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(28) DM: (need a recap, G?)
(30) Git: And it can work for more than just hands. Imagine howmuch a crook would pay to keep his head
(30) Git: (not really)
(30) Git: (just where we're coming back in)
(24) J'hzuu has sent you a tree node...
(28) DM: Your trip through the Tears of Marat was relatively short, as Ajaiyah led your companions through the forbidding wasteland near the fortress of the Everlasting.
** (30) Git takes in the surroundings, curious of the home an ancient assassin cult would choose. **
(30) Git: "Will it be long yet?"
(28) DM: On the evening of the second day, you reached the Veil of Selan, a moderate-sized oasis at the edge of the flats. In the distance are some foothills, which rise to a craggy peak. Some kind of mountain fortress can be seen, even from this distance, atop the peak.
(28) Ajaiyah: The entrance to the caves is an hour's journey from here, outlander. It is also here that you must undergo a ritual of purity, in order to become worthy to enter the caves.
(30) Git: "Purity... hmph.. that should be a new experience for me."
(30) Git: "What does it entell?"
(28) Ajaiyah: As new an experience as a bath, I see. (smirks)
(28) Ajaiyah: Merely bathe in the light of the sapphire moon, in the Oasis, without arms or armor.
(30) Git: :grins back: "Moon bathing in the nude. This isn't just your idea of a good time, is it?"
(28) DM: As she speaks, you spot a group of people at the edge of the oasis pool a few yards away....one or two humans and a cat warrior that reminds you of Basht. They are under watch by members of the Everlasting, apparently. It looks as if they too have undergone the ritual.
(28) Ajaiyah: I am chaste, outlander. Unlike you.
(33) Faeloess (enter): 22:15
(30) Git: "I'm plenty chaste. Been chased by all kinds of women, I'll have you know." :eyes the strangers as he approaches:
(28) Ajaiyah: The ritual is meant to test the purity of your soul and the purity of your heart, as well as the purity of your courage, bathing in a place under guard by foes you do not trust.
(28) DM: (describe your appearances by the way)
(30) Git: "Sounds like prison."
(30) Git: "Minus the clean water."
(28) Ajaiyah: A prison in name only, outlander. (smirk)
** (26) Maximus A young man, human. About 6 ft 150 pounds black hair, well muscled **
(30) Git: (that's a lot of hair)
(26) Maximus: (oops)
(26) Maximus: (lol)
** (24) J'hzuu is a Khajiit, over six feet tall. He is dressed in a robe that is a vivid purple in colour, and appears to have a small black object on his shoulder. **
(25) Lellick: Lellick is a young halfling with a serious face. Though a Hoarfoot, there has been some mixing of Tallfolk blood in his family history, leaving him with a slightly taller height and fairer features. His is also somewhat thinner than most halflings you're likely to meet. Dark blonde hair is cut to about shoulder-length, but tied back in a tight ponytail with curling ends. His eyes are a pale shade of green, and the skin of his face and ears have been slightly reddened from time spent out in the sun.
(25) Lellick: (And yes, he's wearing clothes, but I didn't want to spam too much >_>)
(26) Maximus: ( I assumed we were already un-clother, other wise dark chainmail armor)
(33) Vrondard: Desc: The very first thing you will notice about Vrondard is he has a wild feral look. After seeing him in action, you will realize he doesn't move like the typical dwarf. He is quicker and faster. His arms and armor are considerable... it seems he come prepared for a fight. He carries a Dwarven Waraxe and a few Javelins on his back. Except for being a dwarf, his appearance is unremarkable. His beard is ungroomed, but not ragged; his eyes being brown and hair red in hue.
** (30) Git rides to the poolside; a sinewy half-elf, well along into his twemties. Currently he wears native garb of white and gray linen robes. Pulling back his head he shows a grinning handsome face and slightly disheveled short brown hair. "How's the water friends?" **
(33) Vrondard: "Bah!"
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(32) George_cba (exit): 22:21
(24) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu has not tested the water... J'hzuu does not like to swim..."
(33) Vrondard: "sounds sensible to me"
** (28) Maraf nods at Ajaiyah, and motions his fellows to withdraw a few feet as Git approaches. **
(33) Vrondard: "aint no reason fer yer head to get wet unless its raining and yer outsider yer caves"
(30) Git: : to J'hzuu glibly: "Have you tried wading? It's very soothing."
** (26) Maximus Looks up at the half-elf " Cold I bet, not as bad as the guards though" looking sharply at the guards. **
(24) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu has just said that he has not tried... Why do you ask again?"
** (25) Lellick looks at the strangers, smiling faintly. **
(30) Git: "DOon't learn very quickly." :shrugs and dismounts.:
** (24) J'hzuu grins, baring his fangs. **
** (28) Ajaiyah follows the human's gaze. "By tradition, outlander. The ritual demands that you engage it alone. **
(30) Git: "Mind if I cut in line? We're on a schedule and.." sniffs his pits: "I could really use it after the journey"
** (26) Maximus Looks to Maraf " Then lets start". **
** (24) J'hzuu sniffs loudly. "Yes, J'hzuu can smell you from here". **
** (28) Maraf glances to Ajaiyah, who only shrugs. **
(28) Ajaiyah: Let them, if they wish to prove their innocence.
(28) Ajaiyah: The guardian will determine that.
(28) Maraf: As you wish, mistress. (stands watch)
** (30) Git strolls to the water's edge and shamelessly begins to strip off his clothing. "Guardian you say?" **
(28) Ajaiyah: Yes, elf. The Pit of a Thousand Voices.
(30) Git: "Oh... I was more afraid you meant a crocodile or some such." :pointing to the pool.:
** (24) J'hzuu watches, obviously curious as to what will happen **
(28) Ajaiyah: Why, so there are.
** (26) Maximus Not wanting to be the last one, puts down his pack and weapons. " Can some one here help me with my armor? might go faster". **
** (30) Git removes his leather armor and sets it to the sand along with his outer robes. Then he begins the process of extricating numerous hidden daggers and obscure items from his hidden pockets and sheathes. **
** (25) Lellick averts his eyes, looking up.. way up.. at Maximus. "I could aid you.. if you don't mind kneeling." **
** (24) J'hzuu chuckles, and gets up. "J'hzuu will help". **
(30) Git: :glances back to his comrades: "Come now Vrondard. It's just a little water."
** (24) J'hzuu does whatever needs doing, but keeps half an eye on the pool. **
** (26) Maximus looks at the halfing, " Well seems I got enough help. Just need the back part unstrapped". **
(26) Maximus: Then its easy enough to roll it off.
(33) Vrondard: 'no'
(33) Vrondard: "dat aint goina happen"
** (30) Git strips down to his loinclothe, having some consideration for all his company and turns to the water, stopping a brief second to ask of Ajayah and her friends, "I don't suppose you have any soap or perfumes I could use." **
(28) Ajaiyah: This is not that type of bath, outlander.
(30) Git: :Sigh: "Fine, fine."
** (26) Maximus shrugs the armor off after thanking J'hzuu and Lellick for their help. Then precedes to remove his clothing unnder the armor, all the while neatly folding it all into a stack. **
** (24) J'hzuu looks at Vrondard, the cogs of his brain ticking over visibly **
** (30) Git enters the water with no hesitation, immersing and swimming around a bit to relax. **
(30) Git: "Aaaaahhhh... So nice after trekking through this hot arse desert. Now only if I had a proper drink and a scantily clad girl."
(33) Vrondard: "so..."
** (28) Ajaiyah watches Git, the hint of a smile playing on her lips. **
** (26) Maximus enters when fully nude, checking his gear and wades into the water till waist deep, then looking around at everyone. **
(24) J'hzuu: (To Ajayiah) "Do all go in at once, or seperately?"
(33) Vrondard: "I'll wash out the sand outa me beard maybe... bout it"
(28) Ajaiyah: At once, Khajiit.
** (24) J'hzuu unfastens his belt, and takes off his robe, tossing them carelessy on the ground. **
** (30) Git turns over to float on his back, humming a jaunty tune from Tolmara... poorly, but enthusiastically **
** (25) Lellick is visibly relunctant to be unclothed, slowly taking off his pack and putting his holy symbol and other things inside it, casting a glance over at Ajaiyah. **
** (24) J'hzuu shudders, then dips a toe in the water, holds it there a minute, then wades in slowly **
(24) J'hzuu: (He keeps a ring on his finger, and an earring on)
(33) Vrondard: "what is all this for anyway?"
(28) Ajaiyah: When you have cleansed yourself, get dressed. Your trials begin tomorrow, at dawn.
(24) J'hzuu: ((How far is Vrondard from the water's edge?))
(28) Ajaiyah: Why, to enter the caves, of course. (glances at Vrondard)
(28) DM: ((10'))
(30) Git: :to Vrondard: "Just humor them. They like to see us nude and wet is all."
(24) J'hzuu: "Come closer dwarrf! Just put your foot in..."
** (28) Ajaiyah retreats from the pool, into the bushes where Maraf and his men went. **
** (24) J'hzuu has a grin on his face, as he watches Vrondard. **
** (25) Lellick undresses, draping his clothes over his pack, taking a deep breath before walking over to the water. He tries not to look at anyone as he does so, going in until he's only shoulder-deep. **
** (30) Git backstrokes around gladly, calling out, "Vrondard, they insist on it. Just a qhich dip and it's allover. Don't be so scared ofver something like this, or a I may need to reconsider my choice in bodygaurds" **
** (24) J'hzuu cleans himself off, then gets out of the water, and goes over to his things. **
(30) Git: (quick and over even*)
(30) Git: :looking oabout to their new bathing buddies: "So, what brings you all out to this neck of the wastelands?"
** (24) J'hzuu takes a small pinch of powder out of a bag. He begins to move his hands, and speak strange words. **
** (28) Hassan, the White Opal participates in the ritual, as does Halif. **
** (25) Lellick lookes over at Git, smiling somewhat sheepishly, "I was with an envoy.. but it was attacked. I'm afraid after that I became a little lost. Which is when I ran into these.. 'wonderful' people." **
(33) Vrondard: "bah!"
** (33) Vrondard starts ripping clothes off... visibly upset **
** (28) Hassan, the White Opal is a tall, dusky skinned human man, standing a shade under the height of a spear, lithe and well-muscled. He is garbed in chain mail under desert robes. The mail has a strange, scintillating quality to it that sets it apart from other suits of chain that you've seen. He has a noble bearing about him. **
(33) Vrondard: "aint no good reason"
(24) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu is a wanderer... He travels far and wide. He travels here, and is met by these folk."
** (33) Vrondard eventually enters the water with great protest **
(30) Git: :to J'hzuu and Lellick: "So, you both just happened into the wrong place. I wonder if that happens often around here."
** (28) Halif is a minotaur with dark red-brown hair, and horns carved with strange script. A silver ring pierces one nostril, and he wears a pair of gilded bracers. **
(30) Git: "If so, you have to wonder how the place stays a secret." :Offers cryptically as he back paddels away, passing Vrondard" :Good job dwarf. Next we'll work on your fear of water."
(24) J'hzuu: "Wrong Place? Why? This is strange, J'hzuu did not know of it before. Now, he does. Why is this bad?"
(33) Vrondard: "aint no fear of it... just don't like it"
** (24) J'hzuu picks up his robe, and puts it back on. As he does, it changes before your eyes from the violet colour to a sky-blue. **
** (24) J'hzuu gathers the rest of his things, and puts them all away, sits down on the ground, pulls out a cake of some kind, at eats it, obviously enjoying. **
(30) Git: "Nice robe."
** (30) Git swims about in lazy circles. **
** (24) J'hzuu looks up at Git. "J'hzuu likes it" **
** (25) Lellick hesitates for a moment before briefly ducking his head under the water, not wanting to somehow get this ritual wrong by accident. **
(30) Git: "What's it made off? Something like that could sell big back in Tolmara."
(24) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu does not know. J'hzuu find, and he like, so he takes it.
(30) Git: "Hmm.. I'll have to look into it."
** (24) J'hzuu looks at Git, then looks at his belongings. "You would not steal from J'hzuu, would you?". He grins. **
** (26) Maximus will fully immerse himself in the water then rises out, and looks around. "Is it ok to exit the water now?" **
(30) Git: "No. There's little point in stealing one robe. An item like that would sell better in bulk."
** (24) J'hzuu finishes him cake, gets up and calls over to the guards. "Will all go now? Soon?" **
(28) DM: No answer.
(30) Git: :shrugs to Maximus: "I dunno. I thought there might be a sign or something."
** (24) J'hzuu shrugs, then looks back at the others with a grin. "Rude to guests, aren't they?" **
(25) Lellick: "Not as rude as they could be..."
(26) Maximus: Like a shining pillar of light on us maybey? By the way if it helps call me Max. Most of comrades did.
(30) Git: :floats about: "Don't think they host very often"
(33) Vrondard: "bah... who cares"
(30) Git: "Done deal Max. You can call me Git."
** (24) J'hzuu looks at the sky, as though looking for some sign, then looks back at the others. "You can J'hzuu J'hzuu." **
(24) J'hzuu: ((He pronounces it "Jah Hah-zoo"))
(26) Maximus: " Git? that works, so why are you guys being "purified" Lellick, J'hzuu and myself are err.. prisoners of sorts"
(24) J'hzuu: ((*You can *call* J'hzuu J'hzuuu.))
(30) Git: "We're their very special guests."
(26) Maximus: " We get to earn our freedom by proving our innocence, to some pit of many voices"
(30) Git: "And we get to tdo it to prove our greatness."
(33) Vrondard: "or just to womp someone over the head"
(33) Vrondard: "cuz that will come eventually"
** (26) Maximus grins at the dwarf and Half elf. " Greatness? So your fame seekers?" **
(33) Vrondard: "well sorta... it does follow us around"
** (26) Maximus swims around some more. **
** (25) Lellick frowns a little at hearing that, wading back out of the water and going over to his supplies to get dressed. He figures that since no one said how long they'd have to stay in there, a short bathe was enough. **
(30) Git: "Hardly, they just insist on us being famous. We're like fame magnets really."
(33) Vrondard: "and how is me going to be worthy of getting me name on a stone ferever anyway"
(33) Vrondard: "can't hurt"
(26) Maximus: Well fame is a worthy goal, myself I'm a bit misplaced in my current path.
** (24) J'hzuu nods sagely, and says "Many people become great, and have their name passed down through history by taking baths." **
(28) Voice: I agree.
** (24) J'hzuu turns to see where the voice came from. **
(33) Vrondard: "aint never heard o' one"
(28) DM: A diminutive blue skinned figure coalesces into being, surrounded by a misty haze that reminds you of dew in the morning.
(30) Git: :nods to J'hzuu: "Yes.. I can think of this one performer who danced around and sang while bathing on stage. She was brilliant. THough I can't really remmeber what she was singing"
(28) DM: It seems to be floating in the air, atop a column of mist.
** (25) Lellick blinks, looking up from fastening his belt towards the voice. **
(30) Git: "Eh?" :glances to bluey:
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: I am Jamilla, a tasked gen, and I have been sent by my mistress to guide you to the caves beneath Jabar el-Sarahin.
** (24) J'hzuu cocks his head at the figure, and moves a step closer, to see better. **
(33) Vrondard: "naked?"
** (28) Jamilla, the Tasked giggles. **
** (26) Maximus will look up at the gen , then at his companions to see there reactions. **
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: No, dressed, outlander.
** (24) J'hzuu looks fascinated, starinng at the gen. **
(30) Git: "Too bad.. I was just feeling comfortable."
(33) Vrondard: "well thats good to hear"
(30) Git: "So, who is your Mistress?"
** (26) Maximus will leave the water and start dressing once more. Making sure nothing was taken from his gear pile. **
** (25) Lellick looks pretty curious about the gen himself, though he doesn't stop gathering up his things to talk. **
** (33) Vrondard gets out of the water and shakes the water off like a dog **
(24) J'hzuu: ((What time is it? (In-Game)))
** (33) Vrondard gets dressed quickly after that... **
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: Ajaiyah, of the Everlasting, honored one.
(28) DM: ((8 pm))
(30) Git: :raises a brow: "You take orders from her? Oh you poor thing."
(26) Maximus: : looks at Git and mouths "honored one?"
** (30) Git shakes his head with mock woe and returns to swimming." **
(25) Lellick: "I assume we're to wait the night in these caves?"
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: She wishes me to tell you that she had urgent business at the fortress and so had to return at once. I am to stay with you until you enter the caves.
(24) J'hzuu: "Are the caves nearby?"
(33) Vrondard: "ah some nice caves... this should be a nice turn of affairs"
(26) Maximus: :Looks at Jamilla: Can we enter the caves at any time?
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: The caves are a short distance from here, outlander. (to J'hzuu) You are to spend the night here in the oasis, and then enter the caves at dawn.
(30) Git: "Then care to join us for a swim. It's very relaxing." :completely used to higher beings by now:
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: I have done so, honored one. (giggles)
** (24) J'hzuu looks at Git, he is in awe of this creature, and doesn't quite understand how Git isn't. **
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: It was most refreshing taking a swim on your back.
** (25) Lellick squeezes the water out of his hair, "That's some good news, at least.." **
(33) Vrondard: "ifyou say so"
(30) Git: :shrugs: "You're welcome."
(24) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu did not see the gen on the elf-man's back..."
** (26) Maximus feeling somewhat not in danger wont bother to put his armor on, but rather pull his bedroll out of his backpack. Then procedes to get ready for rest. **
** (28) Jamilla, the Tasked giggles. **
(26) Maximus: We should all get a good nights rest, if we are to leave at dawn.
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: Prepare yourselves, honored guests. May Fate smile upon you.
(33) Vrondard: "probably..."
(33) Vrondard: "guess the caves will have to wait"
** (24) J'hzuu looks at Maximus, nods, walks over to a spot a few feet from the river's edge, pulls out what looks like a crumpled piece of paper, some sort of powder, and a length of rope, and begins to speak and move his arms. **
** (30) Git eventually leaves the water, shaking off best he can before using his outer robe to dry off. The after mostly dressing, he lays down to rest." **
(26) Maximus: " So, Jamilla are you gonna serve us any dinner?"
(33) Vrondard: "hmmm even I know that wasn't the way of things"
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: No. I was not summoned for that purpose. (reclines atop her column, waving lazily)
** (25) Lellick gets out his own bedrool, spreading it out before sitting on top of it, content to watch everyone talk for the moment. **
(24) J'hzuu: The rope that J'hzuu put on the ground starts to float into the air, until it stops, about 20 feet off the ground, hanging from nothing
(25) Lellick: (bedroll, even... pretend I can type)
(24) J'hzuu: "If you have rations, I can make them taste better for you."
(33) Vrondard: "mine be fine the way they are..."
** (24) J'hzuu shrugs. "J'hzuu offered." **
** (26) Maximus after setting his bedroll and gear to his liking will pray to Odion for the happenings of the last few days and for luck in tomarrow trials. Then Max will settle down to bed, while munching on some rations. **
(30) Git: :holds out some flatbread: "Make it taste like steak. I've been starving for some good meat lately."
(24) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu does not know if he can make it like steak, but he will make it better"
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** (24) J'hzuu waves his hands, and speaks some words. He then looks at the bread, and it begins floating into his outstretched hand. **
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(25) Lellick (exit): 23:24
** (24) J'hzuu looks at the bread, waves his hand over it, and smiles. "Try this. J'hzuu thinks it is better". He tosses the bread back to Git. **
(28) DM: (going to ff in a minute)
(30) Git: "Gee... better hard flaky bread. Can't wait."
(30) Git: (ready)
** (26) Maximus found the F4 macro key **
(30) Git: *munch*
** (24) J'hzuu grins. "J'hzuu wished all a goodnight." **
(24) J'hzuu: ((The bread doesn't taste like steak, but perhaps some sort of chop.))
** (24) J'hzuu climbs up the rope, and dissapears from view. **
(24) J'hzuu: The rope is pulled from above, until it too dissapears.
(30) Git: "Bland, but savory. Really need to work on your spice flavoring." :critiques aes he eats:
(33) Vrondard: "bah... another foul user of magic I see"
(33) Vrondard: "I'm cursed it seems"
(33) Vrondard: "First Norfirion... now yer cursed magicks"
(30) Git: :calls up the invisible entrance: "If you get really good at making fake tastes you could open a high class restaurant. Make cheap crummy food that looks good and make it taste however you like."
** (26) Maximus has fallen asleep by now, but tosses and turns a lot as if disturbed. **
** (24) J'hzuu 's head appears from the nothingness. He looks at the dwarf. "Goodnight, dwarrf. You might not wake up a toad." He grins, then dissapears again. **
(36) Kinetia (enter): 23:29
(33) Vrondard: "threats like that will make me consider ifn yer to wake up at all"
** (33) Vrondard turns cold and irritated after this exchange **
(28) DM: (morning)
** (26) Maximus found the F5 macro key **
(36) Lellick: (Sorry about that, my internet cut out on me)
** (24) J'hzuu is already up, sitting on a rock talking in a strange tounge with a rat, sitting on his knee **
** (30) Git wakes early, opting for another quick dip before they set out. **
** (26) Maximus Yawns loudly. Strips down again and take a quick dip in the water. **
** (36) Lellick has already been up for a short time as well, kneeling in the sand facing the sunrise, quietly praying. **
** (28) Jamilla, the Tasked pops into being again, atop Vrondard's left shoulder, giggling. **
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: With wishes and kindnesses, please follow me, to the trials beneath the mountain.
** (26) Maximus After a few minutes of swimming, max will leave the water and dress. **
(30) Git: :looks to Jamilla's apparition: "Right. Just let me get my pantaloons on:
** (24) J'hzuu 's clothes and fur are all already spotless, and he is ready to go. He is watching all the activity with a small smile on his face. **
(26) Maximus: I'll be ready in a few minutes. : Straps on armor and packs up his bedroll and blanket:
(33) Vrondard: "ah!.... er fine"
** (36) Lellick looks up at hearing the gen, taking a moment to finish praying before standing and putting on the rest of his gear. **
** (30) Git gets dried off anf dressed, eventally. and readies to move out **
(33) Vrondard: "I'm ready now... they can follow along as need be"
(33) Vrondard: "What do these caves look like anyway... whats the stone about em?"
** (24) J'hzuu scoops up the rat, and puts him on his shoulder. "Will all walk, or ride?" **
** (33) Vrondard seems excited **
(30) Git: :climbing onto his mount: "I'd say it's up to you."
** (26) Maximus after strapping on his armor will put on a black taberd over his chest that depicts a Sword atop a crown on a disc. **
** (28) Jamilla, the Tasked floats along. "There is but one road that leads from the Veil and runs north and east. There is a fork in the road. Take the right path, which will lead you to the entrance of the caves. **
** (26) Maximus then prays to Odion, patron of the Imperial line **
(30) Git: "Where does the left path go?"
** (24) J'hzuu shrugs, and pulls what looks like a small drop of silver coloured liquid from a pouch on hs belt. He speaks, and moves his ands, and a shimmering disk appears. He jumps up onto it, it starts to move foward slwly, about three feeet off the ground. **
(33) Vrondard: "off to the left"
(30) Git: "Right... silly me."
** (24) J'hzuu grins, and lets out a laugh. **
(26) Maximus: : Now with a darker tone to his voice and demeanor: Lets get this over with, the sooner the better.
** (36) Lellick walks along with the others, having (presumably) left his pony with one of the Everlasting before the whole bathing ritual thing went on. **
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: To the north, to Medinat al-Muskawoon.
(24) J'hzuu: The disk is floating around in short circles. J'hzuu calls to Lellick "Do you want a ride?"
** (33) Vrondard sets off **
** (30) Git rides along, following the gen's direstions. **
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: Otherwise known as the Cursed City of Stone. (shudders)
** (26) Maximus pulls a damaged shield up over his left arm and follows everyone. **
(24) J'hzuu: The disk is also following the gen.
** (36) Lellick looks to J'hzuu, then to the disk, "Thank you, I could use it." **
** (24) J'hzuu moves the disk over to Lellick, and gives him a hand up. **
(28) DM: Eventually, you arrive at the entrance to the caves. Just as the gen indicated, the path forked, and after climbing a few feet, you came across a cave that appears to lead deep into the mountain. The image of a roaring lion can be seen, carved in the side of the mountain.
(30) Git: "This must be our stop."
** (26) Maximus looks at the image of the lion, a good example of ferocity and nobility. **
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: May Fate smile upon you, honored ones. Your trials begin as soon as you enter the cave.
** (30) Git dismounts as he looks over the lion;s mouth, scrutinizingly. "Whatcha think of the stone work, Vrondard?" **
** (26) Maximus bows to Jamilla "Thank you for what you have done." **
(26) Maximus: So everyone ready?
** (30) Git gives the gen a half bow. "Thank you for the caring guidance." **
** (24) J'hzuu sits up from his lounging position on the disk, yawns, and stretches. "J'hzuu gives you his thanks, gen. May your journeys be fruitful, and your food be sweet." **
** (36) Lellick hops off of the disk, looking curiously at the cave. **
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: It was my pleasure, honored guests and outlanders. (bows and vanishes)
** (30) Git takes a moment to look about the cave mouth for any inscriptions or dicarded items from former testers." **
** (26) Maximus loosens his longsword in its sheath. " May Odion watch us all in these trials, be vigilent." **
(28) Voice: Three tests to pass and be judged: shall you kiss a cobra, waken a lion, cross a bridge of birds, face the unbearable light or dance over the moon?

Defeat the Guardian of the Pit to gain the Heart.

(28) DM: A deep melodius voice echoes from within the cavern.
(26) Maximus: : looks at git: How do you want to choose?
** (24) J'hzuu is sitting on the edge of his disk, swinging his feet, looking around. "Crossing a bridge sounds easy." **
(30) Git: :shrugts: "Alphabetically?"
(28) DM: The cave opening widens into a passage underneath the mountain, replete with stalactites and stalagmites. The air is moist, as if a body of water was nearby.
** (24) J'hzuu calls out "Must all choose the same, or can each choose to each's skills?" **
(33) Vrondard: "ahhhh"
(33) Vrondard: "oh yeah that stuff"
(28) Voice: All must choose as a group. You have no Fate but the Fate you are given.
(36) Lellick: "The first two sound dangerous.. but then, I suppose all of it must be."
(26) Maximus: : looks at everyone: I am willing to wake a lion. One must respect danger and the gains it might yield.
** (24) J'hzuu strokes the rat on his shoulder, "J'hzuu does not wish to be near a cobra" **
(26) Maximus: So I just chose one, 2 more volunteers?
(30) Git: "From what I understand the cobra is a giant, so I doubt any of us will do that."
(24) J'hzuu: "The bridge of birds, gets J'hzuu's vote"
(26) Maximus: We can still do each as a group or not. Choose what you feel calls to you.
** (24) J'hzuu shudders at Git's words **
(30) Git: "And the one with the lion is to cross a sleeping lions den without arms or armor."
** (36) Lellick nods, "I agree with J'hzuu." **
(26) Maximus: hmm
(30) Git: "The bridge of birds is actually a test to resist some great temptation. Frankly I want to try that one myself." :Winks:
(26) Maximus: Whats the unbearable light?
(26) Maximus: Since you seem to know what is ahead.
(33) Vrondard: "Lions sounds fine to me"
(36) Lellick: "Do you know what's meant by that one about the moon, too?"
** (24) J'hzuu looks up at Git's words about "no arms or armour", then looks at his robe, unsheathes his claws, and grins. **
(30) Git: "Unbearable light is walking across fire while carrying a buddy on your back."
(26) Maximus: :nods to Vrondard: I still agree with the dwarf.
** (24) J'hzuu hears the part about "across fire", looks at the disk beneath him. His grin grows wider. **
(30) Git: "And dancing across the moon requires us to talk a djann into flying one of us on his back."
** (26) Maximus shakes his, which causes his hair to bouncec slightly. " The faster we choose the more time we can plan for each one." **
** (36) Lellick wrinkles his nose a little at that, "They just couldn't make these easy, could they?" **
(30) Git: :points out to J'hzuu: "Walk across fire.. and the lion... a giant too for all I know."
(26) Maximus: I can carry Lellick and walk across the coals I believe.
(30) Git: :nods to max:" I agree. he shouldn't be much burden"
(36) Lellick: "..Oh, wonderful."
(24) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu will do any but the cobra. J'hzuu would prefer the Bridge of Birds,"
(26) Maximus: : looks at Git: Fire, bridge of birds and lions den?
** (36) Lellick muses quietly, "I wonder if I could heal him while being carried..?" **
(30) Git: "Uh uh... I call dibs on the bridge. If there's a harem and great feast in there I'll see you in a few days."
(26) Maximus: We can all do the bridge
** (24) J'hzuu guffaws **
(26) Maximus: You could cross the lions den, you seem light on your feet? Correct me if I'm wrong.
(26) Maximus: (that was directed at git, sorry)
(33) Vrondard: "will need to be real quiet, fast or tough"
(26) Maximus: I think stealth for the lions, so you Sir Dwarf will be rested when we fight the gaurdian.
(30) Git: :shrugs: "Maybe I can. Maybe the floor is made up of loud shifting tiles, making the cat Khajit's floating disc a great boon."
(24) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu can be quiet, and he is fast. He not tough, though. Leave that to the toad-dwarf."
(26) Maximus: :Looks at everyone: Are we all in agreement on the three?
(24) J'hzuu: 'J'hzuu supposes so."
(30) Git: "All's well enough."
(36) Lellick: "It sounds like a wise choice."
(24) J'hzuu: "This disk will last but a few more hours. If you wish it for one of them, all should do that one first"
(26) Maximus: :looks at vrondard: And do you agree?
(33) Vrondard: "sure..."
(33) Vrondard: "I like entertainment"
(28) Voice: Very well, mortals. The tests begin now.
(30) Git: "The lion first then. Hopefully the disc quietly floating over the ground won't wake the beast."
** (26) Maximus Steadys himself and steps towards the cave mouth. Evryone close to him feels more sure of themselves." Lets enter." **
(24) J'hzuu: "It can carry the weight of three or fout J'hzuus. Any more, and it will fall"
** (24) J'hzuu moves the disk fowards, following the others **
(28) DM: There is a flash of light, and the five of you are in a chamber lit by a throbbing, pulsating reddish light. A bed of white hot coals can be seen in the center of the chamber.
(24) J'hzuu: "All do not choose wihich order..."
(30) Git: : to J'hzuu: "I think it only needs to carry on."
(30) Git: (one even)
(26) Maximus: Well guess I'm up.: Stands up straight and looks at Lellick: Ready lil' man?
(28) Voice: To pass the test of the Unbearable Light, one must carry another on one's back while walking upon the coals barefoot.
** (36) Lellick blinks to clear his vision, looking somewhat displeased at seeing which one came first. **
** (24) J'hzuu nods. "Who is the heaviest one who will not carry another?" **
** (36) Lellick sort of eyes Max, "I'm ready. Just.. don't drop me? Please?" **
(33) Vrondard: ((this is where Resist Energy and Protection from Energy would come in handy))
** (26) Maximus starts to remove his boots and removes his shield and backpack. **
(28) DM: The bed is 50' long, from end to end.
(24) J'hzuu: "Wait! Hold a minute."
(26) Maximus: :looks at J'hzuu: Yes?
** (36) Lellick takes off his pack and sets it on the ground, as well as his nunchaku, but keeps his holy symbol and spell pouch with him. **
** (24) J'hzuu move's his hands and speaks a word, and a ray of blue-white energy streaks towards the bed. **
(28) DM: The ray strikes a coal and becomes a cloud of steam...
** (26) Maximus Pauses a moment and then starts to remove his armor also. Till he has nothing on but his holy symbol and a pair of shorts **
** (24) J'hzuu frowns... "J'hzuu thought it might help..." **
(26) Maximus: I am ready, wish me luck.
(26) Maximus: (how much do you wiegh now lellick?)
(30) Git: :pats the khajit on the back: "Nice try."
(26) Maximus: (I can move at 30ft a round with up to 73 pounds.)
(36) Lellick: (With his holy symbol, about 38 pounds)
(26) Maximus: (Were fine then)
** (24) J'hzuu moves the disk alongside the paladin, ready to catch Lellick if he falls. **
(30) Git: :to max:" Wet your feet first."
(30) Git: :shrugs: "For what it's worth"
** (36) Lellick moves over to Max, looking up at him, "Let me up, then?" **
** (24) J'hzuu moves the disk next to bed, and keeps alongside the two as they move." **
** (26) Maximus crouches down next to Lellick. "I'll hold your legs, you wrap your arms around my chest ok?" **
(36) Lellick: "Wouldn't your neck be a better spot?"
(26) Maximus: Or that
** (36) Lellick smiles faintly and goes about climbing on Max's back. **
(26) Maximus: :to git: get the silk rope from my backpack please and tie lellick to me if you would.
(26) Maximus: ( The rope appears at the very top)
(30) Git: "If you fall and start burning, I doubt the halfling wants to be stuck tied to you."
** (36) Lellick winces at hearing that, putting his arms around Max's neck, "What he said." **
(24) J'hzuu: "If he falls, I will catch him".
(26) Maximus: Hmm
(24) J'hzuu: ((Referring to Lellick)
(26) Maximus: Ok then no rope
** (36) Lellick is almost tempted to hold on to his neck too tight, but remembers his vows and decides to behave. **
** (26) Maximus stands up and steadys himself with Lellick on his back and gets his bearings. **
** (30) Git sets back and watches them work, nudging vrondard and suggesting: "Twenty crowns says he doesn't make it the first time." **
** (26) Maximus then precedes to do a few squats to see how well they balance together. **
(33) Vrondard: "Ha... don't know em that well to bet on em"
** (36) Lellick says to Max, "I'll heal you afterwards. If you don't drop me." **
** (24) J'hzuu puts one hand on a wand on his belt. "If you are hurt, call, and I will heal" **
** (30) Git raises his hand to his mouth, making farting noises on each of the paladin's squats **
(26) Maximus: :says to Lellick: I'm ready, you?
** (24) J'hzuu snickers at Git. He's very easily amused. **
(36) Lellick: "Ready."
(26) Maximus: :Ignores gits childish antics:
** (26) Maximus steps up next to the coals. And prays to Odion that he does not fail in this dutie. **
(26) Maximus: (Ok I'm ready)
** (24) J'hzuu starts to cast a spell. A second later, a loud, prolonged flatulence appears to come from Maximus's behind. **
** (36) Lellick grumbles something unpolite under his breath. **
** (26) Maximus clears his mind of every thought, and a sense of some calm enters Lellick.(Aura of courage) Take his first step onto the coals. **
** (24) J'hzuu becomes serious again, and follows the two, ready to catch Lellick or heal Maximus **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] -> [4,5] = (9)
(28) DM: Maximus collapses onto the coals, unconscious.
(30) Git: :watching the halfling riding the palading across the coals, jest to Vrondard: "We should have given Lellick a riding crop. What a hilarrious sight."
(28) DM: His face contorts in pain as he falls to the bed.
** (24) J'hzuu grabs Lellick, and pulls him onto the disk **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6] -> [6,4,5] = (15)
** (24) J'hzuu reaches down and tries to grab the paladin, and drag him off of the coals. **
** (36) Lellick spits out a curse, getting grabbed before he could properly react, "Not me! Get him!" **
(33) Vrondard: "well that didn't go so well"
(24) J'hzuu: ((He's holding the paladin, and moving the disk away.))
(24) J'hzuu: "Help!"
(30) Git: "Aye.. if he survives we can ask him what went wrong"
** (36) Lellick jumps off of the disk and onto the floor, to try and help with dragging Max away. **
(28) Voice: He has failed the test. Another may go.
** (24) J'hzuu get's off the disk too, realising he can pull better from the ground **
(33) Vrondard: "alright... who is next?"
** (30) Git moves to the coals and hops up onto the disc to help pull the paladin aboard **
(24) J'hzuu: ((So Max's out of them?))
(36) Lellick: "I'll look at him.. could you get him on his back?"
** (24) J'hzuu flips the paladin **
(36) Lellick: (Do I need a heal check to see how badly he's hurt?)
(26) Maximus: (( If healed, I will attempt again..)
(24) J'hzuu: ((Erm... go for the crispy bits?))
(30) Git: :to vron: "You want a turn?"
** (36) Lellick looks over Max's burns, checking to see how serious they are. **
(36) Lellick: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [13,11] = (24)
(30) Git: "Come on.. hear to of the harth and all..."
(24) J'hzuu: "Alll should see what went wrong. Perhaps there is a way to stop it from happening again?"
(28) DM: ((yes))
(30) Git: (heart even)
(33) Vrondard: "lets wait and see what they say first"
(36) Lellick: "He did something right before he stepped onto them, I believe. Maybe it was whatever he did.."
whispering to Lellick, he's down to about 20
** (24) J'hzuu casts another spell, and looks at the coals **
** (26) Maximus drools a little bit. **
(24) J'hzuu: "There is no magick on it. If there is, it is so powerful I cannot detect it...."
(24) J'hzuu: ((*J'hzuu cannot detect it, even. Aren't strange ways of speaking fun?))
** (36) Lellick shakes his head at the wounds, then puts his hand down on a patch of unburned skin, speaking in a steady voice. "May Tevesh ease this man's pain and make him whole again." **
(36) Lellick: (Cure Moderate Wounds, [2d8+5] -> [8,5,5] = (18) )
** (28) Jamilla, the Tasked coalesces, flitting from behind the Khajiit's shoulders. "That is because who shall be tested are one of you carrying another who is larger." (nods sagely) **
(24) J'hzuu: "Why did the Gen not tell all this before?"
(33) Vrondard: "so someone small needs to carry someon heavier?"
(33) Vrondard: "that sort of leave me from walkin"
(30) Git: "Right.. Halfling, who do you think you can carry?" :grins:
** (36) Lellick looks up at Git, wide-eyed, "..what?? **
(24) J'hzuu: "Not necessarily... J'hzuu can make the strongest smaller."
(33) Vrondard: "well you could try to carry me Git..."
(24) J'hzuu: "Who is strongest?" He looks from Vrondard to Maximus.
** (36) Lellick frowns a little down at Max, shaking his shoulder. **
(30) Git: "Hm?" wouldn't there strength diminish with their size?"
(33) Vrondard: "Bah!"
(33) Vrondard: "He ain't castin anything on me... specially if its going to make me small and weak"
(24) J'hzuu: "Yes, but J'hzuu thinks they would still be stronger than little-folk"
** (26) Maximus groans and start to awaken. **
** (24) J'hzuu glances at Lellick **
(33) Vrondard: "wont have foul magicks upon me"
(30) Git: "Fine."
** (24) J'hzuu looks quizically at Vrondard, unable to understand his aversion t magick. **
** (36) Lellick gets back up to his feet, "I.. don't think I would be able to carry very much." **
(24) J'hzuu: "Why?"
(26) Maximus: uhh...whats going on?
(24) J'hzuu: ((That was to Vrondard))
** (36) Lellick looks down at Max with a wry smile, "You blacked out. Right on top of the coals." **
(33) Vrondard: "it aint natural... thats why"
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: I did not tell you because you did not ask. (giggles)
** (30) Git steps near the coals, appraising them as his mouth twists. "Because he's crazed and irrational." :to vron: "And I'm only trying this once." **
(33) Vrondard: "blessing from the gods are fine... but magicks made from man aint"
(26) Maximus: Ah, the pain was to much handle, it felt like it spear through my middle
** (24) J'hzuu looks at the Gen, and cracks a smile. He can see a joke even in places it's not really funny. **
(33) Vrondard: "aint got no soul.. and that corrupts ya into blackness"
(36) Lellick: "Well, you'll be better now. I healed most of your burns."
** (30) Git removes his boots and gear and ties up his pantallo legs high enough they won't catch fire, then kneels down for the dwarf to board. "Take off the heavy armor at least chunky." **
(33) Vrondard: ((ooc: almost all dwarves have this opinion))
(26) Maximus: And I thank you, :looks at Jamilla: What are you doing back?
(24) J'hzuu: "This is a strange thought. I have not heard it before..." He shrugs
** (33) Vrondard lightens his load as much as he can **
** (36) Lellick looks at the others, then takes a position off to the side of the coal bed, so he can rush in and heal if need be. **
(24) J'hzuu: ((I have to go for a bit, If I'm needed, I can be an NPC. Be back as soon as possible))
** (30) Git takes out his canteen wetting his feet to offer a slight bit of protection. **
(26) Maximus: Maximus grabs his holy symbol and touches his burns, and they heal.(6 points of lay on hands used)
(33) Vrondard: "don't be droppin me and singin me beard now"
(26) Maximus: Well, what have I missed?
(36) Lellick: "The blue one here informed us that it went wrong because a smaller person must carry a bigger one."
(30) Git: (*puts on science coat and glasses* "The evaporating water creates a slight barrier of lower pressure to protect the flech momentarily from burning.")
(26) Maximus: Gah...So I wasted my chance?
(30) Git: "No worries of your beard. You'll probably drop arse first"
(26) Maximus: Oh well I'll trty and help the best I can
(33) Vrondard: "ah then no problem then"
** (36) Lellick shrugs, "I wouldn't say that.. you could go again if you really want someone to carry you?" **
(30) Git: "Just get on."
** (33) Vrondard climbs on **
** (26) Maximus walks over to his gear and starts replacing it on. **
** (30) Git stands up, carrying the dwarf piggy-back "ooof... damn you're heavy. Are you sure you took off your armor?" **
** (36) Lellick can't help but smirk a little at the sight. **
(33) Vrondard: "yeah... only got me clothes on"
(30) Git: "Yippy."
** (30) Git takes a seep breath, and averts his eyes up past the coals, figuring out of sight out of mind as he sets out, wet-footed over the coals **
(30) Git: (
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] -> [2,5] = (7)
(30) Git: ( *Plays the ending song from Officer and a Gentleman as he carries the dwarf along*)
(30) Git: Con check: [1d20+1] -> [20,1] = (21)
(30) Git: "Oww. aah.. Fuck.. damn! shit!.. aahh aahhh"
(28) DM: The half-elf winces from the pain, halfway through.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] -> [2,3] = (5)
(33) Vrondard: "you going to drop me?"
** (30) Git rushes across the coals like a ... well... like a healf-elf on hot coals **
(30) Git: "Thinking about it!"
(26) Maximus: looks over to Lellick: Well We still got 2 more trials
(36) Lellick: "Let's just hope they turn out a little better than this."
(28) Voice: You have done well and have passed the first trial.
** (30) Git drops the dwarf to his ass on the othre side and drops himself to pour water over his burned feet. **
** (26) Maximus Looks over at Jamilla, any thing more we need to know? **
** (36) Lellick hurries over to Git's side to take a look at his feet. **
(33) Vrondard: "well done.. couldn't have done better meself"
(28) Voice: At the far end of this chamber is a passage that leads to the lair of a lioness. One of you must enter the lair without the aid of arms or armor, and cross the chamber without the aid of magicka. Should you waken the lioness, you must defeat her without killing her. This is the test of the Lion's Mouth.
(30) Git: :peers at the dwarf: "You can try.. go ahead."
(36) Lellick: "Just hold still..."
(36) Lellick: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [16,11] = (27)
(36) Lellick: (That's to assess damage again)
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: for the Lion's Mouth? You may not enter without the aid of arms OR armor. (giggles)
(33) Vrondard: "har.. no foul magicks fer you Jhouue"
(26) Maximus: :looks over at git: Sorry you must go again, but I think you should try the next one.
(33) Vrondard: "hmm didn't say anything about leaving with arms"
(26) Maximus: hmmm
(33) Vrondard: "ill enter without it.. you guys toss me my axe and then I'll kill the lion"
** (36) Lellick kneels next to Git, placing a hand gingerly on one of his feet, "Yours aren't nearly as bad as Max's were. Let's see now... May Tevesh ease this man's pain and make him whole again." **
(30) Git: "Maybe it counts if the lion drags your carcass across."
(36) Lellick: (Cure Light Wounds, [1d8+5] -> [6,5] = (11) )
** (26) Maximus looks darkly at the opening to the lioness den." Vron if you feel you must go, but know I will go in your place if need be. **
** (30) Git sighs as the burns all but heal up. "Aaaaahhhh.. thanks Lellick. I'm liking you already." **
(33) Vrondard: "hmm that is welcome magick..."
(36) Lellick: "Gee, thanks."
** (36) Lellick gets back to his feet, fetching the equipment he left on the floor. **
** (26) Maximus walks over to stand next to the passage, well Vron grab your axe and leave your armor, lets get through the next one with dwarven might. **
** (30) Git takes a moment to stretche out the new skin of his feet and make sure all his toes still wiggle before getting his gear back together. **
(36) Lellick: "One moment there! Don't you think it would be best to try not waking the lion at all?"
(30) Git: :to vron: "What if it's a giant lioness?"
** (36) Lellick adds, "And what if you pass out as soon as someone throws you your axe?" **
(26) Maximus: "I am not light on my feet are any of you? If not then Vrondard's axe is our best bet."
(30) Git: "True.. the axe is probably considered cheasting."
(26) Maximus: "No you can enter with your armor, but not weapons and vice versa
(26) Maximus: Or that what Jamilla said, 1 or the other
(30) Git: "No.. neither arms nor armor."
(36) Lellick: "Whichever it is, it's far too much trouble to provoke a fight."
(33) Vrondard: "bah can't kill her"
(30) Git: "Oh.. did she?"
(28) DM: Sure enough, at the far end of the chamber is a small passage that leads out of the room, a passage that you did not notice before.
(26) Maximus: But we coudnt kill the lioness, so if we had a ranger or stealthly person to sneak past her
(26) Maximus: Then we would pass
(28) DM: Snoring can be heard from within, faintly echoing in the distance.
(36) Lellick: "If no one else is more suited for the task, then I will try."
** (30) Git slowly sneaks toward the entrance, (take 10 ms, 19) trying to catch a glimpse inside to the lioness **
(30) Git: (not entering, just trying to look in from outseid)
** (26) Maximus whispers to Lellick, "Hold yourself lil' man, Git is showing his true talents." **
** (36) Lellick raises his eyebrows at Max but says nothing. **
** (30) Git sneacks back to the others, shrugging, "Seems like a normal enough lion to me." :points to Lellick: "You going?" **
(33) Vrondard: "Could be a tough fight... but I should be able to defeat the lion"
** (36) Lellick considers that, "I believe you would be far better than I. Whatever you feel is best." **
** (26) Maximus looks at Vrondard, "Defeat it, not kill it. Can you incapacitate a foe?" **
(33) Vrondard: "without weapons... just in a grapple"
(33) Vrondard: "that is what would be the tough part... I aint trained in it"
(26) Maximus: "Nor am I, our best bet then is some one to sneak past it and gain passage for the rest of us."
(30) Git: :groans: "I don't feel like being mauled by a lion today."
(26) Maximus: "Nor do any of us, but 3 of us have our freedom hinging on this."
(30) Git: "Dammit."
(36) Lellick: "Well, if you fail... run?"
** (30) Git starts removing his armor... again. **
(28) DM: (bio break)
(33) Vrondard: "should let me try first"
(33) Vrondard: "can't run... got to defeat it if it wakes up"
(26) Maximus: :grins: "Think of it this way, if you succed I'll buy you some mead at the next Tavern I see you at."
(30) Git: "If that thing starts waking up, do me a favor and you guys start making noise out here to draw her attention.. alright?"
(36) Lellick: "We will."
(30) Git: :looks to vronard: "Sure.. you can go fight the big ol lion if you want."
(26) Maximus: "Dont worry, if things get to bad, screw the rules I'll find a way to break you from its maw :grin:"
(33) Vrondard: "well you could get lucky and sneak past it... just depends if you think you can"
(26) Maximus: " The less blood shed the better."
** (36) Lellick nods at what Maximus said. **
(30) Git: "Jamilla... prescisely... may I bring a weapon if I leave my armor?"
(33) Vrondard: ((dm away))
(30) Git: (right.. right)
(26) Maximus: "Well after this trial, we should do the next one without Git so he can get some rest."
(30) Git: "Hell no.. after all this, I need some temptation."
** (26) Maximus Laughs **
** (30) Git hands over his pack and armor, though keeps a bag of caltrops in hand. "We'll see how she likes these." **
(26) Maximus: " Well Git, I hope the Temptation wont be too much for any of us."
(30) Git: "If it isn't, I'll feel sourly disappointed."
** (26) Maximus looks at Git darkly. "Not all temptation is what you hope for, but lets hope it is that easy to overcome..." **
(26) Maximus: (That did not make much sense, did it?)
(33) Vrondard: ((sounded wise even if it didn't make sense))
(26) Maximus: (( Thanks ))
(30) Git: (right. it's 70% how you sound, 20% your expression, and only 10% what you say)
(26) Maximus: ( Nice formula)
(30) Git: (Think Shatner)
(26) Maximus: ( yep)
(26) Maximus: (So...)
(30) Git: (now we gamble)
(30) Git: (to pass the time)
(33) Vrondard: [1d3+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(33) Vrondard: [35/6] -> 5
(36) Lellick: (I'm still here, just going to read something real quick)
(26) Maximus: ( Got'cha)
(26) Maximus: ( So there are 2 players not here tonight correct?)
(33) Vrondard: (figure it will take me 4 to 5 rounds to do in the lion)
(33) Vrondard: ((Kha is absent this month))
(33) Vrondard: ((and Agatha has no excuse that I know of))
(33) Vrondard: ((but then again I don't know anything))
(26) Maximus: ( Ah ok, well I hope you dont have to fight the Lion, Git should hopefully sneak past it fine.)
(26) Maximus: ( But that the obvious approach right? just like me carrying the halfing and that didnt work.)
(33) Vrondard: ((the longer this takes the bigger chance the DM will engineer that))
(30) Git: (quite true)
(30) Git: (maybe we should have clunky ol Vrondard try to sneak by instead)
(33) Vrondard: ((im thinking boxing might be better than grappling))
(26) Maximus: ( Maybey me and Vrondard should both box it at the same time, I can do minor healing also
(26) Maximus: (remember all of us can go
(33) Vrondard: (that would be a thought then)
(36) Lellick: (Well.. Lellick has a level in monk, I don't know if it'd be any help with the lion or not though)
(33) Vrondard: (i could grapple it and you all could pummel it ugly)
(33) Vrondard: unarmed strike
(33) Vrondard: no aoo
(33) Vrondard: only reason the lion has a chance vs Vron is that aoo
(26) Maximus: (Same here, plus you have the more hp, I think this plan works the best)
(33) Vrondard: (if we can all go we should)
(36) Lellick: (Eh.. I guess if Git fails we could all rush in and start punching)
(26) Maximus: (Wait, Vron, me and git all enter. Me and vron wait at the entrancec and git tries and sneaks, if he fails me and Vron charge
(26) Maximus: (ah beaten to the punch
(36) Lellick: (XD)
(30) Git: (great minds and all the. sounds good)
(33) Vrondard: ((i dont think we can all go))
(33) Vrondard: ((says ONE of you))
(33) Vrondard: ((of course a lawyer could say that just means one of us))
(26) Maximus: (( hmm, this could get complicated)
(33) Vrondard: ((then we are back to Vrons 60/40 chance of winning))
(26) Maximus: (( yep, I think this is our best chance then, take 10 and try and sneak if that fails, pummel to death
(26) Maximus: ( err...or make it passout)
(33) Vrondard: ((im not sure what attacks it gets in a grapple))
(36) Lellick: (I think I'll have Lellick run in along with you guys if the pummel part happens. He might not be able to heal with the thing about magicka, but stunning fist'll help)
(26) Maximus: (I think it gets all of them, bite claws and the back ones also
(33) Vrondard: ((yeah thats what worries me in a grapple))
(26) Maximus: (( Man this is a long Bio break))
(30) Git: (Styan must've eaten Mexican)
(33) Vrondard: ((you could ask for a picture later))
(26) Maximus: You know I"m actually eating Mexican right now.))
(36) Lellick: (Mmm, tacos)
(33) Vrondard: ((salsa and chips here))
(30) Git: (finished off a burrito before we started.)
(30) Git: (creepy)\
(26) Maximus: ( Maybey he hurt himself?)
(26) Maximus: (slipped or somtin)
(33) Vrondard: ((its possible... they say you shouldn't push hard))
(30) Git: (maybe stash's open rpg froze. ANyone have yim open?)
(33) Vrondard: ((there's nothing like bathroom humor... about the bathroom)
(26) Maximus: ( It could burst a blood vessel, thats called hemroids kids, you bleed so much looks like you gutted yourself
(36) Lellick: (I'm on AIM right now.. I'll buzz him)
(30) Git: (does he still have aim?)
(36) Lellick: (Talked to him on it last night)
(33) Vrondard: ((yeah))
(28) DM: (I'm here.)
(30) Git: (are your blood vessels intact?)
(28) DM: (lol, I've been waiting to see what's going on)
(33) Vrondard: well someone proposed that we all go and fight it
(26) Maximus: (lol)
(30) Git: (planning degraded into bathroom humor)
(33) Vrondard: but i was thinking this was a solo deal
(28) DM: (mmm, I can't comment)
(26) Maximus: (Lets just go ahead with Git trying to sneak past it)
** (26) Maximus looks over at git, "You ready?" **
** (30) Git bears his long gray elven cloak and carries bag of caltrops in hand, having relinguished his amaments. "Ready as I'll ever be **
** (26) Maximus looks at Git, " May you stay Vigilent, and not Falter." **
(33) Vrondard: ((no magic so if that cloak is magic then... better take it off))
(33) Vrondard: ((not like its going to help you any))
(30) Git: :nods: "And may you stand straight and not be impotent."
(33) Vrondard: ((i guess the answer is... dont use it))
(30) Git: (fine ifine) :hands over his cloak
** (36) Lellick bites his lip to keep from laughing. **
(33) Vrondard: "you better be quieter than a church mouse... and stay far away from it"
** (26) Maximus Glares at Git. **
** (30) Git heads into the lion's den, tip-toeing along quietly as possible (take 10, ms 19) **
(33) Vrondard: "distance will help you out"
(30) Git: (what? it has more than one meanig. Get your mind out of the gutter)
(26) Maximus: ( now I'm confused)
** (30) Git takes the dwar's advice, trying to take the path furthest from the lion as he crosses the cavern **
(28) DM: So far, so good. However, as Git enters the cavern beyond, Jamilla picks up a pebble and throws it at the lionness, waking her. It isn't pleased, as you can well imagine.
(33) Vrondard: "Hey!"
Sorry dont know what /ne is!
** (30) Git grits his teeth at the gen, and readies the bag of claltrops to throw out before himself should the lioness charge **
(30) Git: (how far am I from the exit?)
** (28) Jamilla, the Tasked giggles. "This is part of the trial, mortal." **
(26) Maximus: "what the...": Moves over to the Gen
(33) Vrondard: "Git you better get back here..."
(33) Vrondard: "now that its up.. you have to defeat it with your bare hands"
(28) DM: (30' from where the PCs are, 70' from the other end)
(33) Vrondard: "we can't help him can we?"
(28) Jamilla, the Tasked: No, you cannot.
(33) Vrondard: "all of us fight the lion with our bare hands and such?"
(33) Vrondard: "bah!"
(33) Vrondard: ((yeah Git... its escape to us or the other side now))
(30) Git: (has it seen me?)
** (26) Maximus starts to pace some what, but always watching Git and the lioness. **
(28) DM: (not yet. it knows that someone or something is in the chamber, because it got hit with something, but does not appear to have detected you yet)
(30) Git: (anything to hide behind?)
(28) DM: A stalagmite, a couple of boulders. It is a wide open space for the most part.
** (36) Lellick is watching intently, looking like he'd like to run in there. **
** (30) Git tries to sneak quickly and quitely to the nearest cover **
 (33) Vrondard: ((running 30' would be wise?))
(26) Maximus: :looks at his comrades: Should we make some noise and try and distract it?
(24) J'hzuu: ((Back, just reading what's happened))
(36) Lellick: "Absolutely.. HERE, KITTY KITTY!"
(28) DM: (so Git has entered the cavern, Jamilla woke the lionness, the lionness is trying to see who woke her, Git hid behind a rock formation, the party's debating whether to help him, and Jamilla is just observing.)
(28) DM: (I'm going to stop here, mostly because I'm falling asleep.)
(26) Maximus: (That works, I'm sleepy also :)
(30) Git: (hoi hoi)
(33) Vrondard: alright... nite everyone
(28) DM: We'll continue on the board in an IC thread.

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