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(3493) J'hzuu: ((Yup, you lot start, I've got to duck off for one min, but don't wait for me))
(3499) DM: (when last we left off, Essafah had just been slain and Batina's guards were coming into the garden, catching y'all redhanded)
(3478) Agatha: ((Stupid punk swiping the 'wet paint' sign.))
** (3476) Git looks up from the new Essafah statue to hold up a stiff wave to the entering guards, "Yo," **
(3476) Git: (casual in the face of incrimination)
(3493) J'hzuu: ((Back))
** (3493) J'hzuu looks from the body, to the guards, and back to the body, then takes a step away from it. **
(3502) Galadriel (enter): 22:19
** (3478) Agatha looks at the guards, then to the body, then back to the guards. She shakes her head. "Lovely. Just lovely." **
** (3494) Lellick looks up when the guards burst in, at first startled, but then somewhat glad to see someone in authority. Glad for now, anyway. **
(3499) Guard: You will remain where you are. Batina will be here momentarily. (sternly)
(3476) Git: "Huh?" :crooks a brow to the guard.: "That's good. U wanted to see her anyway... odd circumstances for a meeting, but still... no point in being choosy. By the way..."
(3476) Git: :pointing to Essafah: "Does this happen often?"
** (3494) Lellick protests weakly, "But the murderer's getting away..." **
(3493) J'hzuu: ((Just testing to see if I'm still connected))
Kha: (( you are ))
(3499) Guard: It does happen from time to time, but has not in a while.
(3499) Guard: Nevertheless, you shall remain here. (looks over his shoulder impatiently)
(3476) Git: "Ah....So... you know what did this then?"
(3499) DM: The guard glares at you and says nothing.
(3476) Git: "If so, could you explian it to me, I' m rather insistent on knowing of anything that may bring me a gruesome death."
(3493) J'hzuu: ((So, perhaps we FF to Batina's arrival?))
(3499) DM: ((ok))
(3499) DM: Instead, you are brought to the Hall of Audience. This is a large hall, with pillars of red porphyry, and balcony steps of polished marble. The walls are covered with mosaics of turquoise, gold, and alabaster and mirrors reflect a harsh, white light that is cast on niches in the walls.
(3499) DM: The ceiling is set with windows of translucent glass, stained in various colors. As the sun shines overhead, you are left with the distinct impression of being submerged underwater.
(3499) DM: A pair of stout mamluks stand stoically at the doors. Batina can be seen pacing at the end of the hall, awaiting your arrival.
(3476) Git: :enroute to the Hall, asks of Lellick: "Tell me something, if someone was paralyzed the way Essafah was, would they bleed immediately if stabbed?"
** (3494) Lellick ponders that over for a moment, "Yes, that would happen. The body itself cannot move, but the heart still beats." **
(3476) Git: "That guy's heart was beating? Phew... I thought he was dead." :looks up to the pacing dwarf and greets as if nothing had happened, "Good Day, Batine."
** (3499) Batina gestures impatiently to the mamluks, who acceding to her silent request, close and bar the doors. **
(3493) J'hzuu: "And the victim would be able to see it all, but not able to move, yes? Not a nice way to die." He shudders slightly, and his robe turns to a dark shade of purple.
(3499) Batina: What were you doing in the Garden? (barks at you as you're brought in front of her by her guards)
(3493) J'hzuu: "All were there to look at the scene of Everlasting-Grandfather's murder, and speak to the people there"
(3476) Git: :matter-of-factly: "Essafah and Bismilla escorted us there to inspect the scene of the Grandfather's death and to question Farouk and the Gen Ibraham"
(3499) Batina: I see. (narrows her eyes at Git and frowns)
(3476) Git: "When we left Essafah at the entrance to the Garden, he was trying to summon the gen for us. I'm not sure if he succeeded or not."
(3499) Batina: What makes you think you act with authority? (archly)
(3476) Git: :shakes his head: "No authority. Simply a desire to know the truth. It would have a bearing on our decision after all."
(3476) Git: "We would not want a traitor leading your people after all."
(3499) Batina: Interesting. (paces slowly)
(3499) Batina: For an outlander, you have much wisdom....so far.
(3476) Git: "Thank you. Most people just call me nosy and arrogant."
** (3499) Batina turns and smirks at you, sinisterly. "But you assume much, for some who have not yet passed the Trial of the Bridge." **
** (3493) J'hzuu looks up at her. "The Bridge of the Birds?" **
(3476) Git: :shrugs, expecting as much: "True. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Neh?"
(3499) Batina: You're crossing it even as we speak. (smirks)
** (3499) Batina shifts gears a bit. "And do you have designs to leave?" **
(3476) Git: :looks around with some disappointment: "This is your idea of grand temptation. I can't say I'm impresssed."
(3499) Batina: Two murders have taken place thus far. A reasonable person would want to leave. (observes you and waits for a response)
** (3494) Lellick is a little surprised to hear that, then looks around the room somewhat suspiciously, as if expecting this to be an illusion. **
** Kha laughs **
(3478) Agatha: "Hmph. We ain't going anywhere until this is sorted out."
** (3493) J'hzuu shrugs. "One who can kill two assassins would have little trouble killing all, if they willed it, no matter where all were." **
(3499) Batina: No? Not even if your friend Akim were to take you? He's a powerful sha'ir and generous with his friends. Tell me why you were speaking with him and I might let you go. (hardens)
(3476) Git: :chortles: "So you've been speaking with Farouk before us, Neh?"
** Kha looks confused having been off talking to people on his own **
** (3493) J'hzuu grins broadly. "Does Batina work with Farouk, or does she have spies as well?" **
** (3499) Batina strides up to the Khajiit and says in a deathly quiet voice, "I work for no one but for the glory of Hajama...outlander." **
(3512) Maximus (enter): 22:53
** (3499) Batina gives Git a scathing glance. "It is no secret that the Unclean wishes to leave this place as soon as he can, and with the death of Marwan, he is no longer bound." **
** (3493) J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu said "With", not "For"." **
(3476) Git: :explains off hnad: "It's not as if we saught Akim out, he was simply enjoying the scene of his former captures death. From there he felt quite happy to discuss with us his glee over his new captivity and his plans to leave your ranks with great haste/."
(3512) Maximus: ((Sorry, just got home with my new modem.))
(3511) Bruce (enter): 22:53
(3511) Bruce (exit): 22:53
** (3499) Batina doesn't miss a beat. "So you WERE conspiring to leave with him, then." **
(3476) Git: ""No." :replies with a bored tone: "He was planning to leave to join an Ifrit Lord. We obviously still have business here."
(3499) Batina: Yes, you do. (flatly)
** (3493) J'hzuu takes on a look of puzzlement. "All did not say that. Git said Akim told us of his plans, not that all were joining in them" **
** Kha starts wandering around the room looking things over, clearly board with the interogation that he has no clue about **
(3476) Git: :turns to the Khajit, citing: "Don't worry J'hzuu, a wise inquisitor such as Batina must study things from each possible angle. Try to cooperate best you can."
(3499) Batina: I do not trust you, outlanders. I do not believe that you are as innocent as you appear. First, the Grandfather dies, and then his lieutenant. Honor binds me to reveal that your words speak the truth, for these mirrors would shatter if a lie was spoken. But I still do not trust you.

Any of you.

** (3493) J'hzuu nods "J'hzuu will help, yes, he was pointing out that this was not what all had said." **
(3476) Git: :nods and grins to the dwarf: "That's understandable. Trust takes time. Perhaps years, perhaps a life time. Maybe you will never trust us. But that makes are words no less true."
(3493) J'hzuu: "As for why J'hzuu spoke with Akim, Batina has just said that she trusts none of all. All cannot trust any of the Everlasting. J'hzuu seeks to obtain the views of many, that he may make his own opinions."
(3478) Agatha: "Have at it then. We haven't anything to hide. You on the other hand..."
(3515) Galadriel (enter): 22:58
(3478) Agatha: "Well, who knows?"
** (3499) Batina regards the half-elf sourly. "Let them go, but first fetch Bismilla so that I may speak with him." **
(3499) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3502) Galadriel' from room...
** (3476) Git passes the barbarian woman a stiff glance and a discreet shake of his head **
(3502) Galadriel (exit): 22:59
(3476) Git: :to Batina: "Actually, I have a few matters I wished to speak with you of."
(3499) DM: One of the guard bows low before his mistress. "At once." (leaves the room as the mamluks open the doors)
** (3478) Agatha catches Git's look and shrugs. "Hmph." **
(3476) Git: "One of the guards seemed to know what had caused Essafah's death. He said it happened from time to time, but did not explain what. Could you explain it?"
Kha: "Well that was a wast of my time, I'll be going back to my own investigations that you interupted bringing me here when I was noware near the garden."
(3499) Batina: Speak, then. (making it clear that she doesn't want to)
** (3512) Maximus lounges against a wall listening intently to the conversation, but doesn't look inclined to participate yet. **
** Kha leaves the room while Git and the others do thier investigation thier way **
** (3478) Agatha lays back and lets Git handle it. **
(3499) Batina: The last time there was a change of leadership, much plotting occurred, and some died. It is the nature of power to seek power and to dispense with weakness.
(3476) Git: "How long ago was this?"
(3499) Batina: This should not surprise you, thief.
(3499) Batina: Twenty years ago, when Farouk ascended to his current position. (shrugs)
(3476) Git: "Farouk... and how many other current members, in high chance of succession had a chance of succession then as well?"
(3499) Batina: Out of all who remained, it was he who won the most duels. Of course, there were some who died mysteriously, but nothing was ever proven
(3499) Batina: Well, let me see. (thinks aloud)
(3499) Batina: Marwan has been our leader for as long as I can remember. Nusrah was appointed the leader of the Bulls when Bismilla stepped aside due to advancing age. Akim became leader of his faction by might of force alone. That he created the Guardian was also part of it. And I, I serve by the will of Hajama.
** (3499) Batina glares at you as she says this, her hand straying to her mace momentarily. **
(3499) Batina: If it were not for the bond of salt, I would duel you for doubting me, outlander. Be thankful.
(3476) Git: :nods, paying her apprehension no mind: "I have no doubt of you. You seem quite sure-willed and tempered. It is some of the others I wonder over."
(3476) Git: "Akim was bound then as well, yes?"
(3499) Batina: He is bound to remain in our service until the Everlasting is leaderless. He tried to this morning after Marwan was discovered dead, and paid dearly for his attempt.
(3499) DM: (tried to leave, I mean)
(3476) Git: "Oh... what happened to him? He seemed in high spirits when we met him."
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: Naturally. (appears, perched on Batina's shoulder)
(3493) J'hzuu: "Is the Everlasting not leaderless?"
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: I was there the entire time, and saw his attempt, as well as listened to your conversation. (smirk)
** (3512) Maximus examines his gauntlet straps and joints, stretching the fingers and such. Then checks the other one, making sure everything works. **
(3476) Git: :nods: "So he tried to leave after speaking with us?"
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: The marrashi who guard the fortress' perimeter stopped him from leaving, and he was injured in the process. He managed to heal himself but you happened on his hiding place shortly afterwards.
** (3493) J'hzuu looks at Jamilla, and grins a little at her. **
(3476) Git: "Ah... I see,"
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: Technically, outlander, the Everlasting has a leader, in the leaders of the factions. However, you are correct, a leader must be chosen. His service ends when that occurs.
(3476) Git: "I wonder though, would the instatement of a new leader reconstitute Akim's bond, or is he simply to remain a prisoner, and as such, a dangerous element among your people?"
(3476) Git: "I see."
** (3499) Jamilla, the Tasked looks to Batina. **
(3499) Batina: As far as I know (testily), the arrangement was worked out between Marwan and Akim, may he live in interesting times. So, no, it would not.
(3476) Git: "Then, what is to be done with him. Surely over the years of his captivity you must have arranged some type of contingency, no?"
(3499) Batina: I do not DEAL with sorcerers, outlander!!!
(3476) Git: :sighs: "That is regretable. Though I fear someone may have to deal with him soon."
(3499) DM: Batina's voice rises with fury. "If I were Grandmother, then I would flay his skin from his bones!" (seizes her mace, trembling with anger)
(3476) Git: :gentle reminders her: "But you do not seek the position"
** (3512) Maximus leans forward a bit, watching Batina's actions. **
** (3493) J'hzuu watches Batina, checking her reaction (Sense motive) **
** (3499) Batina grips her mace tightly, her knuckles turning white with effort as she lets the haft drop. **
(3493) J'hzuu: [1d20+1] -> [10,1] = (11)
whispering to J'hzuu, nyet
(3499) Batina: If you have any further questions, ask them. I must prepare for the service in the mosque.
** (3478) Agatha tries to hide her surprise at the outburst. **
(3493) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu has no more questions. He thanks Batina for her time."
(3476) Git: "Yes, one more. To help make our decision, I wanted an opinion from some people within. I was wondering... Why did you believe Marwan to be an ineffectual leader?"
** (3512) Maximus bows curtly to Batina, "Thank you for your time." **
(3499) Batina: Because he was a weak-willled fool, who believed in compassion and mercy. Now. If you will excuse me, I must go.
(3476) Git: "Compassion and Mercy to who?"
** (3499) Batina stalks off, not bothering to listen. **
** (3493) J'hzuu looks stunned as this response, looking at Batina and blinking a couple of times. **
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: Compassion and mercy to those who did not believe in Fate and the gods of enlightenment. (softly)
(3493) J'hzuu: "Like all?"
** (3499) Jamilla, the Tasked looks at you. "Batina is my mistress, and has been for many, many years. I serve her willingly, by the command of Hajama. Ask your questions, outlander, and I will do my best to answer you." **
** (3476) Git chews his lips sullenly a moment as she storms off, not about to chase her down in this condition. Without turning he speaks to the gen, "Why should he not have. After all, you can teach the dead nothing, and the suffering have no desire to be told anything by there tormentors." **
(3476) Git: "Is it not your orders desire to spread the wisdom of Fate?"
(3478) Agatha: "Hmph. And they say I have a temper."
(3512) Maximus: (Brb, need to use my phone for a few minutes.)
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: That depends on the Grandfather or Grandmother, outlander.
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: He or she who leads us becomes our voice and interprets the will of the gods.
(3476) Git: :nods: "I suppise so. But what was the originally intent of this order? What did the first leader wish?"
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: Because Marwan was our voice, so does Batina consider us weak and soft, not like the steel she believes we should be. Steel like swords, sharp as death.
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: Why, to spread the wisdom of Fate and of the gods of the enlightenment. But it is not given to mortals to know the will of Fate or of the gods, so it is imperfect by nature, and must depend on a strong leader, confident in faith and in Fate.
(3476) Git: "Then it is not the will of Fate, but the will of a mortal, You're right. That is flawed."
(3493) J'hzuu: "Unless it was that mortal's fate to act the will of Fate." He smiles. "It is perfect, because none can argue with that, it cannot be proved or disproved."
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: I serve he or she who is the Minister of Faith. Batina has held this office for many many years, and was appointed to this position by Marwan, when she led her followers to this fortress, thus doubling the Everlasting in number. She was grateful at first for the responsibility, but I believe she has desired more over the years.
(3493) J'hzuu: "Gen thinks Batina wishes to be Grandmother?"
(3476) Git: "Right. So if everyone says the grass is purple, the grass is purple, regardless of how green it may be to the eye."
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: I have no Fate but the Fate I am given, Khajiit. (blandly)
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: However, it is the nature of power to seek power and to cull the weak.
(3499) DM: She seems to be echoing her mistress' words unconsciously.
(3493) J'hzuu: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" he nods sagely. "These are words, true and wise".
(3476) Git: "Nature is just a suggestion really. The weak can overthrow the powerful in an instant through luck or larcony."
** (3476) Git turns ready to leave. **
(3493) J'hzuu: "If the weak have a lack of power, it is still power seeking power."
(3499) DM: And as if on cue, Bismilla waddles into the room.
(3476) Git: "Good day Bismilla."
(3499) Bismilla: Batina wished me to say unto you, that you are given free reign of the fortress during your stay here, as long as I am able to accompany you. (proudly) And I would do so gladly, for you are honored guests.
(3476) Git: "Splendid." :dryly:
(3499) Bismilla: You are invited to attend the service in Marwan's honor this afternoon, if you wish.
(3476) Git: :bows: "We would not miss it."
** (3499) Bismilla begins to snuffle, wiping his nose with his sleeve. "He....he was a good man." **
(3476) Git: "Right" :turns back to the gen a moment. "Jamilla, before we go, I was wondering if you would deliver a short message to your Mistress for me."
(3499) Bismilla: Where would you like to go, masters? Lunch will be served in one hour.
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: I have no Fate but the Fate I am given! It would be my pleasure. (winks)
(3476) Git: :A wistful grin crosses his lips as he scratches at his chin, "Well... it's just something my father once said to me. I was wondering if someone actually in the field would understand it better. Basically it goes: Before one can be a preacher, one must understand how to be a parent."
(3476) Git: :shrugs: "It just sort of popped in my head." :offerers over his shoulder as he shakes his head, snickering a bit nostalgically as he walks out of the hall:
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: I think I understand. (smiles and then grows serious)
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: I have a message for you, outlander.
(3476) Git: :stops and glances back: "Oh?"
** (3499) Jamilla, the Tasked waits for Bismilla to pass out of earshot. **
(3499) Jamilla, the Tasked: One will come to you during the service. Listen to him and listen well. (very softly)
(3476) Git: :nods and whisperes back: "I will try not to offend him when he comes." :winks and turns away:
(3529) Maximus (enter): 23:54
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(3512) Maximus' from server... Removing dead client
(3512) Maximus (exit): 23:54
** (3499) Bismilla waits patiently as you leave the Hall. **
** (3476) Git leaves the hall, asking Bismilla: "So... do you know if Essafah ever managed to summon Ibraham?" **
(3499) Bismilla: No. It seems that whomever slew Essafah dismissed Ibrahim from his servitude. (grows troubled)
(3476) Git: "Ah.. then we'll need someone to finish that job."
(3530) Bill Munny (enter): 00:02
(3530) Bill Munny (exit): 00:02
(3476) Git: "Can you suggest anyone?"
(3529) Maximus: ( Ibrahim was a guardian gen correct?)
(3478) Agatha: ((yeah))
(3499) Bismilla: Either Akim or Farouk can do so, although Akim is more suited to the task as he is a sha'ir.
(3529) Maximus: "Farouk would have had to use a blade, or does he possess magic also?"
(3476) Git: "Great. choices" :mumbles:
(3493) J'hzuu: "Farouk made himself invisible. If he does not do magick himself, he has access to it."
** (3494) Lellick remains quiet, rubbing the back of his neck for a moment as he listens to them talk. **
(3476) Git: "Farouk should be fine then, right?"
(3493) J'hzuu: "j'
(3493) J'hzuu: ((Sorry))
(3493) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu does not like Farouk. J'hzhuu is not overly fond of many here, but he does not like Farouk."
** (3529) Maximus looks at his feline friend, "Nor do I, there is more to him then meets the eye, and I fear we might end up learning what." **
(3476) Git: "True, but I'd prefer him to the less predictable Akim.":
(3476) Git: "After all, Farouk seems wise enough not to do anything to incriminate himself."
(3493) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu would prefer Akim. He thinks Farouk is far more unpredictable. He will not argue, though. All seem to know more of this than J'hzuu, so he will be quiet."
(3529) Maximus: "I know it seems rash and unthought of, but when we choose a leader that is not the murderer then the murderer will reveal themself then."
(3493) J'hzuu: "Unless all chooses the murderer."
(3529) Maximus: "That of course would ruin my idea:grins:"
(3478) Agatha: "Better to smoke him out before we have to make a decision."
(3476) Git: "No... the murderer would have nothing to gain from revealing themself. They just slip back into the group and wait for their next opportunity."
** (3529) Maximus shrugs, "What I mean is that most likely if we to declare that we have chosen and are biding our time for some unknown reason, then would the murderer feel that the bond of salt would be be broken? Then again Marwans death could be something all together unrelated and we waste our time debating this." Maximus fronws a bit then talks some more. "Mind you all, I want to catch the murderer as much as any of you, I think that we should look at every angle first." **
(3529) Maximus: "I mean not the bond of Salt broken, but would feel inclined to break the bond and try and forcee our hands."
(3476) Git: (afk)(
(3493) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu would rather not invite a murderer to come after him, if it is alright with Maximus."
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (3529) Maximus smiles grimly, "One must do, what one must do." **
** (3493) J'hzuu looks at him with a small smile, and says "One must do what one must do? One has no fate but they fate they are given? Maximus is beginning to sound like an Everlasting". **
** (3494) Lellick speaks up, in a soft tone, "Well... it would be a great deal easier to discover the murderer that way. But that's assuming it would be enough to provoke them." **
** (3499) Bismilla walks with you patiently, snuffling softly. "Where....where would you like to go, masters? Back to your rooms? Or elsewhere?" **
(3493) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu supposes it could work. It is not as though all have many plans, yes?"
(3478) Agatha: "I say we still have time to investigate this more thoroughly."
(3529) Maximus: "Like I said, its all just an idea. And J'hzuu I guess that does sound a lot like the everlasting."
(3537) J'hzuu (enter): 00:25
(3499) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3493) J'hzuu' from room...
(3493) J'hzuu (exit): 00:25
(3537) J'hzuu: ((Sorry, damned wireless))
Kha: (( back ))
(3499) DM: (I need some direction, guys. Where next?)
(3476) Git: (sorry still afk for a bit. I'm helping the woman across the hall change a flat tire. If I may offer, getting some info from that gen, could be handy)
(3478) Agatha: ((Not exactly sure. I'd say Farouk or Ibrahim))
(3537) J'hzuu: ((We've talked to Farouk, we havn't done so with Ibrahim
(3537) J'hzuu: ))
(3476) Git: (Either you could found out what Ibraham witnessed or the circumstances which may have kept him fom witnessing to give a clue)
Kha: (( wasnt he dissmissed? ))
(3540) Shaun (enter): 00:31
** Kha comes sauntering back by on his way else ware **
Kha: "You are all still here, I thought you were investigating the murders?"
(3540) Shaun (exit): 00:32
(3537) J'hzuu: "All are trying to decide what to do next".
(3478) Agatha: "Hmm...let's see if we can't track down that guardian gen."
(3478) Agatha: "Bismillia, do you know where we can find this Ibrahim?"
Kha: "That would be a good idea, I have been talking to the lower ranks to see what I can learn"
(3499) Bismilla: Well....if I were a sha'ir, I would summon him from his home from the realm of the gods. But since I am not, I would ask either Akim or Farouk. (nods sagely)
(3537) J'hzuu: "Yes, all needs to decide which all will go to. J'hzuu does not care, but he does not trust or like Farouk."
Kha: "I heard there was a service for Marwan latter today, I'll meet you all there and go with you on your investigations for a while after that. I still have a some more people I want to talk to"
(3494) Lellick: "Does it matter so much, J'hzuu? I can't say that I like either of them, but we do need to talk to that gen."
Kha: "Also you may consider talking with Suhail if you have not already"
(3537) J'hzuu: "Agreed... Who is Suhail?"
Kha: "He claims to be the the spirit of a sword given to the Everlasting"
(3537) J'hzuu: ((That first part was to Lellick, the second to Kha))
(3478) Agatha: "Ah yes. I remember hearing about him. Supposedly he's another wild card."
(3537) J'hzuu: "The spirit of a sword. He is an intelligent sword, one who speaks?"
Kha: "Well I will see you at the service, and if you have not spoken to Suhail before then, I would very much like to accompany when you speak with him, since I wish to speak with him about some other things anyways"
(3478) Agatha: "That's fine. We'll wait for you."
Kha: "He is humanoid from what I understood, Vontaros here" **pointing to his spear with the crystaline tip** "is a spear that speaks, and we also have a mace that speaks" **shrugs** " I do not know much about spirtes of weapons"
** Kha heads off to to find more people to chat with before the service **
(3478) Agatha: "Guess we'll find out."
(3478) Agatha: "For the time being, I suppose we should pay that louse Farouk a visit."
(3537) J'hzuu: "Very well" He eyes the spear with obvious interest. "Yes, let's go to Farouk".
(3499) DM: You find Farouk in his quarters, in the Hall of the Faithful. He seems to be wholly engrossed in a scroll and doesn't hear you enter at first.
(3478) Agatha: ((brb. Have to take care of something))
** (3537) J'hzuu walks up silently, hoping to snatch a glimpse of the scroll **
(3537) J'hzuu: (Move Silently [1d20+5] -> [13,5] = (18))
whispering to J'hzuu, The Crypt of Badr al-Mosak is scrawled at the top of the map
** (3499) Farouk looks up. "Ah, visitors." (scowls) **
(3546) Tigre (enter): 00:54
** (3499) Farouk rolls the scroll up. "What can this humble one do for you?" **
(3546) Tigre (exit): 00:57
(3478) Agatha: "Just thought we'd stop by for a chat."
** (3478) Agatha looks at the scroll. "Planning a trip?" **
(3537) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu must warn Farouk, crypts can be dangerous places." He nods solemnly.
** (3499) Farouk shrugs. "It was a map I found in a library." **
(3499) Farouk: Have you come to a decision yet, as to your choice?
(3478) Agatha: "My, you are a fast one ain't ya?"
(3478) Agatha: "Already concerned about your position and body of your leader ain't even buried."
(3499) Farouk: Well, surely you are not paying me a social call. (leans back in his chair, regarding you)
(3476) Git: (Back.. and I've learned a valuable lesson. Don't help anyone unless they have the tools to get the job done quickly)
(3548) strokes (enter): 01:02
(3499) Farouk: A mere technicality.
Kha: (( lol ))
** (3499) Farouk flicks at a mosquito in annoyance. **
(3478) Agatha: "Don't get ahead of yourself. If you want our favor, you're gonna have to be straight with us."
(3499) Farouk: I beg your pardon? I am most unfamiliar with your language.
(3478) Agatha: "I'll be honest. I don't think you killed Marwan. But you're definitely hiding something."
** (3499) Farouk chuckles. "And what makes you think that? Sit and be comfortable. Have you eaten yet?" **
(3537) J'hzuu: "Bismilla said lunch would be soon. All must not spoil their appetites."
** (3499) Farouk claps his hands sharply, not waiting for an answer. "If Batina has her way, the service will last for hours. It would do you good to eat before attending." **
** (3478) Agatha is struggling to maintain control of the interrogation. She rubs her wedding ring for support. **
(3548) strokes (exit): 01:07
(3499) Farouk: Suit yourself. Daoud has prepared a roast camel stew, but more can always be had.
(3478) Agatha: "I'm fine, thank you."
(3499) Farouk: So. I'm hiding something. (chuckles)
(3499) Farouk: What am I hiding?
(3537) J'hzuu: "Well, if all knew that it would no longer be hidden, would it?" He smiles thinly.
(3478) Agatha: "Aye, that's I'm trying to figure out."
(3499) Farouk: Mmm hmm.
(3476) Git: :chortles a bit at Aggy's presumption, fully agreeing in his own mind: "That would be hard to say. After all, in a situation such as this, almost everyoine is hising something, Let's not get too caught up in litle squabbles as such."
** (3478) Agatha takes a seat opposite the sword dancer. **
whispering to Maximus, your head explodes in agony. (this is how you detect evil, it comes across as a manifestation of pain.)
(3476) Git: (hiding something rather)
(3478) Agatha: "Alright then."
whispering to Maximus, let's just say its an intense headache
** (3537) J'hzuu nods, somewhat reluctantly. **
(3476) Git: "Though, I was wondering if you could do a service for us before lunch."
(3499) DM: A mamluk enters, bearing a silver tray which contains a tray of food, goblets and a pitcher of a tawny gold liquid, setting it in front of Farouk.
(3499) Farouk: Ah, camel dawat. (sniffs appreciatively)
** (3529) Maximus shakes his head a bit and reaches one hand up to his head while the other one fishes a waterskin from his belt, as he then takes a long draw from the waterskin. He then seems to look around the room with a bit more intensity, with his hand clutching his sword hilt to the point his knuckles turn white. **
(3499) Farouk: And what would that be? (pours himself from the pitcher)
(3476) Git: "It's delicious I'm sure." :speaks business: "Before the moment of his death, Essafah had been trying to summon the gen Ibraham for questioning. We were wondering if you could finish that last favor of his for us."
(3499) Farouk: Ah, I am not a sha'ir. Ask Akim.
** (3499) Farouk drinks from the goblet, his eyes fixed on you. **
(3537) J'hzuu: "You can do magicks, though, yes?"
(3476) Git: "Oh... though Bismilla told us you would be able to peform this service."
** (3499) Farouk swallows, and snorts. "There is a reason Bismilla is no longer the leader of the Bulls." **
(3537) J'hzuu: "He has problems with his memory?"
(3476) Git: :sighs: "Understood."
(3499) Farouk: All mortals know that only sha'irs may trifle with the whims of genies. (shrugs)
** (3494) Lellick listens to the conversation with a faint frown. **
(3499) Farouk: I am a minor magician of no consequence. (to J'hzuu)
(3476) Git: "Then I have only on e more question. You departed from our sides in the garden either before or while Essafah was meeting his end. Did you pass Essafah on your exit or witness anyone else moving about the garden?"
(3499) Farouk: No. I left as soon as I could.
(3476) Git: "Which exit did you take?"
(3499) Farouk: I don't remember. It was early in the morning.
(3476) Git: "Lets put it this way. How many exits are there?" :asks probingly:
(3499) Farouk: Well...now that you mention it, I seem to remember a dwarf. I can't remember details though.
(3499) Farouk: (offers helpfully)
(3499) Farouk: A few.
(3476) Git: "And you can't recalll something as simple as the direction you took to leave? Surely you know where you were going. You were awake enough to use your magicka and spy on us." :offers in an almost praising tone:
(3499) Farouk: The enormity of the situation this morning made things a blur. (shrugs and begins to eat)
** (3529) Maximus puts his waterskin back to his belt and takes a few deep breathes, as his hand clutches his sword even harder and his other hand, garbed in a guantlet cletches and uncletches. **
(3499) Farouk: This really is quite good. (eats, seemingly oblivious to Maximus)
(3529) Maximus: (Will use my last detect lies of the day)
** (3478) Agatha sits back, appraising the warrior. **
** (3537) J'hzuu looks at Maximus, frowning a little. **
(3499) Farouk: Are you sure you won't have some? (tears a pancake with his teeth)
(3476) Git: :persists: "Come now, you don't seem the type to be easily swayed by emotional affairs. You already sit here hard in study of future ventures. I'm sure if you take a moment to think it over the memories will come back to you. PLease?"
(3476) Git: :shakes his head to Farouk:
** (3499) Farouk shrugs. "Well, you're correct. Marwan may be dead and gone, but the squabbling has already begun. You would be blind not to see it." **
(3499) Farouk: If you really must know, I left by the main entrance, which is where I saw the dwarf. I think.
** (3529) Maximus relaxes after some time, bringing both of his arms across his chest, each one clenched tightly in a fist, though not as offensive as his mannerisms before. **
(3476) Git: "The main entrance.... Is that not where we left Essafah performing his ritual?"
** (3478) Agatha nods. "Aye, that it was." **
(3553) Bill Munny (enter): 01:30
(3537) J'hzuu: "Did Farouk see Essafah when he left?"
(3553) Bill Munny (exit): 01:30
(3499) Farouk: I already told you I did not. (eats)
(3554) Zane (enter): 01:30
(3478) Agatha: "Alright then."
(3476) Git: :Sigh: "And this dwarf... old? young? Male? Female? Hair color? Tatoos? particularly nice hat it was wearing? Anything?"
** (3499) Farouk relaxes. "After the service, there will be a funeral feast tonight. As our esteemed and honored guests, it would give me great pleasure if you were to come and attend the feasting." **
(3476) Git: (if he says, "He look-a like a man." I'm gonna be amused)
(3499) Farouk: (eats) "Mmmph, old and male, if memory serves. One of the Courageous, Batina's personal guard, I believe."
(3476) Git: "Was he coming to or leaving the garden?"
(3499) Farouk: "Leaving, I believe."
(3476) Git: "Was he in a hurry?"
(3555) nutritious (enter): 01:35
(3555) nutritious (exit): 01:35
(3529) Maximus: "Would it have been Mamoud? The dwarf I mean."
** (3529) Maximus says this with surprising little contempt or malice. **
(3478) Agatha: "Hm. Could be. But speaking of Batina, I mentioned you seeing her out by the garden this morning. Y'know, she had no idea what we were talking about."
(3478) Agatha: "Funny that."
(3499) Farouk: She's deluded.
(3499) Farouk: You can see her grasping at straws as plain as day. All her talk about not wanting to be Grandmother. The plain truth is that she does not have the courage to wield Suhail, the Breaker of the Ninth Chain. (smirks)
(3476) Git: "There seems to be a lot of that going aroung." :stands from the table, looking to the others to see if they're ready to leave."
** (3529) Maximus nods a Git, it is obvious that Maximus has no qaulms about leaving. **
(3476) Git: "Hmmm?"
** (3537) J'hzuu looks at Git, and stands. "If all wish to speak with Akin, all mus hurry. J'hzuu thanks Farouk for his time. " **
** (3478) Agatha sees that she's getting nowhere. **
** (3499) Farouk eats, chewing and swallowing noisily. "Mmmph, Daoud has outdone himself again." **
(3476) Git: "The hound master?"
(3554) Zane (exit): 01:41
(3499) Farouk: Suhail? Oh, you did not know? Whomever receives the lions must have the courage and the will to wield Suhail, the Breaker of the Ninth Chain. Suhail is a sword, but not just any sword. Forged by Kor himself, Suhail has the power to test character and judge those who are worthy.
(3499) Farouk: One of the reasons that Batina is so bitter about her position is that in accepting the position of the Minster of Faith, she is denied the opportunity to wield the sword unless she renounces her position.
(3476) Git: "So, even if the candidate is chosen, they must pass the test of the blade to truly ascend?"
(3499) Farouk: Priests are forbidden from wielding Suhail.
** (3499) Farouk nods, smirking. "Thus does Batina serve none, but Hajama himself." (guffaws) **
(3476) Git: "Fascinating. Well. thank you for your time."
(3499) Farouk: No, thank you. I shall see you at the feast then?
(3476) Git: "Aye, I suppose so."
(3478) Agatha: "Indeed, you shall."
(3537) J'hzuu: "Yes. J'hzuu will see you there." He looks at the others to make sure they're ready to go.
(3499) Farouk: Very good. There will be music, and entertainment. Until tonight. (eats, watching you leave)
** (3537) J'hzuu half-bows, and turns for the door. **
** (3529) Maximus follows J'hzuu, his normal manners seeming to have been forgotten. **
** (3476) Git gives a brief bow before exiting **
** (3478) Agatha turns and leaves, glancing over her shoulder briefly to see where he's looking. **
** (3494) Lellick follows after them, with a somewhat quicker pace than usual. **
(3499) DM: His meal forgotten for a moment, Farouk unrolls the scroll and has resumed reading it.
(3476) Git: :once out of earshot, whispers to Max: "Did you get anything," (as in, in case you were reading him)
** (3499) Bismilla is outside, waiting for you, munching on a pear. **
(3537) J'hzuu: (To Bismilla) "Is there a library that all would be allowed to use?"
(3499) Bismilla: Yes, this way. (gets up and shifts his belly, then waddles off)
** (3537) J'hzuu follows Bismilla **
** (3529) Maximus looks at Git and spits on the ground and whispers to Git, "He told the truth from what I know, what ever that snivilling, bastard, foul breathed corrupt thing would know about truth is beyond me..." **
** (3537) J'hzuu keeps walking, but says to Maximus "Or he had a way to conceal his lies." (This is asumming thye're following Bismilla as well) **
(3476) Git: "Hmph... fair enough then."
Kha: (( AFK for a smoke again =P ))
** (3476) Git follows along to the library, interested in reading up a bit on their current hosts **
(3499) DM: As you near the library, you spot a dwarf, holding a lamp peering out at you and motioning you inside.
(3537) J'hzuu: ((Inside the library?))
(3499) DM: ((yes))
** (3537) J'hzuu glances at the others, and enters, keeping a close eye on the dwarf. **
(3476) Git: "A very lonely librarian perhaps..." :offers as they enter:
** (3478) Agatha keeps her hand close to her axe as she looks to Maximus and Git. **
** (3499) Bismilla sits on a bench outside, saying, "I shall wait for you, masters." (commences eating a pear) **
(3537) J'hzuu: "Thankyou Bismilla"
** (3529) Maximus places his hand ion his longsword hilt and walks into the library. **
(3499) DM: A bald, dark skinned dwarf looks up at you as you enter the library. He smiles gently and nods appreciatively at Agatha, before turning his attention to you.
(3499) DM: You are the outlanders who claim to serve Marwan, yes? (says the dwarf)
(3537) J'hzuu: "Yes"
(3499) Mustapha: Who is your speaker?
(3478) Agatha: "Serve Marwan? Not exactly."
(3476) Git: :corrects dwarf and Khajit:raises a brow: "We don't serve Marwan, or didn't rather, though we are seeking his killer."
(3499) Mustapha: Come then. It is not safe to speak of such matters in this room. Come. (turns on his heel and walks to the rear) Come. (motions hurriedly)
** (3537) J'hzuu smiles a little sheepishly. "Yes, what they said." **
** (3537) J'hzuu turns to the others, shrugs, and follows. **
** (3478) Agatha follows, axe in hand now. **
(3476) Git: "Ya know. This reminds me of a muggers trick." :reminisces before folloing, a good distance behind J'hzuu:
(3537) J'hzuu: "This is why you let J'hzuu walk first?" He lets out a small chuckle.
** (3499) Mustapha leads you to the rear of the library, to a small room and closes the door gently. **
(3499) Mustapha: The leader of the Everlasting has long suffered from the feuding of his lackeys. This must stop, and if you serve Marwan and serve Fate and justice, you would be wise to help accomplish this. Will you?
** (3476) Git looks about the small room thoughtfully before giving his attention back tot he dwarf **
(3537) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu would know more of what you would ask him to do before he agrees to do it."
(3499) Mustapha: Very well.
(3478) Agatha: "Well, I'll admit the inside squabbling ain't helping us any."
(3499) Mustapha: Though there have been many attempts on the most esteemed Grandfather's life, the most recent one did not succeed. The body in the mosque is a false one, placed there through Marwan's magic as a ruse to draw out his enemies.
(3476) Git: "Ah... well, that would explain the blood puzzle."
** (3537) J'hzuu looks at the dwarf, and his mouth drops a little. **
(3499) Mustapha: I am Mustapha ben Salome abd al-Jari, servant of Batina and Marwan's greatest and most trusted spy. Marwan is in hiding and cannot show himself for obvious reasons. You must find out who has used poisons against members of the Everlasting, and who plots to take the leadership away from Marwan's appointed successor. Well, everyone plots to gain the leadership, but someone is willing to poison their comrades for it.
** (3476) Git glances questioningly to Max, wondering if he's still able to detect lies. **
(3476) Git: (sense motive btw)
(3476) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [3,6] = (9)
(3537) J'hzuu: ((Ditto [1d20+1] -> [8,1] = (9)))
whispering to J'hzuu, as far as you can tell, truth
(3529) Maximus: (Also do sense motive [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17) )
(3529) Maximus: (alas out of detect lies for the day...
(3476) Git: "If Marwan is still alive though, wouldn't Akim still be bound?"
(3537) J'hzuu: "Perhaps he is. Perhaps he has been ordered to play along with the ruse?"
(3499) Mustapha: Batina has a traitorous heart. I will be watching her, but she will be watching you. Akim knows far too much about the Everlasting and wishes to leave. However, he may be willing to help you find the murderer, if you can convince him that doing so would make it safe for him to leave. Farouk is weak but not to be discounted. If he is falsely accused, he will become a martyr to his followers.
(3476) Git: "Does he seem like the type to 'play along'?"
(3537) J'hzuu: (To Git) "If he was magickally coerced. Or promised something in return."
(3476) Git: "So, there was no attempt of the Grandfather's life in the garden then?"
(3499) Mustapha: Nusrah is no threat, to my knowledge.

If you must contact me, speak to either Jamilla or Bismilla. Either will know how to leave messages for me.

When you are certain of the traitor, give the name to Bismilla. I will speak with you thereafter.

(3537) J'hzuu: (To Mustapha) "And what of Essafah?"
(3499) Mustapha: No, there was not.
(3499) Mustapha: He has been taken care of, for his part in this deception.
** (3537) J'hzuu nods. "So you are sure he is not the traitor." **
(3499) Mustapha: You have come to Jabal el-Sarahin to gain assistance against the ifrit you released, correct?
(3476) Git: "Aye, this is true"
(3499) Mustapha: If you do this for Fate and for Marwan, Marwan will grant you a gift -- a formidable gift in your quest against the ifrit.
(3476) Git: :nods: "I'
(3476) Git: m not sure what we can accomplish, but it may serve our purposes as welll to try."
(3499) Mustapha: For know, that whilst one day passes here in this fortress, one hour passes in the world outside.
(3499) Mustapha: This place was built by the jann, and so conforms to laws followed by the jann. You have time, and not much time. Therefore, may Fate be with you in your search for truth.
(3476) Git: :sighs: "Alright then. Who prepares the meals for Marwan?"
(3499) Mustapha: It depends on whether Marwan sits with the Everlasting or within his own faction.
(3560) Rayman (enter): 02:22
(3499) DM: (stopping in 5 minutes)
(3476) Git: "When have the poisoning attempts generally taken place?"
(3499) DM: If Marwan sits with his faction, then Ajaiyah prepares his meals. Or Safid.
(3499) Mustapha: There was an attempt during the feasting.
(3499) Mustapha: You attended that feast.
(3537) J'hzuu: "Was Ajaiyah in the fortress during the feast?"
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(3560) Rayman' from server... Removing dead client
(3560) Rayman (exit): 02:24
(3499) DM: (recall that she entered the room towards dessert)
(3499) Mustapha: Generally at mealtimes.
(3537) J'hzuu: ((Whoops, okie-doke))
(3478) Agatha: "Of course she was! Everyone in the damn hall nearly got an eyeful with what she was wearing!"
** (3478) Agatha keeps her voice low. **
(3499) Mustapha: That was Safid, outlander.
(3529) Maximus: "What prevents Marwan from being killed by the poison?:
(3499) Mustapha: Luck, sheer luck. But his luck with Fate will run out eventually. This is why he recruited you to come here.
(3499) Mustapha: Not to choose his successor, but to draw the traitor from within our ranks out.
(3476) Git: "Safid..." :a slight grin pulls at the corner of his mouth.: "I was looking for a reason to chat with her."
(3499) Mustapha: Remember, outlanders. Once you accuse, you must have evidence or this will be for naught. Be certain before you accuse.
(3529) Maximus: "So I should return these Golden lions at the end then?"
** (3478) Agatha nods grimly. **
** (3499) Mustapha nods. **
(3529) Maximus: "Just curious, what would happen if someone of the everlasting took these lions and gained possession of them?"
(3476) Git: "Don't worry. We're not about to go running down the halls randomly pointing at people ans shouting' You Didi It!"
(3499) Mustapha: No one willl dare take the lions from you.
(3529) Maximus: "Thats what I suspected, but always best to be sure."
(3499) Mustapha: If someone did, that would be an admission of guilt.

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