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(9) DM: (so are we caught up from last session and the log, or do you need to be refreshed?)
(14) Norfirion: I could use a quick refresher if u dont mind
(5) Arianrhod: Refresh me please.
(4) Kha: ((Minotaur is leading us though the maze, first to the person he killed so we can check if it is Abdullha's man then though the maze))
(11) Git: (following beat up minotaur into fog of confusion. Got it!)
(9) DM: (have to back track even before that)
(9) DM: (you remember being teleported through into the octagonal room?)
(13) Agatha: ((If it's loyal, we get the job done safely and quickly. Otherwise we grill up some burgers. It's win-win.))
(9) DM: (Kha's prank causing the party to be levitated to the ceiling and stuck to it)
(9) DM: (guess not)
(5) Arianrhod: (that I remember, though I don't remember what damage I may have taken falling back to the floor)
(4) Kha: ((17 total, 3 up 14 falling))
(9) DM: About two sessions ago, the party explored a level of the pyramid and (surprise surprise) didn't find the tomb of Amun-hotep, just a fake tomb.
(9) DM: (for Norf's benefit)
(14) Norfirion: ah ok
(14) Norfirion: I do remember reading about the ceiling deal in the logs, however
(9) DM: They discovered that the river Athis was trapped inside the pyramid (explains the pyramid's size -- it's 1000 feet tall and is a major landmark in this part of the desert), and were teleported elsewhere. Abdullah's men apparently discovered the teleport and have been trapped since.
(9) DM: They were transported to a room which contained among other things a metallic ceiling and a series of levers that said "pull me" in different languages.
(9) DM: Well...Kha, the curious one, pulled one of them and triggered a trap.
(9) DM: After the party got out of THAT one, they next investigated one of the mist-filled corridors. They fought a minotaur, almost slew it but not before Kha befriended it. Apparently, it killed one of Abdullah's men, mistaking it for a "not-human". The second dervish fled.
(9) DM: It's now leading you through the maze, to the corpse of the dervish it slew.
(9) DM: Even with the minotaur in tow, as soon as you enter the mist, you lose all sense of direction and destination. You're unsure how many steps you've taken and what direction you're going.
** (10) Vrondard seems less flumoxed... **
** (4) Kha trots along holding the rope right behind the minotaur, keeping an eye on his health **
** (5) Arianrhod calls out to Silver. **
** (11) Git follows point behind Kha, dagger ready for betrayal, even if is mind is inevitably fogged **
(14) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(13) Agatha: "Keep a good grip on the rope. It'd be a terrible thing to get lost down here."
** (5) Arianrhod holds the rope, still worried about Silver. **
(14) Norfirion: /me follows along behind the elfmaiden as he tries to make some sense of all this haze.
** (9) Silver answers Ari's call by howling in response, although it seems disjointed.... **
** (13) Agatha regularly checks her to make sure the minotaur's axe is still strapped there. **
** (14) Norfirion follows along behind the elfmaiden as he tries to make some sense of all this haze. **
(10) Vrondard: "this is quiet admirable..."
(10) Vrondard: (quite)
(11) Git: "Someone grab the pup before we lose him"
(5) Arianrhod: "Silver?"
(10) Vrondard: "eere Silver... come on stay next to me"
(13) Agatha: "I would if I could see him."
** (10) Vrondard fetches the canine **
(4) Kha: "Thank you Halif for leading us. It would have taken us much longer, if not forever to find our way though this place"
** (14) Norfirion feels around for the druid's wolf while keeping his grip on the rope. **
** (9) Silver howls, a note of confusion creeping into his voice. **
whispering to Norfirion, bumps into your leg
(4) Kha: "Hold up Halif, I think we left our wolf friend behind"
** (5) Arianrhod does her best to control her rising panic. **
(14) Norfirion: "Good boy"
(14) Norfirion: "I have him Ari"
(9) Halif: It is right behind us. (walks)
** (14) Norfirion tugs at Silver and brings him close to Ari to try and calm him down. **
** (4) Kha shrugs "Ok" **
(5) Arianrhod: "Thank you. I... I am sorry, I am not doing very well in this place."
(14) Norfirion: "It's ok, its to be expected"
(14) Norfirion: "Vrondard, can your dwarven sight pierce this mess?"
(13) Agatha: "It's no better for any of us, Ari."
** (11) Git holds the rope in one hand and the other holding his dagger hooks a finger to Kha's clothing, keeping a measure of his ally's distance. "How well can you see in this halif?" **
** (14) Norfirion can be heard chanting as his robes rustle in the mist. (Casting Detect Magic and scanning the area) **
(9) DM: The mists part to reveal a 10' by 30' section of cleae corridor with mists filling the archways at both ends. Archways lead out from the center of both side walls and are also filled with mists. From one end of the area, a ragged trail of gold coins leads down the center of the corridor, turns sharply and disappears into the mists.
whispering to Norfirion, intense alteration magic all around you lol
whispering to Norfirion, the mists radiate that.
** (11) Git quirks a curious brow at the gold, asking the minotaur, "Was the man carrying a sack of coins with him or something? **
(9) Halif: I can see as well as a vishap, outlander.
(10) Vrondard: "as can I.. I figure"
** (11) Git nods to their leader and moves to inspect the coins, seeing if their of this land from what he's seen. **
(10) Vrondard: (this is said with a little doubt as he doesnt really know what a vishap is)
(9) Halif: It is part of the magic of this place, elf. You can take them if you wish.
(4) Kha: "He was probably using the coind like I planed on using the Bones, as a way to make where we had already been
** (14) Norfirion remains silent as he tries to think. **
(13) Agatha: "Hmph. Sounds like a trap to me. I thought you were on our side."
(11) Git: "What do you mean... part of it's magic? As in they aren't real?"
(10) Vrondard: "bah drop em Git.. tainted with foul magics no doubt"
** (4) Kha laughs at Vrondard **
** (5) Arianrhod still holds the rope, "Um, has anyone seen the luggage?" **
whispering to Git, yes they are. they're dinars.
(4) Kha: "So which way from here Halif?"
** (13) Agatha shrugs. **
(11) Git: :sigh: "Regardless... onward to the corpse, please." :regrips the rope and readies to move on:
(10) Vrondard: "hasnt rubbed up 'gainst me lately"
** (9) Halif shrugs at Agatha **
(14) Norfirion: "Whatever the coins are, they're not radiating magic directly themselves, but they could be part of some larger effect"
(9) Halif: You do not see me taking any of them.
** (9) The luggage scoots out of the corridor. **
(11) Git: "I have no interest small coin. We're here for bigger trinkets
** (14) Norfirion chuckles. **
** (9) The luggage belches some lavender dust as it picks up a coin and tosses it inside. **
(14) Norfirion: "Like the virginity of some female nobility?"
(11) Git: :shrugs: "Depends how 'noble' she is"
(10) Vrondard: "bah thats no good... father will track you down and make you marry her fer sure"
(14) Norfirion: "It's highly unlike after he sees what a sap Git is." *laughs*
(14) Norfirion: *unlikely
(5) Arianrhod: "I would just like to get back to a place with trees."
(11) Git: :glances back to Vron, "Strange, after the deed, my father-in-law, forbid my marrying his daughter"
** (9) Halif glances down near where the luggage is but does not see it, then turns to your right. "This way, if you please." **
** (11) Git follows the minotaur, no less suspicious **
** (14) Norfirion follows along behind Ari and Silver. **
** (4) Kha trots along after Halif **
(9) DM: After another excursion into the mist, they part again to reveal a T-shaped intersection. Each branch is 10' long and ends in an archway filled with rust-orange colored mists. There is a corpse at the intersection, face down, in flowing robes.
(9) Halif: There is your human, outlander.
(11) Git: "Thank you." :offers somberly as he goes to examine the body:
** (14) Norfirion leans down to inspect the figure. **
** (5) Arianrhod follows Git, limping slightly. **
(11) Git: (does he dress similar to Abdullah's men? Can't remember if they had any sort of uniform)
** (4) Kha looks at the corpse but doent bother going over to it **
(5) Arianrhod: brb
(13) Agatha: "Be careful with it, Git. Could be another trap."
(11) Git: "I'm always careful... more or less." :AS he inspects the body:
** (14) Norfirion looks at the body but does not touch it waiting for Git to do his thing. **
(9) DM: (yes he does)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [1,13] = (14)
(5) Arianrhod: (yes he does what?)
whispering to Git, there seems to be nothing unusual
(9) DM: (yes he's dressed similarly to Abdullah's men)
(13) Agatha: ((yes he's dressed like Abdullah's men))
** (11) Git checks to make sure no traps or malignant creaturs have made their way onto the body before turning ito over to search his belongings for anything personal to act as proof of his finding **
whispering to Git, you can see where the minotaur disemboweled him
** (4) Kha paces nervously never letting go of the rope. seemingly drawn into himself and occasonaly glancing at the spear in his hands **
** (5) Arianrhod hugs herself, hating this place more with every passing minute. **
** (9) Halif relaxes against the wall, yet remains wary, watching the corridors. **
(11) Git: "Wa'run." :as he searches among the cloths, "Is there any specific practice or procedure for those who die in travel, which should be performed now?"
** (14) Norfirion paces back over to Ari. "Are you ok?" **
** (9) Wa'run peers over the scene **
** (5) Arianrhod shrugs, "I'll be allright." **
** (13) Agatha keeps an eye on Halif. **
(9) Wa'run: Ideally, a priest would bless the body and wrap it in cloth anointed in oil. But since we have none here, of the old gods, best to burn it to prevent it from walking the land again.
(4) Kha: "Week take something of the mans, a Knife, or something small that we can show to Abdullha so he knows we found him"
(4) Kha: ((week = we)
(4) Kha: ((AFK Phone))
** (13) Agatha looks up at the lowish ceiling. "Aye. Perhaps on our way out." **
(11) Git: "I'm looking Kha"
(5) Arianrhod: "While I am all for it not walking again, there doesn't seem to be a lot of ventilation in here." Thinking or much air either.
(11) Git: (he has nothing?)
(5) Arianrhod: (Does he have hair?)
** (11) Git takes the mans blade and coins and his badge. Holding up the badge, "THis should do" **
(9) DM: (yes, of course.)
(14) Norfirion: "So, what now?"
(11) Git: "Halif... a room of glass. Do you know where it is?"
(10) Vrondard: "well burning something down here aint a good idea"
(14) Norfirion: "Yes, the smoke would be horrible in this confined space, and I doubt it would burn away this mist since it appears magical in form."
(4) Kha: ((Back sorry, My sister called))
(5) Arianrhod: "How long can we wait before it begins to rise?"
** (11) Git sighs at the futility of fie and stands to clear his throat. Looking about he seems oddly embarassed before he opens his mouth and begins to sing **
(14) Norfirion: "My dagger should do nicely against any undead we encounter, it may be best if you use it if that occurs Git."
** (4) Kha stops pacing and looks at Git **
(14) Norfirion: "Anyways, any ideas on which path we should take next?"
(11) Git: It's in the star elven language, low and melodic, and he closes his eyes as he sings it best he can
(9) Halif: No (thinks a moment)
(9) Halif: I have never heard of such.
(10) Vrondard: "well take us placed you know about..."
(10) Vrondard: (places)
(10) Vrondard: "so we can look at em"
** (14) Norfirion looks at Git with a surprised look. **
** (4) Kha remains quiet while Git sings **
(5) Arianrhod: "Git?" whispers Ari.
(9) Halif: As I said, the not-human fled in the direction of the winged one's lair.
** (13) Agatha offers up a silence out of respect. **
(9) Halif: I could take you there, should you wish it.
(10) Vrondard: "well that sounds promising... take us there"
** (5) Arianrhod recognizes the song but remains silent. **
(14) Norfirion: "So be it Halif"
** (11) Git continues his song to it's somber lilting end, taking a moment of silence over the body before rising to dust himself, muttering, "Least I can do." **
** (4) Kha says after Git finishes his song "The winged ones lair sounds like a good place to start" **
(14) Norfirion: "A song I don't care to utter anymore, its crossed my lip enough already"
** (5) Arianrhod stares at Git with tears in here eyes, "I have not heard that in a very long time." **
(11) Git: "Hai. Only lead we've got." :Nods to Kha, a bit more reserved than his usual self:
** (9) Halif cocks his head listening to Git's song but says nothing. **
(4) Kha: "I think that is the most sentamental I have seen you behave Git. This pyramid is affecting more than just me I believe"
** (14) Norfirion crosses his arms in the folds on his robe and waits for the group to start moving. **
(11) Git: :to ari: "Me either" :to Norf: "... andI know what you mean.
(13) Agatha: "It's a nice tune, but we should be moving lest we have to hear it again."
(9) Halif: Follow me.
(11) Git: "Kha..." :grabbing the rope once more, ready to leave: "Shut up." :back to his old self:
** (14) Norfirion follows. **
** (4) Kha checks his grip on the rope and follows after Halif **
** (5) Arianrhod follows suit **
** (14) Norfirion grabs the rope once again as he plunges into the mist. **
** (10) Vrondard gets in behind Halif... perked up fer some fightin **
** (4) Kha lets out a small chuckle "Ok Git" **
(11) Git: "So... what's the winged one? Is .. that the sphinx?"
** (4) Kha continues down the halls after Halif with the rope in one hand and Vanatros in the other **
(9) DM: The minotaur seems to be backtracking your steps. Presently, you come into sight of the coin filled corridor.
** (9) Halif grunts in assent. **
(11) Git: :to the grunt: "Is that a yes?"
** (9) Halif grunts again. **
(11) Git: "Right..."
(13) Agatha: "So how dangerous is this fink thing?"
(10) Vrondard: "probably dangerous if it flys around"
(4) Kha: "So Wa`run you said female Sphinx's like riddles and such?"
(10) Vrondard: "hard to hit em that way"
(9) Wa'run: Yes. (cough)
(11) Git: :to vronard: "Then we lead it into these tunnels where it can't fly. At the same time though, we won't see it or know it's there but still... the principle is sound"
(10) Vrondard: "sound enough fer me... I'll be seein it"
(9) Halif: Follow me. We return to the central chamber and through it.
(11) Git: "Lead on Longhorn."
** (13) Agatha follows the beast. **
(9) DM: You return to the central chamber, stumbling out of the mist. Halif pauses by one of the levers, catching his breath.
(9) DM: All seems to be as it was before.
(9) DM: However....Wa'run is not here with you.
(5) Arianrhod: "Wa'run?"
(4) Kha: "Make sure you dont play with those levers Halif, they make people fly up to the roof"
** (5) Arianrhod glances at the luggage and raises an eyebrow. **
** (11) Git grips his dagger in one hand discretely reaches his sap with the other as he eyes the minotaur by the lever. "No one was watching him?" He asks of Wa'run. **
** (14) Norfirion looks around for the youngster. **
** (9) Halif grunts. "I know." **
** (14) Norfirion shakes his head. **
(9) DM: It's the first time you've seen the minotaur smile.
(13) Agatha: "Halif, where's the boy."
** (5) Arianrhod opens the luggage, just in case. **
** (4) Kha looks around "I wasnt, figured he would be following with the rope in his hand" **
(9) Halif: How should I know? Am I your keepers?
(11) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [5,6] = (11)
** (14) Norfirion flenches his anger, but remains silent. **
(13) Agatha: "Godsdamn. We have to go back."
** (14) Norfirion nods. **
(14) Norfirion: "Lets go Agatha."
(9) Halif: He is probably in the corridor.
** (13) Agatha yells back. "Wa'run! Can you hear me?" **
** (5) Arianrhod stares angrily at Halif, holding back her anger that has been building with her claustrophobia. **
(4) Kha: "Lets walk back the way we came so we can find him, I doubt he would wander off on his own"
** (5) Arianrhod shakily grabs the rope. "For Wa'run." **
** (9) Wa'run shouts, although it comes through as faint in the room. **
** (5) Arianrhod begins to walk back along the rope, her face is very pale. **
(11) Git: "We're going back for the boy Half. Come on." :settles his dagger as he gives the rope a tug:
** (9) Halif shrugs and re-enters the misty corridor once more. **
(5) Arianrhod: "Wa'run! Keep calling so we can find you!"
(9) Wa'run: Help me! Aaaaagh!
(4) Kha: "Halif lets start back so we can find him" **Motions back the way they came**
(11) Git: "From now on no one leaves the boy unattended."
** (10) Vrondard rushes to Wa'run's aid (not needing to be led) **
(13) Agatha: "Agreed."
(9) Wa'run: Aieee!!!
** (5) Arianrhod moves faster barely touching the rope **
** (13) Agatha grabs the rope from Ari and hands her one end. **
** (4) Kha watches Vrondard **
(13) Agatha: "I'm coming lad!"
** (14) Norfirion sprints ahead as he draws his dagger. **
** (11) Git follows the minotaur along, listening for any other sounds along with the boy **
(13) Agatha: "Norfirion, you're with me. Vron, watch the cow."
(9) DM: You burst into the second corridor from the central chamber to find Wa'run locked in combat...with Wa'run....!
** (5) Arianrhod calls out again, "WA'RUN" **
(13) Agatha: ((scratch the last sentence because I'm an idiot.))
** (14) Norfirion pauses and looks confused. **
(10) Vrondard: "cripes all mighty..."
(13) Agatha: ((or not, whichever.))
(10) Vrondard: "foul magic is afoot!"
(13) Agatha: "It's some sort of trick."
(13) Agatha: ((Can I make a will check to disbelieve?))
(14) Norfirion: "I should be able to pick out the real one, but with them moving about it wont be easy."
** (5) Arianrhod stares at them both in confusion. **
(10) Vrondard: "I aint knowing which one is the real one"
(4) Kha: "Halif which is the non-human, can you tell?"
(5) Arianrhod: (would Silver be able to tell by smell?)
(13) Agatha: "Separate them and we'll figure it out."
(10) Vrondard: "or even if there are two real ones"
** (11) Git cocks his head as he strolls in behind Halif. Casually he asks, "SO which one's real?" He tries glances the two in the mirror on his arm to see if theirs a difference, as if following fairy tale logic **
** (13) Agatha rushes in to grab one of the boys. **
(9) DM: ((yes Ag))
** (9) Halif peers **
** (10) Vrondard makes a grab for the other... **
(9) Halif: I am unsure. (frowns)
(4) Kha: "Wa`run stop fighting and come to us"
** (14) Norfirion makes a quick gesture and incantation and casts Detect Magic as he focues on the struggling Wa'runs. **
(10) Vrondard: .
(9) DM: The shepherd boy is locked in mortal combat with his seeming twin. Each wields a jambiya with skill, each is wounded from blows. However, one bears deep stab wounds in his chest and seems to cling to life. The other fights urgently.
(10) Vrondard: (they each get an aoo as Agatha and Vron go to grab them)
** (4) Kha looks at the wounds to see if they are bleeding **
(13) Agatha: ((yup))
(10) Vrondard: ((which may clue us in to who is whom))
(14) Norfirion: (yup good idea)
(11) Git: (hopefully the real wa'run wouldn't attack us)
(9) DM: (roll to hit Ag)
** (5) Arianrhod tosses her deep red hair and tries to see into each boys eyes. **
(10) Vrondard: (I'm coming in carefully...-2 to attack and +2 to ac)
(13) Agatha: "Wa'run, stand down!"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [13,2] = (15)
** (4) Kha waits by Halif, seeing Vrond and Agatha move in to grab the two boys **
(10) Vrondard: ((this is a touch attack after they get their aoo))
** (5) Arianrhod moves closer, then says tentatively, "Wa'run?" **
(13) Agatha: [1d20+9] -> [20,9] = (29)
(10) Vrondard: ((i think that may have hit...))
(14) Norfirion: (slightly)
(10) Vrondard: ((now grapple checks... size+bab+str))
(10) Vrondard: ((med size = 0))
(13) Agatha: ((both medium so...))
(13) Agatha: [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
** (9) Wa'run tosses his jambiya down to the ground as his twin thrusts at his arm. "Die, foul thing!" **
(9) DM: (critical)
(10) Vrondard: ((11 is a grapple check...))
(4) Kha: ((One was a touch attack, second was a grapple check))
(10) Vrondard: ((see if it beats it))
(10) Vrondard: ((i think stan is slightly delayed))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [14,2] = (16)
(13) Agatha: ((Which one did you assume I appoached? Left or right?))
(10) Vrondard: ((well technically there should have been a critical roll))
(9) DM: (they seem intent on focusing on each other and so don't take their AOOs)
(9) DM: (29 hits)
** (10) Vrondard attacks his Wa'run as well [1d20+5+4-2] -> [4,5,4,-2] = (11) vs touch ac **
(9) DM: Wa'run withdraws from his thrust and wriggles out of Vron's grasp angrily.
(10) Vrondard: grapple check [1d20+9] -> [18,9] = (27) (if it hits)
(9) DM: (27 hits)
(11) Git: (which wa'run's the more injured?)
(9) DM: (left)
(14) Norfirion: "No auras from either of them, I cant say which is which!" *he shouts over the fray*
(10) Vrondard: "I tink I got the bad one"
(10) Vrondard: "well... almost got..."
(11) Git: "You know... if the two of you don't stop fighting we will have to harm you both."
(9) Wa'run: It attacked me!!! (both of them)
(14) Norfirion: "
(14) Norfirion: "Whatever it is, its real not an illusion, thats for certain."
(9) Wa'run: It jumped out from the shadows in the passage and by Fate, wanted to kill me!!! (both of them)
(17) Git (enter): 23:13
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (17) Git...
(9) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(11) Git' from room...
(11) Git (exit): 23:14
(4) Kha: "Well you both need to stop fighting then we can figure out who attacked who"
(9) Wa'run: All right. (both of them)
(13) Agatha: "I've got this one ((left one)) take the other one to the other side of the room. Make sure they ain't fightin' each other."
(14) Norfirion: "If you have to, knock them both out, sometimes creatures revert to their true form while disabled."
** (17) Git steps in looking between the two of them. "Well... this is annoying **
(4) Kha: "Seperate them"
(17) Git: "But then we have to carry Wa'run around."
(13) Agatha: "No need for that, Norfirion."
(5) Arianrhod: "So now what?"
** (9) Wa'run looks at you helplessly, as does his twin. **
** (13) Agatha turns the left Wa'run to face the wall. **
** (14) Norfirion shrugs. "Your guess is as good as mine." **
(4) Kha: "And move back away from them, if one of them can change shape I dont want to start this all over again when it changes into one of you"
(10) Vrondard: "lets kill one... we gots a 50/50 chance to get it right"
(13) Agatha: "We figure out who's who."
(17) Git: :to the wa'runs as if talking to children : "Alright... explain"
(10) Vrondard: "and I think its this one anyway"
(13) Agatha: "The imposter can't be perfect."
(14) Norfirion: "I dont think the real Wa'run would throw his weapon down regardless of what we say while he's being threatened, so I have my own suspicians, but go ahead..."
(9) Wa'run: I was following along, and then this figure jumped out of the shadows and pulled me back, then attacked me! (both of them)
(10) Vrondard: ((which one hasnt thrown down their dagger on the floor?))
(9) Wa'run: (the one on the right)
(13) Agatha: "Well that clears things up."
(9) DM: (the one Vron grabbed)
(10) Vrondard: "better throw down your curved dagger fella... or I'm going to put me axe in ya"
** (4) Kha waits, watching both carfully to make sure one doesnt change shape while his friends are near it **
** (9) Wa'run drops his jambiya **
** (14) Norfirion walks over to the Wa'run Vrondard is holding and looks him over closely, especially his eyes. **
(5) Arianrhod: "Should we tie them both up and drag them back out here with us?"
(5) Arianrhod: (out of here*)
** (4) Kha whispers to Norf "can you put them to sleep?" **
(14) Norfirion: "I dont have that particular spell I'm afraid."
** (17) Git sighs, shaking his head in disappointment, "Damn Wa'run, pay some attention. We're in a serious matter here and we can't have you getting in this sort of trouble." Looking between the two in aggrevation, "THis is supposed to be your test of manhood, is it not? So show some intelligence. You'll never be able to save your brother like this." (lays the trap with the brother comment, bluff) **
** (5) Arianrhod lets the annoyance show on her face, but refrains from mentioning any blows to the back of any heads. **
(14) Norfirion: "A detect evil spell would be the most obvious way of telling them apart, but I'm no priest."
(17) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+12] -> [1,12] = (13)
(14) Norfirion: "Do you have such a power Kha?"
(13) Agatha: "I wouldn't recommend tying them up just yet. It'd be too difficult to watch the children as well as Halif.
** (14) Norfirion calls to Silver and looks to Ari. **
(9) Wa'run: But....
(14) Norfirion: "Perhaps his nose is our best shot."
** (14) Norfirion points to the wolf. **
(4) Kha: "No I am rarly concired with good or Evil so have no use for such a spell"
** (17) Git looks back and forth between the two boys eyes with purpose **
** (14) Norfirion nods. "Fair enough." **
** (4) Kha watches the two boys **
(9) Wa'run: This is a test? (seems confused) (both of them)
** (17) Git sighs, muttering something of dealings with halfwits. **
** (9) Halif grunts, hefting his axe. **
(4) Kha: ((Agatha has his Axe))
(13) Agatha: ((That I do.))
(4) Kha: "Halif calm down"
** (9) Halif gropes as if he's hefting something. **
(9) Halif: One of them is a not-human.
(14) Norfirion: "Ari? Can you see if you can get Silver to sniff the false one out?"
(4) Kha: "So this is what you ment when you said non human that looked like the other, right?"
** (17) Git steps to the wa'run on the right, looking to the boys eyes, asking in a low voice, what do you have to say for yourself?" **
(9) Wa'run: I'm not one!
(9) Wa'run: I'm not one! It lies!
(4) Kha: "We figured that, you said I was human because I bleed. So which is not bleeding?"
(14) Norfirion: "Tell me then, the real Wa'run, how did we come to be together?"
** (5) Arianrhod watches patiently waiting for the answer. **
** (13) Agatha places her hand over her boy's mouth. **
(9) DM: (they're both bleeding)
** (4) Kha goes up to the one on the left and examins him whiel listening to the answers **
(9) Wa'run: We met in the desert. (both of them)
(4) Kha: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [11,5] = (16)
(13) Agatha: "Let one answer first. See if the other agrees."
(14) Norfirion: "Ari, why dont you lead Silver over to smell them and see if he reacts in a peculiar way to one of them?"
** (5) Arianrhod is obviously uncertain who to try to heal. **
(9) Wa'run: You came upon my camp...
(9) Wa'run: ....and I was injured....
(9) Wa'run: fighting a dead thing.
(14) Norfirion: "And what was it I did when meeting Abdulah to cease our hostilities?"
(13) Agatha: ((which one is speaking?))
(9) DM: (both of them. :) )
** (5) Arianrhod begins to walk closer to the 'boys'. "Silver, come." **
(14) Norfirion: "It most likely has some form of thought detection as well then"
(9) Wa'run: The bond of salt...
** (13) Agatha covers the left Wa' run's mouth to keep him from speaking. **
(9) Wa'run: ...and bread
(4) Kha: "Well the fake one is a very good mimic, so I doubt asking questions will point to the fake one any time soon"
(13) Agatha: "Forgive me, lad, but it's easier if only one of you speaks at a time."
** (9) Wa'run nods. (both of them) **
** (14) Norfirion stops and waits for Ari to let silver have a sniff at them. **
(5) Arianrhod: (does Silver get anything?)
** (9) Silver growls **
(9) DM: (the one on the right)
(14) Norfirion: "A wolf's nose never lies, I trust his judgement"
(5) Arianrhod: "I have always trusted his judgment."
** (14) Norfirion nods. "You are wise to do so" **
(4) Kha: "There are ways to trick a wolfs nose Norf"
(14) Norfirion: "Yes as with anything, but it seems the best solution that we have at this point"
(17) Git: (the one on the left is the more injured one, right?)
(4) Kha: "Let me finish my examination and see if it agrees, if my examination come up with nothing we will trust his nose"
(13) Agatha: ((to the Wa'run on the right)) "Why are you here?"
(14) Norfirion: "Scent masking isnt exactly common"
(9) DM: (yes)
** (14) Norfirion looks to Kha. "Go ahead then, but at least warn us this time before you try anything dangerous." **
(13) Agatha: "And close your eyes as you answer, lad."
(9) Wa'run: To guide you, why else?
** (9) Wa'run closes his eyes **
** (4) Kha stands and goes to examin the one on the right **
(4) Kha: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
(13) Agatha: "No, why are you hear and not back at the camp with your family where you belong?"
** (13) Agatha tries to keep the boy she is holding from answering. **
** (4) Kha hold his spear close to the back of the one on the right as he examins him ready to stab him at the slightest hint of a threat **
(9) DM: (you're asking the one on the right, correct?)
** (5) Arianrhod moves toward Agatha and her charge and gently touches the boy's face. **
(13) Agatha: ((yes))
(9) Wa'run: Because my family died in the attack. (puzzled)
(14) Norfirion: "I have another idea"
(13) Agatha: ((to Norfirion)) "I'm listening."
(14) Norfirion: "If this creature is using some form of thought detection to read the real Wa'run's mind, then it has a range like any other form of magic. Perhaps itd be best to seperate them while we do our questioning"
(14) Norfirion: "At least 100 steps away, preferably out of sight of each other"
(4) Kha: "Thats also a bad idea Norf because if one can change shape then if we seperate ourselves then He can change into one of us and cause more confution"
(14) Norfirion: "But at least the real one of us can deal with him"
(17) Git: "How bout we go with that bleeding method now then?" :holding up a dagger: "Though I gotta say, he looks worse" :gesturing to the left:
** (4) Kha taps the one on the right on the back with his spear **
(9) Wa'run: Hey!
(4) Kha: "So where did we meet again, I was bussy looking over the wounds of the other you when you answered and did not here you."
(4) Kha: "Both have wounds that appear to blead and appear real as far as I can tell"
(9) Wa'run: In an oasis...
(13) Agatha: ((which one was that?))
(5) Arianrhod: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [14,7] = (21)
(9) DM: ((the one on the right))
(10) Vrondard: Disconnecting from server...
(10) Vrondard (exit): 23:49
(4) Kha: ((one on the right))
(5) Arianrhod: ((why am I suddenly thinking of a Monty Python routine?))
(17) Git: "Tell me something norf... would a shapechanger be effected by the mind numbing effect of this fog?"
** (4) Kha shrugs, "guess we keep them both< And tie them both up untill we can take the time to figure it out. Or we can go with Silvers nose" **
(4) Kha: "And tie them both up untill we can take the time to figure it out. Or we can go with Silvers nose"
** (5) Arianrhod pulls out the rope from the luggage. **
** (4) Kha puts his spear under the one on the rights chin and starts to press slowly **
** (14) Norfirion looks to Git. "I'm unsure, I dont know exactly how this magical fog works. " **
(9) Wa'run: What...what are you doing?
(4) Kha: "Silvers nose or tie both up?"
** (4) Kha continues to press the spear up slowly **
(9) Wa'run: Stop, Kha!
** (14) Norfirion begins to chant and move his hands about. **
(17) Git: "Lets have us a test then" :grins: "Pull one of them out into the fog a moment, and keep a good handle on them"
(14) Norfirion: "Now this should do the trick"
** (4) Kha ignores the boy **
(14) Norfirion: "A True Seeing spell, it will allow me to see the perpetrator without doubt"
(14) Norfirion: (obviously bluffing)
(14) Norfirion: "Ah ha....As I suspected."
** (14) Norfirion laughs. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(17) Git: "Eh?" :arches a brow at Norf:
** (9) Wa'run tries to wriggle out of Vron's grasp **
** (14) Norfirion glances to both boys. "Do you still incist on carrying on this tyrade?" **
(4) Kha: "Well I guess the others have no objection to Silvers nose"
** (4) Kha starts to press the spear a little harder **
** (17) Git leans in and whispers to Norf, "You're showing your cards." **
(14) Norfirion: "This one is indeed the fake" *points to the squirming boy*
(14) Norfirion: "If you can give me a moment, I'll prepare the spell necessary of slaying shapeshifting creatures."
(14) Norfirion: "That should hedge him out without a chance of harming Wa'run"
** (14) Norfirion sits down and appears to be meditating. **
** (4) Kha finishes the press quickly **
** (9) Wa'run glares with hatred at Kha **
(17) Git: "Kha, stop it already"
(4) Kha: "Too late it has black blood"
** (14) Norfirion flips through his book for a moment then closes it and stands up. **
(9) Wa'run: You may have found me out, human, but what will you do about my tribe? We lay in wait for you in this maze. (laughs)
(9) DM: "Wa'run" changes shape to a creature about the height of Kha, with gray skin and large bulbous white pupil-less eyes, and long gangly arms.
** (13) Agatha lets go of her Wa'run and steps in front of him. **
(14) Norfirion: "As I said all along, I trusted Silver's nose"
** (17) Git shrugs "And what do they want? Is mimicing desert whelps so entertaining?" **
(5) Arianrhod: "No, but mimicing us could be a problem."
(9) Charesh: Why,....to escape from this wretched place, to feed!
(17) Git: "No offense." :to Wa'run:
(5) Arianrhod: "Feed on what?"
** (9) Wa'run takes one look and faints. **
(14) Norfirion: "Oh we'll feed you all right"
(14) Norfirion: "Halif, do you have a taste for shapechanger flesh?"
** (4) Kha holds his thrust "What do you eat?" **
** (9) Charesh on you, human! (lunges) **
** (13) Agatha gets out her axe as she suppresses her anger. **
(9) DM: (init)
(9) DM: (minis)
(4) Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] -> [4,7] = (11)
** (5) Arianrhod pulls out her scimitar, anger unsuppressed **
(17) Git: (isn't he still being held?)
(14) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
(13) Agatha: Init: [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(5) Arianrhod: Initiative:[1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(17) Git: init: [1d20+4] -> [19,4] = (23)
(14) Norfirion: (i assume he passed on a grapple check to escape then?)
(9) DM: (yes, but he's changed shape and his form is larger than that of Wa'run)
(4) Kha: "I wouldnt eat me, Since I have no objection to you beeing free of this place"
(17) Git: (but... his body is still humanoid, which means he'd still be in the grapple)
(9) DM: (yes)
(9) DM: (that doesn't stop him from trying though)
(17) Git: (hai hai)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+1] -> [5,1] = (6)
(9) DM: (25, Norf)
(9) DM: (still in the grapple)
(14) Norfirion: sec
(14) Norfirion: put me where i should be on the map first, please
(14) Norfirion: ok I'll just delay for now then
(9) DM: (23, Git)
** (17) Git leans in with his held dagger and casully stabs for the creatures heart, or there abouts **
(17) Git: Ceremonial Dagger(Flanking sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [6,8] = (14)===> DMG: [1d4+1+3d6-2] -> [2,1,3,2,3,-2] = (9)
(17) Git: (-4 ac on his for being grappled)
(9) DM: (miss)
(9) DM: (7, Ari)
(5) Arianrhod: (can I attack w/scimitar past Kha?)
(4) Kha: ((No))
** (5) Arianrhod moves between Kha and Vron. **
(14) Norfirion: thats my position
(5) Arianrhod: oops
(17) Git: (darn, forgot to fix the strength on my node again, that roll should've been 16)
(14) Norfirion: (i have a mini for Silver btw, if we ever need that in the future)
(9) DM: (have to cut it short tonight, guys. normally I'd go on for the full 6 hours but I'm tired. lol. 45 minute warning.)
(14) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(13) Agatha: ((no biggie.
(14) Norfirion: ((thats ok))
(9) DM: (7, the doppleganger)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(4) Kha: ((NP, give me time to finish the book I am in the middle of =P))
(9) DM: It tries to break free of Vrondard's hold (13) but is unsuccessful.
(9) DM: (5, Ag)
(4) Kha: ((You skip my 11?))
(13) Agatha: ((what's it look like at this point?))
(13) Agatha: ((just a bigger Wa'run or what?))
** (5) Arianrhod will help Kha with aid anotherl **
(9) DM: (didn't see it)
(9) DM: (its natual form)
(9) DM: (11, Kha, then)
(4) Kha: "I am sorry shapechange but you attacked us first, you should learn talk will get you further then fight"
(4) Kha: Vontaros Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [8,10] = (18)===> DMG: [1d8+1+4] -> [3,1,4] = (8)
(14) Norfirion: (If Ari hits an AC 10, then Kha either gets +2 to ac, or +2 to hit for ari's aid another action)
(17) Git: (to aid you have to be adjacent to the enemy)
(14) Norfirion: (oh do you? thought it was next to the person u were aiding, damn)
(9) DM: (seriously wounded)
(9) DM: (5, Ag)
(5) Arianrhod: [1d20+1] -> [17,1] = (18)
** (13) Agatha moves to lay an axe in the treacherous creatures skull. **
(17) Git: (afk a moment)
(13) Agatha: [1d20+11] -> [19,11] = (30)
(13) Agatha: [1d12+7] -> [9,7] = (16)
(13) Agatha: "Go back to your pit!"
(14) Norfirion: Norf will take his delayed action after agatha and before the new round starts
(13) Agatha: ((attack and damage respectively))
(9) DM: It collapses, dead.
(14) Norfirion: ((cool no need then))
(13) Agatha: "Vile creature."
(13) Agatha: "They'd even hide behind a child's face."
(5) Arianrhod: "How many more of those are waiting around here for us?"
(4) Kha: "Can you blame them, if they are traped in this place, I know I would do anything I could to get out"
(14) Norfirion: "A good question"
** (13) Agatha turns to face Wa'run. "I'm real sorry about that, Wa'run." **
(9) Halif: There's a tribe of them, wandering the halls of this place.
(4) Kha: "Well hopefully any others in this place will be willing to talk before attacking us for no reason"
(14) Norfirion: "I could care less about its imprisonment, it deserves it"
** (13) Agatha "You stay close to me from now on, okay?" **
(5) Arianrhod: "Is this another thing that needs to be burned?"
(13) Agatha: "Kha, can you help the boy with his wounds?"
(9) Halif: I have searched for a time, trying to leave this place and I cannot. Between the not-humans and the servants of Mun-afik, I am doomed to die here in this tomb.
(4) Kha: "Do you need healing Wa`run? I cant do alot but I can try."
** (9) Wa'run is unconscious. **
** (5) Arianrhod moves to the boy,"let me." **
(5) Arianrhod: cure moderate wounds [2d8+3] -> [3,6,3] = (12)
(4) Kha: "Halif you are not doomed to die now, we will help you escape. We have to slay Mun-afik before we can leave anyways"
(14) Norfirion: "Let her do so Kha, I'm sure he'd much rather have her touch than yours." *laughs and gives Kha a smile*
(9) Wa'run: It is well, that we have met, then, for I have no Fate but the Fate I am given.
** (5) Arianrhod casts the spell whispering her prayer to her Goddess. **
(4) Kha: "I would help the non-humans as you call them as well if they were willing to help us, or atleast not hinder us"
(9) Wa'run: (mumbles)
(9) Halif: (echoes)
(4) Kha: "Do you know where these non humans dwell?"
(9) Halif: The servants of Mun-afik deserve no mercy and neither do the not-humans. The servants of Mun-afik number ghul lords and spirits among them. The not-humans are no better.
(9) Halif: They dwell in this labyrinth, and to the east.
(4) Kha: "The non humans are not servents of Mun-afik then?"
(9) DM: It's the first time you've heard the minotaur reference a direction.
(5) Arianrhod: [1d8+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
** (5) Arianrhod again calls upon her Goddess casting cure light wounds on the boy. **
(9) Halif: Yes. The not-humans are their own kind. Those who serve Mun-afik are dead to this world.
(13) Agatha: "Are there any other dangers that we should know about before we continue, Halif?"
(4) Kha: "Then they may be willing to listen just as you were after you woke back up"
(14) Norfirion: "I'd be more inclined to incinerate them all and be done with it." *shrugs*
(4) Kha: "Why?"
(14) Norfirion: "Why not?"
(14) Norfirion: "Because they are what they are, thats enough reason"
(9) Halif: As you wish, outlander, but the not-humans would rather kill you.
(4) Kha: "Because they may be able and willing to help us defeat this Mun-afik so they can leave this place"
(9) Halif: Is this maze not danger enough, woman?
(13) Agatha: "Aye, the minotaur can at least say he was under something's control."
(5) Arianrhod: "I would leave this place as soon as possible, but not by those means."
(13) Agatha: ((to Halif, looking at the not-human)) "If it was, I wouldn't be looking at a dead shape-shifter."
(17) Git: "Fascinating as all of this is. May we get back on course, now?"
(4) Kha: "This creature did not attack us after we told it to stop untill I exposed it. It said it only wanted out of here. I for one will try to help the next one, as I helped Halif here. At least as long as it is willing to talk either before it attacks or after I wake it up"
** (4) Kha picks up the rope and hands the end to Half **
(17) Git: :to Kha: "It also said it wanted to eat humans. We're not helping them."
(4) Kha: "Well lead the way to Mun-afik's lair."
(9) Halif: Perhaps. There is also a mad sha'ir and a crazed mamluk, and rooms filled with traps -- and jewels.
** (17) Git grabs up the rope **
(9) Halif: And then, there is the sphinx of the pyramid.
(5) Arianrhod: "Kha, the creature was trying to kill Wa'run, and seems to want to eat human flesh, that doesn't bode well with me."
(14) Norfirion: "Me either"
(14) Norfirion: "I tend not to place my hopes in the hands of foul creatures and the trechorous."
(17) Git: "Mad Sha--ir... that sounds promising."
(17) Git: brb
(14) Norfirion: "Anyways, enough squabbling, we're wasting time"
(4) Kha: "It tried to kill Wa`run so it could replace him in our group. if they learn we will help them with out that then they will hopefully not try to kill us"
(5) Arianrhod: "My these are the people of the neighborhood? How nice." and grabs hold the rope.
(14) Norfirion: "I'd rather not take the chance, especially when they are known specifically for their deception"
** (4) Kha continues down the hall after Halif **
** (5) Arianrhod smiles ruefully at Norfirion, "I have to agree with you." **
** (14) Norfirion takes hold of the rope and waits for the group to start moving. **
** (13) Agatha follows the beast, keeping close to Wa'run. **
** (5) Arianrhod holds the rope with one hand and calls out. "Silver, heel." **
(4) Kha: "Everyone is deceptive Norf. Some do it because they find it fun, others because it is necisary for them to live, and others do it for evil reasons. We do not know why these shapechanges use deception so I will not fight them unless they attack me directly"
(9) DM: (I'm fading guys)

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