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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(175) DM: (who needs a recap?)
(166) Git: not anti-irwin... just waiting for him to get hurt
(166) Git: (sure, go for it))
(171) J'hzuu: ((Meh, I'm good but if anyone else needs it go ahead))
(173) Maximus: (A few sentences would suffice please)
Kha: (( we just finished talking to Marwan and are going back to our rooms to cleanup and get healed before meeting The Sword / Cleric that I forget the name of off the top of my head ))
(175) DM: ((well, you fought against Farouk last session, and discovered his plots against the Everlasting, as well as his involvement with Khalitarius))
(175) DM: ((Suhail))
(173) Maximus: ((K, I'm ready))
(175) DM: (so you're in your rooms)
** Kha lays on his cot waiting for one of Batina's clerics to come **
** (173) Maximus cleans his longsword with a wet cloth and examines it for new scratches and burr's. **
** (171) J'hzuu is in his room of Rope-Trick. **
Kha: "So was Farouk one of your suspects? He and Batina were on my short list"
(173) Maximus: I have almost attacked Farouk every time we met him, his evil was so intoxicating that it gave me a cheadache..so I'm not surprised.
(173) Maximus: ((Headache*))
** (168) Lellick is sitting cross-legged on the floor, feet hooked up on his knees, just trying to get himself to relax right now. **
(172) Agatha: "The man was slime. He was obviously up to something. If not Marwan's murder than something just as low."
Kha: "Ya, my murder" **Kha jokes while trying not to laugh and hurt himself"
** (166) Git is still off escapading **
** (173) Maximus frowns at the mention of Kha's death, and nicks his thumb on his longsword, by putting too much pressure on the cloth. **
** Kha reaches for his Vontaros then remembers that Vontaros sacraficed himself **
** Kha sighs **
** (171) J'hzuu emerges from the hole in the air, and jumps down. He is grinning broadly. "J'hzuu has discovered something". He holds his hands in front of his face, and lowers them, until they are resting on his stomach, uttering his arcane words the whole time. He looks up at the others, and as you watch, the Khajiit's face becomes a human's. "It is good, yes?" **
(173) Maximus: "Kha are you still keen on bonding to Suhail? I'm thinking about it, if only to gain another companion to fight against the ifrit."
(171) J'hzuu: ((Alter Self))
** (172) Agatha shakes her head. "I wouldn't recommend it, Maximus." **
Kha: "I wish to talk with Suhail, I think it should be up to him to decide who or if he become bound to one of us."
** (168) Lellick looks up, leaning forward a little to peer at J'hzuu's face, "That does look pretty good." **
(173) Maximus: "Thats true, and not to mention the fact he might control the wielder or try and convert to his faith."
(172) Agatha: "From what I hear it will accept only those in line with the beliefs of this place. You're too devoted to your way, Maximus. That's obvious in just the way you hold yourself."
(172) Agatha: "Kha, however..."
** (171) J'hzuu shrugs. "What faith is Suhail's faith? **
Kha: "I wont mind if he attempts to convert me. I hae a great respect for Ra and those who serve him. Already Basht, an Avatar of an Aspect of Ra, sacraficed herself for our cause."
** (173) Maximus lowers his head, "Thank you Agatha, I thought about that many times as Suhail was mentioned, but the Fight with Farouk has made me think about how we could deferat this ifrit lord. **
(172) Agatha: "See what I mean? If there's anyone who understands these people, it's Kha."
Kha: "I am however devoted to Oneiros, the Lord of Fate."
Kha: "How are you Ajaiyah, you took Marwan's death very hard, just to find out it was faked"
** Kha takes a deep and painfull breath waiting for Ajaiyah to answer **
(175) DM: (She's not here with you...)
Kha: (( oh I thought she nodded, musta been for Git ))
** (172) Agatha continues the conversation. "Aye, the key word there is 'fate'." **
(172) Agatha: "These people live and die by it."
Kha: "As does everyone even if they dont know it." **Shrugs to say he doesnt want to argue the point**
(173) Maximus: "Fate is a fickle thing, it can make you a farmer, a knight with nothing better then to defend his homeland, or thrusts into a quest right out of a bards tale." Maximus says with just a hint of resentment, or tiredness.
** Kha pulls out his journal and starts writing while listening to the others chat **
(166) Git: :speaks with a heroe's burden: "We set out to take down the great ifrit. Follow us, and your life of freedom surely may not last long"
(166) Git: ((oops soulda been a whisper.. oh well))
(172) Agatha: "Hmph. Well like it or not, we're wrapped up in it now. At least I am."
(172) Agatha: "You, Lellick, and J'hzuu can still walk out of this. Believe me, it gets harder from here on."
(173) Maximus: "Just a bit tired I guess, I decided well before slaying Farouk to help you all. This ifrit lord is too close to Mel'cendia for my liking.
** (168) Lellick smiles a little at that, "We could walk, yes, but where would we walk to?" **
** (171) J'hzuu looks at Agatha for a long moment. When Lellick speaks, he follows. "All could walk anywhere. But J'hzuu has seen much. He wants to see more. He will stay with all, and see what they see. Besides, all would not last long without J'hzuu's magicks" He smiles to show that he is joking **
** (172) Agatha allows a slight grin. "Aye, where would we be without the overgrown cat and his pet rat?" **
(168) Lellick: "And I would rather not let alone an ifrit that could possibly kill many people. If all of us can stop it, then no one else has to suffer. That's why I won't walk away."
** (172) Agatha shakes her head. "Damnable wannabe heroes." **
(172) Agatha: "Alright. Well if you're gonna die, you might as well choose how it happens."
(166) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [11,6] = (17)
** (171) J'hzuu grins. "Better a want-to-be hero than a is-to-be villain, yes?" **
(175) DM: There is a knock on the door.
** (168) Lellick smiles crookedly, "Better than having fate decide it for me." **
** (171) J'hzuu stands up, and walks to the door "Who is it?" **
** (172) Agatha reflexively reach for her axe as the Khajit gets up. **
** Kha looks up from his writing **
(166) Git: (thanks)
(175) DM: It is I, Suhail.
(175) DM: (not me, a voice, lol)
Kha: "Please come in"
** (171) J'hzuu looks back at the others, his brow raised, and opens the door. **
** (172) Agatha gets up and takes a position by the door. **
Kha: "Maximus you mentioned Mel`Cendia right? Mel Nethra is the capital correct, and if so have you ever been there?"
** (168) Lellick looks up curiously at hearing the voice. **
(173) Maximus: "No*sigh*, the person who raised me, made me promise to adventure and travel outside of mel'cendia for a few years."
(175) DM: The door opens, and in walks a tall, thin human man in spare cut white robes. A white turban, embroidered with gold trim adorns his head. His clean-shaven face is distinguished by a hawklike, aquiline nose and piercing steel-gray eyes that miss nothing.
** (172) Agatha holds up her axe in case of a trick. **
Kha: "Sorry for making you wait Suhail, I had something else on my mind." **Kha puts his journal away and sits up on the cot**
(175) Suhail: Lower your axe, woman. (quietly)
(171) J'hzuu: "You are Suhail?" He looks puzzled, then grins. "Should J'hzuu offer you a seat or a scabbard?"
(175) Suhail: A seat, yes, that I might better use to examine your friend who is injured. (points to Kha)
** (168) Lellick looks Suhail over from his spot on the floor, practically examining him. **
** (172) Agatha quietly lowers the axe. **
** Kha nods "So Batina summoned your human form or are you able to take it at will?" **
** (171) J'hzuu grabs a seat or stool from the room, and moves it near Kha. **
** (173) Maximus sheathes his longsword and sits up straight to listen to Suhail, as manners depict, **
** (172) Agatha closes the door and watches Suhail carefully. **
(175) Suhail: Yes, Batina told me of you, but in truth, you and I have met a long time ago in a place far removed from here.
** Kha scoots to the edge of the cot letting Suhail examin him, while also examining Suhail **
** (175) Suhail takes a seat and examines Kha closely, muttering as he does so. **
** Kha studies his face and thinking back. "I think I have a good memory, but I do not seem to remember meeting you before, unless it was before my parents were forced to move" **
(175) Suhail: Either ye, or one amongst ye, or one ye shall face, shall be given a gift of great power and then judged based on your use of that power. (smiles gently as he runs his fingers along Kha's arm, pressing lightly)
(175) Suhail: One of ye, either ye or your companions, or one ye shall face, either in this Test or in the future, shall be changed against your will.
Kha: "I think the others, save Git have defered that gift to me since they fear you"
(175) Suhail: Long ago, you took a Test, and many things were foretold during that Test that have now come to pass. Or do you not remember this?
(181) Maximus (enter): 23:13
(175) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(173) Maximus' from room...
(173) Maximus (exit): 23:13
Kha: "I remember my test for Oneiros. and much of what was fortold then has come to pass, though I dont think I comprehended all of it at the time, nor do I now,"
(175) Suhail: No?
Kha: "I try to understand everything, but we encounter so much in our journies it makes it hard to understand it all"
** (175) Suhail smiles gently. "Well then, perhaps in time, you will. You and I have much in common, outlander and priest, though you know it not. Whether you are to be bound to I however is not known, not even to the gods." **
(175) Suhail: Yes. True understanding comes with time and wisdom.
** Kha smiles "I am learning that. I have been too impaitent in my attempts to understand, which has deadly consiquenses. and put my friends in danger" **
(175) Suhail: You were given a Test, and you were given a gift in the form of a spear, one that would counsel you even as you would use it as a weapon. Think back on your actions, outlander, and ask yourself, did you ask it for counsel in those times when you acted foolishly instead?
** (175) Suhail takes from his pocket a flask of silver, stoppered with a cork. Seeing Agatha's suspicious look, he comments dryly, "A flask of oret, woman. Harmless in moderation, but a deadly poison if used all at once." **
Kha: "No every time, I only asked Vontaroses advice when I felt I did not understand something, or for some advice that might help me convice my friends that what I chose to do was the correct choise."
Kha: (( *Not ))
** (175) Suhail opens the flask and sniffs it appreciatively. "Well, then, perhaps in time, you will think more carefully before acting in a fashion that none would choose wisely." (turns to J'hzuu) "I require a cup of water, preferably warm." **
** (171) J'hzuu nods. "Just a minute" **
Kha: "I am coming to understand that what I feel to be the correct course, though it may get the results I desire, may not be the best course of action to achive those result and that I must start reliing on the counsle of those close to me."
(175) Suhail: Tell me, outlander. If I were to come with you, what do you hope to do?
** (171) J'hzuu thinks for a moment, then rubs his left hand on his right wrist while speaking his arcane words (Prestidigitation) **
** (175) Suhail turns to look intently at Kha's eyes, holding them in a stare. **
** Kha sits back and begins thinking **
** (175) Suhail raises his head to look at Maximus, and then each of you in turn. **
(175) Suhail: What does each of you hope to do?
(175) Suhail: One of you is suitable for bonding, and it remains to be seen who, if not your friend.
** (168) Lellick blinks at that, a little unnerved by Suhail's stare. **
Kha: "Truthfuly I have no clue. I do desire to save the princess and have her join the prince in welock, thus compleating the prophacy. How to go about dealing with Khalitarius or even if we have to I am unsure"
Kha: (( *wedlock ))
(172) Agatha: "Hmph. I'm no hero of fate, and I'll never claim to be. I'm not here to change the world, nor am I here to protect anyone save my family and my companions."
** (175) Suhail frowns on hearing Agatha's proclamation, and turns to face Maximus. **
(171) J'hzuu: He takes his dagger from his sleeve, and gives it a wave in the air. It turns into a length of metal. He holds it in is left hand, and points the fingers on his right hand on it, speaking again (Ray of Frost). The metal gathers a layer of frost on it's surface. He takes an arrow from his quiver, and waves it in the air, and it turns into a wooden cup. He holds the frosted metal over the cup, and looks at it for a moment (Warming it with prestidigitation). The ice melts, dripping into the cup. He stares at the cup for a time, and the water warms.
(172) Agatha: "To put it in your terms, it was the fate given to us that we released the ifrit. It's the fate that I choose to clean up my mess and set things right."
(181) Maximus: "I, would if you were to accompany us, hope to have you aid usm in either human or scimitar form to defeat this ifrit that threatens the innocents of this region. But many things start out as intended and end differently, so I can not say what will happen in the days following." Maximus says, not too disturbed by the intense stare, and meets the gaze with a straight back and keeps eye contact.
Kha: "Since my friends and I freed him I think we should contain him again, but I am confused as to how since it seems we have to get the fifth Star Gem after meeting him, but we need all five to enter his city. I know I must be interpreting the prophacy wrong on this."
(175) Suhail: A satisfactory answer, for once.
** (171) J'hzuu hands the cup of warm water to Suhail, and speaks "J'hzuu wishes to travel, to see things that few others see. This is what he hopes to do" **
** (175) Suhail turns next to J'hzuu. "And you, Khajiit? What is your purpose?" **
(166) Git: :The door opens to admit Git, a slick grin on his face as he hums along to some festive halfling tune. He strolls in toward the bath, peeling clothes on the way, stopping a second to look at the two stranger's in the room.
** (166) Git stares at the transformed khajit a moment, noting his familiar clothing and inquires subtly, "J'hzuu?" **
** (175) Suhail takes the proferred cup and tips the flask inwards, pouring in one or two drops which immediately turn the clear liquid inside the cup a dull brown. **
Kha: "Hello Git, meet Suhail" **nods toward the cleric**
** (171) J'hzuu turns to look at Git, wondering for a moment what the man's problem is. He realises, and grins "Hello, again" **
** (175) Suhail nods at the half-elf, and bends down to Kha. "Drink. Drink all of it in one swallow." **
(166) Git: :then glances to the other stranger questioning him. Noting Kha's introduction, the half-elf just gives a nod and finished stripping to hop in the warm water with sigh
(175) Suhail: "What is your purpose, outlander, who is known as Git?"
** Kha takes the cup and sniffs it a moment before gulping it down **
(175) DM: A faint, spicy odor, redolent of cinnamon wafts from the cup.
** (166) Git looks up from lounging in the bath to ask intelligently, "Huh?" **
(175) Suhail: Your purpose in life. (quietly)
** (166) Git scratches his slightly stubbling chin to think it over for a second.Reaching to pour himself a drink of wine he remains quiet until finally answering simply, "My daughter" **
** (166) Git reclines in the tub and sips his wine **
** (175) Suhail stands up, nodding, with a satisfied look on his face. "Impressive, for a thief." **
** (175) Suhail glances at Lellick. "And you, priest. What do you hope to do?" **
** (181) Maximus looks surprised to find that Git has a daughter, but doesn't let it show on his face. **
** (171) J'hzuu raises his head, and looks at Git for a moment. "Somehow, J'hzuu is not surprised that Git has children..." **
(166) Git: "Thievry's just a job. One's best interest are something all together differnt."
** Kha whispers quietly as to not interupt Suhail "Cinnamon, one of my favorit smells. I think it must be something from my childhood I dont remember directly" **
** (181) Maximus then frowns at the blatent mention of theivery. **
** (168) Lellick , by now sobered by all this serious discussion, speaks in a slightly nervous tone, "I wish only to prevent suffering." **
(175) Suhail: A noble cause, priest.
(175) Suhail: Very well, I shall come with you, for a time. And you have questions, I see. So, that you may know what it is you are to face, and who I am, I will tell you.
** Kha looks at Lellick "An interesting cause, noble yes, but..." **
** (168) Lellick raises his eyebrows at Kha, and jokes weakly, "You did refuse to let me heal you." **
(175) Suhail: It has been revealed to me by the god of the book of Wisdom, Thoth-ket, that you seek to contain an ifrit. An ifrit you released.
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, you begin to feel VERY drowsy
** (175) Suhail sits down next to Kha, watching him intently, as he speaks. **
Kha: "Yes, I think some suffering is required to grow as a person, people, or culture. if there were no suffering you would never learn the consiquences of you actions"
** Kha yawns deeply **
(175) Suhail: Yes, you released this ifrit. He is no ordinary ifrit. His name is Khalitarius, which in the language of this land, means "bringer of death".
Kha: "Sorry I am very tired"
** (168) Lellick winces at that statement, then just shakes his head, thinking it better to pay attention to Suhail right now. **
(172) Agatha: "He's well named then.
(175) Suhail: He is an ifrit lord, one of six, who rule from the Citadel of Brass on the plane of Sul.
** (166) Git seems unphased by the details as he listens, staring to the ceiling **
** Kha leans back to rest his head while listening **
** (172) Agatha wrinkles at the thought of more of these creatures. **
(172) Agatha: wrinkles her brow*
** (171) J'hzuu is not looking at Suhail, but listening intently. **
(175) Suhail: A very long time ago, when the world was young and this land was not the desert you see before you, he and his kind ruled this land with cruelty and much magicka. However, a mage by the name of Martek, grew in might and in power, and bound him after several years.
(175) Suhail: Martek was a powerful mage, the greatest of his kind, and his might has not been equalled in all this time since. He was a mage, yes, but still a mortal. A man, with a finite life.
(175) Suhail: All men die, and it was his fate to do as well. What Martek had that most men do not, was the ability to foretell the future with accuracy. He foresaw a time when the bonds which held the ifrit lord would weaken, and crafted a prophecy that would bring him back from the dead to banish this ifrit for all time.
(166) Git: "I respect a man who can plan ahead"
(175) Suhail: It is this prophecy that you now follow. You have it with you, part of the key that shall bring Martek back from the destroyer of delights, to life. And he shall banish Khalitarius to the nether void from whence he came.
(175) Suhail: There are five Star Gems you seek. You have three, but lack the other two. You possess the Star of Shah-Pelar, the Star of Mo-Pelar and the Star of Aga-Pelar.
(171) J'hzuu: "This Martek, will he come back to life, or just... come back?"
(175) Suhail: You seek the Star of Khan-Pelar and the Star of Melos-Pelar.
(175) Suhail: He will return from the dead. How is not clear, even to me. But these Stars, which you have and which you seek, will bring him back, of that, there is no doubt.
(175) Suhail: Now.
** Kha tries to speek with slured words attempting to fight sleep "Martek coood uuse the One powr ass weell? I sseem to rembr the Ob or Powr iss bof Arcain and Onw powr" **
(175) Suhail: Know this, that within these walls, time has slowed to a crawl, so that what passes one day within this fortress, one hour has elapsed in the waking world.
** Kha blinks several times trying to stay awak then laies down and just tries to listen **
(175) Suhail: Sleep, young one. Sleep a dreamless sleep, and be refreshed. (closes Kha's eyes gently with his right hand)
** Kha quickly falls asleep, unable to fight it any longer **
(175) Suhail: West of these walls is the Crypt of Badr al-Mosak, where within lies the ifrit and his undead army. And the princess Shadalah, who holds in her palm the key to unlocking the Great Good that shall battle the ifrit with vengeance.
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(175) Suhail: You will need all your wits and all your might, and some aid to fight his minions. It is for this task and others, that I choose to come with you.
(175) Suhail: With Shadalah, comes the Star of Khan-Pelar, the fourth Star Gem needed to return Martek from the dead.
(166) Git: "Eh?" :glances the the priest: "You're coming with us?"
(175) Suhail: Surprised, thief? (smiles gently)
(171) J'hzuu: "Will you travel as man or sword?"
** (172) Agatha is never one to turn down capable help and bows. "We're grateful for the honor." **
(175) Suhail: Until one of you is bound to me, I choose my own way, as that of a man.
(166) Git: "Depends.... you aren't going to be babbling on and on about fate through the whole trip are you?"
(183) Vrondard (enter): 23:52
(175) Suhail: Fate is but a meaningless thing for those who do not know their own way in the world.
(166) Git: (Hey! the Dwarf has Landed!)
(183) Vrondard: ((the child has gone to bed...))
(166) Git: :grins: "Sounds good to me then"
(175) Suhail: Does that answer your question?
(166) Git: "Yeah... you'll do I suppose"
** (171) J'hzuu nods. "Erm... Can J' **
(171) J'hzuu: hzuu have his arrow back?"
(184) Elegard (enter): 23:54
(184) Elegard (exit): 23:54
(175) Suhail: As for the fifth Star Gem, that lies within the City of the Gods, ancient Medinat al-Muskawoon.
(175) Suhail: There, you will face many tests, of wisdom, of courage, and of the heart.
(175) Suhail: There is more to tell, but I shall save that until the time is needed.
** (175) Suhail hands the cup back to J'hzuu. "Now, ask your questions." **
(166) Git: "Right... tell all your tales now, and you lose your audience when you have nothing left to say."
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(168) Lellick (exit): 23:56
(175) Suhail: Suit yourself.
** (171) J'hzuu turns the cup back to an arrow and puts it his quiver. "J'hzuu has no more questions." **
(175) Suhail: After you have gained the fifth Star Gem, you will need to discover the Citadel of Martek.
(181) Maximus: "When do we leave for Medinat al-Muskawoon?"
(172) Agatha: "I've got a question. How the hell are we to get past the ifrit and steal back the star and the princess?"
(166) Git: :to Max: "We don't... we're heading for the crypt first."
(175) Suhail: Within the Citadel, there are more challenges, of which I am certain, but I do not know as to their nature. What I do know is that there is someone there, that you will meet, who MAY face you AFTER your time in this land is done.
** Kha drools a little in his sleep **
(172) Agatha: "I mean, we came here for reinforcements and I suppose we have it. But we still have little idea of what exactly we're getting into."
** (175) Suhail turns to Agatha. **
(166) Git: :as Suhail finishes: "That sounds wonderfull. Welcome to our crazy little club. Now do want to sleep next to the dwarf or the Minotaur when we set up camp?"
(175) Suhail: A very good question indeed, woman.
(171) J'hzuu: "If Agatha was told exactly what to expect, she would it was a trap, yes? All do not know, and so can not be mislead"
(175) Suhail: You're going to fight him.
(175) Suhail: That much has been revealed to me. It is given to you to fight him and defeat him. You have defeated him in battle once already.
(172) Agatha: "Oh? I must have missed that fight."
(175) Suhail: And because of this defeat, he has lost a great deal of strength. Long did he slumber, bound by Martek's magicka, so that when you released him, he was bereft of his power.
(175) Suhail: And in defeating his servant, Munafik, you robbed him of part of his power.
(175) Suhail: And in defeating his servant, Farouk, you robbed him of part of his power.
(175) Suhail: And there are others you may meet, and once you defeat them, you further diminish his power.
(166) Git: "Do you know who these others are?"
(175) Suhail: So be assured that when you do meet him in the Crypt, he will not be at full strength, but then neither will he be able to be permanently slain.
(172) Agatha: "What has Mum-afik to do with this? I know he serves the ifrit now, but it would seem that mummy leeches power from the Khalitarius, not the other way around."
(175) Suhail: Khalitarius serves the god Set, and is in turn served by minions who bow to Set. However, he vested part of his power within each minion, to use as needed when he needed it.
(175) Suhail: Khalitarius is a powerful ifrit, a cunning ifrit, but not a wise ifrit.
(166) Git: "Good for us."
(175) Suhail: Defeat a minion, and you remove that much of Set's power from the waking world. And Khalitarius is further diminished with each defeat.
(175) Suhail: Similarly, when the ifrit creates an undead, his power increases, as does the might of the god.
(185) Lellick (enter): 00:06
(185) Lellick: (Sorry, my connection screwed up)
(181) Maximus: "But Khalitarius must know of his dimininishing power every time we defeat his minions?"
(172) Agatha: "So that's one more thing to enjoy when I finally finish off that bag of bones."
(175) Suhail: Perhaps. But he is confident in his ability to defeat and destroy.
(183) Vrondard: .
(175) Suhail: For what are mortals to an ifrit lord? That is his mind.
(166) Git: "True. But considering he was imprisoned by a mortal before. One would think he'd be more wary."
(181) Maximus: "I can see that, I have heard of pride blinding people as such. Now, when should we leave for the citidal?"
(175) Suhail: Now then, I shall leave you. Tonight, Marwan will summon you to the feast. There will be much feasting and drinking. (glances at Vrondard) May the gods be with you as you cross the bridge of birds.
(183) Vrondard: "hmmmm"
(175) Suhail: (to Maximus) Tomorrow on the morn.
(166) Git: "One thing before you go."
(183) Vrondard: "well something good be comin out of all this then"
(175) Suhail: Oh yes. I almost forgot. I have a surprise for you.
** (183) Vrondard looks doubtful about this surprise **
** (172) Agatha turns her head back to Suhail. "Hm?" **
** (171) J'hzuu looks wary but curious **
** (181) Maximus raises an eyebrow. **
** (175) Suhail chuckles. "Someone Batina rescued who was travelling the desert alone and without any knowledge of direction. He passed out in the salt flats." **
(172) Agatha: "Who?"
(183) Vrondard: "bah... who cares"
(175) Suhail: I believe his name is Norfirion, but I could be mistaken. He mentioned that he was in search of you....or of people who looked like you.
(175) Suhail: He's resting now, but you might see him at the feast, or perhaps later.
(166) Git: "Oh... good news. Maybe our luck's changing after all."
(172) Agatha: "Norfirion? He was supposed to stay at the oasis and keep an eye on things."
(183) Vrondard: "bloomin hells... fer sure it is... bad luck!"
** (175) Suhail chuckles. "Like I said, he passed out in the salt flats which protect this fortress from unwanted intruders." **
(175) Suhail: Your friend will sleep for several more hours. I recommend that he not be disturbed. (points to Kha)
(172) Agatha: "Hmph. And they say dwarves are stubborn."
(183) Vrondard: "so he is still out there or what?"
(166) Git: "Heheh.. too bad we couldn;t be there when he first woke up, we could have put him in a cell with a couple of us, convince him that we've been captured by a pit of cannibles and he's next to the chopping block"
** (172) Agatha turns to Kha. "Aye, no worries about that. No one is ever eager to wake the lad. It would mean him talking again." **
(183) Vrondard: "or is he somewheres else after bein rescued"
(175) Suhail: Batina's farisan rescued him and he is in a guest quarter.
** (171) J'hzuu laughs at Agatha's comment. He turns to Git and grins. "Well, J'hzuu's illusions could work..." **
(166) Git: :to J'hzuu: "Hmmm... maybe later."
** (166) Git turns to Suhail before the cleric leaves... "One more thing..." **
(166) Git: :looks sternly to the cleric a second: "My name isn't thief, it is Git... Aragit if you're formal, Fellthorn if you're very formal." :then dunks his head under the water to rinse out his hair. "See you at the feast"
** (175) Suhail chuckles as he leaves. **
(187) Norfirion (enter): 00:26
(166) Git: (Wow... now that's timing))
(175) DM: :)
(172) Agatha: ((Holy hell, he returns))
(166) Git: (does this mean I have to give you back your dagger now?)
(187) Norfirion: You can't kill a determined necromancer
(188) J'hzuu (enter): 00:27
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(171) J'hzuu (exit): 00:27
(187) Norfirion: (Scheduling opened up recently. I contacted stan like 2 minutes ago, talk about a quick return. ha)
** (175) Suhail opens the door and says, "May I introduce you to a long-lost friend?", then leaves, closing the door gently. **
(175) DM: (pls describe yourselves)
** (166) Git is a lithe, handsome young half-elf... currently naked in a bath, sipping wine **
** (187) Norfirion appears as a young dawn elven man. He's short in stature, standing a paltry 5 foot tall. He's thin, but agile and quick weighing around 90 lbs. His skin is a pale ashen palor and his hair the color of silver. It is worn cropped short in the front and long, nearly reaching his ankles, in the back. It's sometimes worn in a large single braid as well, secured by two gleaming, etched mithril rings. His eyes are large with golden irises that reflect the tragedies of the past and the darkness of the future to come. He wears dark black clothing consisting of a loose robe and hooded cloak made of starlight cloth. It appears as if dappled with hundreds of tiny stars, and seems to shimmer and glow faintly in moon or starlight. His black boots are worn to the mid-calf and are made of soft supple leather. On his hands he wears an ornate golden signet ring that bears the Celithrandir family seal. He carries in hand a quarterstaff made of ebony oak, a dark brown and blackish wood, that's capped in gold at the top. A dagger made of silver is sheathed at his waist, along with a light crossbow and a small quiver filled with bolts. A large, brown leather belt pouch is slung across the left shoulder, resting on his right hip. He wears a brown leather backpack across his back. **
(175) DM: ((the basic premise is that the Everlasting rescued Norfirion as he was travelling in circles in a salt flat wasteland. Norf claims to have been searching for the party, but that was before he passed out from heat exhaustion.))
(175) DM: ((that was an fyi btw))
(187) Norfirion: "Hmph, what a rabble. Thank the gods. I would have never imagined the day I'd enjoy seeing that stinking pile of refuse that is Vrondard."
** Kha is currently passed out on a cot **
(183) Vrondard: "well the feelin ain mutual"
(187) Norfirion: "And Kha seems to be in a mess as usual. What was it this time." *sighs*
(172) Agatha: ((Agatha is a near middle-aged human woman of stout (her words) build and faded auburn hair. Stern expression. Carries a big axe. Scary at times.))
(183) Vrondard: "only thing you aint do is hiss alot so I guess I shouldnt' complain too much"
** (185) Lellick is a young halfling with a serious face. Though a Hoarfoot, there has been some mixing of Tallfolk blood in his family history, leaving him with a slightly taller height and fairer features. His is also somewhat thinner than most halflings you're likely to meet. Dark blonde hair is cut to about shoulder-length, but tied back in a tight ponytail with curling ends. His eyes are a pale shade of green, and the skin of his face and ears have been slightly reddened from time spent out in the sun. He's clad in a white, long-sleeved shirt and tight-fitting grey breeches. **
** (187) Norfirion hisses like a snake and scowls at Vrondard. "On the contrary, I just devolped a new spell to turn one's self into a Yuanti. I'll show you later." **
** (181) Maximus is a young man of about 19 years and is closer to six feet then five, and about 150 pounds, well muscled but lithe.Wearing grey chainmail and a black taberd depicting the holy symbol of Odion, Maximus himself has wild dark hair, that look somewhat combed and blue eyes that hold conviction and honesty. A dark leather belt with a longsword and shor sword finishes his description. **
** (187) Norfirion glances over the newcomers. "Hmmm, I see you've drug some new unfortunate souls into this mess." **
** (166) Git holds up a glass to the elf, "Hey, no fighting now. Sit back and have a glass of wine. Enjoy the hospitality": **
** (188) J'hzuu is a human, standing about 6 feet tall, and of average build. He has dark red hair, more orange, really, and green eyes. He is wearing a blue robe, with a belt. Attached to the belt, he has a small pouch and two quivers of arrows. A rat is curled around his shoulder. **
** (172) Agatha walks up to the elven wizard and greets him with a smack upside the head. "Just what the hell were you thinking crossing the desert like that by yourself. You've could have died!" **
(172) Agatha: "I swear, you're more stubborn than the dwarf!"
** (187) Norfirion shruggs. "Navigation was never my strong point." **
(187) Norfirion: "But I'm happy to hear you were concerned."
** (187) Norfirion beams a smile to Agatha and gives the large woman a quick hug before he realizes how undignified he appears. **
(187) Norfirion: "Git, my friend. It's good to see you, all of you."
(183) Vrondard: "gar"
(172) Agatha: "Someone has to remind you of what an arrogant idiot you--uh?"
(183) Vrondard: "well at least yer attitude has improved"
(187) Norfirion: "Indeed."
(166) Git: "Nearly dying in a desert can do that I suppose"
whispering to Norfirion, ((send me the node by next session. fyi, Norf should now be 7th level.))
(172) Agatha: "So what brought you all the way out here? I thought you were going to stay at the oasis in case of an attack."
whispering to Norfirion, yes XP was handed out two weeks ago
** (187) Norfirion brushes dust off the hem of his robes hobbles over to the group. **
** (188) J'hzuu steps foward, and offers the elf a hand in greeting "J'hzuu greets you". **
** (187) Norfirion bows slightly and accepts J'hzuu's handshake. **
(187) Norfirion: "I'm Norfirion as you're probably aware of."
(166) Git: (afk)
** (188) J'hzuu grins "J'hzuu gathered. You are a magicker?" **
** (187) Norfirion glances back to Agatha. "I guess the same thing that brought us all together in the first place my dear, destiny." *smiles* **
(187) Norfirion: "Hmmm, well I'm not quite familiar with the term magicker, but I suppose you could say so."
** (181) Maximus rises and gives a minor bow, hand one hand swept accross his chest, the other on a sword hilt(more out of habit then hostility), "I am Maximus Dardanus Parmenion, Paladin of Odion." **
(183) Vrondard: "foul magic user like himself is what he means"
(187) Norfirion: "Ehh? Quite a title isn't it?"
(187) Norfirion: "Pleased to meet you as well. At least someone here has some manners left."
(188) J'hzuu: "Good. J'hzuu did not know if he was wrong to pick on the dwarrf. But you do, so he can figure it is alright" He gives a big grin to Vrondard.
(187) Norfirion: "At least someone's been picking up my slack then. Well done."
(187) Norfirion: "So what's the latest news of the land?"
** (181) Maximus smiles, and takes his seat again. **
** (185) Lellick doesn't bother to get up from his spot on the floor, raising a hand to Norfirion in greeting, "And I'm Lellick. It is good to see you well after hearing of your condition." **
** (172) Agatha turns to the Khajit. "I still wouldn't push it. Vrondard's always wondered just how many ways there are to skin a cat." **
** (188) J'hzuu opens his mouth and closes it a few times, then moves to a chair and sits down again, without saying a word. **
** (187) Norfirion nods to the halfling as he makes his way over to Kha's ko'ed self. **
(187) Norfirion: "What happened to him this time? That idiot, I knew he'd get into a mess without me here."
** (183) Vrondard finds a location furthest from the sources of foul magic users in his midst (aka prison shower aversion) **
** (172) Agatha turns back to Norfirion. "Well, we've done what we set out to do. We have reinforcement from the Everlasting. Now, we set out in the morning towards certain death." **
(172) Agatha: "So business as usual."
(187) Norfirion: "What progress on the gems? Have you procured anymore?"
** (166) Git sits in the bath, shaving with his trusty bone handle kukri "Three down, two to go. and a cleric/sword will be following along with us." **
(172) Agatha: "No more than when we left ya. The fourth is still under the ifrit's guard with the princess. We ride there tomarrow."
(187) Norfirion: "I see"
(187) Norfirion: "And what of Wa'run and the slave girl I freed?"
(187) Norfirion: "They are well I take it?"
(183) Vrondard: "yeah there all fine"
(172) Agatha: "Wa'run is here with us. The girl is back at the oasis under the sheik's protection. Haven't you spoken to her?"
(166) Git: "We left the girl at the Oasis and Wa'run is... ":looks around: "Somewhere"
(187) Norfirion: "No, I haven't seen her. I suppose its for the best. I don't want to risk growing attached to another woman."
Kha: (( dont forget Halif =P ))
(175) DM: (he's sleeping)
(175) DM: (he's outside walking around the grounds)
(172) Agatha: "Hmph. Well what have you been up to? Hopefully learning some spells to protect against the ifrit's fire."
(166) Git: (sleep walking around the grounds? 0.o )
(175) DM: (2 diff ppl)
(188) J'hzuu: ((Wa'run, Halif))
(166) Git: (I'm kidding)
(187) Norfirion: "Unfortunately I haven't had as much time for research as I'd liked. I've been too busy trying to stay alive."
(172) Agatha: ((And the White Opal, of course.))
(187) Norfirion: "But I have a few new tricks up my sleeve."
(166) Git: (yeah, but nobody likes him anyway)
(175) DM: ((he's praying.))
(172) Agatha: ((That's us Americans for ya. No love for royalty ;-) ))
(172) Agatha: "Good. We can use every advantage we can get."
(175) DM: (going to FF to the feast)
(187) Norfirion: (sounds good to me)
(172) Agatha: ((yup))
(188) J'hzuu: ((Okie-dokie))
(181) Maximus: ((Coolio))
(185) Lellick: (Aye cap'n)
(188) J'hzuu: ((AFK a few mins))
** Kha wakes up and stetches **
Kha: "That was a nice nap, I wonder what it was that Suhail gave me?"
** (166) Git draws a fake mustache, goatee and eyebrow extensions on Kha's face while he sleeps **
** Kha gets dressed and ready for the feast **
** (187) Norfirion smiles at Kha. "Long time no speak, human." **
(187) Norfirion: "It's good to see you again, as bad as that sounds."
Kha: "Norf! how dod.. Never mind you probably already explained it to the others while I was out. Glad to see you"
(187) Norfirion: "Actually, you're still dreaming and I'm not here."
Kha: (( *did ))
(187) Norfirion: "Oneiros sent me. You've displeased him very much."
Kha: "No, whatever Suhail gave me made me have a dreamless sleep"
** (187) Norfirion chuckles and just shakes head. "I told you never drink the wine." **
Kha: "Wasnt wine, was a poison of some sort." **shrugs** "anyways we are going to be late for the feast"
(187) Norfirion: "A feast, what a good day indeed."
(183) Vrondard: "yeah lets get some grub"
(187) Norfirion: "I haven't had a decent meal in ages."
(187) Norfirion: "These dry rations are just terrible. And I've drank every last drop of wine I had with me."
(175) DM: As you enter the Hall of the Faithful, you see that the Everlasting are here in all their assemblage.
** (166) Git is clean shaven and in a fresh set of native robes, in indigo and white and gold. Properly cologned and humming contently he heads for the hall **
(175) DM: As one, they stand on their feet and give you a standing ovation.
(183) Vrondard: "well at least they like us"
** Kha smiles widly as the Everlasting all stand **
** (187) Norfirion looks surprised but just raises an eye as he enters the dinning room. **
(175) DM: It is unusual to see the sight of so many assassins, cheering you as if you were one of their own. Marwan stands after a moment, and welcomes you with open arms, bidding you sit by his side at the place of honor.
** (166) Git arcs a brow to the sudden applause, and holds up his hands in a humble show, "Please, please, do not praise us so," **
** (172) Agatha wears some surprisingly elegant robes, her cleaned and polished chain shirt gleaming underneath. **
** (185) Lellick is a bit embarrassed at the applause, and all the rest for that matter. **
** Kha moves to Marwan's side and takes a seat **
(175) Batina: A toast, a toast!
(172) Agatha: "Well this is unexpected."
(187) Norfirion: "The more the merrier."
(166) Git: :whispers to his friends as he heads for his seat: "I believe we've just stepped on the birds' back."
(175) DM: Several assassins whoop in response. "Yes!" they cry. "A toast, to those who saved us from evil dominion!"
** (187) Norfirion helps himself to a drink and raises it. **
(183) Vrondard: "hmmm toast... better be something more than that to eat here.... har"
(181) Maximus: me also moves to Marwans side, as he removes the two Golden Lion statuettes and gives them back to Marwan.
** (187) Norfirion coughs on his wine and almost chokes at Vrondards comment. **
(172) Agatha: "Don't worry. Given the welcome, it ought to be an exceptional spread."
** Kha lifts his wine glass and waits for the toast before taking a drink **
** (166) Git holds up his glass for the toast, but gives a look to Lellick Norf and J'hzuu, wondering with his eyes if one of them could detect anything in it. **
** (175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows accepts them graciously. "Yes, a toast. To our saviors, who gave of themselves selflessly, with no concern to themselves, who sacrificed one of their own, though the grace of the gods brought him back to life, who slew the evil one amongst us that would have brought death, the destroyer of delights to this fortress of the enlightened and of Fate." (bows before you, raising a golden goblet) **
** (172) Agatha whispers to Vron and Norf. "Just watch that your food isn't poisoned." **
** (188) J'hzuu is too overwhelmed by the sight of the assassins to notice Git's silent request. **
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: May the gods watch over you and may Fate smile upon you, for you have no Fate but the Fate you have made. (toasts)
** (187) Norfirion seems more concerned with his own urges than fear of tainted beverages at the time. **
** (172) Agatha struggles to keep her head over this showering of praise. She'd never seen a whole court bow to her before. **
** Kha lifts his glass for the toast the takes a sip **
** (183) Vrondard cares little for being poisoned and eats/drinks with no fear **
** (185) Lellick is busy trying to not look at anyone, taking a sip of his own drink after the toast is over. **
** (175) Batina drinks to your health, watching you intently as she does so. **
** (181) Maximus takes the applause in stride, as he sits down and examines the food and drink. **
** (187) Norfirion closes his eyes as he savors the taste of the wine, being all to glad to be back in some form of civilization, even if it is that of some desert savages. **
** (188) J'hzuu takes a glass of juice or water, and joins the toast, taking a small sip at first, then drinking deeply. **
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Now then, let the feast begin! (sits back down satisfied and washes his hands in a bowl of scented rosewater)
** (172) Agatha makes the motion of sipping the toast, does not let the liquid pass her lips just yet. **
whispering to Maximus, not poisoned
(187) Norfirion: "Hmmm, now only if we had some music and an accompaniment of beautiful women."
** (187) Norfirion pokes Git in the side and smiles. **
(183) Vrondard: "bah... "
Kha: /me follows Marwan's example and washes his hand then begins eating
** Kha follows Marwan's example and washes his hand then begins eating **
** (166) Git takes a seat and settles in, watching the assemblage curiously. :Nodding to Norf he assures, "They do have some abouts." **
** (172) Agatha washes her hands and looks at the magic users questioningly. **
** (188) J'hzuu casts prestidigitation, then dips his hands and dries them using his mind. **
(187) Norfirion: "Bah humans or slaves. Someone a little cultured and with some grace would be prefered."
(175) DM: As if on cue, an alabaster-skinned djanna coalesces out of nowhere in the midst of the room, clad in a silken beige gown that leaves little to the imagination. She waves a hand, and immediately, nine copies of herself appear around the hall, as she begins to dance, clicking finger cymbals all the while.
(187) Norfirion: "Ah a mirror image spell..."
(175) DM: Musicians enter the hall from a side chamber, beginning to beat on kettle drums in tandem to the dancing djanna.
** (181) Maximus drinks from his glass and eats from the food. **
(166) Git: :stares at the beautifully djanni a moment before turning to Norf: "Good enough?"
(187) Norfirion: "Not quite my taste in music, but its better than nothing."
(187) Norfirion: "I have to admit, after spending so long alone in the desert. I've come to regret my self imposed isolation over the last several years."
** (188) J'hzuu sighs, and shakes his head in mock sandess. "It is most sad. Never do they have dancers with tails" **
(191) Robert (enter): 01:13
(188) J'hzuu: ((*sadness))
(191) Robert (exit): 01:14
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: So, where will you go, now that you have done your duty to my house and ourselves?
(166) Git: :consisders a moment that norf's request was granted, and ponders aloud, "Perhaps next they will come forth bestowing upon us a fortune in gold and jewels." :looks around for a response:
** (185) Lellick keeps his eyes mostly on his food as he eats, only paying half an ear to the conversations. **
(187) Norfirion: "To whever fate guides us m'lord. Where else."
(187) Norfirion: *wherever
Kha: "West"
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: A fine answer, indeed.
(172) Agatha: "I'd rather they leave us some arms and protection for the impossible task ahead."
(187) Norfirion: "And what might that be exactly Agatha. Forgive my ignorance."
(175) DM: The meal begins slowly at first -- roast partridge basted in pomegranate sauce, palm heart salad and melons, hacked in half and served to you on plates of silver.
** (188) J'hzuu causes a piece of some meat to float towards him, landing on his plate. He turns to Agatha and the elf and whispers: "Not much. Just fighting one known as 'The bringer of death'" **
(172) Agatha: "What else? To make a stand against the ifrit that plagues this place. Someone has to"
(187) Norfirion: "Khalitarius?"
** (172) Agatha nods. **
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Ah yes, there is the matter of a reward.
(187) Norfirion: "Ah yes of course. I had thought the time was far yet. Much has happened then since my departure."
(183) Vrondard: "well we just have to make this ifrit go away is all... don't have to kill it... even if that's possible"
** (188) J'hzuu looks up at Marwan, a partridge frozen in place floating just in front of his teeth. **
** (166) Git sits at the table, not having bothered to start eating, as he turns to Marwan with an only half- serious face "And what reward would that be fine Grandfather?" **
(187) Norfirion: "It is very possible Vrondard. We'll get it done in some fashion, we always do."
(183) Vrondard: "as long as we have Git we can figure it out"
(187) Norfirion: "Well I wouldn't go that far....."
(183) Vrondard: "let him try first... then after that fails do the next best thing"
(192) No Name (enter): 01:19
(187) Norfirion: "I thought that was Kha's duty?"
(192) No Name (exit): 01:20
(193) No Name (enter): 01:20
** Kha looks to Norf **
(183) Vrondard: "depends
** (187) Norfirion chuckles. **
** (175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows picks at a partridge. "A reward well-deserved, yes, but not the best one I can give to you. Two trials out of three is not bad. You have passed the Trial of the Lion's Mouth, and the Trial of the Unbearable Light, but you have failed the Trial of the Bridge of Birds." **
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Still, you have saved us from he who would have ruled over us all with my death, and so I must think on this.
** (188) J'hzuu looks at Marwan, then to the others. "What exactly was the Trial of the Bridge of the Birds?" **
(166) Git: "We did? Quirks a brow. And here I thought this was to be the Bridge of Birds. I suppose I over looked it"
** (187) Norfirion looks on somewhat puzzled but dimisses it as his appetite is more important for the moment. **
** (172) Agatha turns to Marwan. "We were to choose the next leader of the Everlasting, weren't we? All this was some sort of distraction." **
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: It was a test of modesty. Some of you exhibited proper signs, but others did not.
** Kha laughs **
** (188) J'hzuu looks at Marwan, hoping he wasn't one of the ones that failed. **
(187) Norfirion: "Modesty?" *tries to hold in a laugh.*
(166) Git: "Signs of modest mean little to those who are simply happy to be alive. You think to much on silly details friend."
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: It was and was not. You were brought here to discover a traitor in our ranks, and yes, to determine if you were worthy of aid against the ifrit. You have done well, but not well enough to be deserving of the greatest treasure we can give you. Still, you have certain circumstances in your favor. So I must pray to Fate tonight and think on it a bit more.
Kha: "Modesty is very important in some cultures Git"
(187) Norfirion: "Indeed, like the jade isles for instance."
(166) Git: :To Kha: "Modesty means different things to different people."
(166) Git: "Some believe a woman should be seen and not heard, Aggy how do feel of that kind of mosdesty?"
(187) Norfirion: "But what is done is done. Failure is the means by which we learn to improve."
(172) Agatha: "They don't have to hear me. Just see my my axe."
(185) Lellick: "Indeed. There's no use arguing over it now."
(166) Git: :grins to Aggy's comment, returning a furtive nod:
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Suhail has chosen to leave our service and to travel with you. That is part of the reward, though I recognize that you deserve slightly more than that. So as to the nature of this reward, I must think on it a bit more.
(187) Norfirion: "By the way, whatever came of Munafik?" *he mutters down to his companions."
(166) Git: :to Lellick : "True. I do not wish to argue, or to explain myself. This has been a drawn out stay as it is."
** (172) Agatha turns to Marwan. "We are honored by your gracious consideration." **
(193) No Name (exit): 01:30
** (188) J'hzuu nods in thanks to Marwan, and resumes eating his partridge. **
** Kha shrugs and goes back to eating deming a reward unnessicary **
** (166) Git washes his hands and begins to eat as well **
** (172) Agatha looks back to Norfirion. "It would be best to answer these questions tomarrow after we've left. There are too many ears here." **
Kha: (( AFK phone ))
(172) Agatha: "And believe me, there's only a few people here that you can trust not to stab you."
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(181) Maximus (exit): 01:33
** (187) Norfirion shrugs. "I understand." **
** (187) Norfirion finishes his meal and removes his pipe from his belt pouch. He puffs on it and lets loose a deep sigh as he ponders all thats happened. **
(194) Maximus (enter): 01:34
(166) Git: :as he eats, asks of Marwan: "Since we did not technically pass all three tests, are we still considered the ones to choose your successor? Or have we forefeited that right?"'
(175) DM: The main course is served -- curried goat with rice pilaf studded with almonds, coconut and raisins; roast chicken flavored with musk and orange flower water; and cubes of broiled lamb marinated in camel's yogurt and then roasted in a fire pit.
(172) Agatha: "Is it even necessary anymore. I'm beginning to think the reports of your imminent death were nothing but a rumor to smoke out the traitor."
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: I was never dead to begin with. She who shall succeed me has been chosen already. (cryptically)
(166) Git: "I see..." :bites off a bit of goat, letting the subject drop:
** (172) Agatha figures "True, you haven't died. But you certainly made a big show that you were short on life." **
** (194) Maximus eats some of the coconut and takes a deep draught from his glass. **
** (172) Agatha figures the lamb would be the hardest to poison and digs into that. **
** Kha enjoys the meal in relative silance **
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: It was necessary. As you have learned, Farouk had plotted this for a long time. I needed to be circumspect in my deceptions.
** (188) J'hzuu floats a few servings over to himself. He glances down the table, and the back of Vrondard's shirt (The part that is out of his sight) turns a vivid shade of pink. J'hzuu smiles and continues on with the meal, happy to have scored one on the dwarf. **
** (187) Norfirion stays quiet along with Kha, not sure what to say and trying to take in what information is being spouted about. **
** (166) Git nods to the old assassin asurring, "No harm no foul. A shrewd leader must know how to move the pawns, yes?" **
(172) Agatha: "Aye, it was an elaborate scheme, alright."
(188) J'hzuu: "It worked, and noone was --" He glances at Kha "Noone was permanantly hurt, apart from Farouk of course"
** (175) Batina rises from her seat and strides up to Git, bowing deeply in gratitude. "It appears that I have misjudged you, outlander, and so, I bestow upon you an item that has saved my life once many years ago, but I have not seen fit to use in the time since. **
** (166) Git stands to meet Marwan in respect... atleast costumary respect **
** (175) Batina bows deeply and removes a plain brass ring from her finger. "Please accept this token in good faith." (gives it to Git) **
** (166) Git takes the ring, looking it over cursiously a moment, before asking curiously, "Is there some great imprt to it?" (appr for the heck of it) **
(166) Git: Appraise Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(194) Maximus' from server... Removing dead client
(198) Maximus (enter): 01:47
(194) Maximus (exit): 01:47
(175) DM: Suddenly, J'hzuu's fur turns sky blue, causing some assassins to titter uncontrollably.
** (187) Norfirion eyes over J'hzuu. **
** Kha smirks **
** (188) J'hzuu looks at the elf, and smiles. The elf's ears turn a brilliant shade of orange. **
(175) DM: Your plates are cleared, and dessert is served -- figs, dates, coffee-dusted almonds, pastries and sweetmeats. Mint tea and an earthy black wine are also poured.
(166) Git: :gives a brief bow: "I thank you for this gift. It is more than I deserve."
(187) Norfirion: "Ah now this is much better." *he says as he partakes of the dessert.*
(175) Batina: May it serve you well in the days to come. (bows low)
** Kha enjoys the sweetmeats **
(175) Batina: When you are in need, the spirit of the ring will come forth. Use it only when you are in great need.
(187) Norfirion: "You shouldn't waste your spellcasting on such amusements. Magic is not a toy." *he scolds as he looks down to J'hzuu*
** (166) Git tries it on for size, testing the fit for the best finger **
(175) DM: It fits perfectly.
(166) Git: "Spirit of the ring?" :wonders aloud.:
(175) Batina: Yes. (smiling gently)
(175) DM: It is the first time you've seen her smile with genuine warmth.
(166) Git: "I don't suppose you could be a touch more specific, m'lady?"
** (187) Norfirion glances back to Git and looks suspiciously at the ring. **
** (188) J'hzuu floats a cup of tea over to himself, along with a few pastries. He thinks for a moment, then reaches into his spell pouch, and draws out a small pastry of some kind, and popping that into his mouth. **
(175) Batina: A maridah. (winks)
** (198) Maximus takes a long sip from the wine, and eats a few pastries. **
** (187) Norfirion taps his staff and concentrates a moment. (Detect Magic, scanning the ring specifically) **
(166) Git: :jests: "I'd hate to be in the throws of deathly combat and call to the spirit for aid, just to find its only meant to serve my carnal needs."
** Kha reaches for his spear Vontaros before realizing that Vontaros is no longer with him **
** (188) J'hzuu looks at Batina and smiles faintly. "Anyone all knows?" **
** (175) Hassan, the White Opal eats sparingly. Wa'run for his part, is thoroughly enjoying himself. **
(166) Git: :rolls his eyes in after though. "Of course that wouldn't be such a bad way to go."
(175) Hassan, the White Opal: The Grandfather and I have come to an agreement.
(166) Git: "Hehe.." bows again to Batina: "I will use this gift wisely as I can. Thank you once more."
** (172) Agatha stops eating and turns her attention to the shiek. **
(175) Hassan, the White Opal: We have agreed to provide his holy slayers with safe passage through the lands ruled by my father in exchange for the Everlasting's assistance against the ifrit and its minions.
(199) Maximus (enter): 01:55
(175) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(198) Maximus' from room...
(198) Maximus (exit): 01:55
(199) Maximus: ((Sorry, my modem is acting weird))
whispering to Norfirion, STRONG conjuration
(166) Git: "Wonderful to hear Prince. Hopegully the Everlasting willl be able to offer the people a fighing chance."
(175) Hassan, the White Opal: I can only hope (muttering softly) that I have not signed my own death warrant.
(187) Norfirion: "That remains to be seen."
Kha: "I am glad you could come to an arangement"
(175) DM: The feast continues for the rest of the evening, during which time Marwan excuses himself, saying he has personal business to attend to.
(183) Vrondard: .
(166) Git: :While Marwan's away, looks around for Ajayah:
** (188) J'hzuu bids Marwan goodnight, and thanks him for the feast. **
** (187) Norfirion lingers around not wanting to split the group up amongst a bunch of assassins. **
** (183) Vrondard stays late to get a full injestion of the food served **
(175) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: We may not meet again during the rest of your stay, so let me be the first to give you thanks from the bottom of my heart. When you waken tomorrow, breakfast shall be served in your quarters. Mounts will have been prepared for you, and your gifts will be given to you as you depart from the fortress. May you live as Fate intended, outlanders.....and friends.
** (183) Vrondard stifles a 'bah' a the friend remark **
(199) Maximus: "Thank you for your words Caliph, may your rule here be prosperous."
(166) Git: :bows properly to the elder, offering somewhat sincerely, "Thank you for your hospitality. This has bee a pleasant stay if you ignore all the death and threats."
(175) DM: (ok, I'm going to stop here, because a) Norf doesn't have his PC sheet and b) because I need to prep for the Crypt)
(172) Agatha: ((k))
(199) Maximus: ((Coolio, my modem is messing up tonight anyways))
(187) Norfirion: meh too bad i showed up late
(175) DM: (next session will begin at the site of the Crypt. I'm going to skip all the overland journey, etc. Hassan will not be travelling with you to the Crypt as he will be returning to the Oasis)

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