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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(28) DM: (ok, who needs a recap?)
(22) Norfirion: play an argonian
Kha: (( I could use one ))
(21) ticattack: ((Me too))
(22) Norfirion: if i rejoined the sat game, i was thinking about playing an argonian
(28) DM: (that's interesting. an argonian in the Empire could work, but not in Gwythnecht where he would end up as alligator meat)
(16) Maximus: (( Lizard-King! Be a caster, take Brew Potions and make us some Sobe~)
(24) Lellick: (So argonian alligator-wrestling rangers are out?)
(28) DM: (basically the PCs rescued Shadalah, went back to the Oasis, had a tearful and joyous reunion, found out lore about Phoenix and the Skysea, and the city of the Gods, and now are planning on having a dinner feast in their honor)
Kha: (( oh ya, Kha was heading to see if his new snakeskin suit was finished ))
(21) ticattack: ((Yup, and J'hzuu was going with Kha and... someone else, as he'd get lost in the unfamiliar city))
** (23) Git has retired to his tent to get cleaned up and properly dressed before joining the feast **
** (28) Wa'run enters your tent, led by Halif. **
(28) Wa'run: You have returned! I heard a few moments ago. (is relieved)
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, it is
(23) Git: :While cleaning himself with a damp cloth, eyes the boy amoment before reiterating, "Yes.. we did."
(28) Wa'run: Does this mean that you will be leaving soon? (looks hopeful)
** (22) Norfirion makes his way to the entrance of the tent and turns to Git. "I'm going out for a walk. I'll be back later." **
** (22) Norfirion nods to Wa'run as he exits the tent to stroll through town. **
(23) Git: :nods: "Most likely."
** (23) Git passes the elf a brief wave in parting **
** Kha looks over his new outfit then goes to try it on **
(23) Git: "I'm not yet sure what our next destination will be, but you should be relieved to know that we now have a way to cross the skysee. Hopefully we will find your sister their, intact."
(28) Wa'run: I long for the day when I would see Fadiya again. And for the opportunity to kill he who enslaved her. (grimly, then looks up at you, surprised at his words)
** (28) Wa'run nods. "I am greatly indebted to you, Git." **
(28) DM: He pronounces your name as "geet".
(22) Norfirion: (har)
** (23) Git watches the boy's worried countenance, while cleaning the back of his neck. With a shrug, he offers, "You have acted as an able guide in our time here. Consider it a mutual benefit." **
** (24) Lellick had spent a short time looking around the oasis, staying close enough to the tent to not get lost. Now he heads back into the tent, slipping past Halif and Wa'run with a quiet "Excuse me." **
** (28) Wa'run slowly nods, then turns to step outside. "It has been a strange time here, while you were gone. The Sheik seems to have placed trust in the Everlasting. I do not know if this will lead to good or ill. Many see it as a road to ill." **
(28) Wa'run: I can only hope that this "Fate" smiles on us all.
(23) Git: "Yeah.. hope is a nice thing and all..." :muses idly: "Honestly, I prefer scheming. gets better results"
(28) Wa'run: His men have fallen in battle against the ifrit, and more Everlasting have joined the cause against the spirit. (shrugs worriedly)
** (16) Maximus after cleaning himself and putting on his best clothing, which consisted of a simple, yet elegent white long sleeved shirt and black pants. Maximus straps on his sword belt, and goes around the camp looking for J'hzu. **
(23) Git: "And the tribal lords.. are they showing him respect in his waning time, or are the everlasting eclipsing him in that respect as well?"
(27) Daelan La'neral (exit): 22:43
(28) Wa'run: It seems to me that each side thinks the other a thief in the souk, but because the ifrit is all-powerful and all-consuming, they have no choice but to trust each other.
(23) Git: "Hmph... I wonder what will haoppen once that threat is gone. Will alliances be forged, or will a mad grab for power in the following vaccum ensue?"
(23) Git: :Shrugs: "Oh well... should be interesting either way."
(28) Wa'run: Much depends on Hassan, who is a champion for these gods of Fate, gods that the Everlasting claim to follow. If Hassan becomes Sheik, then perhaps ill will not come.
(28) Wa'run: There are some who see him as the new Sheik already, and others who long for the days of old. Interesting times.
** Kha goes and finds the others after doning his new snake skin outfit **
** (28) Halif grunts. "Hassan is a boy. A man, but still a boy." **
(28) DM: His appearance is...striking.
** (24) Lellick sits up against one of the tent walls, quietly listening. **
(23) Git: "There are people in this world, younger than you Wa'run and wiser than me."
(23) Git: "Which.. may not sound very impressive,..."
Kha: "You like the new outfit?, it fits very well."
(23) Git: "But, even more dangerous are the individuals who can garner respect, not for skill or experience, but simple for their appeal, their outgoing confidence and simply the fact that they appear as an alternative to something possibly discomforting,"
** (24) Lellick spends a moment staring at Kha before asking, "..Do you.. perhaps have some other profession we are not aware of?" **
(23) Git: :glances to Kha: "I'm babbling and he's fashionable. Something is not right with this scene."
(28) Wa'run: I think I understand, though I am just a shepherd boy.
** (28) Wa'run turns to look at Kha and gapes in amazement. **
(23) Git: :shrugs to Wa'run: "I was once but a village youth myself. You'll grow out of it."
** J'hzuu enters. He looks at Kha for a moment, shakes his head and takes a seat. **
Kha: "No other profession. I just took the skin of a giant snake we killed and decided to have it made into an outfit."
(28) Wa'run: Some ajami, who come from the west, over the mountains, believe that if you wear the skin of what you kill, you gain their power. I would not want to fight you. (gapes)
Kha: "West, that would be MelCindia?"
(28) Wa'run: I have heard stories but have never seen them. Some wear armor of glass and wield swords of fire.
(28) Wa'run: I do not know the land they come from, only that they are not of the desert, being men with skin as milk and hair like sand, from over the mountains.
** (16) Maximus smiles. "The armor of Glass is strong Wa'run, though some armor is more prestigious." **
Kha: "Well I wear armor of snake and wield a spear of fire, so I should fit in rather well there." **Smirks**
(23) Git: "Swords of fire, eh?" :picks up Suhail looking it over: "I wonder if I could trade you in for one."
(28) Wa'run: Would not glass break? (is puzzled)
** (28) Halif snorts. "An axe could shatter a suit in minutes. Glass armor." (snorts) **
Kha: "I doubt it is truly glass, just has that appearance Wa`run." **Turns to Halif** "So do you like it?"
(23) Git: "Who ever said it was normal glass?"
(16) Maximus: "The magic that inhabits such armor keeps it from breaking. Or its the glass itself, I've always felt that that the faith in the armor keeps it blocking.
(28) Halif: If it protects you from a blow, then yes. I would not wear one.
** (24) Lellick stands now, and moves over to Git, almost hesitantly. "Ah.. excuse me. You've been to this place before, haven't you? I was wondering if you could help me with something." **
(23) Git: "Sure.. what is it?"
(28) Halif: It could be magical. There is much I do not understand about these ajami. There are stories of water as far as the eye can travel. I have never seen this, and so doubt that to be true.
(16) Maximus: "Ajami?"
(31) No Name (enter): 23:00
** (28) Wa'run translates. "Outlander." **
Kha: "The sea, Indeed Halif there are bodies of water that go as far as the eye can see"
(24) Lellick: "When I first came to the desert, I was with a caravan that was attacked. I'm hoping that some of them might have made it here, but.. I wouldn't know who to ask."
(16) Maximus: "Ah...I've honestly only seen or heard of the armor, but the wonders of Empire are far beyond that I've seen elsewhere."
** (28) Wa'run looks at Kha, his jaw dropping in amazement. "Can you drink it?" **
J'hzuu: "It does not taste good. Salty" he makes a face.
whispering to Maximus, I'll try to have more info for you about Thendranor. maybe this weekend
Kha: "Some of it you can, the largest bodies of water you cannot it is full of salt"
whispering to Maximus, you'll forgive me if Mel'Cendia sounds like the Elder Scrolls, heheh
(23) Git: "Hmmm... Well... there's little chance they would have made it all this way. Though, they may have been picked up by one of the tribes here. You can try asking around with the travels, though it may be faster if we hit the igloo to visit a colleague of mine."
(28) Wa'run: I think I would like to see such a thing. (glances at Halif, then back at you)
(28) Wa'run: Igloo?
(28) Wa'run: What is an igloo?
** (24) Lellick smiles faintly, "I was afraid of hearing that. I would appreciate it if we could go there." **
(23) Git: "Well.. the continent is basically a huge island. Keep walking in any one direction and your bound to hit the ocean eventually."
Kha: "Igloo, isnt that the bar just down the street from our Inn?"
(23) Git: "Igloo... uh,... that domed shaped tavern run by the halfling fellow."
(28) Wa'run: Oh, you must be talking about the ajami camp. (nods in slow understanding)
** (22) Norfirion returns from his walk and enters the tent. **
(23) Git: "Right..."
(28) DM: You have the distinct impression that the boy has no idea of what you're talking about.
** (23) Git stands and dons some casual rbes before turning to Lellick: "Shall we go check if they've heard anything of your friends?" **
(22) Norfirion: "Whats with all the talk about water?"
Kha: "Halif did not believe in bodies of water that went as far as the eye can see. I was explaining about the sea"
(24) Lellick: "Yes, let's."
(22) Norfirion: "Ahhh..."
(28) Halif: Something about water as far as the eye can see. (snorts as he sharpens his axe)
(22) Norfirion: "You know most of the human body is composed of water."
Kha: "So will you be joining us on our travels to Pheonix Halif?"
** (23) Git nods and straps on a couple of dagger beneath his loose clothing before heading for the flap. Pausing there, he asks of Wa'run, "If you really still feel indebted, boy, you could give my armor a fine polish before the feast." **
J'hzuu: "Humans but not elves? What of dwarves? Are they stone?"
** J'hzuu grins at Norf. **
(28) Halif: You are truly a sha'ir. And mad too. Hack open a man and he bleeds, does not bleed water.
(28) Wa'run: Of course.
(22) Norfirion: "The calculated components of a human adult are: 35 liters of water, 25 kilograms of carbon, 4 liters of ammonia, 1.5 kilograms of lime, 800 grams of phosphorous, 250 grams of salt, 100 grams of saltpeter, 80 grams of sulphur, 75 grams of fluorine, 5 grams of iron, 3 grams of silicon, and a little bit of 15 other elements."
Kha: "You can drink the blood though and it will sustain you like water"
(23) Git: :nods to the boy and heads out the tent for the igloo, "Lellick, let us get a drink in better atmosphere."
** (28) Halif blinks. **
(28) Halif: And he speaks in tongues.
** (22) Norfirion chuckles. **
(22) Norfirion: "Nevermind..."
** Kha scratches his head at Norf. Even I dont know what you just said Norf" **
** J'hzuu raises a brow at Norf. "J'hzuu is sure that is... useful information. How... How would one discover such things?" **
** (24) Lellick follows after Git, chuckling softly, "Do they at least have proper drinks here?" **
(22) Norfirion: "It's alchemy..."
(23) Git: "Welll... it seemed good enough the last time I was there."
(22) Norfirion: "The power of changing one substance into another."
** (28) Wa'run follows Git, at the mention of "drinks". **
(28) Halif: Like a vishap to swine?
** (22) Norfirion nods. **
** (28) Halif continues sharpening his axe with a grindstone. **
(22) Norfirion: "In a more magical fashion, alchemy itself is a skill many can learn."
(22) Norfirion: "But the two are related."
J'hzuu: (Proudly) "J'hzuu can do this. He can turn an arrow into a cup, or a hair into a cloth"
(22) Norfirion: "Yes, its a spell of transmutation."
Kha: "How about a cat into a dog?"
(22) Norfirion: "Evocations for instance, bring forth powers or energies in a violent fashion, such as a fireball."
** J'hzuu frowns. "No, he can not do this... He can turn himself into a human, though. or a dwarf, or an elf" **
(22) Norfirion: "I could do that Kha."
(22) Norfirion: "Anyways, enough babbling."
** Kha looks at J`hzuu then back to Norf and nods in J`hzuu's direction **
(22) Norfirion: "When does this feast begin?"
(22) Norfirion: "The sooner its over, the better."
(22) Norfirion: "The food here is graiting on my nerve."
Kha: "Well I think I will take a little nap and see what dreams I have before the feast tonight."
** (22) Norfirion meditates and waits for the start of the occasion. **
(31) Agatha: "Hmph. I've got one for you. Sand into wine."
(28) DM: (shifting over to Git and Lellick)
** J'hzuu smiles. "J'hzuu could turn grass to grapes, but this is the limit" **
(28) Halif: I prefer an axe inside a body.
(28) Halif: What is alive is now dead.
** (31) Agatha smiles at the minotaur. "Now that's my kind of alchemy." **
(28) DM: A bearded halfling looks up as you (Git, Lellick and Wa'run) enter the igloo.
(28) Shylo Slick: You're back! I thought you'd never leave that ruin alive.
(23) Git: :grins to the halfling: "We're a very resiliant lot. Buy us a drink in congratulations?"
(28) DM: Drunken snores fill the tavern. It's the gnome, asleep on a table by the firepit.
(28) Shylo Slick: Drinks on the house, of course.
(28) Shylo Slick: M'lady. (toasts Lellick)
(28) Shylo Slick: And for you, hm. Well I'll cut a little wine with water. I don't normally serve children here.
** (24) Lellick looks around the tavern, rather liking the place already. When he hears Shylo, he looks over to him with a blink, "..." **
** (28) Wa'run looks in wonder around the tavern and does not appear to have heard Shylo. **
(28) DM: (my mistake. sometimes I mistake the player for the PC lol)
(28) DM: (he said Sirrah.)
(24) Lellick: (Haha, alright)
(23) Git: "Hehe..." :strolls to the bar: "Oh, let the boy have a real drink, it will do him good in his growth."
(28) Shylo Slick: Hm, all right. But it's strong and he's probably never had it.
** (24) Lellick also moves up to the bar, "The drinks are appreciated, but I was told I could get information here." **
(28) Shylo Slick: Of course, of course. Information is fine, but comes with a price. (smiles slightly and sets three full wine goblets in front of you, although Wa'run's isn't nearly as full)
(28) Shylo Slick: What can old Shylo do for you?
** (28) Shylo Slick seems to be a kindly looking, elderly halfling with graying, almost white hair adorning his wizened face. **
** (23) Git swirls the liquid in his cup before taking a quick gulp and giving a satisfied sigh: **
** (16) Maximus declines any sort of drink. **
(24) Lellick: "There was an envoy that came to Zayal. It was made up of nobles and priests from Tor Alin. I need to know if any of them made it here, or if anyone's heard of them..."
(28) Shylo Slick: I just managed to come by a caravan the other day with some Fendish Ale and Widdershine Black, if'n you're interested.
(28) DM: (forgot Max was with you)
** (28) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood snores drunkenly and turns over half-asleep. **
(28) Shylo Slick: Don't mind him. Harmless codger. Lost a drinking bet with me. (grins)
(28) Shylo Slick: Hm. I can't say I have. I think I'd know if I heard of anyone from...down there.
(28) Shylo Slick: She's trustworthy? (to Git)
(28) Shylo Slick: (he)
(28) Shylo Slick: You're the first people in a long while that remind me of home.
** (23) Git gives a nod. "Has my trust" **
(28) Shylo Slick: In fact, the only ones ever since that fire wizard from a few weeks ago before you came.
(28) Shylo Slick: Wasn't very personable, but had a taste in young girls. (shudder)
(24) Lellick: "..Yes.. I suppose news of foreigners would travel fast here. Well, thank you anyway."
** (28) Wa'run takes a little taste and grimaces. **
(28) Shylo Slick: Any time, any time. I'm sorry I wasn't much help.
** (24) Lellick nods, then suddenly grabs his wine glass and drains about half of it in one go. **
(28) Shylo Slick: (to Wa'run) You get used to it after a while. (smiles)
** (23) Git waves a subtle hand: "Helpful enough, Perhaps we could check among the tribesman for any word. Though I doubt it." **
(28) Shylo Slick: If they were attacked, you can bet they're either bones or worse now. Not much traffic except travellers this way. And the ifrit isn't helping much.
(23) Git: :takes a sip and turns more personable: "So.. how has business been for you lately. I figure in such grizzly times, the man who served alcohol would make the most profit."
(28) Shylo Slick: Been very well, thank you. (smiles) Ever since you cleaned out those Sandvoyagers from here, things have picked up.
** (24) Lellick winces a bit at hearing that, finishing off the rest of his wine. **
(28) Shylo Slick: The Sheik's lifted the travel ban on the Oasis, which is good, because I'm still trying to recover from all the damage that fire wizard did.
** (23) Git pats Lellick on the back in consolation, "Take it easy my friend. Until you have proof of their demise, don't go perishing yourself too quickly on spirits." **
(28) Shylo Slick: Hm. (thinks a moment) Now that I think about it, there WAS a fellow.
(23) Git: "Fire wizard... the one who headed for the Sky Sea?"
(24) Lellick: "Yes, well, it was out in the middle of nowhere. I'm still not sure whether I was lucky to survive or not."
(28) Shylo Slick: About your height (peers up at Maximus), in silver chain armor, though not normal armor if'n you take my meaning.
(28) Shylo Slick: One of these holy types.
(16) Maximus: "Did you catch his name?"
** (24) Lellick looks to the bartender hopefully. "And do you know where he went?" **
(28) Shylo Slick: Didn't much care for the tribesmen, wanted to convert them all to Solnor. I managed to quiet him before he got out of hand. (chuckles)
** (16) Maximus looks interested now, before he was slightly in the tavern his thoughts elsewhere. "Is he still here?" **
(28) Shylo Slick: Feridwyn. Feridwyn of Tor Malak. Sandy brown hair, green eyes, jagged scar on his er...left chin. Proud gait.
(28) Shylo Slick: Obviously a spoiled noble. (washes a glass and holds it up to the light)
(28) Shylo Slick: He decided to take his chance and leave the Oasis, claimed he believed in the god to show him the way.
(23) Git: :chortles: "Wonder how that turned out for him."
(28) Shylo Slick: (washes the glass some more) I don't have much use for Fate or faith except well, faith in getting drunk. (grins)
(16) Maximus: "Drink has its allure for some it seems. Feridwyn...Feridwyn of Tor Malak." Maximus pauses in thought.
** (24) Lellick groans softly, putting a hand to his forehead. "I do hope he at least hired a guide." **
(28) Shylo Slick: Maybe, maybe not. In any event, he headed north, because he heard that to the north lies the way out of this forsaken place.
(23) Git: :jokes mildly: "Don't worry. I'm sure Solmor will leave him guideposts and canteens along the way."
(23) Git: "Won't that run him straight into Sky Sea?"
** (28) Shylo Slick sets the glass onto a rack and takes up another glass. "I don't know how familiar you are with this land, but there's one problem with going north, and that's a sea of glass that even the tribesmen won't cross. S'posed to be haunted and what not. And hellishly hot." **
(28) Shylo Slick: So you ARE familiar. Yes, it will. But on the other side of Skysea are the lands of the League. And since he's a paladin of Solnor, well, he'll fit right in.
(16) Maximus: "Solnor, Git. God of Rightious Valor or so I've heard. Perhaps the man got god given visions to help him, though such things are rare."
** (24) Lellick speaks in a bit of a sarcastic tone, "The sea of glass.. he'll surely see plenty of his god there." **
(23) Git: "Good for him. Perhaps he'll have the insight to walk around."
(28) Shylo Slick: Or he'll have the sense to turn back. There's more to Skysea than just being hot.
** (28) Shylo Slick sets the glass on the rack and takes another. "There's things underneath the glass that lie in wait for things to cross it. Large, mean things. Like worms." **
(23) Git: "Aye.. here's to sensibility" :Hoists his glass: "Damned be the faithful." :gulps the remainder of his glass:
** (16) Maximus flashes a look towards Git, but doesn't say a thing. **
** (24) Lellick makes a face. "Worms? Big worms? I can't say I'll be looking forward to that." **
(28) Shylo Slick: Yes. GIGANTIC worms with scales the color of twilight dusk.
(28) Shylo Slick: (grins at seeing Lellick scared)
(28) Shylo Slick: Well, since you've escaped from the Crypt, I don't think a worm will bother you. Maybe a ghostship, but not a worm.
** (24) Lellick rubs at his face. "You'd be surprised." **
(16) Maximus: "Ghost ships?"
(23) Git: "Hmm... perhaps will takes some poles and fish for bait... see if the process works in revers."
(28) Shylo Slick: Oh ho. (takes another glass after setting it on the rack)
(28) Shylo Slick: Yes, spirits of ships that were destroyed on Skysea. It's why the sea is haunted.
(24) Lellick: "Say.. might I have another glass of wine?"
(28) Shylo Slick: And if that's not enough, there's also glass pirates.
** (22) Norfirion burns Kha at the stake. **
(28) Shylo Slick: Why, of course. Help yourself. Any hero of the Oasis is a friend of mine.
(23) Git: "Glass Pirates? What profit is there to make on such a lifeless expanse?"
(23) Git: :holds out his glass for a refill:
(28) Shylo Slick: They're not living pirates, friend.
(28) Shylo Slick: The sea was created by an ancient sha'ir named Martek, who bound the souls of thousands of undead underneath the sand, and then melted the sand with his spells.
(28) Shylo Slick: Thus was the sea born. I've heard that one of the goals of the ifrit is to see his minions reborn, even if that means undoing the sea.
(23) Git: "Then let us hope we can stop him before he achieves this goal."
** (28) Shylo Slick refills Git's and Lellick's glass. Wa'run listens, sipping slowly all the while and grimacing. **
** (24) Lellick shudders as it occurs to him what the worms might be living on. **
(16) Maximus: "Just curious Shylo, when you said the paladin had weird looking armor, could you describe it?"
(16) Maximus: "err...besides being silver chain mail, what is mroe different about it then you normally see""
(28) Shylo Slick: It was reflective.
(34) Feralith (enter): 00:05
(28) Shylo Slick: It was designed in such a way to make you look away from him, when he stood a certain way. In the desert, that could mean that he literally stuck out like a sore thumb or as a beam of unbearable light.
** (28) Shylo Slick goes back to washing the glasses. "So, are you going to be at the feast tonight?" **
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(21) ticattack (exit): 00:07
(23) Git: "Well, at least he has that going for him."
(23) Git: "Wouldn't miss it for the world."
(35) ticattack (enter): 00:07
(16) Maximus: "Solnor is a god of light...but that reeks of stupidity to travel with such a beacon."
** (24) Lellick sips at his wine, a good deal slower than he had been before. **
(24) Lellick: "I'm starting to think he might not be alive if we do catch up with him on our way."
(23) Git: :shrugs: 'Anything's possible."
(34) Feralith (exit): 00:09
(28) Shylo Slick: He claimed it protected him from undead.
** (28) Shylo Slick chuckles. **
(23) Git: "I've seen the lije. It could be possible."
(28) DM: (going to FF in a few)
(23) Git: "Or... maybe he's crazy."
(28) Shylo Slick: About as crazy as a fire wizard in a desert Oasis. hmph.
(28) DM: (ok, FFing)
(22) Norfirion: yay
(16) Maximus: (( coolio, food time!))
(28) DM: Several hours later, you're at the feast. Three old camels were slaughtered and roasted all day, basted with honey, fat and spices; so by the time the feast begins it quite literally smells like the food of the gods.
(28) DM: Other dishes include a ragout of goat and lamb, onion flatbread, dates and coconut water, horsemeat spiced sausage, roast coney, and a spicy grain and vegetable salad.
(28) DM: You're guests of honor and are given places to sit at the right hand of the Sheik and his son.
(28) DM: Shadalah is there and sits with her women, smiling at you as you enter the circle.
** (23) Git , in clean robes and a fresh polished mithrail chain makes his way to his seat, greet the guests gladly **
** Kha enters in his nice clean new snakeskin outfit and takes his seat **
** J'hzuu enters, nodding to all present as he enters. He sits down and stares at the food, almost salivating. **
** (22) Norfirion shakes his head at everyone's newly discovered fashion sense and takes a seat, wearing the same thing as usual. **
** (16) Maximus wears the same simple, yet elegent white longsleeved shirt, with black pants and a simple sahpire amulet. His holy symbol is resting beneath the saphire. **
(23) Git: :bows to the Shiek: "This is an awesome banquet, your highness. We our flattered by your hospitality."
** (24) Lellick had just taken the time to clean up a little bit. He inhales deeply before taking a seat. **
** Kha takes a bit of the flat bread and dips it in his wine before taking a bite, then sits back relaxed and ejoying himself **
** (31) Agatha wears her usual attire. The concession she makes for the occasion is the clean, lighter linen robes she wears over her armor. **
(31) Agatha: ((only concession*))
(28) Prince Hassan: A toast, to those who rescued Shadalah from the ifrit, that they may live long and be fruitful!
(28) DM: Several tribesmen agree and raise their cups to each of you.
(23) Git: ((who is present besides the tribesmen? Any members of the Evelasting?))
(28) DM: (Ajaiyah, does that count? None that you recognize. They're probably here, but not openly)
** Kha takes a sip of wine at the toast **
(28) Sheik Kassim: Yes, yes. Without your bravery and aid, we would not be here, sitting amid a feast, celebrating your return. We would still be fighting the ifrit, and though we still are, we have earned this small rest from him for tonight.
** J'hzuu raises his glass (Juice or water) and takes a sip. **
(23) Git: :raises his cup to Hassan and Shadalah in return : "Thank you, Friends. And may we congratulate you both on your coming nuptuals. May you have a happy live and helthy childrem." :then turning to the congregated he adds, "And let all of Zayal find solace and strength in the days to come."
(28) Sheik Kassim: So, let us eat, and give thanks to both Fate and the gods that these ajami who are ajami no more but friends of our tribe, are here under moon and star, to help us in the war against this fire spirit!
(36) Sir Jam (enter): 00:30
(36) Sir Jam (exit): 00:31
(28) Prince Hassan: We both thank you from the depths of our hearts. May you have no Fate but the Fate you are given.
(28) Prince Hassan: (bows deeply and returns to his seat, smiling broadly)
** Kha begins eating **
** J'hzuu nods and smiles to Hassan and digs into the food. **
** (16) Maximus akwardly starts to eat, one of the first times he has lost his words in a matter of formal manners. **
** (24) Lellick is all too glad that at least some of the ceremony stuff is over, and starts muching on his food. **
(23) Git: :picks at the food as he speaks: "It is a pleasure to see that Ajama, such as ourselves could be so rell recieved in your land." :lets out a slight chortle: "And all we had to do was save your Princess from a fiedish Ifrit."
(28) Sheik Kassim: Yes. (slowly) We are a proud people, but to those who prove to be friends, we hold friends for life.
(28) Sheik Kassim: And you have proven yourselves to be friends. (slowly as he eats, watching you enjoy yourselves)
(23) Git: "Sounds a decent moral to live by."
(28) Sheik Kassim: But not all ajama are held in such high esteem. Some, but not all.
** (31) Agatha enjoys the first coney she's had in a long time. **
** (22) Norfirion pours himself a drink. **
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(23) Git: "Well, I only hope you remember our actions when next you meet Ajama. Hopefully it will buy them some benefit of the doubt. A little trust does go a long way."
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(35) ticattack (exit): 00:39
(38) ticattack (enter): 00:39
(31) Agatha: "Mmm. You know I didn't think there were any rabbits out here."
(28) Sheik Kassim: It might. Trust, as you say goes a long way, but is meted out slowly.
(28) Prince Hassan: There are none. These were provided by the tavern owner.
(38) ticattack: ((AFK a min))
(22) Norfirion: "Rabbit?"
** (22) Norfirion procures himself a piece of the critter and for once seems amused. **
** (16) Maximus pours himself another drink and slowly drains it, still trying to find the right words to say. **
(22) Norfirion: "Something familiar..."
(23) Git: "Fair enough. Trust is to be earned after all. Only a fool gives it wholly without question."
(39) Lellick (enter): 00:44
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(24) Lellick (exit): 00:44
(31) Agatha: "Hm. That so? Good man."
** (22) Norfirion turns his attention to Hassan and the Sheik. "Your immenences, with whom might I speak with here on the regards of magicka?" *he says in Midan* **
Kha: "I tend to trust people with out question Git, though I already know you think I am a fool"
(28) Prince Hassan: Yes he is...for a thief and a smuggler. (chews thoughtfully)
(28) Prince Hassan: Sometimes even they have their uses. (with a straight face)
(23) Git: :raises a glass to the Pirince: "Indeed they do."
(28) Sheik Kassim: Not I. Shadalah might, as her family is of a long line of sha'ira and rawuna.
(22) Norfirion: "I see, that explains her vast knowledge of lore."
(28) Sheik Kassim: You could ask her. (indicates the princess, who eats delicately and listens)
(22) Norfirion: "Your highness, do you know of any tome or book said to have been Martek's?"
(28) Prince Hassan: It is an ancient tradition, begun by Martek himself, that the firstborn of each Sheikh be a follower of the gods, and that his wife be a follower of the spirits.
(22) Norfirion: "I must assume he made various writings over his years, surely one has survived."
** (22) Norfirion addresses to the princess. **
(28) Shadalah: There is but one that I have heard of, that you might find in the city of Phoenix.
** (22) Norfirion nods. "As I suspected." **
(22) Norfirion: "I had hoped more information regarding the star gems might be contained within."
(22) Norfirion: "Are there any other sha'ira of power with whom I could speak? I seek new knowledge you see. Magic from Zayal has its uses."
** (23) Git turns aside to chat with the tribal lords, while he eats, trying to get acquainted with them **
(40) Evil Joe (enter): 00:53
(28) Shadalah: Not here in the Oasis. Perhaps elsewhere, but not here.
(28) Shadalah: There was one, a sha'ir...a man, but you slew him when you were in the temple beneath the Oasis.
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(40) Evil Joe (exit): 00:55
(28) Shadalah: The magic of genies is not something that is looked on with kindness here in this land. South of here, in grand Huzuz, yes, but not here in the open desert.
** (39) Lellick eats quietly, just generally listening to the conversations going on. **
(22) Norfirion: "I see."
(22) Norfirion: (is there music, dancing or this more a laid back deal?)
(28) Shadalah: I have heard however, that if you do not find what you seek in Phoenix, then a visit to Medinat al-Muskawoon would be in your favor. What mortals cannot find, the Sisters can seek. Mother, Maiden and Crone, the Three who are One and the One who are Three.
(28) DM: (yes there is, drums, the whole bit)
** Kha looks around the room to see if anyone is dancing **
** (22) Norfirion perks a eye. **
(28) DM: Ajaiyah, other tribespeople.
** (31) Agatha turns to the princess upon hearing this. **
** (28) Ajaiyah has attached litlle bells to her hands and feet, which click rhythmically as she moves. **
** (31) Agatha swallows the rabbit meat in her mouth before speaking. "The Sisters? I think I heard the ifrit mention them, back in the temple." **
** Kha gets up and goes over to those that are dancing "Would you teach me the dance, or is this one only for the women?" **
** (28) Shadalah smiles slightly and says nothing. **
** (28) Ajaiyah looks over at Kha and laughs. "If you can move like the wind, outlander, you can learn the dance." **
** Kha watches Ajaiyah dance for a bit before attempting it **
** (23) Git feels the need to call out, "He can pass like the wind!" **
(23) Git: :sits feasting and watching the dancers, while he speaks tales of the lush, green southern lands to the Tribal Lords.:
(28) Shadalah: Yes, Agatha. They have many names, but all are known underneath moon-and-star. To the Imperials, she is known as Azura, to those who live in our land, she is known as Fate, or the Loregiver. Some speak of the Three as Oneiros; many, many names, but all the same.
** (38) ticattack gets up and walks over to the dancers. He takes a feather from the pouch on his belt and runs it over himself while muttering under his breath (Fly). He joins in the dance, doing it a few inches off the ground and improvising the odd step with with a spin through the air. He grins at Ajaiyah "Is this enough like the wind?" **
J'hzuu: ((Whoops, wrong name...))
** (28) Ajaiyah hisses to the Khajiit. "Down!" **
** J'hzuu lands to the floor, looking confused. **
(28) DM: A few tribeswomen stop dancing, looking over at J'hzuu, and mutter amongst themselves.
** (31) Agatha nods. "Hmph. And here I was thinking everyone was talking about seers or prophets, not emobiments of the everlovin' divine." **
** (22) Norfirion glances at J'hzuu and the commotion. **
(28) Ajaiyah: Use your spells elsewhere out of view, outlander.
(28) Ajaiyah: (hisses)
** Kha glances back at Shadalah then begins attempting the Dance, right at J`hzuu begins flying **
** J'hzuu looks around slowly. His robes begin to creep to purple. He looks down and walks sheepishly back to the table. **
** (16) Maximus takes a longer draught of drink at the mention of the Empire. Though he straightens at Ajaiyah hissing at J'hzuu. **
J'hzuu: (Whispering) "Why must J'hzuu not use his magicks?"
(28) Ajaiyah: Your friend must learn that to these people, who have suffered long under the ifrit, any magic not born of the gods is prone to suspicion.
** (28) Ajaiyah murmurs this to Kha. **
** (28) Ajaiyah continues dancing as if nothing had occurred. **
** Kha shrugs while attempting the complex dance "That he does" **
(23) Git: :offers the khajit: 'There, there, Jh'zuu, I'm sure they're just jealous."
** J'hzuu snickers, but still looks a little confused. He sits quietly, apparently trying not to attract any more attention. **
Kha: "So how's my danceing Ajaiyah?"
** (28) Ajaiyah looks down. "Not bad for an outlander." (smirks) **
Kha: "Thank you, I will try to improve it if you are willing to teach me while we travel"
** (16) Maximus looks to J'hzuu, "You were a better dancer, and lighter on your feet your sure." **
(16) Maximus: "I've seen few dancers that eqaul your dancing presence J'hzuu." Maximus smiles while saying this.
** J'hzuu smiles again. "That, or J'hzuu's feet were lighter" **
(28) Ajaiyah: Of course....if you'll have me along.
** Kha while still dancing "So Shadalah, you know where She who is known as Fate can be found?" **
(28) DM: (she can't hear you since you're not in her immediate vicinity)
** Kha smiles at Ajaiyah "As I said before you are welcome to travel with us" **
** Kha whispers something back to Ajaiyah **
(22) Norfirion: (home wrecker)
** (16) Maximus has another helping of food and re-fills his glass, which seems to be getting emptier faster and faster after each re-fill. **
(28) Sheik Kassim: I and the council have made a decision about your wedding. (to Hassan)
(28) Sheik Kassim: We have decided it would be in our interest if you should postpone the wedding until such time as the ifrit can be dealt with.
** Kha takes his leave and heads back to where Shadalah is sitting **
** (28) Prince Hassan nods his thanks silently and glances to Shadalah as if to give her support. **
** (22) Norfirion sighs looking rather bored. **
(28) Sheik Kassim: I only hope that the spirit will soon be slain that we can proceed with our daily lives. And that I am doing the right thing.
Kha: "So Shadalah, you know where She who is known as Fate can be found? I am a follower of Oneiros, and I heard you say that she is known by that name as I was on my way to dance."
** (31) Agatha looks at Maximus curiously and wonders if a paladin should drink so fast, but decides to let it pass so long as he doesn't try anything stupid in front of all these people. **
** (23) Git sits chatting quite happily with tribesman about trade practices and laws. Speaking goods and services, he seems quite content. **
** (28) Shadalah glances up at Kha. "Yes, in the city of the gods, Medinat al-Muskawoon." **
Kha: "Interesting, thats one of the places we have to make a stop by. Is there anything more about her that you can tell me?"
(28) Shadalah: She takes on three aspects, as a maiden, as a mother and as a crone. You have already met her in at least one aspect, cleric of Oneiros.
(28) Shadalah: The Three who are One have a temple in the city of the gods. If you best the trials within the temple, you can seek her counsel. She is bound by ancient law to answer any question put to her truthfully and without fail, if the seeker can win past her tests.
** Kha looks at Shadalah oddly for a moment then begins thinking back **
** (28) Shadalah continues eating. **
** (31) Agatha walks towards the Shiek's soldiers and tries to work herself into the conversation. **
** (16) Maximus looks to J'hzuu, "So J'hzuu what did you do before coming to Zayal? A sorcerer of your skills and looks would be fairly famous in your home land." **
Kha: "Are you speaking of the elf maiden who lead us though the Sla-Mori. That is the first person who comes to mind that would fit your description."
** J'hzuu looks up at his company somewhat nervously. "J'hzuu was not skilled when he was at home. He has travelled much in the last few years, and learned his skill through this" **
(28) Shadalah: Yes. There were others, but perhaps you have not seen them with clarity.
** Kha thinks back "That could explain why her corpse held Woundhealer, and why we have had the same three tests offered to us in three diferent places. Test of Courage, Test of the Heart, Test of Wisdom.. Those are her three tests, and the Cleric at the Temple I took my test at called me a Seeker. Interesting, Wheels within Wheels." **
** (39) Lellick looks up sharply at hearing Kha mention that, eyes widening. **
(22) Norfirion: "Apparently so.."
(16) Maximus: "I wasn't too skilled back in Thendranor much...I was conscripted to fight goblins once but other then that I was another snivelling squire. Still am until I get sanctioned by the church.."
** J'hzuu nods distractedly. "Yes" **
(39) Lellick: "Kha.. do you have to speak so.. so loudly?"
Kha: "We have passed the first two, and the final test is at the City of Gods."
** Kha looks at Lellick "Does it matter?" **
(39) Lellick: "I would say so, yes!"
(23) Git: :calls over, hearing Lellick's outburst: "Now who's being loud?"
(28) Shadalah: No, you do NOT see. (smiles slightly)
** (39) Lellick opens his mouth, then closes it, looking down at his food. "...Nevermind." **
(28) Shadalah: These tests that you mention are foreshadows. The real test is inside Medinat al-Muskawoon.
** (31) Agatha adressess the soldiers. "How are you boys holding up under all the fighting?" **
(28) Shadalah: Of course, even the Three cannot force your hand if you do not wish it. A common misbelief by those who claim to follow Fate. Even my betrothed. (sighs)
** (22) Norfirion smirks. "Hmph." **
(23) Git: :Smirks at the halfling's shyness and goes back to talking with the tribesman of trade and of the southern lands
(22) Norfirion: "How far a journey is it to the skysea?"
(28) Shadalah: However, to deny Fate is to deny yourself, so what does happen should you refuse the Three would happen again to someone else but in a different way.
** Kha looks back to Shadalah "Ahh, preperation so we can get a hint of what we may face there. I think Git Agrees with your betrothed, he was grumbaling when Basht told us we should follow our Ka-Tet. He did not like the gods forcing his hand,. and moving him in directions against his will." **Shakes his head** **
(28) Shadalah: You should ask yourselves, was it your hand that was forced, or was it your eyes that were opened?
Kha: "I followed willing, As did Git in the end, as you say the Gods cannot force us against our will"
** (31) Agatha trades gory war stories with soldiers. **
(28) Shadalah: So your ka-tet has led you here. And you ask yourselves, to what end? Why are you here? (eats, as Hassan listens)
(28) Shadalah: I cannot answer this question for you, but the Three surely can.
(28) Sheik Kassim: When do you plan on leaving for Phoenix?
Kha: "There are two answers I could come us with, First; The ifriti in seeking to be freed and seeking the Golden mace we carried, though not knowing we carried it brought us to his tomb where my friends and I freed him. Second; Martek aranged the conditions long ago because he knew the Ifriti would find a way to free himself. and the Gods felt the time was now and that my friends and I would fufill the conditions Martek setup."
** (22) Norfirion turns to answer the sheik's question with confidence. "As soon as possible I'd hope." **
Kha: "Also I must admit it proves a slight shrotcut to Mel Nethra, where I wish to speak with Destiny."
(22) Norfirion: "There is a great power dwelling in that place, one I must discover."
(28) Sheik Kassim: Then it is settled. You will leave tomorrow morning, at dawn, and with our blessing.
(16) Maximus: "The city of Gods takes me farther from my homeland, but the wisdom one might attain there is worth the risk of the Sea of Glass.'" The surliness Maximus has taken from the alocohal seems to have disappeared.
** (22) Norfirion shrugs. "So be it." **
Kha: "So you are delaying the weding?"
(31) Agatha: Laughing is interrupted by an audible crack from Agatha's direction.
** (31) Agatha storms off in a huff from a soldier sprawled out on the ground. **
** (28) Prince Hassan hides his smile behind a cup. **
** (39) Lellick looks in that direction, and winces, "Oh dear." **
** (22) Norfirion looks on in confusement as Agatha storms off. **
** J'hzuu jerks his head at the snap. "That looks like it hurt" **
Kha: "Someone must have tried to insult her skill in battle"
** (23) Git gives the scene a quick glance, and rises his cup in remorse for the beat down man **
J'hzuu: ((AFK a min))
(31) Agatha: (mumbling) "...lousy no good fresh-mouthed soldier creep..."
(28) Sheik Kassim: Do all behave as your friend in your land, outlanders? (shakes his head)
(28) Sheik Kassim: Because you are guests of our tribe, I will forgive this slight this once.
Kha: "No Sheik, but in our land she would be respected insted of beeing looked at as inferior for being a female"
(23) Git: :calls over to the sheik: "Well, we our proud people as well... some more than others." :winks to Aggy:
** (22) Norfirion sighs and heads for the exit of the tent. "I must bid you a good evening." he says as he passes by the sheik and heads outside. **
** Kha takes another sip of wine then looks to see if Ajaiyah is still dancing **
(42) Da5id (enter): 02:11
** (28) Ajaiyah does not appear to be in the crowd of tribesmen **
Kha: "Well Shiek, not to disrespect your hospitality, but I would like to get some air"
(42) Da5id (exit): 02:13
** (28) Sheik Kassim nods, and waves Kha off. **
(28) DM: The feast continues on well into the night. (going to FF in a bit)
** Kha takes his leave and heads off to find Ajaiyah's tent **
** (31) Agatha smiles sheepishly as she passes the Shiek. "It was a lovely feast, m'lord." **
** (23) Git carries on with the tribesman and the Shiek, discussing things of either of their homelands, chatting and joking to keep their attention as he "works" **
** (16) Maximus gets up and bows to the Sheik, gripping on hand on his sword hilt and the other crosses his chest. "The feast was wonderful lord. It will be awhile yet before I ever taste food or partake from a table as fine as this. I thank you for the food." **
** (31) Agatha spends the rest of the evening keeping the minotaur company. **
(23) Git: :When the party dies down and the guests do disperse, Git takes a stroll into the night. to enjoy some comfortable silence and a nice pipe.
J'hzuu: As the others begin to leave, J'hzuu excuses himself and heads to his tent.
** (39) Lellick , though relunctant to leave the food, is a bit tired by now. He gives the Sheik a small bow and quiet thanks for the food before leaving. **
(28) DM: (FFing)
(16) Maximus: ((Yaa, Rick Maximus!))
(28) DM: (what happened tonight took place over a week ago, btw. I'm kind of setting up for next session)
(28) DM: You've spent the last few days travelling in the direction indicated by the map that was formed when you matched Hassan's medallion to the tattoo embedded on Shadalah's palm.
(28) DM: The desert has given way to a barren wasteland interspersed with sand dunes and salt flats, stretching for miles in all directions. Such was the state of your travels until you came to the edge of a dust bowl several miles in diameter.
(28) DM: From a relatively high dune at the edge of the bowl, you can see a shining light in the wasteland. Somewhere inside this hellish dust bowl, lies the city of Phoenix. That mysterious light seems to beckon you onwards as much as the oppresive heat warns you away.
** Kha starts down the dune slowly **
(28) DM: (I'm actually going to stop here, not because I don't have material prepared but because going further isn't adviseable)
(28) DM: (think of it as a segue to next session)
J'hzuu: ((H'kay. I would've had to go in 10-20 anyway))
(22) Norfirion: bah
(28) DM: heh
(22) Norfirion: you're useless anyways J'hzuu :-p
Kha: Doh and I wont be here :(
(28) DM: Just remember this phrase for next time: "My fun is your fun."
(38) ticattack: Hey, we got past the 1:00 am EST mark!
** (38) ticattack slaps Norf **
(28) TaliesinNYC: hah
(22) Norfirion: yeah its a miracle heh
(28) TaliesinNYC: see some of you tomorrow
(16) Maximus: ...Fun for you mean's Kha gets hurt.
(28) TaliesinNYC: (evil DM laugh)
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