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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(362) Git: It's not like people haven't digitally rendered ape movements.
(362) Git: eh?
(358) Agatha: You said she already moved out didn't you?
(356) DM: (ok, anyone need a recap?)
(362) Git: (a little bit)
(356) DM: (basically battled some drow (more likely they toasted you), explored the rooms in purple numbering, and found out the drow fled but you're not sure why)
(358) Agatha: ((Let's see. Met the former guildmaster of the Sandvoyagers. Can't remember if we decided on a course of action or not.))
(356) DM: (you were talking about sending him back to your inn but nothing conclusive)
(362) Git: (ok)
(361) Vrondard: ((i was saying he should be our guide but i guess we got directions))
(361) Vrondard: ((we were going somewhere... from our new info))
(358) Agatha: ((Right. On the one hand, he may be in danger if anyone sees him. Meanwhile, we're relunctant to leave Mun-afik alive.
(358) Agatha: ))
(362) Git: :suggests: "Some of us stays here to make sure Munafik doesn't take off on us. Meanwhile one or two others takes the guildmaster some place safe. If it's the inn, we keep him cloaked so no one knows he's free."
(361) Vrondard: "thas the worst plan I ever heard"
(362) Git: "You got a better one?"
(361) Vrondard: "Munafik would snipe at the ones left behind"
(361) Vrondard: "we all go or all stay"
(361) Vrondard: "aint no splittin up the group"
** Kha starts looking over the papers he has gatherd, specificly the map of this place to see if there is anything we may have missed **
(358) Agatha: "For once, I have to agree with the dwarf."
(362) Git: "I'm not saying to stand here guarding the door, just keep an eye on it."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, yes master
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, there are references to a library, near the temple area.
(361) Vrondard: "he aint caring ifn there be a door or not from what I seed"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, see the secret door next to 15.
(362) Git: "True enough."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, though the map doesn't depict past that
(358) Agatha: "I don't know. It's not like he's a ghost."
(358) Agatha: "We haven't seen him go through walls or nothing."
(358) Agatha: "Though I guess we can't assume that there's only one door to wherever he is."
** (358) Agatha ponders the matter. **
(362) Git: "Yeah, this place could have a dozen exits. which would mean he's probably already gone."
(362) Git: :sigh: "So, shall we take our leave and get ready to set out for the ruins?"
(361) Vrondard: "bout it"
Kha: "There is a library someware though a secret passage, though this map does not show how to get to it."
(361) Vrondard: "either that er folla those darkies into the underdark"
(361) Vrondard: "i'd go fer that"
** (358) Agatha shakes her head. "We'd be going in blind. And there's no reason for us to go risking our necks." **
Kha: "I would want a few supplies before I set off into the underdark for a long period. Any ways I have a map of this place and one that shows some ruins in and around the Oasis"
Kha: "Want to try and find the library before we leave, maybe Mun-afik is there?"
(362) Git: "Sure, but we'll have to do something with our esteemed tag along. Following us, he might get killed. and left alone he might get nabbed again."
(361) Vrondard: "aint nobodies babysitter... he can tag along with us if he wants"
(362) Git: "No. He's our proof of wrong doings in the guild."
(361) Vrondard: "well we goin to get on wid it?"
(358) Agatha: "That's right. We can't have our new friend killed before he can tell the Shiek about all the nonsense that's going on."
(362) Git: "Hmm.... We'll take a quick trip to the inn to drop him off with Halif, then it's back to the depths, agreed?"
(358) Agatha: "Hmph. I can't think of anything better. I say pull out and head back to town.
(356) DM: (ok, so what's the plan?)
Kha: "Alright"
(361) Vrondard: (wont this guy just get killed again?)
** (362) Git nods to his comrades and heads back out of the temple for the surface world. **
(362) Git: (probably)
(362) Git: "Put this on."
(358) Agatha: ((but he'll serve his purpose before then.))
(358) Agatha: ((I hope))
** (362) Git hands over his cloak to the guildmaster, instructing him to cover his identity while they pass through the oasis. **
** (356) Tolnus nods. **
** (358) Agatha keeps an eye out for spies. **
(356) DM: All seems to be silent, amid the Oasis.
(362) Git: (what time of day is it?)
(356) DM: (evening)
(356) DM: (past moonrise (OC: midnight))
(361) Vrondard: "so we lookin fer a talk wid the sheik before its too late?"
(361) Vrondard: "maybe in der mornin?"
** Kha shrugs **
(362) Git: "Hai, we'll keep the guildhead hidden fro now and show him to the shiek in the morning. See how the prince reacts."
** (362) Git heads for the inn, but stops at a distance, moving to an alleyway, casual to hide and keep the inn keeper from taking note of an extra member in their party. "I'll keep an eye for anyone following. Hurry along." **
(362) Git: (what alleyway tents can provide I suppose)
** Kha goes into the inn and checks on Halif, wa`run, and the dwarven girl **
** (358) Agatha whispers as she checks in on the kids. "Halif, we're back. How's the fort holding up?" **
** (361) Vrondard stays on guard for any monkey business **
(361) Vrondard: (afk for 10 mins)
(356) DM: The daul is sleeping soundly. Wa'run's making tea, with Halif looking bored out of his mind.
(356) Halif: As well as can be. My bones need action, woman!
** Kha grins **
(358) Agatha: "Well, ain't you mouthy now? It's just as well you held watch. We were nearly roasted alive. Twice."
Kha: "And I was almost shatered due to a miscalulation when I jumped in a hole"
(358) Agatha: "Where's the elven girl?"
(358) Agatha: "Aye I forgot almost forgot about that."
** (358) Agatha smacks the back of Kha's head. **
(358) Agatha: "Stupid idiot."
(356) Halif: She's doing what women do. Cleaning. (smirks)
(356) Halif: Bathing I mean.
(362) Git: (hey that's offensive,,)
(362) Git: (They also cook and make babies)
** (358) Agatha gives the minotaur a warning glare. **
Kha: "Hey, what was I sapose to think, the cleric we were fighting jumped in, I did not think there would be a ledge since it did not appear that he took the time to find it"
(358) Agatha: "So if a half-crazed minion of Set jumps off a cliff, you're gonna jump too? Aye, that's perfectly understandable."
(356) DM: (he is what he is.)
(361) Vrondard: (bak)
(358) Agatha: "Well, in any case, I'm going to check on the elf girl. Where did she go to bathe?"
(361) Vrondard: "ifn we aint doin nothin now... I'm going to take a nap"
(356) Halif: In the washroom across the hall.
** (361) Vrondard starts doing just that **
** (358) Agatha goes to check on the former slave girl. **
** Kha starts reading though the slave logs to see if they have names, or descriptions of the slaves **
(362) Git: Sap(sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5) ===> Damage: [1d6+3d6+0] -> [2,4,5,1,0] = (12)
(362) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+12] -> [14,12] = (26)
(361) Vrondard: ((i think ill afk for another 10 mins while Git tries to kill himself))
(362) Git: (I'll do my best)
** (358) Agatha knocks softly on the washroom door. "Oy, it's Agatha. We're back. You alright in there?" **
** (356) Afiya assents. **
Kha: ((AFK getting food))
** (358) Agatha joins the others in their room. **
** (356) Afiya opens the door. She seems a different person than when you first met her. **
(358) Agatha: "How have you been holding up?"
(358) Agatha: ((to Afiya))
(362) Git: (was there a star gem in the Everlasting stronghold?
(356) DM: (no)
Kha: "Hello Ajaiya, since I am back I was wondering if I could talk with you about making me some clothing. The is the origional reason I came to speak to you. I would ofcourse pay you for your time"
(356) Afiya: Very well, thank you, outlander. Thank you for freeing me.
(356) DM: (huh?)
Kha: ((Just asking if she wants to make some clothing from that snake shink I have))
(358) Agatha: ((You're mixed up. Afiya is the girl with us. Ajaiya is someone else, somewhere else.))
** (362) Git knocks on the window of the room from the outside **
** (356) Afiya looks at Kha. "If you have the material, I shall try. I am afraid my skills are not what they used to be, for long was my captivity." **
** Kha gets the snake skin out of his pack and shows it to Afiya **
(358) Agatha: "Don't mention it, dear. We seem to have a knack for picking up unfortunate misfits."
Kha: "I would like some nice lose clothing made from this, but not too fancy. I want to beable to fight while wearing it."
(362) Git: (loose snake skin? Isn't that gonna look kind of strange? Like a hair band reject who suddenly lost fifty pounds?)
** (356) Afiya nods, taking the skin from you. "It must have been a horrible creature. There's so much of it." **
(361) Vrondard: (bak)
** Kha hands it all over to Afiya and turns back to the papers searching though them for a description or name that matches Wa`run's sister **
** (358) Agatha notices Git outside and furrows her brow. **
** (362) Git grins and waves through the window. **
Kha: "Yes it was a very large snake, let me know if you need anything from me." **Hands her ten gold coins** "That should be enough to buy any supplies you need to make it"
** (358) Agatha picks up her axe and heads to the door. "I'm going to step outside. I'll be back in moment." **
** (356) Afiya stares at the money as if unsure of what to do with it. **
** (362) Git knocks again, wondering why no one will open the window for him **
(356) DM: It's probably more than she's ever had in her life.
** (358) Agatha goes out to meet Git. **
(356) DM: You hear a knocking sound from the window.
Kha: ((My sisters BF is now in jail facing 3 years in jail BTW, just heard from my dad))
(358) Agatha: "What are you rapping on the window for?"
** Kha looks at the window **
(362) Git: :glances to Aggy: "Felt lonely and hungry, thought I'd make like a pet cat."
(358) Agatha: "With all the strays we pick up, it's not a bad idea."
(362) Git: "So.. is our lil Guildmaster wrapped up all warm and snuggly in his bed yet?"
** (361) Vrondard is sleeping like a baby **
(358) Agatha: "He's doing well enough. Vron is already snoring.
(356) DM: ((good))
(362) Git: "The dwarf's asleep? Guess that means no more nocturnal activities." :stretches out: "Bed sounds good."
(358) Agatha: "Wa'run and and the girls are okay, though Halif is itching to do something."
(358) Agatha: "What about you? All quiet out here?"
(362) Git: "Tomorrow he can hit the ruins with us. That should be fun for him."
(362) Git: "Just a little run in with a fellow stray."
(362) Git: :heads for the entrance: ".. of the Everlasting variety."
(358) Agatha: "Hm?"
(358) Agatha: "What did they want?"
** (358) Agatha glances around suspiciously. **
(362) Git: :strolling toward the front: "Wanted us to go to their little play house for a visit."
** (361) Vrondard rolls over and growls at the yappers **
Kha: "Afiya you can keep what ever is left after you buy supplies with that, once the outfit is compleat I will pay you for the time. I would guess about fourty gold."
** (362) Git heads inside, "Don't mention it to Kha though, I don't want him doing anything over ambitious." **
** Kha goes back to reading the slaves logs hoping to find any description or name that is close to Wa`run's sister **
(358) Agatha: "No arguments there, but you're gonna have to tell me everything in the morning."
(362) Git: "Pretty much is everything." :offers as he heads into their room.: "Finally and end to this day."
** (362) Git heads over to a bed and plops down to rest **
(356) DM: Her mouth drops open upon hearing that.
(356) Afiya: Thank...thank you, outlan...Kha.
(362) Git: (brb)
** Kha nods "Thank your for honoring my by useing my name" **
(358) Agatha: "Aye, for him it's an honor to be called fool."
** (358) Agatha yawns. **
(358) Agatha: not to be called fool*
** Kha shakes his head at Agathas comment, but goes back to reading the slave logs **
(356) DM: Time passes...
Kha: "Hey Wa`run could this description be of your sister" **reads the writen description to him**
** (361) Vrondard wakes up... **
(362) Git: (Description: Single Slave Girl seeks Whiny wussy boy. Must like green tea, walks in the sand and water sports.)
(361) Vrondard: "so Git... yer get yerself a peek at that bathin girl (when she isn't around if she is)
(356) Wa'run: That's her! That's Rabiyah! Where is she?
** (362) Git opens his eyes marginally to glance to the dwarf. "Didn't see a bathing girl. Sure you weren't dreaming something." **
(361) Vrondard: "nah..."
(361) Vrondard: "so whats on the docket today?"
(361) Vrondard: "meetin wid the Shiek and all or sumething else?"
Kha: "She was sold to an outlander a few days ago who is heading to Skysea, in the far north." **Starts thinking outloud to himself** "MM I wonder if I could catch them, Yes I should be able to as long as I dont run into problems on the way." **looks back to Wa`run** "I'll see what I can do"
(362) Git: "I figure the shiek is our best bet. Get this guild mess handled quick, and hopefully his men can keep the drow busy while we hit the ruins"
** Kha starts packing his stuff "Halif you think you can travel though the heat of the day in this desert, and for eighteen hours or more per day. I want to catch the person who bought Wa`runs sister as quickly as posible and I think you may be the only one who could keep up with me" **
(358) Agatha: "Hmm...Kha, exactly how long ago was the girl sold? And where?"
(362) Git: "Hmmm?" :glances back to Kha:
Kha: to everyone: "Hey Wa`run's sister was sold for thirty-five shekels (plat). If an am going to get he back without a fight I may need more then that to offer"
(356) Halif: By Kor, of course, outlander.
(358) Agatha: "I can manage that, but you're forgetting something Kha."
(356) Halif: I am well suited to travel in these sands. Finally something to do! (grunt)
Kha: "A few days, and from here. probably a day or so before we arived. I can travel much more quickly and much longer if I go alone, Halif maybe able to keep up thats why I asked him, would be nice to have some extra mussle if I cant get enough money or this guy refuses to sell her back"
(362) Git: "Sorry, don't got it. I'd need to do some market work to raise funds. Besides, the owner will probably jack up the price once you express an interest."
(358) Agatha: "Kha, would you listen to yourself? You're working yourself up for big quest like some kind of hero. But they're still around here."
(358) Agatha: "No one's allowed to leave the Oasis, remember?"
(362) Git: "What proof do you even have that this is the right girl?"
(358) Agatha: "I swear, your mother must have dropped you on your head when you were a babe."
Kha: "No the naborhood kids almost beat me to death,"
Kha: "No matter, the other notes here lead me to believe he would not sell her back in any case. I am ready to go, Halif if there is anything you need, water, food, whatever lets go get it now and be off"
(362) Git: "And how are you going to identify her without Wa'run?"
(358) Agatha: "No one's looking for the lad. He can come with us."
Kha: "This is not up for discution I The notes about the person who bought her are strange and I feer for her life. You all can continue to pursue Mun-afik." **gets the maps he found out of his bags** "Here is the map of the Temple we were in, and here is one of some ruins in this area"
Kha: "I have her description here and Wa`run already said it was her."
(361) Vrondard: "hmmm can only hope so... all these desert people look the same to me"
(358) Agatha: "Take it easy, Kha. I'm with you on this one. We gave our word and I intend to keep it."
(362) Git: "Read me this description please."
** Kha reads everything the paper says (speaking in elven so Wa`run wont understand) **
Kha: ((Basicly her description, that she was sold a few days ago, the man whou boughter was rather zelous about it and paied 35 plat))
** (362) Git sighs, "You have no idea who this is? How to find them or even if they'kk still be in Skysea when you get there." Shrugs, "Good Luck." **
** Kha grabs his pack and waits for Halif to get ready and think of anything he may need **
(358) Agatha: "They aren't at Skysea and they won't be going there soon."
** (356) Halif stops, and looks around at the room. **
(358) Agatha: "If they bought her here at the oasis, then they aren't allowed to leave. Just like the rest of us."
(362) Git: "They left days ago though"
(356) Halif: Though our quest is noble, young Kha, I do not think it would be wise to go without your friends. And there remains much to be done here.
** (356) Wa'run listens, confused. **
(358) Agatha: "But the princess disappeared a week ago."
(356) Halif: Agatha is right. The Sheik's guards would have made sure that no one had left without permission.
(362) Git: "Maybe this was someone who had special permission... or just didn't need any."
(356) Halif: So either she was bought elsewhere, out of sight of the Sheik, or the papers are false.
** Kha nods **
(356) Halif: Or as the thief says.
(356) Halif: You would make a fine minotaur, Kha, but you must plant your feet on the ground this once and think things through.
(362) Git: "Do you have a name on the outlander who bought her?"
Kha: "So we speak to the Sheik. But I do not want to let them get too far. The further they get the harder it will be to find her again"
(361) Vrondard: "well lets do that then.. "
(361) Vrondard: "prolly has better food over in the Shieks tent this mornin than here"
Kha: "His name was Trifakas"
Kha: "Afiya you were or are a member of the Everlasting right?"
(362) Git: "Fine, we'll ask around the tavern and market about this guy later."
(362) Git: 0.o
(361) Vrondard: "well.. shall we sit around here and pound sand?"
Kha: ((I seem to remember her saying something about it before we entered the temple thing. I might be wrong))
(361) Vrondard: "lets go see if we can get some free hospitality"
(361) Vrondard: Vrondards stomach growls and groans
** (362) Git does a bit of grooming, to get ready to meet the shiek's court. "Well, hospitaltiy would be a nice change." :Overs his cloak to Tolnus again, "Keep the idnetity covered until the opportune moment, Guildmaster." **
(374) Kaga Clone (enter): 00:22
** (356) Afiya pales **
(356) Afiya: No, never!
** (356) Tolnus nods. "This is all overwhelming...." **
(361) Vrondard: "don't worry... aint the first time I've stepped on toes by just barrelling thru something"
(362) Git: "Don't lose it yet. We still have a ways to go."
(361) Vrondard: "just keep on moving along if things go badly"
(361) Vrondard: "thats advice fer out o' the tunnels of course"
(358) Agatha: "Let's be off then. Halif, I'm going to have you to stay here again and watch over our charges."
(374) Kaga Clone (exit): 00:25
** (356) Halif grumbles mightily. **
** (358) Agatha wraps her robe around her body and axe and covers her head. **
(361) Vrondard: "keep yer horns up Halif.."
(361) Vrondard: (oh do i need a Kha disguise anymore?)
(358) Agatha: "I promise we'll bring you with us when we go get Wa'run's sister. We may need the muscle."
(358) Agatha: "For right now, though, we can't afford any more attention."
(362) Git: "Keep your eyes open and the Guildmaster guarded, Lets try to make something go smoothly for once." :gets ready to go:
** (356) Halif grumbles some more. "You have no Fate but the Fate you are given." **
(356) Halif: Pah!
(356) DM: (no)
(361) Vrondard: "Bah!"
Kha: "Let Afiya watch Wa`run, I think Halif should join us"
(361) Vrondard: "hmmm yer aint afraid he'll get his horns caught on the tent or nothin?"
(361) Vrondard: Vron's eyes have a glint of mischeviousness to them
(362) Git: "Fine, Half can come. Now lets get going."
** (362) Git heads outside to looks around in advance for anyone waiting for them. **
** Kha smiles at Halif then grabs his pack and heads to the Shieks tent **
(358) Agatha: "Hmph. Alright, but I'll stay here to watch the girls."
(358) Agatha: "All I'd be able to do is get mad about having to keep my mouth shut like a good little woman."
Kha: "Thats probably better anyways since the locals have a dim view of females"
(361) Vrondard: ((ha half the muslim countries in ooc land... we'd all be tied up and stoned... and these women would be honor gang raped))
(361) Vrondard: ((just for being in the same tent with us))
(361) Vrondard: ((Agatha guarding the women... made me think of that))
(361) Vrondard: ((probably the only socially acceptable things we have done))
(358) Agatha: ((actually, we got a bunch of rooms. Practically bought out half the inn.))
Kha: ((I think we bought out the Inn actualy =P))
(358) Agatha: ((oh you meant the shiek's tent. shutting up now))
** Kha continues his way toward the shieks tent **
(362) Git: (and so our heros made their way to th tent of the Mighty Shiek)
** (361) Vrondard follows along... **
Kha: "It may be usefull to talk to that Priest I spoke with before who had a very dim view on slavery. He may know something if the Shiek does not"
(361) Vrondard: (oy that only took 30 mins to do))
(356) DM: You make your way to the Sheik's tent. It sounds like there's an argument going on.
** Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
(358) Agatha: ((afk for a bit))
(356) Nador: This would have never happened if you had done as the Grand Caliph asked you to do, Highness.
** (362) Git stops before entering, to listen a bit to the argument **
(356) Sheik Kassim: I am the ruler of this Oasis, not some hakima's son off in Huzuz! He does not have to worry about assassinations, may Fate protect him from all harm.
(361) Vrondard: ((aren't there guards with scimitars too large for them to hold guarding the entrance?))
(361) Vrondard: ((that would stop us from just barging in?))
(356) Sheik Kassim: Where is your foolish brother? He should be here, not lounging in his tent listening to the harping of his slave.
(362) Git: (nah. they're on a hookah break)
(356) Hassan: I have not seen him since last night at dinner, Father...
** (356) Sheik Kassim grumbles. **
(356) Nador: I understand your position, Highness, but all must change or bend to the rule of the Grand Caliph. There is a new dawn at hand, and if you will not listen to reason, there are others who will not be so kind as I.
(356) Nador: Tell him, Hassan.
(356) Prince Hassan: Father, a member of the Everlasting spoke to me last night.
(356) Sheik Kassim: WHAT?!?!?!?
(356) Sheik Kassim: THEY DARE?!?
(356) Prince Hassan: She had heard that you have ignored the dictates of the Grand Caliph and hold to the slave trade. She warned me that if things did not cease, that there would be consequences, may wise Zann prevent them from coming to pass.
** Kha scratches on the tent flap trying to get the atention of those inside **
(356) Sheik Kassim: Why did you have her taken? Now I must look to the shadows and over my back. The knife that kills comes not when you expect it.
(356) Sheik Kassim: (Why did you not have her taken? even)
(356) Sheik Kassim: Who's there?
** Kha enters the Tent **
** (362) Git enters after Kha, "A thousand Pardons, I hope we're not intruding." **
(356) Prince Hassan: What can we do for you, outlander?
Kha: "Sorry to interupt Shiek, but we have some question that have arisen from our investigation into the disaperance of the princess"
** (356) Prince Hassan glances at his father, continuing, "No, no trouble at all. Our tent is your tent." **
** (356) Nador raises his eyebrows. "Continue." **
** Kha motions the others to enter as well, continuing in to make room **
** (361) Vrondard looks around for some food **
Kha: "Ok well first I have a question that is of a differant though in a way related matter. do you know a man named Trifakas?"
Kha: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [10,4] = (14)
(361) Vrondard: ((generally you give information in this situation... not drill the Shiek like hes at Gitmo))
(356) Prince Hassan: No. why would I?
(356) Prince Hassan: I have never met such a person.
** (362) Git watches for any reactions from the three men from the name **
(362) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [12,6] = (18)
Kha: "Just wondering because we found some slave trader logs that mentioned him buying a slave and leaving a few days ago. Which was after you blocked your borders to travelers so I thought maybe you gave him permision to leave." **nods to Git** "He has other information I believe"
** (356) Nador nods, motioning Git to continue. **
(362) Git: "Right. What we've found connects the slavery dealings with the followers of set, il'ythiiri and the Sandvoyagers Guild
(356) Prince Hassan: We do try to keep a watch on the Oasis at all times, but with my father's warriors elsewhere fighting the ifrit, it is possible that some have left sight unseen.
** (356) Sheik Kassim sighs. **
** (356) Nador glances at the sheik with a triumphant look, then settles back listening. **
(362) Git: "Apparently the Il'ythiri have highjacked the sandvoyager guild, by deposing and imprisoning the Guildmaster, and following out there own designs."
(362) Git: "We believe they are also connected to your Missing Princess though it has not been proven yet, your Majesty."
(362) Git: "I wonder how much of this is actually news to you."
(356) Sheik Kassim: Some of it. I knew the Sandvoyagers were slave traders but not the extent of their dealings. (holds his head in his hands)
(356) Sheik Kassim: What have I done? (anguished)
(362) Git: "I'm not particularly concerned with what you've done. I'd rather know what you plan to do about the situation."
(356) Nador: The first thing you can do, Highness, is to follow the teachings of the Grand Caliph, and proclaim your rule over the guild. The rest will come in time.
Kha: "Umm if I may interupt, I dont think he should have to follow gods he does not wish to follow"
** (356) Sheik Kassim doesn't appear to be listening. "The princess gone, my warriors fighting an unwinnable battle. What would you have me do?" **
** (356) Nador casts Kha a withering look. "It is precisely because of his unwillingness, outlander, that this entire mess has come about." **
(362) Git: :narrows his eyes art Nador: "I feel returning the True Guildmaster to power over the guild is the first step. I advise calling back your troops to deal with the Il'tythiri then to remove the threat within."
(356) Prince Hassan: I concur. Father, you cannot win a war on more than one front. These outlanders have already done much for us by showing you the true extent of the Sandvoyagers' deception.
** (356) Sheik Kassim straightens slowly. "What else?" **
Kha: "I agree with Git, This Ifriti will not be slain by your warriors"
(362) Git: "Strengthen your defenses here. You can do little to nothing against the Ifrit's power. Leave that in our hands. I plead you to trust us with this task as your people trust you to protect them." :bows formally:
Kha: "We have been working on a way to defeat the Ifriti since before we arived here."
(361) Vrondard: "filthy buggers"
Kha: "You may also wish to order the stopage of the slave trade, I doubt you could order all slaves released without causing too many problems.
** (356) Sheik Kassim ponders for a moment. **
(362) Git: "I suggest you also send word to the Grand Caliph to advise the same of other townships. There's no point in fighting a losing battle. The more who die, the more undead there will be to serve the fiend."
(356) Prince Hassan: There is a way, although Nador does not approve.
** (356) Sheik Kassim ponders. **
(356) Prince Hassan: Long ago, in ages past, there was a prophecy laid by a great mage, that when a great evil of fire and death arose, that the path to a great Good would be shown by the joining of medallion of the Sheik to the palm sign of his betrothed. Since then, each ruler of the Oasis and his heir have worn their medallions, whilst their consorts have received the palm sign, as if by the will of the gods. My betrothed, Shadalah, received the sign on her palm when she was born. It is my belief, that should you retrieve her from her fate, that she will show you the key to this Good.
** (356) Prince Hassan points to his medallion, which is a silver inlaid with star sapphires. **
(362) Git: :Sighs: "Always another prophecy... Right. We'll keep an eye out for her."
Kha: "Yes thats what I have come to understand of the prophacy as well. She will lead us to a hidden city north of here calld pheonix I think"
Kha: "Which is where we will find another of the Star Gems which are needed to destroy or imprison the Ifriti"
(362) Git: "So, we'll be looking for her either way. We should hit the sandvoyager's soon as possible. We'd be willing to stay and help if you'll need the aid."
(356) Prince Hassan: Of course. Though the place is set, no man knows the time when the White Opal shall be called to aid again. (bows)
** (361) Vrondard is truly dissapointed there isnt any good food here **
** (361) Vrondard starts looking for crumbs in his beard to tie him over **
** (362) Git turns to the cloaked figure of the Guildmaster. "Anything you wish to offer?" **
(356) Sheik Kassim: Very well. I accept your offer of aid and shall do what I must to see this through.
Kha: "If I may ask if someone ws able to leave after you preventad travel and they were heading to Skysea is there a defined path they would follow or just head north?"
** (356) Nador smiles for the first time since you've met him. **
(356) Prince Hassan: There is a path that leads to this place, but why one would go to Skysea is uncertain. The sea is haunted by spirits of the unliving. A great catastrophe occurred in ancient times that still carries echoes into this day.
(356) Prince Hassan: It is not a sea of water, but a sea of glass.
Kha: "Realy! That is one place we must go then. I believe one of the Star Gems is there since the that was in the visions we had showing their locations."
(356) Nador: Thank you, friends, for showing my friend and my kinsman the meaning of justice.
** Kha shakes his head "Now I fear even more greatly for Wa`runs sister." **
(356) DM: ((lol))
Kha: ((What is her name any ways I cant seem to remember it being mentioned))
(362) Git: "Kha, there's no need to bore the's noble fellows with all of our petty details." :states pointedly, then turns to Ndor: "I only inform them of wrong doing. What justice will come of it is yet to be seen."
Kha: "Well I think I shoul let them know I will be heading north anyways. With the information we just got I have no doubt Trifakas was able to leave and I do not want to let him get to Skysea with Wa`runs sister"
(362) Git: "Ara ara... So much to do and so little time to do it in."
(356) DM: ((Rabiyah))
(356) DM: (ok, so what now?)
(362) Git: (Does the guildmaster make any move to speak?)
(361) Vrondard: ((you could summarize if that is easier))
(362) Git: (if not... OFF TO BREAKFAST!!)
(356) Tolnus: What these people say is true, Highness. (removes his cloak)
** (356) Sheik Kassim is astonished. **
** (356) Nador expresses surprise, as does Hassan. **
(362) Git: (Gasp gasp gasp gasp breakfast)
(356) Tolnus: Furthermore, I believe you should know that your son, Korus, was involved with these cultists. That's what I have managed to figure out in any event.
** (356) Sheik Kassim buries his head in his hands. **
** Kha nods not surpized **
(356) Prince Hassan: I believe some food is needed so we can all digest this news. (is shaken)
(361) Vrondard: "and yer second in command... whats his name"
** Kha mumbles "Glad we took his slave" **
** (361) Vrondard brightens noticibly **
(361) Vrondard: ((ha this is where we get poisoned.. we know too much))
(362) Git: (good point, we better ditch out and hit mcD's instead)
(356) Tolnus: These good men have rescued two slaves from the keeping of their former masters and wish to give them safety. I ask that you, Sheik Kassim, grant them freedom from both their former masters and from their former lives.
** (356) Prince Hassan looks to his father, who sits disconsolate. "On behalf of my father, the will of the Grand Caliph is done. Bring them to this camp." **
(362) Git: "It will be done. One more thing. We'll need camels and supplies for a long trek through the desert."
** (356) Prince Hassan nods. "Let it be done." **
** (356) Prince Hassan speaks to a guard. "Ishmael will bring food shortly. Have you eaten yet?" **
Kha: "We have not"
(361) Vrondard: "no... well (looks at beard)... not much"
(356) DM: You spend the rest of the morning breaking bread with the Sheik and his court.
(356) DM: (going to break for a few minutes, bio break)
** (361) Vrondard will make a doggie bag for Agatha (of course he will eat it himself later if given the chance) **
(356) Sheik Kassim: Go, with our blessing. May Fate watch over you, outlanders.
(362) Git: "Thank you for your Hospitaltiy, you Highness. And we wish you luck in your endeavors."
(361) Vrondard: "mmmm" craming in a last bit of pita in his gullet
Kha: "Thank you for the food."
(356) DM: (ok, where to now?)
Kha: ((We are not sure yet, still talking))
Kha: ((Ok we decided to the Inn first off =P))
(362) Git: (I think I'm gonna have to cut out early tonight. I'm starting to fade, and I have to be up early tomorrow to work overtime. Not much is going on, you can continue with three players, right?)
(356) TaliesinNYC: (ok)
(356) TaliesinNYC: see you next week then.
(356) TaliesinNYC: we'll cut off here then
Kha: "So what should we do with the Dwarven Girl while we are off getting Rabiyah back?"
(356) TaliesinNYC: (no, we can't)
(356) TaliesinNYC: (you know the rule lol)
(362) Git: (doh!)
(358) Agatha: ((lol))
(356) TaliesinNYC: so for next time, what's going on?
(356) TaliesinNYC: you have lots of things to do but I need to know what's next
(356) TaliesinNYC: shouldn't take 2 hours deciding what to do

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