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(8550) DM: so, does anyone need a recap?
(8571) Norfirion: I'm good to go
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (8573) Vrondard...
(8549) Git: (led by spoony mcgnome to chamber with big stone asswhooper. fight in progress)
(8550) DM: (lost the init progression)
(8550) DM: (pls IM me your inits)
(8573) Vrondard: Kha Vron Agatha Git Norf?
(8549) Git: hey, glad you could make it
(8573) Vrondard: (that sound right?)
(8562) Kha: ((Thats what I remember))
(8549) Git: (sounds about right)
(8571) Norfirion: fine with me, i delayed i think anyways
(8573) Vrondard: Kha 24 Vron 21 AGatha 16
(8573) Vrondard: and i dont know the lower ones
(8550) DM: (11 git and 10 Norf)
(8550) DM: (brb)
(8550) DM: (25, Kha)
(8550) DM: (21, Vron)
(8550) DM: (Vron?)
(8573) Vrondard: (sorry)
** (8573) Vrondard attacks? **
(8573) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+6+4+1+1] -> [18,6,4,1,1] = (30) Critical on Natural 20
(8539) Agatha: ((Keep in mind, haste is active.))
(8573) Vrondard: (think i got on the thing so i can full attack)
(8539) Agatha: ((Though one of us is normal because of slow.))
(8573) Vrondard: (ah thats me)
(8573) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (adj):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+6+4+1+1+-5] -> [5,6,4,1,1,-5] = (12) Critical on Natural 20
(8573) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [3,4,1] = (8) damage
(8573) Vrondard: (done dodge on it)
(8550) DM: (so 8 dmg total?)
(8573) Vrondard: (yes)
(8571) Norfirion: didnt we have a map last time?
(8573) Vrondard: (yes must not have saved it)
(8571) Norfirion: think i had 2 crocs, or did those die?
(8550) DM: (k. It doesn't seem to have been affected...)
(8539) Agatha: ((I think the crocs are still there. The golem focused its attack on me.))
(8549) Git: (no, but one almost did ^_^ )
(8550) DM: (16 Ag)
(8571) Norfirion: yeah i found my notes finally
(8571) Norfirion: I'm also invis
** (8539) Agatha refuses to die in this horrid place, far and unknown from her children. She rages on against the golem, harder than ever before. **
(8539) Agatha: ((power attack: -6 to att, +6 to dmg. Also, rage))
(8562) Kha: Will save: [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
(8539) Agatha: [1d20+6+2+1] -> [18,6,2,1] = (27)
(8539) Agatha: [4d6+9+6] -> [4,1,2,6,9,6] = (28)
(8539) Agatha: ((second attack))
(8539) Agatha: [1d20+6+2+1] -> [19,6,2,1] = (28)
(8539) Agatha: ((threat))
(8573) Vrondard: (prob cant be critted)
(8539) Agatha: ((roll to determine crit))
(8549) Git: (construct. no crit)
(8539) Agatha: ((damn. ok))
(8539) Agatha: [4d6+9+6] -> [5,1,4,1,9,6] = (26)
** (8549) Git smiles gladly at the mayhem **
(8539) Agatha: ((28 dmg on first attack, 26 from the second. 53 total))
(8573) Vrondard: (you get a third attack from haste?)
(8573) Vrondard: ((or should i say your lower bab attack))
(8550) DM: (3 hits)
(8539) Agatha: ((Do I? I have 2lvls of barbarian, 4 lvls ftr. I thought that got me only one attack normally))
(8573) Vrondard: (yes)
(8573) Vrondard: ((attack with the +1 bab now))
(8550) DM: (2 hits then)
(8539) Agatha: ((alright))
(8549) Git: ((at +6 bab you get a second attack at +1)
(8550) DM: (critical)
(8573) Vrondard: ((your normal full attack is +6/+1))
(8539) Agatha: ((Thanks.))
(8573) Vrondard: ((worried we are out of sync with DM))
(8549) Git: (in otherwords... you should have one more attack ^_^ )
(8550) DM: Suddenly, the golem focuses its attention on Kha, who seems to have snuck around the statue and now has his hands on the jar...
(8539) Agatha: ((third attack at +1 bab
(8550) DM: (AOO, Ag)
(8539) Agatha: [1d20+6+2+1] -> [18,6,2,1] = (27)
(8550) DM: (k)
(8573) Vrondard: ((type: hola... when you see it Stan))
(8539) Agatha: [4d6+9+6] -> [4,3,6,4,9,6] = (32)
(8573) Vrondard: ((ok that other attack hits ac 22))
(8550) DM: (and misses)
(8550) DM: (er...which, the AOO or 3rd attack?)
(8539) Agatha: ((that roll was AOO))
(8573) Vrondard: ((ok.. sorry))
(8539) Agatha: ((I was interrupted for 3rd attack. Doing that now if it's okay))
(8573) Vrondard: aoo hits AC 27
(8573) Vrondard: (3rd attack coming up)
(8550) DM: k
(8539) Agatha: [1d20+6+2+1+1] -> [5,6,2,1,1] = (15)
(8539) Agatha: [4d6+9] -> [4,1,4,2,9] = (20)
(8550) DM: (and misses)
(8573) Vrondard: ((that hits ac 10))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [16,18] = (34)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [19,18] = (37)
(8573) Vrondard: ((nj A))
(8550) DM: The statue moves towards Kha and pummels him, once in the ribs (AC 34) and whiplashes him again, in the face (AC 37). You think you heard a rib snap.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d10+9] -> [3,9,9] = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d10+9] -> [10,5,9] = (24)
** (8562) Kha colapses to the floor **
(8550) DM: (11, Git)
(8549) Git: (delay)
(8539) Agatha: "KHA!"
(8539) Agatha: "Fall you bastard!"
(8550) DM: The jar falls out of Kha's hands and rolls on the floor, settling to a stop next to the statue.
(8539) Agatha: (to golem)
(8550) DM: (10, Norf)
(8549) Git: Oooo.. In that case I'll make a grab for the jar if I can
(8550) DM: (and the statue has an AOO on you then)
(8571) Norfirion: (can i guess how much the jar weighs?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [6,18] = (24)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [14,18] = (32)
(8549) Git: (can't tumble to avoid aoo?)
(8550) DM: (can try)
(8571) Norfirion: thats for moving
(8550) DM: (Int)
(8549) Git: (of course i will.)
whispering to Norfirion, intel check
(8571) Norfirion: Ability Score Check: Intelligence [1d20+5] -> [19,5] = (24)
whispering to Norfirion, 5 lbs.
** (8549) Git leaps one of Norf's crocs to make agrab for the jar before rolling away to use the croc as a living barrier for the golem to cross to get at him **
(8549) Git: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [5,10] = (15)
(8549) Git: (ooooohhh.. just barely)
whispering to Git, Will save
(8549) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [20,2] = (22)
whispering to Git, no effect
(8550) DM: (norf?)
(8571) Norfirion: well did git suceed on getting the jar or not?
(8549) Git: (seem to have)
(8568) zebbin/tim (exit): 23:32
** (8571) Norfirion steps forward and motions his arm as a greasey slick appears beneath the golem's feat. **
(8571) Norfirion: (Casting grease)
(8585) erendor (enter): 23:33
(8550) DM: (k)
(8464) PantherClaw (enter): 23:34
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [17,3] = (20)
(8571) Norfirion: (Ref save DC 17)
(8550) DM: (made)
(8550) DM: (21, Vron)
(8464) PantherClaw (exit): 23:34
(8573) Vrondard: ((well its probably 10x10'... no worries))
(8571) Norfirion: its 10' radius, so i assume my crocs are unaffected by that
(8549) Git: (that's one nimble golem)
** (8573) Vrondard attacks... **
(8571) Norfirion: if the monster's large sized
(8573) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+6+4+1+1+2] -> [11,6,4,1,1,2] = (25) Critical on Natural 20
[1d20+1+4+1+1+2] -> [17,1,4,1,1,2] = (26) Critical on Natural 20
(8573) Vrondard: (dodge on it...)
(8550) DM: (1 hit)
(8573) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Raging Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+6+1] -> [4,6,1] = (11) damage
(8573) Vrondard: (done)
** (8571) Norfirion also directs croc 1 to retrieve Kha and to retreat, and croc2 to guard Git taking total defense in front of him. **
(8550) DM: (but it seems to do nothing)
(8550) DM: (16, Ag)
(8516) Green (enter): 23:36
(8516) Green (exit): 23:37
** (8539) Agatha ignores the blood seeping into her eyes and thoughts of home and focuses on killing this stone atrosity to protect the people depending on her. **
(8571) Norfirion: (they have 20' speed for reference)
(8539) Agatha: ((power attack: -6 att, +6 dmg))
(8539) Agatha: [1d20+6+2+1] -> [7,6,2,1] = (16)
(8539) Agatha: [4d6+9+6] -> [1,5,4,4,9,6] = (29)
(8539) Agatha: ((second attack normal))
(8550) DM: (16 misses)
(8539) Agatha: ((I'm using the Stonecutter))
(8550) DM: (nm. yes. the golem collapses)
(8550) DM: As the statue collapses and falls to the floor, the memory of Stonecutter winks out of Agatha's hands.
(8571) Norfirion: "It's purpose is complete."
(8573) Vrondard: "bah! where did it go..."
** (8539) Agatha drops to her knees, panting heavily. She stares at her hands. **
** (8549) Git spits on the decimated remnants of the statue. "That's what you get curshing one of ours. How is stupid anyway?" Referring to Kha. **
(8573) Vrondard: "fickle sword... figures"
(8571) Norfirion: "I wonder where the real blade is.... I bet it will soon be claimed. This doesn't all seem like a coincidence."
(8571) Norfirion: "It's the fickle finger of fate."
(8573) Vrondard: "Kha... he's been bent up good..."
(8539) Agatha: "huhhh.....huhhh....Kha... Is he alive?"
** (8573) Vrondard examines him as best as he can.... [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2) heal check **
(8573) Vrondard: "hmm think he's dead"
** (8549) Git moves over to kneel by Aggy, jar under one arm as he looks her over. Glancing to Kha he nods. "He doesn't look completely dead." **
(8573) Vrondard: "he aint moving his lips... he's dead"
(8573) Vrondard: "been around a lot of blokes in my years... and hardly ever talk-ed more than he"
(8539) Agatha: "We can't die here...Not in this godforsaken place..."
(8573) Vrondard: "he aint talkin and his lips aint moving... e's dead"
** (8549) Git raises a brow and approaches Kha, checking him over suddenly" **
(8549) Git: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+1] -> [19,1] = (20)
(8550) DM: (unconscious)
(8588) Green (enter): 23:44
** (8549) Git slaps Vron up side the head. ":Don't scare me like that idiot! He's just knocked out." **
(8549) Git: "Anyone have any of that river water or anything left?"
(8571) Norfirion: Heal Check [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
whispering to Norfirion, you're not sure about his state
whispering to Green, they're on a different level
whispering to Green, but same dungeon
** (8539) Agatha rises shakily to her feet. **
(8571) Norfirion: "Hmmmm"
(8539) Agatha: "I have some. Lemme get a look at him."
** (8549) Git does his best trying to straighten Kha's body and wrap is wound for now **
(8549) Git: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+1] -> [9,1] = (10)
whispering to Git, he's breathing...
** (8539) Agatha kneels by Kha's body and and tries to tend to his wounds. **
(8539) Agatha: "You ain't doing it right. Let me do it."
(8539) Agatha: Heal check: [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(8573) Vrondard: "or we can drag him back to o' miss riddle"
(8549) Git: :to aggy: "You should be resting yourself after all that." "Maybe Gwyn can do some good here.
(8573) Vrondard: "and get us a fresh batch"
** (8549) Git stands picking up the jar and looking it over as the others try to get resettled **
(8539) Agatha: "Not until we've got the lad patched up."
(8571) Norfirion: "So what do you make of it? Is he going to live?"
** (8539) Agatha looks over the knots. **
(8539) Agatha: "Well I've stopped the bleeding, but he's in bad shape."
(8550) Basht: IT seems to be a jar crafted out of crystal. Inside is a human heart, still beating and suspended in mid air.
(8550) DM: (oops)
(8573) Vrondard: "lets all go back to the waterin whole..."
(8573) Vrondard: "everyone mostly needs some fixin up"
(8550) DM: A grotesque sight indeed.
(8573) Vrondard: "and its best to all stay together-like"
(8592) Elathan (D) (enter): 23:52
** (8573) Vrondard goes and hoists Kha up over his shoulder... **
** (8549) Git takes the jar to an empty corner of the chamber as he hums a somber death dirge. "Well..... good night." Unceremoniously he throws the jar at the stone of the wall **
(8573) Vrondard: "come now lets... "
(8571) Norfirion: "Why dont we just open the jar and destroy his heart?"
(8550) DM: The jar shatters, and the sound of a human heart beating fills the cavern.
(8571) Norfirion: ""Ah yes thank you Git."
(8573) Vrondard: "weren't we supposed to be doing things in some sorta order?"
** (8539) Agatha cringes as she gets up. She grabs at her side. **
** (8571) Norfirion claps mocking. **
** (8549) Git appraches with a drawn dagger and coldyl lines up the blade for a step into the disembodied organ **
(8571) Norfirion: "Now we kill that bastard next."
** (8573) Vrondard will drag Kha along **
(8592) Elathan (D) (exit): 23:56
** (8562) Kha groans as he is being dragged **
** (8539) Agatha gets out her waterskin and sips at the river water. **
Player Green with ID:8588 now being ignored
(8549) Git: :To vrondard: "Have some compassion. Use some tethered packs or a bed roll to pull him on at least.
Player Green with ID:8588 no longer ignored
(8539) Agatha: ((brb))
(8571) Norfirion: "So was the heart destroyed Git?"
Player Green with ID:8588 now being ignored
(8549) Git: (any ill effect from stabbing the heart? Did it disappear? is the pyramid suddenly crumbling? did I get my gloves dirty?)
(8550) DM: (Ah. was not clear on that.)
** (8549) Git stabs it again to be clear. **
(8549) Git: .. and again to spite it.
(8549) Git: Then stands of over the heart crotch-chopping in berrating victory
(8550) DM: As you (Git) plunge your dagger into the heart, it swiftly withers and blackens, then implodes soundlessly. An anguished scream elsewhere in the pyramid makes your hair stand up and sends chills down your spine. Then all is silence.
(8550) DM: Vontaros once again glows.
(8549) Git: "That felt real good." :shakes over the creeps and follows the othres out, helping Vrondard get kha back to the wating noc's
(8539) Agatha: "I think somebody's mad now."
** (8573) Vrondard moves to the nearest watering hole he knows about **
(8539) Agatha: "We'll have to watch our step."
(8573) Vrondard: "hope worse than that"
whispering to Git, whisper something to me
(8549) Git: "Yeah, well, if he is still alive, hopefully he'll be a bit more tolerable next time we run into him.
whispering to Git, this is what I was referring to earlier
(8571) Norfirion: "Indeed."
(8571) Norfirion: "That fool will be nothing that cinders when I'm done."
** (8573) Vrondard will pour some water down Kha's gullet when he gets there **
(8573) Vrondard: "come on wake up... me thinks yer spear is all agimatated"
(8539) Agatha: "Heh. Oww. Just let me know before you go blowing him up."
(8539) Agatha: "Git, Norfirion. Why don't you go up ahead and find Halif and the others? Vron and I will catch up."
(8549) Git: (how's our gnome buddy doing?)
(8539) Agatha: ((I think he high-tailed it after we got to the room))
(8573) Vrondard: (hmm we are sort of not near the water pools arent we...)
(8573) Vrondard: (forgot about that...)
(8571) Norfirion: "We should stay together."
** (8539) Agatha uses her greataxe for support as she trudges along. **
(8571) Norfirion: "We're already down one man."
(8573) Vrondard: "yep... so are we going to backtrack down to the well or not"
(8550) DM: He resumed spoon digging.
(8539) Agatha: "Aye, but if you can get to Gwynn quickly she can tend to Kha sooner."
(8549) Git: "Aye. I'll go ahead to get her ready." :Take your time.
** (8549) Git climbs ahead through the tunnel back to the now upside down room **
(8573) Vrondard: ((where the hell is she... and why wouldnt we want to be cheap and just use the water))
(8549) Git: (does anyone else have any river water?)
(8539) Agatha: ((She's with Halif and Wa'run. Those two aren't exactly equipped to take on wraiths.))
(8550) DM: Eventually you emerge into the room where you first saw the gnome. Basht is here. Gwynnoria is nowhere to be found. Halif and Wa'run are asleep.
(8550) Basht: So...you have found your ka-tet. Mrrr.
** (8539) Agatha frowns as she sees the cat-lady. "Well you picked a fine time to show up. Where the hell have you been?" **
(8571) Norfirion: "Useless woman."
(8550) Basht: I have always been with you. (smiles slyly)
** (8549) Git peers at basht curiously as he climbs down the rope. "I'm assuming there never really was a gwynnoria, right?" **
(8550) Basht: No, there was not. She was a shape I took a liking to. Mrr.
(8549) Git: :raises a brow: "That anxious to spend time with me again?"
(8472) Ryoko (enter): 00:17
(8550) Basht: So. (stands up and stretches) You have slain the Taker of Set, and for this I congratulate you. His death has unsealed many doors and made it possible for Ra's prophecy to be fulfilled.
(8539) Agatha: "All well and good. Why didn't you just show yourself instead of playing all these infernal games?"
** (8550) Basht chuckles softly, as she clambers down the rope after the rogue. "In a manner of speaking, mortal, yes." **
(8571) Norfirion: "Where are the great tomes he kept here?"
(8550) Basht: There are rules, Agatha. There are always rules.
(8573) Vrondard: "yeah thats all good and all"
(8573) Vrondard: "but me friend here aint in any condition fer any long speaches"
(8571) Norfirion: "I know he has them hidden away somewhere. I should check the room we last encountered him in."
** (8550) Basht looks to Norfirion. "I might be a cat, but I do not know everything." **
(8472) Ryoko (exit): 00:21
** (8571) Norfirion chuckles. "So say we all." **
(8573) Vrondard: "so if yer goin ta open any doors... open it to one of them water wells so I can get him all fixed up right and ready"
(8549) Git: :agreses: "Yes, would you mind offering a bit of your divine glory to gix up our comrades who've sweated and bled for this ka'tet thus far?"
** (8550) Basht looks at Kha with concern. "Have him hold my hand." **
(8571) Norfirion: "Aww how touching.."
** (8571) Norfirion assists with Kha. **
(8539) Agatha: "And rules told you to drop us right in the spot where we could release a flaming jin? One that would wreck havok, causing misery and death for everyone?"
** (8573) Vrondard trudges over there and exposes Kha to her touch **
** (8549) Git shrugs as Kha's hand is lifting to the lady, "Now you try to make me jealous? How juvenile." Jests as he hopes for a couple miracels **
(8562) Kha: "Teleute?"
(8562) Kha: ((Whispers))
** (8571) Norfirion drops hold of Kha and stands up. **
** (8562) Kha sighs **
** (8562) Kha mouths something **
** (8550) Basht murmurs to Agatha, "No, that was your doing, as the prophecy foretold. That strangers from a strange land would come and cause Khalitarius, the seventh lord of the City of Brass to arise from a slumber long sealed by the archmage Martek. And in so doing would bring about the return of Ra, the Ever Living." **
(8562) Kha: gm "So is the thing that Ton of Bricks that hit me dead?"
** (8550) Basht examines Kha, murmuring soothing words as she works over him. **
(8571) Norfirion: "Yes, it fell."
(8562) Kha: ((Ignore my last statment not sure if Kha can talk outloud yet =P))
(8550) Basht: Sleep the endless sleep. Return to the dreaming deep. Sleep, the endless sleep.
** (8550) Basht passes her hands over Kha, who settles into a deep sleep. Wounds close on his skin as pallor returns to the plainsman's cheeks. **
(8550) Basht: He must rest for a night and a day. Then he will be as before. (murmurs)
(8549) Git: "Sounds relaxing."
** (8539) Agatha watches the process, impressed. "Strong medicine." **
(8549) Git: "Got one more in ya?" :points to Aggy:
** (8562) Kha sighs in resignation **
(8550) Basht: Not as much, but I shall try.
(8550) Basht: (to Agatha) "Sit and take comfort in the might of Ra, the Ever Living."
** (8539) Agatha slowly sits down as a soothing warmth washes over her. **
(8550) DM: You spot a silver ankh around her neck, which glows with a strange inner light, as she works over Agatha, murmuring softly.
(8550) Basht: That spell that caused me to go astray was worked in part by the Taker. He is a minion of Set.
(8549) Git: :shrug: "We're use to big screw ups. no big deal"
(8539) Agatha: "Are there any more where he came from?"
(8550) Basht: Your part in the Taker's death will attract his attention in time. You have no Fate but the Fate you are given.
(8573) Vrondard: "how nice fer us"
(8573) Vrondard: "least we will get something out of this than just sand in me shorts"
** (8550) Basht whispers softly to Agatha, "Sleep the dreamless sleep. Return, to the wombless deep. Sleep the dreamless sleep," as she passes her hands over the barbarian's body. **
** (8550) Basht leans against the wall, exhausted, as Agatha slowly falls asleep. **
(8549) Git: "You alright to travel, kitten or we gonna have to carry you out too?"
(8573) Vrondard: "we aint goin anywhere fer a while Git"
(8550) Basht: I shall be able to walk in but a few hours, rogue. Mrrr. (smiles wearily)
(8573) Vrondard: "these do gots to sleep..."
(8573) Vrondard: (two)
** (8571) Norfirion takes a seat as he begins to use his mortal and pestal to make some herbal concocution. **
(8549) Git: "Too bad.":flirts to Basht and turns to his still conscious: "Aye, still got a stone to find
(8550) Basht: You asked why I was unable to appear before. As a servant of Ra, I could not since the Taker lived. I could not aid you in any direct way. Although I am but a minor servant, the rules apply to me as well.
** (8571) Norfirion finishes making his tea then downs it as he begins to meditate. **
(8550) Basht: You have four stones to find. Mrr. One is elsewhere in this tomb. I could tell you of the others...
(8585) erendor (exit): 00:40
(8549) Git: "that would be appreciate, kitten."
(8573) Vrondard: "please do..."
(8550) Basht: Very well.
(8550) Basht: The stones you are looking for are known as the Star Gems of Martek. They are magical jewels which will enable Martek to return to the land of the living. As one of the greatest servants of Ra, the Ever Living, this was prophesiesed in ages past. When Martek returns, so will Khalitarius be banished from the mortal realm until the end of time.
(8550) Basht: The flail you are carrying was and is a means for Khalitarius to prevent this from occurring. More about that later.
(8550) Basht: One Star Gem you already possess. This is the Star of Aga-Pelar, which was the capstone in the coffer that served as Khalitarius' spirit prison. You opened the prison which freed the ifrit, and in turn set the prophecy of Martek in motion.
(8550) Basht: The other Star Gems are the Star of Mo-Pelar, the Star of Khan-Pelar, the Star of Shah-Pelar and the Star of Melos-Pelar.
(8562) Kha: ((AFK for a few min since Kha is passed out anyways :) ))
** (8571) Norfirion pulls out the large fire opal and grasps it in his hand. **
(8550) Basht: The Star of Mo-Pelar was and is one of the symbols of rule given to pharoahs of Bakar. The other symbol is the ruling staff of Bakar. You were tasked to steal the Star of Mo-Pelar and the ruling staff of Bakar by Amunhotep's spirit. Steal the Star and the staff from Amunhotep's theft-proof tomb, so that the spirit of the pharoah may go to his eternal rest in Heaven Westward.
(8588) Green (exit): 00:46
(8571) Norfirion: "It will soon be done."
(8550) Basht: The Star of Shah-Pelar is the third Star Gem. It lies somewhere in the Oasis of the White Palm. It lies long forgotten in a place of light, in a place sacred to Set. Defeat the guardians of Set's temple and retrieve the Star.
(8549) Git: "That sounds taxing. maybe we can recruit some help for that." :rests against the wall as he listens and makes plans:
** (8573) Vrondard pays little head to all these strange gods and gems talk... **
(8550) Basht: The Star of Khan-Pelar is the fourth Star Gem. It lies in the Crypt of Al-Alisk, a place beholden to Khalitarius, from where the ifrit lord sends his unliving horde forth to ravage and destroy. Within this evil place, you will find that which you need to release the djinn lord who is Khalitarius' immortal enemy, Aeraldoth.
(8573) Vrondard: heed..
(8571) Norfirion: "Is there an order to all of this?"
(8549) Git: "Two warring elemental entities. that should improve things for the locals"
(8550) Basht: The Star of Melos-Pelar is the fifth and final Star Gem. It lies within the Cursed City of Stone, otherwise known as the City of Medinat al-Muskawoon, in the place known as Skysea. This place I do not know much, save that the skills of Kha and Norfirion will be key to your survival.
(8603) Zane (enter): 00:52
(8571) Norfirion: "Haha perfect."
(8549) Git: "I get nervous when people say that."
(8571) Norfirion: "They always do..." *he chuckles.*
(8603) Zane (exit): 00:53
(8549) Git: :grins to norf and offers an idle nod
(8550) Basht: Once you have all five Star Gems in hand, we will speak of this again. (to Norf) You may, if you wish, follow where you wish. However, there are certain things that must occur before you can sail Skysea and retrieve the fifth Star Gem.
** (8571) Norfirion nods. **
(8571) Norfirion: "Thank you for the intriguing tale."
(8571) Norfirion: "I take back my previous comment. I apologize."
(8550) Basht: There is more, but as the genies say, that is a tale for another evening.
(8588) Cate (enter): 00:55
(8588) Cate (exit): 00:55
(8571) Norfirion: "Indeed, lets get some rest."
(8549) Git: "Yeah... this is exactly the kind of place I want to sleep in" :sarcastically:
(8550) Basht: Now then....your flail.
(8549) Git: (the room's gravity still flipped?)
(8549) Git: "What about it?"
(8550) Basht: Your flail is part of a matched set of items that allows its wielder to control minions of Set OR summon the god Set to the mortal plane.
(8550) DM: (yes)
(8605) Cate (enter): 00:57
(8550) Basht: Since Khalitarius serves Set, the ifrit lord is actively seeking the flail in the hopes of reversing the prophecy and causing it to fail.
(8549) Git: "Well too bad for him."
(8550) Basht: Even dreaming in Martek's spirit prison, he was able to project part of himself into the mortal realm and direct those who served him and Set to seek out the flail. Thus the Fellowship.
(8605) Cate (exit): 00:59
** (8562) Kha muubles in his sleep "Flying....dog....enemy" **
(8549) Git: "Yeah yeah. He have any more local subordinates to watch out for?"
(8550) Basht: There is a larger battle which serves as a backdrop to your ka-tet, Git. If you resolve the prophecy of Martek, you will be able to save your kingdom.
(8549) Git: :shrugs: "That's nice"
(8571) Norfirion: "Their Kingdom, you mean. I have other goals."
(8571) Norfirion: "But I'm sure I'll discover what I'm looking for along this path sooner than any other way."
(8571) Norfirion: "Such power only comes with great purpose."
** (8550) Basht sighs. Those who serve the lord of fire and flame are everywhere, like grains of sand in the dune sea. **
** (8573) Vrondard falls asleep himself... **
** (8550) Basht falls asleep as well. **
(8550) DM: (FF)
(8549) Git: "I was afraid you'd say something like that." :sees everyone nodding off, but stays up to keep watch:
(8571) Norfirion: (yes please)
(8562) Kha: ((FFing far enough that Kha is away, 36 hours I think he had to sleep))
(8549) Git: (wow... that's a lot of sleep time)
(8581) Eraos (enter): 01:10
(8549) Git: (we frozen?)
(8562) Kha: ((I am not))
(8562) Kha: ((?))
(8571) Norfirion: not me
(8549) Git: (whoever isn't frozen type something)
(8571) Norfirion: blah
(8573) Vrondard: ((not frozen... but am in my underwear))
(8549) Git: (stan ? Aggy?)
(8539) Agatha: ((not frozen but my milk is thawing out))
(8571) Norfirion: umm too much info Vron
(8562) Kha: ((Hope fully Stan is just looking something up))
(8550) DM: (ok, back. resume)
** (8562) Kha wakes up grogily and looks around **
** (8573) Vrondard has his beard perfectly combed and braided by now **
** (8571) Norfirion greets the others as they awake, then studies over his spellbook for the oncoming day. **
** (8562) Kha tenderly touches his ribs "That thing hurt" **
** (8549) Git has gotten himself back into something resembling a cultured appearance again with some fresh clothes and a shave **
(8571) Norfirion: "It got hurt in turn too."
** (8562) Kha uses Vontaros as a brace to help him stand **
(8571) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
** (8562) Kha looks around "So it is dead? Then we have to find the game and Rod" **
(8562) Kha: ((Id Basht still here?))
(8562) Kha: ((*Is))
(8550) DM: ((no))
(8581) Eraos (exit): 01:22
(8581) Eraos (enter): 01:22
(8539) Agatha: "Hrmm..That is some strong medicine."
(8562) Kha: "Thank Teleute, she was kind enough to speak with me and let me know it was not my time to die"
(8549) Git: "I'm all for it, Kha. As long as you two are up to the challenge"
(8571) Norfirion: afk a few mins
(8539) Agatha: "So where's the coniving feline now? Did the traipse off again?"
(8562) Kha: "I seem to be fine"
(8581) Eraos (exit): 01:23
(8562) Kha: "Feline? You mean Brasht?"
(8573) Vrondard: "har... haven't yea heard him faun all over her?"
(8539) Agatha: You know anyone else with tail and cat ears?"
(8562) Kha: "No, Too bad I missed her, She happen to tell you where to find this Gem and Rod?"
(8549) Git: "No clue."
** (8549) Git stands and heads back up the hall and around the corner toward room 14, "But I know where we haven't checked" **
** (8562) Kha follows, Vontaros in hand **
(8573) Vrondard: "well we gots one right?"
** (8571) Norfirion gathers his belongings and follows along. **
(8573) Vrondard: "and another is some place far from here where a bunch a creepy fellas be dead?"
** (8571) Norfirion nods. "The stone from Khalitarius's tomb." **
** (8549) Git opens the northern(?) door from before checking if anything is waiting inside 14 this time **
** (8571) Norfirion shows Vrondard the red opal. **
(8571) Norfirion: "Something like that my dear dwarf."
(8539) Agatha: "So we should press on. There's still rooms to search and we can't be sure that Mun-afik and his kin aren't still kicking."
** (8571) Norfirion nods. **
(8550) DM: The room inside is empty.
(8573) Vrondard: "bah"
(8573) Vrondard: "next one..."
** (8571) Norfirion extends his staff as its tim glows faintly. **
** (8571) Norfirion scans for any magic. **
(8573) Vrondard: "sure would be easy to have a treasure hunter..."
(8549) Git: "That's comforting." :moves in to check the western door: "We should check the room we founf Munafik in earlier too"
(8571) Norfirion: tim=tip
(8550) DM: (2?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [4,14] = (18)
(8549) Git: (well the door leading into the 2-4 hall)
** (8571) Norfirion keeps scanning as the group travels deeper looking for anything he might have missed previously. **
(8550) DM: (apart from the field permeating the pyramid...nothing.)
** (8549) Git opens the door defensively, still nervous of wraiths about **
** (8562) Kha Consentrates a moment and attempts draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
** (8562) Kha sighs "My power is back in full, I am no longer having to fight though a block" **
(8550) DM: Piles of dust litter this hallway. The hall is silent, as if the passing of the undead priest stilled everything else in the pyramid.
(8571) Norfirion: "Yes I thought so, Vontaros began to glow after we destroyed the heart."
(8573) Vrondard: "sure be quiet in here now... "
(8573) Vrondard: "even when it was.. it really wasn't"
(8573) Vrondard: "I felt that bugger watchin me..."
** (8571) Norfirion chuckles. **
(8573) Vrondard: "like i couldnt see him but i could hear his breathin in the room somewhere"
(8562) Kha: "Glad to have you back in connection with me Vontaros."
** (8549) Git moves in looking about he hall and wastes little time heading straight to the first door on his right (4) (search and liste) **
(8539) Agatha: "Aye, it does feel something like calm. But that doesn't mean you should let your guard down."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [14,14] = (28)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [15,13] = (28)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
(8539) Agatha: "If the ghosts are really gone, the traps sure as hell are still around."
** (8549) Git opens the door a bit less apprehensively **
(8550) DM: This seems to be an observation room overlooking a chamber on the maze level of the tomb. The room below is littered with corpses....corpses of creatures with no discernible features and gray skin. There is also a human body here, dressed in the manner of the desert tribesmen.
(8549) Git: "Hey, I think I foung the other tribesman"
(8549) Git: :heads to room 3 to check the next door:
(8562) Kha: "Pour shape changers, they just wanted out of this place"
** (8571) Norfirion detects magic. **
(8539) Agatha: "Hmph. I ain't crying. They were more than ready to kill."
(8539) Agatha: "I'm just wondering what it was that killed them."
(8550) DM: This is an observation chamber much like the others you have seen. The room below reeks of unwashed cows....and no wonder....there are five minotaurs here, sleeping.
(8573) Vrondard: "heh.."
(8571) Norfirion: "Ah seems we found the farm..."
(8562) Kha: "Hey Halif did you enter this place with friends?"
** (8549) Git tries to remain silent as he reseals the door. Then he heads over to check the door to 2 **
(8550) Halif: Yes, but we soon had a difference of opinion, effendi. My friends wanted to pillage this place of riches whereas I merely wished to leave.
(8550) Halif: They are not what I would consider..."honorable".
(8571) Norfirion: "Ah, maybe they know about the staff and star."
(8562) Kha: "So we should leave them sleeping?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [15,14] = (29)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13\
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [3,13] = (16)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [2,8] = (10)
(8571) Norfirion: "Or take the information by force." *shruggs*
(8571) Norfirion: "It's only 5 of them."
** (8571) Norfirion smirks jokingly. **
** (8549) Git moves back to the others before opening the last door, whispering, "There are people in there." **
(8562) Kha: "You want to attack five Minotaures? Had Teleute not warned me of rash actions I may have agreed with you"
(8539) Agatha: "People? Are they alive?"
(8549) Git: "I hear them talking. Don't know if they're friendly or not so.. be on your toes."
** (8549) Git goes back to door to 2 and opens the door on the defensive once the others are prepared **
** (8562) Kha moves in close and listens as Git opens the door **
(8550) DM: This appears to be an observation chamber much like the others you've seen in the tomb. The room below contains nine unwashed, filthy human men in shabby leather armor. Two are sleeping, some are engaged in a game of dice and one is eating.
(8573) Vrondard: "wont be friendly...." he murmors
** (8562) Kha calls out "Hello" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [12,8] = (20)
(8550) DM: The men look up, surprised.
(8550) Man: Greetings, by Kor. And who are you?
(8549) Git: "What are you loat doing in a place like this? Hapless thieves I suppose?"
(8562) Kha: "Sorry to startle you, but unless I miss my guess you are here because you tried to steal something from this place"
(8549) Git: *lot even
(8550) Man: Well...yes. (glances at his friends) We came here looking for riches and now just wish to leave this place. Can you lead us out?
(8562) Kha: "May be able to, but we are more interested in what you were able to find. At least right now, once we get what we came for we will gladly lead you out"
(8549) Git: :to kha: "I doubt any of them got too far"
(8562) Kha: "Not with Mun-afik still alive, but you never know"
(8562) Kha: "One of them may be a member of that assasins guild, they should be fairly skilled from what I learned of them"
(8573) Vrondard: "so... where have you been and what did you see there?"
(8573) Vrondard: "thats the question gents"
(8550) Man: Well...if you come down here, we can talk more. Not much, by Kor, just the odd dinar here and there. Three of our number died fighting faceless ones.
(8573) Vrondard: "so you came in and basically wound up here..."
(8562) Kha: "Well stay up here untill we get what we need, if none of you have information I bid you fairwell untill we are done, then we may come back and free you"
(8550) DM: A sunburnt man pipes up. "We've been wandering these halls forever. I'm not sure what day it is myself."
(8573) Vrondard: "hmmm thats not a lot of help..."
(8562) Kha: "I dont know what day it is either," **Turns to his friends** "Any of you object to leaving them here for now?"
(8571) Norfirion: "Have you came across any books in this place?" *pipes up from the back*
(8573) Vrondard: "I dont care a whit"
(8571) Norfirion: "Me either" *replying to Kha's question*
(8539) Agatha: "It's a tad cruel, but they're the least of our concerns."
(8562) Kha: "Ok, lets move on, though I do want to come set them free after we get what we need. No reason to leave people to die in here"
(8550) Man: Books? I haven't seen any books. Have you seen any books? (to his friends)
(8550) DM: Murmurs: "No"
(8550) Man: Wait, where are you going?
(8539) Agatha: "I'm with the lad for once. We get the staff and the gem and then we can march them outta here."
(8550) DM: The sunburnt man pleads, "You can't leave us here like this! Take us with you!"
(8573) Vrondard: "a bit later perhaps... after we've cleaned the halls out o' them faceless spooks you don't like"
(8571) Norfirion: ""You have a better chance of living here, until we're done. It's too dangerous."
(8539) Agatha: ((to the thieves)) "Look, stay where you are. If you keep yourself from and getting any more lost and keep yourselves safe, we'll find you again."
(8550) Man: But....but...!
(8549) Git: "We could just send them back through the gnome's tunnel"
** (8562) Kha turns and heads away "So where to now?" **
** (8571) Norfirion pulls out a forked twig in one hand as he graspls to the star gem of Aga-pelar, speaking a short incantation as he concentrates. **
(8573) Vrondard: "lets go...how about this way"
(8550) DM: As you turn to leave, the men plead louder...
(8539) Agatha: "The wraiths are gone now. You shouldn't have a problem staying alive unless you do something stupid. We'll return after we take care of what we came here to do."
(8549) Git: "The next stop would be the room we first encountered munafik in. We never got to search it." :speaks as he pulls a length of rope.:
(8573) Vrondard: "bah Aggie..." shakes his beard
(8562) Kha: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
(8549) Git: "Halif, can you give me a hand with this line?" :hands the rope over to the minotaur: "We should get this fools out first and send them to the surface. If we need to make a quick escape for some reason, we shouldn't have to be worrying about saving some dumb thieves"
(8550) DM: (40 minute warning)
(8571) Norfirion: "Hmmm the objects are above I suspect, 200' or so I can presume."
(8571) Norfirion: "Now where is the entrance to the upper chamber?"
(8549) Git: "No idea." :lowers the rope down for the thieves to climb:
(8562) Kha: "Some of them are not trust worthy Git"
(8539) Agatha: "They're nothing but a batch of thieves, Git. Who's to say they take another trip down to rob us?"
(8549) Git: :to kha: "I doubt any of them are"
** (8562) Kha readies Vontaros seeing Git help them out of the pit **
(8539) Agatha: "Hell, how do we even know they're people?"
** (8571) Norfirion scans the climbing men for any traces of magic. **
(8539) Agatha: "They could be more of those grey-skinned dopplegangers."
(8549) Git: :shrug: "We could kill one. See if he changes."
(8573) Vrondard: "good plan"
(8550) Man: Thank you, effendi. We pledge to serve you in return for your leading us out of this accursed place.
(8571) Norfirion: "Do you know the entrance to the way above?"
(8550) Man: I am Diraz, of Qudra.
(8550) Diraz: No, effendi, as we have not been able to go anywhere save in that labyrinth.
(8573) Vrondard: "is it really that tough to get out of here?" he questions
(8549) Git: "It's nice to meet Diraz. And your services i'm sure will be helpful in time."
(8550) Diraz: We have not been able to find a way.
(8549) Git: "Yeah, yeah... we're working on it"
(8573) Vrondard: "you haven't found any really really nice treasure have you?"
** (8549) Git leaves the room and begins toward the other side of the floor, heading back to room 9 **
(8562) Kha: "Diraz Over there" **Points to the far wall** "Untill we get them all out"
** (8539) Agatha keeps an eye on the thief, watching his moves closely for any signs of behavior. **
(8550) Diraz: Just an odd dinar.
** (8550) Diraz walks to the wall as directed, with a puzzled expression on his face. **
** (8562) Kha taps Vrond on the sholder and lifts his spear tword Diraz **
(8562) Kha: "Sorry just need to keep everything orginized with so many of you"
(8549) Git: (*rather, git WILL leave... when everyone else is ready)
** (8562) Kha waits for the next person to come up **
(8571) Norfirion: "An odd dinar?"
(8550) Hariq: Hariq, and I thank you, effendi.
(8571) Norfirion: "Do you have an actual strange coin?"
(8550) Diraz: Money, scattered on the floor of the labyrinth.
** (8550) Diraz holds up a few. **
** (8571) Norfirion scans it for magic. **
(8571) Norfirion: "Did it lead a certain path?"
(8549) Git: "Well... at least you can say you took some form of treasure from the great pyramid.
(8571) Norfirion: "As if someone perhaps placed it there as a marking?"
(8550) Diraz: Why yes, you know of them?
(8562) Kha: "Hariq againt this wall" **Points to the opist wall from Diraz**
(8571) Norfirion: "Not really, what do you know?"
** (8549) Git grins and looks at the dinars **
(8539) Agatha: "We figured they were a trail to a traps for stupid, greedy thieves."
(8550) Diraz: We simply followed these throughout the tomb. Some of them led to places filled with creatures who we fought, others led to empty rooms such as that one.
** (8562) Kha looks down into the pit and motions for the next to come up **
(8550) DM: (moving up the end time. want to stop here.)
(8539) Agatha: ((That's fine.))

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