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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(13797) DM: When last we left off, you were in the midst of being transported by Basht's spell, when the spell was interrupted by a mysterious force, and your surroundings are not what you expected. Also, Basht is not here.
** (13800) Ari shakes her head no **
** (13792) Kha looks around **
(13799) Git: (oh... didn't know it was interrupted, thought is was supposed to feel like that)
(13797) DM: You are inside a room shrouded in total darkness save for moonlight coming from a crack in the ceiling. You're atop a mound of sand. A LARGE mound of sand. And it's quite warm in here.
** (13792) Kha takes off his pack and starts striping out of his winter cloathing **
(13788) Vrondard: "hmmm fell magic fer sure... what I git fer agreeing to this buggering deal"
(13797) DM: The room seems tilted to the southwest, on a twenty degree angle.
(13804) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(13797) DM: The crack in the ceiling is about 15' above you. The ceiling is curved and appears to be a dome of some kind. Stone doors can be seen to the north.
(13797) DM: It's nighttime as you can see, the light of the sapphire moon shines through the crack.
** (13792) Kha gets his regular clothing out of his pack and shakes it out before doning it **
** (13800) Ari pokes at the edge of the sand with her toe, "Anyone have a guess as to where we are, or what might be under this?" **
** (13788) Vrondard looks about for any threats... **
** (13799) Git gets out a golden rod from his pack and a tindertwig from his pocket. Lighting up the sunrod he moves to investigate the walls for markings or such **
(13788) Vrondard: "were in a buildin... on a pile o' sand"
(13799) Git: "My guess... a desert ... and the floor"
(13792) Kha: "Wow it is much hotter here, even though it is nite. And judging by the sane I would guess we are in a desert"
** (13800) Ari readies her bow wondering what might come out of the pile of sand. **
(13799) Git: (how high does the sand mound rise and how much wall does it seem to cover?)
** (13792) Kha after packing his old winter cloathing away he begins to search the room **
(13788) Vrondard: ((we in room #1?))
(13797) DM: (15')
** (13800) Ari tosses her cloak to the luggage, who deftly snaps it up. **
(13797) DM: (center of the chamber)
(13797) DM: (yes)
(13788) Vrondard: "well we got a door here"
(13797) TaliesinNYC: 1: A rubble strewn platform with leaning pillars supports a crumbling roof. Stained bronze double doors stand closed at the back of the platform.
** (13804) Norfirion descends to the floor and shakes himself off. **
(13788) Vrondard: "see how to get outa here?"
** (13795) Agatha takes off her coat, revealing the worn chainmail shirt beneath. **
(13792) Kha: "The door might be a good guess there Vrondard"
(13795) Agatha: "Damned stuffy in here."
** (13788) Vrondard approaches the door **
(13795) Agatha: "Be careful it ain't trapped.
** (13792) Kha after circumnavigating the room once he moves to the brass doors and tries to open them **
(13799) Git: (nothing on the walls, right?)
** (13804) Norfirion grabs the long tassle of his silver hair hanging nearly to the floor and rolls it up under his robe as he raises the hood over his head. **
(13797) DM: (correct)
(13804) Norfirion: "Better to be hot than burned to a husk."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
** (13800) Ari watches as Kha tries to open the doors. **
** (13799) Git strips off his burned over shirt, tossing it to the sand as he walks along. Glancing at Norf's long hair with curiosity before asking kha. "Is it open?" **
(13797) DM: As Kha attempts to open the door, a withered hand suddenly shoots out of the sand below and attempts to drag his leg under... (init)
(13800) Ari: Initiative:[1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
(13792) Kha: [1d20+7] -> [14,7] = (21)
(13795) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17)
(13799) Git: [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21)
(13792) Kha: "What the"
(13788) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17)
(13795) Agatha: "What the hell is that?"
(13799) Git: "Is that a no?" As he quirks a brow at the hands:
(13804) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [13,7] = (20)
(13800) Ari: "I had a nasty feeling about that sand."
(13797) DM: (AC 9, miss) The hand seems withered and covered with gray, brittle skin. Another hand appears, as the sand falls away to reveal a creature about 6' tall, man sized with peeling, dessicated yet iron hard skin and razor sharp talons. Soulless eyes stare back at you as it lunges at you...
(13804) Norfirion: "More abominations..destroy them!"
(13797) DM: (23, Ari)
** (13800) Ari mutters an ancient druidic curse as she takes aim. **
(13795) Agatha: "So that's a zombie? Don't look like much."
(13800) Ari: Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [6,0] = (6)
(13797) DM: (hit)
(13797) DM: Your arrow lodges itself in its heart, yet it seems to not deter the creature...
(13797) DM: (21, Kha)
** (13792) Kha takes a step back **
** (13792) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
** (13792) Kha is suddenly holding a short spear engulfed in flames **
(13797) DM: (21, Git)
(13795) Agatha: "Well that's different."
** (13799) Git pulls a dagger from his back and casually chucks it monsterward **
(13799) Git: Dagger(thrown) Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [10,5] = (15)===> DMG: [1d4-2] -> [4,-2] = (2)
(13799) Git: (doh... forgot about that stupid str damage)
(13792) Kha: ((That was fixed wasnt it?))
(13797) DM: (add that)
(13799) Git: (it's added in the roll. just forgot I had it)
(13797) DM: (k)
(13821) Zane (enter): 22:15
(13797) DM: The dagger lands in its torso, causing it to pause momentarily, yet it still continues forward, hands outstretched for Kha's throat.
(13797) DM: (17, Ag)
(13799) Git: "I don't know much about zombies. Do they always just stand there and let ya shoot at em?"
(13800) Ari: "Only till they tear you apart."
(13797) DM: (oops)
(13797) DM: (20 Norf)
(13795) Agatha: "Dunno. Let's see what an axe does to them."
** (13804) Norfirion extends his right hand utters off two quick incantations. Two ghostly darts of moonlight streak from his hand striking the zombie squarely in the chest. (Magic Missile [2d4+2] -> [3,1,2] = (6)) **
(13822) Nightcat (enter): 22:18
(13804) Norfirion: Actually that should be an additional missile so add [1d4+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(13822) Nightcat (exit): 22:19
(13797) DM: It pauses, almost flinching as each dart strikes it.
(13797) DM: (seriously wounded)
(13797) DM: (17, Ag)
** (13788) Vrondard goes forward and chops at a nearby creature (also go @ 17) **
(13788) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+5+4+1+1] -> [13,5,4,1,1] = (24) Critical on Natural 20
(13788) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [9,4,1] = (14) damage
(13797) DM: (k)
(13797) DM: (critical)
(13797) DM: (Ag?)
(13827) kirkland (enter): 22:22
** (13795) Agatha runs up and slices at the creature with a grunt. **
(13795) Agatha: [1d20+11] -> [17,11] = (28)
(13795) Agatha: [1d12+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
(13797) DM: The creaturre shivers for a moment, then falls soundlessly to the ground, crumbling to dust as it does so.
** (13792) Kha looks down at the creature **
** (13800) Ari sighs in relief, hoping no others jump out of the sand. **
(13799) Git: "Do zombies always disintigrate?" :asks as he goes to retrieve his dagger:
(13795) Agatha: "Hmph. That wasn't so tough."
(13788) Vrondard: "nope"
(13788) Vrondard: "not too tough at all"
** (13800) Ari shrugs, "I don't know." and retrieves her arrow. **
(13804) Norfirion: "For what it matters, I've surmised we have to be in Zayal someplace."
** (13799) Git sighs, moving to checks the door before anymore surprises (search for traps/lock) **
(13799) Git: "Never been to zayal. What language they speak here?"
(13804) Norfirion: "I have no idea Git"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [4,16] = (20)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [5,16] = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [11,16] = (27)
whispering to Git, There doesn't seem to be any traps
(13788) Vrondard: "well lets see what is yonder"
whispering to Git, At your touch, the door opens.
(13804) Norfirion: "Perhaps they don't at all."
(13792) Kha: "What ever language it is I will be able to understand them, though I doubt I will be able to comunicate back"
** (13799) Git pushes(?) open the doors, a dagger in hand as he stick to the back on one side to avoid any on coming assault **
(13804) Norfirion: "I have a spell for doing so as well, I dont think it will be a problem like Kha said."
(13795) Agatha: "I've a better question. Where's Zayal and why do they keep zombies around?"
(13800) Ari: "Its all academic if we never leave this room."
whispering to Git, you see that.
(13804) Norfirion: "Mostly I've heard a variant of common, but there are many unique languages to these parts. It's pedominantly human, but there are even stranger native inhabitants. Genies lords, powerful spirits, and the catlike Khajit people."
(13830) Noname (enter): 22:30
** (13795) Agatha smiles. "Agreed." **
** (13800) Ari takes a position behind Git bow ready. **
(13792) Kha: "It is in Northwest Telluria, part of the Mel'Cendia Empire"
(13799) Git: "Catlike... Basth's people then?"
(13804) Norfirion: "Elf, dwarf, and other demihumans are looked upon with curiosity, or so I've read"
(13830) Noname (exit): 22:31
** (13804) Norfirion nods to Kha. "He is correct" **
(13788) Vrondard: "hmm always wanted to be a curiosity"
(13800) Ari: "then travel with the luggage."
** (13799) Git steps in to the next room looking about and listening for anything peculiar **
(13797) TaliesinNYC: 2: The slanted floor of the dark 20' square entry leans to the south. Before you, two golden doors, bright and shining, gleam in the torchlight. The doors have no handles but or fixtures but are covered with strange writings. To the north and south, 5' wide passages lead off into the darkness.
(13804) Norfirion: "It lies in a large valley between two mountain ranges, the Mel'Cendia empire borders the western range, and the Thendrian league borders north"
** (13804) Norfirion approaches the doors and attempts to read them. **
(13792) Kha: "Thats actualy kind of convienyent. I needed to come up here to visit Mel Nethra, though It is not in this desert."
(13788) Vrondard: "more doors or down here or here?"
(13792) Kha: "Oneiros, Lord Shaper, I call apon your aspect Epithumia to grant that which I desire."
** (13792) Kha 'copper coin is suddenly glowing **
(13799) Git: :shrugs to vronard: "Or we could go back and dig in the sanf for buried goodies"
** (13792) Kha examins the golden doors closly attempting to read them **
(13792) Kha: "Or burried people as the case may be there Git"
(13788) Vrondard: "har that there might be"
(13800) Ari: "So does anyone know what is written on those doors?
** (13804) Norfirion continues to examine the door's writing, turning out the others chatting. **
(13800) Ari: "
(13799) Git: "Possibly. And who knows what they were carrying. Maybe a map." :moves up to give his own shot at the scriptures on the door
(13792) Kha: "I am trying to read it Ari"
(13788) Vrondard: "but I aint goin to be diggin in this heat"
(13804) Norfirion: "Do not disturb the vanquished one. He is the treasure that must be kept."
(13792) Kha: "If you are complaining about the heat now, wait till it is daylight out"
(13804) Norfirion: "Hmmm perhaps a tomb of some sort?"
(13795) Agatha: "That would explain the zombie."
(13788) Vrondard: "hmmm perhaps we shouldn't go in... sorta tomb"
(13833) Jack (enter): 22:37
(13831) theStick (enter): 22:37
(13804) Norfirion: "Well it seem's we're here for a reason. Why hold back now?"
(13800) Ari: "I'm not much for tombraiding."
(13799) Git: "Too bad.. that seems to be our goal."
(13800) Ari: "Isn't there also some warning about what dire consequence will come of disturbing he must not be disturbed"
** (13792) Kha stops looking at the doors and starts off down the right passage way **
(13800) Ari: (he who must not*)
(13804) Norfirion: "When has that ever stopped us?"
(13788) Vrondard: "hmmm well you go first Git"
(13799) Git: "I dunno. Like I said. Don't know much about undead"
** (13804) Norfirion shrugs and laughs and walks away from the door. **
(13799) Git: "Can you read it Norf?"
(13795) Agatha: "Aye, that's more Sarrim's cup 'o tea."
(13800) Ari: "true, but I'd like to know what we'd be running up against for a change. I never really liked surprises."
(13797) DM: Kha heads to the north.
(13804) Norfirion: "Not exactly, but I was able decipher it somewhat with my understanding of script."
(13804) Norfirion: "It only says what I said earlier."
(13804) Norfirion: "Do not disturb the vanquished one. He is the treasure that must be kept."
(13797) DM: (Kha's providing light but how are the rest of you seeing?)
(13799) Git: (I lit a sunrod)
(13797) DM: (k)
(13804) Norfirion: (Torch)
(13792) Kha: ((Especialy since I just wandered off =P))
(13799) Git: "I have no idea what that means." :shrugs and heads off north after Kha, before he wanders too far:
(13798) Jack (exit): 22:41
(13788) Vrondard: (dwarf)
** (13800) Ari follows Git and Kha. **
** (13804) Norfirion follows as well. **
** (13795) Agatha takes up the rear. **
(13797) DM: The passageway comes to a dead end. On one side of the corridor is a stone arch, through which you can see a circular chamber, filled with sand.
** (13788) Vrondard follows the group **
** (13800) Ari whispers "more zombies?" **
(13788) Vrondard: "hmmm more deathpit sand"
(13799) Git: "Probably."
** (13792) Kha goine into the circular chambe and looks around, an up to see if there is a way out **
(13795) Agatha: "Don't suppose any of you mages have a way of sensing them?"
(13788) Vrondard: "just go and stand in the sand... be detectin em right quick"
** (13792) Kha comes back out **
(13792) Kha: "Nothing in there"
** (13792) Kha stars off back to the room with golden doors **
** (13799) Git follows after Kha, yawning in weariness **
** (13800) Ari follows the others once again. **
** (13792) Kha head off down the southern hall now **
** (13804) Norfirion continues following silently **
** (13788) Vrondard keeps everyone in sight... but keeps the rear in case things start following them **
(13800) Ari: (brb promise)
** (13792) Kha hold his light up high examining the walls as he walks down the hall to see if there is any writing on them **
(13797) DM: The corridor ends in a pile of sand at its rear. On one side, as in the other corridor, is a stone archway through which you can see a circular chamber. The pile of sand at the end of the corridor blocks a stone door that stands closed.
(13800) Ari: ((sorry))
(13799) Git: (how high is the sand in the hall?)
** (13792) Kha goes into the circular chambe and looks around, an up to see if there is a way out **
(13842) The Grand Slayer of Rats (enter): 22:52
(13842) The Grand Slayer of Rats (exit): 22:52
(13797) DM: (10')
** (13792) Kha exits the chamber and goes to the stone door and examins it to see how long it would take to dig it out **
(13799) Git: "I have a bad feeling about that sand. Aggy.. would ya mind chopping at it a bit to deter anything that may hop out?"
(13804) Norfirion: "Might not be a bad idea."
** (13804) Norfirion pokes the pile of sand with his staff. **
(13788) Vrondard: "hm let me go"
(13792) Kha: "That would just dull her axe"
** (13795) Agatha throws Git and Norf a look. **
(13795) Agatha: "So much for gentleman conduct.
(13788) Vrondard: "aggies good fer hitting... and gettin hit"
** (13788) Vrondard aproaches the sand... shield ahead of him in a cautious manner **
(13799) Git: :shrugs to aggy: "What? Ladies first.. right?"
** (13795) Agatha sighs. "Alright. Keep yer bows tight." **
(13800) Ari: "I think that's about getting off a sinking ship."
** (13800) Ari grips her bow tighter. **
(13792) Kha: ((I am on the sand blocking the door BTW))
(13797) TaliesinNYC: 5: The leaning corridor ends with sand obstructing the entire halll. A partially blocked door lies half buried under the sand on the S side of the corridor.
(13799) Git: "Oh... sinking ship.. sinking sand. Shall I go instead then?"
(13800) Ari: "Sure, we'll cover your rear."
** (13795) Agatha cautiously approaches the sand and slices at it with her axe. **
** (13792) Kha hops up as Agatha starts swining in his general area **
(13795) Agatha: "Y'know I'm only doing this 'cause you nearly died twice in the same day."
(13792) Kha: "Hey watch it I am standing here"
(13795) Agatha: "Well keep clear, then."
(13799) Git: "I appreaciate it luv, really." :watches the sand, for a reaction, dagger ready to launch:
(13792) Kha: "This will only take an hour to unbury, lets start working, two at a time for fifteen minutes each, it will make it go faster"
(13795) Agatha: "It ain't hard to step back."
** (13792) Kha climbs down from the sand and starts scooping sand out of the way **
(13788) Vrondard: "alrighty..." he uses his shield too scoop
** (13800) Ari hesitates a moment then unstrings her bow to help clear the sand, thinking, 'if 7 maids with 7 mops swept it up for half a year, do you suppose that they could get it clear?' **
(13799) Git: "Dunno. Mops aren't very useful with sand"
** (13792) Kha sees Vrondard use his shield and takes off his Buckler and starts doing the same with it **
** (13804) Norfirion reaches into his pouch and pulls out 2 small slender pieces of wood attached with string which he manipulates like a puppet as he invokes the name of the unseen servant, then speaks several words of magic. Soon there is an unseen hand helping to remove the sand. **
(13795) Agatha: "All this sand had better not dull my blade."
** (13792) Kha continues forking for fifteen minutes then offers his buckler to someone and steps back to make room **
(13788) Vrondard: "oh fer shur it will laddie... not a proper way to treat yer axe"
** (13799) Git takes the buckler, moving in for his turn **
(13799) Git: (brb
(13800) Ari: "Silver, get in here and help."
** (13795) Agatha looks curiously at the sand scooping itself. "Hunh? Oh, that trick again. Norfirion, would you mind telling me next time you do that?" **
(13795) Agatha: "Being in a tomb is jumpy enough without having to worry about ghosts."
(13804) Norfirion: "I figured the chanting and such would have given it away..."
(13792) Kha: "If it was helping us I wouldnt worry about it Ghost or not"
** (13797) Silver whuffs, tongue lolling as he paws at the sand. **
** (13804) Norfirion goes and takes a seat while the others scoop along with the unseen servant. He then unsheeths the tear dagger and begins to inspect it. (Casting Identify on it) **
** (13799) Git whistles along an old fhaardi tune as he works **
(13795) Agatha: "I can never understand that hocus-pocus you go through. I half-expect to be blown up everytime you start up with it."
(13848) spectator (enter): 23:07
** (13804) Norfirion doesnt reply to Agatha's comment as he examines the dagger. **
(13788) Vrondard: "fer sure"
(13848) spectator (exit): 23:07
** (13788) Vrondard stops digging to get away from the magic flinging sand **
(13804) Norfirion: "Aeolas, that's its name. Its blade is sharper in elven hands, and is even sharper against the undead."
(13799) Git: :glancing to vronard, breathing a bit harder from the exertion, "What? afraid of a little sand?"
(13804) Norfirion: "And it also appears to be able to open the gate of Alindal-en"
** (13800) Ari continues moving sand, "handy thing that. huh?" **
(13804) Norfirion: "I may have to put it to use then in this place."
(13804) Norfirion: "Or do you think you could use it better Aragit?"
(13788) Vrondard: "I aint standin toe to toe with that magic thingy"
(13788) Vrondard: "not if I can help it"
(13799) Git: "Well... I am probably better than you with a blade. but... I am only half blooded. It may thing me a foul thing and hold back on me."
** (13804) Norfirion chuckles at the dwarf's antics. **
** (13792) Kha stands up after his fifteen minutes of rest and taps Git on the sholder "It's been fifteen minutes I'll take over again" **
(13804) Norfirion: "Hmm perhaps...I felt I should ask anyways. We're all a team here"
(13799) Git: "Gladly" :hands back the buckler and takes a seat, looking a bit ragged:
(13795) Agatha: "Aye, and I don't think it's the best idea for Git to go dancing with our enemies that close."
** (13792) Kha diggs in with renewed viggor **
(13795) Agatha: "Considering how often he gets cut up."
(13804) Norfirion: "Haha unfortunately so..." *nudges Git*
(13792) Kha: "Cut up is better then blown up, wouldnt you say Git"
** (13799) Git turns a glare back at Norf for the nudge. Then just shrugs and gives a nod and grin **
** (13800) Ari takes a break, and pulls a wateskin and bowl out of the luggage, pouring some water in the bowl for Silver, she takes a sip then holds out the skin, "Water anyone?" **
(13799) Git: "I'd have to agree there. You get too many burns in funny places
** (13792) Kha starts laughing **
** (13792) Kha stops digging at then mention of water **
(13845) No Name (enter): 23:14
(13845) No Name (exit): 23:14
(13804) Norfirion: "Yes, thank you."
** (13804) Norfirion drinks from Ari's waterskin. **
(13792) Kha: "I have no water, and dont require it, but you all may wish to ration it since we are in a desert and it may be a long time before we find water"
(13804) Norfirion: "Ari should be able to create water if I'm not mistaken on druidic magic"
(13792) Kha: "I can as well, but only two gallons a day"
** (13792) Kha starts digging again **
** (13788) Vrondard will dig when the strange magic ceases **
(13792) Kha: "Just a thought"
** (13795) Agatha takes a mouthful from her own waterskin. **
(13795) Agatha: "Well, best not to be thinking to much about. It'll only make you more thirsty."
(13795) Agatha: too much about it*
** (13792) Kha after twenty minuts have passed he steps back and looks at it to see how close to done they are **
(13797) DM: (almost done)
** (13792) Kha hands the buckler to Git **
** (13799) Git steps up for his turn again **
** (13792) Kha sits down and wipes his brow on his sleaves **
(13797) DM: The door is flush with the wall, almost as if it was intentionally well-sealed.
** (13792) Kha gets his buckler back and straps it back on **
(13799) Git: As the door gets cleared, Git goes to work searching for traps or locks
(13804) Norfirion: "You'll be there all day dwarf if you're waiting for my spell to expire"
(13795) Agatha: "Hmm. It looks like someone went through a lot of trouble to keep folks away from whatever's behind that door."
(13795) Agatha: "Do you suppose those gold doors were a decoy and this is where the real body is?"
(13788) Vrondard: "thats fine... I aint goin to be dying anytime soon"
(13804) Norfirion: "Yes and they also went through a lot of trouble to teleport us here as well..."
(13792) Kha: "I doubt that, maybe this is one of the Vanquished ones faollowers though"
** (13800) Ari returns to moving sand. **
(13804) Norfirion: "We'll soon find out."
(13792) Kha: ((Sands all cleared now Ari =P))
(13804) Norfirion: "I can open the door when you're finish Git with my spell if you want."
(13855) Dungeon Master (enter): 23:23
(13800) Ari: ((moving sand from place to place, gets monotonous, I didn't realize we were done.))
(13855) Dungeon Master (exit): 23:24
(13799) Git: "Nah... hold the spell until we need it. We may have to escape through a locked door later or something and I won't have time to work it. Who knows?"
(13800) Ari: ((now I can't get the Walrus & the Carpenter out of my head))
(13792) Kha: ((Start digging though the sand untill you find a single grain that is the color red I want =P ))
** (13800) Ari picks up the empty bowl and tosses it back to the luggage. **
(13797) DM: Eventually you manage to unearth the door.
(13804) Norfirion: "It runs continuously for several hours" *to Git about the spell* "so we can use it whenever you need. Let me know"
** (13799) Git checks door for traps/locks once uncovered(as previously stated) **
(13800) Ari: ((now I do need water))
(13788) Vrondard: "alright.. lets be tight here"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [11,16] = (27),[1d20+16] -> [17,16] = (33),[1d20+16] -> [15,16] = (31)
(13799) Git: "Might wanna use it on the big gold doors then. Since I got no idea how to open em"
whispering to Git, doesn't seem to be any traps, no noise, and you unlock it easily enough.
(13804) Norfirion: "It is probably too large for them to open, they can't exert a very large amount of effort"
** (13799) Git fiddles with the lock a moment, before stepping back, "Open sesame. Enter at your leisure." **
(13792) Kha: "I wouldnt open those Gold doors unless we have to"
** (13792) Kha steps up and opens the door **
(13804) Norfirion: "Which will probably happen sadly"
(13797) TaliesinNYC: 6: A 20' wide by 30' long slanting room ends on the west with ash and sand filling the entire end of the hall. The walls here are lined with racks of bone scroll cases. A statue lies broken on the floor to the east. A carved tablet that it once held lies next to it, the upper and lower portions shattered.
(13792) Kha: "No the roof in the first room was falling down, we could probably climb out that way
** (13800) Ari sighs, "We all know that we have to eventually." **
(13800) Ari: "Or we wouldn't be here in the first place."
** (13792) Kha goes in and looks at the tablet to see if any of it is still readable **
** (13804) Norfirion goes to examine the scrolls seeing Kha looking over the tablet. **
(13792) Kha: "Didnt you feel anything strange about the magic, other then the normal strangeness of magic. Something brought us here other then Brasht"
** (13799) Git moves to inspect the statue, trying to determine its former likeness **
** (13804) Norfirion chants softly and closes his eyes as he traces invisible words of magic over his eyes (Detect Magic, scanning the whole chamber). **
** (13788) Vrondard stays at the doorway... not liking this business at all **
whispering to Git, a bird headed man.
whispering to Norfirion, nothing out of the ordinary.
(13799) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
(13800) Ari: "Yes, and whatever that something was, most likely wants us in the room with the gold doors."
** (13795) Agatha enters behind the others. **
(13804) Norfirion: "Nothing magical that I can sense."
(13800) Ari: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11)
(13795) Agatha: "Well, that's a small relief."
(13799) Git: "Hey.... uh... you said there are cat people around here, right? what about bird people?" :Pointing out the statue remains
(13804) Norfirion: "Git, can you check this scroll rack for any traps before i remove one?"
whispering to Ari, check for what?
** (13799) Git nods to the elf and moves to check the racks. "maybe its a written historiola" **
** (13792) Kha nods then stands up from examining the Tablet **
(13792) Kha: "It says how to open the doors"
** (13792) Kha starts lookinig at the scroll cases **
** (13800) Ari looks up with interest. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!6]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [9,16] = (25)
(13799) Git: :to kha, as he searches the rack: "If the words sacrifice or challenge are in that tablet, forget it"
(13800) Ari: "Other than how to open the doors, does it say what we might face on the other side?"
(13792) Kha: "They arnt, but it speacks of Greatest of all somethings, the word was missing"
(13799) Git: "It looks clear." Git shrugs as Kha moves to the rack even before he finishes. The half-elf strolls off to kick among the sand and ash for raised mounds
** (13792) Kha opens the first scrollcast he finds that seems like it has something in it **
(13795) Agatha: "What's the whole tablet say?"
(13799) Git: "Greatest of all evils? Greatest of all murderers? Greatest of all torturers? Somehow, I don't like the open endedness there."
(13800) Ari: "I was thinking along the same lines."
(13792) Kha: "It is only the middle of it, ......Thus facing the Grat Doors, and passing the right hand before them, speak 'Sakhr al Jinni'. Then approach the first and speal 'Alhamdihla' so shall the way be open unto you."
(13788) Vrondard: "hmmm if we must..."
(13792) Kha: "Speak yet 'Bismilla' and Duban', and you shall be within a hands reach of the greatest of all ...."
** (13799) Git nods to kha's reading while continuing to sift through the sands with his feet, searching for anything more lost in them. **
(13800) Ari: "and there's that open ending. Greatest of all what?"
** (13804) Norfirion removes a scrolltube from the case and opens it. **
(13788) Vrondard: "well lets only go as far as we need"
** (13804) Norfirion removes the papyrus contents and glances over them. **
(13795) Agatha: "It would probably be easier if we knew what all those passwords mean."
(13792) Kha: "This one is a prayer to Zann"
(13800) Ari: "It almost sounds like an invocation of some sort."
(13799) Git: "Maybe it is. is zann a god?"
(13792) Kha: "Yes a Zay'ali god"
** (13804) Norfirion begins chanting as he sprinkles a pinch of soot and and salt over the writing as he touches it. (Comprehend Languages) **
(13795) Agatha: "God of what?"
** (13792) Kha reaches back and grabs Vontaros **
(13792) Kha: "Anything you can tell me about this Zann god Vontaros?"
(13792) Kha: "Well Votaros says 'Zann is a god of the Law of the Loregiver, an Aspect of Hurishta. There has always been a tension between those who follow the Law and those who follow the old ways in this land of Zay'al.' So maybe this vanquished one was a priest of the Loregiver who the Zay`al defeated and imprisoned here"
** (13788) Vrondard looks less than interested **
(13799) Git: "Say... what was the name of the god we were suppsed to bring that dumb flail too?"
(13795) Agatha: "I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing."
(13800) Ari: "Good question."
(13804) Norfirion: "Ra wasnt it?"
(13792) Kha: "Zann is part of the faith moral. His teaching is that everything can be learned if only one has the virtue of patience. Those who follow him tend to use the magick of sand and wind rather than of flame and sea."
** (13792) Kha looks to Norf **
(13792) Kha: "You understand that last bit?"
(13800) Ari: "That Zann has infinite patience?"
(13804) Norfirion: "No more than you I'm afraid. I only know that most of his priests tend to be clerical wizards, that they practice the unique magicks of this land. His followers also composed of wizards, shai'irs...genie sorcerers."
(13792) Kha: "Well knowing that, I am guessing the missing word for Greatest of All ... is Knowlage"
(13799) Git: "Or punishment. He is a law god after all. And we're trespassing."
(13804) Norfirion: "They're faith is somewhat secluded and they tend to leave other faiths alone, there isnt much more that I can add."
(13804) Norfirion: "Yes perhaps"
(13792) Kha: "I wonder if it is a Genie that was vanquished?"
(13804) Norfirion: "It could be a possibility, there's no way of knowing for sure"
(13869) Tarl (enter): 23:53
(13800) Ari: "Until we uncork the bottle, or in this case, open the doors."
(13792) Kha: "Well lets take a few of these scrolls, they could be usefull if I we can take the time to read though them latter"
** (13804) Norfirion nods. **
** (13792) Kha tucks a few scroll cases into his packs **
** (13804) Norfirion helps Kha gather the scrolls. **
(13800) Ari: "You can toss some into the luggage, I'm sure there's room."
(13792) Kha: "Well lets go back. I want to see if there is a way I can climb out of the roof"
(13792) Kha: "I would prefer to leave the Golden door shut untill we have further information on it's occupant"
(13804) Norfirion: "If this place bears knowledge related to Hurishta, regardless of what form of her worship it may be, I have an obligation to retrieve this knowledge."
** (13800) Ari glances at Silver and the luggage, wondering how to get them out. **
** (13792) Kha back in the room we landed in looks up at the roof and around at the pillars to see how close the crack is to one of them **
(13799) Git: Everything seems to run us to a dead end.. save that door. I'm with norf. We go in.":
(13788) Vrondard: "oh I think we can get out of here..."
(13797) DM: (15' high to Kha)
(13788) Vrondard: "this aint where we are supposed to be?"
(13792) Kha: ((Ya but the pillars run up, I want to know how close the crack is to a pillar))
(13788) Vrondard: "we can just pile up the sand until we get to the opening"
(13800) Ari: "Who, knows, we're following our ka-tet, seems like its leading us to a couple of doors."
(13792) Kha: "I doubt it Vrondard, something strage happened with the Magic, this is not where Brasht sent us or tried to send us. Though Hurishta may have brought us here"
(13797) DM: (to the rear most pillar, 20')
(13799) Git: "What's so bad about hurishta? doubt she'd be working with Shai-tan.. or whatever."
** (13792) Kha climbs up the rear most pillars **
(13792) Kha: Climb Skill Check: [1d20+6-1] -> [6,6,-1] = (11) (includes Armor Penalty of -1)
(13792) Kha: "None of the gods are working with Shai`tan though some are doing less to remove him then others"
(13795) Agatha: "Wait. We're in the wrong place?"
(13874) Dezira (enter): 00:02
** (13792) Kha examins the room near the pillar to see how stable it is **
** (13799) Git sits down watching Kha climb **
(13792) Kha: ((Room = roof =P))
** (13804) Norfirion sits down to Git **
(13804) Norfirion: next to
(13804) Norfirion: "I say we try and open the door"
(13804) Norfirion: "Anyone else interested in doing such?"
** (13800) Ari finds a somewhat comfortable area and sits. **
(13799) Git: "Aye":holds up a hand to norf:
(13804) Norfirion: "We've been guided everywhere else without our control, just running away from this place doesnt seem like the best idea to me."
(13788) Vrondard: "well maybe opening those doors is someones trick on us"
(13800) Ari: "I'll go with the doors, I don't see any way for Silver or the Luggage to climb out that way."
(13788) Vrondard: "if there aint no good reason to break into a tomb... ya shouldnt do it"
(13795) Agatha: "Aye, but someone brought us here and it wasn't Basht. I'd like to know why."
(13792) Kha: "I didnt plan on making them climb, we could hall them up"
(13795) Agatha: "Or better yet, who. Then I can give a few good knocks."
** (13792) Kha punches at the roof to try and break some away **
** (13799) Git sits with the sunrod stuck in the sand beside him. "Norf. You think you can get that door open then?" **
(13792) Kha: "Anyone could if they spoke the words I said earlyer"
(13804) Norfirion: "Kha spoke what I believe"
(13804) Norfirion: "Its possible"
(13792) Kha: "Sakhr al Jinni"
(13792) Kha: "While waving your right hand across them"
(13799) Git: "Great. then lets go." :hops up, grabbin his light source and heads to the gold door room.: "Ya comin?"
** (13804) Norfirion stands up and begins to proceed away with the half-elf. **
(13792) Kha: ((Ahh ok))
** (13800) Ari shrugs, "Vron, you ok with this? It really doesn't seem like we have many other options." **
(13797) DM: (Lurkers: we can engage in conversation later, but for now I have a game to run)
** (13795) Agatha shrugs. "We might as well." **
(13788) Vrondard: ((cut em off))
(13874) Dezira (exit): 00:12
(13788) Vrondard: "well I aint goin to leave ya high and dry if thats what you mean"
(13788) Vrondard: "I'm just going to say I told ya so if this turns out bad"
(13799) Git: "Norf, you better do the honors. As a mage, you may have some favor with this version of Hurishta. Frankly, I don't feel like being zapped for being an infidel"
(13795) Agatha: "Duly noted."
(13788) Vrondard: "plus were a bit banged up... this issn't a position we want to be bold in"
(13800) Ari: "Not even a scintilla of a hint of an idea like that ever crossed my mind."
** (13792) Kha rubs his head with his free hand as a stone falls off the roof and hits him" **
(13795) Agatha: "Aye, I'm still banged up from yesterday. But we've got a lot o' questions that need answering, Vrondard."
** (13792) Kha tries to punch the roof again but at an angle that wont drop it on his head **
(13797) DM: More stone falls, and you hear a slight cracking noise.
(13795) Agatha: "Ari, do you have any spare arrows?"
(13792) Kha: "I think I can open a hole in the roof"
** (13788) Vrondard will use his dwarven stonesense to analyze this event **
(13800) Ari: "I have arrows."
** (13804) Norfirion approaches the golden doors. **
** (13792) Kha continues to hit the roof around the pillar untill a hole large enough to crawl though to stand ontop of the pillar opens up **
** (13800) Ari moves away from the falling roof. **
(13804) Norfirion: "When everyone is ready, let me know then I shall attempt it"
whispering to Vrondard, the ceiling isn't very stable and by punching the roof, Kha's weakened it slightly
(13799) Git: :to kha: "You know there's nothing but sand above you, right?"
whispering to Vrondard, if he persists in this action, the ceiling will cave in
(13795) Agatha: "Could you lend a few to Git? I think he's out."
(13804) Norfirion: "You can use my light crossbow if you would like Git"
(13792) Kha: "There is sky above us, look out that crack and you can see the moon"
(13788) Vrondard: "I wouldnt do anymore of that Kha"
(13799) Git: :waves a hand to Norf: "I'll get by, thanks"
** (13792) Kha stops hitting the roof **
** (13804) Norfirion nods **
(13792) Kha: "Why not vrond?
(13788) Vrondard: "unless you want all that stone to smack ya on yer head"
(13799) Git: "That's out the crack... but where do you think all the sand came from?"
(13800) Ari: "Of course, Git, you need arrows? And if its possible to retrieve them, that would be helpful, they are not easy to get."
** (13800) Ari hands Git 10 silver tipped arrows. **
(13788) Vrondard: "that be a dome structure... themore you weaken it the more it cant hold itself"
(13792) Kha: "Blown in though the crack"
(13799) Git: "Exactly... hence lots of sand above us"
(13792) Kha: "Thats kind of the point there Vrond I want the roof to fall so I can get out without opening the Golden doors"
(13799) Git: :glances to ari as he accepts the arrows with a smile. "I'll try not to even shoot a one if I can."
(13788) Vrondard: "yeah but its all going to fall... and kill you most likely in a cave in"
(13799) Git: "Listen to him. He's a dwarf. They know these things."
(13788) Vrondard: "and trap anyone else not crushed under the rubble"
(13788) Vrondard: "yep... maybe if we had some timbers to shore up the ceilin"
(13792) Kha: "Where would the best place to hit it be to make it all fall in?"
(13788) Vrondard: "bout what you are doin... but I'm goin thru the doors before you do that"
(13799) Git: "Plus..." :sighs: "...it does seem fate has brought us to these doors." :glancing to the golden portal anxiously. "And who knows what awaits us on the other side. Right?" (appealing to kha's nature)
(13788) Vrondard: "and give me yer rations and gold pouch before you do it"
(13788) Vrondard: "you won't be needin it after you do that"
** (13792) Kha hops down from the pillar **
(13788) Vrondard: (you aren't sure how serious or joking he is... the beard hides most of it)
(13799) Git: :whispers to vronard: "Good thinking. get the spear too. we can get a pretty coin for that"
(13804) Norfirion: "The dwarf's right, he knows his architecture. Don't get us killed by collapsing the whole desert on top of us"
(13788) Vrondard: "bah aint using no spear"
** (13792) Kha gathers his belonings and moves to the gold doors and sets them down, picking up a simple short spear he steps back into the room and waits for everyone else to exit **
** (13804) Norfirion walks closer to the double doors and awaits the ready signal from the party. **
(13800) Ari (exit): 00:23
(13788) Vrondard: "ok Git... or whoever needs to say the fancy tablets stuff... lets rest or get into the room"
(13799) Git: :clapping kha on the back: "Glad you could join us. Now Sir elf, if you'd please?"
(13792) Kha: "You might want to move out I am gona try and know the roof down, Feel free to open the Golden doors. I will look around there after I make a way out for us"
(13795) Agatha: "He's going to kill us all, isn't he Git?"
(13799) Git: :grimaces and nods to aggy: "Seems to be his plan."
(13788) Vrondard: "ok no resting..."
(13792) Kha: ((err knock))
** (13788) Vrondard will peseter for the doors to be opened and the proper things said **
(13788) Vrondard: (pester)
** (13804) Norfirion begins to utter off the words of opening as he waves his right hand as directed. **
(13799) Git: "Kha... we can pyramid our way out later. for now... don't destroy our exit and possibly kill us." :turns from him, dagger ready and waiting for the doors to open:
(13797) DM: There is a slight tremor, and then the golden doors open inwardly...
** (13792) Kha steps back inside the room only far enough to get within throwing range of the spot he was previously punding on **
(13797) TaliesinNYC: 7: This 20' wide hall, and its ceiling, disappear into the darkness. Three pairs of huge statues line the walls, their tops not visible in the darkness. What appears to be a bright blue curtain of translucent material fills the space between the first two statues.
(13799) Git: "Hey kha. stop screwing around and come see this."
** (13795) Agatha looks about warily. "Keep an eye out for traps." **
** (13804) Norfirion gazes into the room then begins chanting again once more as he casts Detect Magic. He' scans the room in all directions. **
** (13792) Kha looks back **
(13792) Kha: "Say 'Alhamdihla' when you aproch that"
** (13799) Git strolls into the room, cautiously, holding out his sunrod to light the way. "Norf. that curtain magic?" **
(13788) Vrondard: "that a trap or magic or a magic trap?"
(13799) Git: :shrug: "Alhamdihla"
(13804) Norfirion: "No one, dont move a muscle."
(13797) DM: The blue curtain vanishes.
(13792) Kha: "Speak 'Bismilla' then 'Duban'"
** (13804) Norfirion glances to git. "I'm glad that aura wasn't a trap." **
(13788) Vrondard: "oooh"
(13799) Git: "Bismilla... duban"
(13797) DM: Almost as soon as it does, a scintillating curtain of yellow silk descends between the second pair of statues.
(13804) Norfirion: "This place radiates a very, very, very powerful enchantment."
(13804) Norfirion: "Its radiance is almost blinding"
(13804) Norfirion: "Hmmm perhaps a prismatic wall spell...."
(13804) Norfirion: "It looks similar anyways."
** (13792) Kha after the others are well into the next room he move and tried to knock down the roof with is spear **
(13799) Git: "Oh.. I ge it.. a name for each curtain." :steps forth to the first statues, looking them over as he speaks again, "Bismilla"
(13797) DM: As Git speaks the second word, the yellow curtain vanishes. A third curtain, this time, of crimson fabric, descends between the third pair of statues.
(13804) Norfirion: "Duban"
whispering to Kha, Reflex
** (13792) Kha shouts back "Remember the tables was broken at this point there is likly more magical traps past that" **
(13797) DM: The yellow curtain vanishes.
(13792) Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+10] -> [7,10] = (17)
** (13799) Git continues on to the last curtain, looking over the statues as Norf speaks **
** (13795) Agatha follows Norf, axe tightly gripped as she passes the statues. **
(13797) DM: You hear a LOUD cracking sound as sand pours through a hole in the ceiling atop Kha. Not a lot of sand....yet.
(13804) Norfirion: "That fool is going to get himself killed"
** (13799) Git jerks round to look back to the entry way, "Yeah... and I have a feeling I'm gonna have to do it." **
(13788) Vrondard: "by the fist tha boy is stubborn..."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] -> [6,5] = (11)
(13799) Git: "Any other magic words between us and the goal line?"
** (13804) Norfirion then turns his attention back to the room and holds his torch high to see whats in range past the last curtain. **
** (13792) Kha screams in pain as rocks start falling **
** (13788) Vrondard waits for more collapsing... if no other sounds occur he looks out to see what is going on with Kha **
(13797) DM: At the rear of the chamber is a marble altar, upon which rests a chest crafted from pure gold. It appears to be closed and is sealed with a gigantic fire opal, easily the size of Vrondard's hand. The opal shines with an inner light.
(13886) Ari (enter): 00:35
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (13886) Ari...
** (13804) Norfirion focuses his detect magic spell onto the chest. **
(13799) Git: "Dammit all!" turns his eyes from the prize upon hearing kha's screams and takes off running back to room 1
** (13886) Ari curses openrpg to the deepest darkest of the netherhells **
(13804) Norfirion: "It's not enchanted, odd."
** (13788) Vrondard catches Git [1d20+9] -> [18,9] = (27) **
(13788) Vrondard: "woah there... dont be rushin into a collapsed chamber"
(13799) Git: (not running straight into danger mind you)
(13788) Vrondard: "one make sure the rocks be done fallin"
** (13792) Kha scambles out of the room **
** (13799) Git glares at kha silently." **
(13788) Vrondard: "two... walk dont run into a room thats about to fall onto yer head"
** (13792) Kha picks up his thing and moves to catch up with the others satisfied to let the falling sand open the roof the rest of the way **
(13788) Vrondard: "heh... seems you finally figured it out"
** (13799) Git mumbles a few choice elven curses as he heads back to the chest **
(13792) Kha: "That rock fell right on my head like you said it would Vrond, even though I moved to try and avoid it"
(13792) Kha: "I think I may have a head ach for a week"
(13804) Norfirion: "At least its empty, so no damage done."
(13886) Ari: (get shut down for a moment and the whole place falls down)
(13799) Git: :grumbles to kha: "Well when we tell you not to do something, don't do it. Now we have to hurry before we're buried in here."
** (13804) Norfirion returns his eyes to Git's tinkerings with the chest. **
(13792) Kha: "But I did knock down the roof, and the sand is pouring in, which should open it further and provide an exit"
(13795) Agatha: "Well that lump should be reminder to not be so foolish next time."
(13886) Ari: "Or that sand pouring in will bury us all."
** (13799) Git strolls toward the chest, looking it over carefully (take 20 on search for 31) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+31
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+31] -> [14,31] = (45)
(13792) Kha: "Naw I doubt that"
** (13886) Ari shakes her head, thinking out loud, "enough of these negative waves." **
(13888) Rainur Swiftblade (enter): 00:40
(13799) Git: "I gotta take my time with this. Kha, Vronard... Make sure we aren't being buried"
whispering to Rainur Swiftblade, hush Alfred. this scene should be familiar to you. lol
(13799) Git: "And did those scrolls say anything about this chest?"
** (13792) Kha looks around the rest of the room **
(13799) Git: (any destinguishing marks, indentations or writings on the chest?)
(13792) Kha: "Mine did not it seemed like a prayer though I could not read much of it"
(13788) Vrondard: "close the doors... least the sand wont come into here"
(13799) Git: "Fine.. pray then."
(13797) DM: (none that you can determine. it's a chest of pure gold.)
** (13792) Kha moves and shuts the first doors we passed though (Not the golden ones) **
(13888) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 00:43
(13797) DM: (k)
(13795) Agatha: "Y'know, it's strange. It doesn't look like a coffin or anything. I wonder where the real body is?"
(13804) Norfirion: "Well the statues are the only thing enchanted, so hopefully they remain unmoving. It wouldn't be fun to recieve a hug by one of them"
(13799) Git: "well then.. shall we take the plunge and just pluck out the opal?"
(13804) Norfirion: "Who ever said it was flesh?"
** (13792) Kha comes back from closing the doors **
(13804) Norfirion: "It could any manner of things, an item, knowledge, a spirit or some strange mist that will fill your lungs and snuff out your very essence."
(13886) Ari: "Don't suppose we could ask for it first, just to be polite?"
(13792) Kha: "Why take the opal out and not just open it?"
(13804) Norfirion: "Fine, move Git. I will open it."
(13788) Vrondard: "hmmm" thinking this will be bad
** (13799) Git steps from the altar, advising: "Let your servant do it then." **
(13804) Norfirion: (oh it cant be opened without removing the opal?
(13804) Norfirion: (ok)
(13804) Norfirion: "Hmmmmm"
** (13788) Vrondard tugs on his beard to make sure its straight **
(13799) Git: "Best to be distant I figure"
(13886) Ari: "anyone need a quick small heal first?"
(13804) Norfirion: "After seeing this, I wouldn't be surprised if it is some form of spirit or creature bound into this object."
(13799) Git: "It's possible."
(13799) Git: "Kha.. can you sense an evil aura to it?"
** (13792) Kha looks at Git **
(13799) Git: :to kha: "Don't hurt to ask"
(13804) Norfirion: "I think regardless, I should open it"
(13804) Norfirion: "Being the nature of this place"
(13792) Kha: "I can not do that"
(13799) Git: "All yours norf"
(13795) Agatha: "I could use a pick-me-up if you've got energy to spare, Ari."
(13804) Norfirion: "Well, if I'm reduced to cinders, then I bid you farewell."
** (13886) Ari smiles at Agatha, "Could be the last time... oops I was going to stop with the negativity, wasn't I?' **
(13804) Norfirion: "Gather around first"
(13804) Norfirion: "I have a spell incase something goes bad"
** (13792) Kha shugs and move back to the room with the Tablet and starts going through the broken peices of the loower half to try and find a word similar in style to those that opened the door and aura walls **
** (13886) Ari whispers her prayer and casts cure her spell. **
(13886) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Light Wounds ( level 1, "Cures 1d8 +1/level damage (max +5)" )
(13886) Ari: cure light wounds (1d8+3)
** (13799) Git 'gathers' per norf's request **
** (13804) Norfirion waits for the others to come within range and then hastes the entire party, he then bends down and removes the opal. **
(13886) Ari: [1d8+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(13797) DM: Nothing seems to happen....
(13797) DM: ....at first...
(13804) Norfirion: lol
** (13804) Norfirion 's skull impodes. **
(13797) DM: ...and then, you see a small wisp of grey smoke waft out of the chest...
(13886) Ari: "oh dear."
(13795) Agatha: "That doesn't look good."
** (13799) Git stands a good twenty feet back, barely seeing the smoke. "Hey Norf... what's happening?" **
** (13795) Agatha bares her axe in a defensive stance." **
** (13804) Norfirion steps back slowly but remains rigid trying to not appear weak to whatever it is that is emerging. **
(13804) Norfirion: "I have no idea"
(13797) DM: ...as deep, evil-sounding laughter issues forth from the chest....
** (13886) Ari stand ready with her bow. **
(13804) Norfirion: "A spirit as I told you most likely"
(13797) DM: ...and echoes around the chamber....
** (13792) Kha hearing the laugh stops heading for the other room and runs back flaming spear in hand **
(13799) Git: :shakes head, gripping dagger: "Oh please let this be a bad joke"
(13797) DM: The stones of the chamber quake as the wisp of smoke expands slowly, then rapidly until you see a man, or rather a man-like figure atop a searing column of flame, 20' tall, wearing a flaming turban with arms folded across its chest....
** (13804) Norfirion bows politely. **
(13797) Khalitarius: FOOLISH MORTALS!!!! Thank you, for releasing me, as I shall now lay waste on this land, in your eternal name!!!
(13792) Kha: "Is it a Genie?" Kha asks excitedly
** (13886) Ari whispers, "Somehow I don't think he's going to offer us three wishes." **
(13795) Agatha: "Ya think?"
** (13804) Norfirion 's face is covered by a childing look of 'oops'. **
(13788) Vrondard: "hmmm I knew it... tricked again"
(13799) Git: "Wow... that's great and all. By the way, Where can I get a hat like that?":sighs and responds casually.
** (13792) Kha skids to a stop as the thing speaks **
(13797) Khalitarius: Kordak!!! I come for you!!!!
(13792) Kha: "You wont laywast to anything"
(13788) Vrondard: "is it too late to put that back?"
(13886) Ari: "Its a desert, hard to make it more of a waste."
** (13797) Khalitarius laughs in your face as it rushes out the chamber and flings the doors wide open **
(13804) Norfirion: "You should at least thank those that released you as well"
(13799) Git: :to kha: "Quiet for the moment, please."
(13799) Git: "Talk about rude."
** (13797) Khalitarius flies out of the dome and blasts the hole open.... **
(13795) Agatha: "Well shite."
(13886) Ari: "I also don't think this is going to make us popular with the locals."
(13792) Kha: "I told you we shoulda just left"
(13799) Git: "Says the man who brought a roof down on himself." :strolls back toward the chest to check it out. "Did he leave the opal?"
** (13792) Kha puts his pack down and starts looking though it for the scroll containing the prayer **
(13886) Ari: "Maybe there's something around here that will tell us how to get him back into that thing?"
(13795) Agatha: "Anybody else think Basht got the wrong folks for this ka-tet?"
(13788) Vrondard: "hmmm I think we were just bad"
(13797) DM: The opal lies atop the altar. The chest is a pool of liquid gold.
(13788) Vrondard: "hmmm chest is melted... no getting him back into there"
(13804) Norfirion: "At least we have this."
(13797) DM: It still glows with an inner light....an inner fire.
** (13804) Norfirion holds out the opal. **
** (13792) Kha starts reading the scroll carfully **
(13795) Agatha: "I thought you said it wasn't magical."
(13799) Git: "I've been saying that for a while." :Picks up the opal: "Those scrolls say anything about the invocation that put smokey under wraps?"
(13788) Vrondard: "better take the opal and gold... we might need to fix this"
(13804) Norfirion: "It is now...."
** (13886) Ari glances at the luggage, wondering for a moment, but then shakes her head, it would never work. **
(13804) Norfirion: "A different type of magic however, the magic of knowledge...not of destruction."
(13804) Norfirion: "I'll examine this more throughly when I have the time."
(13886) Ari: "Knowledge on how to stop the Djinn?"
(13804) Norfirion: "No, I mean the school of magic, it is divination."
(13886) Ari: "Who is this Kordak? Any way to warn him he's going to have company?"
(13804) Norfirion: "I cant tell its exact function yet until I'm able to memorize a new spell to examine it"
(13886) Ari: "So any suggestions on what we do now?"
(13788) Vrondard: "well the way out is open now... it did us that little enough of a favor"
(13804) Norfirion: "He may not be the type I'd want to warn anyways, for all we know he could deserve it. We cant worry about this now. We have to get out of here now, and hopefulyl decide where we should go."
(13788) Vrondard: "hope this is all of our Kha-tat"
(13795) Agatha: "Hmph. You wish."
(13795) Agatha: "Anybody have a metal cup? Something of lead or iron, perhaps?
(13792) Kha: "Well I have a map of where we are"
** (13792) Kha stands up **
(13788) Vrondard: "not really.. what do you need it for the gold?"
(13799) Git: :to kha: "Great... where?"
(13795) Agatha: "Aye, we're gonna need a lot more arrows to stop that thing."
(13799) Git: "Or rather, where's the next town?"
** (13886) Ari fumbles through the luggage, picks up Silver's metal dish, but drops it back, "I've got a couple of empty flasks, but that's all. The dish is silver." **
(13792) Kha: "Here, we are in the temple of Pazar
** (13795) Agatha shakes her head. "The gold is still too hot to use a flask. I need something with a bigger mouth." **
(13788) Vrondard: "just need to carve it up... and let it cool into small bits of slag"
(13886) Ari: "Sorry, its all I have in here."
(13792) Kha: Map: in the lower right hand corner of the map, you can make out "temple of Pazar"
in the middle lower portion, "gates of sule"
towards the upper left portion, "land of bakar"
towards the top center, "to oasis"
a trail leads from where you are, through the land of Bakar to the oasis.
it diverges past Bakar and leads east. "to
temple of Khaj"
the trail for the most part follows an ancient riverbed, called the river Athis

** (13886) Ari glances at the map, "And we want to be where?" **
** (13804) Norfirion bats his eyes blankly. **
** (13788) Vrondard will use a piece of stone/statue to separate the molten gold into more manageble pieces (at least try) **
(13792) Kha: "Maybe he is going to the other Temple"
** (13804) Norfirion rubs his eyes and sits down. **
(13804) Norfirion: "Now it appears this thing is sending images to my mind."
(13792) Kha: "Can I see it?"
** (13792) Kha rools the map back up and puts it in a handy spot **
(13804) Norfirion: "Yes, be careful."
(13886) Ari: "What sort of images?"
** (13804) Norfirion hands the opal to Kha. **
** (13792) Kha takes the opal **
(13804) Norfirion: "Aa gleaming pyramid in the distant desert"
** (13795) Agatha smiles. "Leave it to a dwarf to know how to deal with metal." **
(13804) Norfirion: "An oasis in the desert, with a white date palm in its center"
(13804) Norfirion: "A temple dedicated to a dark god, but with a beacon of hope within"
(13804) Norfirion: " A sea of glass, and a necropolis at its edge"
(13804) Norfirion: "A tomb dedicated to Khalitarius, and a gleaming emerald inside a chamber of mirrors"
(13804) Norfirion: "And lastly an immense glowing sphere of magical power..."
(13886) Ari: "Isn't this the tomb of Khalitarius?"
(13804) Norfirion: "I assume so"
(13886) Ari: "So do we look for this emerald?"
(13788) Vrondard: "well lets wait for this to cool... and climb out of here"
(13792) Kha: "I had the same vision, very interesting realy"
(13804) Norfirion: "They appear to be different places"
(13886) Ari: ((just so long its not a leprechan telling you to burn things.))
(13792) Kha: "this is the temple of Pazar"
(13886) Ari: "Then perhaps we need to visit these places in the order of your vision, which means the oasis first."
** (13792) Kha pulls out the map again and looks for a Pyramid **
(13804) Norfirion: "My interpretation as well."
** (13804) Norfirion looks over Kha's shoulder at the map. **
(13792) Kha: "No the Pyramid first, the Oasis is marked on the map"
** (13804) Norfirion looks to Kha. "May I have it back? I want to study it, and its magic does seem to be arcane. **
(13886) Ari: ((oops I didn't scroll up far enough))
(13792) Kha: "Maybe in the land of bakar"
(13797) DM: there does not seem to be a pyramid on the map.
** (13792) Kha hands the opal back to Norf **
(13804) Norfirion: "Perhaps we should just spend the night here and rest"
** (13788) Vrondard looks around some more while they yammer [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12) **
(13804) Norfirion: "Kha and I can go over more of the scrolls for information and I can analyze the opal after renewing my spells"
(13886) Ari: "I like the idea of resting, but I'd rather be outside.
(13886) Ari: "
(13792) Kha: "The spher of Magic contains the One power as well as normal magic, but I am guessing you could not tell since you can not use the One Power
** (13804) Norfirion nods. **
** (13792) Kha starts reading other scrolls **
(13886) Ari: "If we are going to rest, then I can do a few more healing spells."
(13788) Vrondard: "Git certainly needs some attention"
** (13886) Ari turns to Git, "So do you need me?" **
(13804) Norfirion: (afk a sec, vice break)
(13799) Git: "In many... many ways." :can't help it:
(13886) Ari: "You sweet talker you."
(13886) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Moderate Wounds ( level 3, "Cures 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10)" )
(13797) DM: (bak)
(13886) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [5,1,3] = (9)
** (13886) Ari turns to Agatha, "your turn." **
(13886) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Moderate Wounds ( level 3, "Cures 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10)" )
(13886) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [4,7,3] = (14)
(13799) Git: "Mmm.... soothing."
(13886) Ari: "Kha? May I offer some assistance?"
(13797) DM: (time passes, next day. question: do you travel at night or during the day?)
** (13792) Kha mumbles sure while concentrating on the documents **
(13792) Kha: ((Night))
(13886) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Light Wounds ( level 1, "Cures 1d8 +1/level damage (max +5)" )
(13795) Agatha: "Ahhh. Much better. Thank you, dear."
(13886) Ari: [1d8+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
(13799) Git: (in the desert, night)
(13886) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Light Wounds ( level 1, "Cures 1d8 +1/level damage (max +5)" )
(13886) Ari: [1d8+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(13797) DM: (ok, then you'll prob spend all of the day inside, coming out tomorrow at dusk)
(13788) Vrondard: ((depends on what we know... we do the most wise activity))
(13792) Kha: ((I would I was trained by people of the desert))
** (13886) Ari focus' once more on Kha. **
(13886) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Light Wounds ( level 1, "Cures 1d8 +1/level damage (max +5)" )
(13886) Ari: [1d8+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(13792) Kha: ((Dont know if it is this desert or not though))
** (13792) Kha stands up and streaches after reading the scrolls and putting them away **
** (13886) Ari walks back toward Git, "You feeling better?" **
(13799) Git: "Much better cutey. Still feel kinda weak.. but it'll pass in a few days I figure."
** (13804) Norfirion "Hmmm nothing..." **
** (13886) Ari frowns, "Sorry to hear about your feeling weak." then sighs and sits down against a wall. **
(13792) Kha: "Well most of these are prayers to various Gods, Issis, Osiris, Zann. And this map is just a fragment of a much larger map, though I do not have any of the other fragments."
(13804) Norfirion: "This must be indeed a powerful relic. It defies my attempts to analyze it."
(13804) Norfirion: "I do know one thing for sure, it is called the Star Gem of Aga-Pelar"
(13799) Git: "Ah... just smile for me a bit and I'll feel plenty strong I'm sure." :Gives a waggle of his brow as he crouches before her, passing the time"
(13792) Kha: "Also there is some information obout Kordak, the one the Flaming thing named"
(13788) Vrondard: "well what do we do now?"
(13804) Norfirion: "What does it say about him?"
** (13788) Vrondard has gathered up the slag chunks of gold from the molten chest **
(13886) Ari: "The smile is easy."
(13795) Agatha: "That's a fancy name. Don't fool around too much with it Norfirion."
(13792) Kha: "It says he is long dead and he was a very powerfull wizard and very skilled in the One Power, which is the type of magic I use"
(13886) Ari: "My, its warm in here."
(13795) Agatha: "Aye, you wouldn't know it was winter at all here."
** (13799) Git grins to Ari, idly listening in on the conversation, "Just take some clothing off and rub your self down with a wet rag. If you need any help.." **
(13792) Kha: "He created an Item called a Spher of Power, and legand says that any who uncover it can change history. So we must find it before that fire thing does since he is after Kordak likly not knowing that he is long dead"
(13795) Agatha: "I'd hate to see what the summer is like."
** (13886) Ari loosens her leathers as suggested. **
(13792) Kha: "Likly the same spher that Norf and I saw in the Vision"
** (13795) Agatha casually throws some sand at Git without even looking. **
(13899) Dova (enter): 01:37
(13804) Norfirion: "Whats everyone's opinion on our next move?"
** (13799) Git watches Ari with a grin, flinching as the sand hits his face. Whiping it aside he turns to Aggy with a lopsided girn and shrugs. **
** (13792) Kha consentrates on himself a moment **
(13792) Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
(13792) Kha: ((Gain [1d8+1] -> [1,1] = (2)HP))
(13792) Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
(13792) Kha: ((Gain [1d8+1] -> [5,1] = (6)HP))
(13795) Agatha: "Keep yer clothes on Ari. We need to conserve water."
(13799) Git: "Well..." :standing: "If this kordak guy is dead... where's his body laid?"
(13886) Ari: "The water issue is not an issue, I can create water if necessary."
(13792) Kha: "My next move is to rest since I stayed up all nigh reading those. I will be up in a few hours. I also recomend traveling at night"
(13788) Vrondard: "well we should really get mr flamehead back into his box"
(13795) Agatha: "Well then never listen to a letcher."
(13792) Kha: "I think we should find the Pyramid"
** (13804) Norfirion holds the opal firm and concentrates on the image of Khalitarius. **
(13799) Git: :to kha: "Sure... one landmarks as good as a nother at this point."
(13899) Dova (exit): 01:40
(13886) Ari: "I'll keep that in mind, still...." she smiles at Git, "I did start it."
** (13799) Git passes back and wink to Ari... apparently in higher spirits today **
** (13792) Kha goes and finds a nice soft spot on the sand in the shade and goes to sleep for two hours **
** (13804) Norfirion places the gem into his pouch and finds a place to rest as well. **
** (13795) Agatha rolls her eyes and sighs. "Elves..." **
(13804) Norfirion: "I guess the pyramid it is tomorrow, we have little else to do, just follow the map and hope it leads someplace.
** (13804) Norfirion closes his eyes and enter reverie. **
(13898) Tarl (enter): 01:45
** (13788) Vrondard lets the crazy humans and pointy eared loons make the decisions as usual **
(13788) Vrondard: ((he avoids responsibility that way....))
** (13799) Git sits down as the others resting, writing in his journal as they await departure **
** (13886) Ari relaxes into meditation position, "Right, pyramid tomorrow... rest now, and," another glance at Git, "who knows what could happen when we are less weak." **
** (13795) Agatha mumbles to herself as she lays back. "Ah, to be young...and stupid." **
** (13792) Kha wakes up two hours latter and quickly pulls out his journal and starts drawing in it **
(13752) Elegard (enter): 01:49
(13752) Elegard (exit): 01:50
** (13886) Ari pets Silver telling him to guard, just before she goes into her meditative state. **
(13788) Vrondard (exit): 01:51
(13904) Gralak (enter): 01:52
** (13792) Kha finishes drawing and looks around to see if anyone is awake yet **
(13792) Kha: "Well the Pyramid is only about ten miles to the northwest"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (13904) Vrondard...
(13799) Git: "That's good. Cause i ain't one for long marches."
(13797) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(13869) Tarl' from room...
(13869) Tarl (exit): 01:53
(13904) Vrondard: "that wont be too difficult.. we can do that in a half o' day easy"
** (13797) the luggage scoots over to Kha and starts nuzzling his leg. **
(13792) Kha: "We should easaly reach it before dawn if we leave at dusk, though it is not on the trail, at least not on the one marked on this map fragment"
(13904) Vrondard: "good enough then"
** (13792) Kha reaches down and scraches the luggage **
(13792) Kha: "Can this thing talk Ari?"
** (13799) Git sips from his waterskin as he waits for the others to prepare. stripped down to just his leather armor and breeches, he gathers up his belongings to leave **
(13886) Ari: "hmmm?" waking from her meditation, "talk? no, its been known to burp, but its never said anything."
(13792) Kha: ((Doh change that 56 miles to the Pyramid, GM mis calculated when he first told me ))
(13886) Ari: ((so who's got the 4 wheel drive vehicle to take us?))
(13792) Kha: ((Scrach what I said before :P))
(13792) Kha: "Well it may be a few days walk. Does anyone have a Tent, I dont fancy sleeping out under the sun"
(13795) Agatha: ((That's a big miscalculation.))
(13904) Vrondard: "what about taking something from here for shelter.."
(13799) Git: "Sorry. didn't know we'd be camping"
(13792) Kha: "Have you seen anything here that would work as a Tent Vrond, I sure havnt"
** (13886) Ari glances around, "I haven't seen much that was feasible to carry." **
(13804) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(13795) Agatha: "We left our tents with our mounts, who are now thousands of miles away."
(13904) Vrondard: "well I'm not sure we've looked everywhere.."
(13904) Vrondard: "Git will find something... he
(13904) Vrondard: "he's good at scrounging fer stuff"
(13795) Agatha: "We should be able to cobble something together with our extra clothes, however."
(13799) Git: :creases his brow at vronard: "Not much here but stone and sand. Scrounging won't quite do."
(13804) Norfirion: "My robes keep my sheltered from most of the sun's burns, but its hot nonetheless"
(13886) Ari: "I've a blanket and bedroll as well as the two cloaks."
(13792) Kha: "Well if we cant find a Tent well have to dig into the sane, I would cover your head with a blanket to leave an open space for breathing though
(13799) Git: "Blankets and sticks... old fashioned lean-to"
(13886) Ari: "and possibly a collapsable eleven foot pole, though I've not seen it in awhile."
(13792) Kha: "Anway as soon as the sun sets lets start off it is a long journy and not of the trail."
(13804) Norfirion: "Right"
(13797) DM: (30 minute warning. Jack is a player in the Sat game and has to roll up PCs)
(13799) Git: "Alright. Anyone want to play charades while we wait for the sun?"
(13904) Vrondard: "whats in that walking chest thing... anything good... hmm maybe I should put the gold in there,,, stuff is damn heavy"
** (13792) Kha sits down and stars writing in his jornal while waiting **
(13886) Ari: "Sure, put the gold in there, just let me take it out for you. It might be safer that way."
** (13804) Norfirion sits calmly as he studies over the opal once more while waiting. **
(13792) Kha: ((Can we fastforward to nitght so we can cover some ground before we break for the week?))
(13797) DM: (k)
(13886) Ari: "As for what's in it, just a few things, the extra boots, clothes, bedroll, flask, water skin, 11ft pole, things you just shouldn't be without.
(13886) Ari: "
** (13792) Kha stands up as night falls **
(13792) Kha: "Time to go"
(13797) DM: Sure enough, the ifrit blasted a hole big enough for you to emerge from the dome. The pile of sand that you landed on after Basht's spell was disrupted is now a mountain of glass.
** (13804) Norfirion takes note of the glass. "A very hot flame indeed, dont you agree dwarf?" **
(13904) Vrondard: "yep... melted the sand.."
(13904) Vrondard: "and sand is just little stones"
(13792) Kha: "I wonder if this is why I could not find the sea of glass, it has not be created yet"
(13904) Vrondard: "and anything that melts stone is hot hot"
(13799) Git: "How do we always find the nasty ones?"
(13886) Ari: "Not created yet? You think the Efriit will make that, as it made this?"
** (13792) Kha shrugs and continues on to the Northwest **
(13910) No Name (enter): 02:10
(13886) Ari: "And why do they always have to laugh at us."
** (13804) Norfirion follows along remain somewhat quiet as he keeps fidgeting with the gem. **
(13792) Kha: "yes, something was shrouding my vision in the world of dreams, it may have been that events have not happened yet to create what I was looking for"
(13795) Agatha: "How the hell are we supposed to fight this thing? We won't even be able to get near it without being roasted alive."
(13799) Git: :to ari: "I figure that's cause of Kha." :strolls up the glass incline to exit:
(13792) Kha: "We were near it with out being roasted"
(13904) Vrondard: "well we just need to fix this box of his and get him in it again"
(13886) Ari: "It wasn't attacking us. And, we didn't attack it."
(13799) Git: "Guess it was a bit thankful then"
(13792) Kha: "Whats because of me?" **clearly confused**
** (13886) Ari begins to giggle. **
(13795) Agatha: "That's just because it didn't care about us. If we were to stand in its way..."
** (13795) Agatha cringes. **
** (13799) Git ignores Kha, whistling a fhaardi tune as he strolls climbs from the cavern **
(13797) DM: You emerge from the dome to find yourself atop a blasted melted pool of sand (now solidified as glass), and for miles around you, as far as the eye can see, are sand dunes everywhere. It's nighttime, and noticeably cooler (probably because it's outside). The moons of Andurin are overhead, in their fullness. All is peaceful, in contrast with your previous experience.
(13886) Ari: "Yes, .."giggles again, "We'd be fried now if it had thought we were of anything to be concerned about."
** (13886) Ari feels nearly at home, except for the sand and the heat. **
(13799) Git: "Uh... would this be the mound of glass ya saw?"
** (13804) Norfirion takes in the landscape and continues moving. **
(13886) Ari: "I thought it was a sea of glass."
** (13792) Kha keeps checking his direction and makes any corse corection required to stay heading northwest **
(13799) Git: "glass is solid... can't be a sea"
(13792) Kha: ((Think only the pile of sand was melted not for miles around))
(13904) Vrondard: "well where too.. I'll lead the way as I'm the only one that can see"
(13792) Kha: "We head Northwest"
(13886) Ari: "I can see as well, the moons are full the stars are shining."
(13799) Git: "Yup.. seeing fine. Aggy, need an escort?"
** (13904) Vrondard leads on... **
(13904) Vrondard: (eventually)
** (13792) Kha holds up his spear **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [5] = (5)
(13792) Kha: "We humans can see by this
(13795) Agatha: "I'm perfectly fine, but someone needs to keep an eye on you."
whispering to Agatha, Spot check please
(13910) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 02:20
(13904) Vrondard: "har"
** (13799) Git strolls along needing to chat as they go. **
** (13886) Ari smiles, "I could volunteer to do that." **
(13799) Git: "You can look all you like Aggy. But at least ask before you touch."
(13799) Git: :to ari.: "You don't need to ask."
** (13886) Ari smiles at Git, "I'll keep that in mind." **
(13904) Vrondard: "hmmm something coming our way... don't know what they are"
** (13886) Ari readies her bow, her mood altered considerably. **
** (13792) Kha readies his spear and move up near Vrondard **
** (13799) Git gives a snicker in reply and looks up to see what vronard is talking about **
(13795) Agatha: "Keep in your pants, loverboy. I see something over that way."
(13799) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
** (13804) Norfirion stops and returns the emerald to his pouch as he stands quiet and listens. **
** (13792) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
(13804) Norfirion: (fire opal, not emerald doh)
** (13795) Agatha points to the NW. "Looks like a group of people. Five, maybe six total." **
(13904) Vrondard: "hmm we want to talk to em... we seen them... they've seen us"
(13904) Vrondard: "couldnt hurt and even if it does I think we will win"
(13792) Kha: "Yes might as well talk"
** (13792) Kha lowers his spear **
(13799) Git: "Then lets try to be friendly." :moves to the front with Kha and vronard.:
(13797) DM: Eventually, you're able to make out a group of about six individuals, riding atop slow moving mounts with humps on their backs. You've never seen such creatures before. They in turn are staring at you in curiosity. Especially Vrondard and Norfirion.
** (13804) Norfirion lowers his hood in the moonlight and waits with the others for the figures to approach, **
(13904) Vrondard: "hmm well I'll let you all do that..."
(13795) Agatha: "Sounds good to me. Here's hoping we know the language."
** (13792) Kha calls out to them **
(13792) Kha: "Hello"
(13797) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(13886) Ari' from room...
(13886) Ari (exit): 02:27
** (13799) Git greets them with a wave and smile as they approach. "Good evening. Don't suppose you understand wht we're saying?" **
** (13804) Norfirion remains silent and cautious. **
(13797) Marouf: By the Loregiver, yes, I can understand you.
(13799) Git: "Ah.. superb."
(13799) Git: "Then perhaps you can help us after all"
(13792) Kha: "Where do you get mounts like those?"
** (13792) Kha moves up close and looks over the strange animals **
(13792) Kha: "And what do you call them?"
(13917) Ari (enter): 02:29
(13797) Marouf: As-salaam aleikum. The glory of the Loregiver be with you.
(13797) Marouf: These (patting his mount's head) are camels. And what manner of person are you that you have never seen such beasts before?
** (13792) Kha holds up his spear to get a better look at the animals **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (13917) Ari...
(13799) Git: "Right... may he be with you as well." :offers seriously with a bow for added effect: "We're rather unwilling visitors to your lands. Bit of a magicka mix up."
** (13804) Norfirion returns the foreigner's greeting but remains quiet after, **
** (13904) Vrondard declines to talk about himself **
(13918) Immortal (enter): 02:32
(13792) Kha: "Well we just kinda got droped here by a friend. He was trying to teleport us somware else, I think, anyways we poped up in a building not too far back to the South East"
(13918) Immortal (exit): 02:32
(13797) Marouf: (frowns)
(13799) Git: ""Right, and now we're looking for some big 'ol pyramid. Do you think you could give us a point in the right direction?"
** (13795) Agatha whispers to Git. "We should play dumb if they start asking about a fiery genie laying waste to the countryside." **
(13799) Git: :whispers back to aggy: "No crap"
(13792) Kha: "its to the Northwest Git. I have already been there"
** (13917) Ari looks at Kha in surprise, "You've been there before?" **
(13792) Kha: "Ya, I went there lastnight"
(13797) Marouf: Fate is all-beneficent but my pardons, I do not understand.
(13799) Git: "Right then. how about a place nearby where we can get mounts and supplies?"
(13797) Marouf: Ah, you mean, the land of Bakar, in the cursed land? Why would you want to go there? There is nothing for you in that place, save ghosts and death.
(13792) Kha: "A wizard goofed up and droped us in the middle of the desert here, the Temple of Pazar I think, according to the map I found anways"
** (13797) Marouf makes a sign against evil. "The temple of the Old Ones?" **
** (13804) Norfirion mumbles and shakes his head. **
** (13799) Git casts quick, chiding glance to Kha as he mentions the temple **
** (13792) Kha shurgs **
(13799) Git: "I'm sorry... old ones?"
** (13917) Ari pulls her long dark red hair off her neck and ties the braid into a knot, "ghosts and death, sounds like our sort of place." **
** (13795) Agatha whispers to Kha. "Stay quiet about the temple. We don't them to know we unleashed any trouble." **
(13797) DM: The others in the party begin to murmur amongst themselves. These are humans, men from the looks of them, in flowing white or beige robes, tied off with sash around their waists, with supple leather sandals.
(13792) Kha: "Thats just my guess according to the map. Anyway we are headed to some Pyramid in the cursed lands, as you called them."
** (13797) Marouf frowns deeply at Git, saying, "Before we proceed, we ask if you are followers of the Loregiver." **
(13804) Norfirion: "I am"
(13792) Kha: "And as Git" **Points to Git** "Said we could use some mounts"
** (13904) Vrondard declines to comment... **
** (13797) Marouf nods once. "So if you are followers of noble Hajama or wise Kor, you know that to trespass in a temple of the old ones, is to invite censure and dismay from the gods." **
(13799) Git: "And I am... not a direct follower. I'm afraid this is the first time I've encountered the faith."
(13799) Git: "Sorry... didn't know."
** (13797) Marouf frowns and turns to his companions, murmuring. **
(13804) Norfirion: "We know her as another name, but she is one in the same. Our traditions vary, so you must forgive our foreign ignorance. We were simply lost and trying to escape"
** (13797) Khalid points to Kha and gesticulates, murmuring angrily. **
(13792) Kha: "I am a follower of Oneiros"
** (13797) Marouf murmurs in reply. **
** (13904) Vrondard straightens his beard.. a sure sign of irritation or that he is preparing to lay out some whoop ass **
** (13792) Kha looks at Khalid **
(13792) Kha: "Yes?"
(13795) Agatha: "The long and short of it is that we were sent here by a cat, an agent of Ra."
** (13797) Marouf turns to you and replies "The law of the Loregiver asks that we show courtesy to those from other lands, and expect courtesy in return." (pointedly) **
(13795) Agatha: ((hope that's accurately. My brain is kinda going.))
(13797) Marouf: An old one? (frowns)
** (13917) Ari turns her tricolored eyes to Marouf, still holding her hair off her face. "I follow the path of Elantra." then taking a chance, "We ask the hospitality of the desert dwellers, if only to direct us to a place where we may resupply and obtain mounts." **
** (13797) Khalid puts his hand on his sword hilt. **
(13799) Git: "You'll get nothing but courtesy from us. Right?" :looks back at the others:
(13804) Norfirion: "When we came here, we were underground, there was no way of telling where we were. Whatever things we may have done, we apologize for. Confrontation isn't necessary. We bare no ill to you or your countrymen?"
(13792) Kha: "Me an old one?"
(13792) Kha: "You mean the Ulutaari?"
** (13797) Marouf holds up his hand and Khalid relaxes, but no less wary. **
(13797) Marouf: We are looking for a caravan, to the south of here. We had heard that they were in the area and might be lost. Have you seen them?
(13804) Norfirion: "I'm afraid not."
(13797) Marouf: We accept your apology. Please accept ours.
(13799) Git: "Sorry. Only just came up from our hole."
(13804) Norfirion: "Your apology is accepted"
** (13795) Agatha shakes her head. "We only came to this land a day ago." **
(13792) Kha: "May I ask why he" **nods tword Khalid** "Is so jumpy when he took a look at me?"
(13804) Norfirion: "Kha, please. Give them a moment to speak before you offend them again." *sigh*
(13797) Marouf: It may be that you are so open in your ways and do not follow the Law of the Loregiver, or the faiths moral. And it may be (nodding to Ari) that your friend does not wear the veil.
(13799) Git: "Veil?"
(13797) Marouf: But...you may be unenlightened hajami, and so, we cannot judge.
(13804) Norfirion: (hey its the Taliban)
** (13917) Ari blinks in surprise, then quickly pulls her hair to cover her face. **
(13792) Kha: "The Ulutaari that trained me wore them before they went into battle, a custom I naver liked so did not use"
(13799) Git: (where is your woman's garbage bag get up and too many of you lack beards!!)
(13797) Marouf: Who is the Ulutaari?
(13795) Agatha: ((okay, Agatha may be a big gal, but she isn't that manly.))
** (13792) Kha Desert people like yourself **
(13795) Agatha: ((lol))
(13904) Vrondard: ((yeah Vron is the only one man enough here))
(13804) Norfirion: ((lol))
(13792) Kha: "But they do not use swords at all"
(13792) Kha: "Only spears, very interesting people realy."
(13797) DM: We have never heard of such.
(13797) Marouf: We have never heard of these.
** (13917) Ari grumbles beneath her hair **
(13797) Marouf: We cannot give you mounts, but we can show you the way to our encampment, which lies by foot two days north and east of here.
(13792) Kha: "Ahh I thought that may have been why your friend got angry at my when he saw me, because my outfit is of their style."
(13799) Git: "That is very kind of you. In our stay, we'll do our best to respect your customs"
(13797) Marouf: If you persist in going to Bakar, you will reach it in less than three days time. Once you see the tomb of Light, you will know where to walk.
** (13917) Ari whispers to Kha, "ask if we can purchase a veil there, please." **
(13792) Kha: "We are headed Northwest, several days travel by foot"
(13797) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)
** (13917) Ari wonders, not for the first time, how she got herself into this mess. **

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