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(535) ticattack (enter): 22:08
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (535) ticattack...
(522) TaliesinNYC: (begin interlude)
(522) DM: (4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "I will let ye speak my lady"
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: Ays, if you wish it, Atross. The Cleave and the Axe is one such place you might meet us at. In the Copper District.
(4490) Morti: :whispers back to Atross: "Don't worry, I don't technically think I am either"
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "morti, look official"
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: Its notable for some...of the lower elements of Highkeep's townsfolk.
(4490) Morti: "Eh?" cocks his weird little scarfed head:
(4482) Atross: "Good luck."
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "remember, you do not speak"
** (4482) Atross wanders off towards the Copper District and eventually The Cleave and the Axe. **
** (4490) Morti nods rather than answer and waves Atross goodbye with his good hand, while he stows the wounded one in his coat pocket **
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: Mais vous devez me laisser en haut. ..I est
Pierre d'Amberville et je suis un émissaire de Sa Majesté !
(4524) DM: You can see a gaudily dressed fop with a golden yellow hat topped with an ostrich feather arguing in heated tones with a harried looking guard at the guard post. The fop has a strange accent.
(4490) Morti: :Is about to ask what he just said be remembers he can't talk:
(4524) DM: He's dressed in an ermine lined topaz and amber colored cloak, embroidered leather breeches and tunic and golden stitched leather boots.
(4524) DM: A cutlass is by his side and he gestures in the air as he speaks.
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: Si vous ne me laissez pas en haut cet instant, je devrai vous défier à un duel d'honneur !
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade bows **
** (4524) Pierre d'Amberville glances with irritation and his demeanor changes instantly upon recognizing Rhian, as he bows graciously. **
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "Guard, why is this man so angry?
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: Ah, me pardonner, la madame, mais je n'ai pas vu que vous ou entend vous approche.
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade looks at him puzzled **
(4524) Guard: I don't know, sirrah, he approached me and claimed he was on a mission from His Majesty. I saw nothing to verify his claim so I barred him from ascending these stairs. None may pass to see the Tempest unless invited by her command.
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: Vayna quall liglth r'hal?
** (4524) Rhian Aes Sedai smiles gently and says to
Pierre, "its quite all right, my friend. It'll be sorted out soon enough." **
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: A little. (to Rainur)
** (4490) Morti taps Rhian on the shoulder and points to
Pierre then to our group, and gives a curious shrug, wordlessly asking if he's with us **
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: Ah, forgive me. Friends, this is Pierre d'Amberville, of the family D'Amberville.
Pierre, these are my friends, Rainur Swiftblade and his squire, Mortimar Boyle.
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade bows "Ever is thy sight a joy" (elven greeting) **
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (to the guard) I am Rhian, Aes Sedai, of the White Tower of Nith'Tar Valon, and by the authority vested in me as emissary to the Kingdom of Wylund, by the Amarilyn Seat, I command you to let us pass or face the wrath of the Tower at my command!
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: Is it not a law of your ruler to obey your superiors or face their wrath? Is it? Then let us pass!
** (4524)The guard bows deeply, shaking from head to toe. **
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade has badge displayed **
(4524) Guard: I'm sorry, my apologies, my lady. Good sir. Well met, and you may ascend to the Castle.
** (4524) Guard stands aside to let you pass. **
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: Si, qu'avez-vous eu à l'esprit pour moi, la madame ? Vous avez mentionné quelque chose de la corruption et de la magie.
** (4490) Morti narrows his brows at the foppish fellow, wondering if those are real words **
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: I need you to be present, Pierre, when we make our request to the Tempest, so that if something DOES happen to us, then retribution will occur swiftly. I need you to remain in the background and not say anything that might let people know about you. Am I clear? You're...visible enough.
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: Ah, je vois. Et vous devez me dire aussi que si votre ami sent comme le cheval à tout moment parce que je suis sur le point d'évanouir d'étant accablé par le sien. ..his...his odeur !
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (smiles gently at that last comment)
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: You get used to it eventually.
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "cheval...cheval...doesn't that mean horse?"
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "Morti, I think I was just insulted."
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: J'avais entendu que les barbares dorment parfois avec leurs épées et accouplent avec leurs chevaux mais moi n'a jamais été la face pour faire face à avec un vrai barbare avant. ..until maintenant.
** (4524) Pierre d'Amberville gazes in wonder **
** (4490) Morti just shrugs to Rainur, having no clue **
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: He's complimenting you on your swordsmanship and your horsemanship skills. And to say that he's never been in such princely company until now. (as she climbs the stairs)
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "Rhian, how do you say Barbarian prince" ::smiles::
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: prince barbare
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "Me prince Bar-bare"
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: Je le crois !
** (4524) Pierre d'Amberville grins widely, bowing **
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: Rhian how do you say friend?
(4524) DM: Eventually you reach the Castle.
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: Ami is the singular, amis is the plural, I believe.
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: Cheval Amis
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: (eyes light up at the mention of those words)
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade pulls up sleave to reveal his horse tattoo **
(4524) Pierre d'Amberville: Un chevalier, en d'autres termes
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ok nice to meet you, we need to get down to business"
(4524) DM: As you enter the halls of Castle Vhammos, the sight of Highkeep seems small and fragile indeed from these heights. Guards in silver and golden armor emblazoned with an iron gauntlet (the symbol of the Tempest), stand silently in vigil. The halls of the Castle are as silent as stone.
(4524) DM: You stride into the throne room. From all appearances, Court is in session.
** (4490) Morti eyes the guards wonderingly, as he follows along to the throne room **
(4524) DM: The Tempest sits on her throne in utter boredom, as an ermine-robed seneschal reads from a scroll that reaches down to his knees. One hand languidly drapes over the arm of the silver throne, plucking at a bunch of grapes as she listens.
(4524) DM: Courtiers mingle about in hushed whispered conversations. Supplicants bow and scrape while waiting to be heard. Borjad can be seen to one side, fidgeting.
(4524) The Tempest: Good. I've heard enough. Lexin, how many executions do we have slated for tomorrow?
** (4524) Lexin glances up from his scroll **
(4524) The Tempest: I'm waiting, Lexin....
** (4490) Morti strolls in in his stained and travel worn clothes and stinking of several days of adventuring **
** (4524) The Tempest munches on a fig. **
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade takes off his cloak and hands it to his squire...morti **
(4524) Lexin: hm, we have two druids of Elantra and a soulwarden of Tevesh. And that barbarian priest, Regnak, I think, of the War-Father.
** (4490) Morti takes the cloak and looks curiously to Rainur **
(4524) The Tempest: Oh good. Write down in your report Lexin, that Regnak was a secret priest of Gorgauth, and mention it at Court in Tolmara the next time you go. Have to keep up appearances, you know.
(4524) The Tempest: What is that odor? (sniffs)
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade looks at Rhian in anger **
(4524) The Tempest: I think I shall attend that execution myself. I rather fancy barbarian tongues. (fingers a necklace)
** (4524) The Tempest sniffs the air as she pops a fig into her mouth. **
(4524) Lexin: Yes, Magnificence.
(4524) The Tempest: All right, Borjad, you can stop snivelling now. Report.
** (4490) Morti grimaces, sticks out his tongue, portrayed exageratedly in his scarf and lets out a loud rasp **
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (whispers) Patience, Rainur. We'll speak soon.
(4524) Borjad: Your orders were not carried out, Magnificence. Bulghvus still lives and is now out of your reach.
** (4524) The Tempest stops chewing a fig and stands up furious. "WHAT?!?!?!?" **
** (4524) The Tempest gestures one hand and flicks her wrist as Bulghvus suddenly levitates into the air. **
(4524) Borjad: (claws at his throat)
(4524) The Tempest: You let him go??!? Why and how?
** (4490) Morti goes wide-eyed and nudges Rainur **
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "one minute morti"
(4524) Borjad: 'Twas not me, Magnificence (choking) A barbarian who claimed he was a knight. And his squire. I think his squire was present at the execution a week ago. The one with the vision of the "god".
(4524) Borjad: I remember seeing that (choke) imp but could not find him in the confusion that followed.
(4524) Borjad: (choke gasp choke)
** (4524) The Tempest tosses her hand casually, dropping Borjad like a stone. **
(4524) The Tempest: This is disturbing. Dispatch a squadron of assassins immediately. I want that thief's head on a platter. NOW!!!!!!!
** (4490) Morti gives Rainur a harder nudge **
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "relax"
** (4524) Borjad crumples, his head on the cold floor of the throne room. "Yes, Magnificence. (choking) Your will is our will." **
** (4524) Borjad repeats numbly "Your will is our will. Should you desire it, we shall give even a tenth of our due for the law of the Tempest is the law of the Land and the rule of Law Eternal by the might of Solnor the Just." **
** (4524) Borjad sits back on her throne, surveying the room casually and goes back to popping figs in her mouth. **
** (4490) Morti growls at the mention of Solnor in association with the tempest **
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (whispers) After my signal, Rainur.
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: My pardons, my lady.
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade steps with Rhian **
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (straightens up and approaches the silver throne, head bowed just low enough to be deferential)
(4524) The Tempest: (glances up)
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade trails Rhian **
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: Permit me to present myself, Magnificence. I am Rhian Aes Sedai, of the White Ajah, a Sister of the
Fifth Circle, in association with the White Tower at Nith'Tar Valon, and I come to you, as an emissary to this good Kingdom, with a small request at the bidding of this Knight of His Majesty, King Falconedge.
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: May I present to you, Magnificence, the Knight and Dakan, Rainur Swiftblade, of the clan Swiftblade, of the Ulu'taari, and his squire, Mortimar Boyle. (bows and scrapes)
(4524) DM: (you've never seen Rhian speaking in formal and stilted language)
(4524) The Tempest: (smiles with amusement)
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade give a nod in deference **
(4524) The Tempest: And to what do I owe this visit, Sister of the Tower?
** (4490) Morti follows behind Rainur and offers a full bow at the waist. **
(4524) The Tempest: (curls her lip in slight derision and wrinkles her nose, sniffing)
(4490) Morti (whispering): :passes a quick grin to Borjad
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: Only that I was passing through and that I encountered ths Knight who begged me to come before you, since I might gain entrance to your merciful hall and since you are a great lover of justice and compassion, the Light of Solnor be praised. (speaks smoothly and blandly)
whispering to Morti, Borjad narrows his gaze at you
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: Speak, Rainur.
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): stan ok
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: Your magnificence, we need your help to resolve an grave matter
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "While on patrol with my company we encountered a lair of what are called Yuan-ti. One such as noble as yourself has probably never encountered such evil beasts
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: We followed and dispatched a medusa and its followers and found over 350 people enslaved
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: they were to be eaten. We politely ask in the name of the crown for your assistance to bring these poor souls bak to highkeep
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: They have suffererd unmeasurable horrors and are now naked and hungry.
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: We ask that you assemble your cities mages, healers and warriors and bring them back to this fair city unharrmed. It is the will of his magesty that you grant a knight's request.
** (4524) The Tempest listens, her languid gaze settling on Rainur with thinly veiled hostility **
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade bows **
(4524) The Tempest: The will of His Majesty...
(4524) The Tempest: I will grant your request on one condition, Sir Knight.
** (4524) The Tempest sits straight up in her chair and speaks in a clear, icy voice. **
(4524) The Tempest: Let it be recorded in the scroll of truth that the one known as Rainur Swiftblade came to this hall, seeking justice and compassion and found it by the hand of His Majesty through his willing servant. I grant the request of Rainur, the one known as Swiftblade on one condition:
(4524) The Tempest: that he dispel the curse that lies upon this city by the one known as d'Amberville. As it is the will of our sovereign liege, so let it be done. As it is my will that this be done, so let it be done. For does not the saying go, you have no Fate but the Fate you are given?
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (mutters) so now it becomes clear.
** (4490) Morti raises a questioning brow and looks back to Rhian **
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade looks at rhian **
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (shakes her head slowly at Morti and stares at the Tempest)
(4524) The Tempest: (leans back in her chair and continues munching a fig)
(4524) The Tempest: We will begin with your request forthwith, Rainur, of Swiftblade. Speak to Borjad. You may leave our presence now.
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: my thanks your magnificence and the thanks of the corwn"
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: crown
** (4503) Rainur Swiftblade backs up and turns once he is out of the presense of the Tempest **
(4524) The Tempest: Borjad: attend to the needs of the Dakan and his squire. As for you my lady, I am honorbound to offer you a place in the Castle, should you desire it.
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (warily) and I am honorbound to accept, Magnificence.
** (4490) Morti looks to Rhian and shakes his head **
(4524) The Tempest: Good! (claps her hands.) Guards, please escort the Lady Rhian to her quarters.
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (nods slowly to Morti as she walks away)
(4503) Rainur Swiftblade: "Rhian we must talk first"
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: I'm sure you can come with me, can't they? (glancing at the Tempest and not waiting for an answer)
(4524) The Tempest: Why, of course. (blandly as Borjad follows along, trailing silently)
(4524) Rhian Aes Sedai: (whisper) now is not the time, Rainur.
(7217) Morti: Hah! I know your name now, and this gives me power over you!
(7226) Rhian Aes Sedai: Borjad, is there a room where we could meet for a moment or two ALONE? (saying this loud enough for her to be heard before leaving the court)
** (7226) Rhian Aes Sedai glances at the Tempest for a moment **
** (7226) The Tempest waves her hand magnanimously **
** (7217) Morti , still not talking as instructed has lazied about the fringed of the party, not very sure of interacting with anyone here. Hearing Rhian's request, his gaze quickly shoots to her with a questioning expression on his mystified mask. **
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "Your Grace"
(7226) Borjad: By all means, Lady Rhian, we shall procure one for you in a minute. Wait here. (scurries off into a side corridor.)
** (7226) The Tempest turns to face her audience, contemptuously. "Is there aught else we have for today? Speak now, or be silent." **
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "Yes I, your magnificence"
** (7226) The Tempest pops a fig into her mouth, chewing and masticating thoroughly. **
** (7217) Morti turns a sour glare to the cow on the throne before glancing curiously to Rainur. **
(7226) The Tempest: What is it? (wrinkles her nose)
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: Rainur eloquently speaks to Tempest: This man Regnak is a member of my clan. He is Swiftblade and is not an evil man. He is a fervent believer of the War Father and is a brave warrior. He is not a priest this I am sure of. Perhaps his strong believes may have been misconstrued as priestly, but I assure you that he is not a priest. For our people also have strict laws about the priesthood. Not just anyone can become a priest of the War Father. It is a great honor among our people to take on the role of a Warrior Priest. It is double the training and is a long difficult road. You must be born a priest, the fourth son in a house. He is the second in his house; therefore his cast is to be a warrior and not a priest. As a member of the ruling house of our clan, I speak the truth to you that has been witnessed by all the people you see around you, your magnificence.

I appeal to your sense of justice and mercy in the name of the king and his lord Solnor, the bringer of the light, who stands behind all that is good, to release this man who stands accused today. It would be most unfortunate to execute a man innocent of the crime that he is accused of, as I know that you agree, your Radiance. Release him into my custody, and I will compel him to return to the plains where he can be in his own element and do the most good by slaying creatures of evil along our shared borders. He will leave here, never to return to your fair city.

It is your decision, your eminence, whatever you decide shall be recorded as your judgment and the news will humbly be forwarded to both my khan as well as to your liege whom I serve at this time.

(7226) The Tempest: A fine speech, sirrah. And your name is?
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: Da Khan Rainur Swiftblade, of the Ulutaari
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "Knight in service to King Falconedge"
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: ::displays knighly sigil::
(7226) The Tempest: I see, Da'khan Swiftblade. Your concerns have been noted. However, we have evidence by many townsfolk that state that your kinsman was heard preaching to one and all about the glory of your god.
(7226) The Tempest: What say you to that? Knowing that there is a law against the standing of clergy here in the city, not by my hand, but by the hand of the Chancellor before me.
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "We are a proud people my lady, that is typical of all our warriors. We are fervent in our beliefs"
(7226) The Tempest: A law approved by the Majesty we both serve.
(7226) The Tempest: And are you fervent in your willingness to follow the law of the land?
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "They ane however not priests"
(7226) The Tempest: Are you fervent in your willingness to follow the law of the land?
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "Your radience, one thing is to be a preacher and another is to love your god"
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ays"
** (7211) Thom silently enters the chamber - being sent in by the guards. The human male stands against the back wall, awaiting his moment. **
(7226) The Tempest: Answer my question, Da'khan.
(7226) The Tempest: So, if you are a follower of His Majesty's laws, then you must have no compunction against my judgment, which is the judgment of His Majesty, correct?
(7226) The Tempest: For I am but a humble servant of His Majesty, King Falconedge, as are you, Sir Knight and Da'khan.
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "Tis quite correct my lady, however as he is a visitor to this land, he is unfamiliar with your customs"
** (7217) Morti grips his staff angrily as she twists her words around Rainur's request **
(7226) The Tempest: The law makes no distinguishment between visitor and citizen. He violated the law, ergal, he shall pay the price for his disobedience.
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "As I have seen with my own eyes, his magesty would surely make an exeption in this case."
** (7226) The Tempest smiles **
(7226) The Tempest: Are you calling me a liar?
(7226) DM: The courtiers in the room murmur.
** (7217) Morti quietly reaches into his hip pouch in discrete preparation **
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "Ney tis not what I have said. As a member of the King's loyal ally, I request that he be remanded to my custody. He did not know the law therefore he did not know it was violated"
** (7226) The Tempest laughs, with much amusement. **
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: ::Rainur is still noticebly unshaken::
(7226) The Tempest: I will (laughing) forgive your insult and impudence, Sir Knight (laughing) this once, and I warn you (laughing but not as much as before) to tread lightly or you might be held in contempt of this court.
(7226) The Tempest: (sniff)
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "Many thanks, your grace"
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: ::bows::
(7226) The Tempest: Your request is denied, Sir Knight, but fear not, I can be merciful. He shall be executed three days hence instead of on the morrow.
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: "Many thanks for your merciful decision. "
** (7226) The Tempest laughs once more and settles back into her throne, with the self-satisfied smirk of a cat that had just snared a mouse in its paws. **
** (7226) Borjad returns to the chamber, looking flustered. "My lady Rhian, we have a room for you but the lock...it seems to be broken." **
(7226) Borjad: I do believe we have a locksmith at our services, however. (glances around)
(7214) Rainur Swiftblade: ::rainur steps back and rejoins his party::
** (7211) Thom steps forward and bows. **
(7211) Thom: "I am here, as per your request."
(7226) Borjad: Ah! There you are. Come this way please. (to Rhian) Wait here. My apologies.

** The Tempest leans back in her throne, languidly, as she watches the party leave her throne room with Borjad, then plucks a fig from a shining bowl on a pedestal next to her and begins inspecting it casually. Well, it's not a bowl, but rather a human skull that's had its top sliced off and its exterior polished rather smoothly. **
(522) The Tempest: You know, Lexin, we really should step up the pace of executions. The people are becoming restless, Lexin. I can feel it. They have little faith in their ruler. That is hardly acceptable, don't you think?
(522) Lexin: Quite, Magnificence.
(522) The Tempest: In fact...I'm certain that there is one remaining faithhold in the city. And we really can't have priests running around. Priests are dangerous, Lexin. They represent thought apart from the law. And to introduce thoughts that DEVIATE from the law is inherently unjust, or do you not agree? (glances at Lexin)
** Lexin forces himself to look at the Tempest, and cause his face to become a blank mask. "Yes, Magnificence. All the better to bathe in the light of your radiance." **
** The Tempest smiles sweetly as she gazes on the courtier for a few moments. "You see. You understand, Lexin. And I cannot, shall not tolerate any who do not follow the laws laid down by my hand. For to rebel against my rule is to rebel against the King of this land. (purrs in satisfaction) **
(522) The Tempest: Therefore, be it known that this day, we find Regnak of the Ulu'taari guilty as a thief caught with his hand inside a tillbox. He is to be hung from the neck until dead and then drawn and quartered.
** Lexin swallows audibly and bows low. "As you command, Magnificence." **
** The Tempest takes a healthy bite of the fig and settles back into her chair. "Now, is there aught else?" **
(522) Lexin: Yes, Magnificence. You have a visitor.
(522) The Tempest: Hmph. Well, bring him in then. Or her. I haven't got all day. I have an execution to attend. (fingers her necklace, grinning)
(522) DM: There is a commotion in the rear of the hall. The doors to the throne room are thrown open, and a guard fully clad in plate mail is hurled into the room. He strikes a stone column with a sickening crunch and falls to the ground, unmoving.
(522) The Tempest: Who dares?!? (rises from her throne suddenly, blue lightning crackling from the tips of her fingers)
(522) DM: A second guard is hurled into the throne room this time, with a sword jutting through his breastbone. He lands in a heap, his entrails splattering on the marble floor.
(522) DM: Seconds later, an armored figure strides into the chamber, as a deathly silence settles. Courtiers stand openmouthed, ready to bolt.
(522) Melisana Rothovien: My mistress is unaccustomed to having her wishes ignored, you who call yourself "The Tempest". I am here to ensure your obedience.
** Melisana Rothovien unsheathes her sword, its blade glowing with an intense blue light, its ebon hilt absorbing the radiance. "Strike me at your peril, daemon." **
** The Tempest grins broadly. "With pleasure. It has been quite a long time since our last meeting, and you will find that I am more fully in command of my Art than when we first met." (summons a ball of lightning into being as she prepares to hurl it at the Cyradian) **
(522) DM: (end interlude)
(535) ticattack: ((Begin collective "Ooh...."))
(522) DM: (lol. anyone need a recap from last session?)
(519) Kiral: ((please, refresh the ending!))
(519) Kiral: (( btw, I throroughly enjoyed my first interlude))
(522) DM: (well, you fought a bunch of undead pirates, and when you thought it was over, Kha decided to seize his destiny. *cough*)
(532) Git: ((Is that what we're calling it nowadays?))\
(528) Agatha: ((Was she the one who attempted to assassinate the King in Tolmara?))
(522) DM: ((yes))
(526) Norfirion: thought so
(528) Agatha: ((yes to me?))
(522) DM: ((yes to you))
(522) DM: ((fyi, it's about an hour after the battle at end of last session. Kha is nowhere to be found. You can see miles and miles of glass sea in all directions.))
(532) Git: ((was that before we left for D'Amberville?))
(519) Kiral: ((where are we....on the map now))
(522) DM: ((at the x))
(519) Kiral: ((after an hour, we hadn't moved??))
(522) DM: ((yes Git, that was right before you left for the Chateau, but the action in the throne room occurs when you're not there obviously))
(532) Git: ((we stood around that long just staring after Kha in shock, with our jaws dropped.))
(528) Agatha: ((lol))
(522) DM: ((you probably did search for Kha, but haven't found him in an hour.))
(532) Git: ((I figured we just be following after the other ship for him))
** (528) Agatha gazes blankly at passing dunes of glass. She's still fuming about Kha's attempt at swashbuckling. **
(535) ticattack: ((It were going too fast))
(532) Git: ((yeah... but we saw what direction they went))
(535) ticattack: ((Aye, but we couldn't pursue them was my point. Once they're out of sight, it's difficult))
** (516) Lellick has seated himself down on the 'deck' of their skyship again, having been mostly quiet for the last hour. **
(532) Git: ((yeah, but at least we would have moved))
** (526) Norfirion paces the bow of the ship, his robes and silver hair fluttering from the wind. Eventually he makes his way to the wheel house with a slow thoughtful gait. **
** (517) Maximus rests on the ground, his face twisted in irritation. Most of his gear lays at his side, as he sharpes his shortsword on a fresh whetstone from his pack. **
** (532) Git watches the horizon for signs of enemy ships. Preferably the one that obsconded with Kha. **
** (519) Kiral rests on the patient back of Nimer, in silent comtemplation **
(532) Git: "It occurs to me, we really should get a leash for that priest."
(528) Agatha: "A noose would be better. Then he could hang himself without dragging all of us into it."
** (526) Norfirion searches his map of Zayal and noting the enemy skyship's direction, tries to determine if there are any notable places, landmarks, etc located nearby, ie a likely destination. **
(526) Norfirion: Skill: Knowledge: Geography [1d20+10] -> [5,10] = (15)
whispering to Norfirion, not that you can determine
** (519) Kiral moves over to Norfirion as he looks at the map, wondering if his native eye, though from the past, could shed a bit of light on the directions **
(532) Git: "Suhail, which were we headed before we were so rudely interrupted?"
** (526) Norfirion rolls his map up and returns it to its scrollcase as he approaches the gathered group. **
(537) DRK-1 (enter): 22:51
(522) Suhail: To Medinat al-Muskawoon. To the east.
(532) Git: "And which way were the pirates heading?"
Kha: (( AFK for a min ))
(522) Suhail: In the same direction.
(519) Kiral: "And what are we to expect to find there, other than the pirates?"
(532) Git: :nods: "THen it's simple enough. We continue to our destination. Maybe those things are heading to Mushawoon as well."
(526) Norfirion: "Agreed"
(526) Norfirion: "Shall I plot our course and be on with it?"
(528) Agatha: "Do what you need to do, wizard."
** (532) Git assumes a commanding stance at the helm. "Make it so." **
** (519) Kiral let's his head drop, still fully overwhelmed with the situation he has found himself in, "I think we must" **
** Suhail turns to Kiral, his wizened face broadening into a smile. "Why, your destiny." (sobers quickly) "Or perhaps your doom." **
(516) Lellick: "Of course we must. Who knows what condition we'll find Kha in.. the faster we can arrive, the better."
** (517) Maximus sheathes his shortsword, and starts to sharpen his longsword, though the seemingly dull and burred blade couldn't possibly gain any advantage from the maintance. **
** (526) Norfirion shakes his head scornfully at the half-elf and proceeds to the wheelhouse. **
** (526) Norfirion plots the course to Muskawoon and sets sail. **
(522) Suhail: The city is held in the grip of the past as well as the present. The dead walk the streets, and those that remain guard what they defend with zeal against the living and the dead.
(522) Suhail: You will need all your wits about you in order to leave the city alive.
(519) Kiral: "What exactly do they defend in the city?"
(528) Agatha: "There's people living there?"
(522) Suhail: They defend the temples of the gods, druid. Medinat al-Muskawoon was once the center of the world in a time long past. All faiths were found there, both of the Light and of the Dark. Now what Light exists, is only within the temples. Points of light amid the darkness.
** Suhail turns to Agatha. "Yes, people. But not alive. Not now." **
(519) Kiral: [1d12] -> [5] = (5)
** (526) Norfirion gives J'hzuu the wheel and walks out on deck to hear what Suhail is talking about. **
** (535) ticattack takes the wheel from Norf, staying on course. **
** J'hzuu takes the wheel from Norf, staying on course. **
J'hzuu: ((Whoops))
(519) Kiral: "It is hard to extinguish the Light of the world....there will be sanctuary there, somewhere."
(522) Suhail: What living you will find exists in and out of time.
(532) Git: "What matter of creatures are these inhabitants? Should we be expecting flesh eaters?"
(522) Suhail: Yes, there will be. Whether you are worthy is another story. (soberly)
(522) Suhail: You should be expecting undead and the like. And perhaps worse.
(526) Norfirion: "Oh I expect something alright, but it is not the dead."
(526) Norfirion: "The living is what I seek, life from death, rebirth."
** (516) Lellick looks worriedly over at Suhail. **
(528) Agatha: "Hmph. The only thing worse than undead is more undead."
** (517) Maximus mutters a very dark curse for a paladin, at the mention of undead. **
(519) Kiral: "Undead are a disease to nature, a curse to be ridden from the world...a quest I am now much more honored to be a part of"
** (519) Kiral can't help but think to himself, "What could be worse though?" **
(526) Norfirion: "Woe to he whom denies me what I seek there." *mutter to himself and makes his way to the front of the ship alone.*
** (532) Git sighs. "the sanctuary you mention, where would it be?" **
** (519) Kiral 's moves a step closer to Suhail, wondering about the conjectured Sanctuary **
(522) Suhail: In the temple of Ra, where else? (chuckles)
(532) Git: :nods: "Of course."
(522) Suhail: (becomes serious again) But to win sanctuary, you must overcome the guardians of the temple. I cannot help you directly, although I have already provided you with clues that can assist you in your endeavors.
** (516) Lellick overhears this, and speaks a bit wryly, "The people of this land don't like giving aid freely, do they?" **
(532) Git: :comments aside to Lellick: "If they help you, how will you ever learn?"
(522) Suhail: Now then. I have preparations for the coming day.
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(535) ticattack (exit): 23:24
(516) Lellick: "Lean to.. what, exactly?"
(516) Lellick: (..learn, even)
(540) ticattack (enter): 23:25
(532) Git: :shrugs to Lellick, offering careflessly, "Belly dance. perhaps. It seems to be popular\."
** (532) Git sways his hips as shimmies toward the bow of the ship **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (540) ticattack...
** (516) Lellick exclaims, "By the gods," averting his eyes from the sight. **
** (528) Agatha shakes her head and goes to check on Wa'run. **
(532) Git: : Praparing in his own way, he goes about his stretching exercises, and trains in his blade play to pass the time until they arrive, trying to get the hang of using two weapons effectively.
(519) Kiral: "The undead will be waiting for us...be assured?"
(519) Kiral: "The undead will be waiting for us...be assured!"
(522) DM: In the distance, there is a form on the glass.
** (519) Kiral strains his eyes to see what is before them **
** (526) Norfirion reaches into his pouch and tosses a piece of white fleece into the air and he speaks an enchantment. The figure of a golden haired, violet eyed dawn elf maiden appears beside him on the bow of the ship. They both appear to be staring off across the skysea towards the unknown object. **
(519) Kiral: "It looks to be a body or a corspe even"
** (532) Git stops midcombat stance to look out to the abnormality. **
** (517) Maximus rises and squints trying to see the shape. **
whispering to Maximus, spot
** (516) Lellick turns to look at hearing that, squinting towards the shape. "A corpse?... Oh, no.." **
** (517) Maximus curses again as glare from the sun stings his eyes. **
** (526) Norfirion frowns on such irony. **
** Suhail begins meditating, and falls silent as his body bathes in the rays of the sun. **
(522) DM: A radiant, rosy glow spreads throughout the core of the cleric's being, stripping away the injuries inflicted on him by Khalitarius and his minions. Slowly, he begins to grow more youthful and stronger.
** (526) Norfirion glances to the ghostly image at his side showing a brief moment of happiness in his usual stoic expression. "It won't be long" *he mutters, as he turns his attention back to the object in the distance. **
(517) Maximus: "What is it? I can't see from the glare" The paladin asks as he picks up his shield and holds it over his head for shade.
** (526) Norfirion seems lost in his own little world, oblivious to Maximus' inquiry. **
** (532) Git goes back to his practices, ignoring the object in the distance until it can be seen **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, your body.
** (519) Kiral continues to glare out in the distance, focusing strongly at the figure, "Hurry, J'hzuu, it appears to be Kha on the surface" **
** J'hzuu turns the ship towards the shape. **
** (526) Norfirion withdraws a small lump of wax and crushes it in his hand, as he breathes a whispered enchantment into his closed fist. The illusion begins to sing a solemn hymn as she stares blankly into the distance. **
** (519) Kiral can't help but take looks toward Norfirion in his granduer as they saild toward the body wondering what he is doing **
** (528) Agatha turns her attentin to the horizon, raising a hand over her eyes squinting to see through the glare. **
** (532) Git resheathes his dagger and jambiya as they come closer. Stepping to the bow, he watches the body with a stern expression, waiting to identify it. **
(519) Kiral: "Can anyone confirm what I am seeing," Kiral speaks aloud not able to imagine his eyes are any better then the rest
** (517) Maximus says a prayer to Odion, and kisses a small symbol at the end of a necklace. **
** (516) Lellick shakes his head, "The sun's too bright..." **
** (526) Norfirion stares into the woman's eyes as she lifelessly sings. A look of sadness covers his face for a brief moment, until it contorts into a look of furious hatred and rage. His concentration seems interupted by his subconcious and the illusion acts corrospondingly, the figure of the woman erupting in flames and replacing her hymn with cries of pain. **
** (526) Norfirion tosses his hand into the air, dismissing the spell with a sneer. He walks back to the wheelhouse shaking his head. **
whispering to Git, Kha's corpse
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, you were 7th level or 8th level?
** (532) Git gives the elven wizard's departure a glance, but does not bother him. Instead crouching down he stares ahead to the corpse. As the identity becomes clear to him, he can only groan. **
** (519) Kiral 's eye had been locked on the wizard for another moment, confused by his solemn display...and as his eyes move back to Kha, he notices a faint figure beside that of the apparent Kha, "There might be something else lurking out there" **
(517) Maximus: "...Git is it Kha?"
** (532) Git just nods. **
** (517) Maximus quietly mutters another prayer, this one more fervent. **
(532) Git: "I suppse we should try to collect his body at least. Though I'm not sure where he'd prefer to find a final resting place."
(532) Git: :calls to the wheelhouse: "Norf, do you think you can pull up alongside him?"
(517) Maximus: "If we can't get the ship next to him, J'hzuu can you grant me a spell of flight?"
J'hzuu: "J'hzuu can do this"
Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [7,10] = (17)
Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [1,10] = (11)
Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [12,10] = (22)
Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [18,10] = (28)
Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [11,10] = (21)
Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+10] -> [14,10] = (24)
(519) Kiral: "It is definitely Kha, we must gather him quickly....and he isn't alone"
** (516) Lellick speaks up in a slightly quieter tone, "I do have a staff that might help. But I cannot be certain." **
** (526) Norfirion allows J'hzuu to manuever the vessel as he makes his way back out on deck after realizing what's going on. **
(532) Git: :To Kiral: "What do you mean?" :stares harder to see what is 'with' Kha:
** (526) Norfirion peers over the bow and helps J'hzuu manuever closer by hand signaling. **
** J'hzuu follows Norf's gestures, trying to ease the ship into place. **
(519) Kiral: "There is a....a....a form, something besides him. I can't make it out though"
** (517) Maximus readies himself to gather the priests body. He rests his hand on his sword hilt though, for the druids warnings seem true. **
(528) Agatha: "Get your bows out. I won't have his body robbed while it's still warm."
(532) Git: ((can we make out what's with Kha?))
** (519) Kiral pulls the spear off of his back from between the shield, as it rests, and his armor **
** (517) Maximus wraps a necklace around his shield hand, obviously his holy symbol. **
(522) DM: ((you can roll Spot and see.))
(532) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [17,9] = (26)
(519) Kiral: Skill Check: Spot: [1d20 + 4 + 4] -> [8,4,4] = (16)
(526) Norfirion: Skill: Spot [1d20+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(517) Maximus: ((Spot: [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11) ))
(516) Lellick: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+3] -> [8,3] = (11)
J'hzuu: ((Spot [1d20+1] -> [13,1] = (14)))
whispering to Git, it seems to be a humanoid form
whispering to Git, very faint
** (532) Git pulls his bow to the ready, nocking an arrow and taking aim for the figure encroaching on Kha. **
(532) Git: Shortbow(into melee) Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14) ===> Damage: [1d6+0] -> [4,0] = (4)
(519) Kiral: "What are you shooting at...what do you see?"
(532) Git: :shrugs:
(528) Agatha: "Best to hold your fire until you can see what you're shooting at. You might hit Kha.
(532) Git: "If he
(532) Git: 's already dead, do you think he'll mind some arrow holes?"
** (528) Agatha is stone-faced. "We don't know he's dead yet." **
(532) Git: :nods: "We'll find out soon enough."
** (517) Maximus gives a curt nod to Agatha, giving his agreement to woman's words. **
(519) Kiral: "Be careful, Maximus"
(522) DM: When you get to his body, there seems to be no one there with him. And he's unconscious, albeit severely injured and very pale.
** (532) Git readies another arrow, yet holds his fire. Expression stern, he waits for them to get closer **
(519) Kiral: "I could've swore...."
(532) Git: "Whatever it was could be hiding, waiting to ambush when we grab Kha. Make it quick."
** J'hzuu pulls the feather from his spell pouch and chants the words that will let Maximus fly down to get Kha. (Casting Fly) **
(526) Norfirion: "Wait"
(526) Norfirion: "It may not even be Kha."
** (517) Maximus gives J'hzuu a pat on the shoulder as thanks, and wills himself towards the body. **
(532) Git: :to Norf: "Once more.... we'll soon find out."
(526) Norfirion: "Let me try to determine if whatever "it" is, is not something under disguise by magic."
J'hzuu: "Well then all should find out, one way or the other. Maximus can go down, and if it is not, return"
(526) Norfirion: "Yeah, after he's dead I'm sure he can do that." *he scorns*
** (532) Git aims his bow toward Kha's body, waiting for any attack in the area. **
** (526) Norfirion raises his staff and concentrates, focusing his attention on 'Kha' lying below on the skysea. (Detect Magic) **
(517) Maximus: The elation of flight is lost on Maximus as he flys towards the body, his shield hand clenching and unclenching, his holy symbol tightly bound about it.
** (528) Agatha watches the rescue intently. **
** (526) Norfirion keeps a weary eye open regardless of what his spell tells him. **
(524) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
(522) DM: (going to FF slightly)
(517) Maximus: (K.)
(522) DM: It's definitely Kha, and from what you can see, he's severely injured and extremely pale.
(522) DM: (and you get back to the skyship)
** (517) Maximus upon reaching Kha, Maximus touches his shoulder and focuses his will. His hand glowing a slight golden sheen, he uses Odio's healing grace.((Lay on Hands, 35 hit points to Kha.)) **
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(540) ticattack (exit): 00:30
(517) Maximus: ((Odion, not Odio))
** Kha breaths slightly easyer, but is still uncontious **
** (517) Maximus grabbing Kha, Maximus flies back to the ship, being as gentle as possible to the young priest. **
(545) ticattack (enter): 00:33
** (532) Git appraoches as they return to the deck of the ship, inquiring to Max: "How is he?" **
** (519) Kiral moves towards Maximus as he approaches with Kha, "Yeah, what happened?" **
** (517) Maximus lays Kha on the deck of ship once safely onboard. He places Kha's hands on his chest, and removes any uncomfortable gear that might disturb his rest. "He is still unconcious, though living. I've healed him with all my grace today, but his illness falls deeper then meer wounds I think." **
** (519) Kiral looks at the struggling man before him, "May I try?" **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (545) ticattack...
** (516) Lellick moves over to where the others are, and up to where Kha lies, ""Let me take a look at him as well." **
** (517) Maximus lets the more skilled healers examine Kha. **
** (519) Kiral kneels beside the man, his hands over Kha's wrecked body and then touches the body **
** Suhail continues meditating, bathed in the radiance of the sun. He's aged in reverse by about twenty years by now. **
(519) Kiral: The icy cold feel of the body doesn't make sense with the heat around them, but nonetheless, he raises his hands above the body and begins to chant.
(522) DM: You heal him to the best of your ability, but somehow are unable to return the normal pallor to Kha's skin.
** (516) Lellick kneels next to Kha on the opposite side from Kiral, making sure to not interfere, though he does examine Kha. **
(519) Kiral: As he does so, a pale green fog drips out from his hands and covers the body of Kha laying before him, in a hope to revive the struggling man (Restoration, Lessor)
(516) Lellick: (Rolling a heal check to see what the heck's wrong with him.. and amount of hit point damage, too)
(516) Lellick: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [14,11] = (25)
whispering to Lellick, his skin is icy cold to the touch. he appears to have had at least one level drained.
** (532) Git sighs, relieved the priest is at least alive. Wandering aside and seeing Suhail getting younger through meditation, the rogue takes a seat nearby, copying his pose and doing a bit of medtation for the heck of it. **
** (516) Lellick touches the skin of Kha's arm, then withdraws his hand like he's touched something disgusting. "He's as cold as the grave. It seems that he's met with some sort of shade. This is going to take some very specific spells to heal." **
** (526) Norfirion peers on, just shaking his head ar Kha's run of luck. **
(519) Kiral: "The sanctuary....it might be our only hope"
** (517) Maximus prays to Odion to grant peace in his dreams until he awakes. **
(517) Maximus: ((Peace to Kha))
(522) DM: Still, you travel onwards, in search of where the pirates where headed to, but see only miles and miles of endless glass expanse in all directions.
** (526) Norfirion takes some time to try and rest to replinish his spells before arriving in Muskawoon. **
(526) Norfirion: brb
(516) Lellick: "It looks that way. The spell that will restore him is beyond my ability."
(517) Maximus: "I think the fact Kha was left for dead by the pirates, means they already extracted anything of use from him. I believe we should assume that if they are indead from Muskawoon, they will alert something to our approach and goals."
(519) Kiral: "Is there a chance that they are currently using him to spy on us, to know our moves?"
** (517) Maximus looks to Norfirion or J'hzuu. **
** J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu does not know. It is possible, he supposes..." **
(516) Lellick: "It is entirely possible that he simply.. angered them. Let's not forget who we're dealing with here."
(528) Agatha: "I think the welcoming party was proof enough that they know what we're doing.
** (528) Agatha says grimly. "He was just sport for them." **
(519) Kiral: "Ok, well what is our plan...how should we prepare to 'search' for this temple"
** (517) Maximus moves as if to repsond but most cheer has been removed from him, leaving him in a sour mood. Lying down on the deck, he places most of his gear next to him and stares into the sky, using a stip of cloth to filter the light form his eyes. **
(532) Git: :as he sits meditating: "FIrst we must reach Muskawoon. We'll worry about the temple after that."
** (519) Kiral nods as Git speaks, and moves to the back of the boat to sit beside his companion, petting her fur in relaxed anticipation **
(522) DM: (going to stop in 30 minutes because I'm fading...)
(532) Git: ((FF?))
(522) DM: (I could do that. But I'm still fading. lol.)
(522) DM: (next morning)
(526) Norfirion: (got some coffee, cocaine and some diet pills?)
(522) DM: (no, no and no.)
(526) Norfirion: (damn)
(522) DM: Centered in a basin, surrounded by hills amidst the glass sea lies a lake of glass, a narrow neck passing through some hills to the southeast. Its shoreline is paved with white stone which also marks two squares, one to the north and one to the south. Centered in the square to the north, outlined against the shattered hills, a gray, stone obelisk rises sharply. A white-paved road passes to the NW, connecting to a causeway that cuts through the blasted hills like an ancient scar.
** (532) Git watches the shoreline come into view. As the ship moves to land, he comments: "Well... this looks promising." **
(522) DM: About the obelisk, extending from the shore to the edge of the hills, the ruins of the buildings lie scattered and crushed. Immediately bordering the two squares and the paved esplanade along the shoreline, lie buildings monumental in size, their walls broken and fallen in, now mere crumbled piles of rotten brick and weahtered stone. To the east lies the ruins of a massive hippodrome, its cheering multitudes now silenced by death. Other buildings, are smaller and obviously temples and shops.
(522) DM: A few still retain their roofs and look as if they provide shelter.

The structures of the city are of two types: those destroyed by time and by wind, and those which seem unaffected by the elements. It is almost as if they were meant to stand, waiting for the arrival of an important messenger.

(522) DM: Welcome to Medinat al-Muskawoon.
(522) DM: (this is 3 days later. Kha awakens towards the end of that time)
** (526) Norfirion makes his way to the bow of the ship, closing his spellbook and placing it in his pack. **
(526) Norfirion: "At last..."
** Kha looks around grogily **
** (519) Kiral continues to sit, eye's closed, having spent a large portion of the travel time, contemplating alone **
** Kha sits up slowly "Jumping to that ship was not a well thought out plan." **
(532) Git: :agrees: "No, it was not. Yet, you're alive, so you can make up for it."
** Kha looks around trying to figure out where he is and who or what is around him **
Kha: "Ahh, those things must have finaly gotten ahold of me and thrown me off the ship. I see we made it somewhere, Medinat?"
(532) Git: "Hopefully."
** (532) Git searches the standing buildings for signs of a temple of Ra. **
** (517) Maximus gathers his gear, packs it all back into his pack, and readies his shield and blades, checking the sheathes, and double-checking his armor. **
(537) Deviant Lurker (exit): 01:14
** (516) Lellick frowns thoughtfully at the shoreline. **
(528) Agatha: "Y'know that was a bloody stupid thing you did. What the hell were you thinking?"
(526) Norfirion: "Nothing obviously."
** Kha holds his head "I was thinking it would be nice to have a faster ship, and you dispatched three of them very quickly so I figured I would try the same on thier ship" **
(526) Norfirion: "Well that might have worked had we all boarded her, but that wasn't the case, nor the plan."
(528) Agatha: "Quickly? We threw ice, lightning, fire, and bloody magic beasts at them and they still kept coming!"
(526) Norfirion: "If you would have simply spoken up, I could have teleported us all onboard, and we could have stormed the ship."
Kha: "We didnt exactly have time to chat it over, the ship was leaving, I just barly made the leap"
(526) Norfirion: "And you just 'barely' survived too."
** (526) Norfirion scolds Kha like a mother scolds a child, then shakes his head. **
** Kha shrugs as he stands up mumbling something to himself 'Live and learn or die in the procces' **
(532) Git: "Ah... words to die byu."
(526) Norfirion: "Since you seem to have a sufficient amount of lives, you surely must be more of a feline than the khajit. We should call you the Cat henceforth." *shakes his head, scolding the human once again*
** (532) Git gets his gear together, preparing to embark into the city. "Is everyone ready?" **
J'hzuu: "J'hzuu is not stupid enough to leap onto a ship of the dead"
Kha: "Anyways I hope you picking me up did not cost too much time, since if I remember corectly Wa`runs sister is here, among other things we have to deal with"
** (528) Agatha eyes grow wide. "My god, that's right." **
** (517) Maximus wraps his holy symbol once again around his shield hand, and moves to the brow of the ship. He scratches a cheek, as a few days without shaving has cast a dark shadow across his face. **
** (519) Kiral 's eyes have opened by this point, having faint heard the conversation at hand, as he checks his weapons and prepares for the journey ahead **
** Kha checks over his equipment ensuring that nothing fell off when he was thrown off the ship, then checks his bag that he left on the first ship **
** Wa'run sleeps soundly next to Halif who snaps awake at mention of Wa'run's name. **
Kha: "Are you ready for some action Halif?"
** J'hzuu goes through his spell pouch, making sure all his components are there. **
(526) Norfirion: (how far is it from the ship to the ground below?)
** (528) Agatha retrieves her gear from what seems like thin air and straps up. **
(522) DM: (10')
** (532) Git moves over to the boy, crouching down before him, and idly tapping him on the forehead to wake him up. **
** (526) Norfirion leaps over the side of the ship to look around. **
(526) Norfirion: Jump Check [1d20] -> [16] = (16)
** Kha follows Norf **
** (528) Agatha adjusts her buckler. "C'mon. Time's a wasting." **
** Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power into himself **
** Kha is suddenly holding a short spear engulfed in flames **
(528) Agatha: "Wa'run, stay close to me."
J'hzuu: "Perhaps someone should watch the ship?" J'hzuu asks optimistically, then groans and takes out his feather, running it along himself. (Fly)
(522) DM: The skyship comes to a stop at the edge of the causeway. An obelisk stands tall in the center of the northern square. The slanting walls are polished and reflective save at the base, wherein are etched inscriptions in the ancient alphabet. The inscription on the east and west sides is long, probably of several sentences. That on the north and south sides is but a few words and below that is a fist-sized indentation.

There is the corpse of a mummified cat at the base of the obelisk.

** (519) Kiral moves with Nimer and jumps down off the ship, steadying his shield as he moves atop Nimer, ready to move **
** Wa'run wakes slowly, bleary eyed. **
(519) Kiral: "Ok, girl, steady as we move through these lands, your speed may save us both"
** (516) Lellick quickly gathers his things, then follows the others off the edge of the ship, dropping down off of it carefully. **
** (517) Maximus moves off the ship, being as careful as possible. Upon reaching the ground he draws his longsword, forsaking his shield in favor of two-handed swordplay and his holy-symbol in ready reach. **
** J'hzuu checks his quiver, then leaps off the edge of the ship, floating gently down to the ground, stopping hovering just an inch off the ground. **
** J'hzuu draws his bow and nocks an arrow, holding it ready. **
(522) Wa'run: Where...where are we?
** (517) Maximus looks at the party and starts thinking on a formation that would go with everyone's strengths... **
(528) Agatha: "Wa'run? Wake up, lad."
(522) DM: The obelisk seems to glow in the moonlight. (It's evening of the fourth day after the battle.)
** (532) Git grins to the boy, "We've reached Muskawoon, boy. Get yer crap together." **
(532) Git: :turns to Suhail: "And are you prepared, Honored Cleric?"
** (528) Agatha holds her out to the desert boy. "Time we laid some matters to rest once and for all." **
** (517) Maximus examines the area around them, looking for anything that would be cause of concern. (Spot: [1d20+2] -> [17,2] = (19)) **
** Suhail opens his eyes, and nods. In the time you've spent travelling with him, he's been restored through his daily meditations, always in the sun's radiance. This is powerful magic, of a type you've never seen before. He seems to have been restored to his original state. **
** Wa'run takes Agatha's hand gingerly and steps off the boat. "This place is unfamiliar to me..." **
(546) nutritious (enter): 01:39
(532) Git: :To Wa'run: "It should be. I doubt you've ever been here before."
(528) Agatha: "You and me both, lad."
(528) Agatha: "Stay close Wa'run. This place is said to be very dangerous."
** (532) Git heads to the edge of the ship, leaping off to the shore with a front flip for show as he moves to catch up with the others **
(522) Suhail: Ah, the Cursed City of Stone. It has been quite a long time. A very, very long time. (glances and looks around)
(546) nutritious (exit): 01:41
Kha: "You have been here before?"
(522) Suhail: A very long time ago, Kha. I am older than I look. (smiles slightly)
** (532) Git moves toward the obelish, looking over the mummified cat a moment, before going to examine the obelisk itself. **
(526) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(522) Suhail: The bathhouses and government buildings are in the northern part of the city. The temples are in the southern part. There is -- or was -- a library, at least the last time I was here. But that was a long time ago.
Kha: "I guessed that, so you were here before this" **sweeps his hand around the destruction** "happened, or not that long ago?"
(517) Maximus: "May our courage and valor carry us through this experience, my friends." Maximus then double checks his belt and pack, and moves towards the Obelisk after Git.
** (528) Agatha hops off the ship and turns around for a moment before following Git. "Luggage, come." **
** (526) Norfirion follows behind Git, spinning his staff in glee, he concentrates on the obelisk. (Detect Magic) **
(522) Suhail: This happened before any of you were born. Several thousand of your years.
** (519) Kiral gives a little rub on the back of Nimer's neck, "Follow then" **
(526) Norfirion: "Divination magic, how interesting."
(526) Norfirion: "Suhail, what is the purpose of the enchantment on the obelisk?"
** (519) Kiral walks besides Norfirion on his mount and keeps his eyes very attentive of his surroundings **
(526) Norfirion: "The library perhaps?"
(532) Git: :pointing to the obelisk: "Kha, can you read these inscriptions?"
(522) Suhail: Oh yes. I should warn you that your spells will be amplified to an extent here in the city. The city is a natural focal point of magic due to the hundreds of spells that were cast here over the centuries.
** (526) Norfirion tries to decipher the writting as well. **
(526) Norfirion: Skill: Decipher Script [1d20+11] -> [6,11] = (17)
(522) Suhail: Some...interesting things might occur. (smiles faintly)
** Kha looks at his spear, "Hold true for the One Power as well?" **
(522) Suhail: No, only that which is born of Andurin. Your magic is not of this world, outlander.
(528) Agatha: "So only the spear dancer's magic is reliable? Well, that's just beautiful."
** Kha nods "I am still trying to lear about it, so thought it wise to ask before I go start using it again." **
** (526) Norfirion reads from the obelisk. **
(522) Suhail: The obelisk is key to your success in Medinat, Norfirion.
(522) Suhail: More I am forbidden to reveal.
** Kha wanders over and read the obolisk as well then shrugs and waits to hear what the others say before puting out any of his own ideas **
(526) Norfirion: "The Sphere of Power retrieve This then is destiny's decree Doom and death with no reprieve"
(526) Norfirion: "This is the ancient prophecy:"
(526) Norfirion: "Go to his mighty tomb Where sky meets shore and sky again"
(526) Norfirion: "There sound the note, dispel the gloom And bring light to entrance gain."
(519) Kiral: "What note," Kiral mutters to himself
** Kha looks at Norf strangely then at the obolisk again. "Thats not what it said when I read it, maybe each of us needs to read it?" **
** (519) Kiral looks to Kha, and then to Norf, and moves in, geting off the Tiger to read it for himself **
** (526) Norfirion shrugs. "It may not be correct, or it may have different meanings to each of us." **
(526) Norfirion: "I was only able to partialy decipher the text."
(547) Toyer Armorbeard (enter): 02:01
(547) Toyer Armorbeard (exit): 02:01
Kha: "Yours want even close to what I read, if it was just a slight interpretation differance I would not have said something"
(532) Git: "What did it say to you then Kha?
Kha: "Star is hidden from sunlight by the Sun. Four tests must you pass before it shines forth. To hunt treasure, you must treasure hunt. From the gods, their gifts seek. Cleanliness is next to godliness. When you have a friend's tears, the fiery gift, and the hawk's wings, carry the fourteen golden links to bridge the void. Only then can mortals hear the chimes and then may the Star light the way"
(526) Norfirion: "Magic is inately more accurate than mere skill" *smiles*
** (528) Agatha takes a look at the inscription. **
** (516) Lellick looks at the obelisk curiously, though somewhat relunctantly, figuring this is likely to be the least of the magical tricks in this place. **
(532) Git: :shurg: "That's pretty much what we already knew. We may as well set out to hunt for the golden drain caps for now. Unless you all want to try the other tests first."
(519) Kiral: "I actually read both of the dexcriptions you each noted"
(522) DM: There is a corpse of a mummified cat at the base of the obelisk.
** (532) Git checked the cat before the opbelisk... **
** (526) Norfirion runs his staff across the mumified remains. (Detect Magic) **
(526) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+18] -> [19,18] = (37)
** (517) Maximus waits until everyone else gets a look at the text before reading it himself. **
(516) Lellick: "Ah, Suhail.. is it normal to be leaving dead things lying around like this?"
** Kha shrugs then walks around to each side to see if there may be anything else writen **
(526) Norfirion: "A sacrifice to basht perhaps?"
** Suhail smiles faintly and says nothing. **
(526) Norfirion: Skill: Knowledge: Religion [1d20+14] -> [16,14] = (30)
(522) DM: (and on that note, I turn into a pumpkin)
** (526) Norfirion nods confidently. "I believe its the most likely case." **
** (526) Norfirion draws his dagger and grins at J'hzuu. **
(532) Git: ok then. off to bed early I suppose
(519) Kiral: night all
(522) TaliesinNYC: night folks

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