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Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
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(40) Lightfaith (enter): 22:32
(13) TaliesinNYC: just in time too
(40) Lightfaith (exit): 22:32
(13) TaliesinNYC: guess not
(13) TaliesinNYC: ok, anyone need a recap before we begin?
(12) Dj Gilcrease: ok rdy
(24) Git: ah crap.... afk a sec.. start without me
(13) DM: guess not
(31) Norfirion: heh
(31) Norfirion: I'm good to go
(12) Dj Gilcrease: ((Git tangoed with Munafik when he went wandering off alone. Now we are on the 3rd floor I think, on the wall there is writing that tells the life story of Amuhotep, and we have not opened the door yet))
(15) Vrondard: (bah what a snoozer...)
(15) Vrondard: (nothing like writing to put Vrondard to sleep)
(13) DM: The water flows up the shaft and splashes around approximately 3' above the level of the corridor below. The corridor you're in is 30' long and ends in a set of bronze double doors. The corridor contains hieroglyphics, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling.
(25) Agatha: Let's see. We're just about at the tomb and Git just popped in looking like the lobster that made it out of the pot.
(15) Vrondard: (doubt we got magically healed lately so im at 55hps)
(15) Vrondard: .
(25) Agatha: ((better that me. I'm sitting at 14.))
(31) Norfirion: what room # are we in?
(31) Norfirion: ah nm sorry
(31) Norfirion: Ddint notice the marking on the map
(31) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(15) Vrondard: "well.. we going to try to make it down to one of them waterin holes agin?"
(15) Vrondard: "Aggie aint in shape to do nothin o' late"
(31) Norfirion: "It appears the only way."
** (12) Dj Gilcrease goes over to the door and looks at it for a second before trying to open it **
(31) Norfirion: "Quite a dreary place, I'll for one, be glad to see some sky for a change."
(15) Vrondard: "hmm don't mind it at all"
(15) Vrondard: "cept the creepy parts"
(15) Vrondard: "which I admit is most parts round here"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [8,8] = (16)
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, no traps that you can detect
(31) Norfirion: "Of course you don't. It's in your blood dwarf."
** (12) Dj Gilcrease tries to open the door **
(24) Git: (bak)
** (15) Vrondard takes a protective location at the door **
** (24) Git rests agains the wall, watching the water for signs of Munafik's pursuit **
(31) Norfirion: (the weather here is iffy so i may hop back and forth from online/offline. So bear with me)
** (25) Agatha leans on her axe for support as she turns to Git. **
(25) Agatha: "So what happened down there?"
(13) DM: The door opens with a hiss, inwards.
(24) Git: "Opened a door, found an evil wizard. The usual"
** (24) Git turns to the opening doors **
(13) DM: Bronze double doors open in the center of the south wall of a 30' square room opposite another pair in the center of the north wall. Four rose quartz pillars rise up to the ceiling. In the center of the room is astand with a plaque on it which reads plainly, "Let him who knows our god speak his name."
** (25) Agatha raises her eyebrows and then frowns. "So that bag o' bones is still running around." **
** (12) Dj Gilcrease enters and says "Ra" **
(24) Git: "Yeah, right downstairs, and pissed as all hell"
(13) DM: On the west side of the room, occupying the full length of the wall is a reed boat. ITs mast is lashed to the floor alongside ten ornate, vase-like jar. There is a post in the boat's bow with what appears to be an empty setting for a huge gem on it.
(15) Vrondard: "hmmm well if we need to do more water stuff this might do..."
(13) DM: On the east wall, there is a large painting of the same boat as on the west side of the chamber. In the painting, which appears to be very well painted and highly detailed, the boat sails high above the clouds, carrying a beautiful gemstone in its bow.
(15) Vrondard: "seems they like to go boatin"
** (31) Norfirion shakes the dirt from his robes and eyes the doors on the opposite wall before moving to inspect the boat. He speaks a word of magic as he raises his glowing staff, passing it over the boat. **
(15) Vrondard: "misbegotten wretches that they be"
** (24) Git strolls into the next room looking over the boat and mural. **
** (25) Agatha looks over the area cautiously. **
(24) Git: "Hmmm..." :considers theoretically: "A burial ship perhaps? One to sail the pharoah into heavenly domain or such"
(31) Norfirion: "Or to hell..."
(24) Git: :points at the mural: "I never expected such a road to lead to hell"
(25) Agatha: "Well, we're gonna end up in one or the other if we stick around here too long."
(24) Git: (did anything happen when kha spoke the name of Ra?)
** (31) Norfirion shrugs. "I could care less where he's at. I'm just ready to complete this task so I can continue my search for the magics necessary to return Methiel to me." **
(31) Norfirion: "This will be over soon anyways..."
(13) DM: (no)
(31) Norfirion: "There's no magic that I can sense from this chamber."
** (12) Dj Gilcrease goes over to the boat on the wall and looks at the Jars **
** (31) Norfirion lowers his staff. **
(13) DM: The jars are made of clay and are topped with lids.
** (24) Git moves before the plague, looking around a second before speaking: "Amunhotep **
(25) Agatha: "Easy for you to say. It wasn't your soul that mummy was reaching for."
(31) Norfirion: "You cannot steal what does not exist."
whispering to Git, nothing happens
** (12) Kha picks the left most one up and gives it a shake **
** (31) Norfirion eyes Kha cautiously. **
(13) DM: Something clinks inside.
(24) Git: :turns to kha: "Please don't play with those. I think I know what might be in them."
** (12) Kha tries to open the lid **
(12) Kha: "I wonder what's in these Jars it clinks"
whispering to Kha, metal shines within
(15) Vrondard: "bah prolly got bones or parts going to shoot outa there and try to kill ya wid"
(15) Vrondard: "aint nice to disturb the dead"
(15) Vrondard: "if thats what you say this is"
(31) Norfirion: "Could be remains from the corpse"
(24) Git: :tries again to the plaque: "Set?"
(15) Vrondard: "well is that thing on there the Star Gem"
(15) Vrondard: "on the boat?"
whispering to Git, nothing happens
(12) Kha: "Anyone want a dried heart?"
whispering to FireBall, heh
(24) Git: "No."
(15) Vrondard: "aint that hungry yet"
(31) Norfirion: "I didn't sense any enchantment from it, so it doesnt seem likely its the gem." *shrugs*
(25) Agatha: "Pass."
** (12) Kha puts the lid back on and moves to the next jar and does the same thing **
(25) Agatha: "Kha stop fooling around. If the gem is there, Norfirion will know it."
(24) Git: :desperate: "Munafik?"
whispering to Git, ditto
(12) Kha: "The Jar's might hide the Gem from his detection"
** (12) Kha puts the lid back on and moves to the next jar and does the same thing **
(24) Git: "Kha, Stop playing with the pharoah's mummified organs, please."
(24) Git: "Basht?"
(24) Git: "Osiris"
whispering to Git, nope
(31) Norfirion: "Isis?"
whispering to Git, nope
(24) Git: "Aragit Fellthorn"
(31) Norfirion: "Bah, gods forsaken place."
whispering to Git, nyet lol
(31) Norfirion: "I'd just as well blast it down with a bolt of lightning." *chuckles*
(31) Norfirion: "So, did you examine all of the jars and their contents? Or was there just one?"
** (31) Norfirion looks to Kha with his question. **
(12) Kha: "There are ten and I have found a hear, a lung and a something else so far"
(15) Vrondard: "blah"
** (12) Kha puts the lid back on and moves to the next jar and does the same thing **
(24) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [20,4] = (24)
(12) Kha: "There are several platnium coins in each jar"
(24) Git: "To pay for the voyage. Leave them"
** (31) Norfirion moves to the jars and opens them one by one scanning them with a staff to make sure any enchantments haven't been obscured from detection. **
(24) Git: "Ra the everlasting"
(25) Agatha: "Best to leave them be. Gods know the dead are ticked off enough at us."
(24) Git: (is wa'run still with us?)
(25) Agatha: ((Yup))
(25) Agatha: ((So's Halif.))
(24) Git: "Wa'run... is there anyother names for Ra?"
(31) Norfirion: "Hmmmm....let me try and enchantment. Perhaps I can sense the gem nearby."
** (31) Norfirion withdraws a forked twig from his belt pouch and utters and incantation as he focuses. **
(31) Norfirion: "Ha"
(31) Norfirion: "It is indeed it."
** (31) Norfirion approaches the hull of the boat and tries to pry the gem from the bow. **
(13) DM: ((yes he is))
(25) Agatha: "What? It's here?"
(15) Vrondard: "arrrr... some people born with brains... others look fer em their whole life"
(31) Norfirion: "I wonder why it didn't have any sort of aura, oh well. But this is definately it."
(31) Norfirion: "Strange..."
(13) Wa'run: No, Ra alone of all the gods has no other name but his own.
(15) Vrondard: "and some never find em.." nods in Git's direction
** (31) Norfirion places his hand to the painting where the gem is drawn. **
(31) Norfirion: (my misunderstanding)
** (31) Norfirion 's hand passes through the wall as if it weren't there. **
(25) Agatha: "Are you sure it's the real thing?"
** (31) Norfirion digs around his hand extending through the painting. **
** (12) Kha looks yo at Norf **
(24) Git: "Wa'run, what is the name of the god of death, or the afterlife?"
** (25) Agatha raises an eyebrow. "Well, ain't that clever?" **
(31) Norfirion: "Ah...interesting."
** (24) Git glances toward norf **
(13) Wa'run: Osiris is the one who sits in judgment, weighing our hearts on the scales.
(31) Norfirion: "The boat is indeed real, this wall is the illusion. In reality this is a window looking outside, some 30' away. The problem is, its floating several thousand feat from the groad in mid air."
(31) Norfirion: "If I had time to rest and prepare my spells again, I could fly to it and retrieve it."
(12) Kha: "Guess we dont want to step though the wall then
(24) Git: "Tried Osiris. Does he have an older name?"
** (31) Norfirion tucks his hands back in the folds of his robes as he steps away from the window/wall. **
(13) Wa'run: No, that has been his name for all time.
(24) Git: "I thought you said only Ra had only one name"
(31) Norfirion: "So then, what's the plan?"
(15) Vrondard: "alright... well we know where this is... whatr we going to do about Aggie?"
(15) Vrondard: "she can't be limpin around like this"
(25) Agatha: "I've no problem with a quick rest. I'm still dizzy from the lumps that arm gave me."
(15) Vrondard: "and Git neither"
(13) Wa'run: Ra has only one name. As far as we know, Osiris has one name, but he may have other names.
(24) Git: "Great."
(13) Wa'run: It is written in the Book of Thoth the Wise, that the Eternal Judge is one such.
(12) Kha: "So where does this illusionary wall start, I want to poke my head out and take a look"
(31) Norfirion: "We might could try a rope and grappling hook, see if we can drag it over this way since it's in a state of levitation."
(31) Norfirion: "The painting there." *points the false wall out to Kha*
(12) Kha: Will save: [1d20+10] -> [13,10] = (23)
** (12) Kha slowly walks up to it and pokes his head though the painting to see where this Gem is **
(24) Git: "Maybe it's a launghing pad for the flying boat?"
(31) Norfirion: "Does anyone have a grappling hook and is a good throw? We could try pulling it this direction."
(24) Git: "Pulling what now?"
(31) Norfirion: "The boat, its outside floating in mid air."
(15) Vrondard: "got me javelins... if someone gots a rope"
(24) Git: "Really?"
(31) Norfirion: "The painting, its not really a painting. The boats real. The painting around it is just an illusion."
** (24) Git goes over to poke his head out the illusion **
(15) Vrondard: "might work out as a grapplin hook an all"
(31) Norfirion: "It's about 30 paces or so away."
** (31) Norfirion nods to the dwarf. **
(31) Norfirion: "By all means give it a shot. I'm not sure if I have any rope."
** (31) Norfirion digs through his backpack looking. **
(31) Norfirion: "None."
(25) Agatha: "Hmm...I should still have some."
** (25) Agatha takes out her pack and looks inside. **
** (12) Kha looks at th boat situation and figured since he has no rope he will go examin somethng else **
(24) Git: "I've got a rope and hook"
(15) Vrondard: "alright hand it over..."
** (12) Kha goes and looks over the door to the next room then tries to open it **
(25) Agatha: "Ah, 'ere we go."
** (24) Git takes his rope and hook off his pack and hands them to the dwarf. "Knock yourself out" **
(66) Deliri Avuna (enter): 23:29
(15) Vrondard: "hold onto the end...in case i throws it too hard"
(24) Git: :to wa'run: "Hey, is there a god of the sky or travel or such that would connect with this boat?"
** (31) Norfirion looks on with enthusiam. **
** (15) Vrondard checks the thing... and asks Norfirion where to throw **
(15) Vrondard: "what do ya think?"
(31) Norfirion: "The boat, you see it in the paiting?"
** (31) Norfirion points. **
(31) Norfirion: "Thats actually it, so aim as if you're trying to hit the boat in the painting.
(66) Deliri Avuna (exit): 23:30
** (13) Wa'run thinks **
(15) Vrondard: "yeah... alright... this aint going to make me touch that magic is it?"
(13) Wa'run: I am uncertain...
(31) Norfirion: "Not sure where best to structurally target the thing, somewhere broad I guess."
(12) Kha: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [16,5] = (21)
(13) Wa'run: Ra is that which comes close the most.
(15) Vrondard: ((Vron will make the throws as needed..))
(31) Norfirion: "No, it's only visual. It doesn't exist, except in your eyes only."
(15) Vrondard: ((Baby Time! (afk)))
(24) Git: "And his name does nothing.. at least not in here."
** (24) Git moves to check the closed brass doors (typical search pattern) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [3,13] = (16)
** (12) Kha alks over to the locked door and says "Ra" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [12,8] = (20)
(12) Kha: "That is the only deity that makes sense so I wonder why it did not work before when I said it"
(13) DM: Nothing happens.
** (24) Git gets out his tools and attempts to pick the lock **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [7,13] = (20)
** (31) Norfirion examins the hieroglyphs while Vrondard prepares his throw, reading over the painting and any other writing in the room. **
(31) Norfirion: Skill: Decipher Script [1d20+8] -> [12,8] = (20)
** (24) Git tries to open the doors **
(12) Kha: "I wonder what you are saposed to speak the name too since obviously speaking it out loud is not enough"
(31) Norfirion: "Perhaps the gem?"
(31) Norfirion: "Or maybe we are suppose to use the boat itself?"
** (31) Norfirion shrugs. **
(13) DM: The door opens easily enough...
(31) Norfirion: "Ha"
** (12) Kha moves over to the plaque and reads it over again, but stops as the door opens **
** (12) Kha shrugs "Maybe iin the next room we have to say it" **
** (24) Git looks into the room beyond before entering **
(25) Agatha: "That looks like an invitation."
(24) Git: :to aggy: "What does?"
** (12) Kha leaves the plaque and goes into the next room to look around **
(31) Norfirion: "So I guess the boat waits...."
** (31) Norfirion follows after Git and Kha. **
(24) Git: "Hey I nees a light over here"
(13) DM: (Git's peering inside, you'd need to get past him.)
(25) Agatha: "The doors open just like that. Maybe speaking 'Ra' unlocked the door"
** (24) Git puts away his tools as he looks into the darkened chamber **
** (31) Norfirion peers over Git's shoulder. **
(15) Vrondard: (bak)
(12) Kha: "Well open the door all the way so we can all get a look"
(31) Norfirion: "Anyone have a torch?"
(24) Git: :to aggy: "Uh... not exactly:" :restraps his tool case to his belt::
(12) Kha: "Oneiros, Lord Shaper, I call apon your aspect Epithumia to grant that which I desire."
** (12) Kha 'copper coin is suddenly glowing **
(31) Norfirion: "That'll do."
(13) DM: Through the double doors, is the burial chamber, 30' wide by 40' long. There is a great sarcophagus in the center of the chamber. Centered against the north wall is a statue of Amunhotep. It holds a carved copy of the Star of Mo-Pelar and a curved golden staff. Lying atop the sarcophagus is an exact replica of the staff. A phrase written in hieroglyphics appears in the ancient alphabet of this land on both the east and west walls of the chamber.
** (12) Kha tosses the copper coin in the room to illuminate it **
** (12) Kha walks in and starts trying to read the writing **
(13) DM: The staff glows with a faint blue light.
** (24) Git moves into the room, heading to the sarcophogus to search it first **
(24) Git: (which staff?)
(12) Kha: ((The golden one on the statue))
(13) DM: ((no, the one on the sarcophagus))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [16,8] = (24),[1d20+14] -> [14,14] = (28)
** (31) Norfirion approaches the sarcophagus as extends his staff as he tries to determine its type of enchantment, if any or any others in the room. **
(31) Norfirion: "Ahhh...."
(24) Git: "Kha, can yo read some of the writing in here?"
** (31) Norfirion rubs his hands together. **
** (12) Kha looks at the glowing carves staff then to the golden one. "I guess that would be the 'passage was always provided between the Tomb of the King and his likeness, whereby his spirit may pass into his ordained statue and live within the stone we worship in the outer world.'" **
(24) Git: : to norf: "What?"
(31) Norfirion: "Evocation magic, very powerful. This is most likely a potent weapon of magic indeed."
** (31) Norfirion points to the staff. **
(24) Git: "Yippee."
(31) Norfirion: "Any progress on that script Kha?"
(25) Agatha: "What about the gem?"
(31) Norfirion: "Its in the boat outside, like I mentioned."
(12) Kha: "Yes it says 'A passage was always provided between the Tomb of the King and his likeness, whereby his spirit may pass into his ordained statue and live within the stone we worship in the outer world.'"
(31) Norfirion: "We'll need a way to get it, since its floating."
(24) Git: "Hmmm.." :moves to search the statue next
(31) Norfirion: "Oh sorry I missed that, I was too busy examining the staff."
** (31) Norfirion replies to Kha. **
(31) Norfirion: "Hmmm, well we are supposed to have the staff. I guess if I turn into a pile of cinders, you know the cause."
(12) Kha: "My guess would be his staff is acting as this passage take the staff from the statue and he should break the passage"
(12) Kha: "Pluss we need that staff and the Gem to break the curse"
** (31) Norfirion reaches for the golden staff and attempts to grasp it, all the while with a slight look of uneasiness on his face. **
(13) DM: There is a loud CRACK and a blast of lightning shoots out from the staff at Norfirion. (Reflex)
(31) Norfirion: "Drat" *he says in a dry tone as he sees the arcane lightning streaking for him*
(31) Norfirion: Saves: Reflex: [1d20+4+0] -> [10,4,0] = (14)
(15) Vrondard: (no real surprise there)
(13) DM: The staff ceases glowing once this happens.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6] -> [1,2,1] = (4)
** (12) Kha jumps with surpisse "Glad I did not try to grab it first" **
(31) Norfirion: "Seems I've taken up some of Kha's bad habits."
** (31) Norfirion seems somewhat unharmed as he brushes away the smoldering hems of his robes. **
(25) Agatha: "Where mages go, explosions follow."
(24) Git: "Norf.. you still sense any magic in that staff? Or is that about it?"
(25) Agatha: "Are you alright?"
(31) Norfirion: "I assume this is when we speak the name."
** (31) Norfirion nods to Agatha. "I'm fine." **
(12) Kha: "Since it stoped glowing it should be safe"
** (31) Norfirion scans the staff with his own cudgel once more for any signs of enchantment. **
** (24) Git nods to Norf as he searches the statue. Speak away" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [7,14] = (21)
(31) Norfirion: "It's still enchanted, but I'll try another go at it."
(31) Norfirion: "Everyone else should probably leave the room for safety."
** (15) Vrondard does so **
** (12) Kha laughs lightly and decides to examin the sarcophagus lid **
(31) Norfirion: "Well if you want to be blasted as well thats your choice."
** (31) Norfirion reaches for the staff and speaks before grasping it this time. "In the name of Ra, the ever living." **
(13) Voice: What is your will?
(31) Norfirion: will save? or did something speak?
(13) DM: A soft male voice comes from within the staff.
** (24) Git glances up at the sudden voiec, but continues to fiddle with the statue **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [13,16] = (29)
(31) Norfirion: "To free the curse that binds this place, and for the waters to flow once again so I may fufill the prophecy, so foretold."
(12) Kha: "Tell the staff our will is to break the curse on this place"
(25) Agatha: "Oh good. Another talking stick."
(31) Norfirion: "Khaltarius, must be stopped."
(24) Git: "Hey Kha, come here." :gestures him over to the statue: "Can you read these glyphs for me?"
(13) DM: No response from the staff.
** (12) Kha moves over to Git and looks over the script **
(31) Norfirion: (was i able to grasp it?)
(13) Voice: To break the curse of Ra, the Ever-Living, you must have the Star on your person. You do not, and so I shall not function.
(13) DM: (yes)
(31) Norfirion: "Very well, it shall be so. I will return."
(31) Norfirion: "Vrondard, give me the rope and javelin. I'll do it myself."
(31) Norfirion: "Or a rope will suffice, I have a crossbow."
(12) Kha: "Didn't git have a hook?"
(31) Norfirion: "We need to retrieve the boat."
(24) Git: "Relax Wizard, we'll get there by and by"
(15) Vrondard: "alright" hands the items over
(31) Norfirion: "I might not be strong, but my aim is good."
** (31) Norfirion nods to the dwarf taking the rope and javelin as he returns to the paiting. **
** (24) Git sighs and follows after Norf **
** (31) Norfirion takes target a few moments, then releases the javelin at the boat's hull with a grunt. **
** (12) Kha shrugs and goes back to look at the writing Git pointed out **
(31) Norfirion: [1d20+5] -> [8,5] = (13)
(24) Git: "Okay, first of all. no javelin. It won't stay in the boat to support your weight. Use my grappling hook
(24) Git: "Second of all, someone has to hold this end so you can get back"
(31) Norfirion: "Pftt, minor details." *he jokes*
(13) DM: (miss)
(31) Norfirion: "Gah, damned infernal thing."
(31) Norfirion: "I'll do this my way."
** (24) Git takes back his rope and reattaches his hook **
** (31) Norfirion takes a seat. **
(24) Git: :lins up the throw, gives a few swings and... [1d20+8] -> [13,8] = (21)
(31) Norfirion: "Unless someone else moors it over here. I'll just as well wait and fly there myself."
(25) Agatha: "You do that. Vron and I will secure the line."
(24) Git: (did I hook it?)
(13) DM: It snags the rim of the boat.
(31) Norfirion: "Beginner's luck obviously." *scorns Git*
** (15) Vrondard helps out **
(31) Norfirion: "Or just too many home invasions?"
** (24) Git gives a few tugs to make sure it's secure. "Who's a beginner?" **
** (25) Agatha grabs the rope. **
(31) Norfirion: "Tug it like a slave!"
(24) Git: "Vrondard, Aggy. Give me a hand. Maybe we can pull it over here"
(25) Agatha: "We're way ahead of you."
(24) Git: (amd all, pull! Pull! Pull!)
** (15) Vrondard tugs away... "arrg!" **
** (25) Agatha pulls on the rope with the others. **
** (12) Kha hears the others gruning in strain and looks back to them **
(25) Agatha: ((brb))
(24) Git: (str checks?)
(13) DM: The boat refuses to budge.
(24) Git: (guess not)
(24) Git: "No luck there."
(31) Norfirion: "Hmm, looks like I'll have to fly over there after i rest, but there is something I'd like to try."
(12) Kha: "Tie this end to one of the pillers and go across the rope to the boat"
(13) DM: (Ag made a str check, fyi)
** (31) Norfirion digs around in his spell components pouch pull out a small handfull of sand. He approaches the window/illusion and tosses the handful of sand towards the boat, trying to see if there exists an invisible ledge to the boat. **
** (24) Git unburdens himselfm save for a stachel with some room and his tools. **
(24) Git: "You guys hold this end tight. I'll be back in a minute."
(24) Git: "Actually. Can i borrow that staff a moment?"
(31) Norfirion: "My staff?"
(15) Vrondard: "hmm I could climb up there..."
(15) Vrondard: "put knots in the rope and it would be real easy"
** (24) Git cuts off 3' fromthe end of the rope. "The staff we just picked up in the burial chamber" **
(31) Norfirion: "I'd rather you knot drop it on a tightrope walking expedition."
(31) Norfirion: "It wouldn't release itself until we have the star gem."
(12) Kha: "Better to let the lighter members cross and the heavyer ones hold this end secure even if you do tie it to a piller"
** (24) Git ties the spare rope through his belt and makes a loops of it over the line to the boat as a safety percautions" **
(24) Git: :to norf: "If that is the star gem over there, maybe I can control the ship with the staff or something. I don't want to tear out the gm just to have the boat fall out of the sky on me or something"
(31) Norfirion: "Well if we just wait and rest, I can prepare a spell of flight to try and retrieve it that way, if its too risky."
(31) Norfirion: "But the staff is still in the other room, it wouldn't come free without the gem."
(25) Agatha: "Oh right."
(24) Git: "Ugh... fine."
** (24) Git unties himself from the line **
(31) Norfirion: "You could tie a rope around yourself and pray your line holds if the boat falls, or we wait. Thats all I can recommend."
(24) Git: (does the gem on the booat look like one of the stars?)
(13) DM: (yes)
(13) DM: (you have one, remember?)
(24) Git: "So Kha, you get that inscription from the statue?"
(12) Kha: "Yes, it says we need the gem to open the door"
(25) Agatha: "I say we give it another pull. Really put our backs into it."
(31) Norfirion: "By all means."
(24) Git: "You got it aggy. Everyone pulls on three"
** (12) Kha moves over to Aid them in pulling the boat **
(12) Kha: Str check: [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
** (25) Agatha adjusts her grip and plants her feet. "Alright..." **
(25) Agatha: "Three!"
** (15) Vrondard tugs away... "arrg!" **
(13) DM: And it doesn't move.
(24) Git: Str check: [1d20+0] -> [13,0] = (13)
** (12) Kha grunts under the strain **
(15) Vrondard: "aint goina budge and yer goina bust the rope soon"
(24) Git: "Okay... I'm going over there."
(15) Vrondard: "seen it before..."
** (24) Git reties his saftey line. **
** (12) Kha stops straining on the rope and sits down to watch git cross the rope **
(25) Agatha: "Garh!"
(24) Git: "I'm gonna check it out. Hold this side tight."
** (24) Git wraps his legs up over the rope and uses his hands to pull him along sloth style toward the boat **
(72) Adam500 (enter): 00:29
(72) Adam500 (exit): 00:29
(13) DM: (er ok....I need 3 reflex checks)
(13) DM: (or 3 climb checks. one or the other)
(74) Mikal (enter): 00:30
(24) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [11,9] = (20)
(24) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [4,9] = (13)
(24) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [6,9] = (15)
(24) Git: (any circumstance bonuses for my sloth climb?)
(13) DM: (+2)
(13) DM: (lucky bastard.)
(13) DM: (lol)
(24) Git: ; P
(13) DM: Git reaches the boat safely.
(15) Vrondard: "you want me to go over there wid em?"
(24) Git: (so.. I make it to the boat?)
(15) Vrondard: "you want protection Git?" he yells
(12) Kha: "I would not recomend trying to cross Vrondard"
(24) Git: "Not right now, Vrondard. Just hold the line"
(15) Vrondard: "I could do that easy"
(12) Kha: "And if I understand your opinions of me if I think something is un safe then you should realy think twice about it"
(15) Vrondard: "just take me armor off...no issue at all"
(24) Git: "Dwarf. Stay."
(15) Vrondard: "only issue would be dealin wid whatever trouble Git cooks up over there"
(15) Vrondard: "Alright! Yer Hide Not Mine!"
** (24) Git looks about the vessel (assuming I made it) **
(15) Vrondard: (to Git)
(25) Agatha: "He's right though. Be careful there, monkeyman. We don't know how many lives you've got left."
** (12) Kha dubble check to make sure the rope is still secured to the pillar **
(13) DM: (yes you made it. it's empty)
(74) Mikal (exit): 00:41
** (24) Git hooks his safty line on the grappling hook and moves to examine the gem (search for traps and difficulty to remove) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [10,8] = (18)
** (12) Kha decides to try waling the rope between the pillar and the edge but not going out over it **
** (24) Git takes out a small pry bar and tries to work the gem free **
(15) Vrondard: ((watch him drop it and we are stuck here forever!))
(31) Norfirion: afk 10
(15) Vrondard: (("Hey Guys I got it... ooops"))
(24) Git: (woops.... )
(13) DM: Well...
(13) DM: (the bow is affixed to the front of the boat)
(13) DM: (er I mean, the gem is affixed on the bow, which is on the front of the boat)
(24) Git: (well, if there's nothing below it, I'll hang my satchel under to catch it incase it slips)
(13) DM: (so since you're IN the boat, I need a reflex save at -1 while you're working the gem free.)
(24) Git: (any bonus for my safety line?)
(13) DM: (not really)
(13) DM: (the reflex is to see if you drop the gem)
(13) DM: (there's a chance it might not drop into the satchel)
(15) Vrondard: ((see if i was over there i could have been holding the gem))
(24) Git: (rather it didn't drop in the stachel at all if I could keep a hold on it)
(13) DM: (ok)
(13) DM: (so you've got it free)
(31) Norfirion: back
(24) Git: "Oooo..."
** (24) Git shoves the gem in his stachel, reattaches the grappel to the boat and begins back across to the others **
(24) Git: (3 more reflex saves, right?)
(24) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [12,9] = (21)
(24) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [3,9] = (12)
(24) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [19,9] = (28)
(13) DM: (did you include the +2 for the sloth?)
(24) Git: (no)
(24) Git: (but yes, going sloth)
(13) DM: Very well, Git makes it back to the room.
(31) Norfirion: "Well done...."
(15) Vrondard: ((bah he fell!))
(31) Norfirion: (heh)
(13) DM: ((no, he didn't.))
** (24) Git takes out his gem and regathers his items from the floor **
(31) Norfirion: "And so it nears it's end."
(25) Agatha: "Nice job. Now's let's grab the staff and get the hell out of this godforsaken place."
** (31) Norfirion nods as he stands up and approaches git with his hand open. **
(24) Git: "Yes please."
** (24) Git looks at Norf's open hand, smiles and gives it a shake before heading off into the burial chamber **
** (31) Norfirion shrugs. **
** (31) Norfirion follows after Git. **
(24) Git: "Ok staff. May we take you now?"
(13) DM: Nothing seems to happen.
** (25) Agatha brings up the rear, watching behind her for Munafik. **
** (31) Norfirion eyes the sarcophagus as Git addresses the statue. **
** (24) Git shrugs and tries to pick up the staff **
** (31) Norfirion moves away from Git just incase lightning goes flying again. **
(13) Voice: What is your will?
(24) Git: "Not this again..." :shakes head: "We will to free the curse from the pyramid"
(13) Voice: Then, enter the passage of the King and enter his likeness, for you have no Fate but the Fate you are given, in the name of Ra, the Ever-Living.
(13) DM: The statue slides open, revealing an empty passage, 10' wide by 20' deep.
(24) Git: "Okay..."
(12) Kha: ((AFK Sister just called))
** (24) Git picks up the staff and heads through **
(25) Agatha: "How come we always hear that just before we go jumping into certain doom?"
** (31) Norfirion follows Git inside. **
(13) DM: Git disappears.
(13) DM: There is a tremendous explosion as the entire pyramid is shaken to its core.
(13) DM: Norfirion vanishes.
(25) Agatha: "What'd I tell you. What'd I tell you!"
(31) Norfirion: (lol)
(24) Git: "Norf?"
(13) DM: (Git and Norf aren't with you, so you don't hear that)
(24) Git: (I disappear too? Where too?)
(25) Agatha: "Watch our backside. That might be the mummy making his last hurrah. I'll grab Git and the wizard."
** (25) Agatha runs into the passage to find Git and Norf. **
(13) DM: She vanishes as well.
(24) Git: (halif and wa'run follow through?)
(13) DM: (ok, the people who are AFK, I assume will follow as well. need to speed this up)
(25) Agatha: ((brb))
(13) DM: (yes)
(24) Git: "So... where does the river go?"
(31) Norfirion: "Kha has a map I believe"
** (15) Vrondard follows **
(13) DM: Once you enter the corridor, you're outside the pyramid. The river Athis now flows in its channel, to the north. So ends the curse of Ra, the Ever-Living.
(31) Norfirion: "Tomorrow morning, if we're alive, I'll examine the gem and staff with my magics and see what exactly they do. I have an idea of the star-gem, if its anything like the other one, then it increases a spellcaster's ability in a certain school of magic."
(15) Vrondard: "so thats it?"
(12) Kha: ((Sister is still on the phone freaking out about flying tommarow))
(15) Vrondard: "hmmm didn't even get to whoop nothin"
(24) Git: "I believe a bit of revery is in order"
(15) Vrondard: ((tell her terrorists wouldn't fool with the plane... no news coverage))
(24) Git: " Wahoo!" :git takes off toward the river, dropping his gear and stripping off clothing on the way before diving into the water:
(15) Vrondard: "bah! what are you doin?"
(24) Git: "The backstroke"
(12) Kha: ((Not worried about them, just hates flying. She is very very orginized and hates anything that she can not controll))
** (31) Norfirion takes a seat on the bank of the water. **
** (12) Kha sniff the air and sits by the rivver before deciding to joinGit for a swim **
(24) Git: (then she should bring a toy steering wheel on the plane with her. Whenever she's feeling a lack of control she can "steer the plane" to take her mind off things)
** (15) Vrondard doesnt partake **
** (13) Halif rumbles his appreciation, as he leads Wa'run out **
(24) Git: "Wa'run, you know where this river leads too?"
** (25) Agatha breathes in deep the fresh night air, but is still suspicious of the surroundings. **
(13) Wa'run: By the eternal mercy of the Ever-Living! I am in your debt.
(12) Kha: "Want to swim to clean off the fith of that place Halif?"
(13) Wa'run: It leads to the north and east, to the Oasis of the Palm.
(13) DM: (north and west)
(24) Git: "Darn.. we could have really used that boat then"
(15) Vrondard: "well least its showin us the way there"
(31) Norfirion: "I don't think Vrondard is very fond of boats to say the least."
(15) Vrondard: "much betta than walkin round these sands and gettin lost"
(24) Git: "What do you all say? Rest here a night? Follow the river to the oasis in the morning?"
** (31) Norfirion nods. **
(12) Kha: "Sounds good to me"
(25) Agatha: "Nah, I think we can call it even, Halif. But then, I suppose that's up to Kha. If it weren't for him, we'd have killed you outright."
(15) Vrondard: "yep... Aggie and Git r still hurt"
** (25) Agatha turns to the others. "Aye, I could use a good rest." **
** (12) Kha looks up "Halif owns me nothing unless he feels he owns me for something I would do for anyone" **
(24) Git: "Great it's settled. Still a shame we don't have a boat though." :dives under the water:
** (31) Norfirion drinks from his wineskin and eats a small portion of his dry rations before opening his book to begin his study for the night. **
(24) Git: (ff?)
(13) Halif: No, I am in your debt. I cannot leave until I have repaid you in kind. Honor demands that I must.
(31) Norfirion: "I wonder if there are fish in this river. It'd be a welcome treat compared to measely hard tack."
(15) Vrondard: "har try drinkin the water close to the exit o' that water... maybe it still will heal ya"
(15) Vrondard: "like it would insides"
(15) Vrondard: "fish is fer being eaten by other fish methinks"
(15) Vrondard: "aint got no feet... not fit to eat"
(15) Vrondard: "what me mammy told me"
(31) Norfirion: "Well she clearly had a poor diet."
(31) Norfirion: "Fish contain vital materials for a healthy mind."
** (13) Wa'run is slightly dazed by seeing the outside of the pyramid. "When we get to the Oasis, I shall introduce you to my people. And perhaps my sister can be freed." **
(15) Vrondard: "you sayin me mammy aint right?" he says ornerily
(25) Agatha: "Oh you're just upset because you had that bad fish back in Tolmara."
(24) Git: "Will do Wa'run"
** (31) Norfirion sighs at the dwarf. **
(15) Vrondard: "Ive had fish before that.. wasnt any better then either"
(25) Agatha: "I told ya. Never eat fish on the first day of the week. It's just leftovers from the weekend."
(12) Kha: "Very well I can respect that Halif. I would enjoy your company anyways, you could teach me about your people. I know very little, closer to nothing about them"
(15) Vrondard: "aint hardly go no blood in it... how can that be good fer ya?"
(15) Vrondard: "might as well eat twigs"
(31) Norfirion: "I'm sure there are some of those hump backed beasts around here someplace for you to eat then. I'll stick with the fish."
(12) Kha: "I dont know if I would eat fish from a river that was just recently un cursed, weekend or no"
(31) Norfirion: "And this is coming from Kha? Ha Thats a first."
** (12) Kha finishes bathing and exits the river feeling very refreshed" **
(31) Norfirion: "Well you're the one out there pradling around in the waters, it can't be any worse."
(31) Norfirion: "Bah, everyone scared of a little bit of food."
(31) Norfirion: "So, are we going to camp here for the night?"
(15) Vrondard: "scared and not likiin sumthin are two different things... yeah here is good"
(15) Vrondard: "no use running into anything we aint ready to quarrel wid"
** (31) Norfirion rolls out his bedroll under the stars on the sand. **
(25) Agatha: "Aye. It won't do us any good to travel in our condition."
(25) Agatha: "So who's got first watch?"
** (15) Vrondard tries to find a rock or a hard patch of sand to lay on **
(12) Kha: "Sure it can, the fish have been swiming in a cursed temple for years, the water is now flowing so I have no probles using the moving water to clean myself but to eat the fish who may still be tained is differant. Probably helps that I do not need to eat so I am not overly hungry, though if I was starving I would probably eat them"
(31) Norfirion: "Then I'm going to bed. I want to be up early to have some time to examine the gem and staff before it gets too hot and we depart. It'll take me a few hours."
(15) Vrondard: "I'll take the middle watch seein as the light will be worse then"
(12) Kha: "I'll take first watch"
(31) Norfirion: "I'll take the last, since I plan to rise early anyways."
(24) Git: "And I'll take... a nap"
(15) Vrondard: "then Git maybe... then Agatha after me then Norf"
(15) Vrondard: "yeah"
(31) Norfirion: "Git, could you set those objects someplace I can examine them without having to wake you up to retrieve them in the morning?"
(15) Vrondard: (thats 10 hours... 8 hours of sleep for everyone)
(12) Kha: ((I only need two so I can take a second watch))
(15) Vrondard: "and Walif and Wa'run can double up on a watch"
(24) Git: :to norf: "They're right there in the sand. Do what you please with them"
(15) Vrondard: "their choice"
** (31) Norfirion nods. **
(31) Norfirion: "Goodnight everyone" *he says as he closes his eyes in meditation, sitting atop his bedroll.
** (15) Vrondard eats some fod and beds down as well **
** (12) Kha stoes his belonging near the others and sets of on a circet around the camp to see if there is anything interesting lurking about **
(13) DM: Nothing occurs during the night. (FF)
** (31) Norfirion awakens in the morning and prepares 2 identify spells and begins his examination of the gem and staff. **
** (12) Kha sets up his Alter and prays for an hour finishing just as the sun fully raises **
** (31) Norfirion he grinds 2 small pearls into dust in a mortar and pestal before mixing them with a glass of wine, stirred with a large owl feather. **
** (31) Norfirion downs the brew and begins his casting as he sits in front of the objects in the sand. **
(13) Basht: Mrrr. (stretches out as she reclines next to Git.)
(12) Kha: "I missed you last time Basht"
(25) Agatha: "Oh Git, tell me you didn't."
(13) DM: You're not sure how she got here. Almost like she slipped in when you weren't looking.
** (24) Git lies in the sun, relaxing. "Not that I remember. but that wouldn't be the first time **
(24) Git: "What can we do for you kitten?"
(13) Basht: Mrreow.
(15) Vrondard: ((were we doing overnight healing... can't remember our proceedure))
(13) Basht: So, I see you have broken the curse of the Ever-Living Lord.
(12) Kha: "So we have broken the curse of this place. It that the prophacy the mace had been talking about, which seems to have gone silent now"
(15) Vrondard: ((stans custom method))
(13) Basht: And where next will you go?
(24) Git: :basking lazily in the sun: "We'll follow the river to the oasis. Haven't decided if we'll stop for the lion's whatever gem on the way."
(25) Agatha: "I dunno. We follow the river, I suppose."
(12) Kha: "North to the Oasis, may stop and pick up a Gem on the way so we can stop the local religious assasins from killing people to convert them"
(13) Basht: I see. (stretches lazily) Well, I hope that you have found a way to deal with those that walk the shadows and deal in the souls of men.
** (12) Kha lifts an eye brow **
(13) Basht: Munafik was but a taste of what you shall face as you pursue Khalitarius.
(24) Git: "Yeah.....who?"
(25) Agatha: "Aye, what he said."
(13) Basht: I will not be able to help you when you gain entrance to the Oasis. The Oasis hides a deadly secret to those who do not worship the Taker.
(12) Kha: "The eyeless thing seem to walk the shadows, but I doubt thats what she is talking about"
(13) Basht: There is a temple to the Taker in the Oasis. An irony that a place of a wealth of life would disguise that which is a wealth of death.
(12) Kha: "Where else to hide death then in life"
(15) Vrondard: http://www.sokora.com/index.php?strip_id=35
(15) Vrondard: (cartoon of a picture of what Basht might look like)
(13) DM: eh?
(12) Kha: "We should be on our way before the day gets too hot."
(15) Vrondard: "what if we don't worship the Taker?"
(15) Vrondard: "well aint we walkin at night..."
(15) Vrondard: "might as well stay here and find some shade"
(13) Basht: Then you will need to defeat his minions, of which there are many.
(24) Git: "How many?"
(12) Kha: "Should be cool enough close to the water to travel durring the day, but if you prefer to travel at night thats fine"
(13) Basht: Mrrr, it is written in the Book of the Wise that a gate to the Undying Lands lies within a temple to the Taker, in the Oasis of the Palm.
(75) Jultach (enter): 02:01
(75) Jultach (exit): 02:01
(13) Basht: This gate lies within a pit of fire, deep in the temple's heart.
(15) Vrondard: ((well if we rest here all day then we can get a day's healing as well))
(24) Git: "Why am I guessing the star also resides in this pit of fire?"
(13) Basht: Mrrow, no, but to get the third Star, the Star of Shah-Pelar, you will need to enter this temple. The Star is hidden in a place of knowledge.
(24) Git: "Sounds like a library"
(12) Kha: "Since we are resting for the day let me tend your wounds while we chat with our feline friend"
(24) Git: "Guess we'll find out when we get there."
** (12) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
** (12) Kha looks over everyone determining who has taken the most wounds **
** (12) Kha walks over to Agatha **
** (12) Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [4d8+2] -> [7,8,7,6,2] = (30) DMG to Subdual} **
(24) Git: "Is there anything you can tell us abou tthe place where the Lion gem is kept?"
(13) Basht: Mrrow. No.
** (12) Kha goes over to Git "This should ease your wounds" **
** (12) Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [3d8+2] -> [7,8,6,2] = (23) DMG to Subdual} **
(24) Git: "Kitten. you're lucky you're beatiful. Cause this selective help thing would get real old real soon otherwise."
** (25) Agatha feels much better, though a tad heady. "Whoo. I don't think I'll ever get used to that rush." **
(13) DM: (I'm cutting things short tonight because I'm falling asleep. 20 minute warning.)
(24) Git: :to kha: "Ah,,,, thanks. My organs needed that"
** (12) Kha goes over to Vrondard "I know you dont like magic Vrond but would you like me to ease your wounds?" **
(15) Vrondard: "better work on Aggie and Git if they aren't fixed up"
(15) Vrondard: "though you should know... some magic is ok wid me"
(13) Basht: Hsst. (frowns at Git) I am a servant of my master. I cannot cross into a place where my kind is not welcomed.
(15) Vrondard: (looks at Norfirion)
(15) Vrondard: "and some aint me favorite"
(13) Basht: The place known as the Citadel of the Everlasting is a place where those such as Kor and Hajama are followed.
(25) Agatha: "Don't worry about us Vrondard. I'm doing much better, though my head is swimming."
(24) Git: "Ah... that's okay, luv" :scratches her head like a kitten: "You know we'll find our way somehow"
** (31) Norfirion perks open and eye and glances at the dwarf, then returns to his meditation. **
(15) Vrondard: "where does this magic come from anyway?"
(12) Kha: "They will be fine now. My healing is not like other clerical healing, at last not what I have been doing. Though it is not like Norf's magic either."
(15) Vrondard: "hmmm it be like a scald's powers perhaps?"
(15) Vrondard: (bard)
(23) FireBall (exit): 02:13
(15) Vrondard: ((basically paladin, cleric and bard spells are ok in dwarven circles))
(15) Vrondard: ((or any other divine nature... at least from non-orc or goblin gods of course))
(12) Kha: "No closer to that of the Aes Sedai I suspect though I am not compleatly sure"
** (15) Vrondard looks at Kha like he is speaking gibberish **
(12) Kha: "It is neither divinly given nor arcanly derived"
(15) Vrondard: "Well I don't know much about that... sounds neither good or bad to me"
** (24) Git lies back, singing an old elven song as he relaxes **
(12) Kha: "Ok well well see how you like it"
** (12) Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [2d8+2] -> [6,7,2] = (15) DMG to Subdual} **
** (25) Agatha turns to Basht. "So is there anything else we should know about?" **
(15) Vrondard: "Aye thats a wee bit cold on the leather there"
(15) Vrondard: "sure that aint no dead Lich hand magic?"
(15) Vrondard: "heard stories bout them"
(12) Kha: "It isnt death lich magic Vrondard"
(13) Basht: Well, any wisdom that I impart must be something you want to know. What do you want to know?
** (15) Vrondard checks himself for permanent scarring **
(15) Vrondard: "well me beard aint falling out and my hair aint green"
(15) Vrondard: "I'll let you know how it works out"
(15) Vrondard: .
(24) Git: :breaks from his singing to joke to basht: "Your measurements"
(24) Git: :sings on:
(25) Agatha: "Hunh. Uh...well for starters. I can't help but feel sorry for those thieves we left in there. What's gonna happen to them?"
** (12) Kha tries to stifle a laugh while looking at Vrondard but not succeding very well **
(13) DM: Vrondard's hair is now pink.
(13) DM: A flaming hot pink.
(13) Basht: They'll simply starve, of course. (nonchalantly)
** (12) Kha tries to sound serious "I think maybe those pink trees we saw when we virst meet are now having an advers effect on you Vrond" **
(15) Vrondard: "whats so funny?"
(24) Git: :assures vorndard: "Nothing."
(24) Git: :to basht: "Is there a way back into the pyramid to let those thieves out?"
** (12) Kha continues to laugh failing utterly to hold it back **
(15) Vrondard: "What?"
** (12) Kha sits down so he does not fall over laughing "Your hair is pink" **
(15) Vrondard: "Yer made me hair pink?"
(13) Basht: Not to my knowledge.
** (15) Vrondard shines up his shield and takes a look **
(31) Norfirion: "You can't blame this one on me." *perks up from his silence without opening an eye*
** (12) Kha diggs though his bags for something shinny and holds it up so Vrond can see himself **
(13) Basht: When you broke the curse, you also sealed the tomb, to prevent the priest of the Taker from leaving.
(15) Vrondard: "Why not... yer most likely ta blame anyway!"
(24) Git: :shrug: "Regretable" :casually returns to sunbathing:
(13) DM: (on this note, we'll stop)
(25) Agatha: "Oh..."
(15) Vrondard: "bah I can see it" pushing Kha's item away

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