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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(3716) DM: You've spent the last few days travelling in the direction indicated by the map that was formed when you matched Hassan's medallion to the tattoo embedded on Shadalah's palm.
(3716) DM: The desert has given way to a barren wasteland interspersed with sand dunes and salt flats, stretching for miles in all directions. Such was the state of your travels until you came to the edge of a dust bowl several miles in diameter.
(3716) DM: From a relatively high dune at the edge of the bowl, you can see a shining light in the wasteland. Somewhere inside this hellish dust bowl, lies the city of Phoenix. That mysterious light seems to beckon you onwards as much as the oppresive heat warns you away.
(3724) Norfirion: well there's a specific enchantment for armor called wild, so id assume a wilding clasp deosnt work for armor
(3716) DM: It seems as if the bowl shaped depression concentrates the heat of the desert by a factor of ten
(3716) DM: Your camels seem extremely reluctant to enter the area.
(3719) Git: :sighs: "No wonder no onw comnes here. The place is a pit... literallty."
** J'hzuu peers into the dustbowl. "It is not pleasant, no. Hot, even for J'hzuu" **
** (3717) Lellick seems fairly relunctant as well, making the motions of soothing his pony, even though it's not particularly doing anything other than standing still. **
** (3718) Maximus wipes his face, which is drenched in sweat. "It is hot, lets get into the city before the sun gets any higher." **
(3724) Norfirion: "Fascinating, the power of such magicka is truly amazing. The magic unleashed here must have truly been a sight to behold."
** J'hzuu nods in silent agreement. **
** (3719) Git pets his camel, speaking to it soothingly to calm it. "Yeah, Norf... real impressive...." **
(3724) Norfirion: "And how will we make our way through this sea of dust?"
(3719) Git: "... Fly?"
** (3724) Norfirion glances off into the distance, and shields his eye's from the sun's rays. "I wonder how deep the silt goes." **
** (3719) Git looks around, curious if there is remnant of a road or path into the city. **
** J'hzuu places his finger to his head and mutters under his breath. (Prestidigitation) He looks at everyone in turn, and they feel their clothing dropping in temperature (About 40 degrees F) he sighs "This is better" **
** (3717) Lellick blinks, putting a hand to his shirt. He looks up, smiling at J'zhuu in thanks. **
(3724) Norfirion: "Git, does the map indicate how far it is from our current location to the city itself?"
(3719) Git: "Eh?" :stares at Norf: "I'm no cartographer
(3724) Norfirion: "The fly spell that both J'hzuu and I can cast is only useful for short distances. It's effect does not last much longer than several minutes."
J'hzuu: "It could still be used to find the city"
(3724) Norfirion: "What? You can't read a map? I thought someone of your profession would be a master at such a thing."
** (3719) Git looks over the map for signs of the safest and'or quickest route down into the bowl" **
(3724) Norfirion: "Let me see it, maybe I can read it."
(3716) DM: There doesn't seem to be much detail....
(3716) DM: It is at most a rough sketch.
** J'hzuu takes a small feather from the pouch on his belt and runs it across his body (Fly). He lifts off from his camel and rises into the air, looking for anything that might suggest a city (1d20+1). **
J'hzuu: (([1d20+1] -> [9,1] = (10)))
(3719) Git: "It's just a sketch. I have no idea of distance, but I figure, we head toward the light, we're bound to hit something important."
whispering to ticattack, There seems to be a shining light in the distance, deep inside the bowl, but you're unable to pinpoint it with accuracy. This could be due to the warping of light as a result of the intense heat inside the bowl.
(3724) Norfirion: "Then we'll just have to make the journey on foot."
J'hzuu: After a couple of minutes, J'hzuu returns, hovering just beside the others. "J'hzuu can see only a light" he shrugs.
(3717) Lellick: "Let's just hope that we'll be able to get back out once we go in."
(3724) Norfirion: "One problem at a time my little friend." *he says cooly to the diminutive priest*
** J'hzuu takes a tiny vial of some metallic liquid. He says something under his breath, pours a single drop of it onto his tongue then exhales slowly. A pale, shimmering mist forms a circular shape before him, which he climbs onto. He grins at Norf. "J'hzuu does not travel by foot" **
** (3719) Git tries to steer his camel into the bowl. "Yip Yip" Amimal empathy: [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7) **
** (3717) Lellick raises his eyebrows at that, then points out, "Problems have a tendancy to pile up." **
(3724) Norfirion: "Such is the nature of existence..." *he replies back to Lellick with a frown*
whispering to Git, It's VERY reluctant
(3719) Git: "Aaaaaawww... come on. I don't want to walk." :aside, Git murumrs to his mount, petting it and trying to get it to calm."
(3724) Norfirion: "J'hzuu's spell can support several people."
(3718) Maximus: "How many of us?"
** (3717) Lellick just shakes his head at that, hopping off of his pony and attempting to lead it into the bowl by its reins. **
whispering to Git, Doesn't seem to want to enter the bowl. It rears in discomfort.
(3724) Norfirion: "I'll need a little bit of time, and I'll prepare one of my own. Between me and J'hzuu we should be able to carry the entire group."
(3716) DM: Your mounts seem reluctant to enter the area.
(3718) Maximus: Then let us do that, J'hzuu can you create us one of your rooms to rest in while Norfirion prepares his spell?"
** (3724) Norfirion draws the dark hood of his starlight cloak over his head as he tries to make himself comfortable. He opens the blue drake hide bound spellbook and studies quietly. **
(3719) Git: :to Norf: "Good. Some teammates are too cowardly to help." :to his camel: "Yeah I mean you."
** J'hzuu nods. "J'hzuu can do this. Or, he can do it himself. He can make many without rest. More than enough for all" **
(3724) Norfirion: "I'll only need an hour. Save your spell J'hzuu."
(3718) Maximus: ((brb, gonna grab a sandwhich))
** (3724) Norfirion glances to the K'hajit. "Very well, if you can do so, then so be it." **
(3724) Norfirion: "I'll save my spells for other magics we may need later."
** J'hzuu takes his vial of metal-liquid from his pouch and goes through the process twice more. Three shimmering disks now sit hovering in the air. "There" **
** (3719) Git dismounts and decides to do a bit of preparation of his own. Drawing his blades, he sets to light exercises, trying to adjust to moving in the heat a bit. **
(3718) Maximus: ((back))
J'hzuu: "Two to each, and one has one to himself"
** (3718) Maximus dismounts and calmly steps onto a disk. Leading his mount beside it. **
** (3724) Norfirion closes his spellbook as soon as he opened it, sliding it back into his pack. He then makes his way to the floating disc of force, and leaps nimbly atop it. Any signs of his recent bout with mummy rot seem to be absent at last, his quick and graceful step back. **
(3716) DM: As the city is approached, the toil becomes unbearable. The heat is nearly overpowering, and with each step, the leg sinks into the soft sand to the mid-calf as though the sand were a bottomless quagmire.
** (3719) Git resheathes the blades and steps up onto a disk. "Make haste them coachman J'hzuu **
(3724) Norfirion: (well if we bothered to actually walk in the stuff anyways, we're floating above it remember)
(3716) DM: There is nothing to do but ploid on, for if one stops, he begins to sink. The glittering dome of the building ahead is a beacon, but does it warn of treacherous ground nearby, or does it promise refuge?
(3716) DM: (of course, but remember he needs an hour to get everything in place)
(3716) DM: (so yes, you're walking for a time)
(3719) Git: 0.o
(3724) Norfirion: (its ok, i figured it was just some pretyped descriptive text anyways, i was just nitpicking, ignore moi)
(3716) DM: (ok, not an hour. but still, you're walking between castings.)
(3716) DM: (and your mounts aren't being carried by the discs)
(3724) Norfirion: (somone send me a group whisper, i have problems initiating the tab unless someone messages me first)
** (3717) Lellick has a harder time walking through the sand, because mid-calf on a normal-sized person is almost to his knees on him. He plods on when they have to walk, though, staying quiet to conserve energy. **
** (3724) Norfirion offers his assistance to the cleric as best as he can. **
(3719) Git: Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [12,5] = (17) ===> Damage: [1d6+2+3d6+0] -> [5,2,3,3,1,0] = (14)
(3719) Git: (sorry, trying to fix a node)
** (3719) Git lays out on the disc, draped in white and blue linen robes, to fend off the heat. In tired boredom, he inquires, "Are we there yet?" **
(3716) DM: It doesn't appear to be the case.
(3716) DM: (Reflex all)
J'hzuu: ((Reflex: [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)))
(3717) Lellick: [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
(3716) DM: Your mounts are becoming increasingly calcitrant as they're led deeper into the bowl.
(3719) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [8,11] = (19)
(3719) Git: (I thought the mounts refused to enter the bowl)
(3716) DM: You find it increasingly more difficult to rein them in, and a few bolt.
(3716) DM: (some of you, Max for instance, led their mounts inside)
(3724) Norfirion: Saves: Reflex: [1d20+4+0] -> [20,4,0] = (24)
J'hzuu: ((We threatened to eat them if they didn't. Norf, you got a Fireball for the runners? J'hzuu's got a hankerin' fer camelsteak...))
(3718) Maximus: (( reflex [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11) ))
(3724) Norfirion: (A rare 20 on a saving throw for me, wow)
J'hzuu: ((Stan, you there?))
(3715) Kiral: ((testing??))
J'hzuu: ((Methinks Stan's be disconnected or summat...))
(3718) Maximus: ((Arrgh.))
(3724) Norfirion: probably, lets give him a bit
(3724) Norfirion: anyone tried messaging him on AIM?
J'hzuu: I'm trying him on AIM njow
J'hzuu: ((*now, rather))
J'hzuu: ((He's set to "Away))
(3716) DM: here
J'hzuu: ((It's aliiiiive!))
(3716) DM: ((those of you who rolled below a 15 failed, so your mounts bolt, those of you who led them inside))
** (3718) Maximus curses as the camel, possible food incase of emergencys bolt. **
J'hzuu: ((J'hzuu left his to wander with the buffalo, so... no loss))
(3724) Norfirion: (its like the scene from Neverending Story, bye bye horsies, err camlieie thingy, whatever.....)
(3717) Lellick: (Lellick would've left his, too)
** (3719) Git holds the reins idlly, glancing to the running animals. Just shrugs and resumes his lougning. **
(3716) DM: Time passes and you appear to be no closer to the light.
** J'hzuu watches the camels flee, glad he left his beast to wander. **
whispering to ticattack, how long does it last?
(3724) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(3724) Norfirion: "Hmmmm"
** (3717) Lellick pauses for a moment to wipe the sand out from between his toes, a fairly useless endeavor. "Don't tell me.. the city may be enchanted? If that is the city?" **
** (3724) Norfirion glances around the strange dust basin and decides to examine its magical properties. He raises his ebony oak staff and utters a word of magic as the staff emits a soft glow and resonating hum. (Detect Magic, just scanning a radius around the local area, looking for any major kind of enchantments,) **
(3724) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+18] -> [8,18] = (26)
(3734) FlameExcess (enter): 23:01
** (3719) Git sits up, stretching out, and turns to pet and encourage his moutn a bit. while managing to the others, "Is it really this far away?" **
(3734) FlameExcess (exit): 23:01
whispering to Norfirion, abjuration
(3719) Git: Animal empathy! :[1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
J'hzuu: "If all have moved at all. All could have not moved, but been fooled by an enchantment, yes?"
(3719) Git: (I reallly suck at that)
(3717) Lellick: (afk for like five seconds)
(3719) Git: "Could be. Or maybe it's just a mirage that makes it look so close, yet so far."
(3716) DM: Suddenly, you come across what appears to be a glass chute leading down....
** J'hzuu examines the chute with curiosity. He glances at Norf "Is this magicked?" **
** (3717) Lellick blinks at seeing the chute, staying a cautious distance away from it. **
** (3719) Git eaxamines the shaft curiously, trying to determine if it were man-made, or a byproduct of intsnse heat, ie the Ifrit" **
whispering to Git, knowledge
(3719) Git: Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [10,7] = (17)
whispering to Git, byproduct of heat and magicka
** (3718) Maximus peers down at the chute.(detect evil) **
(3719) Git: "Well.. someone awfully flaming has been through here.
** (3724) Norfirion ceases his concentration. **
(3719) Git: :looks up from the shaft: "Khalitarius may have beat us here."
(3724) Norfirion: "Well there's definately a powerful field of magic permeating this whole basin."
(3724) Norfirion: "I can't determine anything specific on the chute itself.'
J'hzuu: "What kind of magick? Illusion?"
(3719) Git: "J'hzuu, is your flight ability still active?"
whispering to Maximus, no evil that you can detect...
(3718) Maximus: "I don't think the ifrit has beat us here, his evil would linger here for a long time. I detect no such aura."
** J'hzuu shakes his head. "No, this wore off long ago" **
** (3724) Norfirion concentrates a moment before answering the khajit's question. "Abjuration magick J'hzuu." **
** J'hzuu frowns. "Then J'hzuu thinks it might be a bad idea to enter the chute..." **
(3719) Git: ((does the shaft go straight down or is it a slope?)
(3716) DM: ((slope))
(3719) Git: ((slope toward the light?)
(3716) DM: ((slope downwards, you can't tell what direction))
(3719) Git: "Are we gonna sit and stare down a hole all day?"
(3718) Maximus: "Does anyone have a way of seeing down the tunnel without traversing in it? Mages in the empire used floating eyes or some thing like it."
(3724) Norfirion: "Ah, yes a clairvoyance spell Maximus. I know such a spell, but I haven't one prepared."
(3724) Norfirion: "Perhaps tries using a mirror and see if you can see anything else?"
(3719) Git: :to Norf: "Can it see as far down as this shaft may go?"
(3717) Lellick: "Surely going down there couldn't be worse than traversing this. ... Unless there's undead in that thing, of course.."
(3724) Norfirion: "The spell has a fixed range, but its quite some distance. Over 500 steps or so."
** J'hzuu snorts. "This seems to be common for you". He rubs his forehead for a moment, muttering under his breath (Presti). He takes a coin out of his pocket and flips it in the air, where it becomes a small mirror. He hands it to Git. "Here" **
** (3719) Git looks off to the light, trying to guesstimate how far it is, or rather appears to be, from the group. **
** (3724) Norfirion shrugs. "Even I don't know the future J'hzuu." **
** (3719) Git takes a small mirror from his pocket and holds it up to J'hzuu, "Already have one.... don't know what you want to do with it though." **
** (3718) Maximus looks to Norf and J'hzuu, "Do either of you have an arcane servent? The small animals you imbue with intelligence?" **
whispering to Git, at least three miles.
J'hzuu: "Yes. Smallfellow"
** (3724) Norfirion points to the Khajit. **
(3718) Maximus: "Perhaps Smallfellow would be inclined to scout for us?"
(3719) Git: (forgot to ask... is it jagged glass? Bumpy? offer some form of hand holds? or just a smooth tube?)
(3716) DM: ((smooth))
** J'hzuu reches up the sleeve of his robes and pulls the rat out. He makes a chittering noise to it, and it responds in kind. He takes a feather out from his pouch and runs it along Smallfellow, muttering as he does so (Fly). He then deposits the rat near the chute. **
(3724) Norfirion: "I have other means to explore this shaft if your familiar returns nothing. A spell of spider climb, would allow one to climb down and to return, much like an insect that clings to a wall or cieling."
** J'hzuu stands near the chute, listening for Smallfellow to call out. **
** (3718) Maximus stands up on his disk and looks around for any sign of trouble. **
(3716) DM: Smallfellow eventually returns...
** J'hzuu bends down and scoops up Smallfellow, listening to his chittering. "It is much cooler down there. Very much cooler" **
** (3717) Lellick seems to perk up at hearing that, "..Okay, let's go then." **
** J'hzuu frowns. "Mmm... Yes, very well" he double-checks to see if he'll fit down the hole. **
(3716) DM: (so what now, folks?)
(3724) Norfirion: "Hmmmm"
(3718) Maximus: (( Pirate swabby time?))
(3719) Git: :to J'hzuu: 'The shaft head to a structure down there?"
(3724) Norfirion: "I suppose I should take a look before sending all of us to certain death"
(3718) Maximus: "What did Smallfellow tell you J'hzuu?"
J'hzuu: "He says it is cool and dark down there. And smooth"
(3718) Maximus: "How far did he go?"
** J'hzuu whispers to Smallfellow, asking him. **
J'hzuu: "He says he went about sixty feet"
** (3724) Norfirion fumbles about in his pouch and withdraws a small vial of liquid which he drips onto his tongue, followed by the swallowing of a live spider as he speaks the words of a spell. (Spider climb) **
(3719) Git: (brb)
** (3717) Lellick has edged over to the chute until he's fairly close to it, looking like he wants to just jump in. **
(3724) Norfirion: "I'll return before long."
(3724) Norfirion: "I hope...."
(3718) Maximus: "Go, and may Odion watch over you."
** (3724) Norfirion withdraws a small ball of gum arabic, as he plucks one of his own eyelashes and places it into the stick ball. He crushes the component in his palm as he speaks words of magic and slowly fades from sight. (Invisibility) **
(3724) Norfirion: sticky*
(3724) Norfirion: "I'm going inside now."
** J'hzuu waches him fade from sight with a grin. "J'hzuu would like to be able to do this..." **
** (3724) Norfirion makes his way to the chute, leaving behind a trail of impressions in the sand. **
(3716) DM: The mage immediately becomes visible as he enters the shaft, and begins to slide downwards...
(3719) Git: "I guess that's a sign of a no magic zone... huh?"
(3719) Git: (there time to make a grab for him?)
** J'hzuu shakes his head. "No, Smallfellow remained flying..." **
(3716) DM: (he catches hold of the edge in time)
** (3724) Norfirion grabs a hold of the edge as he begins to slide. He tries to scurry out of the chute, fearing his magic has failed. **
** J'hzuu hurries foward the hoist the mage out. **
(3719) Git: (Did smallfellow touch the glass?)
(3724) Norfirion: "Hmmm"
(3716) DM: (no)
(3724) Norfirion: "Well, that wasn't very helpful."
(3719) Git: ((oops. meant that to be in quotes, not parenthesis))
(3719) Git: "Did smallfellow touch the glass?"
** (3724) Norfirion clambers to his feat, cleaning the sand from his robes with an annoyed expression. **
** J'hzuu looks at Git in puzzlement, then dawns on what he is suggesting. He speaks to Smallfellow. "No, he did not..." **
(3724) Norfirion: "It is for times like these, that rope was invented."
(3719) Git: "I don't think we have a rope that long."
(3724) Norfirion: "Hmmm true."
** (3719) Git climbs into the shaft, holding to the edge, as he tries to test the widtch, seeing if he can press his hands and feet to either side of the tube to effectively climb down **
J'hzuu: "All could always simply slide down, then fly out if need be..."
whispering to Git, roughly 10' wide
** (3717) Lellick looks at the shaft, then back up to the others, "That's true. It might not be so bad unless it opens out into an area with the same effect." **
(3724) Norfirion: "Possibly. That's quite risky however, but I suppose lunacy is a hallmark of ours."
** (3717) Lellick smiles crookedly, "We are out in the middle of all this voluntarily..." **
(3719) Git: :sits on the edge of the shaft: "Alright J'hzuu. care to take a tunnel ride with me?"
** (3724) Norfirion glances at the Khajit. **
(3724) Norfirion: "I'd like to come along as well."
** J'hzuu grins, his eyes lit up. "Yes!" He swings his legs over the chute and slides down without a second thought. **
(3724) Norfirion: "Who knows what sort of mess you two will get into by yourself."
(3724) Norfirion: "But first I think I'll wait until I hear any screams before deciding."
** (3724) Norfirion smirks. **
(3719) Git: :to Norf: "If it is a trap, the less people to pull out the better." :if you here screaming though, do what you must."
** (3724) Norfirion nods. **
(3724) Norfirion: "
(3724) Norfirion: "Just get it over with Fellthorn. Try to keep your head and shoulders together."
** (3719) Git gives a mock salute and slides down after the khajit **
(3719) Git: :A trailing echo travels back up the pipe.: "WWWWWHHHHEEEEEEEE!!!"
(3724) Norfirion: (followed by a loud thug and squishing sound?)
(3724) Norfirion: *thud
** (3718) Maximus shakes his head in disapprovemnet. **
(3716) DM: And then silence...
** (3718) Maximus yells down the shaft, "Git! J'hzuu! Answer me!" **
(3719) Git: "wwwwwhhhhhhhhheeeeeeee..."
whispering to Git, TaliesinNYC, ticattack, (GW): ok, can you hear me? I tend not to use gw a lot
whispering to Git, ticattack, (GW): both of you slide down approximately 1.5 miles downwards in the direction of the light
** (3717) Lellick peers worriedly down the shaft. "I hope J'hzuu has some sort of magic that he can use to contact us." **
whispering to Git, ticattack, (GW): you land on something relatively soft. of course, you also land in total darkness. (unless you have a light source or can see in the dark)
(3718) Maximus: "Smallfellow perhaps can fly up and tell us it's safe..."
(3716) DM: No response from either of them.
** (3718) Maximus starts to look worried. **
(3718) Maximus: "Both of you are fairly powerful casters, do either of you have any spell that might breach the gap?
(3724) Norfirion: "Breach the gap?"
(3724) Norfirion: "You mean, a means of communication?"
(3718) Maximus: "The gap between the groups communication, some spells to carry words accross distances.."
(3718) Maximus: "Or even a scrying effect would be helpful.
(3724) Norfirion: "I don't have such a spell, I've not quite yet progressed to such an ability."
(3718) Maximus: "
(3717) Lellick: "I'm afraid I can't cast anything like that either."
(3740) [DG][Mod]Jason (enter): 00:06
(3724) Norfirion: "You must understand, spells are rare resources, which take much time and money to research. I have had little to none of both since first arriving in Zayal so long ago. I'm having to make due with a somewhat limited choice of magicka until I have time."
** (3718) Maximus lowers his head and speaks again, "We will wait a minute more then, then I'll slide down. If there injured I should be able to heal J'hzuu enough to fly us back up. **
(3717) Lellick: "And if you cannot come back up for some reason?"
whispering to Git, Kiral, ticattack, (GW): as Git lights the sunrod, you see that you've landed on a huge pile of sand in what appears to be an underground city. the city appears to have been preserved underneath the sand above, in a gigantic dome. a few feet away from you is a human astride a white tiger. Both the human and the tiger are alive, but frozen in stasis.
(3724) Norfirion: "Well I do have some magick that could transport us out of wherever it is they're at, IF the area isn't affected by the same thing that caused my invisibility and climbing enchantments to fail."
(3718) Maximus: "I honestly don't know."
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(3740) [DG][Mod]Jason' from server... Removing dead client
(3740) [DG][Mod]Jason (exit): 00:08
whispering to Git, Kiral, ticattack, (GW): looking above you, you're uncertain where the entrance to the shaft above is
(3724) Norfirion: "Perhaps we should just join them. Whatever kind of mess they're in, it looks like we're powerless to help each other either way if we're seperated."
(3724) Norfirion: "At least we may can remedy the situation if we're all together."
** (3718) Maximus nods in agreement, and adjusting his belt, Maximus eases in and slides down the tunnel. **
(3718) Maximus: ((Head back, feat first, and shield on top of me.))
(3716) DM: ((it's like riding in an indoor roller coaster, except at twice the speed))
** (3724) Norfirion nods in agreement and takes a deep breath as he follows suit, entering the chute after Maximus. **
** (3717) Lellick waits about a minute before heading down the shaft after Norf. **
(3718) Maximus: (( Ah ok.))
(3715) Kiral: (testing?)
(3724) Norfirion: 1...2....3??
(3716) DM: You (the rest of the party) land on a huge pile of sand, in what appears to be a preserved ruined city
(3716) DM: It's impossible to determine where the exit of the shaft is above you. The city seems to have been in this state for a very very long time. The ceiling above you is some kind of crystalline dome, that bears the weight of a few tons of sand above you.
(3716) DM: Oh yes, Git and J'hzuu are here with a lit sunrod....next to a human man astride a white tiger. The man and his mount are in stasis.
(3716) DM: And as you land...Git begins pilfering and examining the man...who immmediately comes alive.
(3715) Kiral: Kiral is a rough and simplistic looking human whose sun beaten darkened skin shows of endless outdoor travels. Standing nearly six feet in height, his masculine yet slender build is hidden by the tattered looking brown garbs interwoven with white threading and even further hidden by the tan leather armor that sits atop the clothing. His light brown hair nearly matches the armor he dons, as well as the boots he wears, such boots rimmed with white fur similar to that of the threading in his clothing.
** J'hzuu cries out. "J'hzuu said not to touch!" **
(3715) Kiral: In the frozen space, Kiral barely stands more than two feet above the massive tiger that accompanies him. The white fur of his companion matches that of the boots and the chocolate stripes seem to match his very clothing. The two creatures stand together inseparable from one another matching one another as if they are but one in the same. They both appear as if the instance of time that stalled them caught them by surprise as Kirals hands are raised and the mouth of Nimer is mid roar.
(3715) Kiral: Kiral carries with him on either side a dangling club, clearly rescued and shaped by his own hand from the hand of nature, and a short-handled sickle sheathed to his belt. A spear is attached across his back, and only really noticeable from the front, for the black-wooden large shield he carries over shoulder covers its arrowhead from the rear.
(3719) Git: "Eh?" :looks up at the suddenly alive man,.. whose pockets his hands are in. Respectfully withdrawing.... :" Hmph... good day then."
(3715) Kiral: As Git begins to move toward them, Kiral comes awake, his arms dropping to his side quickly as if part of his prior reaction, the Tiger finishes a great roar
** (3717) Lellick is the last to land, making a rather undignified yelp as he hits the sand pile. He just lies there for a moment before lifting his head and looking around, "....." **
** (3719) Git casually backs up a step. "So... interesting place for a nap. I prefer a bed in a cozy inn myself. But.. to each their own." **
** (3718) Maximus slings his shield accross his left arm and draws his long-sword with the speed he muster. The hissing sound of steel through air is audible as he changes his stance into a defensive position. **
** J'hzuu glances from the others to this strange man, his robe flashing red to blue to purple. **
** (3715) Kiral looks to the many people around him, when but a second ago there was no one, "Who are you, where did you come from?" Kiral exclaims in a very confused manner as if he had not been listening or even capable of listening to your previous comments **
** (3724) Norfirion perks an eye open at the sight of the massive beast and human. His hands reach for the components of a spell reflexively. **
** (3715) Kiral can't help but think...I was but alone a second ago, wasn't I...what did that trap I set do to me.. **
(3719) Git: :tries for the hell of it: "We've come to rescue you."
(3719) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+12] -> [2,12] = (14)
(3724) Norfirion: ermm you cant bluff PCs Git
(3719) Git: (sure you can)
** J'hzuu looks at Git, his face sheer confusion. **
** (3715) Kiral looks to the man inquisitively and simply responds, "Rescue me from what?" **
(3724) Norfirion: yeah well with RP, but its not really meant to be rolled for.
J'hzuu: ((They just have to RP it. Go newbie!))
** (3717) Lellick hops up to his feet and slides down the sand pile towards the stranger. **
** (3719) Git shrugs in sudden disintrest: "Boredom?" **
** (3715) Kiral places his hands through his hair dragging them through slowly, showing his great confusion **
(3724) Norfirion: (good line anyways tho heh)
(3715) Kiral: As his hands make their way through his hair, he looks eye to eye to the persons before him
(3715) Kiral: ((descriptions ;-) ))
(3724) Norfirion: Norfirion appears as a young dawn elven man. He's short in stature, standing a paltry 5 foot tall. He's thin, but agile and quick weighing around 90 lbs. His skin is a pale ashen palor and his hair the color of silver. It is worn cropped short in the front and long, nearly reaching his waist, in the back. It's sometimes worn in a large single braid as well, secured by two gleaming, etched mithril rings. His eyes are large with golden irises that reflect the tragedies of the past and the darkness of the future to come. He wears dark black clothing consisting of a loose robe and hooded cloak made of starlight cloth. It appears as if dappled with hundreds of tiny stars, and seems to shimmer and glow faintly in moon or starlight. His black boots are worn to the mid-calf and are made of soft supple leather. On his hands he wears an ornate golden signet ring that bears the Celithrandir family seal. He carries in hand a quarterstaff made of ebony oak, a dark brown and blackish wood, that's capped in gold at the top. A dagger made of silver is sheathed at his waist, along with several small pouches and an assortment of strange items used for spell components.
** (3719) Git is a charming half-elf ogf mid-twenties. Dressed in the most fashionable and functional robes of whire and blue that he could borrow from the oasis, and sporting a healthy tan, he's starting on his way to passing for a native. **
** (3717) Lellick is a young halfling with a serious face. Though a Hoarfoot, there has been some mixing of Tallfolk blood in his family history, leaving him with a slightly taller height and fairer features. His is also somewhat thinner than most halflings you're likely to meet. Dark blonde hair is cut to about shoulder-length, but tied back in a tight ponytail with curling ends. His eyes are a pale shade of green, and the skin of his face and ears have been slightly reddened from time spent out in the sun. His right hand is wrapped up with a slightly worn bandage. Everything about him is travel-worn, from his clothes to his armor. He is clad in a white, long-sleeved shirt, and tight-fitting pale grey breeches. He also wears thin wooden sandals, a concession to the heat of the desert sands. A pouch hangs from his belt, as does a silver holy symbol depicting a pair of hands, open as if in supplication. One visible weapon is tucked into the other side of his belt, a pair of wooden sticks joined by a short chain, the other a staff he carries strapped to his back. Finally, he wears a brown leather pack. **
(3724) Norfirion: "Greetings human." *he says softly to the newcomer, suspicion still lingering in his eyes*
** J'hzuu is a khajiit, a cat-person. He stands at over 6 feet tall, but he is thin for this height. His fur, black, is mostly covered by a long robe, currently flashing from red to blue to purple to red again. Underneath the robes, his bare feet can be seen. His ears are flattened against his head, and one hand is over the small pouch at his waist, next to a quiver of arrows and two wands of some sort. A finely crafted longbow is strapped to his back, protruding slightly from behind his head. He is slightly crouched, ready to flee if the stranger attacks. **
** (3715) Kiral looks to the elf, "Greetings, tell me, I am in the lost city of Phoenix still, correct?" **
(3724) Norfirion: "That is correct."
(3724) Norfirion: "As are we now, apparently."
(3719) Git: ""I hope so.. or we're lost."
(3715) Kiral: "And how is it that a city so lost in lore can now be inhabited by so many, especially when I was alone but a few moments ago?"
** (3718) Maximus is closer to six feet then five, and a well muscled hundred and a hlaf pounds. Of imperial decent, his now bronze skin matches well with his handsome looks. Wearing dark gray chainmail that has a few too many scratches and chinks in it now, a dirty and old shield almost cut in half but mended. A short sword rests on his right hip, and a long sword scabbard on his left. The dull and scuffed long blade is wavy in the air in front of him, in a low defensive posture. A dark black taberd lined with gold and red thread is covoring his chest, the holy symbol of Odion plainly evident in the cloth. His blue eyes shine with a just and iron personality. Black wild hair is somewhat under control, but matted with sweat. **
** J'hzuu straightens up a bit, realising the stranger means no harm - at the moment. **
(3724) Norfirion: "You do not seem to be a native of Zayal either, much as you probably surmised about ourselves. Where do you hail from human?"
(3719) Git: "We just got here."
(3717) Lellick: "Might we know why you're in a damned place like this alone, first?"
** (3724) Norfirion bows slightly. "Excuse my rudeness. I am Norfiion, of house Celithrandir of the island elfdom of Feandoril." **
** (3715) Kiral shakes his head for a moment taking in all the questions,, "I am too from Zayal, in search of ancient lore of this lost city...I have been traveling it for a few days now, but had seen nothing until you all arrived before me" **
** (3724) Norfirion flashes the stranger a perplexed look, especially in regards to a native Zayali, accompanied by a forest creature none-the-less.. **
(3715) Kiral: "I am down here searching out a personal vision I had but a year ago, 2929, oh how much has happened since then, Outlanders"
** (3718) Maximus recovers from the shock of seeing a tiger in Zayal. The last time he had seen such a beast was back in the empire during a blood game....with a small bow Maximus speaks, "I am Maximus Dardanus Parmenion, Paladin of Odion, Patron fo the Imperial Line and Protector of Mel'cendia." **
** J'hzuu looks up at the man, his brow furrowed. "Wait... When? **
(3715) Kiral: "Last year, I had the vision"
(3715) Kiral: "My name is Kiral ibn Aydin al-Reyhani, and this is Nimer"
(3724) Norfirion: "Oh? How interesting. You must have been under the influence of magicka. It is 3030, the Year of Ulharn's Dream, as it is known."
** (3715) Kiral quickly shifts his eyes to Norforion again, completely confused by his words, "Come again ajami?" **
(3724) Norfirion: "You must have came into contact with a spell of stasis. Quite some time has passed unfortunately."
** (3717) Lellick stares at Kiral, with a look somewhere between curious and bemused. **
(3719) Git: :shakes his head at his friend's, and asks instead of Kural: "This vision of yours. What did it pertain to?"
(3719) Git: (Kiral rather*)
(3715) Kiral: "It was merely a personal quest for me," wondering whether he should share with strangers continues, "I was keyed off to search this lost city on a hunch of lore of an undead settlement that was troubling my people"
** (3715) Kiral speaks, his words broken as his total disbelief in the situation continues to overwhelm him **
(3724) Norfirion: "It seems fate has greater things in mind for you."
** (3715) Kiral mumbles under his breathe, "My family, my father...all gone" **
(3719) Git: :hangs his head: "I'm sorry to here of your loss. However, you may be on the right path to combatting undead in coming to this place."
(3742) ticattack (enter): 00:42
** (3715) Kiral looks back to Norforion, "Could it truly be that complex, my vision leading me here to but be found but you all more than a century later" **
** (3719) Git strolls passed Kiral, strolling toward the buildings to looks around **
** (3715) Kiral nods back toward Git in appreciation as he begins to move, but does not respond **
** (3724) Norfirion lowers his head. "Yes, I had not considered such. For you humans, time passes so quickly. I'm afraid there is little I can offer to you, but my sympathy." **
** (3715) Kiral nods back toward Git in appreciation as (Git) begins to move, but does not respond **
(3715) Kiral: "Well, unfortunately for us, I was not able to make much progress or an exit from this city, so I fear I can't truly deal with my situation until I escape this nightmare"
(3715) Kiral: "But I thank you, all, for your understanding"
** (3715) Kiral looks at the ground and then back up, "Why, might I ask, are you all here?" **
** (3719) Git looks into the closest building, curious if there are bodies or signs of a inhabitants of somesort **
** (3718) Maximus nods in agreement with everyones condolences. **
** (3724) Norfirion glances up , fixing his eyes upon the druid. "Fate" **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3742) ticattack...
(3716) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3721) ticattack' from room...
(3721) ticattack (exit): 00:45
** J'hzuu glances at Norf, then nods in agreement. **
(3724) Norfirion: "More specifically, to put an end to a plague of evil that now terrorizes this land. An ifrit lord known as Khalitarius."
(3715) Kiral: "Perhaps fate too has brought us together, at least for now." Kiral immediately begins to regain his senses as the pain of his losses come to him...and kneels to the ground and begins to pet the animal that has been standing completely silent before them all
(3724) Norfirion: "The key to his defeat, lies within this place. An ancient good which must be released to combat the ifrit's darkness"
** (3718) Maximus spits a bit at the mention of the ifrits name. **
(3724) Norfirion: "At least you are not completely alone."
** (3724) Norfirion he motions at the beast. **
(3715) Kiral: "A plague of evil....perhaps my vision was not all that different than the fate you all stand before outlanders," he says as he continues to pet the large tiger
** J'hzuu catches Norf's eye as he speaks of the good that must be released, then glances at the strange man, then back to Norf, his brow raised **
(3724) Norfirion: "Perhaps..."
** (3715) Kiral stands up again as a single tear falls from his eye, "She is a good friend, perhaps my only one at this point" **
(3724) Norfirion: "Not you're only one."
(3717) Lellick: "I hate to interrupt, but.. I can't say that I like the idea of just standing around here."
** (3724) Norfirion withdraws a handful of salt from his beltpouch and offers it and a wineskin to Kiral. **
(3716) DM: On either side of this paved street stand buildings of white marble. Both ends of the street are blocked with sand that rises out of sight above the buildings. Small mounds of sand lie in various places on the street, fed by trickles falling from above. Aside from the soft swoosh of falling sand, there is no noise, and when that stops presently, there is no sound -- nothing....absolute silence.
** (3715) Kiral looks toward Lellick and agrees, "I think we should move," he states as he graciously takes the wineskin, refusing the salt, and takes a long draw **
(3724) Norfirion: (well the salt is a symbolic thing, the bond of salt)
(3724) Norfirion: (Stan can explain it to you)
** (3715) Kiral looks toward Lellick and agrees, "I think we should move," he states as he graciously takes the wineskin and ALL the salt, and takes a long draw **
** J'hzuu shudders at the eerie silence. He whispers "J'hzuu also thinks we should move" **
** (3724) Norfirion nods. "So be it, lets go." **
** (3715) Kiral hands the skin back to Norforion with but a smile and a nod **
** (3715) Kiral begins to move forward, slightly scraping his thigh with the tips of his first three fingers, instantly spurring Nimer to join at his side **
** (3724) Norfirion stores the wineskin away in his pack and glances up at the cieling, fascinated with the engineering of the chamber. **
(3716) DM: To the side, you can see what appears to be a perfectly preserved villa.
** (3724) Norfirion turns his attention back to ground level and begins to follow after Kiral. **
** (3717) Lellick takes a few steps down the street, looking up at the buildings. "This place even seems dead..." **
** (3718) Maximus looks around the chamber, his longsword still in hand and his shield still slung on his shield arm. **
** J'hzuu follows, nervously glancing around. "It is, J'hzuu thinks. The whole place, dead" **
(3716) DM: Pillars and a filgree of stone separate this area, which appears to be a foyer for a house beyond, from the street. The floor is a swirling mosaic of white and cream-colored tiles that for a convoluted pattern. The walls are dark brown, baked enamel tiles. In the center of the opposite wall is a doorway large enough to allow one man to enter at a time.
(3715) Kiral: "And apparently so for the past 100 years at the very least, what could we hope to find down here...what did I even hope to find down here"
(3716) DM: Above the door is a sentence engraved in runes that reform as you watch to read...
(3716) DM: "My fun is your fun."
(3724) Norfirion: "I don't like that for some reason..."
(3724) Norfirion: "Git, you're always up for something new and exciting. Sounds right up your area of expertise." *smiles jokingly*
** (3715) Kiral attempts to take in the entire scene, still quite overwhelmed with the fact that his life was just propelled years into the future **
(3719) Git: "Eh?" :glances off from his own little perusings to the elf:
(3724) Norfirion: "Hmmm I wonder what it will be this time. Blades from the walls, a collapsable ceiling, a flooded chamber, poison spikes...." *he rambles on listing a plethora of various death traps.*
** (3719) Git strolls to the villa door, idly glanceing the sign over the door before heading over to peer in any available window **
** J'hzuu looks at the sign, as he feels the blood draining from his face. He glances backwards and takes a couple of steps, then cringes, turns back and rejoins the others. He stands very close to the others, shivering slightly. "J'hzuu does not like dead places" he mutters. **
(3716) DM: There is a doorway beyond. This appears to have been some kind of nobleman's villa, and is richly decorated.
** (3718) Maximus keeps his eyes peeled to every shadowy area he sees, intent on sighting any enemies before they confront the party. **
(3716) DM: To pass through the doorway, you must stoop slightly to enter.
J'hzuu: (brb)
** (3724) Norfirion raises his staff and speaks a word of magic scanning the villa for any signs of magicka. (Detect Magic) **
(3724) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+18] -> [13,18] = (31)
** (3715) Kiral looks down to Nimer as they stop before the doorway and then looks back to the others **
** (3717) Lellick wanders a few steps away from the party, looking at the tile pattern on the ground. **
whispering to Lellick, it looks like a kitchen
** (3724) Norfirion ceases his concentration and lowers his staff with a soft thud. **
(3717) Lellick: "Is that a stove.. and a table?.."
(3724) Norfirion: "Magicka lingers here, aura's of conjuration and evocation."
** (3715) Kiral stands quietly, quite wary to take any action in his current situation **
(3724) Norfirion: "But its a broad enchantment, I'm sensing the city itself. It'll be difficult to pin anything down to a specific spot here."
(3715) Kiral: "Do you all have any idea specifically what it is you are searching for...what 'we' are searching for
(3724) Norfirion: "A good question, one I'm unsure of how to answer."
(3719) Git: "A gem."
** (3717) Lellick murmurs, "Not really...", still staring at the floor. **
** (3718) Maximus shakes his head in a no gesture. His attention given to the areas around the party. **
** (3724) Norfirion withdraws the brillant red ruby, the star gem of Khan-Pelar. He keeps it close and at hand, hoping it may provide some clues as to where to go, or what to do. **
(3715) Kiral: "A gem," Kiral lowly repeats to himself, he then bends over to Nimer and whispers to her, "What do you feel girl, do you see anything, hear anything...are we guarded"
** Nimer rumbles slightly. **
** (3715) Kiral pets her neck and stands back up eyeing the red gem in Norforion's hands **
** (3719) Git pulls out his crowbar, backs aside and step and takes a swipe at a nearby window **
** (3724) Norfirion smiles to himself and smirks confidently. "Hmph" **
(3724) Norfirion: "The foyer..."
** (3724) Norfirion begins to make his way into the foyer of the villa. **
(3724) Norfirion: "The gem, it actually spoke..."
(3716) DM: There seems to have been no effect. The window appears to not be scratched, though the crowbar is dented.
(3724) Norfirion: "It's did nothing to this point, but my intuition was correct. It seems to be leading me into the foyer."
(3719) Git: (I didn't know I could swing hard enough to dent a crowbar))
(3716) DM: (heh)
** (3715) Kiral hangs back a moment, waiting for the others to enter before he follows along with Nimer **
** (3717) Lellick relunctantly looks up at Norf starts to move, then follows after him. "So there's something in there?" **
(3716) DM: As Norfirion enters the foyer, a chocolate cream pie materializes out of nowhere and lands on his face.
** (3719) Git eyes the iron impliment curiously and sighs in annoyance. "Damn glassteel." **
J'hzuu: ((Sorry, family fun. I'm going to have to leave early))
(3716) DM: ((k))
J'hzuu: ((Seeya'll next week/tomorrow))'
(3716) DM: ((k))
J'hzuu: Disconnecting from server...
(3742) ticattack (exit): 01:14
** (3715) Kiral enters the room slowly, his shield still lay on his back **
(3716) DM: It splatters pastry and topping all over the wizard's face.
(3716) DM: Another chocolate cream pie materializes out of nowhere and splatters all over Kiral's face.
** (3724) Norfirion seems at a loss for words the first time in his long life. **
** (3717) Lellick stops short when he sees them get hit, then starts to grin, "...Are you two going to share those?" **
** (3724) Norfirion wipes the pie from his face and slings the mess to the floor with a annoyed sigh. His almond shaped golden eyes sweep the foyer for any signs of a soon to be dead pie slinger. **
** (3715) Kiral takes his hand and begins to sweep the pie form his face, using his sleeve to wipe what his hand can't remove **
(3716) DM: There seems to be no one other than yourselves (Norf and Kiral) inside the foyer.
(3715) Kiral: "Any thoughts about that?"
** (3718) Maximus stays outside the Foyer watching for any surprize happenstances. **
** (3719) Git walks around the villa, looking for another entrance, perhaps a balcony even **
(3724) Norfirion: "Hahahahahahahaha!"
(3716) DM: Within the foyer, a brass gate stands closed that leads into what appears to be a richly furnished sitting room. (the room that Git looked into from the street)
** (3724) Norfirion the wizard bursts out in laughter and just shakes his head, his anger fading to amusement. **
(3724) Norfirion: "Well that was a new experience" *he mumbles*
** (3717) Lellick creeps forward and sticks just his hand inside the foyer, wondering if he could catch one. **
(3724) Norfirion: "Git!" *he shouts back to the plundering half-elf.
(3716) DM: (nothing happens to Lellick's hand)
(3719) Git: :shouts back: "What?"
(3724) Norfirion: "The interesting things are inside here."
(3724) Norfirion: "The entrance to the sitting room you saw from outside. It looks pretty oppulent."
(3717) Lellick: "Damn.."
** (3724) Norfirion raises his staff and begins to concentrate, weary of trickery and illusion magicka. **
(3724) Norfirion: (Detect Magic)
(3724) Norfirion: (scanning the foyer)
(3724) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+18] -> [8,18] = (26)
** (3719) Git calls back as he continues his little search for another entrance, "I'm sure it does." **
(3724) Norfirion: "Well it wasn't an illusion, whatever it was."
** (3715) Kiral moves over to the brass gate and peers through it to observe the room beyond it **
(3717) Lellick: "If it's not an illusion, could you make another one appear? All this is making me hungry."
** (3724) Norfirion sighs. "Try to contain that ever empty halfling stomach of yours. " **
(3724) Norfirion: "We'll feast later."
(3716) DM: The sitting room is appointed with fine couches and chairs, embroidered in pastels and gold. The walls are frescoed in murals that depict a city with beautiful buildings descending to a large lake that is fotted with the triangular sails of small boats that ply its surface.
** (3717) Lellick looks just a little embarrassed, "I haven't seen an actual pie for quite a while is all.." **
** (3724) Norfirion smiles at the picture. "Beautiful isn't it." *he mutters to no one in particular* **
(3716) DM: Within are two five foot couches enlaid with gold. A small chair is heavily encrusted with seed pearls and enlaid with gold. The high, bronze back of a throne-like seat with large arms is inscribed with runes.
(3719) Git: ((Sounds beautifully uncomfortable))
(3724) Norfirion: "All of this wealth everywhere, and for once you can't get that fool in here for nothing."
(3715) Kiral: "That is a room we should explore," Kiral looks back, "We all going through?"
(3716) DM: At the far end of the room beyond is another brass doorway that stands closed.
** (3724) Norfirion nods. "Not without the half-elf. He's our expert on *ahem* treasure hunting." **
** (3724) Norfirion backtracks to where he last saw Git working. **
(3724) Norfirion: "What are you working on?"
** (3717) Lellick stays where he is outside the foyer, figuring that if someone starts dying they can yell for him. **
** (3715) Kiral moves with Norforion out of the foyer stepping over the pie on the ground as he does so **
** (3724) Norfirion shakes his head. **
(3724) Norfirion: "Comes and goes like the wind as usual."
(3716) DM: You can see Git checking out what appears to be a kitchen.
(3716) DM: (a kitchen in the rear of the villa)
(3724) Norfirion: "Well then...." *he makes his way back through the foyer and the sitting room, examing the unopened brass doorway.
(3716) DM: Along the left wall of this large, lofty kitchen are three, large ovens and a cooking surface with an iron grate across a hearth. The opposite wall is lined with cupboards, and the right wall has three water taps. On the opposite wall is a doorway which are runes that reform themselves to state "Go out this door"
(3716) DM: As you (Norf) reenter the foyer, another cream pie strikes your face.
** (3724) Norfirion tastes the pastry and just continues on expecting it. **
** (3717) Lellick snickers under his breath. **
(3719) Git: ((opposite from the door I came? or is teh "go out this door" door the one I came in?))
(3716) DM: ((opposite from the door you came))
(3719) Git: "Who's dumb ass fun house is this?"
** (3715) Kiral stands outside the foyer, looking around for any other entrances to explore **
(3724) Norfirion: "Hmmmm"
** (3718) Maximus keeps his vigilent guard. He keeps an ear for any cries for help in the foyer. **
** (3719) Git looks around for hidden entrance by the cupboards or ovens, perhaps leading into the "backstage" of this fun house **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [18,18] = (36)
(3724) Norfirion: "I wouldnt be surprised if the voice I heard wasn't from the star gem, but instead was some form of magicka acting off my actions."
** (3715) Kiral calls into the room to Norforion, "Norforion, need a hand with that door?" **
** (3724) Norfirion points to a messy pile of pie crust and custard on the floor as he walks past lellick when he heads to the sitting room. "Eat all you want." **
** (3717) Lellick says innocently, "No thanks." **
** (3715) Kiral moves to enter the foyer, removing the shield from his back, and covering his face with it as he enters **
(3724) Norfirion: "It's all I could do. You could just enter the room and open your mouth as wide as you can." *smiles at Lellick*
** (3724) Norfirion nods to Kiral. "I'm just looking around at the moment. This place is pretty bizarre. It could still be dangerous though." **
(3724) Norfirion: "Why do I feel a gnome once lived here." *shakes his head, muttering a curse against gnome-kind under his breath.*
(3724) Norfirion: "I'd give this gate a try, but I'm weary of what kind of traps it could hide. I've seen far too many already in my travels in these lands."
(3716) DM: Nothing happens as Kiral enters the foyer, his face covered by his hands.
** (3717) Lellick wanders away from his spot and over to where Max stands. "It must be very boring out here." **
** (3719) Git tries calling out through the house to his friends: "Oi! Can you guys here me?" **
** (3715) Kiral having entered the room, and a glutten for punishment, moves his shield, throwing it back over his shouldar, half expecting to me hit **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [17,3] = (20)
whispering to Lellick, yes you can
** (3724) Norfirion cleans himself up from the barrage of pastries and waits for Git to finish his business. **
** (3718) Maximus shrugs. "It's not to bad, I get some peace and quiet for once. Plus getting cornered in this foyer without some forwarning..." **
(3724) Norfirion: "Where are you?" *he shouts back to the half-elf*
(3716) DM: As you (Kiral) remove your hands from your face, a cream pie materializes out of thin air and splats you in the face.
** (3717) Lellick snorts at that, "All they're getting cornered with are pies. I wonder if the undead that are supposed to be here just haven't noticed us yet." **
(3719) Git: Dex check: [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(3719) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [8,11] = (19)
** (3715) Kiral looks back toward Lellick as he slides the pie off of his face once again..."Didn't work" **
(3719) Git: "I'm in the house! I came in the back door!"
(3724) Norfirion: "Are you lost or stuck?"
** (3719) Git gives a sudden yelp **
(3724) Norfirion: "Or injured..."
(3719) Git: "Uh... no... just checking on your progress..."
(3719) Git: "And meeting some very friendly furnishings"
** (3715) Kiral looks to Norforion, and calls to Git, "Should we proceed through this door without you, I am curious to see what this throne has inscribed on it **
** (3718) Maximus raises an eyebrow at the mention of pies. "I've been looking for evil in this city since we entered...and I don't sense it, nor any presence of living death. This city was so grand at one point..it's splendors ended in moments only to be gazed upon by people such as us..it reminds.." **
(3724) Norfirion: "Hmmm, its quite puzzling indeed."
(3724) Norfirion: "Maybe we're not in the city afterall, or perhaps stories of the place have been incorrect." *shrugs*
(3719) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [1,6] = (7)
** (3717) Lellick bows his head. "Perhaps all this place is now is a monument to the past." **
(3724) Norfirion: "We can proceed if you wish Kiral. Use caution however, do not let the nature of this place lower your guard."
** (3715) Kiral nods to Norforion and moves to the door, directing Nimer away from the door and proceeds to move to open it **
(3716) DM: (so Norf is in the sitting room, Kiral is in the foyer, Git is elsewhere. where is Max and Lellick?)
(3717) Lellick: (I'm assuming we're just 'outside')
(3715) Kiral: (no, I am opening the door to the sitting room I thought, so Norf and I might go in))
(3715) Kiral: ((right??))
(3724) Norfirion: (well Kiral and Norf both wanted to go examine the un-opened gate, so we're there)
(3716) DM: ((that's not what I gathered, but ok. so Norf and Kiral are NOT in the sitting room?))
** (3715) Kiral opens the door and proceeds into the sitting room, moving directly to the throne to examine it **
(3716) DM: The runes on the throne reform to say "Rule ye all who sit here".
** (3724) Norfirion follows Kiral inside once again, still confused by such an out of place location. **
(3715) Kiral: "I wonder what this means, Norforion come see this," Kiral adds
(3724) Norfirion: "I saw the writing earlier. Probably another form of humilation I suppose."
(3715) Kiral: "I don't think you would suggest sitting in it though, would you?"
** (3724) Norfirion shrugs. "I couldn't say." **
(3724) Norfirion: "Who knows what may happen."
(3724) Norfirion: "I've did more foolish things before, but it's a habit I'd like to try and stop."
** (3715) Kiral moves over to the picture and begins to further examine it **
** (3718) Maximus looks at Lellick, "So how does that tattoo on your palm feel? Any weird dreams lately?" **
** (3724) Norfirion concentrates and activates his Citadel staff, examining the throne and picture for any signs of magic, unlike what he's already sensed from the city itself. **
(3724) Norfirion: (detect magic)
(3724) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+18] -> [3,18] = (21)
** (3717) Lellick holds up his bandaged hand, looking at it, "Is that how it happens? I've not had any dreams, other than the usual. It just feels.. like it's always been there." **
(3724) Norfirion: "The throne is enchanted, I've determined that much." *he says to Kiral*
(3715) Kiral: "Can you determine the magic upon it, I can try if you can't?"
(3718) Maximus: "I don't know much about dreams, but the legends always say dreams or visions are a sign of something right? But it feels like it always been there?..."
(3724) Norfirion: "Some form of transmutation magic. I'm not so sure I'd take a chance with it. I'm quite familiar with the effects transmutation spells, and they can be quite debilitating."
(3715) Kiral: "Think we should attempt to dispel it?"
(3724) Norfirion: "I don't see what purpose that would serve at the time."
(3724) Norfirion: "But you could try if you'd like. I'll save my magicka for else for now."
(3715) Kiral: "No need really, I just wondered it it was the source of the magic in this building, and thus by dispelling it, could end the trickery here"
** (3724) Norfirion reaches into his money pouch and tosses a single crown into the throne's seat. Hoping to solicit some kind of reaction." **
(3717) Lellick: "Well.. I don't mean that anything other than literally. I've not had a tattoo before.. I heard they're painful to recieve. But this is just there. I just forget it's there when I'm not paying attention."
** (3718) Maximus nods and goes back to watching the ruins. **
(3716) DM: Nothing occurs.
** (3717) Lellick watches the ruins for a time as well, starting to think it's more peaceful than eerie. **
** (3718) Maximus after idly carving some symbols in the dust on the floor with his sword tip, returns the dull and scarred bladet to it's scabbard. Maximus then fetches a small dark flask from his belt, and takes a healthy sip. **
** (3724) Norfirion shakes his head confused at this madness. He glances down to the Star gem in his hand and glances back to the throne, weighing curiosity versus stupidity. **
(3724) Norfirion: (where's kha when you need him)
(3724) Norfirion: (haha)
** (3717) Lellick speaks up after a moment, "Are you sure you don't want to join the others? I could stand watch." **
** (3724) Norfirion returns to main chamber to find Lellick and Maximus. **
** (3715) Kiral glances at the picture one last time and moves to follow Norforion, still quite disoriented with everything that has just happened **
(3724) Norfirion: "Well, there's a strange throne of some sort inside the sitting room. It seems enchanted, but I'm a little too weary of trying to activate its magic blindly. I have no idea what its purpose may be."
(3718) Maximus: "Wheres Git and the new person?"
(3724) Norfirion: "Kiral is right behind me, he's coming."
** (3717) Lellick looks to Norf, "I suppose none of your spells could tell you what it did?" **
** (3715) Kiral gathers Nimer and moves out to join the others **
(3724) Norfirion: "As for Fellthorn, who knows. Seducing wenches, or looking to make a profit."
** (3718) Maximus stands up from the block he was sitting on, and putting the flask of brandy back onto his belt Maximus turns towards the foyer. **
(3718) Maximus: "Lellick when you next pray for spells could you ask for guidence from Tevesh on the matter of sitting on this throne, or even if it's important for us to do so?"
(3724) Norfirion: "No, unfortunately all I'm able to do is to determine its magical. There are spells capable of determining such an objects purpose, but those are beyond my power at the time being."
(3724) Norfirion: "Indeed, perhaps we should just leave this place and search elsewhere for now."
(3724) Norfirion: "Regardless, I'd like to have Git examine the throne at the least."
(3718) Maximus: "We need to find Git..We can't leave him playing with possibly undead wenches."
(3717) Lellick: "Mmm.. I do have access to a spell that would vaguely tell me if using the throne would be a good idea."
(3724) Norfirion: "Yes, lets see if we can drag him out of whatever hole he's hiding in."
(3724) Norfirion: "We shouldn't be spilting up, something he's good at."
(3717) Lellick: "Well.. where was he last?"
(3724) Norfirion: "In the kitchen I believe."
** (3724) Norfirion exits the building and circles around to the back to look for another door as Git mentioned earlier. **
(3716) DM: True enough, there is an open door in the rear of the villa, that looks into a kitchen.
** (3724) Norfirion peers inside the room, covering his face reflexively. **
(3745) Melodious Methane (enter): 02:27
** (3724) Norfirion decides to just go on inside if no face splattering occurs. **
(3745) Melodious Methane (exit): 02:27
** (3715) Kiral stands outside this time, having merely followed the group **
** (3718) Maximus goes through the door, shield at ready, hand on his sword hilt. **
** (3717) Lellick follows behind Maximus, looking around the kitchen curiously. **
(3716) DM: Along the left wall of this large, lofty kitchen are three, large ovens and a cooking surface with an iron grate across a hearth. The opposite wall is lined with cupboards, and the right wall has three water taps. On the opposite wall is a doorway which are runes that reform themselves to state "Go out this door"
** (3715) Kiral having watched all the other enter after Git, moves to follow, still unarmed however **
(3716) DM: The door beyond (the one that says "go out this door") is open, and you can hear voices inside.
** (3724) Norfirion sighs. **
(3715) Kiral: "If it is him, who could he be talking to?"
(3724) Norfirion: "Well I don't have much choice when it comes to this one. Aragit Fellthorn, so help me, I'm going to polymorph you into a gnome." *mumbles*
** (3724) Norfirion proceeds through the open door. **
** (3718) Maximus follows Norfirion. **
** (3715) Kiral sees Maximus armed and moves to grab his shield off of his shouldar again to take his defensive positioning **
** (3715) Kiral waits for Lellick to move in before he brings up the rear **
** (3717) Lellick pauses a moment to peer into the room beyond before also going in. **
(3716) DM: Through the door is a dining room. This long room is covered by a 30' arched ceiling supported by ornately carved beams. Spaced at 10' intervals down the center of the room hang ornate, brass oil lamps, each one having 7 spouts into which wicks have been placed. The floor is totally covered with thick, wool rugs colored in fantastic designs. In the center of the room is a low, long table, just high enough to eat from if the diner is seated on the floor. Pillows surround it, indicating that it would seat 24 guests. On the right wall in the far corner is another bowed archway.
(3719) Git: :from the next room git can be heard happily speaking: "All their sons and duaghters worked the fields, showing their family pride. And considering the appearance of their parents, you can well imagine it was the definition of an ugly conflict. They both toiled long and hard, making greeat ans healthy farms. But still they were in a stalemate."
(3716) DM: Git is here, talking to a small, pudgy and TRANSPARENT man who sits listening to him, eating as he does so.
(3716) DM: Jeweled rings line his fingers. The meal smells heavenly.
** (3724) Norfirion perks a confused eye. **
(3724) Norfirion: "Git?"
(3724) Norfirion: "Are you alright?"
** (3724) Norfirion approaches the half-elf concerned. **
** (3717) Lellick looks around the two in front of him, frowning a little at seeing the transparent man.. but then he inhales deeply, and doesn't seem quite so worried anymore. **
(3719) Git: "So.... they plotted against one another." :bites off some pita wrap: "They'd steal eachothers tools, release golfers in the others fields, which I heard the fourth son of the Caldarsari lost a finger doing, and there was even speculations of mass urination upon crops to cause damage. Inquisitors could prove nothing thiough. And were quite fuirious when they found out they were called to the little village to search for evifence of piss."
** (3715) Kiral moves into the room and rubs his eyes a bit, insuring that the transparent man is truly that **
** (3719) Git glances up tot he elf: "Oh, hi. I'm fine." **
** Khalif Mubrak looks up. "Welcome, outlanders, to my humble home. I trust you were not offended by my little welcomes." (grins) **
(3719) Git: "I was just telling a story to a new friend."
(3724) Norfirion: "What in the name of Hurishta are you babling about?"
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Please join me for a meal. Eat and be refreshed. Long life.
(3719) Git: "Norf, Meet Khalif Mubrak."
(3719) Git: "Try the wine. It's great."
(3715) Kiral: "Is it real, or just an illusion?"
(3719) Git: :to Kiral: "Tastes real enough."
** (3717) Lellick gladly takes a seat at the table, "Who cares if it's an illusion?" **
** (3724) Norfirion begins to concentrate as he taps his staff to the floor. (Detect Magic) **
(3724) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+18] -> [20,18] = (38)
** (3718) Maximus sets his shield down on the floor around his exposed side, and sits down in a chair.((Detect evil in the area)) **
(3715) Kiral: "Everything looks ok, Any food on that table for a hungry tiger, it has been over 100 years"
(3724) Norfirion: "Well the food might not be real, but whatever this entity is, it's real alright."
** Khalif Mubrak gestures. "Take your fill." **
** (3715) Kiral throws his shield back over his shouldar and moves to sit at the end of the table, Nimer at his side. **
** (3724) Norfirion eyes the spirit wearily and takes a seat slowly. **
** (3717) Lellick speaks to Khalif, "Thank you for your hospitality," before digging into some of the food. **
(3716) DM: There's roast lamb, fresh baked pita bread, dates, fruit, goat cheese, wine, water and coconut milk.
(3724) Norfirion: "Greetings Khalif. Forgive my rudeness. We were worried of the safetly of our friend. It seems you've taken good care of him. Your hospitality is most welcome."
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Please continue with your story.
** (3715) Kiral takes a leg of the lamb and lays it on the ground before Nimer, patting her on the head as he does so **
** Khalif Mubrak smiles gently. **
** (3724) Norfirion seems to drift off in deep thought. **
(3719) Git: :picking at some cheese: "Oh yes... where was I?"
** (3715) Kiral licks his fingers as he reaches in for another piece of lamb and some cheese, "And the food is good, thanks." **
** (3718) Maximus pours himself a glass of coconut milk, and nibbles on some peta bread. He keeps himself pushed far enough back from the table to be able to spring into action and have enough room to move in if need be. **
** (3724) Norfirion folds his arms into opposite sleeves and leans back in his seat. **
** (3719) Git gives a nod, and picks up roughly where he left off.: "Now as I said, I was just a guest to the local inn, so, knew very little of this at the time. However, I'm fortunate enough to be able to recognize a strage deal when I see one. It was late in the night, and I had stepped out to walk off a bit too much ale, It was cheap swill, not really fit for consumption. But if you have to be stuck in a back water village, you may as well be shitfaced there." **
(3719) Git: "As I was strolling down the road, I caught sight of a couple of men, one old and one young weeting with a strange man in a cloak. I didn't know that those loclas were Guntur and his son, and it was possible that the cloaked man may be the one looking for me in the town. So... I wandered over for a peek."
(3719) Git: "Drunken and stumbling, I'm a little surprised they never caught me. I hold that testament to my abilities. But then again, they didn't seem to be very intelligent people."
(3724) Norfirion: (wow, 3am for the friday game, I'm impressed Stan.)
** (3715) Kiral drinks from a glass of wine as Git continues his story **
(3724) Norfirion: (though you're spoiling us, we'll want it all the time now)
(3719) Git: "They were buying something from the cloaked man, something in a cage. So I figured, this can't be the man I want.and I was a bout to leave, before I heard a scream."
(3716) DM: (hah)
(3719) Git: "I turned back around to see the young man yanking his hand back out of the cage with a horrified look on his face." :Git emulated the expression, hoilding his had in cosolation:
(3724) Norfirion: (brb putting some grub in the oven)
(3719) Git: "Suddenly he yelled out, "It ate my ring!" :Makes a peculiar face: "Since the boy still had his hand, which after taking a second to think about, I really didn't care about either way, I left on my merry way."
(3719) Git: (You can stop me at any time, I never really expected to go through the whole thing, though I am enjoying making this up as I go ^_^ ))
(3719) Git: "It was two days later when everything was going to heck. Three buliding had fallen down in the night, there nails decayed away. Metal was disappearing at an alarming rate. and no one knew what the hell was going on."
(3719) Git: "Well... almost no one."
(3724) Norfirion: "Eh?"
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: A very interesting tale. (smiles gently)
(3719) Git: "Apparently; Guntur made a little miscalculation. he bought what he was told to be a trained rust monster from that shady merchant. unfortunately, rust monsters aren't really trained. You can just control what you feed them. Though well fed, they are exceptional pets. Very affectionate. You can even teach them tricks"
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: But I fear my time is drawing to a close, and so, because you have gifted me with this, I in turn shall gift you with some knowledge.
(3719) Git: :to Norf: "You came in late, I'll explain later:"
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Ask whatever you wish, and I shall do my best to answer.
(3716) DM: (one question per person in the party, PCs who are not present are included in the total, so that means Kha, Agatha and J'hzuu for a total of 3 extra ?s)
(3719) Git: ( I'll finish the story on the boards. ^_^ ))
(3716) DM: (NPCs don't count.)
** (3724) Norfirion glances to Git. "Were you able to learn anything about the nature of this place, and why it's so different than we expected?" **
(3719) Git: :sighs: "The gem we seek is in a statue of Set-i. This place seems to be frozen, or displaced. I can't tell. When we release the gem, oit will supposedly rebirth the city."
(3724) Norfirion: "Hmmmm, how interesting."
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: It is not a gem, but a djann.
(3724) Norfirion: "The field of magic I was detecting over the city, it must be some kind of magic related to time, or stasis. That would explain Kiral's condition as well. But I wonder why he was freed from his condition."
(3724) Norfirion: "It's almost as if this place is frozen in between a flux of existence and non-existence."
(3719) Git: "Perhaps because we showed up, We are "prophecised" and all."
** Khalif Mubrak becomes serious. **
(3746) Clazzy (enter): 03:07
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Your presence in the city is a harbringer of your Fate as well as a sign that the doom that overlies us all is to come.
(3719) Git: "Eh? I thought we were looking for a gem here to free the djann"
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Once you release the great "Good", all this -- gestures -- will be destroyed and Phoenix will be reborn anew.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: No. You are here to free the djann.
** (3724) Norfirion sighs, having less answers and only more questions. **
(3719) Git: :shrugs: "It's too confusing to keep track of it all. So.. djann it is."
(3724) Norfirion: "How did this place come to be in this state Khalif?"
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Your friend was released from his imprisonment because of your presence. Even now, the magicka that holds this place together is in the process of being unravelled. You have until dawn of the next day to find the djann, or else be forever buried with the sands of the desert.
** (3717) Lellick 's eyes widen when he hears that, and he glances down at the table, "..I guess we shouldn't be wasting our time, then.." **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: An ancient sha'ir by the name of Martek petitioned the Padishah of the Djann in the Citadel of Ice and Steel to be bound for a time until when he should be needed to combat an evil beyond most mortal ken.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: You released that evil, who now walks the land above in the name of Set-i.
** (3724) Norfirion nods. "This we are aware of." **
(3724) Norfirion: "And so by binding martek in such stasis, Phoenix itself was likewise?"
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The binding of the djann required great sacrifice, to hold off the power of time from encroaching on the city that holds him imprisoned. And so, this city -- great Carthag, which is now called Phoenix -- became a living tomb. All who lived within became as dust, or as guardians, such as myself, to test those who entered in search of treasure.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: There are some who are here, who are not kindly, who you will need to best. Or be bested.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: If you are who were once foretold, then it is your Fate to find the djann, release him and rebirth Phoenix.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: When you see the statue, you will see the key it holds. The legend states "City of Phoenix over Set-i, where sleeps salvation. There speak atmorphyeetno."
** (3724) Norfirion nods. "Thank you, you have been most helpfull. We are grateful for what you have shared with us. Your sacrifice shall not be in vein." **
** (3724) Norfirion nods. "Yes, the word which we were told to speak by the princess Shadalah." **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Speak the word and release the great "Good", Aeraldoth, and your Fate shall be complete.
** (3719) Git nods along as he eats **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Yes. And the key which the statue holds is one you have already seen.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: As to your sojourn here in the city, or as to your sojourn outside of Phoenix, should you have need of knowledge, I can answer you by the grace of Thoth-ket, lord of lore and wisdom.
(3724) Norfirion: (btw stan could you try and get the latest logs posted sometime this week, I lost a couple of them that contained some stuff I wanted to go over before next session)
(3716) DM: (ok)
(3724) Norfirion: (thx)
(3724) Norfirion: "Shadalah spoke of 3 trials, Courage, Wisdom, and Love."
(3724) Norfirion: (that was in Muskawoon and not phoenix right?)
(3724) Norfirion: (the trials)
(3716) DM: (yes)
(3724) Norfirion: (ok just making sure i didnt have those garbled up, just disregard my last comment hen)
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: (that's a lot of typing)
(3716) DM: (whoops)
(3724) Norfirion: "There is something that I seek in ancient Medinat al-Muskawoon. The 3 trials, what do you know of them? I have heard of power capable of granting your fondest dream should you truly desire it. Is this legend true?"
(3724) Norfirion: (was trying to figure out how i wanted to word what i was asking him)
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: In ancient Medinat al-Muskawoon, you may seek the Maiden, Mother and Crone, the Three Who Are One and the One Who Are Three, underneath moon-and-star. But to speak to her and hear her wisdom, three trials must be taken: one of courage, one of wisdom and one of the heart.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The first trial is this: of courage.
(3747) Balor (enter): 03:29
** (3724) Norfirion crosses his arms and gives the spirit his full attention. **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Within the city are numerous bathhouses, each of which holds pieces of a magical bridge in the form of golden draincaps. These draincaps take the form of links of a golden chain.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: You will need to find these links and collect them, for use in crossing a bottomless swamp.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: But I am getting ahead of myself.
** (3724) Norfirion shakes his head. "No, by all means take your time. Please continue." **
(3724) Norfirion: "This matter is more important to me than life itself."
(3746) Clazzy (exit): 03:32
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: There is an ancient legend which states that the goddess Isis married Osiris, when the world was created and the gods were young.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: They were a perfect union of sky meeting earth. But Set-i, who covets all and seeks dominion over all, coveted Isis and slew her husband.
(3719) Git: :groans: "Starting at creation of the world. This is a long story..."
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Set-i, to prevent Osiris from rising again, cut his form into 14 parts and scattered them throughout the waking world.
** (3717) Lellick listens with a sort of morbid curiosity, having forgotten to eat by now. **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Isis in her grief sought power from the elders of the earth, and raised her husband with much sacrifice, but one part was missing, that of his heart. And without his heart, he could not regain his mortality. Henceforth, Osiris ruled the land of the dead, in the underworld.
** (3715) Kiral gasps as the story comes together **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: There are several bathhouses inside the city of Medinat al-Muskawooon. Each of these bathhouses holds one or two or three golden draincaps, which take the form of a link of a golden chain.
** (3724) Norfirion nods. "Yes, I have read some of this creation legend." **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The draincaps connect, thus forming a chain of golden links.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The links are also a magical bridge.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Collect 14 links, connect them into a chain and use the bridge to cross a magical void inside the temple of Ra, the Ever-Living, wherein you will find the fifth Star Gem that you seek.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: But be wary!
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: As in the legend of Isis, one of the links will disappear.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Thus in crossing the bridge, will you be required to take a leap of faith.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: As for the bathhouses themselves, it is a test of courage, for within are hordes of undead that must be bested.
(3724) Norfirion: "I see, so this is all symbolic of Isis's original actions."
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The second trial is a trial of wisdom.
(3747) Balor (exit): 03:40
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: An ancient legend, perhaps not of Zayal, but of a place far removed from Zayal, in an ancient empire that caused the breaking of this world, was once a god named Prometheus. He was an elder of the earth who was allowed to ascend to godhood after having challenged the ruler of the gods and undertaken many tests.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Within his temple, you will find a unlit brazier that once lit, kindles a magical ever-burning flame.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: You will need to discover how to kindle that brazier using the tools found within the temple.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Use the flame to create a torch, which will be necessary to drive away guardians found within the temple of Ra, the Ever-Living.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Guardian snakes.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: The third trial is a trial of the heart.
(3724) Norfirion: [1d12] -> [10] = (10)
(3724) Norfirion: (oops)
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: An ancient god, whose name is Baldras, who comes from a place not of this land, from a far-off place in a land of ice and snow, was once the lord of all that is merciful and kindly. His fellow gods were charmed by his good looks and loving personality, and he was a sought-after companion in many of their adventures.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: But Baldras was troubled by dreams of his own death. When he confided his dreams to Friga, his wife, she was so worried that harm might befall her husband that she made each item on this world swear that it would not injure him. Once this oath had been accepted, the other gods would amuse themselves by hurling objects at Baldras.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Angered by the attention paid to Baldras, the malicious Loki, lord of lies and vengeance, went in disguise to Friga and asked her about the oath. She finally confessed that all of the plants, animals, stones and metals of this world had taken the oath save one, the lowly mistletoe. Loki fashioned a wand of mistletoe and giving it to a blind god named Hod, directed him to hurl it in the direction of Baldras. Hod did so, and was Baldras slain.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Within the temple of Baldras, one of you will be asked to make a sacrifice. This sacrifice will determine the reward you shall receive that will enable you to win past the Eye of Hathor that guards the temple of Ra, the Ever-Living.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: It is said that the Eyes can peer into the soul of any who approach the Temple of Ra, and judge them according to their intent.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Once you have obtained the Star of Melos-Pelar, you will then be able to visit She Who Reigns Under Moon-And-Star
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: You may seek her out and obtain your fondest desire.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: However!
** (3715) Kiral shouldars drop from their anxious tense position when the words however are muttered, as if dissappointment had taken over **
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: They will only reveal themselves to he or she whose desires are true, for in wanting a desire, you desire what you once wanted.
(3716) Khalif Mubrak: Once you have obtained all five Star Gems, then you will be that much closer to discovering Martek's Sphere of Power.
(3724) Norfirion: sorry was afk a minute
(3716) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)
(3716) DM: if you have further ?s, and I know you guys do, ask them on the boards.
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