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(7951) TaliesinNYC: Kha's not here tonight
(7936) Git: a bit of refresher would be nice
(7931) Ari: maybe, I don't remember the sarcophogi
(7951) TaliesinNYC: you explored the sla-mori
(7951) TaliesinNYC: going down corridor 3b
(7951) TaliesinNYC: you negotiated past a few trapped rooms
(7951) TaliesinNYC: a room with an eversmoking bottle
(7951) TaliesinNYC: a lab with some frozen ogres
(7951) TaliesinNYC: a chamber with yellow mold
(7940) Agatha: The sarcophogus room was the semi-entrance where we made our offerings to the gods.
(7932) Vrondard: and now we have to go down another corrodor
(7932) Vrondard: we are all in room #3
(7951) TaliesinNYC: at the end of the corridor, you found a room with a single chest
(7932) Vrondard: ((#g having been explored?))
(7951) TaliesinNYC: inside the chest was a medallion. on opening the chest, you heard a spirit speak the following
(7951) TaliesinNYC: So behold the first ingredient of the ritual of invocation: a medallion of wondrous might. Six other ingredients you must gather, each a function of the spell that shall reopen the portal of Alindal-en. A tear from the heart of an elfmaiden, the dust of the long forgotten dead, a lock of hair from magicka's true love, valor against corruption, the bane of the dead, and a drop of emerald death.

To cast perform the ritual of invocation: anoint the medallion with emerald death. Strike the medallion with the bane of the dead. Wrap the medallion in the hands of the valorous who also holds a hair from magicka's true love, dipped in a tear from an elfmaid's true heart amid grains of the long-forgotten dead. Chant the ritual of invocation not once, not twice but thrice and the portal shall be opened.

(7931) Ari: ki
(7932) Vrondard: (3g)
(7951) TaliesinNYC: only 3b has been explored
(7932) Vrondard: ((ok... 3b))
(7951) TaliesinNYC: Halthala explains that the ritual which activates the portal requires 7 ingredients
(7951) TaliesinNYC: you've found one of the seven
(7951) TaliesinNYC: the other six ingredients are hidden elsewhere in the complex
(7932) Vrondard: ((i wasnt here for the defeat of the statue trap... assuming we figured that out))
(7951) TaliesinNYC: find all seven, then she can cast the spell and you can use the portal
(7936) Git: ok, just one question; which way's north?
(7951) TaliesinNYC: north is 3b
(7932) Vrondard: .
(7951) TaliesinNYC: ignore the compass rose on the map
(7940) Agatha: ((Sounds straightforward enough.))
(7932) Vrondard: ((i believe im still down hps a bit))
(7951) TaliesinNYC: 3d is east, 3f is south, 2 is west
(7951) TaliesinNYC: etc.
(7936) Git: (thought we were healed after reaching the end of 3b...
(7958) derox (enter): 21:52
(7951) DM: you were
(7932) Vrondard: ((ah i do remember something like that.. but its fuzzy))
(7931) Ari: (stop taking my meds)
(7951) DM: After you cleared the circular room, you were teleported back to room 3.
(7936) Git: (okey doke, we ready to begin?)
(7948) Norfirion: brb have to reboot
(7931) Ari (whispering): please sir, where is Silver and the luggage?
(7948) Norfirion: Disconnecting from server...
(7948) Norfirion (exit): 21:54
whispering to Ari, right next to you
(7958) derox (exit): 21:54
(7931) Ari (whispering): ty
(7940) Agatha: ((So what paths are currently open?))
(7951) DM: 3b is closed, all else are open.
(7951) DM: Note that the statue is pointing directly down 3a.
(7951) DM: However the rods in the holes are in the N and W holes respectively.
(7932) Vrondard: "so where shoulda we go?"
(7965) Norfirion (enter): 21:58
** (7931) Ari looks around uncomfortably very much not happy about being way from the forest. "Looks like we're being directed which way to go." **
(7936) Git: "Might as well go clockwise.... north west next" (3c)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (7965) Norfirion...
(7965) Norfirion: Sorry about that
(7951) DM: (I should clarify. you put the rods there. no one is directing you to go anywhere. :) )
** (7936) Git moves to take one of the rods out and place it in the nw slot, then turns to his comrades, "Any other suggestions?" **
(7931) Ari: "You certain, I'd hate to have that thing angry."
(7932) Vrondard: "shur that makes sense"
(7940) Agatha: "One way is as good as any other."
(7951) DM: (3c is NE)
(7931) Ari: "lay on Macduff"
(7932) Vrondard: ((whoever knows how to defeat the trap should be in charge here))
(7936) Git: "Superb." :Dryly mutters before heading nE: (hehe... got my compass backwards today)
(7951) DM: (my mistake. 3a is closed. all else are open.)
(7951) DM: (apologies.)
(7931) Ari: (sokay)
(7931) Ari: (is the map up at the Tomara site?
(7932) Vrondard: ((map is up))
(7951) DM: You head down the northeastern passage. The floor has a slight tilt to it...
(7931) Ari: yay
(7951) DM: Eventually, the corridor turns a corner and you come to a dead-end passage with three doors. One ahead, one to your left and one to your right. There is a sickly sweet odor in the air.
(7951) DM: The doors appear to be constructed out of wood.
(7932) Vrondard: "lets see whats down here... got to find one of those six things"
(7932) Vrondard: "first tunnel wasnt that bad... eh?"
(7965) Norfirion: "This is going to get somewhat "interesting"..."
(7932) Vrondard: "Git yer going to lend yer ears and eyes to these?"
(7932) Vrondard: "prolly just some rooms with chairs and such in em"
(7936) Git: "I hope interesting doesn't mean dangerous"
(7936) Git: "... yeah. Maybe the furniture will come alive and attack us."
(7932) Vrondard: "prolly is some god forsaken wizards table gallavanting around here like a wood elemental"
** (7931) Ari glances behind her a moment, "Could be." **
(7965) Norfirion: "Whatever it is, we'll crush it. Simple, now don't worry my friend."
(7931) Ari (whispering): would the table be made of sentient pearwood?
whispering to Ari, what table? lol
whispering to Ari, possible but unlikely
(7932) Vrondard: "what of it Git? me or you?"
** (7931) Ari begins to worry in earnest. **
** (7932) Vrondard listens at the right door (#12) and then tried to open it **
(7931) Ari (whispering): the one Vron said was gallavanting, I will assume its a joke and he's unaware that a table made of the pearwood could really gallavant
** (7951) Silver growls **
(7932) Vrondard (whispering):

Listen check:

[1d20+1+7] -> [10,1,7] = (18)

7 Ranks

whispering to Ari, was a joke
(7936) Git: "I'm working on it"
(7931) Ari (whispering): I knew that.
whispering to Vrondard, you hear nothing. and I roll Listen checks. :)
** (7931) Ari stands still next to Silver, straining to see everywhere at once. **
whispering to Vrondard, unlocked
(7932) Vrondard: "hmm tis open...." he opens it and peer inside cautiously
(7931) Ari: (does it open in our out?)
** (7932) Vrondard holds his shield up for protection.... **
** (7931) Ari readies her bow **
(7951) DM: Racks of lumber run from east to west in this crowded room. Storage bins line the walls. In the SE corner is a wooden cabinet with a massive iron lock on its doors.
(7951) DM: (in)
(7932) Vrondard: "ooh a lock to pick... if you want someones woodwerkin tools"
(7931) Ari: "Vron check behind the door. Please?"
(7936) Git: (dammit... I'm having some major PC problems. Excuse my silence for a moment)
** (7965) Norfirion enters the room and walks over about 20 ft away from the cabinet while examining it. **
** (7932) Vrondard goes inside... and does check out the back of the door **
(7951) DM: Nothing unusual...except dust.
(7931) Ari: "choo"
(7987) Lycanos (enter): 22:20
(7931) Ari: "Cmon Silver, ... you too."
** (7951) Silver whuffs and whines **
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): Can I make a spellcraft check to see if it was constructed by magic, or such?
whispering to Norfirion, sure
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): [1d20+14] -> [12,14] = (26)
(7932) Vrondard: "whats wrong wid yer pup?"
** (7931) Ari wants to do the same but takes a deep breath instead. "We are all in this together, so, please, let's go. All of us." **
** (7951) Silver growls sharply at the cabinet **
(7931) Ari: "I don't think he wants you to open the cabinet."
(7987) Lycanos (exit): 22:22
whispering to Norfirion, nope, but the lock seems enchanted
(7965) Norfirion: "The lock appears to be enchanted."
(7931) Ari: "I'm not so certain I want you to open the cabinet, either."
(7965) Norfirion: (is this still the same day in game? we havent slept in a while have we?)
(7932) Vrondard: "what if the thing is in there?"
(7940) Agatha: "Impressive. Let's bust it open."
(7951) DM: (next day)
(7932) Vrondard: "an enchanted lock.. prolly has something in there"
(7936) Git: (gotta reboot, brb)
(7931) Ari: "Something is in there."
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): gimmie a sec and I'll send u updated spells memorized list
(7932) Vrondard: "oooh what?"
(7931) Ari: "I know Silver doesn't like it, so there's a real good chance I won't either."
(7936) Git: If you never take responsibility for your actions, then you need not worry about
(7936) Git (exit): 22:25
(7932) Vrondard: "hmmm well can't disagree wit dat..."
(7932) Vrondard: "we can leave well enough alone... and go on wid our search"
(7940) Agatha: "Norfirion do you know what sort of enhancement this thing has?"
(7965) Norfirion: "Give me a moment"
whispering to Norfirion, abjuration. Spot please.
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
whispering to Norfirion, k
(7965) Norfirion: "It's some form of abjuration magick thats for sure."
(7965) Norfirion: "I cant really determine its exact purpose without the proper spells, which take longs times to cast."
(7940) Agatha: "Well, the purpose is obviously to protects whatever's in here. I don't need any long spells to tell me that."
(7965) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(7931) Ari: "Or kill anyone out here."
(7932) Vrondard: "well lets keep it in there is something is alive"
(7932) Vrondard: "we aint lookin fer anything alive are we?"
(7932) Vrondard: "or worse yet... dead but moving around... ya gots to hate when that happens"
** (7951) Silver pads back and forth around the cabinet, growling.... **
(7965) Norfirion: "It also could be a simple lock radiating magic from a potent fire trap spell that will incenerate you alive when you attempt to open it."
** (7965) Norfirion shrugs and smiles with a grin. **
(7932) Vrondard: "well I'm going to check out the other door"
(7932) Vrondard: "ifn yer going to open this... let me know Git" (yeah i know he isnt here)
** (7932) Vrondard goes across the hall and checks that door as well (listen and try to open) **
(7965) Norfirion: "Before this becomes an issue, I have a spell of enlargement here that can nearly double a person's size. This is quite deadly for someone like Agatha or Vrondard. or Git. However, there are some who are distrustful of my magick, so I ask beforehand if any of you have a problem recieving it, if combat befalls us?
(7931) Ari: "Why is it deadly for them?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
(7965) Norfirion: "I mean it makes them deadly fighters, increased strength, reach, and such my las"
whispering to Vrondard, you hear nothing, and the door is locked.
(7931) Ari: "Oh, it sounded as though it would kill them."
(7932) Vrondard: "locked durn it"
(7965) Norfirion: "My social skills and communication aren't the best my brethern."
(7932) Vrondard: "dont be castin no fell spells on me"
(7940) Agatha: "Hmph. I'm strong enough as is. Why don't you peddle your magic when it's more useful."
** (7931) Ari smiles in apology, "I meant no disrespect, only clarity." **
(7965) Norfirion: ""Bah whatever then, I may as well use it on the enemy for my own amusement."
(7931) Ari: "How large does it make a person?" Ari asks glancing at the ceiling.
whispering to Agatha, you feel a slight bump from behind but nothing's there.
(7931) Ari: ((how high is the ceiling?))
(7965) Norfirion: "It doubles its height and increases its mass by eightfold"
(7951) DM: (15')
(7931) Ari: "It would work for me, I'd become 10' tall, anyone taller might have a problem."
(7965) Norfirion: "The larger the person the better, thats why I mentioned Agatha..*cough* No offense my lady"
(7940) Agatha: "And that wouldn't cause us to be knocked unconscious when we bash our heads on an ceiling and collapse on our comrades?"
(7932) Vrondard: "hoy hoy... someone is lookin to be cut down to size me thinks"
(7932) Vrondard: "well Git can play wid that one... on to the next one"
** (7932) Vrondard shuffles down to the last door (#13) **
** (7932) Vrondard checks this as well **
(7951) DM: The odor gets stronger as you proceed down the hallway.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
(7932) Vrondard: "ick... that smell again.. that bodes ill for us"
whispering to Vrondard, nothing, and the door is locked
(7965) Norfirion: "Nevermind, I didnt intend I was stupid enough to simply cast it in a confined space. "IF" the needed arised, and applicable area. You people are so simple minded. You can't interpret anything, you need it all spelled out for you. I think its a racial thing. *scoffs away*
(7932) Vrondard: "bah... I aint want my body messed wid..."
(7932) Vrondard: "you want to make me axe sharper or more powerful and such... then we can talk 'bout it"
(7932) Vrondard: "durn fool mages... always thinking themselves the smart ones"
(7932) Vrondard: "cept they be the one in a room all by themselves when the demons come calling..."
(7965) Norfirion: "I'll save my breath on it for now and focus on my own power then. I've been attempting to help my fellows, but they seem hesitant, so I'll stick with my own meddlings now."
(7932) Vrondard: "or when their potions blow up and scatter the top o' there tower half a mile...along with their durn fool heads"
(7931) Ari: "Simple minded? Is he not the one who just told me he lacked social and communication skills? I'll not disagree on that at all."
** (7940) Agatha thinks to comment back, but decides it's not worth it. "Bah." **
** (7932) Vrondard seconds Agatha's brilliant speech **
(7932) Vrondard: "Bah"
** (7951) Silver growls as Vrondard checks the door. **
** (7965) Norfirion ignores everyone as he stands stoicly looking on ahead. **
** (7931) Ari waits for Silver's 'woof' in agreement. **
(7932) Vrondard: ((Git pick one of these locks in abstentia?))
(7940) Agatha: "Let's just get this over with. All this time underground makes me nervous."
(7951) DM: ((I could.))
(7932) Vrondard: "hmmm kindo nice if you ask me"
(7931) Ari: "I agree."
(7965) Norfirion: "Just whack it with your axe dwarf and get it over with."
(7951) DM: ((which do you want?))
(7932) Vrondard: "Git get yer pansy arse over here and open this door!"
(7931) Ari (whispering): I want the luggage to take a bite out of Norf.
** (7932) Vrondard takes the non-stinky one **
(7932) Vrondard: (#15)
(7951) DM: ((assume he's with the group, just not IC in relation to RPing.))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [11,10] = (21)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [18,10] = (28)
(7951) DM: ((opened))
** (7932) Vrondard steps in and looks about **
(7951) DM: Sawdust and wood chips are scattered about this room. Hammers, mallets, an adz and small metal nails lie jumbled around a work table. On top of the table is a half-finished wooden coffin.
(7951) DM: There is a door in the middle of the southern wall.
(7940) Agatha: "Well that's a pleasant sight."
** (7932) Vrondard tries this new door **
(7951) DM: Tracks can be seen in the dust.
** (7931) Ari wonders for what will not be the first time, what she's gotten herself into." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [19,7] = (26)
whispering to Vrondard, nothing and locked
(7940) Agatha: "Hold on."
(7931) Ari: ((Human or animal?))
(7932) Vrondard: "ok"
** (7940) Agatha silently points to the prints. Then motions for Ari and Norfirion to each take a side of the door." **
whispering to Ari, nonhuman?
** (7965) Norfirion moves silently over to one side of the door with a stoic look on his face. **
whispering to Ari, humanoid
(7931) Ari (whispering): ok
** (7931) Ari takes the left side, bow drawn. **
(8011) No Name (enter): 22:58
(8011) No Name (exit): 22:58
(8011) No Name (enter): 22:58
** (7940) Agatha clears away some sawdust and sets down her lantern. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
(7940) Agatha: (whispering) "Care to lead the charge, Vrondard? Or should I take point this time?"
** (7932) Vrondard gets out his trusty axe **
(7951) TaliesinNYC: Skill: Spot [1d20+2] -> [18,2] = (20)
whispering to Norfirion, you spy some short black hairs at the base of the door.
(7932) Vrondard: "whats goin on?"
** (7940) Agatha points to the tracks. "We're not the only ones down here." **
** (7965) Norfirion reaches down and picks up some short black hairs lying at the base of the door and shows them to the others without saying a word. **
(7932) Vrondard: "oy...... alrighty... well that door be locked"
(7932) Vrondard: "Git you get it open and then open the door and git out o' the way"
(7931) Ari: (??)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [1,10] = (11)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [9,10] = (19)
(7932) Vrondard: "Aggie and I will be after it"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): any knowledge arcana or nature checks to recognize the hairs?
(7940) Agatha: ((The tracks lead to the door, right?))
** (7951) Git opens the door, wrinkling his nose as he does so. **
(7951) DM: ((yes, to and from. to the table, and out of the room. all over, actually.))
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): ready an action to cast true strike soon as I seen any form of hostile creature. That ok?
** (7932) Vrondard braces for action **
whispering to Norfirion, fine
whispering to Norfirion, either is fine.
whispering to Norfirion, nature more likely.
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): knowledge nature [1d20+6] -> [1,6] = (7)
(8013) Git (enter): 23:06
(7932) Vrondard: "good job Git... nice werk on that door" (#16)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (8013) Git...
whispering to Norfirion, rat hairs
** (7965) Norfirion whispers "Rat hairs it appears." **
(7951) DM: speak of the devil!! lol
(8013) Git: (Woohoo! finally fixed my computer!)
(8013) Git: (that was a sick ass virus I just tangled with. So did I miss much?)
(7951) DM: (not much. checked out a few rooms, RPed a bit.)
(7932) Vrondard: ((we are in room 15 going into room 16 - correct DM?))
(7951) DM: (debrief him, someone)
(7951) DM: ((yes))
(8013) Git: (hai. can I get a room descrip?)
(7931) Ari: ((2min break- you debrief - I'll be right back? Please?))
(7932) Vrondard: ((we are in a dust covered floor with an empty (assume) coffin on a table))
(7932) Vrondard: ((there are footprint in here... which were not present int room 12))
(8013) Git: (we don't know if it's a coffin or a table?)
(7951) DM: Sawdust and wood chips are scattered throughout this room. Hammers, mallets, an adz and small metal nails lie jumbled around a work table. On top of the table is a small half-finished coffin. Tracks can be seen in the dust, all around the room. A wooden door stands closed in the east wall. (checked it already)
(7932) Vrondard: ((and some black hair... possibly rat hair))
(8013) Git: (what was room 12?)
(7940) Agatha: ((half-finished coffin on a table actually))
(8013) Git: (great.. undertaker's workshop)
(7932) Vrondard: ((dusty unlocked door... a chest or cabinet with a magical lock on it))
(7951) TaliesinNYC: (12) Racks of lumber run from east to west in this crowded room. Storage bins line the walls. A wooden cabinet stood in the SE corner with a massive iron lock on its doors.
(8013) Git: (the chest/cabinet in 12, did we open it?)
(7932) Vrondard: ((no))
(7951) DM: In the corridor outside, you detected sickly sweet odor, faint at first but stronger as you progressed towards 13.
(8013) Git: (ok, and I just opened the door to 16, right?)
** (8013) Git glances around room 16 before stepping aside to let Vronard enter. **
** (7932) Vrondard enters the room... looking for what could be in here **
(7951) DM: This is a small, cramped chamber that absolutely REEKS of unwashed bedclothes. There is an unmade bed and a small table. The stone floor is filthy.
** (7932) Vrondard looks around for a creature **
(7951) DM: The chamber is empty.
(8013) Git: "Eesh.. this place could really use a keeper"
** (7965) Norfirion searches around for secret doors. **
(7931) Ari: "It may have one, do you want to be here when it comes back?"
** (8013) Git searches the soiled floor for tracks before moving to search the bed; over and under **
(8013) Git: :to ari: "Yes. We can instruct it on the finer points of dusting."
** (7940) Agatha tries to figure out what exactly lives in this mess. **
** (7931) Ari smiles at Git, "By all means, you be my guest." **
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): here's a more updated char sheet, only diff is feat i had to changed cuz i didnt meet requirements, and more uptodate item list
(7965) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [1,8] = (9)
(7940) Agatha: "Better yet. We can have 'im show us to the artifacts."
whispering to Norfirion, a concealed door behind the bed
whispering to Git, yes, more of the same. the bed is also filthy and full of the same short black hairs that Norf found at the base of the door in the other room
** (7965) Norfirion moves around near the bed revealing to the group a concealed door behind the bed. **
(8013) Git: "I doubt it'll be to helpful in that area, considering our guides tight lips."
** (7965) Norfirion moves his hand in the direction of 'this way please'. **
(7965) Norfirion: (How wide is the door or passage?)
(7932) Vrondard: "ah.... there it be... or should be"
(7951) DM: It's not quite a door per se as it is a filthy wall hanging that hides a rough carved passage leading to the SW.
** (8013) Git looks over the short black hairs he's gathered from the bed, and turns to Ari, "You're a wilderness gal, right? You have any idea what this came off of?" **
(7951) DM: It's 4' high and 4' wide.
(7965) Norfirion: "They remind me of rat hairs, but I'm not for certain they are Git"
(7932) Vrondard: "oy... thats a tight fit... but I reckon that be me..."
(7951) DM: A bit cramped. The interior of the dark corridor is littered with short, black hairs.
(7932) Vrondard: "unless fancy drawers here can make one o' you shorter..."
(7965) Norfirion: "Hmpf"
(7965) Norfirion: "Do it yourself, I wouldn't waste my time on you."
(8013) Git: "Careful what you wish for Vronard, you can't afford to lose anymore height." :taps the dwarf teasingly on the head:
** (7932) Vrondard puts away his shield and his axe... **
(7940) Agatha: "Hmm. Ari, why don't you send one of your pets in?"
(7932) Vrondard: "not like I would let yer"
(7932) Vrondard: "oh... didnt think about the animals..."
(7965) Norfirion: "You are one, whats the difference."
(7931) Ari: "Excuse me, one of my pets? I have a companion, he goes where he wishes."
(7965) Norfirion: "Fine I'll do this. Everyone wait here."
** (7965) Norfirion begins casting and vanishes from sight. **
(7932) Vrondard: "har... I've been called worse... try again sorcerer"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): Invisibility, lasts 4 minutes
(8013) Git: "Hmmm...." :takes out a piece of salted pork from his belt pouch and tosses it down the hall: "Wanna go that way now boy?"
(7965) Norfirion: "I'm crawling in this rat hole" he says as a unseen voice.
(7965) Norfirion: "If I'm not back in 4 minutes, I'm probably not coming back."
(7931) Ari (whispering): please please please let the luggage bit Git
whispering to Norfirion, After a bit of a ways (20'), the floor suddenly slopes downward
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): climb into the hole and proceed to crawl deeper in
(8013) Git: :to norf: "Really? heh.... I woulda done it ya know. But if you're willing, have fun."
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): how much? too steep to get back up?
whispering to Git, You feel something push you down on the ground
whispering to Git, reflex
(8013) Git (whispering): just me?
(8013) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)
(7951) DM: Git stumbles slightly as an unseen force knocks him aside.
(8013) Git: "Hey watch it, Norf!"
whispering to Norfirion, how far do you go?
(8013) Git: "Hold up. I'll follow behind you. Or... I think behind you."
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): how steep is the tunnle now? is it too steep to come back up if i go further?
** (8013) Git heads into the tunnel, moving slowly and cautiously, trying to listen for Norf's movements ahead while trying not to be heard himself (listen and take 10 on move silent for 19 if I can) **
** (8013) Git draws his ritual dagger to the ready as he makes his way **
** (7931) Ari turns to Vrondard and Agatha, "Should we not follow?" **
whispering to Norfirion, it gently slopes downward for about 25' and then there is a sharp drop downwards
whispering to Norfirion, so past that point it would be quite steep
whispering to Git, ok
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): throw caution to the wind and keep going
whispering to Git, you can hear breathing up ahead but you can't see where he is
(7932) Vrondard: "better to stay here and rescue em if need be"
(8013) Git (whispering): I guessed that much
whispering to Git, you hear a loud OOF up ahead
(7951) DM: There is a loud "OOF" in the distance
(8013) Git (whispering): how far?
(7951) DM: (inside the tunnel I mean)
whispering to Git, 25'
whispering to Norfirion, that was you as you find yourself in an increasingly tight and steep tunnel.
(8013) Git (whispering): pick up my pace to a normal sneaking speed and continue ahead, move silent roll please
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [15,10] = (25)
whispering to Git, k
(8013) Git (whispering): oh and don't turn any corners without checking around them first with a mirror from my pocket
whispering to Norfirion, the ceiling is now 3 3/4' high
(7932) Vrondard: "see"
whispering to Git, k
(7931) Ari: "Oh my."
(7940) Agatha: "Aye, we also need to be watching our backs. Crawling into that little hole puts us in a bad position.
whispering to Norfirion, after what seems like an interminable length of time, you find you can't go any farther unless you shrink in size due to the space constraints.
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): i want to let out a shot so i can hear the echo and determine how large the tunnel is below this so narrow point
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): shout, not shot
whispering to Git, after 25' more feet, the tunnel (which slopes gently downwards) has a sharp drop of about 15' on a 45 degree incline
whispering to Norfirion, ok, shout (and whisper to me what you shout)
(8013) Git (whispering): feeling aroun do I find Norf?
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): The Black Wind Blows!
whispering to Git, nope
(8013) Git (whispering): If I go down can I get back up?
whispering to Git, you hear Norf shout "The Black Wind Blows!"
(7951) DM: Norf can be heard shouting in the distance inside the tunnel, but his exact words are unclear
whispering to Git, possibly, if you crawled backwards.
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): ok I'll try and inch myself way backwards, using my feet to propel my backwards
whispering to Norfirion, several more feet forward. at least 20'
(8013) Git (whispering): (GW): (group whisper to you and Norf) "Norf, what's going on down there?"
(8013) Git (whispering): crawling backwards... will get me up a sharp incline?
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): "Its too narrow down here. I'm virtually unable to move. I'm gonna try and work myself out."
(7931) Ari: "Casting a spell, you think?"
(8013) Git (whispering): (GW): :to norf: "Yeah.... or I could lower you a line..."
(7932) Vrondard: 'dont know"
(7940) Agatha: "Wouldn't surprise me."
(7931) Ari: "I hate small spaces."
(8013) Git (whispering): (GW): :to norf: "There anything down there?"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): "That would work, the chamber gets larger again past that narrow place, but I couldn't squeeze through. A grease spell maybe would have let me slide through but there would be no way back."
whispering to Norfirion, lots of hairs.
(7940) Agatha: "Why don't you send the wolf ahead to check it out?"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): keep trying to move back slowly, and look for a rope from git
(8013) Git: "Heh.. actually I've got just the thing for this I think"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): "I dont see anything except lots of hairs"
(7931) Ari: "Really? As long as it does not involve Silver."
(7932) Vrondard: "I could go... or stay here and guard our backside"
(8013) Git (whispering): (GW): :readches back for the coiled rope attached to his pack and lowers it down to Norf:
(7932) Vrondard: ((latter would be better for me... i need to put daughter to bed...))
(8013) Git (whispering): (GW): "Something tells me I'm not gonna like what's down there. How narrow is the gap?"
(7932) Vrondard: ((Baby Time! (afk)))
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): "Around 3 paces or so"
** (7931) Ari turns to Silver, "Stay here, and keep an eye on ... you know." **
(8013) Git (whispering): (GW): an escape artist attempt do to slip through there?
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): I'm only 5' tall and 90lbs btw, so not sure how big u thought i was
** (7951) Silver whuffs softly. **
** (7931) Ari takes a deep breath puts her bow away and draws her scimitar and begins to make her way after Norf and Git. **
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): didnt mean that like i could fit through, i was just letting you know incase you didnt
(8013) Git (whispering): (GW): "Norf, can you grab the rope(lowered it down to you) ?"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): "I'm looking for it." *look for the rope and try to grab it*
whispering to Git, you now hear someone behind you
** (8013) Git calls back down the hall, "Hey, is that you guys coming?" **
whispering to Ari, you can hear Norf and Git communicating inside the tunnel
(7931) Ari: "Just me."
(8013) Git: "Oh welcome aboard."
(7931) Ari (whispering): you could have the luggage follow me, its in its nature.
(8013) Git: :points down: "Norf's stuck. Wanna throw stuff at him?"
(7931) Ari: ""hanks."
(7931) Ari: "Thanks."
(7931) Ari: "Er stuck?"
(7965) Norfirion: "I'm not stuck!"
(7965) Norfirion: "Just moving slowly...."
(8013) Git: "Can you go forward or back up with out help?"
whispering to Ari, true
whispering to Ari, but then Silver would follow it as well
** (7940) Agatha looks at the hole and considers going in for a moment. **
(8013) Git (whispering): stan... you there?
(7940) Agatha: "No, uh-uh, not gonna happen.
** (7951) Silver enters the tunnel, whining. **
whispering to Ari, right behind you. lol
whispering to Git, yes
(8013) Git (whispering): just checking ;-D
(7951) DM: Eventually, Norf makes his way back to you. (fast forwarding a bit)
(7951) DM: It takes a bit of coordination and effort but eventually, he makes it.
** (7931) Ari groans inwardly. **
** (7965) Norfirion brushes himself off. **
(7931) Ari: "So now what? We go back or do we go forward?"
** (8013) Git hepls the wizard back up and asks hear anything moving down there?" **
(7932) Vrondard: ((bak))
(7965) Norfirion: "No, I didn't"
(8013) Git: (*asks, "Hear...*)
(8013) Git: "But a lot more of that black hair, huh?"
(7931) Ari: ((does anyone recognize the hair?))
(7965) Norfirion: "Thats about it, there's probably a den or something just beyond where I could progress"
(7965) Norfirion: (Rat hair on my knowledge nature check)
whispering to No Name, Evin, is that you? lol
(8013) Git: "Hmmm... maybe I can slip through or.... I do have a size reduction potion. However, I'd rather not run into a dangerous spot at one tenth my size"
(7931) Ari: (Rats?)
(7951) DM: (yes)
(7965) Norfirion: (dunno, just thats what it looks like)
(8013) Git: (rats in a bed though... were-rat maybe? unless they were just climbing back and forth over it)
(7965) Norfirion: "I have a grease spell as well, but like I said. I'd be hesitant to go any further. Lets just go elsewhere for now and make a note of this place."
(8013) Git: "You said you could probably slkip through with grease?"
** (7931) Ari shakes her head in disgust at herself, "I'm only 5'4" think I could fit?" **
(7965) Norfirion: "I'm not for sure, maybe. With your potion and my spell, I think it would be guaranteed"
(7965) Norfirion: "I'm shorter than you, so I would doubt it"
(7965) Norfirion: (5' tall, 90 lbs.)
(8013) Git: "I don't want to pick a fight with something as a child's doll."
(7965) Norfirion: "Exactly, so lets just move on."
(8013) Git: "Alright. we'll retunr"
** (8013) Git heads back down the tunnel to room 16 **
(7951) DM: (k)
** (7931) Ari thinks easier said than done. "Ok you back up, we'll going back." **
** (7965) Norfirion follows along. **
(8013) Git: "I wanna check that cabinet in the other room too."
(7940) Agatha: "Aye, I say we go back and crack open that cabinet."
(8013) Git: "Ays... I'll see if I can get around that spell on it. It'll take me a while though"
(7932) Vrondard: "or check out the stinky room"
(8013) Git: "Have we ever found anything good in a stinky room?"
** (8013) Git heads back to 15 while talking to the others back in 16 **
(7951) DM: (k)
(7951) DM: (what's going on?)
(7932) Vrondard: "alrighty"
** (7932) Vrondard follows Git... his unofficial charge **
** (8013) Git moves to room 3c and checks the door to 13 for traps and locks and such to appease Vronard **
** (7940) Agatha follows after, eager to see what's inside the cabinet. **
(7932) Vrondard: "twas locked.."
whispering to Git, already did that. locked, not trapped.
** (8013) Git fishes out a couple of picks from his pocket and goes to work on the door **
(7931) Ari: "Magically locked, wasn't it?"
(8013) Git: (I thought the cabinet was magically locked. I was just opening the door to 13 first.)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [2,10] = (12)
whispering to Git, for some reason, your pick jams in the lock.
(7931) Ari: (oops I thought that was what you going after)
(8013) Git: "What the...." :tugs at the picks in annoyance: "Hey... this thing's trying to eat my picks."
(8013) Git: :groans:
(7965) Norfirion: "It's probably a mimic, stick your finger in its mouth and see what happens"
(8013) Git (whispering): can I do a secondary search to examine why they're jammed, for instance if it's a trap of sorts?)
(7940) Agatha: "Hmph. Let it try to eat this!"
whispering to Git, no, its just that you failed to open the lock and jammed it. (rolled a 1)
(8013) Git (whispering): oh
** (7940) Agatha shoves Git aside and attacks the lock with her axe. **
(8013) Git: "FOr the love a'..." :steps aside: "Have fun Aggy."
** (7931) Ari now out of the hole sheaths her scimitar and once again readies her bow. **
(7951) DM: The door flies open, as Aggie smashes the lock off.
(8013) Git: "If you can get my pick back too I'd appreciate it." :calls over his shoulder to Aggy as he moves over to room 12 to focus on the enchanted cabinet.:
(7932) Vrondard: "arggg"
(7931) Ari: "arrggg?"
(7931) Ari: "as in surprise and alarm?"
(7965) Norfirion: (shouldn't that be arrrggg matey?)
(7940) Agatha: ((No, no, no. That'd be a-r-r-r-g-g-h-h-h.))
(7951) DM: As the door flies open, the odor intensifies....and you see why. Inside the chamber are several tables draped with filthy gray cloths covering something vaguely humanoid. Next to each table is a smaller wooden table with some unhealthy looking tools arrayed on top. A large iron door is mounted in the far wall. Glass jars, filled with organs of all sorts in clear sickly green-yellow liquid line shelves on the walls.
(8013) Git (whispering): can I take 20 to disarm the spell on the cabinet for a 29 dc?
(7965) Norfirion: (but the H is silent, thats the dwarven spelling :p)
whispering to Git, ok
(7931) Ari: "So, someone please, remind me why we are here and not in some lovely druid grove?"
** (8013) Git sets to work on the cabinet, laying out his tools and meticulously studying the structure as he works **
(7965) Norfirion: "Even this is beyond my interest. Disgusting...many a art of necromancy has been practiced here."
(7932) Vrondard: "blagggar..."
whispering to Git, time passes. (since you're not in the room where they are.)
(8013) Git (whispering): I know.
(7940) Agatha: "What sort of unholy ritual is this?"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): can i make a spellcraft or arcana knowledge check to determine what this place does?
whispering to Norfirion, sure
(7932) Vrondard: "I donts wanna know"
(7932) Vrondard: "lets just see what the next door has for us"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): [1d20+14] -> [13,14] = (27)
** (7931) Ari looks around for the remains of chickens. **
(8032) BeefPot (enter): 00:31
(8032) BeefPot (exit): 00:31
whispering to Norfirion, Necromancy, of course. Black necromancy.
whispering to Norfirion, its a vivisection laboratory.
(7965) Norfirion: "Creating undead creatures, black necromancy. This place is a vivisection laboratory."
(8026) Stone (enter): 00:32
(7965) Norfirion: "Black necromancy is a powerful magick indeed. Even some of its less gruesome spells are powerful and tempting to use. I can't say I'd be able to resist their use should I come upon them."
(7951) DM: As Vrondard moves into the chamber, the cloths are thrown off on two of the tables and two humanoid creatures with sickly gray green skin, riddled with maggots, hurl themselves off their tables and attack you! (initiative)
(7931) Ari: "I like this place less and less with each room."
(7965) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [10,7] = (17)
(8026) Stone (exit): 00:33
(7951) DM: The creatures moan in unison: "Shai'tan"
(7932) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
** (7951) Halthala is terrified as she hears that word **
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): anything of memory? religion? arcana?
whispering to Norfirion, arcana
(7931) Ari: initiative: (1d20+3)
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): [1d20+12] -> [9,12] = (21)
(7940) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [19,3] = (22)
(7931) Ari: [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
whispering to Norfirion, another name for the entity known as "The Dark One"
(7965) Norfirion: "The Dark One....?"
whispering to Norfirion, the nemesis of the Aes Sedai. an extremely malevolent entity
(7965) Norfirion: "The nemesis of the Aes Sedai, an extremely malevolent entity"
(7965) Norfirion: "I believe Kha may know the most of the matter."
(7951) Halthala: The eyeless one had creatures at his beck and call who mouthed that name.
(7940) Agatha: "Looks like he still does."
** (7931) Ari reiterates "Dark One?" **
(7940) Agatha: "No worries. We can fix that soon enough."
(7951) DM: (23, Ari)
(7951) DM: (hold that thought, food just arrived)
(7951) DM: (10 min afk)
(7965) Norfirion: (good, gonna burn one and brb as well)
** (7931) Ari fires an silver tipped arrow at nearest ..... **
(7932) Vrondard: ok
(7931) Ari: okie dokie
(7940) Agatha: ((all right. I'm grabbin' some grub.))
(8029) Player (enter): 00:46
(8029) Player (exit): 00:47
(7951) DM: (ok back)
(7951) DM: (23, Ari)
(7932) Vrondard: ((bak))
(7931) Ari: ((wb))
(7932) Vrondard: ((fire away Ari))
(7931) Ari: Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+4] -> [17,4] = (21)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [5,0] = (5)
(7951) DM: The arrow plunges into the creature's heart, butr of course, doesn't slow its progress as it reaches out with razor sharp talons. Flakes of skin break off from the arrow's impact. (lightly wounded)
(7951) DM: The chill of the grave radiates outwards from the creatures.
(7951) DM: (22, Ag)
(7931) Ari: (so much for silver tipped arrows)
(7932) Vrondard: ((not sure 'she' is back))
(7932) Vrondard: ((skip and let take action later?))
(7932) Vrondard: ((she would step in and whack with axe...))
(7951) TaliesinNYC: (17, Norf)
(7965) Norfirion: (sec)
(7965) Norfirion: (Scorching ray at the undamaged creature Ranged Touch Attack [1d20+5] -> [16,5] = (21))
(7965) Norfirion: (Dmg if deal [4d6] -> [5,3,2,2] = (12) no save, fire dmg)
(7965) Norfirion: (Done for me)
(7951) DM: A ray of shimmering black fire streaks out of Norfirion's fingers, blazing through one of the creatures, leaving smoldering flesh in its wake. More flakes of grey-green skin fall off. (seriously wounded)
(7951) DM: (7, Vron)
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): i like how you describe combat, wounds, and such, cool cool
whispering to Norfirion, its one aspect of my DMing that I'm trying to improve
whispering to Norfirion, I've always sucked at describing combat
(7940) Agatha: ((back))
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): hard thing for me to learn to do myself
(7951) DM: (go Ag)
(7951) DM: (scroll up and read, then take your action)
** (7940) Agatha follows up on her comrades' attacks and lays into the abominations. **
(7932) Vrondard: : )
** (8013) Git glances up from his work of cautiously filing at the hinges of the cabinet to call as sounds of commotion reach his ears. As he casually returns to his ministrations, he calls out to his comrades in the other room, "Hey over... you guys don't need any help or anything, do you? Because... I'm kind... of... busy..." **
(7940) Agatha: [1d20+9] -> [6,9] = (15)
(7951) DM: (hit)
(7940) Agatha: [1d12+7] -> [10,7] = (17)
(7940) Agatha: "Oh not at all. We're just teaching each other new dances."
(8013) Git: :calls back in a sing-song tone: "Okay, I leave it to you then." :begins to whistle an elven tune as he works:
(7951) DM: Agatha whirls her axe and neatly splits one of the creatures in twain. For a moment, the strange undead creature stops for a second, and then crumbles to pieces. Yet both its arms break off from its corpse and lunge at Agatha's neck.
(7951) DM: (critically wounded)
(7951) DM: (7, Vron)
(8013) Git: (now that's persistance)
** (7932) Vrondard goes after the seriously flamed creature... trying to cut down the numbers and not sure how to attack the arms attacking Agatha **
(7932) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1] -> [4,4,4,1,1] = (14) Critical on Natural 20
** (7931) Ari realizes her bow is useless and draws her scimitar, wondering where and what her companion(s) are up to. **
(7951) DM: It's as if the energy that bound the creature to undeath has a last dying spark to it.
(7940) Agatha: "Ack!"
(7951) DM: (on what? the two arms or the untargeted creature?)
(7951) DM: (nm)
(7951) DM: (miss)
(7951) DM: (the creatures, 7)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [2,2] = (4),[1d20+2] -> [19,2] = (21)
(7951) DM: One on Vrondard, one on Agatha. Ag, miss; Vron, threat
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17)
TypingStatusAlias changed to talking
IdleStatusAlias changed to ac23+d|hp50/50
TypingStatusAlias changed to talking
IdleStatusAlias changed to ac23+d|hp50/50
(7932) Vrondard: "argggg"
(7932) Vrondard: ((guess i wasnt avoiding that 20...))
(7951) DM: (normal)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(7951) DM: (take 3 and make a Fort save)
(7951) DM: (ok, well get back to me when you return)
(7951) DM: (23, Ari)
(7932) Vrondard (whispering): Fortitude: Save [1d20+3+3+4] -> [17,3,3,4] = (27)
(7931) Ari: Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)===> DMG: [1d6+0] -> [3,0] = (3)
(7951) DM: (on which?)
(7931) Ari: (on the nearest one)
(7932) Vrondard: .
(7951) DM: (its either the flamed one, or the arms)
(7951) DM: (they're both near you)
(7931) Ari: (flaming one)
(7951) DM: (hit)
(7951) DM: (seriously wounded)
(7951) DM: (22, Ag)
(8013) Git: (brb)\
** (7940) Agatha rips the disembodied arms in utter disgust and frantically tries to dice them into dust. **
(7940) Agatha: [1d20+9] -> [5,9] = (14)
(7951) DM: (They're not disembodied...they're quite solid. And that missed. What happened was the arms lunged for your throat and missed so now they're capering on the floor, ripped out of their sockets.)
(7951) DM: (17, Norf)
(8013) Git: (removed from body = disembodied)
(7965) Norfirion: (Acid Splash on the arms Ranged Touch Attack [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14) Dmg [1d3] -> [1] = (1))
(7951) DM: The creatures seem quite fragile until you come into close quarter combat, when their persistence belies their appearance. Strong sinewy muscles and tendons cover most of their appearance, masked only by gray-green brittle skin.
(7951) DM: (miss)
(7951) DM: (7, Vron)
** (7932) Vrondard attacks again **
(7932) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1] -> [15,4,4,1,1] = (25) Critical on Natural 20
(7951) DM: (yep)
(7965) Norfirion: (woot)
(7931) Ari: ((Where is Silver, et al.?))
(7932) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [4,4,1] = (9) damage
(7951) DM: ((don't worry))
(7951) DM: Vron's axe smashes into the creature from its oblique side, sending it crashing to the floor. It's left arm breaks off and springs towards Vrondard's throat.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [19,2] = (21),[1d20+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(7951) DM: (Ag, threat), (Vron, miss)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(7951) DM: (normal)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+2] -> [3,2] = (5)
(7951) DM: (Ag, take 5 and a Fort save)
(7932) Vrondard: "bah... aint going to claw me now you.... thing"
(7951) DM: It's got you in a choke hold btw.
(7951) DM: Both disembodied arms spring towards Agatha's unprotected throat and clamp tightly, choking her with unnatural strength.
(7965) Norfirion: "Hold on Agatha!"
(8043) Evil Joe (enter): 01:30
(7951) DM: (23, Ari)
(7951) DM: (get back to me when you're back)
(7931) Ari: Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [1,3] = (4)===> DMG: [1d6+0] -> [2,0] = (2)
(7931) Ari: (same one)
(7951) DM: (k)
(7951) DM: (miss)
(7951) DM: skipping Agatha, (17, Norf)
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): could i cast grease, and target it on the hands themselves or agatha's neck? making them greasey so they couldnt choke her?
(7951) DM: (Norfirion?)
(7965) Norfirion: pm'ed you
whispering to Norfirion,
(7951) DM: (her neck)
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): ok cast it then
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [14,4] = (18)
(7965) Norfirion: "Agatha don't resist this spell, it'll free you."
(7951) DM: (DC to save?)
(7965) Norfirion: (17)
(7951) DM: (made)
(7951) DM: (7, Vron)
** (7932) Vrondard attacks an arm attacking Agatha **
(7932) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1] -> [16,4,4,1,1] = (26) Critical on Natural 20
(7932) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [10,4,1] = (15) damage
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): doesnt it keep having to save while the grease is present?
(7951) DM: Both arms crumble to dust, with the force of Vrondard's blow.
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): nm now they're dead
(7932) Vrondard: ((think there is a set of arms left....))
whispering to Norfirion, per round and it was her neck you made greasy
(7951) DM: (7, remaining arm)
(7951) DM: (on Vron)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [11,2] = (13)
(7951) DM: (and miss. 23, Ari)
(7931) Ari: Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)===> DMG: [1d6+0] -> [1,0] = (1)
(7951) DM: The arm ceases moving.
(7951) DM: ...and crumbles to dust.
(7931) Ari: ((dice bar cursed to the netherhells....grrrr- where are those chickens?""
(7951) DM: (Agatha, when you get back, I need you to make a Fort save.)
whispering to Git, still working on the lock.
(8013) Git (whispering): yeah, figure it'll be a good twenty minutes or so
(8043) Evil Joe (exit): 01:40
** (7951) Halthala sighs with relief. "I thank you once again, and remain in your debt. You are truly heroes and courageous warriors." **
(7932) Vrondard: "har"
(8013) Git (whispering): I might be thinking this over wrong, but do I know if the trap is localized to the door or is it cast for any breach to the cabinet? For instance would it be feasilble to just cut through the back to get to what's inside?
whispering to Git, if you want. but you'd have to move the cabinet
(7951) DM: (folks, if you need to go afk while something's going on, please let me know b/c it really bogs the game down if you're not around and stuff is going on and I don't know about it)
(8013) Git (whispering): right, which would probably set it off anyway.
(7951) DM: (what's going on now?)
(7932) Vrondard: ((Halthala threw me for a loop))
(7965) Norfirion: (Im here)
(7951) DM: (Gautam is not.)
(7931) Ari: ((sorry))
(7932) Vrondard: ((like she popped out of nowhere to say that...))
(7965) Norfirion: "Whatever, lets get through this place and get it over with."
(7931) Ari: (Been here, wondering where & what Silver is up to.)
(8013) Git: :as the sounds of ruckus die down, Git calls out: "You guys alright in there?"
(7932) Vrondard: ((is she watching us all this time? or following us like a creepy observer?))
(7951) DM: ((she has been with you this entire time, but hasn't fought (she has no armor and barely enough equipment))).
(7931) Ari: ((Ah baggage))
(7951) DM: ((remember that her equipment was left behind when her friends were slaughtered.))
(7932) Vrondard: "yeah were fine.."
(7951) DM: ((she is with you but cannot be counted on in combat.))
(7932) Vrondard: "you dont futzing in there.. you missed these creepy things"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): cast detect magic in the room
(7932) Vrondard: (done)
whispering to Norfirion, which room?
(7931) Ari: ((having destroyed the 'things' do we find the next piece of the spell?"
(7931) Ari: ))
(7932) Vrondard: "kinda fun except for the arms flailing around business"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): scanning the room we killed the undead in
whispering to Norfirion, the iron door
(7932) Vrondard: ((this was 13... I think we should go into 14 correct?))
(8013) Git: "Great." :speaks in a mild tone: "Find asnything more important than 'flailing arms' though?"
(7931) Ari: "those were the best part"
(7931) Ari: "could have sworn I just asked that."
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): it lasts up to 4 minutes with concentration, so I want to scan any nearby rooms.
(7931) Ari: "We don't leave here until we seach this room. Silver?"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): I'll just go back and check those ones on this lvl we visited earlier, just the last few rooms
whispering to Norfirion, k
whispering to Norfirion, nothing except for the door and the lock on the cabinet in the lumber room
** (7951) Silver whuffs and whines as if reluctant to leave something. **
** (7931) Ari hovers over Silver, "What have you found?" **
** (7951) Silver points at nothing in particular. **
** (7932) Vrondard eyes the next door... "we got another door here... damn doors are everywhere" **
** (7931) Ari looks at the nothing then back at Silver, whispering "the luggage has it?" **
(7940) Agatha: Disconnecting from server...
(7940) Agatha (exit): 01:53
** (7951) Silver whines plaintively. **
(8013) Git: :calls out to Vronard as he works: "Yes, I much prefer hung beaded curtains myself. There much more stylish and less restrictive"
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): ok while we're wating around i want to pull out the two scrolls i have from earlier and attempt to read them with a spellcraft check [1d20+14] -> [18,14] = (32) DC20 + spell lvl
(8054) Agatha (enter): 01:54
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (8054) Agatha...
** (7932) Vrondard tries the next door (#14) **
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): one of them was in a silver case i rememeber, think the other was just in paper form
whispering to Norfirion, web and lightning bolt
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): sweet
whispering to Agatha, I need you to make a Fort save
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): what caster lvl are they at?
whispering to Norfirion, 7th
(8054) Agatha: ((sorry system was lagging up. I think I have it fixed now.))
(8054) Agatha: [1d20+6] -> [2,6] = (8)
(7932) Vrondard: "bah" not really getting Git's drift
(7932) Vrondard: ((ouch))
(7951) DM: (Agatha's paralyzed as a result of the combat. That's what the Fort save was for. )
(7951) DM: (side effect of the arms attack on her)
(8054) Agatha: ((I think I'm gonna have to run a viral scan after this session.))
(7931) Ari (whispering): wanta give me a clue? meds notwithstanding without cheese the whine means nothing.
whispering to Ari, yes the luggage has it
** (7932) Vrondard waits on the door if Agatha is immobile **
whispering to Ari, whatever "it" is
(7931) Ari (whispering): thank you
** (7932) Vrondard just guards her like a dog... **
(7932) Vrondard: Silver is welcome to participate
whispering to Git, the lock clicks open
(7965) Norfirion: "This type of paralysis cause by ghouls and similar creatures usually wears offer in several minutes"
(8013) Git: "HehAH! Success!"
** (7931) Ari sighs, "any chance of finding someplace safe to rest? We are done in this room." **
** (8013) Git pulls a dagger(just in case) and opens the cabinet **
(7965) Norfirion: "Wouldn't be a bad idea Arianhod"
whispering to Git, inside are several golden and brass fittings, and a sealed glass vial.
** (7931) Ari give Agatha a glance, "seems we have done what was needed" then whispers "and have what we need." **
whispering to Git, The vial contains a pile of powdery dust
(7932) Vrondard: "I ain't tired.... this is going to wear off right?" asking about Agatha
(8013) Git (whispering): can I tell what they're fittings for?
(7931) Ari: gives*
(7965) Norfirion: "Hopefully Vrondard"
** (7965) Norfirion places his two scrolls into his belt for easy access. **
(7931) Ari: ((if it does not wear off in 4 hours you should call your doctor immediately or head to the emergency room.))
(7951) DM: Suddenly a lilting elven voice speaks inside the lumber room, where Git is located:
** (8054) Agatha begins to stir. **
(7951) Voice: So behold the second ingredient of the ritual of invocation: the dust of the long-forgotten dead. Five other ingredients you must gather, each a function of the spell that shall reopen the portal of Alindal-en. A tear from the heart of an elfmaiden, a lock of hair from magicka's true love, valor against corruption, the bane of the dead, and a drop of emerald death.

To cast perform the ritual of invocation: anoint the medallion with emerald death. Strike the medallion with the bane of the dead. Wrap the medallion in the hands of the valorous who also holds a hair from magicka's true love, dipped in a tear from an elfmaid's true heart amid grains of the long-forgotten dead. Chant the ritual of invocation not once, not twice but thrice and the portal shall be opened.

(7965) Norfirion: "Finally..."
(8057) DM-Cydale (enter): 02:03
(8057) DM-Cydale (exit): 02:03
(8054) Agatha: "Ohhh..."
** (8013) Git speaks over the voice, "Yeah, yeah, we get it already." **
** (8013) Git grabs up the vial of dust and picks out the gold fittings **
** (8054) Agatha takes a look around. "I guess it's over." **
(7951) Voice: By the hand of the Ara-Cemnari, we now return you to the chamber of choices.
(8054) Agatha: "They aren't going reform and grab us while we ain't looking are they?"
** (7965) Norfirion approaches the chest where Git had been pilfering and searches it for any hidden compartments or such. **
(7951) DM: You reappear in the statue chamber, and your wounds are healed.
(8013) Git: "No, we've still got things to do in here, but thanks." :as if the voice will listen:
(7965) Norfirion: "Ah too late for that.."
(8013) Git: "Darnit."
(7965) Norfirion: "Where to now? Shall we roll a die?"
(7931) Ari: "You are welcome."
** (7931) Ari glances at Norfirion, "never hurts to be polite." **
(7951) DM: You hear a slight belch from out of nowhere, and a rat is deposited on the floor beside you.
(8013) Git: "Why bother with chance? The clockwise method works fine." :stuffing gold fittings into his belt pouch: "East next:"
(7931) Ari: "oh look dinner."
(7932) Vrondard: "har"
(8054) Agatha: "I guess we know where all those hairs came from now."
(7932) Vrondard: "well I guess that's two down... "
(7951) DM: The rat is about the size of a housecat and has vaguely human-like features.
** (8013) Git glances over to the regurgitated rat. "If it shed all that hair, shouldn't that thing be bald by now?" **
(7951) DM: It's unconscious.
(7965) Norfirion: "Disgusting creature"
(8013) Git: (guess not)
(7951) DM: (the luggage belched it out)
(7965) Norfirion (whispering): knowledge arcana [1d20+12] -> [1,12] = (13) that some form of were creature or something?
(7931) Ari: "But with the right seasonings. . ."
** (7965) Norfirion shakes his head in disgust. **
(8054) Agatha: "I don't know. I prefer it over the walking dead."
whispering to Norfirion, yep
(7931) Ari: "He apparently has never gone hungry."
(7951) DM: (stopping in 30 minutes folks)
(7965) Norfirion: "It's a lycanthrope....yes I do recognize this...a wererat."
** (8013) Git shrugs his shortbow from his shoulder to his hand and pokes at the odd rat thing. "Think it'll talk?" **
** (7931) Ari readies her bow with its silver tipped arrows. **
(7965) Norfirion: "I'm not sure, perhaps, but its unconcious now."
(7931) Ari: "It won't talk in this form, at least not any language we'd understand."
(8054) Agatha: "A wererat? As in instead of turning into a wolf or a tiger by the light of the moon, it becomes a rat?"
(7931) Ari: "Yes."
(7932) Vrondard: "yeah... I heard of em..."
(7932) Vrondard: "aint no good... and their a bunch a thievin bastards"
(8054) Agatha: "What a miserable pitiful life."
(7965) Norfirion: "Least there aren't any wereroaches....hehe."
(7931) Ari: "I can kill it now."
(7931) Ari: "Don't be so certain."
(8013) Git: "hold on the killing a second." :turns to Halthala: "Is this creature supposed to be here by chance?"
(7931) Ari: "As for the rat, it might not be so pitiable, there are advantages to being a rat, sort of being like a fly on a wall, rarely considered a threat unless in numbers."
(7931) Ari: "And they are quite intelligent, possibly remembering or retaining more when they turn human."
(8054) Agatha: "But they become rats."
(7951) Halthala: Perhaps, perhaps not. I do know that the creature with no eyes is an abomination that should not be here or elsewhere. Everything that you have thus far encountered has been a manifestation of the Ara-Cemnari....with the exception of those undead ones. I do not know in this case.
(7931) Ari: 'So?"
(7932) Vrondard: "bah who cares as long as it aint stealin yer cheese"
(7965) Norfirion: "Haha"
(7932) Vrondard: "leave it be... it messes wid ya.. then whack it good"
(7931) Ari: ((ooh cheese.... food what a concept....arrgh too late))
(8013) Git: "So... for all you know he's a grounds keeper of this place?"
(7931) Ari: ((the power of cheese))
(7951) Halthala: Perhaps it found a way into the dungeon and has been living here for a while. Or perhaps he is part of this place. I am unsure.
(7965) Norfirion: "Perhaps he is only one of a hundred, or a thousand just like him?"
(8013) Git: "Well. If he knows his way around, he might be useful."
(7965) Norfirion: "An army of wererats is the last thing we need to face."
** (8013) Git goes into his pack for a half-cloak and uses it to wrap the the creature as a makeshift sack. **
(7951) Halthala: He may be one of Penntamil Verisa....or he may be simply a person who was enterprising enough to make his way into a dungeon but not knowledgeable or worthy enough to negotiate the tomb. *shrugs*
(7931) Ari: "however if we heal this one and its in our debt we might be able to use that to our advantage.:
(7931) Ari: "
(7951) DM: (fyi, 3a and 3c are now closed, all else are open)
(8013) Git: "We'll find out when he wakes up." :hands odff the cloak-sack to Vronard to carry, rather than hoist it himsefl.:
(8013) Git: (have we been down 3b yet?)
(7951) DM: (nope)
(8013) Git: (ok, then)
(7932) Vrondard: "whats this?"
** (8013) Git moves the rod from the ne slot to the n(3b I believe) **
(7931) Ari: "I could heal it."
(8054) Agatha: "What's what?"
(8013) Git: :to vronard: "That's our friend the rat, keep an eye on him, would ya?"
(7951) DM: (rods were in the NW and N slots)
(8013) Git: (oh, no need to move then)
(8054) Agatha: "Oh the wererat? It's nothing to worry about yet."
(7932) Vrondard: "oh"
(8013) Git: "Come on, lets not spend more time here than we need to." :heads up the northern passage:

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