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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(40) DM: (continuing from the boards)
** (41) J'hzuu looks up at Git, and the dancing figure dissapears in a puff of smoke. He shakes his head. "J'hzuu could perhaps keep it for half the day, but not the whole day, no. J'hzuu can read the thoughts of others, though, like Git has said. Perhaps he could use this to all's advantage? But this would mean less time with this." He pats the floor of the room. "J'hzuu will help however he can, though." **
** (35) Git takes refreshing sip of the mint tea **
** (34) Lellick has been resting, reclining against one of the cushions... with his eyes closed. **
(42) Erolon (enter): 21:57
(35) Git: :nods: "That may prove very helpful J'hzuu. Just make sure you use it with discretion. Some may take offense."
** (39) Maximus puts his longsword back into it's sheath and picks up one of his waterskins and sips from it. "Mind reading I believe, no matter on who is a serious breach of personal law and manners." **
** (41) J'hzuu shrugs. "Sometimes manners are hard to keep. Does littlefolk apologise when he kills an orc?" **
(35) Git: "I agree." :casts a glance to the moral champion: "It makes it very hard to lie to them."
(39) Maximus: " Why lie? Since when does the truth become such an inconvience?"
(35) Git: :sighs: "I was kidding. Obviously it went over your head."
(41) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu can think of many reasons. When the truth would get you killed, when the truth will cause more harm than good, many reasons."
(35) Git: "Does anyone else have anything useful to offer?"
** (32) Agatha sips and inhales the aroma from the tea. **
** (39) Maximus put his fist to his head and appears and concetrates. **
** (34) Lellick wakes with a soft snort, blinking and looking around before realizing he dozed off. Looking somewhat sheepish, he stretches a little and pretends he wasn't asleep. **
(39) Maximus: "Who if anyone does anyone want to nominate as the lead canidite?"
(32) Agatha: "It's too early for that, I think. We only have a few words and rumors to go on. I say we summon up that djann and learn what we can about our candidates."
(35) Git: "Hmmm..." :thinks it over: "Well, there is this one topless dancer I know from Tolmara, but I don't think she'd be willing to make the trip up here."
(41) J'hzuu: "Candidate for the Everlasting leader? What about Ajaiyah? She seems to be somewhat friendly with all..."
(39) Maximus: :looks at git: "I think that would be too long of a trip..."
(32) Agatha: "I think the zealots and the arcanists are out. They're trouble just waiting to happen."
(41) J'hzuu: "All have met her before? J'hzuu just thought it seemed so."
** (32) Agatha ignores Git's comment. **
(34) Lellick: "Uhm, well.. are there any certain traits we'll want in a candidate?"
(39) Maximus: " Why the Arcanists? Most are waddled in the mind, but most have much knowledge and key ideas."
(35) Git: ""Actually, if we make a big enough impression, things may crumble all the faster if people are forced to follow the crazy extremists."
(39) Maximus: "Think for a second though, if the organization does crumble. What would be the consequences?"
(32) Agatha: "Aye, but above all the arcanists here are always looking for more power wherever they can find it."
(35) Git: "A weak willed individual who would do what we tell him to would be nice."
(41) J'hzuu: "If all can find one who they trust, would it not be better to leave the Everlasting standing? They are powerful, yes? Powerful allies are always welcome."
** (32) Agatha turns to Git. "Religious fervor's a dangerous thing, Git." **
(41) J'hzuu: "Religious fervor can be manipulated. It is those with personal ambiton who are to be feared."
** (34) Lellick looks to J'hzuu, faintly alarmed, "Do you really want assassins as allies?" **
** (41) J'hzuu shrugs. "Better they as allies, than no allies at all, yes?" **
(35) Git: "True, I mean, if we manage to take down the Ifrit, and the Everlastion manages to come out the strongets in Zay'al, they may just see it as their divine right to take power."
(39) Maximus: "And not to mention, what or who does the Everlasting keep in check?"
(40) Hassan, the White Opal: If the Everlasting is destroyed from within, there are others who will replace them. (sips tea)
** (34) Lellick rubs at his face a bit. **
** (39) Maximus nods at Hassan, "Evil always replaces itself, sometimes evil needs to stay as it is lest a new more dangerous comes along." **
** (41) J'hzuu nods at Maximus. "Yes, this is true. Assassins kill those who have enough power to be a threat. Someone must want them slain. How many evils have they killed?" **
(35) Git: "I don't actuallly want to destroy them. That too would cause and imbalance in power. I just want them to be weakened enough to give the others powers in the desert time to rebuild."
(41) J'hzuu: "If all elect an incompotent leader, it could leads to internal conflict, yes? They would be weakened, and distracted. This would work, no?"
(40) Hassan, the White Opal: As the most powerful of all of the holy slayers, the Everlasting serves its interests, and that of the Grand Caliph. It serves its interests to expand and to maintain its hold, and that of the Grand Caliph by keeping all other holy slayers in check. This in turn checks the Everlasting, for they cannot become too powerful, lest the combined wrath of their slayer kin and that of the Grand Caliph wipe them from existence. It is a deadly dance.
(39) Maximus: " I see, then pick a strong leader who can keep them in check and would be in debt to us."
** (32) Agatha contemplates as she drinks the tea. **
(32) Agatha: ((brb))
(34) Lellick: "..I can't say that I like the idea of letting these assassins continue, but it seems we have little choice."
(39) Maximus: "Why did you all originally come to help the Everlasting?"
(35) Git: "Not so much help them as to acquire their aid to deal with the Ifrit."
(41) J'hzuu: "Why did all think they would help? All have said nought but how evil and treacherous they are."
** (39) Maximus thinks for a bit and then talks some more, "Hassan you said your Father would also come to aid against this Ifrit correct?" **
(40) Hassan, the White Opal: He has committed most of his warriors against the forces of the demon in the desert, far beyond the Oasis. However, I am certain that Nador might be able to craft an item that might aid us in our journey to rescue my betrothed. And there is the legend of the palm sign.
(34) Lellick has sent you a tree node...
(39) Maximus: "Go on, what is the palm sign legend?"
** (41) J'hzuu wrinkles his brow, trying to think. **
(40) Hassan, the White Opal: According to the words of rawuna in our tribe, the palm sign is a mark found on the palm of the wives of the Sheik of the Oasis. When joined with this medallion (points to the ivory medallion beneath his robes), the sign reveals the way to a great Good.
(41) J'hzuu: "A great Good to battle a great Evil". He nods.
(39) Maximus: "hmmm, A great good could be an item or spell...but lets think of the everlasting. J'hzuu suggested Ajaiyah?"
(40) Hassan, the White Opal: The legends say that this Good was sealed away by powerful magic, and will return to battle the ifrit. Some say this Good is a djann, others say this Good takes a different form. Each generation of my tribe has handed down the medallion, and the palm sign has always appeared on the palms of their consorts.
** (34) Lellick goes quiet again, just listening for now. **
(40) Hassan, the White Opal: On the night of our betrothal, before the ifrit stole her away, the palm sign appeared on Shadalah's hand.
** (39) Maximus mutters to himself..."there is no fate but the fate your given..." **
** (40) Hassan, the White Opal falls silent, as he sips his tea. **
** (41) J'hzuu lets out a loud sigh. "Well, all can talk for as long as all wants, but all will get nowhere until all knows more. Food will be soon, a few turns of the glass. All may find out more then. Until then, it is like dressing in the dark. You may do it right, but you will not know until you find the light." **
(35) Git: "Good analogy." :offers the Khajit and sips down the last of his cup:
(32) Agatha: "Hmm. The cat has a point."
** (41) J'hzuu smiles at Git. "J'hzuu can be wise. He just chooses not to be." **
(41) J'hzuu: ((How long have we been here? From memory, it was seven hours until the food, how long have we been talking?))
** (35) Git sets the cup aside and lies back to rest **
(35) Git: (about... five minutes)
(40) DM: ((about an hour. and you were told dinner would be at the seventh turning of the glass -- ooc: 7 pm -- not seven hours from now))
(35) Git: (..or more)
(41) J'hzuu: ((Oh, ok, then. I misunderstood that. Gotcha))
(39) Maximus: "Then let us rest and then feast and learn of those who lives we must affect."
(35) Git: "Agrees"
(40) DM: ((well perhaps slightly less than an hour. it's been some time. :) ))
(32) Agatha: ((I'll say))
(44) No Name (enter): 22:28
** (41) J'hzuu J'hzuu stands up, stretches, and nods. He looks at the others laying on the ground, and says "Apparently, J'hzuu has some guests?". He shrugs, takes off his robe, which turns to a dull brown colour, and lays down, pulling the robe back over him as a blanket. **
(39) Maximus: "Well I'm ready to leave this 'lil room and head back to the real world and be ready for the feast. I suggest we stay armored and armed."
(44) No Name (exit): 22:29
(41) J'hzuu: ((He's wearing some form of underwear underneath, not completely nude.))
** (39) Maximus will then exit the pocket dimension. **
(41) J'hzuu: "You can stay up here, or go back down. They may not be able to read your thoughts from here. Just put the rope back up."
** (39) Maximus greets Vrondard and the other people down stairs as he proceeds to strip off his armor and clothing and rest in the bath. **
** (35) Git points out before dozing, "One more thing, "Technically we only passed two tests in the trial. I don't know if it was maybe best two out of three or something. But if that Bridge of Birds is still to be sprung on us... be prepared." **
** (41) J'hzuu snorts. "Don't worry. J'hzuu could use a good snack." **
(40) DM: ((btw, if a player is not here, then his PC is in "player limbo" meaning his PC isn't present))
(39) Maximus: (( gotcha))
(41) J'hzuu: ((Erm... If everyone's resting/bathing, perhaps fast foward?))
** (39) Maximus will wash himself and all that stuff but will keep a dagger at close hand. **
(40) DM: After some time, Bismilla comes to escort you to dinner.
(40) Bismilla: Masters, I trust that you are rested and refreshed? (as he waddles inside your suite)
(41) J'hzuu: ((Within about 2-1/2 hours? If so, I've restored all my spells, just for the record))
** (39) Maximus will greet Bismilla with courtesy but not warmth and will follow him to the dinner. **
** (35) Git takes some time getting dressed and refreshed, "Well, I could use a bit more sleep. But.. yes... I do feel better. Lovely accomodations by the way." **
** (41) J'hzuu greets the "fat-man" fairly warmly, and follows him. **
(40) DM: The portly assassin is garbed all in white with a black sash tied around his ample girth. A jambiya can be seen tucked inside his waist sash, almost hidden by the folds of flesh.
** (32) Agatha nods. "Now let's grab some grub. If this fellow is any indication, it should be good." **
** (34) Lellick stands, and follows after the others with Bismilla, bringing only his holy symbol with him as it's tied to his belt anyway. **
(40) Bismilla: Good, good. Marwan, may he be protected from all harm by those who serve Kor, has had a great dinner prepared in your honor. I am to escort you to the Halls of the Faithful. (nods sagely)
** (41) J'hzuu licks his lips. "It is strange. J'hzuu does not need to eat, and this makes food taste much better. Very strange." **
** (32) Agatha keeps an eye out for any backstabbers. **
** (35) Git follows along, casually and apparently unarmed, as he struts with his thumbs tucked in his sash **
** (39) Maximus follows Bismilla and keeps an eye on his surroundings, he is garbed in his grayish chainmail that flows all to well with his body and a shortsword at his side. **
** (41) J'hzuu is looking around, at any paintings, decorations, or just at the architecture in general. **
(40) DM: He leads you to a vast chamber, where, it seems, every assassin in the fortress is present, lounging by a table laden with plates, cutlery and glassware. A beautiful, charismatic young woman with tawny-blonde hair and stunning green eyes is playing a qanun, a seven stringed harp that emanates a haunting melody in the hall.
(40) DM: Marwan is seated at the table, listening to the music, and does not seem to notice you. It seems as if everyone is staring at you as you enter, Bismilla in tow.
(40) DM: On closer inspection, the woman appears to be a half-elf.
** (41) J'hzuu smiles toothily at everyone in the room, giving a little wave to a couple as well. **
** (35) Git gives the staring a few friendly nods and waves as he makes his way to Marwan's seat. Leaning near him, the half-elf greets. "Good evening kind host." **
(40) DM: Muttering ensues in the crowd....
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(32) Agatha (exit): 22:45
** (40) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows gazes around the room, silencing his fellows with a fierce look. **
** (34) Lellick is a bit nervous at all the staring, but does his best to keep it back by taking extra time looking around the room. **
** (41) J'hzuu looks around, trying to work out if it was him or Git who caused the reaction. **
** (40) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows gestures to the rest of you, and points to his right. **
(45) Agatha (enter): 22:46
** (39) Maximus cuts an imperialistic figure as he walks to Marwan and greets him politily and respectfully as one of his station demands. **
(45) Agatha (enter): 22:46
(40) Bismilla: A place of honor.... (gasps)
(40) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(45) Agatha' from room...
(45) Agatha (enter): 22:47
** (41) J'hzuu glances around, then starts moving hesitantly to where Marwan gestured. **
** (35) Git gives a bow and moves as instructed **
** (39) Maximus seats himself in the indicated seating area. **
(40) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(45) Agatha' from room...
(45) Agatha (enter): 22:47
(41) J'hzuu: ((Try restarting Open))

** (34) Lellick walks along behind the others as he moves to a seat, trying not to look at anyone now. **
(46) DM: After a moment, the music ceases.
(35) Git: :ignoring the murmurs as he takes his seat: "This is a lovely affair. I hope you haven't gone to all this trouble on our accounts."
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows turns to you, and in a loud voice as if to proclaim to one and all, offers to share bread and salt with you. **
** (41) J'hzuu looks up, quickly, but says nothing. **
(35) Git: :bowing his head: "We would be honored."
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: From my heart to yours, may you be welcome in this, our fortress and our home. (offers a bowl of salt and a slice of bread, bowing)
(46) DM: What tension there had been when you entered quickly dissipates.
** (39) Maximus accepts the offer. **
(41) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu thanks you".
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows claps his hands, as servers enter the hall, each bearing a tray filled with loaves of bread and bowls of olives. **
** (45) Agatha graciously accepts the bread and salt, bowing as she does so. **
** (35) Git accepts bread and salt with a glad grin **
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Welcome to Jabar el-Sara'hin. I trust your journey was not long or arduous?
** (34) Lellick also accepts, giving the Caliph a small smile. **
(46) DM: The music continues, although more subdued than before.
(35) Git: "Pft... it seems our journeys are ever arduous. Why should this one be different?"
** (46) Safid plays skillfully on the qanun, winking slyly at Git. **
(39) Maximus: "Depending on which Journy you speek of, no not too long in my opinion."
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Well then...perhaps Fate will grant you some time by which to rest yourselves before your next journey.
(39) Maximus: (speak*)
(41) J'hzuu: "Life is a journey, and it is never arduous. Though J'hzuu does not often fight lions, on his journey."
(45) Agatha: "Hmph. Perhaps."
** (35) Git returns the woman a glib wink, though keeps his attention on Marwan **
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Not so very long ago, when the word of the Loregiver had been spread among the tribes and nations of the civilized world, some chose to obey the outward forms of piety and yet their hearts rotted within them.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: The worst of these false children of Zayal was named Ayesha al-Aziz, a beauty with eyes that held a dark spark, like the light in an eagle's eye when it surveys its prey. So great was her talent at deception that soon she ruled from just behind the Palace of the Enlightened Throne in the City of Delights, and she plotted to replace the Grand Caliph.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: But one man, an old mystic who came down from the Ghost Mountains to advise the Grand Caliph, saw through her outward seeming and shuddered at her black and baleful soul. Try as he might, none would believe ill of her, and all his counsel against her came to naught.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: (serves Git and the rest of you bread, olives and spiced olive oil as he tells his tale)
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: So the old man sought the sand of truth and found it in a place where all might see it but few looked. He took the sand back to Golden Huzuz, and there he went to the diwan. Before all the assembled people, he sprinkled the dust upon foul Ayesha, and her fair form vanished, and the Grand Caliph returned to his senses and banished her. She was never heard from again.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: The mystic was a hero, but he let the city people toast him in his absence, for he returned to the mountains. When he died, the birds lamented and tore their feathers from their breasts in grief.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: It is written that the sand of truth is found in dreamer's eyes, for are not dreams visions of truth? Others have said that truth is found in the dust of time, for all things meet death, the destroyer of delights; only dust remains and this dust is truth as well. And yet others say that the sand is none of these things.
** (39) Maximus will dip bread in the spiced olive oil, once he sees Marwen dine. **
** (41) J'hzuu follows suit. **
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Now then, (as he finishes serving you) I should mention that I have lost two food tasters in the past six months. (eyeing each of you in turn as he says this)
(41) J'hzuu: (brb)
(35) Git: "True moral to that tale. A lovely form and a sweet tongue makes not a worthy individual."
** (41) J'hzuu looks up at Marwan's words, an olive froze in place just over his tounge. He brings it down, glaces at it, and glances around nerviously. **
** (45) Agatha looks at Marwan and then at her bread. She drops it. **
(35) Git: "Well, I hope you don't lose too many more on our account."
(39) Maximus: "Too many seem to advance their lot in life with a dab of this or that in the evening drink I take it?"
(34) Lellick: /me, at hearing that, blinks at the olive oil in front of him.
(34) Lellick: (..pretend that command worked)
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows smiles grimly, and begins to eat, as talk resumes amongst the assassins, some of whom are observing you whilst others discuss events amongst themselves. Ajaiyah is nowhere to be found. **
** (41) J'hzuu looks at Marwan, then taps his fingers twice on the table, and speaks under his breath. A faint white mist spreads from his fingers to the bowl, and settles around it for a minute (Detect Poison) **
** (45) Agatha glances around and rejoins the feasting. **
(46) DM: The meal begins slowly, at first: candied persimoons, tangerines, tiny golden bananas, and hearts of date palm.
whispering to J'hzuu, none that you can see
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: So, have we not had the pleasure of introductions?
** (39) Maximus will dip bread into the spiced olive oil and precede to eat it. **
(41) J'hzuu: ((Shit, I misread my sheet. Don't have detect poison, it was magic... Sorry, I'll pretend that didn't happen, and I'll lose a spell slot or something. Sorry.))
(41) J'hzuu: ((Or whatever. I know I can't take back actions, ... damn...))
(35) Git: "Hardl, and I do believe knowing ones partners is an essentially. "Stands to bow and speak to the assemblage. "I am Aragit Fellthorn, a humble merchant and member of these August Wanderes. It is a pleasure."
(46) DM: To Marwan's left is a tall, muscular ebon skinned humanoid, clearly female, with eyes like the blazing sun and hair the color and hue of burnt coals. A gleaming scimitar can be seen, buried in a scabbard strapped to her side. She picks daintily at a tangerine, peeling it and laying the pith to one side of a plate, as she listens to you.
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows nods. **
(39) Maximus: " I am Maximus Dardenus Parmenion Knight of Odion, partron of the Imperial line of the Empire of Mel'cendia.
(39) Maximus: (patron*)
** (41) J'hzuu follows Git's lead. He rises, and makes a half-bow. "J'hzuu, traveller and searcher of all things magickal and sweet, greets you." **
(46) DM: ((np. don't worry about it for now))
** (34) Lellick briefly looks up at hearing the introductions, and speaks in a slightly louder tone than he usually would, staring down at his food as he does. "Ah.. I'm Lellick Litefinger, servant of Tevesh. It's.. nice to be here." **
(46) DM: The ebon skinned woman to Marwan's left speaks.
** (41) J'hzuu glances at Lellick, and can't help but snicker. **
(46) Halfana: Halfana al-Yamini, and I serve the Grandfather of the Everlasting to the end of my days. (with an air of quiet menace in her voice)
** (34) Lellick glances at J'hzuu with a faint, somewhat embarrassed smile. **
(35) Git: :nods to Halfana: "And I am sure you serve him well."
** (46) Farouk stands up, a tall and devastatingly handsome young man with hair the color of burnt sienna and a scraggly beard. "Farouk Abd al-Bazan, of the Sword Dancers. May you have no Fate but the Fate you have won." **
** (39) Maximus looks respectfully at Halfana, "One must complete their duty till the end of their days, it is the honor we give to each of ourselves." **
** (41) J'hzuu looks up at the man's expression, it clearly not being the norm. **
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows listens, slicing a section of palm heart, and picking through it, saying nothing. **
(35) Git: :Well met Farouk."
** (46) Batina speaks up as Farouk finishes, a female dwarf by her appearance, clad in a spare gray robe with a severe cut; clean shaven head and cold, disapproving gray eyes. "Batina al-Shaat, may Hajama be praised." **
(46) Bismilla: Batina is our Minister of the Faithful. (whispers)
** (45) Agatha nods to sword dancer, remembering what Ajaiyah said of him. **
** (45) Agatha whispers back. "So I 've heard." **
** (34) Lellick looks at each of the Everlasting as they speak, making sure to fit voice to looks, but once that's done goes back to looking at his food. **
(35) Git: :to Baltina, respectfully: "I hope you will teach us a bit of your ways, so we will be more knowledgable in our decision."
(46) DM: Off to one side of the table, can be seen a thin, spindly man in deep sea green robes, clearly out of place in this hall. Next to him, leaning almost casually against his side is a staff of obsidian capped with a glowing amethyst. A scintillating ruby sphere orbits his head. Clearly he seems to be ill liked as he is given a wide berth.
** (39) Maximus nods at each person as they stand up but other then that keeps to himself. Sitting straight and tall he has an air of constrained command, or rather intense discipline about him. **
(46) Bismilla: That is Akim al-Kalaas, of the Unclean. (whispers louder)
** (46) Akim al-Kalaas picks his nose and drops its offering into a wine glass. then glances at you, grinning, revealing cracked teeth. **
** (46) Bismilla turns from this disgusting display and shakes his head, returning to dinner. **
** (35) Git gives Akim a slight nod in greeting **
** (41) J'hzuu looks open-mouthed at Akim, and lets out an involuntary shudder. **
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: There are others of our stronghold you may meet in your stay here, but they are not present yet... (glances around)
** (45) Agatha turns her face from the mage in disgust. **
(35) Git: "Yes, I'm sure we'll meet them by and by"
(46) Batina: Why Marwan keeps him is a mystery even to the god. (mutters)
** (46) Batina glances up as if to peer at Marwan, making sure that he hasn't heard her comment. **
(39) Maximus: "They must be busy indeed to miss a fine meal such as this."
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows seems to be deep in his cups. **
(35) Git: "Perhaps they just don't like crowds."
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Other servers enter the hall and serve the main course: curried rice with onions, almonds and raisins; lamb ragout with cumin; roasted chicken flavored with musk and rosewater; and roasted camel, basted with spices and honey.
(46) DM: A black wine is served with this; it is chilled, earthy and heavy.
(46) DM: (oops)
** (41) J'hzuu looks at the food, then down at the untouched olive in his hand. He mutters quietly "Does Maximus or littlefolk know a spell to sense poisons?" **
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows glances up from his food as he is served and surveys the hall, beaming, and sighs. "The good works that I have left behind, I have faith that the good company I must soon leave behind me will easily overshadow my humble achievements." **
** (34) Lellick glances up, and whispers, "I do, but.. he did say there were taste-testers? Surely we won't be poisoned now that the bond has been offered." **
** (39) Maximus mutters back at J'hzuu, "Sorry but alas I do not. I'm counting on my strength of health to keep through this meal." **
(35) Git: "That is all we can ever really do. Hope that what we've worked so hard to build will flourish beyond us." :picks at the food fearlessly:
(41) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu does not think all will be poisoned, but some poisons take days to appear". He smiles faintly. "Can either heal them?"
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: By the by, I intend to make you witnesses to my will, which I will recite tonight. (tears into a portion of roast camel and eats heartily, not watching you)
(35) Git: "Merchants, Parents, monarchs... it's all the same"
** (46) Farouk drops a fork accidentally on hearing this and hastily picks up his cutlery. **
(35) Git: (who did?)
** (45) Agatha thinks of her children for a moment. **
(39) Maximus: "Do not worry, I can mend or purge most of which you might incur."
** (41) J'hzuu sighs, looking at the food. His stomach seems to get the better of him, as he takes a drumstick, and digs in, eating slowly, savouring the taste. **
whispering to Erolon, hopefully you're not too confused, lol, the Fri game is just as complex as the Sat game
** (39) Maximus continues to eat, not looking like Marwans statement phased him. **
** (35) Git assures the old man: "We will listen intently." **
** (34) Lellick thinks that over for a moment, then shrugs, "I can only slow a poison." But at seeing all this good food... no one else is keeling over dead, so he gets himself a few ample servings. **
whispering to Git, Farouk, of the Sword Dancers
(35) Git: :after swallowing a bit of bread and camel: "I am curious of a few things, I hoped you could answer Wise Marwan."
(46) Halfana: You have but to speak, for I serve him in all things, and am his ears and voice, half-elf.
(35) Git: "Right then" :to Halfana: "I am curious of the intricacies of the succession process. For instance, if something were to happen to us to inhabit our decision, so by death or detainment, what would happen?"
** (45) Agatha raises an eyebrow at Halfana's defensiveness. **
(35) Git: (inhabit= inhibit)
** (41) J'hzuu listens intently to the conversation, but helps himself to another few servings, but not touching the wine. **
(46) Halfana: Ah, that is but for Marwan to reveal, if he chooses. (glances at the Grandfather, who is eating with gusto)
** (45) Agatha sips at the wine, impressed by its robust flavor. She makes a note to ask where the drink came from later. **
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: All will be revealed in due time. (winks at Agatha as he says this)
(35) Git: "Alright..." :hardly satisfied, but moving along: "Then what of the decision itself, should it be made by some ceremony or specific rules, or is it our own option to decide when and how to declare the successor?"
(46) DM: As he says this, servers enter the room, and begin to clear the tables. Bowls of rosewater infused water are proferred, to cleanse your hands.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: So impatient, young one. (smiles warmly)
** (35) Git drinks down the last of his wine as the bowls are offered, thanking his server **
(46) DM: It is the first genuine smile you've seen from him.
** (46) Batina whispers to a colleague, taking note of Marwan's display of affection towards Git as she dips her hand in a bowl of rosewater. **
(35) Git: "We have little time to decide in. I simply wish to understand the rules soon as possible so that we can focus on the decision at hand."
** (41) J'hzuu watches the whispered conversation. **
(39) Maximus: "It seems we only under went one trial before we gained the heart of the lion, was there a mistake in the rules or...."
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: You have as much time as you will need. Ajaiyah mentioned that you had three days, correct?
(41) J'hzuu: "Two trials, no? The lion and the bed of coals." He glances at Maximus, and smiles faintly.
(35) Git: "Aye she did."
** (34) Lellick only dips his fingers into one of the bowls, taking care to shake the water off of them. Not having much to add, he simply listens tot he conversation. **
** (39) Maximus nods at J'hzuu, "Ah yes I forgot, two trails it seems." **
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: She was wrong. All will be made clear shortly. (looks over) Ah! Dessert.
** (35) Git cleans his hands and face as he glances up to the mentioned dessert. **
** (41) J'hzuu looks up at this, and glances ate stuff being brought in, grinning broadly. **
** (39) Maximus whispers to J'hzuu, "Can you see if there are any magics being worked on us?" **
(46) DM: Figs and dates are brought in, along with pastries covered with honey and chopped nuts. Spiced coffee is served, and mint tea.
(41) J'hzuu: ((*at the stuff))
(46) DM: ...and bowls of orange sherbet.
** (41) J'hzuu doesn't seem to hear Maximus, so intent on the desserts. He suddenly registers, looks at Maximus, and nods. **
** (39) Maximus looks strangely at the sherbet. Not quite knowing what do make of it, a look of amusment comes across his face. **
** (45) Agatha eyes the orange curiosity with, well, curiosity. **
** (45) Agatha pokes at it with a spoon. "Umm...this isn't some sort of camel brain delicacy is it? **
** (41) J'hzuu goes to speak, but keeps looking back. Finally, he rubs the underside of his right wrist with the two fingers of his left hand, mutters something under his breath, and looks slowly around the room. **
(35) Git: "Lovely..." :happily samples the sweets as they continue to talk and enjoy the music.:
** (46) Ajaiyah enters the room, smiling broadly as she spies you. She is wearing a diaphanous robe of sheer translucent blue silk that contrasts with her sunbronzed skin, and a twilight orchid scents her hair. She bears a gilded tray atop which you can see two golden lion statuettes and presents them to Marwan, who takes them, placing them next to his place setting. The statuettes fairly thrum with power. **
(41) J'hzuu: "It is sherbet. J'hzuu has had it once. Very tasty. As good as Khajiit sweets, almost."
(39) Maximus: "How does one eat it?"
(46) Bismilla: No, young mistress, it is a delicacy formed by mixing fruit juice with mountain snow. A delight borne of the gods!
whispering to J'hzuu, detect magic?
(45) Agatha: "Snow? All the way out here? Hmm.."
(41) J'hzuu: ((That spell was detetc magic, btw))
** (34) Lellick seems delighted with the sherbet, taking a small amount of it to taste. **
** (41) J'hzuu picks up a spoon, and takes a small amount of the stuff, and swallows it. He smiles broadly at the others, and takes another spoonful, just as small. **
(35) Git: :gestures to the lions, jesting, "Those are some fascinating centerpiesces for the table."
** (39) Maximus will pick at this 'sherbert' till he finds out he likes it. Maximus does look curiously at the two lion statues, but to those hwo look closely more at the woman who bore them. **
(39) Maximus: (who)
whispering to J'hzuu, the lions are magical, obviously
whispering to J'hzuu, and there is a magical field buried in the walls (abjuration)
** (45) Agatha eyes the treat suspiciously for a moment. It looks to like something a crazed wizard concocted, appropriate among pink tress and farting moss. She takes a small spoonful. **
whispering to J'hzuu, the scimitar Halfina wears is magical, as are some of the items that Akim has on his person
whispering to J'hzuu, nothing else in the room is magical
** (41) J'hzuu whispers to Maximus, after a few more spoonfuls, "There is no magicks on all. Not that J'hzuu can sense, anyway". **
(39) Maximus: (I forgot part of my last line, it shoudl go " and to those who look closely his eye sight is moe focused on the woman.)
(39) Maximus: (I give up, spelling aint my thing)
(46) DM: The sherbet is cold, sweet and utterly charming. It tastes of oranges that have been just picked...and frozen, but does not leave your tongue numb.
** (39) Maximus whispers back to J'hzuu, "Thansk for the effort." **
** (45) Agatha eyes grow wide with surprise. "Mmm! That's good! Who'd have ever thought?" **
** (45) Agatha digs in. **
(41) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu told you. It is the only sweet he has ever tasted that rivals Khajiit desserts."
(46) DM: After a few more moments, the music slowly ceases, and Marwan stands up, scooping up the two golden figurines. Conversation dies, as all look at him expectantly.
(35) Git: (brb)
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: O strong arms of the Everlasting, I want you to take notice of these words of mine, because I know I am soon to die.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: I, Marwan al-Jabal al-Huzuzi, give these golden lions of the fellowship to our honorable guests, to hold in trust.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Hajama will soon send for me, and the priests will say their prayers over me within the year.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Esteemed guests, stay with us a few days, and then return to your business. You will receive the call when my fate catches me, and I meet the destroyer of delights.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Return then, and observe the proper week of mourning before installing the new leader of the Everlasting in my place.
(46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Learn about our fellowship, and after a week, give the golden lions to he or she of your choosing.
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows gives the golden lions to Maximus. **
(46) DM: All eyes turn to you.
(46) DM: You can hear a pin drop.
** (41) J'hzuu nudges Maximus. **
** (39) Maximus accepts the lions, " My companions and I will guard these lions till the time comes after you leave this world until we choose your successor. **
** (39) Maximus raises his wine glass to Marwan, "May you look on your life you have left with enjoyment." **
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows nods, satisfied. The feast degenerates into a wild celebration as assassin after assassin toasts the Grandfather on a lifetime of accomplishments. **
** (46) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows nods at Bismilla, who tugs on your sleeves. **
(46) Bismilla: I am to return you to your quarters, for your protection, my masters.
** (35) Git joins the toasting, happily and seemingly relieved **
** (45) Agatha nods to the fat one and fades back. **
** (41) J'hzuu nods at Bismilla, and rises. "J'hzuu thanks you for the meal." He turns to follow Bismilla, then stops, turns around, picks up another bowl of sherbet and a spoon, smiles, and follows Bismilla. **
(35) Git: "Again to the chamber, is it so?" :sighs and finishes off his coffee:
** (39) Maximus stands up and carefully takes the lion, and bows to everyone as he follows Bismilla out of the hall. **
** (34) Lellick relunctantly stands, briefly brushing crumbs off of his hands before moving to follow him. **
(46) Bismilla: Remember, (speaks slowly) eagles soar but chickens walk.
** (35) Git stands, bowing to the assassins, "I take my leave then, see you all again soon I hope. offers a bow to Marwan and Ajaya, offering a wink to the latter before turning to follow fatty **
(41) J'hzuu: ((Later that night...?))
(46) DM: ((yes...))
(41) J'hzuu (enter): 00:15
(46) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(41) J'hzuu' from room...
(41) J'hzuu (enter): 00:15
** (39) Maximus places the 2 lions into his leather backpack, where they seem to disappear. **
(46) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(41) J'hzuu' from room...
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(42) Erolon' from server... Removing dead client
(42) Erolon (exit): 00:16
(35) Git: :adds strangely: "And ravens just squawk all the time."
(51) J'hzuu (enter): 00:16
(39) Maximus: "That was an interesting evening was it not? Best part was when Ajaiyah broguht in the lions, I think."
(39) Maximus: (brought*)
(51) J'hzuu: ((Sorry, is Bismilla still with us?))
(46) DM: ((not after he deposits you at your room))
(45) Agatha: "Hmph. Damn near gave everyone an eyeful."
(51) J'hzuu: "They are magickal." He nods at the lions.
(39) Maximus: "An eyeful is all I would want, 'tis not my want to sleep with a viper."
(46) TaliesinNYC: brb
(51) J'hzuu: "She is not J'hzuu's type. No tail." He grins.
** (39) Maximus laughs, a genuine and hearty laugh. **
(39) Maximus: "She is the type to stab you in the middle of the night and steal your purse."
(51) J'hzuu: "She does not seem so bad to J'hzuu. Better than some, he supposes."
** (35) Git lies out on a bed, gently humming one of the tunes the half-elf girl had been playing. **
(39) Maximus: " An assasin is an assasin no matter how cute, or innocent looking."
** (39) Maximus strtips off his armor and puts on a white long sleeved shirt and black, loose fitting pants as he settles down to rest. **
** (51) J'hzuu looks over at Git, and takes a piece of wool out of the pouch on his belt. Hw throws it on the floor, where it dissapears in a puff of smoke. **
(51) J'hzuu: He puts his hands together, and rubs them, speaking strange words. The smoke takes the shape of the half-elf singer, who proceeds to walk around Git mouthing things at him.
(39) Maximus: :watches J'hzuu image of the half-elf singer:
** (45) Agatha unstraps her axe but keeps it ever close. **
** (35) Git watches the image with a bit of amusement but little interest **
** (34) Lellick stifles a yawn, pleasantly sleepy after all of that food. He opts to take a seat on the floor first, though, resting his arms on his knees and closing his eyes. Time for a bit of before-bed meditation. **
(46) DM: (I can FF if you want)
(39) Maximus: (sure)
** (51) J'hzuu looks at Lellick, and the girl moves across to him, and attempts to... disrupt... his mediation. **
(35) Git: (deal)
(45) Agatha: ((sounds good))
(46) DM: (ok, next morning)
(51) J'hzuu: ((Sure, it'll just be me making magick porno, anyway))
(46) DM: You waken to the sound of pounding on your door.
** (39) Maximus stretches as he wakes up. **
** (39) Maximus grabs a dagger from his ankle and walks to the side of the door. and motions for some one to open it. **
** (51) J'hzuu sticks his head out of the space in the air, looking around. He climbs down the rope, and stands ready, claws unsheathed. **
** (45) Agatha grabs her axe as she gets up from bed. **
** (35) Git groans as he rises from the bed. Taking a dagger with him he heads for the door calling out, "Who is it?" **
** (34) Lellick lifts his head, blinking sleepily and casting a bit of a look towards the door before sliding out of bed. **
(46) Bismilla: Masters, it is I, Bismilla!
** (51) J'hzuu retracts his claws, and climbs up the rope, retrieving his rat. **
** (39) Maximus lessens his grip on his dagger, but trys to stay viligent. **
** (35) Git keeps te dagger behind the door as he gestures the others to lower their weapons, before opening up, "How may we help you Bismilla?" **
(46) Bismilla: He is dead! The fortess is in an uproar! He is dead! (begins to wail)
** (46) Bismilla pounds on the door some more. **
** (51) J'hzuu looks at Bismilla, open mouthed. **
(46) DM: (erp)
(35) Git: :brow twitches, already fearing he knows the answer: "Who is dead?"
(46) Bismilla: Marwan, may his soul rest in eternal peace by the side of holy Kor and noble Hajama, who is and was our Grandfather, is dead! (wails)
** (45) Agatha marches to the door and swings it open. "Show us." **
(35) Git: "When? How?"
(46) Bismilla: His...corpse....was found this morning, by Farouk. (cries)
** (34) Lellick stares at Bismilla for a moment, face falling, before turning and hastily grabbing his holy symbol and nunchaku out of his pack. **
** (46) Bismilla collapses to the ground, tears streaming from his eyes as he paws at Git's robes. **
** (39) Maximus walks over to his pack and starts to remove his clothing and put his arming coat on then his chainmail. **
** (35) Git tries to keep his loose robes from being pulled off by the pawing man. "Bismilla... Bis... *groan*" :kneels down: "PLease, Bismilla, you must be strong right now. PLease.. take us to Marwan's body." **
** (46) Bismilla snuffles, crying, and stands up with an effort. "He....he....was always good to us. Who will lead us now?" (cries) **
(35) Git: "One thing at a time, Bismilla, first let us understand what has taken your leader away."
** (46) Bismilla nods slowly, and begins to waddle off, down the hall. "Fol...follow me." (snuffling softly) **
(45) Agatha: "Hmph. Guess we'll have to figure that out."
** (35) Git quickly dreses, and grabs a few things before following **
** (51) J'hzuu mutters something along the lines of "We're in a fortress of assassins, he was being poisoned, and you need to figure it out?" **
(46) DM: You notice that your mamluks have left their posts, as if the death of the Grandfather overwhelmed even the stoic guards.
** (39) Maximus will grab his belt with his weapons once he gets his armor on and will follow Bismilla. **
(39) Maximus: (how big are the golden lions?)
(46) DM: (6" tall)
** (34) Lellick follows along quickly, typing his holy symbol to his belt and tucking the nunchaku in it on the way. **
** (51) J'hzuu takes on from Maximus. **
(39) Maximus: ( ok then the figures will be secured in a pocket on my belt pouch and tied down so not to moves or make noise.)
(51) J'hzuu: ((Or not))
(39) Maximus: "Marwans death has come faster then I would have thought."
(35) Git: :as they walk "Bismilla, was there any signs of how he met his end?"
(46) Bismilla: He....he was stabbed in the back, murdered. (cries)
(35) Git: "I was afraid of that."
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(54) J'hzuu (enter): 00:40
(51) J'hzuu (exit): 00:40
(35) Git: "Was anyone with him last night?"
(46) Batina: What Bismilla wants to say but is too kind to say is that Marwan died an honorless death.
** (46) Batina steps from around the corner as you come into the Hall of the Faithful, which is now a chamber of mourning. **
(46) DM: Preparations are being made to receive the Grandfather's corpse in state, but the body is not yet available for viewing.
** (46) Batina is dressed all in black, complete with veils. Her humorless eyes stare at you, taking in everything and missing nothing. **
(35) Git: :cocks a brow: "We're not here to view, so much as inspect"
(46) Batina: We were all with him. We are all suspect...save for you. For now. (flatly)
(35) Git: :unphased: "Who was the last person to see him alive?"
(46) Batina: I am afraid that is out of the question. With Marwan dead, leadership of our fellowship is up to the leaders of each of the factions -- myself, Farouk, Akim, Nusrah and Safid....or until you choose a successor.
(46) Batina: We each saw him alive in our own way. Perhaps you should talk to each of us in turn.
(35) Git: "Agreed. Has the body been moved?"
** (46) Batina glances at the bier, tears beginning to form in her eyes. "He was a good man. Kind hearted, merciful. There will not be another like him in many years to come." **
** (39) Maximus whispers to git, "I'll interview Batina, I can detect lies if need be." **
** (34) Lellick looks around the Hall of the Faithful with some curiosity at the customs, but is rather subdued as well. **
** (54) J'hzuu looks at the mourners, dressed in black, then glances down at his robe, which is an entirely innapropriate purple. **
** (46) Batina meets Git's gaze head on, as if in a show of defiance. "Yes. He was found dead, in the garden. Essafah took him to be cleaned and bathed, for the viewing. You will find him in his former quarters, cared for by his oathbinder gen, Halfina." **
** (35) Git curses under his breath **
(46) Batina: She does serve him...to the end of her days. (mutters)
(35) Git: "Max, I leave her to you then." "Bismilla show me to Marwan's quarters."
(39) Maximus: "Ones duty does not end, when it appears it should."
** (46) Bismilla nods, tears slowly streaming down his cheeks. "This...this way," (waddles off down a marble and sandstone hall) **
(39) Maximus: "Batina if you would talk with my over here, I just need to ask a few questions."
(39) Maximus: (should be me not my)
(46) Batina: Certainly, outlander. (shrugs wearily)
** (39) Maximus looks around for an area to sit in the chamber. **
** (54) J'hzuu whispers to whoever is nearest "J'hzuu needs to borrow a coin" **
** (35) Git follows after Bismilla, calling back, "Lellisck, i may need a healer's eye, would you help me?" **
** (46) Batina directs you to a table which was used for the dinner last night, and bids you seated. **
** (34) Lellick pulls himself away from watching the mourners, following after Git, "Of course." **
(57) Erolon (enter): 00:55
** (54) J'hzuu stays with Maximus, but glances after Git an Lellick. **
** (39) Maximus thanks Batina and sits. "Now if you woudn't mind, when did you last see Marwan?" **
(39) Maximus: (I'll use my detect lies abilite as a paladin of Odion, throughout this conversation.)
(46) Batina: I told you, outlander. At the dinner celebration, in your honor.
** (46) Batina removes her veil, revealing a tear-streaked face. It seems as if even her hard edged features are softened. **
whispering to Maximus, k
(39) Maximus: "Right, after the dinner where did you go?, I apologize if I sound acccusing, as you said everyone is a suspect :smiles somewhat:"
(46) Batina: Why yes, so I did. Where did I go? I went to my chambers, to pray for the future of our fellowship, for it is to be entrusted to you who are unenlightened and unknowledgeable of our ways.
(46) Batina: I cannot believe that Marwan would do such a thing. I cannot!
(39) Maximus: "Believe he would do what?
(39) Maximus: "Entrust us outlanders with your futures? Many people seem to make foolish decisions now, that turn out to be wise. But back to the questioning, when and why did you leave your chambers?"
(46) Batina: I never left my chambers, outlander. I went to my chambers after last night's dinner and remained there until Mamoud woke me this morning. (eyes narrow as she says this)
(39) Maximus: "Who is Mamoud?"
(46) Batina: Mamoud is my enforcer among the guards and the warrior dwarves. He presides over the Courageous, enforces discipline in the ranks and makes promotions. He is a good man, honorable and trustworthy, unlike Akim, may his life be an interesting one in interesting times.
(39) Maximus: "In your honest opinion, if Marwan was killed by foul play, do you have any suspicions? Things you have heard this morning, or suspected these past few days?"
** (46) Batina laughs, a harsh, bitter laugh. **
(46) Batina: Look around you, outlander. What do you see? How do you feel? Like a babe in a nest of scorpions or a pit of vipers?
(39) Maximus: "Thats what I thought you would say...I can't think of any other demanding questiosn right now. I offer my sympathy for your loss."
(46) Batina: We are assassins, true, but even assassins have honor. Whomever slew Marwan is devoid of honor. He was stabbed in the back, without warning, without a chance to defend himself.

If you were to seek his murderer, look for one who acts without honor...such as Akim, who seeks to serve only his own interest, or Farouk, who says much but does little.

(46) Batina: I do not want to be the next Grandmother, so do not offer me the lions. I am not interested.
** (39) Maximus looks at Batina, "Thanks for the advice." **
** (39) Maximus gets up and moves to J'hzuu, "You see anything out of the ordinary?" **
** (35) Git asks of Bismilla en route to Marwan's chamber, "I assume the fortress has been sealed to prevent anyone from leaving and all heads have been taken into account...?" **
(54) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu did not notice anything."
** (39) Maximus whispers with J'hzuu. **
(54) J'hzuu: ((Just letting everyone know, I'm going to have to leave in about half an hour. I'm not normally as unreliable as I have been the last few weeks, and I do apologise))
** (46) Batina nods. "If you have the desire to speak with me again, seek me out in the Tower of the Wind." **
(39) Maximus: "I will and thanks for your trouble."(Feel free to deal with Gits team now)
(46) Bismilla: Yes.
** (46) Bismilla ceases snuffling and appears to have taken a hold of himself. **
(35) Git: "That's good to hear. And has anyone began to investigate the murder?"
** (34) Lellick looks around as they walk, as much out of curiosity as anything. **
(46) Bismilla: No...no one has. People are too busy worrying about each other.
(46) Bismilla: (speaks slowly as if thinking of the right thing to say)
(35) Git: "That's regrettable. After all, the first few hours are the best opportunity to find the killer. Tell, me, when did Marwan leave the feast?"
(46) DM: The hallways are decorated with abstract mosaics, mostly vague like cloud forms of whirls and spirals, but the rooms are bare of any ornamentation that might distract the assassins from their tasks.
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(54) J'hzuu (exit): 01:29
** (46) Bismilla thinks for a moment. **
(46) Bismilla: Shortly after you left, I believe, for when I returned, he was not in the hall.
(35) Git: "And then how long until the body was found?"
(46) Bismilla: Farouk, Akim, Batina, Ajaiyah and Safid were there. Nusrah was not. He had taken ill earlier in the day and was confined to his quarters.
(46) Bismilla: I do not understand.
(60) J'hzuu (enter): 01:33
** (34) Lellick quickly grows bored with the hall decorations, and listens to the conversation a little more attentively now. **
(35) Git: "How long was it from when he was seen in the feast until he was found deas in the garden?"
(35) Git: (dead even)
** (45) Agatha keeps herself near Git, looking carefully at the surroundings. **
(60) J'hzuu: Disconnecting from server...
(60) J'hzuu (exit): 01:43
(61) J'hzuu (enter): 01:44
** (46) Bismilla thinks some more. "I would say a few hours. Perhaps not more than five or six hours. Marwan was not known for being a heavy sleeper." **
(46) Bismilla: Here we are.
(35) Git: "Was he know for visiting the garden at night then?" :stops at the door:
(61) J'hzuu: ((Ok, I have to go. Not only do I have to leave, my computers having problems. I'll apologise again. See you all next week.))
(35) Git: (adios)
(46) DM: (you've reached Marwan's quarters)
(61) J'hzuu: Disconnecting from server...
(61) J'hzuu (exit): 01:45
** (45) Agatha walks into the room and along the walls, running a hand along the walls. **
(45) Agatha: ((search check for hidden doors))
** (46) Halfana is working over Marwan's body, making it ready for embalming. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [19,6] = (25)
(45) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
** (35) Git awaits Bismilla's answer before entering **
(46) Bismilla: Sometimes. He was known for taking walks as it suited him.
(45) Agatha: ((Just when I thought the dice were warming up to me))
** (34) Lellick moves immediately over to Marwan's body, "Excuse me.. I'm sorry for interrupting you, but I was wondering if I could take a look at his wound?" **
(57) Erolon (exit): 01:48
** (35) Git nods and heads into the chambers, giving a bow to Halfana, "PLease excuse out intrusion." **
** (46) Halfana growls, showing fangs. "If you insist." (grumbles) **
(46) Halfana: Try not to bother me too much.
(34) Lellick: "Thank you."
(35) Git: "We'll try to be as respectful as we can be, and assure you we will do all we can to find his foul killer."
** (46) Halfana turns over the corpse. "As you can see," (in a clinical voice) "it was a series of stabs by a piercing weapon made by someone who seemed passionate about killing him in as quick a manner as possible." **
** (46) Halfana nods, expressionless. "You have no Fate but the Fate you are given." **
** (34) Lellick kneels down next to the body to inspect the wound closer, not touching the body if he can help it. **
(34) Lellick: (well, wounds)
whispering to Lellick, heal check
(34) Lellick: [1d20+11] -> [14,11] = (25)
(35) Git: :to Lellick:" Can you make any sense of all that? I was hoping to discern the stabbing trajectory at least to get some idea of the killer's height and strength by depth of wounds."
(34) Lellick: "Hmmm..."
whispering to Lellick, strange....it seems the killer might have been the same height as Marwan, except that the angle of entry was from the top at a steep angle, which may suggest that the killer was taller than Marwan.
(34) Lellick: "This is.. odd. They're at an angle, see?"
(46) Halfana: You are strange, for outlanders. (as she works)
** (34) Lellick points out the lines of the wounds with his fingers, tracing in the air above them. **
(34) Lellick: "The killer was stabbing from a height.. compared to Marwan, quite a bit of one."
(35) Git: :shrugs to Halfana and moves in to inspext Lellick's findings: "What's the angle?"
** (34) Lellick looks at them for a moment more, then demonstrates the slant with his arm, "Anywhere from here...," he moves his arm, "To about here." **
(35) Git: "It might be that he was sitting or kneeling when he was attacked. We'll have to see the murder scene to figure it out." :to Bismilla: "Fetch the one who found the body, Essaffa, yes?"
(46) Halfana: Essafah. (as she works)
** (34) Lellick frowns down at the wounds once more time before standing, giving Git a significant look. **
(45) Agatha: "Hmm. Could be that it was an attack from above."
(35) Git: "Thank you" :to Bismilla: "Please summon him."
(46) Halfana: Not the first outlanders that my master saw. Another, with a similar accent, with a slave girl in tow. (looks up, and shrugs, then goes back to work)
** (46) Bismilla nods, and waddles out of the room. **
(35) Git: :turns back to Helfana: "Outlander with a slave girl you say? How long ago was this?"
** (45) Agatha exchanges a knowing glance with Git in regards to the other party." **
** (46) Halfana takes a piece of thread and loops it through a whalebone needle. "Oh, I should say, about two weeks ago." (OOC: a week is ten days on Andurin) **
(46) Halfana: Perhaps less than that.
(35) Git: "Did you catch their names?"
(46) Halfana: I remember it clearly because I had heard from some maridah cousins of mine that the river Athis had begun to flow after lo, these many many centuries.
(46) Halfana: Not the slave girl's name, but the outlander, yes. I believe his name was Trifakas, but I am not certain.
** (46) Halfana succeeds in looping the thread and turns to another table, filled with beakers and flasks which contain various liquids. She takes a brush and dabs it in a bowl of water, moistening it. **
** (34) Lellick remains quiet, looking at the body still with a sort of detached fascination. **
(35) Git: "Lellick, can you determine if the blade used was poisoned?"
(34) Lellick: [1d20+11] -> [7,11] = (18)
(46) Halfana: He mentioned something about a golden flail. (glances up at Git)
** (34) Lellick nods, and kneels again, though he seems a bit distracted. "I might be able to, yes." **
(46) Halfana: And he spoke with my master about many other things. (shrugs)
(35) Git: :nods to the halfling then turns to Halfana with a curious shrug: "Too bad we couldn't ask him od it. Anyway. I was wondering when the last time was you saw Marwan alive?"
(46) Halfana: This morning, before he went out for his morning walk.
(35) Git: "About how long was that before hie was found dead?"
(46) Halfana: As an oathbinder gen, I cannot be separated for long from the one who bound me to service. Now I wish I had accompanied him as was my normal habit, but I had a contract to draft that needed finishing.
** (34) Lellick speaks up to ask a question, sounding distracted still, "May I ask how he seemed before he left for his walk? Was he acting strangely?.." **
(46) Halfana: Not long. (thinks) Perhaps half a turning of a glass.
(46) Halfana: He was pensive, contemplative.
** (34) Lellick stands again, briefly dusting off his knees, "Well. I don't see any evidence of poison in the wounds." **
** (46) Halfana begins painting Marwan's face, as if to ease the pain etched on his features from his face. **
(35) Git: :sigh: "I suppose we have a lot of alibis to comnfirm."
(35) Git: "Do you know which way he was heading when he left. Did he go straight for the garden or some other diresction adn just eventually ended up ther?"
** (46) Halfana thinks for a moment... **
(46) Halfana: Now, come to think of it, I do recall something.
(45) Agatha: "Do tell."
(46) Halfana: Yesterday, Akim and he had an argument, about -- (glances at you) -- his lenght of service. In fact, it would have ended today, but for the contract that I was drafting, at Marwan's command.
(46) Halfana: (length)
** (34) Lellick frowns a little at hearing this. **
** (46) Halfana takes on a crafty look as she looks at the three of you and sets the brush down. "I suppose it cannot do any harm to reveal this, and it might in fact help you." **
(46) Halfana: When he was younger and more foolish, and slightly less powerful, Akim attempted to magically coerce the sultana of Hiyal to marry him, with an eye to having her cede the throne to him. This plot was discovered, and the sha'ir fled. We offered him sanctuary, for a price.
(46) Halfana: The price was, that he would be bound in service to Marwan, until such time as my master died or passed his mantle on to a successor. At that time, he is free to negotiate another arrangement should he wish it.
(46) Halfana: If you want my advice, he uses us for his own ends -- to slay other sha'irs who might oppose him, or to gain items of power. Only Akim has interest in Akim, when he is not in service to our goals.
** (46) Halfana glances at her handiwork and frowns slightly, straightening a hair that sprang out of place. **
(35) Git: :scratching his chin: "Marwan would be passing on soon enough anyway. If Akim had served him this long, why take the risk of murder when he would have his chance soon enough?"
(46) Halfana: A puzzle indeed, Aragit. (agrees)
(35) Git: "Are there any others with grudges against him?"
** (46) Halfana chuckles. **
(46) Halfana: You are in a fortress of assassins, outlander. What do you think?
(35) Git: :corrects himself: "I mean grudges worth killing him at this moment over."
(35) Git: "Perhaps someone who knew they had misdeeds which would come to light before the time of his natural death, which would keep us from choosing them for succession when the time came?"
(46) Halfana: Batina thinks that he was ineffectual as a leader, Farouk gives lip service but seeks to rule all, Nusrah makes his allegiances known -- in too loud a voice sometimes, Safid was groomed to be my master's successor but longs for a life of adventure, and Akim...well, you already know about Akim.
** (34) Lellick asks Halfana, in a somewhat quiet voice, "Might I ask of you? What will happen to you, now that your master has passed on?" **
** (46) Halfana sighs heavily. **
** (35) Git nods somberly as he looks to Marwan blankly, listening for her answer to Lellick's question **
(46) Halfana: Once he is laid into the ground....I will quit this plane and return to Sul.
(35) Git: "It's a shame to hear that. I'm sorry for your loss."
(34) Lellick: "I see.. am I right in assuming this happens on the final day of the week?"
(46) Halfana: With the coming of Khalitarius, it will not be a moment too soon. For as long as Marwan was alive, I was safe from the intrigues of my people. But now....I feel as if I can only be safe amongst my people. (looks up at you)
(46) Halfana: It will happen in nine days time, yes.
(35) Git: "It's quite common to seek comfort in familiarity.. not that I wish to describe you as common, kuv."
(35) Git: "May I ask you though, of the Grandfather's personal affairs? Not to pry, or to think you would know, but, could there have been anyone he would have been meeting in the garden?"
** (46) Halfana laughs, a tinkling silvery laugh that seems out of place in your surroundings. **
(46) Halfana: No, my master's one pride and joy is Safid. His wife died a long time ago....(pauses)....of illness.
(35) Git: :grins: "Don't misunderstand, I only thinks its possible that with so many enemies, he wouldn't be offering his back to be so repetetively stabbed unless in trusting company, if he knew anyone was threre art all."
(46) Halfana: That's the problem, you see.
(35) Git: "Yes... among an army of assassins, being able to kill a sickly old man, no matter how skilled he may have been, is quite possible."
(46) Halfana: The garden has only one entrance and one exit, and are guarded by Ibrahim, a tasked gen. Whomever slew my master distracted Ibrahim or crept past him.
(62) Agatha (enter): 02:44
(46) Halfana: Seek one who has access to items of power or is daring enough to slay a tasked gen, and you will have your murderer.
(46) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(45) Agatha' from room...
(35) Git: :crooks his head: "we'll have to ask this Ibrahim about the incident then. How many here have such power? I suppose a few at least."
(46) DM: There is a knock on the door, and Bismilla enters, with a slightly built human man, with a gray streaked beard and bronzed skin, garbed in a dusky blue robe in which is stitched designs that remind you of pairs of open eyes, staring in all directions.
(46) Essafah: I am Essafah al-Nisr al-Qadabi. You wished to see me. (stiffly)
** (34) Lellick looks up at the knock, actually somewhat relieved to see them. **
(46) Halfana: Well....
(35) Git: :looks to the door and nods: "Yes, I was wondering if you would come to the garden with us and describe the position you found Marwan in. Perhaps we can determine, where he was standing or sitting, or what he was doing."
(35) Git: :glances back to Halfana:
(39) Maximus: ( my computer is starting to mess up, so I"m gonna head off, see ya next week)
(46) Halfana: There is Ali, Akim's familiar; myself; and Sirhan, the houndmaster and Farouk's lieutenant. Batina has no gen or spirits amongst her followers, and I am loyal to my master, to the end of my days.
(46) DM: (we can stop here then, continuing on the boards)

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