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(6126) DM: (anyone need a recap before we begin?)
** (6117) Git removes his rubber pants to get down to business **
(6100) Kha: ((If I remember correctly Kha and Norf were trying to read the writing on the alters to determin the correct thing to do for them to work))
(6100) Kha: ((The others were someware else))
(6117) Git: (If I remember correctly, we others were outside the room witht he "living" ceiling)
(6126) DM: (so who wants to go first? heheh)
** (6117) Git reaches into his pocket for a copper piece and tosses it up to the supposedly moving cieling to test the reaction **
** (6100) Kha studies the Alters carefully trying to determin how to use them without beeing thrown into the air **
(6126) DM: The coin dissolves on contact.
** (6124) Norfirion examines the writing on both altars. **
** (6117) Git flinches at the horrible sight. "Acidic slime?" **
(6113) Agatha: "Aye. That thing up there is dripping it all over the place."
whispering to Norfirion, the words "turnin", "neg", "logra" and "regra" are engraved on the altar.
(6113) Agatha: "It's even eating away at the stone."
(6117) Git: "Wonder how there's still a room here."
(6132) Jenny (enter): 23:00
** (6113) Agatha shrugs. **
(6117) Git: (is it dripping in only certain spots or randmoly?)
(6126) TaliesinNYC: (spots)
(6100) Kha: "Norf you get any idea of the order to use these words in?"
(6126) DM: (randomly)
** (6124) Norfirion scratches his head. "I'm working on it." **
(6100) Dj Gilcrease: I Think I might try Lorga Neg Rega Turnin. In otherwords alphabetical order"
(6124) Norfirion: "I'm trying to see if I can decipher them or read them with magic, perhaps they have a meaning that will their activation easier."
(6124) Norfirion: *will make
(6100) Dj Gilcrease: "All I could determin is that they are the activation words in connection with the Alters"
(6134) Wonder (enter): 23:06
(6134) Wonder (exit): 23:06
(6117) Git: :whisper: "What do you think my chances are of sneaking to the door, while avoiding the acid drips and not waking up the ooze to drop on me are?"
** (6100) Kha places his hands on the left Alter and says "Lorga" **
(6135) Zal (enter): 23:07
** (6113) Agatha whispers. "Avoiding the acid? Pretty good. Making it through before that thing drops? I don't much like your chances." **
(6124) Norfirion: "I guess we could try it your way Kha."
** (6124) Norfirion places his hand on the other alter and waits for Kha to begin. **
(6126) DM: Nothing happens. (Kha)
** (6100) Kha removes his hands **
(6117) Git: "Yeah... don't like it myself." :begins to strip off his excess items, pack, quiver, etc.:
(6100) Kha: "Norf lets try every other word, I'll start with Lorga, you say Neg, I'll say Rega, and you say Turnin"
** (6100) Kha places his hands back on the Alter and checks to see if Norf is ready to try **
(6117) Git: (were there any mirrors or large glasses aroud that I can't recall? maybe in the lab or something?)
(6126) DM: (nope. the lab was ruined, remember?)
(6117) Git: (hai hai)
** (6124) Norfirion nods and follows Kha's directions as he places his hands back in and chants the words with Kha. **
(6100) Dj Gilcrease: "Lorga"
(6124) Norfirion: "Neg"
(6100) Kha: "Rega"
(6126) DM: When Norfirion says "Turnin", his altar emits a low humming and begins glowing with a soft white light.
(6124) Norfirion: "Turnin"
(6132) Jenny (exit): 23:13
(6124) Norfirion: "Hmmm"
(6124) Norfirion: "Perhaps in reverse order to activate the other?"
** (6100) Kha removes his hands from the alter **
(6100) Kha: "I will just try Neg Turnin"
(6117) Git: "Hmmm... be right back." :runs back to the altar room to meet norf and Kha: "Hey guys... wow.. glowy"
** (6100) Kha places his hands back on the Alter and says "Neg Turnin" **
(6117) Git: "Sorry to interrupt your tinkering, but, Kha, can I borrow some of that snake hide you shaved off?"
(6126) DM: Nothing seems to happen when Kha says those words.
(6100) Dj Gilcrease: "Why?, I want to make some clothing out of it"
** (6100) Kha removes his hands again **
(6117) Git: "You'll get it back. Just let me borrow it a second. I might not even be able to use it."
(6124) Norfirion: "Lets repeat the same incantation, but reverse who says what."
(6100) Kha: "Ok Norf you start this time, same order as last time"
(6124) Norfirion: "Lorga"
** (6100) Kha places his hands on the Alter and nods to Norf **
(6100) Kha: "Neg"
(6124) Norfirion: "Rega"
(6100) Kha: "Turnin"
(6126) DM: When Norfirion says "Logra", his altar hums even louder and gravity seems to become lessened. The waterfall now flows at a gentle slope instead of downwards.
** (6124) Norfirion approaches the waterwall and tries to move in the strange area. **
(6126) DM: Once he says "Regra", gravity is reversed. You (Norf, Kha and Git) fly up to the ceiling of room 8.
(6124) Norfirion: ah heh
(6117) Git: "Waaahh!"
(6124) Norfirion: lmao
(6100) Kha: "Wee, this is better than beeing thrown"
(6126) DM: (obviously when that happens, Kha is in no position to say "Turnin" because he's not there anymore.)
(6117) Git: (chance of grabbing the door frame before I hit the ceiling?)
(6126) DM: (Reflex? :) )
(6113) Agatha: ((Agatha stays grounded?))
(6117) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [10,9] = (19)
(6126) DM: (Agatha isn't in room 8)
(6100) Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
(6124) Norfirion: Saves: Reflex: [1d20+4+0] -> [7,4,0] = (11)
(5964) Sevlin (enter): 23:22
(6126) DM: You (Kha and Git) fail in your efforts to stabilize yourselves, and float up to the ceiling of the garden room. Your vantage point now changes...
(6100) Kha: ((AFK a SEC))
(6100) Dj Gilcrease: ((Back))
(6145) Rasan (enter): 23:27
** Sorry, don't understand what a /testgw is...
** (6113) Agatha keeps an eye out for wraiths. **
** (6100) Kha looks around from the new hight to see whats on the ledge **
(6100) Dj Gilcrease: "Sorry Git you are going to have to wait to use the skin for a bit"
** (6100) Kha laughs **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (6145) Vrondard...
(6117) Git: (floated or fell to the ceiling?)
** (6145) Vrondard grumbles **
(6126) DM: (floated)
(6126) DM: (Vron is with Ag, next to room 14)
** (6117) Git crosses his arms and legs in a floating seated position. "Understood." Yells out, "AGGY!! VRONDARD!!" **
(6126) DM: Git's voice echoes all around you but that's about it....
(6126) DM: However, a faint tapping sound can be heard in response.
** (6100) Kha tries to move himself over to the ledge **
** (6145) Vrondard rushes to Git's general location (as much as he can) **
(6117) Git: "Huh?" (where's the tapping from? and how high are we floating?)
(6145) Vrondard: "Whatcha doin? Where are ya"
** (6113) Agatha follows. **
(6150) Elegard (enter): 23:34
(6150) Elegard (exit): 23:35
(6117) Git: "We're having a bit of technical difficulty"
(6143) Wonder (enter): 23:35
(6124) Norfirion: "Ermmm..."
(6117) Git: (what's the water doing now?)
** (6117) Git tries to swim the air to the cieling, searching for the source of the tapping **
(6143) Wonder (exit): 23:37
(6126) DM: (coalescing into a pool on the ceiling of room 8, strangely though the amount of water in the pool doesn't seem to increase)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [12,9] = (21)
** (6100) Kha tries pushing off the celing to get enough momentum to make it to the ledge **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [17,8] = (25)
(6113) Agatha: "Git? Git, where are you?"
(6124) Norfirion: "We're up here!"
(6117) Git: "We're in here Aggy! Come tot he door and try looking up."
** (6117) Git searches the western wall of the dome **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!4]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [9,14] = (23)
** (6113) Agatha peeks her head into room 8 and looks upward, axe ready. **
** (6145) Vrondard seems not to be found **
** (6100) Kha tries to make his way over to where Git is" **
(6126) DM: (I will assume Vron accompanied Ag tho.)
(6113) Agatha: "What in the- What the hell is going on?
(6117) Git: "pst..." :whispers tot he others: "I think i found a way out."
(6126) DM: Gravity seems to be reversed in the garden room, so now the rest of your friends are on the ceiling of the chamber. The waterfall now flows UP instead of down, as normal.
(6117) Git: "Hey Aggy" :calls down: "could you get the rope out of my bag and toss us a line?"
(6100) Kha: "Come join the fun Vrond and Agatha"
(6117) Git: "No! Stay!"
(6117) Git: "If they get caght up here too, we're in big trouble"
(6100) Kha: "Why?"
(6126) DM: One of the altars in the room glows a radiant white light. (sending room description again, for reference's sake)
(6113) Agatha: "Don't worry. I've got my own line."
(6100) Kha: "You just said you found a way out from up here"
(6145) Vrondard: "What in the blazes is goin on"
** (6113) Agatha digs through her pack for some rope. **
(6117) Git: :whispers: "I'm not sure if it's a way out, and I think something i son the other side. Why do you think I was whispering Mr. Blurtsalot?"
(6113) Agatha: "What happened? Did that fool Kha trigger another trap?"
(6126) TaliesinNYC: You appear in an octagonal room, 30 feet across. The walls rise 55' overhead to a brilliantly lit dome. A large waterfall cascades up the south wall from the mouth of a gigantic carved lions' head, hung just below the lip of a ledge that encircles the room 30 feet up. The water splashes into a large pool in the ceiling of the chamber. Strangely enough, the amount of water in the pool doesn't increase. The splashing water is quite noisy.

Four palm trees grow next to the pool. Their tops are nearly level with a ledge 30' above. Nestled in the lush greenery of their fronds grow several pineapple-like fruits, which float upwards.

Identical granite altars stand on the east and west sides of the pool. One of the altars glows with a soft white light and emits a loud humming noise.

Wooden doorways, banded in bronze, lead from the east and west walls.

You regain your sense of orientation and direction.

The distinct odor of rotting flesh assails your nostrils.

(6117) Git: "Who else?" :makes his way up to the water to get a drink and to check if the water is draining out somewhere:
(6100) Dj Gilcrease: "Was Norf and I. We figured out how to get up to the ledge, though I am not sure how to move around wfluidly yet"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [3,13] = (16)
(6100) Kha: "I would not drink that Git"
(6124) Norfirion: "I wonder if a fly spell would work in this flux of gravity."
(6154) Adam500 (enter): 23:47
(6126) DM: (I need to find out if Ag and Vron enter room 8.)
** (6113) Agatha gets out some rope. **
(6117) Git: :sips: "Why? it's the great river after all"
(6154) Adam500 (exit): 23:47
(6113) Agatha: ((I'm at the door.))
(6126) DM: (Vron?)
(6113) Agatha: ((Not actually in room 8.))
(6145) Vrondard: ((I'm behind Ag))
(6145) Vrondard: ((we are a cautious two....))
(6145) Vrondard: (assuming they dissapeared and we saw it?)
(6117) Git: (Dwarfs don't like floating?)
(6113) Agatha: "Uhh.. Norf get ready to catch."
(6126) DM: (they disappeared before you got there.)
(6145) Vrondard: "Well durn if they didn't dissapear... foul magicks afoot!"
(6145) Vrondard: "Where'd they go in here?"
** (6124) Norfirion chuckles. **
(6145) Vrondard: "I twould swear I heard em in here..."
(6113) Agatha: "Where'd they go now?"
(6100) Kha: "We are floating Vrond, come join the fun"
(6126) DM: Their voices are above you though. ( :) )
(6145) Vrondard: "bah!"
** (6145) Vrondard looks up **
(6113) Agatha: "They were in there. I definitely heard them."
** (6113) Agatha looks up into the room. **
(6145) Vrondard: "that aint natural!"
(6124) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(6126) DM: You (Vron) can barely see Kha's head above you.
(6145) Vrondard: "what happened to yer body!"
(6145) Vrondard: "yer one of those vampire head thingies now?"
(6117) Git: "Neither's your breath odor."
(6117) Git: "Could you toss us up a line, please?"
(6145) Vrondard: "or one o' them wraittes coming outa the walls?"
(6126) DM: Your (Ag) friends are indeed in the room, except that normal direction has been reversed.
(6100) Kha: "Come in and you will see the rest of me"
(6117) Git: "Kha shut up. Vron, stay outside."
(6117) Git: "And get a rope.. please."
** (6124) Norfirion tries to climb his way to the ledge. **
(6145) Vrondard: "Hells no... aint going to be getting me head cut off and turned round... no way"
** (6100) Kha goes over to where Git was looking at the wall to see what he was looking at **
(6113) Agatha: "I've got a line Git. Someone get ready to catch."
(6117) Git: "For the luv a'... thank you Aggy. Please smack Vrondard in the head once for me."
(6113) Agatha: "I can't see you and you're telling me to stay out. This could take a few tries."
** (6113) Agatha tosses the rope into the room as best she can towards the voices. **
(6117) Git: "Just throw the rope. we'll find it and climb up... er down... whatever"
(6126) DM: The rope "falls" upwards.
** (6117) Git moves to the rope(provided it falls up to us) and gives it a tug of confirmation. "Got it" **
** (6113) Agatha is surprised to feel the ropes weight when it's above her. She holds the rope tight. **
(6117) Git: :staring at the wall, then to norf and Kha: "It's probably a bad idea right now. but..."
** (6113) Agatha whispers to Vrondard. "Keep your axe ready. This could be a trap of those damned dopplegangers." **
** (6124) Norfirion looks around cautiously as he waits for the others. **
** (6145) Vrondard pokes himself to assure he isnt a doppleganger and then draws his axe **
** (6100) Kha tries to open the door Git was working on **
(6117) Git: : to kha: "I open, you stab anything bad that pops out"
** (6100) Kha stops and nods to Git **
(6117) Git: "hold on." :ties a cruse lasso in the end of the rope:
(6100) Kha: "Ok"
(6161) Dark_Flame (enter): 00:01
** (6100) Kha redies Vontaros **
(6117) Git: "Aggy, Vron. Be ready to pull on my command!"
** (6117) Git holds the lasso ready in one hand as he tries to get the door open with the other. (defensive positon) **
(6161) Dark_Flame (exit): 00:02
** (6145) Vrondard grabs the slack with his other hand... **
(6154) Adam500 (enter): 00:03
(5962) Tek (enter): 00:04
(5962) Tek (exit): 00:04
(6154) Adam500 (exit): 00:04
(6113) Agatha: "What's going on, Git?"
(6117) Git: "Not sure yet. just be ready." :fiddles with the wall, trying to figure out how to open the doorway:
** (6117) Git tries to peek through the bit that the wall manages to open **
** (6100) Kha swishes Vontaros around trying to get used to fighing in this position **
(6100) Kha: "Hey halif you wana come fly?"
(6117) Git: "Yeah right. who's gonna pull him back down?"
** (6126) Halif grunts and shakes his head. **
(6126) Halif: And the boy has fainted again.
(6100) Kha: "How about you Wa`run? Wa`Run? Man that boy needs to learn to control that"
(6117) Git: "Uh.... who the hell are you?" :speaks through the crack:
(6117) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Felicitous salutations!
** (6100) Kha looks back to the door **
(6126) DM: (said in a nasal voice)
(6113) Agatha: "Wa'run? Oh, not again."
(6100) Kha: "Oh hello, why do you have a spoon?"
(6117) Git: "Yeah... same to you pal."
** (6117) Git tries to get the door open the rest of the way **
** (6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood blinks as Git opens the door. "What time is it?" **
(6117) Git: "No idea. I left my sundial in my other pants, and my sun at home"
(6135) Zal (exit): 00:16
(6100) Kha: "It is hard to keep track of time in this place"
(6100) Kha: "Noon sounds like a good time as any though"
(6126) DM: You (Git and Kha) see a disheveled gnome dressed in what appears to be a miner's outfit, complete with a burnished bronze helm, faded blue clothing, and a tarnished and bent silver spoon. He appears to be slightly shorter than most gnomes you've met, and his schnozz larger and redder. He speaks in a loud nasal voice combined with a lisp.
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Oooooh. (looks at his spoon) I thought it wath time for thea.
(6100) Kha: "Oh, I dont have any tea, or anything to drink for that matter"
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Welp, I could offer you thome thea, but we have no plathe to thit. And home ith tho vewy vewy far away.
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Would you like to come in? I've been digging for a vewy vewy long time and I thought I could take a thort break.
(6117) Git: "That's alredy, though may I ask, good sir, what brings an expeditious spelunker such as your self to such a place as this?"
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Digging with a thpoon! Of courth. (holds up a spoon)
(6117) Git: (alredy? even I don't know what that typo meant)
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: When my lifeproject ith done, I thall enter it into the great book of all gnometh, and it thall be a monument to the thpoon.
(6117) Git: "Uh... and where exactly would this spoon dug masterwork of yours originate from?"
(6170) Davian (enter): 00:21
(6100) Kha: "where do you have to dig with a spoon to?"
(6170) Davian (exit): 00:21
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: From Bethilbothom, far far away.
(6117) Git: "And you dug up into an ancient pyramid such as this?"
(6117) Git: "My, my... that is some awe inspiring spoon work. Tell me. did you hit any other chambers on the way into here?"
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Yeth. (beams)
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: A few. (thinks)
(6126) DM: (Ag and Vron can't hear this of course)
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Oh yeth. The crythal chamber, for one.
(6117) Git: "Then we may just need this life work of yours after all. Can you show us to that crystal chamber?"
(6100) Kha: "What direction does your digging go, up or down from our current ouriantation?""
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: And there wath thith plath with a mage who thank. (holds his schnozz)
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Of courth. Although it doeth get tight in a few platheth.
(6100) Kha: "Oh the crystal camber, we want to go there"
(6117) Git: "Guess we'll be squeezing. Hold on while I gather our group, please."
** (6117) Git climbs the rope down to aggy and vrondard(take 10) **
(6117) Git: :climbing down to the door: "Guess what vronard, we get to go tunneling"
(6100) Kha: "Guess if it gets tight for you it will get very tight for us"
** (6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood giggles **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: I can thow you to the plath, but the thpoon awaith...
** (6117) Git tries to get himself settled to the floor "Strangely, a gnome just tunnelled through the cieling. He says he can bring us to the crystal chamber." **
(6113) Agatha: "What?"
(6100) Kha: "Do you think a Mintoaur will fit though this path?"
(6174) Mwack (enter): 00:31
(6174) Mwack (exit): 00:32
** (6124) Norfirion looks confused for a moment. **
** (6124) Norfirion can't help but bust out laughing. **
(6117) Git: "You guys might have to strip your armor to get through, he says it's a tight squeeze. I think we can leave halif, gwyn and... sleeping booby over there to guard the room for now"
(6124) Norfirion: "It never surprises me where you can find a gnome, they're like the cockroachs of the civilized world."
(6100) Kha: "Hey Fizzlefazzle can I see your spoon?"
(6124) Norfirion: "I can grease Vrondard up, he'd probably slide through like a sloppy pig."
(6126) DM: (only Kha can hear Fizzle now btw)
** (6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood hands Kha his spoon. **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: No, of courth not.
(6113) Agatha: "If we're going to meet that golem, my gear is coming with me."
** (6100) Kha takes to spoon and taps it against the wall **
(6126) DM: It seems to be a regular teaspoon, except made of silver.
(6175) Shwepie (enter): 00:37
(6117) Git: "Okay. but you get stuck, don't complain." :to the npc's "Watch our gear and guard the boy. Hopefully we'll be back soon."
(6100) Kha: "Impressive digging, silver is not the hardest metal"
(6113) Agatha: "Gwynn, Halif. Watch over Wa'run and keep an eye out for wraiths. I don't think there's too many of them left."
** (6100) Kha hands the spoon back **
** (6117) Git slides down the roof to the ceiling. **
** (6113) Agatha gets out her axe as she looks back to the others. "And keep the rope handy." **
(6117) Git: "And bring stonecutter!"
** (6113) Agatha goes into the room, ready for a trap. **
** (6126) Gwynnoria nods solemnly. **
(6113) Agatha: ((well, expecting one anyway))
(5964) Sevlin (exit): 00:40
** (6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood nods. "I come from a long long line of mathter diggerth. A vewy long line." **
** (6124) Norfirion runs his staff by the spoon just out of curiosity to see if it bears enchantment. **
(6117) Git: :leaning into the hole: "I suppose that would help. How long have you been diggining this hole anyway?"
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: There wath Berthal Bewwybottom, my firth couthin. And then, Argood Argoolmuththel. And who can forget Therian Theramuck?
(6126) DM: (so I guess Norf and Git climb down, right?)
(6100) Kha: "I dont think I would have the heart to dig with a spoon"
(6126) DM: (k)
whispering to Norfirion, yes it's magical lol
(6117) Git: :to kha: "Then obviously you've never been in prison and desperate"\
(6117) Git: "Vrondarr? you gonna join us up here?"
** (6113) Agatha is surpised as she begins to "fall" upward and grabs the rope. **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Oh, for about thirty one yearth, by my count.
(6113) Agatha: "What in the world?!"
(6100) Kha: "I wouldnt dig with a spoon in prison either"
(6113) Agatha: "Kha! What did you do?"
** (6124) Norfirion chuckles. **
(6124) Norfirion: "His spoon actually bears some form of magic."
(6117) Git: "Wow... talk about determination." :looks to norf: "Figures. and he puts it to good use"
(6100) Kha: to Norf: "How else do you think a silver spood could be used to dig though stone?"
(6100) Kha: "I did not do this Agatha"
(6117) Git: :to fizzle: "Do you have a destination in mind for this tunnel?"
(6124) Norfirion: "Who knows with a Gnome's reasoning Kha."
(6124) Norfirion: "You sure you and him aren't related?"
(6100) Kha: "I think he is a bit short to be related to me Norf"
(6100) Kha: "Shal we go?"
** (6113) Agatha works her way 'up'. **
(6117) Git: "Sure, sure. Lead the way friend Fizzlefazzle"
** (6145) Vrondard looks to tie the rope to something and will follow **
(6113) Agatha: "Are you sure we can trust this fellow?"
** (6100) Kha looks at the hole to see if he will fit **
(6124) Norfirion: (afk 10 mins)
(6125) RoseThorn (exit): 00:52
(6125) RoseThorn (enter): 00:52
(6100) Kha: "Fizzle will you lead the way please?"
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Oh felithitaciouth thalutathonth!
(6125) RoseThorn (exit): 00:54
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: (beams at Agatha and Vrondard)
(6117) Git: "I think that's a yes."
(6117) Git: (how wide is the tunnel?)
(6113) Agatha: "Uhh...right. How do you do."
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: All wight, ith going to be a tight fit here in thome platheth, but I think you'll do fine.
(6126) DM: (4')
(6126) DM: (4.5' high)
(6145) Vrondard: (maybe i wont have a prob...)
(6126) DM: (5' high in some places)
(6117) Git: "we'll do our best to keep up
** (6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood whistles a tune **
** (6100) Kha gets on his hands and knees in order to fit into the hole and follow **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: "Mawy had a widdle wamb whoth fleeth wath white ath thnow...."
** (6113) Agatha whispers to Git. "This fellow seems a bit daft. Are you sure we can trust him?" **
(6126) DM: (tap)
(6126) DM: (tap tap tap)
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Thith little piggy went to the market...
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Thith little piggy had roath beef...
(6126) DM: (tap tap tap)
** (6100) Kha tries to wistle along with Fizzlefazzle **
(5964) Sevlin (enter): 01:00
** (6117) Git crouches down and follows the gnome, musing, "Trust? who knows? We're following a gnome who's been underground 30 years, that just tunneled into a gravity turned room in a cursed pyramid. and now we're following him to a room that we hope holds the undying heart of some fiendish dark mage. We're in the world of the surreal. Trust is fleeting. But at least he seems personable" **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: "Heigh ho, heigh ho, off to wonky work we go..."
(6124) Norfirion: (back)
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: "Rapunthel, Rapunthel, let down your hair..."
(6100) Kha: "Where are these songs from, I have never heard them?"
** (6145) Vrondard grumbles **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: (nasally) "They're gnomith thongth. Anthient, anthient lore from long long ago."
(6100) Kha: "Interesting, are they all just a line or two, or are you skiping from song to song?"
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Welp, normawwy, we thing the entire thong but theth are my favorite lineth. And normawwy, we thing reawwy reawwy fath, tho you might not be able to underthand uth." (shrugs)
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Like thith: Mawwyhadawiddlewambwhothfleethwathwhiteaththnow!
** (6100) Kha shakes his head **
** (6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood crawls along **
(6117) Git: "They sound like the kind of nursery songs you sing to a child"
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Ith coming up thoon now. Watch your headth.
(6100) Kha: "Wha that was fast, I am glad you slowed them down"
** (6117) Git watches out for his head as he crawls alonf **
(6117) Git: along even*
(6100) Kha: "Have you heard this one?: 'Pour another round for me, pour another round, Grab your Ale and put her down, lets pour another round?'"
** (6113) Agatha ducks her head down. **
** (6145) Vrondard trudges along **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: No....but I'd love to hear the retht...
(6117) Git: "From the nursery to the bar. natural transition for some.. I suppose."
(5964) Sevlin (exit): 01:09
** (6124) Norfirion shakes his head severly annoyed at the whole situation. **
(6100) Kha: "Let me see if I can remember the whole thing"
(6117) Git: "Later over drinks Kha. We'll play the whole game. promise"
** (6100) Kha clears his throught to to prepar to sing **
(6100) Kha: "Ah yes I remember it now"
(6100) Kha: Perform Skill Check: [1d20+1] -> [19,1] = (20)
(6100) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
,Jus sittin around with nothin to do, come on down and have a brew. While David's here, he'll pour for you. Just have another round

(6100) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Your numbers gone and your feelin low, an havnt any where else to go. Grab a stout and drink it slow, and have an another round.

(6100) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Drinkin is the life for me. You take one, an I'll take three. Order up a pint of brown. An have another round.

(6100) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Your numbers gone and your feelin low, an havnt any where else to go. Grab a stout and drink it slow, and have an another round.

(6100) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
I want toast the toast of three. I'll toast for you, you toast for me, the Furies will play a great big sea. We'll have another round.

(6100) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Working all week to make some dough its fiday night your ready to go so get off your ass and jump around and have another round.

(6100) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Irish eyes an Irish lee. Music is the life for me. So keep your beer I'll stick with tea. Lets have another round.

(6100) Kha: Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.
Pour another round for me. Pour another round. Grab your ale and put her down, lets pour another round.

** (6100) Kha trails off as he finishes **
(6113) Agatha: "Do ya really think it's a good idea to be singing so loudly? We'll be walking into an ambush at this rate."
** (6145) Vrondard grumbles **
(6113) Agatha: ::Under her breath:: "...assuming we ain't already."
(6100) Kha: "So what you think Fizzlefazzle?"
(6117) Git: (greatly performed bad music. Like an accomplished orchestra performing lost in jeopardy)
** (6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood listens appreciatively... **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Ah...here we are...
** (6100) Kha looks up **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: Welp, I'll leave you off here now. The big meanie over there don't like me vewy much.
(6117) Git: "What meanie?"
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: (indicates in the interior of the passage)
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: At the end of the narrow, low-ceilinged twisting tunnel lies a rough cavern, made more by force than grace from the fitted stones of the pyramid. Jumbled blocks are strewn throughout the floor. The cavern measures roughly 30' N to S and 40' E to W. Something can be seen glittering in a small cave in the NE corner. A huge dark shape stands in front of the cave in stony silence.
(6126) DM: (woops)
(6124) Norfirion: "Finally.....my gods...that was torture."
(6113) Agatha: "Eh. Ya hear a song day in, day out for so many years. Ya begin to tune it out."
(6117) Git: "Fizzle, could you do us a favor? If we get squished to death or something, could you go back and get our friends from that domed room and show them the way through your tunnel to the exit?"
** (6100) Kha enters the big camber and stands and streches **
(6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood: All wight.
** (6126) Fizzlefazzle Feelgood stands back as you emerge from the tunnel, and backs into it, commencing his digging again. **
(6100) Kha: "Agatha I think that memory of a sword may be usefull shortly"
(6117) Git: "Much obliged. and happy digging." :follows after kha:
** (6113) Agatha nods as she straps up her axe and gets out the untested Stonecutter. **
(6126) DM: (going to cut things short, guys. sorry, have to view 4 apartments tomorrow and other things. 36 minute warning.)
(6117) Git: (hai hai)
(6113) Agatha: "Well, let's see if this see-through blade was worth letting a myrdraal loose."
** (6100) Kha holds up Vontaros "Well I dont know how good you will be against Stone but we may soon find out" **
(6126) DM: The dark shape appears to be a granite statue of Munafik.
(6126) DM: It's guarding a crystalline jar that appears to hold a still-beating human heart.
(6145) Vrondard: "hmm that looks like it holds a bit o promise"
** (6100) Kha goes tword the statue defencivly (Full defensive) **
(6126) DM: As Agatha draws the memory of Stonecutter, a steady beat can be heard from the ephemeral sword that's audible in the crystal cavern.
** (6124) Norfirion casts invisibility. **
** (6117) Git starts walking around the statue slowly and well out of reach. (full defense) **
** (6124) Norfirion draws out a bit of eyelash and gum arabic as he annoints himself while uttering a quick incantation, he then vanishes from sight. **
(6126) DM: It moves and steps into the light.
** (6113) Agatha keeps herself ready. **
** (6113) Agatha sets her jaw and slowly adjusts her stance for a charge. **
** (6124) Norfirion can be heard chanting as a small candle is set alight on the cavern floor and a tiny bag is opened by invisible hands. **
** (6124) Norfirion continues with a series of chanting. **
** (6100) Kha continues on toward the Jar hoping to grab it **
** (6113) Agatha suddenly looks at her hands in shock. **
(6126) DM: (init)
(6113) Agatha: "Oh no..."
(6100) Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] -> [14,7] = (21)
(6117) Git: [1d20+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(6113) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)
(6117) Git: "What aggy?"
(6124) Norfirion: how far away were we?
(6100) Kha: ((Thats 25, forgot to add the +4 for Improved Init that I just took))
(6145) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
(6145) Vrondard: ((just roll 20's thats my secret))
(6124) Norfirion: Two large black crocodiles materialize near the golem as norfirion finishes his chanting, their jaws snapping and tails slapping. Their eyes burn with a dark light.
(6124) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [4,7] = (11)
(6100) Kha: ((I would have 31 if I rolled a 20))
** (6113) Agatha looks up again at the creature and grits her teeth as she grips the sword tighter. **
(6126) DM: (minis pls)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20-1] -> [14,-1] = (13)
(6126) DM: (each square is 5')
(6126) DM: (pls load a golem for me. someone pls send me a node with a reliable URL for monsters and the like.)
(6113) Agatha: ((to herself)) "No use turning back now."
(6124) Norfirion: yeah trying to find a croc mini
(6145) Vrondard:


(6166) Elegard (enter): 01:37
(6166) Elegard (exit): 01:37
(6100) Kha has sent you a tree node...
(6124) Norfirion: sweet
(6126) TaliesinNYC: pls remove the big gray cheese
(6178) Adam500 (enter): 01:40
(6124) Norfirion: Summon monster has a 30' range, so i want to summon them near as possible to the golem
(6126) DM: (23, Vron)
(6178) Adam500 (exit): 01:41
(6145) Vrondard: Kha goes first
(6145) Vrondard: (his init is really 25)
(6188) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 01:41
(6145) Vrondard: Kha is up...
** (6145) Vrondard will follow him by attacking the lead Croc **
(6124) Norfirion: lol
(6145) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+6+4+1+1] -> [17,6,4,1,1] = (29) Critical on Natural 20
(6145) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [8,4,1] = (13) damage
(6189) Shwepie (enter): 01:43
(6124) Norfirion: "That's my monster you blithering imbicile!"
 (6126) DM: (ok, noted)
(6126) DM: (Kha go next)
** (6188) Kha steps into the shadows of the room **
(6188) Kha: ((Done))
 (6126) DM: (fyi. in the future, the crocs don't show up until the summoner's next action.)
(6124) Norfirion: well i summoned them before init i thought
(6126) DM: (no.)
(6126) DM: (16, Ag)
(6188) Kha has sent you a tree node...
(6192) DM: ok, go Ag. and after this round, we'll call it quits for the evening.
** (6191) Agatha says nothing as she charges at the golem. She holds her breath as she makes the first swipe. **
(6191) Agatha: [1d20+15] -> [5,15] = (20)
(6191) Agatha: [4d6+6] -> [3,4,2,5,6] = (20)
(6188) Kha: ((OK Good luck on your apartment hunt))
(6192) DM: (hit)
(6193) drastic (enter): 01:56
(6192) DM: (lightly wounded)
(6192) DM: (13, the golem)
(6193) drastic (exit): 01:57
(6192) DM: First, it's eyes glow a bright red as Munafik's voice emanates from it...
(6192) Munafik, the Taker of Set: Fool! Fear my wrath!
** (6191) Agatha smiles as the blade cuts through. **
(6192) DM: A reddish glow spreads outwards from the golem's outstretched hands. (Will save)
(6191) Agatha: "Take your best shot."
(6191) Agatha: [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
(6190) Vrondard: ((will save Aggie or will save a lot of us?))
whispering to Agatha, you notice that the blade cuts through stone like butter.
(6192) DM: (all within 5' of the statue save.)
(6192) DM: (er 10')
(6190) Vrondard: Will vs. Magic Spells/Spell-like: Save [1d20+1+1+2] -> [3,1,1,2] = (7)
(6190) Vrondard: (ratstink)
(6124) Norfirion: croc1 [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12) croc2 [1d20+2] -> [19,2] = (21)
(6191) Agatha: "The weapon in my hands may be a memory, but it cuts your toy just as easily as the real thing!"
(6192) DM: (Ag and Git, I need a Will save from you as well)
(6117) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [11,2] = (13)
(6117) Git: (thought I was 10' away, sorry)
(6190) Vrondard: think Aggie got a 23
(6191) Agatha: ((Already did. it's 12 lines up))
(6192) DM: (ok, Vron is slowed as per the spell)
(6190) Vrondard: ok
(6192) DM: Next, the statue slams into Agatha.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] -> [8,18] = (26),[1d20+18] -> [10,18] = (28)
(6190) Vrondard: ((git as well?))
(6192) DM: It punches the barbarian hard and smashes a fist in her side (AC 26), then breaks a rib (AC 28).
(6192) DM: (he saved)
(6191) Agatha: ((both hits))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d10+9] -> [2,9,9] = (20),[2d10+9] -> [9,7,9] = (25)
(6192) DM: (45 damage)
(6195) No Name (enter): 02:04
(6192) DM: (not sure if Norf goes next)
(6124) Norfirion: i had an 11 for init
(6124) Norfirion: so i believe so
(6124) Norfirion: Can my monsters attack this round?
(6192) DM: (after your action)
** (6191) Agatha is wobbly as stone fists break her bones. However, she doesn't drop her sword. **
** (6124) Norfirion withdraws a shaving of licroce root he tosses in the air as he utters an incantation several feel a renewed speed and quickness (Haste). **
(6124) Norfirion: (That's on me, Vron, Git, Agg, Croc1 & 2)
(6192) DM: (Git is next)
(6124) Norfirion: (Can my monsters attack now? or you mean after my next turn?)
(6190) Vrondard: ((ok so they all get an extra attack with a full attack and better ac... Vron returns to normal))
(6192) DM: (now then)
(6124) Norfirion: ok
(6124) Norfirion: Croc1Bite [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9) Bite [1d20+7] -> [13,7] = (20)
(6124) Norfirion: Croc2 Bite [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8) Bite [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
** (6117) Git moves up beside Aggy, With some annoying dagger twirling and darting about he tries to distract the construct from hitting Aggy(aid for +2 ac), while keeping up his own defenses (com. exp.=-4 att, ac 22) Aid: [1d20] -> [17] = (17) **
(6192) DM: (both miss)
(6192) DM: (Git next)
(6117) Git: (well, 23 now)
(6192) DM: (I lost my init table when I disconnected. so I'm not sure who goes after Norf)
(6117) Git: (me after norf.. just went.)
(6117) Git: (then back to the top)
(6124) Norfirion: Git, then Vron, Kha, Ag, me i believe
(6190) Vrondard: Kha/Vron/Aggie/Norfirion/Git is the proper order
(6192) DM: (ok)
(6190) Vrondard: (1st round i went first but just because Kha was punted)
(6192) DM: (ok, let's cut it then. see you in a week.)
(6188) Kha: ((Yup thats what I got too))


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