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(1168) Git (enter): 21:45
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1168) Git...
(1167) Vrondard (enter): 21:45
(1169) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 21:45
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1167) Vrondard...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1169) Dj Gilcrease...
(1166) TaliesinNYC: when Ag gets here, we'll start
(1171) Agatha (enter): 21:48
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1171) Agatha...
(1166) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
Kha: ((A quick one would be good))
(1172) Agatha (enter): 21:49
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1172) Agatha...
(1166) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1171) Agatha' from room...
(1171) Agatha (exit): 21:50
(1167) Vrondard: yep recap needed
(1166) DM: (basically explored the rest of the dungeon underneath the monolith, spoke to the Sheik about the goings on with the drow and the slavers, discovered the hidden library, had a battle against Munafik (he escaped))
(1168) Git: (that pussy)
(1166) DM: (and found a sealed scroll case marked "Property of Martek, do not open. Most secure.")
Kha: ((Oh right, we decided to wait to open it untill we could let Norf check it out))
(1167) Vrondard: ((and yet again no Norf... fricken evil spellcasters... who needs em!))
(1166) DM: (I haven't heard from him all week, so if he doesn't reply to me this week, I have to seriously consider replacing him. It's been 4 weeks already.)
(1167) Vrondard: he was around yesterday
(1167) Vrondard: maybe his Fridays are miffed up
(1173) Scourge (enter): 21:55
** Kha carries Basht's body back to our Inn hoping he does not get too many strange looks **
(1166) Norfirion: I've taken a look at the scroll case (as he walks along)
(1173) Scourge (exit): 21:57
** (1168) Git walks along "casually" with the others. "Whatcha find?" **
(1166) DM: Given that it's the middle of the afternoon, you don't.
(1166) Norfirion: A map and a Star Gem. (smiles slightly)
Kha: "There wanst any security on it or did you just figure out how to disable it?"
** (1172) Agatha follows along listening to the good news as she does her silence routine again. **
** (1168) Git slows down to walk beside the mage, looking over to the items, "No matter... what;s the map of?" **
(1167) Vrondard: "directions fer findin yer grave no doubt"
** (1167) Vrondard states dourly **
(1168) Git: :muses morbidly to the dwarf: "I hope it's near a tree."
(1166) Norfirion: There wasn't anything on it. (eyebrows quirk together)
(1166) Norfirion: Was a bit odd, if you ask me.
(1168) Git: :stops a a second: "If it's a blank paper how can you call it a map?"
** (1172) Agatha keeps an eye out for any followers, not that she expects to find anything. **
Kha: "Ya, considering it said "Most secure""
(1168) Git: :starts walking again:
(1166) Norfirion: No, I mean any precautions on the scroll case, as in traps and such.
(1166) Norfirion: It is a map, but I can't make heads or tails of it. (shows you writing on the map)
** (1168) Git glances over to the papyrus **
(1166) DM: And it is a map, but where is a good question.
** Kha takes a look **
(1166) DM: It's covered with writing on the edges.
(1167) Vrondard: "whats it say?"
(1168) Git: :to kha: "Can you read it?"
(1167) Vrondard: "where's the X?"
Kha: "Ya it explains the prophacy that's going on now, and what Martek, Archmage of Zayal did to set up the good side"
Kha: reading the scroll out lout: "In Phoenix, did I, Martek, Archmage of Zayal, seal up a prince of the Djann, that in the days ahead which I do foresee, when the Evil One is loosed, the powers of good might be put to the test against the evil. The path and the way have I entrusted to the Pharoahs and their wives, that each might hold a part of the key and together know when to unlock the power of this goodly Djann. The time is yet unknown, but the place is this place of Set under the protecting Phoenix."
(1168) Git: "What's he done that's been so helpful?"
(1166) Norfirion: Very interesting...
(1167) Vrondard: "if yer say so"
Kha: "So it sounds like this is a map to the hidden city you said the Bard spoke of when we first got here"
(1168) Git: :sighs warily: "I hate following other people's schemes."
** (1167) Vrondard scratches his cranium.. **
Kha: "Anyways I'll let you read the map I have to figure out what you do with an Avatars body"
(1168) Git: "So we head for the ruins then, yed?"
(1172) Agatha: "Which ruins? Did Basht ever say where the Princess was?
** Kha picks up Vontaros and goes over to Basht's body and Silently asks if Vontaros has any ideas on buarial rituals for Avatars **
(1166) Norfirion: It looks like it, but I'm not certain where. He said it was to the northwest of here, if it in fact it is.
Kha: "Yes she the princess was in the Crypt of Badr al-Mosak"
(1167) Vrondard: "aint shown on that useless map?"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, her body should vanish tonight, of its own accord.
(1167) Vrondard: "pretty sucky map if it dont show ya where to go..."
(1166) Norfirion: I think we need the Princess for that.
(1166) Norfirion: Basht and the bard mentioned something about a medallion and a palm sign.
** (1167) Vrondard scratches his cranium.. **
(1166) Norfirion: The Princess' betrothed should have a medallion, which we'll need to match up to her palm sign. Doing that should reveal the location of Phoenix.
Kha: "Yes I belive Basht said Phoenix is the last place to go after we get the princess back from the Infriti. We need the Palm sign on her hand and the medalion the Prince wears"
(1167) Vrondard: "so we need to find these people..." sighs
(1172) Agatha: "So the Crypt of Badr al-Mosak is our next step. But how to go about it?"
(1172) Agatha: "This ifrit isn't just going to let us walk off with the girl."
Kha: "The Crypt lies to the south and west of the Oasis about five days out. We can go there and try to do it ourselves, OR we can get the Lion Gem for the Everlasting, Basht said doing this would 'make your lives easyer'"
(1168) Git: "Maybe perhaps we could sneak her away without fiughting him. If not, maybe just getting the medallion near her will show us the path so we can save her later."
(1167) Vrondard: "hmmm this ifrit some bad dude.. we'll show em we're badder"
(1167) Vrondard: ((would we know this ifrit as a fire using genie? yet?))
** Kha takes the Ankh he had removed from Basht and replaces it around the corpses nack then lays the corpse off to one side out the room out of the way **
(1168) Git: (I think the flaming entrance he made would suggest that, yes.)
(1172) Agatha: ((seemed pretty firey when we met him. Every corpse we found was char-broiled too.))
Kha: ((We released it so I would say yes))
(1167) Vrondard: ((ok that thing.. gotcha... didn't want to stretch my ooc knowledge))
(1167) Vrondard: "going to needs something to protect ourselves from the fires o' that one though"
(1172) Agatha: "You've got to be kidding. This thing has been laying waste to everything it comes across."
(1168) Git: "I'd rather not deal with the Everlasting if we don't have to. i just don't trust them. Or you around them" :suggest to Kha:
(1172) Agatha: "And it ain't right to have them fight our battle for us."
(1166) DM: ((you saw him when you released him, so I would assume yes))
(1168) Git: :to aggy: "That part I don't mind."
(1172) Agatha: "If we need an army, I think the Shiek would gladly lend his forces to save his betrothed."
** Kha shrugs "The ifrit has heightened immunity to force of arms and cannot be harmed by power alone." **
(1172) Agatha: "Problem is, I don't see too many of them coming back."
(1168) Git: "He's not all-seeing or anything though, right?"
Kha: "The Everlasting are much greater in number, and may be able to aid us in more ways the brute force."
Kha: "I doubt the Ifiriti is all seeing"
(1168) Git: "If not, we just need to distract him for a bit while we go in and pilfer his princess."
(1172) Agatha: "No, but with an army of undead and the security he'll have around the princess, he's got eyes enough to spot us."
** (1172) Agatha looks to Git. "A distraction would probably be our best shot." **
** Kha shakes his head at Git, "And how do you propose >We distract him without sacraficing the Shieks entire armed forces?" **
(1172) Agatha: "But like the dwarf said, we need something to protect us from the ifrit."
(1168) Git: "True, a full blown invasion force might be the only way to distract them. So we're back to putting the shiek's forces or the Everlasting on the chopping block"
(1168) Git: "The fifth gem, where is it supposed to beside?" :to Kha: "Did Basht tell you?"
(1168) Git: be rather*
(1167) Vrondard: .
Kha: "Lets take this one step at a time, First we should make sure we can use the Sheiks men, then we should secure the Everlansting's aid by getting the Lion Gem. Once we have both forces we should be able to create a big enough distraction"
Kha: "The fifth Gem is in the City of Gods, which Phoenix takes us too"
(1168) Git: "Distraction is pointless unless we know what advantage we take from it. So lets not jump straight into those binds."
(1167) Vrondard: "whats fer them to just take the gem away from us when we get and tell em bout it?"
Kha: "Cause Basht said getting the Lion Gem would Make out lives easyer"
(1167) Vrondard: "keepin it too"
(1172) Agatha: "I think the story is that only an outsider can claim the Lion's Gem, isn't it?"
(1167) Vrondard: "along wid our heads... we will need a plan fer doin both"
(1168) Git: "Yeah, her suggestions made our lives much easier so far." :sarcastically:
Kha: "Yes Agatha, and who ever gets the Lion Gem will control the Everlasting"
(1172) Agatha: "Git, I wouldn't cast aside the Everlasting just yet. People around here seem to take their word seriously. If we get their word to help us, I think we can trust they'll stick to it."
(1167) Vrondard: "well lets get the stuff and the people and then make a decision..."
(1168) Git: "Perhaps they will, but it's the fine print that worries me more."
(1167) Vrondard: "when we can make one"
(1172) Agatha: "Aye, we should see what each side is packing. Who knows? The Shiek and the Everlasting might be hiding some cards in their sleeves.
(1167) Vrondard: "sitting around here doin nothin worries me"
(1167) Vrondard: "I'm goina sink into this sand and die o' suffocation...."
(1167) Vrondard: "ifn I don't die of boredom first"
(1191) Varrath (enter): 22:39
Kha: "Ok so lets go talk to the Shiek and see how many men he has that he will let us use, we cannot tell him where the princess is yet though oor he will just send him men out without a real plan"
(1168) Git: "No, they can't afford the men. They have to worry about undead armies. They're focused on protection right now"
(1172) Agatha: "Aye, but we might as well bring him up to speed."
(1172) Agatha: "Least he can do is spare us a guide or two."
Kha: "We would not be taking his men yet anyways, we just need to know how many he has so when we figure out how many the Everlasting have we will know how many men we have access to develop a plan with"
(1168) Git: "I'd rather not tell him at all. After all, he may have more jackals hiding among his goats.
** Kha picks up his bag an heads out toward the Shieks tent carring Vontaros **
** (1167) Vrondard follows along...(maybe there is more food to be had at the Shieks tent!) **
(1191) Varrath (exit): 22:44
(1191) Varrath (enter): 22:44
(1191) Varrath (exit): 22:45
(1172) Agatha: "Well, it looks like someone has their mind made up."
(1193) Lord Diggori (enter): 22:45
(1168) Git: "Lets hope it's a good thing." :follows behind:
** (1172) Agatha follows. **
(1193) Lord Diggori: steps into the shadow plane
(1193) Lord Diggori (exit): 22:47
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(1166) DM: You arrive at the Sheik's tent. A pair of mamluks stand guard, their arms folded and glaring at Kha.
** Kha nods to the guards "We need to speak with the Shiek" **
(1166) Farid: The hijad does not want visitors to his tent. Leave, outlander.
Kha: "He will want our news"
** (1166) Farid snorts. "Give me your news, pale one, and I will give it to the hijad." **
Kha: "Tell him we have located the Princess"
** (1172) Agatha eyes the guard. **
** (1166) Farid nods slightly, a flicker of emotion crossing his face. **
** (1172) Agatha eyes the guard, sizing him up. **
Kha: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21)
(1166) Farid: Wait here, outlander. (pulls aside the tent entrance from which you can hear angry shouts within)
** (1166) Farid whispers to his mate and then slips inside. **
** (1167) Vrondard stares down the remaining mamluk **
(1166) DM: The other mamluk gazes at you stonily.
Kha: "Who is the Shiek speaking to that you do not want us too meet?"
(1166) DM: (6'3", tanned, muscular, shaved head, long scraggly black beard. desert clothing, khopesh scimitar)
(1166) DM: He gazes at you as if made of stone.
** (1168) Git listens idly, trying to get an idea of what they're yelling **
** Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
whispering to Git, something about will not accede to your demands, unholy ones
(1167) Vrondard: ((Vrondard sees.. tall guy with a shameful beard with no armor and a curved blade that he uses to shave his head with)
(1172) Agatha: ((Squee! Khopesh! ::drools::))
Kha: "The Shiek is speaking with one of the Everlasting, lets go in now before the Shiek kills him"
(1168) Git: "Do we have to?"
** Kha moves to enter then tent "If you stop us from entering the Shiek will not learn the location of the princess" he says to the guard **
** (1172) Agatha takes a step forward. **
(1167) Vrondard: "and I'll take yer bloomin head off"
(1187) Dorian (enter): 22:57
(1166) DM: He narrows his eyes and says, "None may pass by order of the hijad."
(1167) Vrondard:

Intimidate check:

[1d20+0+4] -> [20,0,4] = (24)

4 Ranks

** (1168) Git sighs, and glances up to the guard, offering only, "Excuse me." Then he dives forth in a roll around him and through the tent flap to come up to a stance inside. **
(1168) Git: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [3,10] = (13)
(1168) Git: (Ack!)
(1167) Vrondard: ((ha! stole your 20))
(1168) Git: (bastard)
(1166) DM: He gasps and seizes you (Git) by the nape of your neck, and tosses you back.
** Kha stops and calls out while Git makes a Dive for the flap "Shiek, you should listen to the Everlasting woman, let us in so we may all speak" **
(1166) Hazran: None may pass. (glares)
(1168) Git: "Right right... sorry.." :backs off a bit and straightens his clothes out:
** (1172) Agatha looks to Git and Kha. "If I may?" **
(1167) Vrondard: "I'll show how its done.....har.. or Agatha will"
(1168) Git: :to Aggy: "Let's not make this violent."
Kha: "Dont attack the guard, he is just doing his job"
(1168) Git: "Right... we'kk just go along with the rules and..." :suddenly takes another dive for the flap:
** (1172) Agatha frowns under her face coverings. "As you wish." **
(1168) Git: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [18,10] = (28)
** (1172) Agatha steps back. **
** (1168) Git rolls into the tent and springs to a stance, brushing himself off quickly as if nothing'd happened, and he calls to the arguers, "Pardon me, I don't mean to interrupt, but..." **
(1168) Git: "Well.. I kind of do."
(1198) No Name (enter): 23:04
** Kha is waiting to be let in not wanting to anger the guard to violance **
** (1166) Hazran steps aside to avoid Git **
(1198) No Name (exit): 23:05
** (1172) Agatha waits for the guard to turn and go in after Git. **
** (1166) Ajaiya turns around, hand grabbing a jambiya in response. "Who are you?" **
(1166) Prince Hassan: Sheathe your weapon, woman!
(1166) Prince Hassan: This one is under our protection, by the bond of salt. (indicates Git)
** (1168) Git holds up his empty hands to the gathered, "i'm simply a man who means well, I assure you." **
** Kha enters the Tent after the guard steps aside **
** (1166) Ajaiya narrows her eyes at Git. "I see." **
Kha: "Hello Shiek, Prince, and Woman of the Everlasting"
** (1166) Ajaiya sheathes her jambiya, straightening up. "So now you have outlanders perform your will, O Sheik?" **
** Kha continues to talk over the Everlasting woman **
** (1167) Vrondard will stay outside if the guard(s) do... just to keep them occupied with himself **
Kha: "How many skilled fighters can you call on to save the princess Shiek?"
** (1166) Sheik Kassim acknowledges your presence and continues "And what will happen if we refuse your offer?" **
(1166) Sheik Kassim: Hassan, tell him.
** Kha turns to Hassan **
(1166) Ajaiya: You cannot refuse, Kassim. For if you refuse, your men will fall like seeds harrowed from a palm tree, in the wind, blown away by the might of the ifrit.
(1166) Ajaiya: Perhaps your outlander servants will do your will. (smiles slightly)
(1205) Sammi (enter): 23:11
(1168) Git: "No.. we pretty much just make craxy demands and sit on our asses."
(1166) Hassan: My father speaks the truth. Our men are limited only to those who guard the camp, as most of the warriors have gone to the north and west, to fight against the ifrit. Daily, bodies return, for healing or for burial. Our numbers diminish with each passing day and it is a losing battle.
Kha: "Servent no, and you are right about one thing if his men alone try to defeat the Ifriti they will be destroyed. And since you are here it would be handy if I knew the number of Everlasting that will help in fighting the Ifriti"
(1166) Hassan: The ifrit has sent a message recently asking for our surrender and acceptance of his will, but we will NEVER accept the rule of one of his kind so long as the White Palm stands.
(1187) Dorian (exit): 23:13
** (1166) Ajaiya says nothing to Kha. **
(1168) Git: "I don't see why. The place is mostly tents. You could pack up and take the whole community on the run if you wanted."
(1166) Sheik Kassim: We cannot!
(1166) Sheik Kassim: If we do, we will surely fall. (sits back in his cushions, depressed)
(1168) Git: "Whatever. It's of little concern to me. Though I wonder what exactly you lot were screaming aboiut before we entered"
(1166) Nador: The hijad is referring to a prophecy of old that foretells the destruction of the tribe should the Oasis be abandoned. The Sheik is not only the ruler of his tribe but the keeper of the Palm.
(1166) Nador: (rolls his eyes)
(1205) Sammi (exit): 23:16
(1166) Nador: It would be easier to count the hairs on a donkey's tail than to persuade the hijad to abandon the Oasis.
(1168) Git: "Then let them stay and die. No one's forcing them."
** Kha shrugs "Shiek we have discovered the location of the Princess, but there is a task we must prefore before we can gain access to her. When we have done this task we will need the aid of as many men as you can. You should call them back from the Ifriti for the time beeing" **
Kha: ((* perform))
(1166) Prince Hassan: Simple. This one would have us fortify our lands with themselves. All know that the Everlasting work their will and none other, not even the Grand Caliph's.
** (1166) Prince Hassan glares at Ajaiya with undisguised hostility. **
** Kha moves next to Ajaiya leaning to whisper something if she will allow **
(1166) Sheik Kassim: Eh? (listens with interest)
(1168) Git: "Well, you do kinda need the help."
(1167) Vrondard: .
(1210) Xain (enter): 23:24
** (1166) Ajaiya nods slightly, almost imperceptibly...and winks at you, and the Sheik. **
(1210) Xain (exit): 23:25
** (1167) Vrondard doesn't offer much of anything unless he smells food somewhere **
(1166) Ajaiya: By the grace of the gods above, I thank you for your hospitality. (bows)
** (1166) Sheik Kassim is stunned and speechless **
(1166) Nador: Eh?
** (1166) Ajaiya leaves the tent. **
(1168) Git: :quirks a brow: "Kha... you better not have just made any promises you can't keep"
(1166) Prince Hassan: What is it, outlander?
Kha: "I got rid of someone you are unwilling to work with"
Kha: "Now back to my origional question How many skilled fighters can you call on to save the princess when the time comes. This will invole killing the Ifriti, but now is not the time to do it."
(1166) Sheik Kassim: None.
(1166) Sheik Kassim: We have none. For each warrior that the ifrit does not kill, there are two that he turns to the living dead.
Kha: "How many do you have fighting against the Ifriti now?"
(1168) Git: (brb)
(1166) Sheik Kassim: So, should you have someone or something that can slay the living dead, then you will have that much more to defeat him. We do not.
(1166) Sheik Kassim: Half our remaining warriors...perhaps more than one hundred.
(1166) Sheik Kassim: But not much more. (speaks despondently)
** (1166) Nador lays his hand on the Sheik's arm comfortingly, and looks up at Kha. "I am not normally a man who holds much faith with the legends of this tribe, but there is a truth to one legend. It is written, by the hand of the god Ra, that the heir of each generation shall wear a medallion sacred to the sun, and should it be used in a time of great need, will the sun come forth." **
(1166) Nador: It is also written, by the god, that this medallion shall be used to reveal a great Good. So, you have my blessing and the blessing of the hijad, and that of his son, should you wish to take it and use it against the ifrit.
** Kha shakes his head "You should call them back since the Everlasting is right about one thing, your men will be destroyed if they continue right now. If you do not wish to call them back I will mourn their loss, after the Ifriti is gone. As I said there is a task which we must do before it is time to attack the ifriti" **
** (1166) Nador nods, and looks at the Sheik. "That is his decision and his alone. I am but a humble priest." **
Kha: "We will come back for it after the task is compleate, then we will goto the Crypt of Badr al-Mosak, where we will need it"
(1166) Prince Hassan: In the meantime, I pledge my service to you, as the White Opal, should you have need of my sword and the will of Kor.
** (1166) Sheik Kassim looks at his son, shocked. **
(1212) Sauro (enter): 23:36
Kha: "Ahh so you are the White Opal, Basht said we could trust you."
(1166) Prince Hassan: Who is Basht?
Kha: "A servent of Ra"
** (1166) Prince Hassan glances quizzically at his father. "Father?" **
** (1166) Sheik Kassim peers wordlessly at Kha, and then at his son, and then at the rest of you, and then back to Kha. "I....you are a man now, my son. Go, with my blessing. These walk with grace and honor. I have faith, for you have no fate but the fate you are given." (smiles) **
** Kha nods "I at least " **turns to his friends** "Will accept the use of your sword, though you must excuse me if I do not explain this task we are heading out to do untill after we compleate it" **
(1166) Sheik Kassim: Basht is a servant of Ra, the sun god. She is his messenger, and one who walks with those who hold cats and their kin dearly. A friend to rogues (nods to Git) and a friend to the poor, and those in need.
** (1166) Prince Hassan nods wordlessly, still mystified. "And you have seen this....this servant?" (dazedly) **
(1168) Git: "Actually, she's not much of anything anymore." :offers cryptically before he turns to exit the tent:
Kha: "She has also fufilled her Ka-Tet in this world"
** (1166) Prince Hassan nods, not understanding. "You must be great warriors then, to walk with the gods." **
(1212) Sauro (exit): 23:44
Kha: to the Shiek: "We must be off at night fall, so I will leave you with the choise to make about your men"
Kha: to Hassan: "You should prepare what ever you are taking with you. We are staying at the Inn where most out landers stay, so you can come to use when you are ready"
(1217) Adam500 (enter): 23:46
(1217) Adam500 (exit): 23:47
** (1172) Agatha stifles a chuckle at Kha's suggestion. **
** Kha bos to the Shiek ((as an equal)) and turns to head back to the Inn **
** (1172) Agatha nods to the Shiek and the Prince and follows. **
** (1166) Sheik Kassim nods at you, and waves you off, in good cheer. **
(1166) DM: It is the first time you have seen him genuinely happy since you arrived at the Oasis.
Kha: ((AFK a few min to make some food, I'll be watching the scree while it is nuking in the micro))
(1166) Nador: I cannot go with you, my prince, but I can pray for you, and your friends.
** (1166) Nador watches you leave. **
** (1166) Ajaiya is waiting for you at the Inn. **
(1166) DM: Naturally, the common room is deserted at this time of the day.
** (1168) Git gives the Everlasting woman glance, and keeps walking toward their room **
(1166) Ajaiya: Don't bother. (smiles sweetly)
** (1172) Agatha looks on the woman as she says this. **
(1172) Agatha: "What did you do?
(1166) Ajaiya: I trapped the door, of course. (gives Agatha a huge grin)
Kha: "If you wanted to talk I would talk, no need to try and force us"
(1168) Git: "And what do you want exactly?" :asks as he examines for the trap:
(1166) Ajaiya: No?
(1166) Ajaiya: You refused me once and now you change your mind. You are strange for an outlander.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [18,14] = (32)
** Kha sits down in the common room to talk with her **
Kha: "It was not my decion to refuse, My friends thought it a bad idea and to get the Gem I will need their help"
** (1166) Ajaiya follows Kha. **
(1172) Agatha: "Where are our friends? The ones staying here?"
(1166) Ajaiya: It may still be a bad idea, for you and your friends. If you are unworthy, you will die.
(1166) Ajaiya: They have been dealt with.
** (1168) Git sighs and pulls out a pair of thin pliers and reaches into the lock (disable) **
Kha: "We all die sooner or later"
(1166) DM: (btw, Ag, Aj and Kha are not with you Git)
(1166) Ajaiya: Yes, but do you want to die now?
(1166) Ajaiya: Since you have agreed this time, I feel it is my duty to tell you of what you must face.
Kha: "No, I still have much I want to accomplish, the least of which is getting rid of the Ifriti which my friends freed"
** Kha listens carfully **
** (1172) Agatha glares at Kha. **
** (1172) Agatha looks back at Ajaiya. **
(1172) Agatha: "First tell us where our friends are. If you've hurt them..."
(1172) Agatha: A chair creaks and strains as Agatha unknowingly tightens her grip on it.
(1166) Ajaiya: As I said, outlander, they have been dealt with. They are unharmed, and you will see them again....if you are genuine about helping us.
(1166) Ajaiya: The minotaur was most unhelpful however, but is alive.
(1166) Ajaiya: So...you are the outlanders who released the spirit.
(1166) Ajaiya: At first, I did not believe the oracle, but now it seems I must. (coolly)
** (1172) Agatha throws Kha another mean look. **
(1172) Agatha: "It wasn't exactly something we planned on."
(1172) Agatha: "
(1172) Agatha: "Enough of this. You came here to tell us something so say it."
(1167) Vrondard: .
** (1167) Vrondard wants to stuff his beard into his ears there has been so much blathering today **
(1166) Ajaiya: Very well. (coolly)
** Kha stays silent waiting to hear what she has to say **
(1166) Ajaiya: You have agreed to retrieve the Heart of the Lion for the Grandfather of Assassins. However, that is only the beginning.
(1172) Agatha: "Of course it is."
(1166) Ajaiya: Marwan, the Grandfather of my order, is dying, and may in fact already be dead. You will be asked to choose the next ruler of the Everlasting. Do not worry about your Fate, for if you recover the Heart, no one will be able to touch you while you have the Heart.
** (1168) Git strolls back into the common room, chewing his lip in annoyance. **
(1166) Ajaiya: Now, hear of the dangers involved.
(1224) Hodash (enter): 00:11
(1166) Ajaiya: First, you must gain entrance to Jabal el-Sarahin.
** (1172) Agatha is relieved to hear the minotaur, but doesn't relax much. **
(1168) Git: "No thank you.I for one have noi plans to perform the task."
(1166) Ajaiya: To do this, you will need to best the giants who guard the gate, and then trick the jann at the Gate of Bulls.
(1167) Vrondard: ((besting Giants? who would be good at that?))
(1166) Ajaiya: Then, you will need to cross the Pit of a Thousand Voices, and only then will you have an audience with the Shadow Caliph.
** (1172) Agatha raises a hand, gesturing for Git to be quiet and let Ajaiya. **
(1172) Agatha: talk*
(1166) Ajaiya: Once you have had your audience, your next task is to best a series of tests.
(1168) Git: :raises a brow to Aggy, asking dryly: "What? Do you seriously plan to listen to her assinine demands?"
(1172) Agatha: "Do you have a better idea to rescue the princess with our hides intact?"
** Kha nods letting her know he is still listening **
(1166) Ajaiya: You may be asked to cross a sleeping lioness, or walk across a bridge of birds. You may find it your fate to face the Unbearable Light, or bribe the wind.
** (1172) Agatha turns back to Ajaiya. **
(1166) Ajaiya: Then, there is the test of a serpent's kiss, if all else fails.
(1166) Ajaiya: Once you have passed some or all of these, then, will you be able to gain the Heart. And once you have gained the Heart, your real test begins.
(1168) Git: :talking carelessly over Ajaya: "Scattered ideas, and I doubt they have anything better to offer us."
** (1166) Ajaiya ignores Git, continuing, "Your real test will involve choosing the correct faction to lead the Everlasting after the death of Marwan." **
(1166) Ajaiya: You may also be asked something above and beyond your duty, but that is not my Fate to reveal.
** (1166) Ajaiya finishes, and leans back, listening with a satisfied grin. **
(1172) Agatha: "We've already been asked to do so. Repeatedly."
(1166) DM: It quickly reminds you of a cat snaring a mouse.
(1166) Ajaiya: Then, these tests should not prove burdensome, outlander.
** (1168) Git nods to Ajaya and then finitely replies, "No." **
(1168) Git: :heads for the door: "I need a drink."
Kha: "Ok, but Halif goes with us, as long as the others remain unharmed you may keep them as coladeral, though you need not."
(1172) Agatha: "No. No, collateral."
** (1166) Ajaiya spreads her hands. "You may take whomever you wish, outlander." **
Kha: "Ok I guess they all come"
(1172) Agatha: "You've had your say. Now release our friends."
(1166) Ajaiya: (grins)
(1166) Ajaiya: They are not here, mistress.
(1166) Ajaiya: (smiles sweetly)
(1168) Git: "She doesn't have them. They're en route to the fortress already, supposedly." :as he opens the front door:
Kha: "Vrond you think that Dwarven lass is strong enough to join us, or should we leave her with the Shiek? And what about Wa`run, he did not seem to like that last place he joined us"
(1168) Git: "She already presumed her genius plan would work" :gives a slight chuckle:
** (1172) Agatha narrow her eyes and flares her nostrils. "You bitch..." **
(1167) Vrondard: "aint leavin her behind"
Kha: "Trying to force our hands was NOT a wise move"
(1167) Vrondard: "no idea what will happen to er"
(1166) Ajaiya: Not my plan, outlander. By order of Marwan.
(1167) Vrondard: "if she be wid me I can know it"
(1168) Git: "Well Marwan can suck my left one, because I refuse to do his bidding."
(1166) Ajaiya: Your friends will know freedom, and the strength of the Everlasting. It is your choice, as always. (stands)
(1166) Ajaiya: Then do what you will. (makes ready to leave)
(1168) Git: "This iimmoral little ransom atttempt only proves we can't depend on you, and that we have no reason to trust you after we solve your little problem"
(1166) Ajaiya: (to Kha) Force your hands? You released the ifrit. We offer a solution. I do not think Fate will smile kindly on one who refuses her help. (smirk)
(1168) Git: "Besides. You kidnapped a couple of slaves. Where's your great leverage there?" :chortles and heads out the door:
** (1166) Ajaiya glares at him. **
(1066) Nebosuke (enter): 00:27
** (1172) Agatha isn't so nonchalant. **
(1066) Nebosuke (exit): 00:27
** (1172) Agatha is practically shaking with anger. **
** (1168) Git heads for the igllo for a drink **
(1168) Git: igloo even*
(1224) Hodash (exit): 00:29
Kha: "I am going, and would have even with out your little stunt. But the dwarven lass, Wa`run, and ((I cannot remember the elven slaves name), will be joining us. We will need them here before we leave so we can buy them proper gear"
(1168) Git: (she was kidnapped)
** Kha turns to Agatha and Vrond to get their opinion **
(1166) Ajaiya: They're not here, outlander. And they won't be joining you.
(1167) Vrondard: "bah forget her... she just likes to get under yer skin"
(1167) Vrondard: "prolly not married and not going to be none neither wid that attitude"
(1166) Ajaiya: If you wish to find me, I am camped outside the Oasis.
** (1166) Ajaiya leaves the Inn. **
Kha: "So are you willing to help Agatha, Vrond,?"
** (1172) Agatha yells and throws a chair across the room. **
(1167) Vrondard: "I'm willin to do just bout anything really"
(1167) Vrondard: "much better than stickin me head in the sand"
(1167) Vrondard: "all about what everyone else is doin round here"
(1172) Agatha: "I don't believe this! Everybody is using us for their own goddamned agendas!"
Kha: "They may think they are Agatha, but it is we who are using them."
(1167) Vrondard: "and they be useless it seems.. we be the only ones that can do anything round here"
(1172) Agatha: "How do you figure that? We get to order their little soldiers after jumping through all their flaming hoops?"
(1172) Agatha: "And to do what? To die before a firey demon who's guarding a princess who's the key to us leaving this goddamned place?"
Kha: "We were already working toward getting rid of the Ifriti before we ever met an Everlasting. And I wanted to get the gem after I heard about it anyways, and would have done so after we delt with the Ifriti, but it so happens that they will prove usefull in dealing with it so we get the Gem first"
Kha: "The only person who used us, not person realy, is Ra by sending us here to fufill this prophacy. Which I have no proplems with, thats why I left my training as a cleric and set out alone to see the world, because I wanted to see prophacy happening, and I guess being part of prophacy is better then just seeing it"
(1172) Agatha: "Yeah, that may be well and good with you. But I didn't sign up for this "save the kingdom" bullshit. We were strung along from the day we stepped in Tolmara."
Kha: "Vrond do you want to talk to Git, I know he will not listen to me in this matter. I'll get my things ready and make sure Halif is ready to go when the Prince arives"
** (1166) Wa'run walks down the stairs, sleepily. **
(1166) Wa'run: What time is it?
(1167) Vrondard: "Gits going to do what he is going to do"
** (1166) Wa'run rubs his eyes, yawning. **
(1167) Vrondard: "and when confronted with being left behind... he'll be right behind ours"
(1167) Vrondard: "this aint no place to be alone"
** (1172) Agatha falls into a chair and sighs, despondent. "I'm too old for this. I should've never left home." **
Kha: "If you have no fate but the fate you are given, at least try and enjoy that fate a little Agatha" **Smiles and heads back to his room knocking on the door remembering Ajaiya said she trraped it"
** Kha looks at Wa`run becoming confused **
(1172) Agatha: "Yeah, and I'm sick of that nonsense too!"
** (1166) Wa'run walks up to the bar and asks for a mug of water, and looks over at you. **
(1166) Wa'run: Where have you been?
** (1172) Agatha is so wrapped up in her own emotions, she doesn't notice Wa'run at first. **
** (1172) Agatha now looks up at the boy with a start. **
(1172) Agatha: "Where have we been?! Where have you been?"
Kha: "Talking with the Shiek" **still obviously confused** "are Halif and the others in their rooms?"
** (1166) Wa'run walks over to the table and sits down. "We're in a different room. A hakima who claimed she spoke for you bought us a room." **
(1166) Wa'run: Farisa and Afiya are with me. (alarmed)
(1166) Wa'run: I awoke a moment or two ago and have only now been here.
** Kha smirks shaking his head "I thought I bought all four rooms in this place No worrys, the hakima was just playing a joke on us." **trying to sound like nothing was wrong** **
** (1172) Agatha can't help but laugh out of relief as she gets up and embraces the boy in a bear hug. **
** Kha goes up to the rooms to find Halif **
(1172) Agatha: "Ha ha ha! I swear I'm gonna punch that witch next time I see her."
** (1167) Vrondard tries to stay our of all this angst **
(1166) Wa'run: Well, yes, you did. But not the innkeeper's room.
(1166) Wa'run: Something is wrong, isn't it? (squirms in Agatha's hug)
** (1166) Halif is snoring. (asleep) **
** Kha leaves Agatha to explain wanting to get ready to go and let the others know **
** (1172) Agatha lets the boy go and composes herself. "Well, ahem. Let's just say someone gave us quite a scare." **
** Kha begins orginizing his belongings and those of the others and tries to wake Halif "Halif we are leaving tonight" **
(1235) Mater Krenson (enter): 00:57
(1172) Agatha: "Damn, I need a drink."
** (1172) Agatha goes to order something strong and brings Wa'run up to speed. **
** (1166) Wa'run listens, taking it all in. **
(1166) Halif: Eh?
** (1166) Halif grunts. **
(1166) Halif: Leave? Where? Now?
** Kha Fills Halif in and offers Afiya the option to join them or stay. **
(1166) DM: (she's not with you. she's in another room, remember?)
(1172) Agatha: "...So now if we're gonna get any help from the Everlasting, we'll need to jump through their hoops."
Kha: "Of course you have the option to stay as well Halif, but I doubt you will wish to take that"
** (1166) Wa'run thinks a moment. **
(1166) Wa'run: Not really.
Kha: ((Ok will try and get here awake and in my room as well before filling Halif in =P))
(1166) Wa'run: The Everlasting, so it is said, respect wile and cunning. So, if you are as clever by half, you can gain the upper hand.
(1235) Mater Krenson (exit): 01:01
(1172) Agatha: "Hmm? What are you suggesting, lad?"
(1166) Wa'run: Gain entrance into the fortress and steal the Heart of course.
** (1172) Agatha takes a swig from her mug. **
(1166) Wa'run: They want you to do this for a reason. Find out what the real reason is and act. It's like hunting a vishap. You can never tell where the vishap will strike, but you can be prepared for it when it comes from the ground.
** (1167) Vrondard hasn't done as Kha has asked and talked Git into anything **
(1166) Wa'run: I am but a simple shepherd, but even I know when water is dust.
** (1172) Agatha smiles at the boy and musses his hair. "Clever rascal." **
(1172) Agatha: "If you're not careful, people will be mistaking you for Git."
** (1166) Wa'run grins, sipping from the mug. **
(1240) Rayman (enter): 01:12
(1166) Wa'run: So, when do we leave?
(1240) Rayman (exit): 01:12
(1166) Wa'run: I do not know the ways of the Everlasting, nor do I know of their lands, but I will walk whereever you go.
(1172) Agatha: "We leave as soon as the Prince arrives, or someone comes on his behalf to says he ain't coming."
(1166) Afiya: (to Kha) If you do not mind, outlander, I shall remain here with the hijad.
(1166) Afiya: I have heard he is a good man, though he may be unenlightened.
(1172) Agatha: "I know we can count on you, lad. And we haven't forgotten our promise, either. We'll find your sister Wa'run, though it may take some doing."
(1166) Afiya: Farisa will stay with me as well, at least until you return.
(1166) DM: (again, to Kha)
** Kha nods "Vrondard may have something to say about her, but that is fine by me. That will give you the time to finish the clothing as well. I figure it would be hard to work on it while we travel" **Grins** **
** (1172) Agatha pats Wa'run on the shoulder and grabs her drink. "Come on. Let's join the others." **
(1167) Vrondard: ((seems im out of this conversation))
** (1166) Wa'run comes with Agatha **
(1166) DM: (isn't that normal? Vron is a man of little words anyway)
** (1166) Wa'run looks over at Vrondard. **
(1167) Vrondard: ((true))
(1166) Wa'run: She thinks of you as a father, you know.
(1167) Vrondard: "Drink? I'm all fer that"
** (1167) Vrondard joins anyone who is drinking **
** (1166) Wa'run takes the mug along. **
(1166) DM: (they rejoin you (Git) in the igloo))
(1166) DM: (except for Kha who's still talking to Halif and such)
(1167) Vrondard: ((we got transported to Alaska?))
(1167) Vrondard: : )
(1166) DM: (the igloo, silly.)
** Kha heads down with Halif after he is done explaining to join the others and wait for the Prince to show up **
** (1168) Git sits drinking an ale and scribbling notes on a scrap of paper **
(1172) Agatha: "Hah! Did you hear that, Vron. Never married and never loved and still you end up with a little rugrat!"
(1166) DM: The barkeep indicates that they went to the igloo.
** (1166) Wa'run rolls his eyes as he enters the tavern. **
Kha: "You can go head Halif, I told the Prince we would meet him here"
** (1166) Halif nods, tapping his axe on the floor. **
** (1172) Agatha is just buzzed. Really. **
** (1166) Wa'run taps Git on the shoulder. **
** (1168) Git just glances up for a second, "Hey boy, how're things?" **
(1166) Wa'run: Ag'atha told me about the Everlasting.
(1168) Git: "Good for you."
(1166) Wa'run: As well as can be. (peers at you)
** Kha takes a seat in the common room waiting for the Prince **
** (1167) Vrondard is drinking heavily... (he's not nasty per usual) **
(1167) Vrondard: The drink has mellowed him out...
(1167) Vrondard: "Oy so we are ready to go?"
(1166) Wa'run: A hakima bought us a room and bade us sleep there. I awoke a moment ago.
(1166) Wa'run: So...when do we leave?
** (1168) Git nods along. "We who? And where?" **
(1168) Git: :pays the boy little mind as he scribbles notes:
(1166) Wa'run: Whereever you want to go next. My life with my tribe is over.
(1167) Vrondard: "Yeah you... on to our deally..."
(1167) Vrondard: "Kha has it all planned out..."
(1167) Vrondard: "i can't keep who we are helping out straight in me head"
** (1166) Wa'run sips from his mug, lazily. **
(1167) Vrondard: "but I'm sure it is someone that we need to help..."
(1167) Vrondard: "bunch a sad sack o' sods round here.."
(1168) Git: "Hmph... your tribe may be gone, but you have a whle desert of fellow countrymen. I doubt you want to follow me way back to Tolmara."
(1167) Vrondard: "can't do nothing themselves"
(1166) Wa'run: This is true.
(1166) Wa'run: Where is Tolmara?
(1168) Git: :looking past Wa'run to the drunken dwarf, shakes his head, but agrees.: "It's far South of here, over the moutains." (I think)
** (1166) Prince Hassan enters the Inn, clad in flowing desert robes, but garbed for war. He sees Kha and heads straight to your table. **
(1166) Wa'run: I would like to go with you then.
(1244) Ghost (enter): 01:32
(1166) Wa'run: I have never been past the mountains.
(1168) Git: :to Wa'run: "You haven't been a lot of places. BUt I'm no escort. BUg someone else."
** (1166) Wa'run looks down, confused. **
** (1172) Agatha sees the Prince and stands up straight. She jabs Vron in the arm to do the same." **
** (1168) Git sips his ale, rather disconcerned with the boy's disappointment **
(1167) Vrondard: "what?"
(1167) Vrondard: "tryin to spill me drink Aggie... old bartender tricks die hard or somethin?"
(1166) DM: (inn and igloo are two separate places)
** Kha nods to the Prince "The others are at the Igloo, " **
(1166) DM: (so Hassan is not with you)
(1166) Prince Hassan: I see. What is this task you speak of so mysteriously, outlander?
Kha: ((I am at the Inn with him =P))
(1172) Agatha: ((Oh. Oops))
(1166) Wa'run: Did I do something wrong? (to Git)
(1245) Tarl (enter): 01:36
Kha: "Let me ask you a few questions before I tell you. If you could do anything with the Everlasting what would you do?"
(1172) Agatha: "Eh? Sorry, thought I saw something Vron.
** (1168) Git peers aside from his ale blankly, "Nothing particular. I'm just not in the mood for cozy chatting right now. I've talked with way too many stupid people lately." **
(1167) Vrondard: "hmmm no matter"
Kha: ((Hop Wa`run isnt too insulted by being called stupid =P))
(1167) Vrondard: "could have been worse.. and been poked in the eye with a horn"
** (1166) Prince Hassan looks up, astonished. "Why, I would kill them all, or failing that, for it would be easier to count the stars in the sky, I would seek to prevent them from acting without consent." **
(1168) Git: (Don't worry, he seems to like it)
(1167) Vrondard: "and bout the little one... its just a dwarf thing... just naturally stick together is all"
(1172) Agatha: "Hmm. Wonder what Git is doing by his lonesome?"
(1167) Vrondard: "once I gots her to a decent dwarfhold... she'll be fine methinks"
** (1172) Agatha turns back to Vron. "Aye, that'd be best for her." **
Kha: "Why would you kill them all if you could?"
** (1166) Wa'run grows quiet, confused and slightly hurt. **
(1166) Prince Hassan: They are EVIL, outlander. They claim to follow the will of the Grand Caliph, may Fate prevent all harm from seeking him out, but work their own will for their own purpose.
(1166) Prince Hassan: They slay those who do not believe in the Law and the Loregiver, seeking to enlighten by fear and terror. True enlightenment comes from within, not from the sword.
Kha: "I said mush the same thing to them, and I know they work outside the Grand Caliph, they told me as much. But is it they who are evil or just the one who leads them?"
(1172) Agatha: ((to Vron)) "In the meanwhile, it's good for her to have a familiar face around."
** (1168) Git plays with his mug a bit, staring down at the messy scrap of paper before him. Though he catches the boy from the corner of his vision, and with a sight speakks up, "Do you know what it's like to be stuck in the mud?This being a desert and all, I'm not sure if you would." **
(1166) Prince Hassan: If you ask me, I would say they are evil. But they of course would tell you otherwise.
(1167) Vrondard: "sure... and fer me too... "
(1167) Vrondard: "nice to see another dwarven face around..."
** (1166) Wa'run sips and nods. **
(1167) Vrondard: "I got to make sure I find her a home before she grows up too much"
(1166) Wa'run: It does rain from time to time. Not often. We call the storm, the shai'tan.
(1167) Vrondard: "and she starts not lookin at me like a father figure"
(1167) Vrondard: "once a dwarf lass gets it in her mind she is going to settle down... tis hard to get them to change their mind"
(1167) Vrondard: "lucky fer me looks like I got a decade or two to get her settle till I 'ave to worry bout that none"
Kha: "Ok lets take this in a differant direction, if you were suddenly made their leader what would you do?"
(1168) Git: :fingering the scrap of paper: "Shai'tan... really gets around, huh?" :chortles wrlyly and explains, ":Well, that's kind of what it feels like. Bieing stuck in fate is like being stuck in the mud.
(1172) Agatha: "Not one for settling, are ya?"
(1168) Git: "The more you work to get through it the deeper and deeper you get stuck. We're already hip deep and I think I've lost a boot."
(1244) Ghost (exit): 01:47
** (1166) Prince Hassan is amazed and falls silent, thinking. **
(1167) Vrondard: "well not sure about that... staying in one place"
(1166) Prince Hassan: If I were their leader, I would seek to control them and do my bidding. You are not....?
(1167) Vrondard: "but thats what she needs now... somewhere to really put her feet on the stone"
(1167) Vrondard: "poor gorl... been moved around so much already"
** (1166) Wa'run sips slowly, nodding in understanding. **
(1167) Vrondard: "aint right"
(1166) Wa'run: You do know the other saying, effendi?
(1167) Vrondard: "she'd be jelious of an orphan they way she'd been livin"
** Kha mumbles to himself "you will not do, but i must find someone..." **
(1168) Git: ""What saying is that?"
Kha: "I am guessing you know what Task I have planed, You may back out now and stay here with your father. If you stay you will do NOTHING against the Everlasting except in defence of your self, or those who travel with us."
** (1172) Agatha nods. "This is no life for a child. I still feel horrible for letting Wa'run fall into all of this." **
(1167) Vrondard: "can't be helped now"
(1167) Vrondard: "can only go forward or abandon what ya done"
(1166) Wa'run: It goes something like this...
(1172) Agatha: "Aye, and if nothing else, I aim to pay our debt to him."
(1166) Wa'run: You have no Fate but the Fate you are given. You have no Fate but the Fate you have made. Fate is a two-edged sword. Use it wisely, use it well.
(1172) Agatha: "But we'll get that daul back home."
(1172) Agatha: "I hear there might be dwarven settlement in the mountains to the south."
(1166) Prince Hassan: No, I choose to go with you, for you have given my father hope...hope in Fate and hope in the new gods. I would not see that hope die. I will go with you whereever you need me and my sword, so do I swear by the hand of Kor.
(1172) Agatha: "All rumor and heresay, mind you, but it seems a sensible place for them to turn up."
(1168) Git: "Oh... that... Yep, hear it all the time. I'm starting to think it's all I ever hear." :sips his ale; "I just don't like the idea of following something that was procognatively schemed long ago. "
** (1166) Wa'run looks up at Git. "If you are stuck in a wadi, look for help or do not struggle." **
(1166) Wa'run: So don't follow.
(1167) Vrondard: "well if we happen to find our way there... then we will know"
(1168) Git: "Believe me, I'm trying." :flashes the scrap paper to the boy. It's a messy scribbling of plots and ploys stemming around the everlasting ifriti, shiek's armies and anything else he could think up.: "Just ain't doing much good."
(1166) Wa'run: It seems simple to me.
(1166) Wa'run: Do you need help against the ifrit? Why not just go and seek glory yourselves?
(1168) Git: "Yes the Everlasting seem our best bet. BUt every time we follow the path laid before us, we just keep getting mired deeper in the muck. ANd I don't like this cult's offer at all"
Kha: "Very well I will explain brifly my reasoning. It is two fold. First I do not like they way the Everlasting brings converts at sword point. From the time I learned this and about the Lion Gem I wanted to get it so I could help punt an end to that practice. Second my friends and I are the ones who released the Ifriti. So we were working to fix that before we met a single person in this land. You and the Everlasting cannot work together because there is too much history between you. I can however work with them, and your and your father at the same time. This will allow them to help be rid of the Ifriti and not try to over throw your Father when it is done since they will have been working with me not your father."
(1166) Wa'run: If water seems like dust, it probably is.
(1168) Git: "Glory is fleeting. It's only valuable to those to stupid to savor casual life."
(1166) Wa'run: Which is better? A dinar gained by yourself or a dinar gained with help?
** (1168) Git rubs his temples soothingly: "No difference. A dinar is a dinar." **
(1166) Prince Hassan: You released the ifrit? (holds his head in his hands)
(1166) Wa'run: I always thought a dinar gained by myself is a dinar better savored. If you cannot trust others to do your work, you might as well do it yourself.
** Kha shrugs "I warned them not to and was working on getting out of his tomb, but they didnt listen to me. Though I am the one that explained how to get to the thing he was sealed in, so I am just as responsible as they" **
(1166) Prince Hassan: Do you realize what you have done? Because of you, my betrothed is imprisoned and perhaps dead. Because of you, my father is in despair. Because of you, our land is dying in the face of the ifrit and his army!
(1167) Vrondard: ((but it was our Ka'tet!))
(1166) Prince Hassan: If I had not sworn by the hand of Kor just now, I would challenge you where you stand. But I am an honorable warrior and so I will follow you, bitter as the road I shall travel.
(1166) Prince Hassan: How do you propose to defeat the Everlasting?
Kha: "We were broght to his place by Ra, to fufill his prophacy. I am sorry it caused the death of people I do not know, but I would not change it if I could"
(1168) Git: "Forget reward here, boy. We aren't getting anything out of this mess. It fels more like the cult is using us to their ends. And even if they are telling the truth, who are we suppose to appointed to their position?"
(1166) Prince Hassan: A proud man will claim he was bearded by an ifrit than admit he was cheated by a merchant. (mutters)
(1168) Git: "Whoever claims the Everlasting will inevitably use it to their own goals."
(1166) Wa'run: So use them to further your goals.
Kha: "Defeat them? You mis-understand, We are going to get their help"
(1166) Wa'run: You are forgetting the second half of the saying, effendi. Your Fate is your own. Use it wisely and well.
(1166) Prince Hassan: You speak in riddles, outlander. The Everlasting help no one but their own.
(1168) Git: :shakes his head: "Sure, lha would love that. He's already as willing as a drunken virgin at her first dance everytime the subject comes up. But frankly, I can't trust a group that would completely change it's nature and ideals to suit whoever happens to lead them."
Kha: "Have you heard of the Lion Gem?"
(1168) Git: "Aiding them may only allow them the strength they need to turn round and strike back. For all we know they're in league with the ifrit's master."
(1166) Wa'run: So don't. As the proverb goes, when a roaring lion is abroad, who will silence him?
(1166) Wa'run: I doubt that.
(1166) Prince Hassan: Yes, all know of the Heart of the Lion.
(1168) Git: "Then that means going into the crypt and facing the ifrit with no support. Suicide most likely."
(1166) Prince Hassan: He who gains the Heart, gains power over the Everlasting, but only as far as the Heart will take him.
(1166) Wa'run: Do you know the tale of Ali and the lamp?
(1168) Git: "I doubt I do."
Kha: "Ok then They will help because I will hold the Heart of the Lion. Ajaiya, listed a whole slew of tests to get the Gem, but I do not plan to go though their hoops, I plan on just taking the Gem. But first I must learn the reason they have asked me to retrive the Gem so I will understand their true motives better"
** (1172) Agatha jokes and drinks with the dwarf. **
(1166) Wa'run: It is a tale long in telling, and I am not a hakima. Ali, a simple shepherd boy, finds a lamp that houses a djann. He frees the djann who grants him three wishes to do as he will. Ali uses the wishes to gain his freedom, but more importantly to make his fate. For it was fate that he found the lamp, but his fate to do as he would with the gifts granted him.
(1166) Wa'run: And he trusted in fate, and was saved.
(1172) Agatha: "...And she says, 'The barkeep stopped by. You left your crutches there.'"
** (1172) Agatha laughs. **
(1166) Wa'run: So must you trust in Fate, it seems to me. Or if not, trust in yourself.
(1166) Wa'run: You stole through a theft-proof tomb. I would trust in you if not in Fate.
(1168) Git: "That's wonderful, but I'm not really the kind to trust in fate, and lately our teams beensort of lacking in results."
(1254) Xaendar (enter): 02:19
(1254) Xaendar (exit): 02:19
(1167) Vrondard: "... and you know what the stupid Orc said next... as he drew his club and advanced...."
** (1166) Prince Hassan nods. **
(1168) Git: "Tell me something though... I'm not sure what you know of ifrit and their kind. But do tou know if they eat and drink?"
(1166) Wa'run: No, unless you speak of the souls of those who fall in battle against them. Anger is their meat, and fear is their drink.
(1168) Git: "Hmmm... doubt I could poison a soul for him."
(1168) Git: "I figure he has no need for sleep either"
Kha: "Let us go tell Afiya we are leaving then go get the others, I wish to be on our way tonight, at least to Ajaiya's camp outside the Oasis."
(1166) Wa'run: So it is written by the gods, that there are four types of spirits -- ifrit, who rule over flames; djann, who rule over wind; daolani, who rule over the sands, and maridah, who rule over the seas.
(1166) Wa'run: If you can find a djann to best the ifrit, then would you be saved.
(1168) Git: "Yeah, right. But before we can get a djann, we have to get through the ifrit to get the princess to find the Djann."
(1166) Wa'run: I do know that such a spirit must renew itself from time to time, for if it goes without for a long time, then its powers are reduced.
(1168) Git: "If only we could lure him away some how, and give ourselves a window of time to rescue her..."
(1166) Wa'run: They are attracted to items of power. (offers helpfully)
(1166) Prince Hassan: Very well.
** Kha goes and tells Afiya and then heads to the Igloo **
(1168) Git: "Anything that powerful that we may be carrying, we can not yet part with. So, if we could decipher his sleep time, we'll have our window."
(1166) DM: (and you receive the answer that we spoke of earlier)
whispering to Tarl, MOO
(1167) Vrondard: "...and he whacked Goblins head clean off... with his warhammer no less..."
(1166) DM: Kha and Hassan enter the igloo.
(1172) Agatha: "Oh, there's Kha finally."
** Kha walks over to the others "The Prince and I are ready to leave. How about the rest of you?" **
(1172) Agatha: "...and the Prince is with him. Look sharp, Vron."
** (1168) Git barely glances up from his drink. "Go where?" **
** (1172) Agatha stands. "Aye, I'm ready to move." **
(1167) Vrondard: "been ready since yesterday"
(1172) Agatha: "I say we first tell off that witch from the Everlasting, then we handle this on our terms."
Kha: "To the desert first off. We need to pay Ajaiya a visit. I am sure Agatha has a few words for her, and I need to figure out why they want us to get this Gem so badly."
(1172) Agatha: "They won't be straight with us, and I ain't playing into their game."
** Kha heads off slowly giving the others time to pay their bill and get the rest of their things ready **
(1168) Git: "Probably to keep the power over their cult. It seems like some kind of enchantment. How else would they get people to blindly follow the will of whatever leader they end up with."
** (1172) Agatha plunks down a gold coin as she leaves. **
(1258) RanVan (enter): 02:33
** (1167) Vrondard pays and checks his gear... (loads up with food before he leaves) **
** (1168) Git pays his tab and says his goodbyes to Shylo and the gang before heading out. **
(1166) Shylo Slick: Good luck whereever you're going.
(1168) Git: "Thanks. We're going to need it." :departs out the door:
(1260) SK (enter): 02:36
(1261) Dorian (enter): 02:36
(1260) SK (exit): 02:37
** (1172) Agatha explains her thoughts as Git catches up. "Here's the way I see it. We don't know anything about this ifrit, so why not scout it out? If we're found, we run, he laughs and he doesn't give us a second thought." **
(1168) Git: "Or he burns us to charcoal.. then laughs."
(1168) Git: "But true, I do prefer going to the ifrit before I'd seek help from a bunch of wacko cultist."
(1261) Dorian (exit): 02:39
(1166) Prince Hassan: As long as I am with you, you may enter or leave the Oasis.
(1172) Agatha: "Right. And that's another thing. I didn't see it until Wa'run pointed it out, but there's no use wasting time with these stupid trials of theirs."
(1167) Vrondard: "what if he don't see it like that..."
(1167) Vrondard: "jumpin into a dragons jaws without someway ta hurt it tis bad plannin"
(1172) Agatha: "If we need the Everlasting, we'll skip the rigamarole and steal their bloody gem."
Kha: "I agree and was planing to from the start. I do how ever want to know their true motive for wanting us to get the Gem before we get it, but if I cannot find it out I will get it anyways"
(1245) Tarl (exit): 02:43
(1166) Prince Hassan: I would advise extreme caution when dealing with them. They are more wily than a vishap.
(1166) Prince Hassan: The witch's camp is over that ridge. (points to a distant ridge in the moonlight)
(1166) Prince Hassan: You do know she is a sea mage, as well?
** Kha heads that way **
(1166) Prince Hassan: It was how she was able to slip past the guards in our camp, by becoming unseen as a clear pool of water.
Kha: "I did not, but it does not matter over much. Either she will tell me what I want to know or she wont"
(1168) Git: "This Gem business worries me. Getting it almost seems like some Right of passage to fulfill some pact. Perhaps it's something must be regularly re-enacted to ensure whatever paranormal force holds the cult together."
(1166) DM: Eventually, you get to Ajaiya's camp. She's asleep.
** Kha sets his stuff down and lets Agatha wake her how she sees fit **
(1166) Wa'run: That's her, the "hakima". (somberly)
(1168) Git: ""And if it is some form of enchantment which bends the will of the Everlasting, we'd just be making slaves of them ourselves, which I doubt is tasteful to you. Or worse, the enchantment may be meant to vertake the inducted, bending their mind tio that of a proper leader for the Everlasting"
** (1168) Git quiets as they approach the camp, not wanting to wake their hostess just yet. **
** (1166) Ajaiya shifts in her sleep. **
** (1168) Git looks about for guards or traps hidden about the sand, finding it odd that the girl would sllep right out in the open **
** (1172) Agatha stretches her arms and neck before pulling out her axe. **
** (1167) Vrondard yawns **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [19,14] = (33)
** (1166) Ajaiya cries out in her sleep **
(1166) Ajaiya: Essafah! Nooooooo!!!!
** (1172) Agatha whispers to Git. "Looks like she's having a bad dream. Shall I wake her?" **
** (1168) Git instinctively reaches for his daggerk, but stops when he hears er cry. "Be gentle. Don't crush the windpipe. Whe need her to talk." **
** (1172) Agatha smiles and nods. **
** (1172) Agatha cautiously walks up to Ajaiya. **
(1166) Ajaiya: What have I done? (cries out)
** (1166) Ajaiya opens her eyes, sees Agatha in the moonlight, and faints. **
** (1172) Agatha is befuddled. **
Kha: "She put on a much braver face when she was at out Inn"
Kha: ((our))
(1172) Agatha: "Well, that wasn't much fun at all."
(1172) Agatha: "Spoil sport."
(1167) Vrondard: "sure this is the same woman?"
Kha: "Kick her, she deserves at least one"
(1167) Vrondard: "could have been some foul mage trickin ya"
(1268) Dorian (enter): 02:58
(1166) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
(1166) DM: we'll continue this on the boards on the new site
(1172) Agatha: Coolness.
(1258) RanVan (exit): 02:59
(1166) DM: if you've registered on the new site, we'll continue in an IC thread in the Friday forum
(1166) DM: the thread will require you to post often of course.
(1167) Vrondard: ok
(1166) DM: Gautam should start the thread off to get things rolling
(1172) Agatha: With gusto.
(1166) DM: lol
(1166) DM: I can't wait. it'll give us a reason to play with our new toy
Kha: All righty. If you do not see the Tolmara forums after you have registered post in the General forum and either I or Stan will get you added to the group so you do have access
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