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(6781) Agatha: ((Yeah. 1 of 2 str points recovered. And we still have that unconscious wererat around, don't we?)
(6767) DM: The passage leads to a closed metal door.
(6767) DM: ((yes))
(6778) Melchior (exit): 21:34
(6771) Sarrim: "Well...I'm starting to feel a bit better. You all up for the next door?"
** (6771) Sarrim narrows his eyes toward the door. "Might want to have Git take a look at that one." **
(6781) Agatha: "Ehhh. I swear I can still smell those damned fish, but I'm fit to go on."
(6770) Kha: ((HP: 45 / 45))
** (6746) Ari stretches and scratches Silver behind the ears, "Everyone feeling ok? I might be able to help if not." **
** (6770) Kha stretches **
(6779) Vrondard: "I'm just fine"
(6771) Sarrim: "I'll live...Felt better than I have in days. Where is Git, anyway? No doubt getting needles stuck in him from some trap."
(6770) Kha: "Ahh that rest did wonders for me, I feel like my old self again. And next time we see one of those eyeless things I am standing in the background"
** (6784) Norfirion seems to be going over his repertoire of spells after his recent rest. **
(6779) Vrondard: "Well... I wouldnt worry bout it much"
(6790) Git (enter): 21:40
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (6790) Git...
(6779) Vrondard: "how many creepy things like that can there be"
(6767) DM: ((wow a full house tonight))
** (6746) Ari shivers, "too many." **
(6768) Arteles (enter): 21:40
(6790) Git: (Claustrophobia shall overtake us)
(6781) Agatha: "I don't think hiding will do much good for you lad."
(6770) Kha: "Enough, I meet one in the dream wold that had gotten traped there by a seal that the Maggister and Jenna
** (6771) Sarrim begins assembling his armor onto himself, and after shrugs his cloak onto his shoulders and gathers his things. **
(6779) Vrondard: "well we gots 4 more tunnels to take on"
(6779) Vrondard: "ifn yer all tidy and ready to go... so's am I"
(6770) Kha: "Well lets keep working around, South is the next one I think"
** (6771) Sarrim nods. "Git, that door's looking a little ominous. Could you check it?" **
(6746) Ari: "I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Lead on."
** (6790) Git rests against the wall, waiting for their next move **
** (6767) Silver whuffs at the air next to Git, whining. **
** (6770) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
(6771) Sarrim: (Whoa, divine intervention encourages you to move Git. Better get goin)
** (6770) Kha is suddenly holding a short spear engulfed in flames **
(6790) Git: (now now stan, whining gets us nowhere)
(6746) Ari: (I'm going to take a guess you meant Silver)
(6790) Git: "Which door'd that be, Sam?"
(6770) Kha: "Ok I am ready to go now"
** (6771) Sarrim motions toward the 3d door. "Next on the list, I'd assume" **
(6779) Vrondard: "bout it"
** (6767) Silver pads around in circles, with a forward motion with his nose at the air, alternately growling and whining. **
(6784) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(6781) Agatha: "One's as good as any other I suppose."
(6770) Kha: "Oh Git could I get that dagger back? I can enchant one of yours with the fire if you would like"
whispering to Norfirion, thanks
** (6790) Git tosses the firey dagger over to Kha, muttering sourly, "take backer." **
** (6781) Agatha looks at the wolf curiously. "What's wrong with your pet, Ari?" **
** (6746) Ari watches Silver as he growls and whines, "Silver?" **
(6790) Git: :Staring down the hall to 3d:
** (6770) Kha snatches the dagger out of the air and slips it back into his leg sheath **
(6770) Kha: "So did you want me to enchant one of yours?"
** (6770) Kha starts down the hall after Git **
(6784) Norfirion: "Did anything interesting happen while I was out? Oh please tell me the dwarf found his first bar of soap in some chest?"
(6767) DM: After a bit, it becomes clear why: he seems to be nudging forward the hazy image of a wooden chest-like-object with several hundred miniature feet....
(6768) Arteles (exit): 21:47
(6746) Ari: "I don't know exactly Agatha, but he certainly doesn't seem happy to be here. . ."
(6779) Vrondard: "naw... aint that lucky"
(6767) DM: The image is not clear....albeit slowly coming into focus. It is clearly somethng you've never seen before and defies description.
(6746) Ari: "Oh, that. um, nevermind about that."
(6781) Agatha: "What in the devil?"
(6779) Vrondard: "har"
** (6771) Sarrim looks somewhat...dumbstruck. **
(6790) Git: (Didn't go down the hall) "Feel free, tosses another dagger to Kah, I got plenty"
(6746) Ari: "It's really nothing to worry about, much."
(6770) Kha: "A walking chest, how handy, where did it come from and whos is it?"
(6746) Ari: "Just my luggage."
** (6770) Kha Consentrates on his dagger for a moment **
(6767) DM: With each revolution that Silver makes, and each nudge of his nose, the image solidifies and becomes more clear. It seems to be a piece of wooden luggage, mounted on miniature pink feet. Hundreds of pink feet.
(6746) Ari: "Though it does occasionally have an attitude."
** (6770) Kha tosses the dagger back to Git **
(6784) Norfirion: "Interesting."
** (6790) Git boredly eyes the creepy luggage. "It's a sad thing that this isn't the strangest thing I've seen lately" **
(6771) Sarrim: "By Tammara...I swear I've seen something like that before..."
(6790) Git: :Catching the dagger back, he resheathes it without bothering to look at the blade: "Thanks"
(6771) Sarrim: "I thought I was just tired...But back in the city...No, I know I saw that."
(6784) Norfirion: "Magical luggage made from sentient pearwood."
** (6790) Git moves to reset the statue to open the passage to 3d (we haven't been that way yet, right?) **
(6770) Kha: "I think that dwarven wizard we met in the cave had something to do with this contraption"
(6779) Vrondard: "chest wid feet..."
** (6746) Ari pets Silver and as an afterthought the luggage as well. **
(6771) Sarrim: (Nope)
(6767) DM: (correct Git)
(6781) Agatha: "It's been a while since I've seen it."
(6746) Ari: "Actually, it's mine. Has been for years. And it keeps my clothes clean."
** (6767) the luggage cozies up to Ari **
(6781) Agatha: "But that doesn't explain why it's got the wolf all worked up."
** (6771) Sarrim draws his sword and straps on his shield when Git finishes setting the statue. **
(6746) Ari: "They have their issues."
(6767) DM: As soon as the luggage becomes visible, Silver calms down, occasionally growling at it.
(6790) Git: "What? it bite his tail once?"
(6781) Agatha: "...."
(6781) Agatha: "Of course they do."
(6784) Norfirion: "Very interesting indeed...I've only heard rumours of such a substance."
(6746) Ari: "Acutally, yes."
(6771) Sarrim: "That's somewhat understandable Ari. I think I'd have issues with something with hundreds of tiny pink feet."
(6746) Ari: (Actually*)
(6790) Git: "Guess I'll keep a careful eye on it too then."
(6779) Vrondard: "har"
(6770) Kha: "Where did you find it?"
** (6779) Vrondard is starting to get antsy **
(6790) Git: "After all, my tail's once of my best qualities"
(6746) Ari: "I don't know why I complain about it so much, it's been very loyal, never had anyone steal from it and return to tell about it."
** (6781) Agatha tries to bring herself to things remotely sane. "Git, how's that door look?" **
(6746) Ari: "It was a gift, from a very long time ago."
(6790) Git: :Dryly to Aggy: "Rectangular"
** (6767) the luggage scoots over to the statue, seemingly inspecting the metal rods that keep the statue's base fixed. **
(6784) Norfirion: "Since when does it matter for a druid to keep her clothes clean?" *scowls*
(6790) Git: (The door open like the others or is there any trouble?)
** (6746) Ari tries not to laugh out loud. **
(6767) DM: (closed)
(6770) Kha: "I need to find out where I can get one, would be very usefull to carry my Alter case in"
whispering to Git, it smells (er, reeks) of dried fish beyond this door.
** (6746) Ari glances at Norfiion, "not a question of matter, but its a good a place as any to store things, even if it all comes out smelling slightly of lavender." **
** (6784) Norfirion chuckles "Yea sure....." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [6,16] = (22),[1d20+16] -> [18,16] = (34)[1d20+16] -> [8,16] = (24)
(6746) Ari: ((please forgive the typing tonight- blame it on the nyquill, this death flu won't go away))
(6767) TaliesinNYC: 17: A loud thundering sound can be heard once you open the steel door. The room beyond has no floor and spanning the chasm is a narrow stone bridge with iron rails on either side. Over the edge, there is only blackness -- and the sound of rushing water below.

However....your attention is quickly drawn to a pair of ogres standing on the other side of the bridge. They appear to be frozen in place, hands on their weapons, about to attack....yet unmoving.

(6790) Git: "Lavender's a pretty nice scent actually. My wife use to wear a perfume made from it."
** (6746) Ari readies her bow **
** (6771) Sarrim moves closer to the door to get a better look, studying the area curiously **
(6784) Norfirion: "It supposedly calms your demeanor somewhat"
(6784) Norfirion: "Or at least some say."
(6770) Kha: "I would not want those to wake yup while we were on the bridge"
** (6790) Git stares at the ogres a moment remember the last illusion fiasco. (will to disbelieve) **
(6767) DM: (the map above should say stone bridge instead of rope bridge)
(6790) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(6746) Ari: "Possibly, but I've never found the pattering of 100 little feet behind me all that comforting."
(6770) Kha: "And I am not going first this time, I was already tricked by the sleeping troll"
** (6781) Agatha eyes the area strangely. "Y'know, it'd be nice to open a door for once and not see something creepy." **
** (6746) Ari nods in agreement. **
** (6781) Agatha looks around carefully to make sure there's no tricksy illusions about. **
** (6790) Git gives an oddly silent sigh at the ogre's and whispers to the mage, "Norf... YOu know what does that to them?" **
(6746) Ari: "You think those things are alive? Or just statues?"
(6771) Sarrim: "Shoot them."
(6770) Kha: "If my expierance with the fake sleeping troll says anything I say they will try and chop your head off if you get close enough to them"
(6790) Git: "No!"
(6779) Vrondard: "don't know"
(6790) Git: "If you shoot them it might just waqke them... angrily"
** (6779) Vrondard examines the stone bridge as well as the ogres **
(6771) Sarrim: "I don't think that bridge will hold them. And if they wake while we're on it. We're dead men. And women."
(6746) Ari: "I hadn't planned on shooting unless they move to attack."
** (6784) Norfirion shrugs. "I'll try and see" **
(6779) Vrondard: "I'd rather they come to us than the other way around"
(6790) Git: (how close are the ogres to the edge of cliff/bridge?)
(6781) Agatha: "Aye, but at least we'd know everythin' was on the up and up."
(6767) DM: (they're flush at the sides of the bridge)
(6746) Ari: "We aren't exactly being the most quiet, you'd think they'd have heard us by now."
(6790) Git: (how close to us?)
whispering to Vrondard, examine how?
(6767) DM: (60' away)
(6771) Sarrim: "You'd think they'd move as well, but they seem to be just statues. It makes me wonder if the ogres are what we have to worry about."
(6770) Kha: "Want to try and get close enough to toss a loop of rope over their head and pull them over?"
(6806) DM Gatt (enter): 22:01
** (6790) Git quietly investigate **
(6807) Dingo (enter): 22:01
** (6771) Sarrim gazes over the edge. **
(6771) Sarrim: Spot: [1d20+3] -> [19,3] = (22)
** (6784) Norfirion removes his hands from his black starcloth robes and traces several glowing runes into the air then spin around him and his eyes begin to give off a faint pale light, that unlike the moon (ie Detect Magic, on the ogres on the other side of the rope bridge). **
(6767) DM: The chamber reeks overwhelmingly of dried fish.
(6781) Agatha: "Nah. We'd lose the rope if we tried that."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [4,16] = (20)
** (6771) Sarrim wrinkles his nose. **
(6784) Norfirion: ((typo city for me, unlike Ari though cant blame it on nyquil))
(6746) Ari: "Lovely smell we've discovered."
** (6770) Kha holds his nose **
(6781) Agatha: "Oh good, it wasn't just me."
** (6790) Git carefully kneels down inspecting a section of the bridge **
(6771) Sarrim: "Well...There's water down there, so I don't know why there'd be this fish smell..."
(6784) Norfirion: "This rope bridge in itself could be an illusion perhaps"
** (6770) Kha speaks all nasaly(is that a word) "Well someone walk over and see if they try to chop your head off" **
(6746) Ari: "Unless our friends over there eat dried fish?"
(6806) gatt (exit): 22:04
(6807) Dingo (exit): 22:04
** (6781) Agatha gets her axe out. "This smells like a trap. An ambush if anything." **
(6771) Sarrim: "But again, they don't look like they can move."
(6779) Vrondard: "har watch that middle section Git"
(6770) Kha: "Or there are troglodites down there, we meet some in the last passage"
(6779) Vrondard: "don't look right... not right at all the way I figure"
(6790) Git: "Hey... I found a pressure plate... it might be what wakes the uglies. So... who's going across to test the theory"
(6779) Vrondard: "yer the weasel in the group"
(6790) Git: "?"
(6770) Kha: "How big is the plate?"
** (6746) Ari considers the luggage, but just can't make herself say it out loud. **
(6781) Agatha: "And where is it?"
(6784) Norfirion: "I dont think they are illusions afterall, I'm detecting a moderate aura of alteration magic, not illusion."
(6790) Git: (FIgure the size of a stone, right stan?)
(6779) Vrondard: "I'll put some copper coins at the front edge Git..."
(6767) DM: (yep)
(6746) Ari: "Or, we step over that particular pressure plate and hope nothing happens?"
(6771) Sarrim: "So they are held. By what though? Best way is to make the journey across."
** (6779) Vrondard puts two copper coins at the edge of the pressure plate **
(6770) Kha: "I can try and leap over it"
(6790) Git: "Just don't step on the stone, understood"
(6771) Sarrim: "Aye. Let's go."
(6779) Vrondard: (he doesn't step on the plate itself..)
** (6790) Git steps around the plate nodding to Kha. "I'd rather you didn't try" **
** (6781) Agatha nods. "Agreed." **
** (6771) Sarrim looks all about him, even on the ceiling, and begins moving forward, avoiding the plate. **
(6746) Ari: "um, I don't know if the luggage can step over it."
(6771) Sarrim: "Carry it."
** (6770) Kha moves around the plate after the others **
(6790) Git: (the plate's only 3' I figure the bridge is a bit wider than that, right?)
** (6746) Ari she stares at the 100 little pink feet that are now semmingly nervously moving side to side **
(6771) Sarrim: "Or if you want, I could carry it across."
(6781) Agatha: "And keep an eye on that wolf. Last thing we need is for that fleabag to get our heads split."
** (6779) Vrondard takes a coin and rolls it in front of the plate, along the plate and past it **
(6767) DM: Nothing happens.
(6746) Ari: "I'm not worried about Silver, he'll follow our lead. And thank you Sarrim, if you could help carry this it would help."
(6790) Git: "Vronard.... what are you doing?"
** (6771) Sarrim places his bag and shield on the floor momentarily, and sheathes his sword, then steps back across toward the....Luggage. **
(6771) Sarrim: Avoiding the plate
(6771) Sarrim: Of course.
(6779) Vrondard: "its only a copper Git... don't worry about it"
** (6771) Sarrim nods. "It's nothing." **
** (6746) Ari talks soothingly to the trunk. **
** (6779) Vrondard reasures Git the coins loss isnt the end of the world **
** (6746) Ari warns the trunk, "Don't bite!" **
(6790) Git: "Just DON"T PLAY with it. It's not a toy, and it could have a hair trigger"
** (6771) Sarrim puts on his best face, in case the Luggage can actually see, and tries lifting it. **
(6779) Vrondard: "Something is wrong about it... I just can't figure it out"
** (6767) the luggage purrs. **
** (6771) Sarrim looks horrified. **
(6781) Agatha: "What do you mean?"
(6813) Dragon_Child (enter): 22:11
** (6790) Git searches along the rest off the bridge for traps, keeping an eye on the ogre's as he approaches and trying to stay out of the reaches **
(6813) Dragon_Child (exit): 22:11
** (6771) Sarrim carries it across, keeping it close to his nose for comfort. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [13,16] = (29)
** (6746) Ari looks up at Sarrim, "Its made of sentient pearwood, it is aware." **
(6790) Git: "Alright... stop fooling around. Time to move."
** (6781) Agatha cautiously walks around the plate and across the bridge. **
(6746) Ari: "Sarrim would you like me to bring you bag and shield?"
(6771) Sarrim: "I would be much obliged."
** (6771) Sarrim sets it down on the other side. **
(6767) the luggage: An iron door bars your passage, past the ogres.
** (6746) Ari unreadies her bow, and hefts the bag over her shoulder and then carries the shield and carefully makes her way to Sarrim. **
(6746) Ari: "Thanks."
** (6790) Git cautiously makes his way across and passed the ogres, watching them carefully and avoiding the arcs of their weapons **
** (6779) Vrondard gets past the plate and crosses to withing reach of the ogres **
** (6770) Kha stays on the bridge infront of the ogres as the others file past **
(6790) Git: :With one last stare at them he moves to search the iron door
** (6779) Vrondard seems to be itching to whack em **
(6746) Ari: ((brb))
(6784) Norfirion: "Why not just stand here and pelt them with missile fire, they wont have a chance to act after we put 40 dozen, arrows, quarrels, axes, and rays into them."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [20,16] = (36)
(6790) Git: :Without even looking back from the door, instinctively warns, "Vronard... no."
** (6781) Agatha places a hand on Vrondard's shoulder to remind him not to do anything stupid. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [12,16] = (28)
(6770) Kha: "Vrond see if you can push them off the edge"
(6781) Agatha: "Let's not."
(6784) Norfirion: (go CDG them git, use vrond's axe for the higher multiplier lol)
(6767) DM: Although the ogres are frozen in place, you get the feeling that they're watching your every move.
** (6790) Git puts away his picks and stands from his position at the door. "Don't pick fights you don't need to." Dagger in hand, he pushes the door open **
** (6771) Sarrim takes his equipment again once the luggage is clear. **
(6790) Git: :Tries to practically split his vision as he watches ogres and the next room
(6784) Norfirion: "Its more like you're waiting here for them to attack, when we could have destroyed them already. They're ogre's afterall, they deserve to be killed."
(6767) DM: As the iron door creaks open, the ogre to Git's left swings his axe in a vicious circle, aiming for Agatha's head. (init)
(6770) Kha: "Why?"
(6781) Agatha: [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
(6784) Norfirion: "Because they're filthy evil perverted beings."
(6790) Git: [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
(6770) Kha: "Ogres are not the most intelagent of races but they can comunicate, no reason to harm them unless they try to eat you"
(6767) DM: The ogre to Git's right turns to a stone statue.
(6784) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [12,7] = (19)
(6779) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)
(6790) Git: "Chalk one up for you Norf"
(6770) Kha: [1d20+5] -> [17,5] = (22)
(6771) Sarrim: Sarrim ::[1d20+0+0] -> [8,0,0] = (8) Initiative
** (6781) Agatha raises her axe in defense. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20-1] -> [19,-1] = (18)
(6770) Kha: ((Is still on the bridge so the ogres are flanked))
(6767) DM: (22, Kha)
** (6770) Kha as he sees the ogre start to move he quickly sticks his spear in its ribs **
(6779) Vrondard: "can't dissagree wid ya.... oy Aggie watch out!"
(6770) Kha: Spear of Fire Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [18,10] = (28)===> DMG: [2d12+4] -> [7,3,4] = (14)
** (6771) Sarrim spins toward the ogre, sword and shield raised, face a picture of dark anger. **
(6781) Agatha: "Shi--"
** (6746) Ari readies her bow again **
(6767) DM: (hit, lightly wounded)
(6781) Agatha: ((So wait, did I get hit or something?))
(6767) DM: ((not yet...))
(6767) DM: (19, Norf)
** (6784) Norfirion extends his hands forward and speaks two quick untilligible words of magic. 2 small viscious looking daggers of light materialized and move like wind towards the ogre striking it unerringly. (Magic Missile, Dmg [2d4+2] -> [4,4,2] = (10)) **
(6767) DM: (seriously wounded)
(6767) DM: (18, the ogre)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [9,9] = (18)
(6767) DM: (AC 18)
(6781) Agatha: (hit)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d8+7] -> [5,5,7] = (17)
(6767) DM: (take 17) It slashes open a vein in Agatha's shield arm.
(6767) DM: (16, Vron)
** (6779) Vrondard swacks it... **
(6779) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1] -> [11,4,4,1,1] = (21) Critical on Natural 20
(6784) Norfirion: "You will suffer for that you beast"
(6781) Agatha: "Ahhh!"
(6779) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [10,4,1] = (15) damage
(6767) DM: (hit of course. critically wounded)
** (6781) Agatha retracts her arm as the blood splashes out of it. **
(6767) DM: (11, Git)
** (6790) Git flips forward, tumbling across the floor beneath the creatures pendulous arms to rear up in a flanking position with Kha, stabbing at it's spine. **
(6790) Git: Dagger(flamey sneak Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17)===> DMG: [1d6+1+1d8+4+2d6+0] -> [1,1,1,4,4,1,0] = (12)
(6790) Git: (19 w/flank)
(6767) DM: (k. Reflex)
(6767) DM: The ogre dies, and quickly begins turning to stone.
(6790) Git: (make that 23... forget my finess)
(6790) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+8] -> [17,8] = (25)
(6767) DM: Just in time too, as Git withdraws his dagger.
** (6746) Ari drops her bow and rushes to Agatha's side, muttering a prayer "Goddess protect. Goddess provide" **
** (6781) Agatha drops her axe and grabs her arm. **
(6781) Agatha: "Raargghh!"
** (6767) Halthala stands by the side of the bridge, trembling. **
(6790) Git: :ignoring the ogre, "Aggy, you alright?"
(6781) Agatha: "Bastard!"
(6784) Norfirion: "Thank Hurishata or Arianhod, are you ok?"
** (6770) Kha keeps his spear ready watching the other ogre, slowly walking to Agatha **
(6746) Ari: "Help me to see. Help me to feel Help me to be. Help me to heal." casting cure moderate wounds
(6746) Ari: Arianrhod Cehba Sadb casts Cure Moderate Wounds ( level 3, "Cures 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10)" )
(6781) Agatha: "Bastard sliced my arm open good"
(6784) Norfirion: "The last one he ever shall."
(6790) Git: "Yeah... I see that. Shall we toss em over the bridge now to maek it up to ya?"
(6784) Norfirion: "Heed my advice next time"
(6784) Norfirion: "I fitting end to be sure, both of these statues should be destroyed."
(6770) Kha: "They dont offten listen to good advice Norf"
** (6790) Git says nothing and just gives nod to Norf in subtle agreement **
(6746) Ari: [2d8+3] -> [7,3,3] = (13)
** (6781) Agatha takes a look at the statues. "I dun think they're going anyone." **
(6771) Sarrim: "I don't know if we should touch them. Why would they have turned to stone save for another trap?"
(6779) Vrondard: "dat was wierd"
** (6770) Kha gets to Aggy and looks over at he arm and sees it heal as Ari's magic works **
(6779) Vrondard: "kinda nice dwarf trap doh"
(6770) Kha: "I guess you do not need my healing at this time"
(6790) Git: "Lately... what isn't weird. So, all better now Ol' Gal?"
** (6746) Ari picks up her bow again. **
** (6771) Sarrim looks into the passageway beyond the door. **
** (6781) Agatha watches as the wound magically seals up. **
(6779) Vrondard: .
(6781) Agatha: "Thank you, lass. I needed that."
** (6770) Kha relaxes noticably and moves into the next room **
(6790) Git: :muttes to Vron: "Dwarf Trap?"
** (6784) Norfirion follows behind slowly while glancing back. **
(6767) DM: The passage beyond is rather short. An iron door stands closed to your left and another stands closed, barring further egress, at the other end of the passage. The odor of dried fish intensifies.
** (6779) Vrondard moves onward... uneasy about the Ogre behind him still **
** (6781) Agatha rubs her arm as she stands up and gets her axe. **
(6746) Ari: "You're welcome, it's why I'm here I guess."
(6770) Kha: "I realy with ogres would learn to talk before tryiiing to kill, would make them much more interesting"
(6771) Sarrim: "More Troglodytes?"
(6784) Norfirion: "They're foul creatures tainted with darkness, they have no right to live. They only bring misery and pain. The world is one ogre better now"
** (6790) Git heads into the next hall, and using the olf addage of 'when all else fails, go right', heads to check the door across the hall first (ya know the routine ;_D) **
(6781) Agatha: "Yeah, they can go talk to me axe for all I care."
(6770) Kha: "Thats a matter of opinion Norf"
** (6779) Vrondard can't help but agree with Norfirion **
(6779) Vrondard: "har"
(6770) Kha: "I doubt the ogres see themselves as evil, and they probably like you elves just as much as you seem to like them"
(6784) Norfirion: "One thing the dwarf and I do share in common. There's a first for everything I suppose"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [5,16] = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [14,16] = (30)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [6,16] = (22)
** (6770) Kha moves to the door on the left and gives it a quick look over before steping aside for git **
** (6790) Git calls back to the arguement, "Norf, Vronard, it's nice to see an elf and dwarf in agreement, but cool the hostilities, show's over." **
(6771) Sarrim: "Ogres destroy everything humanity stands for Kha. Some may rise above, but they are the exception, not the rule. And even those are to be distrusted."
(6790) Git: :mutters in after thought, "They I really don't like ogres either"
(6784) Norfirion: "Oh yes us elves spends our lives attacking villagers and raiding for food and gold. Invading people land's and depriving them the divinely givin right to live. We're nothing alike and I take your words as an insult."
** (6746) Ari agrees with Kha. **
(6746) Ari: "There was a time when that was so."
(6767) DM: Time passes as Git works on the lock.
(6746) Ari: "Everything and everyone changes."
** (6771) Sarrim strides past toward Git. **
(6770) Kha: "You may not but you wouldnt hesitate to kill a sleeping ogre, depriving it of it's divinely given life"
** (6784) Norfirion shrugs and walks off from the discussion to explore ahead with Git. **
** (6790) Git sits working on the lock with patient focus **
(6781) Agatha: "Well given what just happened, I think I'd be damned justified."
(6784) Norfirion: "Do you need a hand with that Git?"
** (6746) Ari smiles at Agatha, "Indeed you would be so justified." **
(6790) Git: "Not yet Norf, save your spells for a door I can't open. then we'll need it"
(6771) Sarrim: "All things deserve the honor of a righteous death...Despite the lives they may have led...But..." *Hesistates, before going silent.*
(6784) Norfirion: "Very well."
(6771) Sarrim: "Git, I'm going to take a look at the door at the other end. I'll be careful not to touch it, but maybe I can get a better feeling for what might be behind it."
(6773) Zane (exit): 22:42
(6790) Git: :to Sam:"Have fun"
(6746) Ari: "Other then the nasty fish smell?"
(6770) Kha: "I have no problem killing something that attacks me or my companions. Though I wish ogres would learn to speak before attacking. But I suspect that is why Shai`Tan is using them"
** (6771) Sarrim steps toward the fishy door, seeing if maybe there's a keyhole he can peek through, or if there might be anything special (Aside from the smell) about it. **
(6767) DM: (Git's working on that door)
(6767) DM: (and no)
(6771) Sarrim: (Oh...Then the OTHER door, :) )
(6771) Sarrim: (k)
** (6790) Git hums an old Elven tune as he continues his fiddlings **
(6746) Ari: (oops, that was my fault)
(6767) DM: The door clicks open....
(6771) Sarrim: "There's...Something weird behind here."
** (6770) Kha looks up **
(6770) Kha: "Weird? Lets go see what it is"
(6790) Git: "Brilliant." :Stands from his work, grabs up his dagger and tools and steps aside:
** (6771) Sarrim lowers his voice. "Yellow robes. Not moving. Might know we're here." **
(6784) Norfirion: "Hmm"
** (6746) Ari focus' her attention toward Sarrim and the door. **
** (6784) Norfirion does so as well. **
** (6770) Kha walks over to the door Sarrim is by and makes a quick look over the handle to make sure there is no obvious globs of poison **
(6790) Git: "Well we've made enough noise for them to know"
(6767) DM: (just for clarity's sake, the door Git was working on clicked open, not the other one)
** (6746) Ari stands ready. **
(6771) Sarrim: (Aye)
(6771) Sarrim: What's behind Git's door?
(6767) DM: (take a look and find out.)
(6790) Git: "DOn't know... I opened the last one and we saw how that turned out. YOur turn" :steps back letting the others do the deed:
** (6771) Sarrim glances toward the door, and says to Ari, "Could you have your pet watch this door while we explore that room?" Heads into the room. **
** (6770) Kha tries the handle on the door Sarrim was by **
** (6771) Sarrim stares. **
** (6779) Vrondard follows Sarrim... torn between leading and protecting his charge Git **
(6767) DM: (Sarrim is in room 19 btw.)
(6767) TaliesinNYC: 19: This strange hexagonal room contains a bizarre statue of a reptilian humanoid. It stands on its back legs, arms outstretched as if to embrace a victim. A pair of fine silvery chain gauntlets floats several feet off the floor, in the middle of the room, encased in a shimmering emerald glow.
** (6790) Git blinks as he eyes the gloves, "Hey Hally, those one of the trinkets we gotta find?" **
(6771) Sarrim: "Perhaps...But look at that statue..."
** (6746) Ari turns to Silver, and the luggage, "Guard." **
** (6784) Norfirion stares at the statue briefly but cant avert his gaze from the gauntlets. **
** (6771) Sarrim growls at it.

(6771) Sarrim: "An altar to the God of the Troglodytes."
(6771) Sarrim: "This needs to be destroyed."
(6767) Halthala: Ays, valor against corruption, the gauntlets Aeoleda.
(6784) Norfirion: "Ohhhh?"
** (6771) Sarrim blinks. **
(6784) Norfirion: "Interesting."
** (6771) Sarrim looks around for the source of the voice. **
(6790) Git: "Great." :to Sam: "Hold that though.. just a second"
(6767) Halthala: To win the gauntlets, you must defeat corruption. (indicates the statue)
(6746) Ari: "Why do I get the feeling that as soon as one of us touches those gauntlets that thing will come to life and not be to pleased?"
** (6790) Git heads over to check the door to 18 and see if it's locked or trapped **
(6771) Sarrim: To the voice "I shall defeat it then. My soul will burn clean this abomination!"
(6779) Vrondard: "hmmm how tough could that be?"
** (6770) Kha gives up on the other dook and move in with the others **
(6767) DM: (the voice was Halthala lol)
(6771) Sarrim: (Oooops
(6771) Sarrim: MB...Ignore that)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [14,16] = (30)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [17,16] = (33)
whispering to Kha, [1d20+16] -> [5,16] = (21)
(6746) Ari: "Have I mentioned how much I reallly don't like this place?"
(6790) Git: "Who does?"
** (6771) Sarrim glares at the statue again, and then sheathes his sword, and stands before it. Looks closely at the arms. **
(6779) Vrondard: "hmmm you going to do this buy yourself Sarrim... that how this works?" he questions
** (6770) Kha moves behind the statue with his spear ready **
(6771) Sarrim: "It might be the only way. I don't know if this is a fight like we normally do."
(6746) Ari: "I don't suppose we could try talking to it?"
** (6790) Git sighs and heads into 19, advicing vronard and Aggy," watch the other door" Then moves to check around the statue for a trap or release for the gauntlets **
(6771) Sarrim: "We need those gauntlets. And I think it needs a victim. I shall offer myself, and in doing so perhaps I can destroy it."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [17,16] = (33)
(6784) Norfirion: "Foolish, don't do such a thing so hastily"
(6779) Vrondard: "fergit that..."
** (6770) Kha moves back to the front of the statue **
(6779) Vrondard: "lets try whackin it first"
(6746) Ari: "A victim? What makes you think that?"
(6790) Git: "Sam... I'll explain the meaning of overzealous to you later. For now, just be a good boy"
(6781) Agatha: "You've got it, Git. Norfirion be ready for any funny business."
(6770) Kha: "Sarrim whats the Gods name this is an alter to?"
(6771) Sarrim: "Look at its position."
(6746) Ari: "okay."
** (6781) Agatha leaves to guard the locked door. **
(6771) Sarrim: "It's outstretched to embrace someone. It's an altar to the god of the Troglodytes.
(6784) Norfirion: "Don't mistake courage for stupidity, your god trusts in you for other reasons than just blind devotion. Think always before you act."
(6790) Git: "It's got a magical trap to it." Warns as he studies the statue: "Norf can you determine the spell?"
(6784) Norfirion: "I'll try"
(6771) Sarrim: "I am though. I think if we try to damage the statue or take the gauntlets without fighting this "corruption", it would be...Unpleasant.
(6771) Sarrim: "
** (6784) Norfirion scans over the statue as his eyes begin to glow once again as earlier. (Detect Magic) **
(6746) Ari: "Why couldn't it just want a gentle hug?"
(6771) Sarrim: "Specifically, this statue is of Laogzed, an aspect of Tharnak."
(6784) Norfirion: "Yes as I espected."
(6790) Git: "How utterly fascinating."
(6770) Kha: "Laogzed you say?"
** (6770) Kha kneels down before the alter **
** (6771) Sarrim nods, pointing out the distinguishing festures of the Aspect. **
(6790) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [16,4] = (20)
** (6770) Kha starts whispering a prayer **
(6771) Sarrim: "Kha, I think I'd have the best chance to fight this. This is not for a god of balance, but of opposition."
** (6781) Agatha silently takes a peek through the keyhole of the locked door, axe in hand as usual. **
(6790) Git: :Norf: "Can you tell what kind of spell it is?"
(6770) Kha: "oh great Laogzed, I am not one of your worshipers, but in this time we have a common goal so I seak your aid. Grant us the Gauntlets of Aeoleda"
(6784) Norfirion: ((yeah i cast detect magic on it, havent gotten a reply yet))
(6767) DM: ((sorry))
(6784) Norfirion: ((tis ok))
(6790) Git: "Kha... No... Talking ... To... The... Evil... God."
** (6770) Kha stays kneeling and silent **
(6784) Norfirion: "A very powerful aura of alteration magic linked to these gauntlets."
** (6779) Vrondard waits to kick this things tail (naked ass) **
** (6790) Git shakes his head as returns to Norf... "I figured the guantlets are magical, but the statue, what about the statue?" **
(6784) Norfirion: "Thats all I can determine"
(6771) Sarrim: "Kha...Be careful, don't offer yourself without fighting...The preferred gift is human sacrifice."
(6784) Norfirion: "They are linked, both I assume are enchanted objects"
(6784) Norfirion: "Its hard to tell with such a powerful aura radiating from those gauntlets"
(6832) spectator (enter): 23:02
(6771) Sarrim: "Then the test might begin when the gaunlets are taken."
(6746) Ari: "That would be my guess."
** (6770) Kha continues to pray hopping for an answer **
(6790) Git: "Great. We move them.... and I'm guessing we have scaly on us."
(6790) Git: "Can I atleast try to get them free without a fight first?"
** (6771) Sarrim takes hold of his symbol and mutters a prayer. "Tammara, protector of life, grant me the strength and shield against the arms of evil, that I maight carry on and do you works till old age takes me. (Protection from Evil) **
(6784) Norfirion: "Whoever attempts this act, I can place a ward against evil apon you.
(6767) DM: A silvery glow surrounds Sarrim.
(6784) Norfirion: (nm lol he did it already)
(6771) Sarrim: "Tharnak...I shall defeat you. I will bury this temple of you, and bring the light to this hellhole." *Takes hold of the gauntlets.*
(6790) Git: "Alright... if we gotta do it the hard way... at least lets get in ambush formation"
** (6770) Kha stops his praying seeing Sarrim going for the guantlets **
** (6770) Kha backs up quickly to get out of the way **
** (6784) Norfirion draws a small circle out of silver powder around Agatha's feet and chants a prayer to Hurishta. (Protection from Evil on Aggy). **
** (6790) Git moves around to the back of the statue, getting ready to stab as soon as the guantlets pull **
(6836) Goomba (enter): 23:07
(6781) Agatha: ((I'm not in 19. I'm back guarding the other door.))
(6770) Kha: "Sarrim Evil is a matter of opinion, and if you even knew what was happening in the world right now you would know all the gods, good evil, and indiffrent are atleast loosly banded together in a common goal"
(6784) Norfirion: (Fine do it on myself then)
(6779) Vrondard: ((Vron is here for the battle))
(6784) Norfirion: (yeah him then)
(6784) Norfirion: (if he'll accept my spell)
(6837) Sauro (enter): 23:08
(6837) Sauro (exit): 23:08
(6771) Sarrim: (Takes a look at his imaginary watch, begins eating pizza, brushes the crumbs off the silvery Gauntlets of Doom)
(6836) Goomba (exit): 23:08
(6767) DM: (so...what now?)
(6790) Git: :To kha: "If you can get scaly to hand em over, feel free. But we aren't pickinng on a god right now... it's just a model."
(6771) Sarrim: (Well...We were waiting for a response, you know...If grabbing the gauntlers did anything?)
(6770) Kha: ((Sarrim tried to grab the gauntlets, waiting to see what happened)
(6779) Vrondard: ((hmm thats an interesting question... probably not thrilled to have arcane spells on him))
(6767) DM: (ok, wasn't sure)
(6771) Sarrim: (Np, :) )
** (6790) Git stands ready to stab for the statue's back.. hoping it turns to flesh if it attacks **
(6784) Norfirion: ((yeah its a ward against evil though and this is a trog god, so it might not be too out of character. Up to you)
** (6770) Kha mutters a quick apology to Laogzed **
(6767) DM: For a minute, nothing seems to happen...and then the glow fades, as the statue wakens and tries to crush Sarrim in half. (init)
** (6746) Ari stands ready with her bow **
(6771) Sarrim: Sarrim ::[1d20+0+0] -> [14,0,0] = (14) Initiative
(6771) Sarrim: (That sounds painful)
(6746) Ari: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
(6784) Norfirion: ((me or you then?))
(6770) Kha: [1d20+5] -> [19,5] = (24)
(6784) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
(6790) Git: (take my ready stab first?)
(6790) Git: [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
(6779) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)
(6781) Agatha: [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17)
(6790) Git: (just in case)
(6767) DM: At the same time, the door leading out of this area slams shut, and the stone bridge leading to the other side of the chamber shatters and falls into the abyss.
(6790) Git: Dagger(flamey sneak Attack Roll: [1d20+7] -> [8,7] = (15)===> DMG: [1d6+1+1d8+4+2d6+0] -> [3,1,3,4,2,5,0] = (18)
(6779) Vrondard: "whoa boy"
(6771) Sarrim: (Even with a moderately good init, I still go last, :( )
(6790) Git: (17 attak w/flank, 11 damg if it hit and didn't get sneak)
** (6746) Ari mutters to herself, "Tan told me there'd be days like this." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [15,8] = (23)
** (6781) Agatha panics and tries to bash in the other door to escape. **
(6767) DM: (the door to 18?)
(6767) DM: (24, Kha)
** (6770) Kha steps to the back of the room refusing to fight unless directly attacked **
(6781) Agatha: "No way across. This is the only way."
(6781) Agatha: ((IF 18 is the door that Git told me to guard.))
(6746) Ari: (Isn't that the same door that Silver & the Luggage are guarding?)
(6790) Git: (btw... is this thing flesh or stone?)
(6767) DM: (Flesh, apparently.)
(6767) DM: (it was stone, until Sarrim caused it to waken)
(6767) DM: (24, Norf)
** (6784) Norfirion reaches deep into his pouch and withdraws a handful of small tarts which his throws in the direction of the creature, afterwards he waves a small white feather in the air while chanting some arcane words that sound almost as if he's laughing (Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Will Save DC17) **
(6767) DM: The only thing that seems to happen is the creature's talons reaching for Sarrim's face.
(6767) DM: (23, the creature)
** (6784) Norfirion shrugs. "As I expected" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27),[1d20+8] -> [11,8] = (19)
(6767) DM: (two hits, AC 27 and 19. first is a threat)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [8,8] = (16)
(6784) Norfirion: ((ouch))
(6767) DM: (not a crit)
(6771) Sarrim: (First hits then)
(6771) Sarrim: (Does meeting AC count as a hit?)
(6784) Norfirion: (yup)
(6770) Kha: (Yes)
(6771) Sarrim: (Then both hit)
(6779) Vrondard: ((yes)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8+4] -> [1,4] = (5),[1d8+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(6767) DM: (take 12)
(6771) Sarrim: (Ow)
(6767) DM: (21, Vron)
** (6779) Vrondard wades in and attacks cautiously **
(6779) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (+3 combat expertise):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe with uncharacteristic carefulness
[1d20+4+4+1+1-3] -> [17,4,4,1,1,-3] = (24) Critical on Natural 20
(Note: gains +3 dodge bonus to AC)

(6767) DM: (yep)
(6779) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [3,4,1] = (8) damage
(6767) DM: (minor wounds)
(6767) DM: (17, Ag)
(6779) Vrondard: (dodge on it - AC is 27)
(6767) DM: (k)
(6746) Ari: "Hurt and leave large nasty marks too."
(6781) Agatha: ((looks like I'm over with the door to 18 with the wolf and the luggage.))
(6767) DM: (k. you can try to open the door by breaking it down but its an iron door)
(6771) Sarrim: (Oh...For future reference, 21 AC due to Protection bonus, if this thing is indeed evil)
(6767) DM: (IF? lol)
(6771) Sarrim: (Hehehe)
(6781) Agatha: ((it's locked then?))
(6767) DM: ((yes))
** (6781) Agatha bangs on the door and moves to the side of the door, hoping for a nonviolent response. **
(6767) DM: Nothing happens...
(6767) DM: (14, Sarrim)
(6781) Agatha: "Here's hoping that yellow robed fellow is the frienly sort, eh Silver?"
(6771) Sarrim: (oh...Whoa...Protection from Evil protects entirely from natural attacks by evil creatures, but will disappear if I attack)
** (6767) Silver ignores Agatha and rushes into the chamber, followed by the luggage **
(6781) Agatha: ((I'm confused.))
** (6771) Sarrim will slide the gauntlets on and ready his sword and shield. **
(6790) Git: (Did you skip my turn?)
(6771) Sarrim: (Nope, it's for summoned creatures...Good thing, that would make it realllly powerful)
(6771) Sarrim: (But I'm not going to attack this turn anyway, can't get a weapon ready in time)
(6767) Silver: (there should be a map above, if you don't have a map, the hosting site didn't reach you)
(6790) Git: (there's a map)
(6779) Vrondard: ((ive got rooms 17 thru 19))
(6767) DM: (yes I skipped you, sorry. 15, Git)
(6784) Norfirion: ((same here))
(6790) Git: Dagger(flamey sneak Attack Roll: [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)===> DMG: [1d6+1+1d8+4+2d6+0] -> [3,1,6,4,6,3,0] = (23)
** (6790) Git readjusts his grip and stabs down at the thing's neck. **
(6790) Git: (27 with flank)
(6767) DM: (lightly wounded)
(6746) Ari: (is there anyway I can get a clear shot?)
(6767) DM: (yes)
(6770) Kha: ((did The door from 17b to 19 close?))
(6767) DM: ((yes))
(6767) DM: ((er no.. 17a closed))
(6767) DM: ((bridge shattered))
(6746) Ari: (my turn now?)
(6767) DM: (yes)
(6790) Git: (oh... I thought the room to 19 closed.)
(6746) Ari: Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+4] -> [18,4] = (22)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [7,0] = (7)
(6770) Kha: ((Ahh ok, was just checking, so Aggy can move from the door to 18 into room 19 right?))
(6767) DM: (yes)
(6767) DM: (no Git)
(6781) Agatha: ((Oh goody.))
(6767) DM: (the door with the x closed)
(6790) Git: (gotcha)
(6767) DM: (22 hits and it's seriously wounded)
(6767) DM: Silver tries to attack the creature.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17),[1d20+2] -> [20,2] = (22)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11)
(6767) DM: (lol, he actually scored a threat)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8] -> [4] = (4)
(6790) Git: (Go wolfie!)
(6767) DM: (seriously wounded) (24, Kha)
(6781) Agatha: ((brb. Gonna restart Open))
(6781) Agatha: Disconnecting from server...
(6781) Agatha (exit): 23:39
** (6770) Kha decides to attack finaly **
(6770) Kha: Spear of Fire Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [14,10] = (24)===> DMG: [2d12+4] -> [9,1,4] = (14)
(6856) Agatha (enter): 23:39
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (6856) Agatha...
(6767) DM: Kha's attack seemed not to faze or otherwise impede or damage the creature....
(6767) DM: (24, Norf)
** (6784) Norfirion positions himself for a shot and points a single finger in the direction of the creature. He utters a word and you feel a wave of heat pass over the room as a fiery red beam streaks from his pointing finger towards the creature. (Scorching Ray, Ranged Touch Attack [1d20+1] -> [14,1] = (15), Dmg [4d6] -> [3,1,3,5] = (12)) **
(6767) DM: It just shrugs your attack off.
(6767) DM: (23, the creature)
(6857) mpete2001 (enter): 23:44
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [9,8] = (17),[1d20+8] -> [13,8] = (21)
(6767) DM: (one hit, AC 21)
** (6771) Sarrim Lol **
(6771) Sarrim: (Whoops)
(6771) Sarrim: (Ow)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+2] -> [7,2] = (9)
(6767) DM: (take off 9)
(6767) DM: (21, Vron)
(6857) mpete2001 (exit): 23:45
** (6779) Vrondard keeps up his guard and lays into the thing again **
(6779) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (+3 combat expertise):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe with uncharacteristic carefulness
[1d20+4+4+1+1-3] -> [16,4,4,1,1,-3] = (23) Critical on Natural 20
(Note: gains +3 dodge bonus to AC)

(6779) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [7,4,1] = (12) damage
** (6779) Vrondard combat prowess is impressive... if you go for that sort of thing **
(6858) dnddreamer (enter): 23:46
(6779) Vrondard: (if you don't then you are just glad he is whacking away and hitting)
(6746) Ari: (I'm impressed)
(6779) Vrondard: "har why don't ya come and tackle me... you scaley thing"
(6767) DM: (seriously wounded)
(6767) DM: (17, Ag)
** (6856) Agatha hears the sounds of battle and rushes to her friends' aid. **
(6771) Sarrim: (Maybe...Just maybe, I can use the pumpkin sword before everything dies!)
(6856) Agatha: "Figures. Ain't enough that the whole place is falling apart. Gotta be troublemakers too."
(6779) Vrondard: "shure is Aggie... glad to see ya decided to get into tha fight"
(6852) Sauro (enter): 23:50
(6852) Sauro (exit): 23:51
(6856) Agatha: "Someone had to cover our backside."
(6864) Thalis (enter): 23:51
(6856) Agatha: ::sarcasticly:: "Whoa. Ain't he the pretty face?"
** (6856) Agatha makes an attack on the creature. **
(6856) Agatha: [1d20+8] -> [20,8] = (28)
(6746) Ari: "I think he'd be prettier with a few more arrows in him."
(6779) Vrondard: "ifn yer joking... yea... just wipe it off his face"
(6856) Agatha: [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
(6767) DM: (crit)
(6779) Vrondard: "gar... thats what i be talkin bout"
(6856) Agatha: ((sorry didn't know I had time for an attack.))
(6746) Ari: (No reason to be sorry, that was great)
(6856) Agatha: [1d12+6+1d12+6+1d12+6] -> [7,6,8,6,7,6] = (40)
(6767) DM: (critically wounded)
(6746) Ari: ((lol))
(6767) DM: (15, Ari)
(6746) Ari: Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+4] -> [16,4] = (20)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [2,0] = (2)
(6856) Agatha: "Tough little bugger, ain't he?"
(6767) DM: (and with that, the creature crumbles to dust...)
** (6746) Ari sighs in relief. **
(6856) Agatha: "Hmph. Guess I spoke too soon."
** (6790) Git lowers his dagger and looks to Kha. "So... how'd yer god take that?" **
(6767) Halthala: So behold the fourth ingredient of the ritual of invocation: the gauntlets Aeoleda, known as "valor against corruption". Three other ingredients you must gather, each a function of the spell that shall reopen the portal of Alindal-en. A tear from the heart of an elfmaiden, a lock of hair from magicka's true love, and the bane of the dead.
(6770) Kha: "They thing seemed to resist the One Power that creates my spear"
(6779) Vrondard: "bah..."
(6767) Halthala: To cast the ritual of invocation: anoint the medallion with emerald death. Strike the medallion with the bane of the dead. Wrap the medallion in the hands of the valorous who also holds a hair from magicka's true love, dipped in a tear from an elfmaid's true heart amid grains of the long-forgotten dead. Chant the ritual of invocation not once, not twice but thrice and the portal shall be opened.
(6856) Agatha: "Huh? What, already?"
(6767) Halthala: Three items remain, three corridors remain. Choose and be chosen.
** (6746) Ari checks Silver to be certain he's not hurt, then looks up, "Is everyone all right?" **
(6779) Vrondard: "I'm fine as usual"
(6767) DM: You disappear from the statue chamber and reappear in the central room.
(6770) Kha: "Lets go see whats behind the other door"
(6856) Agatha: "Just peachy."
** (6856) Agatha looks around. **
(6779) Vrondard: "oy...still aint used to dat"
(6770) Kha: "Wha, Darn I wanted to see what else was there"
(6790) Git: (which 3 halls haven't we tried yet?)
** (6779) Vrondard checks himself to see his body parts are in the right places **
(6770) Kha: (e,f,g)
(6779) Vrondard: (e f g)
(6767) TaliesinNYC: The luggage scoots up to Sarrim and rubs against his leg, purring.
(6790) Git: "Maybe after we deal with the baddies the elves will set up a tour for you Kha."
(6770) Kha: "That would be nice"
(6767) DM: (3a to 3d is now dark)
(6856) Agatha: "Well, too late now. Let's be moving on."
** (6770) Kha moves to the statue and ajusts it tfor the next hall (3e) **
** (6790) Git stretches a bit, taking a moment to relax before the next run. "Sammy, you alright to continue?" **
(6856) Agatha: "And next time holler if you're in trouble. I ain't no fortune teller, y'know."
(6784) Norfirion: "Why dont we take some time to rest before moving on?"
(6746) Ari: "Sarrim? Are you all right to go on?"
(6784) Norfirion: "It would help to renew our magical abilities as well as to tend to Sarrim's wounds."
(6870) Nimbus (enter): 00:01
(6767) Halthala: For this next trial, should you continue down that path, one of you must engage in single combat to win over Aeolanil, otherwise known as "the bane of the dead".
(6784) Norfirion: "Oh perfect"
(6770) Kha: "I'll do it, sounds fun"
(6864) Thalis (exit): 00:02
(6856) Agatha: "Does he have eyes?"
(6790) Git: "Here that Norf?" Only one of us has to exert themselves. Who wants to play champion? Kha? Aggy? Vronard?"
(6767) Halthala: I am permitted by the Ara-Cemnari to speak of the remaining paths since you have bested four of the seven thus far. Ask and be answered.
(6790) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
** (6784) Norfirion shambles over to a section of the room and sits down and slips into a meditative state while the others converse. **
(6770) Kha: "So this next one in line only one of us as to go, or just at the end it is single combat?"
(6790) Git: :to hally: "Ok.... is there a quick way to do the last three?"
(6767) Halthala: Nys.
(6872) Sarrim (enter): 00:04
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (6872) Sarrim...
(6872) Sarrim: (Bloody...Bloody connection)
(6790) Git: "Figures"
(6767) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(6771) Sarrim' from room...
(6771) Sarrim (exit): 00:04
(6779) Vrondard: "well if fightin is needed I'll do it"
(6872) Sarrim: (I swear, my computer is conspiring against me using the pumpkin sword)
(6767) Halthala: The corridor ((OC: 3E)) at the end leads to a chamber that contains an opponent which must be bested by single combat.
(6779) Vrondard: "but if its undead... shouldnt that be a priestie type?"
(6790) Git: "What kind of opponent?"
** (6746) Ari stares at the luggage purring against Sarrim's leg, "Sarrim, are you alright to go on?" **
(6784) Norfirion: "Then I insist that you accept a ward from either Sarrim or myself before tackling that creature."
(6767) Halthala: The opponent is determined by the champion.
** (6770) Kha hops up and starts down the hall **
(6872) Sarrim: "I will be alright."
** (6872) Sarrim smiles reassuringly. **
(6784) Norfirion: "It is probably a different foe depending upon whomever steps forward"
(6790) Git: "Mirror opponent I'm guessing."
(6784) Norfirion: "My theory as well Git"
(6790) Git: "Like the one we fought in the dungeon delving contest"
(6767) Halthala: Your nature will determine the foe's nature. It will not be yourself.
** (6746) Ari frowns, not quite so reassured. **
(6779) Vrondard: "hmmm wonder if will be giant... that would be nice"
** (6770) Kha ignores thier babbling and continues down the hall **
** (6790) Git follows after Kha, to keep sight of him "Never stops to think" **
(6784) Norfirion: "Fine if no one wants to do it, then I will. I may not be some warrior, but I'm not a coward."
(6779) Vrondard: "or an orc... even better"
** (6746) Ari follows down the hall. **
(6779) Vrondard: "oh I'll go... I just don't want to hog all the fun fer myself"
(6872) Sarrim: "I can. I blanked during combat, so I'm still fresh. These wounds are nothing to my zeal."
(6746) Ari: "I hate orcs."
(6784) Norfirion: "Tests are something I don't fail at."
(6856) Agatha: "Well, looks like we're all eager to go. Why don't we just draw straws then?"
(6746) Ari: "It has to pick one of us, so we all need to go."
** (6770) Kha stops **
(6784) Norfirion: "If there is no chosen opponent, then it matters little who fights. One in the same,they are."
(6746) Ari: "I'm thinking if there is no chosen opponent we don't get the prize."
** (6790) Git stops as he sees Kha stop ahead, calling to him, "You see something?" **
(6784) Norfirion: "Agreed, so us spell user's need the chance to fully prepare."
** (6872) Sarrim nods. **
(6770) Kha: "No just heard Aggy say we should draw straws to see who gets to go"
(6784) Norfirion: "That choice may not be hours in the end, how can we know for certain?"
(6784) Norfirion: *ours
** (6790) Git nods to Kha and heads back for the straw contest **
(6770) Kha: "I figure thats a way to decide just as good as me just going. I just didnt want to sit here all day and agrue over who gets to go"
** (6856) Agatha bundles some straw and lets everyone draw. She takes the last straw. **
(6790) Git: :to Norf: "If only one approaches it's pretty assured"
(6746) Ari: "I hate this idea."
(6767) DM: (each of you roll d100 and whisper to me the result, highest gets to go make nice)
(6784) Norfirion: "We'll see. I'll not simply hand over my fate to rest of you. I'm staying here to prepare."
** (6770) Kha draws a straw of average length **
(6770) Kha: ((We already did that in group whisper :P))
(6779) Vrondard: ((we were doing that behind the scenes))
(6767) DM: (hm ok lol)
(6767) DM: (so who is it?)
(6790) Git: (great minds ;-D)
** (6770) Kha shakes his head **
(6872) Sarrim: (Gimpy)
(6770) Kha: "Oh well not my turn I guess"
(6779) Vrondard: ((Sarrim for the luck of the draw unless he backs off))
** (6856) Agatha looks disappointed as she sees her straw. **
** (6872) Sarrim begins singing a small hymn to Tammara. Lay hands 14. **
(6856) Agatha: "Ari, what did you end up with?"
(6746) Ari: "51"
(6779) Vrondard: "it was the short straw right?" Vron angles for him to fight
** (6790) Git eyes his shorter than average straw and sighs as Sam's is just shorter. "Phew" **
(6872) Sarrim: "Perhaps I can redeem myself from my failure last time. I will do you all proud."
(6790) Git: "Hey Hally.... does the champion's strenght effect the opponent's?"
** (6746) Ari drops her straw. "Sarrim at least let me try to heal your wounds." **
(6746) Ari: "Please, humor me?"
** (6784) Norfirion sighs and sits down once again while closing his eyes. **
(6856) Agatha: "Hmph. Looks like the paladin gets to face the bane of the death. That don't sound like just luck to me, Norfirion."
(6872) Sarrim: "I think that you should save them for someone who...Grrr.....Alright."
** (6746) Ari smiles gratefully. Then says the prayer to her Goddess, casting cure moderate wounds [2d8+3] -> [8,3,3] = (14) **
(6872) Sarrim: (That puts me at full along with the Lay hands)
(6856) Agatha: "Don't complain Sarrim. You're doing this alone and you had poison running through you only a few days ago."
** (6770) Kha opens his pack and pulls out a decorated box and begins setting it up into an alter **
(6784) Norfirion: "I dont care who it is, I just need to replinish my spells. Without them I'm nothing"
(6746) Ari: "Be careful."
(6790) Git: "Sam... be on guard here.... This kind of thing is hardly ever straight forward"
(6856) Agatha: "Kha, give our champion your blessings."
(6779) Vrondard: "Sarrim you want to use my axe or shield?"
(6770) Kha: "Oneiros, The Destined One, send Potmos to protect me."
(6770) Kha:

The group now has Oneiros` blessing

(6872) Sarrim: "Unless we have a greatsword along with us, these will suffice." (Whoa, neat)
** (6779) Vrondard states this with grave seriousness **
** (6746) Ari feels blessed, "Thank you." **
(6770) Kha: ((+1 to hit +1 save vs Fear)
(6872) Sarrim: "I thank you Vrondard, but I know not well how to fight with such a shield, and I would not deny you arms in the event that this isn't as it seems."
(6872) Sarrim: (Shield = Axe)
(6872) Sarrim: (Argh)
** (6790) Git looks himself over as he feels the presence pass over he, teasing to Kha, "Wonderful... the blessing of all thing's pompous" **
(6872) Sarrim: "Tammara, grant my weapon the strength of my zeal, that I may fight for you in the times to come." (Divine Favor)
** (6770) Kha ignores git and goes back to setting up his alter **
(6856) Agatha: "Better his blessing than his wrath."
(6790) Git: "Here. here."
** (6872) Sarrim nods to all of them. "If I do not return....Well, that won't happen, will it? Tammara will see this through for me. May she watch over you, my friends, in any case." **
(6790) Git: "Right... like I'm not going to watch this."
** (6856) Agatha places a reassuring hand on Sarrim's shoulder. **
(6856) Agatha: "Keep your head on in there and don't leave the pressure off for a second."
** (6790) Git gets out his bow and one of his few last arrows preparing to follow a ways after Sam down the hall **
(6784) Norfirion: "Regardless of what you or the others may think I have confidence in your abilities,fate is not so fickle as some would say."
(6784) Norfirion: "Good luck"
(6856) Agatha: "And watch out for tricks. This place is full of nothing but tricks."
(6872) Sarrim: "Thank you. I will" *Grins* "I'll come back from the dead if I have to. The August Wanderer's need someone to make sure they don't end up "borrowing" things they don't own." *A significant look toward Git*
(6767) DM: You come to the end of the hall, to a closed wooden door that seems as if it hasn't been opened in centuries.
** (6746) Ari bites her lip, not knowing what to say. **
** (6872) Sarrim holds sword ready, opens slowly with his shield arm. **
(6767) TaliesinNYC: 20: This long chamber is lined with rotting wooden burial vaults stacked three high from the floor to the ceiling. To your immediate left is a wooden door that contains a large hole.
** (6790) Git grins to Sarrim and follows after him, stopping a ways back, waiting for the paladin to enter **
** (6872) Sarrim takes a deep breath, and strides through as he would in a procession...A procession where he expected an assassionation to take place. **
(6767) DM: There is the faint flicker of emerald light coming from beyond the door.
** (6872) Sarrim begins heading toward it, watching each crevice as he goes. **
** (6770) Kha starts to pray at his portable alter **
** (6790) Git slowly heads to the open door after Sam enters, waiting with bow raised for any unwanted surprises (not entering to remain out of fight) **
(6856) Agatha: "Pity we can't watch. This should be a cake walk for him."\
(6856) Agatha: ((oh scratch that))
** (6746) Ari glances around, "Anyone see my luggage?" **
(6767) DM: As Sarrim strides into the room, the luggage attempts to follow him but is stopped by an unseen barrier. And just as well, for out of the shadows, almost melting into the faint torchlight, is an ebony skinned humanoid with eyes of flame. In his hands is a gleaming short sword, emblazoned in emerald flames, as he slashes at Sarrim's unprotected flank.
(6767) DM: (surprise round)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [14,7] = (21)
(6767) DM: (AC 21)
(6872) Sarrim: (Aye, hit)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(6767) DM: (take 6)
(6767) Raux: You shall not have this, mortal!!!
(6883) Evil Joe (enter): 00:33
(6767) Raux: (init)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
** (6790) Git remains silent as he waits in the shadows of the doorway **
(6872) Sarrim: Sarrim ::[1d20+1+0] -> [3,1,0] = (4) Initiative
(6767) DM: (lol. 5, Raux)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)
(6872) Sarrim: (Bloody, bloody)
** (6872) Sarrim engages the creature, face a bared, snarling rictus. **
(6767) DM: (hit) The ebon skinned man neatly sidesteps Sarrim and lunges in a raking motion through Sarrim's hip. (AC 23)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
(6767) DM: (take 8)
** (6872) Sarrim rushes it. "Tammara will send you to the hell you were borne from, demon-spawn!" **
(6872) Sarrim: (Smite Evil)
(6872) Sarrim: Weapons: Sparksword Attack (To Hit: Strike 1: [1d20+10] -> [15,10] = (25) Strike 2: [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19)) (Damage: 1. [1d6+4] -> [1,4] = (5) 2. [1d6+4] -> [1,4] = (5))
(6872) Sarrim: (Extra +6 for each attack)
(6872) Sarrim: (Erm, +7)
(6872) Sarrim: (+7 to damage as well) to damage for
(6767) DM: (k)
(6872) Sarrim: (That's including Smite evil and divine favor)
(6767) DM: (so 12 total?)
(6767) DM: (seriously wounded)
(6872) Sarrim: (24 total, if both attacks hit)
(6767) DM: (ah)
(6767) DM: (seriously wounded)
(6872) Sarrim: (k)
(6767) DM: (5, Raux)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [13,7] = (20)
(6767) DM: (hit) Eyes glowing a deep scarlet, Raux says nothing, pressing his attack with a series of feint like moves and then lunging through an apparent opening to Sarrim's left, slitting open the paladin's shoulder through a crack in his armor. (AC 20)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6+5] -> [6,5] = (11)
(6883) Evil Joe (exit): 00:39
(6767) DM: (take 11)
(6767) DM: (yours)
** (6872) Sarrim fends the creature off before grabbing his silver harp, calling in a deep resonant tone. "Foul creature, unnatural to this world, COWER before the divnity that watches over us!" [2d6+3+4] -> [2,2,3,4] = (11) **
(6872) Sarrim: (Turn)
(6779) Vrondard: ((uh roll a 1d20 instead))
(6779) Vrondard: ((that was your turning damage...))
(6872) Sarrim: (Ohhh, is it?)
(6872) Sarrim: (My bad)
(6872) Sarrim: [1d20+3+4] -> [20,3,4] = (27)
(6872) Sarrim: (Ewwww)
(6767) DM: (no, not ewww)
(6779) Vrondard: ((ok you turn as a cleric -4 but thats still pretty stellar...))
(6784) Norfirion: ((hooverized))
(6872) Sarrim: (Well, ewww for the creature)
(6746) Ari: (wow)
(6856) Agatha: ((nice))
(6856) Agatha: ((assuming he's really undead))
(6767) DM: Great gashes open in Raux's form, bleeding ebony ichor which dissolves into foul smelling mist. He seems to be diminshed by the amount of ichor that dissolves into the ether.
(6767) DM: (seriously wounded)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
(6790) Git: (brb)
(6767) DM: Raux charges at Sarrim, intending to plunge the blade of the short sword into Sarrim's heart and misses instead. (AC 16)
** (6872) Sarrim spins with the creature to try and impale it as it passes, enflaming his weapon with righteous might. [1d20+17] -> [6,17] = (23) [1d20+12] -> [16,12] = (28) **
(6872) Sarrim: Damage: [1d6+11] -> [5,11] = (16) [1d6+11] -> [1,11] = (12)
(6872) Sarrim: (Total 28)
(6872) Sarrim: (Second smite evil used)
(6767) DM: The creature drops and falls to the ground, dead.
(6767) DM: It drops the short sword to the ground, it's lifeless fingers dissolving into ebony ichor which in turn vanishes.
(6767) DM: It's a gleaming short sword crafted from a silvery metal that seems to ebb and flow in the torch light. Elven runes are inscribed on the blade. An emerald is set into the crosspiece.
** (6790) Git watches quietly though the opponent falls, making sure nothing else springs out **
** (6872) Sarrim hesistates, before sheathing the sword and taking the emerald sword in hand. **
(6746) Ari: (Huzzah)
(6767) Halthala: So behold the fifth ingredient of the ritual of invocation: the blade known as Aeolanil, known to us of old as "the bane of the dead". Two other ingredients you must gather, each a function of the spell that shall reopen the portal of Alindal-en. A tear from the heart of an elfmaiden and a lock of hair from magicka's true love.
(6767) Halthala: Two items remain, two paths remain. Choose and be chosen.
(6784) Norfirion: ((AFK a min, smoke break))
** (6790) Git settles, stepping into the doorway to suggest to Sam, "Okay, I'm ready for a barstool and an ale. How bout you?" **
(6767) DM: The familiar sensation of magicka occurs, as you appear in the central chamber, along with the short sword.
(6779) Vrondard: "always"
** (6872) Sarrim sighs. "Ale, with a nice, warm bed." **
(6779) Vrondard: "uggg... hate that"
** (6770) Kha continues to pray at the portable alter untill an hour passes **
** (6790) Git turns to hall, "So... what's down the next one?" :gestures toward f: **
** (6770) Kha after an hour passes he stands and puts hit things away silently **
(6767) Halthala: Down that path lies the trial of magicka's true love.
(6770) Kha: "Well this place is now blessed, evil should not be able to enter this room"
(6790) Git: "Don't suppose you could be a smidge more specific than that?"
(6746) Ari: "Magicka's true love?"
(6872) Sarrim: (Also, I think I made a pretty big mistake, cause I read the logs and stuff, and I think I levelled my character to 6 because I read the saturday log and wasn't thinking...Sooooo, hopefully with as little well-deserved ire as possible, I'd like to roll-back my character to 4th. If you want, I'll put myself at 0 for the level too, as punishment.)
(6779) Vrondard: "well that aint the path for me"
(6872) Sarrim: (They called me on that 2nd attack thing, and I thought we were all at 6th, so I kinda messed up, :( )
(6770) Kha: ((AFK a few, for a smoke))
(6790) Git: "Who knows Vronard, may there's a gorgeous dwarven rune mistress at the end of that tunnel just waiting for a bloke like you?:"
(6894) Evil Joe (enter): 01:01
(6767) Halthala: In order to receive the sixth key of seven, from Aeolarin, she who served the Scions of ancient Celdenor, you must prove that you are worthy of her magicka. She loved the magick, she was the magick, and so must you be in turn.
(6779) Vrondard: "aint no magicka dwarf women that I would want to know"
(6746) Ari: "That's an interesting thought."
(6767) DM: (np)
(6790) Git: "Right... Norf, I'll leave this one to you."
(6896) Rainur Swiftblade (enter): 01:02
(6779) Vrondard: "see told ya"
(6872) Sarrim: (Yah...Sorry about that, :( )
(6897) Lyeirin (enter): 01:03
(6767) Halthala: There is a riddle of magicka that must be solved to receive the key. There are many ways to solve the riddle, not all of which involve force of arms.
(6790) Git: "Right. And that one?" :points to g:
(6767) Halthala: And that is the trial of the tear. A tear from the heart of an elfmaiden.
(6897) Lyeirin (exit): 01:04
(6790) Git: "Gee... always thought they came from the eyes."
(6770) Kha: "A trial of magicka, I think I will leave this to Norf since my power is not of the arcane type"
(6767) Halthala: In return for the final component of the gatekey, return a maiden to her rest in ancient Celdenor, the city of leaves.
** (6746) Ari tries to fade into the background. **
(6790) Git: "That's kind of in depth, couldn't we just make Ari cry?" :grins to the Ari:
(6770) Kha: "Are these single person trials as well like the last one?"
(6767) Halthala: They can be, if you want them to be.
(6790) Git: "No thanks. Prefer the safety of numbers"
** (6790) Git moves to reset the statue to open f. **
(6779) Vrondard: "I can do that..."
(6770) Kha: "Ya if they dont have to be then let them not be"
(6779) Vrondard: "course Silver would probably bite me arm off"
(6784) Norfirion: back
** (6767) the luggage continues rubbing Sarrim's leg and purring **
** (6770) Kha starts down the western hall as soon as Git gets the statue set **
** (6872) Sarrim pets the...Luggage. **
(6746) Ari: (lol)
(6790) Git: "Norf... I really hope you've been keeping up in your studies. " Speals as he toses an arm over the elf's shoulders, leading him down 3f.
(6779) Vrondard: "Norf you want to borrow my axe or me shield"
** (6779) Vrondard states this in clear jest **
(6784) Norfirion: "I told you I need a days rest. I'm not moving from this spot until I do so."
** (6790) Git bites back a chortle at Vronard's offer and moves on ahead, checking along the halway appraisingly **
** (6784) Norfirion continues sitting with his legs crossed sitting in a meditative state. **
(6790) Git: "COme on... ya just gotta solve a riddle, and we're on a deadline here."
(6746) Ari: "So then I guess we rest, or go for the next door."
(6784) Norfirion: "How am I suppose to confront such a thing without my magicks. You should at least give me some time to prepape. Brash you are."
(6872) Sarrim: (Norf, you have the ears, now you just need to be 2 feet shorter and have green skin)
(6790) Git: "Yes... and you were already aware of this."
(6784) Norfirion: (yeah i didnt notice that, i'll try to not do that again. i hate yoda)
(6872) Sarrim: (Lol, but everyone loves Yoda!)
(6779) Vrondard: "ok what about that other tunnel then... Norf here says he needs his beauty rest"
(6790) Git: :To Norf: "Would you like to wait here and rest while we hit the next door then?"
(6790) Git: (Forgive you we will)
** (6784) Norfirion sighs"Fine" **
** (6784) Norfirion stands up and loosens his robes. "Lets go." **
** (6790) Git nods and heads back to reset the statue to 3g. **
** (6784) Norfirion glances down reassuringly to a scroll on his belt. **
(6746) Ari: "I thought you needed to rest?"
(6856) Agatha (exit): 01:14
(6784) Norfirion: "It's worth bickering over, and I couldn't let you go yourselves, who'll be the reason among you? Ha!"
(6784) Norfirion: *not worth that is
(6790) Git: :To Norf: "Rest well, pure blood. We're gonna be needing your head for magic in that last door I figure."
(6784) Norfirion: "I've made up my mind, you're wasting your time Git."
(6784) Norfirion: "Now lets GO"
(6767) DM: (ok, so where to now? let me know.)
(6746) Ari: "So where exactly ae we going?"
** (6784) Norfirion glances to both hallways. **
** (6790) Git shrugs to Norf. "AS you wish Lord Elf." :Resets the statue to 3f: **
** (6770) Kha shrugs and continues down the hall (3f) **
** (6746) Ari follows behind trying to follow the logic and finding none to follow. **
** (6790) Git assures Norf in passing, "What spells you have remaining spare til the end. We'll handle the rough work til then. Promise." **
(6784) Norfirion: "It's not a good idea to be splitting up in this place, and there may be something of interest I dont want to miss. Its worth the danger, but we can't be to totally without foresight."
(6790) Git: :Continues after Kha
** (6784) Norfirion draws his light crossbow and loads and cocks it. **
** (6779) Vrondard is game... as usual **
** (6770) Kha pauses at the first door then tries to open it **
(6790) Git: (brb)
(6767) DM: The passage is filled with dust, the dust of the ages. Two doors can be seen, one on your immediate right and one at the far end of the hall, on your left. Voices can be heard in the distance...
(6770) Kha: ((My action is the same))
(6779) Vrondard: "hmmm" he listens to the voices
(6770) Kha: "Well it's locked, Git wana play with it?"
** (6746) Ari listens to the voices quietly. **
** (6872) Sarrim stands quietly, watching both ends of the halls. **
** (6784) Norfirion listens as well. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [7,7] = (14)
(6779) Vrondard: "what are we supposed to do here... smack some fairies around?"
** (6770) Kha walk down to the next door and looks though the key hole(if there is one) **
** (6770) Kha tilts his head to the side as if he is listening to someing far away **
(6779) Vrondard: ((ok I have to go do something... ill be AFK for 20 mins))
** (6784) Norfirion stands silently listening with his crossbrow braced against his shoulder. **
(6746) Ari: ((not certain I'll still be consious then, but I'm trying really))
(6894) Evil Joe (exit): 01:27
(6790) Git: (bak)
(6872) Sarrim: (DOOR Git! DOOR DOOR DOOR DOOR!)
(6767) TaliesinNYC: Skill: Listen [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
** (6790) Git moves in looking about the room and settling at the door to 21, (search for traps lock, listen, check through keyhole if possible) **
(6767) DM: Kha opens the door to area 22
(6784) Norfirion: "Elven voices, they're talking about a feast day to Ciriacil Eldonael"
(6767) DM: and enters.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+16] -> [8,16] = (24),[1d20+16] -> [2,16] = (18),[1d20+16] -> [8,16] = (24)
(6770) Kha: "Hello there egental elves, I am sorry I do not speak elven, though I do understand it"
(6872) Sarrim: (Something akin to the Bogey monster walking in on a girl's tea party and apologizing for not bringing the crumpets)
(6790) Git: "EH?" :Glances toward Kha walking in casually to the next room:
(6746) Ari: "Oh dear."
** (6784) Norfirion sighs. "Ahhhh uhmmmm" **
** (6790) Git shrugs and opens the door to 21 **
(6767) TaliesinNYC: 21: This musty chamber is lined with coffins, seven along the west wall and three along the east wall. The floor in here is packed with dirt.

There is a foul odor in this chamber.

** (6770) Kha walk in and sits at the first unocupied seat **
(6770) Kha: "I hope I am not disturbing your feast, I heard you talk of how good the food is, may I have some?"
** (6790) Git looks around and shuts the door. "like I'm going in a damn crypt alone with the odds we've been getting." **
** (6770) Kha looks around at the elves noticing their reaction **
(6770) Kha: "It seems I have missed the joke."
** (6784) Norfirion slowly follows behind Git. **
(6767) Sherasra: So, human, what brings you to Alindal-en? The splendor of our temple to the Lady of Mists?
(6906) mariadoc (enter): 01:34
(6770) Kha: "We are trying to go to the City of Leaves, a servent of Ra awaits us there"
(6767) Sherasra: You may have as much as you like. (grins coquettishly)
(6770) Kha: "Well actualy thats not quite right"
** (6790) Git strolls over behind Kha, smiling at the Elven assembly. "Did I hear free food?" **
(6906) mariadoc (exit): 01:35
** (6784) Norfirion perks his head out as well and walks in reluctantly. **
(6770) Kha: "The servent of Ra is with us, but is awaiting us. It asked us twice if we would do something for it and said it will ask a third and final time in the City of Leaves"
(6767) Sherasra: Hm, well unless you can pass the test of the Guardians, I doubt that you can enter ancient Celdenor, no offense, human.
** (6746) Ari follows Norfirion **
** (6872) Sarrim follows last, making sure there is no trap. **
(6770) Kha: "I accepted, but I do not know if my companions will accept it's quest."
(6770) Kha: "We have collected 5 of the seven required components, I belive this trial is for the Magicka component"
(6770) Kha: "So that is why I am here, to collect the sixth component, my friends as well"
** (6767) Sherasra glances at her companions and glances at you. **
** (6770) Kha gathers some food and begins eating **
(6908) mariadoc (enter): 01:38
(6746) Ari: ((ok help, we seem to have a question of where we all are))
(6908) mariadoc (exit): 01:38
(6908) mariadoc (enter): 01:38
whispering to Kha, Will save.
** (6872) Sarrim blinks. **
(6784) Norfirion: "Indeed, but he has pure elven blood to aid him" *speaking up in elven as he emerges into the room.*
(6770) Kha: Will save: [1d20+9] -> [20,9] = (29)
(6767) DM: (I am assuming area 22)
** (6784) Norfirion bows and introduces himself to the other elves. **
(6790) Git: "/me strolls in passed Kha moving to the table and taking a free seat(if there is one) nodding to the elves at the table and offering light affable greetings as he begins to pick at the offered food, though waits to watch Kha's reaction to the food before eating
(6770) Kha: ((I am, Git walked in as well, others I dont know))
(6908) mariadoc (exit): 01:39
(6784) Norfirion: ((i walked in there as well)
(6784) Norfirion: (followed git in there))
(6746) Ari: (I thought Norf was going there too and followed))
(6770) Kha: "Please do not try what ever you just tried, I mean you or your companions any harm"
(6767) DM: There are seven seatings, one for each of you should you wish it. The table is set with plates of gold, stemware and knives and forks of silver. A multitude of dishes cover the table, all of them delicious.
(6770) Kha: ((Do not mean ))
** (6767) Sherasra laughs, her voice tinkling like the dulcet tones of a bell. **
** (6746) Ari glances warily at the food. **
** (6784) Norfirion sits politely at the table but doesnt eat anything. **
(6770) Kha: "Did I miss the joke again?"
(6790) Git: :Eyes the elves at the table, asking one of them, "Tell me... how long have you all been here?"
(6770) Kha: ((They are ghostly))
(6767) Sherasra: Why, as long as we have ever been the court of Lady Aeolarin. We ARE her handmaidens and cousins, after all.
(6910) No Name (enter): 01:42
(6784) Norfirion: "Indeed you are, my human companion did not know."
(6767) DM: (yes, forgot to mention that. They're not solid.)
** (6790) Git idly inspects his food in the meantime, snffing it appreciatively and eyeing it thoughtfully(will to disbelieve) **
(6790) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
whispering to Git, dust
(6910) No Name (exit): 01:43
(6770) Kha: "So can you help us enter the City of Leaves?"
(6784) Norfirion: "Tell me, what do you know of the dead? I seek a means to overcome it, my wife...she...she was killed and I think she may have became like you. How can I contact her? Know if she lives on in this state?"
** (6790) Git lets a piece of bread crumble in his fingers to the plate and sets himself back in his seat **
(6767) Iridocil: Why, whatever for? pah! Help you? A smelly, foul, unwashed human? Sooner aid a pack of mongrel orckin, if you ask me. (snifff)
** (6746) Ari is startled by Norfirion's comment, wondering if perhaps her lost mate could also be in this state. **
(6767) Sherasra: Iridocil, we have guests. Mind yourself, please.
(6790) Git: "Oh come now.. he may be foul and smelly, but at least he's pompous and self important like an elf"
(6767) Sherasra: My pardons for my cousin's outburst.
** (6746) Ari raises a brow at both comments. **
(6784) Norfirion: "Git, Kha, please"
(6770) Kha: "There were some of those in this place, as well as a Myrldraal(sp) We have defeated most. We are only seaking this city at the will of the Gods"
(6770) Kha: "Yes Norf?"
** (6790) Git grins and eases into his seat **
(6767) Iridocil: It's true. And no manners at all. Comes in here and sits himself at our table, and begins eating our food. Much like the animals they are.
(6767) Sherasra: Iridocil! That will be enough!
(6770) Kha: "I asked if I was disturbing you, and you offered me food"
(6746) Ari: "I believe you invited him first. Either way this is hardly Elven Hospitality at its best."
(6784) Norfirion: "Did you know hear my words brother? Dont mind my demi-human companions. They have no manners at all.."
(6790) Git: "Yeah, I was kinda surprised he ate that junk too." :whispers to the elf... loudly:
(6784) Norfirion: *not
(6770) Kha: "I may not have the manners of those in the court, I admit, but I am from a small town and just recently my the first Royalty I have ever know"
(6767) Sherasra: What can we do for you? (making a silencing gesture to Iridocil, who quiets, grumbling)
** (6770) Kha turns to Halthala **
** (6790) Git looks to Norf to speak **
(6770) Kha: "What was the name of what we needed from this area again?"
(6784) Norfirion: "My wife, and children, they were butchered by heartless kernish pigs."
(6767) DM: The other elves continue eating and drinking, watching you warily.
(6767) Halthala: Aeolarin.
** (6770) Kha takes another bite of food **
(6784) Norfirion: "Their boddies desecrated and destroyed. I could not even give them the prorper burial they need to reach Arvandor."
** (6770) Kha turns back to Sherasra **
(6784) Norfirion: "I fear they may live in some other state. How can I find them or know if they live on in some form? Even if it is not life..."
(6770) Kha: "I guess we seak the Lady Aeolarin. An audiance with her maybe. I am not realy sure what is required"
** (6746) Ari pales at Norfirion's tale. **
(6790) Git: "Kha.." :hisses at the spearman, holds up a piece of bread and crushes it in his fist, shaking his head at him.:
** (6770) Kha turns to Git and smiles, "It tastes fine" **
(6872) Sarrim: "Perhaps, we have gotten off on the wrong foot. We have not even introduced ourselves. Our desires can wait so that we might come to know you all a little better." (Diplomacy) "My name is Sarrim Veld, Knight of Tammara, may she shine on you. My friends have some measure pride, but please take no offence at their harsh words."
** (6790) Git shakes off his hand and slaps his head **
(6784) Norfirion: "At the very least I should find powerful magics to free their souls so that they may journey to Arvandor."
** (6767) Sherasra sits back in her chair rather coldly, waving her hands as the finery of the room disappears, and is replaced by moldering cobwebs and tarnished platters filled with dust. Of the elves, there are no sign...except for burnt skeletons, fused to their chairs. **
(6872) Sarrim: "Well...That worked a bit less than one could have hoped."
** (6784) Norfirion stands up and staggers back startled. **
(6767) Sherasra: Then let me drop this pretense. I am she whom you seek.
** (6770) Kha nods **
(6770) Kha: "Well met"
** (6746) Ari glances at Halthala hoping for some sign of confirmation. **
(6790) Git: "Terribly pleased to meet you love. Now what can we do to... appease you?"
(6779) Vrondard: (bak)
(6767) Aeolarin: Ill met. You are my doom, but you may yet redeem yourselves. Your coming has been known to me for some time.
** (6767) Halthala nods slightly **
(6790) Git: "Well that's good. My Mother always told me it was rude to come unannounced"
(6746) Ari: "Redeem ourselves Me'Lady?"
(6770) Kha: "Your doom, I am sorry I did not know. So how may we redeem ourselves?"
(6784) Norfirion: "Then what of destiny's threads have you read?"
(6784) Norfirion: "What are we to be redeemed for?"
(6767) Arianrhod: You are here to open the portal of Alindal-en. And once done, I shall die, forevermore, never to know the pleasures of living.
(6767) DM: (woops lol)
** (6779) Vrondard hasnt sat down... he just leans against the wall and watchs the exchange **
(6790) Git: "Um... no offense darling, but .... aren't you dead now?'
(6784) Norfirion: "So you shall be released? Then I must do what is necessary so you may depart to Arvandor."
(6767) Aeolarin: I am alive!!! Alive!!! And I shall not die!!!
** (6767) Aeolarin stands up, seething **
(6770) Kha: "Umm I dont think she wants to go Norf. Thats kinda why she is mad"
(6746) Ari: "Then how may we redeem ourselves and keep you from this doom?"
(6767) Aeolarin: So. You can fight me, but I shall slay you all. Or, you can make a promise to me and I shall grant you what you seek. Your choice, now.
(6790) Git: "Ok then... I have no intention of killing a woman I have nothing against." :offers sincerely (diplomacy to calm?)
(6767) DM: (roll)
(6770) Kha: "What promise?"
(6790) Git: Diplomacy Skill Check: [1d20+14] -> [15,14] = (29)
(6746) Ari: "What promise would that be?"
** (6767) Aeolarin sits back down, warily, watching Git intently. **
(6784) Norfirion: "Indeed what promise?"
** (6767) Aeolarin glances at Kha for a lingering minute... **
** (6767) Aeolarin next looks at Norfirion **
** (6784) Norfirion if you could give me some glimmer of what I seek. I could give you more as well. **
(6784) Norfirion: "If you could give me some glimmer of what I seek. I could give you more as well."
(6767) Aeolarin: That you will go, from here to ancient Celdenor, enter the city of leaves, into the Tower that screams, defeat the Watcher who waits, and lay my body to rest. Only then will I know true peace, and only then shall you redeem yourselves.
(6770) Kha: "Ok"
(6784) Norfirion: "You have my word"
(6784) Norfirion: "I would do so m'lady even if you did not ask."
(6770) Kha: "I will try everything in my power to do this"
(6790) Git: "That sounds fair. Can't have an important lady like yourself losing her beauty sleep" :Stands to offer a bow:
(6784) Norfirion: "For I know that pain you have endured, for it is my pain also. I will do so and you shall be free."
(6746) Ari: "I too will aid in this."
(6779) Vrondard: "heh"
(6872) Sarrim: "I swear under Tammara, and by the life of my soul, that I will aid you as best I can, lady."
** (6767) Aeolarin laughs, a harsh grating sound so unlike the laughter of Sherasra. **
(6858) dnddreamer (exit): 02:02
** (6746) Ari does not like the sound of that. **
(6770) Kha: "May I ask you some questions about this watcher?"
(6790) Git: "Please tell me you have a tickle in your throat"
(6770) Kha: "It would help if we were prepared for what we must face"
(6767) Aeolarin: You do NOT understand. You will not be able to defeat the Watcher at this time. But you have sworn, and so you shall make your promise....in the future.
(6784) Norfirion: "Very well"
(6770) Kha: "Is the watcher a servent of Shai`Tan?"
(6784) Norfirion: "Consider it a task done. I won't dissapoint you."
(6767) Aeolarin: Who is Shai'tan?
(6770) Kha: "I guess not then"
(6790) Git: "Just a thing. It's nothing for you to worry over Lady."
(6746) Ari: ((I'm so sorry, can't stay any longer - sorry))
(6896) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 02:05
(6746) Ari (exit): 02:05
(6767) Aeolarin: The Watcher is one of the Nine. The Doom of ancient Celdenor. An abyssal lord, in human terms. You are but fledglings. You would wither like leaves in the winter, underneath a dead tree.
(6770) Kha: "He is a god that does not belong in this world, and all of the God wish him gone. Even Seti, One of his servents was in this place"
(6784) Norfirion: "I have much to do, but in due time such a creature will be crushed under my power"
(6790) Git: "We just keep piling them on."
(6784) Norfirion: "It is not a matter of "if" only "time".
(6779) Vrondard: "hmmm so we should try to take out this Watcher with what then?"
** (6767) Aeolarin smiles a bitter smile. "I will hold you to your promises, humans. And so, here is a lock of my hair, as promised." (pulls a lock and leaves it on the table) **
(6770) Kha: "Now that is some task we must do. I wonder what god they Abyssal Lords serve: Sarrim do you know?"
(6790) Git: "Thank you, Lady."
(6767) Aeolarin: You will require weapons and items of power. And you will require skills and talents more than you have. And there is much that lies before you, even beyond one such as me.
** (6784) Norfirion picks up the hair. **
** (6770) Kha nods **
(6784) Norfirion: "Thank you"
(6767) Aeolarin: You have questions. So ask. Or go. It is all one to me.
** (6872) Sarrim nods. "They are followers of Gorgauth." **
(6770) Kha: "Maybey after I become the Champion of Oneiros we will be able to compleat this task"
(6922) BeefPot (enter): 02:10
(6790) Git: "Do you know what the answer to the riddle in the last hall is?"
(6784) Norfirion: "Only when I reach archmastery of magic shall I be ready"
(6767) Aeolarin: She knows. (points to Halthala)
(6922) BeefPot (exit): 02:11
(6770) Kha: "I do not have any further questions Lady Aeolarin. Thank you for your confidance"
(6779) Vrondard: "I'm ready now... I'll just wait fer you all to get yer act together"
** (6770) Kha laughs at vrondard **
(6784) Norfirion: "You never answered the many questions I asked you m'lady."
(6770) Kha: "I think even that eyeless would flea in terror from an Abyssal Lord"
** (6767) Aeolarin gazes at Halthala with disdain. "Tell them the truth." **
(6784) Norfirion: "What can you tell me about what I seek?"
(6790) Git: "But will she tell us?" :asking of Hally a bit more than Aeolarin:
(6770) Kha: "Truth?"
** (6770) Kha turns to Halthala **
** (6767) Halthala says nothing, watching. **
(6790) Git: "I'll take that as a no."
(6784) Norfirion: "Nevermind, I dont need your help. I'll do this by my own hand." *slams his fist on the table and stands up.
(6767) Aeolarin: You might as well tell them now. They'll find out eventually.
(6770) Kha: "Are you one of the residents of this City of Leaves?"
(6767) Aeolarin: In a way, she is. She's dead. I slew her with my own hand.
(6770) Kha: "The dead elves? No offence Aeolarin"
** (6767) Halthala says nothing. **
** (6770) Kha raises his eyebrows **
(6770) Kha: "Most interesting, why did you slay her?"
(6790) Git: "So is this how you know so much of this place?" :To hally:
(6784) Norfirion: "Then you!" *turns to Halthala* "what secrets have you been hiding from us?"
(6767) Aeolarin: She was my sister. She was to have wed a princeling of Celdenor. Then the city was invaded, its defenses breached. We repaired here to the sla'mori. I was to have helped in its defense. I took my revenge.
(6770) Kha: "Probably because she failed where we are sucseeding. the Test of Guardians was it?"
** (6767) Halthala says nothing, glancing at Aeolarin sorrowfully. **
(6770) Kha: "revenge for what, did she help the invaders?"
(6767) Aeolarin: She will know no rest until her body is returned to the place of her birth, in ancient Celdenor. Her spirit lingers in physical form, for she is in death as she was in life, an elf of strong will.  She has been trapped here, in the place she has sworn to defend, all these ages past.
** (6790) Git listens to the others idly as he keeps a gaze to Hally's eyes, seeking her unease. **
(6767) Aeolarin: Revenge for marrying my true love! (to Kha)
** (6767) Halthala stares at Aeolarin, saying nothing. **
(6770) Kha: "And so she needs us to return her body, much like you need us to lay yours to res?"
** (6767) Aeolarin turns to Kha. "Ays, you have the right of it." **
** (6770) Kha turns to Halthala **
(6770) Kha: "Why did you just tell us this in the first place?"
** (6767) Halthala turns to Kha, but looks over to Git... **
(6767) DM: and says nothing.
(6767) Aeolarin: Because she is in love with one of you.
** (6784) Norfirion laughs. **
** (6770) Kha eyes Git **
** (6784) Norfirion looks to Git and starts laughing again. **
(6770) Kha: "Thought you were Married there Git"
** (6872) Sarrim squares against Aeolarin. "How can you be so petty, so cruel, spectre?! Your own sister, flesh and BLOOD. You kill and curse her? Did she even have a choice in the marriage? I have sworn my life to you, but you must make my inferior, human mind understand this. Your own SISTER>" **
(6872) Sarrim: "Do you even regret it now? Or is it only hatred that fuels your unlife?"
(6790) Git: :Expression unchanging: "Alright.... No more questions. We understand the situation and we have two elven ladies spirits to seat at ease. Yelling over past mistakes won't change it now."
** (6872) Sarrim visibly tries to take hold of himself. **
** (6790) Git stands and strolls toward the door, asking Hally in passing, "One more piece, right?" **
(6790) Git: :offers her a simple grin:
** (6767) Aeolarin shrugs at Sarrim, narrowing her eyes to thin slits. "I would have gained in power, human. She was to have married a mage lord, a Scion of Celdenor. My children would be in line for the throne of leaves. All that was taken away from me when my betrothed laid eyes on her. To deserve power, one must be worthy to earn it. I did what I should have done. You would do the same." **
(6770) Kha: "Most interesting story, I hope to hear both sides of it some day, but our time is short and we must aquire one more item"
** (6770) Kha stands to leave **
(6770) Kha: "I doubt he would Aeilarin
(6872) Sarrim: "Never...I would never seek power at the cost of another. That is true evil. NEVER!"
** (6770) Kha starts walking out the way they came in **
(6784) Norfirion: "Not a noble goal, but I will put both of you to rest for every soul deserves to be free and not held into some mockery of life."
(6767) Halthala: So behold the sixth ingredient of the ritual of invocation: a lock of hair from magicka's true love. One final ingredient you must gather,a function of the spell that shall reopen the portal of Alindal-en: A tear from the heart of an elfmaiden..
(6784) Norfirion: "Then let us retrieve this item and begone from this place"
(6767) Halthala: One item remains, one path remains. You have no Fate but the Fate you have made.
(6767) DM: And you are back in the central chamber.
(6790) Git: "The best kind of fate"
** (6790) Git wastes no time on their return, setting the statue for the final doorway **
(6767) DM: (ah yes, but we stop in 30 minutes lol)
(6925) Agatha (enter): 02:27
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (6925) Agatha...
** (6770) Kha starts down the final hall as soon as Git gets the statue set **
(6790) Git: "Lets get this finished. FInal stretch time"
(6872) Sarrim: "I wish to be gone from here...I can feel the taint of this place weighing down on me." *Yells at noone in particular* "To give up her kin, no doubt to give up the WORLD, for the MEREST SCRAP of "power."
(6925) Agatha: ((Oh there we go. Sorry, my network was down for awhile))
(6784) Norfirion: ((wb))
(6790) Git: "Sam. Let it be for now. Accept that people are weak, and keep moving on to do what you feel is right. Don't worry what others think."
** (6767) Halthala lays her hand on Sarrim's arm. "My eternal thanks for your presence. Without you here, I should have no further hope of rest eternal." **
(6925) Agatha: ((Yay I have a map now!))
** (6784) Norfirion glances at Sarrim "Perhaps it is not Git afterall." **
** (6790) Git seems casual as ever as they stroll the last hall. Whispers to Norf, "He could use a woman to loosen him up" **
(6767) Halthala: I can offer you no guide to what lies down this path, except that beyond was once a temple to Aranris El-Macil. Now, it could be a corruption of its former self.
** (6790) Git glances back at the mention of the temple and offers an aloof shrug. "Temple's a temple." **
** (6770) Kha starts in and tried the door as he reaches it **
** (6872) Sarrim glances at Halthala, and then downwards. "Sometimes I wonder how much can a mere mortal such as I change? Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the effort, when there are...Nevermind. Yes, it is time to move on." *Follows them* **
(6767) DM: The doors are fashioned from silver, yet the ages of the centuries have tarnished its once gleaming surface. Runes of all sorts cover the surface.
(6779) Vrondard: "hmmm doesn't look too bad in here"
** (6770) Kha tries to read the runes **
(6770) Kha: ((Before opening the door))
** (6790) Git reads the runes curiously... "This don't... look... right..." **
(6925) Agatha: "What's it say, Git?
** (6784) Norfirion studies the runes as well. **
(6770) Kha: "This temple is dedicated to Loth"
(6790) Git: :glances back to Hally: "See? Temple's a temple."
(6925) Agatha: "You're right. That's not good."
(6770) Kha: "Well lets go pray to Loth then"
(6767) Halthala: A temple dedicated to the Spider Queen however.
** (6770) Kha opens the door **
(6767) DM: oh boy lol
(6790) Git: :waves off Hally's concern: "Details..."
(6770) Kha: ((Wow for once Git agrees with me :P ))
(6790) Git: "Uh.. Kha..."
(6925) Agatha: "Well, I've no problems squashing spiders. Let's go say hello."
(6779) Vrondard: "hell yeah... I'll cut some spiders up... just stay behind me"
(6770) Kha: "I wouldnt be squishing spiders in the Temple of the Spider Queen"
(6779) Vrondard: "says you not me"
(6770) Kha: "Kinda rude dont you think?"
(6784) Norfirion: "I'll raze her temple to the ground if I have to."
(6767) DM: As soon as Kha opens the door, a HUGE spider appears in the middle of the group. And it's pretty huge.....easily the size of a small pony. (surprise round)
(6767) TaliesinNYC: sec
(6872) Sarrim: Exits, stage right...
(6872) Sarrim (exit): 02:40
** (6779) Vrondard blinks once... twice... **
(6767) DM: folks, there's no way we're going to run this in 20 minutes
(6779) Vrondard: Then has at it!
(6779) Vrondard: (np)
(6767) DM: not to mention I wanted to hand out XP
** (6925) Agatha sizes up the spider. "Well, maybe it was a little rude." **
(6767) DM: so we'll break here.
(6790) Git: (hai hai)

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