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(99) DM: (not really

(99) DM: (not really. this takes place apart from you guys, so we're not starting just yet. just relax and enjoy the show.)
(101) Git: ((No prob. I've been doing to much anyway.))
(99) DM: First up is Bani, a male goblin who belongs to the Winged Bulls.
** (101) Git gets out his lounge chair and little umbrella drink **
(99) Bani: Why did I decide to become a holy slayer? So I can put unbelievers to the death, unbelievers like you! If Nusrah becomes our Grandfather, all of Zayal will tremble in fear in our shadow. And not just Zayal, but the rest of the world. (sneers at Kha)
(99) Bani: You, outlander, stink to the high heavens with your unbelief. My jambiya longs to taste your blood. (folds his arms) Convert! While you still have time.
(103) J'hzuu (enter): 21:38
(99) Bani: How does it feel to know you'll die the death of an unenlightened soul? Not to mention you look pretty scrawny for a warrior of renown. (rolls his eyes)
(99) Bani: I don't know who slew Marwan, but I'm sure whomever did it did so with the aid of magic. Just looking at that corpse has the stink of magic all about it.
(99) DM: Next is Tariq, of the Unclean.
(99) Tariq: Why did I become a holy slayer? Why, to study under the tutelage of the august, most powerful sha'ir, Akim al-Kalaas, the Sage, the Undaunted, the Opener of Wisdom, He Whom Stars Obey.
(99) Tariq: Power is about destruction and death. If one can master death and destroy all who oppose you, then one can rule the world. And there is no greater sha'ir than Akim, who commands genies at his bidding and who has slain all who have opposed him.
** (99) Tariq grins evilly at Kha **
(99) Tariq: Did you know that Akim created a very special magical item for Marwan? And he used no less than the services of a djann lord.
(99) Tariq: This was the lamp of the four winds, whose purpose was to summon lesser djann and bind them to the summoner's will. Tremble, then, in fear of the might of He Whom Stars Obey, that he may show you mercy and you might live.
(106) Agatha (enter): 21:45
(99) Tariq: As for who slew Marwan, I have a few ideas. It could only have been that bitch, Batina, under the direction of the houndmaster. I know the work of a zealot when I see one. No sooner had you arrived than she had set her long laid plans in motion.
(99) Tariq: She serves the god Hajama, so she claims. The blind leading the blind. (snorts) I think she serves herself.
** (98) Dj Gilcrease laughs at Tariq's comment **
(99) DM: Next up is Omar, a lowly rank and file of the Loyalist faction.
(99) Omar: We have always supported the Shadow Caliph, and can think of none within our faction who could have slain him. Such a thought is unthinkable, impossible!
(99) Omar: No, it must have been someone from one of the other factions. The Winged Bulls talk about ruling the world, yet are louts with no will of their own except their imaginations.
Kha: "Imagination can go along way in getting what you desire"
(99) Omar: The Preachers are too concerned with unbelievers whereever they may arise, but even then, it would be out of character for Batina to have had a hand in the murder. No, I do not think they have had a hand in this. Batina and her ilk are honorable, if zeal can be called such. (frowns)
(99) Omar: The Unclean are ruled by a madman, and only a madman would bite the hand that protects him from harm. So if I were to look for Marwan's murderer, I would seek out Akim or one of his apprentices.
(99) Omar: The Sword Dancers are an offshoot of a mystical group of holy slayers to the south. They believe in the power of cleansing rituals and are often whipped to a frenzy by Farouk. They are allies of the Unclean, and are most often called upon by Akim to perform his work for him. Then, if Akim or the Unclean did not do so, perhaps it was a Sword Dancer. Though Farouk holds no ministerial post, his influence is growing within the Everlasting. (frowns again)
(99) Omar: Why did I become a holy slayer? Because I truly believe that the best antidote to unbelief is knowledge. However, a threat to the faith is a threat to our existence, and who can blame a killer who kills in defense of his life?
(99) DM: Next up is Fadiya, a rank and file from the Sword Dancers.
(99) Fadiya: You have never experienced the ectastic joy that comes from being a holy slayer until you have plunged your knife in an unbeliever's chest and ripped out his heart.
(99) Fadiya: Whomever slew Marwan, may Fate protect him from all harm, did us a favor. Marwan was a fool, an assassin who believed in compassion and mercy. Such have no place within the code of the Everlasting. (glares at Kha)
(99) Fadiya: I wouldn't put it past one of us who did the deed, but at the same time, this death has all the hallmarks of Batina's doing.
Kha: "Would any in your faction work with Batina, or any of the other factions?"
(99) Fadiya: Akim's sorcerers are cowards, and all know that a wizard would rather use a proxy rather than kill himself.
(99) Fadiya: We do not NEED any other faction, outlander.
** Kha nods **
(99) Fadiya: Choose wisely. For if you fail, then I will personally hunt you down.
(99) DM: And finally, is Rashid, a member of the Preacher faction.
Kha: "I did not meen to insult, though my presence alone is an insult to you"
(99) Rashid: I became a holy slayer because the god Hajama called me to his service.
(99) Rashid: Nothing else, nothing more.
(99) Rashid: We, the Preachers, our loyal only to the god, and none other. So long as the Grandfather serves the god's cause, we are loyal to whomever holds the office.
(99) Rashid: As for his murderer, outlander, seek one who has only designs for himself or herself. Such a person has no faith in any but his or her own destiny. Such a person is faithless and unworthy of being an Everlasting.
(99) DM: ((this should have been posted to the board this week but I've been busy))
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(99) DM: ((so do people need a recap?))
(101) Git: (just a reminder of what room I'm in
(103) J'hzuu: ((Just the last bit might be an idea))
Kha: (( we are starting at the service for Marwan ))
(102) Maximus: (I'm good)
** Kha saunters into the reception a little earlyer then the rest so he can observe who arives and in what order **
(109) J'hzuu (enter): 22:15
(99) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(103) J'hzuu' from room...
(103) J'hzuu (exit): 22:15
(109) J'hzuu: ((Checking connection))
(101) Git: ((seems to work))
(106) Agatha: ((you're okay))
** Kha tries to find Omar to talk with him a bit more before too many people arive at the reception **
** (106) Agatha enters the reception hall dressed in sullen black robes and her weapon not so concealed beneath. Even here she keeps her axe equipped. **
** (101) Git dresses in a black and white robnes to come before the gathering. his weapons easily concealed in the many folds, not that he intends to use them. **
** (106) Agatha tries to keep to the rear of reception and away from the group where she can watch everyone. **
(99) DM: Fuel has been painstakingly gathered from the desert scrub and distant palms over the past two days, and laid out in the middle of the training ground. A vast network of palm branches and wood forms an unlit pyre atop which are placed the bodies of Marwan and Essafah.
** (109) J'hzuu casts Prestidigitation on himself just before he enters, making his robe black. His dagger is in his sleeve, where it normally is, and his spell pouch, also black is in its usual place at his waist **
(99) DM: People are slowly trickling in from all over the grounds. Omar can be seen in the front, pacing about nervously.
** (102) Maximus wears his normal chainmail and black taberd, not having correct clothing for the occasion. But on account of the occasion has left his shield and pack in the companys room. **
** (101) Git looks about the Everlasting cooly, sooing who mourns, who grins and who could care less about being here. **
(101) Git: (seeing rather than sooing)
** Kha aproches Omar and quietly ask's "Whats tugging at your nerves?" **
** (102) Maximus tries to keep a close proximity to the group, fearing that if somehow blows came to be that his friends would need him near by. **
** (100) Lellick doesn't have extra clothes, either, though his are dusty enough to not be such a glaring white anymore. He arrives with both his nunchaku and his holy sumbol, though he's made an effort at concealing them. **
** (99) Omar whispers at Kha nervously, "Batina refused to raise Marwan from the dead. I fear I might have been wrong." **
** Kha whispers back "Maybe it was his wish. Maybe he knew he could not stop this attempt on his life so he left the decision as to leadership up to outsiders who have no knowlage of the inner politics so it could never be said he chose an unworthy successor. That blame would fall on my friends and I" **
** (99) Omar glances up, tapping Kha on the shoulder. "She's coming this way. The service will begin soon..." **
** Kha bows his head and glances toward Batina **
(99) Omar: Perhaps (whispering), but I doubt that Marwan would have designated her as his successor. I thought better of him.
** Kha whispers "I would not pick her for a leader, nor would I pick any of those that lead one of the factions currently" **
** (99) Batina is garbed in a robe of pure white, in contrast to the somber gathering around her. She seems to take pride in her unusual choice of clothing, revelling in the glare of sunlight on her clothes. **
** (101) Git , still standing near the door, greets the dwarven woman with a slight bow, offering politely, "Good day, Batina." **
** (99) Batina takes her place next to the pyre, in front of a podium, and sits, glancing about with pleasure. **
(99) DM: (well strike that then)
(111) J'hzuu (enter): 22:37
(99) Bismilla: A very good day it is, outlander. Very good.
(99) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(109) J'hzuu' from room...
(109) J'hzuu (exit): 22:38
(101) Git: 0.o
(99) DM: (well I'll correct it afterwards)
(99) Batina: Have you made a decision yet?
(101) Git: "Well, at least someone is in brighter moods. It would be a shame to think a man would die and only leave people weeping."
** (99) Batina surveys the room as she walks along beside Git. **
(101) Git: :curtly: "No.But we are working on it"
(99) Batina: Yes, it would, wouldn't it? And with the death of Marwan, we will soon become even more glorious than before.
** (101) Git strolls beside the priestess, also looking about": **
** (99) Batina nods at Git. "In the fullness of time and the work of Fate, may you arrive at a decision with wisdom and grace." **
(101) Git: "Can you be sure of that? What if the next leader we choose is also "weak and compassionat"
(101) Git: e?"
(99) Batina: The next leader you choose must also face Suhail, the Breaker of the Ninth Chain.
(101) Git: :nods: "Did not Marwan face Suhail successfully?"
(99) Batina: If he or she passes the test of the sword, and of the god, then we are bound to the new Grandfather, or Grandmother, whomever that may be.
** (99) Batina turns to regard the rogue coolly. "He passed in his own way." (mysteriously) **
(101) Git: :crooks a brow as he leans in to ask more confidentially: "He did not pass the right as intended?"
(99) Batina: Suhail came to us after Marwan ascended. So the test did not apply to him.
(99) Batina: However, I am assurred by the god, that he (Marwan) was the chosen of Hajama at the time. (accents the last three words)
(101) Git: "Oh, so it is not one of the originally traditions of the order? TYhen how didi it come to be?"
(99) Batina: You have not yet met Suhail, have you? (walks but observes Git slyly)
(99) Batina: No, it is not.
(101) Git: "I have not had that pleasure. No."
** (99) Batina grins and says nothing. **
(99) Batina: It came to pass, like so much else, outlander, after I had a vision from glorious Hajama. He sent his servant and I obeyed.
(99) Batina: That future leaders of the Everlasting meet the demands of the god, his servant shall test those who come before him, so that one may be worthy of leading the instrument of the god's will.
(113) Tater (enter): 22:46
** (99) Batina beams with pleasure at Git. **
(101) Git: "Oh? That seems rather odd." :hesitates an imposed second before breaching: "If it is not rude to ask, the followers of the Everlasting are Holyslayers, yes? They follow no god I thought. So, how did Hajama come to be aquaitned to them?"
(99) Batina: They follow Fate and the gods, outlander. (snorts with disgust)
(99) Batina: It is clear that such truths are lost to you. If you will excuse me.
(101) Git: "Ah... sorry. I still no very little of your order. As I said before, I would like to learn."
(99) Batina: Perhaps after this service, you will become much more enlightened.
(101) Git: (know rather than no)
(114) Egrod Oisca (enter): 22:49
(114) Egrod Oisca (exit): 22:49
(114) Egrod Oisca (enter): 22:49
(101) Git: "Hopefully so." :bows in parting:
(99) DM: All of the faction leaders are present, eyeing each other nervously and suspiciously, save for Nusrah, who on seeing Marwan's corpse, falls to the ground, weeping.
(99) Batina: So that we might begin this service with the proper attitude, I would like to tell a little story, to help us prostrate ourselves before the gods, secure in our faith and in Fate.
(99) DM: Somehow, although no magic has been visibly worked, the dwarven farisa's voice is amplified so as to be heard all throughout the training ground.
(99) DM: This is the story of why the world is as it is, the story of Fate and the gods and the genies. It was in this fashion that the tale was told to me, so it is in the same fashion that I shall tell it to you now.
(113) Tater (exit): 22:54
(99) Batina: In the time before our land became known as the Land of Fate, the world was young and very different. The great beings whom we call the gods sailed their mighty ships over the endless sea as freely as our corsairs and merchants do today. The great tribes of geniekind made their tents in the endless desert even more widely than the nomads do now. The world belonged to the gods and the genies, but they knew not how to share it. They were as fire and water, battling without end.
(99) Batina: Mortals and by mortals I mean men and women, children and elders, humans and other intelligent races-were caught in this violent clashing of powers. They did not hold sway in the land as they do today. Rather, the mortals were pathetic creatures trapped between the warring gods and genies, confined to a narrow sliver of coast between the desert and the ocean. The ocean storms of the furious gods shattered the mortals' boats, while the desert winds of the wrathful genies scattered and destroyed their herds. The mortals were miserable, but they knew no other life, and who were they to question their fortune?
(99) Batina: Then one day among the mortal tribes there was born a girl of exceeding beauty. Her first smile was like the moon breaking free of clouds, and her first laugh was more melodious than the call of a songbird. All who saw this girl loved her deeply. When she grew older and became a maiden of marriageable age, so widespread was the word of her beauty that at last fell it upon the ears of the gods. At first, not even such news could capture the interest of the quarrelsome deities. But soon three great gods (who were perhaps wiser than the rest) spied this maiden from afar. Those gods were Old Kor and Brave Hajama and Adventurous Najm. Each was immediately mesmerized by the maiden's beauty, and each immediately decided that she must devote herself to him alone-to become a follower or an acolyte, a companion or a consort, to become as much a prisoner to him as he had become a prisoner to her beauty.
(99) Batina: And so the three gods sailed their great boats to the docks of the city where the maiden dwelled. There, each in turn demanded of the mortals that she be brought forth and given over to him as a bride is given to a husband.
(99) Batina: Brave Hajama said, "One of such beauty must be protected from other jealous suitors. I am the most valiant of my brethren, and therefore the most suitable match for the maiden. Give her to me, else your people will be conquered by others, and scattered throughout the burning world."
(99) Batina: Adventurous Najm said, "One of such beauty must be cloaked in rich attire and laden with great treasures. As the most industrious of my brothers, I am best able to meet her needs and therefore the most suitable match for the maiden. Give her to me, else your people will become craven, and never amount to anything."
(99) Batina: Old Kor said, "One of such beauty must be taught wisdom to use her traits. As the eldest and therefore wisest god, I am the most suitable match for the maiden. Give her to me, else your people will become old and blow away on the ocean breeze."
(99) Batina: And so the gods began to quarrel among themselves very loudly, such that the sky became dark and bolts of lightning crashed against the ground. Their quarrel captured the attention of the genie tribes of the desert.
(99) Batina: Now, it is true that the cold elemental gods of the genies care nothing for mortal beauty, but the genies themselves know the pleasures of the senses and of the flesh, and they appreciate them as much as mortals do. They came to learn the cause of the gods' argument. Upon seeing the maiden, they too were smitten by her beauty.
(99) Batina: "Such radiance!" cried the Great Caliph of the Djann. "We must bring her great treasures to rival those of the gods! Then she will choose me as her consort."
(99) Batina: "Such sweetness!" cried the Grand Khan of the Daolanni, "We must steal her away from these others! Then she will choose me as her consort!"
(99) Batina: "Such light!" cried the Most Respected Sultan of the Ifrit. "We must gather the other genies in an army, and drive the gods away. Then she will choose me as her consort!"
(99) Batina: "Such magnificence!" cried the Imperial Padishah of the Maridah. "We must threaten these humans with all manner of plagues and disasters, so that they turn her over to us. Then she will choose me as her consort!"
(99) Batina: And with that the genies began to quarrel among themselves, like the gods. Then the skies fully opened and let fall the rain, and the ground erupted with great gouts of fire. The people of the city feared for their lives, but they were too frightened to give the maiden to any one god or any one genie, lest they offend all the others.
(99) Batina: The maiden herself, afraid for her people, fled from the city into the mountains to the south. She hoped that she would starve there, but such was her beauty that animals brought her food. She hoped that some great beast would devour her, but such was her beauty that no creature would harm her.

She hoped that she could find a cliff high enough from which to throw herself, but such was her beauty that the ground smoothed and softened itself beneath her. And so at last she fell to the ground and despaired.

Now Fate, that heavenly force who was like a goddess, yet not a goddess, was also in the mountains. She kept herself apart from the gods and the genies, and she knew nothing of their petty arguments. Fate came upon the melancholy maiden, and like her powerful brethren, Fate was smitten with the maiden's beauty. She too desired the maiden's devotion, and wished to capture the maiden's heart and win her companionship. But unlike her brethren, Fate did not want to possess the maiden as a trophy, nor did Fate entertain even a glimmer of lascivious thought.

(99) Batina: And Fate said to herself, "It is the willing hand which best crafts, and the willing heart which is most easily led. Perhaps if I discern her problem and aid her, she will find me worthy of her devotion."

And so it was that Fate asked the maiden about the cause of her sorrows. The maiden told Fate her troubles in the same manner as I have described them. Fate became angry, for the gods and genies had behaved horridly. Fate wished to teach them a lesson. She hatched a plan and told it to the maiden, and the maiden smiled a smile like the moon breaking through the clouds, and agreed.

(99) Batina: They set to work changing the maiden's features through skill and craft. Fate wove the maiden's hair with hanging moss, making it appear gray and stringy, and then she gave her a long beard of the same material.

Fate rubbed mud across the maiden's face. The mud cracked upon drying, making her appear haggard and old. Then Fate cloaked the maiden's womanly form in voluminous robes, which were constructed to make her appear mannish and hunched. Thus the maiden, now disguised as an old man, returned to the city. Fate lingered behind her, several steps away, becoming one with the shadows. The gods and genies were still arguing in the central court. The buildings quaked. The ground shook. And the heavens roared.

(99) Batina: The people of the city were sorely afraid. Some had even fled by this time, traveling as far as they could. It was from these craven people that the barbarians of the west and south arose (for this is the heart of the world). The brave people who stayed to trusting in Fate who is all-knowing-became our native peoples. But that is another story.

The old man who was neither old nor a man strode up to the combatants in the city square. The stooped and ugly figure then tapped a stout staff against the shoulder of the largest god, Hajama. "Why are you arguing so?" rasped the old man.

"Ah, respected elder" replied the god, who was amazed by the old man's audacity and assumed him to be wise and powerful. "I have the right to take the beautiful maiden as my own, which these others deny me. That is why we argue."

(99) Batina: "No," said the Great Caliph of the Djann, "I have the right to take the beautiful maiden as my own, which others deny me. That is why we argue."

And so they began to squabble again, until the old man who was really a maiden struck the ground thrice with his staff. Fate, of course, was with the maiden, and the force of the blow knocked all the gods and genies from their feet.

"I am old and wise," said the old man. "I have no need for young maidens. Show this girl to me and I will decide who among you is the best match."

(99) Batina: And the gods and genies agreed, though each of them made great threats as to what would happen to the mortals if he alone was not chosen. Then the gods and genies set out to look for the maiden as the old man had asked, and found she was gone from the city.

"How can I decide who is to have her, when she is not to be had?" said the old man. And the gods and genies ran about the city, looking into every apartment, every court, and every quarter, seeking some trace of the maiden. They found nothing, for Fate was with the maiden, and none could penetrate her disguise.

Then the gods and genies ran three times around the world, scouring the mountain highlands and the ocean depths to discover the object of their desires. But they found no trace, for Fate was with the maiden, and none could penetrate her disguise.

(99) Batina: Finally, the gods and genies returned to the courtyard of the city, where a great lamentation went up, for they had failed to discover maiden. They cried and rent their garments, and they cast themselves upon the ground in despair. Then the old man spoke.

"I will do you a service," he said. "I will wait here until the maiden returns, for she is a shy and timid creature, and will certainly reappear soon after you leave. Then I will make a decision, and all will abide by it. Until that time, you must move your homes far from the city and the lands of the mortal people, so that she might be impressed with your kindness and understanding."

The gods grumbled and the genies whined, but in the end they agreed with the old man, for until the maiden appeared, there was no point in remaining among the mortals (who seemed quite ugly and tedious compared to the maiden). So they prepared to leave, the gods boarding their ships to return to the sea and the genies mounting their great camels to return to the desert.

(99) Batina: Before the gods left, however, Kor the Wise turned to the old man and said, "We will go, but first we will choose among your people those who are worthy to act in our stead, those who can show that we are worthy of the maiden."

The old man replied, "We have no Fate but the Fate which is given us," and shrugged his shoulders.

(99) Batina: Each god then picked ten men and ten women to be his first servants, and so it was that the first Clerics of the Faith came into being. And then the gods mounted their great ships and sailed far away from the lands of the mortals.

Before the genies left, the Great Caliph of the Djann said, "We will go, but only far enough away to avoid offending the maiden's people. We will send our servants and warriors to aid you, to show that we are worthy of the maiden."

The old man replied, "We have no Fate but the Fate which is given us," and shrugged his shoulders.

(99) Batina: And so the genies rode into the desert on their great white camels, but to this day they come regularly to the mortals and as servants and warriors.

At last only the old man remained in the court. Fate stepped from the shadows and removed the false face and hair from the maiden, who said, "Surely the gods and genies will be angry once they realize they have been deceived. Will they not return to punish us with their righteous wrath?"

(99) Batina: "You have wisdom in true proportion to your beauty," replied Fate, "Yet for them to return and attack, they must first admit that they were deceived by a maiden, and no god would wish to appear so foolish in front of the genies, and no genie would wish to appear so foolish in front of the gods. Before you is a most difficult task, for should you choose genie or mortal or god, the others will know, and they will return to make good their great threats and dire warnings. You must never make that choice."

"We have no Fate but the Fate which is given us," said the maiden, and she nodded.

(99) Batina: Fate remained with the maiden for some time. The maiden gained much in wisdom, learning how to deal with gods and genies and how to guide mortals to the correct path, the path to which they are destined. Even after Fate left the maiden's side, Fate remained with her. With Fate's guidance, as the maiden she inspired great crafts and beautiful art and mighty spells. In the guise of the old man, she inspired careful thought and hard work and learning. Still, her words and her acts touched only a few of the many mortals of Zayal. Fate instructed the maiden to record the wisdom she had gained. This she did. So it was that one day, long thereafter, the boy who would be the first Grand Caliph discovered the maiden's scrolls and spread the word of the Loregiver throughout the land, which became known as the Land of Fate.
(99) Batina: If the gods and genies have ever found out Fate's trick, they have said nothing (and no mortal has inquired, for only a fool would broach the subject and risk their wrath). The maiden-who came to be called the Beautiful One, the Old One, and the Loregiver-has yet to make her decision. Even to this day, she remains at the side of Fate. She has been greatly tested by mortals, gods, and genies.
(99) Batina: But that is another set of tales for another occasion....
** (101) Git listens to the tale, with great interest, mesmerised and amused by the legend **
** (100) Lellick listens politely, though he mutters very softly under his breath, "They think we're the barbarians?..." **
(99) Batina: And so, we come to this day, this esteemed, this saddened day, my brothers and sisters of this, the Everlasting order of our god, that we bury one of our own, our most noble Grandfather, Marwan al-Jabal al-Hiyali, who is also known to most as the Caliph of Shadows, the Merciful, the Just, the Compassionate and the Courageous. We come to bury him and to praise him, for the glory that he gave to the Everlasting, he now gives to Hajama for all eternity.
(114) Egrod Oisca (exit): 23:04
** (111) J'hzuu raises a brow at Batina's words, thinking how they don't exactly match her opinion of Marwan **
(116) DM Apocalypse (enter): 23:06
(116) DM Apocalypse (exit): 23:06
(99) Batina: Marwan, on his mention be peace, ruled over us all. He was to us, the Old Man of the Mountain, and he acted as he did, not for the sake of himself, but for the sake of others.
(99) Batina: He slew his own son for an act of cowardice, for cowardice in the face of Hajama is unbecoming of a holy slayer.
(99) Batina: He bound us to the service of the Grand Caliph, that we might serve the gods and Fate with all our power and our belief.
** (106) Agatha watches on silently, impressed at how thick Batina can lay it on. **
** (100) Lellick looks a little sickened at hearing about his son. **
(99) Batina: He was pious man, a holy man and a brave man. Some would say that killing those who are cowardly, stubborn and blasphemous is murder. To those I would say that it is an act of enlightened piety, a purification of the body politic. To those who claim that we, the Everlasting, are cowards who live far from the reach of law, I would say even the most stalwart defender of the faith needs to practice his skills somewhere.
** (106) Agatha drops her jaw at hearing about the fate of Marwan's son. As she regains some of her composure, her hands tighten into fists. **
** (102) Maximus stands still throughout Batina's lecture, his face unreadible. **
(99) Batina: Marwan had no word for failure. If one died in the service of the gods, one was a martyr, but one did not fail. When one who has died, one goes to live under the eye of their god.
** (101) Git sits still, listening calmly **
** (111) J'hzuu 's expression turns to surprise at the statement about Marwan and his son, then he gets a thoughtful look for a moment. **
(99) DM: As Batina drones on and on about the good works that Marwan has done, Akim bursts out laughing.
** (99) Batina notices the interruption and frowns but says nothing. **
** (106) Agatha cannot stand to listen to this tripe anymore more. She turns to her task of keeping an eye on the crowd for suspicious activity. **
** (111) J'hzuu looks at Akim sharply, then turns back to Batina **
** (99) Akim al-Kalaas takes hold of himself and quickly collects himself, quickly becoming somber once more. **
(99) Batina: ...and on that, my friends, I bid you peace. Each of you is invited to attend the funeral feast tonight, after which, we will light the pyre. (bows)
(99) DM: (I ff'ed a bit, fyi)
(99) DM: (not going to type an hour of sermons, lol)
(111) J'hzuu: ((Fair enough. People can go to church in a couple of days if they want that))
** Kha whispers to Omar "That was alot of information, very interesting. I have neaver heard that version of history of the gods. I would very much like to see the scrolls of the Loregiver, for I too am required to recorde what I see and do for my God. But first I would like to speak with Suhail" **
(102) Maximus: ('tis cool)
** (101) Git , after listening through the whole sermon with rapt attention, stands to stretch a bit, grumbling under his breath, "Now I remember why I don't have religion." **
(101) Git: :nods to Kha: "Yeah, seems as good a time as any to meet the tester."
** (106) Agatha walks up along side Git. "So what now?" **
** (111) J'hzuu rises, and stretches his arms behind his back. **
** (100) Lellick is extremely glad when the sermon ends, by now feeling a bit sick. **
** (102) Maximus looks somewhat disturbed, more fo the fact of praising murder then listening to another god's sermon. **
** (101) Git asks aroiund a bit where Suhail could be found. **
(117) J'hzuu (enter): 23:25
** Kha whispers "Omar could you bring my friends and I to speak with Suhail?" **
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(111) J'hzuu (exit): 23:27
(99) Omar: That (whispers) is impossible.
(101) Git: :raises a brow: "How so?"
(99) Omar: It is complicated. (glances around) It is not safe to talk here about this. We should speak elsewhere.
** (99) Ajaiyah collapses to the ground, weeping. **
** Kha shrugs and and motions for Omar to lead the way **
(101) Git: ((Don't worry Stan, We'll try harder)
** (99) Omar seems distressed by Ajaiyah's state of mind, but nods at Kha and leads you away. **
** (99) Farouk walks over to Ajaiyah and begins to console her, crooning in her ear as he watches you leave. **
** (101) Git looks to teh weeper thoughtfully, offering a side to his companions, "I'll be with you in a moment." **
(99) DM: Peoplle begin to leave, although quite a few remain to pay their respects to the dead.
** (106) Agatha looks at Ajaiyah as they pass. Her hard expression softens into one of genuine pity. **
** (101) Git parts from the others to approach Ajaiyah and her consoler. "May I offer my condolences?" **
(99) DM: (brb)
** (117) J'hzuu pauses and looks to Ajaiyah for a moment, but when Git walks approaches her, he continues with the rest of the party. **
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(99) Farouk: Now, now, little one, don't cry so. (pats her on the shoulder)
(99) Ajaiyah: He was like a father to me! (wails)
(99) Ajaiyah: Were it not for Marwan, I would still be alone in the streets of Huzuz, adrift in this strange land. (cries)
(99) Farouk: Yes, certainly, outlander. She is distressed, and rightly so. (warily)
Kha: (( back ))
(99) Ajaiyah: He took me in, when I had nowhere else to turn. (wails, crying)
(101) Git: :nods, offering somberly: "Losing one close to you is never easy."
** (99) Ajaiyah looks up at Git, tears streaking from her eyes and puts her head against his shoulder. "And he....he....that wretch of a priest isn't going to bring him back!!!" **
(99) Farouk: There is still time. Perhaps something can be done. (sits back, stroking his chin thoughtfully)
** (101) Git reaches out to steady her, meeting her gaze calmly, "I do not wish to upset you further, but even if he were raised, how much longer would he live? Somethings must follow a natural order." **
** Kha follows Omar since he is not in the mood to consol mourners **
(101) Git: "All we can focus on for the moment is finding his killer and securing the a righteous future for the order he guided for so long. Is that not what he wished?"
** (106) Agatha whispers under her breath as her mind drifts "Even a single day would be enough." **
** (99) Ajaiyah nods, still crying. "I....I suppose so. But it's not fair! He was a kind, gentle man. And he's dead! Dead! Not coming back...." **
(117) J'hzuu: (Whispering to Agatha) "Agatha assumes that Everlasting-Grandfather saw his killer"
(99) Farouk: Yes, perhaps something can be done. (mutters underneath his breath)
(99) Farouk: (abruptly) It seems she has taken to you. I will leave her in your capable hands, outlander.
** (99) Farouk twists a ring on his finger and vanishes. **
(101) Git: :speaks with an experienced voice: "People die. Good people, people we love, this is just the fate of mortals I suppose. He is gone. You are alive. These people around you are alive. So is his memory."
** (106) Agatha snaps to attention as she turns to J'hzuu. "If he did, we wouldn't be bothering with this investigation. **
(106) Agatha: ((whispering))
(101) Git: :gives Farouk a nod, about to ask him what he intends before he vanishes:
(99) Ajaiyah: Mmmf....
(99) Ajaiyah: I....I don't know. In three days, I was to have taken the Oath of Binding. But now, I...do not know if this is the life for me.
** (117) J'hzuu shrugs, and nods. "True. This is why it is odd, that Batina refuses to raise him" **
(101) Git: :as he looks to where Farrouk once stood, mutters under his breat: "Why am I suddenly nervous?" :Shakes it off and brings up the sleeve of his robe to wipe Ajaiyah's tear streaked face:
(99) Ajaiyah: Marwan is dead, and I am now alone. (cries)
(101) Git: "The oath of Binding?"
(99) Ajaiyah: Yes, it is the Oath that all who are unaligned and new to the fellowship take, after making a choice of which faction to follow.
(99) Ajaiyah: As I am not with a faction, I would have been tested by Suhail and then, if I passed, I would have sworn the Oath and bound myself to the Everlasting. But now...I don't know.
(101) Git: "Oh, I see. I thought it was only the new leader who would have to pass the test of Suhail. Entrants must take it as well?" :trying to steer the conversation aware from Marwan to ease her a bit:
(99) Ajaiyah: With Marwan's death, my Oath was delayed. (bites her lip)
(99) Ajaiyah: Any who choose to enter the Everlasting must be tested by Suhail. So commands the god, by Batina's edict.
(101) Git: "I suppose many things have been delatued. "I know I wasn't scheduled for this today."
(101) Git: "Suhail is a test of Hajama, yes? But I thought Batina told me early that Everlasting serve more gods than just he."
(99) Ajaiyah: He is a sword and a cleric, outlan....Git.
(99) Ajaiyah: The fellowship follows the will of Fate and serves the enlightened gods, this is true. But it is sworn especially to Kor and to Hajama, for these were the patrons of our founder.
(101) Git: :grins as she uses his name for a chamge: "Forgive me. I still have not met him."
(99) Ajaiyah: Well...yes. My name....(takes a deep breath)....my name is really Jaia. But Marwan, peace be with him, changed it to Ajaiyah.
(99) Jaia: He said it was a reflection of my new identity, as a member of the Everlasting.
(99) Jaia: And as one who lived in Zayal. It means "desert rose". I was his desert rose. (sniffles)
(101) Git: "Hmmm... I like Jaia better." :muses a moment: "Short and less pretentious. Exactly why I refer to myself as Git rahter than Aragit."
(101) Git: "Though a rose by any other name, et cetera, et cetera..."
(101) Git: "How did you meet him anyway?"
(99) Jaia: I was born in a land far away from here. Near a sea, but not a sea of sand, a sea of water. I know, you think I must be mad, but it's true. I remember rain from the sky, so thick in sheets as to make me wonder if we would drown.
(101) Git: "Sounds pretty similar to where my friends and I hail from."
(101) Git: "A lush, green land of forests and meadows, yes?"
(99) Jaia: And mornings, with mist from the ground, I could barely see through it. We left our home shortly after my father died, having bought our freedom from slavery. We eventually settled in a land called Hyboras. I grew up amongst people like you.
(99) Jaia: I can't remember that far back, but it might have been like that. Life was good in our new home, until the night of the fire.
(101) Git: :in response to 'people like you' : "Merchants? Adventurers? the ravishingly handsome?"
(99) Jaia: A great fire destroyed much of the city where we were living, and I was forced to leave once again. My mother did not survive.
(99) Jaia: Thieves. I was a thief. Yes, I admit it.
(101) Git: :somber over her loss: "How did you come to travel over the mountains to Zayal?"
(99) Jaia: I left and made my way as best as I could, living off the land and living off of people. (shrugs) I followed one too many merchant caravans and ended up in Huzuz, and the rest is history.
(99) Jaia: Marwan was a mark that I thought to rob from. Instead, he saved me from the dungeons of Huzuz.
(101) Git: "Hmph... Led by careless direction.. Change some names and locations and you have my youth word for word."
(99) Jaia: We have no Fate but the Fate which is given us. (sniffles)
(99) Jaia: Do you know who killed him? Who killed Marwan?
(101) Git: "Hah.. no... My Fate was not Given to me. I take full responsibility for all of it. My worst deeds. My worst misfortune. All stems from choices I have made. I won't let that be taken from me."
(99) Omar: Come this way, to the Hall of the Faithful. They will be setting up for the evening feast tonight, and we can talk in there.
(101) Git: "Nope." :errantly answers:
(99) Jaia: I think I know, though I might be wrong.
(101) Git: "Do tell. Even a paranoid response my lead toward truth."
(99) Jaia: I think it's Farouk.
(101) Git: "Farouk? Why so?"
Kha: 'Thank you Omar, you seem to be the most level headed person I have talked to. Not that the others are all that bad, just mistrusting of outlanders like myself"
(99) Jaia: He has never partaken in a trial by combat, and he has access to much magic, for one who claims to loathe magic. And his influence within the Everlasting is too much, for one who was only recently accepted.
** (106) Agatha figures that Git will catch up on his own, or not. She follows Omar and Kha. **
** (117) J'hzuu nods at Omar, and follows **
(99) Jaia: There are many who claim that he is not human, not mortal.
(99) Jaia: That he does not spill blood.
** (100) Lellick follows Omar along with the others, trying not to look like he's too eager to leave. **
(99) Jaia: Did you know that the only requirement to be an Everlasting is to be mortal? Not even a genie can be a holy slayer, though there are genies here.
(101) Git: :Nods: "Understandable that you would feel that way. Perhaps I should check into it."
(99) Jaia: All else is negotiable, by the will of the gods and by Fate.
(99) Omar: So (once you enter the hall), you wish to speak of Suhail, the Breaker.
Kha: "So why is it a complicated matter to talk with Suhail?"
(99) DM: The hall, the scene of the first feast you were party to when arriving at the fortess, is deserted.
(101) Git: "Where do you suppose Farouk poofed away to?"
(99) Omar: Because he is both a he and an it.
Kha: "So is Vontaros, my spear, but I can still talk with him"
** (117) J'hzuu cocks his head. "How so?" **
(101) Git: (brb)
(99) Omar: Suhail is both a sword and a person. He appears in his true form, as a sword to those who claim him as master, but most often wanders about as a cleric of Hajama. That is why it is impossible to speak with him, for unless one masters the Breaker, one is unable to summon him.
(99) Jaia: Perhaps his tower.
(100) Lellick: "Do you know if anyone here has mastered him, as you put it?"
Kha: "What are the consiquenses of failing his test?"
(99) Omar: Only two people that I know of. Marwan and Batina.
(99) Omar: It depends on who takes it. The test differs according to the taker and the taker's station.
Kha: "I would like to attempt it if posible, to talk with him anyways"
(102) Maximus: "What would happen to one not of the everlasting if they tried to master it?"
(99) Omar: For most, death. And not just death of the body, but of the spirit.
(102) Maximus: "As sort of oblivion?"
(102) Maximus: (A not as)
(100) Lellick: "..That's unfortunate. I doubt that Batina will wish to summon it for us, either."
(99) Omar: I do not know what becomes of one who seeks to become a Grandfather or Grandmother.
(117) J'hzuu: "She may. If all pointed out that it was to further the cause of finding Marwan's killer"
(99) Omar: No, outlander. You will be permanently dead in all senses of the word. Your spirit will be erased.
** Kha rolls his eyes at J`hzuu **
(99) Omar: At least that is what Batina claims.
** Kha takes ahold of Vontaros "Is that posible Vontaros?" **
** (117) J'hzuu smiles at Kha's reaction. "Yes, and in that case the fact that she constantly refuses all such things casts a shadow over her innocence" **
** (102) Maximus grips his sword somewhat, his blue eyes dancing in flashes of memorys and deeds already done. **
Kha: "What she claims is posible, but very unlikly. What about my request to take Suhail's test so I may speak with him?"
** Kha releases his spear "Thank you Vontaros." **
(119) Dark (enter): 00:33
** (100) Lellick gives Kha a bit of an odd look, "Why would you wish do to such a thing? It's.. not truly imperative that we speak with Suhail, is it?" **
Kha: "I wish to know"
(100) Lellick: "That's an extemely poor answer."
(117) J'hzuu: "If it comes at the risk of the loss of your soul... Not even the most powerful magicks can return you from this"
(101) Git: :to Ajaiyah: "Would you take me to Farouk's tower then? His parting words... I am worried he may have some plan in mind."
(99) Omar: You would have to ask Suhail directly.
(99) Jaia: As you wish, Git.
(99) Jaia: This way.....
Kha: (to J`hzuu) "It's unlikly the sword can do this for it would risk unmaking itself as well."
** (117) J'hzuu looks puzzled. "Why is this?" **
Kha: "Can you take me to him Omar?"
** (100) Lellick sighs, "We should at least try asking Batina first. Perhaps we could persuade her somehow..." **
** (101) Git follows **
** (102) Maximus looks at the group, not sure whether or not he should encourage Kha in his idea to 'ask' Suhail. **
** (99) Omar shrugs. "I am not important enough to do so." **
(99) Omar: Perhaps if you ask Bismilla, for I have heard he was Batina's favorite at one point.
Kha: "I would not trust any of the leaders in this place. I wish to speak with him on my own not with her help."
(119) Dark (exit): 00:40
** (100) Lellick is by now looking at Kha like he's insane. "You are truly so set on throwing your life away?" **
(99) Omar: That would be impossible.
(99) Omar: However, if you trust in Fate, then perhaps she might find a way. (winks)
Kha: (to Lelick) "I do not consider knowlage a pursite that would be throwing mylife away for"
** (100) Lellick stares at him for a moment, then looks to the others helplessly. **
** (99) Jaia leads Git to the Sword Dancers' barracks. "His tower is atop the barracks," pointing to a crimson-hued spire atop the building. **
Kha: "I am a Follower of the Lord of Fate. I thank you for the information. May you have no fate but the fate you are given. Is there anything else you can tell me about Batina and what other then her not resurecting Marwan made you change your mind about her?"
(101) Git: :entering the barracks: "Are there any guards or seals I should be wary of?"
(99) Jaia: I don't know. I've never been inside.
(99) Omar: Mmmm. Call it suspicion and a hunch.
(101) Git: "I see. I guess this will be a little adventure then. Wish me louck, Fair Jaia." : grins and bows before heading inside:
(99) Omar: I thought she was just a little too zealous in her eulogy. It is no secret that she despised Marwan, so this sudden turnaround by her seems suspicious to me.
(120) Dark (enter): 00:50
(120) Dark (exit): 00:50
** (117) J'hzuu shruggs. "It would not be the first time one has said things they did not feel about the dead. It is not polite to make a eulogy insulting them" **
Kha: "Yes I thought that last part was a little over the top, I enjoyed the first part though"
** (100) Lellick wrinkles his nose a little, "Yes, but did you see her clothing? If she were truly making a show of mourning, I doubt she would've worn that." **
** Kha shrugs **
Kha: "Omar do you know if the origional copies of the Scrolls of the Loregiver still exist?"
(99) Omar: Yes, they do. In Huzuz.
Kha: "I Shall have to travel there some time. I thank you for your time. I think my friends have other people they wish to talk to as well, and since I have been off talking by myself I would like to catchup with them on my findings and thiers"
** Kha turns to the others, "So who would you like to talk to, I have done all my investigations untill I can speak with Suhail" **
(117) J'hzuu: (To Omar) "J'hzuu has one question: Does Omar know how long ago Marwan slew his son?"
(99) Omar: 40 years ago.
** (117) J'hzuu frowns. "Ah. J'hzuu sees. Thankyou". **
(106) Agatha: "Hmph. Well this was useful. C'mon let's track down Farouk."
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(117) J'hzuu (exit): 01:13
(121) J'hzuu (enter): 01:14
** Kha nods "After you Agatha" **
(101) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
** (106) Agatha heads off towards Farouk's tower. **
** Kha follows Agatha **
** (100) Lellick follows them, keeping towards the back of their little group. **
** (121) J'hzuu follows the rest of the party, keeping roughly level with Lellick **
(99) DM: Some Sword Dancers look up as you enter the barracks in search of Farouk, frowning irritably.
(99) DM: A halfling glances up, with a pair of dice in his hand, "More of you? What DO you want?"
(106) Agatha: "More of us?"
(101) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [11,9] = (20)
(99) DM: The halfling replies with irritation, "Your friend arrived a few minutes ago. Perhaps he's finding out the penalty for disturbing Farouk. (smirks)
Kha: "Well guess we get to find out as well, where is he?"
(99) DM: (halfing): He went upstairs.
Kha: "Thanks"
(106) Agatha: "Hmph".
whispering to Agatha, you're uncertain
** (106) Agatha studies the halfling for a moment then heads upstairs. **

** (101) Git stands back from the entrance to Farouk's tower, staring at it thoughtfully as you enter, "Oi. Miss me or something?" **
(106) Agatha: Dunno. We still have to catch up to him.
(101) Git: "I don't suppose any of you has a lengthy battering ram under your robes?"
Kha: "I got tired of talking to people by myself and since I could not talk to Suhail yet I decided to listen to your investigations"
Kha: "Why do you need a battering Ram?"
(100) Lellick: (*chokes and dies*)
(101) Git: :just points to the door:
(121) J'hzuu: "If Farouk is magickal, it will likely be trapped, yes?"
Kha: "What a door y ou cannot open?"
(101) Git: "Can't reach it to open it"
** (121) J'hzuu shrugs "J'hzuu can give Git flight" **
(122) DM: It appears (heh) to be a normal wooden door, with a brass handle and lock.
Kha: "What do you mean you cannot reach it?"
(121) J'hzuu: ((How high off the ground is the lock?))
(122) DM: (normal height)
** (101) Git ushers kha forth to find out for himself **
(121) J'hzuu: ((Oh... Ok... Git?))
** Kha shrugs and moves to open the door **
** (100) Lellick , aware of the dangers of strange locked doors, makes sure to keep a safe distance off to the side. **
** (121) J'hzuu watches with curiosity **
(121) J'hzuu: ((Which hopefully won't kill the cat))
** (102) Maximus keeps to the side and watches the partys back. **
(122) DM: As J'hzuu approaches the door, a wall of fire springs up into being.
(122) DM: (er, Kha)
(121) J'hzuu: "Ah. J'hzuu sees how this could make it difficult..."
** (101) Git takes a moment to search along the walls beside the door on the very small chance of an alternate entrance. **
** (106) Agatha raises an eyebrow. **
** Kha dashes though the fire ((or attempts to)) **
(106) Agatha: "Aye, that's a good trick."
(121) J'hzuu: ((How high up did the flame go, and how far between it and the door?))
(122) DM: ((floor to ceiling. Kha, Fort save))
Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+8] -> [15,8] = (23)
(122) DM: ((you're not certain how much space between wall and door))
(122) DM: (woops, no Fort save. my bad)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] -> [1,6] = (7)
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, 22 fire damage
** (106) Agatha turns to the khajit. "J'hzuu, do you think you can do anything about this?" **
(121) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu may have an idea... He does not know if it will work, though..."
(122) DM: (hm, Kha jumps through the wall of fire)
(121) J'hzuu: ((What, no damage? That wasn't a blast!))
(122) DM: (heh)
(122) DM: (ok, now I really have to stop, because what comes next requires prep on my part)
(101) Git: ((now it's going to explode and kill everyone outside the firewall)
(122) DM: (heheh)
(121) J'hzuu: Oh... There goes my plan...
(102) Maximus: (Lol)
(122) DM: (no, just remember that next week will be interesting)
(121) J'hzuu: ((Oh. Joy.)))
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, yes, Mr. I decide to go my own way
(106) Agatha: ((isn't it always?))
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, you have the obligatory villain speech and a round of combat
(121) J'hzuu: ((Interesting is like killing. Bad.))
(122) TaliesinNYC: ok, xp
(106) Agatha: Yes!!!
(106) Agatha: The precious xp! We wants it!
** (121) J'hzuu does the whole "muscles-popping-up-like-popeye" bit **
(121) J'hzuu: (Drumroll?)
(122) TaliesinNYC: I've dispensed with the training rule for now
(122) TaliesinNYC: I decided that was too complicated and unnecessary
(101) Git: o.0 didn't feel like adding in the downtime?
(122) TaliesinNYC: all but DJ, Git and Gautam, don't worry about the training rule
(122) TaliesinNYC: I'm not going to bother explaining it
(101) Git: hai hai
(121) J'hzuu: I've already forgotten you mentioned... Whatever it was you mentioned.
(122) TaliesinNYC: divide 48,623 by 7 and that's how much people get
(121) J'hzuu: 6946.1428571428571428571428571429?
Kha: [Bad dice format] - [48623\7]
(121) J'hzuu: Are we rounding that up or down?
Kha: [48623/7] -> 6946
(122) TaliesinNYC: up of course
(122) TaliesinNYC: I do believe this raises people over 7th
(121) J'hzuu: Okay. 6947 XP!
(102) Maximus: Coolio
(106) Agatha: Eh, it's 1 xp difference.
(121) J'hzuu: Methinks so. We started on 15k, 7th is 21k
Kha: [15626+6946] -> 22572
(100) Lellick: *tries to figure out what 80% of that is* @[email protected]
(121) J'hzuu: Well, yeah, but I'm petty.
(106) Agatha: just a sec...
(122) TaliesinNYC: mostly RP
(121) J'hzuu: 8683.75
(121) J'hzuu: Wait...
(122) TaliesinNYC: some of it is attendance
(122) TaliesinNYC: very little combat
(121) J'hzuu: Well, considering the newbies were only in 2 combats, that makes sense :)
(101) Git: yeah. we gotta pick more fights. :nod, nod:
(122) TaliesinNYC: of course, I haven't handed out XP in so long so ppl who joined halfway through (Ashley, Max and Lellick) are grandfathered in
(122) TaliesinNYC: (er J'hzuu)
(121) J'hzuu: Was gonna say...
(122) TaliesinNYC: yes
(102) Maximus: (lol)
(122) TaliesinNYC: it doesn't matter
(122) TaliesinNYC: so in terms of next session, hp, skills and what not
(106) Agatha: 5427 to level 8
Kha: Cleric [1d8+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(106) Agatha: Hmm...what to level up as?
(106) Agatha: Bah! Screw prestige
(102) Maximus: paladin [1d10+2] -> [10,2] = (12)
(121) J'hzuu: Sorcerer: [1d4+1] -> [3,1] = (4)
(106) Agatha: HP roll: [1d10+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(102) Maximus: Ok, i"m gonna head out, I'm falling asleep
(121) J'hzuu: And, you want us to tell you what skills and that we're choosing?
(121) J'hzuu: Seeya
(101) Git: hp: [1d6] -> [4] = (4)
Kha: [69+7] -> 76
(102) Maximus: l8ter
(106) Agatha: Just send an updated node or something next session.
(121) J'hzuu: Ok, great.
(102) Maximus: Disconnecting from server...
(102) Maximus (exit): 02:17
(122) TaliesinNYC: you can do that next week or post to the OOC board on the Andurin site
(122) TaliesinNYC: actually
(106) Agatha: Unfortunately, my skills are alway tricky since my char sheet node doesn't allow doubles in the skills section.
(122) TaliesinNYC: I want people to start using the Andurin site more often
(106) Agatha: Alright.
(122) TaliesinNYC: thanks. :)
(106) Agatha: I have to remember where all my halves are.
(122) TaliesinNYC: ok, I have to get to bed. see you in a week.
(121) J'hzuu: Cya


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