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(293) TaliesinNYC: anyone need a recap?
(295) DuneShepherd (enter): 21:45
(283) Dj Gilcrease: (( We are preparing to enter the tomb of undead is what I remember, and we just recived a gift from the Everlasting ))
(283) Dj Gilcrease: (( and seems like Vrondard is going to miss another fight :( ))
(291) Norfirion: i could use a brief one being i missed most of last session
(284) Lellick: Can I roll for Lellick's new level HP real quick first?
(292) Maximus: ((And J'hzzu doesn't seem to be coming, he could be late though))
(284) Lellick: And I'll send you his new sheet too
(293) DM: ((you had successfully routed out the traitor within the Everlasting ranks, received a gift from Marwan, participated in a farewell feast and were sent on your way. you travelled from the desert fortress, made a stop at the Oasis. dropped off Hassan and Wa'run, as well as Ajaiyah, and departed for the Crypt. That was over a week ago (game time)))
whispering to DuneShepherd, can I help you?
(292) Maximus: ((Also if you want I can send you my sheet, I didn't level, but I fixed some mistakes, such as missing feats :oops:))
(293) DM: (travel from Jabal el-Sara'hin to the Oasis took a week, and travel from the Oasis to the Crypt took another week.)
(293) DM: (pls)
(291) Norfirion: Do I know anything about this crypt, any tales of what kind of creatures or any specifics on whats inside?
(284) Lellick has sent you a tree node...
(284) Lellick has sent you a tree node...
(292) Maximus: ((ok gimme a few, need to add some new windows for damage cituations))
(284) Lellick: [1d8+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
(295) DuneShepherd (exit): 21:49
(296) J'hzuu (enter): 21:50
(296) J'hzuu: ((Hi all, sorry I'm late))
(291) Norfirion: You missed where you were level drained for 4 negative levels.
(292) Maximus has sent you a tree node...
(292) Maximus: ((Sent my updated sheet, should account for everything))
(292) Maximus: ((So, were just now arriving at the Crypt or just getting near?|))
(293) DM: ((getting near))
(293) DM: Dawn of the ninth day after departing from the Oasis -- in the distance, you can make out what seems to be an immense image, of an ifrit.
(293) DM: The image looms large on the horizon, but does not appear to move.
(291) Norfirion: "I think we're headed in the right direction."
(289) Agatha: "Assuming it ain't another mirage."
** (296) J'hzuu nods. "J'hzuu thinks that would be a safe bet" **
(293) DM: As before, with the pyramid of Amunhotep, this image seems several hundred feet tall. You are approximately four miles away, or so you estimate.
(289) Agatha: "But then a mirage is something you want to see."
** (292) Maximus grips the hilt of his longsword, looking more resplendent in his new Taberd, a black vestment with the holy symbol of Odion and trimmed in dark flowing silver. **
** (290) Git raises his linen wrapped head to gawk at te Ifrit's image. "Who would have a giant replication of themselves hovering over there abode. How tacky is that?" **
(291) Norfirion: "Quite a large illusion I suspect."
(292) Maximus: "Tacky, and gaudy."
(293) DM: ((btw, the tabard is all right, Maximus))
(291) Norfirion: "Even tyrants sometimes have bad taste." *smirks*
** (284) Lellick looks somewhat worriedly at the image in the distance, "Do you thinks this means he's encouraging visitors?" **
(292) Maximus: ((k))
(291) Norfirion: "Or taunting us perhaps."
(283) Dj Gilcrease: "Full of himself I would say"
(290) Git: "Well... if that don't attract attention, I don't know what will." :rides along nonplussed
(296) J'hzuu: "How many would take that as an invitation? J'hzuu doubts it means welcome"
(292) Maximus: "He is over confident, that will lead to his downfall."
** (296) J'hzuu smirks. "Maximus sounds very confident..." **
(290) Git: :shrugs as he suggests ominously: "Or maybe that huge thing is really him."
** (283) Dj Gilcrease Consentrates a moment and draws power into himself **
(284) Lellick: "..Please don't say that..."
(290) Git: "Guess we'll find out when we get there "
Kha: (( oops, fixed name ))
** Kha is suddenly holding a short spear engulfed in flames **
(291) Norfirion: ""Perhaps I should prepare a spell of shrinkage..." *he jests to Git's comment*
** (292) Maximus grins back at J'hzuu, "What will be done, shall be done. Be it by our hands or this ancient mage we heard about..." **
** (291) Norfirion trudges along through the sand all the while brushing it off his person with an annoyed expression. **
** (290) Git rides, along, watching the dunes and the great image for signs of movement: "Lets stop a little ways from the crypt, we should scout ahead before we all get caught in an ambush of undead" **
** Kha nods **
(291) Norfirion: "Good, all the knowledge I can get beforehand should aid greatly in my spell selection."
** (292) Maximus **
(296) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu can allow someone to fly for a time. It would help scouting"
(292) Maximus: ((assume that was a nod))
(290) Git: "Select wisely, I don't think you'll get a second chance. As a matter of fact you might want to leave a couple spots open in your head, in case we need to improvise inside."
** (291) Norfirion nods. "I had planned on doing so already." **
** (290) Git rides toward the crypt, searching for a spot a good half mile away where they can hide behind dunes till they are ready to appraoch **
(290) Git: :grins to the elf: "See, we're already thinking like a team."
(293) DM: Suddenly, the statue seems to move slightly -- or perhaps it's a trick of the sunlight in your eyes?
(293) DM: (Will save all)
Kha: Will save: [1d20+10] -> [17,10] = (27)
(284) Lellick: Will save: [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
(290) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(291) Norfirion: Saves: Will: [1d20+8+0] -> [5,8,0] = (13) +1 vs. Enchantments
(296) J'hzuu: Will: [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
Kha: "Did you see that?"
(290) Git: (this shoulf be interesting)
(292) Maximus: (( [1d20+11] -> [3,11] = (14) if its fear, I'm immune, and those within 10ft get a +2))
whispering to Maximus, yes, you're immune
whispering to Maximus, but the +2 won't be helpful as you'll see
(289) Agatha: Will save [1d20+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(284) Lellick: (Er.. better add +2 to mine for the halfling racial bonus for spells and spell-like effects, if it is that)
(293) DM: (all but Kha and Maximus are affected...)
(291) Norfirion: (yeah and my +20 "uber mage of doom" bonus ;-) )
(290) Git: (Oh my god.. I'm AFFECTED!!!)
(293) DM: Fear flows and ebbs from the surface of the image, like the waves of a rising tide. Each new wave breaks upon your minds, sending chills up your spine, bringing a cold sweat to your brow, and releasing a rivulet of terror from your underarms. Your stomachs quake, and you have a nearly uncontrollable desire to flee.
(296) J'hzuu: ((Erm... So, it is fear?))
Kha: "You dont look so well there Git"
** (296) J'hzuu hisses, leaps away from the statue, and runs. **
(289) Agatha: "Uh...p-perhaps we should pull back. Try another angle."
** (291) Norfirion crouches down and looks around nervously. **
** (292) Maximus looks at his companions and back at the image. "People, 'tis but an image, forget it and focus on our objective." ((diplomacy(inspire kinda) [1d20+9] -> [16,9] = (25))) **
** (284) Lellick 's expression turns from bemused, to horrified, and he turns his pony around sharply, urging it with trembling hands to go back the way they came. **
(293) DM: From this distance, you crest the next ridge and see that the image is indeed a statue -- albeit quite a colossal one, and furthermore, that it sits in the midst of a vast bowl of sand, as if the bowl were an ampitheatre, and the statue were in the exact center.
** (290) Git looks to the image upon hearing Kha's passing question, and quiclkly the rogue regrets it. As his will falters and his body trembles, all the apprehensions he'd been hiolding back about this loverwhelming venture suddenly come flooding to mind. He doesn't speak, doesn't act, to afraid to even turn his horse to run, he just shifts his gaze to the ground and hopes it will go away,: **
(293) DM: The image is indeed of Khalitarius, and it leers down at you with an appearance of imminent triumph.
** Kha shouts "Stop your horses" **
** (289) Agatha stands frozen, eyes locked at the terrifying visage. **
Kha: (mutters) "And they call me a fool"
** (291) Norfirion steadies himself on his staff and remains silent as he tries to control his emotions to the best of his ability. **
** (292) Maximus looks at Kha, "Can you go retrieve J'hzuu? I might be able to help our campanions here.." **
** Kha turns his horse to see who is riding away still **
** (284) Lellick is riding away, or trying to, his pony being lazy and sticking to a slow trot. **
** (296) J'hzuu is very visible, his robe shifting from bright purple, to black, to purple again. **
** Kha sighs then nods and starts off after Lellick and J`hzuu **
** (290) Git bows his head to his saddle, trying to calm himself, chanting something over and over to himself like a mantra. Though it seems to help very little, as he still refuses to move or even look up and acknowledge his position **
(292) Maximus: " Guys...Its only a statue, of an ifrit at that. Remember Farouk? He was an ifrit too...and he fell at ours blade remember."
(289) Agatha: "Aye, he was nothing compared to this one and he nearly killed us."
(291) Norfirion: "Well although I'm affected by this enchantment, I can tell you it is a magical induced state of fear."
(291) Norfirion: "The aura is quite strong emanating from the statue, perhaps once we're inside or out of sight from it, this will subside."
** (292) Maximus takes a more imposing stature, standing up straight and taking a very regal and imperial demeanor. "People, lets just ride into the crypt and complete what we came for..And slay some undead along the way? Or are you too scared to fight?" **
** (284) Lellick periodically looks back over his shoulder, as if making sure the statue isn't coming after him, far more preoccupied with getting the damn pony to move to pay attention to the others. **
** (290) Git gives an aggrevated groan as he hops down from his mount and with shaking hands, pulls the animals reigns to lead it to lie down, Taking a seat in the sand with his back to the statue, and using the animal as some barricade, as if it could make a difference, he sits rocking in place, still chanting to himself desperately **
(291) Norfirion: "As I said, it's a magical effect, but that doesn't make any less potent by knowing it. I can manage for now."
(291) Norfirion: "It can't last indefinately. Let's just try to force ourselves onward."
** (296) J'hzuu is still moving away from the others, running on all fours, leaping about, and hissing wildly. **
(293) DM: Whatever it is doesn't seem to subside any time soon...
** (291) Norfirion lowers his head trying to keep the image out of his sight as he tries to continue on. **
(290) Git: :stays seat, only speaking the word: "...can't..."
(296) J'hzuu: ((Will it subside after I get a certain distance away? I'm going 120 ft. a round...))
** (289) Agatha is breathing rapidly, her hands shake as she grips the reins tightly. **
** Kha pulls out a stip of cloth from his back to use as a blind fold for Lellick **
(291) Norfirion: "Damn you, I won't be stopped from my destiny by some pathetic statue." *says as he turns to go after the fleeing others.* "Come on, we can't get seperated. I'm afriad as well, but we have to try."
(293) DM: (yes, about 100 yards away. :)))
(291) Norfirion: "I think I might have an idea, lets try to make some distance and regroup and gather our thoughts."
(290) Git: :looks up to Norf at his suggestion, gives a nod slowly climbs up on his mount to head away from the statue... fast
(289) Agatha: "Best idea I've heard all day."
** (291) Norfirion makes a mental note of the distance as he retreats. **
** (289) Agatha turns her horse and takes off after the others. **
** (296) J'hzuu slows down, and turns around, looking back at the statue, but not moving from his place. **
(290) Git: (where's our great and mighty sword/cleric to inspire us with his spiffyness?)
** (284) Lellick sees the others moving away, past him, and he ventures to give his pony a harder kick to head towards where they're fleeing. **
** (293) Suhail doesn't seem to be affected, strangely enough. **
(293) Suhail: It is a statue, nothing more.
** (291) Norfirion continues retreating looking for a large dune to hide behind and gather the others. **
** (293) Suhail seems calm as he continues onwards, in spite of your reaction. **
** (293) Suhail stops for a moment and glances back at you with irritation. "Did you not hear me? It is a stone statue." **
** (290) Git would flip the cleric off, if he weren't so busy bravely fleeing away **
(291) Norfirion: "Yes! But it's of no use, it's magic has enwrapped some of us regardless."
(291) Norfirion: "Now come, let us regroup! We can't all ramble about the desert in chaos. I've been down that path already."
** (293) Suhail shouts "STOP!" **
** (296) J'hzuu shoots a glare at Suhail, then slowly creeps foward towards the others, not looking at the statue, keeping his head bowed. **
** (290) Git doesn't take orders from hardware **
** (293) Suhail raises his arm and points to the statue, saying, "It is a spell woven by that ifrit. Calm yourselves." **
** Kha gives up trying to catch the others and heads back to wait for them **
** (290) Git comtinues to ride to a "safer" position", continuing his chant, trying to calm his emotions **
** (293) Suhail mutters as he retreats and follows you back to a distant dune. **
** (291) Norfirion sighs and grumbles as he tries to futily to gather the group. **
** (284) Lellick bring his pony to a slow stop once he's near to the others who have stopped, hunkering down in the saddle nervously. **
** (292) Maximus follows the rest, feeling ashamed that they coudn't get past the statue. **
** (296) J'hzuu arrives back the others, and waits, looking sheepish. He takes some sort of cake from his bag, and eats it, mumbling about "Scary statues", and "Nasty swords". **
(291) Norfirion: "It doesn't matter if it is only a statue or not. I myself know its magic, but its effect is real regardless. Badgering those affected is not going to achieve much. We have to try another approach or we're going to get disorganized and find ourselves in a lot of trouble."
(291) Norfirion: "Now then, what can you tell me about this crypt? The location inside? Where is it? Underneath the statue? Some form of magical transportation inside? Any ideas?"
(293) Suhail: If you are affected by this ifrit's magic, then you stand little hope of defeating it. Still, your words have merit. (sighs)
(291) Norfirion: "If I can determine the entrance, then I can just bypass this effect by teleporting us inside with a minor spell."
(284) Lellick: "What's the use? If we're affected by.. that.. what makes you think we'll fare any better inside?"
Kha: "That would be usefull, though I dont think I should go scouting around by my self"
** (284) Lellick casts a worried look back in the general direction of the statue,. **
(299) Vrondard (enter): 22:44
(291) Norfirion: "Well I can solve that problem as well. I have a spell that will allow me to extend my senses to inspect the statue, but if I can determine the entrance, it's going to be a waste regardless. I need to know how to get us inside, or else we could all end up teleported beneath the sands for all I know."
(296) J'hzuu: "A statue cannot be tricked or outsmarted. An ifrit can"
whispering to Vrondard, I need you to make a Will save
(299) Vrondard: (is ... it... alive?)
(291) Norfirion: can=can't
** (289) Agatha struggles to regain control of herself. She closes her eyes and takes deep breaths. **
whispering to Vrondard, most of the PCs are affected by a fear spell
(299) Vrondard: Will vs. Magic Spells/Spell-like: Save [1d20+1+1+2+3] -> [7,1,1,2,3] = (14)
** (292) Maximus looks at the others, "When we try again everyone stand close to me, my presence will inspire you." ((Its a +4 bonus, not +2, and to everyone within 10ft)) **
whispering to Vrondard, ok, you're affected as well
** (290) Git , after a few moments in the distance, slowly begins to ride back toward the group, careful to keep his eyes cast down, avoiding the statue's gaze **
whispering to Vrondard, they've retreated behind a sand dune. it's a colossal statue of an ifrit
whispering to Vrondard, in the middle of a sand bowl, like an ampitheatre
whispering to Vrondard, the statue is 500' tall, or so it seems. you're 300' away from the statue, regrouped with the party
(291) Norfirion: "Did anyone get close enough to notice a way inside? Any visible entrances?"
Kha: "No you all started running away too soon, and I was not going to scout by myself"
(299) Vrondard: "got the willies too much to see anything"
** (296) J'hzuu shakes his head. "J'hzuu saw nothing like this" **
** (290) Git rides up quietly. Apparently allieved of the crippling fear, he breathes evenly though heavily, and grips the reins tight to keep his hands from shaking. Ovbviously he's still a biut shaken from the experience, though trying to ignore it." **
** Kha sighs "Suhail, you want to go look for the entrance with me, while Maximus stays to keep them calm?" **
(291) Norfirion: "I'd like to try and go regardless, if I end up fleeing so be it."
(291) Norfirion: "I have a spell prepared to alert us of any hidden doors and such."
(299) Vrondard: "I'm ready fer another try I think"
Kha: "If you may end up fleeing its best if you stay so that we dont have to try and keep you safe while you are paniking"
(300) Demian (enter): 22:51
(292) Maximus: "We could try at night, th darkness might help obscure the statues features.
Kha: "How are Halif?"
(291) Norfirion: "Well I was fearful, but I wasnt so bad off that I had to run. I can manage."
(293) Suhail: That might be advisable.
(291) Norfirion: "Yes, that might work as well. Good idea."
** (284) Lellick looks around at the others, hesitating before speaking, "..We shouldn't be seperated. I have a spell that might work to keep us from fleeing.. if you all truly feel that suicidal." **
** (290) Git tilts his head back and draws in a deep cleansing breath before turning to Kha, "I'm ready. I just won't look up at that thing again." **
(299) Vrondard: "well we gots another option?"
(291) Norfirion: "Just let me know what we intend on doing so I can prepare accordingly."
(300) Demian (exit): 22:54
Kha: "If you all want to try again I agree with Maximus that we should wait untill night fall"
(296) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu does not feel suicidal, but he does not want to stay near the statue, either"
** (292) Maximus puts a reasurring hand on Lellick, and speaks to the party, "Why don't we all rest and sort through our problems, then all of us can try it again. If everyone is close to me, then we might succeed." **
(299) Vrondard: "I'm fine wid either.. just let me know when we goes again"
(290) Git: :noids: "Agreed. Waiting for night won't kill us... I hope."
(296) J'hzuu: "Will darkness weaken the magick? J'hzuu has not heard of this before..."
(291) Norfirion: "No, no, it'll just keep us from seeing it and triggering the affect hopefully."
Kha: "I think this bunch has too many problems to sort though in a fortnight" **jokingly**
(292) Maximus: "It won't weaken the magic, but the statue might not be as visible, thus possibly not affecting you."
** (292) Maximus grins at Kha, "You speak the truth." **
(299) Vrondard: "well I'll probabably see it anyway"
** (284) Lellick takes a deep breath to calm himself, and when that doesn't work, tries it again. **
** (293) Halif comes back slowly with a furious look on his face, as if he had done something shameful. **
** Kha gets off his horse and starts preparing the area for relaxing untill night fall **
Kha: "Feel no shame Halif, Magic can over power even the most couragous at times"
(301) don'thateme (enter): 23:00
(293) Halif: I have never done such a deed as this, running from a STATUE like a vishap from a tongue of flame. (mutters)
(299) Vrondard: "foul magicks is what it is.. now you know what I mean"
(293) Halif: Do you have any suggestions how we might continue? I would like to sink my axe in this ifrit and let it remain there.
** (290) Git gets ready to settle in for a while, taking some time to see to the animals, making sure they're alright in this situation, if only to distract himself a bit. **
Kha: "Our current plan is to wait untill night fall to try again, homing the darkness will help obscure the statue"
** (291) Norfirion turns to face the rising moon and meditates as nightfalls. **
(293) Halif: Then nightfall it shall be then. (me settles down next to his camel and tries to cool off)
(291) Norfirion: "Lady Hurishta, mother of magic, give me the strength to overcome what obstacles I may find." *he mutters as he cracks open his spellbook and lights a small candle which he sticks in the sand.
Kha: "I think I shoul scout around a bit, though I would like if either Maximus or Suhail joined me. I can keep our steps silent so dont worry about that, just hope you know how to stay out of sight"
Kha: (( *should ))
** (296) J'hzuu throws a length of rope onto the ground. He takes a twisted bit of parchment, drops it on the rope, and sprinkles a yellow powder over them, muttering and moving his hands all the while. The rope raises into the air, leading to the khajiit's usual quarters. **
(290) Git: :glances to Kha: "I can go with you."
(296) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu is not sleeping outside near his enemy's home. He is not stupid. Anyone else can join, if they wish"
Kha: "You ran away last time, I dont want to keep an eye on someone while scouting for the entrance. No offence"
** (291) Norfirion climbs up the rope to study his tome all too familiar with the rope trick spell, having used it himself several times. **
** (289) Agatha practices with her axe and memorizes the command to activate her armor. **
(290) Git: "Hehe..." :plops back to lie in the sand: "Fair enough."
** (292) Maximus removes his pack and settles down into a kneeling position, unsheathing his sword, and sticking it into the sand, resting his forehead on the hilt, and preceds to mutter prayers to Odion. **
** (284) Lellick climbs off of his pony, giving it a pat on the nose before spreading his bedroll out onto the sand and sitting on it, taking the opportunity to do some meditating. **
Kha: "So Maximus or Suhail willing to scout with me?"
** (291) Norfirion nods to his spellcasting companion as he enters the extra-dimensional space. Taking a seat and begining his meditation. **
(293) Suhail: Of course.
** Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power into himself **
** (292) Maximus breaks out of his meditation, "I will stay with the party, incase something happens." **
(302) Elegard (enter): 23:09
Kha: "Stay within fifteen feet of me if you are unsure of you ability to stay silent"
(302) Elegard (exit): 23:09
** (293) Suhail grasps his medallion, speaking softly. A runic eye symbol, ablaze in golden light washes over you as well as Suhail, then fades away. **
** (299) Vrondard stays near Kha **
(293) Suhail: The protection of Ra, the Ever-Living be upon you.
(299) Vrondard: (er... at least he would if he was going... ignore!)
** (290) Git watches the priests preparing to leave as he heads over to J'hzuu's rope and climbs on up, greeting the spell casters with a freindly, "Howdy boyos." **
** Kha starts off back toward the statue. staying low as he crests the dunes **
** (296) J'hzuu nods in greeting to Git, and leans against one of the walls, resting, but not sleeping. **
** (291) Norfirion nods to Git silently in contemplation. **
(293) DM: The statue does not appear to have shifted position, yet it's menacing visage glares down at you, somehow.
(290) Git: "Sorry to interrupt your meditation, but, I was wondering if I could talk with one or both of you concerning your area of expertise."
(291) Norfirion: "Idiot, you don't have to ask for permission."
(291) Norfirion: "What is it?"
(293) DM: A thing of nightmares, the statue stands well over 500' tall. It clenches a ball of fire in one hand, as if making ready to hurl it down at you. Neither time nor weather has dared deface the almost perfectly smooth surface of the midnight blue stone. The feet of the statue pass seamlessly into the broad curve of the base, which, miraculously is free of dust and sand. The scalloped edge of the base makes an ominous contrast atop the dead-white marble platform on which the statue stands. The platform has three broad steps leading up from the floor of the ampitheatre. Arrayed around it are seats of the ampitheatre, 10 in all rising to the level of the broken pillars.
(290) Git: "Frankly, I'm curious about magic... or more to the point... dealing with it." :sighs: "Events of late have surely shown that my own ignorance in the matter has only proven unfortunate thus far."
(291) Norfirion: "Thats kind of a broad question Aragit. Could you be a little more specific."
(290) Git: :nods.. trying to think of the proper way to say it. But the best he can come up with is, "I want to learn magicka."
** (291) Norfirion chuckles. **
(291) Norfirion: "You? I'd never seen that one."
** (292) Maximus fineshes praying and stands up, snapping his sword into its sheath. Walking over to Lellick, "Lil man, have you ever encountered undead before? What I mean is, how effective are you at turning them?" **
(290) Git: :chuckles a bit at his own fumbling, and corrects himself: "I don't mean on your levels of course. I just want to learn to deal with it and understand it."
(291) Norfirion: "Hmm well, first I should explain a slight difference. Although the form of magicka both I and J'hzuu practice is virtually the same, the means of its activation and study is entirely different."
(290) Git: "It would surely help in getting passed arcane traps and tricks"
(296) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu does not think he can help you there. J'hzuu does not even know how he does magicks. It is like... Teaching you how to breathe." He shrugs. "J'hzuu is sorry".
(290) Git: :glances between the two before turning to Norf: "So he's born with it and yours takes an assload of studying. Surely there's a middle ground somewhere here."
(291) Norfirion: "Wizards and mages such as myself, learn to manipulate reality, magicka, by force study, practice, and arcane formulae. In J'hzuu's case, it is a natural part of his being. An ability that he is ingrained and born with. Something which must be unlocked from inside and activated by one's force of will."
** Kha looks around the Ampitheatre for any way into the tomb **
** (284) Lellick blinks a few times, looking up at Max before unfolding himself and standing, "I've encountered a few before. Not many. But Tevesh does not condone such abominations readily." **
** Kha makes sure to go at a pace that Suhail can keep up with out issue and tosses him a questioning look from time to time to see if he has any input on thier search **
(303) Adam500 (enter): 23:22
(291) Norfirion: "In his case, or those which such a talent, it is usually discovered by accident or such. Not all have the ability to use such magic, but it is possible you may have some ability yet unknown to you, lurking inside your spirit. If that is not the case, then it is possible with alot of study and dedication to forego such innate talent and learn to train yourself to call upon the the magicka."
(303) Adam500 (exit): 23:22
** (293) Suhail walks slowly, and seems to be concentrating as he prays softly, grasping the gold medallion around his neck. **
(293) Suhail: Check the base of the statue.
(292) Maximus: "Neither does Odion, I am blessed immensly with his graces, more so then some knights ever bother to. I can use this grace to wound any foe, but then I wouldn't be able to turn any daedra or undeath, see?"
(290) Git: :nods as he takes it in: "Right.. so... not as easy as showing my the secret handshake of the magi. Alright."
** Kha slowly and meticulusly makes his way towards the base of the statue **
** (296) J'hzuu turns to Norf. "Magi have a secret handshake?" **
(290) Git: "For now I think I'll just meditate with you guys a bit. Maybe I'll discover my innate talent after all."
(299) Vrondard: ((foolproof method... Paladin knocks us out cold and drags us thru the sand))
(291) Norfirion: "Middle ground? Hmmm well kind or, but not really. Basically any form of the arcane is acomplished in either of these two manners. Some others may hardness arcane magicka, such as the music of some bards, or the deadly secrets of some assassin guilds."
(291) Norfirion: "Usually those with some form of lesser magick do not need to study or consult musty tomes such as myself."
** (284) Lellick nods, "I understand. Don't worry. I'll be able to turn any undead we come across.. and I doubt they'll much enjoy my spells either." **
(296) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu has heard that some devote themselves to some cause, instead of a god, and gain magicks from their beliefs"
** (291) Norfirion chuckles at J'hzuu's question. "Not that I am aware of." **
(296) J'hzuu: "It is not the same magicks as J'hzuu's, but..." he shrugs
(290) Git: "Well... either way... tit wseems I have a lot of studying ahead of me. If I make some great discovery, I'll be sure and let you know about it."
(291) Norfirion: "I've heard of such, but I'd not care to speculate too much on magic of the gods. The others could tell you better in detail on that subject."
(291) Norfirion: "Either way, I'm sure I could help you discover which path is for you, if you choose to take up the pursuit of magick."
(293) Suhail: I am afraid I cannot give you more information than that. There is something here that blocks my attempt to contact the Ever-Living. (clutches his head for a moment)
(290) Git: "Divine Magicka... heh..." :plops down in his meditating pose: arms folded behind his head, legs crossed at the ankle in full recline: "I kind a burned thoise bridges."
(291) Norfirion: "I may not be able to teach you exactly what you need to know, unless you want to become a mage yourself, but regardless, so long as its arcane magick, I should be able to help you discover how to find that path."
(291) Norfirion: "Once discovered, you may be on your own however. We'll have to see when that time comes. "
** Kha begins searching the base of the statue slowly **
(290) Git: "Much obliged, Norf. I'll be as faithful a dtudent as I can be."
(290) Git: (student even*)
** (292) Maximus gives Lellick a small grin. Maximus then moves to watch Agatha practice with her axe. "Are you ready to make another attempt past the Statue? Kha will soon return, and from there not much longer till we all move." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [1,8] = (9)
** Kha begins examining each of the seat to see if they hide some controll to move the base **
(291) Norfirion: "I may seem like a easy going happy person on the outside, but I take magic very seriously. So just think about that before you decide to commit on anything. Just think about it, you may discover for yourself what is right."
** (289) Agatha stops and lowers her axe as she turns to the paladin. "Only one way to find out." **
** (290) Git simply nods, quite serious in his own expression **
** (296) J'hzuu grins. "J'hzuu does not know if Git could take many things seriously. J'hzuu thinks you should hope you find a natural talent" **
(290) Git: :eyes closed, he answers in stagnant monotone: "I can be as serious as I need to be."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
(291) Norfirion: "With all the power that comes with the magic, there's also consequences to suffer. Things beyond your immediate understanding, things I've yet to understand yet. For instace, despite all my power and training, I was powerless to protect my wife and children, and at the same time had I not taken up study, they would have never been in the situation which caused their death in the first place."
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (292) Maximus nods," Kha and Suhail should be back soon, but if night comes before them...then I will leave to find them, and hopefully you will be able to accompeny me, and you Lellick and Vrondard, and all else here." **
(299) Vrondard: "sure...whatever needs to happen..."
(291) Norfirion: "The past deeds of dark souls has ruined the majesty of what magic truly is, and now the common people distrust it's use."
** (290) Git turns his head slowly to Norf, looking the elf's ways a somber moment **
** (284) Lellick sits back on his bedroll, "If they don't return, then we won't have any other choice. Let's hope that doesn't happen." **
(291) Norfirion: "Enough of my babbling alright? All I'm saying Aragit, is just be careful. It is a very dangerous thing to immerse yourself in if you're not prepared or truly devoted."
** (291) Norfirion closes his eyes and returns to his meditation. **
(291) Norfirion: (give that sword a loracet)
(290) Git: :Closing his eyes again and settlin his head back, it's a moment before he speaks, "Magicka is but an exxagerated skill I figure, like being able to run faster than other folks. If you train hard, if a short chicken-legged little geek can eventually keep up with the talented but lazy. I don't plaun to try any harder than that."
** (296) J'hzuu nods at Git. "Yes, that is how J'hzuu feels. Some could run well, but they choose not to, and so they cannot. Others have no natural talent, but they practice. J'hzuu has natural talent, and he practices a bit, and Norf has no natural talent, but he practices far more than J'hzuu does" **
** Kha rushes over to Suhail and tries to carry him back to the others **
** (293) Suhail babbles, "great EVIL beneath the statue, great EVIL...so much evil..." **
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(301) don'thateme (exit): 23:44
Kha: "Yes I would assume so, there are hoords of undead"
(292) Maximus: (( how close to night time is it?))
** (292) Maximus found the F9 macro key **
** (293) Suhail passes out. Glancing down, you can see that a brand has been burned into his palm, where he grasped his holy symbol while fainting onto the stone platform next to the base of the statue. **
(293) DM: ((it's almost moonrise (OOC: midnight)))
(292) Maximus: (( got'cha))
(293) DM: ((it's been night time for a while.))
** Kha picks Suhail up and carries him back to the others **
** (289) Agatha paces around anxiously. **
(289) Agatha: "They should have been back by now."
** (292) Maximus glances around, "Ok, we waited long enough, everyone grab your gear and stick close to me, lets find Kha." **
** (291) Norfirion finishes up his study and walks back outside to see if the others have returned. **
(291) Norfirion: "Hmmm they still haven't returned. Though I'm not surprised with Kha's history."
(292) Maximus: "Norfirion, if you would get Git and J'hzuu its time to head to the statue."
** (291) Norfirion nods and retrieves the two from the rope trick space. **
(290) Git: :In his deep soul-searching mediation, Git fell asleep. Now awake, he clamors down to see how the preparations go."
** (296) J'hzuu climbs down the rope, and looks from Suhail's collapsed form to the others. **
** (289) Agatha picks up her pack and turns toward Maximus, axe in hand." **
(289) Agatha: "Aye, let's go."
** (284) Lellick climbs up to his feet and hurriedly puts his bedroll away, swinging his pack on. He eyes his dozing pony for a moment, then murmurs to it, "Stay." **
** (292) Maximus waits till everyone has gathered and is ready. Then Maximus asks everyone to surround him as they walk towars the statue. **
** (299) Vrondard follows along like a good dwarf should **
** (296) J'hzuu walks along, behind the paladin, using him as cover against any nasties. **
(292) Maximus: "If no one objects, Git, Agatha and Vronard on the outside, the magicka users closer to me incase of an attack."(( of course keeping everyone within 10ft))
** (290) Git makes sure his daggers and tools are in place and ready before following along **
** (291) Norfirion follows along trudging through the sand with his usualy distaste of the desert. **
** (292) Maximus makes way towards the statue, in the direction that Kha left in. **
(292) Maximus: ((everyone within 10ft, and you should be, gets a +4 morale bonus on the will save.))
** (284) Lellick sticks close to Max, casting a glance in the direction of the statue before starting to pull his holy symbol off of his belt. "Wait.. let me.." **
(293) DM: The statue looms over you as you enter the bowl.
** (290) Git follows along, watching the dunes, but raising his vision no higher than the base of the statue **
** (296) J'hzuu looks intently at the back of Maximus' head, not looking at the staue at all. **
** (292) Maximus stops letting Lellick cast his blessing from Tevesh. **
(291) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
** (284) Lellick lifts his holy symbol, turning his gaze skyward, "Tevesh grant these misguided souls the calm that comes with great wisdom." **
(284) Lellick: (Casting Calm Emotions, centered on Lellick, will keep concentrating on it as long as possible)
** (291) Norfirion removes a small piece of leather from his pouch and manipulates it as he utters a quick incantation. A brief glow envolpes him, looking much like a suit of armor, before its glow fades. **
(291) Norfirion: (Casting Mage Armor)
(284) Lellick: "We should hurry! This spell won't last very long!"
(291) Norfirion: "Fine, lets move."
(293) DM: The statue seems to sit on a midnight blue stone base, about 50' across, atop a dead-white platform. Three steps ascend to the platform from the bottom of the sand bowl.
(293) DM: There seems to be no other apparent entrances.
** (292) Maximus continues to move, after the spells are cast.((Calm emotions shoul negate the fear, but my aura of courage still applys, as the spell doesn't negate it :D)) **
** Kha shouts when he sees the others **
(293) DM: On the platform, you can see a scorched mark depicting the spot where Suhail fainted.
(290) Git: :looks to Kha,: "Get lost?"
** (292) Maximus moves over to Kha. "Find anything.. What happened to Suhail?" **
Kha: "No Suhail passed out due to the evil in the tomb"
Kha: "Maximus I recomend you dont try and sense the evil near here"
** (292) Maximus nods in agreement. **
** (296) J'hzuu takes a strip of leather out of his pouch, holding it over his head, then dropping it onto his foot. A brief blue-white glow encases his body, before fading. (Mage Armour) **
** (284) Lellick makes himself keep looking straight ahead, sticking towards the middle of the group, brow furrowed slightly. **
(291) Norfirion: "So did you make any progress on finding an entrance?"
(289) Agatha: "Aye, like you would need to. This place is just dripping with bad omens."
** (291) Norfirion says to Kha. **
Kha: "Only thing I found is I am fairly sure that you need move the base of the statue some how"
** (290) Git looks to Suhail, making sure he's alright, before heading to the statue to scour around the base for clues of an entrance **
** (292) Maximus looks at the base of the statue, "Shall we all go and investigate then?" **
Kha: "Git maybe you can find a mechanical way that it moves, I was un able too"
(290) Git: "I doubt mechanics could move something this size. Probably magick"
Kha: "I am going to tend Suhail for a bit to make sure he will survive"
** (289) Agatha looks at Kha. "You're kidding, right? A giant couldn't move this thing." **
** (296) J'hzuu rubs his right hand with his left wrist, uttering his usual arcane words. (Detect Magick) **
** (291) Norfirion grips his staff and focuses his senses on the area as he spins slowly scanning the area for magic. (Casting Detect Magic, Spellcraft check to determine intensity/schools of magic if present [1d20+18] -> [7,18] = (25)) **
(291) Norfirion: (oh heh sorry J, didnt notice you)
whispering to J'hzuu, there seems to be a STRONG necromantic spell on the statue. apart from that, nothing you can detect.
** (291) Norfirion winces slightly and shakes his head. **
(291) Norfirion: "An overwhelming aura of necromantic magic. That's no surprise."
** (296) J'hzuu looks around the statue for a moment, then grimaces, as though he has just stumbled across a three-week old ex-rat. "J'hzuu can see no way to move it, but... Perhaps he can go through it?" **
** (290) Git listens to Norf's findings, while continuing to search the platform for an entrance, inscription or anything else which may provide some clue of entrance **
Kha: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [17,5] = (22)
** Kha checks over Suhail seeing how h is holding up **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [16,14] = (30)
** (291) Norfirion watches Git as he goes about his search and tries to keep his gaze averted from the statue as much as possible. **
** (296) J'hzuu puts his hands over his eyes, then spreads his fingers, and starts blinking rapidly. He says the word "Coniveo", and his body starts dissapearing when he closes his eyes, then reappearing when he opens them. (Blink) **
(299) Vrondard: ((ok I'm done for the evening... I'm sitting in a partial outside environment and its 35 degrees outside... making it 50-55 where I am.. nite all))
(296) J'hzuu: ((G'nite))
(299) Vrondard: : (
(290) Git: (get a coat ya wee girl!)
(299) Vrondard: ((its the pants sans long underwear thats getting me))
** (296) J'hzuu steps foward, moving through the stature, then heading down, moving underneath it. ((How many feet is it until an empty space? For every 5 ft, there's a 50% chance I'll get hurt)) **
(299) Vrondard: Disconnecting from server...
(299) Vrondard (exit): 00:12
(291) Norfirion: (nite vron)
(290) Git: (a blanket fer yer lap too. Have some vodka to warm ya, and stop being a pansy!)
(290) Git: (Agh... scampered off like a prancing choir boy!)
whispering to J'hzuu, ummm....
whispering to J'hzuu, try 1'
Kha: "Maximus has this ever happened to you? Passing out when there is so much evil around you?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [9d6] -> [6,1,5,2,4,6,5,3,2] = (34)
** (290) Git watches the point where J'hzuu passed through the wall, waiting to see what will come of it. **
** (292) Maximus frowns a bit, as if a bad memory has come to the mind unbidden. "I have gotton bad-headaches and such, but never passed out. It could be that Odion has made me of sterner stuff, or Suhail has senses beyond myne." **
(293) DM: The Khajiit disappears momentarily. Seconds later, you hear a muffled scream.
(291) Norfirion: "It could also been some form of retrobutive effect...."
Kha: "Well he seems fine other then the fact that he is uncontious"
(291) Norfirion: "Ahhh, that doesn't seem pleasant."
** Kha looks around at the sound of the scream **
(289) Agatha: "What was that?"
(289) Agatha: "Was that J'hzuu?"
(290) Git: :brow flinches in discomfort at the scream: "Sounded like it."
(291) Norfirion: "He was attempting to use a spell to gain access inside. It's a type of magic that lets one briefy enter the 'ethereal' realm to bypass the physical"
** (284) Lellick gives a start at the scream, then looks around slowly, "..Oh. Not good." **
(291) Norfirion: "But there's a chance it can cause one harm when walking through solid structures, I imagine he just found that out for himself."
** (290) Git goes back to searching, quickly, hoping to find a false wall or something to get them in **
(292) Maximus: "hmmm, might he is just overwhelmed. Have you tried magical healing yet?"
(291) Norfirion: "J'hzuu! Can you hear me?"
(290) Git: "Alright... lets try this the primitive way. Everyone get to one side... we're pushing."
(291) Norfirion: "Git, did you find anything at all on the statue?"
** Kha places his hand on Suhail forhead, "I wish I knew how to help you, but I need to help the others find a way in" **
(290) Git: : to norf: "Yes... heavy ass stone. Now shut up and push. Hopeful this thing has some kind of tracks to one side for ease of movement"
** Kha stands up and moves over to help move the statue **
** (292) Maximus kneels down next to Suhail and Kha, and thinks to Suhail to turn into his sword form, as it might heal him or at the very least allow them to carry im into the crypt with them. **
** (291) Norfirion shrugs. "Well I was going to try something, but I guess it can wait." **
** (291) Norfirion gives assistance to the pushing, with his meager strength. **
** (289) Agatha lines up alongside Git and pushes on the stone. **
** (290) Git moves to one corner advising the others to get join, him. "Push at the corners. We don't know what might be under here, and you don't want to step on anything lethal;." **
** (292) Maximus then gets up and helps everyone push the statue. **
** (284) Lellick absently moves to lend his aid to the others, still concentrating on his spell and not paying complete attention. **
(293) DM: After several minutes of pushing, you manage to move the statue slightly off its base, partially revealing a circular shaft leading below. A blast of hot, fetid air escapes hitting you with its intensity. It smells of rotting flesh...and death.
** (291) Norfirion coughs and gags at the smell, then covers his face with the sleeve of his robe. **
** (292) Maximus looks to Agatha, "Ladys first, as manners dictates." *grin* **
** (290) Git draws the scarf closer to his mouth to blot out the stench as he looks for J'hzuu within **
** (289) Agatha wrinkles her nose at the wretched smell. "Do you even see a floor?" **
** (292) Maximus looks for very slanted stairs or, a ladder.((spot= [1d20+2] -> [6,2] = (8))) **
** (291) Norfirion reaches into his pouch and tosses a coin down the shaft listening for a clang. **
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(284) Lellick (exit): 00:30
(306) Lellick (enter): 00:30
** Kha looks down the shaft "J`hzuu said he could make one of us fly, that would be usefull now" **
(291) Norfirion: "Its pretty deep, I can tell you that."
(293) DM: Several seconds later, you think you heard something. It sounded faint.
** (292) Maximus stpes near the edge and wills himself to float down, if its some sort of levitation tube. **
** (290) Git searches the sides of the hole, if there is no ladders, stairs, etc, trying to determing how hard it would be to climb down **
(291) Norfirion: "Hmmmm"
(291) Norfirion: "I can get us all down there, but it will take me sometime to prepare the proper spell. And time doesn't seem to be something we have if we want to get to J'hzuu, assuming he's not dead already."
** (306) Lellick peers at the hole, looking vaguely worried, "J'hzuu's down there, isn't he? Alone..." **
(291) Norfirion: (how big in diameter is the hole?)
** (306) Lellick gives a shake of his head, trying to speak a little more coherently, "Would we have enough rope to get down there?" **
(292) Maximus: "I have some silk rope, very strong
(291) Norfirion: "Hold on J'hzuu, we're coming!"
(293) DM: (20')
(293) DM: There seems to be no response.
(291) Norfirion: "Well I was saving this for a confrontation, but speed seems more of the essence."
(290) Git: "How long's the rope?"
(292) Maximus: "50 paces long or so, it won't reach the bottom, but it will make the drop hurt less."
(290) Git: :to max: "Give me one end a moment, I'm going to try my luck climibing down. If I can make it, anyone should."
** (291) Norfirion withdraws an butterfly's caccoon from his spell pouch and crushes it as he sprinkles it over his head, then incites an incantation. **
** (292) Maximus pulls a bunlde of light silver silk rope from his pack, and hands it to Git. **
** (291) Norfirion 's shape begins to waver and expand and within seconds there is a large golden feathered griffin hovering above the hole. **
(291) Norfirion: (Polymorph, Griffon)
Kha: "This is all wrong, if the ifrit is making undead here for an army he would need some way for them to exit quickly, though it may be posible for him to transport an army it would not be effective the way I see it."
** (291) Norfirion hovers waiting for the others to climb aboard for the descent. **
(290) Git: :raises a brow to GriffNorf: "That could work too"
(292) Maximus: "One at a time though would be better, I'm pretty heavy."
(291) Norfirion: (its got a good str score)
** (291) Norfirion squaks and beams a look of griffon impatience at the others as it awaits more riders. **
(292) Maximus: ((ok))
** Kha hops on **
(290) Git: "Lellick and Max first. J'hzuu's probably hurt down there and the halfling will need someone watching his back"
** (292) Maximus Maximus climbs onto Norfirion. **
Kha: "Interesting spell Norf"
** (291) Norfirion waits for the crowd to pile on then descends. **
(289) Agatha: "Looks like the elf picked up some new tricks after all."
** (306) Lellick looks like he's about to step forward, then decides against it, "We don't know if.. the statue's spell doesn't affect us here. I need to stay here to keep it from affecting the rest of you." **
** (291) Norfirion squawks back at the old maid as he heads for the bottom. **
(293) DM: (I need Norf as well as his passengers to make a Reflex save, at a certain point in the descent)
(293) DM: (roughly 15' in)
(289) Agatha: ((oh lovely))
(292) Maximus: (( reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11))
(289) Agatha: Reflex save: [1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17)
Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [5,11] = (16)
(293) DM: (well...)
(291) Norfirion: Saves: Reflex: [1d20+4+0] -> [16,4,0] = (20)
(293) DM: Those of you looking down from above suddenly see a flash of steel pass through the shaft, and hear a squawk of pain...
Kha: (( and Suhail is still up top ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d10] -> [10,6] = (16)
(291) Norfirion: squawk of pain ha, thats funny
(293) DM: A steel scythe flies out of the side of the shaft and slices through a forewing of the griffon, sending blood spurting into the air. You (Kha and Max) dodge its deadly arc.
(290) Git: :crouching down, looking into the hole: "Welll... that didn't sound good."
(293) DM: (er I mean Ag and Max)
(289) Agatha: "Whoa!"
** (292) Maximus places his hand on the griffon and pours some of his Odion blessed power into him. ((lay on hands 10 points)) **
** (306) Lellick casts a distracted glance towards the hole, "Can you see if they fell?.." **
(293) DM: (I misread the rolls. Max should have been injured, not the griffon)
(293) DM: (Max takes 16, Ag and the griffon take none)
(293) DM: (so you hear a cry of pain instead. 0.o)
(292) Maximus: (( that works, the lay on hand heals me instead, and 16 points instead of 10, keeping me at full hp))
Kha: (( AFK smoke while they fall ))
(291) Norfirion: (Well Griffon has an 80' fly speed, it says in the SRD it can fly dowards at twice its speed. So thats a 160'. It also says if it doesnt move at least 40' forward by the END of its move, then i could fall. So I think if the bottom is within 160' were ok with a safe landing, otherwise its crunch time)
(291) Norfirion: (i may be misunderstanding all that at the same time. the flight rules are something i havent paid much attention to for low manueverability stuff, im use to good manueverability from flight spells and such)
(293) DM: (that's fine. I'm just saying that there was a trap that activated when something passes within range. and a griffon with passengers is definitely large enough to trigger it.)
(291) Norfirion: (oh thats ok, I was just trying to make sense of the flight rules and see if i could actually even get to the bottom, without shitting on the rules totally)
(296) J'hzuu: ((That was my fault. I started that convo. Anyway... moving right along, they've gotten to the bottom?))
(293) DM: (ok, since there isn't a cut away portion in the map above, you need to bear with me in the description)
(291) Norfirion: (nah its not your fault, i appreciate it. I just wanted to make sure i wasnt totally botching the rules regarding flight.)
(291) Norfirion: (np, take your time)
(293) DM: (the shaft descends 90' from top to bottom, ok? at the 30' mark, it opens up into a domed chamber, from which you can see four 10' wide corridors leading in different directions (namely 3a, 3b, 3c and 3d). Each corridor ends in a statue of some type. Since the griffon is descending, you don't see much detail at this juncture. The shaft continues down into the earth. A ledge, roughly 3' in width runs along the circumference of the shaft, so that it's possible to remain in the shaft chamber without entering a corridor, although only barely. The shaft continues 60' down into a vast cavern. At the bottom of the shaft lies J'hzuu's unconscious form.
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(296) J'hzuu (exit): 01:09
(291) Norfirion: (gotcha)
(293) DM: Now to those people looking down below from above, you see the griffon disappear from sight after it descends 60'.
** (291) Norfirion lets out a squawk once reaching the bottom, to let the others know up top we're still alive......for now. **
(307) J'hzuu (enter): 01:11
** (290) Git watches down the hole, waiting for his ride to come back **
** Kha seems to be enjoying the ride despite the attack on the way down **
(291) Norfirion: (well there's not gonna be any flying upwards, it needs a 60 degree angle to climb)
(290) Git: :calls down the hole: "Hey.. s'everyone alive?"
** (291) Norfirion squawks loudly in reply. **
** (292) Maximus looks to Agatha, "Watch for the others and foes while I heal the sorcerer." Maximus then concentrates and touches J'hzuu flowing divine energy into him.(lay on hands 12 hp healed)) **
(289) Agatha: "Aye, we're all right."
** (291) Norfirion reverts to his normal self, since its going to be pointless to try and fly back up this way. **
(290) Git: "Great.... so when are you coming back up for us?"
** Kha keeps his flaming spear held out to make sure Norf has enough light while decending **
(291) Norfirion: "I now know what its like to have ruffled feathers..."
whispering to J'hzuu, heal back 12
** (291) Norfirion mumbles something about traps. **
(291) Norfirion: "It's too narrow to fly back up like this!"
(291) Norfirion: "I'll have to prepare a fly spell to get us out, unless we find another way!"
(291) Norfirion: "I just wanted to get to the khajit before it was too late."
(289) Agatha: "It's too dangerous to climb down! The shaft is trapped!"
** (290) Git groans at the realization that he's stuck topside. So he pulls out his rope and begins lashing it with Max's rope before finding something to tie off to; the statue's toe perhaps. **
(291) Norfirion: "Actually, I have something better than a fly spell....a minor teleportation would be much better. I'll pass on the traps next go around."
(291) Norfirion: brb my open's fracked
(291) Norfirion: Disconnecting from server...
(291) Norfirion (exit): 01:18
(308) Norfirion (enter): 01:19
(290) Git: :Once the rope is secure, He tosses it down the hole and begins his descent,:
** (306) Lellick wanders over to the edge of the hole, crouching down next to it to watch Git.. mostly to make sure the rope really is secure. **
** (289) Agatha fumbles around in the dark but manages to light her lantern. **
(308) Norfirion: "Be careful you foolish half-breed! There are traps lining the passage and its nearly 150' to the bottom where we are!"
(290) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [16,11] = (27)
(293) DM: You hear a soft "schlick", and a section of rope drops to the ground next to J'hzuu. A soft grunt follows. Apparently, Git fell, and caught hold of the ledge above.
** Kha walks around a moment then goes to look at J`hzuu **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6] -> [5,2,1] = (8)
Kha: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [7,5] = (12)
(290) Git: "Huh...."
** (306) Lellick listens for a moment after hearing that sound, then calls down the hole tenatively, "...Git?" **
(293) DM: (so to recap...J'hzuu, Maximus, Agatha, Kha and Norf are below Git. Git is in the circular chamber at the conjunction of 3a to 3d. Lellick and Suhail are above groundd.)
Kha: (( and Halif ))
(307) J'hzuu: ((Sorry, was AFK. The message didn't come through))
(308) Norfirion: "I told you! Gah you impatient bastard! You're going to get yourself killed!"
Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
Kha: ((Gain [2d8+3] -> [5,1,3] = (9)HP))
** (307) J'hzuu opens his eyes with a start, rolls over and emits a sharp hiss. Looking around, he remembers where he is. "What... What happened?" **
Kha: "You fell and hit your head"
(308) Norfirion: "And those two put it back together again."
(292) Maximus: ((And I healed you for 12 hp when we first landed))
(308) Norfirion: "You're lucky to be alive."
** (307) J'hzuu looks at Kha for a moment, then nods, and offers a weak grin "Yes. Well... At least all are past the statue" **
Kha: "Not all"
(307) J'hzuu: ((Yup, got that Max))
(308) Norfirion: "Well ummm, not exactly. We're kind of in a messy situation at the moment."
(293) DM: ((yes, but I don't count NPCs generally))
** (307) J'hzuu looks to see who is missing. **
(308) Norfirion: "Do you have access to your spell of flight my friend?"
(308) Norfirion: "I think Git and Lellick could use some help getting down here."
** (307) J'hzuu nods. "J'hzuu will do this" **
(308) Norfirion: "Good"
(308) Norfirion: "Hold on Git, the khajit is going to bring you down."
(290) Git: :as he hangs from the wall: ",,, no hurry..."
** (308) Norfirion looks back to J'hzuu. "Be careful, there are some nasty traps linning the passage." **
** (306) Lellick straighens up, and wanders away from the hole over to Suahil, looking to see if he shows any signs of waking up soon. **
** (307) J'hzuu takes a single feather from his pouch, and holds it above his head. He drops it, and moves his hands in a motion resembling a bird's wings flapping. "Effugium". (Fly) **
** (307) J'hzuu rises off the ground, and reaches Git, **
(307) J'hzuu: ((How much does he weigh?))
(290) Git: (116)
(307) J'hzuu: ((Heh. Should've put it on someone else. My Max load is 115...))
(290) Git: (yeah,,, that extra pound's gonna kill us)
Kha: (( you should just fall slowly but not be able to go up ))
** (307) J'hzuu takes the feather again, and brushes it against Git's forearm, repeating the motions and word from before. He then pulls Git from the wall, where he floats. **
** (307) J'hzuu kicks off from the wall, and heads towards Lellick. **
(307) J'hzuu: ((I'm guessing I can carry him.))
(293) DM: ((falling asleep here, going to stop at 2 am instead tonight))
(290) Git: "Eh?" :flies around a bit, geting use to the sensation, "Ooo... this is brilliant. I love it."
(308) Norfirion: (The gods forbid it)
(290) Git: :as J'hzuu ascends: "Watch out for the blade"
** (307) J'hzuu continues on towards the halfling. He calls back to Git. "Enjoy it. It will only last a few minutes" **
(307) J'hzuu: ((Search/Spot check for nasty traps?))
whispering to J'hzuu, you're ascending to the surface?
** Kha begins looking around the area to see if there are any exits other then up **
** (306) Lellick looks up at hearing more noises from the hole, and wanders back over to the edge. Well, somewhat close to the edge. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [8] = (8)
** (307) J'hzuu reaches Lellick, and floats just above the surface of the pit. He grins at the halfling, and says "Need a hand?" **
** (290) Git floats up to the scythe trap, make sure it won't go off on the others as they come down, and trying to disable it if it will **
** (306) Lellick laughs softly, "Yes, thank you. But will you be able to take him?," he asks, motioning towards Suahil. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [6,14] = (20)
(310) Jason (enter): 01:41
** (307) J'hzuu shakes his head. "No". Turning to look back down the hole, he calls "Git. Some help, yes?" **
(310) Jason (exit): 01:41
Kha: "Well there does not seem to be any way out of here"
** (290) Git flies up the whole, tucking away his tools as he hovers over to Suhail. "Okay, you grab one arm, I'll grab the other" **
** (308) Norfirion meditates and prepares some unused spell slots while the others are regrouping and meeting at the bottom. **
** (307) J'hzuu does so, if possible, carrying Lellick as well. (Otherwise, a second trip) **
** (290) Git and J'hzuu carry down Suhail. (Lellick can puggyback on the cleric) **
(308) Norfirion: "I can get us out of here, or to that area we passed on the descent if need be Kha."
Kha: "Thats good,"
(308) Norfirion: "I've got a minor teleportation spell I've recently aquired. It should suffice."
** Kha starts scratching around the edges of the room or though and piles of rocks to see if there is anything interesting looking in them **
** (306) Lellick clings on to someone as they're going down and tries to look at least somewhat graceful about it. **
** (308) Norfirion begins to concentrate on a spell as he speaks a quick incantation and motions his hand across the chamber. (Detect Secret Doors) **
whispering to Norfirion, no secret doors
(290) Git: "For a sword, this creep's pretty haeavy"
(293) TaliesinNYC: here would be a good time for me to stop
(293) TaliesinNYC: I'm fading
(307) J'hzuu: ((Okey-dokey))
(308) Norfirion: "Hmm, well I didn't detect any hidden doors, or anything here. So we're going to have to go elsewhere than here."
(308) Norfirion: (alright)

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