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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(158) DM: (ok, picking up from the boards...)
(157) Vrondard: network with the community to make your county a hotspot
(147) Maximus: (that could work, thanks for the idea)
(156) J'hzuu: ((Back to the killing, J'hzuu's got a hankering for kitty-meat))
(152) Agatha: ((cannibal))
** (147) Maximus Maximus loosens his stance in respond to Vrondards statement and watches the in-bound lioness. **
** (152) Agatha keeps her axe ready, just in case. **
** (156) J'hzuu watches the scene, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, obviously dislking having to stand still. **
** (153) Git is hauling ass for the exit while the lioness heads the other way **
** (157) Vrondard straightens his beard and considers his next action.... **
(156) J'hzuu: ((Hang on, is the lioness chasing Git, or heading towards us?))
** (158) Jamilla, the Tasked cocks her head as if listening to something from afar. **
(158) DM: (heading towards you)
(157) Vrondard: (probably both)
(153) Git: (the lioness is heading toward you, so I'm taking the opportunity to run for the exit on the other end)
** (156) J'hzuu takes a few steps backwards, readying his bow again **
** (149) Lellick stays a few steps behind those right in front, ready to help out, frowning a little. **
(152) Agatha: "Easy...see if she can escape the ring first. If she does, the rules shouldn't protect her.
(157) Vrondard: "we'all see"
(158) DM: It comes into full view, and appears to be an adult lionness. Suddenly, it stops in its tracks and sniffs the air as if marking a scent. Then it spies you and lunges forward.
** (158) Jamilla, the Tasked frowns, and vanishes. **
(158) DM: (init, all but Git)
** (156) J'hzuu aims his bow, ready to fire the second the lioness crosses the boundary **
(152) Agatha: Init: [1d20+3] -> [10,3] = (13)
(156) J'hzuu: [1d20+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
(149) Lellick: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
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(147) Maximus (exit): 21:58
(158) DM: (the new "2" is where the lion is)
(157) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [16,3] = (19)
(158) DM: (19, Vron)
** (157) Vrondard takes full defense **
(157) Vrondard: (done)
(158) DM: (Lel, 15)
(157) Vrondard: ((waiting to see if it come down the tunnel or stays in the cave))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
** (149) Lellick pulls his holy symbol off of his belt, agitatedly murmuring a prayer to Tevesh under his breath. **
(149) Lellick: (Casting Prayer)
(160) Maximus (enter): 22:02
(158) DM: (Ag, 13)
whispering to Maximus, roll init pls
(160) Maximus: (sorry comp got unplugged)
** (152) Agatha stands alongside Vrondard, forming a wall to protect the others. ((total defense)) **
(152) Agatha: ((done))
(158) DM: (10, Max)
** (160) Maximus will stand alongside Agatha and help form the defensive wall. (will also go total defense) **
(160) Maximus: (done)
(158) DM: (6, J'hz)
** (156) J'hzuu takes a pinch of dark powder out of the pouch on his belt, and begins sprinkling it on himself, while making hand gestures and muttering under his breath. **
** (156) J'hzuu starts to shrink before your eyes, until he stands just above three feet high. He readies his bow, also shrunken, again. **
(156) J'hzuu: ((Done))
** (152) Agatha glances back towards the chanting, does and does a double take at the shrinking Khajit. **
(158) DM: (I'll assume that he begins to shrink as he's casting. One round casting time.)
** (152) Agatha just shakes her head as she focuses on the threat ahead. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
(158) DM: It lands in front of Agatha, and tries to swipe at her (AC 24)
(152) Agatha: ((hit))
(157) Vrondard: (it came out of the cave? fartnick)
whispering to Git, you reach the door
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
(157) Vrondard: ((Git fucks things up again...))
(157) Vrondard: : )
(158) DM: It's paw tears through the barbarian's sword arm, leaving a bloody gash. (7 damage)
(153) Git: 0.o
(152) Agatha: "Garrrgh!"
(158) DM: (19, V)
** (157) Vrondard tries to attack it in a grapple (aoo) vs AC 19 **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [7,7] = (14)
** (160) Maximus looks at the lioness and Agatha's bloody arm and trys to tell himself not to strike to kill, but to knock-out. **
(157) Vrondard: (it hit me?)
(158) DM: As Vron rushes it, it tries to swipe the dwarf with a paw, missing by inches.
(157) Vrondard: [1d20+5] -> [18,5] = (23) vs its touch AC
(158) DM: (grappled)
(157) Vrondard: Vron grabs it and tries to grapple [1d20] -> [6] = (6)
(157) Vrondard: (grapple check is 17) roll for its bab/str +4)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [1,12] = (13)
(158) DM: (fails, although it struggles mightily)
(158) DM: (15, L)
** (157) Vrondard does damage to the lion [1d3+4] -> [1,4] = (5) **
(157) Vrondard: "hold on... let me get it alone..."
(149) Lellick: (Delaying until after the lion's action)
(158) DM: It roars loudly, it's fetid breath hot in your faces.
** (153) Git rushes to the door at the other end of the chamber, glancing back over his shoulder a moment just to make sure his comrades are fairing alright. Closing in on the weathered old door at the exit, he reches down to pluck up a hefty rock. Charging the door head on he lets the rock fly ahead of him to smach the door open **
(158) DM: (13, Ag)
(158) DM: You (not Git) hear a loud crack elsewhere in the cavern, as if something fell down.
** (153) Git steps into the next room, hoping for some instant end to the round, and trying to mind his clothed from getting any slime on them **
(153) Git: (clothes even*)
** (152) Agatha throws an arm in front of the paladin. "Let him go. He's been itching for this." **
(158) DM: As he does so, the lion vanishes, as does the cavern. Somehow, the rest of you appear with Git, plucked out of combat and inside a tunnel that leads down into the earth. Looking back over your shoulder, it's as if you never entered the mountain, as the tunnel appears to be an entrance from the desert above.
(158) DM: Much of the tunnel's interior is coated with glistening slime.
(157) Vrondard: "bah what foul magicks is this?"
** (156) J'hzuu lets out a sound that is a cross between a yelp and a hiss, and looks around quickly **
** (160) Maximus places a hand on Agatha and Agathas arm heals.(lay on hands, 7 points I'm left with 11 for the day) **
(153) Git: "So.... does that count as a win?" :looks about the tunnel curiously:
(152) Agatha: "Hmm. Tingly."
** (149) Lellick is somewhat disoriented, looking around and wincing with disgust at seeing the slime. **
(157) Vrondard: "I didn't win nothin... just got started"
** (156) J'hzuu , looks up at Git, and lets out a small chuckle. "J'hzuu thinks it is a win". **
(158) DM: Voices can be heard below....a multitude of them.
** (153) Git shrugs. "Good enough for me." **
** (152) Agatha looks at her arm and then Maximus. "Thanks." **
** (160) Maximus looks around, "I beleive we now must face the great temptation...Odion guard us". **
** (157) Vrondard puts on his armor and stuff (hoping its nearby!) **
** (153) Git begins down the stairs, quietly, perhaps just coincidentally as he tries not to slip on any slime **
(156) J'hzuu: "Or then bridge of the birds, no?"
** (152) Agatha follows along curiously. **
** (160) Maximus nods at Agatha, "Not a problem". Maximus then looks down the tunnel and a constrained look comes across him. **
(149) Lellick: "I hope we get to those birds soon. This isn't very pleasant."
** (156) J'hzuu follows the others trying not to get slime on his robes **
** (149) Lellick trails along behind them. **
(152) Agatha: "It ain't have a thing to do birds, lad."
** (156) J'hzuu looks at Lellick for a minute and says "J'hzuu does not understand how you can stay this small always. It is most uncomfortable" **
** (153) Git casts a glance back to the cat, wondering why he is that small **
(157) Vrondard: (if he doesnt have his stuff he is going to go look for it)
** (149) Lellick sort of eyes J'hzuu, "Uncomfortable? I assure you, it's not. At least, not for me." **
(152) Agatha: "Why carry a useless spell like that with you anyway?"
** (160) Maximus puts fist over his heart and closes his eyes then shakes his head and follows the others, a hand on his shortsword hilt. **
(156) J'hzuu: "Hmm... Perhaps not that J'hzuu is too small, but others are too big." He looks at Vrondard and takes a half step back, obviously worried that the magic-hating dwarf may try something.
(157) Vrondard: "fer stealing stuff me thinks"
(157) Vrondard: "make ya small so you can crawl into places"
(156) J'hzuu: "It is good to be small sometimes. You are smaller, harder to hit. Others are bigger, easier to hit."
(156) J'hzuu: "This also is true. Crawling through small holes, things like that."
(149) Lellick: "Well, if you feel inclined to crawl into any holes we find, I'll not stop you."
(158) DM: The voices seem to increase in volume, as if nearer to you. The tunnel continues a few feet and then drops off suddenly.
(153) Git: "You may be a smaller target, but like that, Vrondard could probably pick you up by your ankles and weild you like a great club"
** (160) Maximus walks up to the head of the party next to git. **
(157) Vrondard: "hmm good idea"
(156) J'hzuu: "No, J'hzuu does not often do this. J'hzuu leaves that to smallfellow". He strokes the rat on his shoulder.
** (149) Lellick blinks and takes a step back so he's behind J'hzuu instead of next to him. **
(156) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu could make dwarf tiny, too. He does not, because that is most rude."
(160) Maximus: To git, " Looking forward to your temptation still?"
(153) Git: "Sure... strap some sturdy spike plate armor to a little guy and you have a brutal weapon that can reach out and attack on his own
** (156) J'hzuu looks back at Lellick, wondering why he moved behind him. **
** (149) Lellick tries to look innocent but mostly looks a tad disturbed. **
(153) Git: :glances to Max, while listening to the voices: "Let's just hope it lives up to my expectations." :grins as he heads down:
** (156) J'hzuu slows and keeps his eye on Lellick for a bit longer, then turns, reluctantly, and walks up a bit closer to Git **
(158) DM: Whatever enchantment covered the Khajiit has now worn off, for he increases in size without warning. As he does so, the voices cease.
(160) Maximus: :flashes a smile that doesn't reach his eyes: "Lets hope its that kind of temptation..."
(157) Vrondard: "well lets get on wid it"
** (156) J'hzuu looks around at the silence for a moment, then looks back at Lellick. "Small again", he says, then flashes him a toothy smile. **
(153) Git: :stops and glances back to the restored khajit as the voices stop: "What'd you do?"
(156) J'hzuu: "The spell is done. It does not last for ever. The voices... I did not do."
** (152) Agatha tenses at the sudden silence. **
** (149) Lellick almost comments, but then realizes the voices are gone and decides it's better to keep his mouth shut. **
(153) Git: "Hmmm..." :raises a scrutinizing brow to the sorcery, beforing turning to continue down the stares, casual in his stride, but alert and keeping a hand on his dagger under his robe:
(156) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu can make other voices, if all would like." He doesn't seem to think this is anything to worry about.
(158) DM: A dim light can be seen at the mouth of the passage below you, as if the tunnel opens into a wider area.
(158) DM: A faint breeze wafts up the corridor.
(157) Vrondard: "come on..." moves forward to the wider area
** (156) J'hzuu looks at his companions, tensed up, shrugs and follows Git **
** (152) Agatha keeps her axe out as she follows. **
** (160) Maximus puts his first over his heart again and talks to himself, "...and for the imperial line and Mel'cendia" **
** (149) Lellick quickens his pace a little as he follows along with them, nervously fingering his holy symbol. **
** (153) Git sniffs the air a bit to make sur there isn't anything noticably funny about it **
(156) J'hzuu: "Would all like J'hzuu to see if there are magicks about?"
(158) DM: As you emerge from the tunnel, it opens into another cavern, this time roughly 70' from end to end. In the distance can be seen a marble pedestal and floating atop it, a fist-sized citrine that emanates a soft, radiant glow. The cavern appears to be empty, save for pools of water that dot the surface here and there. Slime can be seen on the walls and much of the floor.
** (156) J'hzuu takes a few steps foward, then seems to think better of it, and stops, looking back at the others. **
** (160) Maximus looks at the others, "Well who wants to take a look in the citrine?" **
(156) J'hzuu: ((Sorry, perhaps a stupid question, but what's a citrine?))
(158) DM: (each square = 10'. X is where you emerge, the circle thing is the pedestal)
(153) Git: :sarcastically: "A watery slimy cave with mood lighting... Yeah, I'd never be able to walk away from this." :looks around for the exit, chewing his lip abit:
(158) DM: ((orange-yellow gem, like a topaz but more orange))
(160) Maximus: (( a type of bowl with water in it I believe))
(160) Maximus: (( nevermind))
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(149) Lellick' from server... Removing dead client
(149) Lellick (exit): 22:44
(158) DM: The cavern appears to have only one exit, behind the pedestal.
(160) Maximus: :Looks around: "Lets look around but, stay away from the water I think"
(161) Lellick (enter): 22:45
(161) Lellick: (Sorry, connection went out)
** (152) Agatha looks up at the gem. "Do you think that could be the Heart?" **
** (153) Git heads in, avoiding the water and passing around the pedestal toward the exit: "Doubtful. we're only on the third trial now" **
** (156) J'hzuu slowly moves closer to the gem, until he is about 40 feet from it, then begins to make gestures and mutter some words. **
(153) Git: "Seems more lie a vry said attempt to tempt the greedy into trying to steal it."
(153) Git: (very sad rather)
(152) Agatha: "Hunh. Not much of a temptation is it?"
(157) Vrondard: "of course"
(160) Maximus: "Could be the gem shows us something when we get closer."
(160) Maximus: "Or the temptation hasn't shown itself yet."
(158) DM: Perhaps it's your eyes playing tricks on you, but the floor seems to have acquired the texture of mud...though it's quite rocky.
** (156) J'hzuu stops what he is doing and looks at the ground for long moment **
(153) Git: "Eh?" :looks to the ground:
(158) DM: (the Xs denote where the floor's consistency has changed. load minis please)
(158) DM: (place minis where your PC is if your PC is in the room.)
(160) Maximus: (Sorry but, how do I place a mini?)
(156) J'hzuu: ((I don't have one, just making a simple on up now... Unless you've got a catfolk in a robe?))
(153) Git: (the circle the pedestal? where would the door be?)
(158) DM: (yes, the exit is behind the pedestal)
(158) DM: (someone send J'hz a link to a mini site)
"http://" is not a valid URL, the mini " " will not be added to the map
(160) Maximus: (this will take a bit since I'm on dialup, but consider me next to vrondard to his left)
(158) DM: (sec)
(156) J'hzuu: ((I'll be a minute, getting a mini now, but I'm about 40 feet from the citrine, between it and the door))
(160) Maximus: (thanks that works fine)
(157) Vrondard: (anyone want an archer for the moment?)
(160) Maximus: (oopsy)
(156) J'hzuu: ((Okay, it's not perfect, but it'll do for the moment. I'll try and find something better later))
(158) DM: As you adjust yourselves to the strangely-shifting floor, the voices return, only this time...none of you can make heads or tails as to what they're saying...and with good reason. A clear, translucent blob of slime separates itself from the floor surrounding the pedestal. Hundreds of disembodied eyes open within the protoplasmic mass, along with hundreds of tooth filled mouths. This is the source of the voices. It is a creature out of nightmare.
(157) Vrondard: "bah! what the frig is that?"
** (156) J'hzuu 's eyes open wide, as he takes half a step backwards in fright. **
(153) Git: :eye flinching in disbeleif: "That... is no temptation..."
** (152) Agatha takes a step, mouth agape at the horror. **
(158) DM: (all Will save)
(153) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [20,2] = (22)
** (161) Lellick peers around the tall people to see what's going on, then gets a rather stricken look. **
(156) J'hzuu: [1d20+4] -> [9,4] = (13)
(161) Lellick: Will save: [1d20+9] -> [6,9] = (15)
(160) Maximus: ( [1d20+11] -> [18,11] = (29) if its a fear save I'm immune and crondard will get a +2)
(160) Maximus: (vrondard*)
(156) J'hzuu: ((Lellic's a halfling, right? Don't they get a bonus vs fear as well?))
(161) Lellick: (Not from the stats I got from the website)
(157) Vrondard: Will: Save [1d20+1+1] -> [1,1,1] = (3)
(157) Vrondard: ((oy))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d100] -> [66] = (66)
(157) Vrondard: ((+2 isnt going to help that roll))
(158) DM: Both Vrondard and Agatha take one look at the creature then retreat from the cavern at top speed.
(157) Vrondard: "It's a ghooooooooost!"
** (157) Vrondard shrieks and trembles... then runs **
(158) DM: (assume they flee up the tunnel)
(156) J'hzuu: ((No, but you get +2 vs spell like effects))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d2] -> [2] = (2)
(156) J'hzuu: ((That waas to Lellick, not Vron))
** (152) Agatha face is frozen in fear. Her legs, however, aren't. **
(161) Lellick: (Oh, I'll remember that for next time)
(152) Agatha: Without thinking, she flees.
(158) DM: (init)
(156) J'hzuu: Inti = [1d20+3] -> [16,3] = (19)
(161) Lellick: [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(153) Git: [1d20+4] -> [16,4] = (20)
(160) Maximus: ( [1d20+0] -> [10,0] = (10) thats my init)
(160) Maximus: (lol again)
"http://" is not a valid URL, the mini "goo" will not be added to the map
(156) J'hzuu: ((How high is the roof in here?))
(158) DM: ((50'))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(158) DM: (20, Git)
** (153) Git waits to see what the ... thing... will do. A bit nervous but hopeful, he whispers to J'hzuu, "If that thing comes at us, you go right I'll go left. It can only follow one at a time. The other can male a dash for the gem. I figure that might be that point of this little game. Maybe..." (ready to run if it moves at us) **
(153) Git: (just full of bad ideas)
(158) DM: It sits there, gazing at you with its' mass of eyes and tooth-filled maws.
** (156) J'hzuu nods at Git. "J'hzuu has a better plan." **
(153) Git: "Listening."
(156) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu will fly over and take the gem. Otherwise, if all must fight that", he gestures at the ooze, "then J'hzuu will shrink you, and carry you up."
(156) J'hzuu: "You can shoot from afar, yes?"
** (153) Git tries not to look the beast in it's eyes, watching where its mass meets the floor instead. "Can you fly in close enough to snatch without being attacked? and no.. you're not shrinking me." **
** (156) J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu would have though it would be better to be smaller, and harder to hit. And he thinks he can... perhaps". **
(156) J'hzuu: He seems to think twice at Git's words, and diesn't seem so sure of his plan
(153) Git: "Well... if you're confient. feel free to try."
(158) DM: (19, J'hz)
** (156) J'hzuu moves back, towards the back wall. **
(156) J'hzuu: ((Done))
(158) DM: (10, L)
(161) Lellick: (How far back in the tunnel are Agatha and Vrondard?)
(158) DM: (60')
(161) Lellick: (I'd like to have him cast a spell I forgot to put on my sheet - I didn't realize it until now.. would that be a problem?)
(158) DM: (fine)
(158) DM: (but no more exceptions in the future. lol)
** (161) Lellick takes a small step to see better down the tunnel, holding up his holy symbol as he speaks, "Tevesh grant these misguided souls the calm that comes with great wisdom." **
(161) Lellick: (Casting Calm Emotions, 20' with the furthest edge on the two of them)
(161) Lellick: (Duly noted ^^;)
(161) Lellick: (Oh yeah, a five-foot step too)
(158) DM: (10. M)
** (160) Maximus looks at the mass and starts to address it, " Greetings, I am Maximus Parmenion, and you are?" **
** (152) Agatha slows and stops, breathing hard. She looks around, disoriented. **
** (160) Maximus then moves closer to git knowing that the mass wont respond, but will give it the chance. **
(160) Maximus: (done)
(152) Agatha: Init: [1d20+3] -> [17,3] = (20)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17)
(158) DM: Without warning, the creature expands in size by flattening itself across the ground. A tendril of protoplasm topped with a snapping maw spits a stream of sickly green slime in J'hzuu's direction. (AC 17, ranged touch)
(157) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [10,3] = (13)
(157) Vrondard: ((afk))
(156) J'hzuu: ((Sorry, shouldn't the person being attacked have the AC? Or is that meaning it has an attack roll of 17?))
(158) DM: ((it hit an AC of 17, so it's up to you to tell me if it hit or not. I don't keep track of your AC))
(158) DM: ((and it's a ranged touch attack))
(157) Vrondard: ((bak))
(156) J'hzuu: ((Yeah, I know, I've just not seen it worded like that, just thought I double-check. AC of 13, no armour, so it hit))
(157) Vrondard: it hits
(158) DM: ((yes, well, you've not had me as a DM. :) ))
(158) DM: (Fort save pls)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4] -> [4] = (4)
(156) J'hzuu: ((Ok, I was just making sure it wasn't some common term I should now about.))
(156) J'hzuu: Fort: [1d20+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4] -> [2] = (2)
(158) DM: The spittle lands squarely in J'hzuu's eyes, sending him reeling in pain.
(158) DM: Next, six tendrils of protoplasm shoot forth with lightning speed from the creature's mass, at Git.
** (156) J'hzuu lets out a scream of pain, and clutches at his face, trying to claw the muck off of it. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21).[1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17).[1d20+4] -> [9,4] = (13),[1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11).[1d20+4] -> [12,4] = (16),[1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17)
(158) DM: (AC 21, 17, 17 and 3 misses)
(153) Git: (3 hits and a miss)
(158) DM: (3 damage)
(158) DM: (20, G)
(153) Git: "Oww... you nasty little sonova..." :grumbles as he backs off, 5' step and goes into total defense(ac 22) "Anyone know what to do to one of these things?"
(158) DM: The strands of protoplasm don't retract as you step back.
(157) Vrondard: ((afk - will be coming back on his next action at any rate))
(158) DM: It's as if they've latched onto him.
(160) Maximus: (how solid does it look and does it still surround the jewel?)
(158) DM: (it's translucent and surrounds the pedestal)
(160) Maximus: ( how thick?)
(158) DM: (you're uncertain)
(160) Maximus: ( gotcha)
(158) DM: (perhaps less than a foot thick now that it's spread out)
(160) Maximus: ( K, I got the picture now. thanks)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10),[1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14),[1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(153) Git: Escape Artist Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(153) Git: Escape Artist Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(153) Git: Escape Artist Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [19,4] = (23)
(158) DM: (correction, all but one tendril retracts)
(160) Maximus: ( since Git moved behind me, are the tendrils close to me?)
(158) DM: (20, Ag)
(158) DM: (the creature is right in front of you, so yes)
(158) DM: (it didn't move btw)
(160) Maximus: ( k)
(160) Maximus: ( What are the immediate appearent effects on git from the tendrils?)
** (152) Agatha snaps to her senses. "The others!" **
(153) Git: (immediately, Gt's grossed out)
(158) DM: (nothing at the moment...)
** (152) Agatha rushes to her friends' aid. **
(152) Agatha: ((double move, done))
(158) DM: (19, J)
** (156) J'hzuu grabs in front of him with his left hand until he grabs the tendril, and produces a knife out of his sleeve with his right. He then tries to slice the tendril with the dagger. **
(156) J'hzuu: Attack, Silver Dagger: [1d20+4-2] -> [8,4,-2] = (10)
(158) DM: (miss)
(156) J'hzuu: ((The one that's attached to my face))
(158) DM: (there isn't a tendril attached to your face)
(153) Git: (none's attached to your face. you got spit on)
(158) DM: (it spit some acid at you, remember?)
(158) DM: (13, V)
(156) J'hzuu: (Oh, damn.. right... Can I do something different then, sorry my bad..?))
** (157) Vrondard comes back **
(157) Vrondard: "bah... flig me stick... ya scaredy cat get back there"
(158) DM: (ok, but I'll let it go this once.)
** (157) Vrondard verbally flogs himself and turns around to come back in a huff **
(158) DM: (go after V)
(156) J'hzuu: ((Thanks, I had a blonde moment. Sorry 'bout that))
(157) Vrondard: (done)
(158) DM: (I need an action, J'hz)
** (156) J'hzuu begins to cast a spell, trying to aim at the ooze itself **
(156) J'hzuu: ((Ok, it doesn't say that in the description. Fair enough then, I'll try and wipe the gunk out of my eyes, so I can see again.))
(156) J'hzuu: ((Can I do that?))
(158) DM: ((2nd edition version is line of sight))
(158) DM: ((so in the absence of a clear guideline, I'm making a judgment call.))
** (152) Agatha opens a tiny umbrella to protect herself. **
(158) DM: ((fine))
(156) J'hzuu: ((Fair 'nuff, so wiping eyes))
(157) Vrondard: ((Vrond is happy he isnt near))
(158) DM: (10, L)
** (161) Lellick dismisses the spell with a shake of his head, then briefly surveys the fight. Shaking his head, he steps up next to Git, reaching out to try and pull the tendril off of him. **
(161) Lellick: (So that'd be a five-foot step, unless I need to go another five to reach it)
(158) DM: (each square is 10', so yes)
(161) Lellick: (Ah, my bad.. so moving 10' then)
(158) DM: (Str check on the tendril on Git then)
(161) Lellick: Str check: [1d20-1] -> [5,-1] = (4)
(158) DM: (Failure)
(158) DM: (10, M)
(153) Git: (well... I appreciated the effort least ways)
(158) DM: Throughout all of this, the ground surrounding the pedestal seems to have become the consistency of quicksand.
(160) Maximus: (lol)
** (160) Maximus moves to the very edge of the soft ground and tests it with his foot. **
(160) Maximus: ( and thats the end of my action)
(158) DM: It really has the consistency of quicksand.
(153) Git: (how wide are the quicksand areas?)
(158) DM: Another tendril rises up from the creature, and sends forth a stream of sickly green slime at Lelick, aiming for the cleric's eyes.
** (160) Maximus shouts to J'hzuu, " Can you imbue me with flight good sorceror? It might aid me in my next step." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
(158) DM: (AC 22, ranged touch)
(161) Lellick: (Hits)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4] -> [4] = (4)
(158) DM: (Fort save pls)
(161) Lellick: Fortitude save: [1d20+7] -> [9,7] = (16)
whispering to Lellick, blinded
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4] -> [1] = (1)
** (161) Lellick yelps, reaching up to furiously rub at his eyes, to no avail. **
(158) DM: Like J'hzuu before him, the Teveni is blinded. (4 acid damage)
(158) DM: Just as before, six more tendrils lash out at Agatha
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [12,4] = (16),[1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17),[1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5).[1d20+4] -> [15,4] = (19).[1d20+4] -> [8,4] = (12).[1d20+4] -> [12,4] = (16)
(158) DM: (AC 16, 17, 19, 16 and 2 clear misses)
(152) Agatha: ((Are these touch attacks?))
(158) DM: (nope)
(158) DM: (if it is a touch attack, I'll say so)
(167) Agatha (enter): 00:14
(158) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(152) Agatha' from room...
(167) Agatha: ((Sorry, modem disconnected. Were those touch attacks?))
(158) DM: ((no))
(167) Agatha: ((1 hit))
(158) DM: (1 damage. The mouth immediately latches on to your shield arm and tries to grapple.)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
whispering to Agatha, opposed check please
(167) Agatha: Oppose grapple: [1d20+6+4] -> [18,6,4] = (28)
(158) DM: It retracts into the mass of the creature.
(158) DM: (20, G)
** (153) Git groans angrily as he reaches from the edges of the mouth and tries to tear the thing free of him **
(153) Git: Str check: [1d20+0] -> [3,0] = (3)
** (167) Agatha bats away the tendrils with either skill or luck. You can't really tell. **
(153) Git: And fails like alittle pansy. (combat expertise, +5 ac, -5 attack)
(153) Git: (done)
(156) J'hzuu: ((I'm back))
** (167) Agatha cuts away at the long tendril that's wrapped around Git. **
(167) Agatha: ((oops. Jumped the gun there.))
(160) Maximus: (brb gonna get a drink and snack)
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(156) J'hzuu' from server... Removing dead client
(156) J'hzuu (exit): 00:29
(160) Maximus: ( back, got some watermelon, still fresh after a few weeks in the fridge.)
(158) DM: (20, Ag)
** (167) Agatha cuts away at the long tendril that's wrapped around Git. **
(158) DM: (make a sunder attempt)
(167) Agatha: ((full attack))
(158) DM: (k)
(157) Vrondard: ((feeling missed out))
(167) Agatha: 1st attack: [1d20+6+4+1+1] -> [14,6,4,1,1] = (26)
(158) DM: You notice a few moments before that the tendril became infused with a reddish liquid as it begins draining blood from the hapless rogue.
(158) DM: (damage pls)
(167) Agatha: [1d12+6+1] -> [12,6,1] = (19)
(158) DM: Just as swiftly, the protoplasmic tendril is severed by Agatha, although what remains continues draining blood, turning the mass of protoplasm attached to Git a bright crimson.
(158) DM: The creature gibbers more violently. (Ag and Vron, Will save)
(157) Vrondard: Will: Save [1d20+1+1] -> [12,1,1] = (14)
(157) Vrondard: (+2 if thats magicial in someway)
(158) DM: Somehow, nothing occurs this time. (19, J)
(157) Vrondard: ((or spell-like))
(160) Maximus: ( J'hzuu is gone)
(157) Vrondard: (next!)
(160) Maximus: ( lellick goes after J'hzuu I think)
(158) DM: (13, V)


(157) Vrondard: ((your OpenRPG experience is haunted))
(157) Vrondard: ((and a nightmare!))
(157) Vrondard: ((J you are screwed... go kill your program and restart it and come back))
(172) DM: I lost the last part btw...
(171) ticattack: ((I just did))
(157) Vrondard: ((oy))
(160) Maximus: Lellick just ended his turn
(172) DM: (after this session is over, someone please send me the session log by e-mail)
(171) ticattack: ((It hasn't died yet, so I might be okay))
(157) Vrondard: ((wel lyou can talk thats something))
(172) DM: (Max asked a question about the pedestal?)
(160) Maximus: ( Yes, is it in sand or on hard ground?)
(172) DM: (it's standing on hard ground)
(172) DM: (10, M)
(160) Maximus: ( how much of a radius? better yet how much sand between me and it?)
(160) Maximus: ( From the map I estimate around 9-11 feet of quick sand between me and the mass then through the mass the pedestal?)
(157) Vrondard: ((these 5' or 10' squares again?))
(160) Maximus: (( 10ft I beleive))
(157) Vrondard: ((DM is also in love with the Metric system as well))
(172) DM: ((yes. 10' squares))
(157) Vrondard: ((sigh))
(160) Maximus: ( Ok correct if I'm wrong, With a 30ft move I can reach the mass and then I estimate only a foot or two through it to the Citrine?)
(172) DM: (of course, but then you'd be in the quicksand.)
(172) DM: (and on top of the creature)
(171) ticattack: ((C'mon pally, smite the mongrel!))
(160) Maximus: ( I just need to stay moveing to not get stuck then I plan to plunge into the creature with my arm to grab the citrine, would that work? I just need get to teh hard ground...)
(172) DM: (well I need an action....)
** (160) Maximus will move through the sand and try to reach the hard ground near the pedestal. If he reaches that far he will then feell how tangible the creature is. **
(160) Maximus: ( touch ac is 10)
(172) DM: The intrepid paladin manages to traverse the quicksand-like ground and reaches the pedestal, only to find himself within the creature's mass...
** (160) Maximus deflty runs across the quick sand and finds himself plungling into the monster. The many mouths of the monster surround him on sides as he reaches toward the Citrine and grabs it. **
** (160) Maximus the constant gibbering and gnawing is felt all arround as maximus struggles to keep his mind on his objective. (Thats the end of my turn) **
(160) Maximus: ( still getting the hang of typing with the /me command)
(160) Maximus: (unless I can attempt to take the citrine and leave the creature.)
(172) DM: And as he does so, you find yourselves inside the fortress of Jabar el-Sarahin, the home of the Everlasting, in the court of the Grandfather of the Everlasting. Gone is the Pit of a Thousand Voices, gone is the creature you faced just seconds before. A vast assemblage of dark-clad holy slayers stops in mid-conversation as you appear without warning in their midst.

Ajaiyah is here, reclining in a silver-lined sedan chair, observing you. To her right is Marwan, the Grandfather of the Everlasting. Standing next to him is a tall, blue-skinned muscular human garbed in white silken pantaloons, white sandals and a white turban trimmed with silver thread.

** (160) Maximus falls the ground and takes deep breaths as he wipes his fave clean. **
(160) Maximus: face*
(157) Vrondard: "criminey... another fight cut short..."
(157) Vrondard: "bloomin hells... this aint no fun at all"
** (171) J'hzuu stumbles at the sudden change of place, and looks at the people standing near them. **
(160) Maximus: :coughing and breathing between words.." Where...are...we?"
** (167) Agatha looks around confused. "What's going on?" **
(172) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows: Why, were you've always been. (grinning)
** (153) Git looks among the gawking gathered, and offers in friendly, personable tone, "So, where's the wine and women?" **
** (171) J'hzuu blinks a few times, then says "Illusions?", with a dumfounded look on his face. **
** (161) Lellick is at first surprised, and then markedly wary of everyone around them, stepping closer to the rest of the party. **
** (172) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows glances at Ajaiyah who nods in return. **
** (172) Jamilla, the Tasked appears in your midst, with a smirk on her face. "Yes, illusions." **
(157) Vrondard: "bah... worse yet it was all tricksy foul magicks"
** (157) Vrondard pouts even further **
** (160) Maximus will gather his wits and stand up and straigten his gear and stand staight and tall with his gaze falling on each member in the room and then resting on Marwin. **
(160) Maximus: " I assume Lellick, J'hzuu and myself have earned our freedom?"
** (171) J'hzuu looks up at this, and waits for an answer **
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: Come now. You have released an ifrit and restored the flow of the river Athis to the land. Such acts demand great challenges from heroes such as yourselves.
(157) Vrondard: "aint much of a challenge ifn yer ask me"
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: Why of course. You survived, did you not?
** (171) J'hzuu frowns at these words, confused. He opens his mouth, as if to speak, then closes it and continues looking puzzled. **
(153) Git: :grins: "yes... it was a lovely little game."
(160) Maximus: : looks around at his companions and mouths the words ifrit in shock:
(157) Vrondard: "dat ifrit isn't goign to stop fightin after a few swings"
** (171) J'hzuu looks at Vrondar, his jaw now hanging in shock. **
(153) Git: (our injuries real? or illusionary?)
** (161) Lellick just sort of.. stares at the others, except for Max and J'hzuu. He's not quite sure what to think of that. **
(171) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu thought dwarrf hated magicks. And yet... you let an Ifrit loose? J'hzuu is almost proud of you, dwarrf" He half-grins.
(172) Ajaiyah: It was no game, outlander. You were tested and found worthy by the gods. None have passed the Guardian to gain the Heart. You are the first to have done so in many many years. Truly Fate has smiled upon you, blessed of Kor.
(172) DM: (real)
(153) Git: :wryly: "Yeah.. big day for us."
(157) Vrondard: "I aint done nothin... its was Git's fault as usual"
** (167) Agatha looks at the three tag-alongs and tries to stare them down. **
** (171) J'hzuu stares back at Agatha, but looks away fairly quickly. **
** (153) Git saunters over to one of the comfier seats and helps himself to reclining. "May I inquire about a healer on hand, please?" **
** (161) Lellick frowns a little and looks down at his feet. **
** (171) J'hzuu recovers his wits a little, and says "So... are all free?" **
** (172) Ajaiyah glances around you. "Look not down on the ground, outlander. Those who are worthy may find favor with Fate and our court of shadows. Those who are not, well...you did not fail." **
** (160) Maximus fells Agatha's gaze on himself and the halfing and Khajit, and will place himself somewhere between Agatha and Marwin and Lellick and J'hzuu. **
** (172) Marwan, the Caliph of Shadows nods wordlessly at the blue skinned humanoid, who murmurs several words in an unknown tongue, and lays hands on Git, healing him. **
(160) Maximus: ( that should be feel not Fell)
** (167) Agatha turns back to the witch. "Hmph. Well then, if we're done jumping through your hoops, we'll see our quarters. We need rest, healing, and peace to discuss our next task." **
** (161) Lellick briefly glances back up, biting his tounge. **
(172) Ajaiyah: Bismilla, come forward.
(171) J'hzuu: ((brb))
(172) Bismilla: Yes, my mistress who walks upon the water of the earth, I await your command humbly, for I have no Fate but the Fate I am given,
** (172) Bismilla bows deeply, then stumbles and falls to his knees. **
(172) DM: You can hear titters amongst the assembled holy slayers.
(153) Git: :sighs contentedly: "Aaaaahhh... thanks Blue boy. That was very refreshing." :holds out his hand, "Aragit Fellthron."
(172) DM: The humanoid says nothing and steps back stoically at Ajaiyah's side.
(171) J'hzuu: ((back))
(172) DM: A fat, rosy-jowled and bald holy slayer who clearly has seen some better years steps forward and bows deeply in front of Ajaiyah and the Caliph of Shadows, then almost trips on the hem of his robe, falling to his knees. (this is Bismilla)
(172) Ajaiyah: Take our guests to their quarters and watch over their needs, Bismilla.
** (171) J'hzuu lets out an involuntary snicker, then straightens his face and tries (and fails) to look serious **
** (160) Maximus will move closer to Lellick and J'hzuu with his hand near his shortsword hilt, in a defensive manner, not aggressive. **
(157) Vrondard: "hmmmm well at least it looks like we'all get fed sometime..."
(172) Bismilla: I live to serve you, O my mistress, for surely the gods smiled upon your birth when you were born, and the sun wept, and the winds opened their arms in full embrace, for I have no Fate but the Fate I am given.
(157) Vrondard: "even though that wasn't great fightin... still made me hungry"
(153) Git: "Wow.. what I brown-nose." :jests as he sits up in his seat: "It's hard to tell where she ends and you begin."
** (172) Bismilla bows deeply, though kneeling, and stands up, making sure to wipe off the grime on his knees as he does so, then nods his head at you, motioning you over. **
(171) J'hzuu: (Muttering) "J'hzuu thinks dwarrf is always hungry, yes"
(153) Git: "Are the reddened cheeks from her sitting on your face all day?"
(167) Agatha: ((Hmm...interesting mental picture.))
(172) Bismilla: She is the light of the moon personified, for her name is the Wind That Thunders Across the Desert Sky, and fury has no name like that of a woman scorned.
** (171) J'hzuu puts on an expression of mock shock at Git's words, smiles faintly, then moves to follow Bismilla **
(153) Git: (I like to think creatively)
** (172) Bismilla bows deeply at Ajaiyah, who winks at Git and waves the fat assassin along. **
** (172) Hassan, the White Opal frowns deeply, saying nothing. **
** (171) J'hzuu whispers to Git "J'hzuu thinks you upset fat-man." **
** (161) Lellick moves to follow them, fairly eager to get out of here. **
(172) Bismilla: Come, O Most Noble and Holy Brethren, you who have braved the Pit of the Guardian, for is it not better to have the heart of a lion than the brain of a bull?
(153) Git: "Yeah, when you put it that way, guess I wouldn't mind some reddened cheeks myself." :winks to Ajaya as he ushers along the fatty: "Come along good fellow, I need a bath, a change of clothes and a grand feast before bed:"
** (160) Maximus will wait till everyone follows Bismilla then fall into the last spot in the line. **
(171) J'hzuu: "Both taste just as good". He licks his lips. "Stewed Bullbrains." He seems lost in some memory.
** (172) Jamilla, the Tasked giggles **
** (171) J'hzuu snaps out of it, and follows the others. **
(157) Vrondard: "I'll be lookin fer just the feast"
** (167) Agatha follows along. **
(172) Bismilla: You do know, O Great Ones, of the gift which accompanies those who bear the Heart of the Lion? (as he walks along)
(172) DM: (shuffles is more likely actually)
(171) J'hzuu: "This Heart of the Lion is the gem, yes?"
(153) Git: :continues to ramble off demands, as if he's been the regent here all his life.: "I will require your loveliest young maids to bathe me and they must only use the finest perfumes. There's a gft too?"
** (171) J'hzuu looks sat Git. "Who has the gem?". **
(172) Bismilla: Yes, it is, and a wondrous jewel it is as well, wondrous for its power drawn forth from noble Kor and wondrous for its curse for those who would steal it without giving Kor his due.
(171) J'hzuu: "An what is Kor's due?"
(172) Bismilla: For as the saying goes, fools rush in where genies fear to tread.
(167) Agatha: "I imagine that would be out young knight here."
(171) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu though genies floated..."
(153) Git: "Then it is a good thing we're a pack of fools"
** (167) Agatha holds out her hand expectantly to Maximus. "If you wouldn't mind..." **
(172) Bismilla: What is Kor's due, O Most Gracious and Noble One, who treads the ground with Silence Spun from Sands of Sleep?
** (160) Maximus looks at Agatha. "Not to be rude, but I will keep this Heart of the lion? Until I here of its purpose and use, till then I will keep it in my pack." **
** (171) J'hzuu looks blankly at Bismilla, then turns to the others "Did fat-man just answer J'hzuu's question?" he half-whispers. **
(172) Bismilla: Kor's due, so say his priests, may the Grand Caliph live forever and ever is to experience a battle fought in his name.
** (161) Lellick smiles faintly, shaking his head at J'hzuu. **
(160) Maximus: " Once I'm told of who it belongs to and what is should be used for, its yours. Unless evil will be wrought form it or it generates a threat to the empire."
(171) J'hzuu: "Would all his followers not dedicate their battles to Him?"
(167) Agatha: "Not to be rude, but we came here specifically for that gem. It's better in hands that know what it's for."
** (171) J'hzuu looks at Maximus. "Maxmus wishes not to be near evil, yet he works with those who released an Ifrit?" **
(157) Vrondard: "shadup you"
(153) Git: :to aggy: "It's no matter, he's the one who grabbed it, let him hold onto it." :looks to max: "If you lose it though, you're dead of course."
(160) Maximus: " Whats it for? Thats all I need to know. One does not idley give up an item that one does not know what it does."
** (172) Bismilla shuffles forward as you reach a pair of brass-bound wooden doors deep within the heart of the desert fortress. "Here are your chambers, young masters and mistress. Ring the bell you will find within to summon a tasked gen. I will return at the seventh turning of the sandglass for dinner," **
** (161) Lellick murmurs, "It is not as if we had much choice..." **
** (171) J'hzuu waits until Vrondard turns his head then pokes his tounge out at him. **
(167) Agatha: "In short, whoever has that gem controls the entirety of the Everlasting."
(153) Git: :offers a slight bow: "Thank you, Kind Bismilla. You have been very helpful."
** (160) Maximus looks at J'hzuu, " I dont know much about this ifrit and if they intentionally set it free.... **
** (172) Bismilla nods as if he never heard a thing that Agatha said, smiling idiotically. **
(153) Git: :aggy: "I .. don't think that's how it actually works."
** (171) J'hzuu shrugs. On Agatha's words his eyes start to galze over, as he daydreams... **
** (172) Bismilla bows deeply. "I live but to serve, O my masters and mistress, for has it not been prophesiesed that you would come and cause a god to fall, for you have no Fate but the Fate you are given." **
(167) Agatha: "Not exactly, no. But I'm too tired for explanations."
(171) J'hzuu: "Do not give it to toad-dwarrf, then. J'hzuu does not want them after him.
(157) Vrondard: "I ain't want nothin to do wid it"
** (160) Maximus talks to Bismilla, " Can I get a member of your order to fill me in on the details of what I dont know here?" **
(157) Vrondard: "aint wantin to even touch... I'm just here to bust some heads"
** (161) Lellick hesitates a moment before addressing Agatha, timidly, "An explanation at some point would be nice, though..." **
(153) Git: "And the Fate you Make." :points out before heading into their chambers:
(171) J'hzuu: "Yes. But if food will be in seven hours" He looks at Bismilla for confirmation "then perhaps all should talk then?"
(171) J'hzuu: ((Whoops, not hours, turns of the sandglass))
(153) Git: :as he opens the doors, he addresses the newbies: "We'll explain it all over dinner. After all, you're involved inthis too, for now at least."
** (171) J'hzuu nods, then turns to go into his room. He gets a rope off of his belt and casts a spell. The rope rises up to just abiove his head, and he climbs into into it, pulling the rope up behind him. **
** (172) Bismilla nods stupidly at Maximus. "So I shall find someone to enlighten you on the ideals of Kor? Consider it done, O my master! Batina shall relish the chance to convert another to our faith!" (smiles beatifically) **
(167) Agatha: "As much as they need to be, anyway. Can't say we don't need help for what we're planning to do."
(153) Git: "Hey, J'hzuu, before you disappear into your penthouse, I need you to do something."
** (172) Bismilla opens the door to your quarters. A sweet aroma of rosewater wafts out to greet you. **
** (160) Maximus grabs Bismilla, " No not to convert, but rather I want to know what this gem does, if you have a librarian or perhaps your leader?" **
** (171) J'hzuu leans out of the gap in the air, and cast a spell at Vrondard. "Goodnight little-dwarrf", he says. **
(160) Maximus: (not roughly, just a clasp on the shoulder to get attention)
** (161) Lellick is silent for a short time before speaking up again, "In that case.. is there anyone who is still injured?" **
** (172) Bismilla wiggles out of your grasp. "Kor himself shall make him known to you, O my master, for is it not written in the book of the Courageous that the word of a preacher is a swallow, but the blade of a rafiq is a hawk? **
(157) Vrondard: ((seems a save might be in order?))
(167) Agatha: "Nothing a good night's rest won't cure.
** (153) Git steps in looking about the room **
(171) J'hzuu: ((Fort negates))
(157) Vrondard: Fortitude vs. Magic Spells/Spell-like: Save [1d20+7+4+2] -> [5,7,4,2] = (18)
(171) J'hzuu: ((Now, the DC is my level + spell level + my cha mod?))
(160) Maximus: " And a preacher doth speak to his own flock, but bring him anyway. I just want to learn what this gem is for and for whom."
(172) Bismilla: ((yes))
(172) DM: ((yes))
(157) Vrondard: ((10+spell level + cha mod))
(157) Vrondard: ((not sure how your level got in there))
(172) Bismilla: With sweetness and gladness, O my master! (nods)
(167) Agatha: ((What Vron said))
(171) J'hzuu: ((10 + 1 + 3).. Guess not...)))
(157) Vrondard: ((friendly advice... Fort saves vs Fighters aren't the best choice))
(172) DM: (no effect)
** (171) J'hzuu opens his eyes wide as Vron shrugs the spell off, and ducks into the hole **
(157) Vrondard: ((next ooc question... does Vrondard feel the presense of this foul spell?))
(172) DM: ((no))
(157) Vrondard: ((after shaking it off...))
(171) J'hzuu: ((Well, if not, you'd hear me chanting....))
(172) DM: ((but he might have heard J'hzuu chanting. :) ))
(157) Vrondard: ((assuming Vron would pay attention to that... not likely))
(167) Agatha: ((Yah, but your kind is prone to inane babbling))
(171) J'hzuu: ((There you go))
(157) Vrondard: ((the yip yapping of most people don't interest him much))
** (172) Bismilla leaves, waddling slowly down the hall. A pair of mamluks emerge from around the corner and take up positions at your door. **
(153) Git: :in a friendly tone to the Mamluks: "Do you want something?"
(172) DM: They glare at you, and say nothing.
** (167) Agatha lays back and takes a much needed load off. **
** (160) Maximus will find a place to sit down and then will rest thinking on the past few days and the heap of trouble they brought. **
(172) DM: Your rooms are sumptuously laid out as if in preparation for your arrival.
(153) Git: "Right then... don't take this the wrong way." :closes the doors and looks back to the others:
(167) Agatha: "Guards for our personal protection. That's a new experience."
(160) Maximus: " Or their protection."
** (161) Lellick sits against one of the walls, placing his pack on the floor next to him. **
(172) DM: Clean clothes, bowls of persimmons, dates and other types of desert fruit are on tables, along with decanters of sweet smelling liquids and a censer of tobacco. A rosewater scented bath greets you in another corner of your quarters.
** (167) Agatha slowly gets up and helps herself to some fruit. **
(153) Git: "Speak no plans here, by the way. I figure we're being watched carefully."
(172) DM: Windows overlook a courtyard below, in which you can see several assassins practicing combat maneuvers against skilled teachers.
(160) Maximus: ( how big is the heart? fist sized or smaller?)
(172) DM: (fist sized, a child's fist)
(160) Maximus: ( Ok gotcha)
** (172) Halif grunts as the minotaur leans back against a wall. "A prison gilded with incense and silver is still a prison, effendi." **
(167) Agatha: "We're in a fortress of assassins and thieves. Believe me, they ain't the ones that need protecting."
** (160) Maximus will wipe his armor and taberd down with a wet cloth and then help himself to a date or two as he keeps to himself. **
** (167) Agatha turns back to their minotaur comrade. "This is true." **
(157) Vrondard: 'hmmmm"
(171) J'hzuu: ((Who's a minotaur?))
(167) Agatha: ((NPC traveling with us))
** (153) Git strolls to the bath and strips down careless before climbinng in. He sighs happily at the warm sensation, and picks at the proffered food as he soaks **
(167) Agatha: ((Named Halif.))
(171) J'hzuu: ((Okay))
(171) J'hzuu: (Was he always here?))
(172) Halif: Until the bond of salt is established, I would be wary of them. For once the bond has been made, once you have eaten of their food, then the laws of hospitality bind them as much as you and none can raise a hand lest Fate strike down the offender with her eyes.
(153) Git: (yes... very stealthy for a big guy.)
(157) Vrondard: "aint we going to eat sometime soon?"
** (161) Lellick does get up to sample a few of the fruits, but then returns to his spot, just enjoying the chance to relax. **
(157) Vrondard: "I'm hungry... and will that count anywhoo?"
** (171) J'hzuu pokes his head out of the air, looks at Vrondard for a few seconds, then ducks down, loads his pockets with fruit and anything sweet he can find, then climbs back up the rope. **
(172) DM: (three NPCs with the group actually. I can only type so fast.)
(172) DM: (Halif, Wa'run and Hassan)
(153) Git: "Oi, J'hzuu... mind scanning the room for scrying magiks before you go up again?"
** (171) J'hzuu pauses, throws the fruit into the gap, jumps down and begins to casts a spell. **
(171) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu cannot sense anything."
(171) J'hzuu: "Are all going to rest?"
(172) DM: (45 minute warning)
(153) Git: "Thanks, Jh'zuu. And please leave the rope down, that little cubby of yours makes for a nifty little conference room for us to chat in later."
** (171) J'hzuu glances at Vrondard. "J'hzuu pulls it up for a reason." **
(153) Git: "Don't worry. Vrondard isn't allowed to hurt you unless you do something unforgivable."
** (160) Maximus munches on his date and waits for someone to give just a bit more detail about the Heart of the lion. **
(171) J'hzuu: "It will las for only six turnings. J'hzuu will rest for two or more, all can use it aside from this"
** (157) Vrondard ignores J'huzuu except for a few sneers and growls **
(157) Vrondard: "an since when did you become me King Git?"
(157) Vrondard: "the only person I won't be hurting be Agatha... because I knows better and I like er anyway"
(153) Git: "No King, but as a friend, don't hurt the kitty unless we have to, please,"
(167) Agatha: "I'd say it's wise not to kill a mage when you're inside in his pocket world. Then you'll really be in the middle of no where.
(171) J'hzuu: "Dwarrf should not threaten ones with magicks"
** (171) J'hzuu puts on a scowl, baring his teeth and trying to look threatening. **
(157) Vrondard: "bah.. kitty is almost right... but thats insultin a few cats I've seen in me day"
(157) Vrondard: "he's got less meat on himself than you Git... and thats saying a lot"
** (171) J'hzuu scowls further. "J'hzuu would insult the dwarrf, but J'hzuu prefers a cahallenge" **
(171) J'hzuu: ((challenge))
** (160) Maximus notices the ecalating argument and, looks towards J'hzuu and Vrondard, " Lets remember the assasins outside the door, we need everyone in my opinion." **
(153) Git: "I really don't care which of you is more wrong. Right now, we're in a fortress full of fanatical assassins who could turn on us at anytime. We don't have the option of in-fighting right now. So quit it until we get out of here."
(160) Maximus: ((escalating))
(157) Vrondard: "I ain't needing no foul magicks caster... thats fer sure"
(157) Vrondard: "ah the King speaks..."
** (160) Maximus glances at Vrondards axe, " Is your axe of god given magic or magicka?" **
(167) Agatha: "Relax, J'hiza- J'hizo- Catboy. Vrondard may hate magic, but he'll leave you if you don't rile him up like you keep trying to."
(153) Git: :to vrondard: "Then who'd gonna guard our backs from their foul magik casters?"
(171) J'hzuu: "Fine. If dwarrf will be quiet about J'hzuu's magick, J'hzuu will be quiet about dwarrf's smell".
(157) Vrondard: "me axe is me axe is all it is"
** (161) Lellick glances at the others, frowns, then goes back to nibbling on a date. **
(157) Vrondard: "and me smell is me smell.. I just had to take a bath yesterday it seems... so get used to that"
(160) Maximus: " hmmm, not all magick is bad, Just leave eachother alone and enjoy the food."
** (171) J'hzuu tries to look tough, but can't help snickering. He grins, and says "Does anyone, want anything done? Anything cleaned?" **
(157) Vrondard: "hmm food... too bad its more of this stuff"
** (157) Vrondard does indeed dig in **
** (172) Wa'run is simply amazed at his surroundings. **
** (167) Agatha sighs. "So three days to decide and smoke out a traitor while we're at it?" **
(172) Wa'run: If it were not for the blades of these rafiqa, I would indeed be very happy here. (takes a date and nibbles on it after seeing Maximus live)
(160) Maximus: :to agatha: "Three days for what, and something about a traitor?"
(172) DM: (those of you who didn't read the logs, Wa'run is a shepherd boy the PCs met in the desert, whose family and tribe were slain by ghouls and undead raised by the ifrit and whose sister was sold off into slavery; Halif is a minotaur the PCs found in a theft-proof tomb, and Hassan is a prince of the Oasis of the White Palm.)
** (171) J'hzuu casts another spell, then picks up some food, waves his hand over it, sprawls out on the floor and chows down. **
** (153) Git sips wine and feasts on fruits as he reclines in the bath. Finally a peaceful moment. "Aye... I think I know what to do with this decision method all worked out. But it will require some footwork from everybody." **
(172) DM: (Hassan is a paladin whose title is the White Opal)
(153) Git: "After all.. I can't talk with everyone in this place myself."
(167) Agatha: "Nothing for you to worry about. Just be mindful of what you eat and watch your back."
(171) J'hzuu: ((I remembered Wa'run and Hassan, and I could remember the name Halif, I just didn't recall that he was a minotaur))
** (171) J'hzuu finished his handful of food. He does some stretching that would make most humans wince, and says "If all wish to speak, all can use J'hzuu's place". **
** (167) Agatha turns glances back at Git, but doesn't really look at him. "So what's the plan of attack?" **
(171) J'hzuu: "All are too fight the Ifrit?"
** (160) Maximus looks at Agatha, " Aya, I dont need to worry about it.But you need the Heart for whatever it is correct?" **
(171) J'hzuu: ((to))
** (153) Git raises a finger to his lips, silently reminding the walls may have ears. "It's ... complicated." **
** (160) Maximus points at J'hzuu's creation. "Shall we enter?" **
(157) Vrondard: "I aint goin in there.."
(157) Vrondard: "make yer insides turn out"
** (171) J'hzuu rolls and springs up. "Dwarrf does not have to. It can hold eight." **
(157) Vrondard: "like I was going to... har!"
(160) Maximus: :looks at Vrondard: I will feel safe if you guard us while we were in there, good dwarf."
(171) J'hzuu: "I am one, Smallfellow is another, and the rope takes one's place. Anyone who wishes to, can."
** (153) Git nods to Max and stands up from the bath. "Then you get left out of the conversation." :dons a towle: "Be brave and just get up the rope." **
(171) J'hzuu: "Dwarrf need not come. J'hzuu will not mind if he stays out here."
** (153) Git grabs up a pipe and some tobacco, then heads up into the pocket dimension, awaiting the others. **
** (157) Vrondard prays for the madness to stop **
** (171) J'hzuu climbs up after Git, muttering something about having to sleep in the smoke. **
** (161) Lellick slowly rises to his feet, not looking at any of the others as he moves to the rope and climbs up after them. **
** (160) Maximus will get up and enter the pocket dimension. **
** (171) J'hzuu pokes his head out after Max, and says "Room for two more, yes?" **
(153) Git: :sticks his head out: "Vrondard, quit being a child and get up here."
** (167) Agatha looks at Vrondard. "In this snake's den, it's the only place that we can speak freely. **
** (167) Agatha climbs on up. **
(171) J'hzuu: ((brb))
** (157) Vrondard picks over the better food **
** (153) Git lights up his pipe taking a drag as he looks questioningly to Aggy as the wait for the dwarf **
(171) J'hzuu: ((Back))
(167) Agatha: "That stubborn dwarf will do as he will. I ain't going to force him."
(160) Maximus: (( I g2g, good session all. Have a good week till next time))
(171) J'hzuu: ((See ya))
(157) Vrondard: ((you are smoking some wacky weed if you think you will see Vron up there))
(160) Maximus: Disconnecting from server...
(160) Maximus (exit): 02:36
(153) Git: :blows out a cloud of smoke: "FIne then. We'll deal with him later. Everyone up who's coming up?"
(171) J'hzuu: The inside of the place is about 20 feet or so accross, and round. The walls are coloured in bright, garish, clashing colours, red, blue, green, and yellows. There are a few cushions scattered around, also brightly coloured.
** (161) Lellick sits against one of the cushions, with his feet tucked up close beside him. "I suppose so." **
(167) Agatha: "Everyone that there's room for."
(171) J'hzuu: J'hzuu picks up a few cushions, and makes a circle for the others to sit on.
** (153) Git sits cross-legged on a cushion as he smolkes. With a definite grin, he proceeds, "Alright then, on to business." **
** (171) J'hzuu puts a few objects that look like flat pieces of rock under a cushion, and pushes it out of the way. **
(171) J'hzuu: He sits down, looks at Git and nods.
(153) Git: "We have three days to choose a leader to this psycho society, and in that time, there's no way we're going to learn their personas, at least not their true ones, and find one with the intentions that are acceptable to us. So, I think the situation calls for something radical."
** (171) J'hzuu looks at Lellick. "Can a paladin not tell when one is lying?" **
(172) DM: (20 minute warning)
(153) Git: :takes a drag from his pipe in pause, before speaking, in smoke laced words: "And aren't there magiks to keep ones lying from being known?"
** (171) J'hzuu looks at Git, then grins. "Yes". He sits back in silence. **
(153) Git: "Like I said, I have a plan, but it is.... risky."
** (161) Lellick mulls that over briefly, then nods. "Yes, some can. It is a spell... one that I can cast, if Tevesh sees fit to allow it." **
(167) Agatha: "What isn't risky these days?"
(161) Lellick: "But I would like to know why you would even wish to find a leader for these people?"
** (171) J'hzuu nods at Lellick. He looks over and grabs some of the fruit he through up here earlier, eating some himself and feeding more to Smallfellow. **
(153) Git: :nods to Aggy and turns to Lellick: "Believe me, that will be helpful. pray to Tevesh to deem it to you, please."
(161) Lellick: "I will do so."
(171) J'hzuu: "All could choose one of you as leader. All could tell them what to do, no?"
(172) DM: ((like Kha, lol.))
(153) Git: "No... we are forced to choose one among their order to rise as the next leader."
** (167) Agatha shakes their head. "Their tradition says an outsider has to decide." **
** (171) J'hzuu looks up for a minute then frowns. "That is no fun..." **
(167) Agatha: "And the decision must among the current Everlasting."
(153) Git: "It is assinine, but it does provide us an opportunity, as I have not yet heard any rules to deciding the method of choosing."
(171) J'hzuu: "Why are they called the everlasting? Are thy immortal?"
(161) Lellick: "It does seem an ironic name, considering their.. work.."
** (167) Agatha shrugs in response to J'hzuu's question. **
** (153) Git gives a grin as he takes breath of his pipe, "Maybe some of them. but I'll worry about that later." **
(167) Agatha: "Aye, we've only got three days so we have to move fast."
** (171) J'hzuu looks at Git, not sure if he's joking or not. He lets out a little shudder, and curls up, resting his head on his knees. **
(153) Git: ""Anyway, Aggy... you remember the other day, I made a joke about choosing the leader by lottery?"
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: That is because there is more at work here than just a simple method of succession, outlander.
** (172) Jamilla, the Tasked appears on top of a cushion next to J'hzuu. **
** (171) J'hzuu looks up at Jamilla, startled **
(153) Git: (what the f***)
(167) Agatha: "Oh no... you were serious?"
** (167) Agatha turns to the new voice. **
(167) Agatha: "Hmph. It figures."
(153) Git: :looks to Jamilla: "What do you want now?"
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: It was a bit uncomfortable riding on your robe. (shrugs) (to J'hzuu)
(167) Agatha: "A feline could find us whenever we were. Why not you?"
** (161) Lellick looks to Jamilla, somewhat curiously. **
** (171) J'hzuu looks stunned for a moment, then brushes his shoulder. **
(167) Agatha: ((rhetorical))
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: Well? I am here to fulfill a debt. Ask your questions so I may leave.
(171) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu did not find you!"
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: No, J'hzuu didn't. (agrees)
** (171) J'hzuu looks puzzled, then gets it. "Ah.", he says. "What debt is the Gen here to fulfill?" **
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: You who freed a tasked gen, a cousin of mine, Sahif, asked me to fulfill his debt as he cannot be here now.
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: He was tasked to keep the river Athis in its course when it was bound in Amunhotep's theft-proof tomb. When you restored the river to its natural course, you freed him from his eternal task.
(153) Git: "Oh.... wellm I do not think we have any task of you at the moment. Would you mind leaving us for now, to be called on this debt at a later time?"
(171) J'hzuu: "Wait one moment"
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: If you wish it, though you do not know the peril that surrounds you.
(153) Git: "That I do believe."
(171) J'hzuu: "The Everlasting value oaths and such, yes? It was said before that they have offered all hospitality, and so are oath-bound to not harm us, yes?"
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: They have not yet offered the salt bond to you, outlander. So no, they are not bound, not yet.
(171) J'hzuu: "But... How much value does an Everlasting put on his word?"
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: The salt bond works two ways, outlander. You are bound from harm and they are bound as well. He or she who breaks the bond is struck down by the eye of Fate.
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: Some oaths are invioable unless one is without honor, outlander. Even an assassin can have honor.
(161) Lellick: "Ah.. how long was it that this bond lasted?"
(171) J'hzuu: "Yes, some oaths. But not merely one's word..." He lets out a noise like a cross between a purr and a sigh.
** (172) Jamilla, the Tasked turns to the cleric. "Guests, like fish, stink after three days. So too lasts the bond. However, should something occur that presents....circumstances extraordinary, the bond may be extended for a duration longer than three days." **
** (161) Lellick speaks somewhat wryly, "What a.. lovely sentiment." **
** (171) J'hzuu chuckles. **
(153) Git: "Don't worry. whether things work out for good or ill, I plan to be away from this place by three days."
** (172) Jamilla, the Tasked says nothing. **
** (171) J'hzuu looks thoughtful for a moment, then nods slowly. **
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: If that is all, outlander, I shall leave you for now.
(171) J'hzuu: "Will you leave, or should J'hzuu sleep in his robes tonight?"
(153) Git: :to Jamilla: "Yes thank you. We'll be sure to seek you out when we need reliable aid."
(172) Jamilla, the Tasked: Perhaps in the pockets of he who is a hairy newt. (giggles)
(171) J'hzuu: "Dwarrf!"
** (172) Jamilla, the Tasked pops out of the cubby hole and vanishes. **
(157) Vrondard: "grrrrr"
** (153) Git pulls up the rope after her. "Right then... where were we?" **
(172) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)


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