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(53) TaliesinNYC: J'hz

(53) TaliesinNYC: J'hz?
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(51) ticattack (exit): 21:59
(53) TaliesinNYC: guess not
(48) Maximus has sent you a tree node...
(48) Maximus: Sent the node.
(42) Kiral: yeah, will be back in 30
(42) Kiral: any word from Norf?
(53) TaliesinNYC: nope
(53) TaliesinNYC: ok, starting
(53) TaliesinNYC: last time I think Git was entertaining a ghost
(53) TaliesinNYC: and you found each other
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(48) Maximus: Thats what I remember.
(53) DM: (3716) Khalif Mubrak: In ancient Medinat al-Muskawoon, you may seek the Maiden, Mother and Crone, the Three Who Are One and the One Who Are Three, underneath moon-and-star. But to speak to her and hear her wisdom, three trials must be taken: one of courage, one of wisdom and one of the heart.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The first trial is this: of courage.
** (3724) Norfirion crosses his arms and gives the spirit his full attention. **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Within the city are numerous bathhouses, each of which holds pieces of a magical bridge in the form of golden draincaps. These draincaps take the form of links of a golden chain.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: You will need to find these links and collect them, for use in crossing a bottomless swamp.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: But I am getting ahead of myself.
** (3724) Norfirion shakes his head. "No, by all means take your time. Please continue." **
(3724) Norfirion: "This matter is more important to me than life itself."
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: There is an ancient legend which states that the goddess Isis married Osiris, when the world was created and the gods were young.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: They were a perfect union of sky meeting earth. But Set-i, who covets all and seeks dominion over all, coveted
Isis and slew her husband.
(3719) Git: :groans: "Starting at creation of the world. This is a long story..."
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Set-i, to prevent Osiris from rising again, cut his form into 14 parts and scattered them throughout the waking world.
** (3717) Lellick listens with a sort of morbid curiosity, having forgotten to eat by now. **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak:
Isis in her grief sought power from the elders of the earth, and raised her husband with much sacrifice, but one part was missing, that of his heart. And without his heart, he could not regain his mortality. Henceforth, Osiris ruled the land of the dead, in the underworld.
** (3715) Kiral gasps as the story comes together **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: There are several bathhouses inside the city of
Medinat al-Muskawooon. Each of these bathhouses holds one or two or three golden draincaps, which take the form of a link of a golden chain.
** (3724) Norfirion nods. "Yes, I have read some of this creation legend." **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The draincaps connect, thus forming a chain of golden links.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The links are also a magical bridge.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Collect 14 links, connect them into a chain and use the bridge to cross a magical void inside the
temple of Ra, the Ever-Living, wherein you will find the fifth Star Gem that you seek.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: But be wary!
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: As in the legend of
Isis, one of the links will disappear.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Thus in crossing the bridge, will you be required to take a leap of faith.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: As for the bathhouses themselves, it is a test of courage, for within are hordes of undead that must be bested.
(3724) Norfirion: "I see, so this is all symbolic of
Isis's original actions."
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The second trial is a trial of wisdom.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: An ancient legend, perhaps not of Zayal, but of a place far removed from Zayal, in an ancient empire that caused the breaking of this world, was once a god named Prometheus. He was an elder of the earth who was allowed to ascend to godhood after having challenged the ruler of the gods and undertaken many tests.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Within his temple, you will find a unlit brazier that once lit, kindles a magical ever-burning flame.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: You will need to discover how to kindle that brazier using the tools found within the temple.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Use the flame to create a torch, which will be necessary to drive away guardians found within the
temple of Ra, the Ever-Living.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Guardian snakes.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The third trial is a trial of the heart.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: An ancient god, whose name is Baldras, who comes from a place not of this land, from a far-off place in a land of ice and snow, was once the lord of all that is merciful and kindly. His fellow gods were charmed by his good looks and loving personality, and he was a sought-after companion in many of their adventures.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: But Baldras was troubled by dreams of his own death. When he confided his dreams to Friga, his wife, she was so worried that harm might befall her husband that she made each item on this world swear that it would not injure him. Once this oath had been accepted, the other gods would amuse themselves by hurling objects at Baldras.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Angered by the attention paid to Baldras, the malicious Loki, lord of lies and vengeance, went in disguise to Friga and asked her about the oath. She finally confessed that all of the plants, animals, stones and metals of this world had taken the oath save one, the lowly mistletoe. Loki fashioned a wand of mistletoe and giving it to a blind god named Hod, directed him to hurl it in the direction of Baldras. Hod did so, and was Baldras slain.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Within the
temple of Baldras, one of you will be asked to make a sacrifice. This sacrifice will determine the reward you shall receive that will enable you to win past the Eye of Hathor that guards the temple of Ra, the Ever-Living.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: It is said that the Eyes can peer into the soul of any who approach the
Temple of Ra, and judge them according to their intent.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Once you have obtained the Star of Melos-Pelar, you will then be able to visit She Who Reigns Under Moon-And-Star
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: You may seek her out and obtain your fondest desire.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: However!
** (3715) Kiral shouldars drop from their anxious tense position when the words however are muttered, as if dissappointment had taken over **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: They will only reveal themselves to he or she whose desires are true, for in wanting a desire, you desire what you once wanted.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Once you have obtained all five Star Gems, then you will be that much closer to discovering Martek's Sphere of Power.

(42) Kiral: ((that was in response to Norf's questions about the 3 trials?))
(53) DM: ((yes))
(53) DM: ((I think I mentioned at one point that if your characters had any questions, that Khalif would answer them))
(53) DM: ((of course, the Curious One wasn't around ^ ^)))
(42) Kiral: ((and he too mentioned to seek out the statue and speak the word "Atmorphyeetno", correct?))
(54) Akeaka (enter): 22:08
(53) TaliesinNYC: ((yes))
(53) DM: ((this is all on the site under the most recent Tolmara log))
** (42) Kiral looks down at his food before him and is over come with the magnitude of what he has just hear...or what he has just learned. So many questions lingered in his head, so many worried, and so many questions, but from his lips only one thing needed to be asked of Khalif, "Sir, do you know why I have come to this place and this time...does my 100 year statis have any bearing on this story. What is my path?" **
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** (42) Kiral 's words a soft as he eyes the transparent patron of the table, still clearly unsure of his future having had taken such a drastic turn from the life he once knew **
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Why yes. You have no Fate but the Fate you are given. (smiles faintly)
(50) Git: :to Kiral: "aren't you glad you asked now?"
** (48) Maximus chuckles. **
** (42) Kiral tilts his head and looks to Git, "Yeah, and answer not too descriptive of my situation, but one I have heard before." **
(50) Git: "Stick with us and you'll hear it plenty more."
(50) Git: :turning back to Khalif, he asks: "Getting back to the mystical draincaps, are they guarded or warded in someway?"
(42) Kiral: "I think I will stick with you for a while, perhaps my 'Fate' has more in store for me"
(50) Git: "Or is this more like a scavenger hunt of sorts?"
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Guarded by the spirits of the city. You will need your wits about you.
(50) Git: "In that case, do you have any wits we can borrow?"
(53) Khalif Mubrak: The spirits of Medinat al-Muskawoon are bound in both the past and the present. Consequently, you may shift in and out of your time.
(42) Kiral: "Sounds familiar"
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Only what wit you bring will serve you well. Some of you have wit to spare. (grins)
(49) Agatha: "In and out of time? What sort of nonsense is that?"
** (42) Kiral grabs a piece of bread off of the table and places his hand along the side of his chair letting Nimer eat from his palm **
** (50) Git gives a bemused snicker as he sips at his cup. **
(55) Angie (enter): 22:18
** Khalif Mubrak turns to Agatha and regards her gravely. "If you are not careful, effenda, you may find yourself stranded in a time not of your choosing." **
** (42) Kiral 's head drops a bit as those words fall from his mouth **
** (40) Lellick speaks up after a moment, voice somewhat quiet, "I believe I have a question for you, spirit." **
(50) Git: "That sounds.... inconvenient..."
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Ask and be answered. (sips from his goblet as Lellick speaks)
(40) Lellick: "You said there was a statue in this city that we must find. Do you know the quickest way to get there?"
(55) Angie (exit): 22:21
(53) Khalif Mubrak: I could send you there...for a price. (sips)
(48) Maximus: "What sort of price?"
** (49) Agatha swallows but keeps a straight expression. "So undead, spirits, giant snakes and getting stranded in some strange era. With our luck, that damn mummy will pop up and try to roast us. Any other horrible fates we should look out for." **
** (42) Kiral wonders what sort of value his money and items hold in present day society **
(53) Khalif Mubrak: It involves making a promise to aid...a friend.
(50) Git: "What kind of friend would that be? And what aid would they need?"
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Many years ago, when I was no older than you, a man named Fahad fell deeply in love with a maiden named Sita. The daughter of a fisherman, SIta was a fragile beauty with the grace of a dancer and skin as soft as a wild dove. Though Sita had many suitors, she was smitten by Fahad's commanding manner and agreed to marry him a month after they met. Fahad arranged an elegant dinner where he would present his bride-to-be to his parents for their approval.
** (40) Lellick raises his eyebrows at hearing the beginning of the story, leaning in closer to the table. **
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Fahad's parents already knew of Sita. They were less than enthusiastic about having her for a daughter in law. Essafah and Zobeida believed a fisherman's daughter would make an unsuitable mate for their son, who had already distinguished himself as a trader. Still, Fahad's parents decided to reserve final judgement until after the dinner.
** (42) Kiral drinks wine from his goblet **
(58) ticattack (enter): 22:31
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Initially, the dinner went well. Sita proved quite charming, listening with rapt attention to Essafah's rambling stories of his son's adolescence and laughing politely at his labored jokes. Zobeida, however, was unmoved. She embarrassed Sita with rude questions about her father. Had he not squandered his inheritance on foolish schemes to communicate with his dead grandfather? Yes, Sita admitted, but only because he loved his grandfather and could not bear his passing.
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(53) Khalif Mubrak: Were his efforts futile, asked Zobeida? Sita admitted they were. Zobeida turned to her husband. "Foolish parent, foolish offspring."
(53) Khalif Mubrak: At the conclusion of the meal, Zobeida produced a box of honey-glazed walnuts that she had imported at great expense from distant Huzuz. She placed the box near Sita and invited her to sample them. Tentatively, Sita removed a nut from the box, nibbled it, then spat the pieces into her hand, knowing at the instant that upon spitting she had committed a severe breach of etiquette. She looked helplessly at Fahad.
(53) Khalif Mubrak: "Perhaps that nut was rotten," Fahad said to his mother.
(53) Khalif Mubrak: "No," said Zobeida, her eyes locked on Sita. "They are fresh, every one. Try another."
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Her hand shaking, Sita did as she was told. She began to bite the nut, then dropped it. She sprang from the table and fled from the room, tears flooding her eyes.
** (42) Kiral whispers to himself, "How bad could it have been?" **
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Fahad rose to go after her, but Zobeida held his arm. "The girl has insulted your mother," she said. "She is not worthy to join this family."
(49) Agatha: "Hmph. Reminds me Felix's grandmother. Old crone tried to muscle me out of the family."
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Fearing that Fahad would run off with Sita, Zobeida insisted that Essafah arrange for the girl to be arrested on a fabricated charge of disloyalty to the sultan of Phoenix. A quick trial followed, and Sita was banished to the lands of Bakar, near the pyramid of Amunhotep. Eventually, she settled in a distant community on the far side of the pharoah's kingdom. Fahad promised his parents that as long as he lived, he would not attempt to contact her.
(53) Khalif Mubrak: More than fifty years passed since Fahad made that vow. He kept his word, and then he died.
(53) Khalif Mubrak: He died a lonely and broken soul. He died for want of love.
(53) Khalif Mubrak: In your travels, you may find Fahad or his spirit. If you promise to help him find the love he once desired, I shall send you to what you seek.
(42) Kiral: "And if we don't come across him?"
(49) Agatha: "We do things the hard way, of course."
** (42) Kiral uses 'we' very casually considering his company **
(53) Khalif Mubrak: You have no Fate but the Fate you are given.
** (42) Kiral downs the shot **
(50) Git: "Hmmm..." :Git sits in thought, puzzling over the story.:
(50) Git: :apparently out of nowhere asks Khalif: "Sore tooth?"
(49) Agatha: "Hmm. How long until we're all buried alive?"
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Perhaps. She was too shy to speak up. But it was the reaction, not the reason, that offended Zobeida.
(53) Khalif Mubrak: As long as this city stands, effenda, you need not fear.
(50) Git: "No difference, if it gave her the excuse she wished for."
** (40) Lellick looks to the others, thoughtfully, "It sounds like a noble quest.. the gods know not everything is so noble. What do the rest of you think?" **
(49) Agatha: "Hmph. Nevertheless, time is running short for us."
(49) Agatha: "Anything that can save us daylight and trouble is worth doing."
(50) Git: :nods to Aggy and turns to Lellick: "If we have the opportunity to help theis spirit, we may. But we lack the luxury of time to make it a priority."
** (42) Kiral looks to the groups, still uncertain of their main goals in Zayal, "I am but along for the ride...for now" **
(49) Agatha: "I ain't rightly sure how we help this spirit, but if we get the chance we'll do what we can."
(50) Git: "Back to business.." :glancing to Khalif: "The bathhouses... Do you suppose you can give us directions to them in the city?"
** (48) Maximus swirls his wine glass, not really drinking it. **
(53) Khalif Mubrak: In your travels, you may meet a spirit who would assist you should one of you be loyal to your heart.
whispering to ticattack, I need J'hzuu's node since I lost everything when I reformatted
(50) Git: "I'm always loyal to my heart." :adds aside: "It's aother hearts I'm shaky with."
(59) Norfirion (enter): 22:57
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (59) Norfirion...
(53) DM: ((pls bring Dave up to speed))
(59) Norfirion: I'm late but here
(50) Git: "We certainly seem to be collecting the spirits, neh?"
(40) Lellick: "It's better than collecting enemies."
(50) Git: "Don't suppose there's a spirit here to do us some good. Say a spirit looking to bequeath its mortal fortune?"
(42) Kiral: "The meal was good, but I guess we should be going, how do you propose to get us to the statue quickly?
(42) Kiral: "It seems to me that these mission you all partake in make time of the essense, am I correct," he saids looking to Norf and then to Git
(53) Khalif Mubrak: Lift your goblets in a toast, effendi. Long life.
(50) Git: :lifts his goblet: "One may only hope."
** (42) Kiral lifts his goblet not really able to take offense at this point at the slight of being called an outlander **
** (49) Agatha raises her cup. "Aye, I'll drink to that." **
(60) DRK-1 (enter): 23:10
** (42) Kiral taps his thigh as he raises the glass and as if on cue, Nimer raises his nose to the air letting out a boisterous roar **
** (40) Lellick also lifts his goblet, nodding. **
(42) Kiral: (her nose)
(53) DM: There is a flash of light, as your surroundings disappear and Khalif's voice echoes in your ear. "Long life."
** (48) Maximus raises his glass, and drinks hearily with the others. **
** (42) Kiral tries to hold his eyes open as the flash moves to close them **
(53) DM: A circular roadway surrounds a pedestal on which is a 25' tall statue of the god Set, carved out of black stone., He stands with his right hand pointing down the street, to the south. In his left hand, held against his waistband, he holds a carved blue stone bottle about 4' tall and 1' in diameter.
(53) DM: You appear to be clearly in another part of the underground city. Your surroundings are clearly unfamiliar to you.
** (50) Git savors the last taste of wine, not to surprised by the sudden transmission, as he opens his eyes to see where they've ended up. **
** (48) Maximus frowns at the sight of the statue, silently longing for his homeland and collecibe faith. **
** (42) Kiral moves to the center of the group as they all begin to be aware of their location, "I would like to ask you all a few questions if I may before we speak the so called words in front of this statue" **
** (42) Kiral waits to be sure he hasn't overstepped his bounds to this group **
(50) Git: :nods to Kiral: "Oh, ask away."
** (40) Lellick blinks, staring up at the statue for a moment, the height of it enough to almost give him a crick in the neck. "Well..." **
** (59) Norfirion sniffs the air, hoping for once there isn't the accompanying smell of rotting flesh. **
(42) Kiral: "Many things were brought to my attention just then at dinner, pertinent information for the future of our friendship...how did the evil ifrit come to be free and how do you all move to stop him"
(59) Norfirion: brb food
(50) Git: "Hmm.." Don't suppose you could start with a simpler question.
(50) Git: "
(49) Agatha: "It's a long story. Which just happens to be Kha's specialty."
** (42) Kiral looks to Kha, nearly begging for an answer in longing for a reason to attach himself to this group **
** (49) Agatha looks expectedly to Kha, hoping to keep him occupied and out of trouble for at least a little while. **
** (50) Git looks around the roadside, for prominant buildings, particularly for what the statue may be pointing toward. **
(53) DM: (mostly ruined buildings.)
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, poke
(53) DM: (not sure where DJ is, but I've IMed him)
(53) DM: (Until DJ comes back, assume the limbo rule is in effect for his PC)
(49) Agatha: "Hmm. Norfirion, Maximus, are you two sensing anything particularly odd?"
(50) Git: :worried what Kha may say to someone they just met, Git speaks up: "We were present when the Ifrit was released."
** (42) Kiral nods as Git continues **
** (40) Lellick turns his attention away from the statue, and circles around the base a few feet, though he keeps in sight of the party. One there, he peers into the distance, looking for any signs of movement. **
** J'hzuu throws a brief look at Git, wondering why he is not telling the newcomer everything, then contents himself with looking at the desolate landscape. **
(50) Git: "We came to this land to fulfill a Ka tet, some machination of Fate. And when we were teleported to this land, we arrived within the ruin which housed the Ifrit."
(60) DRK-1 (exit): 23:24
whispering to Lellick, you can clearly see handholds carved into the statue, leading up to the bottle
** (48) Maximus peers around, then chuckles to himself and fishes out his flask of brandy, swirls it a bit, upcaps the top and looks in. Something like a sigh can be heard as Max shakes his head slighty and puts the flask back to his belt. **
(42) Kiral: "Just upon your arrival?" Kiral seems confused. "That is mighty honorable of you all to feel so seemingly obligated to stop its reign of destruction.
(50) Git: "We witnessed his bid for freedom, and claimed the first of five stars from the chest wihich imprisoned him. In our further journey's we've learned that the five star gems are necessary to reseal the Ifrit, as well as the aid of the Djinn we now seek to free."
(50) Git: "Well... we did arrive there ars part of our Ka tet. You could almost say we felt responsible."
** (40) Lellick frowns slightly to himself and glances back over to the statue, humming to himself. "Say.. is storytime done?" **
(50) Git: :shrugs: "I think that will do for now/"
(42) Kiral: "Not that I don't appreciate you all working to resotre piece to what I use to call home...but how did you just arrive, was it by chance?"
(59) Norfirion: back
(50) Git: "No... we were sent by the Godess Basht."
** (50) Git approaches the statue, looking over it's structure curiously **
** (42) Kiral looks to Lellick still very curious of the situation, but beginning to piece it together, "Interesting, well, that will do for now, but I will have more questions, such as who is Shadalah?" **
(42) Kiral: "It does seem your intentions are honorable and good, and that is something I can put my efforts into, perhaps my Fate has been given to me"
** (59) Norfirion follows behind Git, going over to the statue. He concentrates momentarily and whispers words of magic as he passes his staff around the statue. (Detect Magic) **
(59) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+18] -> [18,18] = (36)
(58) ticattack has sent you a tree node...
whispering to Norfirion, STRONG abjuration and conjuration
J'hzuu: ((Just have to reset. Be back in a moment))
J'hzuu: Buggering off...
(58) ticattack (exit): 23:30
** (40) Lellick turns back to face the statue, pointing up at it. "There are hand holds.. look. It's quite a way up though." **
(30) Dj Gilcrease: (( sorry I had to take someone to the hospital ))
(40) Lellick: (..oh, crap, everything okay?)
** (59) Norfirion steps back from the statue and glances to Git. "Be very....very careful." **
Kha: (( ya they having a chitlen ))
(59) Norfirion: "It's magic is powerful."
(40) Lellick: (Oh :D)
(50) Git: ((Chitlens give me lethal gas too.))
** (40) Lellick glances at Norf, frowning, "..Then climbing's not a good idea, you'd say?" **
(50) Git: :to Norf: "Well.. it is imprisoning a powerful Djinn..."
** (50) Git looks to where the handholds Lellick pointed out lead." **
whispering to Git, up to the blue bottle
** (59) Norfirion shakes his head. "Go ahead, by all means don't let my rambling stop you from dying a fiery death." **
** Kha comes out of his self contimplative mood and rejoins the waking world. "Sorry I was elseware in my thoughts" **
(50) Git: "Wanna draw straws for who climbs up to whisper the password to the bottle?"
** (49) Agatha turns to Norf. "Can you tell anymore about it?" **
** (42) Kiral looks to Kha, "They assure me you have much to tell me, we will get to it in time" **
** (48) Maximus looks at the statue. "I'll attempt it, though I'm not trained at climbing, I should be able to manage it." **
(40) Lellick: "If you're not trained, it may not be a good idea. It may be trapped magically.."
(53) DM: (J'hz's player had to bail due to cpu problems)
(59) Norfirion: "Not without powerful divination magick."
** (59) Norfirion he replies to Agatha. **
** (50) Git groans and hangs his head a second before moving toward the statue to begin climbing. **
(42) Kiral: "Wait, there has to be a better way?"
(42) Kiral: "Can anyone soften my fall, if I fly up there and say the word?"
(49) Agatha: "Don't suppose anyone has enough magic to grant one of us flight?"
** (50) Git climbs cautiously up to the bottle, worried the statue may very well spring to lfe and swat him off." **
** (42) Kiral watches as Git recklessly moves to climb the statue anyway **
(50) Git: :calls down to Kiral: "No, pint-size is right. The thing may have a trap to it. I have to check."
Kha: "I have lots to tell, but about what exactly were you wanting me to tell you about?"
** (40) Lellick watches worriedly, making sure to back away from the base of the statue. "..Hey! I do have a name!" **
** (42) Kiral is pretty tense about the situation before them, and looks to Kha, "Mostly about your current mission, though I think the task at hand deserves our immediate attention. However I want to help you all if your mission is one of true honor" **
** (50) Git will take his time to eaxmine the bottle ,. as long as he reaches it alright." **
(50) Git (whispering): check it three times, just to be "safe"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!5]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!5]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+15] -> [13,15] = (28)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d29+15] -> [29,15] = (44)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+15] -> [5,15] = (20),[1d20+15] -> [11,15] = (26)
** Kha looks around trying to figure out what exactly he missed **
whispering to Git, you don't seem to detect anything
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, A circular roadway surrounds a pedestal on which is a 25' tall statue of the god Set, carved out of black stone., He stands with his right hand pointing down the street, to the south. In his left hand, held against his waistband, he holds a carved blue stone bottle about 4' tall and 1' in diameter.
** (50) Git looks back down to the others. "Well... I don't see anything. But I admit, I don't know much of powerful magicks. Everyone prepared for the worst?" **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, Git is climbing the statue.
(50) Git: (how high up is the bottle, should I need to jump?))
whispering to Git, The bottle appears to be sealed by a wax stopper.
** (40) Lellick calls up to him, somewhat sarcastically, "Don't fall down too hard!" **
** (48) Maximus sheathes his blade, and lossens his shield on his back for more mobility. Walking to the base he looks at Git. "If you fall I'll try and catch you though, I can't say how well. I had a bit to eat and drink at the dinner, I'm a lil slow." Maximus finishes with a slight grin. **
** (42) Kiral places one hand on his sickle and taps the large white tiger on the back of his neck in a ryhthmic pattern, immediately telling Nimer to be on guard **
** Nimer bows his head low and lets out a soft purr. **
(59) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
** (50) Git waves off the joking remarks, and turns seriously back to the bottle. Ready to leap from the statue if need be, he takes a deep breath before muttering, "Atmorphyeetno." **
** (59) Norfirion readies an action to cast. **
(53) DM: Nothing seems to happen...
(59) Norfirion: "Pardon my ignorance, but exactly what is this suppose to acomplish?"
whispering to Git, the bottle is approx. 5' above you. It's sealed by a wax stopper.
(50) Git: :looks down to Norf: "Supposedly it should free the Djinn. I think."
(50) Git: :tries calling louder: "atmorphyeetno!"
** (59) Norfirion looks around with his usual look of paranoia, as he reaches into his spell components pouch and withdraws a strip of cure leather. He clenches the strip in his hand as he speaks a quick enchantment and touches the strip to his heart. The elf is surrounded by a brief moon-like glow in the shape of a suit of armor, this aura soon fades. **
(50) Git: :calls down to the others: "Hey.. am I saying this right?"
** (59) Norfirion nods. **
(59) Norfirion: "Atmophryeetno, is correct!" he shouts up to Git.
** (49) Agatha has her axe out now and shrugs. "Sounds like it to me." **
** (50) Git looks out to see if he can find what the statue points toward from this higher point of view." **
(49) Agatha: "Maybe it's the wrong statue?"
(59) Norfirion: "Possibly, or wasn't there something regarding whom must speak this phrase?"
(59) Norfirion: "Something about a true or pure heart was it?"
whispering to Norfirion, Spot
(50) Git: :shrugs: "Was there sucha thing?"
(59) Norfirion: "If I knew would I be asking?" *he scolds*
(49) Agatha: "Kha, why don't you give it a try?"
** (59) Norfirion approaches the statue to get a better look and peers up, **
(59) Norfirion: "You might try removing the stopper first."
Kha: "Atmophryeetno?" Should I climb up and say it?"
(59) Norfirion: "That may in itself release the Djinn."
(50) Git: "Or it will blow up in my face."
** (42) Kiral moves a step closer to the statue and speaks the old word from his own lips, "Atmorphryeetno" **
(59) Norfirion: "As I mentioned, the flask is sealed. You most likely have to remove the seal before uttering its command word."
(59) Norfirion: "Look closer Git."
(49) Agatha: "Sounds sensible."
(59) Norfirion: "Is it removable?"
** (50) Git tries to reach up to the bottle, tryin to get his dagger at the wax seal." **
whispering to Git, roll to hit
(50) Git: Ceremonial Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [14,10] = (24) ===> Damage: [1d4+1+0] -> [1,1,0] = (2)
whispering to Git, The seal breaks.
(50) Git: "Well.... I broke it..." :offers plainly:
(42) Kiral: "Well, that can't really be good
** (50) Git clears his throat before speaking once more, "Atmorphyeetno" **
Kha: "I would have moved away from the hole just in case"
(53) DM: As the word leaves your lips, a blinding flash of blue lightning leaps from the container, followed by a peal of thunder. The statue of Set-i is pulverized into atoms, swirling away in a gust of wind. Sand and rocks from the dome above rain down onto the street, and clouds of choking dust rise from the sand.
(50) Git: ((Oh oh...))
(53) DM: The bottle, knocked violently to the ground (Git, Reflex), begins to spin, emmitting a cloud of thick, icy-blue smoke. The smoke rises and begins to coalesce into a 50' tall figure of vaguely man-shaped proportions atop a spinning column of air.
** (49) Agatha steps back and throws up an arm to protect her face. **
(50) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [15,11] = (26)
** Kha throws his arms up to shield his face from the explotion **
** (42) Kiral quickly pulls the shield from his back to protect him from falling debris taking a step back as he does so **
** (40) Lellick is rather startled by the lightning, and starts to quickly stumble backwards, looking up to make sure nothing's about to fall on him. **
(53) DM: Slowly the apparition begins to circle the base of the ruined statue. Faster and faster he moves, and the air around him begins to form into a tornado of dust. The form coalesces even more. The wind swirls, tugging at clothing and equipment. Faster and faster the form moves until he is nothing but a blur of dust, sand, blue smoke and a giant head. In one final movement, all who watch are swept up in the tornado.
Kha: "His realse was more violent then the other one. Hopefully that means he retained more of his power"
(59) Norfirion: "Well...." *he mutters as he shakes dirt and debris from his robes.
(53) DM: Equipment and loose clothing are torn off as each of you tumbles, alone and disoriented in the growing maelstrom.
(59) Norfirion: [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(59) Norfirion: (sorry)
** Kha curles into a ball keeping his fists clenched around his head to try and protect himself **
** (48) Maximus tries to keep hold of his weapons, as to not have them unsheathe themselves and hurt people. **
(49) Agatha: "WhoooaaaaaaaAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEeeee!"
(53) DM: In one spasmodic burst of energy, the djann breaks through the dome of sand that covers the city, whirling out into the light of the desert. In a cloud several miles high, he roars out a challenge to Khalitarius, a challenge that rings out in miles in all directions, and flies off to do combat, a gigantic gleaming sword of pure sunlight in his right hand. The dying wind drops you to the ground gently, stripped of your weapons, loose clothing and equipment. As the cloud disappears into the desert, the sky rains down your missing articles, the heavy ones first.
** (42) Kiral clenches his shield and attempts to look through the violent storm to make out Nimer and her safety **
(53) DM: All around you, the desert sands stretch away to the horizon. But now, there is a great gaping hole exposing part of the city below, and through the sand protrude hundreds of rooftops. The lost city of Phoenix, like the legendary bird, is beginning to rise from its own ashes.
** (42) Kiral gathers his articles but stops as his eyes catch the wonder before him **
** (49) Agatha eyes widen rolls out of the way of her own plummeting axe, Bar'eth-el. **
(49) Agatha: ((widen as she roll*))
(42) Kiral: "That which I looked for took but 100 years to uncover, but I guess I got to see it
** Kha uncrules and looks up to make sure his spear or some other sharp object isnt going to fall on him **
** (40) Lellick feels a bit queasy after hitting the ground, and rolls over onto his side, groaning and curling up in a fetal position. "Iwillnotbesick, Iwillnotbesick.." **
** (59) Norfirion scrambles out of the way of falling debris, looking stunned after what has happened. **
** (59) Norfirion climbs to his feat, shaking sand from his person, mumbling like a wet dwarf. **
** (49) Agatha narrowly avoids her axe as it spins down and digs into the sand. **
** (42) Kiral whistles loudly, still unable to locate Nimer **
** (59) Norfirion looks around for his staff protuding from the sand and his other scattered goods, especially his backpack, and spellbook. **
** (50) Git rols around the ground to avoid falling debris, and takes a moment to balance his spinning head before getting up. **
** Nimer doesn't seem to be present or accounted for... **
(50) Git: :seeing the rising roof tops: "THink we have time to pillage a city before we leave?"
** (48) Maximus throws Git a look, either one of amusement or chastisment. **
(59) Norfirion: "It's good aren't what I'm after, but there is something there I need."
** (50) Git goes about collecting his belongings, and getting dressed. Perhaps loose robes weren't the best attire. **
(59) Norfirion: goods*
** (40) Lellick slowly climbs to his feet once he's sure he won't be sick, blinking at the sunlight. The bandage got torn from his hand, and he frowns down at it before searching for his gear. **
(59) Norfirion: "Kiral, did you manage to find Nimer?" *he asks to the zayan*
** (42) Kiral having collected all of his gear, whistles again, more loudly this time **
** (42) Kiral looks back to Norf, "I still don't see her" **
Kha: "The wizards book Norf?"
(59) Norfirion: "No Kha, the reward the princess spoke of."
** (42) Kiral kneels on the ground and leans over smelling the sand before his feet **
(49) Agatha: "cough, cough. We'll that's you wear something underneath. cough, hack, ptooie"
** Kha nods **
(59) Norfirion: "The power to grant your fondest desire."
(50) Git: :picking up Suhail, asks the sword rhetorically: "Did you enjoy the ride? Feel happy you don't have eyes to spin in your skull like this."
(59) Norfirion: "Kiral, I'll try a spell of levitation. Perhaps you can spot Nimer from above the desert."
(50) Git: "to Norf: "THat's in Muskawoon, isn't it?"
** (48) Maximus holds to the ground and lets a little amount of vomit escape his mouth as he tries to stand. "Remerging cities and a full stomach don't match." **
** (42) Kiral waves off Norforion as he talks, I can fly if I need to, give me a moment **
** (59) Norfirion nods to Kiral. "If you wish." **
** (42) Kiral begins to look along the horizon upon the ground level **
** Nimer pokes his head out from a pile of debris. **
(59) Norfirion: (ooc: it probably is, i get my names mixed up sometimes when using these arabic names)
** (42) Kiral catches the site of Nimer as he does so, and moves quickly to release her from her entrappment **
** (40) Lellick manages to find his gear after a few minutes, and dumps it all in one spot rather than putting any of it back on, dropping down into the sand beside it. "Let's never do that again." **
(40) Lellick: (..Say, did potions and things that might be in their bags get smashed?)
(50) Git: :to Lellick: "i don't know. I think some people would pay good coin for a ride like that."
(53) DM: (yes)
** (49) Agatha looks herself over, glad to still have her armor. Then notices her hair is completely undone. **
(53) DM: (fragile things probably aren't in the best shape now)
** (42) Kiral releases her quickly and pats her on the head as she jumps back to her feet **
(49) Agatha: "Grah! It'll take me a week to get the sand of my hair!"
(40) Lellick: (Gotcha.. I'll send you a redone equipment sheet a little later tonight)
** Kha gathers his belongings and makes sure the ink bottles are still held secure in thier padded case **
** (40) Lellick groans, leaning against his pack, "Pay? To have their insides all twisted up?" Blinking, he looks down at a wet spot on his pack that he happened to lean in, starting to curse as he sits back up and wrenches his pack open. **
** (42) Kiral looks to the others moving toward Norforion, "Thank you for your concern...she is quite independent I am proud to say, thankfully" **
** (50) Git looks over the spot where the statue once stood, searching for anythng left behind. **
Kha: "So back into the city or on to our next stop?"
(66) slowdeath (enter): 00:23
(50) Git: :to Lellick: "Sure... children would love it."
** (42) Kiral looks to Kha, "And where is that next stop if not back into the city?" **
** Suhail sounds faint, as if his voice were coming from a great distance. "The city of Medinat al-Muskawoon, the Cursed City of Stone, effendi." **
** (40) Lellick pays no attention, in the process of dumping everything out of his pack. He gives the mass of soggy, glass-dotted supplies a disappointed look, then starts spreading it all out, carefully picking out glass shards. **
** (59) Norfirion shrugs. "I suppose it is our choice this time." **
Kha: "Well we need a Star Gem from here, unless that was retived while I was off in my own mental world. Then we need to get one more Star Gem from where Khalitarius is"
(53) Suhail: You have four Gems out of the five needed to summon Martek's Citadel, outlander.
** (49) Agatha wraps what's left of her tattered robes around her as she listens to the others. **
(53) Suhail: The remaining Gem lies in the Cursed City of Stone.
Kha: "Ok then we head to Either Medinat or Skysea. I will have to check my journal as long as the ink bottle didnt shatter and soak it all"
(40) Lellick has sent you a tree node...
(50) Git: "Yeah yeah, though first I'd like to take a lookd through what remains of Pheonix."
(42) Kiral: "And I am welcome to join you on your quest to return Khalitarius to imprisionment"
Kha: "So would I"
Kha: "I have no problems allowing anyone to join us"
(50) Git: :to Kiral: "If you wish, but don't blame us if you die."
(42) Kiral: "That is no worry of mine, I am capable of taking care of myself, as well as helping you all"
** Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power into himself **
** Kha is suddenly holding a short spear engulfed in flames **
** (49) Agatha speaks as she shakes the sand out of her buckler and straps it back on. "Whatever we're doing let's do it quickly. We won't last long in this sun." **
(50) Git: (are the buidlings still rising from the sand?)
** (42) Kiral looks up not haven't even noticed the sun beating down **
(53) DM: (no)
(50) Git: (just kinda stopped partway?))
(53) DM: (slowly emerging but the process isn't as quick as before)
Kha: "Well we should be able to enter though a window and search though the bulding. Hope we can find a library"
(53) DM: (just remember that the city lies 50' below you, and is mostly ruined...)
(50) Git: :to Kha: "Is it really safe to go walk around in shifting sands?"
(59) Norfirion: "Let's hope all this time submerged has left it free of foes."
** (40) Lellick puts his things back in his pack, carefully, then gets to putting on his gear before climbing back to his feet. "I wonder if our mounts are still where we left them.." **
Kha: "No, but J`ahzuu or Norf can fly us to one of the more stable looking buildings"
** (48) Maximus starts gathering his gear, glad his magical pack kept most things intact. **
(53) DM: (FFing if you want)
(42) Kiral: ((we going down to the city or no?))
(50) Git: (sure, once some of the sands gone and some buildings are accessible.)
(59) Norfirion: (I believe so)
(48) Maximus: ((Go ahead))
Kha: (( ya just have to wait a bit for the sands to stop shifting or find a way to fly over to the top of a building ))
(53) DM: (ok)
(53) DM: (Engineering check for those who have it)
(59) Norfirion: Skill: Knowledge: Architecture & Engineering [1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16)
(50) Git: Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [6,7] = (13)
whispering to Norfirion, buildings are inherently unstable and it doesn't seem as if going down is a good idea...
whispering to Git, buildings are inherently unstable due to the release of the djann. it will be quite some time before things stabilize.
(59) Norfirion: "The buildings seem very unstable. I don't think it'd be wise to go down on foot at least, if all.":
(42) Kiral: "What other options do we have?
(50) Git: :shurgs as he scratches his chin: "we might be able to knock some of the buildings down, then go digging for what was inside."
(59) Norfirion: "Hmmm"
(49) Agatha: "Are seriously considering that?"
(42) Kiral: "Have any of you learned of anything within he city that might be worth finding"
(40) Lellick: "It seems dangerous enough to be going down there again in the first place..."
(50) Git: "Unless you want to do this cave buidling style, tear off some parts from other buildings to built struts to stabilizet he buildings as we go. Take a lot more time though."
(50) Git: :to Kiral: "Not particularly. But it was a legendary city. Some things of value were bound to have been left behind."
(42) Kiral: "Well, we can always come back, if we are meant to find anything within, fate will aid us
** (59) Norfirion shrugs. "Perhaps, but consider our time and priorities. I'm not sure this is our best choice of action at the time, but if you insist on going down there, there's no use for us to split up." **
(49) Agatha: "Don't be foolish. You'll break your neck going on a goose hunt like that."
** Kha keeps unusualy quiet, though it appears as if he is forcing himself to listen **
(50) Git: "No, I agree actually. We don't have time. Besides, if we find much of worth, we have no way to transport it. Hopefully we'll get back before scavengers take everything."
(59) Norfirion: "You can always send a large force here to rumage through the mess, take a percent of their takings."
(59) Norfirion: "Perhaps some of the sheik's men, later?"
(50) Git: :shakes his head: "After they know where it is, they have no need to cut me in on their dealings."
(50) Git: :sighs: "Shall we seek our mounts before heading for Muskawoon?"
(40) Lellick: "Yes, I believe we should."
(49) Agatha: "Good luck. They must be halfway across the desert after that terrible show."
(42) Kiral: "So I guess this means we are on foot then?"
(59) Norfirion: "Apparently so."
(50) Git: "Gotta remember to come back here." :mutters as he looks about to get there bearings.:
(42) Kiral: ((what time of day is it??))
(53) DM: ((evening))
(49) Agatha: ((what?))
** Kha begins looking around to figure out what direction they need to head to reach thier next stop **
Kha: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [6,8] = (14)
(50) Git: (FF en route to Muskawoon?))
(42) Kiral: "So where is that fifth stone again?"
(53) DM: ((yes))
(50) Git: "Muskawoon."
** (49) Agatha tries to figure out which way to walk. **
(42) Kiral: "Have you all faced the Ifrit already, or merely been chasing him"
(49) Agatha: "Pinned him down once, then he vanished."
(59) Norfirion: "We've confronted him previously."
** Kha starts out in a direction. "We should head this way" **
Kha: (( AFK a bit ))
(49) Agatha: "Are you sure, lad?"
Kha: "Fairly sure"
(50) Git: :shrugs and follows after Kha: "Close enough for now."
Kha: "It's North by Noth East of us"
** (42) Kiral snaps twice toward Nimer and begins walking with the group replacing his shield to his back **
** (49) Agatha shrugs and follows on. **
** (40) Lellick starts trudging along with the others, keeping up as best as he can. **
** (48) Maximus drudges along with the group. **
** (59) Norfirion follows behind the others, taking a glance to the ruins once more before departing for Maskawoon." **
(53) DM: In the distance to the north, to the limits of sight, the air shimmers strangely. The sand dunes flatten and look almost blue. Stranger still, the horizon has vanished, and the sky become one with the desert. ((This is a few days later.))
** (49) Agatha squints at the sight. "I'm guessing that's the Skysea?" **
(50) Git: "That is possibel."
(59) Norfirion: "Very interesting indeed. What a marvel."
** (59) Norfirion squints his eyes as he peers off into the distance, happy to see something other than sand for a change. **
** (40) Lellick speaks in a quietly awed tone, "It looks like you could just.. step off the edge of the world.." **
(59) Norfirion: "Lets hope that isn't the case."
** (42) Kiral gazes out on in front of him and marvels at the site **
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(48) Maximus' from server... Removing dead client
(48) Maximus (exit): 01:57
(59) Norfirion: "Wasn't there suppose to be a ship here for us to take someplace? A skyship?"
(42) Kiral: "Wait, what is this place suppose to be again? Skyship?"
(50) Git: "Yes... maybe we should have asked ajaiyah where it was."
** (42) Kiral whispers to himself lowly, "What have I gotten myself into, what does my future hold." **
(50) Git: "Was Muskawoon along the shore of the Skysea?"
(42) Kiral: "I remember this place...it is that of my childhood legends"
(42) Kiral: "I had heard about this place, and the dangers surrounding it"
Kha: (( sorry but I gota go back to the hospital, my friend want me there to take picture ))
** (59) Norfirion shrugs to Git. **
(59) Norfirion: well at least its not bloody urine this time
(53) DM: In the waning moonlight, Suhail projects an image of the cleric you saw in the Everlasting's stronghold, although the scimitar is still a scimitar.
(49) Agatha: "Well, let's hope some of that was just big talk."
(50) Git: (sh... you'll jinx him))
(53) Suhail: The Cursed City lies a good distance away, and not near the shoreline, outlander.
Kha: (( going to leave open running so I have the log to read in the morning when I get back ))
(53) DM: (stopping in 30 min anyway)
(50) Git: :lifts the sword to speak: "Forgive me, I'm not exactly working from a map here."
(42) Kiral: "I think being here during the day is more dangerous
(42) Kiral: "Though it always is in the desert"
(40) Lellick: "I'm not so sure that's a good idea here. We've heard things about this place.. about undead, and worms, and, well... I'd rather be able to see what kills us."
(59) Norfirion: ""Agreed"
(53) Suhail: No, you're not.
(53) Suhail: However, with the dawn, the god will once again enable me to walk amongst the living, and I should be better able to guide you once more.
** (42) Kiral watches as Git speaks to a sword, "Interesting" **
** Wa'run seems skeptical. **
(42) Kiral: But how did the sword change....wow
(50) Git: :TO Kiral: "Yeah.. he's annoying like that." :to Suhail: "FOr now.. just point."
(42) Kiral: "Any other talking weapons, I should know about?"
(53) Suhail: Very well, outlander, but you must seek shelter. Soon the sun shall rise, and when it does, the heat that lies trapped on the surface of the sea shall make your experience akin to that of a living hell.
** (59) Norfirion glances to Kiral. "Fortunately not, we relieved ourselves of the other one." **
(50) Git: :pauses: "Living hell, you say...?"
(42) Kiral: "The other one....you all are a strange bunch"
** (40) Lellick smiles at Kiral reassuringly, "You'll get used to it." **
(49) Agatha: "Says the hundred year old statue."
** (42) Kiral looks to **
** (42) Kiral looks to Agatha and smiles gently **
(53) Suhail: Yes, outlander. At night, it's safer to travel Skysea, for one does not have to contend with extremes of temperature. But during the day, travelling on the sea without protection of any sort is as if you were in an oven, with yourselves as the main course.
(59) Norfirion: "As the lady says, you'll eventually get accustomed to it my human friend."
** (59) Norfirion says to Kiral as he turns his attention away from the Skysea to the druid. **
(42) Kiral: "Let's hope so...now, let's figure out what we need to do to get out of the Sun"
(53) Suhail: One thing that a skyship can provide you is some sort of protection. There IS one near here....a gift from Marwan. However, I will not be able to locate it until I am returned to my normal form.
(50) Git: "Muskawoon in Skysea?"
(59) Norfirion: "I may be able to do so" *he interjects* "If it is close enough."
(59) Norfirion: "But that will have to wait until tomorrow regardless."
(50) Git: "So.. we camp then?"
(42) Kiral: "Unless you know how to get your sword into normal form?"
(42) Kiral: "Whatever 'Normal Form' is"
(53) Suhail: Fear not, sandwalker. The god shall provide.
(53) DM: The image of the priest chuckles softly.
** (42) Kiral looks to the image and smiles a bit, "I think it would still be pretty easy for me to keep going, but I think to break and camp for the dayt would be best" **
** (59) Norfirion nods. "I'm sure Khalitarius has his hands full at the moment." **
(53) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)

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