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(1973) J'hzuu: ((Sorry, if I may, are we all together, or are Max and J'hzuu still separate?))
(1976) DM: ((you're still separated but I would imagine at some point you get back together to compare notes))
(1976) DM: ((so let's FF for a bit))
(1976) DM: ((Essafah will bring you to the garden after this))
(1975) Git: (em? so... where are we going now?)
(1979) Vrondard: ((out of loop))
(1976) DM: ((who needs a recap?))
(1973) J'hzuu: ((Might be an idea))
(1979) Vrondard: me
(1976) DM: ((when last you left off, you had arrived at the fortress of the Everlasting, and been treated to a dinner in your honor by Marwan and most of the assembled holy slayers. Marwan reveals that he will die soon and requests that the party choose his successor. The party exchanges the bond of salt with the Everlasting. The morning after the dinner, Marwan is found slain, in the garden, by Farouk.))
(1974) . (exit): 21:57
(1974) . (enter): 21:57
(1974) . (exit): 21:58
(1974) . (enter): 21:58
(1976) DM: ((the rest of last session was a fact finding session between the PCs and a cast of interesting NPCs))
(1976) DM: ((it might be helpful for people to review the logs between sessions, btw))
(1973) J'hzuu: ((Ok, and now we're all in the garden. Who else is there?))
(1976) DM: ((I didn't say that. last session you were separated but I imagine at some point, you manage to get together to compare notes.))
(1978) Maximus: (( J'hzuu tis me and you right now, git and lellick and vrondard I dunno))
(1976) DM: ((Git asked Bismilla to go fetch Farouk; Essafah will lead the PCs to the garden; Halfana is busy patching up Marwan's corpse.))
(1981) Agatha (enter): 22:01
(1978) Maximus: (( Me and J'hzuu are still in the dining area I believe.))
(1976) DM: ((but for purposes of tonight's session, I'm FFing so that everyone gets led to the garden at the same time instead of separately))
(1978) Maximus: (( Got'cha))
(1973) J'hzuu: ((Gottit)
(1981) Agatha: ((gah! Finally! My line has been giving me trouble for the past 2 days.))
whispering to ., so remind me again which PC you are?
(1978) Maximus: (( So right now All of us are in the Garden, may we start IC chat?))
(1979) Vrondard: ((ok lets continue))
(1973) J'hzuu: ((And, who else is there? Just Essafah? Or is Farouk and Bismilla back yet?))
(1976) DM: ((.....you're not in the garden))
(1978) Maximus: (( Ok, were being led to the garden..))
(1976) DM: *sigh*
(1975) Git: (?)
(1976) DM: ((you're getting together to compare notes, after which time, Essafah will lead you to the garden. he's not there.))
(1981) Agatha: ((lol))
(1973) J'hzuu: ((Clarity. A wonderful thing))
(1978) Maximus: ((Ok now I get it, sorry for my denseness))
** (1973) J'hzuu looks up as the others approach. "What did all find out?" **
(1975) Git: (so... where are we?)
** (1979) Vrondard keeps his mouth shut and his ears and eyes open for now **
(1976) DM: ((you're in Marwan's room.))
(1978) Maximus: ((bedroom?))
(1976) DM: ((his personal quarters))
(1978) Maximus: ((ah))
** (1978) Maximus looks around the personal quarters of Marwan and turns to Git, "Did your group learn anything from your trip to the body?" **
(1975) Git: "I found out that Assassins have no knowledge when it comes to preserving a crime scene. Though I guess that would be of their nature."
** (1977) Lellick looks at the others, briefly glancing at Git as he speaks, "Do you think it safe to speak here?.." **
(1978) Maximus: :nods: "Can anyone find Marwans journel or dairy? Any notes he might have?"
** (1973) J'hzuu shrugs. "As safe as anywhere else." **
whispering to Maximus, didn't you read the log from last session?
(1975) Git: (is Halfana still here? If so, scouring through the man's belongings might not be a great idea)
(1981) Agatha: "Hmph. We might as well speak freely. They don't seem to think highly enough of us to go to the trouble of spying."
(1976) Halfana: It's as safe as you can imagine, but you should not worry, for I am as interested in finding out his killer as you are. (as she works)
** (1981) Agatha looks around as she says this, hoping it's true. **
(1977) Lellick: "That's just it, though... did you see his wounds? There was much less blood than there should have been. What was there wasn't nearly enough."
** (1977) Lellick gestures as he speaks, vocal tone even becoming a little more animated. **
(1975) Git: :To Lellick and J'hzuu: "I don't suppose either of you have a spell which can track a specific object?"
(1973) J'hzuu: "Littlefolk thinks it may have been cleaned?"
(1973) J'hzuu: "No. J'hzuu can find magicks, but not a specific thing."
(1977) Lellick: "Not cleaned, no. That would've taken too long, had the killer even had the opportunity. Had there even been a killer! It means that he was dead before the wounds were made."
(1979) Vrondard: "well then whater we talkin bout a thing we can't do... lets do something else"
(1975) Git: "Eh?" :glances down to Lellick: "What do you mena?"
** (1977) Lellick pauses to take a breath, looking to Git, "I have a spell that can find an object, yes." **
(1976) Halfana: Hm. (frowns) It seems Bismilla forgot to get the proper amount of oret and now I shall have to bother Akim for some. I shall return shortly. Try not to...disturb anything. (winks at you)
** (1973) J'hzuu looks up at this. "Why would one stab a dead man?". He thinks for a moment, then seems to register "Littllefolk thinks the killer has left a false trail, yes?" **
(1978) Maximus: "Could he have been living past his won natural death? Through will alone then failing prey to the wounds that killed him long ago?"
** (1976) Halfana vanishes. **
(1981) Agatha: "Well, hold on a moment! If it wasn't the stabbing that killed him, what did?"
** (1977) Lellick spreads his hands, "Right now, I'm not willing to guess at anything. But... he was getting old. Perhaps he simply had chest pains." **
(1973) J'hzuu: "Surely, one of the Everlasting would have noticed the Grandfather was unliving?"
(1977) Lellick: "I'm not sure what killed him. I didn't find evidence of any poison, so..."
(1975) Git: "Right, died of old age and fell ona dagger thirty of forty times."
(1973) J'hzuu: "Disease? He was old..."
(1975) Git: "What of magicks. Could any kill him without leaving a mark?"
(1981) Agatha: "If it was just his time, why go through all the trouble of dressing it up as a murder?"
(1977) Lellick: "It could be that someone is trying to frame another."
(1973) J'hzuu: "Perhaps one wished to fram another. The murder would be a bad crime, yes?"
** (1975) Git takes up Halfana's silent offer to rifle through Marwan's belongings **
(1977) Lellick: (Would I need a spellcraft check to know what sort of spells wouldn't leave marks?)
(1973) J'hzuu: "If he is gone, and one or more people are charged, then there are less to seek the position of the new leader..."
(1975) Git: "Aye... kill him the way one feels most comfortable then riddle him with stab wounds to discuss the method used."
(1975) Git: (disguise rather)
(1976) DM: (yes)
(1977) Lellick: Spellcraft Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [7,5] = (12)
whispering to Lellick, not to your knowledge
(1974) . (exit): 22:26
(1978) Maximus: "Is it not capable for a dagger or other weapon to have the abilitie to suck life and blood?"
(1974) . (enter): 22:26
(1974) . (exit): 22:26
(1974) . (enter): 22:26
(1974) . (exit): 22:26
** (1975) Git searches for any recently scribed scrolls or journals as he speaks over his shoulder, "What did Batina have to say? Anything interesting?" **
(1988) . (enter): 22:27
(1973) J'hzuu: ((Just testing to see if I've been booted again))
** (1977) Lellick is quiet for a moment, mulling that over, before saying, "I can't think of any spell that wouldn't leave a mark. If he were killed by one, it would most likely leave a burn somewhere..." **
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(1973) J'hzuu (exit): 22:28
(1990) J'hzuu (enter): 22:28
** (1978) Maximus walks over to git to see if there is anything interesting, "Aye she did, denied that she murdered him, and I did not detect her lying to me. She accused Farouk and Akim as the slayers. Other then that, nothing I didn't expevt, also she thought he was a bad leader and we are ignorant outlanders." **
(1991) Xer (enter): 22:29
** (1978) Maximus found the F1 macro key **
whispering to Git, you find speculation by Marwan as to who might have it within him or her to do him in
(1990) J'hzuu: "What of the spells that use negative energy. Not all would leave a mark. And if there was a burn, could it not be magicked away?"
whispering to Git, but nothing conclusive, too many musings
(1992) J'hzuu (enter): 22:30
(1979) Vrondard: "bah foul magicks... capable of any evil... why not?"
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(1991) Xer (exit): 22:30
(1976) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1990) J'hzuu' from room...
(1990) J'hzuu (exit): 22:31
(1977) Lellick: "But wouldn't such a magic be fairly potent in order to disguise a burn permanently?"
(1979) Vrondard: "so all of this means nothin... so who's ass ar we goina kick?"
(1975) Git: "Aye... Farouk and Akim seem to be the most likely suspects. Though I don't understand the motivation"
(1979) Vrondard: "kick em all.. then we know we at least got im"
(1978) Maximus: "The fact they are the most likely suspects is what deters me...I feel one we have overlooked is the culprit."
(1975) Git: "There are too many here to not overlook."
(1994) J'hzuu (enter): 22:33
(1976) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1992) J'hzuu' from room...
(1992) J'hzuu (exit): 22:33
(1981) Agatha: "Hmph, likely or not, it wouldn't hurt to see what they're about."
whispering to J'hzuu, might have to restart Open if you keep getting kicked
(1994) J'hzuu: Disconnecting from server...
(1994) J'hzuu (exit): 22:34
(1981) Agatha: "I could see Akim using magics and then disguising the murder as something mundane."
(1978) Maximus: "Yes there are too many, Lets think here, who would profit from his death? They all have equal chance of getting to be leader, but who would gain from Marwans death?"
(1988) . (exit): 22:34
(1975) Git:
:reading through Marwan's writings: "We'll have to meet with all of them by and by."
(1995) . (enter): 22:34
** (1981) Agatha turns to Maximus. "It's possible that the whole thing is a distraction. Everyone is so bothered about Marwan, they don't see the knife of a rival." **
** (1995) J'hzuu snorts. "If all but one of those who seek leadership are slain, it would be simple to find the killer, would it not?" **
(1977) Lellick:
"Distraction or not, this was a horrible way to go about doing it. Haven't these people heard of honoring the dead?"
(1995) J'hzuu (exit): 22:38
(1995) J'hzuu (enter): 22:38
(1978) Maximus:
"That could be, and right now Akim is free from servitude correct? Right now we are all sitting goblins so to speak waiting for clues to the killer. The longer we delay choosing the succesor the better chance we are attacked or someone else is."
(1979) Vrondard:
"I aint no goblin!"
(1981) Agatha:
"Hmph. He's free, but he's still Everlasting. Also, no one can stand him."
** (1978) Maximus laughs, "Its a figure of speach Vrondard. I was comparing us to Goblins, not saying we were." **
(1979) Vrondard:
"I say we choose me... then I can all tell em to get the hell outa this godforsaken sand pit and all leave"
(1979) Vrondard:
"and if they don't like it I can bust their asses"
(1981) Agatha:
"You do that, we'll send what's left of you to the hills with that little daul."
(1995) J'hzuu:
"How many seek the position? It is likely the killer is one of them, yes?"
(1979) Vrondard:
"ok then I say we choose Agatha then...." he snickers
(1979) Vrondard:
"drive em even crazier that its a woman"
(1975) Git:
"Pretty much as many members of the Everlasting as there are seek the position. Doesn't really narrow it down."
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Wait... Did Everlasting-Grandfather not say he was being poisoned? He may have had thoughts..." He looks at Agatha. "Did you say he had a diary? Perhaps it speaks of this."
** (1981) Agatha shakes her head. "I don't recall saying anything about a diary. It wouldn't surprise me if the old man kept one, though." **
(1975) Git:
:reading Marwan's notes: "No diary per see... he sure had a thing for paranoid rants though."
** (1995) J'hzuu nods his head slightly, looking around the room. He begins stroking the underside of his right wrist with his left hand, and muttering strange words under his breath. (Detect Magic) **
(1975) Git:
:flipping through pages: "Interesting though"
(1995) J'hzuu:
"The walls are full of magick. What would he have here? Protection, J'hzuu would guess."
(1995) J'hzuu:
((Can I make some sort of check, to try and guess what kind of magick it is?))
(1975) Git:
"If I were him, I'd have some supernatural protection as well."
(1976) DM:
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(1978) Maximus (exit): 22:55
** (1977) Lellick frowns at that, asking questioningly, "Then by leaving his room, he made himself vulnerable?" **
(1995) J'hzuu:
((What sort? Knowledge arcana, spellcraft?))
** (1975) Git puts down the papers and approaches Marwan's body, searching for any obscured marks or bruises **
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Well, J'hzuu would think of it more as he was more protected when in here, not less when he wasn't.
(1977) Lellick:
"I see..."
(1976) DM:
((either is fine))
(1995) J'hzuu:
Knowledge: Arcane [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11)
(1995) J'hzuu:
"J'hzuu thinks it is abjuring. Protection, yes. He cannot tell more though." He frowns a little, as though disappointed.
(1981) Agatha:
"Aye, that's all we need to know."
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Perhaps all should go to the garden now? J'hzuu does not think there is much more all can learn here."
(1975) Git:
"Thats what er're waiting for a giuide on. Though I sippose we could just go search for it on our own."
(1976) DM:
As if on cue, there is a knock on the door.
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Who is it?"
(1976) Essafah:
It is I, Essafah.
** (1995) J'hzuu walks over, and opens the door. **
(1976) Essafah:
I had to take care of a certain problem earlier.
** (1976) Essafah stands there, leaning on his staff, breathing heavily. **
(1976) Essafah:
If you are ready, I can take you to the garden now.
(1995) J'hzuu:
"J'hzuu thinks all are done." He looks back at the others. "All are done?" he confirms.
** (1975) Git gives an idle blessing gesture over the body, while slipping Marrwan's note sinto his robes. "Yes, let us be off." **
(1976) Essafah:
Thank you for your patience. I had to make sure the guardian cobras were stilled. Ever since Marwan's death, no one has fed them, so they attack on sight those who enter the garden unbidden.
(1976) Essafah:
It would not do for you to be harmed, else the bond be broken. (somberly)
(1975) Git:
"Well... thank you for that consideration."
** (1995) J'hzuu almost stumbles. "Cobras? J'hzuu does not like snakes". He shudders. **
(1976) Essafah:
Yes, well, they have been put to sleep for a time.
** (1995) J'hzuu nods slowly, clearly still not entirely happy. **
(1976) Essafah:
Did you know this fortress was built by janni? The janni created many wards, one of which are these cobras; another are the giants which guard the gates; a third are spells which underlie the stones of the fortress. And yet, with all of these precautions, they could not prevent the death of our esteemed Grandfather. (bitterly)
(2009) DM Tiger project link (enter): 23:13
(2009) DM Tiger project link (exit): 23:13
(1975) Git:
"Then let us finish our work quickly, lest they awake on us." :heads to the door.: "Lead the way, please."
(1979) Vrondard: .
(1995) J'hzuu:
"All that means is that the killer was likely inside. A place can be impossible to enter, and those inside still not be invulnerable."
(2010) No Name (enter): 23:15
** (1976) Essafah leads you through many halls and passages in the fortress and eventually enters a vast enclosed area open only to the sky. Lemons, tangerines, oranges, pomegranates and passion fruit hang from trees, glittering fountains splash and babble. Peacocks roam freely through the garden and nightingales, mockingbirds, doves and swallows flitter through cherry trees in bloom to flowering almond trees. The streams flow with nectar and the sky is covered with rippling banners of silk. It is an incongruous scene for what passed here earlier. **
(1975) Git:
:Taking in the landscape: "It is a glorious garden. I suppose all the protection is vageuly merited."
(1976) Essafah:
If you wish it, you may speak to Ibrahim, who guards this place from those who would defile it.
(1976) Essafah:
His corpse was found in the central pavillion.
(1975) Git:
"We would like that very much, and could you show us where the body was found?"
(1976) Essafah:
It will take me a while to summon Ibrahim. If you wish to see the pavillion, simply trod any path and it will lead you there eventually.
** (1995) J'hzuu does so, moving fairly slowly, looking for anything unusual. **
** (1975) Git nods to the elder man and heads off down a path **
** (1977) Lellick stares at the garden in awe for a moment, then seems to remember where he is, and starts down one of the paths. **
** (1981) Agatha follows Git. **
** (1976) Essafah begins to murmur softly, as he watches you wander off. **
(2010) Alanal (exit): 23:23
** (1995) J'hzuu looks back at Essafah, trying to work out what he is doing. **
(1976) Essafah:
In the distance is a pavillion of rose colored stone, with pillars of lapis lazuli and a roof of carved and painted wood. Jasmine and roses surround it, in bloom. A dark stain can be found, spread across the stone path, as if a flaw across the stone.
(1976) DM:
** (1976) Essafah seems to be casting a spell but it is unlike any spell you've ever seen. **
** (1975) Git moves toward the stain, kneeling down to examine if it is blood **
(1975) Git:
Listen Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [2,8] = (10)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [2,8] = (10)
(1995) J'hzuu:
((How thick is the stain? As in, how wide))
whispering to Agatha, Listen
(1976) DM:
((what you would expect if from a man, of moderate build. the stain is a few hours old.))
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas exits the pavillion and comes to a halt. A gleeful smile is quickly replaced by a scowl, directed at you. **
** (1977) Lellick moves over to stand just a few feet away from the stain, eyeing it critically. **
** (1995) J'hzuu looks up at Akim, noting the expression. **
** (1975) Git glances up to the heinous figure, "Good evening." **
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
If you will pardon me, I was not expecting visitors. (glaring at each of you)
(2014) Seth (enter): 23:30
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas snaps his fingers, and a dusky skinned daolanni appears, crouching on the sha'ir's left shoulder, clods of dirt surrounding its form giving it a grimy appearance. **
(1975) Git:
"It's alright. We hardly announced ourselves." :speaks evenly as he eyes the blood: "So.. what brings you out here so late at night?"
(1995) J'hzuu:
"J'hzuu pardons you."
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
It is early afternoon, outlander. Do not play your verbal tricks with me. You may have charmed Marwan into his good graces but you will not spread your wiles with me. (glares)
** (1981) Agatha narrows her eyes at the Unclean. **
** (1977) Lellick blinks, looking up at Akim with a faint frown. **
(1981) Agatha:
"Hmph. You still didn't answer our question."
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas grips his staff tightly. **
(1975) Git:
"Charmed? I don't even think he liked us very much." :grins as he stands to look about the garden absently:
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
I was meditating on the nature of life and death.
(1975) Git:
"Oh? Come upon any profound wisdom?"
(1995) J'hzuu:
"J'hzuu supposes this would be a good place for that, yes."
(1981) Agatha:
"Funny. You don't strike me as the philosophical type."
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas says nothing. **
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
I am Akim al-Kalaas, and I do not speak to those who are lesser than me without being shown respect. (glares)
** (1977) Lellick attempts a small smile at him, "...You'll have to excuse us. It's been a stressful day." **
(1976) Ali:
My master is He Whom the Stars Obey. (sniggers in a shrill voice)
(2022) Commius (enter): 23:37
** (1995) J'hzuu grins. "And you speak to all. All are honoured that you find us worthy." **
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
On the other hand, I thought it was quite a wonderful day. He who bound me to my servitude is dead. DEAD! And may his soul rot for all eternity.
(1975) Git: :bows
: "Please pardon our rudeness, oh high ones, it has been a long and testing set of days for us. Not that that is much excuse." :hard to tell if he's being serious:
** (1977) Lellick winces a little at hearing Akim's words. **
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas relaxes and sits on a nearby bed of moss. "Very good. I can spare a few moments of my precious time and dally with you for a while then." **
** (2014) Maximus frowns at Akim's words, thinking such disrespect about ones master, cruel or not to be rude to Marwans memory. **
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas feeds his gen a pomegranate. "So. Ask your questions, whatever they are." **
(1975) Git:
"I'm curious... what becomes of your relation to the Everlasting now that the one he bound you here is no more?"
** (1977) Lellick goes back to looking at the bloodstain, keeping half an ear on the conversation. **
** (1981) Agatha is annoyed at the wizard's arrogance, but tries to keep herself in check. **
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas shrugs. "I shall leave as soon as I am able. The farther away I am from this accursed place, the better." (laughs maniacally) **
(2014) Maximus: (Will use detect lies during this conversation)
(1975) Git:
"So you will sever your ties to the order? Forfeit any right you may have to the leadership?"
(1977) Lellick:
Heal Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [16,11] = (27)
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
I do not wish to lead such a pack of mongrel rats! I have been called by another for a higher purpose.
(2014) Maximus: "Such as?"
(1995) J'hzuu:
"May J'hzuu ask what purpose?"
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
You are below dirt. I do not answer to dirt. (glares at Maximus)
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
And I do not answer to vermin. (glares at J'hzuu)
(1975) Git:
"Granted... I suppose it is doolish to ask such things."
(1975) Git:
*foolish even
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas relaxes and feeds his gen a slice of pomegranate. **
** (2014) Maximus shrugs, obviously frustrated with the lack of success on the part of the investigation, the impatience of youth showing through.

** (1995) J'hzuu nods. "Yes. It is a shame though. J'hzuu thinks Akim would make a good leader. He thinks Akim would be very decisive, yes?" (Bluff check?) **
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
An ifrit lord has called upon me to consult him on matters of import, and I go to answer his bidding.
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
His name is not important, and neither are you.
** (1977) Lellick kneels down next to the stain now, looking at it from a closer angle, getting pretty close to it now. **
(1976) DM:
(1981) Agatha:
"If it were Khalitarius, I'd say it is important."
(1995) J'hzuu:
Bluff: [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
** (1975) Git reaches up for pluck a tangerine, agreeing with the Shai-ir. "No, I suppose it is not important" **
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas says nothing and coos to his gen. **
(2022) Commius (exit): 23:46
(2024) Commius (enter): 23:47
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
For once, I have heard a truth from a Khajiit. (shrugs)
(1975) Git:
"I hope your binding has not held you too long from this higher service you seek to enter. If it has been months or longer he may have given up on you by now."
** (1995) J'hzuu smiles. "J'hzuu thanks you. J'hzuu wishes to ask you something. You loathe the Everlasting, yes?" **
(1975) Git:
:muses morosely as he peels the fruit:
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
Oh (slyly), I think not. (feeds his gen some more fruit)
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
I loathe them as much as I loathe vermin, yes.
** (1977) Lellick sighs softly, standing once more and briefly dusting off his knees. **
(1975) Git:
"Does anyone else here know of your plans to join this Ifrit Lord?"
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
In all this time, he has lived. LIVED!!!!! Forty years he has lived, and avoided the destroyer of delights. And now he is dead. DEAD, oh yes he is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!!! And he shall not be returning to the land of the living. And I will free myself of this gilded cage as soon as I am able. And you shall not stop me!
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Yes, so, J'hzuu has a thought. You are powerful, yes? To be called by an Ifirt lord, as an advisor. So, J'hzuu thinks, if you were to find the one who killed Marwan, they may of importance in the Everlasting. If they are charged, it could cause all sorts of problems." He leans foward slightly, and whispers "It could even lead to the Everlasting falling."
** (2014) Maximus found the F3 macro key **
** (2014) Maximus found the F2 macro key **
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas glances to Git. "No." (sullenly) **
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(2024) Commius (exit): 23:52
** (1981) Agatha looks to Git as her hand begins to wander towards the handle of her greataxe. **
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
For vermin, you are devious. (plucks a tangerine and peels it)
(1975) Git:
"How so?"
(1975) Git:
Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [16,6] = (22)
** (1995) J'hzuu grins slightly, and shrugs. "Well, J'hzuu was just thinking." He nods at the others "All have the choice of who eill be leader. If all were to choose a bad leader... Well...". He shrugs once more, and smiles slyly at Akim. **
(1995) J'hzuu:
*who will be leader
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
Nothing would please me more than to see that which binds me here to be utterly destroyed. Utterly and without fail. (peels the tangerine, watching J'hzuu)
(1995) J'hzuu:
(Whispering almost conspiratorially) "Well, if you seek the Everlasting destroyed, perhaps yourself and all could... reach an arrangement?"
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
Not even Farouk, with all his threats can stop me. Not even Batina, with her false piety can stop me. Safid is a fool who cannot see real power even though she has it in her grasp. Nusrah is a bull without horns. No, I shall soon be free, and then there will be a reckoning.
(1975) Git:
:bites into his tangerine and savors the flavor before lookin gup to ask: "You are said to be quite powerful, Could you not have killed the old man when ever you felt like it and simply left?"
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
I could not. (sullenly)
(1975) Git:
"Then whatever stopped you?"
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
He placed a geas on me when he bound me to never bring harm to him so long as I claimed sanctuary.
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
To never bring harm to him or the Everlasting so long as I claimed sanctuary. (sullenly)
(1975) Git:
"I see... and this geas... does it extend to your little friend there as well?" :gesturing to Ali:
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
He is a part of me. (pats Ali on the head)
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
So, yes.
(1975) Git: :nods
: "A true dilemma. I know well the feeling of being stuck in an organization you wish no poart in. You have my sympathy, and my congratulations."
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas strokes his chin a little. "You have potential. (points to J'hzuu) Come to my tower at midnight tonight and we will discuss more. **
** (1995) J'hzuu smiles, and nods; "J'hzuu thanks you. J'hzuu will be there." **
** (1976) Akim al-Kalaas smiles, revealing crooked, rotten teeth, obviously pleased at Git's compliment. **
** (2014) Maximus bites his lip. **
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
I find it interesting that Farouk cannot be harmed by fire. (shrugs)
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
And even more interesting that Batina is a brewer of poisons, so effective in ferreting out the truth. (smiles slyly)
** (1975) Git casually eats his tangerine. "Oh... perhaps he has a bit of ifrit in him then." **
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
One would think, no? (agrees)
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
Well...then, may you have no Fate but the Fate you have won. I must be going now. Until next we meet, effendi. (bows to Git and to J'hzuu)
(1995) J'hzuu:
"These things are interesting, yes. Very interesting." He smiles once more.
(1975) Git:
:chortles: "Wouldn't it be horrid if he turned out a cousin or half-brother you wish to serve and ends up giving you orders there?"
** (1995) J'hzuu bows to Akim. "J'hzuu will meet you at midnight. Forgive me, but J'hzuu does not know where Akim's tower is" **
(2014) Maximus: (
(2014) Maximus: (Did I detect any lies form Akim during the conversation?)
** (1975) Git takes a seat at the pavillion, waiting for the gen or Farouk to show up. **
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
Why, it is the tallest tower in Jabal el-Sara'hin. (points to a slender obsidian minaret in one corner of the fortress) A fitting home for myself.
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Of course. J'hzuu will be there."
(1976) Akim al-Kalaas:
Come, Ali. We have plans to make for our departure.
** (1976) Ali plucks a couple of limes from a tree and waves to you, grinning maliciously. **
** (1981) Agatha waits for Akim to leave before speaking. **
** (2014) Maximus sits next to Git and absently grabs his holy symbol and seems to writhdrawl more into himself. **
** (1975) Git waves him off before muttering under his breath to Max: "So.. was he lying?" **
(1995) J'hzuu:
After Akim walks out of sight, J'hzuu waits a moment longer, then begins rubbing his arm as he did before, and speaking the same words. (Detect Magick)
** (2014) Maximus looks somewhat surprised to hear himself being addressed. "...No, his words were truth...however malicious they were and the peverse evil behind them."(shudders) **
(1981) Agatha:
"I got the same feeling. But you better be damned sure that he wasn't just out here for the fresh air."
(1975) Git:
"I figued as much." pops the last of the fruit in his mouth.:
(2014) Maximus: "I hope his Ifrit master, isn't the one you all hope to slay."
** (1977) Lellick smiles at Max sympathetically, "At least now, we won't have to deal with him anymore... right?" **
(1981) Agatha:
"But that's a small trifle at this point. You know he's joining up with the ifrit. Should we put a stop to him?"
** (1995) J'hzuu gets up and walks around a bit, and speaks to the group "All should not speak of Akim this way. He is wise and powerful. J'hzuu thinks he could learn from him." **
** (2014) Maximus shakes his head. "Let us not kill in this place...yet, and who knows what magick he could work on us." **
** (1995) J'hzuu moves his eyes around, and winks. **
(1976) Voice:
Wise words spoken by one who knows little and knows best.
(1976) DM:
A male baritone issues forth from within the pavillion's walls.
** (1995) J'hzuu turns around, and looks at the wall behind him. **
** (1981) Agatha turns towards the voice. **
** (2014) Maximus looks around. **
(1975) Git:
"No. We have no proof of what Ifrit he joins. Besides. I am in no mood to pick a fight with him at this juncture. If it becomes necessary later, we will have the aid of the Everlating on our side... I hope."
** (1977) Lellick blinks, looking around questioningly. **
** (1976) Farouk appears in a blink of an eye, lounging against the pavillion's walls. **
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Greetings again." He doesn't seem all that surprised.
** (2014) Maximus stands up and gives a curt bow, "Well met, hopefully this meeting will go better then any meeting one would have with Akim?" **
(1975) Git:
:Glances to the large man, "Yes, and please forgive us for calling you out all of a sudden. But we wish a bit of aid."
(1976) Farouk:
A very interesting conversation, it seems. Conspiring against those of us who exchanged salt with you, eh?
(1976) Farouk:
I truly hope Batina will not do what she normally does to traitors who violate our trust. (smirks)
(1975) Git: :gives
an amused snicker: "Hardly. The Khajit simply thought he was bing clever with the Shai'ir."
** (1995) J'hzuu grins uneasily. "How does Farouk know what J'hzuu's intentions are?" **
(1981) Agatha:
"Hmph. Akim is no longer Everlasting. The bond wouldn't extend to him."
(1976) Farouk:
Oh, it is quite obvious, for a mortal. (smirks)
** (1995) J'hzuu smiles at Farouk. "Really? If it is so easy to read the motives of mortals, why is it you do not know who slew Everlasting-Grandfather?" **
(1981) Agatha:
"Odd thing to say, unless the whispers are true about you."
** (1976) Farouk laughs a little bit and says, "We are all mortals, each in our own way." **
** (2014) Maximus puts a steading hand to his head and sits back down again. **
** (1975) Git stands, and wipes of the citrus juices from his hands, speaking in bored tone, "As fascinating as all of this cloak and dagger mess is, shall we get down to the reason we called Sir Farouk down here for, rather than wasting this precious time. I'm sure he also has better things he could be doing." **
(1976) Farouk:
All knew that Marwan was conspiring against us, and that some of us were conspiring against him. It is the nature of our lives to do this. It is what it is.
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Well, if this is Farouk's nature, he will not hold it against J'hzuu, will he?"
** (1976) Farouk nods, acknowledging Git. "Yes, please. I came here, because that toothless....servant summoned me, as you were interested in interro-....asking me about my whereabouts this morning." (shrugs) **
(1976) Farouk:
So here I am.
(1975) Git: :nods
: "Right then." First off, about what time did you find the body?"
(2014) Maximus: (Will use detect lies once again.)
(1976) Farouk:
This morning, as I was hunting with my hawks.
(2039) .... (enter): 00:24
(1975) Git:
"Alright, and when you came to the Garden yourself, did you see anyone else here or passing by the halls nearby?"
(2039) (exit): 00:24
(1976) Farouk:
why, yes, of course.
** (1977) Lellick listens to this with more interest than he had before, partially because nothing's distracting him now. **
(1976) Farouk:
There was Essafah who had just left the garden. Why, I know not. There was Batina, who I encountered up and earlier than her normal routine. She was preparing a sermon, or so she claimed. Those are the only two I had seen this morning. (strokes his chin and smiles)
(2014) Maximus: " Ironic how Batina claims to have slept in till summoned because of the murder."
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Farouk, do you truly wish to see Everlasting-Grandfather's killer caught?"
(1975) Git: :nods
, creasing his brow a bit: "And what of the tasked gen, Ibraham?"
(1976) Farouk:
Of course.
(1976) Farouk:
He is invisible to all who enter the garden save if they harm a soul within.
(1981) Agatha:
"Hmph. You sure that was everyone you saw? Think hard."
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Would you permit to allow someone to read your thoughts, to clear you from the possibilities. That way, his murderer can be found more quickly. That is, of course, if you truly do wish to catch his killer"
** (1981) Agatha gives Farouk the sort of hard stare one might give to the guy that forgot his purse when it's time to pay the tab. **
** (1976) Farouk smiles maliciously at J'hzuu and says nothing. **
** (1976) Farouk meets Agatha's stare and winks at her, staring at her bodice. **
(1975) Git:
"Nevermind that for now." :standing before the blood stain: "When you found the body how was he laid out?"
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Ah, J'hzuu is sorry. He thought you wished to catch the murderer. He must have been mistaken.". He smiles at Farouk, baring a little more of his teeth than necessary.
** (1976) Farouk continues to stare at Agatha's midsection, replying slowly, "Stretched out as if he were a canvas atop a drum, with a jambiya impaled on his back. My, what a lovely woman you are, so strong and so filled with righteous fury," as he raises his eyes to meet the barbarian's furious gaze. **
** (1981) Agatha catches the direction of Farouk's gaze, blushes, and then gives the Sword Dancer an angry warning glare. **
** (1977) Lellick speaks up, "Could you show us exactly where he was lying, perhaps? And which way he was facing? It may be important." **
(1976) Farouk:
"I could show you where I would like to lie with you. And which way we would be facing. It is quite important." (winks) "Oh, you were saying?" (innocently)
** (1977) Lellick looks a little confused at that. **
** (1975) Git snaps his fingers at Farouk, as if getting the attention of a wayward child: "So he was on his stomache then. Was his head toward the Pavillion, the path or off some other way?" **
** (1976) Farouk smiles at Agatha, licking his lips, and turns to the healer. "He was stretched out across the path. I shall not further desecrate the sanctity of this garden by making a mockery of Marwan's form." **
(2014) Maximus: "Who do you suspect for the murder?"
(2014) Maximus: "As in your main choice."
** (1976) Farouk turns to Git, shrugging. "Oh, he was headed out of the pavillion. I can't quite recall." **
** (1981) Agatha isn't sure what to make of this warrior. **
** (1976) Farouk turns to the paladin. "I suspect anyone who is not on my side, naturally. Including you." **
** (1981) Agatha then realizes she missed the last few bits of conversation. **
(1975) Git:
: Nods: "Then if there was an attack here it probably came from the pavillion."
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Farouk has said that all in the Everlasting conspire. How does Farouk know who is on "His side"?
(1975) Git:
"hmmm...." :begins looking about the path and within the pavillion.
** (1977) Lellick looks at the bloodstain once more, now circling around it to stand roughly where the body should've been, taking care not to actually tread on the stain. **
(1976) Farouk:
Very good point, Khajiit. (smiles slyly)
** (2014) Maximus smiles, a dark and somewhat condenscending one that doesn't reach his eyes. **
(1995) J'hzuu:
"If Marwan walked with another, from the pavillion, the other could have hit him from behind. That would match the position, no?"
(1975) Git:
Spot Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [7,7] = (14)
(1977) Lellick:
"Yes, it would..."
** (1995) J'hzuu takes a small piece of wool from the puch on his waist, and throws it to the ground, speaking and gesturing as he does. The now familiar blue smoke rises, until forms a faceless figure in a robe. **
** (1995) J'hzuu walks to the pavillion, and the figure follows. They walk out together, then J'hzuu brings his hands up in a mock movement of stabbing the illusion in the back. **
(1995) J'hzuu:
It falls over, landing the position Farouk described. "Like this?" he says.
(2014) Maximus: "In the rules of the everlasting, what will happen to the killer when caught?"
** (1975) Git follows the ground along to the pavillion, "No..... he was killed in here. I think." **
** (1977) Lellick turns to watch J'hzuu, stepping out of the way, then looks over to Git. "You've found something?" **
(1975) Git:
"Yes... scuff marks along the ground. Something was dragged out. I'm assuming him."
(1975) Git:
"Afterwards, he's placed out there and given the pin cushion treatment to hide the truth of his death."
(1975) Git: :to
Lellick: "You said you could tell the stabs were delivered post-mortum. Can you guess how long after?"
** (1995) J'hzuu turns to Farouk "Farouk has just shown it would not be diffcult to conceal one's self in there." He stares at the man a moment longer, then looks back to Git. **
** (1977) Lellick spreads his hands, "It's too hard to tell. As soon as one dies, the blood stops moving, and a wound will bleed slower. The stain here does match for having been dragged.. it's too spread out.." **
** (1981) Agatha eyes Faruok for his reaction to the analysis. **
(1975) Git:
"So then... wer're back to asking what killed him."
(1976) Farouk:
If the killer is caught, then he will be brought to justice. However, for this to happen, there must be convincing proof. As those tasked with the rite of succession, you are by extension, granted the authority to bring the Grandfather's murderer to justice. Any who stands in your way is guilty of violating the bond of salt, as much as you would be if you were to conspire against us. (smiles at J'hzuu)
** (1975) Git begins searching around the pavillion for any clues, loose hair, bits of clothing, a bloody glove, etc. (take 20, 27) **
(1976) Farouk:
Now then, if you do not have any other questions for me, I must go.
** (1995) J'hzuu smiles back at Farouk "So, anything all deems to be necessary, say reading the thoughts of others, if one denied us this, they would break the bond of salt?" **
(1976) Farouk:
You are bound by the bond to not seek harm against those who reside here. That includes forcing your will on those who resist you. You have the authority to investigate and to accuse with proof, but you do not have authority to impose your will. Tread carefully, Khajiit. I am less forgiving than either Batina or Safid."
(1975) Git: :to
Farouk, while sluething: "When you found the body, who did you tell first?"
(1995) J'hzuu:
"Very well. J'hzuu apologises. He did not mean to offend."
(1976) Farouk:
I sought out Batina, as it was the proper thing to do.
(1975) Git:
"And where did you find her?"
(1976) Farouk:
In her chamber, sleeping.
(1976) Farouk:
She was summoned to the Hall of the Faithful, and dealt with the matter forthwith.
(1975) Git:
"And did the subject come up have you having seen her near the garden that morning?"
(1976) Farouk:
(1975) Git:
"Alright, and just one last thing. Can you think of any reasone someone would want the Grandfather's death to look like a vicious stabbing?"
(2014) Maximus: "I thought you saw Batina in the garden this morning as you hunted with your hawks?"
(1979) Vrondard: Disconnecting from server...
(1979) Vrondard (exit): 00:54
(1976) Farouk:
Any number of reasons, but I thought it was a vicious stabbing. (shrugs)
(1976) Farouk:
As many reasons as there are lies in the world, outlander.
(1975) Git:
"Fair enough. THank you for your time and patience."
** (1976) Farouk turns to Maximus. "Yes, I did. I saw her leaving the garden as I was on my way, with my hawks." **
** (1976) Farouk smiles serenely. **
(2014) Maximus: "Yet you then went to find after the murder, where she was sleeping in her chamber?"
** (1976) Farouk shrugs. "I can only say what I saw, outlander." **
(1981) Agatha:
"It seems odd though doesn't it?"
** (2014) Maximus nods at Farouk. "Ah, I see." **
(1975) Git:
"A question we will breach to Batina later."
(1976) TaliesinNYC:
[1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(1981) Agatha:
"Batina struck me as an early riser. Seems unusual that she'd go back to sleep after a quick stroll."
(1976) TaliesinNYC:
(1975) Git:
"She seems to proud to lie. Though there is the possibility of a glamer at work."
(1995) J'hzuu:
"What does pride have to do with truth? Many lie to protect their pride, no?"
(1975) Git:
"True. But the self-righteous tend to stand by their own pomp."
(2014) Maximus: "Pride gives strength and lying is a tool of the weak."
** (1975) Git moves from the pavillion, plucking several cherries, "Shall we go see how Essafah fairs with his gen summoning?" **
** (1976) Farouk leaves you, bowing low to Git and Maximus. "Until next we meet, outlanders." **
** (1975) Git returns the bow, and pops a cherry in his mouth. **
** (2014) Maximus returns the bow. **
(1976) DM:
A sharp cry pierces the stillness in the garden.
** (1995) J'hzuu spins arounf, looking for the source. **
(1976) DM:
...a few moments later (I meant to say)
(1975) Git:
(1976) DM:
It's cut short as quickly as you heard it.
** (2014) Maximus spins around to the sound hand on the hilt of his sword. **
** (1995) J'hzuu 's robe turns to to a deep reddy-purple. **
(1976) DM:
It seemed to have come from the direction of the entrance to the garden.
** (1977) Lellick looks up, and then around, eyes wide. "What..?" **
** (1975) Git turns on his toes and takes off running back up the path, pulling daggers and keeping an eye out for surprises along the way." **
** (1981) Agatha gives a last quick look around before she runs off to the disturbance. **
** (2014) Maximus runs after Git, his pace equal to that of Gits, his chainmail armor seeming not to hinder him in anyway. **
** (1995) J'hzuu looks at the others, and moves foward, giving Agathat a few gentle prods to try and keep her in front of him. **
(1976) DM:
You find Essafah's corpse frozen in mid-gesticulation. A look of fear is etched into his face. No mark can be found on his person, and no wound. Footsteps can be heard in the distance.
(1981) Agatha:
"Someone stay here and watch the crime scene!"
** (1975) Git eyes the froxen form curiously" ....ok..." **
** (1981) Agatha shouts before she left to the disturbance. **
** (1995) J'hzuu begins casting another spell, rubbing huis wrist for the third time today (Detect Magick) **
(2014) Maximus: (using detect evil to guide myself, I will run after the footsteps)
** (1977) Lellick runs after them, taking up the rear. "Ehm, perhaps I should watch it, then.." **
** (1975) Git listens close to find the course of the footprints **
(1995) J'hzuu:
"There is no magicks around."
(1976) DM:
Four holy slayers burst into the garden, led by Safid. They stop short when they see you, bent over the sorcerer's corpse, hands on their jambiyas.
(1976) DM:
(and on this note, I have to stop, feeling a little short of breath)

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