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(109) DM: let's get started

 (109) DM: let's get started
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(109) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
(96) Dj Gilcrease: ((sorry I was sitting outside reading))
(109) DM: (ok, I'll take that as a no. beginning of this round, the rest of the party arrives in room 12. a wall of flames from floor to ceiling blocks access to 13.)
(109) DM: (roll init, Git and Agatha)
(110) Git: [1d20+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
whispering to Agatha, Gautam?
(115) Rasan (enter): 22:00
whispering to Agatha, Gautam, we're waiting for you to roll init
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (115) Vrondard...
(111) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [19,3] = (22)
(109) DM: (23, Vron)
(115) Vrondard: .
** (115) Vrondard continues to attack **
(109) DM: (recall from last session, you were in combat against Munafik in room 12. he fled and a wall of fire blocks access to 13.)
(115) Vrondard: true... yeah im not going to attack the flames
(115) Vrondard: "bah!"
** (115) Vrondard takes full defense **
(115) Vrondard: (done)
(109) DM: (22, Kha)
** Kha dives though the flames tumbling to avoid getting burned to badly and to avoid Mun-afik **
Kha: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+6-1] -> [12,6,-1] = (17) (includes Armor Penalty of -1)
(115) Vrondard: "foul undead magick fire!"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6+11] -> [5,1,11] = (17)
Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
(111) Agatha: "Kha, what are you doing, you maniac?"
(109) DM: (22, Ag)
** (111) Agatha hesitates running through the magical fire wall. ((delay)) **
(109) DM: (10, Git)
** Kha calls back "He is gone!" **
** (110) Git saunters into the room, "Then there's not much point in my diving through flames." (delay) **
(111) Agatha: "You'll be gone too if you chase after him like that."
(109) DM: (23, Vron)
** (115) Vrondard waits... **
(115) Vrondard: (done)
(109) DM: (22, Kha)
** (110) Git moves closer to the flame wall, trying to see the room beyond. "Did you see wherre he went?" **
(115) Vrondard: "went that way" points past the flames
** Kha looks around trying to hear Mun-afik ((Delay untill I see or hear him)) **
(109) DM: (22, Ag)
(110) Git: :raises a brow at vron: "Thank you.. but I was talking to the person who followed him into the next room."
(115) Vrondard: "bah!"
** (111) Agatha slowly reaches out toward the flames to see if they're real, since Kha seemed to get by okay. **
** Kha calls back to the others "Into the next room would be my guess" **
(115) Vrondard: "he's gone... farking spook"
(115) Vrondard: "aint got the nuts to be fightin us all"
(115) Vrondard: "tried to get the jump on Kha and I"
(110) Git: "Well... tactically, I must say, the man knows what he's doing."
** (110) Git heads back out of room 12 and starts running back around toward 8 **
(109) DM: (10, Git)
(109) DM: (k)
(115) Vrondard: "bah he aint no man"
(111) Agatha: "The bastard's just toying with us."
(111) Agatha: "What exactly happened?"
(115) Vrondard: "just that... we turned around and he was there... thought we killed that jerk"
** Kha calls to the others though the fire "He is in the next room and the door in here is traped" **
(109) DM: The wall vanishes after a few more moments. Kha is waiting in the next chamber. (13)
** Kha looks around "Where did Git go? He needs to work his magic on the door in here" **
** (115) Vrondard goes into 13 **
(111) Agatha: "I think Git went back to where we were. He managed to find secret door.
(115) Vrondard: "well lets get somewhere... either here or there"
** Kha looks back to the locked door and tries to visualize the layout of the rooms to see where the door Git found may lead **
Kha: Int check: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
(111) Agatha: "We'll follow Git. I don't like what this Mun-afik's doing and I ain't playing his game."
Kha: "I dont want him getting out this way, I'll stay here and watch for him"
(115) Vrondard: "hmmm thats true"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [10,14] = (24), [1d20+13] -> [1,13] = (14)
(115) Vrondard: "nah he will just come and attack you while yer alone"
** Kha shrugs **
(115) Vrondard: .
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [13,14] = (27)
(111) Agatha: "It's not a good idea for us to get separated. Come on. That old bone bag will find us sooner or later on his own."
(115) Vrondard: "foul trickster... that being the truth of it"
** (111) Agatha turns to head to room 8 **
(109) DM: (2 rounds behind Git, fyi)
** (115) Vrondard follows Agatha to 8 as well **
(109) DM: You (Vron and Ag) reach the chamber with the three urns. (area 8)
(109) DM: The door beyond is open, and footprints can be seen in the dust.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [6,14] = (20)
(115) Vrondard: "hmmm gettin in trouble... lets follow..."
** (111) Agatha nods, puts her finger to her lips and beckons Vrondard to quietly follow her. **
** (115) Vrondard shuts his yap and follows.. **
(109) DM: As you round the corner, Git's fiddling on a door. (OOC -- the door to area 14.)
** (111) Agatha waves to Git. **
** (110) Git gives a slient nod and wave in return, before focusing on the door. **
** (111) Agatha whispers to Git, "Why'd you wander off like that?" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [20,14] = (34)
** (110) Git gestures for the fighters to get back around the corner as he gets out his tools and begins tinkering intently with the door **
** (115) Vrondard does so **
** (111) Agatha looks at Git curiously, but shrugs and does as she's told. **
** (110) Git packs up his tools after a little while and comes back around the corner with a length of twine. "Don't pull this until I tell you to." Then heads back to the door and tries to get it open (open lock as necessary, total defense when I open the door) **
(109) DM: The door opens to reveal a stone wall.
(110) Git: "Uuhhh,,,,," :stares at the wall a moment, poking at it to see if it's real."
(109) DM: There is a loud click.
(115) Vrondard: "shoot it... see if its real?"
(110) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [14,9] = (23)
(111) Agatha: "Git..."
(109) DM: Suddenly, the section of floor that Git is standing on tilts downwards. (Agatha and Vron are now above Git)
(109) DM: (There is a ledge where the door is, about 2' wide, that Git grabbed hold of when the floor tilted.)
(109) DM: It tilts to the west, forming a chute downwards.
(111) Agatha: "Git!"
(115) Vrondard: "oy!"
(110) Git: "Shit!" :curses as he barely grabs the ledge.: "I think I botched the job." :tries to see what's down below him:
** (115) Vrondard grabs Git (if he can) **
(115) Vrondard: "aint nothing good down there but yer death"
(110) Git: "Thank you for that advice Vrondard" :tries to pull himself up to the ledge:
** (115) Vrondard assists **
(109) DM: (no, Vron. you're standing at the corner where the north passage from 8 intersects with the east-west passge in 9. Git is at the door connecting to 14, on a ledge. at least 3' separates the two of you and we know how stubby a dwarf is. :) )
** (115) Vrondard grumbles **
** (111) Agatha gets some rope out of her pack. **
** (115) Vrondard assists by 'cheering' Git on "don't let go or yer finished" **
(111) Agatha: "Hang on, Git. I'm gonna toss you a line."
(115) Vrondard: "prolly wasn't you...was that foul Munafik set this trap fer ya"
(110) Git: "I'd appreciate it."
(115) Vrondard: (if you are hanging on the rope... can you be on the ramp without sliding down?)
(115) Vrondard: (sort of Batman style)
(110) Git: (I'd slide down the ramp a bit, but only as far as the overhang you guys are on, where I could climb up.)
(109) DM: (possible)
(115) Vrondard: "Hold the rope... I'll go get him...... or you want me to do it"
** (115) Vrondard analyzes who weighs more Agatha or himself **
(115) Vrondard: : )
(110) Git: "Just throw the rope and pull me up." :getting annoyed:
(111) Agatha: "Just what I was thinking."
** (111) Agatha tries tossing a line in Git's direction. **
(109) DM: (k)
** (110) Git grabs the line and lets go of the ledge, letting the stronger comrades pull him up to safety **
(109) DM: (meanwhile, elsewhere...)
(110) Git: "So much for getting around behind him."
(109) Sheik Kassim: Afiya, set out some cushions and make our guest comfortable. (indicates the regally dressed human in desert robes)
whispering to Taragnor, your cue. describe yourself please
whispering to Taragnor, Jack...waiting for you
Kha: ((AFK for a smoke, hope Mun-afik dont open the door yet =P))
(110) Git: "Where's Kha at?" :asks as he pilled up to the level floor:
(112) Taragnor: here.
(115) Vrondard: "hes back where we fought... tryin to keep him holed up back there while we go here"
(112) Taragnor: You can see before you a human male clearly of Arabian descent, he bears a short short black beard, well groomed, with dark hair, equally well cared for, and seemingly undamaged by the hot desert sun.
(112) Taragnor: On each arm he bears a thick silver bracelet, somewhere between jewelry and a full bracer, each bears valuable green and blue gemstones.
(112) Taragnor: You can also make out a silver chain around his neck, though whatever medallion or holy symbol it may lead to is obscured by the robes which he wears.
(109) DM: (have to stress this is something happening elsewhere and not in the temple with the PCs)
(112) Taragnor: At each side, right and left are two finely crafted scimitars, each contained in a weapon sheathe that would only be worn by the very rich or the very vain... the sheathe is inlaid with gemstones from top to bottom and sparkles in the light.
(112) Taragnor: *sheathes, both are like that.
(112) Taragnor: Physically however, the man isn't too much to look at... while handsome, he lacks the strong build of a warrior, despite his otherwise impressive weaponry, showing no impresisve muscles or intimidating size.
** (109) Afiya sets out a tray of sweetmeats, camel yogurt, rosewater and mint tea for the Sheik, his court and you, then retires to a cushion next to the Sheik. **
(109) Sheik Kassim: Please, eat and be refreshed. My tent is your tent.
(112) Taragnor: Were you guess you would put him around five feet and 6 inches... Though there is something in his eyes that depicts a definite force of personality and confidence.
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Server Administrator-> Kicking '(105) Unnamed' from server... Removing dead client
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(105) Unnamed' from server... Removing dead client
(105) Unnamed (exit): 23:06
(109) Sheik Kassim: You have travelled far, stranger. Might I ask your name? (pours a cup of mint tea)
(112) Taragnor: ((OOC: what's the proper way to address a sheik, there any special title like 'your majesty'?))
(109) DM: ((no title, unless you were speaking formally in a letter or missive.))
(112) Taragnor: ((ok)
(109) DM: ((a simple acknowledgement of respect will do.))
Farhaan: "I am Farhaan of the honorable family Alhazred."
** Farhaan says humbly. **
(109) Sheik Kassim: Ah, the house of Alhazred....of Huzuz? (passes you a cup of tea)
Farhaan: "My father would be very pleased to know that you are familiar with our name."
** Farhaan accepts the tea graciously. taking a small sip as he speaks. **
** (109) Sheik Kassim nods slowly. "Indeed, I am familiar with those who hail from the court of the Grand Caliph, may Fate smile kindly upon his brow." **
Farhaan: "I thank you for your blessing, and for the accomodations... and of course the tea. It is excellent."
(109) Sheik Kassim: I welcome you to my tent, as a guest. (wearily) My welcome would be more joyous though, for we are beset by an evil older than the sands.
** Farhaan gives a slight smile. **
(109) Sheik Kassim: ....and the gods have not smiled on me this day. (looks downcast for a moment)
Farhaan: "I have heard of the problems, and I feel that perhaps in return for your hospitality I could provide some assistance."
** (109) Sheik Kassim looks up. "Eh? Aid would be welcome, yes. Since my son's betrothed disappeared, the skies have darkened over this Oasis." **
Farhaan: "In addition to carrying the name of a noble house with me, I am also quite an accomplished swordsman... and it has been my life's purpose to fight against evil."
** (109) Sheik Kassim absorbs this, sipping his tea and stroking Afiya's hair gently. **
(123) Unnamed (enter): 23:16
(123) Unnamed (exit): 23:16
(123) Unnamed (enter): 23:16
Farhaan: "I do not wish to brag.... but some who have come to know me have called me the greatest swordsman in all of Zayal."
(109) Sheik Kassim: Ra has blessed us this day indeed. Your help in this troubled time is welcome.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (123) Unnamed...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (123) Unnamed...
** Farhaan nods. **
(109) Sheik Kassim: Ah, so they have. (mildly)
Farhaan: "Since I am here, I can only assume that fate guides my hand to your aid."
(124) Unnamed (enter): 23:19
(109) Sheik Kassim: There are a band of adventurers are here in this Oasis. They could certainly use a warrior such as yourself.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (124) Unnamed...
(109) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(123) Unnamed' from room...
(123) Unnamed (exit): 23:19
Farhaan: "Indeed. It would seem fate's plan is falling into place."
(109) DM: (OOC: Fate with a capital F)
(112) Taragnor: oh sorry.
(109) Sheik Kassim: In the meantime, please, make yourself comfortable, in both my tent and my tribe, and on this Oasis of the White Palm.
Farhaan: "I thank you for your hospitality."
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(124) Unnamed (exit): 23:23
(109) DM: (meanwhile, elsewhere....)
(109) DM: (back to you guys)
** (110) Git heads north to check the door at the end of the hall, still hoping for a path around Munafik. (search, listen, check for lock) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [10,14] = (24), [1d20+13] -> [7,13] = (20), [1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)
(110) Git: (or is it west? hmmm...)
** (110) Git pulls a couple picks and sets about getting it open **
** (110) Git curses and pulls out another pick "one of my favorites dammit..." :try again: **
** Kha stays in position listening for anything **
(109) DM: The door unlocks.
(110) Git: :total defense and open 'er up:
(109) DM: The door opens to reveal an empty room beyond, about 5' square.
(126) Unnamed (enter): 23:30
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (126) Unnamed...
(115) Vrondard: "hmmm.... nothing"
** (110) Git groans and begins searching around for hidden doors/compartments **
(111) Agatha: "Must be a closet or something.
(115) Vrondard: "aint got no broom in it"
(115) Vrondard: "no coats... no cloaks.. and no bloomin freaky blokes"
(115) Vrondard: "might as well search this whole place fer secret spots..."
** (115) Vrondard will search the hallway (avoiding the sliding trap) while Git does his searching elsewhere **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [6,1] = (7)
** (110) Git throws up his hands. "Well... this has been a waste of time." :turns back from the room. shall we return to see what Kha's up to? **
(109) DM: After a few seconds, a door slides to the right of the dead end. (OC: secret door to 10)
(110) Git: "Eh?" :glances aside.: "Nice find Vrondard."
(109) DM: (elsewhere...)
(109) DM: The door to your cell opens and loaf of dry bread is tossed to the floor, along with a skin of liquid that sloshes as it hits the floor.
(109) DM: The ilythi'iri peers at you with undisguised hatred and slams the door. "Die, rivvil."
whispering to Unnamed, describe yourself
(126) Unnamed: Description: The man crouching or kneeling before you has a cloak with the hood drawn, and at first all you can make out is that his wild hair, which there is certainly more than enough of, is a black so dark it seems to have shades of blue and purple flitting amongst it. As he moves slightly, the hood around his face parts with a few more slight details; a broad flat nose, high and full cheekbones, a full beard of the same dark hair, with a gray tone to it. Then he looks directly at you and you realize that it is no beard, but fur; and that the features are those of a fierce panther or jaguar. The eyes seem to glow violet as the reflect a bit of light eerily.

He stands up, still hunched slightly, but your best guess is that if he stretched to his full height he would still be under six feet by an inch or two. His broad girth and powerful build make him look to weigh twice what a normal man his height would, yet he does not seem fat in the least. His movements bely a deft grace and speed. Most of his body is concealed beneath a worn traveler's cloak, but you can see that the purplish fur seems to cover his entire body; except around his forearms and hands, where it seems to change from a mottled purple and gray pattern to solid black fur. The end in claws that seem to gleam metalically, though they too are sold black.

As you absorb his form, a soft growling, or perhaps a thundrously loud purr, emanates from his throat, but there is no movement of his face or mouth as it emits. Slowly he reveals his teeth to you, and were it not for his eyes you would be preparing to run or fight from his dangerous smile; but his eyes remain gentle, and friendly.

** (126) Unnamed grabs at the food and liquid, hoping it to be a better meal than his last, but knowing it won't be so. **
(109) DM: His eyes open wide. "Naut rivvil." (strokes his chin thoughtfully)
** (126) Unnamed darts his eyes from the meal in his hands to his jailor, contemplating. **
(109) Kalitrates: What zhan dossta name?
** (126) Unnamed quickly pulls off a hunk of the bread with his teeth, and talking very brokenly as he chews... "I, rrrrrmmmm, I no" *cough* "I no name." **
** (126) Unnamed finishes the bite of bread, a look of distate in his eyes, and sniffs carefully at the skin. **
(109) Kalitrates: Dos inbalen nau name? (scratches his head)
(109) Kalitrates: Mzil interesting. Zomara xuiltlu interested in hearing about dos.
** (126) Unnamed shakes his head, confusion in his eyes, shrugs and says "I no speak like you", then unstoppers the skin. **
(115) Vrondard: .
(109) Kalitrates: Eat. Udos want dos to be alive for lil journey to our home.
(109) Kalitrates: Natha dead slave zhah natha worthless slave.
** (126) Unnamed shrugs again, and begins to drain the waterskin, pouring a few drops on the bread to soften it up. **
** (109) Kalitrates mutters as he walks away. **
(109) DM: (back at the ranch)
(109) TaliesinNYC: The 20' square room is filled with an eerie red light that comes from atop a platform at the far eastern side of the chamber. Nine carved, circular steps lead up to the top of the platform. A strange, glowing skull gives off the red light.
(110) Git: (are we at 'the ranch' ?)
(109) DM: (yep lol)
(111) Agatha: ((looks like it))
(111) Agatha: "Hmph. What do you make of it?"
(110) Git: "Interesting choice in lighting. I personally would have gone for a more traditional continuous flame. Though this red mood lighting does somewhat remind me of a few brothel sitting rooms. It does rather set one at ease."
(115) Vrondard: "oy"
(115) Vrondard: "aint getting me knickers bunched up"
** (110) Git moves in exaiming the steps for surprises on the way up toward the skull **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [3,14] = (17)
(115) Vrondard: "lets go get everyone and check this out.. Git you can start lookin fer trip wires while I go fetch em"
** (115) Vrondard goes and drags Kha here if need be **
(115) Vrondard: (do we still own a peice of walking furnature?)
(115) Vrondard: (I haven't been rubbed nor belched on lately)
(109) DM: (it comes out to play from time to time, yes)
** (110) Git cautiously makes his way up the steps, shifting his weight slow, should one choose to give out on him, and heads up to examine the skull and what it is set on. **
(115) Vrondard: (one wonders why Git doesnt use it to set off traps instead of himself)
(109) DM: (because it's too smart for that)
(115) Vrondard: (ah that must be why we have Git then)
(109) DM: (lol)
(110) Git: (besides, I keep valuables in that thing)
(109) DM: It (the skull) appears to be that of a human-like creature, but with oversize fangs instead of incisors. It's covered with weird seeming hieroglyphics.
** (111) Agatha watches on, ready for any monkey business. **
(115) Vrondard: ... after dragging Kha here.... Vrondard waits for Git to finish checking out the room
(110) Git: (actual skull, or like crafted crystal or something?)
(109) DM: (actual skull)
** Kha follows Vrondard back, giving up on Mun-afik **
(110) Git: :glances to the door: "Good timing kha, feel like translating a skull?"
** Kha looks around the room then moves to read the skull **
(115) Vrondard: "surprised its not gnawing on Gits neck while I was gone"
** Kha starts reading the skull outloud " In the name of Set, for this is the place, I give my life to the Taker and his Master. The dead rise. The living flee. The faithful commune." **
(110) Git: "Huh?"
Kha: "My thoughts exactly Git. I guess someone sacraficed themselves to Set to further his goal in this prophacy"
(110) Git: "Right... so..." :pulls out his crowbar: "Smash the skull?"
** Kha shrugs and move back out of the room **
(111) Agatha: "I'd make sure it isn't a trap first."
(110) Git: "I'm kidding." :heads out from the room, crwobar rested on his shoulder. Like I'm going to go smashing creepy evil magical objects."
(109) Khalitarius, Ifrit Pasha: IS THAT YOU MY SERVANT?
(109) DM: A menancing voice fills the chamber. It seems to be coming from the skull.
** (111) Agatha spins to face the voice, axe raised. **
(110) Git: :mouthes questioningly to comrades: "Opal?"
(130) DM: The voice seems distant, yet comes from the skull.
** (110) Git steps back toward the stairs and kneels down to speak piously. "PLease, forgive my failure, my Master." (bluff for all he's worth) **
** (111) Agatha remembers Basht mentioning something about some Opal, but is more focused on the skulls. **
** (115) Vrondard grumbles **
** Kha whispers "The opal is the princess I think" **
(130) Khalitarius, Ifrit Pasha: I DO NOT ACCEPT FAILURE!!!!! (voice thunders so loud that your ears hurt)
(110) Git: "Then I shall not fail you further."
(130) Khalitarius, Ifrit Pasha: FIND THE OPAL AND KILL HIM!!!!! I COMMAND THIS IN THE NAME OF SET!!!!!
** Kha starts to walk away to let the voice continue its ranting **
(130) Khalitarius, Ifrit Pasha: USE HIS BROTHER IF YOU MUST!!!!
(130) DM: The voice fades away.
(110) Git: "Aye, Master, it shall be done. And is there any other order you wish of me?"
(130) DM: There is no additional response.
** Kha waits in the room with the pots ((Room 8)) **
** (110) Git shrugs and heads back out of the room. "Think we should take the skull with us?" **
(115) Vrondard: "I aint thinking that would be wise"
(115) Vrondard: "any chance this Opal be one o' these sheiks sons or somethin?"
(115) Vrondard: "who else would be important enough to kill around here?"
(111) Agatha: "Aye, we put up with enough jabbering from Kha. We don't need a talking skull."
(115) Vrondard: "aint that the truth"
(115) Vrondard: "not to mention the moving chest"
(111) Agatha: "Basht mentioned someone called the Opal. She said he was someone we could trust."
(115) Vrondard: "oh... the catwoman"
(110) Git: "I think it was referring to Maruf the White Opal. Someone Basht mentioned."
(115) Vrondard: "he must have a brother that dont like him... that aint right'
(130) DM: (elsewhere)
(115) Vrondard: "family should be loyal and supportive"
(110) Git: "I thought she said he was held in a temple of Set. So... hopefully that means he's here."
(130) DM: ((feel free to keep playing, accelerating things))
** (130) Basht sidles up to your cell door and peers inside. **
(115) Vrondard: "well should be go up these stairs?"
(126) Unnamed: /me senses the presence, and stands, watching...
(115) Vrondard: (ignore)
(130) DM: You (Unnamed) see a tall, lithe cat warrior such as yourself, except garbed in tawny leather armor, fitted for someone used to moving in the desert.
** (110) Git back toward 9 and checks the last door in the hall for traps and sounds **
** Kha goes back to the door Mun-afik was hiding behind **
(130) Basht: Mrrr. Someone such as you should not be here, in a place of cages. I will have you free in a moment, mrrow.
(111) Agatha: "If the Opal is here, then he's on the loose. And someone isn't happy about that."
** (126) Unnamed quirks his ears and one brow in curiosity, seeing one of his own kind. **
** (130) Basht works at the lock for a minute and pops it. "There. Open the door and you shall be free." **
(130) DM: You must have been sleeping, for you did not see her come up to your cell door.
(130) DM: She moves with unnatural grace and stealth.
** (126) Unnamed moves to the door, pulling it open. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [15,14] = (29)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [10,8] = (18)
(126) Unnamed: (in Khajiit) "You have my thanks. Why are you here, and why do you choose to free me?"
(130) Basht: Quickly now, the spell will not last for too much longer. And (mutters) I am breaking one too many rules by being here.
(111) Agatha: "Well in any case, there's nothing but dead ends here. Let's take a look where the bone bag jumped us."
** (110) Git fiddles with the door, trying ot get it open **
** (126) Unnamed moves through the door quickly, pulling it closed behind himself. **
(130) Basht: Mrrr. (looks at Unnamed) Because it is your ka-tet that you should be free.
(130) Basht: (winks at Unnamed) You have no Fate but the Fate you are given. Remember this and it shall serve you well.
(130) Basht: Now come. (walks away)
** (126) Unnamed looks her up and down, a neutral look on his face. "Your words are wise." He follows close behind her,. **
** (130) Basht blurs for a moment and becomes a small gray tabby, that for a moment seems as insubstantial as smoke. **
(130) DM: The cat looks up at the Khajiit and meows piteously, then scampers away.
** (126) Unnamed pauses, caught unprepared for this. He stands still a moment watching the cat in suspicion. **
** Kha goes across the hall gfinaly giving up on Mun-afik and tries to open the door **
(130) DM: It scampers out of the prison and looks back at you (Unnamed) meowling.
Kha: ((to room 18))
** (126) Unnamed waits until the cat is nearly out of sight, then quickly follows. **
(130) DM: The door (to 9) opens to reveal a blank wall.
(130) DM: (Unnamed) As the cat leads you on, somehow, the passages in your prison seem insubstantial, as if made of smoke. Or perhaps you are.
(110) Git: "Too many dead ends." :searchs the wall for a hidden door before moving back to ward 8:
** (126) Unnamed moves overly cautiosly, not sure whether to trust his newfound ally or not. **
(115) Vrondard: "well i gots a way around that ramp trap..."
(130) DM: The cat seems to become more and more insubstantial, until it finally fades away altogether. It and your surroundings change, until you no longer recognize your surroundings. Wall carvings showing grand harvests have been defaced and scarred in this 30' square room. Three elaborate basins stand on decorated pedestals, each containing a different liquid. The first is clear, the second, which bubbles and steams, is a dull red, and the third liquid, which burns, is amber.
(130) DM: Suddenly, a cat warrior steps out of the shadows and enters area 8.
(115) Vrondard: "take one of these doors and use it to make a gang plank.. if it can be made long enough"
(115) Vrondard: "oy!"
** (126) Unnamed sniffs cautiously at the liquids, distrustful of everything now. He carefully and methodically begins to search and examine his surroundings. **
(115) Vrondard: "somethin's in the next room"
(126) Unnamed: ((am I in 8?))
(115) Vrondard: "wid the pots..."
(130) DM: ((yes))
** (126) Unnamed stops, staring at the cat, visually testing to see if it is the same... **
(111) Agatha: "That's not gonna do -- huh?
(130) DM: (the cat warrior is you, K)
(110) Git: "Eh?" looks back to the room on Vron's words: "
(126) Unnamed: ((oh, duh, sorry))
(130) DM: (I was describing things for both yours and the party's benefit)
** (126) Unnamed remains at his task of searching the room... **
** (110) Git watches the catman in his search. "Weird. THink he's sniffing for intruders?" **
(126) Unnamed: ((would I hear the voices?))
(115) Vrondard: "aintcha recognize yer girlfriend Git?"
(111) Agatha: "Dunno. He looks like Basht though."
(110) Git: "No... she doesn't look so manly."
(115) Vrondard: ((sorry.. thought cat meant Basht... seems like it does not))
(130) DM: ((if you don't tell me to roll for Listen checks, then no.))
(115) Vrondard: "hmmm guess you are right..."
** (110) Git gestures the others back a moment and whips out his long gray elven cloak, whispering. "I think I'll go say hello." **
** (126) Unnamed moves closer to the flaming liquid, smelling at it. **
(111) Agatha: "Careful, Git. Could be a trap."
(110) Git: "Yeah.. I know. So watch my back."
** (126) Unnamed wrinkles his nose in disgust, his entire face becoming quite humorous in the effort. He backs away from the flaming liquid. **
** (110) Git dons his cloak, and keeps a dagger at hand beneath as he approaches down the hall, warning to the cat in a serious tone, "Careful. That pot burns." **
Kha: ((AFK for a smoke))
** (126) Unnamed spins around at the voice... **
** (115) Vrondard is ready to come to Gits aid **
** (110) Git keeps his head slowed lowered, so the shadow of the cloak hides the features of his face. "What are you doing here?" **
** (126) Unnamed looks for the source of the voice...finding Git **
(130) DM: A cloaked figure emerges from a door leading out from this chamber. (OC: from the passage out of 8)
(126) Unnamed: "I no . . . . think." He pauses, shakes his head, "No . . . know."
** (126) Unnamed seems to be a bit guarded in his stance, but not hostile. **
(110) Git: :arches an unseen brow: "Are you lost then?"
** (126) Unnamed nods his head. "Lost." **
(150) Zane (enter): 00:44
(110) Git: :grips his dagger tight, but speaks plainly: "Are you a follower of Set?"
(115) Vrondard: "ask him if he knows Basht... they certainly look similar"
(126) Unnamed: "Sit...? I stand."
** (126) Unnamed seems very confused. **
(110) Git: "I'll take that as a no. How did you arrive here? Have you been here long?"
** (126) Unnamed scratches at one ear with a very wicked looking claw. **
(126) Unnamed: "I sleep."
** (126) Unnamed twitches his tail, seems to be searching for words. **
Farhaan: Disconnecting from server...
(112) Taragnor (exit): 00:47
(110) Git: "Sleep... like sleep walk? You sleepwalked down here?"
** (126) Unnamed shakes his head. **
(126) Unnamed: "I sleep, note wake. Now sleep."
(126) Unnamed: not*
(115) Vrondard: "oy... this one is daft"
(115) Vrondard: "fergit about it... we got things to be doin"
(110) Git: "Right... okay. So... I take it you're not a guardian or such of this temple then?" :begin to speak more casually:
** Kha walks back to find the others after failing to open the door **
(115) Vrondard: "better things than watch this thing cough up a furball"
** (126) Unnamed looks Git up and down, then moves to look down the passage he came out of. **
(126) Unnamed: "You come from . . . sand place?"
(110) Git: "Uh.... I suppose."
(126) Unnamed: "You go back, me too?"
(130) DM: (might want to describe your appearances to Ken's character)
(111) Agatha: "In good time."
(110) Git: "Fine. We can go back to the sand place in a little while." : nods reassuringly while drawing back his hood:
** (126) Unnamed sighs, exasperated. **
** Kha walks into the room (from room 6 to room 8)) **
Kha: "Who is this?" **He looks at Git and the others**
(110) Git: :shrugs to Kha, and turns to the cat man: "What is your name?"
(126) Unnamed: "I no name."
** (126) Unnamed shrugs. **
** (126) Unnamed flicks his tail. **
(115) Vrondard: "well... there are a few rooms left on the otherside where Kha and I were"
(115) Vrondard: "one was unlocked and another was locked"
Kha: Discription:: Kha is a very tall (6ft 6in) Deeply Tanned, extremely thin Human. Though very thin he is extreamly strong, agial and healthy. Kha has an unresistable urge to know EVERYTHING, he would sit down and chat with a Red Dragon untill it tried to kill him. He refuses to belive anyone is outright evil so untill they try to kill him or someone he knows does not deserve to be killed he will accept anyone as a friend. He does have a very strong sense or morality though and will defend a total stranger who is in need of help. He spends alot of time in Librarys reading on what ever his current obsesion is, but dont assume that because he spends alot of time in the library he does not know how to fight. He is well trained with the Spear, Bow and Long Tooth Dagger and will use them quickly if he or someone he knows is attacked. He is slower to use deadly attacks when helping strangers untill he determins the entire situation, and may switch sides once he does if he belives it is moraly right to do so. Kha is dressed in dark brows with patches of green and grey, his head is wraped in a dark cloth, though if he moves just right you can see aShiny mettal helm under it which looks compleatly out of place. Straped to his back is a short bow of extream craftmenship, and a short spear with what apears to be a crystalin tip. On his left arm is a small leather buckler and wraped around his left hand is a string a prayer beads. On his right hand is a fairly plain looking copper ring, and a bright gold and silver signet ring. Straped across his chest for quick access is a 22 inch dagger. He also carries a quiver on his right hip and a backpack slung over his right sholder.
(111) Agatha: A stout, near middle-aged woman steps steps out of the passage. She wears some ill-fitting robes of the local people. She doesn't try to use them to conceal her ruddy complexion and auburn hair that mark her as an outsider.
** (126) Unnamed watches the woman, raises his right hand to the side of his head, making some sort of greeting gesture. **
Kha: "How about we call you Kossori."
** (110) Git is a lithe half-elf in his mid-twenties. His hair is short and dark brown, though bearing darker roots. and his eyes are deep swirling blue. A casually handsome face is marred lightly by bruises and burns from recent conflagrations, and the gray cloak he wears covers borrowed al-badia clothins. **
(115) Vrondard: Desc: The very first thing you will notice about Vrondard is he has a wild feral look. After seeing him in action, you will realize he doesn't move like the typical dwarf. He is quicker and faster. His arms and armor are considerable... it seems he come prepared for a fight. He carries a Dwarven Waraxe and a few Javelins on his back. Except for being a dwarf, his appearance is unremarkable. His beard is ungroomed, but not ragged; his eyes being brown and hair red in hue.
(111) Agatha: She also doesn't bother to conceal her worn, chainmail armor and the large, intimidating greataxe in her hand.
(126) Unnamed: "What means Kossori?"
** (126) Unnamed glances from one to the other as they move in to his view, stepping back a step, but not acting overly defensive nor hostile. **
Kha: "Nothing in any language I know. It's just a name that poped into my head when I saw you"
(115) Vrondard: "means Cat Guy found in the sand"
(115) Vrondard: "lets get something accomplished huh?"
(126) Unnamed: "I Khajiit, no cat."
** (126) Unnamed swells slightly with pride as he says this. **
(115) Vrondard: "farking hells... is everyone who likes to talk a lot got Kha in their name?"
Kha: "Anyways Git there is a locked door back this way I was trying to open it will little sucess"
(161) Manic (enter): 00:59
** (126) Unnamed looks at Vrondard curiously. **
(115) Vrondard: "thats just a dead end trap to fool you into plumetting to yer death"
** (110) Git nods to Kha. "I'll take a look at it." **
(115) Vrondard: "old dwarven trick"
(115) Vrondard: "works on stupid goblins and orcs a plenty"
(115) Vrondard: "we found the only thing worth seeing down here"
(126) Unnamed: "Why you here?"
(115) Vrondard: "so we might as well go somewheres else"
** (111) Agatha sizes up the Khajit. "You're welcome to follow us if you want. Just know that where we're going, there's gonna be trouble." **
(115) Vrondard: "yeah show us where you came from... that would be helpful"
** (126) Unnamed moves his attention to Agatha. "Trouble?" **
(110) Git: :offfers simply: "Here to stop bad people."
(115) Vrondard: "you been creeping around here much?"
** (110) Git follows Kha back toward the stuck door **
Kha: "So Kossori, the way out of here is that way" **pointing to the way out((Room 4)** "I hope you are smarter then the last person we met in here, he decided to kill himself insted of leaving."
** (126) Unnamed glances at Vrondard, motiuoning back the way he came while following the cat. **
** Kha leads Git back to the locked door ((room 18)) while talking with the Khajiit **
** Kha steps back and studies the Khajiit intently to get an idea of his fighting skills **
** (110) Git searches the door to 18 **
** (126) Unnamed has no visible weapons, and while there is a bulk of some kind beneath his loose shirt, you can't tell exactly what it may be. **
Kha: Wis check: [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
** (115) Vrondard checks out the unlocked room #15 while waiting for 18 to resolve itself **
** (126) Unnamed wanders around behind the others, watching them move off in different directions. **
Kha: "So Kossori, whats your story. I have never met one of your race and I would be very interesting in learning your and their history"
** (126) Unnamed frowns slightly at hearing the name Kha chose, but accepts it without complaint. **
(126) Unnamed: "I not . . . know. I alone."
** (126) Unnamed seems to be searching for words. **
Kha: "You may speak in any language you wish, I will be able to understand you, though I may not beable to talk back in that language"
** (126) Unnamed quirks an ear at him, and seems to relax slightly. **
(110) Git: "This door's trapped something nasty."
(110) Git: "You guys might want to back away."
Kha: "If you do not like the name Kossori I can try to come up with another"
** (110) Git gets out his tools and goes to work **
** Kha backs away a little **
** (115) Vrondard hides within #15 **
** (111) Agatha raises her eyebrows in concern and steps back a bit. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [6,14] = (20)
(110) Git: "Half way there... I think."
** (110) Git takes a deep breath to relax before setting to work on the magical portion of the trap. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [18,14] = (32)
** (126) Unnamed speaks to Kha in khajiit. **
(161) Manic (exit): 01:17
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [10,14] = (24)
(130) DM: There is a flash of lavender light. Nothing else seems to occur.
(126) Unnamed: (in Khajiit) I don't know of any name that is me, Kossori is not bad, but does not sound right to me. I grew up alone, not with others. I knew only beasts, until evil men came to kill my friends. I tried to follow them, but they hurt me. I tracked them after they were gone, to the desert. There, I killed them, but became lost, could not find home. So I wandered, and found a city, and learned other people can be good. I live in city for some time, but not yet know how to talk well. I was sleeping and am not sure if this is a dream or if I am awake, but I came here in my sleep; found myself a captive. Then a woman, like me, freed me. She spoke this language too. This language, it comes from my heart, I don't know how I know it. Can you know it too?
** (110) Git braces himself for the boom. It takes him a mometn to open his eyes to find it didn't come. "Phew..." **
(130) DM: Suddenly, you hear a loud crash behind the door, and something slamming down.
Kha: "I do not know your language Kossori , but I understand many languages. I guess untill you can remember the name that is yours we will call you Kossori"
** (110) Git leaps back in shock... fearing the "boom" **
(111) Agatha: "What'd you do?"
(115) Vrondard: "oy... that was a loud something"
** (126) Unnamed glances at the door, being too absorbed in telling his brief tale to have noticed up till the boom. **
** (110) Git eyes the door a moment... making sure it's not going to burst out or anything **
Kha: "So you killed some slavers, but ended up being captured in the end untill a female Kahjiit came and freed you. We have met a female of your kind though I thik she is more since she is a servent of Ra. Her name is Brasht"
(115) Vrondard: "well there is nothing back in there... lets see what you awoke in here"
(126) Unnamed: "Brasht" *He tries the name out.
(115) Vrondard: (Basht)
(110) Git: :gestures Vron toward the door: "Be my guest."
Kha: ((Ya I added an R by accident =P ))
(115) Vrondard: "har"
** (115) Vrondard opens the door and looks inside after ducking the scythe blade meant to cut off his head **
(130) DM: (lol)
(115) Vrondard: (it doesnt take much for dwarves to 'duck')
(126) Unnamed: (I thought they were in a permanent duck)
** Kha looks over to the door as Vrond opens it **
(130) TaliesinNYC: Seven figures lie on the floor, buried underneath a mountain of rubble. The room beyond is dimly lit. The south wall lies crumbled and broken. A tunnel runs toward the south but is blocked by a porticullis that glows with a strange, lavender light.
(115) Vrondard: "hey more light"
** (115) Vrondard looks up on the ceiling **
(115) Vrondard: (esp where the rubble is)
(130) DM: There was a strange mechanism which held the mass of rubble in the ceiling. Touching the door must have caused the mechanism to collapse.
** (110) Git eyes the portcullis. "Well.. I suppose I know what the arcane trap did." **
** (126) Unnamed tries to glance in, over the dwarf's head... looking mostly at the 7 figures in the rubble.... **
(115) Vrondard: (so these 7 just died or ?)
(130) DM: They appear to be orcs....but larger than normal.
** Kha moves into the room keeping his flaming spear out in front for light **
(115) Vrondard: (or it smells like really dead orcs in here?)
(115) Vrondard: (its a learned difference... one that Vrondard would have)
(115) Vrondard: (subtle difference between just dead and long dead Orc...)
(111) Agatha: "Hmph. Looks like somebody was ready for a fight."
(130) DM: (yes, it really smells like dead orcs in here)
(115) Vrondard: "stupid Orcs... why pick there to stand?"
(110) Git: "Not so ready for their own trap to go off in their own faces though."
** (115) Vrondard watches Kha enter the room **
(115) Vrondard: "oy... I wouldn't be in too much of a rush"
** Kha shrugs and looks around the room avoiding the rubble **
(115) Vrondard: "well what about this light on this thing?"
Kha: "So Kossori what can you tell us about who held you captive?"
** (115) Vrondard enters and points to the porticullis **
(110) Git: :shrugs: "some kind of arcane lock maybe."
(115) Vrondard: "think I'm going to die from it?"
** (126) Unnamed ponders, watching Kha from the 'safety' of the hallway. **
** Kha looks over the game **
(115) Vrondard: "hmmm.... well..."
(115) Vrondard: "close the door and lock it behind us..."
Kha: ((Gate))
(115) Vrondard: "see if the light goes back onto the door"
(110) Git: (afk)
** (115) Vrondard closes the door (since Git is gone) **
(130) DM: There is a flash of lavender light and the lock on the door (to 18) glows anew.
(126) Unnamed: (in Khajiit) "I heard much, but in strange languages. I didn't see many. They talked about an ifrit, a sultan, two sons, and a princess, I think. Also, they talked of slaves, and of suppliers to those who make slaves. They talked of new people with new gods, who want to get rid of the ones who make slaves; but who don't know about those who supply the ones who make slaves. There were many reasons they had to worry. Everyone seemed to be afraid of everyone else. Much more they talked about."
(115) Vrondard: "har..."
** (115) Vrondard lets Git have a looksee on the porticullis... then tries to lift it **
(115) Vrondard: (unless there is a winch or something)
(111) Agatha: "Well we know what the light was, but now we'll have to work the door over again to get out."
** Kha looks at the flash **
** (126) Unnamed frowns at the thought of being trapped in the room. **
(115) Vrondard: "any o' this look familiar Cat?"
Kha: "Interesting, well this isnt the right place to talk about all of the information, but it sounds like you know some about what we are investigating right now, which is the location of the princess"
(126) Unnamed: "Yes, I come here."
(115) Vrondard: (we waiting for Git?)
(126) Unnamed: "But, I sleep."
(115) Vrondard: "so whats here and beyond?"
Kha: "You came here in your dreams?"
** (126) Unnamed nods. **
(130) DM: (yes, but you can continue, as you know.)
(126) Unnamed: (in Khajiit) "I could not see clearly, it was... hard to notice details."
** Kha looks at him closly again **
(110) Git: (bak)
(115) Vrondard: "bah"
Kha: "Ah, for a second there I thought maybe you were able to enter the dream realm, but when I enter it it is always clear as if I was realy there, I have just never seen another person there"
** (115) Vrondard lifts the porticullis **
(115) Vrondard: "grrrrraaaaaa"
(126) Unnamed: (In Khajiit) "She . . . Basht . . . she took me. She said there was a library here, that has a great treasure."
** (115) Vrondard will motion for help from Agatha if he is having trouble **
** (126) Unnamed notice's Vrondard's effort and move to help without being asked. **
** (110) Git looks around for a switch or other mechanism to lift the portcullis **
(115) Vrondard: ((50% chance of stepping on his tail since we share the same space? [1d100] -> [23] = (23)))
(115) Vrondard: : )
** (111) Agatha moves over to help out Vrondard. "Stubborn dwarf, you're gonna throw your back out like that." **
(130) DM: The porticullis moves halfway up and then stops, as if it's stuck.
(115) Vrondard: "hmmm well.. halfway is good enough... move one of them boulders over under it"
** Kha ducks under the gate and helps hold it up from the other end" **
** (126) Unnamed nods and moves to grab a large piece of rubble. **
** (115) Vrondard helps with the boulder since there are more holders of the porticullis now **
** (126) Unnamed pushes the largest rock he can find in place... **
(130) DM: (going to end at 2:30 tonight, have to take care of something tomorrow morning that came up earlier today)
(115) Vrondard: "there.. this should be good enough not to get us squashed
(115) Vrondard: "or trapped on the other side"
** (115) Vrondard will enter the tunnel after all is done... **
(115) Vrondard: "ahhh this feels nice in here"
** (110) Git ducks under the portcullis into the next corridor **
** (115) Vrondard will peer into the tunnel (completely dark?) **
** (115) Vrondard will listen as well **
(130) DM: A tunnel branches off in the dim light, in three directions. Two double back and descend into the earth. A third breaks through a rock wall into a rough hewn passage.
** (115) Vrondard will venture down the hall.. get to the split and follow the third to a rough hewn passage **
** (115) Vrondard will listen again once in #20 **
** (110) Git follows the dwarf **
(130) TaliesinNYC: Lit by candles, the south half of the room is piled high with crates and chests.
(130) DM: A passage leads west, into the darkness.
** Kha follows the other trying to think of more to ask Kossori but holding back since this is obviously not the time to grill him about his racial history **
** (115) Vrondard heads into the hallway... stopping ath the doors **
** (115) Vrondard listens at 22 and 23 **
(169) Unnamed (enter): 01:55
(115) Vrondard: (Vron is actually trying to be quiet)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (169) Unnamed...
(130) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(126) Unnamed' from room...
(126) Unnamed (exit): 01:55
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [11,8] = (19)
** (110) Git takes a quick looksie among the crates and chests **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8
(169) Unnamed: ((did I miss anything? :( ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [7,8] = (15)
** (111) Agatha follows Vron and Git silently. **
(130) DM: You can hear chanting coming from further down the hall.
** (115) Vrondard continues down the hall **
(130) DM: (nope/)
** (169) Unnamed follows behind the others, silently slipping into the shadows at the sound of voices... **
** (110) Git pries open a crate marked coconuts **
** Kha keeps following the others keeping an eye on Kossori making sure he isnt going to run off and kill himself like the other fool did **
(169) Unnamed: Hide skill check: [1d20+8] -> [5,8] = (13)
** (115) Vrondard tries to catch what the chanting is **
(130) DM: Suddenly the chanting reaches a crescendo, and a ball of flames hurtles down the corridor straight at Vron.
(110) Git: "Interesting.." :fishes a helmet from the crate, looking it over a moment before following after Vron
** Kha jumps startled **
(130) DM: (Reflex, Vron, Ag and Unnamed)
(115) Vrondard: "oy!"
(169) Unnamed: Reflex Save [1d20+10] -> [12,10] = (22)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [8d6] -> [2,3,2,5,5,2,2,3] = (24)
(130) DM: (DJ as well)
(115) Vrondard: Kha reflex
Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
whispering to Unnamed, 12 damage
(111) Agatha: reflex save [1d20+4] -> [14,4] = (18)
** (169) Unnamed smells of burnt fur, and is whirling his cloak about him, trying to cool himself off.... **
(130) DM: As your companions head into the darkened passage, a ball of crimson flames explodes in their midst.
** Kha starts putting out the flames along his clothing and checking his eye brows and finding them missing **
(115) Vrondard: (gah 22)
** (110) Git rushes forth to check on them, looking ahead to find their attacker **
(130) DM: (ok. I propose breaking here because the combat will take longer than 30 minutes and I can't stay up later than that tonight)
(115) Vrondard: (ok thats fine)
(110) Git: (hai hai)
(111) Agatha: ((that's okay))
(115) Vrondard: ((sure... pop off your fireball and leave us all frustrated for the evening!))
(115) Vrondard: : ))))
(111) Agatha: ((I'm officially out of the fight at this point, anyway.))

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