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(176) DM: so, who needs a recap?
** (169) Dj Gilcrease settls down and chats with Halif about his race and culture untill it starts to cool down so we can travel **
(205) Elegard (enter): 21:43
(176) Halif: You are an inquisitive one, outlander.
(169) Kha: "Yes I think my friends would agree with you on that my friend"
** (198) Vrondard grunts... **
(176) Halif: They say that knowledge is the key to understanding, so says the Lore of the Lawgiver. So ask, that I might enlighten you, outlander.
(205) Elegard (exit): 21:44
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "So much to ask and so little time. I sapoose you could start by telling me about your culture, your races views of the world and how they may differ from my own."
(202) Agatha: "Hmm. He's going to be doing this all day, isn't he?"
(210) FireBall (enter): 21:50
(198) Vrondard: "must be one o' them learned folks affected Kha so..." to Agatha
(200) Git: :lounging: "Yup"
(198) Vrondard: "always wantin to be knowing more than yea needs to know'd"
(176) Halif: Zayal is a true melting pot, populated by men and women from a myriad of races. Generally speaking, Zayal lacks the racial prejudices of less civilized realms. Zay'ali do not allow the brutish and crude actions of a minority to color their opinions of the larger group. Lifestyle, not race, defines and divides Zay'ali

In our land, people fall into one of two broad groups: nomadic or settled. The nomads, or Al-Badia (OOC: ahl-BAH-dee-ya), are those who dwell in the hostile deserts of Zayal. They are tough, loyal to their blood-relatives, and constantly in search of basic necessities: water, food, and grazing land for their herds. The need for trade brings the Al-Badia into contact with the "other half" of Zayal's culture: the Al-Hadhar (OOC: ahl-HAH-dar), whose lifestyles are based in and around settled communities. Those who are permanently settled -- the people of the towns and villages who never move from their dwellings, are not Al-Badia. Artisans, merchants, craftsmen -- all are Al-Hadhar.

Al-Badia and Al-Hadar are different, but like two branches of a tree. They share a common culture, language, and code of ethics. They prefer to judge a person on his or her merit as measured against the basic beliefs of honor, family, hospitality, purity, and piety. Al-Badia and Al-Hadhar coexist peacefully because both groups understand and respect these same beliefs.

(169) Kha: "There is no such thing as more then you need to know Vrondard, just more then you are willing to learn"
(198) Vrondard: "see what I means?" (to the others)
(176) DM: ((and yes, you're right, the two of them talk most of the day. we're not going to RP that out though))
(198) Vrondard: ((actually that would be good for me... i could come back in an hour))
(198) Vrondard: : )
(176) DM: ((ok then, lol))
(198) Vrondard: ((ha don't make them suffer))
(176) Halif: Honor is a cornerstone of Zay'ali society. Every Zay'ala is driven by the pursuit of honor and the prestige that it brings. Honor is made up by a person's character: is he honest and virtuous? Is he generous and kind? Is he loyal and brave? Every action affects one's personal honor and that of the family, as well. If a person acts dishonorably, the offense may stain the family's honor such that its memory lasts for generations. For every insult or injury to a person's honor, restitution must be made. The required restitution varies by the severity of the insult or injury. For a minor insult, an apology may be sufficient. Greater offenses, such as theft, may require huge monetary payments and loss of the offender's hand. Murder and amorous impropriety are generally the only offenses that warrant a punishment of death for the offender. In such cases, the offender's family will often carry out the sentence in order to remove or reduce the stain to the family's honor. By performing the deed themselves, they can restore greater honor to the family.
(176) Halif: To kill another person is not a crime if that killing is justified. However, disagreement between two groups on what is justified may lead to a blood feud. When one group believes that a killing was justified but the other group, who has just lost one of its own, disagrees, a viscous cycle of vengeful killings may ensue. The mediation of a third party is often the only way to resolve the conflict, allowing an honorable way for both parties to end the killings with a monetary settlement.
** (202) Agatha covers her head to protect it from the sun as well as to block out the chatter while she sleeps. **
(176) DM: (and so it goes. FFing.)
(198) Vrondard: "aint got no kings or chieftans worth any spit?"
(176) DM: ((nightfall occurs))
(176) DM: ((I'm assuming you travel in the evening and rest during the day, correct?))
** (169) Dj Gilcrease is clearly enjoying the conversation and continues asking questions even as night falls. Not even pausing his questions to gather his gear but continues talking while gathering his belongings and making sure the others are ready to move out **
(200) Git: (hai hai)
(169) Dj Gilcrease: ((Correct))
(202) Agatha: ((yu))
(169) Kha: "I have notice that your culture tends to take a dim view of outsiders, though not overtly hostile just less respect tword them, how does this fall into the acceptance of a person on their maerits and Honor?"
** (169) Dj Gilcrease continues talking as they follow the river toward the oasis **
** (202) Agatha packs up her gear and takes a long drink from the river. **
(176) Halif: When one is a newborn, one is not generally acquainted with the subtleties of life. So it is with those such as you, outlander, for they and you must be brought to enlightenment.
(200) Git: :marching along and wishing they had a boat: "True, I do need enlightenment"
(176) Halif: As you gain in enlightenment, so then do you gain in understanding of how to live an enlightened life, an honorable life.
(176) DM: On the evening of the fourth day from the land of Bakar, you saw them, as you ascend a particularly high sand dune. It appears to be the remains of a caravan, stretched out across the floor of the desert.
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I hope that is not Abdulaha's caravan"
** (200) Git spends time speaking with Wa'run trying to learn the local language along the way, as they come across the caravan's remains(I'm assuming you mean destroyed) he lets slip one of his newly cquired curses **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: ((I know I spelled his name wrong just forget how it was spelled))
(176) DM: ((Abdullah))
(202) Agatha: ((Any signs of fire?))
(176) DM: ((no. but it was a slaughter, from all appearances.))
(169) Kha: "Let us investigate, Halif would you watch Wa`Run, he does not need to see this up close"
(176) DM: Corpses are littered everywhere, riven by great wounds. In some instances, they appear to have been eaten by something.
** (176) Halif nods. **
(202) Agatha: "Aye, it might bring up bad memories."
** (200) Git strolls toward the caravan, searching for signs of what happened; tracks from invaders, treatment of the bodies and condition of the victims' belongings **
** (202) Agatha searches the area for the body of the Everlasting's little spy. **
(200) Git: (and is this Abdullah's caravan?)
(176) DM: There are a multitude of tracks. For the most part, they seem to have come from the north and west. All of the corpses are human, from appearances.
** (169) Dj Gilcrease searches to see if their belongings appear to be intact or to have been stolen. Also keeping an eye out for anyone that may be alive **
(176) DM: (yes it is)
(200) Git: "Nothing stolen. Victims killed and eaten. I think they found the undead army, or the other way around rather.."
(176) DM: You find Raina, or rather, what remains of her. She seems as if she were fleeing. A look of great horror is afixed on her face, one hand outstretched wielding a jambiya as if to ward off an attack.
** (200) Git begins a head count, so to speak, to determine if all are accounted for **
(176) DM: Abdullah seems to be missing.
** (169) Dj Gilcrease shudders at all the carnage and begins to study the tracks to see if they appear human **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [13,8] = (21)
(202) Agatha: "I'm not sure who did this. If it was the Everlasting, they didn't bother to spare one of their own.
(200) Git: "Start gathering them up. We don't know when they may rise as undead. Best to burn them now." :speaks somberly but surely:
(202) Agatha: "That's a tad paranoid, don't ya think?"
(200) Git: "Nope. Just cautious."
(200) Git: "Any objections?" :waits for response:
(202) Agatha: "Well, I don't think they'd want to be left to scavengers."
** (202) Agatha starts gathering bodies, keeping an eye out for any useful supplies. **
(176) DM: (that would be food, or what hasn't rotted)
** (200) Git starts dragging bodies to a clear spot **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "We should ask Halif about the barrial customs of these people"
(200) Git: :as he works: "Kha, the tracks, where do they head toward?"
(198) Vrondard: "bah workin the job o' the undertaker"
(200) Git: :shrug: "Feel free to it"
** (198) Vrondard suffers thru the grisly work **
(169) Kha: "The Oasis"
(200) Git: "Oh, this just gets better and better." :grumbles as he drags bodies:
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "Well maybe not, they cross the river here and head deeper into the desert"
** (169) Dj Gilcrease pulls out the map he has to see where they might be heading **
(200) Git: "There path... do they come from one direction of keep going? or do they turn, like they diverted just to attack the caravan?"
(202) Agatha: "It's an oasis. If they're not headed there now, they're headed their soon."
(169) Kha: "Not necisarily"
** (169) Kha studies the tracks near the river trying to determin if they were made before or after the river began to flow again **
(169) Kha: "They crossed the river pather before the river began to flow again, came from the South East and are heading out to the North West"
(200) Git: "Okay, so this was just on their way someplace else. Why don't I want to know where they're going?"
** (169) Dj Gilcrease studies his map again to see where they may have come from and may be headed too **
(200) Git: (we'll gather the bodies into a pile and use rags from the ruined tents and a deal of whatever lamp oil they left over to start the bon fire.)
(176) DM: (k)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [1,14] = (15)
** (202) Agatha watches the fire solemnly. **
(226) erendor (enter): 22:43
(202) Agatha: "So what now? This fire could attract some trouble.
(200) Git: Appraise Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [20,5] = (25)
(198) Vrondard: "I'm ready fer some trouble... bring it on!"
(198) Vrondard: "maybe those things that did it will come runnin here..."
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "Lets go back to where Halif and Wa`run are. Then decide wether to follow the tracks or to continue on to the Oasis"
** (200) Git searches through the tents while the fire burns outside **
** (169) Kha returns to Halif and Wa`run and explains the situation to them, letting them know why we are burnning the corpses just incase that is not in custom with their barurial rights **
(169) Kha: ((AFK Bio break))
** (176) Wa'run nods, a bit dazed **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: ((Back))
** (176) Wa'run wanders over to Halif and sits with him, staring out into the desert. **
** (169) Kha waits for Git and the others to return **
(202) Agatha: "Ya could've just said we were worried about scavengers. All this zombie talk is just scaring the boy."
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "Why lie to him?"
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "So do we follow the tracks or continue on. The tracks are atleast five days old, so I doubt we will catch who ever made them before they reach their destination"
** (200) Git strolls out of the camp and back to the others, carrying a mass of clothes draped over his arms. Dropping the native wear before the group he instructs, "From now on we travel incognito. We have to start trying to blend in with the crowd. Expecially when we hit the oasis." **
(198) Vrondard: "bah"
** (169) Kha looks at Vrondard "I doubt you would belnd in regardless of what you wear, though I may be able to help with that" **
(202) Agatha: "I'm with Git. From here there's no one we can trust completely and it's obvious we're outnumbered."
** (169) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
(202) Agatha: "Worst thing we can do is draw more trouble than we need."
(200) Git: ""Don't worry, there are suppose to be desert dwarfs
(198) Vrondard: "hhhmmm I look fine"
** (198) Vrondard examines his beard for stray items **
(198) Vrondard: picking a few things out...
(198) Vrondard: "there... that better?"
(200) Git: "Yeah Vrodard, You're the pinnacle of posh."
(198) Vrondard: "bah!"
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I will wear my own gear, not the clothing of the dead"
(198) Vrondard: "well lets get on wid it"
(200) Git: "Feel free."
** (200) Git packs away his own clothes and changes into the tribesman clothing before the get moving again **
(226) erendor (exit): 23:03
(176) DM: Kha seems to have blended in very quickly.
** (169) Kha 's clothing suddenly changes to appear like the local garb" **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I can do the same for all of you if you do not wish to wear the clothing of the dead"
(198) Vrondard: "hmmm go ahead then"
(200) Git: "No thanks. Some magicks can see through illusions. I'd rather have something substantial guarding my identity."
(200) Git: "No thanks. Some magicks can see through illusions. I'd rather have something substantial guarding my identity."
** (169) Dj Gilcrease focuses on Vrondard making him appear to be a nondiscript human in local garb **
** (202) Agatha drapes herself in robes, covering her head and face. **
(169) Kha: "Anyone who tries to shake you hand or touch your face will realize you are not as you appear since you now appear human Vrondard"
(202) Agatha: "Hmph. If it wouldn't for the axe, this would be easy."
(200) Git: (after we've collected food and valuables head out?)
(202) Agatha: weren't*
(176) DM: (k)
(198) Vrondard: : )
(176) DM: By the morning of the seventh day after you left Bakar, you can see a line of green on the horizon.
(176) DM: By then, Kha's magic dissipates.
** (169) Dj Gilcrease Renews the magic just as it disipates **
(202) Agatha: "I can't tell. Is that the oasis or another mirage?"
(200) Git: "Guess we'll find out when we try to walk through it"
** (169) Dj Gilcrease pulls out the map and looks to see where the came the Lion Gem is saposed to be in might be, not wanting to pass it before they get to the Oasis **
(235) Tater (enter): 23:17
(198) Vrondard: "why are we hidin who we are again?"
(198) Vrondard: "aint no fun pretending to be who I'm not... they don't like me that be dere problim"
(202) Agatha: "There spies, thieves, and assassins around. They who we are and will probably be looking for us."
** (169) Dj Gilcrease Looks like I was mistaken on where the Lion Gem was, it is a little out of our way. I guess we should deal with the Oasis first" **
(198) Vrondard: "bah!"
(200) Git: "Just keep a low profile. Don't draw attention and don't stick out."
** (200) Git continues on toward the "green on the horizon" **
** (198) Vrondard grumbles **
** (202) Agatha does her best to reposition and conceal her weapon. **
(176) DM: It is indeed, an oasis. And not just any oasis, but the Oasis you've heard about.
(176) TaliesinNYC: On the northwest side of the oasis, lying at its green border, sprawls a nomad camp, nearly 1000 feet across and half that deep. Many small tents encircle one very large tent, there being perhaps 100 tents in all. Near to the ground, a one foot wide band of green cloth encircles the camp some 50 feet from the outermost tents, stopping at the main entrance. A similar band of red cloth encircles the camp at a distance of 30 feet from the outermost tents.

Four men in desert robes guard the main entrance to the camp. Other robed guards patrol the camp perimeter on horseback.

** (169) Kha made sure to grill Halif and Warun on local culture to make sure he is capable of blaning in **
** (176) Wa'run looks up, his face hopeful. **
(235) Tater (exit): 23:25
(176) Wa'run: Ah! Well...for starters, it might not be a good idea for Aga-tha to be so....well spoken.
** (198) Vrondard stays in the back and says very little if anything **
(202) Agatha: "What's that supposed to mean?"
(200) Git: "It means, women here are to be seen and not heard. So, shhh..."
(176) Wa'run: I do not remember...it has been many suns since I have been here. There is a place where outlanders live, here in the Oasis. Outlanders and slavers. (face hardens)
** (176) Wa'run nods at Git. **
(176) Wa'run: The ruler of the Oasis is by tradition a sheik, and does not take kindly to.....women who might challenge his rule.
(198) Vrondard: ((are we ready for some Dhimmitude?))
(202) Agatha: The face Agatha makes thankfully can't been seen through her coverings.
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I think we should find where the outlanders live that way any mistakes in custom we may commit will be noticed less"
(200) Git: :gives Agatha a gracious nod: "Thank you for understanding."
(202) Agatha: "Oh well, guess it's no different than happy hour back at the Inn."
(169) Kha: "I can make you appear male Agatha if you wish"
** (176) Wa'run thinks a moment and then says, "I also cannot remember exactly but my father once said that the sheik of the Oasis does not follow the old gods any more, since the coming of the clerics of the Lawgiver." **
(202) Agatha: "I'll pass lad. Magic might spooks the folks here."
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "It is not a normal magic, but as you wish"
(200) Git: "Hmm... wonder how hard it would be to impersonate a cleric of the Lawgiver." :ponders as they walk:
(176) DM: (ok, where?)
** No match found
(169) Kha: ((H10 would be my guess on where the outlanders live))
(198) Vrondard: ((H6 look like poverty as well))
(176) Wa'run: This Oasis is the largest of all such places in the realm of the al-Badia. The sheik rules not only the camp but also the entire Oasis, and the place of the outlanders.
(176) Wa'run: Halif, can you remember anything? It has been a long time since I was here.
** (176) Halif grunts. "There are some ruins dedicated to the old gods here in this place. Ghosts and spirits. Tales that a hakima would tell. Pah." **
(169) Kha: "Yes but our lack of being raised in this land will be noticed more if we try to stay in one of the nomatic camps"
** (176) Wa'run turns to you with a smile. **
(176) Wa'run: I will go where you go, if only I can free my sister from her fate.
(202) Agatha: "By the Gods, I think the boy just made a funny."
(202) Agatha: ((heh. bad timing))
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "So I say our first stop is to find lodging where we will be noticed the least"
(200) Git: "Aye. shelter to rest first. Seeking your sister next. Agree?"
(202) Agatha: "Then you boys, start digging for information since I have to make nice."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
whispering to Vrondard, you trip over something half buried in the sand. it appears to be a shard of metal attached to a stone handle.
(198) Vrondard: "yeah get on it"
(198) Vrondard: "gah... dead bones in the sand... no somethin else"
** (198) Vrondard scoops the sand away from an item he has run into **
** (169) Dj Gilcrease stops and looks back at Vrondard **
whispering to Vrondard, it's a scimitar that's quite brittle
whispering to Vrondard, or the remains of one in any event
whispering to Vrondard, the metal from which the weapon is made is of a metal you've never seen before but have heard stories of. Adamantium.
(198) Vrondard: "hmmmm expensive metal... to bad they wasted it"
** (198) Vrondard extracts the rare metal blade **
(198) Vrondard: from the sand
(200) Git: :peers back at the dwarf's find: "Interesting..."
(169) Kha: "I wonder why they just left it sitting there"
(198) Vrondard: "well it is a sword...."
(202) Agatha: "What's it made of?"
(198) Vrondard: "curved as it is... hmmm that makes it not so bad"
(200) Git: "Maybe it was dropped as someone made an escape"
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "Well lets study it letter in the privacy of some rooms"
(176) TaliesinNYC: Amid the lush grasses and palms of the Oasis, a wall of white, lime-covered bricks fortifies a compound. Two great doors of palm trunks lashed firmly together stand at the west end of a 320' long by 120' wide encircling wall. The wall is capped by 1" long spikes with a strange green tinge.
(198) Vrondard: "well the metal is worth somethin even if its not"
** (198) Vrondard takes the scimitar **
(176) DM: The compound is the scene of much activity as traders come and go to and from the compound to other parts of the Oasis. You are not the only outlanders, by the looks of things.
** (169) Kha looks around and tries to blend in **
(176) DM: The style and mode of speech of many people seem to be Mel'Cendian Imperial, but you can hear and see others whose dress and speech are even more foreign to you. It's quite a cosmopolitan sight that reminds you of being in Tolmara once again.
(169) Kha: Disguise Skill Check: [1d20+11] -> [20,11] = (31)
(176) DM: ((I'd say you aced it. lol))
** (200) Git strolls the compound casually, discreetly eyeing the traders along the way. **
** (198) Vrondard stays behind as a lesser servant or bodyguard **
(198) Vrondard: (a few paces behind)
(176) DM: Within the compound, you can see an inn, a washing house, a bazaar, a stabling area and three other buildings -- a ruined temple, a branch of the Sandvoyagers' Guild and....an igloo.
** (202) Agatha keeps even further to the rear. **
** (169) Kha walks to the Inn **
(200) Git: (sandstone igloo I assume...)
** (202) Agatha looks at the igloo in surprise. **
(176) DM: The igloo is a huge dome of whitewashed brick, about 80' in diameter. It sits at the far end of the compound and is entered through an arch with heavy double doors at the building's west end.
(176) DM: Kha seems to have wandered off again.
** (200) Git follows to the inn **
** (169) Dj Gilcrease enterns the in and looks for the person in charge **
(200) Git: (afk)
(169) Kha: "How many privet rooms do you have?"
(176) DM: You can hear music coming from within the inn, accompanied by a raucous screeching
(176) DM: that passes for singing
(176) DM: Standing just inside the gates of the compound is a mud brick building with an open door. Its dusty face contains small barred windows with curtains
(176) DM: It's a small inn, not much more than a common room and a few private rooms for sleeping
(176) DM: The common room is mostly empty, but for a bard trying to sing. Poorly.
(176) Roland: Oh, ays. I'm not tha' innkeep, I am. Tha's Hogan, in 'is igloo.
** (176) Roland looks up at you, strumming his lute as he says this. **
** (169) Dj Gilcrease tries to desifer the speach **
** (176) Roland is a blond haired human with almond-shaped hazel eyes and a dusky complexion that suggests he hails from lands south of Zayal. **
** (176) Roland continues screeching...er singing. **
(169) Kha: "So you are not the Inkeep, but Hogan over in the Igloo is?"
** (198) Vrondard says nothing... even managing to surpress the urge to smash the singer **
** (202) Agatha turns her head and discreetly tries to cover her ears. **
** (176) Roland stops singing, nodding. "I'm just a bench warmer, I am. An' a teller o' tales an' songs." *hic* **
** (176) Roland takes a wineskin from his belt and pulls on it. "'Ave some." **
(200) Git: "No thank you."
(176) Roland: My 'ardons. I'm Roland. Roland of the Thendri League. An' your speech seems tae be from tha' south o' Kern, eh wot?
(200) Git: "Perhaps. So, if you are "bench warming" then the least you can do is show us to an unoccupied room."
** (176) Roland takes a pull from the skin, wiping his sleeve. "Suit oursel' then." *hic* "Can't get good wine e'er since tha' sheik barred travel from tha' Oasis." **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "Thanks, you might want to try sticking to the teller of tales." **Kha looks at the man for a moment** "I guess we need to speak to Hogan to get rooms"
(176) Roland: Can't. Go tae tha' igloo an' talk to Hogan. 'E'd slay me for showin' ye a room wid'out payin.
** (176) Roland begins to strum his lute... **
(176) Roland: (sings)
** (169) Dj Gilcrease exits the Inn heading for the Igloo **
(198) Vrondard: ::clenches teeth::
(176) Roland: Then will needs be, Five Star Gems see, to my tomb be born hither. And hope shall not wither.
(200) Git: "Thank you, good sir. You could have given us help, but you've given us so much more."
(176) Roland: Open the gates to my Sphere of Power, and put off evil in its appointed hour.
(176) Roland: (sings)
** (202) Agatha turns her head to the Bard curiously considering what he said. **
** (169) Dj Gilcrease stops **
(176) DM: (Kha, you're not there. lol.)
** (200) Git quirks a brow to the lyrics. "What's that you're singing now?" **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: ((Oh though he started singing as I was leaving))
(176) Roland: (stops and bows to his audience)
(169) Dj Gilcrease: ((Ok I am off to get rooms))
(176) DM: (yes, you left)
(176) Roland: Moi epic. Ye like?
(200) Git: "Yes, it's... intriguing. Praytell, what is it about?"
(176) Roland: 'Tis a long long tale. Many verses in tae telling.
(176) Roland: (er, tha' telling.)
** (202) Agatha follows behind Kha, making sure he doesn't get into any trouble. **
(202) Agatha: ...and to get away from the singing.
(198) Vrondard: "long as it be true" he breaks his silence to say
** Sorry, don't understand what a /testgw is...
whispering to Agatha, Dj Gilcrease, (GW): ok, you two head to the igloo?
(200) Git: "So.. where did you learn it?"
(176) Roland: 'ere an' there.
(200) Git: "Uh... right."
(176) Roland: A bit o' research and travel. An' spendin' time bench warmin'. (grins)
(176) Roland: Well....I know a bit about Martek, ye see. 'Tis my specialty.
(200) Git: "Martek?"
(176) Roland: Ays, Martek. Tha' greatest mage evar to walk this world. Evar.
(198) Vrondard: "bah!"
(176) Roland: 'E created tha' Star Gems. Five special jewels wid great powers and put together, created a very special item, a Sphere of Power.
(200) Git: "So, you've spect a lot of time researching him and these ... star gems?"
(176) Roland: Ays, ye could say that. A song, fer one.
(210) FireBall (exit): 00:14
(176) Roland: Fer example, there is an ancient city, by tha' name of Phoenix. 'Tis tae tha' north and west, of tha' Oasis.
(200) Git: "Is one of the gems suppose to be there?"
(176) Roland: Accordin' tae' tha' legend o' Martek, a great Good shall be loosed in the time when an Evil walks tha' land again.
(176) Roland: An' tha' place of this Good is in tha' city o'Phoenix. An those who would loose this Good are those who bear a Star Gem.
(176) Roland: An' also, accordin' tae tha' legend, tha' great River shall flow once more, from tha' womb of a great an' ancient King. An' lo, seven days past, tha' River does once more flow, or so travellers say.
(176) Roland: O' course, then, tragedy befell. (looks crestfallen)
(198) Vrondard: "hmmm"
(200) Git: (brb)
** (198) Vrondard will most listen to this guy and prod him on... half for information half because he isn't singing **
(198) Vrondard: "seven days after the river flows... I think I heard a story that the river is flowin again"
(176) Roland: There was supposed tae be a weddin'. She disappeared, an' now everyone's lookin fer her.
(198) Vrondard: "so yer story may be comin true... any more of it?"
(176) Roland: An' because she disappeared, tha' sheik barred travel to an' from 'ere. So I can't find out fer myself about tha' River flowin.
(200) Git: "That's a horrible thing. We can only hope they find the lass safe and sound"
(176) Roland: Shadalah, I think her name was, wot eh?
(200) Git: "Well, at the very least we can assure you that the river does flow. We saw it as we approached the oasis"
(176) Roland: They say she disappeared in tha' night widout a trace. An' tha' there was nae sign o' struggle, an tha' she flew on wings o' dust an' smoke.
(198) Vrondard: "hey you know any stories about a fancy scimitar made out o' a special metal?"
(198) Vrondard: "adamantine.. tis the metal"
(198) Vrondard: "er...adamantium..."
(176) Roland: Any way, accordin tae tha' legend, there are ruins underneath tha' Oasis an' tha' city o' Phoenix, ruins which predate Martek. Each ruin has a temple tae tha' god Set, which figures in tha' legend, but not in a way I know how. (scratches his head)
(176) Roland: Adamantium? 'Tis a common metal fer use in weapons made in tha' lands below, in tha' Sunless Lands. Why?
(198) Vrondard: "hmmmm all the weapons are made of this metal?"
(198) Vrondard: "because thats what's around in their mines?"
(176) Roland: Well....most weapons o' choice. Tha' problem is tha' they become unstable on tha' surface. Brittle-like.
(198) Vrondard: "that makes sense... way down in the earth gotcha"
(250) No Name (enter): 00:30
(250) No Name (exit): 00:30
(198) Vrondard: "well i found one in the sands while i was coming into the oasis"
** (198) Vrondard brings out the scimitar **
(198) Vrondard: "didnt know if there was a story behind it"
** (176) Roland peers at it. "Hm. Unusual." **
(176) Roland: It seems tae be made of ilythi'iri origin. See this rune here.
** (176) Roland points to a rune on the haft of the scimitar. **
(176) DM: (You haven't seen the rune before until now)
(198) Vrondard: "really..."
(176) Roland: 'Tis tha' rune o' an ilythi'iri house. Most such weapons tend tae be made by ilythi'iri an' sold tae others fer use. I know not which house though.
(198) Vrondard: "well... more than i knew before"
** (176) Roland begins strumming his lute... **
(176) Roland: Sure ye won't join me fer a song o' two?
** (198) Vrondard gets nervious **
(198) Vrondard: "I ain't got much of a singing voice"
(200) Git: "Sing away. We're waiting for our frineds to come back with rooms for us anyhow." :finds a seat to rest in for the moment:
(176) Roland: (sings)
(176) Roland: When the evil walks our land again, will nomadic princes come to set
(176) Roland: His power into the first bride's hand, that good and evil then are met.
(176) Roland: Six paths to glory, six paths to doom, six paths to minarets, the keys to my tomb.
(176) Roland: (sings)
(176) Roland: Replace the six minarets, from the places now hidden, and you may then enter to my tomb you'll be hidden.
(176) DM: (er, you'll be bidden)
(176) Roland: (sings)
(176) Roland: Then will needs be, Five Star Gems see, to my tomb be borne hither and hope shall not wither.
(176) Roland: Open the gates to my Sphere of Power and put off evil in its appointed hour. (sings)
(176) DM: For some reason, the singing is much better this time. Or perhaps your ears have gotten used to his screeching.
(176) DM: Kha and Agatha reenter the inn.
** (169) Dj Gilcrease nods at the others **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I have the rooms"
(200) Git: "Great. I could use the rest"
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "All four rooms are ours for the week"
(200) Git: "You want to stay that long?" :asks as he heads to one of the private rooms:
(169) Kha: "Got the rooms cheeper that way, and since we cannot leave I figured it was a good idea"
** (202) Agatha nods silently in agreement. **
(200) Git: "Hmph. granted." :heads into a room and plops down on the bed:
** (169) Dj Gilcrease heads back into the rooms and inspects them and selects one with either a window or close to the exit **
(176) DM: (the beds btw are wooden benches)
(176) DM: (these are EXTREMELY sparsely furnished rooms)
(176) DM: (so, FF to evening.)
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "Hey Wa`run or Halif you think there would be a skilled tailor here? I want the best if posible"
(176) Wa'run: We could try the souk, but that is closed at night. Or the nomad camp, if you wish.
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "Where do you think I would find the most skilled, the Suck or the camp. and I can wait untill morrning"
** (200) Git gets up after a good long nap, and freshens up for a night on the town. **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: ((*Souk))
(176) Wa'run: I would say the camp. The souk is for (chuckles) outlander fools such as you.
** (169) Dj Gilcrease nods not taking any offence **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "Very well we will try the camp in the morrning"
(176) DM: (ok. lemme know where. brb)
(176) DM: (I mean what you want to do. it's now evening.)
(202) Agatha: "Hmph. The boy can be pretty mouthy when you get him away from the undead priests and ghosts."
(200) Git: "Bravado is best employed in cases where it won't backfire. Now then, I think I'll hit the bazaar area. Maybe they have some respectable nightlife around here. Anyone coming?"
(169) Kha: "I'll be staying in tonight, going to explore the oasis in my own way"
(176) DM: (Clarification: Wa'run means that the souk or bazaar closes down at night. So if you want to go to town, you need to do it during the day. If you want a tailor, you can try the camp.)
(176) DM: (the camp is always open)
(169) Dj Gilcrease: ((Oh ok, guess I will head there then))
(200) Git: (camp it is)
** (198) Vrondard will follow anywhere consensus leads **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I am going to the camp to find a Tailor, anyone else going?"
(176) DM: Ok, you head to the camp. On your way out of the inn, you see a halfling with tousled brown hair enter the igloo.
(202) Agatha: "It probably isn't a good idea to go wandering at night. But if you're headed I might as well watch your back. Nothing for to do here after all."
(200) Git: "Great, we have a party." :eyes the halfling but does not approach:
** (169) Kha makes sure to keep all his things with him leaving nothing in the rooms **
(176) DM: The halfling turns to look over his shoulder, spies Git and waves at him, then disappears into the igloo.
** (169) Dj Gilcrease looks at Git "Friend of yours?" **
(198) Vrondard: "night aint no big deal if I come along"
(200) Git: :shrug: "Maybe one I forgot"
(176) DM: The compound by the way, is quite deserted in the evening. All the activity in the day time has vanished. The only people about besides you, are those who frequent the igloo at the far end of the complex. Even the Sandvoyagers' Guildhouse is quieter than a mouse.
(200) Git: "How;s abou we check out the igloo the?"
(169) Kha: "Feel free to head there I want to find a tailor"
(176) DM: (ok)
** (169) Dj Gilcrease continues heading toward the camp **
(176) DM: (who goes with Git into the igloo?)
** (202) Agatha silently follows after Kha to keep an eye on him. **
(198) Vrondard: (how big is the igloo?)
(198) Vrondard: (if its small Vrondard will stay outside)
(176) DM: (80' in diameter?)
** (198) Vrondard enters with Git (he is his bodyguard after all) **
(176) DM: The halfling you saw earlier sits at the bar, eating dinner and exchanging small talk with a bartender. Another halfling, quite beautiful, waits tables.
(176) DM: As you enter the igloo, you come into the bar room
(176) DM: This room occupies one half of the dome and ends in a flat brick back wall
(176) DM: Set back against that wall is a large bar about 40' long. Two huge mirrors flank the door behind the bar, which apparently leads to the back room
(176) DM: Over the door is a golden plaque
(176) DM: Various wicker tables and chairs are placed here and there about the room
(176) DM: There is a bartender behind the bar, wiping a few glasses. He nods at you and smiles as you enter
(176) DM: The room also contains a few traders and merchants, mostly Imperials from the style of their speech.
(176) Jaroush: Welcome, friends. What can I do for you? (wipes some glasses)
** (198) Vrondard follows Git's lead **
(198) Vrondard: ((maybe should to got Kha and Aggie instead))
(198) Vrondard: go to...
(200) Git: (might have to drop out early tonight, Been up since 5 woking all morning, Can barely keep my eyes open)
(176) DM: (I'm alternating between the two. Lunauc, is there a delay?)
(176) DM: (well if you have to drop out early, we can't continue.)
(176) DM: (so we'll stop here.)
(200) Git: (le sigh...sorry guys)
(198) Vrondard: ((what if i join Kha instead and Git just wanders off by himself))
(198) Vrondard: ((a likely occurance))
(176) TaliesinNYC: ((ok, but it's 3 ppl))
(198) Vrondard: ((or there is nothing but chatter in the igloo and i leave and find Kha))
(198) Vrondard: ((just trying to be a problem solver..))
(200) Git: (you can feel free to puppet Git around if you want to continue)
(176) TaliesinNYC: ((well, this part is RP and some leg work))
(176) DM: ((I mean, there's a lot of things going on and I've been trying to make things happen but I can't make anything happen if the players don't act on it.))
(200) Git: (sorry, but I can't think to act right now anyway)
(176) DM: ((so I suggest we stop and then try again next time.))
(198) Vrondard: well Kha Aggie and I can have a 10 minute postgame pow wow
(169) Kha: ((Ok))
(198) Vrondard: see if we want to put an ooc strategy together
(176) DM: ((we can continue, but remember, it's one less person. FireBall was late today and he was forced to lurk while we were playing.))
(200) Git: (enjoy whatever you choose. I'm going to bed before i pass out in front of the computer... again
(176) DM: (see you tomorrow then)
(198) Vrondard: ((thats his problem since he was late... punished by himself))
(200) Git: g'night
(200) Git: "Everyman's a genius, until he opens his mouth."
(200) Git (exit): 01:44
(198) Vrondard: ((though not very helpful for us))
(176) DM: (take as much time as you need to)
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(198) Vrondard: ok so lets list our goals and plot lead here
** (169) Dj Gilcrease enters the tent and waits for a moment to offer assistance **
(198) Vrondard: ((or are we going to continue... then Vrondard will leave the very boring Igloo and catch up to Kha))
(198) Vrondard: ::Vron leaves the Igloo:: (let me know when he finds Kha and Aggie)
(176) DM: well you see, that's the problem. the chatter as you put it contains a great deal o f information.
(198) Vrondard: well i figure Git will get that 'later'
(176) DM: k.
(198) Vrondard: or is that key right now
Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
(176) TaliesinNYC: I can't say anything.
(198) Vrondard: for us to progress further on
(198) Vrondard: your silence speaks volumes
(198) Vrondard: : )
(198) Vrondard: well lets take an ooc break
(176) TaliesinNYC: without giving a great deal away, this part of the campaign involves legwork and talking to NPCs
(198) Vrondard: **** ooc break *****
(198) Vrondard: ok so far as Vrondard knows
(198) Vrondard: 1) we are here to hurt some bad guys (hopefully)
(198) Vrondard: 2) we are in search of something here for the 2/3's portion of the quest
(198) Vrondard: 3) there is a story of old that involves 5 gems which make up an items... will happen soon if true and it involves a princess in a bad marriage
(176) TaliesinNYC: Git knows the following:
(176) TaliesinNYC: Abdullah had a letter to a Sheik Kassim congratulating him on his son Hassan's marriage
(198) Vrondard: 4) and the scimitar is from what he knows as the underdark and someone here may deal with them
(176) TaliesinNYC: and unrelated material regarding the Everlasting's attempt to recruit the party to help them.
(176) TaliesinNYC: You've heard the following:
(176) TaliesinNYC: When you broke Ra's curse releasing the river Athis, a princess named Shadalah vanished on "wings of smoke and dust".
(176) TaliesinNYC: Shadalah is betrothed to a prince, supposedly Hassan.
(176) TaliesinNYC: Hassan is the son of the Sheik of the Oasis.
(176) TaliesinNYC: let's see
(176) TaliesinNYC: There's a temple to Set underneath the Oasis that figures prominently in Martek's prophecy
(176) TaliesinNYC: There's a city called Phoenix near the Oasis that also contains a temple to Set
(176) TaliesinNYC: In Phoenix, there's a "Good" that shall be released by those who bear a Star Gem (namely you)
(176) TaliesinNYC: There's a Star Gem somewhere in the Oasis
(169) Dj Gilcrease: What Kha knows
(169) Dj Gilcrease: 1) We need to find the temple of Set here and get the Star gem
(169) Kha: 2) Thr princess vanished the same day we broke the curse
(169) Dj Gilcrease: What Kha thinks
(169) Kha: 1)The bag Agatha and I are investigating is the head of the princess
(169) Kha: 2) Once we have all 5 gems the princess will come back in some way
(169) Kha: 3) We should get the Lion Gem
(198) Vrondard: the Lion Gem is one of the 5 Star Gems I'm assuming
(169) Dj Gilcrease: No it isnt
(176) TaliesinNYC: you were told the locations of the Star Gems by Basht
(169) Dj Gilcrease: It is the Gem that should let us controll the everlasting to make then stop killing people
(198) Vrondard: well thats annoying... i think.. we need to find 6 gems in the future?
(198) Vrondard: : )
(176) TaliesinNYC: you have two, the remaining three are in a place of knowledge, in a place of death and in a place of the past
(176) TaliesinNYC: no, Roland's song refers to something else
(202) Agatha: 4 Actually
(198) Vrondard: ah ok... i was thinking everything would be all tangled up into the same knot
(176) TaliesinNYC: 4
(176) TaliesinNYC: 4?
(202) Agatha: 3 Star gems and the Lion's gem
(176) TaliesinNYC: right
(176) TaliesinNYC: forget the Lion's gem
(176) TaliesinNYC: the Lion's gem is not related to the main story
(176) TaliesinNYC: it's a subplot for those of you keeping track
(176) TaliesinNYC: so you have two choices --
(176) TaliesinNYC: Git has some talking to do in the igloo -- this can be done later
(176) TaliesinNYC: or you can talk to the ppl in the big tent
(169) Kha: I say we talk to the people in the big tent
(198) Vrondard: this would be a lot easier if the was like the 'Amazing Race'
(176) TaliesinNYC: well I dunno waht the Amazing Race is
(198) Vrondard: we could just go into the big tent and ask everyone we see if they have a Star Gem for us
(198) Vrondard: TV show
(202) Agatha: Reality Show
(198) Vrondard: if you haven't seen the show then you won't find the connection
(198) Vrondard: ok what should Kha be talking to people about in the big tent...
(198) Vrondard: and what shouldn't he say
(198) Vrondard: --- Not Say ----
(198) Vrondard: "Hey is this really a princesses head in this bag of mine?"
(176) TaliesinNYC: with Kha, you can never tell
(169) Dj Gilcrease: lol
(198) Vrondard: "Hey Aggie... why dont you go kick that guys ass"
(202) Agatha: Actually, that one I wouldn't mind.
(198) Vrondard: "Bah... I liked the Old Gods better"
** (169) Dj Gilcrease waits inside the tent for a moment to talk without causing too much of a disruption **
(198) Vrondard: "These new guys stink!"
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(176) Prince Hassan: Father, I think we have visitors.
(176) Sheik Kassim: ...Why, so I see. And who might you be?
(198) Vrondard: ((i was thinking there was an assassin angle here... must have been wishful thinking))
(198) Vrondard: ((oh that kind of big tent... i was thinking of something else))
(176) DM: The gaggle of warriors quiets down, on seeing you and waits respectfully.
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I am sorry to interupt, my name is Kha and I could not help but notice the men running in here with a bag, and the sarrow and fear around this camp so I came to investigate"
(198) Vrondard: ((i came to butt my nose into business that doesnt concern me))
(169) Kha: "Is that bag the head of the princess that vanished?"
(257) milhouse (enter): 02:14
(202) Agatha: ((My last name is Rubberneck))
(198) Vrondard: ((on second thought... i think ill stay at the igloo... this could get messy))
(176) DM: ((lol))
** (176) Sheik Kassim strokes his chin thoughtfully regarding you (Kha) as a shocked silence descends in the room. **
(257) milhouse (exit): 02:16
** (202) Agatha glances around, somewhat confused. **
(176) Sheik Kassim: Show the outlander what is in that bag, Harouz.
(176) Harouz: As you wish, excellence.
(202) Agatha: ((Behold! The world's largest pickled egg!))
** (176) Harouz empties the bag onto the floor, as several hearts dump onto the floor of the tent. **
** (169) Dj Gilcrease looks into the bag **
(176) Sheik Kassim: The hearts of my warriors, sent to recover the betrothed of my son, outlander. My son's betrothed, who disappeared on the eve of her wedding feast!
** (202) Agatha eyes widen in surprise. **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "Eww, No offence about the princesses head but since I just arived in the Oasis and heard she was gone and I come to this camp looking for a tailor and see the people rushing around in fear and saddness I guess it was her head I saw rushed in here"
(176) Sheik Kassim: Are you here to aid us, outlander? For by Kor, a heartless question such as yours is nothing to say to a grieving father.
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I will help if I can, since it is likly partly my fault she vanished that day."
(176) Sheik Kassim: Ah? (strokes his chin) Then hear my tale.
(176) TaliesinNYC: I am most happy to welcome you to our humble oasis home and wish you all health and happiness during your stay with us. May our saddened hearts not dim the glory of your lives.

Now I would seek your aid in a matter of great importance to me.

While many among my people enjoy great health and happiness, there are those, who, I am told, wish harm to me and my sons. The discontented are always among us, but never have they dared to act before now.

Seven suns ago, Shadalah, a young noblewoman from our tribe, was betrothed to my first-born son, Hassan. She was the chosen bride because she had, upon the palm of her hand, the sacred symbol. After her betrothal the three-day feast began.

Yet, the place was set but no man knew the time. May Kor guide us for that very day, a runner came saying that warriors were needed to fight an evil ifrit in the north. My warriors departed at once. On the following night, Princess Shadalah disappeared. The marks in the sand outside her tent told of a struggle. The trail ended just north of our camp.

Our warriors have struggled to hold the Evil One and his army of ghuls at bay. They have kept us safe until now, but their absence has weakened my position here and made my enemies bold. I am advised that my enemies are here in the camp, whoever they may be, may have Hassan's bride.

I ask you to help us recover Shadalah, the beloved betrothed of my first-born son. My second son, Korus, will aid you if you wish. And if you find her, then the wealth of my tent and the friendship and service of my realm shall be yours.

(169) Kha: "I would be glad to help, though I may have to speak with my friends to make sure they are willing to help"
** (202) Agatha sighs. **
(176) Sheik Kassim: Very well, then. I will await word of your acceptance or not.
** (176) Sheik Kassim gestures to Harouz to gather the hearts back into the bag and continues discussing tribal affairs with the warriors. **
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I apollogize again for sounding so caullous"
(176) Prince Hassan: On behalf of my father and my tribe, I accept your apology, outlander. (rises from the pillows and clasps your hand)
** (169) Dj Gilcrease turns to leave with Agatha, and as an after though turns back and asks "Does your tribe have a skilled Tailor, I have a Giant snake skin I would like turned into some clothing" **
(176) Prince Hassan: I am Hassan, prince to my people, and should you help me in my quest to recover my betrothed, I would be most grateful.
(169) Dj Gilcrease: ((**Clasps hand before turning to leave**))
(176) Prince Hassan: As a matter of fact, yes, outlander. My brother has a slave by the name of Kerina. She may be able to help you.
(176) Prince Hassan: They say that the elves of the desert are talented in all the ways of a household. I am sure that Kerina will be able to help you in this regard.
(169) Dj Gilcrease: "I would apriciate it"
(176) DM: (ok, then we'll stop here and continue next time)

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