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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(18292) DM: After your meeting with the desert warriors, you travelled a bit more. They mentioned that the pyramid you were looking for lies several days journey to the north and west.
(18298) Ari: so we're missing Agatha and Kha?
(18298) Ari: Forgive me for not knowing alternate names, but didn't one of them say something about a family dinner?
(18292) DM: (Kha will be late and Agatha will be out of town)
(18312) Norfirion: that be me, but im here
(18312) Norfirion: but someone else maybe said something too
(18321) Zane (enter): 22:32
** (18297) Vrondard is ready to trudge thru the night **
(18298) Ari: ((didn't we get mounts and supplies?))
(18312) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(18297) Vrondard: ((dont think so - hope not))
(18292) DM: (They had no mounts to spare but mentioned that an oasis lay to the north of the pyramid, about a few days travel, wherein one could procure mounts and supplies.)
(18298) Ari: ((either way, Ari is ready to travel))
(18298) Ari: (So for the time being we walk)
(18299) Git: (to the oasis it is!)
(18292) DM: (they had also indicated that the land surrounding the pyramid, known as Bakar, was rumored to be haunted by spirits.)
(18298) Ari: (Lovely)
(18299) Git: (happy spirits?)
** (18312) Norfirion draws his hood up over his head and keeps his hand within reach of Aeolas as he strides carefully through the sand. **
** (18299) Git strolls the sands, casually, watching the horizon about them as they stroll. **
** (18298) Ari breathes in the fresh, albiet warm air, glad to be out in the open again. **
(18298) Ari: (albeit*)
(18299) Git: "Anyone else getting sand in weird places? ":asks as he adjusts his breeches:
(18297) Vrondard: "I aint talkin about it"
** (18298) Ari laughs **
(18312) Norfirion: "Hmmm, I think I may try a ritual tonight...I've been preparing for this for some time. This place has some unique denizens."
(18312) Norfirion: "I wonder what would come to my beckoning."
(18299) Git: "Ritual... ? denizens..? You planning to sacrifice something?"
(18312) Norfirion: "Ahh, a companion."
(18184) Lared (exit): 22:40
(18312) Norfirion: "A lower life form of some sort, an animal perhaps"
(18298) Ari: "Or invoking something? Have we not invoked or released enough?"
(18312) Norfirion: "We?"
** (18312) Norfirion looks scornful. **
(18298) Ari: "Yes, "WE" or were you not part of releasing that efreet?"
(18312) Norfirion: "My spell is similar to the bond that binds your wolf to your side"
(18299) Git: "A familiar you mean?"
** (18298) Ari glances at Silver, then laughs, but says nothing else. **
(18312) Norfirion: "I'm sorry, I took it to mean the opposite. I thought all blame was being laid apon me."
(18312) Norfirion: "My apologies"
** (18312) Norfirion looks to Git. "Yes a familiar" **
(18299) Git: "Hmph... careful not to get a scorpion. Thing could be dangerous to carry around"
(18312) Norfirion: "I'm not fond of insects either"
(18299) Git: "Maybe you'll get a big ol lizard then"
(18297) Vrondard: "hmmm they big enough fer eatin?"
(18298) Ari: "No apologies necessary, it was my thought that we are all in this together, you, me all of us, including my luggage, and Silver? Well, Silver goes where he pleases. At the moment, I am pleased that he chooses to be with me.
(18298) Ari: "
** (18299) Git looks back at Ari, "Animals like them can't help. They just follow whatever has the nicest sway. Works for half-elfs too." :wink: **
** (18312) Norfirion continues trudging through the sand glancing skyward severals times to gaze at the stars. **
(18327) Matt (enter): 22:47
(18292) DM: (it's a few hours past moonrise. The moons of Andurin provide a great deal of illumination.)
(18292) DM: (so, were people headed off to the oasis or to Bakar?)
** (18298) Ari smiles and lets her walk become more a dance over the sand. **
(18299) Git: (oasis...)
** (18312) Norfirion addresses each moon by its name as it rises as if greeting them from a night's rest. **
(18297) Vrondard: (oasis... Vrondard is thirsty)
(18312) Norfirion: (or days rest)
(18298) Ari: (now all I can think of is the meet me at the oasis song....) brb
(18327) Matt (exit): 22:49
** (18299) Git follows behind, copying the "dance" in a playful manner as they stroll **
(18299) Git: (there's a song for that?)
(18312) Norfirion: (yes oasis please)
(18298) Ari: (yes there is)
(18299) Git: (oasis as in desert? or the casino?)
(18298) Ari: (how long does it take us to trudge to the Oasis, and put whatever camels to bed...)
** (18298) Ari begins to hum as she sashays over the sand. **
(18292) DM: (by your estimation, five days) (fast forwarding)

 (18292) DM: After a week of travel, with only the occasional desert animal (vultures, snakes, scorpions) to break the monotony, a welcome sight of green appears on the horizon. A small oasis, but still a serviceable one, from the looks of it can be seen in the distance. However...something seems out of place....
(18299) Git: (and piss off the only woman we have. Think straight man)
(18298) Ari: (the only very lonely woman you have too... ah well)
** (18299) Git stares ahead at the oasis, "Please tell me that's not another mirage." Stares in the distances trying to make it out better (spot) **
(18297) Vrondard: "hope not"
** (18312) Norfirion stops for a moment and peers ahead as he scans the horizon. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [12,7] = (19)
whispering to Git, there's no activity where you would expect there to be...
** (18298) Ari stands on a dune overlooking the oasis. "No, not a mirage, but there is something amiss, look even the luggage is hesitant to wander down there." **
(18299) Git: "Shouldn't there be ..like... people gathered there?"
(18298) Ari: "Or some sort of life, perhaps the water has been tampered with?"
(18299) Git: (will save to disbelieve)
(18299) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, quite real. the oasis seems almost devoid of life....
(18299) Git: "Too easy. Probably an army of undead giants have take ot living beneath the water waiting for victims to come to them"
(18312) Norfirion: "Yes, perhaps a mirage as Git suggested, but it could be an accursed place as well."
** (18298) Ari tilts her head to watch Git couriously. **
(18299) Git: "Or maybe the lake front property's just too expensive"
(18298) Ari: (how does Silver react to the oasis)
(18345) Lared (enter): 23:07
** (18292) Silver whines, and then howls plaintively at the sky. **
** (18292) Silver howls again, almost mournfully. **
** (18298) Ari heaves a sigh, and walks to the waters edge. With a prayer to the Goddess she casts purify water. **
** (18312) Norfirion moves within 60' of the oasis and mumbles off an incantation as he waves his hand over his eyes. (Detect Magic) **
(18298) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Purify Food and Drink ( level 0, "Purifies 1 cu. ft./level of food or water" )
(18292) DM: As you approach the oasis, you realize what's so wrong...there are indeed people...but all of them are dead.
(18298) Ari: "eww"
(18292) DM: Several days dead, their bodies scorched, blackened, unmoving as dust.
** (18299) Git strolls after Ari, to keep her from being along at the water's edge. Seeing the wreckage though, he has more things on his mind. "Shite!" **
(18297) Vrondard: "damnation"
(18292) DM: In fact, it appears as if something attacked the inhabitants of the oasis. A sudden attack by the looks of it, since people appear to have panicked and attempted to flee, but to no avail.
(18298) Ari: "I ... I... "
** (18298) Ari gasps, "there is nothing I can do.... " **
** (18298) Ari stands at the waters edge, shaking, feeling that she should do something, but not knowing what. **
(18292) DM: It's an intense irony, given that amidst what remains of the lush oasis, there is so much death. Only the water remains placid.
** (18292) Silver droops his head, whuffing as Ari kneels. **
(18298) Ari: " The efreet? Is this our fault?"
(18298) Ari: "Nooooo
(18298) Ari: "
(18312) Norfirion: "It doesn't matter, what is done is done"
(18297) Vrondard: "I hope not"
** (18298) Ari gazes up at Norfirion, "Does not matter? How can it not matter..." **
(18297) Vrondard: "damn going to have to find that bloke a lot quicker if this is the case"
** (18299) Git stares about for a moment, biting painfully into his lips as he takes it all in. Drawing in a deep breath he relaxes the tensions he didn't even know he had been hoilding and goes to work searching for usable supplies to get them through the oasis. "Could have been a hundred years from now, a thousand, but sooner or late that thing was going to get out and do this. It's just our divine luckk that we should be its freers." **
** (18298) Ari blinks away tears, and stands. **
(18312) Norfirion: "Because there is nothing you can do for them. Our lives are at stake and we have to stay focused, otherwise we shall end up as they did"
(18292) DM: There is a tent city at the water's edge. Now, there remains only empty tents, their folds flapping in the wind.
(18297) Vrondard: "next time we ain't touching things we aint knowing what they do"
(18312) Norfirion: "Don't lower yourself to my standards. Everything shall be ok, and we WILL destroy this creature. It's only a matter of time."
(18349) Brill the Mighty (enter): 23:14
** (18298) Ari stares at Norfirion, not realy understanding his first sentence." **
(18349) Brill the Mighty (exit): 23:15
(18312) Norfirion: "Everything we do involves touching things that shouldn't be touched. Its the nature of our journey, wherever its taking us"
(18297) Vrondard: "so we going to bury all these people... or just say they were cremated... don't feel right not to put em into the earth.. much less under stone"
(18298) Ari: (WTF is that?)
(18298) Ari: (Lets eat it)
** (18312) Norfirion turns away from the elf maiden and walks towards the tent, focusing his detect magic around the area as he walks. **
** (18299) Git strolls from the wrecked encampment, a serious scowl on his face. "Travellers will come along eventually. Ones who know the customs and burial rights of these people. Best to leav it to them." **
(18298) Ari: " Look around, I see little stone, and the sand moves constantly, I see cremation as the only option."
** (18299) Git kneels down at the water's edge, refilling his water skin and drinking deeply and appreciatively **
(18297) Vrondard: "hmmm alright then"
(18299) Git: "No wood nor oil to burn. em all."
(18297) Vrondard: "and I'll remind ya ta don't be takin their stuff... unless you want ghosts to be hauntin ya"
(18297) Vrondard: "they aint buried... their ghosts be floating around maybe"
(18312) Norfirion: "Look"
** (18312) Norfirion points in the distance to a pair of camels drinking at the water's edge. **
** (18299) Git looks to the camels. "And the sands shall provide..." **
(18299) Git: (what time is it in game?)
(18297) Vrondard: "hope they be good eatin"
(18299) Git: :to vronard: "No eat... ride."
(18292) DM: (almost dawn)
(18297) Vrondard: "yer gots to be kiddin me"
(18292) DM: To the east, the sky begins to lighten.
(18297) Vrondard: "i aint riding on a walking hill of fur"
(18299) Git: "Shall we stay through the day and set out when the sun sets?
(18312) Norfirion: brb
(18297) Vrondard: ((assuming these are dromedary camels and not bacterian))
(18299) Git: (one hump or two?)
(18297) Vrondard: (( D has one hump B has two humps))
(18297) Vrondard: ((two hump camels are for rocky terrain sandy terrain they acutally have different type of feet))
(18292) DM: (1)
(18297) Vrondard: "yep going to be blisterin hot today... I aint going out into those sands while the sun is up"
(18345) Lared (exit): 23:27
(18299) Git: (I am impressed by your vast knowledge of humps. And so you shalt be named, Hump master. Don't take that the wrong way)
(18297) Vrondard: "bad enough as it has been... got sand in me beard...."
(18298) Ari: "I suggest we find or dig shelter and travel at night."
(18298) Ari: "I'll comb it out."
(18297) Vrondard: ((fater better to be the Hump master than the Humped master))
(18299) Git: "Plenty of shelter here. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to allieve myself of some sand."
(18297) Vrondard: "I'll second and third that thought"
(18297) Vrondard: "maybe we should clear out on of these tents... before it gets too smelly"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [18,16] = (34)
(18297) Vrondard: "maybe one of the edge tents upwind and such"
(18312) Norfirion: back
whispering to Git, you hear a noise in the tent city.
** (18299) Git stands and begins stripping out of his armor, revealing a lean, fit body, still baring some of the superficial scars of his recent mishaps. As he begins to pull down his breeches he stops, looking back to the tents. **
(18297) Vrondard: ((so where are we on the map?))
** (18312) Norfirion peers inside one of the tents. **
(18350) jack (enter): 23:30
(18297) Vrondard: ((the big lake or somewhere less important))
(18350) jack (exit): 23:31
(18350) jack (enter): 23:31
(18297) Vrondard: ((i see Bakar...))
(18292) DM: (somewhere in the Desert of Desolation. about a few miles northeast of Bakar)
** (18299) Git gives a shrug, refastening his pants as he strolls off from the waterside **
** (18299) Git sttolls a ways, then begins circling round on tent, moving in his regular stelath, mode and gesturing to vronard toward the tent **
(18297) Vrondard: (so somewhere near a D in Desert or Desolation got it))
(18299) Git: "Ah crap..."
** (18312) Norfirion enters the tent and searches through them. **
** (18299) Git drops his stealth and moves to the tent flap, and kneels beside a fallen youth. "Hey, we've got a survivor!" **
(18312) Norfirion: *tents
** (18297) Vrondard cleans his beard out... letting the rest of the dirt remain and then comes over to Git... **
** (18297) Vrondard hurries after hearing Git's shout **
(18299) Git: "And he needs help, real bad!"
(18297) Vrondard: "oy"
** (18298) Ari runs towards Git, "Where?" **
(18297) Vrondard: "over here"
** (18298) Ari drops to the youths side, and calls upon her goddess for aid **
(18298) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Moderate Wounds ( level 3, "Cures 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10)" )
(18353) Rainur Swiftblade (enter): 23:37
(18298) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [6,6,3] = (15)
** (18299) Git quietly watches ari work, his eyes set on the boy **
(18292) DM: It's a youth, clad in tattered desert robes. Claw and bite marks ravage his body, where they penetrate his skin you can see white-yellow spots. Pus leaks out from a few wounds. It's a miracle he's alive. A waterskin can be seen slung from a belt.
** (18292) Wa'run murmurs softly... **
** (18312) Norfirion looks on silently. **
(18297) Vrondard: "man he is sort of icky oozy"
** (18298) Ari again calls to her Goddess and again pours herself into aiding the lad. **
(18298) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Moderate Wounds ( level 3, "Cures 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10)" )
(18298) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [2,6,3] = (11)
** (18299) Git releases the breath he was unconciously holding **
(18292) DM: As Ari works, the youth settles into a deep sleep. His right hand unclenches, and a curved dagger falls into the sand, its blade nicked and covered with gray skin.
(18297) Vrondard: "hmmm looks like he was fightin to stay alive"
(18297) Vrondard: "this one's had some spunk to im"
** (18299) Git picks up the blade, curiously looking over the odd skin **
(18299) Git: "Weird. The efreet got these people. But this kid seems to have run into a ghoul."
(18297) Vrondard: "well who really knows what happened here... maybe this is what happens when you languish in this godforsaken sun for a few days"
(18299) Git: "Somehow I doubt that Vronard."
(18298) Ari: "Ghoul's do not happen to idle languishers."
(18297) Vrondard: "well where is this ghoul?"
(18297) Vrondard: "the kid lost the fight... I think"
(18297) Vrondard: "no ghoul here... but it didnt eat the boy"
(18299) Git: "I dunno. But if he's standing here. I'd say he won."
(18297) Vrondard: "something missing from the equation here"
** (18299) Git checks inthe tent **
(18312) Norfirion: "Indeed"
(18298) Ari: (what is silver up to? has he smelled the ghoul?)
(18298) Ari: "I know its an unpleasant task, but can you ascertain if any of the other victims here have been eaten by ghouls?"
(18299) Git: "I'll get right on it." :Offers as he looks in the tent the boy came from
(18292) DM: (he's busy chasing a mosquito)
(18299) Git: "I found our ghoul." :Calls from the tent:
(18297) Vrondard: "dead dead?"
(18298) Ari: "Oh?"
** (18312) Norfirion follows Git's voice to go inspect the creature. **
(18299) Git: "Well... he don't look too active if that's what you mean."
(18297) Vrondard: "hmmm that sounds promising... still I'd stab the thing if I were you"
** (18299) Git shrugs and stabs the ghoul through the neck before strolling back out of the tent. then he goes about checking for ghoul victims quickly **
(18359) Sin (enter): 23:51
(18359) Sin (exit): 23:52
(18292) DM: The tent is a shambles.
(18292) DM: Most of the bodies are either burnt beyond recognition or scattered about the camp.
** (18312) Norfirion plunges Aeolas into the undead flesh for his own satisfaction that its dead. **
(18292) DM: However...
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
(18292) DM: ...tracks lead off in a general western direction. A LOT of tracks by the looks of it.
(18297) Vrondard: "well... this aint hard to see"
(18297) Vrondard: "a lot of feet went thataway"
(18297) Vrondard: "sorta where we are going next but not entirely...not like I really know where I"m goin"
(18299) Git: "Yup.. maybe they had bodies too." :strolls back over to check on the boy, asking Ari, "How is he?"
** (18298) Ari glances at the boy, "he seems to be resting comfortably." **
(18298) Ari: "As for following the tracks, we may have to, but not until this boy is well enough to travel.
** (18312) Norfirion gathers a few components from his pouch and takes a seat near the water. **
(18299) Git: :shakes head: "I doubt anything good as at the other end of those thracks. If they were residents they would have stayed to bury their dead."
** (18299) Git stands and looks out among the wastes **
(18297) Vrondard: "well maybe the boy will awake and we can ask some questions"
(18299) Git: "Hope so.: to vronard: "Now then..."
** (18299) Git lets his breeches drop to reveal an athletic if a bit pale body in a whit loincloth. "I'm off for a swim." He takes off head first into the water to revel in the soothing liquid **
(18292) DM: Eventually the youth wakens (but not until the following evening).
(18312) Norfirion: "I'm going to take some time to study this jewel some more. Do not disturb me unless necessary for an hour, please."
** (18312) Norfirion withdraws a mortar and pestle and crushes up what appears to be a pearl, he then pours it into a small silver goblet while stirring it with an owl feather. When he's finished he drinks the brew and begins to chant slowly as he examines the fire opal. (Casting Identify) **
** (18297) Vrondard will take watch shifts and sleep... **
** (18299) Git pester Vronard to spar with him while they have time to kill during the day **
** (18312) Norfirion stands when his divination is finished and he packs away his things then prepares for the evening's dry rations and sleep. **
** (18299) Git also sets about searching the tents for any spare food or water skins before bedding down til nightfall **
(18299) Git: :When the boy wakes up: "Congratulations, you're still alive.
(18312) Norfirion: "Hmm interesting, more prophecy it seems"
(18299) Git: :popping a piece of scavenged dried fruit into his mouth, he glances to Norf.
(18298) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [8,7,3] = (18)
** (18292) Wa'run mumbles "May Bashtet have save me, for you have delivered me from death." (bows) I am indebted to you. **
(18312) Norfirion: "This gem is the Star of Aga-Pelar. One of five such gems in a set. There is a legend associated with it, a dark legend you could say."
(18298) Ari: (oops sorry, didn't mean to hit that)
(18312) Norfirion: "When the Evil walks our land again /Will nomadic princes come to Set /His power into his first bride's hand /That good and evil are then met. Then as needs be /Five Star Gems be /To my tomb be borne hither /And a hope shall not wither /Open the gates to my Sphere of Power /And put off Evil in its appointed hour."
(18299) Git: "Dark legend of course..." :turns form Norf back to the boy, "Bashtet you say? Gorgrous cat girl godess?"
(18292) Wa'run: She is a goddess of old, and yes, a goddess of cats. (seems perplexed)
(18299) Git: :sighs: "Yeah, we've met."
(18299) Git: "Anyway..."
(18299) Git: "You feeling up to a bit of questioning?"
** (18298) Ari kneels beside the boy, " enough, he is just waking, let him be." **
** (18298) Ari offers the boy some water, "drink, but slowly." **
(18297) Vrondard: "er answering is more important me thinks"
(18292) Wa'run: Forgive me for my manners, but I am Wa'run and I pledge my service to you in return for helping me from my wounds.
** (18292) Wa'run takes the skin from Ari, staring at her, as he drinks slowly and gratefully. **
(18299) Git: "WEll you have Ari to thank for that. She patched you up nicely."
(18292) Wa'run: Your eyes....I have never seen eyes the color of the desert sky. You are very beautiful. (to Ari)
(18297) Vrondard: "and yer probably never seen a dwarf before neither"
** (18299) Git raises a brow at the boy's words, grinning a bit at the come on. "Just up from near death and already coming onto the first woman you see, I like this kid." **
(18297) Vrondard: "so get yer googly eyes a glancin and get it over wid"
(18312) Norfirion: (what time is it in game now?)
(18292) DM: (7 pm)
** (18292) Wa'run looks at Vrondard curiously. **
(18298) Ari: "Hush child, save your strength."
(18297) Vrondard: "hmmm looks like you got two love sick puppies on your hands not Ari"
(18312) Norfirion: "Are we planning to move tonight or camp here again? If so I can prepare my ritual."
(18297) Vrondard: (now)
(18292) Wa'run: I have not seen a ba'jad like you, it is true. But I have seen ba'jadi, dark as the sand beneath the ground and hot-tempered as the sun that shines above.
** (18312) Norfirion eyes Git and Ari. **
(18297) Vrondard: "hmmm dark dwarves...... they didn't have no hair on their heads did they?"
(18297) Vrondard: (((ground beneath the sand makes more sense there))
(18299) Git: :to norf: "Depends...."
(18292) Wa'run: Such ba'jadi are common kin here in our land. Hair the color of the dunes, with swords instead of a weapon such as that. (points to Vron's axe)
(18297) Vrondard: "well I aint nothing like them"
(18297) Vrondard: "arggg skinny blade bearers..."
(18297) Vrondard: "almost as bad as the pokey dokey elves"
(18298) Ari: "Vron, relax, you'll frighten the boy."
(18299) Git: "Fascinating as this, may we ask something more relevant ot our situation now?"
** (18298) Ari lays her hand on his brow, and whispers soothing words to calm him. **
** (18292) Wa'run relaxes a bit. **
(18299) Git: :to the boy, in a gentile tone: "PLease, can you tell us what happened here."
** (18298) Ari frowns at Git, but holds the boy close to her, "Please, if you can, tell us what happened." **
(18312) Norfirion: (are there any palm tree's nearby?)
(18298) Ari: (should be it is an oasis)
(18292) Wa'run: I had just returned after following my uqiya and was resting at the shrine, meditatiing, when the sky rained fire. I tried to save my father but could not, as the demon above laughed. So, I ran and hid. Later, when I returned, I found that many of those who had fallen, had arisen and walked off into the night. I crept back and in doing, fought a ghul. I would have died were you not here to save me.
(18292) Wa'run: She said that this would happen. (stares into the distance)
(18299) Git: "Maybe, but you did survive against it on your own. Quite admirable.": offers with a grin.:
(18299) Git: "She who?"
** (18298) Ari holds him even closer, "We are here for you." **
(18292) Wa'run: the goddess. My uqiya was to try to see if I could breach the pyramid. I tried and failed.
** (18312) Norfirion manipulates a wooden and string device, much like that used in puppeteering, as he chants of an incantation. (Unseen Servant) **
(18298) Ari: ((be right back))
(18299) Git: "Your godess... Bashtet?"
** (18312) Norfirion then sends the servant to retrieve several fronds from a palm tree, which he then commands the Unseen Servant to use to fan the weakened boy. **
(18292) Wa'run: I befell a trap of some sort, and fell. In my dreams, I spoke to the goddess. I did not believe, and she said that this would happen, as payment.
(18299) Git: "Payment? Payment of what?"
(18292) Wa'run: (sighs) For my unbelief. And for forgetting to pray to her before I began my uqiya.
(18299) Git: "just for that, huh? Wow... what a wench."
(18292) Wa'run: And now that I have failed my uqiya, I will not become a man. (looks away, ashamed)
(18368) Kerrie (enter): 00:33
(18299) Git: :sighs: "We'll see about finding you a nice girl later and making you a man. for now... what's to the west that the ghouls could have been heading for?"
(18297) Vrondard: "whats a uquiaya?"
(18312) Norfirion: "A test of manhood I would presume"
** (18298) Ari glances at Vrondard, "good question." **
(18312) Norfirion: "I'm sure you would be familiar with such a task"
(18312) Norfirion: "It is a common feature in many cultures, especially those male dominated"
(18292) Wa'run: To the west? There lies Bakar, and beyond, the Crypts of Al-Alisk.
(18299) Git: "Something tells me they were going to the crypts. About how many were there?"
(18298) Ari: "Crypts?"
(18292) Wa'run: Rawuna tell stories of the pyramid of Bakar, a theft-proof tomb where lies a gem as large as a babe's fist with the power to see the truth in all men. I thought I could breach the pyramid and bring away enough dinar to buy my sister's freedom.
(18364) Evil Joe (enter): 00:38
(18292) DM: (how many were what?)
(18299) Git: (how many ghouls)
(18292) Wa'run: I do not know.
(18312) Norfirion: "A gem? One of the five scattered across this land I would guess"
(18369) Gaara (enter): 00:39
(18299) Git: "Great. guess that's our next stop."
(18312) Norfirion: "What do you know young one, of the legend of the Star gems?"
(18292) Wa'run: (to Norf) I do not know the name, only that it is a gem of power. I am more interested in buying my sister's freedom.
(18312) Norfirion: "Ahhh I see"
(18298) Ari: "Buying your sister's freedom?"
(18299) Git: "You ready to reembark on your uquia. Cause, we're going to need a guide"
(18312) Norfirion: "And why and to whom is your sister enslaved?"
(18370) Gate (enter): 00:40
(18298) Ari: "Does it matter, that she is enslaved is reason enough to free her."
(18292) Wa'run: She was taken and enslaved. By outlanders (catches himself)...by those who live within the Oasis of the White Palm.
** (18298) Ari clenches her teeth, as if daring anyone to gainsay her. **
(18312) Norfirion: "Hmmm"
(18292) Wa'run: (to Git) You would do this for me? (amazed)
(18299) Git: "And you can buy her back? How much do they ask?"
(18292) Wa'run: I do not know if I can buy her back. I only want to try.
(18299) Git: "
(18292) Wa'run: If I cannot buy her back, I will kill the one who has enslaved her.
(18312) Norfirion: "If she can't be liberated by money, then it shall be by force"
** (18298) Ari turns her gaze on the others, "We must free her. One way or another." **
** (18298) Ari smiles at Norfirion for his response.

(18312) Norfirion: "As would I, I know the feeling to have lost one dear to you. I shall offer you my services as well"
(18299) Git: "Lets not go making ourselves criminals in a foreign land just yet. Boy, how far is it to where your sister is held?"
(18292) Wa'run: (seems dazed as he considers this)
(18369) Gaara (exit): 00:43
** (18298) Ari glares at Git, "Can we get into anymore trouble here than we already are?" **
(18299) Git: :replies to her with a grin: "Yes we can, believe me."
(18312) Norfirion: "The oasis seems a likely spot for the location of one of the gems as well, its only proper we help this boy regardless. We bear some degree of blame I suppose. This is the least we can do for him"
(18364) Evil Joe (exit): 00:44
(18292) Wa'run: As a camel walks (counts his fingers), twelve days, and to the north and west.
(18372) Vrondard (enter): 00:45
(18299) Git: "Twelve days? Hmmmm.... and how far to the pyramid?"
** (18298) Ari nearly laughs, "Well , we were headed in that direction anyway." **
(18312) Norfirion: "We should rest another night and prepare for our journey, if thats agreeable? I dont think it is wise to leave tonight, he could use a solid night's rest."
(18297) Vrondard (exit): 00:46
(18292) Wa'run: The Oasis is a well-known place in our lands. Al'Badia and al'Hadhari know of it. The palm that stands in the center is sacred to the gods of old.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (18372) Vrondard...
(18312) Norfirion: *another day that is, not night
(18292) Wa'run: To the place of my uqiya? Five days as the camel walks.
(18299) Git: "Alright. We hit the pyramid first, then we're off to rescue your sister. Agreed?"
(18370) Gate (exit): 00:48
(18292) Wa'run: (mouth drops open)
** (18299) Git reaches out casually and pushes the boys chin back up into place. "Now try speaking." **
** (18298) Ari frowns, preferring to free the girl first, but nods.
Not trusting her voice. **

(18312) Norfirion: "That is agreeable to me"
(18292) Wa'run: Thank you! May your wife be as fertile as the oasis of Kempra. (smiles)
** (18299) Git returns a simple nod in understanding to Ari. His eyes lower as the boy speaks up. Looking at the sand a moment, he gives a weary sigh **
(18375) Gate (enter): 00:52
(18372) Vrondard: "har and may your wife be as wet as the oasis of Kempra"
** (18312) Norfirion frowns when the word "wife" is mentioned. **
(18298) Ari: "Wife?"
(18292) Wa'run: Er....(blushes and says nothing)
(18312) Norfirion: (lol)
** (18372) Vrondard looks behind him to make sure his mother isnt there to scold him **
(18299) Git: "One more thing." :his face deadpan and tone dry: "Do you know of any other such gems of power? "
(18292) Wa'run: (thinks)
(18312) Norfirion: "I'm sure we already know those locations"
(18312) Norfirion: "I believe they were the scenes shown to me in my vision"
(18299) Git: :glancing back at Norf: "Good. Maybe he can inturpret the visions"
(18292) Wa'run: There are tales of a jewel, as clear as the sky above, that sits in a city of the dead on the shores of a sea that meets the sky. But I have never placed much stock in such tales, as fleeting as the vishap that crawl on the sands.
(18372) Vrondard: ((me is ready to move on...))
** (18299) Git begins packing up for the trip ahead and filling the waterskins he'd found around the village **
(18312) Norfirion: "A gleaming pyramid in the distant desert"
(18312) Norfirion: "An oasis in the desert, with a white date palm in its center"
(18312) Norfirion: "A temple dedicated to a dark god, but with a beacon of hope within"
(18312) Norfirion: " A sea of glass, and a necropolis at its edge"
(18312) Norfirion: "A tomb dedicated to Khalitarius, and a gleaming emerald inside a chamber of mirrors"
(18312) Norfirion: "Five locations, five gems."
(18372) Vrondard: "hmmm very annoying"
(18372) Vrondard: "they could just put em all in one place?... this be a lot of sand to be stompin"
** (18298) Ari helps Wa'run get ready to leave this place. **
** (18298) Ari also tries to explain the luggage to the boy, he's had enough of a shock for one lifetime. **
(18299) Git: "Yes Vronard, the ancients must have thought this whole thing up just to bug you. I wonder if they where ancestors of mine."
(18372) Vrondard: "hmmm"
(18292) DM: He doesn't believe you.
(18353) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 01:03
(18292) DM: (to Ari that is)
** (18299) Git begins packing up the camels. **
(18372) Vrondard: "we going to take one fo these tents?"
(18299) Git: "If you like" :to vron:
(18372) Vrondard: "going to need something to stay out of the sun... what else do we need boy?"
(18372) Vrondard: "he probably knows what we need to survive than anybody"
(18377) Norfirion (enter): 01:04
(18298) Ari: "Taking a tent is a good idea, is there a relatively clean one?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (18377) Norfirion...
(18292) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(18312) Norfirion' from room...
(18312) Norfirion (exit): 01:05
(18372) Vrondard: "well lets pick the ones that dont stink and dont have holes and aint a mile around"
** (18372) Vrondard will do just that... **
** (18377) Norfirion has his Unseen Servant tidy up the tent before Vrondard packs it up. **
(18292) DM: (ok, travelling time)
(18372) Vrondard: ((pack up a slog full of water, etc.))
(18299) Git: (alas.. we have no slog)
(18292) DM: You spot the pyramid midway through the night. At first you think that perhaps the pyramid isn't as far as Wa'run mentioned...but this is quickly dispelled when you realize that the pyramid is MASSIVE.
(18377) Norfirion: (yes)
** (18377) Norfirion glances to the night sky trying to note any similarities between the locales and the stars alignment. **
(18292) DM: And when dawn breaks, you seem as if you are no closer to your goal than when you set out from the oasis. However, the pyramid looms before you on the horizon, and seems to gleam like a polished gem.
(18378) Kha (enter): 01:12
(18299) Git: "Who would build something so rediculously huge?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (18378) Kha...
(18292) DM: (pls bring DJ up to speed)
(18372) Vrondard: "I sorta like it"
(18298) Ari: "Well, I for one need to rest, shall we make camp, I have no intention of traveling during the day."
(18377) Norfirion: "Indeed, its sheer size is awe inspiring"
** (18299) Git helps bust out the tent for the day. **
** (18377) Norfirion assists Git in setting up the tent and scurries inside once its up. **
** (18372) Vrondard will enjoy avoiding the sun and heat **
(18298) Ari: (brb)
** (18299) Git collapses into the shade of the tent, stripping down his breeches again to relax. "Aahhhh... better." **
** (18378) Kha goes off and practices his fighting while the others sleep **
(18299) Git: *down to his breeches rather
(18292) DM: (fast forwarding)
(18299) Git: :seeing Kha training, Git moves over to inquire, "Mind if I spar a bit with ya?"
** (18378) Kha nods and spars with Git till he goes to rest from the heat but continues himself till three hours before sundown **
** (18298) Ari smiles ruefully as Kha & Git spar, then settles down to her meditation. **
** (18372) Vrondard checks his corner for scorpions and snoozes **
(18292) DM: Night falls, and you emerge from your tents. In the distance, a figure approaches your camp.
(18377) Norfirion: "Kha, may I see the map? I want to see if i can draw any connection between these locales and the stars, perhaps they are related"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [9,7] = (16)
** (18298) Ari touches Git on the shoulder, "Who do you suppose that could be?" **
** (18377) Norfirion stands atop the sand gazing at the oncoming figure. **
** (18378) Kha unrolls the map and hands it to Norf then gets up to greet the person aproching **
(18372) Vrondard: "well ask him"
** (18299) Git watches the figure approach, as he gets back into his leather preparing for the trip ahead. **
** (18378) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
(18299) Git: "There's a strange one." :to Norf: "Hey.... what doesn't cast a shadow?"
** (18298) Ari stand back, her trust issues have just blossomed out of porportion. **
** (18298) Ari readies her bow. **
(18377) Norfirion: "Another shadow?" *smirks jokingly*
** (18298) Ari sees nothing to laugh at **
(18292) DM: The figure continues to approach you, heedless of Ari's bow.
(18299) Git: "Right... Kha any better ideas?"
(18292) DM: It's a man, in elaborate robes and a golden headdress.
** (18378) Kha waits paitently for the person to aproch **
(18375) Gate (exit): 01:25
** (18292) Amunhotep comes to a stop in front of Kha. **
** (18378) Kha turns to Git, "anything in the darkness casts no shadow" **
(18298) Ari: (my aren't you the trusting soul.)
** (18299) Git keeps a dagger to the ready behind his back **
(18372) Vrondard: ((hmm who said they wanted their mummy?))
(18292) Amunhotep: I am Amunhotep, son of Akhenhotep, of the house of Mo-Pelar. These rags you see are but my shadow which has walked, lo, these lands for time uncounted, in search of mighty men of valor, to plead their aid.
** (18378) Kha nods tword the man, "How are you?" **
(18292) Amunhotep: In my time, was I Pharoah of this land before you. It was a green and beautiful land, blessed by the gods of heaven westward, with a wondrous spring that gave life to the land and nurtured our crops. Yet robbers did raid the tombs of my forefathers and take from them tokens of their passage into the lands of the dead, thus keeping them from their reward after their life. I swore at all costs that I would not fall prey to their evil deeds.
(18292) Amunhotep: So it was that I made mighty and terrible war upon my neighbor lands. I plundered their wealth for my own passage. I entered into contract with a mighty and powerful wizard who did work a wonder and, upon sweat and blood of my people did I build a theft-proof tomb.
(18292) Amunhotep: My people turned against me with bitter hatred. I not only robbed our borderlands, but did tax and plunder my own people and take from them their wealth. They rose up in anger, demanding their gold and precious gems. Their lives and freedom were for naught. I cursed them, saying,

"By my ruling staff and the Star Gem of Mo-Pelar, I cuse you. Threaten not my life, or by these implements of my power and the holy name of Osiris, will the stopping of my heart also stop the spring of Athis from her life-giving flow. If the river stops, so shall your land wither in the wilderness. This do I swear by Osiris' holy name and these implements."

(18377) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(18298) Ari: "This does not sound like our line of work."
(18292) Amunhotep: From a sea of upraised fists before me rose one with a spear. The shaft sped through the darkness and so that night, did the spring of Athis stop its flow.

In death, my spirit gleefully approached my pyramid, but the god stopped me from entering the tomb, for said he, 'Your monument to life was to be the benefit you brought to the people under your stewardship, not this edifice of stone. As you looked only to your death in life, so shall you look only to your life in death. But I am bound to fulfill your curse, for you have called it down with power in my name. But I do curse you, Amunhotepm that you shall not enter this tomb where are the implements of your voyage to heaven westward, until some mortal soul does despoil this place, taking with him your staff of ruling and the Star Gem of Mo-Pelar from your theft-proof tomb.'

(18292) Amunhotep: I have even talked with the wind in hopes of help. Uncounted seasons have passed and my kingdom is not now to be seen in these desert lands, save for my tomb which stands now as then. Many have tried, and none have succeeded. My wealth is yours if you cna undo this curse. Remove both my staff of ruling and the Star Gem from my tomb that you may have wealth and release me. Follow my path to weal or woe, to destiny or doom.
(18299) Git: :plainly: "Alright..."
(18298) Ari: "Oh, (insert curse here) might as well, we can use the treasure to free the boy's sister.
(18298) Ari: "
(18381) Rainur Swiftblade (enter): 01:30
(18378) Kha: 'If your own god saw fit to curse you I see no reason to undo the curse."
(18378) Kha: "But we are looking for the Star Gems anyways. We may take that and leave the rod to sustain your curse."
** (18378) Kha smirks **
** (18377) Norfirion stands silent and gazes at the figure. "Indeed we shall have it, and your tomb shall prove theft-proof no more." **
(18299) Git: "When you say theft proof- you mean what exactly?"
** (18377) Norfirion withdraws the Star Gem of Aga-Pelar. "The Mo-Pelar shall be in my grasp soon, and you will be free" **
(18378) Kha: "Your tomb is the pyramid we are heading to then?"
** (18378) Kha looks at norf a bit strangely **
(18292) Amunhotep: (to Git) My tomb is a theft-proof tomb. There is one among you who knows of that I speak.
(18299) Git: "Yeah, the boy. But he hardly strikes me as a masterful tomb raider."
** (18378) Kha looks at the others then ponders a moment to consider his knowlage of tombs **
** (18298) Ari turns to the lad, ignoring the ghost. "We are here for you, are you okay?" **
(18292) Amunhotep: If you are those of which the god has spoken, then my tomb shall but be a trinket among treasure.
(18372) Vrondard: "what about beg proof? Git here can go and beg for the gem instead..."
** (18377) Norfirion can't help but release a small chuckle. **
** (18292) Wa'run says nothing although he's sweating. **
(18299) Git: "Gods do tend to say nice things about me. Why..? I have no idea.
(18368) Kerrie (exit): 01:36
(18342) Elegard (enter): 01:36
(18378) Kha: "I belive the agent of Ra called you stuborn Git, not all that nice"
(18382) Zach (enter): 01:37
(18382) Zach (exit): 01:37
(18299) Git: "But we'll save begging for plan B. A theft proof tomb... that sounds like a proffessional challenge."
(18299) Git: "And stubborn can be good."
(18342) Elegard (exit): 01:37
(18372) Vrondard: "well I'm inclined to believe him"
(18378) Kha: "True enough. So we were already headed to this cursed mans tomb to get what he wants us to take so lets keep going and not waste the night."
(18378) Kha: "He can explain all about his tomb on the way there"
** (18299) Git sets about packing up the tent and supplies **
** (18378) Kha turns to the man in robes "You will do that wont you?" **
** (18378) Kha packs his few things and waits for the others to finish before starting out **
(18292) Amunhotep: I have done my duty to the god. I leave it to you to determine your fate.
** (18377) Norfirion looks to Wa'run. "Young lad, is there anything you can tell me about your people's belief's in the night sky?" **
(18377) Norfirion: "Any particular five that are most venerated perhaps?"
(18377) Norfirion: "Stars, that is"
(18377) Norfirion: "Or whatever it is you refer to them as" *pointing to the sky*
** (18378) Kha turns to Amunhotep "So thats a no, you wont be explaining all about your tomb?" **
** (18292) Wa'run just looks at Norfirion **
(18377) Norfirion: "Hmmm"
(18377) Norfirion: "Nevermind"
** (18378) Kha points into the night sky "This is pointing to the sky" **
** (18378) Kha tries not to laugh **
** (18378) Kha sets off tword the pyramid as soon as the others have their things packed **
(18299) Git: (We're off to see the Pyramid... the Huge-ass Pyramid of Ra...)
(18377) Norfirion: "This place is linked in location by the constelation, Its likely the others are as well. If I could find the corresponding stars or constelations of the other gem locations, I could pinpoint their locations better and provide us a quicker route to them perhaps"
(18292) DM: (fading folks. sorry to cut things off, but 15 minute warning.)
** (18372) Vrondard is game **
(18378) Kha: ((Ok))
** (18377) Norfirion follows along. **
(18378) Kha: "Well I knw the fastes route to the pyramid, then the Oasis with the white palm. I have not found any of the others yet but I am sure I can"
(18377) Norfirion: "Yes I'm sure you'll have fun setting off the plethora of traps inside this place"
(18377) Norfirion: "Maybe you will even find a ceiling to collapse on yourself while we're here"
(18299) Git: "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll all find happy little traps to destruct ourselves with"
** (18378) Kha continues walking **
(18378) Kha: "I am not the one who set the effriti free, I was woking on a way to get us out while leaving him alone"
(18377) Norfirion: "Yes you did a nice job of it"
** (18298) Ari keeps walking as well. (though 00C I am beat) **
(18299) Git: "Of course. Forgive us for dragging you down to our level."
(18372) Vrondard: "I was hoping there would be some other way to get what we want... but we can try the hard way"
(18292) DM: (ok, might as well stop here then b/c I can't continue)

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