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(57) DM: (we're conducting combat in the main window, fyi, for convenience)

(57) DM: (we're conducting combat in the main window, fyi, for convenience)
** (57) Farouk glances up with irritation as Kha stumbles through the door. **
(57) Farouk: You were not who I was expecting, but it's just as well. (snickers)
Kha: "Hello, some nice security you have there."
(57) Farouk: And the last mistake you will ever make, outlander. (begins chanting)
(58) J'hzuu: (Calling out to Kha) "Is Kha alright?"
(58) J'hzuu: ((I'm assuming we can't see/hear what's going on?))
** Kha assumes a battle stance **
** Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
(52) Git: :while trying to look the flames: "Don't worry, J'hzuu, Idiots never suffer long for their own mistakes."
(57) DM: The room beyond the wall of fire appears to be an elegant library, lined with scroll racks, tomes and pieces of parchment. There seems to be no apparent means of exit apart from the way you (Kha) entered. Looking back over your shoulder, it appears that you managed to step through a closed door.
(57) Farouk: Die, outlander! (hurls a ball of fire at Kha)
(52) Git: (did we see him pass through?)
(57) DM: (yes)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [8d6] -> [5,1,4,3,4,6,2,4] = (29)
** (52) Git listens a second for signs of Kha's fate **
(57) DM: (reflex, Kha)
** Kha attempts to dodge **
Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+11] -> [20,11] = (31)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [3,13] = (16)
(57) DM: (15 fire damage)
** (39) Lellick speaks up, in a slightly quiet tone, "I have a spell that produces water.. if you think it will be able to douse the flames. Though as it seems magical, I doubt it." **
** (58) J'hzuu begins to speak, and moves his hands in a spiral motion in front of him, making smaller and smaller loops as he goes. He takes a drop of metallic liquid from a vial in his beltpouch, drops it on his tounge, and blows a pale mist out his mouth. The mist forms into a circular shape, and settles in front of him. (Floating Disk) **
(57) DM: (11, Kha)
(57) DM: An explosion rocks the chamber, as books and scrolls catch fire, bursting into flame.
** (57) Farouk laughs maniacally. "With you gone, I shall begin my reign of terror, and none of you shall stop me!" **
** Kha thrusts his spear forward and an arc or electricity leaps off toward Farouk **
(56) Agatha: ((any of that explosion on our side?))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [2,10] = (12)
** (51) Maximus looks at Lellick, "Try the water spell, buit might you have a dispel type magic?" Maximus syas this with confidence, confidence that spreads around him. **
** (58) J'hzuu clambers onto the disk, and tries to move through the flames (Hoping the flames will not pass through the disk)) **
(39) Lellick: "I'm afraid the water is all I have that might work right now."
Kha: "I just came to talk you fool"
(51) Maximus: "The try it, if not do you have any fire warding spells?"
(57) DM: (unfortunately no...the flames do)
(58) J'hzuu: ((Damn. Reflex save?))
(57) DM: (if you're passing through it, you don't get a save)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d4] -> [4,1] = (5)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6+8] -> [5,4,8] = (17)
(58) J'hzuu: ((Ah, ok then. So, how much damage?))
(57) DM: (20 damage)
(52) Git: (were there any fountains or cisterns back in the barracks or nearby?)
(57) DM: J'hzuu moves through the wall, leaving the passage behind you. In a flash, the Khajiit is gone.
(57) DM: (buckets of water? yes, free standing fountains? no)
(57) DM: To your (Kha) surprise, J'hzuu appears beside you. (init pls for J'hzuu)
(58) J'hzuu: [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
(57) Farouk: More of you! Well, it will be a simple matter to kill both of you. (laughs)
(57) DM: (23, J'hzuu)
(56) Agatha: "Lovely. Now we have two fools to chase after."
(57) DM: He (J'hzuu) appears to be badly burnt, as if he had walked through the wall of flames.
** (51) Maximus looks at Lellick and speaks with a slight tremble in his voice, "Do you have any protection spells?" **
** (52) Git turns and runs back the way he came, seeking out water and curtains, sheets or other material to douse and blanket himself in. **
** (58) J'hzuu yells in pain, and quickly draws a wand from his belt and attempts to use it on himself (Cure Light Wounds) **
** (39) Lellick speaks mildly, "I have but one," untying his holy symbol from his belt. "You might not want to stand too close," he warns before speaking the words of the spell. "Merciful Tevesh, grant your disciple water so that he is spared of the pain of thirst!" **
** (51) Maximus backs off as asked. **
whispering to Lellick, what spell is this?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8] -> [3] = (3)
whispering to J'hzuu, 5 damage healed
(57) DM: A wall of water appears, superimposing itself over the wall of fire, and douses it momentarily, revealing a closed door beneath it.
** (51) Maximus looks around for Git, doesn't see him and looks to Agatha, "Looks like we need to chop the dorr down. **
** (57) Farouk rushes at Kha, transforming into an ifrit with coal black skin and crimson eyes, gloating maliciously as he does so. "You will pay for your arrogance, outlanders!" (attacks Kha) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [3,18] = (21),[1d20+18] -> [16,18] = (34)
** Kha attempts to diflect Farouk's blows **
** (57) Farouk slaps Kha hard across the face (AC 26), simultaneously smashing him in the ribs (AC 34). **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+6] -> [6,6] = (12),[1d8] -> [5] = (5)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+6] -> [5,6] = (11),[1d8] -> [6] = (6)
(39) Lellick: "Whatever is done, I'd recommend we hurry. The spell might regenerate the flames.."
(57) DM: (34 damage)
** (56) Agatha gets out her axe. **
(57) DM: (11, Kha)
(56) Agatha: "Well let's give it a knock then.
** Kha screams in pain, and steps back ((5ft step)) **
Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
Kha: ((Gain [2d8+4] -> [2,4,4] = (10)HP))
** (51) Maximus rushes to the door and trys the lock before trying to bash down the door. **
(57) DM: An axe splinters the door behind you, knocking chips of wood into the fray.
(56) Agatha: "Huuaargh!"
(57) DM: (to the PCs in the hall, sound of combat pierce the silence in the corridor)
(57) DM: (23, J'hzuu)
** (58) J'hzuu takes a pinch of grey powder from his beltpuch and sprinkles it over himself, speaking and moving his hands from his eyes to his waist as he does so. He starts to shrink (Reduce Person) **
(58) J'hzuu: ((Full round action, whoops. He'll shrink slowly))
(57) DM: (22, Farouk)
(57) Farouk: Your friends will avail you not, mortal!
** (57) Farouk steps forward and attempts to seize Kha... **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [10,18] = (28)
** (56) Agatha works away at the door with her axe, and tries to break it down with a rush. **
(57) DM: (AC 28)
(51) Maximus: ((if the door is locked, longsword to the door)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [6,18] = (24)
Kha: (( hit ))
(56) Agatha: ((already on it with the axe))
(57) DM: ...and in doing so, cracks him across his jaw. (AC 24)
Kha: (( Tie, so Hit ))
(57) DM: Behind you, an opening appears into the passage, as Agatha hacks her way through.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+8
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(52) Git' from server... Removing dead client
(52) Git (exit): 22:39
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+8] -> [5,8] = (13),[1d8] -> [8] = (8)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+6] -> [2,6] = (8),[1d8] -> [3] = (3)
(56) Agatha: "Get away from them!"
(57) DM: (30 damage)
(65) Morti (enter): 22:40
(56) Agatha: "Kha!"
(57) DM: (11, Kha)
(57) DM: (next round PCs enter the room)
Kha: (( Kha is at negative 15 =P ))
** (39) Lellick inches closer to the door, gripping his holy symbol tightly. **
** (51) Maximus follows in behind Agatha and roars with rage at the site of Farouk, his suscpicions come true. **
** Kha colapses to the floow his face a bloody mess **
(56) Agatha: "No..."
** (57) Farouk stands up slowly, clutching his side as he turns in fury, gloating at you, all but ignoring the Khajiit standing off to the side who appears to be slowly shrinking **
** (56) Agatha looks on Kha's collapsed form in shock. **
(57) DM: (init other PCs)
(65) Git: [1d20+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
(51) Maximus: "Thy fate is sealed Farouk! With Odion as my witness you shall go abck to the bitch of a flame that spawned you!"
(56) Agatha: init [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)
(57) Farouk: YES! It was I who made attempts at Marwan, it was I who slew that snivelling sorcerer of his, and it is I who shall make an end to your lives!
(39) Lellick: [1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14)
(51) Maximus: [1d20+0] -> [7,0] = (7) For Initiative
(57) DM: (23, J'hzuu)
** (58) J'hzuu , having shrunk down to three feet or so, takes another amount of podwer and a twisted piece of paper from his pouch. He raises throws a ;ength of rope on the ground, and speaks and makes gestures, pantomiming climbing a rope. The rope rises, and dissapears into the air. **
(58) J'hzuu: ((* length, and (Rope Trick))
(57) DM: (k)
(57) DM: (22, Farouk)
** (57) Farouk speaks words of magic, and ebony bolts of light sputter from his eyes and mouth, headed straight for Agatha, as they sink deep into her flesh. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [4d4+4] -> [4,2,4,1,4] = (15)
whispering to Agatha, 15 damage, no save
whispering to Agatha, magic missile
(57) Farouk: (16, Ag)
** (56) Agatha leaps at the sword dancers in slashes away in a fit of rage. **
(56) Agatha: "Bastard!!"
(56) Agatha: ((rage. full attack.))
(56) Agatha: ((1st attack. Power attack 5))
(56) Agatha: [1d20+10] -> [3,10] = (13)
(56) Agatha: ((2nd attack. normal))
(57) DM: (miss)
(56) Agatha: [1d20+10] -> [19,10] = (29)
(57) DM: (hit of course)
(56) Agatha: ((almost threat))
(56) Agatha: Dmg: [1d12+10] -> [1,10] = (11)
(56) Agatha: ((Strange how the climatic battles are always bittersweet for me))
** (57) Farouk staggers back, but quickly stands, ready to face another blow. **
(57) DM: (14, Lellick)
(56) Agatha: "I'll see your devoured with the snakes you hold so dear!""
(57) Farouk: Who will believe you, outlander? You entered my home and attacked me on sight. No, your corpses will tell the truth, for you broke the bond of salt. (laughs maniacally)
** (39) Lellick steps closer to the doorway, before intoning a spell, "Merciful Tevesh! We beg you for your favor! Protect us from those that would do us harm!" **
(39) Lellick: (Casting Prayer, should last for 5 rounds)
(57) DM: (ok)
(57) DM: (9, Git)
** (65) Git arrives back at the door, dragging a wet blanket along with him. Seeing the fire gone and the door open, all he has time to do is grumble at the wasted effort, dropping it to the ground and pulling a dagger as he moves to find his position. Stepping up behind aggy, he lets the dagger fly **
(65) Git: Dagger(thrown) Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [5,9] = (14) ===> Damage: [1d4+0] -> [4,0] = (4)
(65) Git: (15 with luck bonus. *adds proudly* ))
(57) DM: (miss natch)
(57) DM: (7, Max)
(65) Git: "Where'd hot head come from?" :asks as he comes in late:
** (51) Maximus moves next to Farouk slicing with his sword while shouting, "Die! I have dealt with your presence long enough, with Odion's blessing thou will perish!" **
(51) Maximus: [1d20+13] -> [18,13] = (31) [1d8+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(51) Maximus: (do I get a full attack since we moved in previous round?)
(57) Farouk: If this is the best you can do mortal (coughs black blood), I fear for you. (laughs maniacally)
(57) DM: (you moved in this round)
(57) DM: (so no)
(51) Maximus: (k just checking, /shrug)
(57) DM: (23, J'hzuu)
** (58) J'hzuu climbs up the rope. He pulls the rope in after him, and pulls out his longbow, getting ready to fire at Farouk **
(57) DM: (you've shrunk, so your damage will be reduced, fyi)
(58) J'hzuu: ((Yeah, I know. I get a better chance to hit him, though))
(65) Git: (who's shrunk?)
(58) J'hzuu: ((J'hzuu. I don't get an attack this round, right?))
(57) DM: ((correct))
(57) DM: (22, Farouk)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [7,18] = (25)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [14,18] = (32)
** (57) Farouk ignores Maximus momentarily, instead focusing all his rage at Agatha, smashing a fiery fist in her ribs (AC 25) and then cracking his other hand at her neck in an attempt to crush her windpipe (AC 32) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+18] -> [8,18] = (26),[1d8] -> [1] = (1)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+6] -> [5,6] = (11),[1d8] -> [4] = (4)
(56) Agatha: ((both hits))
(57) Farouk: (40 damage)
(57) DM: (14, Lellick)
(57) DM: (er, 16, Ag, sorry)
** (56) Agatha silently swings away at Farouk, ignoring his wounds for the moment. **
(56) Agatha: ((1st attack))
(56) Agatha: [1d20+15] -> [3,15] = (18)
(57) DM: (next)
(56) Agatha: ((2nd attack))
(56) Agatha: [1d20+10] -> [1,10] = (11)
(57) DM: (ewww)
(56) Agatha: ((why me?))
(57) DM: (14, Lel)
(56) Agatha: ((oh wait. Would 19 cut it?))
(56) Agatha: ((forgot prayer.
(57) DM: (19 is a miss)
(56) Agatha: k
Kha: (( AFK for a bit since I wont be acting any time soon =P ))
** (39) Lellick hears the sounds of blows landing and darts past Git to get into the room. Seeing that it's Agatha that's injured, he reaches up to touch the first patch of skin he sees and recites hurriedly, "May Tevesh ease this woman's pain and make her whole again." **
(39) Lellick: (Cure Serious Wounds, rolling for healing now)
(39) Lellick: [3d8+6] -> [2,4,1,6] = (13)
(57) DM: (9, Git)
** (65) Git licks his fingers and slicks back his hair in a vane act before making his move. Throwing himself into a somersault, sprining over the halfling's outstretched hands, the rouge cartwheels to a position behind the ifrit **
(65) Git: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [18,10] = (28)
(65) Git: Pulling his dagger along the way, he lands and stabbs back in a single motion, for the base of the flamers spine
(65) Git: Ceremonial Dagger(Flanking sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+12] -> [17,12] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d4+1+3d6+0] -> [4,1,3,4,5,0] = (17)
(57) DM: (yes, of course)
** (57) Farouk stiffens suddenly and roars in pain **
(57) DM: (7, Max)
(65) Git: :Adds berratingly as he twists the blade: "Do us a favor and get suffed."
** (51) Maximus continues to slice and slash and hack at Farouk shouting the whole time, "Whoreson of a goblin! Defiler of all that is good! Slayer of Innocents, by my hand hopefully you shall die!" **
(51) Maximus: Attack 1: [1d20+13] -> [12,13] = (25) and attack 2: [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
(51) Maximus: ((Which ones hit?))
(57) DM: (both)
(51) Maximus: Attack 1 damage [1d8+6] -> [8,6] = (14) and attack 2 [1d8+6] -> [2,6] = (8)
(51) Maximus: ((wait add +2 for damage
(51) Maximus: ((Forgot the +1 luck on damage added it on attacks though))
(57) DM: (so total?)
Kha: (( 26 ))
(51) Maximus: ((oops 15+9=24 damage total))
Kha: (( err ya 24 =p ))
(51) Maximus: ((I'll take 26 though...))
** (57) Farouk collapses to the ground, the light in his eyes gone out. **
(65) Git: :pulls his blade as the genie falls, wiping away its blood: "Thank you for complying."
** (58) J'hzuu leans awkwardly out of the hole in space, his bow ready to fire. Seeing the collapsed form of Farouk on the ground, he looks at it for a moment. "Aww..." **
** (51) Maximus leans forward going with his last sword stroke and spits on Farouks now dead face. "Did I not tell you that your evil would end." Maximus whispers to no one in paticular. **
** (56) Agatha drops to her knees in exhaustion. She weezes as she struggles to speak through a partially healed windpipe. **
** (58) J'hzuu climbs slowly out of the hole, looking almost upset. He sees Agatha collapsed, and runs over to help her (Wand of Cure Light) **
(56) Agatha: "Lel-Lellick, check...him"
(58) J'hzuu: [1d8+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
** (39) Lellick nods breathlessly and moves over to Kha's body, checking to see if he's possibly still alive after all. **
** (51) Maximus pulls out his sword and turns around, his face full of sadness as he looks at Kha's still form. A yelled curse word, and a kick in the ribs for Farouk. **
(57) DM: (no, he's dead.)
** (56) Agatha speaks more smoothly as wind returns to her. "Farouk, need him alive." **
(65) Git: :eyes Max's rage, quirky a brow: "Really don't like efreeti, huh?" :still unaware the whole situation: "Aggy? Where'd this creep come from? And what happened to ...Kha.." :question falls as he notices the body in the burning room.: "No way..."
** (57) Farouk is unconscious. **
(51) Maximus: "We need someone to go fetch Batine, tell her Farouk is dead and to prepare spells of corpse speaking."
(51) Maximus: (Does Maximus notice Farouk flinch when getting kicked in the ribs?)
** (39) Lellick gently closes Kha's eyes before returning to Agatha's side, "Be still. I have some healing spells left." **
(56) Agatha: "Kha. Summon the djann for Kha.."
(57) DM: (he's unconscious, so probably not)
** (56) Agatha rises to her feet slowly. **
** (58) J'hzuu looks at Agatha "Why do all need him alive?" **
(57) DM: (and since the room is on fire, most likely not)
** (65) Git moves to kneel beside Kha's body, asking Lellick, "He's dead?" **
** (56) Agatha turns to the Khajit. "How is this going to look to anyone who wasn't here?" **
(39) Lellick: "I'm afraid so."
(56) Agatha: "We barged in unannounced. Forced down a door. And now two people are dead."
** (58) J'hzuu considers it for a moment, then nods. "J'hzuu sees. He walks over to Kha's body, the floating disk following behind. "Put Kha on this, all should get him out of here" he says, gesturing to the blazing room. **
** (51) Maximus sheaths his sword and reaches down and grabs Farouk. "Let us go and show everyone the dissenter." Maximus then moves towards the door dragging Farouk. **
** (65) Git sighs morosely as he sits somber a moment. Before throwing back his head and calling out, "Jamilla!" **
(51) Maximus: (And Maximus doesn't know Farouk's still alive, he just is taking the body for proof)
** (39) Lellick , now that he has the luxury of doing so, reaches up to touch Agatha's elbow. "May Tevesh ease this woman's pain and make her whole again." **
** (65) Git nods to the khajit and pulls Kha onto the disk **
(39) Lellick: (Cure Moderate Wounds this time, rolling now...)
(39) Lellick: [2d8+6] -> [4,1,6] = (11)
** (58) J'hzuu follows behind Farouk, dagger in hand, read to go for the throat if he moves. The disk follows J'hzuu, carrying Kha's body. **
** (65) Git then moves to check on the condition of the efreet. Dagger ready as checks if it's just playing dead **
(56) Agatha: "Thanks, but nevermind me. I'm just worn out is all."
** (58) J'hzuu motions to Lellick, and points to his singed fur and patches of burnt flesh. **
(56) Agatha: "We need Farouk's corpse, lest his followers try to tamper with it."
** (39) Lellick spots J'hzuu and smiles sheepishly, "Oh, sorry." He moves over to the cat-man, reaching up to touch his arm, "May Tevesh ease this man's pain and make him whole again." **
(39) Lellick: (Losing Calm Emotions to cast Cure Moderate Wounds, rolling now)
(39) Lellick: [2d8+6] -> [8,6,6] = (20)
(57) DM: (you're in an abandoned part of the Sword Dancer barracks...how do you plan on leaving with his corpse in tow?)
(56) Agatha: "But we can't just drag him out through the front door. Not unless you plan on fighting your way out."
(58) J'hzuu: "Thankyou, little-folk"
** (51) Maximus stops dragging Farouk, by now noly feet from the door. *sigh*"Your right of course, J'hzuu can you illusion away Farouks likliness? **
** (58) J'hzuu moves closer to Farouk's body, and takes a small amount of wool from his spell-pouch. He gestures and speaks, and tosses the wool in the air, where it bursts in a puff of bluish smoke. The smoke settles on Farouk's body, and when it clears, it resembles a platter of food, perhaps for a feast. **
(51) Maximus: *raises and eyebrow* "Now we lift him onto one of your floating disks and cater him out as a gift for Batina or someone
** (56) Agatha looks strangly at the illusion, then at the khajit. **
** (58) J'hzuu nods, most of his concentration being used to maintain the illusion **
(56) Agatha: "Not exactly what I would have done, but it should work."
** (65) Git stares at the sorcerer in disbelief. "Even if he looks like a platter, he isn't going to carry like one." **
** (58) J'hzuu shrugs, and gestures to the disk behind him. **
** (51) Maximus looks to Agatha, "When you feel like it wanna help me lift him onto the disk?" **
** (65) Git just sighs and shakes his head **
** (56) Agatha helps Maximus with the corpse. **
(56) Agatha: "Aye, I'm fit for that much at least."
(58) J'hzuu: :As the two lift the body, J'hzuu changes the illusion so that it does look like a platter of fruit being lifted.
** (57) Jamilla, the Tasked pops into being. "Yes?" **
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: Oh. What.... (eyes grow wide at the platter of fruit)
(65) Git: :waves off the gen's curiousity: "Believe me, it's no good to eat."
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: This is quite serious, and unless you have a good reason, I cannot help you.
(51) Maximus: "Self defense, and we have his addmitence of the murder"
(51) Maximus: "Well had..."
** (57) Jamilla, the Tasked seems incredulous. **
(65) Git: :nods: "He is the conspirator. ANd he will be made to confess it.. when he comes to."
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: He attacked you? (covers her mouth)
(56) Agatha: "Do you think Kha got that way himself?"
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: I do not know what to think. It is inconceivable that he would have attacked you, bound as you are by the bond of salt.
(51) Maximus: "He broke the Bond of Salt and many other things, not to mention him being a genie of flame and evil."
** (56) Agatha is starting to get angry again. **
(65) Git: "Jamilla. As the ones who aided your Kin, you trust us, yes?"
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: That he is an ifrit is a surprise, but if he did break the bond, then that is reason enough.
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: That he is an ifrit is not a sin. (shrugs)
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: You are trustworthy, or appear to be, yes.
(56) Agatha: "If you don't believe us, bring us to Batina and Marwan's spy! We'll all sort it out there!"
(65) Git: "No. That he attacked us? Tried to kill Marwan, conspired against the Everlasting, broke the bond, Killed Essafah, Killed Kha. These are sins!"
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: Forgive me, but it is a little overwhelming to be summoned only to be greeted with the corpse of one of our own.
(58) J'hzuu: "Could you take all to Batina? She will sort it out, yes?"
** (51) Maximus nods his head, while not feeling sorry at Farouk's defeat he realizes it must be shocking to friends... **
** (58) J'hzuu gestures at the doorway. "Farouk's men may not be happy to see him", he says motioning at the unconscious form. **
(56) Agatha: "Well fogive us, but we had to pass through fire and one very thick door just in time to see our comrade die!"
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: As you wish, outlanders. It is well for you that the Sword Dancers are not for the most part here in their barracks, though the odor of burnt flesh is a little difficult to hide, even as a platter of fruit.
(51) Maximus: "Git do you have any perfume?"
** (58) J'hzuu blinks, and looks nervously at the doorway, not having thought of that. **
(57) Jamilla, the Tasked: If you wish it, I shall fetch Batina and Suhail, that they may determine the truth.
(58) J'hzuu: 'J'hzuu thanks Jamilla"
(65) Git: :sarcastically to Max.: "Left it in my other robe"
(65) Git: :sarcastically to Max.: "Left it in my other robe"
(56) Agatha: "Do it."
** (51) Maximus grins at Git. Tehn remembering Kha loses the grin. **
** (58) J'hzuu looks at Farouk, then takes a copper piece from his robe. He holds it to his head, and massages his forehad with the other hand. He utters his arcane words, and looks intently at Farouk. (Detect Thoughts) **
(65) Git: :To Jamilla: "You know where to find us." :takes a seat on thedisk, beside Farouk, dagger in hand:
** (56) Agatha walks towards Kha's body. She places a hand on his head. **
(56) Agatha: "Poor lad...Always was too curious for your own good."
(65) Git: :offers Aggy in meager consolation: "He probably wouldn't be too sad. Now he gets to see what happens when you die."
** (51) Maximus kneels down next to Kha and straigtens him out placing him on is back with his spear on his chest. Then a silver coin on each eye. **
whispering to J'hzuu, it's a jumble of thoughts, mostly rage
** (57) Jamilla, the Tasked nods and vanishes. **
(57) DM: (fyi, the room is on fire...)
(65) Git: (I thought we left that room)
(57) DM: (ok)
(57) DM: (nm)
(56) Agatha: "Git, no jokes please. They ain't helping. Not me at least."
** (65) Git just nods to Aggy. He wasn't even grinning from the joke anyway. **
** (58) J'hzuu speaks quietly, and rubs the top of each hand with the other. (Prestidigitation) When he is done, he takes an arrow from the quiver on his belt and waves it in the air, where it turns into a cotton hankerchief. He moves over to Agatha, and hands it to her. **
** (65) Git sits keeping an eye on Farouk's unconcious form, and watching for his men as they wait for Jamill's return **
** (56) Agatha politely refuses the handkerchief. **
(56) Agatha: "That's kind of you, but I've used up my tears years ago."
** (58) J'hzuu nods and takes it back, waving it, so that it turns into an arrow once more. He puts it back in the quiver. **
** (39) Lellick stands close to one of the walls, waiting quietly. **
** (56) Agatha whispers a prayer. "Oneiros, I know you're having a nice chat and tea with the lad, but you can't keep him. Not yet. He's still gotta do his ka-tet. Hell, he's the bloody reason we're still putting up with this madness." **
** (58) J'hzuu stands back, awaiting the arrival of Batina. **
(56) Agatha: ((whispering)) "Please, let us raise him. He's not done serving you yet."
(70) Zane (enter): 00:18
** (65) Git watches Aggy's display, but does not speak. Focusing on hs vigil istead **
(57) DM: A rather tall, beautiful and pale-skinned woman, in a floor length black robe with a black chador enters the room. Around her neck is a silver ankh. She stops by Kha's body, and sits by his side, with a slight smile on her face, but says nothing.
** (65) Git eyes the strange woman with interest, not sure what to say, but inquires vaguely, "Would you be a friend of dear Kha?" **
** (57) She inclines her head and says, "In a manner of speaking, yes." **
(57) Woman: As are you all.
** (56) Agatha looks at the woman, struggling to remember something. **
** (57) She returns to maintaining her vigil over Kha's corpse. **
(56) Agatha: "We've seen you before, haven't we?
** (51) Maximus keeps quiete and to himself. **
(57) Woman: Each of you has met me once before, but you do not remember it. No one ever does.
(65) Git: "Ah... well then welcome to our circle. I'd offer you a refreshnment, but I wasn't expecting company." :keeps a curious eye on the likely higher being
** (58) J'hzuu watches the pale woman with interest, but on guard **
** (39) Lellick looks up and blinks at seeing the woman, looking at her closely... **
(39) Lellick: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [8,7] = (15)
** (57) She smiles, and says nothing, instead watching Kha. **
(58) J'hzuu: Knowledge Arcana: [1d20+5] -> [5,5] = (10)
** (56) Agatha is grasping for a memory that is out of reach, like trying to recall an old dream. "Who- Who are you?" **
(57) Woman: Who I am is not important, Agatha.
** (51) Maximus looks at the woman and thinks to himeself...Fate? **
(57) Woman: No, Maximus.
** (39) Lellick stares staring at her now, mouth hanging open slightly, "I.. erm.. ah... i-it's an honor to meet you." **
(39) Lellick: (..starts staring, even)
** (57) She looks up and smiles gently at Lellick. "A pleasure." **
(65) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17)
** (51) Maximus gulps and settles down against a wall. **
(57) Woman: Every person who is ever born, who has ever lived, meets with me twice during their time. Once when they enter the world, and once, when they leave for all time. No one ever remembers the first.
** (56) Agatha glances back at the paladin who said nothing, and then turns back to the stranger. "Can you help him? Kha, he..." **
(51) Maximus: (knowledge religion, [1d20+9] -> [7,9] = (16) )
(56) Agatha: "I don't think it's his time. It can't be."
(57) Woman: Can I help him? No. That would be my brother, and even I do not know all that is within his book.
(65) Git: "Forgive the intrusion, but, if you can do nothing for him? why show your self to us? Or will we simply forget when you are gone?"
(57) Woman: I came....because she asked me to. (smiles gently at Git)
(65) Git: "Oh..." :not sure if he should ask further, but can't help it: "Who asked you to, if I may ask?"
(57) Woman: He serves more than one god, though he does not know it. She would not see him leave so soon.
** (57) Woman peers at Git, with a gentle smile. "You know who, for you have met her before...or an aspect of her." **
(65) Git: "Hmm?" :trying to think it through: "Basht?"
(57) Woman: Of course.
(65) Git: "So she is still around in one form, then?"
** (39) Lellick has managed to stop gaping like a fish, though he still looks a bit unsetted, and gives Git a slightly bewildered look at mention of 'aspects'. **
(57) Woman: Yes, she is. Even now, she works to save him.
** (51) Maximus also looks bewildered at teh term aspects. But more so the shock of the person being here shows on his face. **
** (58) J'hzuu is standing back, just trying to get his head around what exactly is going on. **
(65) Git: "That's good to hear. It would be a dour world with out the Godess of Kitties." :smirks, not so much for his cynical words as the news of her survival and that she aids their friend:
(39) Lellick: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [4,7] = (11)
** (58) J'hzuu cocks a brow at Git. **
(56) Agatha: "Hmph. So the feline can't help meddling, even when she's dead."
(51) Maximus: "Batina and Suhail wont arrive for some time will they?" Maximus says in a quiet voice.
(57) Teleute: That depends. (smiles gently)
** (56) Agatha smiles. "I'm glad." **
(56) Agatha: "Feels so often that we're just flopping on our own."
(57) Teleute: Dead in a manner of speaking, Agatha. For as long as the ifrit lord roams the land, the gods of this land are granted the ability to walk the earth. And so, they are working to further their interests, as far as Fate will allow it.
** (51) Maximus sinks a little farther down against the wall, not understanding much, but enough to understand that this is something...different like the making a bards legend..and the idea makes him sink even more. **
** (58) J'hzuu just watches the scene, listening, but understanding very little. **
** (57) Teleute kneels down to Kha and says gently, "Kha? It's time to wake up." **
(57) DM: In a flash, the woman is gone.
** Kha groans **
(56) Agatha: "This is like that time in Tolmara isn't--"
** (56) Agatha loses her train of thought. **
(57) DM: Vontaros, Kha's silver spear, rolls away from his body and begins glowing, gently at first, and then becoming more incandescent.
** (65) Git lets out a relieved breath at signs of Kha's life. **
** (58) J'hzuu starts to move towards Kha, then stops and watches the spear glowing. **
(57) Voice of Vontaros: A life for a life, therefore the payment is made. You have no Fate but the Fate you are given!
(56) Agatha: "Kha! Damn it, lad! You had us scared."
(57) DM: The spear explodes with light...and as it fades, is shorn in two.
** (39) Lellick stares, awed. **
(65) Git: "Huh?" :stares at the spear: "Life for a life...?"
** Kha weeps as Vontaros explodes **
** (56) Agatha turns to Kha. "What was he talking about?" **
** (58) J'hzuu ducks at the blast of light, then looks at the two halves, shaking a little. **
Kha: "He sacraficed himself so that I may live and learn"
** (51) Maximus watches wide-eyed as he hastily raises himself, all doubts cast from his mind. His focus and the duty at hand. **
Kha: "Why did Farouk attack me? and why did I walk into his room when he obviously did not want visitors"
** Kha shaks his head "I am sorry for endangering your lives by acting before thinking" **
** (57) Batina enters the room, carrying a jewel-encrusted scimitar at her side. **
(57) Batina: What is going on here?
(65) Git: :offers simplistically: "Because.. that is what happened. You have learned a grand lesson from this. I'm sure you won't waste his sacrifice."
** (39) Lellick makes an effort to compose himself when Batina comes in, taking a few deep breaths. **
(57) DM: A few farisan enter as well, and hastily take places in the room under her stern gaze.
** (65) Git looks up to the dwarf, with an odd grin: "Just capturing a traitorous efreet" **
** (56) Agatha turns to the cleric. "Farouk was the one who killed Marwan and Essaffah." **
(65) Git: "
** (58) J'hzuu turns to face Batina and nods, recovering from his shock. **
(57) Batina: Yes, so I heard from Jamilla. Very well, Suhail will test the truth of your words.
** (57) Batina points the scimitar at you (Git). "Show me the ifrit's corpse." **
(58) J'hzuu: ((Erm, the illusion would've long since dropped. It requires sustained concentration. The appearance of the deities stopped that))
(65) Git: "What corpse?" :points overs his shoulder on the disk: "He's still alive."
(57) DM: ((you were dreaming))
(58) J'hzuu: ((Ah. well then, he still lost concentration, didn't he?))
(57) DM: ((maybe. ^ ^))
(57) Batina: I see.
(65) Git: (concidering casted a few other spells since then... yeah. I'd say he dropped it)
** Kha slowly try's to stand **
(57) DM: The scimitar begins to glow with a harsh white light.
(56) Agatha: ((for the record we probably don't remember any of what went on between the Jamilla's departure and Kha waking up.))
(56) Agatha: ((Am I correct?))
(57) Batina: Farouk, who was once the leader of the Sword Dancers, I command you to speak in the name of noble Hajama and answer our questions with truth and with honor, lest the destroyer of delights carry you away forever. Speak, and answer our questions.
(57) DM: ((correct))
(57) Farouk: Very well, mortal, though if I were alive, I would destroy this place and raze it to the ground. Ask your questions, though they will do you little good.
(65) Git: "You talk pretty big for a guy who just got hs fiery ass handed to him."
(57) Batina: The sword informs me that the magic shall not hold for long, therefore if you have questions to ask, speak now or forever be silent.
** Kha caughs but hold himself upright and listens to what Farouk has to say **
** (58) J'hzuu emits a snicker at Git's comment. **
(58) J'hzuu: "Did Farouk kill, was he involved in the killing of Marwan?"
** (57) Farouk's spirit laughs sardonically. "While you waste precious time here in this fortress, my lord is one step closer to ruling this land once and for all. I served him and served him well. Fear and tremble in the name of Khalitarius!" **
Kha: "Why kill Marwan?
(58) J'hzuu: ((*or was he involved))
(57) Farouk's spirit: I attempted to slay Marwan, but did not kill him. I slew Essafah and would have attempted to strike at that bitch next. (points at Batina)
(58) J'hzuu: "Who killed Marwan?"
** (57) Farouk's spirit spits. "I do not sense his spirit in the Beyond, so I assume that he is still alive." **
(70) Zane (exit): 01:04
** Kha smirks at Farouk **
(39) Lellick: "I would like to know why you wanted them dead."
(65) Git: "You were slaying the heads to claim the seat, yes? Was it your Master's order to do so?"
(57) Farouk's spirit: "Yes."
(58) J'hzuu: "Where is your master?"
(57) Farouk's spirit: "In the Crypt of Badr al-Mosak, far to the west."
(65) Git: "Why? He's laying waste to all else with his forces. Why seek to control the Everlasting from within instead?"
(58) J'hzuu: "Where is the scroll you were reading, on the crypt?"
(57) Farouk's spirit: "I made a bargain with him. If my lord would grant me more power, I would see to it that the Everlasting's goals are twisted to support his reign, when he comes to power. And he will, mortals, oh yes, he will."
** (57) Farouk's spirit laughs maniacally. "You have but your friend to thank for its destruction." **
** (65) Git slaps the efreet in the back of the head. "No gloating just answers." **
(58) J'hzuu: "What did it say? How do all get to this crypt?"
(57) Farouk's spirit: "If he had not invaded my home, none of this would have ever happened." (smirks at Batina)
(65) Git: "Who now?"
** (57) Batina frowns on hearing that. **
** (57) Farouk's spirit describes how to get to the Crypt when prodded by Suhail. **
** (58) J'hzuu looks at Git, and looks at Kha, hiding the movement from Batina **
(56) Agatha: "How can one sneak into the tomb undetected?"
** (58) J'hzuu searches for something to write it on and with. If he cannot find anything, he casts Prestidigitation, and writes the words on the wall. **
(58) J'hzuu: ((The directions, that is))
** Kha whispers to Git "We only have 3 of the 5 required Start Gems, I think we need all 5 before we go after Khalitarus" **
(57) Farouk's spirit: I have never been inside the crypt.
(58) J'hzuu: "Is Akim involved with your master?"
(57) Farouk's spirit: No, he is not.
(65) Git: "Is he involved with you?"
(65) Git: :Akim that is:
(57) Farouk's spirit: Akim cares only for Akim.
(65) Git: "Do you have an accomplices here?"
(58) J'hzuu: "Or is anyone in the fortress, or involved with the Everlasting aware or part of your plans, knowingly or otherwise?", J'hzuu asks, not wanting anything to slip past because of a loophole in the wording of the question.
** (57) Farouk's spirit snorts. "Yes, but now that I am dead, they will most likely join another faction. Mortals are so malleable." **
(57) Farouk's spirit: No.
(58) J'hzuu: "Who? Their names."
(57) Farouk's spirit: Except for you and of course, that bitch. (glares at Batina)
** (58) J'hzuu looks at Farouk, then at Batina, his brow raised? **
(57) Farouk's spirit: Did you not listen, mortal? My warriors were my tools. But now they will join another faction.
(58) J'hzuu: ((Whoops, shouldn't've been a ? there))
(65) Git: "Fair enough." :to Batina: "Do you have any further use for him?"
(57) Batina: Apart from a memory, an unpleasant memory, no.
(57) Batina: It appears I have misjudged you, outlanders.
(65) Git: "Don't worry. It happens."
(65) Git: "So what do you want to do with him?" :getures to Farouk:
Kha: "I misjudged Farouk. I just wanted to ask him a little about what was going on before he attacked me."
** (51) Maximus found the F12 macro key **
** (57) Farouk's spirit smirks. **
(57) Batina: He is dead, we have no further use for him. What is important is to find Marwan, if he still lives.
Kha: "I would like to go back to our rooms, my face hurts and I need time to think"
** (65) Git nods "He **
(65) Git: 's around somewhere."
(56) Agatha: "Can't say I blame him."
** (57) Batina nods, releasing the ifrit's spirit. **
(57) Batina: Very well. Later, I shall summon you, with your consent, to see you on your way.
** (65) Git stands and offeres the priestess a polite bow: "Thank you for your time and patience." **
(57) Batina: I trust that Marwan will return and then reclaim his rightful position.
** Kha nods "Thank you" **
(57) Batina: You have no Fate but the Fate you are given. (stalks off with her farisan)
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(71) Red Dwarf (enter): 01:30
** (65) Git finally resheathes his dagger and moves to Farouk's corpse for some post mortum pickpocketing **
(57) DM: (lol)
(65) Git: Pick Pocket Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [7,11] = (18)
(71) Red Dwarf (exit): 01:32
** (58) J'hzuu looks at Git. "J'hzuu can help with this". He speaks, and rubs his right wrist with his left hand. (Detect Magick) **
(56) Agatha: "Hmph. I was just going to lop his head off. Does he anything good."
(56) Agatha: ((Does he have anything good?*))
** (39) Lellick does think that disrespectful, but isn't very inclined to respect that particular corpse right now anyway. **
(58) J'hzuu: "His amulet. It is protective"
** (65) Git takes a bronze armlet from the body, holding it up to J'hzuu, "Anything?" **
(58) J'hzuu: "It is strong magick. J'hzuu does not know what it does, but..." He shrugs. "It may have been given to him by his master. Just because it protects does not mean it is good"
** (51) Maximus looks at what the party is doing, "While I can't say he woudn't do the same to us, we should check to see what the everlastings rules about this are." Then He turns away, this act of looting highly disrespectful **
(73) Elegard (enter): 01:36
(65) Git: "Great. We'll be sure to ask before we leave." :then tosses the amulet to J'hzuu to holkd onto.
(73) Elegard (exit): 01:36
(56) Agatha: "I think the rules are 'first come, first serve'."
** (58) J'hzuu catches the amulet, and holds it a little away from him. He reluctantly puts it in a fold in his robes. **
(56) Agatha: "Maximus, can you figure out what kind of aura these things are giving off?"
(65) Git: "Come on. Lets get the wounded to bed."
(51) Maximus: "Sure, I can at least stop any of you from wearing an evil unholy item." Max says.(Detect evil on each item found)
(57) DM: (none)
** (58) J'hzuu holds the amulet up for Maximus **
** Kha whispers to the others as they walk "Thanks, You knew Marwen was not dead didnt you?" **
(51) Maximus: (k)
** (58) J'hzuu nods to Kha. "J'hzuu knew that was what he was told. He did not know if it was true". **
(58) J'hzuu: (Be back in a few))
Kha: "MM we still have not talked to Suhail, that was the weapon Batina was wielding I think"
(65) Git: "It didn't seem very talkative."
(56) Agatha: "We'll get our chance."
(74) J'hzuu (enter): 01:43
(56) Agatha: "For know, let's find our contact."
(57) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(58) J'hzuu' from room...
(58) J'hzuu (exit): 01:43
(65) Git: "Agreed"
** Kha nods **
(65) Git: "Shall we start in the library?"
(56) Agatha: "And Kha?"
Kha: "I'll go with you. I am in pain, but I will live, for now anyways"
** (39) Lellick blinks, then takes a good look at Kha, "Ah.. I apologize, I don't know where my head was. If you'll stay still for a moment, I'll heal your wounds." **
** (39) Lellick moves over to Kha, reaching up to put a hand on his arm, holding his holy symbol with the other. "May Tevesh ease this man's pain and make him whole again." **
(39) Lellick: (Losing Hold Person to cast Cure Moderate Wounds, here's the roll:)
(39) Lellick: [2d8+6] -> [1,1,6] = (8)
Kha: "I can heal some of my own wounds as well. I am just chosing not to at this time. I will live with the pain for a while as a reminder"
** (39) Lellick raises his eyebrows at that, "That's a rather.. extreme way to be reminded. But, as you wish. I only have minor healing spells left now, anyway." **
(57) DM: Moments later, you're in the library.
** (57) Bismilla is asleep in a corner, snoring loudly and drooling all the while. **
(65) Git: (( :pokes the DM and tells him to get back to work: ))
** (65) Git moves and talkes a seat across from the sleeper and clears his throat loudly to rouse him **
** Kha starts looking around the Library for any books or scrolls that deal with the early tenants of the Everlasting **
(57) Bismilla: Eh? Eh? Yes, Batina, right away, Batina. Anything you say, Batina. If I were younger, I would kiss your feet, Batina. You are the sun that shines across the stars, Batina. I am your eternal servamt, Batina. (snore)
** (74) J'hzuu sits down and listens to this outburst. A smile plays across his face. **
(56) Agatha: "A doormat even in his sleep."
** (65) Git raises a brow at the fat man's slumbering mutterings. Tired of listneing, he pounds on the table to rouse the man **
** Kha arches his eye brow and looks at Bismilla then goes back to the shelves **
** (74) J'hzuu takes a small piece of wool from his pouch, and follows the now-familiar routine of gesture and speech. The wool forms the shape of Batina, stading in front of Bismilla. **
** (57) Bismilla sniffs and blubbers. **
(57) Bismilla: Eh?
** (57) Bismilla raises his hands in defense, cowering. "I did as you asked, Batina!" **
(74) J'hzuu: :The illusion towers above the man, glaring down at him:
** Kha takes a few scrolls down and starts reading them **
** (74) J'hzuu causes the illusion shake its head, in mild disaproval, as though Bismilla is lying (Should I be making a bluff check or something here?) **
** (57) Bismilla opens his eyes and cringes. "Please, O please, Batina, who shines above all that is good and pure and true, please do not punish me for coming here in this place of learned wisdom, for I seek only knowledge that might serve us better in these, these troubled times, yes, so it is written that we have no Fate but the Fate we are given." **
** (56) Agatha intrigued, steps back out of sight. **
(57) DM: (yes)
(74) J'hzuu: Bluff check [1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)
(74) J'hzuu: ((brb))
** (57) Bismilla continues whimpering and cowering at the sight of Batina. "After the fourth time we found traces of blue phoenix powder in Marwan's food, may he be protected from all harm by Fate and her all-seeing eye, I thought to search Farouk's quarters for I had heard that he had exhibited an interest in killing from afar. I did not report my findings to you because I feared your response, on searching with ill intent. I am sorry, truly I am. Please please please forgive me." (cringe) **
(74) J'hzuu: ((Back))
(74) J'hzuu: :The illusion looks at Bismilla for a long moment, then nods once, and smiles faintly. It then gestures to J'hzuu, and walks off (Dissapearing round a corner somewhere))
(74) J'hzuu: "Farouk has just been found guilty of murder"
(57) Bismilla: Oh, it is you. I thought I saw Batina for a moment. (yawns)
** (39) Lellick almost felt bad for having watched that, but restrains himself from saying something. It wasn't as if that did any harm. **
** (74) J'hzuu smiles faintly for a moment. "Bismilla must have been dreaming, yes?" **
(65) Git: ((afk))
(57) Bismilla: Yes. (mumbles)
(57) Bismilla: I come here every so often. Sometimes so I can escape from the sound of her voice. (yawns) What can I do for you?
(74) J'hzuu: "Is there a way to find if the library has a book on a particular subject?"a
(57) Bismilla: I think so. If I can remember where I put it. Maybe Mamoud can help. I can get him for you if you like.
** Kha looks up "I would like that" **
(57) Bismilla: Oh good. (grins) I will be right back then.
(74) J'hzuu: "Yes, J'hzuu thanks Bismilla"
** (57) Bismilla gets up and knocks over his chair, turning to look at you with an embarassed grin. "Excuse me." **
** (56) Agatha gets out her axe. **
(65) Git: "Well.. as fascinating as this is. I'm going to go find something else to amuse myself with."
** (65) Git stands from the table and heads for the door. "I'll see you all in a bit." **
(74) J'hzuu: "Goodbye"
(56) Agatha: "Call me jumpy, but I get the feeling there's an ambush coming."
(56) Agatha: ((after the fat man leaves))
** Kha puts the scrolls away and stands **
** (74) J'hzuu looks at Agatha strangely. "Agatha is jumpy. J'hzuu does not think Bismilla is against all" **
** Kha concentrates on himself for a moment **
Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
Kha: ((Gain [2d8+4] -> [4,3,4] = (11)HP))
(56) Agatha: "Hm. You're probably right. After that business with Farouk, I must still be on edge. Still..."
** (56) Agatha shifts her grip on the axe. **
** (39) Lellick gives Agatha a small smile, "Be calm. Farouk's shade did say that he had no allies here who knew of his plans. There is no reason for anyone to attack us here." **
** (57) Mamoud ibn Asra Abd al-Jari enters the room, with Bismilla in tow. **
(74) J'hzuu: "No, Farouk said that his underlings would work for other masters now that Farouk is dead. They could easily know of his plans. In fact, several could be completeing them now." He doesm't seem the least bit disturbed at this thought.
(57) Bismilla: Here is Mamoud, as I promised. I will leave you now. (yawns, mumbling)
(74) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu thanks Bismilla"
(57) Mamoud ibn Asra Abd al-Jari: I have heard of your deeds. I am impressed, outlanders.
Kha: "Thank you, so Marwen is still alive?"
** (57) Mamoud ibn Asra Abd al-Jari permits himself a small smile. "Yes, he is, outlander." **
(57) Mamoud ibn Asra Abd al-Jari: I asked you to perform this service for me, in return for a gift I would grant you.
Kha: "That is good, I only found one person I would have supported as leader"
(57) Mamoud ibn Asra Abd al-Jari: We cannot gift you resources, for we have much rebuilding to do in the wake of Farouk's plotting all these years. However, I have taken some time to think things through in my....absence.
(57) Mamoud ibn Asra Abd al-Jari: So therefore, I grant to you the gift of Suhail, that you may better put his talents, which are many to use.
** Kha looks at Mamoud **
** (57) Mamoud ibn Asra Abd al-Jari removes his turban, and what appears to be a wig, tossing it to the floor. **
** (74) J'hzuu 's eyes open. He looks to the others, to see their reactions. **
(57) Mamoud ibn Asra Abd al-Jari: Yes, it has been too long, and so, Marwan must step out into the light, and return to claim his rightful position.
** (51) Maximus doesn;t look to surprised. **
** (56) Agatha stares open-mouthed for a moment, then smiles. **
** (57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows wipes his face on the hem of his sleeve, revealing himself underneath a disguise. **
** (74) J'hzuu 's eyes open further, before letting out a small chuckle and grinning. **
Kha: "Realy? Isnt Suhail he a servent of Hajama?"
(39) Lellick: "That.. that is quite a generous gift. Thank you."
(56) Agatha: "Hmph. Well, aren't you the clever one?"
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: You have many questions.
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Suhail is a servant of Ra, the Ever-Living, outlander.
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: It is a secret irony that in an order dedicated to the gods of the Loregiver, that a judge sits in judgment over those who seek to overthrow those who are worshipped in this land.
Kha: "Ahh, Batina led us to believe otherwise. I wonder if he knows the Mace we have that was talking before we came here"
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Perhaps.
** Kha suddenly looks sad **
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Suhail has many gifts and seeks to share them with those who are suitable. As you are in need of such talents, I thought that perhaps you might have use for them.
Kha: "I had a friend Vontaros, who was a servernt of Oneiros, the god I follow, he sacraficed himself so that I could live."
(74) J'hzuu: ((afk a min))
** (57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows nods. **
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Perhaps, should you accept him, he will become a new friend.
Kha: "I would like to speak with Suhail, though I do not know who among us could use him, I am not trained with that type of weapon"
** (57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows smiles gently. "You do know that he is both a cleric and a sword, correct?" **
Kha: "Yes, I was told that"
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Very well then. Know that he is called the Breaker of the Ninth Chain. I have never been able to divine why.
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: I shall speak with Batina so that you might speak with Suhail freely.
Kha: "Thank you"
(51) Maximus: "I also would like to talk to Suhail, if only to find out what an intelligent weapon feels like. Though I think the differences in religion would prevent me from weilding him."
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Now then, there is a feast tonight, to be held in your honor. I would be honored if you were to attend that feast. Tomorrow, I shall send you on your way.
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Return to your quarters, and I shall have the cleric sent to you there.
** Kha nods "Thank you, I think I will go get cleaned up before the feast, my face must still be a bloody mess" **
(57) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: I thank you again, for discovering the traitor. I am in your debt.
(57) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop. Git, come by tomorrow an hour before the game)
(65) Git: (uh.. ok)

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