the sisters as he contemplates his future **
(1401) Suhail: Ladies.
(1401) Fate: Suhail, of the Ever-Living.
(1401) DM: (the three women speak as one)
(1401) Suhail: My question to you is this: Is the outcome of this path clear to you, and will I be able to assist my friends in their endeavors?
(1401) Fate: There are rules. There are always rules, and you have broken them. You cannot delve into affairs on this plane, Suhail. The Law binds you as it does all of the gods.
(1398) Git: "God...?" :looks to the half-sword cleric: "You?"
(1401) Fate: Henceforth after this meeting and until the end, you shall be bound in blade form until it comes time for you to fulfill the role for which you were created.
** (1402) Norfirion sits down and glances over the spellbook, a serious look on his face as he prepares for what awaits him. **
** J'hzuu looks at Suhail, brows raised. **
(1401) Fate: Thus has your judgment been rendered.
(1401) Fate: Yes. Behold the true form of the one you know as Suhail.
** Kha turns to Suhail **
** (1407) Agatha turns to Suhail. **
** (1405) Maximus keeps his hand on the hilt of his sword, his face placid as he looks to the cleric. **
(1401) DM: There is a shimmer, as if light is being distorted, and after the Three speak, a column of incandescent white light, so bright it hurts to look at it. So bright, it fills the night sky like a second sun.
(1418) [DG] Jack (enter): 23:39
(1401) DM: Fate continues speaking with a voice that thunders across the desert...
** J'hzuu squints against the light. **
** (1398) Git raises an arm to shade his sensitive eyes, yet tries to watch the cleric's transoformation in careful glimpses. **
(1407) Agatha: "Gah! Bloody hell, that's a dirty trick!"
** (1396) Lellick also made the mistake of looking towards Suhail, and now wishes he didn't. He covers his eyes with his arm, the afterimage painted on the back of his eyelids. **
** (1390) Kiral looks at Suhail, unable to reach for a weapon as they have been left outside **
** Kha turns back to Fate "Other gods have aided us since we arived in this place, so why is Ra forbiden to aid us and the others not?" **
** (1402) Norfirion remains fixed on his spellbook uninterested in the world around him, he truly is in his own world. **
(1401) Fate: The Law states that no god save that of Oneiros may walk the mortal plane and delve into the affairs of mortals. You have broken the Law, not once, but many times over. You and the wizard-priest Munafik. Once this meeting is at an end, each of you will be stripped of most of your power until such time as the roles in which you were created for shall be fulfilled.
(1401) DM: The column of light diminishes in intensity and suddenly reverts to a shining scimitar with a jeweled hilt.
(1418) [DG] Jack (exit): 23:43
** J'hzuu opens his eyes once more, blinking a few times to make the spots disappear. **
** (1405) Maximus lowers his arm from his eyes, having used it to shield himself from the light. **
** (1390) Kiral watches as the image of Suhail fade into what he has now become **
** (1398) Git squints at the sight of the sword, questioning with some disappointment, "That is his true form?" **
(1407) Agatha: ((Goddamn. Sorry fellas I gotta deal with a personal emergency.))
(1401) DM: The three ageless women turn as one and glance at Kha.
(1401) Fate: Aided yes, but not walked the world in mortal form, delving into mortal affairs. Not like this.
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(1407) Agatha: Disconnecting from server...
(1407) Agatha (exit): 23:46
(1401) Fate: This -- gestures to the sword -- is one of the forms he used to hide himself from mortal eyes.
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Kha: "Basht, though only in avatar form I supose< and I guess Teleute counts as one of Oneiros'">
Kha: and I guess Teleute counts as one of Oneiros'"
(1401) Fate: Basht is not a god but a servant of Suhail. Though you do not know it, Suhail is another of Ra's many names.
** J'hzuu 's mouth drops open a little wider, and he stares at the sword for a long moment. **
** (1390) Kiral 's eyes open wider as the sister say that **
Kha: "I figured that shortly after he joined us and reverted o human form"
** (1405) Maximus eyes show his shock. **
(1390) Kiral: "How can a form of Ra break a law...to what laws do him apply."
** (1396) Lellick slowly lowers his arm, then rubs hard at his face with a hand. "This is Ra? We.. we have been acting like our idiot selves right in front of a god?" **
(1398) Git: :shrug: "Well, knowing him a god, I'll be sure to treat him with a bit more respect." :He offers this with some sarcasm in his tone.:
(1401) Fate: Munafik is one of Set's many names. You will still face Munafik and possibly defeat him, but he shall trouble you no longer.
** Kha laughs, "Why is that the gods still squable amoungst themselves when they all, atleast for a time have one thing in common?" **
(1402) Norfirion: "Because they are fools"
(1401) Fate: You will find in time, that the history of this world has been shaped many times over by gods who have broken the Law.
(1402) Norfirion: "Despite all of their power, they are driver by emotions and passions just as us mortals Kha."
(1401) Fate: And now, this audience is at an end. There is one who shall gift you, and then you may go.
(1401) DM: The three women vanish, and in their place is a handsome man wearing a simple white tunic, cotton trousers and leather boots.
** (1398) Git steps over to the sword Suhail, picking it up, looking it over thoughtfully before sheathing it at his hip. "Hello... gifter I presume?" **
** (1390) Kiral stares at the man in the place of the fates **
** (1396) Lellick blinks blearily at the man, still seeing spots from the light show earlier. **
** (1402) Norfirion perks an eye. **
(1401) Unwe: Welcome to the temple of Baldras.
** Kha bows to the man **
(1401) Unwe: Those of you who would weep for him, hold forth your hand.
(1390) Kiral: "Have you been expecting us?"
(1402) Norfirion: "Weep for who?"
** J'hzuu nods slowly in greetings, still in a slight shock. **
(1398) Git: "Weep for who then?"
(1402) Norfirion: "Is there an echo in here?"
** (1402) Norfirion smiles jokingly to the half-elf. **
(1401) Unwe: Baldras, who was friend to all living things until he was slain by a wand of mistletoe by the god Loki. This is his temple in which you stand.
(1401) Unwe: If you weep for him, hold forth your hand.
(1398) Git: "Depends.. how does he feel about weepers?"
** Kha holds forth his hand and bows his head **
** (1405) Maximus holds forth his hand. "Anyone who professed love for others, and was slain treachery deserves a moment of rememberence." **
** (1396) Lellick laughs quietly at Git's question, then holds out his hand. **
** (1398) Git sighs and holds out his hand **
** J'hzuu nods at Max, and extends his ungloved left hand. **
** (1401) Unwe gestures, and a tear-shaped drop of amber appears in your hands. **
** (1390) Kiral watches the others and and places his hands out before him" **
** (1398) Git looks the amber substance over, trying to identify it **
(1401) Unwe: My master gifts this to you freely, as a reward for having passed the test of Fate. Use this in the temple of Ra, to defeat the Eye of Hathor. The Eye guards the entrance to the temple and has the power to judge those who are unworthy.
(1401) DM: An amber droplet appears in Kiral's hand.
Kha: "Why would we be unworthy of entering the Temple of Ra?"
** (1390) Kiral looks down at the droplet curiously **
(1398) Git: "How do we use this exactly"
** (1402) Norfirion slams his spellbook shut and stands up, shaking dirt from his robes. He walks slowly over towards Kiral, extends his staff and waving it over the amber droplet.. (Detect Magic) **
(1401) Unwe: Display the amber tears to the Eye, and you will be able to pass.
(1398) Git: "Ah.. sign of membership. Understood."
** (1390) Kiral looks to Norfirion, "Anything else sir?" **
** (1396) Lellick closes his hand around his teardrop, then bows slightly to the man. "Please give your master our thanks for this aid." **
(1402) Norfirion: "No trace of magic.."
** (1405) Maximus nods his head in thanks and withdrawals his hand, and curls the tear-shaped amber drop into his fist. **
** (1390) Kiral looks back to the man, "And how does the Eye come to accept such a symbol" **
** (1398) Git tucks the teardrop away in his hip pouch and bows to the man in white, "Thank you for your help." **
Kha: "I would think having Ra with us would allow us to pass"
(1402) Norfirion: "As would I, quite paranoid aren't they."
(1398) Git: "Well, he's not quite himself at the moment."
** (1401) Unwe looks at you and says nothing further. **
(1401) DM: As you glance at the tear, you can distinctly make out the symbol of an open hand emblazoned on the amber.
Kha: "Thank Baldras for his Gift, but I guess we should be going."
** (1390) Kiral bows to the man as he places the amber drop in his spell pouch on his belt **
(1398) Git: "Yes, we really should be on our way."
** Kha puts the symbol away safly and starts for the exit **
** J'hzuu bows and slips the tear into an empty pocket in his spell components pouch. **
** (1396) Lellick looks closer at the amber tear, staring at it for a moment before rubbing his thumb over the hand symbol and putting it away. **
** (1405) Maximus hgives his thanks once again and puts the tear in a belt pocket. **
(1398) Git: :to Unwe: "Sir, could you point us towards the last bath?"
(1401) Unwe: As you depart the temple, turn left and you will see the Baths on top of the rise of the next hill.
(1398) Git: "Thank you. Be well, good sir."
** (1402) Norfirion heads towards the baths, his pace quick in anticipation. **
** (1398) Git heads out for the bath **
** (1390) Kiral moves in beside Norfirion picking up his weapons outside the temple **
** (1396) Lellick follows the others on their way out of the temple, pace somewhat slower than usual. **
J'hzuu: Me fishes about in the air for the rope, climbs up into the hidden chamber, and retrives his belongings before following the others.
** J'hzuu fishes about in the air for the rope, climbs up into the hidden chamber, and retrives his belongings before following the others. **
** (1402) Norfirion retrieves his belongins as well before proceeding on. **
** (1405) Maximus also retrieves his wooden belongings. **
** (1396) Lellick grabs his equipment and takes a moment to put it all away before hurrying after them. **
** Kha follows the others up to the Bath House **
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(1401) DM: The last bathhouse, the Baths of Drusus, is made of greenish stone and is 200' long and 120' wide. The northeast end is covered by a vaulted roof supported 60' from the floor by immense stone columns. The remainder of the building is open. Between the pair of columns on the NW and SE walls are windows that begin 20' from the floor and rise to the top of the arch 40' away. Two archways open in the center of the NE wall, and four open in the SW wall.
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** (1390) Kiral moves through the archways and tells Nimer to stay as he does so **
(1401) DM: The roofed NE area is split into two parts, a windowed wall spanning the pillars between them. In the approximate center of the 100' by 60' room is a 30' by 20' pool of polished white stone. Dust has filtered in through the open window and door, lightly covering the floor and the pool bottom, which slopes toward the center.
** (1402) Norfirion peers inside the structure, wondering what dangers may lurk inside. **
(1401) DM: A long pool fills most of the SW open area, which likely was once paved with grass. The far ends are quite shallow, and the floor slopes down gently toward the central portion, which is filled with dust, sand and debris. The walls and exposed bottom of the pool are made of highly polished white stones set into mortar.
** (1396) Lellick looks around the building somewhat curiously, glad to see that the pool in this one isn't deep. **
** Kha looks to the bottom of the pools but makes no move to enter the water **
** (1390) Kiral looks to the other, "Is it time to me to go swimming?" **
Kha: "Git can you speek with Suhail while he is in sword form?"
(1398) Git: "I'm not sure." :unsheathes the blade to ask: "Can you speak?"
** (1402) Norfirion peers down into the water. "Bath time again." **
** (1390) Kiral looks to Norfirion, "I got this one **
** (1390) Kiral looks to the others and looks down to the water, "Be right back" **
(1402) Norfirion: "Be careful"
** (1390) Kiral moves to the edge of the pool, removing no gear and smiles back as Norf speaks with a nod of his head **
** (1390) Kiral leaps into the air, his arms pointed toward the water but before he reaches the water he begins to shift, taking the form of an octopus as he enters the water with but the slightest splash **
** (1405) Maximus watches, keeping an eye on his surroundings. **
** (1390) Kiral moves quickly to act in his current form as if in its nature surrounding **
** (1396) Lellick shakes his head at watching Kiral. "What's wrong with swimming in a normal form?..." **
(1402) Norfirion: "It's who he is, he is a druid afterall."
(1402) Norfirion: "That form is just as natural as any other in nature."
(1396) Lellick: "Well, seeing something like that makes me glad I've never been too close to an ocean."
Kha: "That form tasts better then some of the others though" ** Laughs at his joke**
** (1402) Norfirion chuckles at Kha's joke. **
(1402) Norfirion: "Indeed, they are quite tasty, having lived on an island, I know all so well."
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(1402) Norfirion: "They're also considered delecacies in the Jade Isles and Nippon."
(1398) Git: Perhaps we can talk him into sacrificing a tentacle for supper then."
(1402) Norfirion: "I've heard of some eating them while still alive, how bizarre."
** (1402) Norfirion laughs at Git's commend. **
(1402) Norfirion: "Maybe he can change into a lizard and supply us with some lizard tails, they'll grow back afterall."
** (1396) Lellick makes a face. **
whispering to Git, nope
(1401) DM: (how many caps do you have so far, excluding the ones here?)
** (1390) Kiral swims back, four of his tentacles wrapped closely to his body as he meets the surface and begins to toss the caps from the water to the side of the pool one at a time **
(1398) Git: (11 or 12 I believe)
(1390) Kiral: As the caps are all removed from the water, Kiral in octopus form swims back down a bit, and jetisons himself backwards breaking the plane of the surface of the water at an angle that would have him land upon the land
** (1402) Norfirion smiles at the druid. "Invigorating isn't it...the form of another." **
(1390) Kiral: In the peak of his leap from the water Kiral's human form emerges as he lands feet first from the water, completely dry
(1390) Kiral: "It is a gift of Elantra to be able to have suych privilege, I relish it every time....every time."
(1401) DM: (so you find 3 in the pool not 4)
(1390) Kiral: ((ok ))
** (1396) Lellick looks on with interest as Kiral brings up the caps and gets out of the pool. "Do all your forms look that strange?" **
(1390) Kiral: "What is strange about the form of an octopus, it is a marvelous aquadic creature, a beautiful form, so efficient, so smart within its environment. All of nature's forms are what they are. I suppose their strangeness comes from lack of knowledge and experience with such animals."
(1402) Norfirion: "Perhaps."
(1402) Norfirion: "Each form is a different perspective on reality, that can be quite overwhelming."
(1390) Kiral: "I suppose I have never quite envisioned it in that way, but I understand what you say and it makes true sense."
** (1396) Lellick smiles a little, "I have to admit, I've never seen a creature like that before." **
(1390) Kiral: "Well, when we have a spare moment, I will transform into a few of the other unusually seen creatures and show you their capabilities...if you wish"
(1390) Kiral: "The octopus has many tricks below the water, a trick of consealment, a trick of speed, and one of grappling. Not to mention they are nearly invisible within the water when they chose to be.
(1402) Norfirion: "Arcane magic can accomplish similar tasks, however unlike Kiral, the forms of a magic user are much more wider in scope, bizarre creatures and monsters, not just animals."
(1398) Git: "That's when we have a moment. For now we must away to the Tempe of Ra, and build ourselves a bridge."
(1396) Lellick: "I certainly wouldn't mind.. perhaps we'll have some time to rest soon."
** (1402) Norfirion nods to Git. "Lets finish this." **
(1390) Kiral: "Perhaps, but I do agree with Git, we must get moving. However the offer is always there." Kiral then turns to Norfirion, "I have not had much experience myself with what you speak, perhaps you would too show me."
(1402) Norfirion: "Sure, but another time."
(1398) Git: "Right then. Let's go find ourselves some religion."
** Kha nods **
** (1398) Git heads for the door trying to get his bearing toward the Temple. **
** (1390) Kiral moves toward Nimer and with her at his side continues to move to the Temple" **
** (1405) Maximus follows the group, somewhat lost in his thoughts. **
(1401) DM: In the distance, set apart from the rest of the city, stands the Temple of Ra.
** (1396) Lellick walks with them, starting to wonder what octopus tastes like. **
(1401) DM: Two great pylons of red stone stand out amidst the ruins that surround them. On each of the stone pylons are inscribed giant human eyes that stare outward. Unlike any other building in the cursed city, this temple has a band of clear ground around it as though nothing can approach it.
(1401) DM: As the opening beyond the pylons is inspected, the eyes seem to look within the soul, searching for a reason to be destructive. Within the gate can be seen a wall topped with pillars and a room beyond.
(1423) ticattack (enter): 01:12
(1398) Git: "Hmmm.. lets test the gift then." :retrieving the amber droplet from his pouch, Git holds it out for the eyes to see as he approaches the temple.
** Kha aproches the Temple **
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** (1396) Lellick hangs back, watching to see what happens to Git. Just in case. **
(1401) DM: The eyes begin to glow with a faint white light.
(1401) DM: As Git approaches, the glow ceases and fades away.
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(1423) ticattack (exit): 01:17
** (1390) Kiral pulls the amber out of his spell pouch and holds it in his hands **
(1401) DM: The eyes remain stone carvings.
** (1402) Norfirion follows the others lead. **
(1398) Git: "Phew."
** Kha looks into the eyes intently, allowing them to see what they will, leaving the symbol packed away **
** (1398) Git heads to the temple entrance breathing easier." **
(1401) DM: Suddenly, the eyes blaze with an incandescent light and bathe Norfirion in their glow, transfixing him. (Will)
(1402) Norfirion: heh
(1402) Norfirion: Saves: Will: [1d20+8+0] -> [5,8,0] = (13) +1 vs. Enchantments
(1401) DM: Norfirion has barely enough time to scream, as the Eyes transform him into a pillar of salt.
** (1390) Kiral moves, but stops quickly as Norfirion is transformed quickly **
** (1396) Lellick stumbles back at seeing that, staring at where Norf used to be. "It.. it.. he..." **
** (1398) Git goes wide-eyed at the blasting of the elf. **
(1398) Git: "No...way...."
(1402) Norfirion: (heh like that story from the bible)
(1401) DM: (yes, lol)
** Kha looks to the Salt pile, "Why didnt you bring out the symbol?" **
** (1396) Lellick takes a deep breath, looking to Kha, "..I.. I'm really not sure that he can hear you." **
(1402) Norfirion: (i did, thats what i meant by "follows the others lead"
(1401) DM: (actually, you didn't)
** (1390) Kiral kneels beside Nimer telling her to remain outside and guard the temple, pointing to the eyes and telling her to avoid. **
(1401) DM: (I was watching earlier, and you didn't hold out your hand, so consequently you don't have an amber droplet)
(1402) Norfirion: (well thats what i meant, but too late anyways)
(1398) Git: (death by literal translation, ouch)
(1402) Norfirion: (ah ok, like i said i've been here semi afk)
** (1390) Kiral holds the symbol out and begins moving toward the entrance wondering if he would be given entrance **
Kha: "Git will you bring Suhail hre?"
(1402) Norfirion: (sorry, just trying to do a couple things at the same time, company from out of town)
(1401) DM: (actually, you cast detect magic on Kiral's, so I don't buy that you were afk)
(1401) DM: (this is documented in the log.)
** (1398) Git is silent a moment, taking in the sudden loss of the elf. Hearing Kha's request the rogue raises the amber drop to return to Kha with the sword. **
(1424) ticattack (enter): 01:26
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(1398) Git: "Planning somethng."
(1402) Norfirion: (lol ok whatever im just saying I'm doing several things, im not trying to get you to reverse what happened.)
Kha: "I want to see how tightly Fate has bound Ra's gift"
(1402) Norfirion: (I didnt even know we all got droplets, i thought it was a group thing initially)
(1401) DM: (Unwe specifically asked you to hold out your hand if you wept for Baldras.)
(1398) Git: "He doesn't talk anymore, if that's what you mean."
(1401) DM: (six out of seven PCs did so.)
(1402) Norfirion: (alright, whatever, lets just get it on with)
** (1396) Lellick raises his own tear up as well, cautiously approaching the pillar of salt. "..What if that doesn't work? What are we supposed to do with, uhm, him?" **
Kha: "We shall see, I am a cleric of Fate, so I may beable to talk to him though the binding"
(1398) Git: "Feel free." :hands over Suhail:
(1401) DM: The eyes revert to stone carvings upon seeing the amber teardrop.
** Kha takes the sword from Git, sits down then embraces the source and concentrates on breaking though the binding to comunicate with Suhail **
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(1402) Norfirion' from server... Removing dead client
(1402) Norfirion (exit): 01:32
** (1396) Lellick shifts from foot to foot as he waits, keeping the tear held up, afraid to even get too close to the salt. **
** Kha goes and gathers all of the salt that Norf has become and enters the Temple holding Suhail close to the salt in the hopes that Suhail knows whats going on and can try something **
(1401) DM: An image of Suhail appears to you inside the temple, and nods at you.
(1401) Suhail: The Eyes judged your friend and found him unworthy.
** (1396) Lellick hurries after Kha into the temple. **
(1390) Kiral: "Unworthy as to what?"
(1401) Suhail: Unworthy to enter this place.
** (1405) Maximus retrieves his amber-tear from his pouch and walks into the temple. **
** (1398) Git follows Kha into the temple. "He didn't hold up the dumb droplet.. so... Zap! **
** J'hzuu takes the drop out and walks cautiously into the temple. **
Kha: "I see that, but unworthy for what? To mourn for a man he did not know when he is still mourning the loss of his wife and child?"
(1401) Suhail: Its more than that, outlander. Your friend holds no belief in the gods, and therefore denies their existence.
(1396) Lellick: "Yes, but.. can he be restored?"
(1398) Git: :shrugs to Suhail: "So? That didn't stop me from entering."
(1401) Suhail: He can be restored, yes. The question is whether he should be. And that is up to him.
(1401) Suhail: You held out your hand, did you not? Besides a test of belief, this was also a test of wisdom and of compassion. You were told of this before.
(1401) Suhail: This was the first of three tests that were spoken of in the past by others. Look on the teardrop if you think otherwise.
** Kha nods, "Very well, is there a safe place to place him, and we can rest?" **
** (1396) Lellick speaks somewhat quietly, "So that's why the hand mark is there.." **
** (1390) Kiral looks at the hand in the drop and remembers its meaning, understanding now **
** (1398) Git remains pensive for a moment, before asking, "How can he be restored?" **
(1401) Suhail: There is nothing you can do, my friends. Whether Norfirion should come back is up to him and his god, whomever that might be.
(1401) Suhail: Well...
** (1398) Git groans, plopping to a seat against the wall, hanging his head into his hands. **
(1401) Suhail: ...there is a chance he can be restored. A very slight chance.
** (1401) Suhail sighs. **
** (1396) Lellick looks at the salt, staring at it for a moment before turning back to the others. "...what is this chance you speak of?" **
** (1390) Kiral looks to Git. "We must keep moving if we are going to even put ourselves in a position to give him something to come back for" **
(1401) Suhail: He is a bitter soul, and seeks vengeance for the loss of his family. And this is a hard road. It twists one into a semblance of one's former self. Your friend must see that he is in danger of losing himself, that without the power of love, there is little hope for him in his life.
** (1396) Lellick gives Suhail a wry smile, "That would be like wearing down a mountain with but a bucket of water, I think." **
Kha: "If it will strain your power, you may wish to wait to give him a chance to work things out with his god should he wish to. He may be with his wife and child and not want to return"
(1398) Git: :gives a dark chortle: "I don't think we have that much time to wait."
(1401) Suhail: Compassion or wisdom, if you prefer, is a virtue based on love. One may turn aside the judgment of the Eyes if the Eyes can be persuaded that the possibility of redemption or love remains in your friend.
(1390) Kiral: "He mentions he was willing to give up himself...perhaps that was his wish from fate granted, either way it was his own"
Kha: "Love for more then those already gone?"
(1401) Suhail: Perhaps. If one of us were to take his place, that might be enough to restore him.... (falls silent)
** (1390) Kiral looks to Suhail as he speaks, unsure of what is even being asked **
** (1396) Lellick looks at the ground, "...." **
(1398) Git: :Sigh: "Lets not do anything stupid. The elf has already served that prupose." :scoffs with some aggrevation: "We can only hope he finds his way to peace for now, whatever that means..."
** (1398) Git face softened with a bit of grief, stands to look about the temple, getting right to work. **
** Kha takes the salt back outside and places his droplet on it and stand there waiting **
** (1396) Lellick blinks, and turns to look outside, "..Kha?? What are you doing?" **
** (1398) Git turns round quickly hearing Lellick, to see what crazy thing the priest of fate is doing now. **
** J'hzuu turns around to look at Kha. "Not again..." he mutters. **
(1390) Kiral: "We need to be moving," he mentions to the others as Kha stands outside\
(1401) DM: There is a flash of light, as Norfirion is restored to his former state. Of Kha, there is no sign.
(1401) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop.)
** (1390) Kiral 's jaw drops as Norfirion stands there...Kha go **
(1398) Git: "Kha? Kha!?" :looks round for the priest a moment before swearing.: "Damn fool!"
(1390) Kiral: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
(1390) Kiral: (( that NOOOOOO!!!!! was in comment to the stoppage comment))
(1401) DM: ((there's a very good reason for stopping at this juncture, but I can't go into detail. it will be apparent next week.))
(1390) Kiral: gotcha

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