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(871) Arianrhod: wow that squirrel knocked out more than one transformer, huh?
(865) Git: Specially trained terrorist Squirrels.. tonight at ten!
(871) Arianrhod: ((is there a brief summary?))
(866) DM: ((basically, you RPed last session, had a brief conversation with Abdullah, talked a little bit with Raina and are now exploring the first level of the pyramid))
(871) Arianrhod (whispering): might be easier if I had a bit of short term memory loss, don't you think?
(869) Vrondard (whispering): i still have descriptions of room's 3 and 4 on my nodes
(866) DM: ((Raina is a member of the Everlasting, unbeknownst to Abdullah and his tribe. Raina would like the party to recover a jewel known as the Heart of the Lion. the jewel has mystical properties and is rumored to be the key to shaping the future of the Everlasting. Raina asks nothing in return for your aid.))
whispering to Vrondard, send them pls to players
(863) Kha: ((Though Kha asked something from her for his =P))
(869) Vrondard (whispering): 3: This 30' x 40' room is lit by torches attached to the walls. The torches cast a flickering light on the very decorative carved walls and high, domed ceiling. A group of men, garbed in long flowing tan and white robes are gathered around a sandstone altar in the rear of the chamber, heads bowed. Two stone doors stand closed, one on either side of you.
(865) Git: (.. too bad he's still impotent though)
(869) Vrondard (whispering): 4: This is a circular room 40' in diameter. A large white marble altar stands at the west end of the room. Behind the altar is a large statue of a man, carved from greenish stone, glares down with jeweled eyes.
(869) Vrondard (whispering): those are rooms 3 & 4 that we have been in
(866) DM: ((Raina says the Heart of the Lion lies several days away, to the north and the north west, on the way to the Oasis of the White Palm. whether you wish to help her or not is entirely up to you. if you've missed the last two sessions, the Everlasting are a group of faith-based assassins who seek to kill or convert any who do not believe in Fate and the new gods.))
(866) DM: ((I haven't been able to fully install the mapping software, so there will be a delay while I get that going.))
(871) Arianrhod: ((not to thrilled with Raina's affiliations, to say the least.))
(863) Kha: ((And I dont like that method of convertion so I want to get the Gem))
(866) DM: ((the Heart of the Lion is NOT the same thing as the Star Gems, btw.))
(865) Git: (And Git says, forget her unless we can put her the assassins to some use in return ^_^ )
(863) Kha: ((Git and Agatha and Kha(the only ones at the last session) came to a tentative agreement that we should 'think' about getting the Gem))
(866) DM: (ok. recapping from the last encounter last session)
(827) Brassal (whispering): Maybe this group really isn't for me I would be really in the dark, plus I would only have a week to make up (I'm assuming) an extensive history for a 6th level character so I think I'm out)
(866) DM: You are in a 30' square room with 20' walls rising to a domed ceiling. In the center of the north wall is an opening. Kha pressed inadvertently pressed a button hidden in the floor which opened a secret door that now lies open before you. Next to the opening is a statue of Amun-hotep. The walls are covered in old runes. (Unless I say otherwise, all ceilings are 20' high.)
(827) Brassal (exit): 15:42
(863) Kha: "What did you do with the statue Git?"
(866) DM: ((typical 14 year olds. lol.))
(865) Git: "Nice footwork Kha, but uh... try to avoid any more of those, please."
(869) Vrondard: "so we goin down?"
(869) Vrondard: "seems the way to go..."
(863) Kha: "I didnt do it, I dont think. I just made an offering like I did at the other statue"
(869) Vrondard: "I'm itchin fer some payback fer all this nonsense"
** (871) Arianrhod follows behind, glancing at the luggage and Silver. **
(869) Vrondard: "an I aint to particular bout who I pays back neither"
** (863) Kha shrugs and looks into the next room **
** (865) Git raises a brow at Kha and shakes his head. Moving toward the new doorway, he's careful to check for other triggering tile as he heas in the next room **
(864) Agatha: "How's it look, Git?"
(865) Git: "How's what look?"
(876) Healer (exit): 15:47
(866) DM: (btw, you can hear a loud thundering noise in the distance)
** (863) Kha moves though the now open door behind the statue and looks around to see if there are any more runes **
(864) Agatha: "I mean do you see any traps?"
(866) DM: The echoes reverberate in the air.
(865) Git: (can we hear if it's coming from the next room or further away?)
** (871) Arianrhod mumbles, "its the traps he doesn't see that worry me." **
whispering to Kha, its a 10' wide by several feet long cross corridor. there's an archway behind you and a room to the E, straight ahead
(866) DM: (further away)
(866) DM: The opening opens out into a cross corridor. (Imagine the secret door faces north and the cross corridor is E-W.)
** (863) Kha slowly wanders tword the arch way **
(863) Kha: "You all coming?"
(871) Arianrhod: "do we really want to walk toward the light?"
** (871) Arianrhod follows hesitantly. **
(869) Vrondard: "sure am"
** (865) Git takes a moment listening the hallway, trying to figure on the direction of the thundering sound **
** (863) Kha ajusts his grip on Vantros **
(864) Agatha: "I think I'll wait on the only one of us that has a chance of spotting the famed death traps."
(865) Git: "Sshhhh..."
** (871) Arianrhod stops and readies her bow. **
** (869) Vrondard quiets.. except for regripping the haft of has shiney dwarven waraxe **
(863) Kha (whispering): how far away is the archway?
(866) DM: The 10' wide arched corridor opens into a vertical circular shaft 30' in diameter with wet, slime-covered walls dropping into the darkness below. A domed ceiling peaks 30' above the arched opening. The air here is very humid. There is a loud, thundering, rushing sound from down the opposite end of the hall behind you. The echoes reverberate on the walls.
** (864) Agatha quiets down and slowly follows the rest in. **
whispering to Kha, literally next door
(885) Healer (enter): 15:53
(869) Vrondard: "if this aint a good thing... we best be ready to run.." breaking the silence
** (863) Kha looks down the shaft "Dont want to fall down that" **
** (863) Kha looks over the walls for any runes **
** (863) Kha heads down the hall to the east after the quick examination of the walls **
** (864) Agatha looks around her surroundings. "Now I'm sure there's a river here, hard to believe as it is." **
(863) Kha: "Well we dont want to go that way, not unless we have to anyways."
(865) Git: (how large are the floor tiles?)
(869) Vrondard: "alrighty... well then where shall we go"
(869) Vrondard (whispering): do you have a URL for the map.. maybe we can look at it there
(863) Kha: "There used to be a river outside, but Amun-hotep did something that cursed himself and this land"
(866) TaliesinNYC: ((I'll have a map shortly in 10 minutes))
(869) Vrondard: "probably was messing with bad magic..."
(869) Vrondard: "thats the usual way of it"
(863) Kha: "You think all magic is bad Vrondard"
(866) DM: (floor tiles are 1' square)
(865) Git: "Then that's one heck of a well"
whispering to Kha, no runes on the walls
whispering to Kha, walls are slime algae covered
(863) Kha: "Not that I disagree that was the case here though."
(869) Vrondard: "naw just most of it"
** (865) Git stares down the east, muttering, "Too bad we didn't bring a few planks of wood." He proceeds ahead, checking the floor and walls they go further trigger decvices **
(863) Kha: ((Think the well was in the west room))
(877) Mermano (exit): 16:02
(866) DM: (how much further ahead?)
(865) Git: (till the end of the hall or a corner)
** (865) Git scours the stonework as he moves, searching for any points of eveness or give, and hoping he triggers nothing along the way **
(863) Kha (whispering): Kha just starts walking the opiset direction of the well, which I think is east, will stay behind Git if I started behind him otherwise I wont, and I am looking for runes on the walls
(865) Git: ( *er... uneveness... though I dount that's a word, so how about irregularity?)
(889) HandBlade (enter): 16:06
(865) Git: (*doubt even)
(863) Kha: "So far this place does not seem so Theif proof to me."
(865) Git: "Don't get cocky, we've barely even crossed the threshold."
whispering to Kha, the runes seem to repeat the earlier runes you've translated so far
(863) Kha: "Well these rune are just saying the samething as the others."
(865) Git: :shrugging: "Repetition helps you memorize."
** (869) Vrondard generally follows along **
(889) HandBlade (exit): 16:10
(864) Agatha: "Aye, but why would ya need repetition here? I thought the regular worshippers didn't come here."
(865) Git: :shrugs again, caring little:
(863) Kha: "Maybe they used to, before Amun-hotep was cursed"
(865) Git: "They had a lot of walls to cover, eventually they were bound to start repeating"
** (864) Agatha shrugs. "I suppose it don't matter, much. Just let us know if you see something new, Kha." **
(863) Kha: "I will"
** (863) Kha leans againt the wall while Git does his thing with the floor **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [13,16] = (29)
whispering to Git, seem to be no traps
(865) Git: :looking back: "I don't see any traps, but watch your step, and follow along the same line of tiles as me."
(863) Kha: "Hey Vanatros do you know anything that could block my power and ability to enter the dream realm. It is rather disturbing to not have access to them"
** (871) Arianrhod pays very close attention to Git. **
** (863) Kha looks at his spear while talking **
(889) HandBlade (enter): 16:17
(863) Kha: "I hope it isnt this Star Gem we are after because I dont want that thing with us if it blocks my powers."
(865) Git: "Too bad, we need it"
(863) Kha: "Who said we need them, The other Star Gem, Maybe it is semi sentiant and just want to be reunited with its missing parts so it can be whole again so it invented a story we would belive to gather the rest of them"
(863) Kha: "I dont realy think that is true, but it could be"
(889) HandBlade (exit): 16:20
(865) Git: "Well, at the moment it's the only lead we have to go on toward resealing the efreet, and we're not abandoning it just because you don't get to dream walk. Stop whining."
** (865) Git chastises as he progresses down the hall **
(885) Healer (exit): 16:21
(866) DM: (5 min. pls)
(865) Git: (hai hai)
(863) Kha: "Git how would you like it if suddenly you were without your hands? That is how I feel I am missing something I rely on, not that I understand all that much about what my power is but I do rely on what I have figured out."
(865) Git: "Then I'd get some nice hooks and stop complaining."
** (863) Kha shakes his head **
(871) Arianrhod: "Just don't forget and scratch your eye."
** (865) Git gives a mock hiss at Ari's advice, agreeing, "True, true. I'd need someone else to scratch my litches." teasing "Think you'll be free now an again?" **
** (871) Arianrhod smiles, "you keep us alive long enough, who knows what could happen." **
(865) Git: :whinks: "Color me motivated then"
(866) DM: ((forgive the delay. I installed all mapping software and whipped up a map in 20 minutes. a record. normally this doesn't happen, btw.))
(863) Kha: "What color is modivated, is it a shade of red?"
** (871) Arianrhod wonders what color motivated actually is? **
** (864) Agatha rolls her eyes but says nothing. **
(865) Git: "No... blue, and hoping to change to red"
(865) Git: "The hoping is the motivation." :offers sagely:
(866) DM: (ok, much better.)
(865) Git: (lovely map. we're heading ot 7, right?)
(866) DM: (party is in the corridor between room 5 and room 7.)
(863) Kha: ((We are in the hall between 5 and 7, 5 being the pit or well correct?))
(866) DM: (yes)
(866) DM: (entrance to the pyramid is at the X)
(866) DM: (door to the cross corridor is behind the statue of Amun-hotep in room 3)
(865) Git: (we make it to 7 alright?)
(866) DM: This 30' square room (room 7) is accessed by corridors to the north, east and south, as well as the corridor you exit from. There are no writings on the walls and the ceiling is flat.

In the center of the chamber is a 20' tall statue of Amun-hotep.

A thundering, rushing sound can be heard from the eastern corridor. It's much louder now.

The air seems progressively warmer.

(866) DM: The statue, once a coppery gold, is now a sickly green.
(869) Vrondard: "so I can't say this is very excitin"
(863) Kha (whispering): does the statue have the same bowl for offerings?
whispering to Kha, yes
** (865) Git cautiously makes his way toward the statue to inspect it **
whispering to Kha, no flame tho
** (863) Kha walks up to the statue and looks in the bowl **
(866) DM: The statue seems the same as that of the one in the eastern altar room, except it has no flame inside its offering bowl.
** (863) Kha pulls a few coins out and drops them in to see if they vanish like the first ones did **
(865) Git: "Every statue of him is asking for money, what a miser"
(866) DM: (tink tinkle)
** (863) Kha waits a moment then gathers his coins back if nothing happens **
(871) Arianrhod: "did you make a wish?"
(863) Kha: "No, didnt make a wish at the first one wither and the coins vanished in a bright flash, must have something to do with the flame"
(869) Vrondard: "waste o' good coin if you ask me"
(866) DM: (they don't vanish)
whispering to Dreamweaver, bored yet? :p
(869) Vrondard: "wish fer tha gem we be looking fer"
** (863) Kha after gathering his coins heads to the souther hall **
(869) Vrondard: "that would be worth it"
(866) DM: The corridor (the southern corridor) ends in a stone wall.
** (865) Git warns kha as he takes back the coins, "One who takes back what he gives is worse than one who gives nothing at all." **
(863) Kha: "I think it is an offering to Ra, one of the Gods from this area, and the one that talking mace serves. I wonder if droping that mace in the flame would make it talk again?"
(863) Kha: "My offering was refused so I can take it. thats what the runes say anyways"
(864) Agatha: "You can't argue with that."
(871) Arianrhod: "Perhaps it is not coins that it wants."
** (865) Git gives a smirk as he looks over the statue" **
(865) Git: "Good thinking Ari. Wanna try flashing him?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d2)+16
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [19,16] = (35)
whispering to Git, no traps or anything unusual it seems
** (863) Kha makes a quick look over the stone wall wondering why they dead ended it so short **
** (871) Arianrhod gives Git a wry smile. "I rather doubt it would be of any good." **
(863) Kha: "The runes said he wants food and money. I gave money at the first one so maybe he wants food in these. I have no food though so I cant offer that"
(869) Vrondard: "I aint coffin up me food.."
(865) Git: :shrugs: "You'll never get anywhere if you give up before you try." :heads to the eastern hall to listen for the direction of the water sound:
(866) DM: The thundering noise gets progressively louder down the hall.
(866) DM: It also becomes progressively warmer, almost uncomfortable.
** (863) Kha follows after Git **
(865) Git: :feeling at the heat, ponders: "Wonder if it's a geiser"
(863) Kha: "Hey Git you think that southern hall goes back to the entrance room, or used to anyways?"
(865) Git: :g;ancing south: "Yeah, most likely"
(866) DM: The corridor ends in an archway and overlooks a vertical shaft, plunging into the darkness below. The shaft is 30' across in diameter. A domed ceiling peaks 30' above. The air is very humid and the thunderous sound of cascading water fills the chamber. You note that the amount of water escaping from above is greater than that of the chamber.
(865) Git: Sunrod in hand, Git begins carefully down the east hall to scout
(871) Arianrhod: "Should I add more water?"
(866) DM: You can barely hear one another except for shouting.
(866) DM: (this is after you've scouted btw.)
** (871) Arianrhod pours a small amount of pure water into the fountain, wishing for the gem. **
(869) Vrondard: "so we goin to stop us... its like we gots to get past this"
(865) Git: (more water coming from above than there is in the chamber... does than mean it's filling?)
** (863) Kha looks down the shaft again "Looks like it leads to the same river that the other shaft did" **
(866) DM: Suddenly, a tiny-man-sized shape made entirely out of mist and water coalesces in front of Ari, floating in the air. It peers at the druid with a curious look.
(865) Git: "Seems more like the river starts upstairs."
(866) Sahaf: Who dares awaken Sahif ibn Ma'ruf, spirit of Athis?
(863) Kha: "What are you?"
** (865) Git heads back toward the center room fromt he watery dead end **
** (863) Kha peers at the mist for, studying it from diffrent angles **
** (871) Arianrhod glances at the others then back at the spirit..."Kha?" **
** (869) Vrondard sneers at this magic event suspiciously **
(866) Sahaf: I am (puffs up his misty chest proudly) a task marid, a servant of the pyramid and keeper of the river Athis.
** (864) Agatha turns towards the voice. "Who's a spirit of what now?" **
(869) Vrondard: "baaarg"
(863) Kha: "A servent?"
(863) Kha: "Nice can you go fetch the Star Gem for us?"
(871) Arianrhod: "I am Arianrhod, druid and ranger, offering what small obeyance I have."
(866) Sahaf: You have introduced water not of the river, and thus awakened me. How may I serve you? (to Ari)
** (871) Arianrhod gulps, and turns to Kha for direction. "Can you get the Star Gem?" **
** (863) Kha more to himself then anyone else "Though I guess the Keeper of the River is slightly more important then a normal servent." **
** (871) Arianrhod whispers, "Kha? what have I done?" **
(865) Git: :taking in the sight, asks ari: "Ask him what the course of this river is and if there are passages sunken in it?"
(866) Sahaf: I am a small insignificant task marid, noble one. My power cannot compare to the Indestructible, the lord of this tomb. Alas, I cannot give you the Star Gem.
(863) Kha: "Woke up the spiret of the river. like he said"
(869) Vrondard: "well what about pointing us in the right direction?"
(864) Agatha: "Aye, we could use a guide."
(869) Vrondard: "or just tellin us whatcha knows about it"
** (871) Arianrhod turns back to the Spirit, "could you perhaps aid us in this quest?" **
(866) TaliesinNYC: Where would you like to go, small one?
(866) Sahif: Where would you like to go, small one?
(863) Kha: "Hey Sahaf, sorry if I am interupting. But I was wondering if you knew exactly how this area was cursed. I heard stories that this river used to be above ground and Amun-hotep did something to curse himself and the land"
(871) Arianrhod: "Please sir, we would go in the direction of the Star Gem."
(866) Sahif: I am bound to the river Athis, noble one. I cannot venture far from my keeping.
** (863) Kha whispers to Ari, "ask him if this river runs tword the oasis of the white palm" **
(866) Sahif: When Amun-hotep, who was once alive cursed Osiris and the gods above, he bound his spirit to time immemorial and anchored himself to this pyramid, a theft-proof tomb. In so doing, he turned the river Athis from its natural course and caused it to be entrapped here in this pyramid, forever flowing but never giving.
(871) Arianrhod: "then can you tell us if this river runs toward the oasis of the white palm? As well as how this place has been cursed
(871) Arianrhod: "
(869) Vrondard: "that must be that big water thingy"
(865) Git: so the river is entrapped here, is there a way to free it?"
(866) Sahif: The river Athis, source of life now passes through the eye of death. Though it heals, it binds and is bound by the Indestructible, who holds master of it all on the Gauntlet above. If you climb upstream, you will meet the Indestructible, Master him you must, to enter Amun-hotep's final tomb.
(866) Sahif: That is the short way.
(871) Arianrhod: "how can we free the river, and in doing so, would that free you as well?"
(871) Arianrhod: "And the long way?"
** (863) Kha slowly reaches out to touch Sahif to see if he is solid **
(866) Sahif: There is another way, to the Gauntlet, but one that holds many answers and will provide you a much easier time. However, this lies elsewhere in the tomb, and requires an offering to the gods. This is the long way.
(866) DM: You hand passes through his body, like mist.
(869) Vrondard: "well I don't think I could climb against that water..."
(865) Git: "What is the indestructible?"
(866) DM: Your*
** (863) Kha reaches his hand back **
(866) Sahif: The Indestructible is the master of this tomb, noble one.
(871) Arianrhod: "Wait, what sort of offering?"
(866) Sahif: An offering to the gods. (shrugs)
(865) Git: "Uh... yes... but, WHAT is it?"
(863) Kha: "Interesting You mean like droping coins in the bowl with the flame?"
(863) Kha: "And having them vanish in a flash of light?"
(866) Sahif: He is a man who was once a man but is not a man anymore. Such is the way of the magic of ghuls.
(866) Sahif: So I have heard (to Kha) that is one way to offer to the gods.
(865) Git: :Sighs: "Does he have any weakness, or is he truly as you say.. indestructible?"
** (871) Arianrhod replies in a small voice, "oh" **
(866) Sahif: He can be slain, so I have heard, if you find his heart.
** (871) Arianrhod looks hard at Sahif, "And where would we find this heart?" **
(865) Git: "Is his heart in this pyramid?"
** (866) Sahif peers at Arianrhod. "I do not know, mistress." **
(866) Sahif: I am merely a task marid, and keeper to the river.
(863) Kha: "Well we did the offering part, So maybe we should take the longer easyer way for now"
(866) Sahif: His heart lies near him, and far from him. (shrugs)
(865) Git: :shrugs: "One more... are there any chambers sunken by the river?"
(869) Vrondard: "about it... unless I get turned into a fish somehow"
(866) Sahif: I do not understand the question, untrusting one.
** (863) Kha shugs getting bored with Sahif and starts back tword the other room **
(871) Arianrhod: "Sahif? what does his heart look like? how is it encased?"
** (863) Kha starts making his way north **
(863) Kha (whispering): about half way down the hall then I will wait for the others
** (866) Sahif slowly dissolves into the mist in the room. "Seek a chamber of glass, my mistress, bound by a magic not of this land, made only by men, of the Power." **
(869) Vrondard: "bah magic"
(869) Vrondard: "sounds like the worst kind... not of this land... whatever that means"
(869) Vrondard: "aint natural"
(865) Git: "The One Power...?"
(865) Git: :to vronard: "We aren't of this land"
(871) Arianrhod: "chamber of glass?"
(871) Arianrhod: "I doubt we are the first outlanders to be here."
** (865) Git heads after Kha, to make sure he doesn't go too far ahead. **
** (866) Sahif slowly dissolves into mist. "Yes, a chamber of glass, made by one who is not a man, made of magic, of the Power." **
(863) Kha (whispering): anything new with the rune(if any) for the hall way north?
(866) Sahif: Seek her out, and perhaps she will aid you in defeating the Indestructible. Do so, and you will free me. Steal the Star Gem and the ruling staff, and you will free the river, and fulfill the first part of the prophecy.
whispering to Kha, more of the same.
** (863) Kha waits halfway down that hall looking over the runes **
** (863) Kha hears git coming and looks back tword the south **
(863) Kha: "So he say anything interesting after I left?"
(865) Git: "He called you a tool"
(897) Poison1043 (enter): 17:11
** (863) Kha laughs **
(863) Kha: "So nothing that will help us?"
(869) Vrondard: "we need to find some glass"
(863) Kha: "Glass? Why do we need glass?"
(871) Arianrhod: "seek who out? her who?"
(865) Git: "Seek a room of glass, made by a man, not a man who wields the power... basically"
(871) Arianrhod: "Made by a woman?"
(865) Git: "Sounds about right"
(865) Git: "Maybe she holds the indestructible's heart."
(863) Kha: "So we need to find a room of glass that was made by men while wield the power, like I do?"
(865) Git: "Fore behind every strong man, you'll find the woman who rules his life"
(863) Kha: ((while = who, damn auto compleate ))
(864) Agatha: "Well let's get to it then. If we take the long way, we'll have a better chance of finding the heart, not to mention those two lost men."
** (866) Sahif dissipates **
(865) Git: "Sounds like it. So, any interesting runes?"
** (863) Kha starts walking down the hall again one the others catch up **
(863) Kha: "No just more of the same"
(897) Poison1043 (exit): 17:16
(863) Kha: "So he said nothing more then to find the room of glass made by men who wield the power?"
(865) Git: (brb, getting some dinner)
(871) Arianrhod: "he gave us what he could with the questions and time that he had, why are you so negative? Enough with the negative waves, Kha."
** (864) Agatha nods. "Pray that it was the same power you use and we may have an easier time of it? **
(864) Agatha: ."*
(863) Kha: "Not being negative, just asking"
(863) Kha: "Well if this room of glass was made by men who use the same power I do then what ever is blocking my power was not here at that time"
** (863) Kha keeps moving tword the end of the hall while talking **
(863) Kha: "I would be realy interested in meeting another person who wields the same power I do who isnt trying to kill us."
(869) Vrondard: "and something about a 'she'.. prolly another spirit"
(869) Vrondard: "and bout a lot of water"
(863) Kha: "Should we go back and see if droping water in the other well wakes up this 'she' he spoke of?"
(869) Vrondard: "if we accomplish this.. prolly going to have a river drown us"
(871) Arianrhod: "Sure, why not?"
(865) Git: "uh... I'm pretty sure, the 'she' is in the glass chamber."
** (871) Arianrhod rolls her eyes, "stop with the negative waves." **
(865) Git: :nods: "granted"
(863) Kha: "Whos being negative this time?"
** (863) Kha looks offended **
(871) Arianrhod: "Vron and his river remark."
whispering to Dreamweaver, so, how's the lurking coming along?
(871) Arianrhod: "I do hope that 'she' is not the heart we have to destroy."
(871) Arianrhod: "oh, now look, you've got me doing it."
** (863) Kha shakes his head and mutters something about accepting others as they are **
(863) Kha: "Well lets check the rest of this area out and if we dont find a she or a glass chamber we can go to the first well and try"
(864) Agatha: "Well, guessing ain't gonna do us much good. Let's go find out for ourselves."
** (865) Git continues northward, watching his footing as he makes his way to room 9 **
** (871) Arianrhod follows along quietly. **
** (863) Kha starts skiping down the hall "Is this un nagative enough for you?" **
** (869) Vrondard folows as well **
** (871) Arianrhod stops and begins to giggle. **
(865) Git: "no, but I may have to slap you if you keep that up and trigger a trap"
(871) Arianrhod: ((thank you, the imagery is wonderful, and you don't know how much I needed that.))
(863) Kha: "Oh lighten up Git we havnt found anthing traped so far"
** (863) Kha continues to skip into the next room starting to rather enjoy himself **
(869) Vrondard: "dont think there are any"
(866) DM: The corridor is 10' wide and descends slowly, at a 23 degree angle. There is a pervasive musty odor in the area. You can hear a thundering, rushing sound in the distance, that recedes.
** (871) Arianrhod giggles quietly until tears begin to form. **
(869) Vrondard: "can't get to the treasure... and if you could you cant take it outa here"
(869) Vrondard: "who needs a trap?"
(871) Arianrhod: "That sounds like a very strong river raging."
(869) Vrondard: ((have we been to the hallway that just ends off of #9))
(869) Vrondard: ((figured that would peak Git's interest if not everyone elses)
(866) DM: ((no))
(863) Kha: "That was the river Sahif came from , notice how it is fading now and was stronger when we were in his room"
(865) Git: ""Even a river can be bypassed with time and no distractions"
(864) Agatha: "The dwarf may have a point. Who needs a trap when you've got an industrustible guardian?"
(871) Arianrhod: ((are we not going to try the water thing in the other fountain?))
(863) Kha: ((No down the hall tword 9))
(871) Arianrhod: ((indestructable?))
(871) Arianrhod: ((indestructible*))
(866) DM: You exit into a moderately sized chamber that's lined with several statues of Amun-hotep. In the center of the chamber is an altar. Side by side impressions of a left and a right hand are carved onto the altar. On the ceiling and remaining walls are the name "Amun-hotep" carved over and over again in several languages. A passage leads out, to the east. There is a thundering rushing sound in the distance, but not as loud as before.
(864) Agatha: ((heh. typo. indestructible))
(865) Git: (Many of the languages from our region?)
(872) Dreamweaver (exit): 17:33
(866) DM: ((yes))
(865) Git: "Hey Kha... do those who use the power share a common language?"
(871) Arianrhod: "Amun-hotep, seems like he was a popular guy at one time."
** (865) Git asks as he moves to search the altar **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [12,16] = (28)
whispering to Git, there doesn't seem to be a trap on the altar...
whispering to Git, however, the altar does open a secret door in the N wall.
** (863) Kha starts signing off key as he skips around the room **
(863) Kha: "Wish life were so grand
That I never had to work
Wish life were so grand
that I could have meals servered on gold platters
Wish life were so grand

(871) Arianrhod: "Kha? Are you feeling all right?"
** (863) Kha stops after a few line. "Hmm wonder what the next line should be." **
(914) Fink (enter): 17:36
(865) Git: "Great, he loses his spear, now he's broken" :as he fiddles at the altar
(863) Kha: "Ya I am just being unnagative."
(914) Fink (exit): 17:37
(871) Arianrhod: "Sheesh, I'm sorry I said anything, I promise I'll keep my mouth shut from now on."
** (863) Kha goes up to the alter and looks at the hand prints and puts his hands in to see if they are similar in size to his **
** (871) Arianrhod pouts and wanders around the room aimlessly, but very quietly. **
(863) Kha: "Wonder if Amun-hotep had hands the same size as mine?"
(865) Git (whispering): does the foor open, or were just alerting me that that's what it does?
(865) Git (whispering): *door .. what the altar does, that is.
(863) Kha: "Not doing it just for you Ari, I am disturbed because I cant access my power, so I am trying to keep my mind off that as well"
** (871) Arianrhod gives Kha a waivering smile. Adding softly, "No worries." **
(863) Kha: "Wonder why they put hand prints in the alter?"
(866) DM: The hand prints magically grow to fit Kha's hands...
whispering to Git, alert
(921) Nimbus (enter): 17:41
(865) Git (whispering): right.. open the door then
** (871) Arianrhod noticing the look of surprise in Kha's face moves closer. **
** (863) Kha keeps his hands there and slowly kneels down **
(863) Kha: "Wow they grew to fit the same size as my hands"
(866) DM: You hear a distinct click, and a section of the northern wall slides open, revealing a small niche inside.
(866) DM: It seems to be empty.
** (871) Arianrhod readies her bow **
(871) Arianrhod: ((brb))
(869) Vrondard: "well lets stay on findin this thing... har there we go"
(864) Agatha: "Hunh. That easy?"
(865) Git: :peers at Kha: "You could have waited for me to tell you that was safe before doing it"
(869) Vrondard: "hmmm empty... that means its the way to go and they are just hidin it"
(869) Vrondard: "or its that deathtrap you were lookin fer Git"
** (864) Agatha keeps her axe ready. **
** (863) Kha slowly removes his hands to see if the door will start closing **
(865) Git: (brb, gotta take care of something)
(863) Kha: "its an alter Git, I just wanted to see if he had the same size hands as I did"
** (865) Git moves to the northern opening, examining the small room before entering **
** (863) Kha keeps an eye on the door making sure it isnt going to start closing again and stands up and picks up Vonatros before going to examin the small chamber" **
whispering to Kha, It's remarkably dust free. About 5' square.
whispering to Git, it's remarkably dust free. About 5' square
** (869) Vrondard puts himself in a position to stop the door from closing **
** (865) Git takes out his extending pole to poke at the walls, floor and cieling **
** (863) Kha asks somewhat sarcasticly "Is it safe for me to step in Git" **
(865) Git: (/me glares back at Kha
(919) voday (enter): 17:48
(919) voday (whispering): what game is this?
(863) Kha: "Wonder what used to be in there? It apperantly isnt as theft proof as we were lead to belive since there is nothing in there now"
(865) Git: "That's the thing, it shouldn't be this easy, so I figure something this brainless may be a trap for the cocky"
** (863) Kha leaves Git to his examination and goes down the hall to the left **
whispering to Git, nothing happens
(919) voday (whispering): ???
whispering to voday, long term 3E D&D camp
(919) voday (whispering): iv never played on this game
** (865) Git shrugs as he steps back, "Well, it seems safe" **
(865) Git: (afk for a few)
(919) voday (whispering): i just started yesterday
(919) voday (whispering): lol
(864) Agatha: "So why would they go to the trouble of making a locked closet?"
(864) Agatha: "A secret one at that."
(869) Vrondard: "maybe this is a lock..."
(869) Vrondard: "or a device"
(869) Vrondard: "if this be open another thing can work or be be opened"
whispering to Kha, You can see some runes carved on the door.
(869) Vrondard: "its a dwarven thing..."
(864) Agatha: "I don't know..."
(864) Agatha: "Do you mean that we're just looking at another door?"
(863) Kha (whispering): try and read the runes
whispering to Git, You can spot some runes carved on the door.
(871) Arianrhod: ((sorry- had to do the domestic goddess thing))
(863) Kha (whispering): and what door, the one that opened to reveal the dust free closet or one down the east hall?
whispering to Kha, the door to 11
(863) Kha (whispering): ok scratch me heading down th hall then ;)
whispering to Kha, you said you were inspecting it, didn't you?
(871) Arianrhod: "seems safe?"
(863) Kha (whispering): Ya then I said I left to let git do his thing, I just typed too fast :)
whispering to Kha, yep
** (863) Kha starts looking over the door that opened noticing some runes **
whispering to Kha, the hall down the corridor ends in a blank wall anyway
** (863) Kha reads "A passage was always provided between the tomb of the King and his likeness, whereby his spirit may pass into the ordained statue and live within the stone we worship in the outer world." **
(863) Kha: "Well the hall to the east just ends in a blank wall so no passage there"
** (863) Kha enters the small room **
(863) Kha: ((Room 11)
(866) DM: You hear a distinct "click", but nothing seems to happen.
** (863) Kha looks around **
(863) Kha: "What was that?"
(928) Svizac (enter): 17:59
** (863) Kha comes out of the small room with an inquizitive look **
(864) Agatha: "Sounds like Vrondard might be right. The switch was for something besides the panel."
(863) Kha: "Wonder if that click did the same thing to the eastern hall that the alter did in this room"
(869) Vrondard: "well lets look about some"
** (863) Kha heads back down the eastern hall to see if it still ends in a blank wall" **
(865) Git: (sorry, had to entertain some people a moment)
(866) DM: There is an opening in the northern wall that leads into a hexagonal chamber, filled with broken pots and chests. A stone sarcophagus, its lid tossed aside on the floor next to it, lies in the middle of the chamber. Runes cover the entire chamber's surface -- the ceiling, the floor and the walls.
(869) Vrondard: "well... what does all this say?"
** (863) Kha walks into the room and starts trying to read the runes **
(866) DM: The words "TREASURE ROOM" are carved in giant letters in several languages all over the room.
(865) Git: (was the 'click' sounded when Kha entered the room?)
(863) Kha: "I'll see if I can figure it out"
(863) Kha: ((Yes))
(866) DM: (yes)
whispering to Kha, here lies the true tomb of Amun-hotep. Know that you have arrived too late to plunder my ransom for heaven's gate.
** (863) Kha looks around "Not much of a tresure room, it looks like someone already took everything" **
(865) Git: "Gee... I wonder if this is the treasure room."
(919) voday (exit): 18:04
(864) Agatha: "It's kinda odd that they'd have to scream it like that."
** (863) Kha reads the other runes "here lies the true tomb of Amun-hotep. Know that you have arrived too late to plunder my ransom for heaven's gate." **
** (865) Git checks the sarcophagus to see if it's trapped or if its seal has been visible broken before **
(863) Kha: "Well I guess Amun-hotep woke up after they put him in here and took his stuff with him"
(865) Git: "Or it's a decoy."
whispering to Git, it was never sealed to begin with
(928) Svizac (exit): 18:06
(863) Kha: "In any case it looks like we have to take the river route"
(869) Vrondard: "well shall we open it?"
(869) Vrondard: "maybe theres a stairway in there"
(863) Kha: ((The lid to the sarcophagus is on the floor so it is already open ))
(869) Vrondard: "under it..."
(865) Git: (oh.... duh)
** (869) Vrondard checks out that possiblilty **
** (863) Kha makes a quick check of the chests and pots to see if anything is still in them **
whispering to Kha, nope
** (863) Kha finishes and heads for the door **
** (869) Vrondard tried to push it a bit **
(863) Kha: "I'll meet you at the first well thing, Ari want to join me and put some water in that one as well?"
** (869) Vrondard continues to try to push it along... grunting **
whispering to Vrondard, ok, but nothing happens...
(869) Vrondard: "dang it... its in there"
(869) Vrondard: "well here is our bridge should we need it"
(869) Vrondard: "dont know if its long enough..." he points to the lid
** (863) Kha pauses at the door waiting for Ari **
** (871) Arianrhod hurries to catch up. "Thanks." **
(869) Vrondard: ((not sure if we thought there was something to go accross earlier))
whispering to Vrondard, eventually it moves, and there's nothing there but floor...
(871) Arianrhod: ((sorry, had to pay the lawn guy for 5 hrs of noise today))
(865) Git: "Don't think that'll get us upstream Vronard"
(869) Vrondard: ((with the water downpour))
** (863) Kha starts heading back to the first well with Ari **
(866) DM: (room 6 or room 5?)
** (871) Arianrhod follows **
(863) Kha: "Sorry about taking the joke a little too far Ari, it just that I am stress about not having access to something I rely on"
(863) Kha: ((5))
(866) DM: (ok)
** (865) Git follows after Kha, but stops at room 11 to search the small chamber more thoroughly **
(871) Arianrhod: "I overreacted as well. No harm done?"
(863) Kha: "Ok, well lets go see if this 'she' is in the first well"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!6]
(871) Arianrhod: "Perhaps this is a good time to find your other strengts.
(871) Arianrhod: "
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [17,16] = (33)
(869) Vrondard: "hmmm too bad there is no way to freeze that water"
whispering to Git, nothing unusual
(869) Vrondard: "i could climb ice..."
** (864) Agatha follows alongside Git and Vron. **
** (869) Vrondard basically follows Git around... (as his defacto protector) **
** (871) Arianrhod pulls her waterskin and pours some into the fountain. **
(866) DM: Nothing happens.
(864) Agatha: "This is getting frustrating. All we're doing is hitting one dead end after another."
(871) Arianrhod: "I was afraid of this.
(871) Arianrhod: "
(871) Arianrhod: "I have a feeling that the 'she' is the heart we must destroy in the room of glass."
(863) Kha: "Well lets go see if Sahif is still at the other one and willing to let us go up the river there?"
** (865) Git heads back down the hall after Kha and Ari, citing to Aggy, "True, makes me wonder what geniuses Abdullah's guys would have to be that we haven't come across them here." **
** (871) Arianrhod sighs, "I hear and obey." **
** (863) Kha trots over to the other well ((room 6)) **
(866) DM: You halt at the shaft and can barely hear each other over the noise of the cascading water.
** (863) Kha calls out when he gets to the well "Hey Sahif you still here?" **
(941) Sauro (enter): 18:19
** (866) Sahif coalesces. "I live to serve she who awoke me, mistress." **
(941) Sauro (exit): 18:19
** (871) Arianrhod peers through the cascading water. **
(864) Agatha: "I'm beginning to wonder if the men ever existed at all. I mean, have you noticed any trace of them?
** (871) Arianrhod smiles at Sahif, "you sound like me sometimes.... is there a way to climb this river?" **
(921) Nimbus (exit): 18:20
(864) Agatha: "You'd think there would at least be a footprint or something."
(866) Sahif: My pardons, mistress, for I misspoke. You may climb the walls of this chamber, or you may let the river take you where you wish to go.
(865) Git: "If we wish to go to the room of glass, will it take us there?"
(866) Sahif: I do not know.
** (871) Arianrhod glances back at Agatha wondering again if the ghul had not eaten those unfortunates. **
(863) Kha: "Hey Sahif can you take us all up the river aways, you siad that upstreem of the river was the short path to the guardian right?"
(866) Sahif: Those who have ridden the river in this state before have died. Such are the deeds that fools do.
** (866) Sahif shrugs **
(869) Vrondard: "ridin the rapids don't sound like a good time"
(865) Git: :nod: "Were there two such fools here within the last few days?"
(871) Arianrhod: "Climb the walls? Do you have power enough to make these walls climbable?"
(866) Sahif: Riding the river is the short path to meeting the Indestructible, yes.
(863) Kha: "Well I have been called a fool a few times, so how long of a drop is it?"
(869) Vrondard: "hmmm I wonder... Git if we closed that door to that little room"
(863) Kha: "And how deep is your river?"
(866) Sahif: I have seen two mortals, yes. But not here. Above us.
(869) Vrondard: "if maybe there was something that you would see from the inside"
** (871) Arianrhod glances down wondering if she's just become invisible and inaudible. **
(865) Git: "How'd they get above us
(865) Git: ?"
(869) Vrondard: "a short way to yer death... is tha triver ride"
(866) Sahif: You may wish to find out, mortal. I shall not stop you.
(866) Sahif: You may climb the walls, mistress. I cannot hinder the river's flow though.
** (871) Arianrhod looks at the walls. **
(866) DM: ((five people are speaking at once. I can only type so fast.))
(871) Arianrhod: ((how difficult to climb are these walls?)
(866) DM: (They're covered with algae and slime...but still climbable, although barely.)
(863) Kha: "Well I would like to know before I leap, but I guess I would not be a fool if I had such knowlage"
** (863) Kha waits for him to finish answering our barrage of questions **
(871) Arianrhod (whispering): ah, understand, it was mostly the others ignoring me that I was aiming for.
** (863) Kha looks to Ari "I may be able to climb downwith a rope if you can find a place to secure it up here to make it easyer for the rest of you" **
(871) Arianrhod: "so, you could take the easy route and jump, or we could try the more difficult route and fall, then again we just might make it. Well, except for the Luggage, but I can send it and Silver out of here another way to wait for us, what do you think Agatha?"
** (863) Kha begins straping Vanatros to his back to prepare for the climb **
(866) Sahif: That was a day or so ago. They drank deeply of the river in the chamber of the Well. I imagine they were trapped in the Master Maze.
(865) Git: "Master maze? Would that be the long path?"
(864) Agatha: "The way I see it, if we jump, we could drown in the river. If we try climbing we could fall and drown in the river."
** (863) Kha starts examining the walls closly **
(866) Sahif: Yes. If you master the Maze, you gain access to the Halls of the Priesthood.
(869) Vrondard: "sounds very wet to me"
** (871) Arianrhod watches the others quizically. Then kneels and speaks a word to Silver. "Yes, Agatha, but either way we land in the river, unless we make the climb. I'm not seeing any way we can really lose in trying." **
(865) Git: "Sounds good. can you tell us how to get there?"
(866) Sahif: And if you gain access to the Halls, you can then find your way to the Gauntlet.
(866) Sahif: I already told you, noble one. (exasperated)
(871) Arianrhod: "The Gauntlet?
(871) Arianrhod: "
(863) Kha (whispering): do I think I would have to concentrate or do I think it would be fairly easy for me (ie. I take 10 on my climb check which would give me a 16)
whispering to Kha, concentrate
(865) Git: "sorry.. up or down, noble river spirit?" :indicating the shaft:
(864) Agatha: "Aye, dear. It doesn't look like we have any other good choice."
(866) Sahif: Yes, the Gauntlet. (sighs) The Gauntlet is a chamber that the Indestructible holds lordship over.
(863) Kha: "So should I try and climb down or not?"
(866) Sahif: Either way leads to the same place. (shrugs)
(866) Sahif: Or you could offer yourselves to the gods and leave me be.
** (871) Arianrhod adjusts her bow and glances at the luggage, then pulls out her waterskin and some herbs for her belt pouches. **
(866) Sahif: (mutters)
(863) Kha: "I think you all are anoying our poor friend here. He cant tell us everything. so either we take the river, or try and find the long path"
(865) Git: "Right... is there breathing room down there, or does the river completely fill the tunnels?"
(871) Arianrhod: "Climb down? shouldn't we be climbing up?"
(866) Sahif: I do not know, nimble one.
(864) Agatha: "The curse traps the river in this place. I guess that means it loops around."
(863) Kha: ((Dont know I just assumed the river was below us))
(869) Vrondard: "yep I'll stay here to pull you out if thats the case"
(865) Git: :sigh: "Accepted. Guess will have to find out for ourselves. Thank you, Kind Sahif."
(871) Arianrhod: "It seemed to me the short way was down, the long way was up. Up leads to a guantlet, down leads to death."
(871) Arianrhod: ((or am I having a blond moment?))
(864) Agatha: ((brb))
(871) Arianrhod: ((me too))
** (865) Git goes into his satchel for his rope and his extending pole. Opening the pole far enough to bridge the arch, he ties the rope to it's center and tosses the rest down the shaft **
** (863) Kha tests the rope git tossed down to make sure it will hold his weight, then starts down **
(865) Git: :to Kha: "Just make sure it's swimable for now."
** (866) Sahif floats into the center of the shaft to observe you dispassionately. **
(863) Kha: "Ok"
(866) DM: The surface of the water churns violently, about 30' below the entrance of the shaft.
(866) DM: (er I'm sorry, 120' below the entrance of the shaft.)
** (863) Kha continues down the rope as far as he can then will start climbing down the walls untill he can see the water **
(865) Git: (rope ain't even half that)
(865) Git: Calls after Kha, "How's it look?"
(866) DM: 50' below the entrance into the chamber is an opening through which you can see a massive stream of water emerging, cascading below into the shaft.
(866) DM: ((so to recap, the entrance to the chamber is 120' above the surface of the water. the point at which the water enters the chamber is 70' above the surface level of the water.)
(866) DM: ((you have no idea how deep the water is.))
(865) Git: ( 0.o I thought water was coming from above us?)
** (863) Kha pauses above the stream of water and calls back up "It looks like the water flows out of the wall here and down to the river" **
(866) DM: ((nope))
(866) DM: ((you're above the water))
(863) Kha: "It sounds like a long ways down, I cant see the bottom yet"
(865) Git: ( :smacks head: then what's above us?)
(866) DM: ((ceiling?))
(863) Kha: ((Is the stream coming from the wall I am going down of someware else?))
(866) DM: ((Sahif was referring to climbing up the tunnel that the water is emerging from))
(865) Git: (sorry, kinda confusing)
(866) DM: ((the stream is coming from a tunnel that leads deep into the heart of the pyramid))
(866) DM: ((not confusing if you follow what I'm saying. I never said the water''s above you.))
(865) Git: :calls to Kha: "Is the opening passable? or is the water too strong?"
(863) Kha: ((No I mean if I continue down the wall I am on will I have to cross ofer the stream coming out))
(866) DM: ((if you continue down the wall, you will eventually pass the water.))
(866) DM: ((sec))
(865) Git: (Yes, I understand now, but you kept saying climb up, which from my mind meant climb up from where we are, not where the water it)
** (863) Kha calls back up "Not sure yet, I will have to stop using the rope to see, it is just past the end of the rope" **
(866) DM: ((no))
(866) DM: ((party is at 1))
(866) DM: ((water enters shaft at 2))
(866) DM: ((surface of the water is at 3))
(863) Kha: ((Ok all clear))
(866) DM: ((Sahif says upstream is the long route. he means climbing the tunnel at 2))
(866) DM: ((if you read the log, I never say the water is above you.))
** (863) Kha continues down without the aid of the rope to get a better look at where the water is coming out to see if it is passable or not **
(956) CrimsonQueso (enter): 18:47
(865) Git: "Uh... we could just tie on another rope, offers futily to Kha
(866) DM: A massive stream of water enters the chamber, cascading at a tremendous rate. There *is* room to traverse, but not a great deal of room, and the passage narrows eventually.
(871) Arianrhod: ((I am truly sorry))
** (863) Kha calls back up "The 'Long way' is not passable, not easaly anyways. I wonder what he things is hard" **
whispering to Git, Sahif is a river spirit, so the term "up" is relative. no biggie
** (863) Kha menuvers to a position he can continue down without the stream hitting him **
(863) Kha: ((If there is one))
(863) Kha (whispering): you making the climb checks?
whispering to Kha, yes
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [3,6] = (9)
whispering to Kha, you barely manage to hang on the slick surface.
(869) Vrondard: "sure looks wet to me..." peering down at Kha
** (871) Arianrhod feeling completely out of her element stays close to Git. **
** (863) Kha calls up "Should I continue down to see if the short way would be easyer?" **
(866) DM: You can barely see Kha as he climbs down the shaft. Then he crawls into the tunnel where the water emerges out into the chamber, and disappears.
(871) Arianrhod (whispering): sorry, but Hank Williams Jr said it best... sometimes its hard being a woman.
whispering to Arianrhod, lol
(865) Git (whispering): checked the log description of the room. Here's what threw me: "You note that the amount of water escaping from above is greater than that of the chamber."
whispering to Git, ok my bad. it should say below you.
(863) Kha (whispering): ment that I would menuver to a position so I could continue down without the stream hitting me to make it hader for me to climb down
(865) Git: :to Kha: "Maybe we should check if the other side is calmer."
whispering to Kha, pretty difficult to do
(865) Git (whispering): np
** (863) Kha gives up his examination and starts back up **
(865) Git: "Sahif? You can't see any passages away from you river, right?"
(871) Arianrhod: "Other side?"
(865) Git: :nods to ari: "The other well" :gesturing back toward 5:
(866) Sahif: I can only see that which the river runs through, mortal one.
(865) Git: "Right. "So there may be an opening over there that you can't see, correct?"
(866) Sahif: I do not know. Perhaps. Perhaps not.
(865) Git: "right. well, I'd rather waste time investigating then to drown quickly"
(866) Sahif: I can only tell you of three ways to leave this place: ride the way of the river, climb up the river, or make an offering to the gods.
(871) Arianrhod: "And what offering would appease the gods?"
(866) Sahif: (mutters) Yourselves.
(866) Sahif: (in a louder voice.) Whatever the gods deem best, mistress.
(865) Git: :looks fom Sahif to Ari: "See, told you flashing was an offering."
(871) Arianrhod: "Then so be it, I will offer myself, if that is what it takes."
(866) DM: ((lol, you're a bad bad boy, Lunauc))
(865) Git: (I prefer to think I'm a good bad boy)
(871) Arianrhod: "Do we need to head back to the altar room now?"
** (865) Git watches that Kha is making his way up alright, as he speaks, "Still, lets not go making ludicrous offerings if we can get away with taking freely first" **
(956) CrimsonQueso (exit): 19:01
(869) Vrondard: "have to agree wid Git on that"
** (871) Arianrhod is lost in thought and does not hear Git's words. She picks up her things and begins to walk slowly toward the room with the altar. Her thoughts are far away.... "Tan, perhaps soon we will be togther again?" she thinks. **
(865) Git: "I would like to double check some things up that way. Vronard, can you make sure Kha gets up alright and then go check that other shaft for a passage. I'm gonna go double check the northern rooms." :gets up to follow after Ari:
** (871) Arianrhod hears nothing but silence and moves slowly back toward the room with the altar. **
** (863) Kha continues up taking his time to make sure he doent fall **
** (864) Agatha looks at Ari strangely. "I think I better go keep an eye on her." **
** (864) Agatha follows after Ari. **
** (865) Git follows slowly and silently behind Ari, curious what she's thinking of doing **
** (871) Arianrhod begins to pray very quietly, "Mercy, pure and simple mercy..." **
** (869) Vrondard stays to assist Kha **
whispering to Kha, you get to the floor level
(871) Arianrhod: "longing, cold and hollow... with sweet breath you'd come to warn me, but I held on too hard to only a memory"
(865) Git (whispering): question I should have asked before, but just assumed. Did Kha, placing hands on the altar open the door to 11 or was it something I did?
** (863) Kha gets up and looks around **
(863) Kha: "Where did the others go Vrond?"
** (871) Arianrhod walks on lost in her memories, tears fall without notice. **
(863) Kha: ((AFK a few to heat up some food))
(864) Agatha: "Uhh...Git. What she said earlier, you don't think she's really gonna..."
** (871) Arianrhod remembers him lying there, feeling deserted and alone. Longing for all that tomorrow might bring. The passion lost. Taken, stolen. The dreams we had, we shared, now shattered... broken..." **
** (865) Git doesn't answer as he watches Ari, studying **
whispering to Git, that was Kha
(864) Agatha: "Ari?"
whispering to Git, as usual
(865) Git (whispering): just making sure
** (871) Arianrhod gives a soft sob, "You tried to warn me, but I sent you away" **
(866) DM: (back to room 4 I take it?)
** (871) Arianrhod continues on, not seeing or hearing anything but her own grief. **
** (865) Git silently creeps behind Ari. Saying nothing in leans in cautiously and blows a cool breeze donw the back of her neck **
** (871) Arianrhod shudders knowing she must be doing the right thing. **
** (864) Agatha grabs Ari by the shoulder. "Ari! Are you okay, honey? **
** (871) Arianrhod whispers... 'we both knew what we wanted, we took it believing if free.... oh how foolish, always there is a price.' **
** (871) Arianrhod finally sees Agatha, "yes, finally, I must pay my price." **
(865) Git: "What price would that be?"
(871) Arianrhod: Still the tears fall.
(864) Agatha: "What price? What are you mumbling on about?"
(871) Arianrhod: "I have known great joy, now I must pay for that, this is what I must do to see him again, and to free you from this dismal hell."
(863) Kha: ((Back sorry))
(865) Git: :raises a brow: "What do you plan to pay for it?"
(871) Arianrhod: "My life. What else do I have?"
(871) Arianrhod: "my life for yours."
(864) Agatha: "Nonsense! We don't need anything like that."
(869) Vrondard: "taht aint right"
** (863) Kha heads back to the statue with the flames **
(869) Vrondard: "darn it I'll go down there and get wet if I have too"
(864) Agatha: "And it's hardly what I call a dismal hell. We can walk away anytime we want."
** (865) Git looks somberly toward the ground for a moment, thinking it over, before offering in a serious tone, "Sounds like overpaying. Frankly my merchant's spirit, won't allow me to let you do that." **
(871) Arianrhod: "It is not right that you all should face the river either, if my sacrifice can prevent it."
(865) Git: "Let's haggle. Can we start with flashing first?" :grins:
(871) Arianrhod: "Do you really think that might work?"
(864) Agatha: ((aside to Git)) "She really has lost it."
(871) Arianrhod: " I seriously doubt it."
(865) Git: :shrug: "Who knows, I've seen men pay good money for such before" :turns to head back to the tomb:
(865) Git: :calls back: "You ladies gonna help me check or not?"
(871) Arianrhod: "I don't know if you head Sahif, but he did answer me when I asked what would appease the Gods. A strip-tease was not the answer."
(869) Vrondard: "bah if you aint here then Silver wont hang around"
(869) Vrondard: "and that wont be much fun"
(865) Git: "Don't care what makes the gods happy. I'd rather appease myself."
(871) Arianrhod: "Silver will stay with you Vrondard, but I don't know about the luggage he really liked Sam."
** (865) Git heads into the hexagonal chamber, paying no further mind to sacrifice as he tries searching the coffin, under the lid, and looking about the room for the 'passage' to the statue **
(864) Agatha: "Why don't we try looking for other solutions before trying something so drastic."
** (863) Kha starts looking over the statue with the flames again **
(864) Agatha: "Suppose you do something wrong. What's your life worth then?"
(863) Kha (whispering): mentaly ask Vanatros "What do you think would happen if I hoped into this bowl?"
(869) Vrondard: "yeah... Aggies right... we gots all day and night to go doing death stuff"
(871) Arianrhod: "I do not understand that question."
(869) Vrondard: "so enough of that"
whispering to Kha, nothing. the flames are an illusion.
** (863) Kha examins the flames more closly **
(863) Kha (whispering): disbalive
(864) Agatha: "I'm saying if you screw up, your death doesn't help us."
(863) Kha (whispering): that a will save?
(864) Agatha: "So let's go and look over everything we got before we take such big risks."
(871) Arianrhod: "We were given three options, take the river, climb the river, both of those do not seem feasible. The third choice was appease the Gods. If my death doesn't appease them, then we are all doomed anyway."
whispering to Kha, you can make one if you want.
whispering to Kha, yes,a will save
(863) Kha: Will save: [1d20+9] -> [5,9] = (14)
(865) Git (whispering): I'm assuming I find nothing in the tomb chamber
whispering to Kha, the flames don't seem real
whispering to Git, precisely
** (863) Kha reaches into the flames to see whats in the bowl **
(869) Vrondard: ((so lets have Vrondard go do some climbing..))
(869) Vrondard: "I'm going to do the climbin.."
** (865) Git strolls back to room 9 **
** (865) Git checks room 11 once more, to make sure it holds no secret. He even tries to disbelief that the cramped space is real **
(865) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12)
(871) Arianrhod: "Sahif said, and I quote "there are only three ways out, ride the river, climb the river or make an offering to the gods."
(865) Git: (shrug, getting desperate)
(866) DM: You see Kha reach into the bowl of flames and disappear.
(866) DM: (those in room 4 only)
(865) Git: "Three ways he knew of. And still, I'd prefer the river. I may be callous at times, but I wouldn't even sacrifice Kha for something so fleeting. So forget it"
whispering to Kha, you on the other hand, emerge in a room elsewhere. I don't have tabbed whispers because I forgot to patch Open, so just sit tight for now
(871) Arianrhod (whispering): I'm lost, which room is the altar room?
whispering to Arianrhod, room 9
(864) Agatha: "Well, the only way you're gonna kill yerself is over my..dead....body?"
(869) Vrondard: "har"
(864) Agatha: "Kha?"
(864) Agatha: "Where'd he go?"
** (871) Arianrhod stares at Agatha in shocked silence. **
** (871) Arianrhod turns to the altar, then back to Agatha, "should we go look for him?" **
(863) Kha: ((Dont think anyone was in room 4 to see me vanish))
(997) Hiei (enter): 19:34
(869) Vrondard: "yeah lets all stay together.. this aint a big place.. but we should be a group here"
(866) DM: ((oh well, strike that comment then. I thought there were.))
(871) Arianrhod: ((nope, but your still not with us so we should go look to see if we can find you anyway))
(997) Hiei (exit): 19:35
(871) Arianrhod: ((brb))
(865) Git: "Right Vronard.... Where's Kha?"
(863) Kha (whispering): Mentaly whispers to Vanatros, "You were wrong something happened, I am not in the same room now"
(865) Git (whispering): I assume rechecking room 11, also a waste of time
whispering to Kha, even I can be wrong. *sniff*
whispering to Git, yes
whispering to Git, well not a waste of my time lol
(865) Git (whispering): right... a well used distraction
(866) DM: The plains youth isn't anywhere....
(865) Git: "Did he go to check the western shaft?"
(865) Git: (now we lost wa'run?)
(866) DM: (yup)
(863) Kha (whispering): "It's ok Vantros, thats what I wanted to happen, too bad the others dont know where I am, and I dont know how to get back"
(864) Agatha: ((He never came in with us.))
whispering to Kha, Wa'run is with you as well
(866) DM: (oh he came with you. I tend to play my NPCs as silently as possible.)
(866) DM: (they only do stuff when necessary)
(864) Agatha: ((oh))
(866) DM: (he's with Kha. (ooc))
(864) Agatha: ((sorry))
(866) DM: (the focus of the story is on you guys anyway.)
(863) Kha (whispering): me looks around the room to see if his five gold coins are near by
whispering to Kha, yes
whispering to Kha, sec
** (865) Git sighs wearily and heads sounth to look for the missing duo **
(863) Kha (whispering): Kha picks his gold coins back up and waits for the others
(864) Agatha: ((to Ari)) "We should regroup."
(869) Vrondard: "I don't know.. he went down here "
(869) Vrondard: Vron is in #7
** (869) Vrondard points to the main room (#2) **
(869) Vrondard: ((Kha eventually went to #4 correct?))
(865) Git: (the southern passage to room 2 open?)
(866) DM: (correct)
(863) Kha: ((I wandered off like normal))
(866) DM: (that's ooc)
(866) DM: (not open)
(871) Arianrhod: ((I will no longer apologize for my delay's other than to say, you should all be happy you are not women.))
(869) Vrondard: ((so Kha went thru #2 or #3 and got lost))
(869) Vrondard: "so he should be down there somewhere"
** (865) Git heads south, calling out, "Kha! Wa'run! Answer now, avoid disciplining later!" **
(863) Kha (whispering): goes and looks down the exit the sword is pointing tword
(869) Vrondard: "I'll go get him wid ya."
** (869) Vrondard searches 2,3,4 **
(869) Vrondard: "well what the heckfire is going on... I know he and Wa'run came down here"
(869) Vrondard: "only thing here is columns and statues"
(869) Vrondard: "unless they found a secret door or trap"
** (865) Git heads toward 4, figruring the flaming bowl statue would be more 'interesting' to Kha **
whispering to Kha, can't do the rest separated.
(866) DM: You don't see Kha anywhere.
whispering to Kha, nm
whispering to Kha, it's filled with rust-orange mist.
whispering to Kha, it smells a bit like overcooked eggs.
whispering to Kha, you can hear something breathing and grunting heavily...
** (865) Git stares at the statue curious where they could have gone to. "Why does that fool always wander off" **
** (864) Agatha searches for her comrades and finds Git and Vrondard in 4. **
(863) Kha (whispering): goes to each exit one by one and listens
(869) Vrondard: "gone.."
(869) Vrondard: "vanished.."
(865) Git: "Great. Where's my poe and rope?"
(869) Vrondard: "gone.."
(869) Vrondard: "gone.."
** (871) Arianrhod glances at Silver, shrugs then sighs. "C'mon Silver take me to the others." **
** (865) Git climbs the steps to the bowl, reaching into his belt pouch for a bit of bread, tossing it in the flames, since they tried coins already **
(865) Git: "Hope the pole didn't break while he was climbing in the shaft"
(866) DM: The coins and bread vanish.
(866) DM: (sorry)
(866) DM: The bread vanishes.
** (865) Git passes his hand among the flames quicly to see if it burns **
(866) DM: You see Git vanish.
(863) Kha (whispering): Kha rearanges the bones of the skelaton to spell his name and puts the sword pointing to the exit it is currently pointing to
whispering to Git, sit tight for now
** (871) Arianrhod stands in the doorway and watches Git vanish. **
(871) Arianrhod: "Oh my."
whispering to Git, you see Kha rearranging the skeleton
(869) Vrondard: "oy!"
(869) Vrondard: "oy! oy!"
whispering to Kha, toggle group whisper with Git pls
** (869) Vrondard is a bit shocked **
(869) Vrondard: "it ate him"
(863) Kha: ((LOL Oy! Oy!, reminds me of the little dong thing from the Gunslinger books))
(871) Arianrhod: "So do we see where he went? Or hope he just come back?"
(865) Git (whispering): (GW): "Kha, what what are you doing?"
(866) DM: (60 minute warning)
(871) Arianrhod: "Could this be what Sahif meant when he said the Gods wanted ourselves?"
(869) Vrondard: "I think we follow"
(869) Vrondard: "they aint going to come back wid our help"
(869) Vrondard: (out)
(869) Vrondard: "quick lets do what Git did before its too late"
(871) Arianrhod: "Okay, will you take hold of Silver so he can come with you?"
(865) Git (whispering): (GW): :stares at him dumbly "And you call me greedy." :kneels down to inspect the sword's make to see if the skeleton was of this land, then looks down the hall it points too:
(871) Arianrhod: "I'll hold the Luggage's strap. Please?"
(869) Vrondard: "sure.."
** (869) Vrondard puts some coins in the bowl and picks up the puppy **
** (869) Vrondard takes Silvers paw and his own and and puts it it the bowl at the same time **
** (864) Agatha walks up to the altar. **
** (871) Arianrhod places one hand on the luggage, drops a couple of coins and passes her hand through the fire. **
(863) Kha (whispering): (GW): **Kha finishes reagranging the bones and goes to pull the lever for the exit the sword is pointing to**
(864) Agatha: "This is crazy, who knows where it goes?
(866) DM: ((ok lol))
(866) TaliesinNYC: room: You are in an octagonal room, 30' across. Four 10' square wall segments separate four 10' wide arched exits. Each wall looks exactly like the other walls, and each exit looks exactly like the other exits. There is a domed ceiling 30' above you. A skeleton lies in the center of the floor holding a sword in an extended arm towards one of the exits. Each exit is filled with a rust-orange mist that is slightly sulfuric in smell. There is a lever in each wall, and a sign above each lever saying "PULL ME" in several languages. The levers pull upwards.
(863) Kha: ((The skelaton is now torn up and the bones spell out Kha's name))
(866) DM: (you're going to have to forgive the fact that there isn't a map for this room. the reason will become quickly apparent, btw.)
(871) Arianrhod: "lovely."
(866) DM: There is an exit ahead of you, to your left, to your right and behind you.
(869) Vrondard: "so which way.."
(866) DM: The skeleton was originally pointing to your left.
(864) Agatha: "Well, at least we know he was here. Hopefully, he was clever enough to mark the way he went as well.
(869) Vrondard: "one of three ways.."
(865) Git: :smiles at the others: "Welcome to the abyss, hope you enjoyed the ride"
(864) Agatha: ((which way does it point now?))
(866) DM: (ask Kha)
(863) Kha (whispering): the sword should still point to the left and I am about to pull the lever for that one
(866) DM: (left)
** (869) Vrondard is clueless **
** (863) Kha pulls the lever next to the exit **
(869) Vrondard: "buncha bones on teh floor here"
(1007) BeefPot (enter): 20:06
(866) DM: There is a strange hum that emanates from the ceiling....
(863) Kha: ((I rearanged the bones to spell my name and left the sword pointing to the same exit to say I went that way))
(1007) BeefPot (exit): 20:07
(866) DM: ...and all of a sudden, anything metallic is yanked to the ceiling.
(866) DM: Including anyone in metallic armor.
(869) Vrondard: "yikes!"
** (869) Vrondard goes flying up **
(871) Arianrhod: 'Damn"
(869) Vrondard: "buggering magic!" he curses
(864) Agatha: "Gaah!"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8] -> [3] = (3)
** (865) Git flinches as his tools and his daggers fly up from their sheathes **
** (863) Kha rolls on the floor laughing seeing Vrondard stuck on the roof along with two of his normal spears **
(866) DM: (if you are wearing anything metallic, you do not get a save)
(866) DM: (take 3 damage from impact as well)
(863) Kha: ((Even small copper ring?))
(866) DM: (anything metallic)
(871) Arianrhod: oh, ack.
** (864) Agatha 's back and arms are pinned to the ceiling along with her greataxe. **
(866) DM: (I mean metal armor)
(865) Git: "Kha... why do I think you did this?"
** (871) Arianrhod dangles from her scimitar and the silver tipped arrows. **
** (863) Kha 's Head wrap goes flying off as well as his arms flying up and rings slide off his hand **
(864) Agatha: "#$(@%*U little $#@&! Damn you Kha!"
** (863) Kha finishes laughing and pulls the lever back down **
(871) Arianrhod: "Kha? think you can undo this?"
(863) Kha: "Sorry, but that was funny"
(871) Arianrhod: "Ha Ha."
(869) Vrondard: "aint not too funny to be up here and not on the grould like I'm supposed to be"
** (863) Kha continues to giggle **
(1030) No Name (enter): 20:11
(1030) No Name (exit): 20:11
(1030) No Name (enter): 20:11
** (871) Arianrhod mutters under her breath, "I've pms and a scimitar. . ." **
(863) Kha (whispering): did pulling the lever back down fix them?
** (871) Arianrhod considers an arrow in the thigh. **
(1030) No Name (exit): 20:12
** (865) Git sighs as his pack hangs from the cieling. **
** (869) Vrondard tries to curb his fall **
(865) Git: (was kha able to pull the lever back down or not?)
(866) DM: (seC)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6] -> [6,6,2] = (14)
(866) DM: When Kha pulls the lever back down, the humming ceases, and you slam into the stone floor (14 damage).
(869) Vrondard: "mother of anvils... I'm going to beat you if you don't tell me why you did that"
** (863) Kha goes and gathers his things that flew off to the roof and puts them back on **
(865) Git: (do we on the floor have a chance of breaking their fall?)
** (869) Vrondard gets up into quite a huff **
(866) DM: (no, unless you took precautions beforehand)
(863) Kha: "Sorry I didnt know what the lever did I thought it would do something else since there is one near each exit"
(865) Git: (since Kha gave no warning before pulling the lever, doubt we could, so no.)
** (863) Kha is still gigaling slightly **
(869) Vrondard: "dammit boy... dont be making me guts turn upside down"
** (865) Git glares at Kha and checks on the health of the others **
** (871) Arianrhod falls ungracefully and jarringly to the floor. **
(863) Kha: "Well there is something breathing down this exit anyways"
(869) Vrondard: .
** (871) Arianrhod closes her eyes and just lays still for a few minutes. **
(863) Kha: "I hope you arnt too hurt, I can try and fix any wounds you may have sustained in the fall"
** (866) The luggage butts itself into Kha and belches a cloud of lavender dust onto him. **
** (865) Git goes to check the levers once he's sure the others will be alright. He takes his time to study the mechanisms, trying to decipher if they all connect to some trap **
(865) Git: "Annyoing as that was, I have to say, that was a pretty impressive device"
whispering to Git, they activate a magnetic field which centers itself onto the ceiling.
** (869) Vrondard is still quite surly **
** (863) Kha caughs from the lavender smell **
** (871) Arianrhod groans and finally gets to her feet. **
(863) Kha: "So did any of you need any healing?"
** (864) Agatha gets up slowly, cursing all the way. **
(869) Vrondard: "well what is this place.. that maze?"
(865) Git (whispering): all the levers do the same, right?
(865) Git: "Probably. So, who wants to find out if that mist is poisonous... kha?"
** (863) Kha finishes rearanging his gear and sticks his head down the left hall to see what was breathing down there before **
** (865) Git goes about collecting his daggers and gear **
(869) Vrondard: "I saw we get the hell outa this room"
whispering to Git, yes
whispering to Kha, Fort save
(863) Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+8] -> [10,8] = (18)
(865) Git: (which way was the sword pointing?)
(863) Kha: (Left)
(865) Git: :eyes kha: "Wow.. I didn't really expect you to do it"
whispering to Kha, the mist obscures your vision beyond a few feet. it also seems disorienting, as you find it difficult to sense direction. in any event, the breathing is still there
(863) Kha (whispering): when the magnet thing was on did the mist clear at all?
** (863) Kha pulls his head back **
** (871) Arianrhod agrees with Vrondard **
(863) Kha: "Man that mist stinks, and what ever was breathing is still there but I could not see it
whispering to Kha, nope
(865) Git: "Great... any idea what this stuff is?"
** (869) Vrondard repositions his beard.. still very annoyed **
(863) Kha: "Not a clue, but I know it made me disoriantated just stickinig my head in there, so we need to find a way to clear it out."
(863) Kha: "So you figure out if the lavers all do the same thing Git?"
(865) Git: "Seem too."
(869) Vrondard: "what about trying the other doors?"
(865) Git: (is the mist opaque or can we see through it some what?)
(863) Kha: "They all have that mist in them, which you cant see for more then a few feet though and it stinks on top of that"
** (863) Kha goes and picks up one of the leg bones for the skelaton and throws it has had as he can down the left exit **
** (865) Git starts taking deep breaths, seemingly preparing **
** (863) Kha perks up **
(865) Git: "Try calling out, *huff* see if you get answer from the breather. *phew*"
(863) Kha: "Hey that might work, lets gather up all the bones from this thing and put one down every few feet to make sure we dont get turned around, leave the sword here pointing to the one we already explored"
(871) Arianrhod: ((Warning, warning. Danger, danger. Next mood swing in 30 seconds))
(864) Agatha: ((Standing by.))
(863) Kha: "If it takes us in a circle then we go follow the bones back picking them up and I will leave a spear pointing at the next one."
(863) Kha: "Do that untill we expore them all or find our way out"
(869) Vrondard: "fine... I can hold me breathin"
** (863) Kha starts gathering as many bone as he can **
(866) The luggage: (mist is opaque and obscures vision beyond 10')
(866) The luggage: You think you heard a clatter.
(866) DM: (woops)
(865) Git: "This place could be go on for miles, and for all we know the whole place is filled with this crud, lets be safe about it
(863) Kha: "Gather all the bones you can, each of you, I will let you know when I run out so the next purson can move up to start putting them down"
** (871) Arianrhod follows the clatter, not certain whether to laugh or cry, hoping she's following the luggage, as it has better survival skills than she does at the moment. **
** (871) Arianrhod sighs, and stops to gather bones. "I hear and obey." **
** (863) Kha starts down the left hall placing a bone on the ground close enough so he can still see then bone behind **
(865) Git: (woops...? does that mean no clatter or something else?)
(863) Kha: ((Prob about talking as luggage))
(871) Arianrhod: ((still the luggage wouldn't clatter, patter on 100 little pink feet, but clatter, nope.))
(863) Kha: ((I threw a bone down the hall))
** (871) Arianrhod holds up several bones, "ok now what?" **
(866) DM: (sec)
(863) Kha: ((K))
** (871) Arianrhod glances at Git then turns away. **
** (865) Git still breathes deeply, and gives Ari a smile and a wink confidently **
(866) DM: (ok, this section of the module is a pain in the neck to run, so you need to bear with me please. the lack of mapping, as I said earlier, will become readily apparent. so if you're keeping track, and I know some of you are, we will need to get our bearings straight every so often.)
(866) DM: (confirming that you're entering the LEFT archway and have not gone down the corridor just yet)
(865) Git: (yes...)
(871) Arianrhod: (k)
(866) DM: (marching order please.)
(866) DM: (20 minute warning.)
(863) Kha: ((I am in the lead going to be placing a bone ever few feet))
(865) Git: (don't think we're marching per se at the moment)
(869) Vrondard: (Vron in front since he thinks he will be able to see)
(866) DM: (I need to know who is in front, etc. this is important.)
(871) Arianrhod: (Ari is hanging back a bit, but not far from Git.)
(869) Vrondard: (vron, git, agatha, whats his name, arianhod and silver
(871) Arianrhod: ok
(869) Vrondard: put Kha in the back
(864) Agatha: ((Just what I was thinking))
(866) DM: so V, K, G, Ag, Ari and Norf (assuming next session he's around? in that order?)
(871) Arianrhod: okie dokie.
(863) Kha: ((That works))
(866) DM: ok.
(871) Arianrhod: ((I should be better by then too))
(865) Git: (actually, I'd like to take a run ahead first... move silent in case what's breathing is sleeping and dangerous... and find out how far the mist goes)
(871) Arianrhod: (we could tie the bones together, or tie a rope around Git
whispering to Git, you have no sense of direction and you cannot tell how far you have travelled.
(865) Git (whispering): ... didn't know I entered yet...
whispering to Git, I assumed you entered when you said I run ahead first
(871) Arianrhod: tie a rope to the luggage and let it go first, it doesn't need to breath.
whispering to Git, so either you did or you didn't.
(865) Git (whispering): I said I'd like to, as offering the idea to the group
whispering to Git, then state that.
(871) Arianrhod: Ah, I see the midol & valium are beginning to work their small miracles.
(865) Git: "But will it know when it clears the mist?"
(865) Git (whispering): sorry
whispering to Git, sorry for being snappy but I need to know if you're being explicit in stating an action or if you're suggesting to the group. saying I'd like to take a run ahead can be interpreted either way. this section is technically demanding of my DMing skills and I don't want to blow it.
(871) Arianrhod: It should, the problem would be communicating this info to us
** (869) Vrondard leads the group in a careful manner **
** (863) Kha ignores the bickering and starts down the hall without the others placing a bown every two steps((6 feet)) **
(865) Git (whispering): sorry, I had it in parenthesis as ooc, should have whispered it instead
whispering to Git, np
whispering to Kha, you have no sense of direction and cannot tell how far you have travelled. one inch seems like one foot.
** (871) Arianrhod pulls out 50ft of rope from the luggage. "Does anyone have more? We could tie them together." **
(866) DM: Kha walks into the mist.
** (869) Vrondard follows along **
(871) Arianrhod: "Kha!!!"
(863) Kha (whispering): am I able to remember that every two steps I put down a bone?
(865) Git: :seeing the first two walk off. "Uh oh..."
whispering to Kha, you
whispering to Kha, you're able to remember to do that, but after a while you lose count of the number of steps you've made
(869) Vrondard (whispering): what about darkvision?
whispering to Vrondard, that works.
(863) Kha (whispering): ya not woried about that :)
** (871) Arianrhod feels the bitchiness in her coming on and grumbles, "Were they born stupid, or do they have to study?" **
(869) Vrondard (whispering): for seeing in the mist.. cool
(865) Git: :calls after them, "Kha! Vronard! Can you still hear in there?"
** (863) Kha continues on down the hall looking for whats breathing **
whispering to Kha, sec
** (869) Vrondard keeps his mouth shut and doesnt answer... but he does clang his shield three times as an answer **
whispering to Kha, the mists clear after a bit...and you come across a minotaur that seems a bit dazed. it swings a battle axe at you. toggle group whisper with Vron and roll init.
(865) Git: :to Ari: "It's gotta be born, like genius, but opposite"
whispering to Kha, tell Vron you're in combat with a minotaur
(863) Kha (whispering): (GW): Vrond we are in combat with a minotar, just you and I =P
(863) Kha (whispering): INIT: [1d20+7] -> [12,7] = (19)
(871) Arianrhod: "I'm sorry, I don't know what's gotten into me lately."
** (865) Git ties off the rope to his waist, "I don't wanna let them get lost, if the rope reaches the end, you and Aggy pull me back, alright?" **
(864) Agatha: "You got it."
(871) Arianrhod: "Yes.
whispering to Vrondard, roll init and then that's it. remember the init for next session
(865) Git: "Always depend on women." :mutters as he heads in after them, feeling along the all as a guide"
** (864) Agatha keeps a good grip on the rope. **
(952) DM Squee (enter): 20:57
** (871) Arianrhod hears the mutter and wonders how he could think such a thing, how can you not be wary of somthing that bleeds for five days but doesn't die? **
(952) DM Squee (exit): 20:57
(869) Vrondard (whispering): less confusion
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [16,4] = (20)
(865) Git: (lol)
(863) Kha (whispering): (GW): jumps as the Axe is swong and shouts "Hey dont swing that at me"
(869) Vrondard (whispering): save init for next session
(866) TaliesinNYC: we're stopping for now then
(866) TaliesinNYC: you can hear the sounds of combat in the corridor...
(866) TaliesinNYC: :)
(863) Kha: ((Boo just when play time started =P))

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