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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated

Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(205) Git: ah... but the astronauts have the intellect to make traps and barricades and set up ambushes
(203) Vrondard: well im picturing a dodgeball scenario
(195) DM: (so, does anyone need a recap?)
(204) Agatha: Not much. Caveman pins the astronauts and smashes in his helmet.
(203) Vrondard: one team vs the other with a 20' between them
(205) Git: (I could use one)
(203) Vrondard: i could use a beer... time to work on that
(204) Agatha: I got smacked by a fireball, didn't I?
(196) Andearis (exit): 21:55
(195) DM: (Last session you investigated the interior of the temple of Set beneath the monolith. You had a minor skirmish with Munafik, who fled behind a wall of ice elsewhere in the temple. You explored some more, and entered an area where evidence of ilythi'iri can be had. And combat ensued.)
(203) Vrondard: we all did
(203) Vrondard: (a quick check of hps will show who did)
(204) Agatha: ((Yeah, that would explain why my hp is lower than the subdual I've built up. G'nite folks.))
** (204) Agatha passes out from the blast of heat. **
(195) DM: (init please)
Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] -> [14,7] = (21)
(205) Git: Init: [1d20+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
(195) DM: (Vron?)
(203) Vrondard: 13
(195) DM: (is open acting up again?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(203) Vrondard: (same broken DJ ver.)
(195) DM: (21, Kha)
** Kha quickly scambles out of the hall after the blast of fire nearly roasts him alive **
Kha: ((Done))
(195) DM: (13, Vron)
(203) Vrondard: (sorry dealing with kid)
(203) Vrondard: "bah... we retreatin?"
(195) DM: (take your time)
(203) Vrondard: "Garrrrrrr"
** (203) Vrondard follows Kha's lead **
(203) Vrondard: (not seeing a map so...)
(203) Vrondard: (done)
(203) Vrondard: (gets out of spell range...)
(195) DM: (9, Git)
** (205) Git tuns back hearing the barbaress fall behind him, "Aggy? Aggy? Are you alright?" :kneels down to check on her: **
(205) Git: (done.. for now)
(204) Agatha: "Unnn..."
(195) DM: (chanting can be heard from down the corridor)
(204) Agatha: "Not tonight, dear..I'm tired..."
(205) Git: 0.o
(205) Git: (is there supposed to be a map?)
(195) DM: (I drew one...)
(195) DM: (ok, you're in room 20.)
(195) TaliesinNYC: Lit by candles, the south half of the room is piled high with crates and chests.
(195) DM: (most of the passage out, area 21 is shrouded in darkness. It's longer than 60')
(195) DM: You can hear chanting coming from the far end of the darkened corridor.
(195) DM: (if you can't see the map above, we may need to switch to a different server.)
(203) Vrondard: ((i see the overall map))
Kha: ((I see it))
(205) Git: (yeah, got it)
(203) Vrondard: (i think we try to generally retreat...)
(204) Agatha: ((I'm for it.))
(205) Git: (all for running away like cowards!
** Kha helps carry Agatha away trying to find a safe room to rest in **
(195) DM: (that would probably be back near the entrance, in room 7)
Kha: ((Ok will make our way there))
** Kha shuts the door to the room ((room 7)) once everyone is inside and consentrats a moment **
** (203) Vrondard follows...(lets pick a number and stick with it) **
(195) DM: (all right, you retreat from the area)
(195) DM: And just in time too, as the last of you leaves, the crack of thunder can be heard behind you.
(203) Vrondard: "gol dang it"
(203) Vrondard: "what we run fer?"
(203) Vrondard: "stupid foul magicks... shoulda kilt im"
(203) Vrondard: "singed me beard fer almighty hells"
(205) Git: "We run, because we don't want to be barbecue."
(203) Vrondard: "bah"
** Kha looks at Vrondard then flops to the floor, clearly very burned, and still sporting several unhealed wounds from his ill fated jump and very exosted **
** (205) Git peeks out the door to make sure no one's followed them." **
(203) Vrondard: "ya wonder ifn they be comin after us after a while"
(203) Vrondard: "got to get behinds a door to be safe from that accursed magick it tossed at us"
Kha: "They wont hear us I put up a protection against sound, Do you think you can lock the door Git?"
(205) Git: :to vron: "Well, strategically it would be wise to come finish the job while they have the advantage"
(205) Git: "Locks can be opened, I feel safer barricading."
(205) Git: \"Of course being holed up in a little room in an evil temple, not really a wise decision no matter how you look at it."
Kha: "I dont think I have ever been this tired or near death except once in my life. I must rest soon or I may just pass out."
(203) Vrondard: "well I be not in top form meself"
** Kha nods and blinks slowly trying to keep sleep at bay "Better then being roasted alive" **
(203) Vrondard: "we want to barracade?
** Kha scoots to a corner of the room, too tiered to stay awake any longer and falls heavaly asleep not realy caring wht happens any more **
** (203) Vrondard complies with Gits plan **
** (203) Vrondard creates a barrier and sets up watches **
** (205) Git helps Vronard get a bed in front of the door. "Good. Aggy's weiht should keep it closed." **
** (205) Git takes the first watch, listening for anyone moving through the main hall outside **
** (203) Vrondard rests and takes teh second watch **
** Kha wakes after 4 hours feeling very refreshed, though still needing to tend to his wounds **
(205) Git: (shooting for a general 8 hrs?)
(203) Vrondard: (check... DM)
(203) Vrondard: (lets break until the DM says something encouraging)
Kha: ((I an up and ready after 4 but thats a long rest for me, so I will take watch after I wake))
(195) DM: (Well, silence is all you hear. At least, silence on the other side.)
(203) Vrondard: (ok)
** (203) Vrondard takes the second watch and Kha takes the last 4... **
(195) DM: (Time passes...)
** (205) Git stretches out with a deep yawn, as he comes out of his partial sleep. Turning to Kha, he inquires. "Still quiet out there?" **
Kha: "Yes"
Kha: "Wether thats good or bad I do not know"
(203) Vrondard: "must be willin to defend its territory methinks"
(205) Git: "Or maybe they just sneak up real quiet."
(203) Vrondard: "gots to go after dat guy in shifts... dat way doesnt get us all in the magick's e's got"
** (205) Git gets up and moves to check on the Aggy, "Hey, old Gal. Ya up yet?" **
Kha: "That fireball took me by surprize we were and still are not in much shape to be combating that. I can heal some more of our wounds, but my skill in the healing arts is very limited"
** (204) Agatha groans a little as she gets up and cough. **
(203) Vrondard: "bah... me thinks I gots to be praying to Krauchaar more"
(204) Agatha: "Aye, I'm up. What happened?"
Kha: "We ran away"
(205) Git: :nods: "Now we're holed up in this cozy little room, And Kha's gonna be doing a bit more healing on ya"
** Kha stands and makes his way around the room checkin on the others, seeing Git is in fair health he moves on to Agatha **
** Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [4d8+2] -> [6,6,6,6,2] = (26) DMG to Subdual} **
** Kha moves on to Vrondard after closing Agatha major wounds and burns **
** Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [4d8+2] -> [6,8,7,6,2] = (29) DMG to Subdual} **
(203) Vrondard: "hmmm"
Kha: "That should fix the wounds though you will still need to rest to fully recover"
(203) Vrondard: "so I'll feel better sumtime soon huh?"
** Kha kneels down and concentrates on himself **
Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
Kha: ((Gain [1d8+2] -> [8,2] = (10)HP))
Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
Kha: ((Gain [1d8+2] -> [7,2] = (9)HP))
** Kha 's burns and wounds fade quickly though you can still see some singed hair and a few fresh scars where his clothing burned though **
** (203) Vrondard waits around with everyone else for a good long time **
** (203) Vrondard spends his time cursing the mage and lamenting the condition of his beard **
(205) Git: "Ok,. shall we get this door open and see what's waiting outside for us?"
** (204) Agatha holds her head. "Augh. I don't think I'll ever get used to that. Feels like I've drank too much but I'm too sober to enjoy it." **
(203) Vrondard: "lookid me damn beard... look at it!"
(203) Vrondard: "filthy mage... dammit... ruined me beard"
** (205) Git looks at the beard humoringly **
(195) DM: (Not much seems to be happening...of course you'd need to take a peek to confirm that.)
(204) Agatha: "If they've been waiting outside all this time, they could've easily set a trap."
Kha: "Our wounds are healed and even though we still need rest we should try to find that mage now before they figure out we are in here and get more of them to ambush us"
(203) Vrondard: "eee's waiting fer us"
(205) Git: "If they were looking for us and haven't found us by now, then I seriously doubt we have to worry over complex streategums."
(203) Vrondard: "in the best position fer his foul spells a flinging"
(203) Vrondard: "i never even saw where he was"
** (205) Git moves the bed aside and makes sure everyone's ready before opening the door a crack to peek outside **
Kha: "Nor did I. I just saw the fireball."
** Kha helps Git move the Bed **
** (204) Agatha raises her axe in a ready stance. **
(195) DM: As expected, all seems to be quiet outside your hideyhole.
(203) Vrondard: "ok back at it?"
** (205) Git opens the door and heads out, taking a look around. "Back time to get back on the shift I suppose." **
(205) Git: *bout time rather
** Kha looks around a little aprehensive but enters the larger room anyways keeping his eyes and ears peeld for anything **
(203) Vrondard: "we should travel in groups of two.. spread ourselves out a bit"
(205) Git: "Maybe we can sneak up on those mages this time."
(205) Git: "Kha, you feeling stealthy?"
(203) Vrondard: "yer the man fer it"
** Kha pulls Vontaros from his back deciding to keep a lower profile by not having a flaming spear for a target **
Kha: "Sure"
(205) Git: "If we could sneak up, if only to keep them from casting long enough for Aggy and Vrondard to reach them, this would go much easier."
(203) Vrondard: "just not all of us getting fried would werk fer me"
** (205) Git heads back to room 18 **
** Kha moves off silently fading into the shadows **
** (203) Vrondard trails behind 40-50 ft... listening for problems up ahead **
(205) Git: "wait for our signal" :to vron and aggy:
** (205) Git creeps quietly into room 20 (take 10 ms, 19) and stops to peer around the corner with his handy little mirror **
Kha: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [16,4] = (20)
** Kha tries to spot Git **
(195) DM: (I forgot to mention earlier that I'm ending tonight's session a bit early, around 1:30 am, because I have to be up earlier tomorrow than expected.)
Kha: ((NP))
** (205) Git listens a second for anything down the hall before lighting a tindertwig for a quick light source for his ttusty half-elven eyes, and creepos up the hall (maintian take 10 on ms) **
(204) Agatha: ((k))
(205) Git: :if nothing strirkes me, I'll stops at the door to 22 and listen for anyone within:
(204) Agatha: "I don't like this. Those two together are bound to get into trouble."
(204) Agatha: ((to Vron))
** Kha shrugs at Git when he sees him and moves to listen at the other door ((To room 23)) **
(203) Vrondard: "aint nothing to be done about it now"
(204) Agatha: "Aye. We just wait for the inevitable screaming."
(195) DM: As far as you can tell, nothing seems to have occurred yet. Tracks can be seen in the dust.
** (205) Git turns to Kha, giving him a question shruf, for his findings **
(203) Vrondard: "har... thats a good signal"
** Kha tapps Git on the sholder and indicates the open door (to room 23)) **
(203) Vrondard: Agatha and Vron are in the tunnel of 18... waiting unless otherwise noted
** (205) Git nods and points to 22, also ajar. then gestures for Kha to ready, before slowly pushing the door to 22 open just enough that he could slink in **
** Kha nods and tries to look into the room as Git opens the door **
** (205) Git opens the door to show Kha it's empty, then gestures for moves over to open the door to 23 in the same cautious manner **
** Kha taps Git again and motions he is going to look in the room **
** (205) Git holds up a hand for him to wait, to make sure nothing's going to pop out of this room first **
** Kha enters the room (room 22) and goes over to the desk to look it over, moving silently though at normal speed **
** (205) Git stares into room 23 for a moment, until the depleting match burns his fingers. Letting out a silent curse he strikes another and goes to check on Kha. :whispereing there's a tunnel in the next room." **
** Kha neatly stacks all the loose papers he can and puts them into his Alter case then looks over the books quickly to see if they are more of the same thing **
** Kha looks back at Git and motions to get Vrond and Agatha **
** (205) Git nods and heads back to get the dwarf and barbarian gal, whispering, "Follow along real slow and quiet like, okay?" **
** (203) Vrondard nods... **
** (203) Vrondard paddles along as best as he can **
** (205) Git leads them up the hall to the junction of 22/23 (giving them time to take 10) Then turns to the duo and gestures for them to remain quiet **
** Kha after getting what he wanted out of the books and papers picks up the cystal ball to stuff that in his back as well for letter examination **
(203) Vrondard: ((can't take 10))
** (205) Git waits for Kha to be ready before sneaking into room 23 and it the tunnel **
** (203) Vrondard wonders why they are here **
** Kha moves back out of the room and meets the others in the hall, and moves into the next room ((23)) motioning for the others to follow (Vrondard and Agatha)) **
** (203) Vrondard follows **
(195) TaliesinNYC: In the center of the south wall of this 30' square room is a tunnel leading south.

The room is empty.

** (204) Agatha keeps looking around her, suspicious that they can move so freely. **
Kha: "Ok now you can move as loudly as you want and others wont hear, just stay close to me"
(203) Vrondard: "ok... I think"
** Kha follows Git down the tunnle making sure to stay slow enough for Vrondard and Agatha to stay within 15ft of him **
(204) Agatha: "Alive and completely unburned, I'm surprised."
(204) Agatha: "I was afraid between you two the whole place would go up in flames."
Kha: "I have a few papers that detail the slave sales as well, might find Wa`run's sister in one of them"
Kha: "Or where that dwarven girl came from"
(205) Git: "Great. Maybe something good will come of this after all."
(203) Vrondard: "har"
(195) TaliesinNYC: The excavation opens suddenly into a cavern 30' square. The entire ceiling is covered with a decorative web of spider silk. Silk tapestries hang on the rough-hewn walls and show spiders amid decorative patterns. A rich-looking bed covered with silks and furs stands on the opposite wall. Scattered about the room are a marble tub, a desk and two chests, both of which stand open.

A passage can be seen leading out of the chamber, deeper into the earth.

(204) Agatha: "Do you slave trader would take the trouble to write down the slaves names?
(204) Agatha: do you think*
(205) Git: "No, but perhaps descriptions"
** (204) Agatha shrugs. **
** Kha pales quickly but stands his ground seeing the large web in the room **
** (205) Git looks about carefully for inhabitants, especiall in the webs over head before entering the cavern **
(205) Git: "I wonder where they were running off to."
** (204) Agatha sees Kha's reaction and pushes him forward. "Come on. You've got to get over them if you're gonna keep on with this business." **
** Kha stands very still trying to overcome his fear of spiders before entering the chamber fully **
** (205) Git moves into the room and heads for the chests, searching if they're opened or trapped **
(203) Vrondard: "I aint knowin" (looks for spiders)
** Kha looks up "What ever made that was too big to squish with my foot, I am very glad it is not here" **
(195) DM: They're wide open, as if whomever was here left quickly. They also seem to be empty.
** (205) Git heads to the desk to see if anything was left there **
Kha: "Maybe they all ran after we 'discovered' them"
(204) Agatha: "Hmph. I don't suppose it was us that spooked them?"
(203) Vrondard: "darn"
(205) Git: "Well hopefuly they didn't head off to tattle on us."
(203) Vrondard: "told yea we shouldn't ave cut n' run"
** Kha looks at Vrondards beard "Your lucky to have that much left" **
(203) Vrondard: "bah!"
** (205) Git pockets some loose change from the desk and holds out some papers to Kha, "Some more for your collection." **
** Kha looks over the papers quickly **
(205) Git: "Might as well keep moving." :heads back to 23
** Kha nods and puts the papers in his pack for more detailed reading later **
** (203) Vrondard follows Kha's silence **
** Kha follows Git after puting the papers away, glaning back the the passage the goes deeper **
** (205) Git heads out into 21 and up the hall to the door to 25, giving it the customary treatment **
** (204) Agatha looks back at the room curiously before following the others. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [11,14] = (25),[1d20+13] -> [8,13] = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [13,14] = (27)
** Kha waits for Git to do his thing with the door **
** (205) Git draws a dagger and carefully opens the door (when he can) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [8,14] = (22)
(195) DM: A sharp odor fills your nostrils as the door opens.
(195) DM: It smells of a coppery tang.
(203) Vrondard: ((soap! run...))
(204) Agatha: ((mMmm....tang...auggggggg))
(203) Vrondard: ((3 astronauts jump out at you and try to bull rush the party with their jetpacks))
** (205) Git peers into the room before entering and moving to look around the corner into 26 **
(195) TaliesinNYC: The large room is dimly lit by guttering wall torches. Fluttering shadows lie across wooden contraptions of inhuman torture. A sign is scrawled across the length of the western wall. It says "Recreation Room". There are doors in the north end of the east wall and the east end of the south wall. A large gate of iron bars stands closed in the center of the east wall.
(195) DM: (the doors in the north end of the E wall is the door that Git peeks through. must remember to read room descriptions before hititng the send button, lol.)
(205) Git: "Not quite my idea of recreation, but everyone has their preference."
** (204) Agatha scowls as she looks at all the devices and imagines how they were used on unwitting slaves. **
(203) Vrondard: "bah"
(204) Agatha: "Next time those bastards try to burn me, they'd better kill me for their sake."
(204) Agatha: "I don't see how this Shiek can allow such attrocities."
(203) Vrondard: "well what next... seems like everyone flew the coop... and probably down that tunnel"
(203) Vrondard: "putting those webs there to make Kha not want ta follow"
** (205) Git heads to the southern door to give it the usual once over **
** (205) Git pushes (?) the door open **
(195) TaliesinNYC: Wall torches illuminate a 20' square room. Bunks line the walls and a table stands in the middle of the room.

The room is otherwise empty.

(195) DM: (brb)
(205) Git: "Guess the kailers decided to book out too."
** (205) Git heads over to get the gate to the prison area open **
(203) Vrondard: (if this complex section is empty you can just relate that to us... i think thats what Vron is thinking right now)
(195) DM: (it seems to be...)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [2,14] = (16)
(204) Agatha: "I don't understand. By the looks of it, they could've killed us easily in our condition."
(195) DM: The gate rises open, with a loud screeching noise.
(204) Agatha: "Why would they run?"
(205) Git: "Maybe they thought we had reinforcements, or that back up was on the way"
(203) Vrondard: "they didn't want to fight... they still might have lost"
(203) Vrondard: "we aint worth it to em"
** (205) Git heads into the prison area and looks around for occupied cells **
(203) Vrondard: "anyone they left behind?"
(205) Git: "Yeah... not sure if they left a live one though." :Git heads to the man's cell and runs his dagger along the bars to wake him up.
(195) DM: The man doesn't seem to hear you.
(205) Git: "Hey buddy, you alive in there or not?"
** (205) Git tries to get the cell door unlocked. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [5,14] = (19)
(195) DM: Snoring, faint, but audible is the only response.
(204) Agatha: "I'd say that's a yes."
(205) Git: "Pretending not to hear me, huh? I don't care if you are a mistreated prisoner, it's still rude."
(203) Vrondard: "probably barely alive"
** (205) Git opens the door and moves over to the man, touching his shoulder to give it a shake, "Come on, wake up Skanky." **
(195) DM: He's in deep sleep.
(195) DM: Looking over his form, he's been severely beaten and bruised, as well as starved. You're amazed he's alive. He appears to be gaunt, sunburnt man in his mid-40s. His head has been shaved clean.
** (205) Git holds out his canteen, as secondary resort, pouring a bit of water on the man's face, aiming for his mouth. **
(203) Vrondard: "hmm eee's in bad shape"
(195) DM: He swallows involuntarily, snorting, as if being jolted awake.
Kha: ((Sorry dozed off due to cold medication, I am gona go to sleep will see some of you on sunday))
(205) Git: (hoi)
Kha: See yall later
(194) Kha (exit): 00:47
(205) Git: "Good mornin, mon brave."
(195) The prisoner: eh.....?
(203) Vrondard: "wake up!"
** (205) Git holds out the waterskin giving it a little shake, "You look like you could use a drink. Interested?" Offers it over. **
(205) Git: "Come on, Stinky. Back to the land of the living..."
** (195) The prisoner takes the waterskin weakly and drinks. **
(205) Git: "There we go."
** (195) The prisoner gives it back with a trembling hand. **
(195) The prisoner: You're human. (stares)
(205) Git: :takes it: "At least half way."
(203) Vrondard: "what you wanted to see a dwarf instead... well er I am"
(205) Git: "You remember how you got down here?"
(203) Vrondard: "and who was torturin ya?"
(204) Agatha: "Kinda obvious, don't ya think?"
(195) The prisoner: I remember being hit from behind, and when I awoke, I was here.
(205) Git: "What's your name?"
(195) The prisoner: Who are you? Thank Fate you found me.
(195) The prisoner: Tolnus Granicus, guildmaster of the Sandvoyagers.
(204) Agatha: "The slavers?"
(205) Git: "Heh... some people have been wondering what happened to you."
(205) Git: "Stil got the strenth to stretch your legs out for a little stroll?"
(195) Tolnus: No, not the slavers. (indignant) We are honorable men, not like the Sheik's other son, Korus.
(203) Vrondard: "yeah hes a merchant I think then"
(203) Vrondard: "so who else was here wid ya... anyone you know... describe em if you can"
(195) Tolnus: Several dark elves. One of them was female. A few males. And beastmen. (takes on a fearful appearance)
(204) Agatha: "Beastmen?"
(205) Git: "You know what happened to them?"
(195) Tolnus: No...not really. I think the elves kept them as slaves. Or as guards.
(195) DM: From Tolnus' description, it sounds like bugbears.
(205) Git: "Well, they're gone now. You ready to get oiut of here?"
(203) Vrondard: "bah"
(203) Vrondard: (we saw undead skeletons last time didnt we?)
(195) Tolnus: Yes...if I can stand or walk.
(195) DM: (elsewhere, yes)
** (205) Git offers the guildmaster some aid in standing **
(195) Tolnus: I am thankful that you have found me. If you had not, I might have died.
(205) Git: "This is true."
(203) Vrondard: "what about skeletons.. anyone hanging around wid them?"
(205) Git: :helping Tolnus walk, heads back for the ext: "We'll get you out of here first. By the way, about how long you figure you've been down here?"
** (195) Tolnus shakes his head. "About two weeks, I think. I do not know." **
(204) Agatha: "Hmph. Didn't take them long to get a new leader."
(195) Tolnus: Have you spoken to the Sheik yet? He must know about his son's involvement.
(204) Agatha: "What does Korus have to do with this?"
(205) Git: "How much do you know about his dealings?"
(203) Vrondard: "was this Korus guy here at some point?"
(203) Vrondard: "how do you know bout this stuff?"
** (195) Tolnus straightens upon hearing Agatha's question. "He is part of this whole mess, lady." **
(195) Tolnus: Korus approached me several months ago and asked if I would be willing to change guild policy towards slavery. He is a one to keep to the old ways. Nador, the cleric disapproves of the old ways, and now I as an enlightened person, concur.
(195) Tolnus: When I refused him, he (Korus) threatened that he would speak with his father to see us removed from the Oasis. I told him that better that we were banished from the Oasis than to deal in the slave trade.
(195) Tolnus: Needless to say, he and I have not been on cordial terms.
(205) Git: "Yeah, well, he's got his slave trade going. and he's using your guild for it."
(195) Tolnus: Later, when I was imprisoned, I overheard the dark elves speaking in our language with someone, who I cannot identify by face but certainly by voice. The elves had an agreement with the Sandvoyagers to engage in the slave trade, in exchange for weapons and armor. All of this had the blessing of Korus Eikoth.
(203) Vrondard: "aye... I found one of their foul dark elf weapons outside the oasis"
(203) Vrondard: (not sure if its disintegrated yet...)
(205) Git: :sigh: "How do we keep getting stuck in these things?"
(204) Agatha: "But as despicable as all this is, they've got the law behind them."
(205) Git: "Law's are made to be broken."
(205) Git: "Just like the skulls of people you don't like."
** (204) Agatha smirks at the remark. **
(204) Agatha: "So what do we do now? The princess is obviously not here. The ili'thyri have fled. All that's left is the goddamned mummy."
(195) Tolnus: Princess?
** (205) Git escorts the guildmaster out of the temple, letting the older man lean on his shoulder. "We'll drop off Tolnus some place safe and come back in to give one last sweep for Munafik. I don't want to leave him alive again." **
(205) Git: "Yeah, by the way, the Princess was kidnapped."
(204) Agatha: "She disappeared a week ago. You won't have trouble finding out what happened."
(195) Tolnus: That is troubling.
(205) Git: "Ya don't know the half of it."
** (195) Tolnus looks Git over as if appraising him. **
(203) Vrondard: "well I think we've shared enough of our business with this fella Git
(195) Tolnus: I don't know any of you well but I feel I can trust you, so I shall tell you a secret.
(203) Vrondard: "hmmm do tell then"
(204) Agatha: "As for the walking corpse, I'm all for dusting him. But I'm not sure we can get let this one go alone."
(195) Tolnus: Thurnas was the person who was speaking to the dark elves, before. Thurnas was my second in command while I was Guildmaster. Now he has taken command.
(204) Agatha: "That's what I'm concerned about. The guild ain't exactly gonna welcome you with open arms."
(203) Vrondard: "ah so you want revenge against that traitor do ya?"
(195) Tolnus: Thurnas made a deal with the cultists to kidnap the princess apparently. It is rumored that Shadalah has power over the ifrit that is currently loose in the land.
(203) Vrondard: "probably need him deposed to get yer Guild back as well dontcha?"
(205) Git: "We'll either drop him off at the inn with the others or take him over to igloo. The old halfling might be willing to harbor him for a bit"
(195) Tolnus: I think I know where Shadalah is. The ifrit has been raising an army of the restless dead, and for that reason alone, she must be with them, in a place where she can be watched. If they have her, she must have been taken to the Crypt of Badr al-Mosak.
(195) Tolnus: Aye, dwarf, aye.
(204) Agatha: "Where's this Crypt?"
(203) Vrondard: "I think we be needin a guide..." looks at the man
(203) Vrondard: "we aint from around here and we don't get around very well"
(203) Vrondard: "you want this Thurnas delt with yer goin to have to help us run into him"
** (195) Tolnus speaks with a hushed voice, as if fearful he would be overheard. "To the west, as a spirit flies towards death." **
(205) Git: "We'll worry about that later. Let's get this done first."
(203) Vrondard: "we won't be askin fer yah to do anything other than that"
(195) DM: (and on that note, the DM turns into a pumpkin)
(203) Vrondard: ok

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