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(24830) TaliesinNYC: 3: This 30' x 40' room is lit by torches attached to the walls

(24830) TaliesinNYC: 3: This 30' x 40' room is lit by torches attached to the walls. The torches cast a flickering light on the very decorative carved walls and high, domed ceiling. A group of men, garbed in long flowing tan and white robes are gathered around a sandstone altar in the rear of the chamber, heads bowed. Two stone doors stand closed, one on either side of you.
(24830) DM: (but let me recap first)
(24839) Vrondard: (Git might have been fiddling with something)
(24836) Git: ( 0.o what's that supposed to mean?)
(24839) Vrondard: ((means you were about to fail a traps roll... or Agatha was getting a free show...))
(24839) Vrondard: ((and not enjoying it))
(24836) Git: (hmmmm.... I'll grant that)
(24855) Agatha: ((lol))
(24836) Git: (I think that came out wrong....)
(24830) DM: Convinced by Basht of your "destiny", you decided to accompany her to her homeland via magicka. Her spell of transport went awry and you were deposited into a desert ruin. You investigated the ruin and in the process, released an ancient efreet trapped long ago. The efreet escaped, swearing to destroy all in your name. You learned that the way to defeat the efreet lay through recovery of five powerful jewels called Stars, but not much else. One of these Stars, the Star of Mo-Pelar, laid in a pyramid to the north and west, to which you are now journeying. A second star, the Star of Aga-Pelar, you have from releasing the efreet.
(24830) DM: On your way to the pyramid, you encountered a devastated oasis and one survivor amongst the dead, a human youth named Wa'run. Left for dead by the onslaught of the efreet, he managed to survive albeit barely until you came along. He has become your guide in your travels in the desert. Wa'run is headstrong and impetuous, but his loyalty and gratitude to you are unwavering.

You also met a spirit of the dead -- the spirit of Amun-hotep, a long dead pharoah who once ruled this land. Amun-hotep implored you to enter his theft-proof tomb and steal two items of power that would release him to death: the Star of Mo-Pelar and his ruling staff of power.

(24830) DM: You've now come to the base of the pyramid, which looms in your sight. The pyramid rises at least 500' high into the air, and could be seen at least two days journey from it. It is truly a wonder of the world. At its base lies a stone building, some sort of temple it seems.
(24830) DM: An empty basin with no apparent openings in its bottom sits in front of the structure. The basin contains an outlet which runs into a deep channel in the desert ground and leads to the south.
(24830) DM: (fast forward to entering room 3 above. see the desciption I sent to you.)
(24836) Git: (did I miss that part?)
(24854) Ari: (yes)
(24836) Git: ((do the spear guys see us btw?)
(24839) Vrondard: "har" upon seeing the men...
** (24839) Vrondard seems cautious and curious **
** (24835) Norfirion peers into the ceiling above and then focuses his attention on the robed figures as he slids his hands into his pouch preparing a spell instinctively. **
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(24836) Git: :shrugs and whispers: "Worshippers?"
(24879) Strykar (enter): 22:28
(24879) Strykar (exit): 22:28
(24879) Strykar (enter): 22:28
** (24836) Git tries to peer at the altar to see what they are bowing too **
(24830) DM: (the not yet was directed not to Gollum but to whomever asked about the men in the room)
(24854) Ari: (can we hear what, if anything the men are saying?)
(24835) Norfirion: "Al-Badia, desert dwellers, paying homage to the ancient gods."
(24830) DM: One of the men looks up and spies you. With a swift motion, all of them stand up and glare at you with undisguised hostility.
(24839) Vrondard: "hmmm aint too friendly"
(24830) DM: They're armed with short swords and curved daggers, although none of them makes a move to unsheath their weapons.
** (24835) Norfirion holds up his hands peacfully. "Wa'run, tell them we come in peace" **
** (24836) Git holds out his hands, asking, "Wait! We mean no harm!" Waves his hands down in a settling motion. "PLease clam." **
** (24830) Wa'run holds up his hands... **
(24839) Vrondard: "well we be here doin favors fer the gods methinks... aint like we don't belong"
(24836) Git: :in the same calming tone: "They have no idea what I'm saying, do they?"
(24881) Zane (enter): 22:31
** (24830) Abdullah cuts him off and says "I speak your tongue, outlander. Who are you and why do you come here to this temple of the old ones?" **
(24835) Norfirion: "We are servants of Ra"
** (24835) Norfirion bows. **
(24836) Git: :smirks: "That's wonderful! That means I can talk."
(24836) Git: "Anyhow. Sorry to interrupted your prayers and all. We are here on divine business ourselves"
(24835) Norfirion: "Our ka-tet has lead us here. We come in peace"
** (24830) Abdullah raises his eyebrows up skeptically. "Servants of the god? I do not believe you. Tell me why we should not slit your throats for blasphemy." **
** (24830) Abdullah gestures to the men of which there are six in number (besides him) to surround him.

** (24854) Ari wonders where Basht is now. **
(24835) Norfirion: "If it is what Ra wishes, then I shall die"
(24836) Git: :nods to Norf's words after a second: "Well... if you kill us, you'll be giving an evil Efreet free reign to burn all that lives in this desert to so much ash."
** (24855) Agatha nods. "For starters, because we could easily rip you apart before you could act." **
(24830) Abdullah: You know of the ifrit? (frowns)
(24836) Git: :mutters to Aggy: "No waht we want"
** (24835) Norfirion nods. **
(24835) Norfirion: "We seek to stop its destruction."
(24830) DM: One of the men frowns as well and begins murmuring.
(24836) Git: :then back to the robed men: "We ... had a run in with it. Tes."
(24835) Norfirion: "Ra has chosen us to do so, and we shall."
(24830) Abdullah: I see. (frowns deeper)
(24835) Norfirion: "Please, let us sit and talk peacefully. We are brothers in faith."
(24830) Abdullah: Your friend's comments are not helping much. (glares at Norfirion)
(24835) Norfirion: "And in fate."
(24836) Git: "Hence... we need to borrow the star you have here to stop the efreet. Promise will bring it back of course."
(24836) Git: :raises a brow and glances to Norf: "What'd he say that's bugging ya? The Ra thing?"
(24835) Norfirion: "Why do you bear such harsh words?"
(24830) Wa'run: They are friends of my house, and I trust them with my life. They came upon me in the desert and saved me from death. For outlanders, they are wise in our ways. Please.
** (24854) Ari watches everyone warily. **
(24855) Agatha: "Aye, we ain't here to start trouble."
(24830) Abdullah: (glances at his guards) My name is Abdullah, and I am the iaseda of my kin and tribe. We have come here to this holy ground to divine how best to stop this ifrit and did not expect ones such as you...
(24836) Git: "Great. That means we're all on the same team!"
(24855) Agatha: "Don't see how you could. Even we weren't expecting to be here."
(24839) Vrondard: "yep we're goin to put a stop to it"
** (24835) Norfirion nods to his companions. **
** (24836) Git rubs his hands together, looking over the guards, checking their condition, as if picking out a prize race horse **
(24830) Abdullah: I do not believe that you are messengers of the god sent to aid us, but that you are outlanders with some knowledge of our ways. Then know that we are folk of great faith and take offense at those who do not show proper respect to the god and his keepers.
** (24854) Ari sighs quietly and just as quietly says,"and I get to try to put us all back together when we do." **
** (24836) Git looks to Abdullah. Face turning serious and lowers his hands. "Worry not. We may not know much of your religions but we will respect them. I don't believe in paying hollow lip service, which I see as disrespectful, so I won't praise them. But we will respect them" **
(24854) Ari: "We never intended disrespect and ask forgveness if any has been shown."
** (24835) Norfirion reaches into his pouch and draws out a few pinches of salt used for his spellcasting and removes a loaf of elven bread from his pack. **
(24855) Agatha: "That's fine. Best not to be concerned with the why. Only know that we have to help each other or we'll all be pushing up daisies."
** (24835) Norfirion lowers his head and presents the offering. **
** (24830) Abdullah appears taken aback by Norfirion's offering and glances at him with grudging respect and mild amusement. **
(24830) Abdullah: An outlander learned in the ways of etiquette. (taking the bread warily)
(24835) Norfirion: "I do not understand all of your ways, as I expect you to not understand us. But I offer you my sincere feelings of peace"
(24830) Abdullah: If you will excuse me as I confer with my guards. (chews the bread thoughtfully)
** (24854) Ari pulls out her waterskin from the luggage and offers it out, "May you never thirst." **
(24836) Git: :nods and steps back with the group huddle, noting to Norf: "Nice touch with the bread"
** (24835) Norfirion flashes the rogue a smile. **
(24835) Norfirion: "A little something learned from the likes of you."
** (24830) Abdullah confers with his guards who occasionally glance at you with curiosity and at times distrust **
(24836) Git: "Hehe.. too bad I didn't know you back in my conning days"
(24879) Strykar (exit): 22:45
(24836) Git: "Not that I can't make a come back with a worthwhile partnership" :nudges the elf:
** (24836) Git waves at the men with a grin when they look over **
(24835) Norfirion: "Not likely Git"
(24836) Git: :shrug: "Maybe not now... not now."
(24830) Abdullah: Very well, we accept your offer and your words. Who are you?
(24830) Wa'run: Salaam aleikum. (bows in gratitude)
(24835) Norfirion: "I am Norfirion, of House Celithrandir, Feandoril. Salaam aleikum"
** (24839) Vrondard plays with his beard mostly **
** (24835) Norfirion returns with man's bow with a deeper bow. **
(24835) Norfirion: (damn typos)
** (24836) Git clears his throat and turns back to the men. "We are a questing party on a venture to stop a great evil. My name is Aragit Fellthorn." :bows respectfully **
(24830) Abdullah: And do you, outlander, speak for these people? (to Norfirion)
** (24854) Ari bows, "Arianrhod Cehba Sadb, of the Grove." **
** (24835) Norfirion looks to the others. **
(24836) Git: "Depends. do you like him best?" :points to norf:
** (24830) Silver whuffs **
(24835) Norfirion: "I do not speak for them as individuals, but I speak as an ambassador of our kha-tet."
(24839) Vrondard: "Vrondard... of the Dwarves"
** (24839) Vrondard blows out a less than warm greeting **
(24835) Norfirion: "We are bound by the unseen threads of fate"
** (24830) Abdullah takes Ari's waterskin and drinks from it slowly, nods, then hands it back to the druid. **
** (24854) Ari takes a sip and bows. **
(24835) Norfirion: "And it seems it has brought us here to put an end to the chaos in these lands. We seek to collect the star gems and fufill the prophecy."
(24830) Abdullah: Very well. I am Abdullah, of the house Qu'raf, and these are my kin and guards. We, as I said, have come to this holy place in an effort to learn what can be done to defeat the ifrit. It has laid waste to our lands and our tribes, and even now, has raised an army of the dead with which to serve him.
(24836) Git: "Wow.. he don't waste no time."
(24830) Abdullah: I do not know what you seek, or much about these "star gems" but this I do know: it was said a time long ago that outlanders such as you would come in a time of need. perhaps you are them, perhaps that time is now.
(24835) Norfirion: "When the Evil walks our land again, Will nomadic princes come to Set, His power into his first bride's hand, That good and evil are then met. Then as needs be, Five Star Gems be, To my tomb be borne hither, And a hope shall not wither, Open the gates to my Sphere of Power, And put off Evil in its appointed hour."
(24835) Norfirion: "Do you know this legend?"
** (24830) Abdullah shakes his head. **
(24830) Abdullah: No, I do not.
** (24835) Norfirion ponders for a moment. **
(24835) Norfirion: "What can you tell us of this place and the great pyramid?"
(24830) Abdullah: This (gestures to the altar and the room about it) was once a temple to the old ones, the gods we worship. The ancient faith of this land, not this upstart god Zann or others of his ilk, like the al-Huzuzi. We seek our own enlightenment, through those our elders and forebears. The pyramid is a tomb, albeit a theft-proof tomb, for all who have entered have not returned.
(24855) Agatha: "Wonderful."
(24830) Abdullah: Two of our kin had entered the pyramid recently, and have not returned. (grows worried) I pray to all knowing Thoth that they shall come soon in good health.
(24835) Norfirion: "Do you know anything of its interior or layout?"
** (24830) Abdullah shakes his head. **
(24835) Norfirion: "We shall enter the pyramid soon, if we can find your friends, we will return them to you."
(24830) Abdullah: It is a holy place to us, and so we have never seen fit to enter it.
(24836) Git: "Right, that reminds me. We met a ghostly pharoah, named Amun-hotep who asked us to bring out his staff of ruling. I'm guessing he shouldn't be trusted though, right?"
** (24830) Abdullah just stares at Git **
(24836) Git: :pops the question casually out of nowhere:
(24889) BeefPot (enter): 22:59
(24889) BeefPot (exit): 22:59
(24889) BeefPot (enter): 22:59
(24889) BeefPot (exit): 22:59
(24889) BeefPot (enter): 22:59
** (24835) Norfirion glares at Git, a silent "Shut up!" **
(24836) Git: "Is that an 'I don't know'?"
(24889) BeefPot (exit): 22:59
(24836) Git: :glances to Norf: "They would know better than us I figure"
(24830) Abdullah: There are many spirits in the land (carefully). I do not know of this spirit but it is possible you have met him.
** (24854) Ari smiles in spite of herself. **
(24835) Norfirion: "I know of it already, I will explain later Aragit."
(24836) Git: "Eh? You already know?"
(24836) Git: :sight: "Right then"
(24835) Norfirion: "The vision shown to me, it requires the gathering of these gems to undo this evil. The pharoah wished for us to have his gem, what else is there to ponder?"
(24839) Vrondard: "well... shouldn't we be getting crackin?"
(24855) Agatha: "Well, if everyone's ignorant about where we are, let's go check up on our two wanderers."
** (24830) Abdullah bows to Ari. "I thank you, she of hair that is like honey, for your gift freely offered, and offer mine in return." (hands Ari his waterskin, drawing murmurs from his guards) **
(24836) Git: "Whether or not we should trust what he will do with that staff is what I ponder"
** (24830) Abdullah silences them with a look, and holds out the waterskin to Ari. **
** (24855) Agatha smirks and whispers aside to Git. "Looks like you've got some competition." **
(24854) Ari: (honey? they have red honey?)
** (24835) Norfirion can't help but crack a smile at the barmaid's words. **
(24836) Git: :glances to the interaction then whispers to Aggy: "Good, maybe he can be led around by his lower hand to do our aid."
** (24835) Norfirion glances to Abdullah. **
(24835) Norfirion: "My friend, may I be allowed to pay my respects at your altar?"
(24881) Zane (exit): 23:05
** (24836) Git moves to the guards to ask, "Which door did your friends enter through? do you know?" **
** (24854) Ari bows, "Your gift is honored." and takes a slow drink. Bowing again and returning the skin, "May you never thirst." she repeats the ritual phrase. **
** (24830) Abdullah bows as he takes back the skin. "Go, with my blessing." He and his guards return to an examination of the altar. **
** (24830) Wa'run looks on in amazement at the exchange, saying nothing and biting his lip. **
(24830) Zorah: (to Git) (babbles)
** (24835) Norfirion approaches the altar and kneels, then lowers his arms forward and prays briefly in a manner as the desert dwellers. **
(24830) Wa'run: (translating) They entered the pyramid through the stone causeway.
** (24835) Norfirion stands up afterwards and returns to his group. **
(24836) Git: :glances to Wa'run and asks: "Which ways the causeway?"
(24830) Wa'run: (speaks to the guard a moment) In the back of this temple.
** (24835) Norfirion removes a pinch of soot and salt from his pouch and speaks an incantation. **
(24835) Norfirion: (Comprehend Languages)
(24830) Wa'run: He doesn't know much else.
(24836) Git: :sigh... right."
** (24835) Norfirion returns to the alter and examines the runes. **
** (24836) Git strolls up behind Norf "Whatcha reading?" **
(24836) Git: :asks as he looks about at the pictorals on the walls near the altar:
** (24835) Norfirion looks to Git. **
(24835) Norfirion: "It reads as follows."
(24835) Norfirion: "Though there had been much bad talk about Amun-hotep, it was generally recognized by the people and priests alike that he was the greatest of gods in heaven westward, for he alone manifested his power in his own temple."
(24835) Norfirion: "Sacrifices of food and gold were brought daily to lay on the altars before the statues in the small worship temples to the left and to the right from the stair entrance to the tomb."
(24835) Norfirion: " It is our priesthood rite that whatsoever Osiris accepts he will take from the altar and that which the priests to have, he leaves on the altar. This profited the priests greatly, except that all of the offerings left in the east temple would disappear and never be found again."
(24835) Norfirion: "Several priests upset to see their assets disappearing searched the east temple, and they too disappeared. The temple became a most hallowed spot so that all who wished to give offerings came to the temple only. the priesthood then became unprofitable and our doctrine had to be changed. Trade turned to trick."
(24835) Norfirion: "Offerings were often made for a passage was provided between the tomb of the king and his likeness, whereby his spirit would pass into his ordained statue and live within the stone we worship here. Such a passage was always provided for the kings that they may live among us once more"
(24836) Git: "Hmph... I've known a few tricks like that. Knew a guy who ran a fake church. It's how he got his daily bread"
** (24836) Git looks among the images, trying to figure out a story pattern to them **
(24855) Agatha: "So what's it saying? We leave an offering for free passage?
(24836) Git: "Pictures with the story. Theirs a market for that some where." :offers as he strolls from the walls: "
(24854) Ari: "That sounds feasible, so long as we have an offering worth giving, I don't think water or food is exactly what this one wants."
(24839) Vrondard: "somethin... who cares?"
** (24836) Git heads over to the door to room 4 checking it for traps, sounds and such **
(24835) Norfirion: "I'm not totally sure as to its meaning. Let us explore further first"
(24896) Brill the Mighty (enter): 23:22
(24896) Brill the Mighty (exit): 23:22
(24896) Brill the Mighty (enter): 23:22
(24896) Brill the Mighty (exit): 23:22
(24836) Git: "I figure Amun was stealing from the east tower, hence his curse"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [17,16] = (33),[1d20+16] -> [8,16] = (24)
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes I suspected that as well Git"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [18,16] = (34)
(24839) Vrondard: "ah finally... were gettin somewheres"
(24839) Vrondard: "I almost picked all the crumbs outa me beard been waitin so long"
(24839) Vrondard: "almost" as he picks a newfound crumb out and eats it
(24835) Norfirion: "That would take a drake's lifetime to achieve my dear dwarf." *smiles jokingly*
** (24836) Git takes a quick moment to pick the lock on the western(?) door. "Open sesame" **
(24855) Agatha: "Wouldn't that be something if that actually worked for once?"
(24854) Ari: ((Hope there aren't 40 thieves back there))
(24839) Vrondard: "hmmm"
** (24835) Norfirion removes a small pieces of cured leather from his pouch and wraps it around his wrist like a bracer as he traces glowing silver runes over his body while chanting softly. A brief faint glow envelopes him taking on the form of a suit of elven chain mail before it vanishes. (Mage Armor) **
** (24836) Git heads over to check the door to room five while the other's talk **
(24855) Agatha: "I'd go easy on the magic if I were you, Norfirion. We're on thin ice enough with the locals."
(24835) Norfirion: "I have no choice, I do not wish to die in this place"
** (24854) Ari readies her bow and glances at Silver, "no heroics, okay?" then turns to the luggage, considers saying something but then changes her mind and just shakes her head **
(24835) Norfirion: "This enchantment shall last several hours regardless"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [2,16] = (18),[1d20+16] -> [11,16] = (27),[1d20+16] -> [14,16] = (30)
(24835) Norfirion: "Its only a ward against physical attacks"
(24835) Norfirion: "Any luck with that door Git?"
(24855) Agatha: "Aye, but those nervous men with hands on their daggers don't know that."
** (24830) Abdullah spies Norfirion and shakes his head as he returns to the runes. **
(24839) Vrondard: "bah I've had to get used to it"
(24855) Agatha: "Even then, magic is always unsettling if ya ain't used to it."
(24839) Vrondard: "and they don't have to put up wid it on a daily basis"
(24835) Norfirion: "I have the respect of their leader, and I have presented the offering of salt and bread. I mean them no harm, and he understands. You have nothing to fear from them"
** (24836) Git makes quick work of the eastern door. "That's 2 open." :then whistling, he begins scouring the walls of the room for hidden tomb doors for the heck of it: "I'm ready to go when you all are" **
(24839) Vrondard: "blah... salty bread... thats aint going to be making friends in me mind"
(24835) Norfirion: "If it weren't for my knowledge, you would have ended up in conflict with them anyways. Why lecture me now?" *scowls*
(24835) Norfirion: "It is their custom dwarf"
(24855) Agatha: "Fear? Hah. I'm only afraid of hurting them."
(24854) Ari: "What is done is done, there is no sense arguing about it now."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [18,12] = (30)
(24835) Norfirion: "We have no need to fear them, they are bound to treat us as friends for 3 days. As long as the rest of you mind your manners."
(24855) Agatha: "Yeah, all that destiny talk really put them at ease."
(24835) Norfirion: "Fine, I'll let you solve the rest of our problems with steel and muscle from now on..." *walks away towards Git while mumbling*
** (24836) Git grins to the al-badia by the statue, "Excuse. My I get by a moment" **
** (24854) Ari rolls her eyes, sometimes it feels like she's only talking to the luggage. **
(24839) Vrondard: "har now he is talkin some sense finally"
(24830) Zorah: (babbles)
(24855) Agatha: "Hey, I wasn't looking to talk. But I don't aim to be attacked as a heretic or loon, either.
(24855) Agatha: looking to fight*
(24830) Wa'run: (translates) Do not bother the iaseda, outlander.
** (24835) Norfirion approaches Wa'run and stands next to him while Git continues his work. **
(24830) Wa'run: I think we can return another time, yes?
** (24836) Git tries a shooing gesture and asks Wa'run "I just want to check the wall, could you explain to them, please?" **
** (24835) Norfirion puts a hand on the boys shoulder. "Stay behind us at all times. Your safety is paramount." **
(24854) Ari: "What do you mean another time? Why?"
(24830) Wa'run: (speaks to Zorah, arguing a bit) You may, but he does not trust you er....as much as he can throw you. I think.
(24902) Sin (enter): 23:37
(24902) Sin (exit): 23:38
(24854) Ari: "Let him accompany us? Would that help?"
(24836) Git: "Understood." Gives Zorah a bow and for what it's worth, "Thank you." :then moves to search the statue and wall behind"
(24830) Wa'run: Abdullah comes from a clan known for their zeal in following the ways of the old ones. He is not one to cross even though you have engaged in the bond of salt and the ceremony of water.
(24830) Wa'run: (muttering) And I do not trust him, to be honest.
(24836) Git: "Bond? Ceremony? Ya make it sound like they just got married"
(24855) Agatha: "Hm? What do you mean?
** (24835) Norfirion looks to the men and speaks in the native tongue. "I can not blame you for feeling that way. I can only give you my word." **
(24830) Wa'run: Well, you have, my friend. As long as the bond of salt holds, you cannot harm him nor he you. His retainers are under the same rules, as are we all. After three days, guests, like fish, stink and are not bound by the rules.
(24854) Ari: "married???"
(24836) Git: :whispers to Ari as he works: "They both where robes. How do you tell which is the brid?"
(24836) Git: (wear even*)
(24836) Git: (.. and bride)
(24835) Norfirion: "Knock it off half-elf"
** (24854) Ari whispers back, "same as anyone else." **
(24836) Git: :smirks: "I have to amuse myself some how"
(24836) Git: :then whispers back to Ari: "You mean on the wedding night?"
(24835) Norfirion: "Thats what you have the dwarf for"
(24839) Vrondard: "hmmm"
** (24854) Ari smiles back at Git, but says nothing. **
** (24836) Git grumbles as the he figdgets with the statue. muttering in annoyance "Come on.. how do you open?" **
(24839) Vrondard: "I aint getting married... no sir... to young I am"
** (24854) Ari glances at Wa'run, "so about this marriage thing?" **
(24836) Git: :calls to Vronard: "How old are you?"
(24854) Ari: "Would that only be for the 3 days too?"
(24839) Vrondard: "not even 200..."
** (24835) Norfirion approaches the statue Git is messing with and empties a dozen gold coins in front of it, as well as laying down another loaf of bread. **
(24836) Git: :gapes at Vronard as he continues to fiddle with the wall "Wow... guess I really jumped the line at twenty"
** (24835) Norfirion then bows and prays as he did earlier. **
** (24836) Git steps back scratching his head. "Okay... I quit. Norf you got that door opening spell ready?" **
(24855) Agatha: "Marriage ain't such a bad prospect. Ya just have to be wise about it."
(24835) Norfirion: "Magic? Oh surely not. I thought I wasn't needed here..." *he says sarcastically.*
(24855) Agatha: "Actually, that ain't such a bad idea if you play it right."
(24836) Git: "lets not waste time on synicism. Just open the door if you can"
** (24854) Ari turns to Norfirion, "Shall I leave a small cup of water?" **
(24839) Vrondard: "I'm goina be bustin it down soon"
(24835) Norfirion: "I dont have the spell, I thought you were more than capable. It is what I get for trusting you, no?" *smiles*
(24835) Norfirion: "You can try Arianhood"
** (24854) Ari fishes out a small silver cup, kisses it, then fills it with water leaving it next to the bread. **
** (24836) Git smacks his head. "I said keep it for when we needed it... urg... nevermind." **
** (24854) Ari looks at Git, blinking back tears, "Keep what until needed?" **
(24855) Agatha: "This place is supposed to be thief-proof.
** (24835) Norfirion looks to Git. "Its ok, we'll find a way inside somehow, sooner or later" **
(24854) Ari: "We are not thieves."
(24855) Agatha: "How do you there's even a door back there?"
(24836) Git: :to Ari: "Norf's spell darlin"
** (24835) Norfirion moves the offerings to the other statue" **
** (24835) Norfirion then moves them to the altar itself if nothing happens, **
(24839) Vrondard: "yeah lets just not steal anything... just take what we are supposed to"
(24830) DM: (there's only one statue in the room folks.)
(24839) Vrondard: "solves that issue fer us"
(24835) Norfirion: (ah)
(24830) DM: (and what's happening btw?)
** (24854) Ari sniffs,then turns away staring at the cup. "Oh." **
(24836) Git: "We have to come back out this way anyhow. We may as well check the other paths first. Obviously the lost two took one of them. Finding them alive... hopefully comes first."
** (24835) Norfirion collects the things then goes to inspect the west door. **
(24906) Sin (enter): 23:53
(24836) Git: :me begins after Norf, stopping to pat Ari on the shoulder, "It was a good idea. I just don't think we can open the door from this side."
(24906) Sin (exit): 23:53
(24855) Agatha: "Aye, every minute is probably another trap they've triggered."
(24830) DM: (they're open)
** (24835) Norfirion opens the door and enters. **
(24854) Ari: "So what are we waiting for, today is a good day to die."
(24830) TaliesinNYC: 4: This is a circular room 40' in diameter. A large white marble altar stands at the west end of the room. Behind the altar is a large statue of a man, carved from greenish stone, glares down with jeweled eyes.
(24836) Git: :grimaces at Ari's declaration: "Alright... now I'm gonna disagree with ya." :pulls a dagger as he follows to the next room
** (24835) Norfirion moves next to the statue and examines it closely. **
(24855) Agatha: "Aye, where do ya pick up that stuff?"
** (24836) Git moves in after Norf, if nothing happens to the mage, and heads to check the altar **
(24830) DM: (the description should include a door in the N wall, sorry)
(24835) Norfirion: "Git, why dont you take a look at that door while I examine the altar?"
** (24835) Norfirion kneels down and looks the altar over closely for any details. **
(24839) Vrondard: "hmm yer goin to be prayin at all these altars... yer knees are goin to get sore"
(24836) Git: :sigh: "Get the door.. get the door. I'm starting to feel like a human key."
** (24854) Ari smiles, her humor returning. "We could give him a pillow." **
** (24836) Git takes cursory look about the altar before heading off to search the north door for traps, locks, sounds, the sweet smell of cinnamone.. **
(24835) Norfirion: "An inscription."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [15,12] = (27),[1d20+16] -> [8,16] = (24),[1d20+16] -> [4,16] = (20)
(24835) Norfirion: "It says...It was said throughout the land that from time to time forth, those who entered the tomb either came forth saying that is riches were already plundered or else they never returned at all. That day did the river dry and the rains disappear. The arid sun burned into the land and everything withered from its gaze. The people too, dried up and blew away like grass that withered beneath their feet. All now that remains is I who tend this temple, in the hopes that some soul might turn that terrible wrath of Amun-hotep. I also sell trinkets to the tradesmen who come although lately sales have been low. The building of the pyramid was a colossal feat, especially in the bad years. The akhmet had been lowered in value so many times that the people began to wonder if there was any future in the akhmet at all. The trade business died away after the first four years and now here I am holding four cases of pyramid statues. Oh, for the days when a priest of Ra could earn an honest akhmet."
(24835) Norfirion: "I was trying to get down to read the writing, the only god I venerate is the Lady of Veils. Not everything is as it seems."
** (24835) Norfirion babbles on in his usual serious, non humorous manner. **
(24854) Ari: "Just trying to lighten the mood, didn't mean any harm."
(24839) Vrondard: "whats a Akhmet?"
(24835) Norfirion: "It's ok, I'm sorry. This place just had me on edge."
(24835) Norfirion: *has
(24836) Git: :scratches his head: "Door's already open."
** (24854) Ari smiles at Norfirion "Understandably so." and gives him a quick peck on the cheek. **
(24854) Ari: "See things are looking better already."
(24839) Vrondard: "some sort of charm...maybe we should get some... then this place will like us better"
(24835) Norfirion: "Its probably a form of currency Vrondard."
(24835) Norfirion: (refering to the Akhmet)
(24855) Agatha: "Hmph. It makes sense. Those two already came through here, right?
(24836) Git: :whispers to Ari: "Careful with the affections. Abdullah may get jealous"
(24839) Vrondard: ((i was thinking it was an Anhk or holy symbol))
(24836) Git: "But... how'd they get it open.. without opening that door?"
** (24835) Norfirion blushes at the elf maiden and moves near Git. **
(24835) Norfirion: "That statue doesnt seem magical in creation, but i doubt you want to be stealing any more grave goods right?"
(24836) Git: "No, I figure prying the eyes from a holy statue may upset our hosts."
(24854) Ari: "It may have been open for them too."
(24835) Norfirion: "Indeed, shall we move onward?"
(24854) Ari: "Wouldn't want my Aby angry, now would we?"
** (24836) Git nods to Ari. and moves to inspect the altar **
** (24835) Norfirion follows behind shuffling along as usual. **
(24836) Git: :examining the heiroglyphs on the altar: "These guys really liked to draw"
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes, that is what I translated"
(24830) DM: The door opens to reveal a musty corridor that runs several feet to the north and then turns to the right. Daylight can be seen coming from around the corner. An open door stands ajar to your left. A faint herbal, floral scent wafts through the door.
(24855) Agatha: "All the better for us to figure out what's going on around here."
** (24854) Ari turns toward the floral scent, "finally a place that smells like home instead of a sewer." **
** (24855) Agatha sniffs the air. "It doesn't smell much like a tomb, does it?" **
** (24836) Git nods to Norf and strolls to the Northern door beside Ari.
"Should we be smelling florals underground though?" **

** (24854) Ari finds herself drawn toward the scent. **
** (24835) Norfirion sniffs the air as well and looks to Ari. **
(24835) Norfirion: "Dried rosehips?"
(24830) DM: Dried flower petals are strewn in front of the open door. (see 7)
** (24836) Git grabs Ari by the back of her clothes to keep her from wandering. "Rosehip. "Wassat?" **
(24911) Algaron (enter): 00:12
** (24855) Agatha looks at the petals curiously. **
(24839) Vrondard: "this aint right"
(24854) Ari: "Perhaps, or no, not rosehips, I smell other flowers. . ." Ari tries to move closer.
(24836) Git: "Hey Abdullah... What is this practice of rose petals supposed to mean?":
** (24836) Git holds her tight: **
(24830) DM: (not in this room Git, he's at 3 and you're at 7)
(24830) DM: (outside the door to 7)
** (24854) Ari doesn't fight Git, but pulls forward trying to identify the scent. **
(24836) Git: (oh... thought he was following)
(24830) DM: (no, he remained behind with his guards)
(24836) Git: (asks Wa'run then)
(24830) Wa'run: I am not a shai'ir. (shrugs)
(24835) Norfirion: "This flower has several uses."
(24836) Git: "Ugh.. then go get one of them please."
(24835) Norfirion: "I'm not sure what specific purpose however."
(24835) Norfirion: "Perhaps as a spell component"
** (24830) Wa'run looks puzzled. "One of whom?" **
(24836) Git: "Great. that's all we need. Cross the seal of rose petals and set lose the undead priest of flesh eating"
(24854) Ari: "Perhaps there's an underground garden?"
(24836) Git: :to the boy: "Abdullah or one of his men"
(24855) Agatha: "Either that, or someone has a weird idea of romantic getaways."
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes, Git is this something of your doing?" *laughs*
(24854) Ari: "This is a tomb, who knows what they thought would be needed in the afterlife."
(24830) Wa'run: Abdullah is a priest. He would not know much about spirits or jann. (cringes)
(24854) Ari: "Personally, I'd prefer that Abdullah not join us right now."
** (24835) Norfirion throws a coin into the room. **
(24836) Git: :to nods to Wa'run and replies to Norf: "Heck... never been here to do such a thing.... unless I got really drunk once and wandered."
(24830) DM: *tinkle*
** (24835) Norfirion stoops over and tries to blow the petals away. **
(24835) Norfirion: (ah cancel that)
(24854) Ari: ((can we see into the room?))
(24830) DM: They scatter.
(24830) DM: (barely)
(24854) Ari: ((oops))
(24835) Norfirion: (i got your PM late Stash, nix that)
(24830) DM: (k)
** (24836) Git lets go of Ari taking a second to sooth her clothing back into neat order in passing. **
(24835) Norfirion: "Ahhh yes, yes I know this."
(24854) Ari: ((what's Silver feeling?))
** (24830) Silver is looking for something to eat. **
** (24835) Norfirion cover his mouth before blowing onto the floor and makes a sigh of relief." **
(24836) Git: "PLease share"
(24835) Norfirion: "A protection from evil ward."
(24836) Git: "You're sure it's evil right?"
** (24835) Norfirion nods. **
(24855) Agatha: "Well, one way to find out."
(24835) Norfirion: "It prevents such persons of a dark heart from entering."
(24836) Git: "I like the sound of that." :moves to check the door further for more mechanical traps and locks
(24835) Norfirion: (its open Git)
** (24854) Ari continues to try to pull free. **
(24839) Vrondard: "hmmm well lets go then I aint evil-like"
(24836) Git: (habit)
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes, lets go"
** (24835) Norfirion enters the room first. **
(24830) TaliesinNYC: 7: This room appears to be empty. There is a faint floral scent in the chamber.
(24854) Ari: "Um, Git?" Ari glances at his hold on her, "you can let go now."
(24830) DM: The interior is covered in hieroglyphics.
(24836) Git: :now standing at the door, tells Ari: "I did."
(24835) Norfirion: "Resulting to groping now huh Git?" *he says as he enters*
** (24855) Agatha turns to glance at Ari. **
(24836) Git: "No no... I was groiping long before today."
** (24854) Ari shrugs **
** (24836) Git moves into the room to look about. **
(24835) Norfirion: "Ah yes yourself, I forgot." *chuckles*
** (24839) Vrondard stays by the door **
** (24836) Git ignores Norf and begins to sniff about the room, trying to find some source to the other floral scent Ari mentioned **
(24854) Ari: (I could have been wrong, I know trees better than flowes)
(24854) Ari: (flowers* even)
(24914) jack (enter): 00:25
(24836) Git: (can't hurt to look a bit)
(24830) DM: Apart from the dried rose petals on the floor, nothing else is in the room. The walls are covered in hieroglyphics.
(24836) Git: "So norf, what's it all say?"
** (24835) Norfirion walks over to the walls and begins moving about the room reading the inscription off. **
(24835) Norfirion: "The fact that no treasure has ever been brought out from the tomb is emphasized by the fact that the curse is still in effect."
(24835) Norfirion: "Munafik, the Chief High Priest of Amun-hotep, was also something of a sage--a lover of book-lore and of learning."
(24835) Norfirion: "Interesting" *he mutters to himself as he translates*
** (24835) Norfirion continues his translation. **
(24835) Norfirion: "It was said later that Munafik may have had a hand in the curse, for of all of the books that he read, many were of the black arts. Prophets that passed this way avoided him as a beggar would a good bath."
(24836) Git: "Smart stuff... the chink in our proverbial armor"
(24835) Norfirion: "Not with me here."
(24900) BeefPot (enter): 00:30
(24835) Norfirion: "The phrases of our priesthood are always to be said in their order. I once tried to say the prayer, "Cleanse our feet and live in our land once again" but got the order confused and so shouted out, "Cleanse our land and live in our feet once again". It rained for three weeks during which time the priests could do nothing but dance the wala-tamba night and day."
** (24836) Git begins to serach among the walls for hidden passages **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [12,16] = (28)
** (24835) Norfirion laughs at the last paragraph. **
(24836) Git: "You get that from the wall? Is this a religious script or joke grafitti?"
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes, thats what it says explicitly"
(24835) Norfirion: "A little of both apparently."
(24835) Norfirion: "These people left detailed records. We are lucky"
(24836) Git: "Does it mention any details of the curse?"
(24855) Agatha: "Aye, these are unusual writings to be finding in a tomb. Sacred, cursed, or otherwise.
(24835) Norfirion: "I haven't seen any references to it so far"
(24900) BeefPot (exit): 00:33
(24835) Norfirion: "Indeed Agatha"
(24836) Git: "Well. there are bound to be plenty of walls left in here."
(24839) Vrondard: "anything that says where the stuff we need to find is... THAT would seem useful"
(24835) Norfirion: "Hopefully we will find such"
(24835) Norfirion: "Shall we continue down the hall and leave from here?"
** (24836) Git heads back out into the hall and moves north to peak around the corner with a small mirror tucked between the cording in the wrist of his bracer **
** (24835) Norfirion follows **
** (24835) Norfirion scans the hallway for any inscriptions as well as he walks down the corridor. **
(24830) DM: The corridor is strangely free of inscriptions.
(24830) DM: The path turns to the right and you see a break in the middle of the wall. Daylight streams from it. (area 8)
(24835) Norfirion: "Ah perhaps this leads to the great pyramid."
** (24835) Norfirion points to the open doorway. **
** (24836) Git moves in to the door to 8 and once more checks with the mirror before moving in fron of it **
(24835) Norfirion: "I suggest we finish our exploration inside first, there may be more to learn."
(24830) DM: A stone causeway runs from the exit to a break in the southern face of the great pyramid.
(24839) Vrondard: "like what... this is the place we need to go methinks"
(24836) Git: "Like... maybe what the curse is before entering"
** (24836) Git continues to the door at the end of the hall to give it the usual treatment **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [18,16] = (34)
** (24835) Norfirion nods. "No need to blindly rush into a supposedly theft-proof tomb. We may find some more valuable information encoded in these rooms and walls." **
(24836) Git: "Shhh" :Hushes his comrades:
** (24835) Norfirion gets quiet, and listens carefully. **
** (24836) Git creeps back to his friends, whispers: "Something snoring in there" **
** (24835) Norfirion sticks his ear to the door and listens in hopes of recognizing the sound. **
(24836) Git: "I can see if I can open the door real quiet like."
(24839) Vrondard: "probably a sleepin priest"
** (24835) Norfirion nods to Git. **
(24836) Git: (how loud do these doors open?)
(24830) DM: (not silently. they're stone after all.)
(24836) Git: "Hmmmm...."
(24836) Git: "It'll probably wake him. And we don't know if he's got company in there"
(24836) Git: "Shall we give it a shot?"
(24839) Vrondard: "well just knock on the door and see if it wakes up"
(24855) Agatha: "Well we can't just stay out here all day."
** (24835) Norfirion shrugs. "I suppose" **
(24839) Vrondard: "bout the polite thing ta do"
** (24836) Git moves to the door and tries to open it slowly and quietly, hoping for a deep sleeper **
** (24835) Norfirion readies a spell to his mind as Git prepares to open the door. **
(24836) Git: (I have a bad feeling here)
** (24839) Vrondard grumbles **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [8,16] = (24)
(24836) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)
(24916) Lyeirin (enter): 00:49
** (24836) Git flinches to the side and lets out a hiss of breath **
(24836) Git: "I think he's awake"
(24839) Vrondard: "blah"
(24836) Git: "Too late to knock?" :listens for a response from within:
(24855) Agatha: "Did you catch a glimpse of who "he" is?"
(24836) Git: "nope"
(24916) Lyeirin (exit): 00:52
(24836) Git: (don't think I opened the door far enough)
(24839) Vrondard: "well open the door and lets bust its arse or lets close the door and move on"
(24914) jack (exit): 00:53
(24835) Norfirion: "We may as well open it now, we've already disturbed it"
(24836) Git: "Lets try to figure out what's in there first though." :knocks on the door as per Vronard's idea: "Excuse me. You in there. Dou you undertand me?"
(24830) DM: There seems to be no response.
(24835) Norfirion: "Whatever it is, its moving in there"
(24836) Git: "Wa'run... you wanna try in native tongue?"
** (24835) Norfirion repeats Git's sentence in the native language, **
(24839) Vrondard: "what could it be" (smells the air)
(24830) Wa'run: (speaks in the language of this land)
** (24830) Wa'run listens for a reply **
(24830) Wa'run: Whomever it is, is in distress.
(24836) Git: "How do you know?"
(24836) Git: "Get ready. I'll open it up fully now."
** (24855) Agatha gets out her axe for security. **
(24855) Agatha: "Right. Let's see what all the fuss is about."
(24830) Wa'run: One hears, one knows. (holds a finger to his ear and flashes a grin)
(24839) Vrondard: "alright..." checks his shield
(24835) Norfirion: "It didnt say anything, just heavy breathing Git"
** (24836) Git pushes open the door, dagger in hands **
(24855) Agatha: "Stay back, lad. I can't have anything happen to you, now."
** (24830) Voice speaks in the language of this land, a hurried gibberish **
(24836) Git: (what kind of voice?)
** (24835) Norfirion follows in after the others but ahead of Ari and Wa'run,taking a somewhat protective stance in front of them. **
(24830) Wa'run: (translates) "To the death!"
(24830) DM: (human male)
(24836) Git: "What?!" :calls back to Wa'run as the door opens:
** (24854) Ari pulls Wa'run behind her, "don't get in front of my bow." **
(24830) TaliesinNYC: 6: You enter a small temple, 30' across E to W and 20' deep N to S. There is a door in the N wall. Within this dark and smoky room, a dull red glow is visible from a pile of burning incense in the center of the room. Against the west wall stands yet another statue of Amun-hotep, his hands forming an altar platform 5' above the floor. Lunging at you is a robed figure.
** (24855) Agatha follows right behind Git. **
(24917) Stavros (enter): 01:02
(24830) DM: It's a black bearded man, in leather armor beneath his desert robes. (init)
(24836) Git: "Sonova..."
(24835) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [4,7] = (11)
(24836) Git: init: [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
(24855) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(24839) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [16,3] = (19)
(24854) Ari: Initiative:[1d20+3] -> [17,3] = (20)
(24830) DM: (20, Ari)
(24835) Norfirion: (good girl)
(24836) Git: (is he armed?)
(24830) DM: (with a scimitar)
** (24854) Ari tries shooting to disarm **
(24854) Ari: Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [6,0] = (6)
(24830) DM: (you'll probably hit Git since you're not directly facing him)
(24854) Ari: (sorta late now, isn't it?)
(24836) Git: (Depends... Would you have taken a shot through three people?)
(24830) DM: (yes it is.)
(24836) Git: (d'oh!)
(24854) Ari: (no, but I've been ill, usually I ask if the shot is clear... blame it on the fever)
(24855) Agatha: ((Heh. You know she only did cause now she'll have to lay on hands or something.))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [7] = (7)
(24830) DM: Ari's arrow flies from her bow, speeds through the air and embeds itself in Git's shoulder (AC 22, 6 damage).
(24917) Stavros (exit): 01:10
(24836) Git: "Ack!"
(24830) DM: (19, the robed figure)
(24835) Norfirion: "Ah the arrow of love, you're marked Git!"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [10,6] = (16)
(24854) Ari: "Oh shit"
** (24830) Haroun draws a scimitar from within his robes and slashes at Git viciously (AC 16) **
** (24836) Git doesn't find it as funny as the sudden pain shocks him with a scimitar bearing psycho rushing his way **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(24836) Git: (16, dead on)
(24836) Git: Fortitude save: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
** (24830) Haroun twists the scimitar and pulls out with a sudden sharp cutting motion. (3 damage) **
** (24836) Git gives a pained cry as the scimitar give him a complimentry gash **
(24855) Agatha: "Someone get that sword away from him!"
** (24830) Haroun mutters something **
(24830) Wa'run: (translating) You'll never deliver my head to that priest, fools!
(24830) Wa'run: (11, Git)
** (24836) Git falls into a defensive stance, resting half dead against the door (bluff for sneak attack next round) **
(24836) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [15,10] = (25)
(24830) DM: (11, Norf)
(24854) Ari: ((can I drop my bow and get to Git?))
(24830) DM: (not until end of combat)
** (24835) Norfirion moves in front of Git trying to block the sword swinging madman from hacking up his friend. As he finishes his movement he extends his hand as he chants in the arcane languages. Sparks begin to erupt from his outstretched hand as he reaches for the man. (Shocking Grasp) **
(24830) DM: (unless people move out of the way that is)
(24835) Norfirion: Touch Attack [1d20+2] -> [8,2] = (10), Damage [5d6] -> [6,3,2,5,5] = (21) electrical
(24830) DM: (critical)
(24830) DM: (10, Ag)
** (24855) Agatha dashes in front of Git and tries to knock the desert man's sword out of his hand. (aoo) **
(24835) Norfirion: "You shall pay dearly for attacking my friend"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(24830) DM: (that provokes an AOO, but it doesn't matter b/c he missed you.)
(24835) Norfirion: (forgot to roll a casting definsively check on my turn, [1d20+12] -> [20,12] = (32))
(24855) Agatha: [1d20+11] -> [2,11] = (13)
(24855) Agatha: ((You've gotta be kidding me))
(24830) DM: (Well, a 13 hit, believe it or not.)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [5,5] = (10)
(24830) DM: (however his attack against Ag missed.)
(24830) DM: (so damage please.)
(24855) Agatha: "Norfirion, stop! We're not here for blood."
(24855) Agatha: ((disarm actions do damage?))
(24830) DM: (nm)
** (24830) Haroun drops the scimitar as Agatha knocks it out of his hand. **
(24835) Norfirion: "I don't intend on making him bleed, he'll fry."
(24836) Git: (he stabbed me... lets bleed him a little)
(24835) Norfirion: "I will cease my hostilities as soon as he does"
(24830) Haroun: (8, Vron)
(24855) Agatha: "He's just scared and desparate. Help me hold him down."
(24830) DM: (oops)
(24839) Vrondard: "I'm coming Git" Vrondard engages they guy if there is room (which is rapidly dissapearing and may not be possible)
(24835) Norfirion: "What? I'm no warrior. I can barely hold myself up, much less hold him down. You just do whatever, I'll protect the others."
(24830) DM: (no, not possible)
(24855) Agatha: ((Git gets stabbed all the time. Ari hurt you more than he did.
(24839) Vrondard: "buggers..." as he sees he is thwarted
(24836) Git: Grumbles at all the hustle: "Feel so loved..."
(24830) DM: (20, Ari)
(24839) Vrondard: (readys to attack the guy when he can)
(24839) Vrondard: (done)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(24854) Ari: (can I get to Git?)
(24855) Agatha: "Wa'run, tell him to stand down. We ain't gonna kill 'im."
(24830) DM: (not until the end of combat. there are 3 ppl in the way)
** (24830) Wa'run speaks to Haroun, who does not reply **
** (24835) Norfirion calls out in the Zayal tongue "Stand down! We do not wish to fight!" **
(24854) Ari: (do I have a shot? Or will I hit someone else?)
** (24830) Haroun grabs at Agatha's sword and tries to impale Git on it. **
(24830) DM: (you might hit someone else)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(24836) Git: (howzatwork?)
(24855) Agatha: ((I carry a greataxe.))
** (24854) Ari puts her bow away, and moves toward Git, while drawing her scimitar. **
** (24830) Haroun ends up impaling himself on Agatha's axe instead. **
(24836) Git: (the answer... not well)
(24830) DM: (its easy. it was a desparate maneuver, either he injures you or he injures himself.)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8] -> [1] = (1)
(24830) DM: (critical)
** (24830) Haroun drops against the wall, tired and fatigued. **
(24830) DM: (11, Git)
(24836) Git: (ready to take his sneak attack)
(24836) Git: (.. as in, waiting to see what happens next first)
(24830) DM: (11, Norf)
** (24835) Norfirion moves back giving Vrondard room to enter the fray, and takes position near Git ready to protect his injured friend. (Done) **
(24836) Git: :whispers to Norf: "Ask him if he gives"
** (24835) Norfirion speaks in Zayal. "Do you yield?" **
** (24835) Norfirion speaks in Zayal. "We do not want to fight." **
(24924) Zane (enter): 01:39
(24830) Haroun: Kill me and be done with it, outlander. (tiredly)
(24835) Norfirion: "Wait everyone, let him speak"
(24836) Git: :speaks up as he straightens his stance... looking weak.: "What was on your blade?"
(24854) Ari: ((I'm really sorry, but I have to bail, I'm still ill, and as shown, judgment is bad, and I'm exhausted))
(24839) Vrondard: "ya start talkin..." he threatens
(24830) Haroun: The breath of the Lion (at Git)
(24854) Ari (exit): 01:40
(24839) Vrondard: ((im also going to be leaving... im dead tired and i took some medication that is knocking me out))
(24836) Git: "Be more specific"
** (24830) Haroun shrugs. Very well, then. **
(24835) Norfirion: ((lucky you, dont be stingy with the pain pills :p)
(24839) Vrondard: ((sorry... but im dizzy at this point))
(24830) Haroun: It is a poison known as the breath of the Lion. (shrugs)
(24836) Git: (Ari, don't suppose you have a cure poison on ya before ya go?)
(24839) Vrondard: Disconnecting from server...
(24839) Vrondard (exit): 01:42
(24830) Haroun: Those who are on missions by the Grandfather of our order are gifted with a dose or two. Those of us...
(24835) Norfirion: (does that ring a bell? knowledge check for anything on that?)
(24836) Git: "Great... they give ya an antidote with it?"
(24830) Haroun: No, it usually weakens a victim long enough for an assassin to kill him.
(24836) Git: "And it gets better..." :groans: "So... who's the grandfather?"
(24836) Git: "and what's your mission?"
(24835) Norfirion: "You should be fine Git, your strength will return naturally. It shouldn't be fatal unless you're sickly or in poor health (aka have a low con score)"
(24830) Haroun: The Grandfather is the head of our order, outlander. And my mission is, or was, to steal something from this place. A failed thief and a failed assassin I am.
(24836) Git: "You here alone?"
(24830) DM: (keep the OOC comments out of the game please)
(24835) Norfirion: "Failure is a part of life, not even the gods succeed at everything, warrior."
** (24830) DM shrugs. "So now that you have your answers, kill me please and be done with it." **
(24830) DM: (oops)
(24925) Selerik (enter): 01:49
(24835) Norfirion: "Why do you wish to die so much? Don't you have anything to live for?"
** (24836) Git looks back out the door towards the causeway. "How far did you get?" **
(24830) Haroun: (glances at Git irritably) "Only as far as this room."
(24836) Git: "That's ... pretty pathetic."
(24836) Git: "What were you suppose to steal?"
(24830) Haroun: (at Norfirion) Do you know what al-Badia do to thieves and assassins, outlander? Better that I die than to go back to my order, a failure. Better to die than to face that priest and his guards. For you have no Fate but the Fate you have made.
(24835) Norfirion: "Or the fate you make."
(24925) Selerik (exit): 01:52
** (24830) Haroun shrugs. "Something, anything that came from the tomb of Amun-hotep." **
(24835) Norfirion: "You can decide the outcome, but if you give up and lose all purpose, there is little anyone can do. I'm sure a dedicated person like you has a stronger will than that."
(24836) Git: "Sounds frivolous.... rite of passage?"
(24830) Haroun: A rite of passage to see if Ajirah would accept me under her wing. A battle is now brewing since the Grandfather has taken ill recently.
(24830) Haroun: So....if you are not to kill me, then what?
(24836) Git: "Oh... where ar you from?"
** (24830) Wa'run cringes, says nothing. **
(24835) Norfirion: "You are alive now, perhaps this was meant to happen. How could you live with yourself if you died, then came to realize your own folly and chance for redemption by throwing it all away?"
(24830) Haroun: I am alive, yes. (flatly)
** (24835) Norfirion places his hand on Wa'run's shoulder. "You are no failure my boy." **
(24835) Norfirion: "Hardship only breeds experiences and resolve."
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes, so you have not failed."
(24836) Git: "If it makes you feel better, we're going in. Feel free to tag along if your intestines don't drop out before then."
(24835) Norfirion: (to Haroun)
(24830) Haroun: (to Git) Ha'shef, the City of Mamluks. Why?
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes, you have the chance to complete your task, and help us as well. We can both benefit."
(24830) Haroun: Well, what do I owe you?
** (24836) Git stumbles from the doorway, holding his wound. Shrugging to the bearded one. "Dunno. Don't really care. Got any bandages?" **
(24836) Git: "And... could someone pull this arrow out of my back?"
(24835) Norfirion: "There is a powerful djinn ravaging this land, would you have it that all of your order be destroyed? You can help us through the trials of the pyramid and regain your honor, and help to stop the destruction that is going to happen if this chain of events is not halted"
(24830) DM: (ifrit)
(24835) Norfirion: (sorry)
** (24855) Agatha sees to Git's injuries. **
(24830) Haroun: I shall think about it.
(24836) Git: :to haroun: "Don't think too hard. You don't look in the condition for it"
(24830) DM: (ok, what next?)
(24855) Agatha: ((Heal attempt to get the arrow out without blood spraying everywhere))
(24835) Norfirion: "Very well we wont force you, but it is a shame this youth has the courage to face his mistakes and work to correct his past, yet a man like yourself is giving up so easily."
(24855) Agatha: [1d20+6] -> [14,6] = (20)
(24830) DM: (stopping early tonight b/c ppl are out. 60 minute warning.)
(24836) Git: "Norf. Leave teh twit be."
(24924) Zane (exit): 02:02
(24835) Norfirion: "What you do in this life will reflect on you for eternity, remember that." *bows goodbye to Haroun as he goes to check on Git.*
(24836) Git: (understood)
(24835) Norfirion: "I apologize for harming you, but I feared my friend's safety. Please accept this as my apology." *hands the man an offering of a piece of bread and some salt before he turns to tend to Git.*
(24836) Git: :jokes to Aggy of another bread offering: "Look another wedding. Who knew Norf was a bigamist?"
(24835) Norfirion: "Shut up you" *pokes a finger in the arrow wound as he tries to help Agatha bandage Git up*
(24835) Norfirion: "Marriage is something I dont like to joke about, not after what happened to my wife and children."
(24836) Git: "Aaawwckkk... jerk"
** (24830) Haroun contemplates Norf's offering. **
** (24836) Git shakes his head looking off about the room as he's tended to. **
(24830) TaliesinNYC: 6: You enter a small temple, 30' across E to W and 20' deep N to S. There is a door in the N wall. Within this dark and smoky room, a dull red glow is visible from a pile of burning incense in the center of the room. Against the west wall stands yet another statue of Amun-hotep, his hands forming an altar platform 5' above the floor. Lunging at you is a robed figure.
(24855) Agatha: "Aye, aye. We've all lost someone dear to us. Nobody here is trying to belittle your troubles."
(24835) Norfirion: "You'll be fine, you're too stubborn to die." *stands up and helps Git stand*
(24830) DM: (ignore the part about the robed figure)
(24930) jack (enter): 02:07
(24830) Haroun: I tried to kill you and you have not returned it. (in wonder)
** (24836) Git doesn't take the elf's hand, just nodding to him and moving to check the altar out of curiousity **
(24835) Norfirion: "You know nothing of what I've lost, just leave me alone on the matter..." *sags his head and sighs as he goes to inspect the southern door in room 6*
(24835) Norfirion: (that was to Agatha)
(24836) Git: "If we cared if you lived or died... you'd be dead. So don't waste this opportunity that insignifgnance has blessed you with"
(24830) Haroun: I trapped it. (to Norf)
** (24830) Haroun takes the bread and nibbles on it. **
** (24835) Norfirion stops before messing with the door. **
** (24855) Agatha mutters under her breath. "And I thought I was the grumpy one..." **
** (24835) Norfirion turns around and bows slightly. "Thank you for letting me know" **
** (24835) Norfirion sags his head and shakes it. **
(24835) Norfirion: "I'm sorry Agatha, I just have alot on my mind. My emotions are turbulent these times."
(24830) Haroun: So...what are you really here for?
** (24830) Haroun stands up and grabs his scimitar, sheathing it. **
(24835) Norfirion: "Just a simple thought reminding me of the matter sends me into a rage"
(24835) Norfirion: "I apologize."
(24836) Git: "Drop the sword..." :stern and clear though not bothering to look at the assassin as he grips his dagger
** (24835) Norfirion looks back to Haroun. "I'm looking for the Star Gem of Mo-Pelar, along with the staff of the pharoah Amun-oteph" **
** (24855) Agatha keeps an eye on the thief, axe in hand. **
(24855) Agatha: "Do you know your way around this place?"
(24835) Norfirion: "But thats only here and now, my ultimite goal lies elsewhere, something far more important than all of this."
(24836) Git: "I said to drop the sword. I won't repeat a thrid time." :speaks as he looks over the altar:
(24830) Haroun: No.
** (24830) Haroun shrugs. "No." **
** (24835) Norfirion steps in between the two.

(24855) Agatha: "Leave him be. I'll keep an eye on him."
(24835) Norfirion: "We've already been this route one time, everyone calm down."
** (24836) Git peers at Haroun, **
(24830) Haroun: "I will kill myself first before I am indebted to you."
(24835) Norfirion: "You are not indebted to us"
(24836) Git: "Then get on to the suicide. You're starting to bug me."
(24830) Haroun: So let me be then. An assassin and his sword are one, so is the law of my order.
** (24855) Agatha makes an attack on Haroun. ((subdual)) **
(24830) Haroun: I am bound by the salt bond, outlander. You should fear the perils of this place more than any peril I can show you by my blade.
** (24836) Git groans and moves to the south door, taking his time to locate and remove Haroun's trap. **
(24855) Agatha: [1d20+11] -> [13,11] = (24)
(24830) DM: (roll then)
(24855) Agatha: [1d12+7] -> [10,7] = (17)
(24830) DM: (critical)
(24855) Agatha: ((sub dmg))
(24830) DM: (I know that. but he was at critical from before.)
** (24835) Norfirion looks on to the fray and shakes his head at the chaos ensuing. **
(24855) Agatha: ((oh. sorry. Just tired.))
** (24836) Git turns on hearing Aggy's attack, gripping his dagger ready **
** (24835) Norfirion stands rigid as simply watches. "I will not break my oath" **
(24830) Haroun: (you'll need to roll init if you want to continue this)
(24855) Agatha: ((That didn't knock him out? Oh well. That's it for me))
(24836) Git: (he's still concious, huh? Is my sneak chance still aplicable for a dagger toss?)
(24835) Norfirion: (if he's within 30' and he's flatfooted, yes)
(24830) DM: ((well if its sub damage, it didn't knock him out. he's at critical in terms of real damage, but only serious in terms of sub damage))
(24855) Agatha: "Your life isn't yours to take. Not yet, anyway."
(24836) Git: (sub damage just has to be higher than his current hp to knock him out)
(24830) DM: ((then he's unconscious))
(24836) Git: "Hey...." :whines: "How come she gets to hit him?"
(24855) Agatha: "Now give up your weapon or we'll give you to the priest."
(24836) Git: :goes back to disabling the trap on the southern door:
(24830) DM: (since he's unconscious, he can't exactly reply now, can he?)
(24855) Agatha: (to Git) "Because it's what I do."
(24855) Agatha: ((oh nm))
(24836) Git: "Oh.... alright. Grab his gear wouldja?"
(24855) Agatha: "If that craven little coward wasn't going to cooperate, a good crack to the head would at least shut him up."
** (24835) Norfirion mummbles in Zayal to Wa'run. **
** (24855) Agatha collects Haroun's weapons. **
(24830) Wa'run: He was of no danger to you. (puzzled and horrified)
(24855) Agatha: "Ain't exactly elagant, but how can you reason with loon like that?"
(24855) Agatha: "No, he wasn't. But he sure as hell was a danger to himself."
(24830) Wa'run: But you are bound by the bond as much as he was...
(24836) Git: "No... norf's bound. Aggy's free to pound away"
(24830) Wa'run: But he speaks for us.
(24835) Norfirion: "No"
(24835) Norfirion: "I said so before I cannot speak for them."
(24855) Agatha: "He was going to kill himself to spite us. Doesn't that break the bond?"
(24836) Git: "right. Norf speaks for Norf."
(24830) Wa'run: He cannot raise arms against YOU. And you cannot raise arms against him. The rules of etiquette do not say anything about raising arms against oneself.
** (24835) Norfirion sighs. **
(24830) Wa'run: If I am to be your guide, you must respect the rules of my people.
(24836) Git: "Look boy... we can wax symantics all day. But you have to learn to let somethings slide or we won't get anywhere."
** (24835) Norfirion nods. "I do young one. You must forgive their ways, they are strangers in this land." **
(24830) Wa'run: An assassin of the Lion such as he has no future in his order. Such is the law of the Grandfather of Assassins.
(24835) Norfirion: "He is only unconscious, he will be fine. He can do as he pleases when he awakens"
** (24855) Agatha gives the child a good hard look. "Alright, lad. We'll play it your way." **
(24830) Wa'run: There are rules, outlander.
(24836) Git: "Accepted. Sorry for my rudeness. Blame it on the poison."
(24835) Norfirion: "There is nothing I can do about this." *turns to Wa'run* "Swallow your pride for now young one, and remember we have to continue. Don't forget your sister."
(24830) Wa'run: Thank you, Ag-atha. After three days, the bond is broken and no longer holds effect unless he decides to swear to you his oath of loyalty.
(24936) Selerik (enter): 02:34
(24835) Norfirion: "Now, Git, how goes that door?"
(24836) Git: "Goes open and closed I assume"
(24830) Wa'run: (to Norfirion) It is not pride, outlander, but merely how things are done here. I will not accompany you if you continue to act like this. I will act on my own, for I have no Fate but the Fate I am given.
** (24855) Agatha rips up some of Haroun's robe to patch up his injuries. **
(24835) Norfirion: "Remember it was not I who broke the bond. Remember that, they told you they are sorry.They know nothing of your customs. Forgive them for now. It will not happen again."
** (24836) Git picks out a poison needle, flicking it to the ground and opens the southern door **
(24938) Droctar (enter): 02:38
(24830) Wa'run: True, but there will be other times and others. As a group, you are bound by the bond as much as you yourself are. (shrug) But as you say, they have apologized.
(24855) Agatha: "Heh. I've gotta hand it to you child. You've only seen a small taste of how violent and unpredictable I can be. But you still stand your ground."
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes they realize this now. Let us go for now."
(24855) Agatha: "You remind me of my son."
** (24830) Wa'run bows his head, blushing. **
(24836) Git: "And keep in mind. We're bound to have more of thes misunderstandings since we're just learning your native ways as we go. So in advance let me offer...."
(24836) Git: "....loosen up."
** (24835) Norfirion looks to Agatha. **
(24835) Norfirion: "Tell me more about your family."
** (24855) Agatha picks up the crudely bandaged man. "Maybe another time." **
(24835) Norfirion: "You said that before..."
** (24836) Git pushes open the southern door **
(24835) Norfirion: "Something happened didn't it?"
(24855) Agatha: "We have two men, a gem, and a staff to track down."
** (24835) Norfirion shrugs and follows Git and enters the now open door. **
(24938) Droctar (exit): 02:43
(24830) TaliesinNYC: 5: This seems to be some sort of bedchamber area for the priests who once staffed this temple. The area is divided up into several cells, some of which seem empty.
(24830) Wa'run: An open door can be seen in the far right wall.
(24855) Agatha: "I'm a widow with a dead son, Mister Elf. Know that your pains ain't so uncommon."
(24830) DM: (need to edit the log lol.)
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes, everyone has lost loved ones. But mine family not only lost their lives...."
(24936) Selerik (exit): 02:44
(24835) Norfirion: "They lost their very souls."
(24835) Norfirion: (mine=my)
(24835) Norfirion: "Be thankful your son and husband's spirit endures in eternity. I will pray for them, as well as you."
** (24836) Git ventures into the bedchamber in no mood for a sob story. He looks about from cell to cell for anything left behind **
** (24835) Norfirion moves to inspect the cells. **
(24855) Agatha: "Ah, but judging by the way you talk, you've still got a shot at getting their souls back."
(24830) DM: One of the cells contains a skin exuding a milky white substance.
(24830) DM: It smells like sour milk.
(24835) Norfirion: "If I can reach the pinnacle of my potential, nothing is impossible. When that day comes, you will have your loved ones again as well. I swear it to you."
** (24835) Norfirion bows to Agatha. **
** (24835) Norfirion looks at the bizaare skin. **
(24830) DM: It's a waterskin but leaking a milky white substance.
** (24836) Git ignores the mess and heads to the western door to check it for traps or locks **
(24830) DM: The door is open...
** (24835) Norfirion follows Git. **
(24830) DM: And within, you can see a small space that leads to a closed stone door. Faint voices can be heard beyond.
** (24855) Agatha gives Norfirion an odd look. "Death exists for a reason, Norfirion. It ain't our place to go and undo it." **
** (24836) Git strolls through the hall to open the next door **
** (24855) Agatha drops the subject. "Is that them?" **
(24835) Norfirion: "It is no different than any other barrier" *to agatha*
(24830) DM: The door opens to reveal the temple chamber where you started. Abdullah is still there surrounded by his guards.
(24830) DM: They're bent over the altar and do not notice you.
(24836) Git: "Hello again." :Smiles at Abdullah as he waves a bloody hand
(24830) Abdullah: Ah, the outlanders. (smiles gently)
** (24835) Norfirion ponders quietly. **
(24830) Abdullah: You are injured. Let me tend to your wounds. (concern creeping into his voice)
(24836) Git: "Much obliged. Walked into the wrong room unnanounced"
** (24836) Git moves to take a seat against the wall" **
** (24830) Abdullah narrows his eyes as he looks over the wounds. "Who did this to you? Let me know and by noble Zann, my mamluks will bring him or her to justice." **
** (24855) Agatha is unsure of what to do with the body over her shoulder. **
(24836) Git: "S'okay. Aggy already knocked him into the land of slumbering anyhow. But I apprecaite the concern"
** (24830) Zorah points to Agatha, murmuring.
(24830) Abdullah: I see. If you leave him here with me, we will take care of this pestilence for you.
(24830) Abdullah: A hand for a hand, by the law of the god.
(24830) Abdullah: (smiles gently but sternly)
(24836) Git: "Okay.. but no killing, k? I want that pleasure when he wakes up."
** (24835) Norfirion takes a seat on the floor and closes his eyes as he rests his head up against the cold stone wall. **
(24855) Agatha: "I'm afraid we can't do that. We're bound, y'see.
(24835) Norfirion: "Not anymore"
(24836) Git: "By the by... can you heal poison?"
(24830) Abdullah: Oh, no. The god forbids us from slaughter. (glances over the body with a hard, cold look)
(24830) Abdullah: Bound by what?
(24835) Norfirion: "Nothing, they dont understand your customs."
** (24830) Abdullah glances at Git. "A bit. Why, what kind of poison is it?" **
** (24855) Agatha reluctantly lets the body down. **
(24836) Git: "Breath of lion or something like that. my heads a little fuzzy from blood loss"
** (24830) Wa'run looks at Norfirion and then at Agatha, and finally at Abdullah, but says nothing. **
** (24830) Zorah lets out a hiss upon hearing that. **
** (24835) Norfirion perks open an eye. **
(24830) Abdullah: One of the Everlasting, I see.
(24836) Git: "Everlasting?"
(24944) Shar (enter): 03:00
(24835) Norfirion: "We are unfamiliar with that term, please explain"
(24855) Agatha: "Whazzat now?"
(24830) Abdullah: This complicates matters a great deal. And there is the bond... (strokes his chin)
** (24830) Abdullah doesn't look at Git as he sits thinking. **
(24830) Abdullah: Leave this assassin with me and we shall take care of him for you. None of the Everlasting may cross into our lands and live.
(24835) Norfirion: "It is your lands, and your traditions. We won't interfere."
(24835) Norfirion: "Do as you must"
** (24830) Abdullah nods slowly, as he places a hand upon Git's arm and mutters a prayer. **
** (24855) Agatha looks at Norfirion with disbelief. **
(24830) Abdullah: The Everlasting are a group of assassins led by a man known as the Grandfather of Assassins. They are one of the most secret and most infamous band of holy slayers in Zayal. However, their order and my own faith have been at war for many years. By the hand of Ra, the Ever-Living, I am grateful for your effort in bringing this one to justice.
** (24835) Norfirion rubs his temples apparently under a great deal of stress. **
(24836) Git: "Thanks again for the healing. As for him. like you said, no slaughtering. I figure he can't return to his order anyway. Deal?"
(24830) Abdullah: No, he shall live. But neither shall he kill nor steal, by the will of the god. (snaps his fingers at two of the mamluks who carry him away)
(24836) Git: "Whoa whoa... what are you planning to do with him?"
(24830) Abdullah: I offer you the hospitality of my tent if you wish it, in the meantime.
(24835) Norfirion: "Yes, I would like to speak with you Abdullah if you have the time."
** (24830) Abdullah glances at Git, with sternness. "A hand, for a hand, by the will of the god. What else?" **
(24836) Git: "Your gonna cut off his hands?"
** (24830) Abdullah shrug. "That is the common sentence for theft in this land." **
(24836) Git: "Both hands?"
(24830) Abdullah: Just one. But if he has stolen and slain, then both.
** (24836) Git shrugs, "Maybe it'll improve his attitude. have fun." **
** (24836) Git stands to leave. "Off to the pyramid with us then" **
** (24855) Agatha frowns but knows she can't do much. **
(24835) Norfirion: "We should rest before entering that tomb"
(24835) Norfirion: "We're going to need every edge we can muster"
** (24830) Abdullah nods sternly. "May the hand of Ra guide your path, outlanders. Go with my blessing." **
(24835) Norfirion: "And I can prepare more suitable spells for our venture inside"
(24830) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop.)
(24855) Agatha: "But while we're gaining an edge, we could have two men inside the pyramid bleeding to death."

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Magic of Andurin
Philosophical Themes
Races of Andurin
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The Southern Kingdoms