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(2) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
(8) ticattack: ((Nope, I'm good. We're about to be splattered, IIRC))
(4) Maximus: (Yes please)
(2) DM: ((last session was spent exploring the rest of the Crypt. PCs discovered the Pits of Everfall. J'hzuu was attacked by the ifrit when he went off to investigate. Elsewhere, some of you got teleported to another part of the crypt and were ambushed by some wights. Now you're resting in J'hzuu's hideaway before deciding to go to the second level (see map above)))
(3) Lellick: (I take it it's not been a complete day since Lellick got level drained? Just wanted to make sure)
(2) DM: (continuing from the boards...)
(2) DM: Listening to Norf's explanation, Git sits pensively, nodding as he considers their options. Finally he speaks, "Given this new information, I propose we go up stairs in side by side formation, approach him in unison... then bow down and all pledge fealty to our new Lord and Master." The aggreavated looks he gets back don't detur him enough to keep him from following with, "However, we will follow his orders with only superficial loyalty and no joy in our work, to spite him verily." It's probably a joke, but... he seems so damn sincere.

With a weary sigh he continues, "As far as actually battling the thing is concerned, I'd rather not do it up there. He's already all friggin powerful. He needs to pick the battleground too? Hmph... Too bad we can't get him to some place warded against fire or dome place like the pyramid where we could build some way to redirect the river ontop of his head." The half-elf gives a grin as he chatters and the others think. Lifting his hand to look at the ring Batina gave him, he adds, "I do have the gen in this ring, though I don't really know what it can do. And I severely doubt it has the power to defeat Sparky up there."

(11) Gul-Shad (enter): 21:50
(11) Gul-Shad (exit): 21:51
(2) DM: ((no, not yet a complete day, haven't FFed yet))
(3) Lellick: (Alrighty)
(4) Maximus: (Ok, I'm ready. Thanks for the re-cap)
Kha: "Thats not a bad idea Git, I was trying to think of some way we could get him down here where we can prepare." **Looks to Agatha** "You could go up there and laugh at him when he tries to burn you, stay long enough to enrage him and hop back down, hopefully he will be mad enough that you did not roast he will follow you."
** J'hzuu looks at the ring Git holds. "Could Norf not determine what kind of magicks the ring holds?" **
J'hzuu: ((Ah, whoops. Sorry, missed 'the gen in'))
(6) Norfirion: "I'm sure it's conjuration magic if it involves summoning."
(7) Agatha: "I could, assuming he doesn't have any other tricks."
(6) Norfirion: "An illusion might also help to bait him out."
** J'hzuu snickers. "That is a large assumption. If it does work, though, it would be most effective..." **
** (10) Git breaks from examining his ring long enough to raise the middle finger it is on toward Kha, before turning to J'hzuu. "It calls a jan.. a mari.." **
(10) Git: "Mira..."
Kha: "If you think that may work I will setup my Alter and ask Oneiros to bless this area, which may help decrease his power, but only in a limited area"
(10) Git: "Mera.. ah... I think a water genie of som sort."
J'hzuu: "No. J'hzuu sent an illusion of himself, up the pit. The Ifrit did not respond. J'hzuu thinks he can detect the difference"
(6) Norfirion: "I see.."
** (3) Lellick is sitting cross-legged against one of the walls, his posture somewhat stiff. "I also fear sending another up there won't work either. He did not follow J'hzuu, either." **
** (4) Maximus stretches and rubs his left shoulder which he has been favoring for awhile. "I think that perhaps we need only harm him enough for him to retreat. He surely wouldn't fight to the death, and that might be our best hope." **
J'hzuu: "Perhaps... If he is egotistical, perhaps taunting him would work. He is smart, yes, but how wise?"
** (6) Norfirion retrieves his spellbook, opening its blue dragonhide cover and glances over it as he occasionaly nods or mutters a reply to the others. **
whispering to Git, who has Suhail?
(10) Git: "Wise enough not to come down here after us without good reason. After all, he can just leave us to sit here and rot for all he cares."
Kha: "J`hzuu did not laugh at him when he got burned, he fleed. If Agatha can just laugh at him it may anoy him"
(6) Norfirion: "Git is right. I doubt we will be able to lure him from his sanctuary above."
(10) Git: "Besides.. we don't actually have to fight the ifrit. just reach the girl."
(7) Agatha: "Aye, then he cast some other ghastly spell on me while undead eat me alive."
(6) Norfirion: "I can get all of us above instantly with a dimension door spell, if its necessary. But speak up before I finish my meditation."
(10) Git: "Hmmm... J'hzuu... is there more than one entrance in that room upstairs?"
** J'hzuu frowns. "Agatha has protections against fire, yes? All can put many other spells of protection on her, and she can try this... Or else, she can run through and rescue this girl. If he chases her, he will have to come down here..." **
(10) Git: "Eh?" :looks down at the scimitar at his side. "Did you say something?"
(3) Lellick: "He must know we're here for the girl... doesn't he?
** J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu saw little. He saw a room, and he thinks stairs, but..." He shrug again. **
(2) Voice: (distant and faint): Use the medallion that the White Opal gave you....
** (6) Norfirion perks a pointed elven ear in the direction of the voice. **
(2) DM: It seems to be Suhail, although the voice is weak.
** J'hzuu looks around for the source of the voice. "Or, all could do this..." **
(10) Git: "Medallion..? " :looks around his crew for who holds the bauble.:
(2) Voice of Suhail: The medallion of the White Opal. Use it against Khalitarius.
** (6) Norfirion shrugs. "I didn't know you were even in possesion of such an item." **
** (7) Agatha looks to Kha. "Do you still have it?" **
(10) Git: :shrugs to Norf: "And I didn't know it did anything useful."
Kha: "Ya he gave us his madalion that the princess is saposed to do something with" **Diggs though is packs to find it, finaly holding it up** "Here it is"
Kha: "I didnt think it would do anything againt him, I thought it was for finding or freeing the great good that would oppose Khalitarius"
(10) Git: "I thought it was just supposed to point us in a direction. How does a glorified lodestone fight an ifirt?"
(2) Voice of Suhail: The place is Set, but no man knows the time when this and its mate will be used against evil, and used to unleash a great Good.
(2) DM: The voice fades away.
** (3) Lellick speaks up, with a quiet tone, "That sounds.. very prophetic." **
Kha: "Oh so we just get it to the princess and the good is released? Interesting, but still poses the problem of dealing with him in an area he has prepared, not one we have"
Kha: "It is part of a prophacy"
(10) Git: "There's more than one shaft running up stairs, right?
** J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu still thinks Agatha with many protecting magicks is a good plan... Well, not good, but... Better than others" **
** (7) Agatha turns to Lellick. "You get used to it." **
(4) Maximus: "How would we use the amulet? Wield it like a weapon, perhaps the touch would harm him."
Kha: "J`hzuu, how high up did you say the next floor was?"
J'hzuu: "A hundred feet or two"
(7) Agatha: "I'm not sure. But it's one more edge that we've got, Maximus."
Kha: "I think we just hand it to the princess, she has a white palm on her hand, that is linked to the prophacy and this madalion"
(10) Git: "Perhaps getting the medallion to the Princess will re-sanctify this place to Ra or something and sent tinderhead packing."
(4) Maximus: "I would like to suggest we use a simple plan, the more complicated the more chances it has to screw up. I say we cast what defenses we have and then attempt to find the lass. The ifrit hasn't confronted us yet, which leads me to think something with him might be wrong."
(7) Agatha: "J'hzuu has that arrow. Kha and Norf have their abilities. You seem to be immune to the ifrit's attempts to panic us. And I can get close enough to him to keep him in one place."
(10) Git: "Listen... if there's more than one shaft going upstairs,. perhaps pulling off a bit of distraction won't be too hard."
J'hzuu: "Wait... Agatha is protected against the fires, yes? If this is so, could she not try to hold him still, while all go past?"
** (7) Agatha turns to Git. "That's a good idea. You and Lellick could sneak around if there's another way." **
(10) Git: "If his attention could be diverted to an attack from one shaft, others could come up behind and pass through, hoipefully to find the princess nearby."
(6) Norfirion: "That might be possible."
(7) Agatha: "I could try holdin' him J'hzuu, but it's not like he's gonna stand still and let it happen."
(6) Norfirion: "Some scouting will be necessary, so there is that risk you'll have to take."
** J'hzuu shrugs. "It is just a thought" **
(6) Norfirion: "If pinning him is your goal, I could help you with that. A spell of enlargement will help greatly to that endeavor."
(10) Git: "Of course, if there's still a whole maze of halls up above who knows how many monstrous servants, not to mention the Ifrit himsefl up there... splitting up.. may get dangerous."
(6) Norfirion: "Yes, I think we're much better off just staying together and doing what he doesn't expect. A full assault."
Kha: "I could use my silence ablity to make it look like we" **looks to Agatha, and Maximus** are trying to sneek past, while others go up differing routes,"
(6) Norfirion: "I have confidence in my own abilities, and those of the rest of you. This is our fate afterall, and I'll be damned if I'm prevented my destiny by this groveling worm of Set."
(10) Git: :casts a quirked eye to the elf: "Norf.. teh first time we met this guy, he blazed into fire so hot he turned the sand to glass on his way flying out throgh the roof. A full frontal assault, may not be a great idea just yet."
(4) Maximus: "I would like to stay together, let us prepare what we can with magicka and let fate guide us, and Odion watch over us."
Kha: ""Git are you willing to try sneeking past while the rest of us stage the frontal assult, looking like we are trying to sneek in?"
(10) Git: "I'd like to know how many routes actually go up there. If we can atleast encircle him, that's some advatage."
(10) Git: :to Kha: "Isn't that what I proposed a minute ago?"
Kha: "Yes, I like that idea, though I think perhaps Agatha, J`hzuu and I should go up one way, Norf, Max and Lillick another and shortly after my group, then you shortly after that in the third tunnle"
(10) Git: "I say we finish searching this level, find all the routes upstairs we can, and break into cells, head up simultaneously to surround him. Flank and attack, while a coupld sneak off in the confusion to find the princess. After that, the others can break off the assault and retreat if need be."
(10) Git: :to kha: "Exactly"
(6) Norfirion: "Very well, I suppose that is acceptable."
(3) Lellick: "It seems sound to me."
** Kha nods **
** J'hzuu nods. This sounds good. **
(10) Git: :adds in afterthoguht: "And if history teaches us anything, this is all going to blow up in our faces."
** Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power into himself **
J'hzuu: ((*"This sounds good"))
** (4) Maximus nods in agreement with Git. **
(6) Norfirion: "I could provide you will a spell of invisbility, but I surmise it won't help you much. If Khalitarius could see through J'hzuu's illusion, then the same can be said of an invisibility spell. You'll have to rely on your natural talents this time Fellthorn."
(6) Norfirion: "Well then, that is settled. Shall we prepare?"
** (10) Git lies back to relax: "I'll do my best and you do yours. So rest up while you can. Than it's off to face the flames." **
Kha: "Agatha and J`hzuu when we go up try to stay close to me, within about fifteen feet, I will be masking out sound so we appear to be sneeking in, I dont doubt he will know we are there anyways, but must keep up apperances"
** (4) Maximus pulls out a small necklace with a tiny crown and sword at the end and holds it to his lips, the quiet whispers prayer can be heard. **
** J'hzuu nods. "All must hope he cannot see through this" He taps the wall of the room"yes?" **
(7) Agatha: ((have we rested yet?))
(10) Git: ((FF?)
(2) DM: ((k))
** (4) Maximus finished with his prayers Max looks towards his team. "If you could stay withing ten feet and behind me I can aid you in struggles against fear and block any physical attackers." **
J'hzuu: ((Yup, FF. Cool by me))
(2) DM: ((8 hours later...))
** (6) Norfirion uncorks a small bottle of distilled spirits and douses a small amount of liquid in his hand. He traces several runes over his chest and speaks an incantation. "Thali Jhori" he speaks as the runs flare with red light before slowly fading away like the evaporating alcohol. (False Life) **
** (4) Maximus stretchs while laying down before getting up and taking a swig of water from a water skin before gathering his equipment. **
(7) Agatha: ((brb))
(6) Norfirion: [1d10+7] -> [4,7] = (11) temp HP
** Kha sits at the entrance to one of the strange endless pit things meditating and waiting for Agatha and J`hzuu to arive **
** (10) Git has a quick "last meal" of flat bread, dates and water before climbing down fromthe bubble to stretch **
** J'hzuu takes a few strips of leather out of his spell pouch. "J'hzuu can give extra armours to all, if they need it" **
** (6) Norfirion nods. "That would be helpful." **
(6) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
** Kha nods his accent to J`hzuu **
** J'hzuu takes one of the strips, runs it down his torso, and utters something under his breath. A blue-white glow encompasses his body, then disappears. He repeats this on Norf. "Does another need this?" **
** (3) Lellick slowly unfolds himself from his meditation position, which he had been in for most of the time, then starts to dig in his pack. **
** J'hzuu takes a third strip of leather, and runs it down Kha. As he speaks, the glow envelopes the man, then fades. **
Kha: "Do any of you have something that will slow our fall so we will not just go falling blindly though this pit?"
(3) Lellick: (Sending Lel's current spell list over now..)
(6) Norfirion: (sent mine also btw)
(3) Lellick has sent you a tree node...
J'hzuu: "J'hzuu can give flight to some. Five, maybe"
(10) Git: : to j'hzuu: "I'll take on of those." :grins:
Kha: "Yourself, Git and I or Agatha, Either Agatha or I can carry the other up"
Kha: "Norf can take care of his group"
** J'hzuu grins. "It lasts only a few minutes, but J'hzuu will do this" **
** J'hzuu takes a feather, and runs it across his face. His feet rise an inch or so from the ground. He moves the feather to each of Git, Kha, and Agatha and repeats the spell. **
J'hzuu: "Now, all should move quickly. These will not last long"
J'hzuu: ((Just got to restart Open. brb))
J'hzuu: Disconnecting from server...
(8) ticattack (exit): 22:39
** (7) Agatha nods. "Let's move." **
(10) Git: "Alright then... I'll head to the south, you guys can head up first. When I here fighting I'll consider it my signal."
** Kha slowly begins his accent up the tube, pausing just blellow where the next area begins **
Kha: "Oneiros, The Destined One, send Potmos to protect me."
** (10) Git flies odd for the southern shaft (c) **
** (6) Norfirion extends his hands and speaks an enchantment "Vaeror Aelaesia" he says as he annoints his forehead. He's covered in a brief fire-like glow that fades. (Resist Energy: Fire) **
** Kha lets the prayer beeds slide around his hand while whispering "Oneiros, The Destined One, send Potmos to protect my companions and I" **
(2) Munafik: ...It was not my intention to let them go, my master! Have mercy on me!
** (6) Norfirion repeats the spell on Maximus. **
(2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass: You have made your last mistake, worm!
Kha: "Oneiros, The Destined One, send Potmos to protect Agatha"
(14) ticattack (enter): 22:42
** (7) Agatha curses under her breath as she hears the voices. She wanted to be the one to take Munafik's head. **
(2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass: Because of your mistake, the flail is lost to me forever!
** Kha finishes his accent into the next area slowly looking around, but prepared to fight **
** (6) Norfirion approaches the khajit before he departs and draws a small circle using powdered silver around his feat while speaking an enchantment. "Vyraelol Thys Aelor!" (Protection From Evil) **
** J'hzuu nods to the wizard. "J'hzuu's thanks" **
** (10) Git makes his flight up 12c to 13c **
** (6) Norfirion repeats the spell on himself then nods to Lellick and Maximus that he is ready to go. **
(2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass: Beg! Beg for your miserable life, spirit! For I am far more terrible than Set, and far more wrathful!
** Kha 's spear tip begins to spark as if holding back a large electric charge **
** (4) Maximus mutters a prayer to Odion, Patron of the Imperial line. His flesh takes a slight golden sheen.(Protection from Evil) **
(4) Maximus: "Lets go guys."
** (7) Agatha takes point ahead of Kha and J'hzuu. **
** Kha continues into the area keeping an eye out for the Ifriti **
** (3) Lellick grasps his holy symbol, murmuring to himself, "Tevesh, hold your supplicant in the shelter of your hands, to aid against harmful elements." **
** Kha lets Agatha lead **
** J'hzuu follows Agatha, hovering just above the ground. He holds his bow in his hands, ready to fire in case of danger. **
(3) Lellick: (Protection from Energy (fire) on self)
Kha: (( I cast bless so dont forget to add the +1 to your attacks and saves against fear ))
** (6) Norfirion makes his way to the pit they are to take and waits for the others to gather around before raising his staff that emits a pale glow. "haeraesar **
(2) DM: As you ascend the shaft, you can barely make out a small octagonal chamber that rises slightly above the entrance to the upper level, and above that, a far larger area within which, is the ifrit. His back is to you and he appears to be in conversation with a very familiar undead spirit.
** (6) Norfirion makes his way to the pit they are to take and waits for the others to gather around before raising his staff that emits a pale glow. "Haeraesar!" he says as he motions the staff. (Spell-like ability from my citadel wizard staff: Featherfall). **
** (7) Agatha holds up a hand, waiting to see where this conversation leads. **
(2) DM: Dark crimson fire blazes in torches set within the chamber which gives a bloody cast through the entire area.
** J'hzuu glances around, then back to the pair, listening intently. **
** (7) Agatha whispers to J'hzuu.
"Line up your shot. Don't fire until I say." **

** (6) Norfirion waits for Maximus and Lellick's cue, then enters the pit, ready to make his way into the chamber as he slowly falls past. **
** (10) Git watches the scene from his position, hovering in the shaft of 12c, viewing it around the doorway through the mirror in his hand. **
** Kha move slight to one side, but keeping a clear view of the Ifriti **
** J'hzuu nods, and takes the arrow Ra gave him. He nocks it into he bow, then rises up, about twenty feet from the ground, careful not to cast any shadows the ifrit could see. **
** (4) Maximus motions for Norf and Lellick to stay close, and falls after the wizard.
Falling like a feather thanks to Norifirions magicka. **

(2) Munafik: One more chance, my master! One more chance! Though the flail is lost to you now, there may yet be a way for you to reverse your fortune. Within the City of the Gods are the Sisters, who hold all existence in their hands. Perhaps, they can show us a wa...
** (3) Lellick follows after Max, stepping into the pit after him. **
(2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass: The Sisters are only concerned with mortals, fool! And I grow tired of your incessant whining. You will serve my purposes, who was once Munafik of Set, in a new form!
(2) DM: A tremendous explosion rocks the chamber above you, amidst a scream more terrible than a spirit in agony.
** (6) Norfirion glances to his companions as they fall through the tunnel. "This does not appear to be favorable." **
** J'hzuu glances upwards, then looks back down to his comrades below him. His ears flatten against his head, and his robe flashes a dark shade of purple. **
(4) Maximus: "Perhaps we shoudl hurry, the others might need our strength before long."
(4) Maximus: ((*should))
(6) Norfirion: "We're falling as fast as we can." *he whispers*
(7) Agatha: "Lovely. As if things weren't difficult enough."
(2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass: Rise, Afik'haton! Go forth and do my bidding!
** Kha releases the energy he has been holding back in a briliant series of electrical arcs (dealing) [5d10 + [5d10} (the second appies to the ifrit as well as those within 10ft of him Relex DC 21 for 1/2) **
(2) DM: Another tremendous explosion rocks the chamber above you, and then there is silence.
(7) Agatha: "Now! Fire at will!"
Kha: [5d0] -> [1,1,1,1,1] = (5) [5d10] -> [1,10,5,7,9] = (32)
(6) Norfirion: ($##$#$ 5 1s!!!!)
** (7) Agatha charges forward. **
Kha: [5d10] -> [10,5,2,4,1] = (22) ((Missed a 1 in the first roll =P))
(7) Agatha: ((fly rather))
(2) DM: (to PCs facing this scene): It appears as if the ifrit poured forth a great deal of power into recreating Munafik into a new image, and collapses, spent. Of the former undead wizard-priest, there is no sign.
(17) ticattack (enter): 22:56
(2) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(14) ticattack' from room...
(14) ticattack (exit): 22:56
(2) DM: (init, only Kha's group)
Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] -> [9,7] = (16)
(7) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(2) DM: (Maximus' group, you will arrive in two rounds)
J'hzuu: [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)
(10) Git: (what about me? ^_^ )
(7) Agatha: ((well at least we have the surprise round))
(2) DM: (Kha's group is at 12b, where are the rest of you?)
(6) Norfirion: (gotcha, on that last round of falling I want to cast true strike to have ready for the 1st round)
(2) DM: (same as Maximus' group, two rounds)
(10) Git: (in 12c outside 13c. me be flyin)
(6) Norfirion: (we're at 12a)
(6) Norfirion: (on the way around to 13a)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [6,13] = (19)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [11,10] = (21)
(2) DM: A bolt of lightning streams from Kha's spear striking the ifrit lord in the chest. Several arcs splash around the gen, bathing the room in electricity.
(2) DM: Caught off guard, the ifrit whirls around to face you and drops a large, human-sized blue flask to the ground.
(2) DM: (16, J'hz)
(10) Git: (Damn. That's a big flask!)
J'hzuu: ((Sorry was AFK))
(6) Norfirion: (its munafik juice, high in vitamin C)
** J'hzuu spies the flask, draws another arrow, and fires at the flask. [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27), [1d8] -> [5] = (5) **
(10) Git: (Does it have pulp?)
J'hzuu: Threat [1d20+7] -> [6,7] = (13)
(6) Norfirion: (you cant crit items anyways)
(2) DM: The arrow glances off the flask and falls to the ground. A flash of worry crosses the ifrit's face for a brief second.
J'hzuu: ((... You have a point))
(2) DM: (5, Ag)
** (7) Agatha flies toward Khalitarius full force and wails away at the ifrit. **
(7) Agatha: [1d20+13] -> [19,13] = (32)
(2) DM: (yes, a hit)
(7) Agatha: dmg: [1d12+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
(7) Agatha: ((aww))
(2) DM: (regular round)
(2) DM: (21, Khalitarius)
** (2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass expands in size to double his height **
(2) DM: (16, Kha)
** Kha notices the paniced look on the Ifrits face when the arrow hit the flask and charges at it attempting to smash it **
** (7) Agatha visibly gulps. **
Kha: Shortspear Attack Roll: [1d20+13] -> [13,13] = (26) ===> Damage: [1d8+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(2) DM: (16, J'hz)
(2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass: You will know unending pain, fools!
(2) DM: The flask is unharmed, apparently...
(10) Git: ((unending pain? Phew... at least he's not going to kill us.))
** J'hzuu flies down to the jar, and stands bent over it. He calls out to the ifrit "You will stop, or J'hzuu will smash this jar!" **
J'hzuu: ((Flask, sorry))
** (2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass merely laughs **
(2) DM: (5, Ag)
** J'hzuu looks at the Ifrit, and gulps. That wasn't quite the response he was going for. **
(2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass: If you do, little cat, then your doom is sealed. (sneers)
** (7) Agatha decides to wipe the smile off the ifrit's face. **
(7) Agatha: "We'll be the judge of that."
(7) Agatha: ((full attack))
(7) Agatha: ((1st attack on Khal)) [1d20+13+1] -> [2,13,1] = (16)
(2) DM: (16 miss)
** (6) Norfirion begins to concentrate as his descent nears the chamber. He grasps a small wooden replica archery target and whispers "Sia Moji". (True Strike) (Doing this on my final freefall round before i roll init.) **
(7) Agatha: 2nd attack on Khal: [1d20+8+1] -> [7,8,1] = (16)
(2) DM: (ditto)
** (4) Maximus unsheathes his longsword, and waving his hand over the blade while praying to Odion. An inner white light, seems to shimmer in the blade.(Bless weapon) **
(2) DM: (each other group, roll init)
(6) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
(10) Git: [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(3) Lellick: [1d20+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
(4) Maximus: (( Initaitive: [1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17) ))
(2) DM: (21, Khalitarius)
(6) Norfirion: (how far away is he from our group btw?)
(6) Norfirion: (ie me, lel, and max)
(2) DM: (100')
(2) DM: (he's in the center of room 8)
(2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass: Let there be light!
(10) Git: (do we see any doors other than the passages we're coming up through?)
(2) DM: A pillar of dark crimson fire streams down from the ceiling with Khalitarius at its precise center, then fans out in all directions once it hits the floor, washing over those of you in his immediate vicinity.
(2) DM: (nope. see map above. those doors are supposed to be archways)
(2) DM: (Reflex, only Kha's group)
Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+13] -> [10,13] = (23)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [8d8] -> [3,2,1,8,4,7,6,4] = (35)
(7) Agatha: "Humility before marids!"
J'hzuu: Reflex [1d20+7] -> [9,7] = (16)
(10) Git: ((no, I mean other than the three directions we're coming from, a,b and c, to we see a forth passage that may lead to the princess?))
(2) DM: (Ag, I need a save from you. J'hz fails)
(2) DM: (no. you have no idea where she is)
(7) Agatha: ((activating armor as an immediate action))
whispering to ticattack, 35 damage.
(6) Norfirion: (brb grabbing something out of the oven)
** J'hzuu makes a screaming, yowling sound. When the flames disappear, he is lying on the ground, not moving. **
whispering to Agatha, I need a save from you.
(7) Agatha: With those magic words, a cool breeze washes over Agatha reminding her of a spring thaw. She doesn't feel the heat at all.
(7) Agatha: ((immunity to fire dmg))
(2) DM: (k)
(2) DM: (18, Norf)
** (6) Norfirion withdraws a small shaving of licorece root and tosses it into the air above his group and speaks quickly an enchantment. "Cari". The group is surrounded by a pulsing red aura and feels an unearthly speed befall them. (Haste). **
** (6) Norfirion then moves 50' into the chamber and spreads out from the others. (Done). **
(2) DM: (17, Max)
(4) Maximus: ((Can I reach the ifrit with a charge of 120ft?))
(2) DM: (yes)
** (4) Maximus with a bellowing prayer to Odion, Maximus rushes into the fray. Upon reaching the ifrit he lunges forward with a simple, but hopefully effective slash routine. **
(4) Maximus: ((Charge Attack: [1d20+20] -> [5,20] = (25) Also using a smite chaos, and acitivating divine might. Damage if this hits: [1d8+10] -> [5,10] = (15) +7 if chaotic. My sword counts as magic and good for DR, and bless weapon grants me an auto crit if I threaten.))
(2) DM: (barely hits)
(2) DM: (not chaotic)
(2) DM: (16, Kha)
** Kha attempts to pickup the giant flask and remove it from the area to deal with latter **
(4) Maximus: (( Ok, so only 15 damage.))
Kha: Str check: [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
(7) Agatha: "Kha, focus on Khalitarius! Leave the flask to the khajit and his disc!"
** Kha glances at the bruning form of J`hzuu but continues to attempt to move the flask further away atleast **
(2) DM: (5, Git)
(10) Git: ((ah hell.. right into the fire))
** (10) Git , seeing no place he can sneak to, opts for the crazy choice. Pulling Suhail, he murmurs to the blade, you better be more useful than you look." Then he charges out, cflying at full speed to flank the fied with Aggy and stab for the heart **
(10) Git: Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15) ===> Damage: [1d6+0] -> [5,0] = (5)
(2) DM: Suddenly the medallion around Git's neck flares with an intense blue light, sending forth a bright azure beam that spears the ifrit in his shoulder.
(10) Git: (+4 attack for flank and charge. not sure what bonus on suhail)
(10) Git: (eh?)
(2) DM: (well if its not around Git's neck, whomever has it, that's what happened)
Kha: (( I have it ))
** Kha looks down at the madalion startled **
(2) DM: (ok, well then, that's what happened. was a miss btw, Git)
(10) Git: (oh and size bonus.. and ... good karma?)
** (10) Git stares at the light with some shock, missing his target in the process. **
(2) DM: (5, Ag)
** (2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass lets out a cry of pain as the beam of sapphire light strikes him in the shoulder. **
** (2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass seems to be moving a bit slower in response. **
** (7) Agatha finally notices that J'hzuu isn't getting up. She fights harder to hopefully distract ifrit and allow the others to regroup. **
(7) Agatha: ((full attack)) [1d20+13+1+2] -> [1,13,1,2] = (17)
(7) Agatha: ((2nd attack)) [1d20+7+1+2] -> [14,7,1,2] = (24)
(2) DM: (one hit)
(7) Agatha: dmg [1d12+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(2) DM: (4, Lel)
** Kha gives up on the flask and goes to check on J`hzuu knowing his flaming spear can do nothing against a creature of fire **
Kha: (( opps, hit enter early ))
** (3) Lellick rushes into the chamber, thanks to the magical speed, and lifts his holy symbol high. "Merciful Tevesh! We beg you for your favor! Protect us from those that would do us harm!" **
(3) Lellick: (Move action with Haste is 50', then casting Prayer, which should affect anyone twenty feet behind and in front of him..)
(2) DM: (k)
(2) DM: (21, Khal)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+20] -> [14,20] = (34)
** (2) Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass seizes Agatha contemptuously (AC 34) and hurls her across the room against a wall with all his might. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+8] -> [9,8] = (17).[1d8] -> [2] = (2)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [5d6] -> [2,4,3,1,1] = (11)
(2) DM: (30 damage)
(7) Agatha: ((hit even with all my buffs. Do I get an AOO, opposed grapple check or anything?))
(2) DM: (grapple check, yes)
(7) Agatha: grapple check: [1d20+7+4] -> [7,7,4] = (18)
(2) DM: (not quite a success.)
(7) Agatha: ((19 actually. Forgot prayer))
(2) DM: (18, Norf)
(6) Norfirion: sec
(7) Agatha: "Waaaaahh! Oof!"
** (6) Norfirion gasps at the sight of the downed khajit as he enters the chamber. His face immediately becomes flushed red with anger, and his face contorts with rage as he extends a shaking hand, his palm facing upwards as if he were grasping something invisible. "This...Is for the fallen!!!" The mage begins to concentrate as a bright sparkling ball of blue energy slowly coalesces into his palm. The air around the mage stirs with a cold wind and condensation is clearly visible in the room as he continues to concentrate, the sphere growing larger and larger until it can grow no more. "Os..Os..Tyr!" he shouts the incantation and flings the icy ball of death towards Khalitarius. (Orb of Cold) **
(2) DM: (Make that 28 damage instead, forgot about the immunity to fire)
(7) Agatha: Agatha's ribs audibly snap as she smashes against the wall.
(6) Norfirion: Ranged Touch Attack [1d20+8] -> [5,8] = (13), Sacrificing 10 HP for extra damage. [17d6] -> [6,1,2,4,6,6,1,6,1,3,6,4,2,6,4,5,6] = (69) Cold Dmg, he must also make a Fort save vs a DC of 20 or become blinded.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [4,12] = (16)
** (7) Agatha collapses to the ground but slowly floats back upright. "Oooooh." **
(2) DM: (is that a Reflex save as well?)
(2) DM: (or just Fort?)
(2) DM: (13 misses btw)
(6) Norfirion: (the ranged touch is to hit with the orb, the fort save is just for the blinding effect)
(6) Norfirion: (it misses his touch AC? dont forget his ac goes down with his size)
(2) DM: (his touch AC is higher than 13)
(2) DM: (but he is blinded.)
(2) DM: (it should be obvious by now that Khalitarius is not a normal ifrit)
(6) Norfirion: (if it misses, he doesnt have to worry about being blinded)
(2) DM: (ah well, I see)
(2) DM: (17, Max)
(6) Norfirion: (oh yeah i forgot kha's +1 from bless) not that +1 is gonna help
(2) DM: (and prayer)
(2) DM: (so yes, you do hit and he is blinded)
(6) Norfirion: lmao are you serious?
(10) Git: (WooHoo!)
(6) Norfirion: thank god for buffs
J'hzuu: ((Sweet! ))
(2) DM: (16, Kha)
** (4) Maximus yells with fury. "To the abyss with you! For J'hzuu. Odion guide my Blows!" As Maximus launches into a flurry of blows, guidied with righteous fury and conviction. **
(2) DM: (er nm)
** (6) Norfirion cries out in pain as he slumps to his knees. The pain of using his own life to power his spell wracking his body. **
(4) Maximus: ((Full Attack: Attack 1: [1d20+13] -> [7,13] = (20) Attack 2: [1d20+13] -> [10,13] = (23) and Attack 3: [1d20+8] -> [15,8] = (23) ))
(2) DM: (damage please)
(4) Maximus: (( Coolio. Attack : [1d8+11] -> [5,11] = (16) and attack 2: [1d8+11] -> [1,11] = (12) and attack 3: [1d8+11] -> [6,11] = (17)))
(2) DM: With the final blow, there is a soundless explosion as the ifrit immediately vanishes. Immediately following, the medallion around Kha's neck flares with an intense blue light and sends forth a sapphire ray that transforms the blue crystal flask to the sleeping form of a woman, albeit clad in tattered and burnt robes.
(6) Norfirion: ha you guys were trying to smash the princess lmao
(2) DM: The medallion, which had not been glowing before, now has an ambient blue glow that permeates it completely.
** (4) Maximus drops to his knee and lets his sword fall, moving next to J'hzuu and letting his healing grace loose. ((Lay on ahnds 10 points)) **
(4) Maximus: ((* Hands))
** (4) Maximus found the F8 macro key **
(20) Cinner (enter): 00:41
** (7) Agatha sees that the Khajit is being taken care of and tends to the princess. **
** Kha takes the madalion off and looks at the princess and gently shakes her **
** (10) Git looks about with a sigh and saunters over to check on J'hzuu's recovery, before joining Aggy by the Princess. **
** (6) Norfirion clutches his staff and tries to stand on his feat but falls down like a newborn trying to walk. **
** J'hzuu 's eyes open, and he looks around. He sits up slowly, groaning in pain. He looks around at the lack of ifrit and the woman laying there. "What happened?" **
** (2) Shadalah seems to be fast asleep. One of her hands is stretched outwards, and seems to have a curious design etched on it, as if from a birthmark or from an intricate tattoo. **
** (7) Agatha gentles tries to rouse the princess and checks her condition. **
(2) DM: A section of wall to the north vanishes, revealing a flight of stairs that descends below.
(7) Agatha: heal check: [1d20+6] -> [18,6] = (24)
** (3) Lellick stares at the woman for a moment, then shakes his head and moves over to J'hzuu. "Don't try to move too much. You're still badly hurt." **
** (6) Norfirion is warry of trickery and tries to determine if the explosion of the ifrit was some display associated with some kind of teleportation of invisibility spellt. **
** Kha places the madalion in her palm with the birthmark **
** (10) Git lifts the girl's hand, holding it out to Kha, suggesting in monotone: "Insert medallion here." **
(6) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+18] -> [10,18] = (28)
(2) DM: She seems to be alive, breathing and conscious, although in a deep sleep.
(10) Git: :while the medallion is placed, Git looks about to his comrades, calling over to the degenerated wizard, "Hey Norf, you alright?"
** (7) Agatha straps up her axe and picks up the unconscious woman. **
(6) Norfirion: "Is she dead?" *he mutters as he tries to regain his control and focus through the pain*
** Kha begins studying the design formed by the madalion and mark **
** J'hzuu takes out his wand of curing, and holds it against his skin. A small crackle of bluish light crackles from the tip [1d8+2] -> [5,2] = (7), and he sighs in relief. He follows it with another [1d8+2] -> [8,2] = (10), then gets Git's attention, and tosses the wand to him. **
(10) Git: "She seems alive enough."
** (6) Norfirion shakes his head in response to Git's question and lumbers to his food, and slowly wobbles over to the group. **
(6) Norfirion: *feet not food
(7) Agatha: "Aye. She just seems to be deep sleep."
** Kha takes note of the location of the city of Phoenix **
** (10) Git catches the wand and looks at it a moment before glance curiously to khajit **
** J'hzuu calls out croakily. "She is hurt, no?" **
** (3) Lellick stops, shrugs, then moves to Agatha next. "Hold still for just a moment, please..." He reaches up to touch her arm, holding his holy symbol in his other hand, "May Tevesh ease this woman's pain and make her whole again." **
(3) Lellick: (Cure Moderate Wounds, rolling now)
(10) Git: "No.. just asleep. But it would do little good anyway, since I don't know how to use this thing." :waves the wand around:
(7) Agatha: "She's perfectly fine as near as I can tell."
(3) Lellick: [2d8+5] -> [2,2,5] = (9)
** (4) Maximus crouches down next to J'hzuu and helps the Khajit up, letting the sorcerer lean on him for support if need be. **
** J'hzuu rises to his feet and hobbles over to the others. He gives a faint smile. "This is true. Very well then" He takes the wand back from Git, and puts it back under his belt. **
** Kha dubble checks the map just to be sure he missed nothing then puts the madalion back around his neck and looks around **
(10) Git: :looks to kha: "Did that accomplish anything?"
Kha: "It's a map"
(10) Git: "Okay...."
(7) Agatha: "We should be moving on, lest Munafik decides to come back to over his master's reins."
** (6) Norfirion raises his staff and scans for any signs of magic on the comatose woman as he concentrates. (Detect Magic) **
(10) Git: :to Aggy: "Agreed. You all aren't exactly in peak form for a tussle."
(6) Norfirion: "Well her slumber doesnt seem to be magically induced. There is little to do but wait for her to awaken normally."
** J'hzuu nods. "Yes. J'hzuu has been burned enough for some time. He will be eating dinner raw for weeks" **
** (10) Git stands and heads over to examine the new stair case and to see where it leads **
** (7) Agatha gestures towards the new door. "That looks like a way out." **
** J'hzuu crouches down beside the woman, and taps her gently on the forehead, then awaits any response. **
** Kha picks up the princess and gets ready to head down **
** (6) Norfirion activates his staff once again searching the room itself for signs of magic. (Detect Magic, scanning the room this time) **
** (7) Agatha turns to the khajit sharply. "Stop that. T'aint mannerly." **
** (10) Git heads down the stairs to scout, creeping down slowly and quietly as possible (MS) **
** J'hzuu gives Agatha a little smile. "Neither is carrying a giant axe into someone's home" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+15] -> [3,15] = (18)
** (4) Maximus gathers his sword, and after wiping the vile blood from it, walks to the front o' the party, weapon ready for any surprises. **
** Kha stays near the back with the princess in his arms as the group heads down the stairs **
(2) DM: The stairs lead down to a 50' square room. In the center of the chamber stands a single pillar bathed in a column of light. Glistening atop the pillar is a huge cut jewel, its facets flashing with a crimson glow. The floor is paved with hexagonal flagstones of marble, each 5' across. A single arched portal is in the center of the N wall.
** (6) Norfirion concentrates and taps his staff, focusing on the gem. **
(6) Norfirion: (Detect Magic)
** (10) Git approaches the pillar, staying kust out of the light as he circles a bit examining the area (search for trap) **
** (7) Agatha follows Git down. **
** (6) Norfirion approaches the halfling and retrieves the Staff of Miracles. "Here little one. This is much more fitting for your use anyways." **
(7) Agatha: "The Star Gem..."
(6) Norfirion: "Use this when you have exhausted your own resevoir of magic."
(2) DM: (erm)
(6) Norfirion: "Wait Git. Don't move."
(10) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [1,11] = (12)
(10) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [16,11] = (27)
(10) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [15,11] = (26)
whispering to Agatha, Reflex 3x
(6) Norfirion: "There's a powerful field of magic woven here. It does seem open in some spots. It will be best if you move in those areas."
** (3) Lellick blinks up at Norf, then gingerly takes the staff. "If you're sure you don't wish to keep it... well. Thank you." **
** (6) Norfirion tries to guide Git through areas of the open, un-enchanted room with directions as best as he can. **
(2) DM: The rogue freezes in place, unmoving.
(7) Agatha: ((prayer and bless still in effect?))
** J'hzuu looks up. "Can Norf dispel it?" **
(2) DM: ((yes))
(6) Norfirion: "I will try. Until then, everyone remain where they are."
(2) DM: It appears that he's literally petrified.
(10) Git: (too late ^_^ )
** (6) Norfirion gasps as Git is literally turned to stone. **
** J'hzuu looks at the frozen Git. "Oh dear..." **
(7) Agatha: "Git?"
** (10) Git stands frozen. At least he makes a damn good looking statue. **
(6) Norfirion: "This doesn't look good. I don't know if a dispel with remove his petrification either. I'll try it anyways."
** (6) Norfirion begins to concentrate and speaks words of magic, "Poraer Tandros!" as he waves his hand in a dismissing fashion. (Dispel Magic) **
(7) Agatha: "Give it your best shot."
(6) Norfirion: Area Dispel, 20' radius centered on Git.
(6) Norfirion: Caster Level Check [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
** Kha looks at Git "Stone does not become you Git" **
** Kha continues holding the princess giving her a gentle shake now and again in an attempt to wake her **
** (7) Agatha remarks grimly. "Though it certainly seems to work the other way around. **
(20) Cinner (exit): 01:07
** (3) Lellick decides to get some healing done while they wait, taking the few steps over to Agatha and again putting his hand on her arm. "May Tevesh ease this woman's pain and make her whole again." **
(3) Lellick: (Losing Hold Person to cast Cure Moderate Wounds, rolling now)
** (6) Norfirion shakes his head. "That was quite a potent dispelling magic, and even it failed against whats been cast here. We'll have to find another way." **
(3) Lellick: [2d8+5] -> [6,7,5] = (18)
** (6) Norfirion stands near the pedestal in a magic free spot. He extends his hands, considering grasping the gem, but unsure of what to do just yet. **
(10) Git: ( OOO...OOO... Is Suhail stone too? ) ^_^
(6) Norfirion: "I hope the Star Gem can provide a means to cure his condition, if this is indeed it and not some trap."
(6) Norfirion: "Git has been turned to stone by a powerful transmutation spell, and there is little that will help him except for the reverse of the spell. Sadly, its a spell I won't be capable of casting for quite some time."
** (10) Git stands around looking statuesque **
(7) Agatha: "Hmph. Tell me how to get through the magic field."
(6) Norfirion: "I don't know what's going to happen, but I will attempt to retrieve the stone. I could have the same thing occur to me.."
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(3) Lellick (exit): 01:12
** (6) Norfirion concentrates and activates his magic sensing staff once again as he tries to feel his way through the weave of magic, to grasp the gem. **
(2) DM: There is an answering flash of light in the gem as Norf's hand comes closer to the surface of the jewel.
** (7) Agatha tries to stop him. "You'll do no such thing. What if the same thing happens to you? Who's gonna change you back?" **
(7) Agatha: "When it comes to magic you know more than any of us. Sadly enough, I need you be able to move your mouth."
(6) Norfirion: "No one, if that happens. Continue on without me. But I can't leave him like this without trying." *he says as the light flashes from the jewel, closing his eyes fearing the worst*
(7) Agatha: "You don't get it, do you? We need you in order to revert Git."
(6) Norfirion: "Hurishta help us" *he pleads as he plunges into the unknown*
(7) Agatha: "Hmph. Blasted idiot."
(21) Lellick (enter): 01:16
(2) DM: The jewel blazes forth with a radiant crimson glow, as Git becomes flesh again and the chamber is lit with a soft white light. The beams of light criss-crossing the marble floor vanish.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d10] -> [10,5,10] = (25)
(2) DM: A section of wall to the north vanishes, revealing a flight of stairs leading down.
** (10) Git slumps forward a bit as he goes from solid to liquid in an instant. Shaking a bit he looks about the room curiously. **
** (6) Norfirion flinches and cries out in pain as he grasps the gem. **
** J'hzuu starts towards Norf, then stops and looks around.
"Is Norf alright?" **

** (6) Norfirion gazes down at the gem, his face contorted in anger. "I.....I think so." **
** (7) Agatha mumbles under her breath. "Blasted idot blessed with dumb luck." **
(6) Norfirion: pain i mean, not anger heh
(6) Norfirion: "Perhaps you're right, but lucky nonetheless."
(10) Git: :dumbstruck: "Something... just happened.. right?"
(6) Norfirion: "At least I'm still alive for the time being, and without Git's problems on my conscience."
J'hzuu: "Git became stone. The magicks hit him"
(6) Norfirion: "You could say so, something like that." *he replies to the half-elf*
(10) Git: :peers askew to the mages a moment before groaning, "I'm really sick of getting my arse kicked by magick.... and everything else."
(2) Shadalah: Uh....
(10) Git: "I gotta get out of this adventuring crap."
(6) Norfirion: "To put it easily, I saved your half-bred hide once again. You owe me a drink next time we're in town. Gods I need it..."
** (2) Shadalah stretches and blinks awake. "Who...who are you?" **
(6) Norfirion: "Her highness is awake at last. Greetings m'lady."
** Kha sets the princess down **
** (6) Norfirion turns, leaning on his staff in one hand, and clutching the glowing red jewel in the other, he bows politely. **
(7) Agatha: "The White Opal sent us, among other forces."
** J'hzuu looks down at the woman. "All are apparantly suicidal madmen. Just to make sure, you are?" **
(2) Shadalah: I had the most wondrous dream. (looks around) He is gone! The ifrit is gone! (looks at you in wonder)
Kha: "Sorry about the M`Lady, but we came to rescue you from the Ifriti"
(7) Agatha: "You're safe for now. Safe as any of us are, anyway."
(2) Shadalah: I am Shadalah, betrothed to Hassan, of the Oasis of the Palm. And you are...?
** (10) Git stands back, in no particular mood for niceties. A rarity for him. **
(6) Norfirion: "Unfortunate" *he replies cooly and sarcastically to her question.*
** (7) Agatha doesn't mention that "as any of us are" isn't very safe at all. **
** J'hzuu glances around. "J'hzuu is thinking that all should leave. Norf, if it is not safe to walk out, would it be possible for you magick us from here?" **
Kha: "My name is Kha" **holds out the madalion** "Hassan gave this to us, while he went back to the oasis to do ruler things"
(7) Agatha: "I'm Agatha Magveyd of Toralin."
** (6) Norfirion concentrates once again searching for any signs that the field of magic is still operational. (Detect Magic) **
** (7) Agatha continues as they move. "Over there is Git. The elf is Norfirion. The feline goes by J'hzuu. The little one is Lellick and the fellow in the suit is Maximus. **
** J'hzuu nods."J'hzuu greets you" **
(7) Agatha: "Down south, I think, we're known as August Wanderers."
** (21) Lellick gives the princess an embarrassed wave. **
** (6) Norfirion ceases his concentration and sighs. "They're gone J'hzuu. We should be same from harm." **
** (4) Maximus gives a courtly bow, his stern facial features drenched in sweat. **
(7) Agatha: "There's more to it, but you've got enough on your plate and we still have to get out of here.
(6) Norfirion: "The August Wanderes? Haha I would have never imagined you'd have an adventuring title."
(2) Shadalah: I see. And you have no Fate but the Fate you are given. I thank you for freeing me from the clutches of the ifrit, and I would be indebted to you if you could escort me to the Oasis. If it is in my power, I would ask my betrothed to gift you.
Kha: "He has already Gifted us by being willing to work with the Everlasting to defeat this Ifriti"
(2) TaliesinNYC: He said, just before imprisoning me, that he feared only one thing and that with me in his keeping, that the desert was his to rule.
(6) Norfirion: "His words are meaningless m'lady. We are here to put an end to his tyranny, and it will be done."
(2) Shadalah: But now he is gone, for a time. And perhaps, you will find that which sleeps in secret to do battle against the ifrit.
Kha: "Well he did not much like us returning a mace belonging to Ra here, and I am sure he wont like where the map on your hand led us"
(6) Norfirion: "What exactly would that be? That which sleeps. That is all I have heard refered to. What is this?"
J'hzuu: "This would be the mage, no? The one who must be wakened to slay the ifrit?"
** (10) Git leans against the pedastal, arms crossed pensively as he listens and lets the others speak **
Kha: "Might be the mage, or some other great good that will fight against the Ifriti"
(2) Shadalah: The map? Ah yes, the map. A great sha'ir by the name of Martek granted this gift to each bride of the Sheik of the Oasis. A medallion was passed down from generation to generation, among the Sheik and his heirs. My palm sign, with the medallion, shows you the way to the city of Phoenix and gives you the key to releasing the djann who sleeps within.
(6) Norfirion: "The mage? Thats a bit vague isn't it. Who is this person? Martek himself?"
Kha: "Yes I took the liberty of memorizing it while you were sleeping"
Kha: "Yes Martek, he set this whole prophacy in motion because he knew that the Ifriti would be freed sooner or latter"
(6) Norfirion: "Ah well she just mentioned the djann who sleeps. Perhaps it isn't Martek himself that we are to awaken. Thats unfortunate, if it were indeed him I would have hoped to gain some magical knowledge from such an acomplished spellcaster." *shrugs, slightly dissapointed*
** (6) Norfirion bows slightly. "Excuse my interuption and rudeness m'lady. My curiosity got the better of me. Continue on." **
(2) Shadalah: No, you are meant to seek Martek's Sphere of Power. Waken the djann who shall do battle against the ifrit, and once that has been done, then you will be free to seek the fifth Star Gem in fabled Medinat al-Muskawoon, the City of the Gods.
Kha: "Ahh this Sphere I have seen it though the first Star Gem, it is made with Arcane power and The One Power"
(2) Shadalah: Such was the dream that I had before you found me. Martek appeared in my dream and spoke to me, that you would come, and so you have. And he bade me speak of these things, though I do not understand.
(6) Norfirion: "Kha, remind me when we have some free time. I'd like to know a little more of this one power that you speak. I'm afriad I know little of the matter other than common knowledge."
Kha: "Well let us go, " **Points to the new stairs down** "We should leave before the new improved Munafik returns"
(6) Norfirion: "That sounds wise to me."
** J'hzuu nods. "Yes, J'hzuu thinks all should leave. He does not like this place" **
(7) Agatha: "Go ahead. I'll watch our backs."
** Kha laughs at Norf "I probably know as little as you, though I can use it I do not understand it nor did I try to learn it. What I can do just comes to me, though the lightning I was using I learned from watching one of the eyeless use it against me" **
** Kha offers Shadalah his hand and takes a position in the middle of the group to better protect her **
** (4) Maximus moves to the front of the group, to lend his shield against any incoming threats. **
** (10) Git follows to the rear, as they head down the stairs, not feeling like being the first one hit with a spell this time. **
(2) DM: You enter what seems to be an empty tomb. A mist-filled archway stands in the center of the north wall.
** (6) Norfirion looks to Kha confused. "This one power, is it some form of energy field, a deity that grants power?" **
** (10) Git looks about the tomb, curious of who or what it was meant for. **
** Kha shrugs at Norf **
** (6) Norfirion tries to keep pace with the group, but seems slowed down by his injuries. He tries to maintain a look of confidence, not wanting to betray any weakness and continues on forward. **
** (7) Agatha watches behind her as they enter. "I really hope this is the right way out." **
** (6) Norfirion glances back to Kha. "Then how do you even know this is what power you wield, or what its called in the first place. It seems almost like some form of innate sorcery from what you explained." **
Kha: "I know not where this power comes from, I o know that Jenna, a Half drow we traveled with before we met you, wanted me to serve Shai`Tan"
(6) Norfirion: "And this Shai'Tan, it is the One Power's dark counterpart, yes? The mydraal we encountered in the Sla-Mori, it serves this force correct?"
Kha: "I know because I have read very little about it, it is the same, or similar to the power the Aes Sedi wield, I have always ment to speak with one of them, but have not had enough free time"
Kha: "Yes"
(6) Norfirion: "Hmmm I see. It is strange there exists another power outside that of the arcane and the divine. The very existence of such, and what purpose it serves in our existence is quite intriguing. From what little I know, it is said that this force does not hail originally from Andurin, right?"
Kha: "I know Shai`Tan does not, so I would assume The One Power does now"
(6) Norfirion: "Perhaps it utilizes some sort of conduit from whever it resides to make its prescene known here then." *shrugs* "Perhaps when we are able to return to southern Telluria we can delve deeper into the matter."
J'hzuu: ((Sorry, guys, but I'm going to have to bail early. See you all next week/tomorrow))
** Kha slowly enters the mist filled archway while talking **
** (10) Git points to the misty archway, while Kha ans Norf chatter, asking Shadala, "That way to freedom?" **
** (6) Norfirion shuts up with his incestant babbling and focuses his attention back on trying to get out of the crypt. **
J'hzuu: Disconnecting from server...
(17) ticattack (exit): 01:55
(2) DM: You're ported outside.
(2) DM: (and on that note, I need to stop because I'm beginning to fade.)

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