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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(730) Greven Thanatos (enter): 22:24
** (720) Git looks abour the ruined bath house, before his eyes fall back upon the prone body, "Mayhaps we're not the first to take this little test." **
(729) ticattack has sent you a tree node...
** (720) Git approaches quietly(MS) apprehensive of unlife within the body or dangers hiding in the pool. Dagger in hand he moves to see if the corpse is truly a corpse. **
** Kha scans the area for danger then silently follows Git **
** (710) Lellick fingers his holy symbol, watching with just a little nervousness. "So.. someone has been here recently.. unless it is preserved by magic? Though I cannot imagine who would do that." **
(721) DM: (it really does appear to be a corpse)
(721) Suhail: Lost this city may be, but that does not prevent outlanders from coming here in search of treasure and their own deaths.
** (720) Git tries to pry the golden object from the deadman's hands. "Good for him, he found both." **
(730) Greven Thanatos (exit): 22:32
(721) DM: It comes away easily enough. It appears to be a golden drain cap, much like the others you've found.
** (710) Lellick muses quietly, "I wonder if they came here using another skyship..." **
(732) [DG][Mod]Jason (enter): 22:32
(732) [DG][Mod]Jason (exit): 22:33
(720) Git: "Super. now who wants to dive for anymore?"
** (720) Git looks over the body for any apparent cause of death. **
whispering to Git, he appears to have been drained by undead
** Kha makes no move to the pool of water **
** (710) Lellick steps forward when he sees that the corpse doesn't move. **
** (729) ticattack approaches slowly. "Anything?" (To Git) **
** J'hzuu approaches slowly. "Anything?" (To Git) **
whispering to Git, he appears to have been a rogue
(720) Git: "Looks familiar.. like draining."
whispering to Git, thieves tools, leather armor, etc., coins of uncertain origin and a jeweled dagger
whispering to Git, and a large pink pearl
** (717) Agatha keeps close to Wa'run and keeps a wary eye out for the trap that killed the little tomb raider. **
** (717) Agatha hopes it wasn't undead. **
** (720) Git looks over the man's belonings, eyeing them appraisingly **
(720) Git: "Perhaps evil spirits wait in the waters."
(710) Lellick: "..Wonderful. So who will dip a toe in first?"
** J'hzuu shudders a little. "Spirits, corpses... Both are likely, J'hzuu thinks" **
** (720) Git holds up a plundered pink pearl,looking it over with a forming grin **
** (717) Agatha steps up and takes off her pack. "Hmph. I'll go ahead and check." **
(720) Git: :to Aggy: "Perhaps one of our priests could drive away any bad spirits before you go wading into danger." :glances to Lellick and Suhail."
(721) Suhail: I can offer you no help, except at the end. (cryptically)
** (710) Lellick shrugs, pulling his holy symbol from his belt before heading over to Agatha. **
** (717) Agatha looks at Suhail with a hint of annoyance. "Peachy. Do your thing." **
** (720) Git pockets the pearl and coin from the corpse, twirling the bejeweled dagger tween his nimble fingers to get a feel for it. "Maybe I or Kha should go... we're quicker to dodge, should they be ghosts we face. **
** Kha stats bluntly "I will avoid the water for now" **
(720) Git: "Hmph... then I guess it's time I earn my keep, neh?"
** (721) Suhail turns around to peer at the darkness in the rear of the structure. "Show yourselves", he hisses. **
** (717) Agatha shrugs. "It's up to you, Git, but don't go trying to fight while dragging up one of those caps. **
(720) Git: "Huh?" :turns to see who is being addressed.:
** (717) Agatha whips around to a ready stance. **
(721) DM: In response to the priest, several apparitions coalesce, formed of shadowstuff. They hover on the surface of the pool, eager with anticipation yet kept at bay by an invisible force.
** (710) Lellick turns to look at the apparitions, clutching his holy symbol tighter. **
(721) DM: Each of the apparitions has Munafik's face, yet it is NOT Munafik. There are seven of them.
** J'hzuu turns around. His eyes widen slightly and he grabs his dagger from the folds of his robe's sleeve. **
** Kha hisses **
(720) Git: :raising a brow: "Well now.. here's a gruesome group."
** Kha lets his Holy symbol drop from his left sleeve and holds it up **
Kha: "Oneiros, Time Lord, Grant me power over Aponia to send these creatures back to the grave!"
(720) Git: :holding his dagger beneath his robe: "Why aren't they attacking?"
(717) Agatha: "Maybe they're shy?"
(721) DM: Two of the apparitions vanish into darkness, dissolved by the power of Kha's turning...or perhaps, added to the remainder.
(720) Git: :nodding to Aggy: "Yes, pitiful shut-ins perhaps. THen again, with a face like that I wouldn't go out in public either."
** (710) Lellick smiles crookedly, "They may simply be tied to the pool somehow." **
(740) Norfirion (enter): 23:00
(720) Git: ((ah, Norf, just in tiem)
(720) Git: :to Kha: "Think you can hold em at bay long enough for me to go dunkin for gold?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (740) Norfirion...
Kha: "I can try, but sadly my power over the undead is rudementry at best, Lellick may have better luck"
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(729) ticattack' from server... Removing dead client
(710) Lellick: "I will try..."
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(729) ticattack' from server... Removing dead client
(729) ticattack (exit): 23:04
(720) Git: "Much obliged, Lellick."
(740) Norfirion: "Leave these wretches to me. I'll burn their bones to dust." *says with a dismissive wave of his hand*
(720) Git: :to Norf, while stripping off his robes: "Yes, yes, whatever you enjoy."
** (709) Kiral scoffs under his breathe by the terrible aberrations that are 'undead' **
(717) Agatha: "Hmph. Just try not to blow us up in the process."
(742) ticattack (enter): 23:06
** (740) Norfirion reaches into his spell components pouch, his mind churning away feverishly as to their means of destruction. **
** (710) Lellick takes a cautious step forward, then raises his holy symbol high. "Merciful Tevesh, give these creatures their rightful rest!" **
(740) Norfirion: "Wh....Hey!" *flashes the halfling a look* "You have to finish what you start, remember."
** (710) Lellick blinks at Norf, then quietly points out, "..They have no bones for you to burn." **
(721) DM: As before, two more of the apparitions dissolve into shadowstuff...or perhaps lend their strength to the one remainder.
(721) DM: (er three remaining)
(740) Norfirion: (heh thought we were fighting skele's my bad)
(740) Norfirion: [1d12] -> [5] = (5)
Kha: "Dont enter the water untill they are delt with"
(740) Norfirion: "Fair enough" *he retorts to the halfling with a smirk*
** (720) Git , stripped to his loincloth looks up to Kha, "you don't think you can hold em back?" **
** (710) Lellick just shakes his head at Norf, lowering his holy symbol. **
** Kha holds up his holy symbol again to see if it does the same thing again **
Kha: "Oneiros, Time Lord, Grant me power over Aponia to send these creatures back to the grave!"
Kha: "No I dont. I think they are bound to the pool and all we have done is create a few more power full ones then several weaker ones."
(717) Agatha: "They..They don't seem to be doing anything."
(721) TaliesinNYC: (brb)
(740) Norfirion: "Well then, since everyone here seems to be spouting religious dogma, why don't I give it a try?"
Kha: "Not now they dont, but once you enter the water.." ^em**Shrugs**
** (710) Lellick chews on his bottom lip, thinking. "Perhaps we can simply fight them while standing at the edge? I realize they're powerful, but.. I am not entirely sure this is doing any good." **
** (740) Norfirion utters a quick incantation and raises his staff high in the air. **
** (717) Agatha takes time to restrap her buckler. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (742) ticattack...
(740) Norfirion: "Lady Hurishta, shine down your radiance upon me and drive this darkness away" *he says mockingly, like a drunk monk chanting a mantra, and as he does so the elf begins to radiate a blinding light, as if he were the sun itself. (Cloak of Brilliance)
** (710) Lellick laughs softly, gesturing towards the undead with a half bow. "Be our guest, Norfirion." **
(721) Munafik, the Taker of Set: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
(721) DM: Deep, dark laughter echoes all around you as Norfirion's spell releases. The brilliance given off by his cloak actually causes the apparitions to grow in intensity.
** (720) Git groans at the depressingly familiar laugh **
(740) Norfirion: "It seems the fly has returned to its refuse heap once again."
** (710) Lellick blinks, then comments somewhat sarcastically, "..I don't think he's impressed." **
(740) Norfirion: "Neither am I." *he shruggs*
(720) Git: (how many shadows remain?))
(721) DM: (3)
(740) Norfirion: "You may not admit it, but this light still causes your black hear to tremble, it reminds you of what you demise so much, the light of Ra." *he quips in retort to the laughter*
(720) Git: (so they're just getting bigger, as if drawing in the mana of the assault?))
(717) Agatha: "What's the matter bonebag? Afraid to show your true form?"
(721) Munafik, the Taker of Set: We will see about that, little mage.
(721) DM: The apparitions begin to merge into each other.
(721) DM: (yes)
** J'hzuu takes a couple of steps back. "This is not good, not good" **
(740) Norfirion: "Then make yourself known and we shall finish this at last."
** (709) Kiral watches as the shadows merge and pulls his shield from his back, certain that this situation will only get worse **
** (710) Lellick watches intently, waiting to see if the now singular apparition moves towards them.. **
** Kha slips his holy symbol back up the sleeve of his left arm and ajusts his group on his spear **
(740) Norfirion: "Or does your fear cause you to lurk in the shadow like some chirping rat? Face me now you bastard!" *shakes his fist*
(721) Munafik, the Taker of Set: In time, outlander, in time. When your savior has met his end, I shall come for each of you, and it will be that much sweeter.
(740) Norfirion: "Hmpf..."
** (710) Lellick moves over to Agatha, "I have an idea.. could you stay still for a moment, please?" **
(721) DM: As one, a dark shape rises out of the ruined building and leaves as swiftly as it came. The apparition seems to have lessened slightly in stature but its intensity has not diminished.
(717) Agatha: "Why wait, mummy? Are you so worried about facing us all at once?"
** (717) Agatha taunts but stays where is so the halfling can quickly do whatever he's planning. **
(745) Norfirion (enter): 23:28
** (721) Suhail catches hold of a pillar and leans on it for support, clutching his head and breathing deeply. "This battle is won, for now. Munafik's minion will not trouble you as much as it would have before." **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (745) Norfirion...
(721) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(740) Norfirion' from room...
(740) Norfirion (exit): 23:29
(717) Agatha: "Halif, Wa'run. You know the drill. Keep yourselves safe."
** (710) Lellick dips his hand into a small pouch, grabbing a handful of silver powder. He then walks around Agatha in a circle, spreading the powder as he goes, softly chanting a mantra. **
(710) Lellick: (Casting Magic Circle Against Evil)
(720) Git: :glances back cooly to Suhail: "I though you weren't suppose to help yet."
** (717) Agatha smirks. "Obviously this ain't the end." **
(745) Norfirion: "It never is....apparently."
(710) Lellick: (That'll last for ten minutes, aaand.. give a +2 deflection to AC and +2 to saves against evil creatures to anyone within 10 ft)
** Kha turns to Suhail "I thought you were not allowed to help, not that I am complaining" **
(710) Lellick: "Stay close to Agatha! The spell I have cast on her will benefit whoever is near."
(721) Suhail: There is more going on than what you see, outlander. But enough! I will explain later.
** (721) Suhail leans on the pillar for support, and closes his eyes. **
** (721) Halif catches hold of Wa'run and holds him close by the priest of Ra. **
** (745) Norfirion concentrates with his staff raised. (Detect Magic on the undead) **
Kha: "There is always more going on then we can see, Anyways it should be safe to enter the pool now."
** (717) Agatha turns back to Lellick. "That's your plan? Everyone stay close to the woman who needs to get in close to fight?" **
** (710) Lellick grins sheepishly, "Well..." **
J'hzuu: (Whispering to Agatha) "If he cannot move... Perhaps all could attack from a distance? If he is bound there for some reason..."
(720) Git: :to Kha: "How sure are you of that?"
** (717) Agatha shakes her head and focuses her attention on the apparition. **
(717) Agatha: "It's worth a shot.
Kha: "The apparition has fled our area"
** (720) Git takes a breath and gives a nod. "Alright then." :with his favored dagger in hand, Git descends into the water.: **
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(721) DM: (init)
(710) Lellick: [1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14)
(720) Git: init: [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
(720) Git: (so much for the theory that he left)
(717) Agatha: init [1d20+3] -> [17,3] = (20)
(709) Kiral: Initiative: Kiral [1d20 + 1] -> [3,1] = (4) init
(745) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
J'hzuu: Init [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
(721) DM: (and I need Kha to roll init and then we'll go)
(717) Agatha: ((well where did it say it left? It's only been weakened, not banished.))
J'hzuu: (Kha, get some Nicorette!)
(745) Norfirion: (just smoke inside like me heh)
(745) Norfirion: (fuck it)
(721) DM: (ok, well, he'll go at the end of the round. 27, Norf)
(745) Norfirion: (pardon my french)
Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
Kha: (( back ))
(745) Norfirion: (what does the creature look like now?)
(745) Norfirion: (is it still multiple shadows or have they merged into one?)
(721) DM: (A wraith, but more solidified than usual)
** (745) Norfirion utters four quick syllables and extends his hand as 4 bolts of ghostly white energy streak from his hand, striking the creature square in the chest. (Magic Missile) **
(745) Norfirion: [4d4+4] -> [2,2,1,1,4] = (10)
** (745) Norfirion then scurries back out of melee and takes up a safer spot behind the others. **
(721) DM: The missiles don't appear to have affected the wraith negatively...in fact, they seem to have been absorbed into the creature...
(721) DM: (20, Ag)
(720) Git: "Ok... no more magicks."
(745) Norfirion: "It's time for the sweat and muscle" *he says with a glance to Agatha*
** (717) Agatha is already charging in. **
(717) Agatha: "If you aren't going to do anything we'll have to kick things off.!"
(717) Agatha: attack: [1d20+16] -> [9,16] = (25)
(748) Daelan (enter): 23:56
(749) dj test (enter): 23:57
(749) dj test (exit): 23:58
(721) DM: (miss)
(721) DM: (15, J'hz)
** J'hzuu slips the dagger back into the folds of his robe and pulls out his bow, quickly nocking and firing two arrows at the apparition in quick sucession. ((Rapid Shot: [1d20+5] -> [19,5] = (24) [1d20+5] -> [15,5] = (20). Damage [1d8] -> [1] = (1), [1d8] -> [7] = (7))) **
** (709) Kiral casts Calm Animals. Calms ([2d4] -> [2,2] = (4) + level) HD of animals. **
(709) Kiral: ((sorry))
** (717) Agatha watches in astonishment as Bar'eth-el slices through thin air. **
(721) DM: (both are hits)
(721) DM: (14, Lel)
** (710) Lellick raises his arms in supplication, holy symbol dangling from his fist. "Merciful Tevesh! We beg you for your favor! Protect us from those that would do us harm!" **
(710) Lellick: (Casting Prayer - allies get +1 to weapon attack, weapon damage, rolls, saves, skills.. enemies get -1 to all that)
(720) Git: ((where's the wraith positioned? floating at the edge of the pool?))
** (710) Lellick 's spell causes everyone in the room to glow briefly with a pure white light. **
(710) Lellick: (Sorry about that..done now)
(721) DM: (in the rear of the structure)
(745) Norfirion: (how big is this room btw?)
(721) DM: (11, Git)
(721) DM: (50', pool is about 30' square)
(720) Git: (so.. he's floating over the middle of the water somewhere?))
(720) Git: ((I in range to swim under with a tumble check to flanck?))
(721) DM: (yes, but towards the rear of the structure)
(721) DM: (k)
(721) DM: (we're quitting at 1:30 tonight folks, almost over this cold. also I'm thinking of cancelling tomorrow's game, but I'll assess how I feel tomorrow morning when I wake up)
** (720) Git , already in the water, dives head first in, and kicks off the wall, with a submerged twist he tries to clear under the wraith and come up from behind with a sudden stab. **
(720) Git: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [9,10] = (19)
(720) Git: Ceremonial Dagger(Flanking) Attack Roll: [1d20+12] -> [16,12] = (28) ===> Damage: [1d4+1+0] -> [2,1,0] = (3)
(721) DM: (for those of you who don't know, I'm sick and getting over a cold.)
(745) Norfirion: (we understand)
(720) Git: (no prob.. btw... more solidified wraith vulnerable to sneak attacks? ^_^)
(721) DM: (why yes as a matter of fact ^ ^)
(721) DM: (19 is a hit btw)
J'hzuu: ('kay. No problem, if you're sick, you're sick)
(720) Git: (19 was the tumble, 28's the hit.. and sneak dmg)
(720) Git: [3d6] -> [2,4,2] = (8)
(721) DM: (8, Kha)
** Kha twirles some beads he has wraped around his left arm **
Kha: "Oneiros, The Destined One, send Potmos to protect me."

The group now has Oneiros` blessing

(709) Kiral: Disconnecting from server...
(709) Kiral (exit): 00:18
(721) DM: (so Kiral has to go, so I'm taking his PC out)
(721) DM: (27, Norf)
** (745) Norfirion moves up behind Agatha and plucks a few silver hairs from his head. He tosses them into the air while speaking an enchantment and tapping Agatha on the shoulder. (Bull's Strength) **
(745) Norfirion: "With the strength of titans, crush him Agatha."
(721) DM: (just got my 2nd wind, so maybe not 1:30, we'll see)
(721) DM: (20, Ag)
(745) Norfirion: (just dont break the wind)
** (717) Agatha presses her attack with renewed strength. **
(748) Daelan (exit): 00:27
(717) Agatha: Power Attack: [1d20+7+4+1+1+1+2+4] -> [18,7,4,1,1,1,2,4] = (38)
(717) Agatha: ((-5))
(717) Agatha: ((so 33))
(745) Norfirion: nice
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(721) DM: The wraith is torn apart by the ferocity of Agatha's attack, and rapidly dissipates....but as it does so, it releases the pent up energy it had absorbed previously into the barbarian's body. (10 damage, no save (from the magic missiles), 12 damage, no save (from the cloak of brilliance)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [20,10] = (30)
** (717) Agatha is blasted backward from the backlash. **
(717) Agatha: "WaahhhhhOOF!"
** (717) Agatha groans. **
(745) Norfirion: "Well done my dear, are you alright?"
** (720) Git , fallen back into the water by the surprise of the blast emerges, spitting to speak, "Damn sadistic creep... Is it done?" **
** (717) Agatha slowly sits up."Ugghhh. Sneaky little bugger. The hell was that?" **
(720) Git: "Norf's spells I believe."
** (710) Lellick winces, and walks over to Agatha, putting his hand on her arm. "May Tevesh ease this woman's pain and make her whole again." As the spell takes effect, his hand and her wounds faintly glow white before healing over. **
(710) Lellick: (Cure Serious Wounds, rolling for HP gain now)
(710) Lellick: [3d8+6] -> [8,7,4,6] = (25)
(720) Git: :turning from the diffused commotion, Git goes about searching the waters for more drain caps.
** (717) Agatha barely has time to notice the burns and her twitching arms before the damage is undone by the cleric's healing hands. **
** (717) Agatha rises to her feet with minimal effort. "You work fast, Lellick. You have my thanks." **
** (710) Lellick smiles, "Well, we can't have you walking around with injuries like that." **
** (721) Suhail leans against a pillar, watching you with interest and smiles faintly, but says nothing. **
** (717) Agatha looks around. "Is everyone alright?" **
(721) Suhail: You're correct, outlander. I cannot help you until the end. And this was not the end. But, you are entitled to know some things and I feel it is time I should be slightly more forthcoming.
** (720) Git tries to get another draincap fished out of the pool **
** (710) Lellick looks to Suhail, "Will you perhaps be fourthcoming about how an abomination like that was absorbing holy energy?" **
(721) Suhail: It was not.
(721) Suhail: It was absorbing arcane magicka, derived from those who practice magicka borne of mortals and not from the gods.
(745) Norfirion: "It seems to truly put an end to Munafik, we'll have to destory a vessel he has bonded his lifeforce to."
** (710) Lellick blinks at that, "It was? I thought... ah, my mistake." **
(745) Norfirion: "Perhaps there's a new one, gift of Khalitarius."
(721) Suhail: However, each time you destroyed one of Afik'aton's minions, its death added to its brethren, so that each destroyed minion in fact made its fellows somewhat stronger.
(717) Agatha: "So what are you saying? The more of these things we strike down, the stronger the rest of them get?"
(745) Norfirion: "What do you know of martek's spellbooks? Are there any lost in the city here?"
(710) Lellick: "Oh.."
(721) Suhail: There is a battle here, between those who serve Set the Eternal Taker and Ra, the Ever-Living. This is a battle fought on both the celestial plane and the mortal realm. As a servant of Ra, I cannot aid you overtly, until it is time for the end. And this was not the end.
(745) Norfirion: "I serve no god, so your prattle is useless to me unless its related to magic."
(721) Suhail: Yes and no. You have slain Khalitarius' minions before, Agatha, and each time, you have made the ifrit weaker. In striking down Munafik, you made the ifrit weaker. By raising the mummy again, the ifrit invested some of his power into Munafik and remade him into a new image. Each defeat further reduces the ifrit and causes Afik'aton to expend that much more energy to remain on this plane.
(720) Git: "Yeah.. cause magick.. ugh..." :drawing a a gold cap up onto the pool's edge.: ".. served you real well there."
** (710) Lellick rubs at his face, "I don't know. It's quite useful to be aware that we're caught up in the middle of a war of sorts." **
(745) Norfirion: "I could have dealt with the problem a little more hands on, more like heads on, 7 of them to be specific."
(745) Norfirion: "No use wasting magic on a useless worm like that anyways."
(721) Suhail: In creating the wraiths, Afik'aton was forced to expend some of his magicka in their creation. So yes, you caused one to grow stronger, but at the same time, you have lessened the ifrit's servant and by extension, the ifrit himself.
** (720) Git raises up from the water, drying with his outer robe before getting dressed **
(721) Suhail: You serve a god, Norfirion. Did you not say a plea to Lady Hurishta? (smiles slightly)
** (745) Norfirion smirks. "Only in jest." **
** (745) Norfirion they have brought me nothing but despair. **
(745) Norfirion: "They have brought me nothing but despair."
(757) Dreamweaver (enter): 01:01
(757) Dreamweaver (exit): 01:02
(721) Suhail: When you met Basht, she foretold of your role in being the instrument of Ra, and so you have fulfilled that role. And are continuing to do so.
** (720) Git casts the elf a stoic look, then goes back to redressing. **
(745) Norfirion: "I find that gods never answer prayers. The world is one in which you make it for yourself, not from the support of some scheming, powerful being. A being which is not perfect."
(721) Suhail: There will be more conflict between Afik'aton and I, as well as between his minions and you. I cannot lend you aid until the end, when Martek is returned and the ifrit is driven forth from this world for all time.
(745) Norfirion: "So be it, but its completion is only done in search of power, and a quick one it is indeed."
(745) Norfirion: "So lets be on with it, history awaits us."
** (710) Lellick looks at Norf for a moment, then turns away and starts back towards the exit to this bathhouse. **
(721) Suhail: As for Martek's magicka, well, you hold four of his Star Gems, and a fifth lies hidden. His spellbooks, those lie in his Citadel which is hidden from mortal eyes and mortal ears....until those shall come with five Star Gems to summon it forth onto this plane. Will you be the ones?
** Kha stats uncomminly silent durring all this **
(745) Norfirion: "Chance would say so."
(721) Suhail: Chance, like Fate, is a fickle goddess. (smiles slightly) You have no Fate but the Fate you are given.
(745) Norfirion: "Or the one I make."
(721) Suhail: Or the one you make. (agrees)
(745) Norfirion: "Which is what I am doing." *smirks*
(721) Suhail: (says nothing and smiles slightly)
(745) Norfirion: "Hmpf..." *turns and walks away, standing alone, the black hood of his robe pulled up, but revealing a mane of silver hair.*
(720) Git: "While hearing the same quotes repeated for the hundredth time is interesting. How about we get a move on to our next stop?"
(745) Norfirion: "Agreed."
** J'hzuu nods. "Yes" **
** (720) Git calls over luggage to swallow the caps before they head out. "Where's the next big bathhouse priest?" **
** (745) Norfirion ponders. **
(721) Suhail: Beyond the Temple of Baldras, the Baths of Drusus. But to get to the Baths, you must enter the Temple, and speak with Fate.
(720) Git: "Oh goody, I've been meaning to have a chat with that one."
(717) Agatha: "I hope she's got some tea ready."
** (717) Agatha begins to walk back to the entrance. **
(721) Suhail: Maiden, mother and crone, the Three-Who-Are-One-Down-Under-Moon-And-Star.
** (710) Lellick steps outside of the bathhouse, waiting out there for the others. **
** J'hzuu follows the others. **
(720) Git: "oh... so we must take those three tests then?"
** (720) Git heads out of the bathhouse, intending to talk as they walk **
(721) Suhail: You will be tested, yes.
(721) Suhail: But not by Fate. Your Fate, as ever, is your own.
(717) Agatha: "Hmph. So what else is new?"
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(742) ticattack (exit): 01:20
(721) DM: Almost due east of the glass lake and touching the esplanade, stands a low, curving hill about 500 feet across. Beyond the mound, the tops of a number of stone objects can be seen. Three openings lead through the mound which forms a ring 20' high. A space of 30' separates this ring from a second mound, which forms an inner ring also 20' high. A single opening leads through the inner ring, and that is aligned so that a passageway leads from the esplanade through both rings.
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Kha: (( sorry I am to go, I am getting a migrain ))
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(726) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 01:22
(721) DM: Just within the inner ring, flanking the entry path, are two immense gray stones that tower over the inner yard. These stones, which are 10' tall on a side and stand 40' tall, are part of a circle of smaller stones, the tops of which can be seen behind the mound. Aligned with the entry passage, a stone shrine can be seen through the entry stones.
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(721) Suhail: The Temple of Baldras. If you have anything wooden on your person, these will be waiting for you once you leave the Temple. For as Baldras was slain by a wand of mistletoe, so too are all wooden objects forbidden from entrance.
** (710) Lellick blinks at that, then quietly counts on his fingers, "..Ah. We will have to leave the staff of healing behind." **
** J'hzuu glances down at his bow and his quiver of arrows. "What should all do with them? There is no place to leave them... Besides, J'hzuu would want to keep his bow" **
(745) Norfirion: "My staff as well."
** (717) Agatha turns to a spot on the floor in response. "Luggage?" **
** (721) Suhail says nothing. **
whispering to Agatha, It seems to be barred from entering the Temple.
(721) Suhail: (what's going on folks?)
(721) DM: (woops)
J'hzuu: ((Erm... We're trying to work out what to do with our wooden gear?))
** (720) Git makes sure there are no offending woodens items on him before he approaches the entrance to the shrine. "Now id there any pomp or practice involved before I walk in?" **
** (745) Norfirion lays down his staff and approaches the temple entrance. **
(721) Suhail: Enter, then.
** (710) Lellick digs through his pack, lying his wooden things on the ground there close to the entrance.. the healing staff, his nunchaku, a wand, a smokestick, sunrods.. **
** (745) Norfirion walks inside, arms crossed in the folds of his robe. **
** J'hzuu looks about, then takes the coil of rope he carries, lays it on the ground, and takes a piece of parchment out of his spell pouch. He twists it into a loop, drops it on the rope, and sprinkles them both with a fine powder, chanting and gesticulating all the while (Rope Trick). **
** (720) Git shrugs and steps through, offering affably to any inhabitants, "please excuse out trespass." **
** J'hzuu watches the rope rise into the air, then vanish. He climbs up, and returns a moment later - minus his bow, arrows, and the wands he normally has at his belt. **
** J'hzuu throws a glance at the others, then tosses the rope up into the hole, where it vanishes. He turns and moves after the others, muttering under his breath. **
** (717) Agatha watches as the others resolve their storage problem before walking in with the draincap-filled Luggage. **
** (710) Lellick shrugs his pack back on once he's done, then hurries after the others. **
(721) DM: Inside the shrine, there is a pool of black glass in the center. As you enter, three women in gray robes appear out of nowhere: a maiden with blond tresses, a matron with graying blond hair and an elderly woman, with white shoulder-length hair tied in a single braid.
** J'hzuu stops, looking warily at the women. "Hello". **
** (720) Git bows respectfully to the three woman, "Pardon us, Ladies, I hope we do not intrude." **
** (745) Norfirion follows Git's lead, and offers a slight bow as well. **
(745) Norfirion: "Fate..."
** (710) Lellick looks somewhat nervously at the three women, inclining his head towards them in a small bow, but also not getting too close. **
(717) Agatha: "So you three are what everyone can't stop talking about? Funny, you don't look like much."
(721) DM: Each of them speaks with a distinct voice, yet simultaneously.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Welcome, friends, to the Temple of Baldras. Speak, to us who is known as Aragit, where do you come from?
(721) Verdande, the Caster: What do you seek in this city?
** (745) Norfirion looks to Git and nods. **
(721) Skuld, the Crone: What do you wish from us? Speak, Aragit and say your answers.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: We are everyone you have ever known, Agatha...
(721) Verdande, the Caster: ...everyone you do know...
(721) Skuld, the Crone: ...and everyone you shall know.
(720) Git: "We come from a land far to the South, spirited here to face great evil which looms over the world. Unfortunately, we also freed great evil upon your land. So much for good intentions.." :offers a bitt too jovially.:
(720) Git: "If you are Fate, than you know all of this, and what we seek here, correct?"
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Your fate is your own to make, Aragit.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: We know many things....
(721) Skuld, the Crone: ...but not everything.
(720) Git: "Fair enough... we come seeking the fifth Star Gem and the return of Martek, so we may stop the mighty Ifrit Khalitarius."
(721) Skuld, the Crone: And what do you wish from us, Aragit? One question, we may answer for you, and it shall be truthful, and it shall contain no lie.
(717) Agatha: "There also a young girl who was enslaved and brought here. We seek to free her."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Yes, you seek this, Agatha.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: And you shall have this answer.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: When you answer our questions.
(720) Git: "Oh? I didn't know there would be a quiz."
** (717) Agatha is just a bit unnerved by this triplet routine. **
(721) DM: (that is, when Skuld says one question, that means one per PC in the group, not one per PC who is present)
(721) Verdande, the Caster: You are being tested, Aragit.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: You have no fate but the fate you are given.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: Or that which you make.
(720) Git: :nods: "Fair enough."
(720) Git: :turns to his group: "Who wants to go first?"
** J'hzuu glances around, then shrugs. "Not J'hzuu" **
(745) Norfirion: "You are, she's already addressed you."
(745) Norfirion: "Forgive his rudeness ladies." *smiles at Git*
(720) Git: :shrugs: "May be, but I can't think of what I wish to ask."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Each of you may ask.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Each of you will receive an answer.
** (720) Git looks skyward in thought, scratching the slight stubble at his chin. **
(721) Skuld, the Crone: A truthful answer, for which there will be no lie.
** (745) Norfirion ponders for a moment. **
** (710) Lellick looks at the floor as he thinks. **
(721) DM: ((OOC: I would suggest you confer amongst yourselves. Take all the time you need.))
(745) Norfirion: "If you know all, then you know what I seek. Where or how can I find it?"
(745) Norfirion: "The power over life and death."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Part of the Test, Norfirion, is that we must hear what you wish from us.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: We do not act on assumption.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: Your fate is your own, as ever.
(745) Norfirion: "My wife, my children, this is all that remains." *withdraws a small glass flask from his pouch. It appears to be filled with ashes*
(745) Norfirion: "I wish for the return of their lives, in exchange of my own if necessary."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Very well. You wish their return to the waking world, is that correct?
** (717) Agatha looks on the wizard with surprise. **
(745) Norfirion: "As they were before they were taken away from me. Alive!"
** (717) Agatha murmurs to herself. "He still has their ashes?" **
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Very well. But know this, Norfirion, that revenge is a road that is long and hard and leads only to endless bitterness. Your family will be returned to you when you enter the Citadel of Martek.
** (720) Git watches the scene with growing intensity. Biting his lip, he anxiously awaits the trio's response to such a request. **
(745) Norfirion: "We shall see."
(721) Verdande, the Caster: They will be returned to you alive, without harm to their heads, but you will be faced with a choice that will go to the core of your being.
(745) Norfirion: "I am prepared."
(721) Skuld, the Crone: And in that choice, you must decide for yourself if you would live your life or theirs.
** (745) Norfirion looks on unamused. "Whatever is necessary." **
(721) Urda, the Spinner: In Martek's Citadel, you will find a hallway that contains a passage to a room upon which is a table that contains a model of the Citadel in miniature.
** (710) Lellick looks slightly stunned, glancing back and fourth between Norf and the three Fate(s). **
** (717) Agatha watches the conversation in disbelief. It takes her a few moments to notice she's gaping like a fish. **
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Martek's Citadel contains six minarets. The model will have two minarets in place, and four that are missing. The four minarets are found in the Black Abyss, the Endless Tower, the Garden of Dreams and Amruen Portila, the birthplace of the People, the elves.
** (745) Norfirion listens on with interest. **
(721) Skuld, the Crone: If you wish to see your family once again, retrieve the minaret from Amruen Portila. Retrireve the minaret, place it in the model, and your family will be returned to you alive and without harm. But you will then be faced with a choice that goes to the core of your being.
(745) Norfirion: "Yes...yes...I'm quite aware of that. I assure you it will be done, at whatever the costs" *he sneers*
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Know this, that to enter Martek's Inner Sanctum and retrieve his Sphere of Power, you must retrieve all four minarets and replace them in the model.
** (745) Norfirion seems rather unconvinced, but curious all the same. **
(721) DM: The goddess adds this as an afterthought, after a moment's pause.
(745) Norfirion: "We have plenty of work ahead of us then."
(745) Norfirion: "Does anyone else have a word?"
** (720) Git stares at the floor, deep in thought following Norf's hopeful answer. **
** (717) Agatha is still in shock, struggling to find words. **
** (745) Norfirion leans against a wall and closes his eyes while the others contemplate. **
(761) Schofield (enter): 02:20
** (717) Agatha takes a deep breath, gathering herself to ask the question no one can seem to answer. **
** (720) Git mutters to himself under his breath, weighing out options, internally bickering back and forth and appearing more and more stressed for it. **
(717) Agatha: "...Do you know know where he is?"
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(761) Schofield (exit): 02:23
(717) Agatha: "My son, Linze. Do you know where he is?"
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Yes.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: He is currently enslaved by the Kernin.
** (717) Agatha looks up, eyes wide. **
(717) Agatha: "He's alive?"
(721) Skuld, the Crone: But he is alive, and thinks of you often.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: You will have a chance to free him from his enslavement.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: This chance will come once you leave this land of Zayal.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: It will come very soon, sooner than you think.
(721) Urda, the Spinner: This path will be central to that which was asked of you by His Majesty of Wylund.
(721) Verdande, the Caster: Kern acts against Wylund in many ways, and repeats that which has come before.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: There will be war, and death and blood. But that is in the future.
(745) Norfirion: "How fortunate."
(721) Urda, the Spinner: Where is he specifically? In the city of Whytecoin, capital of Kern.
** (717) Agatha tries to speak a few times, but can't find the words. There are so many questions trying to force their way out of her mouth that none can fit through. The only thing she can manage is "...alive..." **
(721) Verdande, the Caster: In the Aerie of the Slavelords of Kern.
(721) Skuld, the Crone: You will have a hand in his freedom, but your fate as ever, is your own.
** (710) Lellick murmurs to himself, "Wylund and Kern...?" **
(762) Wa'run: And what of my sister?
(762) Urda, the Spinner: Yes, your sister, Zayeera. She is in the Garden of Eternal Delight, inside the Citadel of Martek.
** (717) Agatha slumps down to the floor, lost in her thoughts. **
(762) Verdande, the Caster: She is a captive and a slave of an Imperial wizard, who seeks knowledge and power that he might return to Mel'Cendia.
** J'hzuu kneels down beside Agatha, putting a hand on her shoulder, making sure she's alright, but not saying anything. **
(762) Skuld, the Crone: She despairs often and does not understand that which has befallen her.
(762) Wa'run: I will kill this sha'ir! I swear it!
(745) Norfirion: "Interesting..."
** (720) Git seems greatly ignorant of the conversations, as he's taken to pacing with his thoughts. **
** (710) Lellick speaks up now, voice somewhat quiet, "I have a question. We have been plagued by Munafik, who serves Khalitarius. I am afraid that have no choice but to be rid of him permanently, before we can complete our task. How might we kill Munafik?" **
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(759) ticattack (exit): 02:46

(762) Urda, the Spinner: You cannot permanently kill that which does not reside on this plane. Great magicka is required to do this, and though Martek is the greatest mage that has or had ever lived, even he was not able to.

(762) Verdande, the Caster: To unmake something goes against the law of this world. If you unmake a being such as Khalitarius or one such as Munafik, you must do so where he makes his abode, and in doing so, face the consequences of violating that law.

(762) Skuld, the Crone: However, you can banish the ifrit permanently from the mortal plane. Great magicka is required to do this, and there is no mage alive now except for one. And that mage is Martek, who is and was Ra's greatest servant.

** (710) Lellick tilts his head slightly as he listens, then nods. "..I see. Thank you." **

(762) Urda, the Spinner:  There is a very subtle difference between killing and unmaking.

(762) Verdande, the Caster:  To kill something is to allow that thing to live fully to the end of its days, whenever that moment would come.  It's thread has been spun, woven and cut into the tapestry of Fate.

(762) Skuld, the Crone:  To unmake something is to cause something to never have been, as if that thing had never existed.  You cannot unmake something without unmaking yourself.

(762) Urda, the Spinner: You have asked how you would kill Munafik.

(762) Verdande, the Caster: Munafik is a servant of Set, the Eternal Taker, as is Khalitarius, the ifrit lord. Suhail, along with the djann vizier Aeraldoth, are both servants of Ra, the Ever-Living.  As ifrit battles djann, so too is your fate mirrored against Munafik, so too is the conflict between Ra and Set.  You will have one, perhaps two more conflicts, and then, battle shall be joined.

(762) Skuld, the Crone: For each group of minions you defeat, the battle will go easier for you. Keep Suhail alive, and you will live to see the defeat of the undying spirit of Set.
(710) Lellick: "Keep him alive? Well.. that is a worthy goal."
(762) Urda, the Spinner: Because each is a divine servant and thus are not of the mortal realm, they must conserve their magicka lest their powers be used for naught.
(762) Verdande, the Caster: We cannot see where and when your conflicts will occur. But they will, either here or within the Citadel of Martek.
(762) Skuld, the Crone: And this is where your greatest challenge will occur, for Munafik, should he gain entrance to the Citadel, will seek to possess the sha'ir who holds Wa'run's sister captive.
** (710) Lellick 's eyes widen at hearing that. "Oh.. that.. won't be very pleasant, I think." **
(762) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)


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