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Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
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(9199) Git: updaqted node en route
(9199) Git has sent you a tree node...
(9196) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(9196) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(9190) TaliesinNYC: setting up for a combat which happened last session
** (9182) Ari pouts, as she does not have a mini to load. **
(9190) TaliesinNYC: assume each square there is 5'
(9185) GM-Bubba (exit): 21:49
(9190) TaliesinNYC: that X is a monstrous spider (not going to bother loading a mini for it)
(9182) Ari has sent you a tree node...
(9199) Git: on that case i'll move over 'ere
(9199) Git: hehe...
(9182) Ari: I guess I get an x too
(9192) Agatha: Let's see. Kha was right in front of that thing. But he's not htere
(9207) Novamyth (enter): 21:51
(9196) Norfirion: gimmie a sec ari, I'll find you a mini
(9190) DM: For people who aren't here (DJ), assume their toon isn't here either.
(9190) DM: standard rule in my game as always, if you're not present in a session, neither is your PC.
(9181) Vrondard: ((Baby Time! (afk)))
(9192) Agatha: I assume we're at that door at the top.
(9190) DM: yes
(9199) Git: oh... so we should be outside the room then?
(9190) DM: you're in the rectangular room. Kha opened the door and the spider appeared.
(9199) Git: gotcha
(9196) Norfirion: only female i could find, that ok ari?
(9190) DM: roll init btw
(9199) Git: init: [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(9196) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(9192) Agatha: [1d20+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(9181) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
(9182) Ari: sure, its great.
(9182) Ari: wish I could actually see the thing.
(9213) Frostheart (enter): 21:59
(9182) Ari: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(9182) Ari: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [15,3] = (18)
(9181) Vrondard: .
(9182) Ari: oops, didn't mean to do that twice
(9182) Ari: (gonna be a long night, sorry)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(9190) DM: (23, Vron)
** (9181) Vrondard surges forward and attacks the spider... **
(9181) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+5+4+1+1] -> [6,5,4,1,1] = (17) Critical on Natural 20
(9190) DM: (hit)
(9181) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [8,4,1] = (13) damage
(9181) Vrondard: (ac 24 done)
(9190) DM: (lightly wounded)
(9190) DM: (10, Ari)
(9182) Ari: Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [6,0] = (6)
(9190) DM: (nyet)
(9190) DM: (9, Norf)
(9182) Ari: (wow did that suck)
(9207) Novamyth (exit): 22:04
** (9196) Norfirion removes his right hand from beneath the folds of his starlight robes and points it towards the viscious creater. With an utter of arcane words two brillant bolts of magical energy streak towards the spider sizzling against its carapace. **
(9196) Norfirion: (Magic Missile, [2d4+2] -> [2,2,2] = (6) dmg)
(9190) DM: (seriously wounded)
(9190) DM: (9, the spider)
(9190) DM: (on Vron, natch)
(9199) Git: (guard your nose! They strike for bulbous areas!)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [2,9] = (11)
(9190) DM: (whuff)
(9190) DM: (5, Git)
** (9199) Git gives an annoyed huff at another assault and takes a step forward before springing forth in a cartwheel behind Ari and Agatha and switching flipping to a roll behind the beast(tumble to avoid aoo). Then he stabs for the creatures nerve center. **
(9199) Git: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [3,10] = (13)
(9199) Git: Ceremonial Dagger(Flanking sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [2,10] = (12)===> DMG: [1d4+1+2d6+0] -> [1,1,3,3,0] = (8)
(9199) Git: (darn failed the tumble... aoo)
(9181) Vrondard: ((you'll regret not letting the dm have that roll... it was his))
(9199) Git: (oh?)
(9181) Vrondard: ((aoo attacks are resolved before you get to attack...))
(9181) Vrondard: ((aka its rude to attack without letting the dm have his crack at you first : ) ))
(9190) DM: (not to mention that 12 is a miss)
(9199) Git: (just getting the roll out of the way for efficiencies sake ;-D)
(9196) Norfirion: ((ah well saves time tho))
(9190) DM: (4, Ag)
** (9192) Agatha casually swats away at the creature with her axe. **
(9181) Vrondard: ((where did you move to Git?))
(9192) Agatha: [1d20+11] -> [16,11] = (27)
whispering to Git, if you let me know where you move to, I'll determine if there's an AOO forthcoming
(9181) Vrondard: ((you know that tumbling is half speed right... 15 ft (half speed) of movement is DC 15... full movement DC 25))
(9192) Agatha: [1d12+7] -> [7,7] = (14)
(9190) DM: (seriously wounded)
(9190) DM: (I see)
(9199) Git: (only moved 15' tumbling)
(9190) DM: This next roll is an AOO from the spider for Git, which occurred btw, but needed to know where he moved to.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [17,9] = (26)
(9199) Git: Fortitude save: [1d20+2] -> [4,2] = (6)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6+6] -> [5,6,6] = (17)
(9192) Agatha: "Hmph. Tougher than it looks. Watch out for those fangs!"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8] -> [7] = (7)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
** (9199) Git cries out as the fangs sink into him painfully **
(9190) DM: (23, Vron)
** (9181) Vrondard slashes again **
(9203) Notwist (enter): 22:15
(9181) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+5+4+1+1+2] -> [18,5,4,1,1,2] = (31) Critical on Natural 20
(9199) Git: (I foretell horrible things for me tonight)
(9181) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [5,4,1] = (10) damage
(9192) Agatha: ((Oh crud. I forgot I'm still down 1 str from those fish people. my attack an dmg were actually 1 less than they were.
(9181) Vrondard: (done ac 24)
(9192) Agatha: "Git!"
(9190) DM: The spider crumples.
(9190) DM: (critically wounded)
(9190) DM: (10, Ari)
(9182) Ari: Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+6] -> [1,6] = (7)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [1,0] = (1)
(9181) Vrondard: "Nice job Git.. ya distracted it fer me"
(9190) DM: (miss. 9, Norf)
(9182) Ari: (dear goddess.... someone just shoot me now)
(9199) Git: :hissed angrily through clenched teeth: "Yer welcome."
(9181) Vrondard: "yikes what are ha shooting at?!?"
** (9196) Norfirion repeats his action from last round as 2 more bolts of magical energy fly out and strike the spider. (Magic Missile [2d4+2] -> [4,4,2] = (10) Damage). **
(9196) Norfirion: (nice max dmg)
(9190) DM: (critically wounded)
** (9182) Ari stares at her bow angrily, then unstrings it. **
(9217) Akerue (enter): 22:21
(9190) DM: The spider moves a fraction of an inch, as Norfirion's bolts smash into its bulbous eyes. Almost as a reflex, it lunges suddenly in Vrondard's direction, spewing a mass of whitish-gray liquid in a cone-shaped area. The liquid splatters in your general direction and quickly dries into a sticky mass of fibers and webs.
(9190) DM: (hash marks indicate area of webbing)
(9181) Vrondard: "what is that filthy mess..."
(9181) Vrondard: "you ain't laying yer babies on me..."
** (9182) Ari grumbles irritatedly. **
(9192) Agatha: "Ack! Bloody hell
(9181) Vrondard: "bah its in me beard!"
(9196) Norfirion: "It's nearly dead, finish him!"
(9190) DM: (Str check to escape)
(9192) Agatha: "Nuts to your beard! It's all over me axe!"
(9181) Vrondard: (roll on our turns or all at once right now?)
(9190) DM: (on your turns)
(9190) DM: (5, Git)
(9181) Vrondard: "bah... tis on me axe and beard!"
** (9199) Git mumbles rather inaudibly, "Almost glad I movrd..." **
** (9199) Git readjusts his grip and takes one more angered stab at the beast, desperate to hit his mark. (-3 to attack for loss of finesse) **
(9199) Git: Ceremonial Dagger(Flanking sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [20,10] = (30)===> DMG: [1d4+1+2d6+0] -> [3,1,6,3,0] = (13)
(9181) Vrondard: "ya get only a bit o' sympathy from me woman!"
(9199) Git: Ceremonial Dagger(Flanking sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [13,10] = (23)===> DMG: [1d4+1+2d6+0] -> [2,1,6,3,0] = (12)
(9199) Git: (20 on threat)
(9181) Vrondard: (sneak damage is not crit added... so thats 16hps of damage)
(9190) DM: (hit)
(9199) Git: (hai hai)
(9190) DM: (a bit overkill, it crumples and dies)
** (9199) Git falls as the spider does, slumping back against the wall, gripping his wound and gritting his teeth in pain as his body trembles with the venom **
(9217) Akerue (exit): 22:27
** (9196) Norfirion approaches the downed beast and sinks to his knees as he withdraws a small glass flask. He empties it of its contents and uses his dagger to expose the fangs as he collects venom into the flask. **
(9190) DM: (you're at the doors outside location 25. Kha had opened the doors, when the spider appeared initiating combat.)
(9199) Git: "Go-gotta stop... getting... involved."
(9196) Norfirion: "Are you ok Aragit?"
** (9192) Agatha thrashes to get loose. **
(9192) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(9199) Git: :rolls his head against the stone of the wall to glance at Norf and offer dryly: "Peachy."
** (9182) Ari attempts to get free of the webbing. **
** (9181) Vrondard hacks his way out of what he can't burst out of [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21) **
(9181) Vrondard: "blaaaggggg"
(9192) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(9181) Vrondard: "hmmm... wasn't that sturdy"
** (9196) Norfirion helps the others free themselves from the webbing by cutting through it with his silver dagger. **
(9182) Ari: "Thank you."
** (9190) the luggage peeks from around the corner, and scuttles over to Git. It lets out a whiff of lavender scent. **
** (9192) Agatha mutters curses as she continues to struggle. **
** (9190) Silver follows along. **
** (9182) Ari walks to Git's side and looks to see what she can do to heal him. **
** (9199) Git cringes a bit at the 'blow' until he inhales the scent. "Um.. thanks..." pats the luggage apprehensively **
(9192) Agatha: "Gah. Thanks Norfirion."
(9181) Vrondard: "hmmm nice to have a walking bench to follow you around..."
(9192) Agatha: "How are you holding up Git?"
(9203) Notwist (exit): 22:32
(9181) Vrondard: "it being a chest is a bonus... imaging the ale you could cart around with that thing"
(9181) Vrondard: "yer a lucky man Git"
(9196) Norfirion: "I believe I have some more poison for you Git."
(9199) Git: :offers a weak grin to Ari and answers Aggy: "Painfully. You?"
** (9196) Norfirion walks over to Git as he stoppers the flask and hands it to him. **
** (9182) Ari frowns, I don't have the ability to cure poison. I can only try to heal the wound. **
(9199) Git: "Gee, Norf... thanks. More of that thing's venom is exactly what I want right now." :Takes the flask with a gracious nod, regardless of sarcastic intent:
(9192) Agatha: "No worse for the wear, though a bath would be nice. You should try to suck out the poison."
(9196) Norfirion: "Well at least you have a token to remember it for, a trophy so to speak."
** (9182) Ari glances at Agatha, "Now there's a thought." **
(9196) Norfirion: "Since you've been afflicted by it, who better to use it on our enemies."
(9199) Git: "Yeah suck it out..." Gives a weak lecherous grin: "I hear that works well, whatta ya say Ari dear? Hehe?"
(9182) Ari: "I'm game if you are."
(9196) Norfirion: "Give me a minute, I'll see if I can whip something up."
** (9196) Norfirion begins rummaging through his pouch. **
(9192) Agatha: "I think the luggage would do a better job. Nice try, though."
** (9199) Git stares at Ari a moment before considering with a grin and shrug. "THis stuff must be affecting my brain. I can't come up with a good lewd reply to that." **
** (9182) Ari smiles, "You'll think of something," **
(9196) Norfirion: "I dont think I have anything that can help you. Its effects should fade soon enough, most likely it is only debilitating and not fatal."
(9181) Vrondard: "yeah just stay in back... I won't let anyone get to you Git"
(9192) Agatha: "Ari, do you think your luggage could handle sucking out the poison?"
(9199) Git: "Could to hear Norf. Ari... if you could just close up the boo boo, I'll hope for the best with the rest. Wouldn't want you to suck anything out of me that you don't appreciate." :gives a wink: "There's that reply."
(9196) Norfirion: "It's too late anyhows. Its affect is already in his blood. Would be a waste of time."
(9199) Git: (good to here even*)
(9182) Ari: "The luggage? It doesn't actually have a mouth, or the ability to suck."
(9182) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [3,2,3] = (8)
(9199) Git: :While being nursed: "Hey Vronard... what's in the next room?"
(9181) Vrondard: "I don't know.. let me look"
** (9182) Ari had cast that after giving a quick prayer. (cure moderate wounds) **
whispering to Vrondard, see the node
** (9181) Vrondard takes a peek at their next destination **
(9181) Vrondard: "some sort of elfie bathroom"
** (9196) Norfirion quirks an eye as he walks over to peer inside with the dwarf. **
(9182) Ari: "elfie bathroom?"
(9181) Vrondard: "tiles and leaves..."
(9181) Vrondard: "aint no spiders"
(9199) Git: :Grins to Ari has his wounds begin to close up. Thanks love. You're sure a lot better to look up from in a daze than Kha or Sam."
(9182) Ari: "Why thank you, and you're welcome."
(9199) Git: :calls in to Vronard: "Leaves...? On the floor?"
(9182) Ari: (brb, need to get someone to kill something with too many legs to be allowed to live in my house
(9181) Vrondard: "well in the floor... its part of the elfie decorations"
(9192) Agatha: "That can't be right. We're underground. Where are you going to find a tree?"
(9199) Git: "Still... I'd rather not have to do this again any time soon. Pushes himself up along the wall to stand. "Unless you wanna try more homebrew medicines. I hear body heat is the best cure for bloodloss." :Waggles his brew as he heads in to the next room after Vronard
(9181) Vrondard: "its not bad work... just not me style"
(9192) Agatha: "Oh carvings."
(9196) Norfirion: "Well shall we?"
(9196) Norfirion: "Or we going to sit here and talk about it all day?"
(9199) Git: "Yeah... toobad it's not decorated in old ale barrels, dirty rags and bloody old weapons."
** (9192) Agatha enters the room, positioning herself in front of Git. **
** (9196) Norfirion walks inside slowly and looks around. **
(9190) TaliesinNYC: 25: This room has been tiled with colorful ceramic mosaics. Green and gold are the dominant colors and most of the patterns give the impression of trees and leaves. The floor is covered with dried reddish splotches here and there. Skeletons cover the floor, moldering in the dust. A door stands closed on the N wall and the W wall. Both are painted black, in direct contrast with the rest of the chamber.
** (9182) Ari follows behind Norfirion. **
(9199) Git: :Looks beetween the closed doors: "Usually go right first.. but considering my judgement of late.." :Moves to check the door to 26 (search for traps, listen, peek if possible)
** (9196) Norfirion searches the room for anything unusual. (Hidden items, and doors.) **
** (9182) Ari watches Silver's reaction **
(9228) El Tommo (enter): 22:48
(9228) El Tommo (exit): 22:49
(9190) Silver: On closer inspection, you realize that the doors aren't painted black, but are covered with something....a LOT of somethings. Both doors are covered with masses of hairy small spiders....hundreds of them.
(9190) DM: The wolf is uneasy and pads around in circles, whuffing.
whispering to Git, still want to perform your search on the doors? lol
(9182) Ari: "ick"
(9196) Norfirion: "Disgusting, more vermin."
(9199) Git: "Ewwww...." :backs up from the door: "These things are covered with spiders. Somebody torch these please"
(9181) Vrondard: "blech"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)
(9192) Agatha: "Aye, I'd rather not have to bother with any more of the buggers than I have to."
** (9182) Ari backs away from the spidery doors. **
(9196) Norfirion: "Just a minute, I'll open it."
** (9192) Agatha suddenly looks up to check the ceiling for any creepy crawlies. **
(9199) Git: "Huh?" :to Norf:
(9199) Git: "Anyone have a cloak they don't mind sullying?"
** (9196) Norfirion removes a length of string and a slender piece of wood which he manipulates like a puppet master as he mutters off an incantation. (Unseen Servant) **
(9199) Git: :raises a brow at Norf: "Whatcha doing?"
(9196) Norfirion: "Step back, I'm going to open it."
(9196) Norfirion: (I'll command the US to open the door git was inspecting)
** (9182) Ari fumbles in the luggage and hands Git her spare cloak. **
** (9199) Git shrugs and steps back out into the hall for safe distance **
(9199) Git: :to Ari: "That'll be Plan B."
(9181) Vrondard: "who cares about going in there... lets just go around"
** (9192) Agatha watches Norfirion curiously. **
(9190) DM: Nothing seems to happen for a minute....and then the door opens, of its own accord. As that happens, the spiders vanish, leaving the wooden door beneath bare.
(9181) Vrondard: "hmmm"
(9192) Agatha: "Around where? The other door was just as bad."
(9196) Norfirion: "An illusion I would guess."
(9199) Git: "Oh, Nice." :To Norf: "You ever think of becoming a thief?"
** (9182) Ari puts the cloak back in the luggage. **
(9190) DM: A burnt, charnel odor seeps out of the room beyond.
(9196) Norfirion: "Not likely Git."
(9192) Agatha: "Nice trick. Do you do parties?"
(9182) Ari: "What wonderful smells we keep finding in this place."
(9196) Norfirion: "My family carries a long line of jewelers, as am myself. You can understand my feelings against most forms of thievery."
** (9199) Git heads over to check the now open room, pinching his nose at the foul scent. "And what an interesting odor you've discovered" **
(9190) TaliesinNYC: 26: The walls and floor of this room are covered with tiny gold and green ceramic tiles and is filled with a mass of webbing which nearly obscures it. There is a burnt charnel odor in this area. Along the south wall, there is a wooden bench with a small gold robe lying across one end. A skeleton lies on the bench, fused to the wall as if in great agony.
** (9196) Norfirion looks into the room and lays his eyes upon the golden robe. **
(9199) Git: "Hey Hally. "What were we looking for in here again?"
** (9182) Ari glances at the webing, "This can't be good." **
** (9190) Halthala says hollowly, "A tear from the heart of an elfmaiden" **
(9182) Ari: (webbing*)
** (9199) Git stares among the webbing for surprises (spot) **
(9233) Rainur Swiftblade (enter): 22:57
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [15,16] = (31)
(9199) Git: "Don't suppose that's an elf maiden's skeleton?"
(9192) Agatha: "I've got a bad feeling about this place. Git, stay in between Vrondard and Norfirion. I'll take the lead."
(9181) Vrondard: "well this aint it"
** (9190) Halthala smiles sadly. "Possibly." **
** (9199) Git reaches into his satchel for his expanding pole. "I wonder what that is." Opening it up he reaches into the room for something in th webs. **
** (9182) Ari stares at the skeleton, then glances at Halthala. **
** (9196) Norfirion commands the golden robe to be lifted up to see whats underneath by the unseen servant. **
** (9199) Git 's eye gives a twitch as the robe lifts. "Norf... that better be you." **
(9190) DM: (who is in the room? in 26?)
(9196) Norfirion: "Of course. This spell will last several hours."
(9199) Git: (no one I think)
(9181) Vrondard: (not Vron)
(9196) Norfirion: "Its useful for probing and such."
(9192) Agatha: "Aye. Cause if it ain't..."
(9199) Git: ((just the Servant I believe.. I'm reaching a stick in though)
(9190) DM: Something drops to the floor, encased in glass, and shatters.
(9181) Vrondard: "well I'm not going in there"
(9196) Norfirion: ((I'm standing outside looking in))
(9181) Vrondard: "hmmm what was that?"
(9199) Git: (doh)
(9190) DM: ....and immediately explodes into a ball of fire. (door)
(9181) Vrondard: "hmmm good call me"
(9199) Git: "Damn!" Hisses as he knocks glass free.
(9190) DM: (Reflex to get out of the area of effect)
(9199) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11)
(9182) Ari: Reflex save: [1d20+22] -> [19,22] = (41)
(9196) Norfirion: Saves: Reflex: [1d20+4+0] -> [5,4,0] = (9)
(9199) Git: (uh oh)
(9192) Agatha: "Watch that the webs don't catch. We could be roasted alive if they do."
(9196) Norfirion: (lol)
(9181) Vrondard: Reflex vs. Magic Spells/Spell-like: Save [1d20+3+0+2] -> [10,3,0,2] = (15)
(9182) Ari: (whiskey tango foxtrot - my dice are out of whack)
(9182) Ari: [1d20+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
(9199) Git: (Hmmm... What's the proper prayer to Aranis El Macil when you're about to be charcolled?)
(9192) Agatha: Reflex: [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)
(9190) DM: (only Ari makes.)
(9190) DM: (and Ag)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [5d6] -> [6,5,5,3,5] = (24)
(9182) Ari: (don't think so, my dice skrewed up big-time
(9190) DM: ah, sorry.
(9190) DM: (only Ag escapes)
(9190) DM: (take 24)
(9196) Norfirion: ouch
(9181) Vrondard: ((ari got a 21 i think))
(9182) Ari: (( only a 9))
(9190) DM: (if you saved and you don't have evasion, take 12)
** (9192) Agatha somehow jumps back in time. She throws her arm up to protect from the flare. **
(9182) Ari: (I've no idea how there was a +22 in that))
(9181) Vrondard: ((i had you with a 19+22... obviously the 22 is wrong))
(9181) Vrondard: "buggers!"
(9192) Agatha: "Gahh!"
(9181) Vrondard: .
** (9182) Ari staggers back **
** (9199) Git cries out as the fires scorch his body, washing away stopping him in a heart beat. He flails and drops to the ground in a smoldering mess. (-8 hp, Yay!!!) **
(9181) Vrondard: "Git!" alarmed at seeing his protectee fall
(9196) Norfirion: "Git!!"
** (9196) Norfirion runs over to his fallen friend's burned body. **
(9192) Agatha: "Oh gods... Git!"
** (9196) Norfirion starts shaking the scoundrel's body. "Don't die you fool. You have to live, we're not finished yet." **
** (9196) Norfirion lowers his head to Git's chest to listen for a heartbeat and looks for signs of breathing. **
(9192) Agatha: "Get him out of this deathtrap! We're too vulnerable here."
** (9199) Git lies still and unconcious, while his spirit wonders if norf really expects violently shaking a mortally wounded person is a good idea **
** (9181) Vrondard starts searching thru his pack **
(9196) Norfirion: "He's still alive, Ari do you have any magical healing left?!"
(9181) Vrondard: "no time left.. he's failing if not dead already"
(9181) Vrondard: "is he breathing?"
(9192) Agatha: "Ari, get over here!"
** (9182) Ari once again calls upon her Goddess and casts here last cure moderate wounds, (oh am I praying here) **
(9182) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Moderate Wounds ( level 3, "Cures 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10)" )
(9182) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [7,5,3] = (15)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d8+5] -> [7,6,5] = (18)
(9199) Git: (phew... *releases iron grip on desk* )
(9240) Silverlocke (enter): 23:16
** (9182) Ari sits down hard on the floor, feeling rather drained. **
** (9181) Vrondard pulls out a potion... "oh... well thank the bearded gods everywhere" **
(9192) Agatha: ((phew indeed. I need a drink.))
(9196) Norfirion: "Indeed, our druidic lady is an invaluable asset."
** (9199) Git takes a deep breath as a soothing coolness spreads across his form **
(9199) Git: (Thank you Ari!)
** (9196) Norfirion takes out his bedroll and lays it under Git's head, providing some comfort against the cold floor. He then stares down to his friend "How do you feel?" **
(9182) Ari: "Hopefully, we can rest for a while, maybe?"
(9196) Norfirion: "Yes, but maybe not here is the best spot."
(9196) Norfirion: "If we return to the central chamber can we come back here? Or is the way lost?" *glances to Halatha.*
(9192) Agatha: "Aye. Let's carry him back to the large room. We're less vulnerable."
(9192) Agatha: "there*"
** (9199) Git slowly blinks his eyes open to look up and find Norf hanging over him. In no mood to turn his head he just closes his eyes and listens **
(9240) Silverlocke (exit): 23:22
(9196) Norfirion: "You'll be fine. We all need some rest."
(9196) Norfirion: "I'll carry him."
(9241) Kha (enter): 23:22
(9190) Halthala: You cannot return to the beginning until you have completed a trial.
** (9199) Git takes a deep breath and forces himself to sit up, hunched forward. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (9241) Kha...
(9190) DM: (Kha joins the group)
** (9196) Norfirion withdraws a small flask containing a metallic liquid. He lets loose a single drops and speaks an incantation while waving his hand. Git rises from the floot suspended by an invisible disc of force. **
(9196) Norfirion: (Tenser's Floating Disc)
** (9182) Ari again says a prayer, and once more tries to help Git. **
(9192) Agatha: ((Sorry, I meant 27))
(9182) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Light Wounds ( level 1, "Cures 1d8 +1/level damage (max +5)" )
(9182) Ari: [1d8+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
(9199) Git: (I.... think I'm able to walk actually...)
** (9196) Norfirion returns to the central chamber with the disc following behind him. **
(9190) DM: (you can't, Norf)
(9196) Norfirion: (ah yeah lol thanks for spoting me, I got my memed list mixed up with my spell book node. I dont have that memed.)
(9190) DM: (and in any event, Hal said you can't return to the central area until a trial has been completed)
(9196) Norfirion: (ah ok, but the disc wasnt created regardless)
(9190) DM: k
(9241) Kha: ((We still in room 25?))
(9181) Vrondard: "so is Git going to live or not?"
(9196) Norfirion: (missed Hal's post sorry)
(9199) Git: (at 11 hp right now... so... yeah... I'll live)
(9196) Norfirion: "He should be fine with some rest Vrondard."
(9196) Norfirion: "The entry room just outside of here, is that acceptable?"
(9182) Ari: "Anyone else need aid, before I tend to myself?"
(9192) Agatha: "That'll work."
(9196) Norfirion: (u need it more than me)
(9190) DM: (in 25, after tripping a trap in 26)
(9199) Git: :Glances to Ari feeling her, muttering idly: "That was too soon. Thanks again though angel."
(9196) Norfirion: "Then give me a hand and we'll move him"
** (9181) Vrondard helps out **
** (9196) Norfirion moves Git back to the entry room outside of 25, with the help of the others. **
(9192) Agatha: "Focus on Git, Ari. I'll be fine."
** (9182) Ari casts cure light wounds on herself. **
(9182) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Light Wounds ( level 1, "Cures 1d8 +1/level damage (max +5)" )
(9182) Ari: [1d8+3] -> [8,3] = (11)
** (9241) Kha looks aroung grogily after waking up from passing out seeing a spider as big as a pony **
** (9199) Git holds up his hands in a halting manner to Vronard and Norf, "No thanks. With lady's blessing, I should be able to move on my own. And I dount its actually safer out there at the moment" **
(9190) Halthala: This is all a foretelling you know. The test of the sla'mori shows you what will be, even as it determines your worthiness for the key to the gate.
(9196) Norfirion: "Nonsense, allow someone to help you for once. We're safer at least in the hall."
(9181) Vrondard: "ok well stop gettin yerself hurt"
(9241) Kha: "What did I miss, I remember the spp" **shudders** "pider droping, and nothing after that?"
(9181) Vrondard: "though I wish I could have taken that advice meself"
(9190) DM: (someone fill DJ in pls)
(9196) Norfirion: brb
(9182) Ari: "then your lucky. It wasn't pretty."
(9199) Git: :remainin seated, offers regretfully: "I'm sorry for that mistake everyone. I really should have been more careful than that. We all going to live?"
(9181) Vrondard: (Vron killed the spider almost singlehandedly with assist from Agatha and Git)
(9181) Vrondard: (and Git got us all blown up from an obvious trap situation... go figure)
(9181) Vrondard: : )
(9199) Git: (sorry, I didn't think moving some webs in front to see what it was would auto-drop it.)
(9181) Vrondard: (and Norf with the assist as well forgot about the foul elf magic "somehow")
(9192) Agatha: "Aye, you're supposed to be clever one. You're starting to look more like Kha."
(9241) Kha: "I am sorry I missed the fight"
(9199) Git: :hangs his head and agress with Aggy: "I deserve that."
** (9241) Kha looks around assessing people **
** (9192) Agatha smiles compassionately "You just focus on resting now. We'll keep guard." **
(9190) DM: (actually you had no idea where it was in the mass)
(9233) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 23:33
(9199) Git: "I'm in your hands." Rests against the wall:
(9241) Kha: "Ya would do you good to be more like me some times too."
(9199) Git: (oh... thought I saw where it was..... nevermind)
** (9182) Ari frowns, "I've a few more in me," **
** (9182) Ari turns to Agatha and whispers another prayer. **
(9182) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Light Wounds ( level 1, "Cures 1d8 +1/level damage (max +5)" )
(9182) Ari: [1d8+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(9182) Ari: (ok, now really I will brb)
** (9241) Kha walks over to Git **
(9241) Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
(9241) Kha: ((Gain [1d8+1] -> [8,1] = (9)HP))
** (9192) Agatha feels a coolness wash over her. **
(9192) Agatha: "Ah, thank you dear. I was feeling a bit run down."
** (9199) Git doesn't budge as Kha's healing aura washes over him. With a simple nod he speaks to the priest of fate, "Thanks." **
(9241) Kha: "Did that help your wounds Git?"
(9199) Git: "Yay verily."
** (9241) Kha extends a hand to help Git up **
** (9196) Norfirion sits quietly in meditation. **
(9199) Git: :Offers with an odd swagger as he takes Kha's hand to pull up to his feet. Still rather shaky he rests agaisnt the wall and take in his burnt clothing."
(9196) Norfirion: "Shall we rest here for tonight?" *he says without opening his eyes*
(9182) Ari: "Please?"
(9199) Git: "I'll need to get some new threads now."
(9199) Git: "I absolutely agree."
(9196) Norfirion: "You dont have a spare in your pack?"
(9248) Koji (enter): 23:41
(9249) Tek (enter): 23:41
(9199) Git: :To Norf: "Yeah... but I liked these ones."
(9249) Tek (exit): 23:42
(9248) Koji (exit): 23:43
** (9241) Kha asks in a kindly joking voice "Is the trap disabled now?" **
(9181) Vrondard: "think its save in there now?"
(9181) Vrondard: "can't be two of them in there... right?"
(9192) Agatha: "I'll take first watch. Norfirion, is that spell of yours still working?"
(9196) Norfirion: "Hopefully we wont find out first hand."
(9196) Norfirion: "Yes, for about 5 hours, why?"
(9241) Kha: "I was going to go look around the room, if you all went though the truble to get blown up to get inside might as well see whats in there worth guarding so well"
(9192) Agatha: "What's it do exactly? Some kind of invisible hand?"
(9199) Git: "I figure anything else probably blew up with it."
** (9241) Kha walks over to the door and looks into the next room ((room 26)) **
(9199) Git: :Resting his satchel on the floor as a pillow, lays down to get some much needed rest
(9199) Git: (brb)
(9241) Kha: "I can take second watch, I only need two hours of rest"
(9196) Norfirion: "Something like that Agatha, but its exertion isnt very strong."
(9190) TaliesinNYC: 26: The walls and floor of this room are covered with tiny gold and green ceramic tiles, most of which are blackened from a recent explosion. There is a burnt charnel odor in this area. Along the south wall, there is a wooden bench with a small gold, mostly charred robe lying across one end. A skeleton lies on the bench, fused to the wall as if in great agony.
(9196) Norfirion: "It can be used to open doors, lift light things, trigger certain traps, but against pressure plates requiring a heavy lead it would be useless"
(9192) Agatha: "Can it help watch the doors?"
(9190) DM: Shards of glass lie on the floor, mostly melted.
(9182) Ari: "Silver can help keep watch."
(9196) Norfirion: "Not really, its more like a weak invisible creature, it has no mind."
** (9241) Kha lightly walks into the room and examins the robe **
(9192) Agatha: "I see."
(9192) Agatha: (to Ari) "That would be nice."
whispering to Kha, its really a map, a giant map that's been fashioned to look like a robe. a cloth map.
** (9182) Ari calls to Silver, checking to be certain he's not hurt. **
** (9196) Norfirion settles down into his robes and slips into trance. "Rouse me if I'm needed." **
** (9241) Kha picks up the robe gently and does a quick look around the room to see if there is anything else of intrist before bringing the robe back out **
** (9190) Silver comes to you, tongue lolling and licks you all over. The luggage scoots over, belching lilac dust. **
(9192) Agatha: "Hmph. Lolth is certainly making us work for this last one."
(9196) Norfirion: (going outside for a smoke break, brb)
(9192) Agatha: "Okay, that's enough. Down boy."
** (9241) Kha ariving back in the other room he lays the robe down very gently **
(9181) Vrondard: "anything... probably not"
(9241) Kha: "This is a map, though it is very damaged from the explotion"
(9181) Vrondard: "cept some girly robe?"
(9241) Kha: "It was made to look like a robe to an elven god, which I am unsure. Git do you have any skill with maps?"
(9258) Koji (enter): 23:52
(9199) Git: "Drawing them, no... reading them... rudimentarily"
(9182) Ari: "Let me see what's in the luggage, might have something."
** (9199) Git turns over to look up at Kha **
(9241) Kha: "Well I can read them, but this one is extreamly damaged."
(9199) Git: "Well... what's it a map of?"
(9199) Git: :Remains lying down, too wasted at the moment to get up without reason:
** (9241) Kha looks at Ari at the mention of luggage **
(9241) Kha: "You said stuff come back out of that thing all clean right?"
(9258) Koji (exit): 23:55
(9182) Ari: "Yes."
(9262) Lightfaith (enter): 23:55
** (9181) Vrondard waits for the pontification to end... **
(9241) Kha: "Well if I can not read this I may try putting it in that luggage to see if it comes out clean enough to read"
(9182) Ari: "It'll be clean, but not repaired."
(9182) Ari: "Still I can offer up the spare cloak."
(9192) Agatha: "Just keep it safe. I'm sure the wizard might be able to do something with it when he wakes up."
(9262) Lightfaith (exit): 23:57
(9241) Kha: "Well it is of an elven city."
** (9241) Kha points to two diffrent points **
(9241) Kha: "This is the portal, and this is the Temple district"
(9199) Git: "Is there a name of the city?"
(9190) Halthala: It is a map of ancient Celdenor.
(9241) Kha: "I would guess the City of Leaves"
(9199) Git: "Oh... then I really regret blowing it up"
(9264) Renzo (enter): 23:59
(9264) Renzo (exit): 23:59
(9241) Kha: "Halthala, you know the city well, could you draw in whats damaged if it comes out of the luggage free of grime like Ari said it should?"
** (9192) Agatha silently collects some wood for torches. **
(9181) Vrondard: "nothing to be done bout it now"
(9190) Halthala: I suppose I can.
** (9241) Kha turns to Ari could you put this in the luggage and see if it comes out clean in the morrning, or what ever time of day it will be after we rest. I have lost all sense of time in this place" **
** (9182) Ari smiles, "of course." and takes the garment and puts it in the luggage. "now we wait." **
(9190) DM: (fast forwarding)
** (9241) Kha find a relativly clean spot on the floor and curls up to take a short two hour nap **
(9267) Umaro (enter): 00:03
** (9182) Ari sits quietly meditating **
** (9199) Git rests as long as he can. Needing it greatly after a monstrous spider bite and incineration. **
** (9241) Kha gets up and streatches **
(9199) Git: (we get enough time for natural healing?)
(9190) DM: (8 hours.)
(9267) Umaro (exit): 00:05
(9190) DM: (you can rest for as long as you want. let me know.)
** (9241) Kha exclaiins "Well I hope another spider does not drop down when I open these doors again" after seeing people starting to raise **
(9190) DM: (however if YOU rest, then that amount of time passes whilst other people are doing things.)
(9196) Norfirion: do i need 4 hours or 8 hours to recover spells?
(9196) Norfirion: back btw
(9181) Vrondard: "come on you wussies.. just follow behind me... I won't let anything hurt ya"
** (9241) Kha moves over to the main temple doors and looks them over **
(9181) Vrondard: "stay back and I'll womp anything thats left here"
(9181) Vrondard: "Kha you aint even hurt... you can help..."
** (9241) Kha then looks up at the celiing and back to the door before trying to open them again **
(9190) DM: (I'm going to rule re your question 4 hours. Tireless doesn't remove the need to rest your mind which is essential for memorization of magical spells.)
(9192) Agatha: "If I were you, Kha. I'd be more worried about that eyeless thing."
(9190) DM: The door seems to be covered in small hairy black spiders.
(9196) Norfirion: (well i dont have the feat, i was just curious how it would work tho, thx for clarifying it though.)
** (9241) Kha jerks his hand away quickly and moves to the far side of the room **
(9199) Git: (well I'll take the full 8 hours if everyone ain't moving out before then, Need the healing .. hp and ability)
(9196) Norfirion: (true)
(9182) Ari: (taking the 8 as well)
(9196) Norfirion: (you recover level x2 hp for every 8 hours rest right?)
(9199) Git: (no 1 hp/ level)
(9181) Vrondard: ((actually its 24 hours of rest - up to the dm however))
(9196) Norfirion: i think i read it in the campaign files
(9196) Norfirion: ((might be thinking of the healing skill entry))
(9196) Norfirion: ((or the accelerated healing feat))
(9190) DM: (24 hours then. thanks David)
(9196) Norfirion: ((anyways gimmie a sec and I'll send u my updated spell list)
(9182) Ari: (thanks for reminding me, I have that)
(9181) Vrondard: ((generally makes you beholden to the darn clerics!))
(9199) Git: (hai 8 hours rest= 1 hp/level . 24 hours = 2 hp/ level)
(9241) Kha: "I wont be touching that door to the temple"
(9241) Kha: ((Says full day of rest is 1hp/level, which a fullday means light activity, no combat, skill use, casting ect for a full 24. 2 per day if you have compleat bed rest which you need a bed for :P ))
(9199) Git: (Really? My Phb says fullnights rest (8 hours) for basic healing... weird)
(9241) Kha: "So does anyone want to open that door, it is crawlling with little black spiders
(9196) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(9196) Norfirion: ((I'm going to cast mage armor and unseen servant as soon as i wake up, both last 5 hours.))
(9190) DM: (ok folks, moving on. after resting, what's going on?)
(9241) Kha: ((I dont have 3.5 it might say that in that one but just 3e is fullday natural healing. page 129 of the 3e phb))
** (9196) Norfirion rises from his trances and after casting two spells enters the room and makes sight at the spider covered door. **
(9196) Norfirion: "I can open this one like last time if you wish?"
(9196) Norfirion: "So long as I can see the door."
** (9181) Vrondard moves on to room #27 **
** (9199) Git wakes up, stretching out lazily. "Thazza lot better." Standing to perform some stretches, "Still feely wonky from the spider though." **
** (9241) Kha follows after Vrond after he has opened the door, making to to stay as far away from the door when passing though it as he posibly can **
** (9182) Ari follows and keeps an eye on Git. **
(9190) DM: As you begin to open the door, the image of an ebon skinned elven female with white hair appears on the wooden door.
(9181) Vrondard: "haylo"
(9190) Mzal'arin: Speak lil words of passage lueth lil Quarval'sharess shall spare dossta lives!
** (9199) Git looks up at the strange woman.. muttering a curse of Drow at the visage **
(9190) DM: The spiders vanish from the door as the image appears.
(9196) Norfirion: /me does so as well.
** (9196) Norfirion does so as well. **
(9181) Vrondard: "what the heck"
(9199) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(9241) Kha: "I think we need to say the password so Loth wont kill us"
(9270) Sauro (enter): 00:24
(9192) Agatha: "Hmph. Seems that way."
(9270) Sauro (exit): 00:24
(9182) Ari: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+2] -> [6,2] = (8)
(9199) Git: "So... who knows Lolth's practices?"
(9181) Vrondard: "the heck I'll do that"
** (9241) Kha mentaly contacts Vontaros **
(9241) Kha: "It translates to "Speak the words of passage and the Goddess shall spare your lives"
(9192) Agatha: "Damned if I know."
(9241) Kha: "Loth is a perversion of everything elven, so it may be 'death to all elves'"
(9199) Git: "Hally? Don't suppose you could give us a hint here?"
(9192) Agatha: "Maybe there's a clue somewhere."
(9190) Halthala: You might take a look at the map.
(9181) Vrondard: "well sounds like its good to be me"
** (9182) Ari pulls the now clean remains of the map and it does smell of lavender. **
** (9199) Git cocks a brow at Hally. "Hope that parts not burned off" **
** (9241) Kha spreads the map out so all can look over it **
** (9241) Kha scans over it trying to read anything he was un able to read before **
** (9199) Git leans over to inspect the map **
(9190) DM: the words "portal" and "temple district" can be made out, barely. "Celdenor". That's about it.
(9181) Vrondard: "hmmm" he says uninterested
** (9241) Kha examins the temple district more closly to see if there is any writing that may have been a password" **
(9199) Git: :To: "Hally don't suppose Celdenor is the password, huh?"
(9192) Agatha: "Norfirion, maybe you could figure this out. You're an elf and all."
(9196) Norfirion: "Little words? That implies more than one command, and it seems we only have one option with more than one word. Perhaps speak 'Temple District' in drow?"
(9241) Kha: "where do you get little words?"
(9190) Halthala: You know I am forbidden to help you in most ways. (smiles sadly)
(9196) Norfirion: ((i mistook lil for little, i didnt think it was an actual elven word, though it was her accent))
(9241) Kha: ((It was drow))
(9196) Norfirion: ((yes i speak it too))
(9199) Git: "Whatever can go wrong..." Trails off and stares at the illythiri image
(9199) Git: :offers quite jokingly to the image: "Words of passage."
(9241) Kha: "Tennarael Undol is writen hear near the Temple district. thats the Star Elven name for Loth"
(9199) Git: "Yeah... so?"
** (9241) Kha stands up and looks at the vissage and speaks "Tennarael Undol" **
** (9190) Mzal'arin glares at Kha **
(9199) Git: :to Kha: "Wouldn't that be kind of simplistic?"
(9190) Mzal'arin: Bow in obeisance, rivvil! Lueth enter!
(9196) Norfirion: "Perhaps so"
(9190) DM: The image vanishes.
(9181) Vrondard: ((that in common or elven?))
(9190) DM: (a mix)
** (9241) Kha kneels down head bowed deeply before entering the tTemple **
(9190) DM: (technically she's speaking in ilythi'iri but I left some context in so you (the players) can understand)
** (9199) Git goes wide-eyed at the door. and shakes his head. "Who'd expect that level of stupidity from an ilyth'iri? **
(9190) TaliesinNYC: 27: Rotting golden draperies adorn the walls in this room, and the floor is carpeted in a similar color. A raised platform on the west side of this room is faced by two rows of benches. An aisle runs down the center of these benches making a path toward the platform. In the center of this platform is a wooden podium with two ornately carved doors, one on either side. There is a burnt charnel odor in this room. Skeletons lie scattered all over the chamber. A skeleton lies splayed on top of the platform with a dagger in its ribs. Most of the skeletons are fused to the floor or the benches, or seem to have fallen in some great conflict.
(9199) Git: "That's the kind of thing a dwarf would use as a password
(9182) Ari: (thank you)
(9192) Agatha: "Hmph. I ain't complaining. Let's get this over with."
(9276) Elegard (enter): 00:40
(9182) Ari: "I so don't like the looks of this place."
** (9199) Git strolls in taking in the grim scenery. "They'll never get any practitioners with such bad upkeep" **
** (9196) Norfirion approaches the dagger and casts detect magic as his eyes glow faintly like moonlight. **
(9276) Elegard (exit): 00:41
** (9241) Kha steps in and looks over the room carfully **
** (9181) Vrondard walks in without bowing or saying the drow words **
** (9192) Agatha keeps her axe ready. **
** (9199) Git examines the platform curiously and seeks within the podium for forgotten items **
** (9182) Ari readies her bow **
(9192) Agatha: "Norfirion, can you detect any more of those fire traps?"
** (9241) Kha moves to the wooden podium and examins it **
(9196) Norfirion: "Perhaps, but only if they are magical in nature."
(9196) Norfirion: "I'm looking now, just a minute."
** (9196) Norfirion wraps his hands in the folds of his robes and removes the dagger and tucks it into his belt. **
(9241) Kha: "We came for a tear for the hear of an elf maiden correct?"
(9241) Kha: ((for = from))
(9190) DM: As Norfirion removes the dagger....
(9199) Git: "They really did a number on this place. Can't even tell who it used to be a temple to anymore"
(9192) Agatha: ((hold on now, he didn't touch it yet.))
(9199) Git: (yup... he did)
(9192) Agatha: ((sorry. bad eyesight.
(9196) Norfirion: (curiousity got me, kha's bad influence :p)
(9241) Kha: (Glad I am rubbing off on people :) ))
(9277) Tai (enter): 00:47
(9277) Tai (exit): 00:47
(9190) Halthala: Behold the final ingredient of the spell needed to perform the ritual of the gate of Alindal-en: the dagger Aeolas, also known as "tears from the heart of an elfmaiden", for as it took my life for time eternal, so now I place myself in your hands for time eternal. No paths remain to choose, yet to gainsay the gate, you must defeat the guardian of the gate.
(9199) Git: "Say what now?"
(9196) Norfirion: "Then so be it!" *cries out in return to the voice*
(9181) Vrondard: ((this was the last item... there isn't a GOLDEN CHEESEBURGER somewhere we need to find?))
(9192) Agatha: "Well...that was easy."
(9181) Vrondard: "har... ehhh sure no problem... whats this guardian like anyhow?"
(9199) Git: :shrugs to Aggy: "I ain't complainin"
** (9190) Halthala looks at Norfirion, continuing "Thank you for removing that which has kept me imprisoned lo, these years. As payment for this, I shall guide you till you leave this place." **
(9241) Kha: "So do you need us to bring this corpse back to the City of Leaves with us Halthala, so you may at last be at rest?"
** (9190) Halthala looks at Kha. "That still remains to be done." **
** (9199) Git raises a brow to Hally and glances to the skeleton a bit skeptically though understanding **
(9182) Ari: brb
** (9241) Kha nots and sets his pack on the ground removing the Alter case **
(9241) Kha: "I hope you do not mind if I carry the bones in my pack untill we enter the city"
** (9196) Norfirion scans the rest of the room using his detect magic. **
(9196) Norfirion: "I will handle that, I have knowledge in elven death rites."
(9196) Norfirion: "And its only fitting"
(9190) Halthala: You see before you two doors to choose. One leads through a test of skill and the other leads through a test of judgment. Choose one, and let that determine the nature of the guardian. I am empowered by the lord of this place, Ciriacil of the wind and the stars, to answer three questions that you may have, about what is to come.
(9241) Kha: "Very well Norf"
** (9241) Kha puts his case back into his pack and stands up and looks at the door **
** (9196) Norfirion digs through his pack and pulls out a black cloak made of starlight cloth, identical to the one he wears. He removes the bones and carefully places them within the cloak and folds it up carefully." **
(9196) Norfirion: "This is a morning shroud...one I wore during my own morning for my wife and children. I think it is appropriate."
(9196) Norfirion: (mourning)
(9190) Halthala: The guardian of the gate is a creature of Teneraél Undol, the Dark Betrayer Beneath, although it is bound by the laws which still hold in this place.
(9196) Norfirion: "The only reason I wear these dark robes, is because of this, I'm still mourning, and I will continue to do so until I can rectify what happened."
(9241) Kha: "Let us talk amoungest ourselves to determin the three questions to be asked"
(9190) Halthala: It's nature is determined by the actions of those who would come to defeat it.
** (9196) Norfirion tucks the bones away into his pack as he ponders the question. **
** (9181) Vrondard awaits the groups question... he seems ready **
(9192) Agatha: "Hmph. I say we just go headlong through the test of skill. Judgement obviously hasn't been our forte, and there's nothing that they can throw at us that we can't beat."
(9199) Git: :to Aggy: "Right... as long as it doesn't bite or explode"
(9190) Halthala: Know that this is all a foretelling, that you --will-- do this once again, in the future that is to come. An eight part test, an eight part judgment. The gods have spoken and you are worthy of the gate.
** (9241) Kha turns to the others "I want to know what door is what, and if this is an individual thing, like each of us can chose a door or we must all pick the same door" **
(9199) Git: :Gestures toward Hally to Kha: "Shoot."
(9190) Halthala: One of you must choose a door, and that door will only open for you.
** (9182) Ari stands attentive waiting the answer. **
(9190) Halthala: Two questions remain.
(9199) Git: "Care to expand on that first question? Only one of us?"
(9241) Kha: "Like the trial Sarrim compleated most likly"
(9190) Halthala: One amongst you must choose a door, and that door, and the test beyond shall be for you and yours, and the nature of the guardian shall be determined by your choice.
(9199) Git: "Great."
(9241) Kha: "Well if I was the one to chose I would pick judgment. Also since I would not wish to defeat the creature of Loth only allow it to return to its god I may not have to fight it at all"
(9199) Git: :to the others: "Shall we ask what the doors entail?"
(9190) Halthala: Unlike the test of the warrior, this is a test of the chieftain. So you must all agree and let one amongst you choose for you all. And the test beyond is a test you all shall partake. And the guardian is one you must all work together to defeat.
(9199) Git: "Yes, but kha.. you don't know what judgement may mean in this case"
(9241) Kha: "Judgement means only one thing, to be judged by someone else or something else if it is the gods doing the Judging."
(9199) Git: "If that's teh case, then frankly, I'd rather depend on skill. Better to give your all than to depend on blind fate."
(9196) Norfirion: "So skill it is?"
(9196) Norfirion: "I feel I'm worthy enough to defeat what slime they throw at us. I'll crush them!"
(9241) Kha: "Ask your question Git, it may provide us with more infromation to base our judgment on"
(9181) Vrondard: "I'm ready... or I will be"
(9199) Git: "Wait.. ask what the guardian will be dependant on the path."
(9196) Norfirion: "Once again the dwarf and I agree." *looks down to Vrondard and smirks*
(9241) Kha: "Thats a good question as well"
(9196) Norfirion: "You just swing your axe, and I'll make sure you swing it harder and faster."
(9192) Agatha: "Sounds good to me."
(9199) Git: :to Hally: "Depending on the path we take, how will the guardian differ?"
(9190) Halthala: If you choose the test of skill, the guardian will be defeated through force of arms. If you choose the test of judgment, the guardian may be defeated through force of love, or faith.
(9190) Halthala: One question remains.
(9181) Vrondard: "force o' arms fer sure"
(9196) Norfirion: "Love? Hmm A tempting offer, but on a group whole I feel force is our strongest point."
(9196) Norfirion: "And this is a group effort. I'm still in agreeance with the dwarf and Agatha."
(9241) Kha: "Faith and love seams easyer, though as Norf said our strong points currently seems to be force of arms."
** (9241) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
(9199) Git: "Aye. Our groups 'faith' may not be strong enough."
** (9241) Kha is suddenly holding a short spear engulfed in flames **
(9181) Vrondard: "we ain't goin now are we... we should rest up a bit"
** (9196) Norfirion slides his right hand into his spell components pouch and thumbs the tear dagger. **
(9196) Norfirion: "I agree"
(9182) Ari: "we need to be at full strength for this."
** (9241) Kha moves over to Vrondard **
(9196) Norfirion: "Yes, I'm still hurt a little. I could use some rest."
(9241) Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
(9241) Kha: ((Gain [1d8+1] -> [7,1] = (8)HP))
(9284) Conclavia (enter): 01:14
** (9241) Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [Bad dice format] - [0d8+2] DMG to Subdual} **
(9181) Vrondard: "thanks Kha"
(9192) Agatha: "I've had enough rest. I'm achin' to see the sun, feel the wind, and down a stiff drink."
(9241) Kha: ((Thats 3d8+2] ))
(9241) Kha: ((Thats [3d8+2] -> [3,7,8,2] = (20) ))
** (9182) Ari moves toward Norfirion, "Goddess protect. Goddess provide Goddess reflect. Goddess unite Help me to see. Help me to feel Help me to be. Help me to heal." **
(9190) DM: (noted.)
(9182) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Moderate Wounds ( level 3, "Cures 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10)" )
(9182) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [8,6,3] = (17)
** (9199) Git strolls over to the platform, taking a seat as he tinks cautiously **
(9196) Norfirion: "Thank you my dear"
** (9181) Vrondard is miraculously healed and shows a great less damage upon himself **
** (9241) Kha goes and stands by Agatha **
(9182) Ari: "you are welcome."
(9241) Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
(9241) Kha: ((Gain [1d8+1] -> [3,1] = (4)HP))
(9196) Norfirion: "Now I think I'll settle down and prepare for tomorrow. Git you may want to try some of that poison finally eh?"
** (9241) Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [2d8+2] -> [1,5,2] = (8) DMG to Subdual} **
(9241) Kha: "That is all the help I can provide for today"
(9182) Ari: "I have more, if it is needed."
(9196) Norfirion: "I'm fine."
** (9196) Norfirion slips into trance. **
(9182) Ari: "Agatha?"
(9199) Git: :to his comrades: "Shall we ask what strengths the guardian of skill has?"
(9196) Norfirion: "May as well"
(9190) DM: (to the lurkers amongst us, the game is stopping in 90 minutes, to facilitate OOC discussion. it's now 1.20 am EST and we'll be stopping at 2.45 am EST.)
(9196) Norfirion: "And what form of creature is it, beast, undead, demon, and such."
(9192) Agatha: "I'm fine dear."
(9199) Git: "So then... what it is and how it fights then?"
** (9196) Norfirion stirs from his trance for a minute after Git's question. **
(9196) Norfirion: "Sounds fine to me, I dont know what else relevant would could learn."
(9196) Norfirion: "The more we know about its nature the better we can combat it"
(9196) Norfirion: would=we
(9199) Git: "Any objections?"
(9196) Norfirion: "No, we're the only ones still discusing it. Ask away"
(9182) Ari: "no objections."
(9241) Kha: "No objections here"
(9192) Agatha: "Do it."
(9199) Git: :to Hally: "The guardian; what type of creature is it and how does it fight?"
(9199) Git: (guardian of skill that is)
(9190) DM: The guardian is a creature of Teneraél Undol, but is a fallen creature of ilythi'iri society. You would better know it as a drider....the body of an ilythi'iri warrior or mage fused to that of a spider. But fear not, this is a youngling of such, not a full grown adult. However, this is a foretelling, and your future may be different.
(9190) DM: (oops, Hal should have said that, not me. lol.)
(9196) Norfirion: "Hahaha"
(9196) Norfirion: "A pathetic opponent it will be. My magic and the dwarve's axe will crush him like his normal brethren"
** (9241) Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [1d8+2] -> [4,2] = (6) DMG to Subdual} **
** (9241) Kha moves next to Ariving **
(9199) Git: "Cockiness tends to lead to bad things Norf"
(9192) Agatha: "Hmph. Another spider? Not exactly what I would call a test."
(9196) Norfirion: "We shall see"
** (9241) Kha moves to a corner to sleep for two hours then write in his jornal while the others finish their rest **
(9181) Vrondard: "ha... we killed all the rest of em... no problem"
** (9196) Norfirion nods to the dwarf. **
(9196) Norfirion: "Lets rest, want to throw some gold on who delivers the killing strike, huh dwarf?"
(9190) Halthala: Not a spider, friend dwarf. A drider. An ilythi'iri who has failed a test of the goddess. A deadlier foe than any spider you can imagine.
(9192) Agatha: "Still, let's be more careful this time. Git hang back with Norfirion and Ari. Norfirion, I trust you have some fire ready?"
(9241) Kha: ((Think we need to rest for atleast 4 hours for all subdual dmg to be healed, 2 hours for Agatha and Ari, and 4 for Vrond))
(9181) Vrondard: "har... that would be a bad bet"
(9196) Norfirion: "I'm not sure that would be a good idea with webbing."
(9284) Conclavia (exit): 01:30
(9181) Vrondard: (I only need 2 hours)
** (9199) Git takes a seat on the platform agreeing with Aggy, "I'll try not to get buthered any further" **
(9196) Norfirion: "A lightning bolt would perhaps be better against a single target"
(9196) Norfirion: "And less likely to catch any of you in the way"
(9287) Dragon_child (enter): 01:30
(9287) Dragon_child (exit): 01:30
(9192) Agatha: "That's fine."
(9241) Kha: ((Oh ok, so only 2 hours for all Subdual dmg to be healed)
(9199) Git: :Gets his journal from his satchel, turns to a clean page and begins to write while the others take time to rest:
(9196) Norfirion: "Then I'm going to rest. Goodnight"
(9192) Agatha: ((brb. Grabbing something to eat.))
** (9196) Norfirion closes his eyes and trances. **
** (9241) Kha does the same thing as Git **
** (9182) Ari once again sits to meditate. **
** (9181) Vrondard takes a nap... after inspecting his beard for damage from the flames **
(9278) Durion (enter): 01:33
(9278) Durion (exit): 01:33
(9190) DM: (fast forwarding)
(9190) Halthala: Your test will begin the moment you touch one of the doors.
(9199) Git: "Which door's skill?"
(9196) Norfirion: brb in 10, smoke break
(9241) Kha: "We asked our three questions I belive"
(9196) Norfirion: bathroom as well
(9190) Halthala: The one on the left.
** (9181) Vrondard will touch the appropriate door.... (the left) **
(9199) Git: "Everyone ready?" :Seeing Vronard go for the door: "I hope so." Readies his bow and arrow.
** (9241) Kha holds up his spear **
(9241) Kha: "Ready as I can be"
(9181) Vrondard: "I'm ready"
(9190) DM: The door is locked, but you can hear some scuttling sounds within....loudly.
(9190) DM: The other door vanishes and becomes part of the wall.
(9199) Git: :To vronard:"Well?"
(9181) Vrondard: "lets roll"
** (9181) Vrondard touches the door **
(9181) Vrondard: ((bit of us patriotism there..))
(9181) Vrondard: ((U.S.))
(9241) Kha: ((You already did, other door vanished and this one is locked))
(9199) Git: "Opening it or what?"
(9181) Vrondard: "hmmm thought it would do something... least something is normal around here"
** (9181) Vrondard taps it just to be sure and then opens it as normal **
(9199) Git: "True... was half expecting to be teleported myself
(9190) DM: (tap tap)
(9241) Kha: ((Vrond bonks his nose on the door as he walks into it since it is locked :P ))
(9181) Vrondard: "what the heck... things locked"
(9181) Vrondard: "aint we supposed to use the door?"
** (9199) Git gives a sigh and moves to the door to look it over for traps before unlocking it, muttering in annoyance, "Gotta put in extra efforts to go risk our lives?" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [13,16] = (29)
(9241) Kha: "Maybe the drider is scared of us"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [8,16] = (24)
(9182) Ari: "now that I wouldn't count on."
(9192) Agatha: "It's a test of all skills apparantly."
(9199) Git: "Ready to open. Get to arms."
** (9199) Git puts away his picks and readies hi bow and grips the door knob in the other hand. **
** (9192) Agatha has her axe out. **
** (9181) Vrondard stays near Git... **
** (9241) Kha lossens his sholders and his stance almost unnoticably, but you can tell he is ready for anything **
(9196) Norfirion: back
(9199) Git: :Makes sure everyone's ready before pulling the door open:
** (9182) Ari readies her bow **
(9192) Agatha: "Hold on, let the dwarf or me go first."
** (9199) Git quickly moves behind the door as he opens it **
(9181) Vrondard: "me... sorry age before beauty darlin"
(9181) Vrondard: (provides a double complement to Aggie!))
(9196) Norfirion: "I'm ready"
(9190) DM: As you open the door, you're startled to see a flaming sphere of crimson flames hurtle towards Git, hurled from a lithe, muscular ilythi'iri male....from the waist up....and a bloated hairy bulging black spider body from the waist down, with eight barbed legs around it. The fireball hurtles from the open door, 30' across on the other side. (Reflex to avoid)
** (9181) Vrondard opens the door and steps thru..ready to tussle **
(9199) Git: (of course... that'd be if it opens inwayrd...)
(9199) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+6] -> [2,6] = (8)
(9199) Git: (why am I cursed tonight?)
(9181) Vrondard: (git you suck!)
(9241) Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16)
(9190) DM: The door on the other side of room 29 slams shut
(9181) Vrondard: Reflex vs. Magic Spells/Spell-like: Save [1d20+3+0+2] -> [17,3,0,2] = (22)
(9196) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(9182) Ari: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [1,9] = (10)
(9196) Norfirion: Saves: Reflex: [1d20+4+0] -> [4,4,0] = (8)
(9291) Re_LoaD (enter): 01:50
(9196) Norfirion: damn, I'm gonna use my amazing luck feat and reroll that
(6934) Mercenary-162d (enter): 01:50
(9196) Norfirion: Saves: Reflex: [1d20+4+0] -> [2,4,0] = (6)
(9181) Vrondard: ((ouch Arir... start rolling for magic and mundane objects))
(9196) Norfirion: shit!
(9190) DM: (only Vron saves.)
(9241) Kha: ((Guess your shortness helpd you fall to the ground realy fast hey Vrond :P ))
(6934) Mercenary-162d (exit): 01:50
(6934) Mercenary-162d (enter): 01:50
(6934) Mercenary-162d (exit): 01:51
(9190) DM: (Ag, I need one from you)
(9196) Norfirion: ((cant we blow karma to reroll or something? I forgot the karma details.))
(9241) Kha: ((He took Karma out I think))
(9190) DM: (effective two sessions ago, Karma was abolished. you know that.)
(9192) Agatha: [Bad dice format] - [1D20+4]
(9196) Norfirion: ((oh hehe))
(9192) Agatha: [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(9196) Norfirion: ((I've been reading over my files i had saved from the old site they got mixed in with the new stuff))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [5d6] -> [6,3,3,5,2] = (19)
(9181) Vrondard: ((Ari's objects could be destroyed... if they fail the saving throw and take too much damage))
(9190) DM: (if you saved, take 9. if you fail, take 19)
(9241) Kha: ((damn short dwarves getting in the way of everyone elses, Vrond musta triped everyone else while he was getting out of the way))
** (9199) Git lets out in inaudible curse as he's once more nearly killed by fire **
(9190) DM: (the luggage gets its own save as does Silver)
(9196) Norfirion: "You're gonna burn for that!"
** (9196) Norfirion curses in Drow. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
** (9241) Kha screams and tries to cover his eyes but failes to do so quick enough **
** (9241) Kha quickly patts any lingering flames out and gets ready again **
(9192) Agatha: "Arrgh! I am getting sick and tired of getting burned, and tripped, and snuck up on."
(9196) Norfirion: (Init?)
(9190) DM: (yes, altho note it slammed the door leading to location 30)
(9241) Kha: [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
(9199) Git: (which room's the drider in?)
(9199) Git: init: [1d20+2] -> [20,2] = (22)
(9241) Kha: ((30, it is running away from us :P))
(9241) Kha has sent you a tree node...
(9196) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
(9196) Norfirion: hah
(9190) TaliesinNYC: 29: This room is empty save for blackened walls.
(9182) Ari: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
(9192) Agatha: [1d20+2] -> [19,2] = (21)
(9181) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17)
(9199) Git: (oh great...)
(9241) Kha: ((Well that fire woke a few of us up :P ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [11,2] = (13)
(9291) Re_LoaD (exit): 01:58
(9196) Norfirion: ((so we're trapped in the room with it, or it shut the door again before we could get all the way inside?))
(9192) Agatha: ((quite a few.))
(9182) Ari: (sorry)
(9199) Git: :Shaking from the stining pain of his burns, Git curses under his breath. "I'm getting very sick of this garbage"
(9192) Agatha: ((we're in 29 right now as I understand. It went off to 30.
(9182) Ari: "Me too."
(9190) DM: (you're in location 29, and its in location 30. the door to 30 was slammed shut.)
(9192) Agatha: "You ain't the only ones. Let's finish this."
** (9192) Agatha runs up and checks the door. **
** (9182) Ari sighs, and makes her way to Git, "you, know, this becoming a habit" then whispers her prayer again. **
(9182) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Moderate Wounds ( level 3, "Cures 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10)" )
(9182) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [5,5,3] = (13)
(9196) Norfirion: "I could use one of those as well if you have any to spare"
** (9199) Git stands on wobbly legs. With a trembling chortle to Ari he assures, "What can I say... you're services are addictive" **
(9196) Norfirion: "But first you need to heal yourself, you dont look well dear"
** (9241) Kha places his hands on his temples **
(9241) Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
(9241) Kha: ((Gain [1d8+1] -> [1,1] = (2)HP))
(9241) Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
(9241) Kha: ((Gain [1d8+1] -> [4,1] = (5)HP))
** (9182) Ari smiles, "thanks for noticing" **
** (9182) Ari whispers her prayer for herself this time. **
(9182) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Moderate Wounds ( level 3, "Cures 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10)" )
(9182) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [6,7,3] = (16)
** (9181) Vrondard gos with Git and pursues their foe **
** (9192) Agatha follows. **
(9293) Ahkelios (enter): 02:02
** (9182) Ari steps up to Norfirion, another prayer is whispered **
** (9196) Norfirion gathers himself and continues on with the others while keeping a keen eye open for surprises. **
(9182) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Light Wounds ( level 1, "Cures 1d8 +1/level damage (max +5)" )
** (9199) Git looks into room 29 after Vronard, to check on the next door.(listen and peek under if possible foir the drider's position before checking for traps and lock **
(9182) Ari: [1d8+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
(9182) Ari: [1d8+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [1,16] = (17)
(9182) Ari: (whispered twice)
** (9241) Kha moves to the right of the next door **
** (9181) Vrondard will listen while Git does his thing **
(9196) Norfirion: "Thank you again"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [18,16] = (34)
(9199) Git: "Get a light ready. it's about to get real dark. Norf can you make sure its not a magical darkness?"
** (9196) Norfirion casts mage armor on himself once again and follows. **
(9196) Norfirion: "Yes probably"
(9182) Ari: "You are very welcome."
** (9241) Kha pulls out a copper coin **
(9192) Agatha: "We've dealt with invisible foes before. Ain't much different.
(9196) Norfirion: "As I was thinking Kha"
** (9199) Git tears off a piece of his scorched sleeave to wrap the handle then goes to work on the other trap **
(9241) Kha: "Oneiros, Lord Shaper, I call apon your aspect Epithumia to grant that which I desire."
(9196) Norfirion: "I need to see to be able to target my spells"
(9241) Kha: "Oneiros, Lord Shaper, I call apon your aspect Epithumia to grant that which I desire."
(9241) Kha: "Oneiros, Lord Shaper, I call apon your aspect Epithumia to grant that which I desire."
(9241) Kha: "Oneiros, Lord Shaper, I call apon your aspect Epithumia to grant that which I desire."
** (9241) Kha 's copper coin is suddenly glowing **
(9199) Git: :to Kha: "Wanna toss the coin under the door and see if the room lights up?"
(9241) Kha: "Want me to slide it under the door?"
** (9241) Kha slides the coind under the door **
(9190) DM: You hear an enraged scream and chanting.
(9241) Kha: "Open the door quickly"
(9296) Gaelgrosh, Destroyer of Worlds (enter): 02:07
(9181) Vrondard: "oh let me in..."
** (9196) Norfirion utters an incantation then as he steps, multiple versions of him seem to appear. (Mirror Image, [1d4+1] -> [4,1] = (5) Images) **
(9190) DM: The chamber beyond lights up.
(9199) Git: "Norf... should that chanting worry me?
(9196) Norfirion: Skill: Spellcraft [1d20+15] -> [14,15] = (29)
(9182) Ari: "It worries me."
(9181) Vrondard: "everyone else... back off..."
** (9196) Norfirion listens to try and determine the spell. **
(9192) Agatha: "Well, looks like we got its attention."
(9199) Git: :to kha: "It's trapped..I'm working on it"
** (9182) Ari backs off **
** (9241) Kha steps to the right side of the door again and places his back againist the wall **
(9192) Agatha: "I'll be more worried when it finishes the chant of its own accord. Hurry it up Git."
(9182) Ari: " Please don't rush him, I don't have that many more cure spells."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [8,16] = (24)
(9296) Gaelgrosh, Destroyer of Worlds (exit): 02:10
(9196) Norfirion: "Web spell"
(9196) Norfirion: "If I can get my lightning bolt off on it, its heat should set its web alite"
** (9182) Ari mutters some very nasty words **
(9199) Git: "Can he cast that through the door?"
(9196) Norfirion: "But being able to see would be nice"
(9196) Norfirion: "No he doesnt have a line of effect"
(9199) Git: "Good"
(9196) Norfirion: "How about coating your blade with that scorpion poison? It could help"
(9181) Vrondard: "well someone get a torch going... just in case"
(9199) Git: "No offense, but I don't plan to get that close given my luck today"
(9241) Kha: "My spear should work nicly"
(9196) Norfirion: "You should plan ahead in all cases, it wont make no difference if its wasted."
(9196) Norfirion: "Just listen to me for once, and I did give it to you afterall."
(9192) Agatha: "Can't hurt."
(9196) Norfirion: "Then let Agatha or Vrondard put it on a blade?"
(9196) Norfirion: "It would be just as effective"
(9199) Git: "Feel free. It's in my satchel"
(9196) Norfirion: "Perhaps more so"
** (9241) Kha waits paitently to the righgt of the door for Git to finish opening it **
(9182) Ari: "is it corrosive?"
(9196) Norfirion: "No"
(9196) Norfirion: "Debilitating to the victims muscles, his strength is reduced I believe"
(9182) Ari: "could I dip my arrow tips in it?"
(9196) Norfirion: "Yes if you'd like, perhaps 3 or so. Git should know, I told him earlier"
(9190) DM: The chanting ceases.
(9181) Vrondard: (note poison use is a 5% chance of handling it and poisoning yourself)
(9182) Ari: "Git?"
(9181) Vrondard: (unless you are an assassin or ninja...)
(9196) Norfirion: (ninja, heh)
(9241) Kha: ((Ninja Kha :P ))
(9196) Norfirion: (black pajamas in D&D aint cool :p)
** (9182) Ari frowns as the chanting stops. **
(9199) Git: (thought it was 2 doses of poison)
(9190) DM: (it was)
(9196) Norfirion: (dunno, didnt you copy the info i gave you? I deleted it off my inventory list)
(9196) Norfirion: (ok)
(9190) DM: (20 minute warning)
(9182) Ari: "I had only thought a drop or 2 on the silver tip of an arrow."
(9192) Agatha: "Hell I'll try it. In the meanwhile, Norfirion and Kha take point. You two should be more than capable of burning through the web."
(9199) Git: :whispers: "Doors unlocked. Just grasp the handle on the cloth." :steps away:
(9196) Norfirion: "Does anyone have torches?"
(9241) Kha: "Git concentrate on the door please, the Drider just finished casting what ever it was casting, Web according to Norf"
** (9241) Kha gently grabs the handl by the cloth and opens the door **
** (9199) Git gets out the flask of scorpion venom handing it over before warning Kha, "Not yet" **
(9182) Ari: "silly me, yes I have a torch."
(9190) DM: The chamber beyond is a shambles. It was once a laboratory but is now a mess of broken glassware and wooden furniture.
** (9182) Ari opens the luggage and pulls out a torch, "anyone have an easy light?" **
(9190) DM: Scuttling and tinkling sounds in the rear...
(9196) Norfirion: "I could use it"
** (9192) Agatha puts the poison on her axe. **
** (9196) Norfirion takes the torch and lights it with his flint and steel. **
** (9241) Kha holds up the spear **
** (9182) Ari readies her bow **
(9196) Norfirion: "Ready?"
** (9241) Kha looks into the room to see if there is any webbing before walking in **
** (9199) Git reaches out with his hand mirror just enough to see around the corner to seek out the drider **
** (9181) Vrondard charges in... **
(9196) Norfirion: ((I'm readying an action to fire off my lightning bolt if I have a clear shot when I look into the room.))
(9192) Agatha: [1d100] -> [94] = (94)
** (9196) Norfirion looks into the room from the door's right side. **
(9199) Git: "He's got something nasty re...Vronard?" stares at the careless dwarf
(9190) DM: lol, ok
(9190) DM: sec
(9190) DM: As Vrondard charges in, the drider lets loose a curse in ilythi'iri and hurls a mass of gray-white light at Vrondard. The "light" expands to become a mass of sticky white strands that engulfs most of the chamber....and Vrondard.
(9181) Vrondard: "blah me beard! not again.."
(9190) DM: Reflex (only Vron)
(9181) Vrondard: Reflex: Save [1d20+3+0] -> [5,3,0] = (8)
(9293) Ahkelios (exit): 02:24
(9190) DM: (stuck)
(9199) Git: "Idiot." :Shakes his head at Vronard's predicament:
(9182) Ari: ((oooh, that's gonna leave a mark.))
(9190) DM: You can hear chanting.
(9192) Agatha: "Kha! Cut him loose! Norfirion cast as soon as they're clear.
(9196) Norfirion: ((i peaked inside, can i see anything?)
(9199) Git: (the webbing cut off ourpath to the drider?)
(9190) DM: (you saw that and Vron getting stuck)
(9182) Ari: "and lets shut that bloddy chanter up."
(9190) DM: (yes)
(9182) Ari: (bloody*)
(9196) Norfirion: (couldnt i fire off my spell then?)
(9196) Norfirion: (i made a ready action)
(9182) Ari: (but do you want to with Vron stuck in there?)
(9196) Norfirion: (maybe even disrupt his spell by damaging him?)
(9190) DM: (you can try, you might hit Vron)
(9190) DM: sec
(9196) Norfirion: (I'm on the right side of the door, wouldnt the bolt be angle away from him?)
(9241) Kha: ((We going on init yet?))
(9190) TaliesinNYC: minis pls
(9182) Ari: (someday I'm going to learn how to do that. really)
(9241) Kha: ((I am right infront of the door, Vrond charged past me as I steped infront of it to hold up my spear and check for webs))
(9196) Norfirion: (right click on that mini node i sent you, and "send to map")
(9196) Norfirion: ((im on the right side peering inside))
(9196) Norfirion: (left side in this case, the side where i can see the other end of the room))
(9190) DM: (shaded area indicates web range)
(9196) Norfirion: ((they have to be within 5' but i could stand in the door way i guess, but thats not gonna do much))
(9196) Norfirion: (I'm just gonna step inside screw it)
(9190) DM: (each square = 5' btw)
(9190) DM: (27, Kha)
(9241) Kha: ((Ok so whos turn is it?))
(9241) Kha: Will save: [1d20+9] -> [3,9] = (12)
(9196) Norfirion: (27 was me anyways wasnt it?)
** (9241) Kha turns and runs at the sight of the Drider **
(9196) Norfirion: (i rolled a 20 on init last time if thats what ur using)
(9190) DM: Kha flees to the farthest corner of the room. (room 29)
(9241) Kha: ((We both got 27 and I have higher dex))
(9190) DM: (you and Kha go on 27)
(9196) Norfirion: (oh ok)
(9190) DM: (27, Norf)
(9192) Agatha: "Kha?! What the?!"
(9182) Ari: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
(9192) Agatha: "Norfirion, distract the drider!"
(9190) DM: (using the previous init, Ari)
** (9196) Norfirion moves several feet into the chamber sighting the creature up before rubbing a piece of rabbit fur on a small slender amber wand. The air sparks and the smell of ozone is strong as an arc of lighting streaks out to the drider. **
(9190) DM: (10 minute warning)
(9190) DM: k
(9196) Norfirion: (Lightning Bolt, Ref Save 19, [5d6] -> [2,4,2,3,1] = (12) dmg)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [12,4] = (16)
(9196) Norfirion: (bah)
(9190) DM: (lightly wounded)
(9190) DM: (22, Git)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [1,16] = (17)
(9199) Git: "Best to burn our way through the left hand(top border on the map) side to draw it's attention. Others can come fromt h right and we can get it in a pincer."
(9199) Git: "Kha? You okay?" (delay action for now)
(9196) Norfirion: "You'll not be casting that spell" *smirks knowing he disrupted the monster's spell.*
(9190) DM: (21, Ag)
(9299) hark (enter): 02:41
(9199) Git: (Anyone but Kha have a flame?)
** (9192) Agatha throws Kha a murderous look before dashing in to cut Vrondard loose. **
(9181) Vrondard: (ari has a torch out i think)
(9196) Norfirion: (me as well)
(9182) Ari: (I thought I gave my torch to Norfirion)
(9190) DM: (k. 17, Vron)
(9182) Ari: (I can't shoot and hold the torch)
(9196) Norfirion: (yeah she did)
** (9181) Vrondard tries to get out [1d20+4] -> [14,4] = (18) **
(9192) Agatha: ((I thought I cut Vron loose))
(9199) Git: (I'll take her torch if she can take position near Norf and start shooting)
(9190) DM: (not yet loose)
(9190) DM: (still stuck)
(9190) DM: (13, the drider)
(9182) Ari: (I do not have a torch, I gave my torch to Norf)
(9199) Git: (Ah.. then nevermind)
(9182) Ari: (and I'm still minatur challenged, so consider me there anyway
(9182) Ari: )
** (9190) Mzal'arin sends forth streaks of black light, which coalesce into three spiders of varying sizes, which hurl through the air at Norfirion **
(9196) Norfirion: (i put you next to git, that fine?)
(9182) Ari: (thanks)
(9190) DM: (auto hit, magic missile)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d4+3] -> [3,4,3,3] = (13)
(9196) Norfirion: (still has to roll for my mirror images doesnt it?)
(9190) DM: (I forgot about those. how many images?)
(9241) Kha: ((5))
(9299) hark (exit): 02:46
(9196) Norfirion: (5)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6-1] -> [3,-1] = (2)
(9196) Norfirion: (say I'm 1 for simplicity)
(9190) DM: (then 1 per image)
(9190) DM: k
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [6] = (6),[1d6] -> [2] = (2),[1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(9196) Norfirion: (want me to roll 1d5?)
(9190) DM: (6, 2 and 5 struck, leaving you with 2 images left: 3 and 4)
(9196) Norfirion: (ok)
(9190) DM: It's a bit frustrated.
(9190) DM: (6, Ari)
** (9182) Ari moves up to be nearer to Norfirion in order to shoot the monster **
(9182) Ari: (how far can I move?)
(9192) Agatha: ((30' or 6 squares))
(9241) Kha: ((I would move to the edge of the web, up one square from Agatha so you can shoot it from a distance))
(9190) DM: (let Ari go and then we'll break for this session)
(9182) Ari: (I can shoot as well?)
(9190) DM: (yes)
(9196) Norfirion: (lol the agony of suspense)
(9182) Ari: Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+6] -> [13,6] = (19)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [7,0] = (7)
(9199) Git: (can I take my delayed action)
(9190) DM: (hit and seriously wounded)
(9190) DM: (k)
(9190) DM: move the mini inside please.
(9182) Ari: (?)
** (9199) Git moves in after Ari and headin behind Norf pulling a tindertwig from his pocket which he strikes on his armor and burns away the section of webbing between himself and Vronard. **
(9199) Git: (the square right above me so Vronard can hopefull move right down when free)
(9190) DM: (ok, and on that note, we'll break for the week. take note of inits, hit point totals, spells cast and actions. log will be posted this weekend.)
(9190) DM: combat will resume next session.

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