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(3557) Vrondard: like anyone wants to see her in a photo much less a movie
(3561) DM: (all right, first things first)
(3558) Git: bernhart?
(3557) Vrondard: yes
** (3599) Agatha hushes up and whips out the PHB. Level up sequence standby. **
(3355) Beau (enter): 22:29
** (3557) Vrondard knows hes taking spring attack and whirlwind **
(3557) Vrondard: (so there is little suspense)
(3557) Vrondard: Note to DM... send lots of goblins and orcs Vrons way
(3355) Beau (exit): 22:30
** (3558) Git whips out his phb and covers his head like a makeshift umbrella. Level down Sequence, standby. **
(3578) Norfirion: lol
(3615) Sorceress in Green (enter): 22:31
(3561) DM: ((pls divide 33,750 by 6.))
(3601) Dj Gilcrease: 33750/6
(3557) Vrondard: [33750/6] -> 5625
(3615) Sorceress in Green (exit): 22:32
(3561) DM: ((that's how much everyone gets. including Ari, who's not here.))
(3561) DM: ((this change is retroactive as of two sessions ago.))
(3616) Crotzylla (enter): 22:33
(3558) Git: cool, finally get to dual-class
(3616) Crotzylla (exit): 22:33
(3578) Norfirion: what class you picking up
(3558) Git: swashbuckler
(3438) Orion (enter): 22:34
(3578) Norfirion: ah good ole int to dmg
(3438) Orion (exit): 22:34
(3561) DM: ((next, who needs a recap?))
(3557) Vrondard: XPs: 15626
(3557) Vrondard: that was most everyone has for xp?
(3558) Git: yep
(3601) Kha: ya
(3557) Vrondard: last i remember we were fooling around near the statue of the Budda
(3578) Norfirion: yeah
(3558) Git: hp roll: [1d10+1] -> [5,1] = (6)
(3557) Vrondard: and there might have been some mean people around
(3557) Vrondard: : )
(3561) DM: ((wraiths, David. lol.))
(3557) Vrondard: well undead classification isnt Vrondards strong suit
(3578) Norfirion: hp [1d4] -> [4] = (4)
(3601) Kha: Cleric [1d8+4] -> [8,4] = (12)
(3557) Vrondard: well (fill in blank) isnt Vrondards strong suit
(3557) Vrondard: [1d10+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(3561) DM: ((all right. last session was spent engaging Athar the sphinx in a riddle contest. then the party was teleported elsewhere, to a garden room. Kha triggered a trap that worked exactly like the center room in the fog-filled maze. the party is now in room 12, in combat with two wraiths.))
(3599) Agatha: [1d10+3] -> [6,3] = (9) HP
(3557) Vrondard: .
(3561) DM: ((unless I note otherwise, all ceilings are 20' tall, and the corridors are 10' wide.))
(3578) Norfirion: ok
(3620) Dreamweaver (enter): 22:43
(3620) Dreamweaver (exit): 22:43
(3601) Kha: See yall later
(3601) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 22:43
(3621) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 22:43
** (3557) Vrondard eyes the shifyty unsubstantial undead with irritation **
(3561) DM: This chamber rises at a moderate angle from the north to south. The entire length is lit by bright light streaming in from an area at the northern end of the corridor. ((North is to location 20.)) Water enters from the southern archway and rushes down the length of the chamber, exiting through the northern archway and down an aqueduct where it disappears into the darkness below. You can hear a rushing sound in the distance. Of course, that's not what's engaging your attention now...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3621) Kha...
(3561) DM: As Git opened the western door, he was immediately beset by two of the mist-shrouded creatures that you've encountered previously in the tomb. (roll init)
(3621) Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
(3558) Git: [1d20+4] -> [19,4] = (23)
(3557) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
(3599) Agatha: init [1d20+3] -> [19,3] = (22)
(3561) DM: (Norf?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [10,7] = (17)
(3578) Norfirion: oh sorry was fixing my sheey
(3578) Norfirion: sheet
(3578) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
(3561) DM: (24, Norf)
(3578) Norfirion: delay
(3561) DM: (23, Git)
(3578) Norfirion: actually I'm casting mage armor on myself
(3561) DM: (k)
(3578) Norfirion: (id get more descriptive but trying to do lvl up stuff quick)
(3558) Git: (gonna use my two new feats)
whispering to Git, and those are?
(3557) Vrondard: ((yes use both your feets and move!))
(3557) Vrondard: : )
(3557) Vrondard: ((how wide is this hallway? 10'))
(3561) DM: (chamber is 30' x 50')
** (3558) Git brings his dagger to bearas he moves to avoid the touch of the fiends (expertise: -3 attack, +3 ac). With a trick of hand movement he falls back a bit before whisking the magic dagger forward for a stab (bluff for feint to take away dex ac) **
(3557) Vrondard: (ah)
(3558) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+12] -> [20,12] = (32)
(3558) Git: Ceremonial Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [18,9] = (27)===> DMG: [1d4+1+0] -> [1,1,0] = (2)
(3561) DM: ((yes, hit))
(3558) Git: (oooo....)
(3558) Git: (everything good but the damage ^_^ )
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [1] = (1)
(3629) Kaga Clone (enter): 22:52
(3561) DM: (lightly wounded)
(3561) DM: (23, Vron)
(3558) Git: "Tsk..."
whispering to Kaga Clone, I was about to drop you from the group
whispering to Kaga Clone, group site that is
** (3557) Vrondard moves forward and attacks the one Git attacked (ac will be 19/18) **
(3557) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (+5 combat expertise):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe with uncharacteristic carefulness
[1d20+6+4+1+1-5] -> [14,6,4,1,1,-5] = (21) Critical on Natural 20
(Note: gains +5 dodge bonus to AC)

whispering to Kaga Clone, of course since I haven't heard a peep from you this week, I still don't know if I should.
(3631) Ivellios (enter): 22:54
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [14] = (14)
(3631) Ivellios (exit): 22:54
** (3557) Vrondard is fighting with care... wary of these things... **
(3557) Vrondard: (doneish)
(3561) DM: You seemed to have mistaken it's previous position, oddly enough. ((miss due to miss chance.))
(3561) DM: (22, Ag)
(3557) Vrondard: (ok - touch ac is 19 vs this one and 18 for the other)
** (3599) Agatha approaches the other wraith and swipes away its vague form. **
(3599) Agatha: [1d20+12] -> [1,12] = (13)
(3633) No Name (enter): 22:57
** (3599) Agatha curses as she swipes through thin air. **
(3599) Agatha: "Arrgh! Why can't the dead just leave the living alone?"
** (3561) Fallen priest of Amun-hotep snarls at Agatha, saying, "You have not properly venerated the Taker! For this you MUST DIE!!!" **
(3557) Vrondard: "they be cursed to be a nuicance"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14)
** (3599) Agatha snarls back "Don't make a promise you can't keep." **
** (3561) Fallen priest of Amun-hotep reaches out towards Agatha, as if to embrace the barbarian (AC 14). **
(3599) Agatha: ((miss))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19)
(3599) Agatha: ((wait, is that a touch attack?))
(3558) Git: (yep)
(3561) DM: Its shadowy twin seems to have been aiming for Vrondard's throat, but suddenly lunges at Git, brushing his cheek. (Vron, AOO.) (AC 19)
(3633) johnzo (exit): 23:01
(3629) Kaga Clone (exit): 23:01
(3557) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (+5 combat expertise):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe with uncharacteristic carefulness
[1d20+6+4+1+1-5] -> [19,6,4,1,1,-5] = (26) Critical on Natural 20
(Note: gains +5 dodge bonus to AC)

(3558) Git: (miss)
(3561) DM: (they're touch attacks, folks)
(3558) Git: (I know)
(3561) DM: (k)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [3] = (3)
(3561) DM: (26 was a hit, btw.)
(3557) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [2,4,1] = (7) damage
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4] -> [2] = (2)
(3557) Vrondard: (finished)
(3561) DM: (lightly wounded)
(3557) Vrondard: "buncha wispy buggers... got you that time"
(3561) DM: (8, Kha)
(3621) Dj Gilcrease: "Oneiros, Time Lord, Grant me power over Aponia to send these creatures back to the grave!"
(3621) Kha: [1d20+1] -> [20,1] = (21)
(3621) Kha: [2d6+2+1] -> [6,6,2,1] = (15)
(3558) Git: "Ah... be nice, Vronard. We're guests after all"
(3626) Elaith (enter): 23:06
(3621) Kha: (Turn chack, so 15HD turned, 5hd max per chreature)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [5d12] -> [3,10,5,12,5] = (35)
(3599) Agatha: "Aye, but they're some lousy houses. Didn't even bother to offer us a drink."
(3599) Agatha: hosts*
(3561) DM: The shadowy figures back away, as if warded away by the force of Kha's silver spear.
(3558) Git: "Granted. Perhaps we should insist."
(3558) Git: "Eh?" :watching them back away: "Neat trick."
(3561) DM: (they back into the cross corridor beyond room 12)
** (3578) Norfirion looks on to Kha's turning. **
(3561) DM: (24, Norf)
(3599) Agatha: "Good to know the boy's connection ain't completely cut off."
(3578) Norfirion: I'll just hold for now and see what the others do (delau)
(3578) Norfirion: (delay)
(3558) Git has sent you a tree node...
(3561) DM: (23, Git)
(3558) Git: (delay)
** (3558) Git straightens up. "How long they going to be like that?" **
(3561) DM: (23, Vron)
(3557) Vrondard: (they within 10' of each other?)
(3557) Vrondard: ((actually 5'))
(3561) DM: ((yes...for now))
** (3557) Vrondard steps so he can attack both of them **
(3557) Vrondard: (oh thats right they moved ignore
** (3557) Vrondard charges em **
(3557) Vrondard: the injured one
(3557) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+6+4+1+1+2] -> [11,6,4,1,1,2] = (25) Critical on Natural 20
(3561) DM: ((k))
(3626) Elaith (exit): 23:13
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [8] = (8)
(3557) Vrondard: "after em while they be actin like cowards..."
(3557) Vrondard: "ya aint be runnin away from me"
(3561) DM: Again, it's nature led you to underestimate its present position. ((miss due to miss chance.))
(3561) DM: (22, Ag)
** (3558) Git watches vronard charge out and gives a shrug, following after the dwarf, stabbing for the other one **
(3558) Git: Ceremonial Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [7,9] = (16)===> DMG: [1d4+1+0] -> [2,1,0] = (3)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [1] = (1)
(3621) Dj Gilcrease: ((AFK Bio break))
(3561) DM: Your dagger rends it of part of its spirit. (lightly wounded)
** (3599) Agatha sighs and runs along with Git, assisting him against the wraith. **
(3557) Vrondard: "bugger ya..."
(3599) Agatha: [1d20+14] -> [1,14] = (15) ((bear with me, I think I've finally got the att figured out.))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [4] = (4)
** (3578) Norfirion takes his action now, firing off a quick incantation as his eyes flash with a red light and a searing beam of fire streaks out his hand towards the wraith wounded by git. **
(3578) Norfirion: Spells: Ranged Touch Attack [1d20+5] -> [17,5] = (22)
(3578) Norfirion: Concealment [1d100] -> [6] = (6)
(3557) Vrondard: "Aggie yer swingin like a gurl"
(3578) Norfirion: Damage [4d6] -> [5,6,4,2] = (17) Fire
(3578) Norfirion: (taking my delayed action)
(3599) Agatha: "I don't see you doing much better."
(3561) DM: It sneers at you as the light of your axe fails to find its form. ((miss due to miss chance.))
(3557) Vrondard: "I hit it once..."
whispering to Norfirion, burning hands?
(3557) Vrondard: "least i think I did..."
(3558) Git: :gloats: "I hit it twice"
(3557) Vrondard: "bah with that butter knife?"
(3599) Agatha: "And I felled one earlier with little help from you blokes."
(3599) Agatha: "Match that and then we'll talk."
(3561) DM: (critically wounded)
(3557) Vrondard: "I be sure the loaves o' bread be quaking in their pans"
(3561) DM: (17, the shadowy figures)
(3558) Git: "Sounds like achallenge."
** (3578) Norfirion smirks as the fire cracks and pops at the figures. **
(3558) Git: :sees the fires sear the warith and glances to Norf: "Ok... you win."
(3561) DM: As one, the shadowed ones back away from you and flee in separate directions. One flees to the south, the other through the door across the corridor.
(3561) DM: (AOO, Vron, Git and Ag)
** (3599) Agatha smirks. "Show off." **
(3557) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+6+4+1+1] -> [9,6,4,1,1] = (21) Critical on Natural 20
[1d20+1+4+1+1] -> [16,1,4,1,1] = (23) Critical on Natural 20
(3558) Git: Ceremonial Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [5,9] = (14)===> DMG: [1d4+1+0] -> [4,1,0] = (5)
(3621) Kha: ((Back))
(3557) Vrondard: (sorry just take one)
** (3599) Agatha strikes simultaneously with Git. **
(3557) Vrondard: ((excellent i stole a good roll from Git))
(3599) Agatha: [1d20+14] -> [18,14] = (32)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [14] = (14)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [18] = (18)
(3599) Agatha: [1d12+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [14] = (14)
(3558) Git: (how dqre you rob a thief?!)
(3561) DM: Unluck seems to be with each of you for your blows fail to meet their mark. No matter though.
(3561) Wa'run: By the gods of heaven westward, this is more than I bargained for! (cringes in fright)
(3558) Git: "Welcome to manhood!" :calls back to wa'run:
(3644) Cog (enter): 23:25
(3599) Agatha: "Stay tough lad! Compared to us, these ghosts are just a nuisance."
(3599) Agatha: "Like the drunk who won't leave after last call."
** (3561) Wa'run nods, as if his tongue is stuck in his throat. **
(3558) Git: (are either of the wraiths still in sight?)
(3561) DM: (no)
(3578) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(3578) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(3578) Norfirion: "Well we may as well finish them, no use letting such corruption continue to be..."
(3557) Vrondard: "bah they got away... after em if we can find em"
** (3578) Norfirion nods to Vrondard and begins to move in the direction they fled. **
(3561) DM: (the one Vron was fighting fled down the interior corridor, the one Git was on fled through the door to 13)
(3599) Agatha: "Don't bother. We've got more important things to do."
(3558) Git: "They might be leading us toward their nasty friends anyway."
(3599) Agatha: "Aye. Or more traps."
(3578) Norfirion: "Thats what we have Git for."
** (3578) Norfirion smiles. **
(3599) Agatha: "If they're determined to stop us, we'll run into them soon enough. 'Til then, we focus on the job we came here to do.
** (3558) Git sighs "So the question is, where to now **
(3557) Vrondard: "got to get a foe while they are down...
** (3557) Vrondard gives chase... **
** (3561) Wa'run looks around, as if in a daze. "Away from this place?" **
(3578) Norfirion: "I won't let a dwarf show me up!"
** (3578) Norfirion chases after Vrondard. **
(3561) DM: (which direction, Vron?)
(3557) Vrondard: ((Charging if he sees them))
(3557) Vrondard: his spook.. down the halwall
(3557) Vrondard: hallway
(3621) Kha: "I doubt they are far away, as soon as they round a corner they would no longer be influanced by Oneiros
** (3558) Git whistles at Vronard and Norf to get their attention before they get too far. **
(3561) DM: You turn the corner and it appears to have vanished.
(3557) Vrondard: "scuttlebucket!"
(3557) Vrondard: "where did it go?"
** (3599) Agatha walks up to Wa'run and places her hands on his shoulder. **
** (3557) Vrondard goes around the next likely corner **
(3558) Git: "THey go through walls, I doubt you two can keep up."
(3558) Git: (have we been through 16 yet?)
(3599) Agatha: "Don't you worry lad. We won't let anything happen to you."
(3557) Vrondard: (he will give up after that...)
(3599) Agatha: "I need you to stay tough for me lad. We gotta watch out for each other. Can ya do that for me, Wa'run?"
(3621) Dj Gilcrease: ok well as soon as they are though they no longer have to flee, but for then next 8 rounds they can not get within visual range of me
** (3578) Norfirion returns with the dwarf to the group and folds his arms as he ponders. **
** (3621) Dj Gilcrease continues to hold his holy symbol up. "They will be able to return shortly" **
** (3558) Git heads back across the hall to the door to 16 to search for traps and locks **
(3557) Vrondard: "got away..."
** (3557) Vrondard is slightly upset **
(3558) Git: :calls back: "That's great. By the way. you know anything proper etiquette to priests in this land? maybe we did do somethin gto upset them."
(3599) Agatha: "Wa'run? Look at me. We'll get through this. 'Til then, can you stay strong for me?"
(3561) Wa'run: I...I can try. All I really wanted to do was avenge the deaths of my family and my clan. But....I had no idea, by Ptah!
(3621) Kha: "Obviously we did, they did not seem to like me messing with their alter if you remember it threw me in the air, and probably broke a few ribs in the process"
(3558) Git: "Besides that I mean. Is there like a secret knock maybe, or a greeting process?"
(3599) Agatha: "And you will lad. It's just sometimes the path ain't as straight and direct as ya think. The shadows hide all sorts of strange curves."
(3599) Agatha: "You just keep the head high and your eyes on the road and you'll have a good tale to tell your children one day."
** (3578) Norfirion takes a seat and begins to work on his staff, encrusting a large amethyst gemstone atop it in mithral metalwork. It appears it is something he's had prepared for some time, but just recently got to completing it. **
(3558) Git: (Be a good little desert warrior and later we'll go for ice cream.)
(3557) Vrondard: (ha)
(3599) Agatha: ((lol))
** (3557) Vrondard moves along (where are we going?) **
** (3561) Wa'run nods slowly. "If by the luck of Basht, we manage to escape this place, I shall repay you as best as I can, at the Oasis. A shepherd's payment, for I am but a poorman now with my father dead..." **
(3621) Kha: "I dont know a way to comunicate with this form of priest, if they were solid and alive it might have been posible"
(3621) Dj Gilcrease: "You know Basht?"
** (3578) Norfirion opens his spellbook in front of him as he begins a slow chanting as he places the stone into position in the dark ebony oak staff. **
(3604) Morfedel (exit): 23:45
** (3599) Agatha blinks in recognition of the name but lets it pass. **
** (3578) Norfirion perks an eye up from his work occasionally, but seems to be waiting for the others to move on as he occupies himself with his magical trappings. **
** (3599) Agatha smiles . "Don't you worry about that. You're our guide remember? We owe you." **
** (3561) Wa'run glances at Kha, shrugging. "As well as any of my clan or my people, outlander. Basht is the goddess of good luck and of thieves in the night, as well as lady of cats. Hers is the sign of grace in the stars of the sky, and a good omen to be born under." **
(3578) Norfirion: "Well not exactly....but he's assured a safe return from here with such a good magus as myself accompanying him." *smiles jokingly.*
** (3599) Agatha smiles and and scruffs up Wa'run's hair before turning to the others. **
(3621) Dj Gilcrease: "She is the one who sent us here, though I am not sure it was intentional"
(3578) Norfirion: "Grace? Hmmm an attribute I wouldn't have associated her with, more like seduction from what I've witnessed, beams a stare to Git."
(3644) Cog (exit): 23:47
(3578) Norfirion: ((that last part should have been an emote))
(3558) Git: :calls back to wa'run from his work on the door: "Yeah, Basht seems to mean well, but she could use some work on her planning." :after thought: "Nice body though."
(3561) Wa'run: If you have crossed paths with Bashtet, her servant, then your coming was fated. Bashtet, it is written, was once betrothed to Ptah but broke off her marriage because it was not her ka-tet to do so. Such are the ways of cats.
(3599) Agatha: "Hmph. That sounds about right."
** (3561) Wa'run shrugs, and holds himself still, putting on a brave face. **
** (3557) Vrondard listens to this yammering very little **
(3578) Norfirion: "Fate has had a way of putting me in quite som unfavorable positions. I care not to let its hand rule my any longer, I plan to make it pay for how things have unfolded. Even fate itself bends to powerful enough magicks."
(3557) Vrondard: (he keeps his axe out and ready to smack those things if they come back)
(3621) Kha: "I was unaware she was a deity, I though she was a servent of Ra since she ketp talking about the mace we have that is a weapon of Ra and what it was saying. Also kept saying we were going against our Ka-Tet"
** (3578) Norfirion meditates and speaks from his sitting positon. "So what next? Or we just going to have a tea party here?" **
(3558) Git: "Kha.. don't overwhelm the kid."
(3557) Vrondard: "sure looks bout that way"
(3558) Git: :to norf: "You brought tea?"
(3599) Agatha: "It's a nice thought, but the wizard's right. We should keep moving."
(3561) Wa'run: She is a servant of Ra, yes. (smiles)
** (3558) Git works his pick in the lock, while keeping a sharp eye for wraiths **
(3558) Git: "Right... and who's Ptah?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [3,16] = (19)
(3578) Norfirion: "No Git, but I have some wine."
** (3557) Vrondard guards Git as usual... **
(3621) Dj Gilcrease: "Ahh ok,"
** (3578) Norfirion reaches into his beltbouch and pulls out a small flask of wine, which he uncorks and drinks from, afterwards handing it to Git and anyone else who cares for a drink. **
(3558) Git: "Door's open." :offers idly as he puts away his picks and draws his dagger.
** (3621) Dj Gilcrease looks around tor signs of the shadow things **
** (3578) Norfirion dusts himself off and stands up, pulling his robes close to him. **
** (3558) Git smirks and takes the bottle gladly, "COuldn't think of a better place to be drinking." Takes a healthy swig and hands the bottle off **
** (3599) Agatha guards over Wa'run with the minotaur. **
** (3578) Norfirion hands the bottle towards the group. "Anyone else?" **
** (3621) Kha sniffs the wine and passes it on **
(3578) Norfirion: "I've taken the liberty to memorize several destructive spells, knowing well how many monsters we've been discovering.."
** (3578) Norfirion looks to Kha puzzled. **
** (3558) Git twirls the dagger in his agile fingers and heads back to the door. Making sure everyone's paying a modicum of attention before opening it up. **
(3621) Kha: "Well what direction are we heading?"
(3578) Norfirion: "I figured your curiosity alone would have led you to a sip. Its not poison."
(3561) Wa'run: Ptah is the god who oversees our rebirth in the world, and is lord of craft as well as the guardian of each of our ka. His is the sign of earth, in the stars of the sky, and is the patron of those who make their life as guides of our land. Ptah is the Builder, and the Guide of the Way Beyond.
** (3557) Vrondard is alert..."thru here methinks" **
(3558) Git: (heading into 16)
(3561) Wa'run: ...so it is written.
** (3578) Norfirion follows Git **
** (3557) Vrondard follows **
(3621) Kha: "Dont like wine much sorry, addles my wits too quickly and I dont like losing controll of my thoughts"
** (3599) Agatha pulls up the rear with the boy and the minotaur. **
(3558) Git: :about Ptah: "He sounds like a very interesting guy. Wonder when we'll meet him."
** (3599) Agatha considers taking the flask, but glances at Wa'run and decides to just let the dwarf have it. **
(3621) Dj Gilcrease: ((We in room 12 right?))
(3561) Wa'run: This chamber, obviously a kitchen, is 30' wide east to west and 50' deep north to south. The ceiling is flat. In the center of the room, a heavy wooden block stands with a cleaver stuck in it. Large copper kettles hang on the walls. A door leads out from the south wall.
(3561) DM: (woops)
(3558) Git: (some may be. I've headed back across the hall to room 16 though. opposite direcion from the wraiths)
** (3578) Norfirion holds out his staff as the amethyst gem begins to glow with a faint violent light. (Detect Magic, scanning the room.) **
(3558) Git: "Heh... guess we can have that tea break after all."
(3561) DM: (Git is in 16, as well as Vron and Norf. Others are in 12.)
whispering to Jekel, so...your verdict?
** (3621) Kha puts away his holy symbol and leaves to follow Git and the others **
(3599) Agatha: ((Agatha is following in too with the NPC's))
whispering to Jekel, I'm recruiting btw
** (3558) Git moves into the kitchen, watching for signs of (un)life around the room as he moves in toward the northern door to check it out **
(3578) Norfirion: "No enchantments in here."
(3561) TaliesinNYC: guess you're afk
(3561) DM: (strike that. was directed to Jekel)
(3558) Git: (brb)
(3561) DM: It feels slightly chilly in this room...
** (3578) Norfirion searches the room for anything of interest, inspecting the cupboards, kettles, etc. **
(3561) DM: You can hear a rushing sound in the distance, however faintly.
** (3578) Norfirion shivers as he draws his hood up and takes comfort in the warmth of black velvet. **
** (3578) Norfirion pauses and listens. "Does anyone else hear that? Sounds like rushing water maybe..." **
(3558) Git: "Rushing water in enough of these rooms. heck, there's a whole river in here after all"
(3599) Agatha: "Aye. Sounds like we're getting closer to the river."
** (3558) Git cautiously opens the northern door **
** (3578) Norfirion nods to Agatha. **
** (3578) Norfirion finishes his quick search and follows Git to the northern door. **
(3557) Vrondard: "that a good thing?"
(3578) Norfirion: "Not for a dwarf, I take it you're not too fond of water?"
** (3609) Jekel is still learning **
(3578) Norfirion: "There's nothing quite like the sights and sounds of the open sea. Maybe I'll see it again someday. Sailing always was a fascination of mine."
(3561) DM: The walls of this 30' x 50' room were once covered in frescoes of harvest grains and cattle. These, however have collapsed long ago, leaving bare stonework of the cracked walls. The chamber is empty. A closed stone door can be seen in the south wall.
(3557) Vrondard: "aint never had a like fer it"
(3557) Vrondard: "keep me feet on solid ground I do"
** (3578) Norfirion extends his staff once again as it begins to glow faintly, he waves it in an arc across the room (Detect Magic again). **
(3578) Norfirion: "Nothing here either."
(3578) Norfirion: "Dissapointing....this place is rather bland."
(3599) Agatha: "Guess we just keep on then."
(3558) Git: "I could'a told ya that." :git moves to the stone door to examine it:
** (3609) Jekel is learning how this openrpg thing works **
(3661) Gate (enter): 00:11
Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
** (3558) Git whistles a elven tune as he works **
(3661) Gate (exit): 00:12
(3661) Gate (enter): 00:12
(3661) Gate (exit): 00:12
** (3578) Norfirion winces at Git's humming. **
(3558) Git: Perform Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
(3558) Git: (git whistles like a broken radiator)\
(3578) Norfirion: (lol)
** (3609) Jekel pops off to the lobby for a bit **
(3557) Vrondard: ((probably sputters and drools like one too))
(3609) Jekel (exit): 00:15
** (3558) Git tries to get the stone door open **
(3561) DM: It grinds open, almost reluctantly....
** (3557) Vrondard awaits danger (hopefully) **
** (3621) Kha walks back into room 16 "So anything interesting in here, there isnt anything out in the hall except a pointless hall that deadends" **
(3561) DM: Sounds of combat can be heard in the distance..... A shout of desparation....
** (3578) Norfirion peers over Vrondard as the door creeps open. **
(3621) Dj Gilcrease: "What was that?"
** (3578) Norfirion begins to cast a spell immediately. His form shifts and wavers as he chants, then slowly a scaly dragon-like face and hands can be seen beneath his robe. **
(3558) Git: (our whole group together?)
** (3621) Kha readies his spear and heads tword the sound **
(3561) Strident voice: In the name of Ra, the Ever-Living!
(3578) Norfirion: (Casting Alter Self, turning into a troglydyte)
(3666) Zane (enter): 00:18
(3558) Git: "What the...?" :glances round to this comrades' reactions and sees scaly norf: "...heck?"
** (3578) Norfirion looks to Git and Vrondard as a slimey tongue darts out. **
(3621) Kha: "Halif ready your axe my friend"
(3578) Norfirion: "A more suitable form for physical confrontation."
** (3578) Norfirion grips his staff as he waits anxiously. **
(3558) Git: (listen to hear where the battle is coming from?)
(3557) Vrondard: "what is that..."
(3558) Git: :gripping his dagger: "Norf... something you want to share with us?"
** (3599) Agatha looks at Norf and raises an eyebrow. "You're odd one, Norfirion." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [7,8] = (15)
(3578) Norfirion: "No, this creature has a tough hide, its as simple as this."
(3578) Norfirion: "Better ugly than dead."
** (3599) Agatha readies her axe and waits for a suggestion to charge. **
(3558) Git: "Oh....kay...." :shakes his head and moves out toward the east, toward the battle
(3557) Vrondard: "hmmm can't argue with that one"
(3578) Norfirion: "Quit acting as if you've never seen a magus before. Lets find out where that shout came from."
(3599) Agatha: "Agreed."
(3557) Vrondard: "but thats still foul magic... eats at yer soul I'm sure"
** (3599) Agatha starts off towards the sounds. **
** (3578) Norfirion follows along slithering like a snake in his dextrous new form. **
(3557) Vrondard: "deamons be licking her eyeballs at night if you dont watch out"
(3578) Norfirion: "My soul?" *chuckles*
** (3621) Kha is already moving down the hall following the sound of battle **
(3557) Vrondard: (yer)
(3578) Norfirion: "It's only a minor transmutation magic, not a pact with some infernal demon."
(3558) Git: (door to 18 open?)
(3557) Vrondard: "so you say..."
(3561) Strident voice: ....Back to the grave with you, foul one! In the name of Ra, the Ever Living!
(3578) Norfirion: "Just be thankful you're better looking than someone for a change..."
(3561) DM: (yes)
** (3578) Norfirion pokes the dwarf jokingly with a taloned hand and laughs. **
(3557) Vrondard: "Ill be cutting that claw off if you don't stop it"
** (3578) Norfirion chuckles again. **
(3669) Sy'gandus-mere (enter): 00:24
(3557) Vrondard: "better hope that magic makes it grow back"
(3578) Norfirion: "That's what I like about you Vrondard, always to the point."
** (3558) Git moves to the door, but doesn't enter, rather checking the scene within using the mirror on the underside of his wrist guard **
** (3557) Vrondard mutters somewhat threateningly **
(3557) Vrondard:

Intimidate check:

[1d20+0+2] -> [10,0,2] = (12)

2 Ranks

** (3578) Norfirion tries to find a position to hide until Git finishes his inspection and the group decides on a plan of action. **
(3561) DM: Within this octagonal room, 30' across, a single bright figure is valiantly swinging a flashing sword at three shadowy figures. One of the figures seems to be severely wounded, it's form in tatters. There is a wooden plank door in the center of the south, west and east doors.
(3557) Vrondard: (bah 14)
(3669) Sy'gandus-mere (exit): 00:25
(3621) Kha: ((INIT?))
(3561) DM: ((up to you. :) ))
(3558) Git: :whispers to his comrades: "Some shiny weirdo fighting three of them boogedy-boos. Should we get involved?"
(3621) Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] -> [6,7] = (13)
(3557) Vrondard: "this be real?"
(3558) Git: init: [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
(3557) Vrondard: "or some crazy magic worse than mr. scaley here?"
(3558) Git: "Dunno."
(3557) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
** (3599) Agatha whispers. "He's probably the one we're here to find. Let's help him." **
** (3578) Norfirion decides to help the man as he comes out the shadows and follows after Git. **
(3578) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
(3599) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17)
(3558) Git: "We were looking for him?" :sounds surprised as he pulls a secondary dagger:
** (3599) Agatha whispers to the minotaur. "Halif, watch over Wa'run. Make sure none of those things get near him." **
** (3561) Halif nods, hefting his axe. **
(3561) DM: (22, Git)
** (3558) Git shrugs and whirls into the room, moving in to flank one of the wraiths witht the gleaming one if possible and take a stab (expertis: -2 att, +2 ac) **
(3558) Git: Aelous Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16)===> DMG: [1d4+2+0] -> [3,2,0] = (5)
(3558) Git: "Sorry to interrupt. "You looked like you could use some better company."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [18] = (18)
(3561) DM: You seem to have underestimated it's position. ((miss due to miss chance.))
(3561) DM: (17, Ag)
(3676) Tedly (enter): 00:35
** (3599) Agatha rounds the corner lunges out at the unoccupied wraith to even up the odds. **
(3599) Agatha: [1d20+14] -> [18,14] = (32)
(3599) Agatha: [1d12+7] -> [12,7] = (19)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [4] = (4)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [5] = (5)
(3599) Agatha: "Looks like Ra's looking out for you today."
(3561) DM: (yes, hit.) (critically wounded)
(3668) yehoshua (enter): 00:38
(3676) Tedly (exit): 00:38
** (3561) Female warrior smiles with relief, as she slashes with a faintly glowing sword that trails blue light and sparks at one of the shadowy figures. The figure in question seems a bit familiar... **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [5,14] = (19)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [6] = (6)
(3558) Git: (the shadowy figure?)
(3561) DM: (13, Kha)
(3561) DM: (yes)
** (3621) Kha pulls his holy symbol out of his shirt **
(3561) DM: (It appears to be one of the wraiths you fought earlier.)
(3621) Kha: "Oneiros, Time Lord, Grant me power over Aponia to send these creatures back to the grave!"
(3621) Kha: [1d20+1] -> [20,1] = (21)
(3621) Kha: [2d6+2+1] -> [5,6,2,1] = (14)
(3599) Agatha: "Hunh. You weren't quite who I was expecting."
(3668) yehoshua (exit): 00:41
(3561) DM: Two of the wraiths fall back, while one remains, locked in combat with the warrior.
(3561) DM: (10, Norf)
** (3578) Norfirion utters two quick syllabals and waves his hand at the engaged wraith as 3 ghostly darts of force streak towards his hand striking the wraith square in the chest. (Magic Missile [3d4+3] -> [4,2,1,3] = (10)) **
(3578) Norfirion: (co miss chance since thats a force effect)
(3578) Norfirion: (no miss chance that is)
(3558) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [10,7] = (17)
(3578) Norfirion: done
(3561) DM: The wraith dissipates, screaming soundlessly.
(3561) DM: (9, Vron)
** (3557) Vrondard charges onto a remainding wraith... loosening his shield and attacking with both hands on the shaft of his axe **
(3557) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+6+4+1+1+2] -> [13,6,4,1,1,2] = (27) Critical on Natural 20
(3557) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+7+1] -> [5,7,1] = (13) damage
(3557) Vrondard: "arggg dont be runnin away from me this time"
(3557) Vrondard: (subject to miss chance sorry...)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [15] = (15)
(3561) DM: ((is ok. hit))
(3561) DM: (seriously wounded)
(3561) DM: (24, Norf)
(3558) Git: (... didn't norf just go at 10?)
(3578) Norfirion: thought I went on a 10
(3609) Jekel (enter): 00:50
(3561) DM: (sorry. 22, Git)
(3680) Corgan (enter): 00:50
** (3558) Git follows after Vron, stabbing for the same wraith before it runs off again **
(3558) Git: Aelous Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [7,10] = (17)===> DMG: [1d4+2+0] -> [4,2,0] = (6)
(3558) Git: "I'm kind of getting sick of fighting things I can barely hurt."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [3] = (3)
(3561) DM: ((but you did this time. hit.))
(3561) DM: ((critically wounded))
(3561) DM: (17, Ag)
(3558) Git: "It'd be really nice if these things had an organ or two to hit."
(3599) Agatha: "At least these ones aren't hitting you back."
** (3599) Agatha chases after her ghost. **
(3561) Female warrior: Their master...is worse (as she readies for another attack).
(3599) Agatha: [1d20+14] -> [3,14] = (17)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [8] = (8)
(3561) DM: Agatha's axe slashes the air harmlessly. ((miss chance.))
(3561) DM: (17, the warrior)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [1,14] = (15)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [10] = (10)
(3558) Git: "I assume that's true." :glancing to the bright warrioress: "By the by, hardly a time for introductions, but who would you be?"
(3561) Female warrior: Gwynnoria, of the Celde. And you? (sword whistles harmlessly)
(3558) Git: :shrug: "Just some passing sumaritans, who couldn't let a dignified lady be groped by hellspawn"
(3561) DM: She's garbed in gleaming silver-linked chain mail, which shines with a radiant light that seems comforting to your eyes. The symbol of Solnor hangs on a mithril chain under her neck.
(3557) Vrondard: "har... only reason yer helping her out is ya got a shine fer her Git"
(3558) Git: (a solnor paladin with a sparking sword.... wonder if she's Sam's long lost sister)
(3561) DM: She's a star elf, by the looks of it.
(3561) DM: (13, Kha)
** (3621) Kha puts his holy symbol away since the creatures are now at the disadvantage and moves in to attack with Vontaros **
(3621) Kha: Vontaros Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [12,10] = (22) ===> Damage: [1d8+1+4] -> [6,1,4] = (11)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [7] = (7)
(3558) Git: :grins to vron: "Heck, you could say that for most women, but this one seems to have plenty of shine all her own."
(3561) DM: The wraith dissipates, screaming soundlessly.
(3561) DM: (10, Norf)
(3578) Norfirion: (how many are left now?)
(3561) DM: (1)
(3558) Git: :to gwyn: "So, madam, what brings you to a place like this?"
** (3578) Norfirion charges the remaining wraith, dropping his staff. He swoops in with claws and fangs bear and assaults the creature with natural attacks. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [5,5] = (10)
(3578) Norfirion: Claw [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11), Claw [1d20+2] -> [7,2] = (9), Bite [1d20+0] -> [3,0] = (3)
(3561) DM: It tries to slash at the paladin, but misses.
(3561) DM: The misshapen mage's blows don't affect the spirit.
(3561) DM: (9, Vron)
(3557) Vrondard: (Vron within 5' of the remaining wraith?)
(3561) DM: (no)
(3557) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+6+4+1+1+2] -> [11,6,4,1,1,2] = (25) Critical on Natural 20
[1d20+1+4+1+1+2] -> [15,1,4,1,1,2] = (24) Critical on Natural 20
(3557) Vrondard: bah me
(3557) Vrondard: jsut the first one
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [3] = (3)
(3561) DM: (damage pls)
(3557) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+7+1] -> [8,7,1] = (16) damage
(3561) DM: (critical)
(3557) Vrondard: "gar... take that you spectral nightmare"
(3561) DM: (22, Git)
** (3558) Git moves in for the hopefully killing stab **
(3558) Git: Aelous Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [12,10] = (22)===> DMG: [1d4+2+0] -> [1,2,0] = (3)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [8] = (8)
(3561) DM: Somehow, ill luck is with Git, this time. ((miss chance.))
(3561) DM: (17, Ag)
(3578) Norfirion: (afk a few mins, I'll delay if im not back for my turn)
** (3599) Agatha presses her attack on the straggler, eager to end the tiresome fight. **
(3599) Agatha: [1d20+14] -> [8,14] = (22)
(3599) Agatha: [1d12+7] -> [11,7] = (18) dmg
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d2-]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [13] = (13)
(3561) DM: And so, the last wraith vanishes, as it dissipates harmlessly into the ether.
** (3561) Gwynnoria lowers her sword, with relief and fatigue. **
(3599) Agatha: "Gods, these buggers are all over the place."
(3621) Kha: "Hello I am Kha"
(3681) Evil Joe (enter): 01:09
(3557) Vrondard: "ah there... you got it"
(3561) Gwynnoria: Thanks, and praise be to both the Silverseal and Ra, that you came in time to save me. (sheaths her sword)
** (3557) Vrondard goes back to fetch his shield... and puts it back on **
(3557) Vrondard: "hmm praise us fer real twould be better"
(3558) Git: :nods to gwyn: "You're welcome. It seems to be what we do. Ka-tet and all."
(3599) Agatha: "I wasn't expecting to find an elf here. Specially not one who wears Solnor's symbol."
(3557) Vrondard: "least we know ya aint a backstabbing thief wid that round yer neck... right Git?"
(3681) Evil Joe (exit): 01:13
** (3558) Git looks about the room for markings or as he relies, "Dunno. I use to impersonate a priest now and again." **
(3561) Gwynnoria: And I did not expect to find others familiar with my path, either.
(3557) Vrondard: "hmm that sounds good... someones that knows where they be goin"
(3561) DM: Runes are engraved in the ceiling.
(3557) Vrondard: "lucks wid us I figger"
(3621) Kha: "A Paladin of Solnar traveled with us for a time, So how is it you got here, did Brasht send you to this land as well?"
** (3599) Agatha bows slightly. "I'm Agatha Magveyd." **
(3558) Git: "Hey, Kha, can you read that?" :pointing to the ceiling"
** (3621) Kha looks up and notices the runes and starts examining them" **
(3599) Agatha: "What are you doing in a place like this?"
(3558) Git: (brb)
** (3561) Gwynnoria frowns at the mention of the name. "Ays. A woman by the name of Bashtet, saved me from the clutches of the Fellowship, and pressed me into the service of her god." (peers at Kha strangely) "Know you of this one?" **
** (3621) Kha pauses his reading of the runes **
(3578) Norfirion: (back)
(3621) Kha: "Yes she sent us here as well saying that we were not following out Ka-Tet. We too were investigating the Fellowship I think, a Snake Cult or something, I was bussy reading book while my friends were doing that"
(3685) Aureck (enter): 01:18
(3621) Kha: "Though I believe she intended to send us else ware but something in her spell went wrong"
** (3599) Agatha remembers something as turns to the entrance. **
** (3621) Kha goes back to reading the runes **
(3561) Gwynnoria: And there is something about a mace, but I do not remember many details. A mace sacred to Ra, who is an Aspect of Solnor.
(3599) Agatha: "Halif! Wa'run! You can come out now. It's all clear.
(3558) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10)
(3621) Kha: "Ya we have the mace"
** (3558) Git gives kha a sharp glance **
(3561) DM: Both enter the room, the minotaur holding a protective hand over Wa'run's shoulder.
(3685) Aureck (exit): 01:19
** (3578) Norfirion 's form wavers for a moment and he slowly returns to his normal dawn elven self, silver hair and all. **
(3621) Kha: "Though the mace is missing a gem to make it compleate"
** (3578) Norfirion retrieves his staff from the ground and approaches the woman. **
** (3621) Kha doesnt notice Git's look cause he is bussy reading the ceiling **
(3578) Norfirion: "Interesting..."
(3557) Vrondard: "anyone frisked Git... e might have it..." Vron laughs
(3686) Adonde West (enter): 01:20
** (3578) Norfirion looks up to the ceiling. "What is it Kha?" **
(3621) Kha: "The mace kept talking about three chances to accept something, and Brasht came to us every time we refused, though I wanted to accept as soon as I heard the message"
(3621) Kha: "lets see here the runes say: ' Above our realms now Master sleeps, In dreamy heights and sky so deep, The High Priest worked a wonder great, And sealed him up unto his fate. Great Munafik, the Priest most high, studies his tomes that he might ply, that water path where all the great Leave death behind and lose their fate.'"
** (3558) Git gives the dwarf a bemused grin and moves over to check the western door for traps locks or sounds beyond **
(3578) Norfirion: "Leave death behind and lose their fate...interesting line."
** (3578) Norfirion bows courtly to the elven woman. "Greetings m'lady." **
(3561) Gwynnoria: She saved me from the Fellowship, and told me to follow my true ka-tet, that there was a band of adventurers who would make their way through the sla-mori near ancient Celdenor, where none have dared enter before. If you are that band, you have cleansed a shrine to my people, and I lay my sword in your service.
(3578) Norfirion: "I'm Norfirion of House Celethrandir, Feandoril."
(3621) Kha: "Sounds like Munafik diverted the river to remain in this tomb to change the fate of the land"
(3621) Kha: "We did indead come though the Sla-Mori."
(3558) Git: "You owe us nothing lady. We cleared those fiends of our own volition. Though you can feel free to follow us if it pleases you."
** (3599) Agatha smirks. "Good we could use some help." **
(3687) Rayman (enter): 01:25
(3578) Norfirion: "We did that indeed." *smiles*
(3578) Norfirion: "And your company would be more than welcomed."
(3621) Kha: "Though we still have not fully cleansed the area if I remember corectly we still have to kill something in a tower like we promised the dead elf inorder to free her soul"
(3557) Vrondard: "yeah ya dont seem to be a bad sort... wait ya dont cast foul magicks do ya?"
(3578) Norfirion: "Yes, for Halathia..."
** (3557) Vrondard eyes Norfirion **
** (3561) Gwynnoria smiles at the dwarf. "Master dwarf, only by the grace of my god and his divine power.....no." **
(3578) Norfirion: "Her sword is of importance to me, I believe it has the ability to restore life to those slain."
(3578) Norfirion: "Magic is a tool vrondard, it can be used for good or ill, the same as your axe."
(3578) Norfirion: "I choose to do neither, I practice magic for the sake of mastering it.."
(3578) Norfirion: "All other reasons are lies, and for fools."
(3621) Kha: "Vrondard is jumpy about arcane magic, and the type of magic I normaly can wield other then that of Oneirous."
(3686) Adonde West (exit): 01:28
(3578) Norfirion: "Jumpy? That's putting it lightly..."
(3557) Vrondard: "me axe aint too hard to understand and wont turn on ya or make me do something against me will"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [12,16] = (28)
(3578) Norfirion: "I haven't blown you up in a fireball, or turned you into a frog yet drawf. In fact I've helped speed up that axe of yours on several occasions."
(3557) Vrondard: "yer foul magicks will do that to you some day... probably soon"
(3578) Norfirion: "That's not possible, I'm not weak. Only weaklings lose their mind to the magic....we shall see."
(3621) Kha: "So you are from the cursed elven city?"
(3578) Norfirion: "Determination is the one value I measure above all others."
(3557) Vrondard: "bah"
** (3578) Norfirion glares at the drawf and smirks then lowers his hood as he sits down and closes his eyes, smiling wily. **
(3558) Git: "Everyone may want to move aside. This door's got a nasty trap on it and disarming it... may not go well." :once they clear aside, git goes to work on the door:
** (3621) Kha moves to the far side of the room" **
** (3578) Norfirion opens an eye and looks at what Git's doing. **
** (3578) Norfirion scuttles out of the way. **
** (3599) Agatha moves aside pulling Wa'run with her. **
(3557) Vrondard: "hmmm" (he stays back but with a clear path to Git)
(3561) Gwynnoria: Yes, I am amongst those who guard the city from those who would seek it and from those who would leave it. We are sworn to protect the city and to defend the land until the end of time. By the grace of the Ara-Cemnari, I am sworn.
** (3561) Gwynnoria follows Vrondard **
(3558) Git: :to gwyn: "Sounds very noble.... and boring. Then again, I was never much for religious duty myself."
(3621) Kha: "Kind of hard to protect that land from here in the desert. Though it seems Ra has a plan for you and us"
** (3561) Gwynnoria shrugs. "Faith is not for everyone, friend." **
(3621) Kha: "Everyone has faith in something,"
(3561) Gwynnoria: This is true. I am beginning to question if I was a fool for going to Tolmara that day, to sharpen my blade and to stock up on supplies.
(3561) Gwynnoria: Now I am here, in distant land far from ancient Celdenir....
(3578) Norfirion: "You're not the only one, we're all far from home."
(3621) Kha: "Do you know anything of Shai`Tan?"
(3561) Gwynnoria: No... (shakes her head)
(3558) Git: "It does sound strange. i would have stayed in Miir and visited one of the elven villages. Travelling all the way to Tolmara, you must have been after something more. Maybe you were entchanted, neh?"
(3561) Gwynnoria: 'Tis possible.
(3557) Vrondard: "bah dont ya worry so much that yer pointy ears start to droop... yer wid us.. aint nothing going to happen to ya now"
** (3561) Gwynnoria smiles faintly. **
(3557) Vrondard: "there ya go lass"
** (3578) Norfirion laughs amused. **
** (3561) Wa'run stares at her in wonder, and closes his mouth which had been hanging open. **
(3558) Git: :disagrees: "Actually, bad things tend to happen quite often to us
(3557) Vrondard: "nothing more disarmin than a smile"
(3621) Kha: "Well be glad, he is a god that does not belong here, and is working to destroy everything. All of the gods, even those you would fight against wish him gone. From what Brasht told us if we fail here Shai`Tan will be sucssed within a year"
(3557) Vrondard: "where is that walking bit of furnature?"
(3578) Norfirion: "We will crush this Shai'Tan, don't worry about him."
(3557) Vrondard: "a bump and a violet belch from that thing will cheer her up"
** (3621) Kha laughs at Norfs statment **
(3558) Git: (kid really seems to have a thing for elf chicks)
** (3578) Norfirion shrugs. **
(3578) Norfirion: "All things are possible..."
(3599) Agatha: "In the meanwhile, we should be comparin' notes. What have you found so far?"
(3578) Norfirion: "It doesn't have to be overt force, there are many ways to resolve each conflict."
(3621) Kha: "You get that door open Git?"
(3578) Norfirion: "We're no mere adventurer's you know this, we are destined for something great. At least I know I am..." *smirks*
(3558) Git: :after Norf: "And we're humble too..."
(3578) Norfirion: "Indeed." *he replies sarcastically.*
(3578) Norfirion: "No more than you when talking about your self" *laughs to Git*
** (3558) Git gives a sigh. "I think.... I've got it." Then he begins the unlocking process **
** (3578) Norfirion sights. "At last." **
(3561) Gwynnoria: Well...I had been wandering in this pyramid for ages...
(3578) Norfirion: "You're git'ing slow Fellthorn..."
(3687) Rayman (exit): 01:46
(3561) Gwynnoria: But I can tell you of the layout of this level, at least.
(3557) Vrondard: "those statues ever do anything?"
(3558) Git: "Just taking my time based on the dangers involved." :Puts away his tools, draws the dagger. "May I borrow a shield?"
(3557) Vrondard: "ever been behind this door... or run into other doors like dis one if you haven't?"
(3557) Vrondard: "sure... though this is a bit big fer ya"
(3557) Vrondard: "yer not going to get it broke are ya?"
** (3558) Git takes vroard's shield. "Bigger's better." Huddling behind it against the door to protect his vitals, in case the needles aren't entirely disarmed, he pushes the door open **
(3557) Vrondard: "not like ya'd tell the truth 'bout it anyway"
(3557) Vrondard: "oy ya shoulda let me do that Git"
** (3557) Vrondard moves torward the door... **
(3557) Vrondard: "yer never knowing whats going to grab ya on der other side"
(3666) Zane (exit): 01:53
(3558) Git: :handing back the shield as the door comes open, "You can get the next one." :carefully he observes the chamber within for further traps before proceeding inward
(3558) Git: "Norf, come take a look at this tomb for me? I have this aching magic suspicion"
** (3578) Norfirion follows Git inside actiivating his staff's detect magic inside the chamber. **
(3561) Gwynnoria: As I understand it, the statues are central to a puzzle that if solved, will enable you to appear on the next level, out of the way of the high priest of the pyramid.
(3557) Vrondard: "hmm maybe I should have rubbed their bellies after all... you say statues... there are two of em?"
(3561) Gwynnoria: There is a creature in the temple chamber that guards a statue that is key to the puzzle. I have been unable to defeat it thus far. There is another way to leave the level, I believe...in the garden area....however, the undying ones guard the room zealously.
(3561) Gwynnoria: There are three of them.
(3578) Norfirion: "Hmmmm"
(3561) DM: Kha is not in the room....
(3599) Agatha: "We know about the guardian. We've been told there's a sword in this place that can counter it."
(3599) Agatha: "Have you seen anything like that Gwynnoria?"
(3578) Norfirion: "There's a sword inside....a powerful magical blade."
(3558) Git: "Well, that's a suspicious sword." :pointing into the next room
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2
(3578) Norfirion: "Alteration and evocation magics, its likely very potent."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
(3578) Norfirion: "Perhaps this is stonecutter?"
(3558) Git: "Sounds like it's worth a shot.."
(3578) Norfirion: "Everyone get in here."
(3599) Agatha: "If it is, there's gotta be one helluva trap protectin' it, assuming it can't protect itself. Watch yer step."
(3695) Rayman (enter): 02:01
** (3599) Agatha follows in carefully. **
** (3558) Git moves into the room cautiously, approaching the sarcophogus, he takes his time inspecting it and the sword for any traps **
(3695) Rayman (exit): 02:01
(3561) Gwynnoria: No, I have not.
(3558) Git: (take 20 search)
** (3557) Vrondard enters **
(3693) Katie (enter): 02:02
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] -> [7,14] = (21)
(3558) Git: (are there any runes or markings in the room?)
** (3557) Vrondard gets hsi shield from Git and puts it one again **
(3693) Katie (exit): 02:03
(3561) DM: (55 minute warning)
(3561) DM: Yes, the walls are covered with runes and hieroglyphics.
** (3578) Norfirion approaches the runes and tries to decipher them. **
(3578) Norfirion: Skill: Decipher Script [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
(3621) Kha: "Oneiros, Time Lord, Grant me power over Aponia to send these creatures back to the grave!"
(3621) Kha: [1d20+1] -> [18,1] = (19)
(3621) Kha: [2d6+2+1] -> [5,5,2,1] = (13)
(3561) DM: (you do NOT hear Kha btw)
(3558) Git: (pay no attention to the goof behind the curtain!)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [19,5] = (24)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4] -> [1] = (1)
(3621) Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+9] -> [4,9] = (13)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [2] = (2)
(3599) Agatha: ((who's all in the room with the sword?))
(3558) Git: :calls over idly as he inspects the sarcophogus: "Hey Kha, can you check the runes on this sword. I wanna know if it says Stonecutter or maybe it's an incantation Norf can figure out or something."
(3558) Git: "...Kha?"
(3621) Kha: "Oneiros, Time Lord, Grant me power over Aponia to send these creatures back to the grave!"
(3621) Kha: [1d20+1] -> [16,1] = (17)
(3621) Kha: [2d6+2+1] -> [4,4,2,1] = (11)
(3558) Git: (just me, norf and maybe vrondard, I think)
(3578) Norfirion: (im in the sword room))
(3599) Agatha: ((me as well))
(3561) DM: (Kha is not in the area)
(3557) Vrondard: (im trailing Git as usual)
(3558) Git: :barely glances up from his work a moment: "Where'd that buffoob go now? Someone care to go find Captain Curiousity?"
** (3557) Vrondard peeks out the doorway **
(3561) DM: (he's not here...)
(3557) Vrondard: "aint out here... he's far back methinks"
(3558) Git: "Prefereably before he does something ..... how to say..... Kha-esque."
(3697) yehoshua (enter): 02:15
(3557) Vrondard: "crazy flaming pokey sticker"
(3561) DM: Audible footsteps can be heard in the distance, coming closer, at a fast pace.
(3561) DM: Sounds like Kha, running.
(3557) Vrondard: "eh here he is... HEY KHA!"
(3557) Vrondard:

Sense Motive check:

[1d20+1+0] -> [2,1,0] = (3)

0 Ranks

** (3557) Vrondard doesnt think much of Kha's antics **
(3558) Git: :ears perk, as a bad feeling rises: "Why's he coming so fast?"
(3557) Vrondard: "bored I guess"
** (3578) Norfirion shakes his head and sighs. **
(3557) Vrondard: "nothing like a good run around the tunnels..."
(3557) Vrondard: "kicks up the dust real good... ah brings back me memories"
(3561) DM: Eventually he shows up, a little disheveled.
(3599) Agatha: "He knows better than to do that. Not with all the wraiths and traps about."
** (3621) Kha come rushing back into the room and skids to a stop **
(3558) Git: "Yeah ... right." :looks to the priest and blurts out: "What'd you do?"
(3557) Vrondard: "hmmm thats true... hey Kha... you see any wraiths out there?"
(3621) Kha: "It didnt flee from me. when I opened the secret door"
(3557) Vrondard: "or did ya find any traps... or ooooooh secret door"
(3599) Agatha: "Secret door?"
** (3621) Kha rubs a small wound on his arm **
(3557) Vrondard: "what didnt flee from ya?"
** (3557) Vrondard looks down where Kha came from **
(3558) Git: "Hmmm... you mean the one back to the west into that little room?"
(3621) Kha: "One of those shadow things, two did but one refused"
(3621) Kha: "No the one down the hall south"
(3558) Git: .... "And where is this brazen wraith now?"
(3557) Vrondard: ((give us the room # ooc))
(3621) Kha: ((The door to room 1))
(3621) Kha: ((I think))
** (3621) Kha shrugs **
(3621) Kha: "But it's touch hurts more then it should
(3621) Kha: ((HP: 69 / 69))
(3621) Kha: ((OOps))
(3557) Vrondard: "hell ya... blooming unnatural things they be"
(3557) Vrondard: "only makes sense they be touchin ya and hurtin ya unnatural"
(3558) Git: "Great...." :offeres dryly, then turns back to the sword: "I don't think the sword is trapped but, can you read the runes on it, before I pick up something that may be cursed"
** (3557) Vrondard peers downt he hall again **
** (3621) Kha looks over the sword especialy focusing on the handle **
(3700) No Name (enter): 02:23
** (3557) Vrondard looks at the sword wishing it was an axe **
** (3558) Git looks wishing it were coinspinner **
(3599) Agatha: "I'll watch our backside. Vrondard, care to join me?
(3578) Norfirion: "To go where?"
(3599) Agatha: "I wanna make sure that thing didn't follow Kha."
(3557) Vrondard: "ive been lookin fer it"
(3557) Vrondard: "aint like I'm pinein fer some stupid sword none"
(3578) Norfirion: "Fine with me."
** (3599) Agatha checks out the way Kha came, axe in hand. **
(3561) DM: There seem to be no pursuing creatures....
(3621) Kha: "This does not match the discription of any of the twelve swords, though that does not mean alot. Lets see if I can read these runes"
(3578) Norfirion: "Yes, please"
** (3599) Agatha comes back, looking over her shoulder every once in a while. **
** (3558) Git rests against the sarcophogus, waiting for the analysis as he twirls Norf's dagger, testing the weight **
(3599) Agatha: "The path seems clear for now. Any luck with the sword?"
(3621) Kha: "Lets see: ' Whomsover wields Bar'eth-el is blessed in the ways of Osiris. May Osiris protect you and watch over you during your time of need.' So this is Bar`eth what that means I do not know, do you Wa`run?"
(3578) Norfirion: "A tear from a maiden's heart."
(3578) Norfirion: "That dagger, remember?"
(3558) Git: (religion check for the heck of it...)
(3558) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17)
(3557) Vrondard: "hmmmm... don't know what I was complaining about..." eyeing the weapon against
** (3599) Agatha blinks and rubs her eyes as she looks at the weapon. **
(3557) Vrondard: "so you going to take that battle axe down.. I'm sure Agatha would like to use it"
(3561) Wa'run: In the language of my people, Bar'eth-el means "sword against death".
(3578) Norfirion: "Sword against death?"
(3558) Git: "Sounds like boon considering the creeps we're facing."
(3561) Wa'run: Although, the way the word "sword" here is used, can also mean "axe" or "spear".
(3599) Agatha: "Seems convincing enough, except for one thing. I don't see a sword."
(3578) Norfirion: "I could prepare an identify spell to examine its qualities, but I'll need to rest."
(3621) Kha: "That could be helpfull against the shadow things"
(3599) Agatha: "Looks more like an axe."
** (3578) Norfirion nods, **
(3578) Norfirion: "Most of my kind are not trained with the sword like star elves are."
(3561) DM: (20 minute warning.)
(3558) Git: "Eh? Guess it takes what form the eyes please, huh?"
(3557) Vrondard: "what do you mean more like an axe... its an axe... I know what an axe looks like"
(3621) Kha: "Ahh so it changes into whatever the posible wielder wants it to be. So who wants to wield it?"
(3621) Kha: "I will stick with Vontaros here."
** (3578) Norfirion shrugs. **
(3578) Norfirion: "Git?"
(3578) Norfirion: "Agatha?"
(3578) Norfirion: "Vrondard?"
(3578) Norfirion: "One of you take it."
(3557) Vrondard: "bit large fer what I like to use"
(3578) Norfirion: "It'll be useless in my hands, unless it has magic I can use."
(3557) Vrondard: "though it aint bad"
(3558) Git: "Me wield a divine blade? Might offend it and get smited." :jokes casually as he rests against the sarcophogus
(3599) Agatha: "I guess that leaves me."
(3621) Kha: "Guess it falls to Agatha, or Halif I guess could wield it as well"
(3557) Vrondard: "Krauchar will certainly be glad fer ya"
** (3599) Agatha approaches the weapon. **
(3599) Agatha: "You're sure this thing ain't trapped or cursed?"
(3558) Git: "No. ... it might not be."
(3578) Norfirion: "You had better ask Git about that."
(3578) Norfirion: "I may know magic, but not traps."
(3621) Kha: "If you are wielding it Agath do you mind letting Halif wield your current axe for now since his seems a bit rusty?"
(3557) Vrondard: "I aint be knowing nothing bout it"
(3621) Kha: "No, but only one way to find out is pick it up"
(3599) Agatha: "Let's see if this doesn't blow me up first, eh?"
(3558) Git: "Want me to pick it up for you?"
(3680) Corgan (exit): 02:42
(3599) Agatha: "Nah. It's my job. And we can't have you getting blown up...again."
(3558) Git: :nods: "As you wish, ma'am"
** (3599) Agatha slowly reaches out to the axe and shuts he eyes as she clenches it. **
(3697) yehoshua (exit): 02:43
(3599) Agatha: "Hope, I've made a good impression, Osiris..."
** (3578) Norfirion looks on anxiously. **
(3561) DM: Nothing seems to happen....
** (3609) Jekel as do we all **
** (3599) Agatha opens her eyes and picks it up. **
(3561) DM: (Jekel: please refrain from emoting. Thanks.)
(3558) Git: "Well... that was anticlimactic."
(3599) Agatha: "I ain't complaining."
** (3558) Git leaves the room and heads across room 18 to search the door to the east **
(3621) Kha: "Well now thats done lets finish exploring this place"
** (3621) Kha follows Git **
** (3599) Agatha steps back makes some practice swings, trying to get a feel for the axe.. **
(3711) openrpg newbie (enter): 02:46
(3711) openrpg newbie (exit): 02:47
(3557) Vrondard: "aint no secret doors in here?"
(3557) Vrondard: "twould be easier that way"
(3599) Agatha: "Not bad...not bad at all."
(3561) DM: (we can stop here if you want)
(3558) Git: "Maybe there's one in the sarcophogus, but I really don't feel like waking anymore undead today."

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