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(224) TheOposite (enter): 19:22

(224) TheOposite (enter): 19:22
(225) TaliesinNYC: I have things to take care of before the game begins such as dinner
(225) TaliesinNYC: and stuff
(224) TheOposite: need me to leave?
(225) TaliesinNYC: no
(225) TaliesinNYC: how's the reading coming along?
(224) TheOposite: think we will get a chance to chat before session
(224) TheOposite: it is coming, I think I will be done by Monday
(224) TheOposite: and I am enjoying it
(225) TaliesinNYC: impressive
(225) TaliesinNYC: what log are you up to?
(224) TheOposite: I read what...7-8. but that was all at work
(224) TheOposite: I don't have anything to do on the weekends, so I should finish this weekend, since the storm, I have nothing to do on the weekends, but I am putting in serious hours during the week
(224) TheOposite: I just found a place to live in NO yesterday, so in a couple of weeks, the 4 hours worth of daily commutes will be completely through
(224) TheOposite: plus, I couldn't read this week at night, since it was the birthday and all, heheh, we had a good time though!
(224) TheOposite: should I not be thinking about classes and races yet, or yes
(225) TaliesinNYC: you underestimate how long the logs take lol
(224) TheOposite: I mean, I know what to expect tonight, this camp is SO similar to the last one I played in that I absolutely loved, the level of maturity, great story, creativity, as well as experience seem to have made for a great camp the best to years....not to underestimate the longegity
(225) TaliesinNYC: you shouldn't even be thinking about PC creation
(224) TheOposite: you underestimate what I mean when I say I have NOTHING to do all weekend
(225) TaliesinNYC: you have over 45 logs to go through, believe me, Monday is probably not even close but I could be wrong
(225) TaliesinNYC: yes this is true
(225) TaliesinNYC: but if you can read 1200 pages by Monday I will be impressed
(224) TheOposite: there is nothing to do in town, ALL of my friends have been displaced, and I have no money to really speak of to travel
(225) TaliesinNYC: there isn't a rush btw
(224) TheOposite: I know, I am not rushing at all, I am taking my time and making sure I understand and enjoy it, otherwise what is the point
(224) TheOposite: and you have made it clear already that if I don't finish, I still have time
(224) TheOposite: (( I am a bit worried though that someone else could possibly come in and take the empty spot, but it hasn't effected the way I am approaching it, it will all work out ))
(225) TaliesinNYC: you shouldn't be
(224) TheOposite: well I appreciate that
(224) TheOposite: the reason I am motivated to get through the reading mainly is because D&D has been such a creative outlet for me for SO long, and I am wanting it so bad with a group that seems so willing to also put time into their characters
(224) TheOposite: it seems to me that people here really have something going in that capacity....I can't wait to get on the forums and start reading histories and such
(224) TheOposite: mind telling me a little about yourself...I can't imagine your name is Stash!
(225) TaliesinNYC: Stanley is my first name, Stash is my nickname
(225) TaliesinNYC: I'm 34, been a DM for a little over 20 years
(225) TaliesinNYC: and I live in NYC
(225) TaliesinNYC: what else do you want to know?
(224) TheOposite: career?
(225) TaliesinNYC: [1d6] -> [2] = (2)
(225) TaliesinNYC: is that important? heh
(224) TheOposite: that is a pretty low career
(224) TheOposite: no, it isn't...that was the only other thing I think I would want to know though
(224) TheOposite: hehe
(225) TaliesinNYC: well suffice to say I'm a professional
(224) TheOposite: I always wonder it for DMs because a lot of them seem to have careers in writing...if not at least careers in porofessions that allow them to be creative
(225) TaliesinNYC: forgive me but I tend not to be too revealing about myself to players I barely know
(225) TaliesinNYC: but if you join and as we progress further, I tend to open up more
(224) TheOposite: don't apologize for that...are you kidding, I understand that
(225) TaliesinNYC: so anyway, do you have any ?s about things so far?
(225) TaliesinNYC: I can describe what occurred in the missing logs if you want
(224) TheOposite: not really, I am curious as to what the forums look like and how they are run...but aside from finishing the logs, I am good for now
(224) TheOposite: please, the first 5 especialyl
(225) TaliesinNYC: you're still unable to log in?
(225) TaliesinNYC: you can read the public forums right?
(224) TheOposite: yeah, I can see the maps and stuff, the upcoming game session info and all
(225) TaliesinNYC: ok
(225) TaliesinNYC: well, each game gets a forum of its own
(225) TaliesinNYC: one for IC chat, one for OOC chat and a calendar forum
(224) TheOposite: each game ((Saturday / Friday)) or each session?
(225) TaliesinNYC: each game
(225) TaliesinNYC: so Fri game
(224) TheOposite: game...got it
(225) TaliesinNYC: Sat game
(225) TaliesinNYC: the forums are fairly self explanatory
(225) TaliesinNYC: IC chat forum is the PBP component
(224) TheOposite: in the IC chat...do you have a reflection thread setup just for an indivduals thoughts
(225) TaliesinNYC: OOC chat forum you can talk about anything as long as it doesn't involve politics or religion
(225) TaliesinNYC: you can do that if you want
(224) TheOposite: cool, that is a big thing for me
(225) TaliesinNYC: you're basically talking IC except in the third person
(224) TheOposite: is there a place where each player develops his/her character or is that just between you and them
(225) TaliesinNYC: but if you want to do a reflections thread, that's fine as well
(225) TaliesinNYC: its play by post
(225) TaliesinNYC: we continue the game during the week except its wholly IC
(224) TheOposite: I am use to that format...I think it is a perfect compliment to a RP intense game
(225) TaliesinNYC: that would be in the IC chat forum
(224) TheOposite: cool
(224) TheOposite: how do you feel about people whispering to you in the session...lurkers that is of course
(224) TheOposite: I don't want to be asking you questions if it is a distraction, I can type them up and save them for after session in an email
(225) TaliesinNYC: I don't care about lurkers
(225) TaliesinNYC: the room is moderated anyway
(225) TaliesinNYC: as long as they understand that the game comes first, their ?s are secondary
(224) TheOposite: do you use tabbed whispers?
(225) TaliesinNYC: yes
(224) TheOposite: Knicks or Nets?
(225) TaliesinNYC: sorry if I seem distracted, I'm mapping at the moment
(225) TaliesinNYC: don't watch bball
(224) TheOposite: no worries....well aside from you not enjoying basketball ;-)
(226) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 20:15
(225) TaliesinNYC: DJ, Jeff here can't log onto the site
(224) TheOposite: hey DJ, it seems like I am not activated on the site
(224) TheOposite: from the message I see anyway...but I am not really sure
Kha: whats the message?
(224) TheOposite: when I type my user name and pass it gets a no login...so I tried going to forgot pass and I get this
(224) TheOposite:
(224) TheOposite: Sorry, but your password cannot be retrieved because your account is currently inactive. Please contact the forum administrator for more information.
(226) Dj Gilcrease: ok will fix you in a few min
(224) TheOposite: thanks a lot...I do appreciate it
(226) Dj Gilcrease: ok try now
(224) TheOposite: in...that seems to have done it
(226) Dj Gilcrease: ok, fixed the site so that wont happen again. It seems the site disabled my mail server so it was not sending out the confrimation emails
(224) TheOposite: Stash, what do you do with the old IC threads
(224) TheOposite: I only blame you 15-17
(224) TheOposite: I only blame you 15-17%, no worries
(226) Dj Gilcrease: Several old IC threads were deleted due to forum pruning being turned on, but that has been fixed now so all of the IC threads should stay there in the future
(224) TheOposite: gotcha, DJ, are you managing the site...I think Stash mentioned something about you doing so?
(226) Dj Gilcrease: Yes
(224) TheOposite: I only ask because I just recently...like this week, began working on my own site and I am using PHPBB forums for the first time...perhaps you wouldn't mind and email or two if I have serious problems with it
(224) TheOposite: I have had none thus far...knock on wood
(226) Dj Gilcrease: sure. I builte the portal system I use on andurin and several other sites from scratch based on phpBB2. so I know the in's and out's of phpBB fairly well
(224) TheOposite: yeah, I have had a simplistic time getting around on the site and hope to be able to modify something with the same ease given time. It is all new to me at this point though
(224) TheOposite: it is disconcerting to know though that you actually built it yourself, for now I fear there are no mods out there to give the look Andurin has
(224) TheOposite: but good job nonetheless
(226) Dj Gilcrease: Actualy I have the system released under the name XeroPortal. I can zip it and send it to you if you want. All of the phpBB mods I have tested still function under XeroPortal, and adding modules and blocks is fairly simplistic under my system as well
(224) TheOposite: I would appreciate that...it is certainly something I would like to have and play around with
(224) TheOposite: TaliesinNYC...I remember something I wanted to ask you, do you have a disctinct syntax for playing on Open and displaying your thoughts, I don't remember people using italics for thoughts
(224) TheOposite: I don't think I remember any italics
** (224) TheOposite stands in wonder before he reassures himself alone, "No, no I don't think I saw any italics" **
(226) Dj Gilcrease: It depends on the DM and player usage. in general italics means you are thinking, but if you are thinking then the other players are not going to know it so there isnt much need to post the thoughts to the public. I normaly just put tinks to himself or some such line infront of my quotes to ensure the DM knows it is a thought not talking
(228) Maximus (enter): 20:55
(224) TheOposite: gotcha, and that does make sense
(228) Maximus: Hey
(224) TheOposite: Good afternoon Maximus
(228) Maximus: Hiya, Oposite. Doing your one session lurk for the game?
(224) TheOposite: and looking forward to it more than you know
(225) TaliesinNYC: mapping for Sat's game
(225) TaliesinNYC: unless a PC uses mind reading magicka, there's very little need to post thoughts unless you really want to
(225) TaliesinNYC: none of the players I've come into contact with make it a habit
(225) TaliesinNYC: you might want to make that clear at the beginning of a session once you join the game, but people catch on quick
(224) TheOposite: yeah, I have always had the say wondering..but I usually enjoy playing thoughts at times, especially in the past when I have played more silent characters
(228) Maximus: Oh, DM I was curious about the Social level guideline you posted on the site. Going by the chart I have a SL of 4 from level. Would being a paladin of Odion or from Mel'cendia(Threndanor province) modify the SL?
(224) TheOposite: I have enjoyed thoroughly describing actions as well as none abrasive thoughts just to help describe my guy
(225) TaliesinNYC: basically if they wouldn't know IC, they're not going to act on it
(229) Lellick (enter): 21:00
(225) TaliesinNYC: but you're more than welcome to
(230) Norfirion (enter): 21:01
(225) TaliesinNYC: if you were in Mel'Cendia your SL would be +1
(225) TaliesinNYC: but you're not =P
(224) TheOposite: thanks TaliesinNYC
(225) TaliesinNYC: also the older you are, the higher it is
(225) TaliesinNYC: pls call me Stash
(230) Norfirion: hey guys
(225) TaliesinNYC: thanks
(230) Norfirion: do elf years count? heh
(225) TaliesinNYC: within reason heh
(228) Maximus: Sorry Stash. I'll add the SL score to my sheet then.
(230) Norfirion: Your social level also might be modified by what region or other such factors as well right? Like me being in some magic weary land?
(225) TaliesinNYC: ok dinner
(225) TaliesinNYC: yes
(225) TaliesinNYC: depends on your surroundings, and some other factors
(230) Norfirion: as long as I gain enough to qualify for archmage, I'll be happy
(225) TaliesinNYC: heh
(225) TaliesinNYC: ok brb
(230) Norfirion: anyone having map problems?
(229) Lellick: Not me
(230) Norfirion: brb
(230) Norfirion: Disconnecting from server...
(230) Norfirion (exit): 21:10
(232) Norfirion (enter): 21:10
(232) Norfirion: there we go
(232) Norfirion: DJ, you know anything about installing OpenRPG on a linux box?
Kha: not realy other then you have to make sure it is using the correct versions of python and wxPython. you can talk to Tom on Dev 2, he is the main linux developer
(232) Norfirion: yeah well being as I need 1.6.2 to log onto the server, i wasnt sure what versions of python and wxpython I'd need on linux
Kha: 1.6.2 uses the same versions 1.6.1 uses
(232) Norfirion: I tried the RPM files but haven't had any luck. Guess I'll have to try and compile it from source a daunting a task as that is for me
Kha: Talk to Tom he will be glad to walk you though getting it working on *nix
(232) Norfirion: or if that doesnt work, I might try and give Wine or another Windows emulator to run it.
(232) Norfirion: alright, I'll see if i can get ahold of him someday, thanks
(229) Lellick: *resists the urge to load up Princess Maker 2*
(228) Maximus: ?
(228) Maximus: Princess Maker 2....?
(229) Lellick: It's an old simulation-type game where you raise an adopted daughter
(229) Lellick: It sounds cheesy, but I've just been playing a few hours and I'm already hooked
(228) Maximus: Thats...err..cool. I've been playing Sims 2 for my xbox for awhile so its ok.
(229) Lellick: How's the Sims 2 on that console? I have the PC version, but I heard the console versions were different
(228) Maximus: Its actually the best Sims console I've played yet. Direct control of your sim helps a lot, and the sleeping time was cut down. How's the PC version? I might get it here in the next few weeks, the colledge expansion looks cool.
(235) David (enter): 21:27
(236) ticattack (enter): 21:27
(229) Lellick: I like it, but it can get boring unless you set goals for your sims. There's no direct control, there's no story mode.. though there are three neighborhoods that come with the game
(229) Lellick: All the expansion packs so far are pretty good.. I've ordered a Christmas item pack too, but it hasn't gotten here yet
(228) Maximus: Hmmm, what are the jobs like? More then 10 job branches?
(236) ticattack: Is this Sims 2?
(229) Lellick: The original game comes with like... ehh.. eight or ten, somewhere around that.. University adds three more
(229) Lellick: Yep
(236) ticattack: Yup. I've got the original. Not got the expansions yet. Certainly better than 1. Erm... Was there a story mode in 1?
(237) Git (enter): 21:31
(229) Lellick: I wouldn't know
(236) ticattack: Ah, you're talking about the console versions?
(228) Maximus: For the consoles, but not PC's.
(229) Lellick: Well, I have the PC version, he has the console one
(228) Maximus: I have the console version.
(236) ticattack: Yech. I got the PS2 version. Shudder.
(229) Lellick: Heh you don't like it?
(236) ticattack: Nope. What's easy with a mouse is ridiculous with a control stick.
(229) Lellick: Ick
(237) Git: 0.o
(228) Maximus: Xbox version is pretty cool. I like the direct control.
(236) ticattack: Aside from that, it wasn't the sims. It was a game with levels. The Sims is open-ended. That's one of the main parts. You can't 'beat' the game.
(236) ticattack: Direct Control... So, what, like a first-person view?
(229) Lellick: Ahhh.. I dunno, I like having levels sometimes. The Sims tends to bore me after awhile
(232) Norfirion: Hey Tic, did you ever get around to installing linux on that other PC of yours?
(236) ticattack: As in, push Up to walk foward, left/right to turn, etc.?
(236) ticattack: Nope. I need another monitor for it.
(228) Maximus: Sims 2 for xbox is open ended, its like regular mode but you move with the anolog stick.
(236) ticattack: Ew...
(236) ticattack: I also need to use my brother's or dad's computers to burn the file. I don't have a burner, y'see.
(235) David: Lurking
(232) Norfirion: Ah, well you can dl a boot image to a floppy, then mount the iso or whatever to install from there
(228) Maximus: Anyone know how big the original starcraft game is? like how many megabytes and such.
(236) ticattack: Not big.
(236) ticattack: Maybe... I dunno, 20-100?
(236) ticattack: I think.
(232) Norfirion: yeah it cant be that big, maybe 100-200mb at the most I'd think
(232) Norfirion: though who knows with all the expansions and such
(238) Agatha (enter): 21:39
(228) Maximus: Hmm
(236) ticattack: It needs a Pentium 90 Mhz. You work it out. ;)
(228) Maximus: I dunno...thats a pretty powerful proccesser...
(232) Norfirion: heh
(232) Norfirion: its better than a comodore 64
(236) ticattack: No it's not. You can run a 90 Mhz game on a modern PC. You can run a C64 game on a C64.
(225) TaliesinNYC: who's David?
(236) ticattack: A lurker, methinks.
Kha: I still have a functional Apple IIgs with a wopping 19 meg HD
(232) Norfirion: the ghost of christmas past
(236) ticattack: Hot-Damn!
(235) David: slowsnake
(225) TaliesinNYC: I see
(236) ticattack: That's... what, 12 photos?
(225) TaliesinNYC: well David, just to let you know, I require people who want to join the game to lurk for at least one session and to read all of the material
(225) TaliesinNYC: there's only one slot as of now and one person's ahead of you
(232) Norfirion: got a history with david's here eh, this'll be #3
(236) ticattack: They're swarming... They'll overrun us soon!
(225) TaliesinNYC: I understand you have interest in more than one game on Open so if you don't get into this one, that's ok
(225) TaliesinNYC: ok, let's go
(232) Norfirion: We will indeed. I told you I've been studying how to make simulacrums
(228) Maximus: Surrah!
Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(225) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
(232) Norfirion: I'm good
(228) Maximus: I'm good.
(236) ticattack: ((Just rescued the princess, IIRC))
(237) Git: (wow.. starting just as I get back from the crapper/ Now that/s timing.))
(225) DM: (lol)
(236) ticattack: ((No, that's too much information))
(225) DM: ((it's about a day or so after you've escaped from the Crypt. you're on your way back to the Oasis))
(229) Lellick: (I take it this means Lellick needs to roll his negative level saves now?)
(237) Git: ((What? It's not like I described the color and texture.))
(225) DM: ((yep))
(237) Git: ((Healthy brown and firm, btw. ^_^ ))
(236) ticattack: ((See previous statement))
(229) Lellick: Fortitude save: [1d20+9] -> [17,9] = (26)
(229) Lellick: Fortitude save: [1d20+9] -> [16,9] = (25)
(232) Norfirion: as long as it doesn't look like greasy chili with mashed potatoes on top
(225) DM: ((success on both))
(229) Lellick: (Whoo!)
** (225) Shadalah is pensive, as she contemplates her newfound freedom now that the ifrit is no longer her captor. **
** Kha walks with the Princess and makes sure to introduce her to Halif **
** (237) Git rides along, a pair of daggers in hand, testing thrusts and parries to kill time. **
** (232) Norfirion is quiet and aloof during the return trip as most of his attention is devoted to the newfound star gem. **
** (238) Agatha rides alongside the princess, keeping her between her and Halif. **
** J'hzuu is lounging on his floating disk, not doing much. **
** (229) Lellick is on his pony, though he's been walking half the time, making sure to take it easy on the animal. He wrapped his hand up with a bandage at one point earlier. **
** (225) Halif grunts a courteous reply to the Princess in acknowledgment. **
** (228) Maximus travels alongside Norfirion, his stoic features gleaming the in desert sun, light reflecting off his dark chainmail. **
** (232) Norfirion sighs and shakes his head at his attempts to analyze the star gem over the past day. **
(237) Git: :Having kept quiet as long as he ever does, Git asks of the Princess as he rides and daggerplays: "So... when's the wedding?"
(225) Shadalah: By the fullness of the sapphire moon. (smiles at a memory)
** (232) Norfirion he shakes his hand grasping the large ruby as he glances to Maximus walking alongside. "I can't seem to tell what it does for the life of me. Its magic is incredible, almost blinding to my senses, but it doesn't seem to have any sort of function." **
(225) Shadalah: There will be feasting and much rejoicing. You are all my guests. (glances at everyone)
** J'hzuu laughs. "Perhaps it is so powerful it need not do anything?" **
(237) Git: :stares back a moment: "Sapphire moon, huh? So that's what? A week?"
(225) Shadalah: It has been so long that I have forgotten the passing of time. You would know better than I.
Kha: "Thank you M'Lady" **turning to Norf** "May I see the gem, maybe this oone reacts to the magic I wield since the whole thing uses the One Power, I could feel it when the first gem we found showed it to me."
(237) Git: "Sorry, I'm a bit rusty on my Zayal Lunar calenders."
** (228) Maximus nods towards the Princess. "Thank you for the invitation." Looking towards Norifirion, "Truth be told in my country magic is held in good esteem in most parts, it runs in the blood of many of the families. So I've kinda held a facination with magic..how does this one compare to other gems?" **
** (232) Norfirion sighs and stores the gem back in his pouch and turns his attention back to the newly liberated royalty. **
(225) DM: ((keep in mind that depending on the calendar used, a week is either 9 or 10 days long))
** (232) Norfirion glances to Kha. "Sure, maybe you can find something I wasn't able to." **
** (232) Norfirion retrieves the gem and hands it to Kha. **
** Kha takes the Gem and focuses on it attempting to draw the power though it like he once did with Vontaros **
(225) Shadalah: Perhaps an ousbou, perhaps two. In any event, not more than two ousbou.
** (232) Norfirion glances back to Maximus. "Well I can't exactly answer your question. Other than the star J'hzuu carries now, I haven't examined the others." **
(232) Norfirion: "I haven't hide the time or resources."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, it resonates and seems to have an echo that remains long after you cease concentrating on it
(237) Git: :gives a whistle: "Just two Osbou, huh? And I thought I rushed into Marriage."
(225) Shadalah: I have been betrothed to Hassan since my fifth year of passage. (smiles gently)
** (238) Agatha keeps herself covered in her dusty robes, both to protect her from the harsh weather and to hide her partially rotted face. **
(225) Shadalah: My father gave me away as a condition of his oath to the Sheik of the Oasis, and in doing so united our tribes.
(237) Git: :jests : "Wow.. I didn't even kiss a girl until I was twelve. You're advanced."
(228) Maximus: "This wedding should allow us all to get some need rest...and perhaps you could examine the other Star Gems, I would help but I don't have much in information gathering magicka."
(238) Agatha: "If you know what you want, why wait? My husband and I barely waited a month once we decided to get married."
(232) Norfirion: "The proper spell requires the usage of a pearl. Something which I have little of, and I highly doubt there are many to be found here."
** (225) Shadalah laughs coquettishly. "By the traditions of our tribe, outlander, Hassan and I were kept apart at least until recently." **
** (232) Norfirion nods agreeing with Agatha. "My engagement came quickly as well after meeting Methiel." **
(225) Shadalah: It was not long after my gifting that the palm sign appeared on my hand. (holds up her right hand)
(237) Git: :glances the mark: "I tried to talk my wife into a tattoo. She wanted an expensive ring instead. Go figure."
(240) Zane (enter): 22:05
(232) Norfirion: "I could have gotten you a nice price Git."
Kha: Weave Sight Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [2,10] = (12)
(225) Shadalah: Traditions are strong in our land, Agatha.
(237) Git: :turns to Norf: "It didn't cost my a crown." :grins:
** (232) Norfirion chuckles at Git's response. **
(241) Maximus (enter): 22:06
(225) Shadalah: They create who we are. Without traditions, we would be following the rule of distant Huzuz. (grows quiet)
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(228) Maximus' from server... Removing dead client
(228) Maximus (exit): 22:06
** J'hzuu remains silent, listening to the conversation but not participating. **
(225) Shadalah: If only I could remember what else he told me....
(237) Git: "Who?"
** Kha continues to experiment with the Gem sending some of the power into it in an attempt to figure out what it does **
(225) Shadalah: The sha'ir who appeared in my dream and spoke words I did not understand.
(237) Git: "Ah... well, dreams are Kha's forte. maybe he knows how to retrieve them."
(232) Norfirion: "Memory is a strange thing indeed m'lady." *he says as he glances to the sky* "Much like a muscle, it needs to be exercised to retain its strength."
(225) DM: ((early afternoon))
Kha: "Strange, this Gem relies on the other four before it can be used." **Turns to Shadalah** "Do you remember the words?"
(225) Shadalah: "Something to do with Set-i." (frowns)
** (225) Shadalah grows quiet as she tries to remember. **
(241) Maximus: "A warning?"
(237) Git: "If not the words.. can you describe the Sha'iir?"
(225) Shadalah: "No....it had something to do with the great Good." (looks up at you, clearly frustrated) "I wish I could remember."
(232) Norfirion: "Perhaps you saw Martek."
Kha: "The great good that is in Pheonix, the city your birth mark and the madalion showed correct?"
(225) Shadalah: He was a man, about the height of your friend Agatha. Slender. Hair the color of a vishap. Eyes of the midnight sky. An arrogance like a sheik."
(243) Delos (enter): 22:14
** (225) Shadalah slowly nods. **
(240) Zane (exit): 22:15
(238) Agatha: "Hmm. Doesn't sound like anyone we know."
(232) Norfirion: "Hmmm I wonder if this is related to Munafik."
(225) Shadalah: "City of Phoenix over the House of Set where sleeps...."
(225) Shadalah: (concentrates)
** Kha listens gently encouraging her to remember all she can **
(225) Shadalah: "....salvation..."
(225) Shadalah: (pause)
(225) Shadalah: "There speak..."
(225) Shadalah: "There speak..."
(237) Git: "Sounds nice. I hope there's a decent inn there."
(225) Shadalah: I am sorry. I cannot remember.
(232) Norfirion: "Do not trouble yourself over it your highness."
** (225) Shadalah nods, a moment of disappointment crossing her face as she settles down on her camel. **
J'hzuu: "If you are meant to remember, you will"
(241) Maximus: "Don't worry a dream is a dream. Though it seems the City of Pheonix is our next destination..after the wedding of course my highness."
(237) Git: "Do we really have time for a wedding?"
** Kha rides along quietly listening and thinking **
** (229) Lellick frowns slightly at that, more interested in listening than adding anything to the conversation. **
(232) Norfirion: "It may be best that we attend the ceremony regardless Git, incase trouble should rear its ugly head."
(241) Maximus: "If we keep going at the pace we do...rest can help in many ways Git. And a little 'fun' would help us."
(237) Git: "Fair enough."
** J'hzuu grins. "J'hzuu thinks that telling Git to go and have fun could have unfortunate consequences" **
(225) Shadalah: I do know some lore of lost Carthag, what you now call Phoenix. It could help you in a small way, should the gods will it.
(237) Git: :peers askew to J'hzuu: "What harm could ever come of me having a good time?"
(237) Git: :cringes in sudden recollection: "Thought there was that one time..."
** J'hzuu 's grin grows wider. "Only one?" **
Kha: "Please relate it Princess. Any information will be gladly recived"
** (238) Agatha nods to the princess "We'd appreciate it." **
(225) Shadalah: (takes a sip of water from a flask)
(237) Git: :shrug: "Just the one I wasn't too drunk to remember."
** J'hzuu sits up to listen to the princess's tale. **
(225) Shadalah: A long time ago, when this land was not the waste of sand you see before you, there was the City of Youth, fair Carthag. Ancient rulers who called themselves pharoahs and believed themselves to be gods came here for rest and revival.
(225) Shadalah: In so doing, the city became legendary in its ability to restore those who visited it.
(225) Shadalah: The wealthy and the powerful who visited were reborn from the ashes of their past as the legendary phoenix rose from its ashes to live again. The city was then renamed for the legendary bird, became a resort known for its healing waters and the revitalization it gave the spirit.
(232) Norfirion: "Interesting..."
(225) Shadalah: Though all things are lost, as the destroyer of delights often comes amongst us unbidden and unspoken. When the land became desert, those who knew the city's secrets died and took those secrets to the grave.
(237) Git: "Sounds like i brothel I use to know."
J'hzuu: "Wait... This city allowed immortality?"
** (238) Agatha throws Git a warning glance. "Shush now." **
(225) Shadalah: The city abounded in puzzles and tricks of all types, for both the unwary and the unthinking. It catered to the rich and their whims. Those who kept the city from ruin became as dust, and so, none now watch its dangers, should such still exist.
(237) Git: "Who traps a resort town?"
(225) Shadalah: As the land became desert, a shield of magic was raised to protect the city. It became their doom, for in so doing, it prevented those who wished to leave from leaving even as it prevented the desert from within it.
(237) Git: T"It's like poisoning your own food to keep others away from it."
(232) Norfirion: "They must have been powerful wielder's of magicka indeed if they wove a spell over an entire city."
(232) Norfirion: "I can only imagine what power sleeps there waiting to be discovered."
** (225) Shadalah looks at the Khajiit. "There are those who say that immortality was the cause of the city's ruin." **
J'hzuu: (To Git) "No, it is like poisoning the peas to keep safe your steak"
(232) Norfirion: "Were there any stories of the dead being returned to life at this place?" *he says to the princess*
J'hzuu: "Stay away from the peas, and your steak is safe"
(225) Shadalah: The gods, angered that their gifts were squandered for some, not to be shared by all, destroyed Carthag and left it as a lesson for all who would come after.
(237) Git: :raises a brow at J'hzuu: "Yes. You're logic astounds me."
(225) Shadalah: The only stories I know of where the dead come alive are to be found in the Cursed City of Stone, Medinat al-Muskawoon.
(232) Norfirion: "What would either of you know about logic....Hmph..." *smirks*
(225) Shadalah: You know of it as the City of the Gods...in distant Skysea.
** (232) Norfirion nods. "Ah yes, I see." **
(243) Delos (exit): 22:36
(232) Norfirion: "Your betrothed is lucky to have you returned to him. A fool he is, if he does not come to cherish your presence. I was robbed of my beloved, much like your own situation. The outcome wasn't good however. She's long gone."
(225) Shadalah: There is a great body of lore about Medinat al-Muskawoon that the elders of my tribe know, lore that I have studied in part.
(237) Git: "Do we atleas know what.. in an entire city .. we're looking for?"
(232) Norfirion: "Good question indeed Git."
(237) Git: "Is there a certian temple or shrine.. perhaps a great hall of some sort...?"
(225) Shadalah: Perhaps, if you visit the city, outlan-...Norfirion, if you conquer its trials, you can find what you seek. A legend says that a trial of courage, of wisdom and of the heart can grant you your fondest desire. (peers closely at Norfirion) Your fondest desire.
** (232) Norfirion perks an eye. "Is that so? Then it's a matter I'll have to inquire about." **
(232) Norfirion: "Tell me more of this legend."
(225) Shadalah: He...the sha'ir said that you would know it when you saw it. That you would speak...the word and the Good would be released.
** (225) Shadalah sips some water, glancing at the sky as she begins her tale. **
(232) Norfirion: "When you refer to 'you' do you mean myself, or us in general?"
** (238) Agatha eyes widen a bit as thoughts and wishes flicker across her mind. She quickly dismisses them. **
** (232) Norfirion glances to Agatha. "I know what you're thinking my dear." **
(237) Git: "I'm sick of trials. All it ever gets us is a little more dead."
(232) Norfirion: "You will have what you desire as well. I won't allow you to suffer any longer. Once I have found the magicka that I seek, all will be possible."
(225) Shadalah: Once called the City of Merchants, Medinat al-Muskawoon lay among rolling hills bordering a fertile river valley which lay near the river Athis. Numerous small streams coursed through the rugged hillsides that surrounded the five smaller hills where the city lay, combining to form a lake called Me'at Halwa, or Sweet Waters in your tongue. The lake emptied into the river Athis, to flow northwestward and eventually reach the sea.
** (238) Agatha glances at the wizard. "Mere childish fancies. And you'll be wise to keep out of my thoughts." **
** (232) Norfirion shruggs. "Deny it all you wish. Mark my words." **
** (241) Maximus makes a drawing or two in the sand and quickly erases them. **
(225) Shadalah: A broad avenue of limestone, rising from the depths below the eartth, cut through the valley from the north, ending in the city's central square. It was this outcropping of rock, in some places a mile wide, in others as narrow as a few hundred feet, that first brought the city its wealth. Rising from the surrounding land, this outcropping formed a natural road from the north that brought travellers to the shores of Me'at Halwa.
(225) Shadalah: The roadbed made Me'at Halwa a natural location for a city. Travellers from Semkhrun, Zindalankh, Ustann and Phannaskul made Medinat al-Muskawoon a warehouse for all the wealth and merchandise of this land. Here the produce brought down in high-wheeled carts, was transferred to the smaller, two-wheeled carts, donkeys and porters that would carry the goods to the great cities and the small towns of the Athis valley. Even goods from a distant land called Mel'Cendia.
** (241) Maximus smiles at hearing of his homeland, though memories flash through his mind and he supresses them and scans the area around the group. **
(225) Shadalah: Over the centuries of prosperity, Medinat al-Muskawoon grew from a cluster of mud-brick warehouses into a thriving multi-cultural city. Within its square mile, more languages were spoken than in any like area of the known world. On the streets could be seen the somber hues of the distant south, the dazzling raiment of Mel'Cendia, and the steel-clad warriors of Thend. Each looked with amazement on the other and all dwelt with peace and prosperity. Until the curse.
(232) Norfirion: "No, no. Don't bury them." *he says as he glances to Maximus* "Cherish your memories."
(225) Shadalah: When Amunhotep was murdered, the lifegiving waters of the river Athis stopped flowing. Without this water to green the valley and raise the level of water, the small streams that added to Me'at Halwa were not enough to keep the lake full. Soon, Medinat al-Muskawoon watched the source of its lifewater disappear slowly.
** J'hzuu eyes the rest of the group with mild puzzlement. He takes a coin from his pocket and holds for a minute, and seems to be considering something, but puts it back after a moment. **
(237) Git: "Hmmm... now that Athis flows again.. perhaps the city can revive."
(225) Shadalah: With the loss of the river Athis, trade across the expanding desert soon became troublesome, then arduous, then impossible. The inhabitants of Medinat al-Muskawoon fled toward their homelands. Those who left first carried their entire households. As the travelers evaporated, so too did their means of escape. Those who had chosen to remain when all hope of resusrecting the city had passed were faced with the bleak prospect of dying of thirst among the abandoned buildings.
(225) Shadalah: ...or forsaking all they held dear, buying passage on one of the increasingly infrequent caravans that still came to the city.
(225) Shadalah: The price of passage soon became exorbitant. Men with a sharp eye for profit saw that the desparation and despair of Medinat al-Muskawoon were sources of fortune. Arriving there, they would auction all available spaces in departing caravans. The desparate inhabitants would pay anything, anything to escape, and the transporters were made wealthy by the population. As the number of rich dwindled, so did the number of money-hungry dealers willing to cross the bone-dry desert.
(232) Norfirion: "As Git said, perhaps it can be reclaimed from the sands once again, with the waters flowing as before."
(225) Shadalah: The remaining population became frantic. When one of the caravans made its way into the city, rabid crowds would gather to bid for the remaining seats.
(225) Shadalah: Ah yes, but there is more to tell, outlander.
(232) Norfirion: "I'm sorry, excuse my rudeness. Continue on."
(237) Git: "I wonder if we coiiuld claim discoverer's rights if we get there first."
(237) Git: :grins:
(237) Git: "I've never had my own city."
(225) Shadalah: On the last occasion, the population was so mad to obtain transport, that a riot broke out in the square. People were trampled on by the starving wild-eyed mob. The caravaneers were torn limb from limb, and the animals slain where they stood. The crowd drank the blood of the fallen, and so of a little while, did the fallen prove the salvation of those who remained.
Kha: "That would be interesting Git, but I for one am not yet ready to stay in one place long enough to run a city. I have plans"
(232) Norfirion: "How disgusting."
(225) Shadalah: Soon however, those who had survived the violence had reason to envy those who perished. No caravans came to Medinat al-Muskawoon. The population, ravaged by heat, thirst and starvation declared defiance to the gods and defaced their temples. In anger, the gods cursed the city, so that it became buried under a blanket of sand, its monuments eaten away and scoured by the wind-blasted dust that eroded all that men had worked so hard to erect.
(232) Norfirion: "Living off the fallen, like vultures." *shakes his head*
(237) Git: :raises a brow to the tale of bloodshed: "That's alrgith. Since it happened so long ago, it's more of a conversation piece for the city. If it had happened just last year, then I could see us having trouble selling people on moving in."
(225) Shadalah: But treasure remained, at least in legend and rumor, and there were those who saw the ruins of the City of Merchants as a hoard to be looted. For many years, an occasional party of travellers would venture into the desert to find the lost city, but few ever returned. Those who did return arrived at the edges of civilization, babbling about ghosts that rose in the night and stalked the streets of the abandoned city.
(237) Git: "Right..."
(237) Git: "So it's a bit of a fix-er-upper."
J'hzuu: "J'hzuu thinks to fix it Git would need several clerics"
(225) Shadalah: They told of seeing their friends touched by those ghosts and then shrivel to dust before their eyes. They described the skeletal stone ruins that watched as death stalked the stone streets and limestone causeway. It was from these incidents that the City of Merchants became known as the Cursed City of Stone.
(225) Shadalah: There is still more, but I am not a cleric of Ra, outlander. The ifrit, Khalitarius, figures in this tale.
(237) Git: :Jh'zuu: "Yes... I figure hiring out a team of exorcists would be the best way. Consider it an investment."
(232) Norfirion: "I see."
** (232) Norfirion pauses for a moment and withdraws his wineskin, holding it to his lips for a drink. The hot sun taking its toll on the black clad elflord. **
** J'hzuu pays even sharper attention at the mention of Khalitarius. **
(232) Norfirion: "Would you care for a drink your highness? Wine from the south. I doubt you've tasted better."
(225) Shadalah: I will leave it for an elder, perhaps Nador (for even though he is a cleric of Hajama, he knows of lore of old) -- perhaps Nador will tell you about the tale of the ifrit and his Malatath, that created Skysea.
(237) Git: :still planning a town: "First Pheonix may be a better choice. No ghosts and that history of revitallization and all."
** (225) Shadalah accepts gratefully. **
** (232) Norfirion extends the wineskin. "It's called Diamond Wine, from the city of Tolmara. It's the last of what I have." **
(225) Shadalah: The sha'ir Martek, destroyed the Mala-tath, and created Skysea. But that is another tale for another evening.
(238) Agatha: "So be it."
(237) Git: "If the place could fixed up I'm sure it would draw tourists. Perhaps we could sell a few summer homes to nobles back in Wylund."
** (225) Shadalah sips appreciatively. "A stranger nectar I have never tasted." **
** (232) Norfirion chuckles. "As I expected." **
** (225) Shadalah continues recounting. "But about the legend, Norfirion." **
** (232) Norfirion nods. "Yes please finish your tale." **
(225) Shadalah: In the city are three temples to three gods of old: a temple to Ra, a temple to Balder, and a temple of the Fates.
(225) Shadalah: Thus are the trial of courage, the trial of wisdom, and the trial of the heart. You underwent one trial within the Crypt. That was a foretelling of your time in the City of Stone.
(225) Shadalah: The trials will be different from your time in the Crypt.
(225) Shadalah: If you surpass these three trials, you will find it possible to be granted your fondest desire.
(225) Shadalah: However!
** (237) Git peers aside totShadalah a moment, but simply shakes his head. **
(225) Shadalah: It must be a true desire.
(232) Norfirion: "A true desire? What does that mean?"
(225) Shadalah: There is a saying: "What you wish for, you once wanted."
Kha: "Well we have passed a Trial of Courage prior to finding ourselves in your land, then we passed the Trial of Heart in the crypt, so maybe we should pass the Trial of Wisdom in the city."
(232) Norfirion: "Hmmm" *shakes his head somewhat confused*
(232) Norfirion: "These trials, are they personal, or is it something we all must do together?"
J'hzuu: "J'hzuu would think it means one that you truly wish, not just something you want. J'hzuu wants a meal, but it is not his true desire, see?"
(232) Norfirion: "Ah yes, I should have understood. Forgive my ignorance. My thoughts were focused on else."
(225) Halif: She's saying that for you to wish for something, mage, you must desire it. But when you receive it, you must truly desire it, or else the wish is wasted for it may be that you did not want it or it was what you once wanted but is not what you now want.
** (232) Norfirion nods. "Yes, yes. I understand..." **
** J'hzuu looks at Halif and blinks a few times. "It is good that one of all does..." **
** (225) Halif grunts again and shifts in his seat as he peers at the horizon. **
** (232) Norfirion perks an eye at the lumbering minotaur. "You're quite clever Halif. I wouldn't have thought....." **
Kha: "You desire you wife back Norf, but if she returns in a fassion you were not expecting it may not be what you truly desire."
(225) Shadalah: For you to succeed, you must all work together. However....(peers at Norfirion and at Kha), your talents will be needed. Especially yours and yours.
(241) Maximus: "I've always wanted my homeland to return to the prominence of it's past with virue gained, but it might not happen in the way I want would it.."
(241) Maximus: ((Oy virtue* not virue))
(232) Norfirion: "Well then, did you hear that Kha? You'd better stay alive for my sake." *smirks*
(237) Git: "I feel the gem, and whatever we can pilfer from the ruins is plenty. These trials... so far.. have been more trouble then they've been worth."
Kha: "I will try. I have been trying to curb my wonderlust, since my experiance last time"
(232) Norfirion: "Speak for yourself Aragit."
(225) Shadalah: Of course. But you have rescued me, and I know you shall succeed. (smiles reassuringly the stops abruptly)
(225) Shadalah: The word is Atmophryeetno.
** (232) Norfirion returns Shadalah's smile. "Thank you for the kind words your highness." **
(237) Git: :to norf: "I do speak for myself. Myslef being one in no mood for fanciful tales, rather realisitc venture."
(225) Shadalah: "City of Phoenix over the House of Set, where sleeps salvation. There speak Atmophryeetno!" (lets out a sigh or relief as she smiles triumphantly)
(238) Agatha: "Kha! Write that down! Atmophree-uhh.."
(232) Norfirion: "You're quite the storyteller."
Kha: "I will remember it, as well as write it down in my journal when we stop for the night"
** (232) Norfirion nods to Kha. "I have noted it as well." **
(232) Norfirion: "So, how much farther is it to the Oasis?"
(225) Shadalah: Perhaps another day or two.
(232) Norfirion: "You must be writhing in anticipation at what awaits you there, no?"
J'hzuu: "J'hzuu has a good way to remember. At Mofree, eat no... peas" he gives Git a grin.
** (225) Shadalah smiles. "Yes, outlander. I long to see Hassan again." **
(232) Norfirion: "I can understand your feelings. A grand wedding it will be. At least we'll have the chance to experience something good for a change."
(225) DM: ((going to FF in a bit. just fyi))
(232) Norfirion: (ok fwm)
J'hzuu: ((Sure. Suits me))
(241) Maximus: ((No prob))
(238) Agatha: ((go for tit))
(237) Git: (Whose?))
(238) Agatha: ((it rather))
(232) Norfirion: "However, I would like to for all of us to remain on guard. It could be a prime target for Khalitarius's retaliation."
(238) Agatha: ((There's nothing else on my screen! Nothing explicit or size DD at all!))
(225) DM: ((hah))
(225) DM: ((you reach the Oasis in a little over a day and a half))
** (232) Norfirion breathes a sigh of relief at the sight of the Oasis. **
(225) DM: In the distance are a troop of camel riders, as you crest the next dune. A line of green appears on the horizon.
(232) Norfirion: "Civilization at last."
(237) Git: :eyeing the riders: "The Shiek's forces perhaps."
** (232) Norfirion shield's his eyes from the sun and tries to get a better view of the troops. **
Kha: "Hopefully not more problems riding our way. I would not mind a break so I can work on figuring more of the prophacy I am chasing out."
** J'hzuu looks at the oasis, then peers at the camels. **
** (237) Git continues for the Shiek's tent. paying the troops no mind, less they approach. **
** (241) Maximus peers at the Oasis, never having seen such a sight before. **
(225) DM: ((yes, they're the Sheik's men. you can recognize them from their robes and the manner in which they ride their camels in formation))
** Kha waves as the riders aproch **
** (225) Shadalah peers in the distance and smiles with relief. **
** (232) Norfirion follows after the others, quickening his step in anticipation of being back in civilized lands. **
(225) DM: It seemed as if the riders were tense as they approach, but on seeing Shadalah, one of the riders lets out a shout and cheers.
** (232) Norfirion smiles with relief. **
(237) Git: :glancing back the princess on the soldier's reaction: "Maybe you should wear a hood the rest of the way. Best not to attract too much attention until you're safe in your beau'
(237) Git: s arms."
(225) Amirah: By the grace of Basht who serves the Ever-Living, welcome! She has returned!
(225) DM: The riders approach you swiftly. One of them turns around as if to return to the Oasis.
(232) Norfirion: "Too late for that" *he mutters to Git*
Kha: "We won a minor victory over Khalitarius to save her."
(238) Agatha: "Keep your guard up. You never who's playing the mole."
(225) DM: One of the riders seems familiar to you.
** J'hzuu mutters. "Minor? J'hzuu almost lost half his fur" **
** (238) Agatha looks around at the joyful scene. **
** Kha explains the crypt to the guards in very short version, saving the long tale for the Shiek and the Prince **
(238) Agatha: "Though you'd have to be mad to try something here."
** Kha studies one of the riders as he tells his tale **
(225) Ajaiyah: I see that Fate has smiled upon you, outlander. (smiles at Kha)
** (225) Ajaiyah unfurls her headdress as she steers her camel over to you. **
(237) Git: "Fate iis always smiling on us. It's just when she gets that sadistic smirk that I get worried."
** (232) Norfirion looks on vigilantly, a rare look of happiness briefly covering his face at the reunion. **
Kha: "Hello Ajaiyah, so you have joined the Shieks guards?"
(225) Ajaiyah: Yes, outlander. I have decided to enter his service as payment for his hospitality.
(232) Norfirion: "Let us speak later. We should get her highness out of this sun and back to the one she loves."
(225) Ajaiyah: I would still like to accompany you should you leave this land. Though the place is set, no man or woman knows the time when one must seize one's Fate.
Kha: "Well I am glad you are well. Still a little anoyed with you about the prank you pulled on us, but that was in the past"
(237) Git: :to Ajayah: "I know the time... it's a round the thrid glass turn after sunset, after about my eighth pint.. usually."
** (225) Ajaiyah glances over to Shadalah, who holds her head up. "I....yes. Banu." (bows at Shadalah) **
** (238) Agatha glances to the princess' conversation curiously, but turns back to Ajaiyah. **
** (225) Shadalah smiles graciously at Ajaiyah. "Be at peace, effendi. You have entered the Sheik's service, and I am not yet married." **
(225) Shadalah: Please. Lead us on. (to one of the other riders) I am pleased to see that you are well, Barak.
(225) Barak: As are we, Banu. (bows) I sent Amirah onwards to the Oasis. Now that you have returned, perhaps soon we will triumph over the ifrit!
** Kha rides quietly, thinking over the tale he will tell to the Shiek **
(225) DM: The other riders (there are three others) bow to Shadalah respectfully and break out in smiles all around, as they escort you back to the Oasis.
** (237) Git rides along, humming an old elven tune **
(225) Barak: I am sure that Hassan has received the welcome news. We have been praying to the gods on your return, and now that you have returned, praise be to Ra, the Ever-Living!
(225) Ajaiyah: It is well that you have returned (to Kha). If I have to listen once more to that gnome, surely I shall go mad.
** (238) Agatha finally decides to take off her head coverings. **
(237) Git: "Gnome?"
Kha: "Gnome?"
** (232) Norfirion chuckles at Ajaiyah's comment. **
(225) Ajaiyah: I do not remember his name except that he speaks most strangely. He has been teaching the shepherd boy some songs.
Kha: "I would love to talk with him, I am always willing to talk"
(232) Norfirion: "A merchant probably."
(238) Agatha: "Hmph. That fellow at the inn. Good to know he's kept busy."
(225) Ajaiyah: I find it difficult to listen to him. I cannot understand him half the time. (sneezes)
(232) Norfirion: "That is probably a good thing."
(237) Git: "Perhaps he's just foreign."
Kha: "Well after we return Shadalah to the Prince, and we relate what happened I will talk to the Gnome"
** (225) Ajaiyah slowly nods, wearily. **
(232) Norfirion: "Well then, shall we head inside the oasis? We can do all of this talking just as easily inside."
(238) Agatha: "Are you alright, Ajaiyah? You look a bit under the weather."
(225) Ajaiyah: I....well...I miss my brothers and sisters of the Everlasting. But I am free and I have seen more of the world than I ever have. That is a good thing, yes?
** (225) Ajaiyah seems more dispirited than you've ever seen her, as she rides along. **
(237) Git: :raises a brow: "All you've ssen is the Oasis.: "You traded one spot in a desert for another. If you're home sick, just go home."
** (232) Norfirion nods in agreeance with Git. **
(225) Ajaiyah: I could....I could go home. But there is so much to see. And I have not been outside Jabar el-Sara'hin, not as long as this. And I am free from Marwan and Batina.
(225) Ajaiyah: It's just...this is all so strange to me. (looks up)
(238) Agatha: "Aye, I've seen more of the world than I ever thought I would. But if I had to choose between the world and home, I'd take home everytime."
Kha: "The new and unknow is always exciting"
(238) Agatha: "Then again, my home isn't a snake den filled with thieves and assassins."
(232) Norfirion: "They both have their places."
(225) Ajaiyah: I do have one bit of news for you, outlan---Git.
(225) Ajaiyah: (catches herself as she says "outlander")
(237) Git: :a strangely silent Git, looks up to hear.:
(225) Ajaiyah: Marwan said that he would gift you and so he has, but the gift is not here, it lies elsewhere.
(237) Git: "Truly now... that reminds me of an old con I use to pull, selling tracks of land to fools dumb enough not to see that there was a property first."
(237) Git: :skeptical: "What would he gift to me?"
(225) Ajaiyah: No, it is a true thing. And I know where it is, if you would take me.
(237) Git: :Sighs: "And where would I need to take thee, Oh Maiden?"
Kha: "More are always welcome to travel with us Ajaiyah, even without the gift"
(225) Ajaiyah: For you to cross Skysea, should you wish it, he has given you a skyship.
(238) Agatha: "A what now?"
(237) Git: :crooks a brow: "A skyship? As in a ship that flies in the sky?"
** (225) Ajaiyah smiles like a cat that's swallowed a pullet. "A skyship." **
(225) Ajaiyah: You will see, outlander.
(237) Git: "Well now... that is very generous of him."
Kha: "Oh that would be most interesting. I have never sailed before, and it would be very fun for my first time to be sailing the sky"
(225) Ajaiyah: You saved his life from Farouk, so he has tried to repay you in kind, though you did fail the Bridge of Birds.
** (229) Lellick looks up, with a surprised expression, the most attention he's shown in a while. **
(237) Git: 'I wonder if it is like the one from the pyramid."
(232) Norfirion: "Hmmm very interesting indeed."
** J'hzuu cocks a brow. "This would be... interesting" **
(232) Norfirion: "I'm quite fond of sailing myself, be it on the ocean or in the sky I suppose."
** (238) Agatha looks doubtful. **
(225) Shadalah: If she speaks the truth....and there is nothing in her face that says she is not, that is a most generous gift, effendi. A skyship is not a ship that sails in the sky, but a ship that sails on Skysea.
** (241) Maximus shakes his head, wondering what that journy would do to the group... **
(225) Shadalah: You see, Skysea is a sea of glass.
** (232) Norfirion chuckles. "Oh.." **
(225) Shadalah: The sea was created when the sha'ir Martek destroyed the Mala-tath and bound Khalitarius.
(238) Agatha: "See there? A sensible explanation."
(232) Norfirion: "Yes I've heard of similar stories before."
(237) Git: "Too bad. I was starting to get hopes of flying, But still. It may aid us in finding Wa'run's sister. He should be pleased."
(238) Agatha: "At least what passes for sensible in these parts."
(232) Norfirion: "The sand changed to glass by a tremendous heat."
(225) Shadalah: You cannot travel on Skysea for very long without some kind of protection from the sun and from the elements. A skyship enables you to travel great distances on the glass.
Kha: "Ahh still sounds fun."
(229) Lellick: "That will be something to see. I can't even imagine what it must look like.."
** J'hzuu shakes his head at this. "Yes. J'hzuu thinks it would be an incredible sight" **
** (225) Ajaiyah smiles, this time a genuine smile. "I have thought long and hard about what it is I want, outlan...Git. And what I want is to not be bound by Fate but to make my own Fate. So if you will have me, I would like to come with you after you leave this land." **
(232) Norfirion: "Well then, I suppose we have a wedding to attend. Hmmm a formal occasion. I'll have to find something suitable to wear."
** (232) Norfirion perks an eye. "Quite a proposition there my friend." *he smiles to Git* **
(251) Feralith (enter): 00:20
(232) Norfirion: "She's apparently quite fond of you. Try to not break her heart."
(225) DM: Her smile is dazzling against her perfectly tanned skin, and auburn, sun-bleached hair.
(251) Feralith (exit): 00:21
(237) Git: :looks to her cooly, replying: "I'm glad you've decided to choose your own path, and I have no control over what you may decide to do. Yet our path is twisted up in fate and fortunes and fraught with rediculous perils. THat is not something to dive into on a whim."
(225) Ajaiyah: Dive into a whim? (laughs out loud, causing Barak to peer at her and you curiously) Dive into a whim? (laughs) Says he whose friend dived through a door of flames.
(225) Ajaiyah: No, you do not need to worry about me, effendi. (laughs some more)
Kha: "Git if she wishes to travel with us she may, just as Halif, Wa`run, that Dwarven lass, and the Elven tailor were offered the chance to."
(237) Git: "I never said we were any smarter." :rides alonf toward the tent.:
(237) Git: :glances to Kha: "And I have not agreed to the idea once."
Kha: "Which reminds me, I must speak with the Elf, she was working on my clothing, I hope she is finished now"
(232) Norfirion: "Clothing? That snake skin?"
Kha: "Yes"
(232) Norfirion: "Ah yes, I had forgotten about that. I suppose I should see how she's doing afterall she owes her freedom to us two."
Kha: "She owes her freedom to herself Norf. She decided to come with us"
(232) Norfirion: "Look at it however you want."
(225) DM: As you enter the Oasis, a crowd streams around you, clearly overjoyed by your arrival, as you are welcomed with open arms. Men, women, children, elderly are awestruck, some weeping with joy as Barak and his riders escort you and Shadalah to the main tent.
(238) Agatha: "Don't go lording that around, elf. Believe me, a good woman won't have that for long."
** (237) Git rides along in back, watching the gathering crowd curiously as they go." **
** (232) Norfirion shakes his head. **
** J'hzuu 's ears flatten against his head, clearly a little stressed by the crowd, but manages to stay calm. **
** (225) Amirah strides up to the main tent and blows on a weathered ram's horn, a triumphant peal splitting the air. A flap is brushed aside as Hassan exits the tent, followed by the Sheik. **
(225) Prince Hassan: She has returned! Welcome, effendis! Welcome to our camp! Praise be to the gods and to Fate!
(232) Norfirion: "I have no interest in her anyways, I merely need something more appropriate to wear for the wedding ceremony."
** (225) Prince Hassan steps aside, as the Sheik comes forth, and opens his arms, bowing before you. "Please, please, please. My tent is your tent. Please enter and be welcome." **
(252) David (enter): 00:33
(232) Norfirion: "Quite a crowd...."
** (237) Git descends from his mount, leading the camel aside as he appeals to the Shiek: "We'd be honored." **
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(235) David (exit): 00:33
** (225) Sheik Kassim holds open the tent flap and bids you enter. **
** (238) Agatha lets the others enter first. **
** (241) Maximus bows to the Shiek, as manners require. **
** Kha enters the tent brushing himself off trying to look his best **
** J'hzuu enters, nodding greeting to the Shiek. **
** (232) Norfirion stands waiting after the others and looks at Agatha with a scornful look. "You know ladies enter first." **
** (237) Git enters and moves to find a cozy seat **
** (229) Lellick slides off of his pony, patting it on the nose before following the others into the tent. **
(225) DM: Inside, it appears as if the Sheik's court was interrupted by news of your arrival, as a few tribal elders rise to greet you. Places of honor have been prepared for you, and Hassan leads Shadalah inside. As you enter, you hear a familiar voice....
(237) Git: :calls back to Norf: "That's why Max entered first."
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Felithitous Thalutathons!
** (238) Agatha returns the look and discretely pushes the elf ahead. "Not around here they don't." **
(237) Git: "You've got to be kidding." :blurts before craning his heaed toward the strange tunneler."
Kha: "Hello Fizzle, I thought you were digging though the tomb"
** (232) Norfirion staggers into the tent giving Agatha a glare and shrugs, as he brushes the sand from his robes, trying to make himself look presentable. **
** J'hzuu stares at the speaker, unsure how to react. **
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: You see a gnome dressed in what appears to be a miner's outfit, complete with a burnished bronze helm, faded blue clothing, and a tarnished and bent silver spoon strapped to his hip. He appears to be slightly shorter than most gnomes you've met, and his schnozz larger and redder. He speaks in a loud nasal voice combined with a lisp.
(225) DM: It's the gnome from the pyramid, Fizzlefazzle Feelgood.
(232) Norfirion: "Oh....him.....I should have known."
** (238) Agatha looks at the gnome in surprise. "You? We feared that you were sealed in the pyramid. How did you get here?" **
** (232) Norfirion shakes his head somewhat dissapointed. **
Kha: "Did you finish your digging friend?"
(237) Git: "What are you doing above ground? Get lost?"
(225) DM: I tunneled here! (beams)
(225) DM: (whoops)
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: I tunneled here! (beams)
(237) Git: "From where? I wonder."
(232) Norfirion: "That's quite a feat."
** (238) Agatha tilts her head aside to Git. "He's good." **
** (241) Maximus looks honestly bewildered at the sight and mannerisms of the gnome, then remembering where he is he politly greets the council elders and the sheik. **
(237) Git: :nods to Aggy:
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: After you left for the crythtal chamber, I dethided to go get thomething I left thomeplathe. I heard a great explothion and could not get back inthide, tho, I dethided to go a diffewent way.
** (229) Lellick stares at the gnome, "...Tunneled...?" **
** (225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood pats his spoon in response. **
(237) Git: "Right, well, I hope things have been going well for you since that little pyramid mishap.."
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Well not exthacly tunneled all the way here. I jutht went back and walked part of the way.
Kha: "I would love to hear all of your adventures Fizzle, but we just saved the Princess and must tell our tale to our host. I am sure he is dieing to hear it."
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Thome thingth. Almoth managed to get into a fight with a walking nathy dead thing. Jumped into a hole with my thpoon. (grins)
** (225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood nods and beams at you. **
(253) Anna (enter): 00:43
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Mawwyhadawiddlewambwhothfleethwathwhiteaththnow! (grins)
(253) Anna (exit): 00:43
** J'hzuu nods slowly at the gnome's words, still a little taken aback. **
(238) Agatha: "Aye..well, it's good ta see you're doing well."
** Kha tries to interpret the song for a moment before turning to Hassan and the Sheik **
(225) Sheik Kassim: This gnome is a friend of yours? He has kept us entertained these past few days when all hope was lost.
** (232) Norfirion turns his attention to the Shiek and bows respectfully. **
Kha: "Yes we meet him the a tomb before we arived here, he lead us to something important"
(232) Norfirion: "An aquaintence more like it."
(237) Git: "A friend. why he's a savior to us, who made the revival of the Athis river possible." :pats the gnome on the back befor the shek.: "This brave soul should be given all the honbors of a hero in my opinion."
(225) Prince Hassan: Yes, and we...I am grateful for you and him. As my father has said, our tent is your tent. Please sit and be refreshed. (holds Shadalah's hand and looks at her, smiling)
** (232) Norfirion takes a seat and makes himself comfortable. **
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: (beams proudly, patting his spoon)
(237) Git: :drops to a comfy seat and calls out for some wine and fruit:
** (238) Agatha quietly sits down. **
(225) DM: A servant girl enters bearing a platter of dates, fruit and a tall carafe full of cool, clear water, along with some goblets.
** (241) Maximus sits down. **
** J'hzuu follows suite, taking a seat. **
** Kha takes Hassan's medalion off "You may want this back, it was usefull when we encountered the Ifriti though" **
** (225) Prince Hassan exits into the rear and re-enters bearing a tray of silver cups along with a pot of steaming, fragrant liquid. It smells like spiced coffee. **
** (225) Prince Hassan accepts the medallion gratefully and proceeds to serve you, then his father, then the rest of the tent coffee. He pours the thin stream of liquid in a graceful arc from a height, as a display of his skill and also to cool the liquid, before presenting a cup to you, bowing. **
** (237) Git 's nose perks at the scent of the coffee, asking for a cup as he picks at dates **
** (225) Sheik Kassim accepts a cup as he reclines into his cushions. "You have travelled a long way, effendis. Please, tell us your tale." **
** (232) Norfirion accepts a cup of the liquid as well, smelling it before sipping it slowly. **
(237) Git: "Our tale.? Well.. I have a great story about smuggling a prize pig, if you're interested."
** Kha stands up and clears takes a sip of win **
** J'hzuu takes the coffee and sips slowly, letting the others tell the tale. **
** (238) Agatha graciously takes a cup and sips, inhaling the aroma as the cup leaves her lips. **
** Kha begines to recite thier tale, from meeting with Ajaiyah at the Inn and her lies to convince them to travel to the everlasting. onto the meeting with Marwan in the desert. then to the meeting of J`hzuu, Lellik, and Max. **
** Kha takes another sip of win before continuing the tale. **
** (225) Sheik Kassim nods, glancing around the room and settling on Ajaiyah who's face flushes with embarassment as she hears her deeds recounted. **
** (241) Maximus respectfully takes a cup of the cofee. **
** Kha picks the tale back up at at thier defeate of the trials the Everlasting required. Explains in detail the feast and the events that followed. "Then I walked though the flames, so I could take to the man. I had no clue he was the murderer no an Ifriti. His power was amazing and he took my life before my friends could get past the flames. I learned a valuable lesson in that." **
** (237) Git idly snacks and makes small talk with the tribal lords near him, while Kha speaks **
(232) Norfirion: "It seems I've missed quite a bit while I was gone." *muttering*
(225) DM: All in the tent are entranced by Kha's tale or at least quite interested, as they lean forward to hear more.
** Kha takes another drink of wine, and continues the tale of getting the location of the crypt from the dead lips of Ifriti, and thier adventures in the crypt. "and we finaly defeated the wraiths. While Git was looking around that room I entered the next and discoved the statue that appered to have a mace missing, and it just so happened that in out travels we had discoved a golden mace that was a servent of Ra that asked us three times if we would take up it's quest." **
Kha: "Placing that Golden mace in the statue we heard Khalitarius wail as if he had swollowed a hot coal."
(237) Git: :quirks a brow: "Would an Ifrit be boithered by a hot coal?"
** (225) Shadalah smiles gently at Kha's comment, saying nothing. **
** Kha takes another drink of wine before picking up thier tale with thier encounter with the Ifriti lord. "I am sad to say I did not know the giant vial was the Princess and I attempted to destory it, but I am happy to say I did not and she is well. The Ifriti lord vanished insted of staying to fight, too scared we would defeat him then and there." **
(256) Nova (enter): 01:08
Kha: "I wish you Princess Shadalah and Prince Hassan a wonderfull weding." **Bows slightly then takes a seat and a nother sip of wine**
** (225) Prince Hassan glances longingly into Shadalah's eyes and smiles at the assemblage, as does Shadalah. **
(225) Sheik Kassim: Thank you for your tale, effendis. I think, I speak for all here, when I say that without your aid, we would not be here in this happy, joyous hour. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, as Fate and the gods have smiled upon you.
(257) Sir Jam (enter): 01:11
(257) Sir Jam (exit): 01:12
(237) Git: "And we are thankful for the hospitality of your food and tent, friend Sheik."
(225) Sheik Kassim: There will be time enough to prepare for more battles against the ifrit, but for now, there will be preparations for the wedding, to be held in one oubos, during the fullness of the sapphire moon.
(237) Git: :raises his cup: "THen let it be a fine ceremony."
(225) Nador: May wise Hajama, fair Selan and noble Kor bless you all this night! (smiles and raises his hands in benediction)
(225) DM: The entire tent erupts in cheers.
** (238) Agatha joins in the toast. "Here, here!" **
** J'hzuu holds his cup up in toast. **
** (241) Maximus gives his own blessing. **
** (225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood beams at you, patting his spoon. **
** (232) Norfirion nods quietly and holds up his glass along with the others. **
** (237) Git downs his coffee and applauds the engaged merrily. **
** Kha enjoys the meal and relaxes after having told the tale **
** (225) Shadalah glances at her betrothed once more and smiles at the assemblage, then exits into the rear of the tent, followed by a few servant girls. **
Kha: "So Fizzle do tell us your tale."
** (225) Prince Hassan holds up his hands for a moment. "Though perhaps we can do what we can to assist these effendis in their search against the ifrit in the meantime?" **
(225) Prince Hassan: The wedding will be held in one week's time, or as we say, one oubos, when the sapphire moon becomes full. This is by our tribe's tradition. However, I do not think we should do nothing in this time, for the ifrit has been dealt a temporary blow.
(225) Prince Hassan: Do you have a plan?
(237) Git: "Hardly. For now we are focused on finding the gems. though I doubt either can be capture within ten days, so I fear we may miss your wedding."
Kha: "Our plan was to learn more of the city of Pheonix and the old lore aurounding it. Shadalah told us much, but said there was more we could learn. Then after the weding we planed to goto the city and do what must be done releasing the 'great good'"
(225) Prince Hassan: Father? I would ask that these outlanders who are our friends be asked to attend the wedding as our guests, but I also ask that the wedding be held off.
(237) Git: "Oh, please Prince, put nothing on hold on our accoutn."
(225) Sheik Kassim: You show much wisdom, my son, but I must consult the elders first.
(225) Sheik Kassim: (to Git) You have done our tribe and our people a great service. For this I thank you on behalf of my people.
(237) Git: :gives a hunmble nod and short bow:
(225) Sheik Kassim: There will be a feast tonight in your honor, after which time, I shall make my decision.
** (232) Norfirion remains quiet as the others socialize. **
(225) Prince Hassan: Amirah will lead you to your tents when you are ready, effendis.
Kha: (( what time of day is it? ))
(225) DM: ((late afternoon))
(232) Norfirion: "Thank you, your hospitality has been a blessing."
J'hzuu: "Yes, J'hzuu's thanks. It is good to be back in civilisation once more"
Kha: "Thank you Sheik, Do you know where the Elf maiden is staying that we freed from slavery. She was making me an outfit and I would like to see if it is compleate"
** (238) Agatha bows. "Yes. We are honored." **
(237) Git: "Well, I would like a little time to freshen up and don some cleaner apparel before the feast."
(232) Norfirion: brb
** (237) Git stands and gestures the servant to lead the way to his tent **
(225) Sheik Kassim: She is still, I believe at the inn inside the Sandvoyager's Guild compound.
** Kha nods "Thank you, I will go speak with her before the feast tonight." **
(225) DM: (kinda fading, lol. probably going to stop in 30 minutes)
(232) Norfirion: back
Kha: (( lol I was just about to say the same thing. I have been studying my physics too damn much =P ))
(232) Norfirion: "I'll accompany you Kha. I need something more fitting to wear as well."
** Kha nods to Norf **
** (225) Amirah leads you to your tents. People smile at you as you walk through the Oasis. Children play in the paths next to you, as you pick your way to your quarters. **
Kha: "Fizzle I would be glad to listen to your tale as we head to the Inn"
** (232) Norfirion dazzles the children with various uses of presdigination as he makes his way through the oasis. **
(225) DM: The mood in the Oasis is noticeably lighter and more joyous than when you were in search of Shadalah, all those weeks ago.
** (225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood relates his tale in his loud nasal voice. **
** (237) Git heads to his tent to get cleaned up and write a bit in his journal, in no hurry to get back to socializing just yet. **
** J'hzuu follows Kha and Norf, not wanting to get lost in the unfamiliar place. **
** (238) Agatha heads back to the inn to check on her other companions. **
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Welp, ath I wath thaying, ath you left for the cryhal chamber, I dethided to go get thomething I had forgotten. By the time I had gotten down outthide from the pyramid, I heard thith loud explothion and could not get back inthide.
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Tho I dethided to go a diffewent diwecthon and dug thome more, and walked a bit, and here I be.
(225) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Had to hide a bit from nathy, nathy dead thingies. Jumped into holeth with my thilver thpoon!
** (232) Norfirion gives Kha a glare for egging on the gnome and just sighs as he tries to ignore the incestant babbling. **
Kha: "That is one amazing spoon, I have never seen it's like before"
(225) DM: (ok, I have to stop, absolutely fading)
(232) Norfirion: same here
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Kha: (( ok, see you tommarow. I am gona sleep as well ))

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