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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(875) Git: (and the east hall is the one I got zaaped going down?
(863) DM: So far, you haven't been able to decipher the mechanism that causes the trap to trigger.
(863) DM: yes
(875) Git: (is there any difference between the rods?)
(863) DM: (no. they'te both made of steel. plain, featureless. also, ignore the scale bar on the map. all squares are 10'.)
(866) Kha: "Well since we have not figured this thing out yet, lets try and put the rod thats in his hand into the hole that points North East and try going North East and see what happens."
** (875) Git looks at Kha, still rubbing a sore chest. "Feel free." **
** (866) Kha moves up and takes the rod from the statues hand and places it in the North East hole **
(894) Scourge (exit): 21:52
(866) Kha: "Well I guess Since this is my idea I am the one to try going down the coridor"
(875) Git: "That's the plan. good luck"
** (866) Kha Enters the North East hall and waits to see if he gets zaped **
(877) Ari: (brb-phone)
(901) Jultach (enter): 21:53
(901) Jultach (exit): 21:54
(863) DM: Nothing seems to occur.
** (884) Norfirion stands by quietly as Kha travels down the north east hall. **
** (866) Kha walks further down the hall **
(884) Norfirion: "Anything?"
(863) DM: The corridor eventually turns to the north....
** (866) Kha calls back "This one seems safe" **
(875) Git: :grumbles unsurely: "Right... fer you..."
(866) Kha: "Come on the coridor turns up here, I dont wana leave you all behind"
** (875) Git stands, letting out a weary sigh, and strolls into the hall, his eyes fixed behind him on the statue **
** (884) Norfirion pauses a moment then begins walking down the hall slowly while his gaze shifts nervously. **
(866) Kha: "So shall we continue on?"
(875) Git: "As ye wish, Oh great and Prophetic One." :offers in sarcastic tone along with an exaggerated bow:
(863) DM: You proceed down the corridor, your footsteps echoing on the marble floor.
(877) Ari: ((back- and what happened to the map?))
(866) Kha: "Prophetic One, I like that title." **Laughs**
(877) Ari: (ah thanks)
(866) Kha: ((We went down the hallway))
** (884) Norfirion looks closely at the stonework and construction hoping to glare into some insight regarding the structure's history and age. **
(884) Norfirion: Skill: Knowledge: Architecture & Engineering [1d20+6] -> [11,6] = (17)
whispering to Norfirion, knowledge, engineering
whispering to Norfirion, quite ancient, well constructed, built by dwarves...
(866) Kha: "Well that wasnt too bad, only Git got zaped, wonder what the next Test is going to be"
(863) DM: The corridor turns to the north and proceeds for another 50', ending in a closed wooden door.
(875) Git: "Maybe it strikes tall people"
** (866) Kha glances over the door the steps aside motioning tword Git **
(877) Ari: "If so, then I am safe."
** (875) Git stares blankly at Kha as the spear wielder gestures at him to work. "Am I trained puppy or something?" **
(866) Kha: "No, just you always seem to like studying the doors before we go though them, so I figured you would again"
** (875) Git strolls to the door to inspect it carefully (search and listen for anything on the others side) **
(875) Git: "Could at least say please though. You could use some manners"
** (884) Norfirion peers behind the group looking cautiously. **
** (877) Ari stands back feeling somewhat uncomfortable in this place. **
(866) Kha: "I will remember to do that next time"
(875) Git: "Thank you."
(877) Ari (whispering): what's Silver up to?
whispering to Git, it's quite warm to the touch.
** (863) Silver follows closely behind, whining every so often behind you. **
(911) Talak (enter): 22:07
(875) Git: :placing his hand to the door: "Mmm... toasty..."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (911) Talak...
(866) Kha: "Oh did those energy bolt things hurt you much, I can try and mend the wounds if you wish"
(911) Vrondard: "hmmm"
(875) Git: "I'll live." :rubs his winter chilled hands against the warm wood:
(875) Git (whispering): traps? open or locked? any sound?
** (877) Ari touches Silver's head gently, in comfort. Then glances behind frowning at nothing. **
** (866) Kha shugs and moves back to wait for Git to finish **
** (884) Norfirion fiddles his hands in his components pouch as he waits. **
** (877) Ari readies her bow. **
** (911) Vrondard always seems ready for action **
(875) Git (whispering): ... are you there?
(866) Kha: ((Our guide is still using my bow correct?))
(884) Norfirion: "I bet there'll be all kind of disgusting vermin in this place. Gah I hate roaches, rats too."
(884) Norfirion: "They spread disease and filth everywhere they go, the scuttling little bastards,"
(911) Vrondard: "hmmm better that than oozes and such"
(911) Vrondard: "thems the real thing to be worried bout"
(866) Kha: "They dont spread filth, they eat it"
(884) Norfirion: "Oozes? Ahh interesting. Now that would be interesting."
(875) Git: "They taste pretty good in a stew though.... if you're that hungry."
** (877) Ari tries not to make the same whine as Silver. **
(884) Norfirion: "They do indeed spread disease and filth my friend."
(884) Norfirion: "The plague, fever, all kinds of things."
** (884) Norfirion shivers in disgust. **
(875) Git: "Mayhaps. but you have to respect their cunning and survival instinct."
whispering to Git, locked
(911) Vrondard: "should we mosey forward?"
whispering to Git, no sounds
(919) Agatha (enter): 22:13
(884) Norfirion: "They're alot like orcs and goblins..." *looking to Vrondard.*
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (919) Agatha...
(875) Git (whispering): you lagging?
(911) Vrondard: "eaaah"
whispering to Git, no
whispering to Git, ordered food
(866) Kha: "Git is still studying the door, he always likes to take forever doing that."
(863) DM: (you're at the door just past 3a)
(884) Norfirion: "Better to be patient that dead."
** (875) Git rests hi face to the warm wood a moment before pulling back rather refreshed. **
(877) Ari: "It is a nice door, see the interesting wood grain?"
(875) Git: :stepping back a good twenty feet and taking the women with him, he calls back to Kha: "Ok... pull."
(923) Lightfaith (enter): 22:15
(923) Lightfaith (exit): 22:15
** (866) Kha looks back at Git the shrugs **
(884) Norfirion: "Indeed it is, this entire place is a marvel of dwarven craftsmanship."
** (866) Kha move up to the door and tries to open it slowly **
** (877) Ari stares at Git, "Is that really a good idea?" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [11,10] = (21)
whispering to Git, opened
(875) Git: :shrugs to Ari: "Well... it'll get the door opened"
(863) DM: The door opens...and smoke quickly pours out.
(884) Norfirion: "If you can't manage, I have some magick that will open it."
** (866) Kha caughs and chokes and moves back **
(863) DM: Thick ropes and coils of gray smoke pours rapidly out of the room beyond...
(875) Git (whispering): oops... think I erased my whisper to unlock the door
(884) Norfirion: "Guess you can." *said as he begins fanning the smoke away from himself.*
whispering to Git, I rolled for you
** (877) Ari backs up further. **
** (919) Agatha tries to keep her wits about her and her axe in her hands. **
** (884) Norfirion caughs and begins backing up while checking the rear often as well. **
(875) Git (whispering): ^_^ good communication
whispering to Git, lol
** (866) Kha gets down low and tries to look into the room to see what is burning **
(919) Agatha: "Odd place to find so much smoke."
** (877) Ari kneels down lower, forcing Silver down as well. **
(863) DM: There seems to be no end in sight as smoke continues to pour out of the room...
** (875) Git looks ahead staying back away from the smoke (anything odd about the smoke?) **
whispering to Git, just gray thick smoke. no odor though...
(877) Ari: (does it smell odd?)
** (919) Agatha slowly backs up. **
(875) Git (whispering): try to disbelieve
(875) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [12,2] = (14)
** (866) Kha crawls forward into the room a bit staying low and tries to see where the smoke is coming from **
(884) Norfirion (whispering): attempts to disbeileve the strange smoke.
(877) Ari: "Kha?"
whispering to Norfirion, Will
whispering to Git, still there
(884) Norfirion (whispering): [1d20+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
(863) DM: (the smoke has no odor...)
whispering to Norfirion, still there
(866) Kha: "Trying to see whats creating the smoke, I'll be back in a few or will scream if I need help"
(919) Agatha: "I ain't no scholar, but isn't smoke supposed to rise?"
** (875) Git moves toward the door, feeling his way along the wall as he closes his eyes and listens for the sound of anything billowing or burning **
(877) Ari: (none at all?)
(863) DM: (none at all...)
(911) Vrondard: "let me check this out..."
** (884) Norfirion begins moving and chanting as be casts Detect Magic, concentrating into the room ahead. **
** (911) Vrondard takes a few hesitant step into teh smoke **
(884) Norfirion (whispering): 60ft emanation
(863) DM: Visibility begins to reduce at a range of 30' from the door as more smoke pours out of the room....
(877) Ari: "And there should be some scent, at least of whatever is burning."
whispering to Norfirion, yes, a strong aura at the edge of your scan.
(875) Git: "Norf... this a spell?"
whispering to Vrondard, feels warm, but no odor of burning
(877) Ari: ((Is Silver reacting to the smoke?))
(877) Ari (whispering): or the luggage?
(884) Norfirion: "There is a magical emantion coming from about 60 paces or so away inside the room. The smoke could be some form of illusion or magick."
** (863) Silver whines softly. **
(911) Vrondard: "hmmm lets see if i can put a stop to it"
(884) Norfirion: "Be cautious my fellows."
whispering to Ari, nope
(911) Vrondard: "can you see my armor.. its magical"
(911) Vrondard: "direct me to whatever that accursed magic is"
** (875) Git feels his way along the wall to the door, and listens into the room for sounds of life **
(884) Norfirion: "What I'm sensing is coming from the far edge of my perception, inside the room. Not your armor Vordard."
(866) Kha (whispering): how far is visability in the room, down low since I am crawling in there
(884) Norfirion: *Vrondard even
(911) Vrondard: "yeah!"
whispering to Kha, 1"
(919) Agatha: "60 paces you say? Vrondard, how about we scout ahead?"
(911) Vrondard: "but you can see both of us dern ya"
(911) Vrondard: "and I can't see much so be my guide"
** (884) Norfirion nods. **
(866) Kha: "Very hard to see in here, I cant see my hands and I am down crawling"
whispering to Norfirion, its at the outer edge of your perception.
(911) Vrondard: ((not sure i can see.. maybe with darkvision i can))
whispering to Vrondard, it can see through smoke?
(877) Ari: ((how is breathing? is it a problem?))
(875) Git (whispering): listen check to hear into the room
(911) Vrondard (whispering): not sure let me see something
(884) Norfirion: "It's at the outer edge, I can't exactly pinpoint a location. There could be hazards hidden in there. Walking in might not be such a good idea."
(884) Norfirion: "But if you insist, I'll try."
(866) Kha: "Gota stop the smoke some how"
(863) DM: ((if you're in the smoky chamber, you will take 2 hp damage for each round you're in the area.))
(911) Vrondard (whispering): no if its like obscuring mist spell... darkvision doesnt work
(863) DM: ((from breathing in the smoke.))
whispering to Vrondard, not like the spell. it's smoke...
(911) Vrondard: "errggg getting to me"
** (866) Kha crawls back out of the room caughing and choking barly able to breath **
(875) Git: (is the smoke noticably harmful? or are we unaware?)
(911) Vrondard (whispering): well assuming its similar
(884) Norfirion: "Perhaps we should explore elsewhere and return here later?"
** (911) Vrondard coughs **
(866) Kha: "Cant breath in there"
(875) Git: (where is the 'area', if the smoke reaches 30' down the hall?)
(863) DM: (you can determine that even though its odorless, you're having difficulty breathing from the thick choking gray smoke coming from within the room.)
** (911) Vrondard starts holding his breath **
(884) Norfirion: "I highly doubt this smoke is real. Everyone try to ignore it in your mind. Pretend its not there. If its an illusion, you maybe able to pierce its veil."
(911) Vrondard: ((and you can hold it for double your con score so i have a lot of time before i pass out))
(863) DM: (the smoke is in room 4 and is beginning to lower visibility in the corridor outside, up to now 40' from the open door.)
** (919) Agatha takes a cue from her companions and wraps a piece of cloth around her nose and mouth. **
(875) Git: :choking and caoughing: GIt holds his breath and makes his way back away from the door"
whispering to Vrondard, Dex
(875) Git: (how many rounds has it been then?)
** (866) Kha moves clear of the smoke and sits to think **
** (884) Norfirion uses the hood of his robe to steady his breathing as he tries to back away farther from the smoke. **
(863) DM: (1 so far)
(866) Kha: "Maybe we should shut the door and make a plan before just running around blind in there"
(911) Vrondard (whispering): dex what?
whispering to Vrondard, Reflex then
(877) Ari: "That sounds like a plan."
** (875) Git swings the door shut and moves back out of the smoke. **
(911) Vrondard (whispering): you are crazy with the saves you know
(911) Vrondard (whispering): you pick the exact opposite of what it should be consistently
(866) Kha: "Vrondard how ya doing in there, we plan on shutting the door so we can think of a plan unless you think you found the source of the smoke"
** (911) Vrondard gets irritated and comes out.... **
(911) Vrondard: "thanks fer the damn directions Norf!"
whispering to Vrondard, no, this is a good reason
(877) Ari: "Vrondard? Are you okay?"
whispering to Vrondard, you trip over something.
(911) Vrondard: "what the heck are you doin... playing with yer shorts"
(919) Agatha: "Did you find anything.
(875) Git: "Koff.. koff..." :looks up: "Vronard's in there?"
(911) Vrondard (whispering): Reflex: Save [1d20+3+0] -> [6,3,0] = (9)
(877) Ari: "He was."
(875) Git: :looks to the dwarf: "Oh..."
** (911) Vrondard falls down **
(884) Norfirion: ((didnt know he went in sorry)
(911) Vrondard: "got bloomin (couch) (couch)"
(884) Norfirion: ((I'd offer directions then when he went in, best as i can))
** (877) Ari rushes to Vrondard's side, Silver follows nuzzling the dwarf. **
(875) Git: "Vronard... you okay?"
(863) DM: (time out)
(863) DM: (who is in room 4? only those people in room 4 respond)
** (911) Vrondard curses and coughs **
(863) DM: (Vrondard is in room 4. anyone else?)
(875) Git: (shouldn't be anyone)
(884) Norfirion: "There's nothing I can offer you except walk straight, unitl you reached around 60 paces, which is the outer edge of my sense. I cant pinpoint a certain spot. Its coming from just beyond where I can sense."
(935) Cheesyleps (enter): 22:34
(919) Agatha: ((Vron and Kha went in, then pulled out))
(911) Vrondard: ((i didnt make it out))
(863) DM: (Ari, if you're by Vrondard's side, you're in room 4.)
(863) DM: (where is Kha?)
(866) Kha: ((Kha is gona just sit and think silently ie I am going AFK for a smoke break))
(877) Ari: ((I thought he'd come out and fallen))
(875) Git: "That's great norf. But you have anything more helpful to offer? Like.... what causes that sort of thing?"
(877) Ari: ((its what he typed))
(911) Vrondard: ((i was hasty in my reply))
(863) DM: ((ok, so the only PCs who are in room 4 are Vron and Ari, correct?))
(866) Kha: ((I came back out to think and then Git shut the door before Vrond came back out))
(863) DM: ((is the door open or closed?))
(884) Norfirion: "There's little I can tell from here. It could be the cause of some magical device, a spell, or other. There's no way of knowing."
(875) Git: (was closed until vronard came outr of it.)
(863) DM: ((so the only PCs in room 4 are Vron and Ari and the door is closed?))
(875) Git: (hope he had the decency to close it after himself)
(884) Norfirion: "I said it could perhaps be an illusion, so an attempting to ignore it, could work. "
(866) Kha: ((Ari isnt or shouldnt be in there cause Git closed the door before she "ran" up to Vrond"))
(863) DM: ((Vron is not outside. He fell, he tripped over something and is still in the room.))
(875) Git: "Koff... illusions hurt the lungs often?"
(877) Ari: ((If you scroll up, it did say he came out of the room before he fell))
(884) Norfirion: "The smoke itself may not even be magical, a magical axe could be floating around in there for all I know!"
(875) Git: (.... oh...)
(866) Kha: ((Then she wouldnt have seen him fall cause the door was closed))
(877) Ari: ((however, not to be one to argue, I can play that I ran in instead))
(866) Kha: ((Any way AFK now for a quick smoke while you sort it out))
(877) Ari: ((arrghh, its not pretty being easy))
(884) Norfirion: (heh smoking while we get smoked)
(863) TaliesinNYC: ((ok, well his tripping was supposed to occur while he was inside the room))
(877) Ari: (but did that happen before Git closed the door or after?)
(863) DM: ((so if Vron is now OUTSIDE of the room, then he did not in fact fall and you can ignore all this which will be struck out of the record.))
(935) Cheesyleps (exit): 22:39
(875) Git: (lets figure this out the easy way. vronard, where are you?)
(877) Ari: ((Vron?))
(884) Norfirion (whispering): by the way i want to make a spellcraft check to determine what school of magic that aura was. Also was it only one aura or multiple ones?
whispering to Norfirion, ok
(911) Vrondard: dm determines
(911) Vrondard: i tripped in the smoke area room
(911) Vrondard: im probably 20 in
(863) DM: (Vron is outside the room, he didn't fall, the door is closed.)
(884) Norfirion (whispering): [1d20+14] -> [18,14] = (32)
(911) Vrondard: from the door
(911) Vrondard: im in
whispering to Norfirion, conjuration
(884) Norfirion (whispering): strength? faint, overwhelming, etc
whispering to Norfirion, strong
(877) Ari: ((don't argue with God, he said you're out))
(911) Vrondard: ok
(875) Git: (if you tripped there then you jumped ahead saying you made it out)
(911) Vrondard: im out
(875) Git: (ok, nm)
(911) Vrondard: ((i pre-empted the dm's stuff))
(884) Norfirion: "It indeed is most likely some form of magick. It's of the conjuration nature, which means it was mostly like called forth by some spell or item."
(884) Norfirion: "Quite a strong magic as well"
** (877) Ari leans against the wall, "So now what? I don't suppose there is anyone here with a purify air spell?" **
(877) Ari: "Best I can do is cast detect magic."
(866) Kha: ((Back))
(884) Norfirion: "I'm afraid not Ari, I dont have acess to such."
** (875) Git grumbles, and stands, taking a handerchief and wetting it with his waterskin before tieing it to his face, covering nose and mouth. "Nothing so fancy." To norf: "You say it's in the back corner?" **
(866) Kha: "I dont think I can do anything like that, though I never tried"
(884) Norfirion: "I'm not sure, just deep within the room"
(863) DM: ((actually, you didn't pre-empt me, but we'll sort this out after.))
(875) Git: "you said 60 paces, right? from where?"
(884) Norfirion: "From near the entrance. Its a rough estimate."
(884) Norfirion: "It could be deeper in"
(875) Git: "Show me the spot from the 60 paces and point me a direction, alright?"
(875) Git: "I'll worry from there"
(884) Norfirion: "If I had access to dispelling magicks I could try and end it, but that's beyond me at my current power."
** (884) Norfirion approaches the door standing where he cast the Detect Magic originally and points into the room straight forward. **
(866) Kha: "Well If we are going to go in and look for something I think all of us should and spread out a bit, easpecialy since you cant see even a foot in front of you, more bodies searching will make it faster"
** (884) Norfirion then glances back at Git with a scornful look. **
(911) Vrondard: "its bad in there"
(911) Vrondard: "me lungs was burnin"
(884) Norfirion: "I'm not going in there. There may be a way around. Lets try searching for another route first"
(911) Vrondard: "im fine wid that"
(866) Kha: "Maybe all go in and spead out but holding hands so we are know where each person is"
** (884) Norfirion slowly begins walking down the corridor back to the previous chamber while examing the walls closely for any secrets. **
** (875) Git follows Norf's pointing finger with his hand and takes off straight as he can, counting off the pacesto come to the door and swings it open closing it behind him and heads in with double pace running to reach the hopeful origin and look around the area at 60' **
(877) Ari: "A way around? Perhaps a secret door?"
(875) Git: (the wetted cloth do anything to ward the smoke?)
(863) DM: (ok, time out)
(884) Norfirion (whispering): Search [1d20+8] -> [3,8] = (11)
(863) DM: (so Git is in room 4? and the door to room 4 is closed?)
(884) Norfirion: ((I'm just looking for secret doors in this long corridor, not the original room))
whispering to Norfirion, no doors or other means of entry
(875) Git: (opened it and closed it after me, yep, problem?)
(863) DM: (no, just checking.)
(863) DM: (continue.)
(875) Git: (gotcha)
(884) Norfirion: "Hmpf, nothing. I think we're wasting time here for now."
(863) DM: (only Git: roll initiative.)
whispering to Git, you hear a squeal
** (866) Kha watches Git enter and Norfirion walk the other direction **
** (911) Vrondard enters the unknown without his bodyguard... **
whispering to Git, right beside you
(911) Vrondard: er Git not Vrondard
(875) Git: [1d20+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [10,3] = (13)
(875) Git (whispering): the cloth do anything to protect against the smoke and when do I take the damage?
whispering to Git, no damage
(875) Git (whispering): lwhat's the squeal sound like?
whispering to Git, something feathery touches your body...
** (866) Kha turns and stairs at the closd door and raises his voise "Holler if you need help Git" **
whispering to Git, high pitched squeal
(875) Git (whispering): animal?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20_3]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
whispering to Git, yes  
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20-2] -> [6,-2] = (4)
whispering to Git, it missed you
(875) Git (whispering): Ready a dagger take a stab
** (919) Agatha gets an idea. "Hmm..." **
** (884) Norfirion returns from the end of the corridor and waits while Git is inside. "I didnt see anything in this corridor thats hidden." **
(875) Git: Dagger(Frost Touch) Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [12,8] = (20)===> DMG: [1d4+1+1d6+0] -> [3,1,2,0] = (6)
(863) DM: (running a combat with Git only. what is everyone doing? he entered room 4 and closed it behind him, wearing a wet cloth around his nose and mouth)
(875) Git: :in after thought: "Ari.. you're luggage isn't in here right?"
whispering to Git, lightly wounded
(919) Agatha: "Norfirion, is it possible for you to make my axe visible in the smoke."
(866) Kha: ((Just standing there waiting for him to yell))
(884) Norfirion: ((Is standing outside the room listening for any sounds from inside the room))
whispering to Norfirion, listen check
(875) Git: "If not then... I think I have a problem"
(866) Kha: "Hey that gives me an Idea Agatha"
(884) Norfirion: "I'm afraid not Agatha, unless its a magical item, which I could sense with a simple Detect Magic spell."
** (866) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
** (866) Kha is suddenly holding a short spear engulfed in flames **
(866) Kha (whispering): Firey Weapon Level 4. Weapons DMG 2d12. cast as level 4 using a level 2 slot. Tied off will last 40 hours or untill I release it
(884) Norfirion (whispering): listen [1d20+2] -> [7,2] = (9)
whispering to Kha, done. describe the effect to the players
whispering to Norfirion, you thought you heard a squeal but that's it
(866) Kha: "Wonder if a flaming spear will help with the visability at all"
(884) Norfirion: "Did anyone hear that?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9),[1d20-2] -> [16,-2] = (14)
whispering to Git, it missed you again
(884) Norfirion: "I thought I heard something, like a squeal. I'm telling you, there be rats in there."
(919) Agatha: "Hm? Hear what?"
whispering to Git, your go
(919) Agatha: ((listen check))
** (877) Ari looks at the door where Git entered, "I don't like this at all." **
(911) Vrondard: "flaming sphere... help you see in the fog.... me don't think so"
** (884) Norfirion shivers again in disgust. "Rats...." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [5,9] = (14)
(866) Kha: "Might let others see me though"
** (884) Norfirion found the F9 macro key **
whispering to Agatha, combat inside
** (884) Norfirion found the F9 macro key **
** (884) Norfirion found the F9 macro key **
(911) Vrondard: "speakin of rats....whats Git doin anyway?"
(875) Git (whispering): take another stab and then hop back, 5'
(875) Git: Dagger(Frost Touch) Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [11,8] = (19)===> DMG: [1d4+1+1d6+0] -> [2,1,5,0] = (8)
** (866) Kha moves and opens the door **
whispering to Git, seriously wounded
** (884) Norfirion chuckles. **
(875) Git: "I said, I could USE SOME HELP!"
(863) DM: The sounds of combat fill the corridor.
** (877) Ari glances behind her and then at Silver, "C'mon, let's go help him, and yes you too." **
(911) Vrondard: "hey!"
(919) Agatha: "Let's go. Git's in trouble."
** (866) Kha runs tword the sound **
(875) Git (whispering): can I hear them threw the door... after though
(863) DM: Something squeals with a high pitched gurgle...
(884) Norfirion: "Right'o, we're coming. Hang on Git"
whispering to Git, yes
** (884) Norfirion covers his face as he enters the room slowly, trying to see through the haze. **
(866) Kha: "We must not have been able to hear you with the door close Git we are on our way"
** (919) Agatha lifts her cloth to take in a big breath and rushes in. **
** (877) Ari opens the door and holding her breath rushes in, Silver follows and the sound of many little feet as well. **
(863) DM: (whoops lol. each square is 5'. place your minis.)
(875) Git: (not sure where I am, could you place it, please?)
(877) Ari: "Git?"
(911) Vrondard: ((and if we cant see you move at half speed))
(911) Vrondard: ((3/4 if you have blindfight))
(919) Agatha: ((3/4? That'll work.))
(911) Vrondard: ((you lose your dexterity to ac (cept those with blindfight), you cant sneak attack, and you have a 50% miss chance))
(875) Git: :calls back to Ari: "Yes, lovely?"
(875) Git: (luckily I keep my dex bonus ^_^)
(877) Ari (whispering): can you put me in there somewhere?
(863) DM: (all: roll init)
(911) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [10,3] = (13)
(866) Kha: INIT: [1d20+5] -> [5,5] = (10)
(919) Agatha: ((My god. We're fighting Stephen King's evil clown!))
(875) Git: "I'm dealing with something feathered and angry"
(877) Ari: [1d20+3] -> [19,3] = (22)
(919) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(875) Git: (does that mini have a big foam hand?)
(863) DM: (done)
(884) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(863) DM: (22, Ari)
(877) Ari: ((can we see anything?))
(863) DM: ((no, visibility is 1"))
(919) Agatha: ((How about Kha and fire spear-thing?))
(863) DM: ((depends on how far Kha is in the room.))
** (877) Ari puts her bow away and draws her scimitar, "Git keep talking so I can find you." **
(863) DM: ((if Kha is in the room, visibility is now 1')
(863) DM: ((one foot))
(875) Git: "No problem there. What would you like me to talk about?"
(866) Kha: ((About 10 feet, just need to know if they can see the flame though the smoke at all))
(863) DM: ((no.))
(863) DM: (Ari, I need an action from you or else, Vron is next.)
(877) Ari: "Anything, everything, recite something, just keep up a noise so I can find you."
(875) Git: "The decor, which I can't see, the host, which I can't see... or the lack of proper ventilation in here"
(863) DM: (k, you drew your scimitar and you're moving. 13, Vron)
** (911) Vrondard moves forward 20' **
(980) Warcry (enter): 23:07
(875) Git: "In that case, I know a lovely poem involving a man from Hyboras
** (911) Vrondard runds into Git **
(980) Warcry (exit): 23:08
(911) Vrondard: "ooooh"
(875) Git: "Last time I brought it up in the presence of women though I got slapped"
(863) DM: You hear a whomping sound followed by scrabbling feet and a high pitched squeal as whatever is fighting Git switches its attention.
** (911) Vrondard is holding his breath as well **
(877) Ari: "recite and take your chances"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(875) Git: (can I see the spear?)
whispering to Git, no
(863) DM: The thick, roiling gray smoke surrounds you and makes visibility practically useless.
whispering to Vrondard, missed you
(863) DM: (10, Kha)
** (866) Kha listens to Gits rambaling but continues to run strain into the room **
whispering to Kha, you step on something
(866) Kha (whispering): gona run untill I runinto something or trip on something
whispering to Kha, it feels round and tinkles on the floor
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
(875) Git: "There once was a man from Hyboras, who was oh so proud of his tukus, covered in hair and stinking the air, he didn't mind at all it offend us"
** (866) Kha stops running and bends down to see what he steped on **
whispering to Kha, what's your AC?
(866) Kha: "Whats this?" **Holds his flaming spear close to try and help visability**
(875) Git: (would I be what he just stepped on?)
(866) Kha (whispering): 22, 17 if I am missing Dex bonus though
(866) Kha: ((No it was rounf and made noise like coins))
(911) Vrondard: "hey Git what the heck is goin on?"
whispering to Kha, you're fighting a creature that is a squat body protected by a thick lumpy brown hide and a rust red back. its hide is mostly rust red armor plates. the creature's head has two feathery antennae and it just tried to attack you with its antennae (and
whispering to Kha, missed
(875) Git: "Haven't decided what to call it yet.... a smoke rooming happening I suppose."
whispering to Kha, you stepped on a bottle stopper
(875) Git: (visibilty improved from the spear?)
** (866) Kha picks something up off the floor as he dodges something **
(863) DM: (visibility is improved to 1 foot, so yes...in a fashion)
(866) Kha: "It's attacking with its anttena, and is rust brown with armor plates"
(863) DM: (10, Git)
(875) Git: (oooo... improvement)
** (884) Norfirion thinks. **
(875) Git: (need a listen to determing beast location?)
(863) DM: (you can try)
(884) Norfirion (whispering): can i make any knowledge checks to see if that description matches anything from memory?
whispering to Norfirion, sure
(877) Ari: "Antenna? Oh Norfirion, you were right, it is a roach."
(875) Git: (ok listen check then, please)(
(911) Vrondard: ((ok uncanny dodge'ers keep their dex to ac))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
(984) Jade (enter): 23:15
(875) Git: "You can see it?"
(877) Ari: "Can you step on it?
whispering to Git, directly to your NE. it's engaging Kha, who is within its reach.
(877) Ari: "
(984) Jade (exit): 23:16
(911) Vrondard (whispering): if thats a rust monster.. those antennae are touch attacks i believe
(884) Norfirion (whispering): arcana [1d20+12] -> [1,12] = (13)
(884) Norfirion (whispering): gah
whispering to Norfirion, a rust monster.
(875) Git (whispering): tumble to what I guess is a flanking position then before attacking, alright?
whispering to Vrondard, and its horrible
whispering to Vrondard, I keep missing
(866) Kha: "Cant squish it"
(884) Norfirion: "Not exactly, but a larger cousin of one, a RUST MONSTER!" *he shouts the last words*
(875) Git: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [6,8] = (14)
(875) Git: Dagger(Frost Touch) Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)===> DMG: [1d4+1+1d6+0] -> [1,1,5,0] = (7)
whispering to Git, roll to see if crit
(884) Norfirion: "It'll try its best to make lunch of your metal equipment"
(875) Git (whispering): not sure if he gets an aoo if tumble missed.. since I'm not sure if he can see either or if I'm passing a threateened area
(911) Vrondard: "gah!"
(875) Git: Dagger(Frost Touch) Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [9,8] = (17)===> DMG: [1d4+1+1d6+0] -> [2,1,4,0] = (7)
whispering to Git, critical confirmed
(911) Vrondard (whispering): any hit by a metal weapon suffers the rust attack
(911) Vrondard (whispering): think it may bet a save
(911) Vrondard (whispering): get
whispering to Vrondard, dc 20 and only magical items
whispering to Vrondard, hard to hit if I keep rolling a 10 or below. =P
(884) Norfirion: "If it touches metal with its antannae it will corrode instantly, which is the creature's favorite food"
(863) DM: (critically wounded)
(911) Vrondard (whispering): right but if Git hits... it will suffer the rusting as well
(863) DM: It's squealing like mad now...
whispering to Vrondard, ah I see
whispering to Git, is the dagger enchanted or not?
(875) Git: "So... it doesn't eat people then?"
(875) Git (whispering): yep
(884) Norfirion: "Not for food, it can bite in self defense"
whispering to Git, you struck at it 3 times so it needs to make three saves vs DC 20
(875) Git: "Then... how about we feed it some metal and be on our way?"
(875) Git: "Think it likes talking flails?"
(884) Norfirion: "It can see clearly in the dark as well, however I'm not sure how well in this smoke. It uses other means to sense metal I believe."
whispering to Git, the saves need to be made now
(875) Git (whispering): okay
(875) Git (whispering): I roll?
whispering to Git, yes
** (877) Ari coughs, "that would be what the antenna are for." **
(866) Kha (whispering): only metal I have on me are my Magic Long tooth dagger, straped to my leg and the one short spear tip, unless Vontaros's tip is metal not crystal
(884) Norfirion: "An object of such power wouldn't fall prey to a mere rust monster."
(875) Git (whispering): okay... roll what?
whispering to Kha, thanks
(875) Git: "We can try though.... right?"
(884) Norfirion: "Oh! And don't use your metallic weapons on the beast if you treasure them, they'll corrode as well from striking the beast!!"
(875) Git (whispering): frost dagger +1, not sure the modifier, shall I just roll the d20's for you?
(875) Git: "You have any other weapons then norf?"
** (877) Ari hesitates, then sheathes her scimitar. **
(866) Kha: ((Isnt it Agatha's action now?))
(884) Norfirion: "A dagger and crossbow are my only ones"
whispering to Git, roll a d20, needs to beat DC 20, add +1 to the roll
(863) DM: (resolving something that needs to be taken care of NOW)
(875) Git: [3d20)
(866) Kha: ((Ahh ok))
(875) Git: [3d20] -> [19,3,5] = (27)
(863) DM: (no, separately)
(884) Norfirion: ((strike that last comment)
(875) Git (whispering): first pass second two fail... ok
(875) Git: [1d20+1] -> [3,1] = (4)
(875) Git: [1d20+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
(863) DM: (three rolls each, separately. d20+1, three times. if any of those rolls fails, the dagger corroded and you used another weapon)
(875) Git: [1d20+1] -> [11,1] = (12)
(884) Norfirion: "I have a ebonized oak staff, its made of a strong wood. It should do the job."
(863) DM: (eliminate three daggers from your person then.)
(884) Norfirion: ((not the game materail ebony from the site documents, i mean the dark hard type of wood))
** (877) Ari wishes not for the first time she still had her 11 foot pole. **
(875) Git: (wouldn't have been able to move if I had to pull a dagger that round....)
(863) DM: (9, Norf)
(986) Orion (enter): 23:28
(877) Ari: ((Has Silver had a chance to attack?))
(986) Orion (exit): 23:28
(875) Git: (darn... lost my good dagger)
(863) DM: (no, it hasn't)
** (884) Norfirion listens for the sounds of the monster and moves nearer. **
(919) Agatha: "Norfirion, I need a weapon!"
(884) Norfirion: Skill: Listen [1d20+2] -> [6,2] = (8)
(863) DM: (PCs will go before NPCs in any event)
whispering to Norfirion, you don't know where it is
(884) Norfirion: "Then use this" *Agatha being closer, he hands his staff to her and doesnt move instead.
(863) DM: (9, Ag)
(877) Ari (whispering): and the luggage?
whispering to Ari, the luggage is next.
** (919) Agatha gratefully takes the staff as she drops her axe and runs around the sounds of battle. **
(863) DM: (k...)
(986) Orion (enter): 23:31
(990) Funy Skywalker (enter): 23:31
(875) Git: :still rambling: "Think this thing could eat through an iron vault door. It gives me ideas"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [1,3] = (4),[1d20-2] -> [3,-2] = (1)
(919) Agatha: ((I just need a good angle.))
whispering to Vrondard, lol, does a 4 and a 1 count?
(884) Norfirion: "Most likely so!"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
whispering to Ari, luggage missed
(863) DM: ((22, Ari))
(875) Git: "Hmm... what are the chances of not killing it and taking it as a pet instead then?"
(911) Vrondard (whispering): for the save ro something else... the listen check of 4 would
whispering to Vrondard, it was a melee attack
(911) Vrondard (whispering): 4 not likely...1 never
** (877) Ari backs up not certain how to kill it. **
(877) Ari: "A pet? How much damage have you taken, and was it all to your head?"
(985) Deleted (enter): 23:34
(919) Agatha: "I'm taking on any more pets. Especially not one that will in my axe while I sleep."
(919) Agatha: will eat my axe*
(863) DM: (13, Vron)
(875) Git: "We could keep it roped up, feed it scrap metal."
(884) Norfirion: "It would be like training an insect, not likely without magick."
(877) Ari: "What's this we crap? You want you take it, and you have to be responsible for it."
(863) DM: ((remember, those of you who are in the room...and this is the third round so far...who have not protected yourselves like Git, have taken 4 hp damage already from the smoke.))
** (911) Vrondard pulls out his javelin and attacks **
(877) Ari: "And that means cleaning its litter box too."
(911) Vrondard: jav attack [1d20+4+4-4] -> [16,4,4,-4] = (20)
whispering to Vrondard, non magical jav?
(911) Vrondard: doing [1d6+4] -> [4,4] = (8) damage
(911) Vrondard: and he backs off
whispering to Vrondard, javelin is corroded
(911) Vrondard (whispering): made of wood
(863) DM: The squeal ends in mid-squeal...and you hear a loud whomp.
whispering to Vrondard, strike that then
(911) Vrondard: low [1d100] -> [40] = (40)
(911) Vrondard: ok i hit it.... for my 50%
(919) Agatha: "Hmph. Well that settles that."
** (866) Kha looks closely at what he picked up and moves past the creature **
** (875) Git goes quiet at the sound of the dropping creature, and cautiously nudges it with a toe **
(911) Vrondard: "oooh did it get it?"
(866) Kha (whispering): Moving along the far wall slowly to see if I can find the bottle that belongs to the stopper I found
(884) Norfirion (whispering): we all took 2 hp dmg for spending that round in the smoke as well right?
whispering to Kha, its sitting on the floor in an upright position. smoke's coming out of it, constantly
whispering to Norfirion, yes, 6 total now
(866) Kha (whispering): Will stuff the stopper in it
whispering to Kha, k
whispering to Git, doesn't move
(863) DM: (now what?)
** (866) Kha is coughing and choking along the back wall **
(877) Ari: "Is it dead?"
(884) Norfirion (whispering): might want to remind the others as well
(863) DM: (take off 6 hp from being inside the room unless you're protected like Git was)
(919) Agatha: "Aye. Sounds like it. Now quick (cough, cough) feel around for a door or switch. This smoke is bloody irritating."
(911) Vrondard: ((can we see anything?))
(911) Vrondard: ((not really))
(911) Vrondard: "buggers lets get out of here"
(866) Kha (whispering): gona pick the stoppered bottle up and make my way out
whispering to Kha, its fixed to the floor
whispering to Kha, you can't
** (884) Norfirion exits the room heading back down the corridor looking for a fresh breath of air. **
(866) Kha: "I am getting back out of this room"
** (866) Kha makes my way back to the door he entered and moves into the hall and sits down **
** (884) Norfirion coughs. **
(911) Vrondard: "find the bloomin exit"
(863) DM: You can make out a door on the far side of the room, to the right. (Only Ag and Kha can see this)
** (911) Vrondard hunts around for an exit **
** (875) Git shrugs, "Guess no pet. I'll keep looking for the source of the smoke. either cover your mouths with a wet rag or get out" **
** (875) Git tries to retrace his steps back to the sixty pace spot and feel around for anything (search check) **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!0]
(877) Ari: "Better lets look for a way out 'cough' of here, and hope we all find the same way out."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [11,10] = (21)
(911) Vrondard (whispering): ok he would have failed anyway... item makes a saving throw if attended by pc with the pc's saves
whispering to Git, find the door to room 5
whispering to Vrondard, did they change this in 3.5?
(877) Ari: "Silver?"
(911) Vrondard (whispering): or their own...+2 plus 1/2 of its caster level
whispering to Vrondard, I apologize for snapping at you earlier
(866) Kha: "Well I stoped the smoke, lets get out this door over here"
(875) Git: (what's their secret?)
whispering to Vrondard, k
(866) Kha: ((Scratch my comment about going back, didnt know there was another door to go out, will open that door and sit down out side of it))
(911) Vrondard (whispering): PHB 166-167
(919) Agatha: "Follow my voice. (cough) I think I can see a door."
** (884) Norfirion gathers himself and after getting a few breaths of good air returns to the room, casting detect magic before entering, then with his mouth covered by the wet side of his hood he concentrates and follows the source of the magical aura. **
** (919) Agatha heads towards the door, feeling her way around with the staff. **
whispering to Norfirion, only magical aura is the now stoppered bottle sitting on the floor in the far right side of the room
(875) Git: "Once more... cover your mouths or get out"
** (877) Ari begins to shake, never having felt this lost before. **
(911) Vrondard (whispering): yeah used to be the way i described
(875) Git (whispering): that's what I find at the 60' spot... or my interpretation of it?
(863) DM: (eventually those of you in room 4 end up in front of the door leading to room 5.)
whispering to Git, yes
whispering to Git, Norf was wrong, the room is only 30' square
** (877) Ari gratefully and quickly walks toward the sound of Agatha's voice, hoping that Silver is following as well. **
** (866) Kha gags and then spits on the floor "I steped on a bottle stoper right before I ran into the creature and went and found the bottle after the thing died and put the stoper in it" **
(985) Deleted (exit): 23:48
** (863) Silver whines, whuffing as he pauses at the entrance to the smoky chamber **
(877) Ari (whispering): silly me, surely the luggage would push Silver in the right direction.
(911) Vrondard (whispering): made the saves better in 3.5
(866) Kha: "Leave the doors open to let the smoke clear out, might be something else in there"
(911) Vrondard (whispering): i wasnt being very nice
(866) Kha (whispering): is the smoke thining out with both doors open?
(911) Vrondard (whispering): considerate, understanding whatever the correct word is
(884) Norfirion (whispering): pick it up and put it in my pouch.
(911) Vrondard: "well I'll be durned... I can kinda see"
** (911) Vrondard waves the smoke away from him... **
(911) Vrondard: 'kinda..."
(884) Norfirion: "Yes I found it. I'll have a closer look at it lately. It could come in handy in providing cover, or some distraction"
(919) Agatha: "Git, get over here. I don't know if this door is trapped or not."
(911) Vrondard: ((ok how many rounds of damage?))
(875) Git (whispering): okay... so it continues into the next room then?
(911) Vrondard: ((3?))
(863) DM: (only one door is open. so yes....kind of.)
(863) DM: (door to room 5 hasn't been finagled with yet.)
whispering to Vrondard, thanks.
whispering to Norfirion, bottle is fixed to the floor
(875) Git: (smoke still present or did that have something to do with the bottle kha found?)
(911) Vrondard: ((takes 6 hps damage from the smoke))
(866) Kha: ((Oh thought I said I went out and sat down outside that door, guess not))
(863) DM: ((3 rounds.))
** (877) Ari coughs again, "And I can almost breathe." **
** (866) Kha tries to open the door on the far side **
(911) Vrondard: .
(884) Norfirion (whispering): ahh
(911) Vrondard: "lets get on wid this thing... this is one big death trap... wish I lived her..."
(863) DM: (door to 5 is locked.)
(884) Norfirion: ((nevermind about the bottle, its attached to the flood))
(884) Norfirion: ((floor))
(911) Vrondard: here
(866) Kha: "Git this door wont open, you wana give it a try?"
** (875) Git leans against the wall near the door to 5. "Right... no problem. In the mean time, get out of here before you asphixiate to death" **
whispering to Git, feels somewhat chilly
(875) Git (whispering): door to 5, which I can't see, feel chilly?
** (911) Vrondard kneels down to get better air **
(911) Vrondard: "air's a bit better down here... tis goin away steady now"
** (877) Ari finds herself laying on the cool stone floor. **
(884) Norfirion (whispering): does there seem to be any way of removing the bottle from the floor? any attachments etc? how's it connected?
(875) Git: :to vronard: "The smoke's going away?"
** (866) Kha steps back and sits down waiting for Git to finish and waves his buckler around to try and clear out the smoke faster **
** (877) Ari is uncertain if her inability to breath easily is from the smoke or just being in this horrible place. **
(911) Vrondard: "clearin out a bit"
** (919) Agatha heads back to grab her axe. **
(911) Vrondard: "eeeew look at that feathery thing... worse funky ears than an elf"
** (875) Git slumps to a seat by the door, wating for the smoke to clear. "Might as well wait it out then **
(866) Kha: "Should be I stoped the bottle that was spilling it out. I tried to take it but it was attached to the floor. That bottle could be usefull letter if this smoke will clear enough so we can see if we can remove it from the floor"
(884) Norfirion: "And a bigger appetite than a dwarf."
(911) Vrondard: "tryin to eat me armor..huh?"
(911) Vrondard: "Git did yer say you lost yer little knife?"
(863) TaliesinNYC: (brb in 5,...food)
(866) Kha: "Will probably go faster with both doors open"
(911) Vrondard: "tawt i heard dat"
** (877) Ari feeling horrid finds the dwarf's words more than harsh. **
(875) Git: "Lost three, including the one I got from the royal armory. Enchanted my arse."
(911) Vrondard: "well thats just plain dumb luck"
(911) Vrondard: "well I gots me a short sword or another dwarven axe if yea wants to use it"
** (911) Vrondard hints the axe is better **
(911) Vrondard: : )
(875) Git: "Nah thanks, vronard. A silly elfin lad like my self using a fine dwarven weapon. Twould be a disgrace"
(911) Vrondard: "what about the sword... it aint the finest weapon but servicable"
(911) Vrondard: ((thought Git was hiding his elven heritage?))
(875) Git: "Don't worry, I'll make do."
** (884) Norfirion retrieves his staff from Agatha while the others chat. **
whispering to Norfirion, no
(990) Funy Skywalker (exit): 23:59
whispering to Norfirion, can't seem to see any
(877) Ari: ((have we opened the door to rm. 5 yet?))
** (866) Kha scoots over to the bottle and starts looking it over while waiting for the smoke to clear **
(877) Ari: ((NM))
(875) Git: (nope, waiting for the smoke to clear so's I can see the door I work on)
(911) Vrondard: "I gots to break that thing down?"
(863) DM: (eventually it does clear.)
(866) Kha (whispering): looking for a way to detach it from the floor, if it isnt too big anyways
(875) Git: "Kha, don't fiddle with it."
** (911) Vrondard uses his shield to waft the smoke about **
(884) Norfirion: "I didn't see any means of removing it Kha, I'd be leary to try and break it free. We could end up releasing a nonstop flow of smoke if the thing broke."
(919) Agatha: "Thanks for the loan, Norfirion. I should get myself a proper walking stick one of these days."
whispering to Kha, its about the size of a flask and seems to be stuck to the floor. its also made out of ceramic...
** (875) Git goes to work examining the door to room5 (search check) **
(911) Vrondard: "should get us some clubs Aggie"
** (877) Ari turns toward Vrondard, "Shouldn't be too much of a problem, if you use your head." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!0]
(884) Norfirion: "You're more than welcome my'lady"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [2,10] = (12)
(911) Vrondard: "big enough, easy to use and best of all its free"
whispering to Git, no traps so it seems
(866) Kha: "Vrondard you got a pick or something so I can chip the floor away a bit so I can take this smoking bottle?"
(911) Vrondard: "and they be good at throwin at Orc heads"
(875) Git: :as he works: "By the way, Norf... that rust creatures parts worth anything to a mage?"
(911) Vrondard: "hmmm good idea Ari"
** (911) Vrondard misses the remark **
(911) Vrondard: "just me axe and that be no good against stone"
(875) Git (whispering): it's chilly though, right?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!0]
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [17,10] = (27)
(884) Norfirion: "I can't say for sure, but I'm going to take some samples. Perhaps they could be used for components or item crafting in the future"
(911) Vrondard: "prolly some twice cursed mage that made that bottle sealed it on that stone fer good measure"
whispering to Git, door feels chilly, yes
** (877) Ari smiles wryly since she should have expected that Vrondard would not understand her comment." **
** (884) Norfirion approaches the rust monsters and removes the antannae. **
(911) Vrondard: "may he die in the abyss a hundrid times over"
** (866) Kha pulls out his simple short spear and starts scraping away at the floor trying to get under the flask **
whispering to Git, you unlock the door eventually
** (875) Git looks back to the group. "That door felt warm... this one feels cold." **
(877) Ari: "Cold?"
(911) Vrondard: "gah... Norfirion... dont be wafting those things on me armor and shield now"
(875) Git (whispering): I do?
whispering to Git, if you didn't want to...it isn't then
whispering to Git, thought you wanted to
(875) Git (whispering): nah, it's okay
(877) Ari: ((is Silver ok?))
whispering to Git, I assumed you were working on it so I rolled
(884) Norfirion: "They'll be safe in this glass container" *he says as he puts the parts away.*
(875) Git: "Maybe the next room has a hole in it to the outside"
whispering to Ari, yes and whuffing at the entrance of the chamber
(911) Vrondard: ((probably was licking your face if you were on the ground))
(875) Git (whispering): not a problem, I'm use to you jumping ahead on me
(911) Vrondard: ((could smell you wherever you went... doesnt need vision to find you))
whispering to Ari, the luggage is of course right next to you
(877) Ari (whispering): whuffing in anxiety or excitement?
whispering to Ari, anxiety
** (875) Git steps back as he puts his picks away, "Well... it's open anyway" **
(877) Ari (whispering): I sorta figured that.
** (866) Kha quietly ignores everyone and continues to very carfully scrape away around the bottle **
(884) Norfirion: ((actually that was a ceramic jar, not glass one))
(911) Vrondard: "alright well dallying in the next room tis prolly not a good idea none either"
(875) Git: glaring down at the spearman: "Kha, cut it out!"
(866) Kha (whispering): is my scraping doing any good to free the flask?
whispering to Kha, nope
(911) Vrondard: "lets send one in and see what malady affects us now"
(875) Git: "That thing might be hollow beneath to a chamber filled with that gas."
** (863) Halthala observes quietly. **
(911) Vrondard: "hmm a furnace... could be"
(866) Kha: "Not working anways. Wish I had a crowbar or something to chip this floor away. I realy want to keep this bottle, could be very usefull sometime"
(884) Norfirion: "We may find something later we can use. It's no use right now."
(911) Vrondard: "cept I don't smell and potash and steam"
** (866) Kha stands up and move next to the door Git is at **
(875) Git: "Well you ain't getting mine for that, so forget it"
(866) Kha: "Want me to open this one too?"
(875) Git: "At your leisure."
** (866) Kha opens the door slowly **
** (875) Git pulls another dagger he took from the orcs **
** (866) Kha peers into the next room to see whats in there **
(863) TaliesinNYC: Two benches standing in this room are covered with glass tubes, vials and burners supported by small metal frameworks, giving the room the look of an arcane laboratory. On the W wall is another, smaller workbench with a white linen cloth draped over it and a small table next to it. In the SW corner, there is a large panel covered with small round buttons, knobs and handles. A door stands closed on the N wall and there is a closed silver door on the W wall.
(884) Norfirion: ((nature calls brb))
(863) DM: The entire chamber (room 5) is chilly. There is a distinct decrease in temperature.
** (875) Git looks around for an opening or some such and tries to determine the position of the chill's origin by moving about the room (getting hotter, getiing colder sort of thing) **
(875) Git: (does it look like the lab's been in use?)
(866) Kha: "Hey Norf can you figure out what this room is, looks like something you arcane casters play with, I remember smaller setups like this in my parents house"
** (877) Ari looks around not daring to touch anything. **
whispering to Git, source of the chill is the silver door
(863) DM: (not for an indeterminate length of time)
** (866) Kha walks into the room and stars looking at the workbenches closly **
(863) DM: There is a piece of parchment on the small table.
** (875) Git gravitates toward the silver door, feeling about at the chill coming off of it. **
(911) Vrondard: (bak)
(919) Agatha: "What kind of place is this?"
(884) Norfirion: ((back))
(863) DM: The benches have a very cold, sterile feel to them, as if whomever worked in this lab was particularly obsessive at keeping the room clean.
(875) Git: "A lab... of sorts."
** (866) Kha looks over the partchment to see what it says **
(911) Vrondard: "oy... cold place... don't be makin it colder"
whispering to Kha, Istaris Melos Karpa'thas Aristes Ixion
(911) Vrondard: "lets see whats at the end of this hall before we mess wid anything we don't 'ave too"
(919) Agatha: "Is that where they practice alchemy?"
** (875) Git moves along to the linen covered workbench, pulling back the cover curiously. "Kha, whatcha reading?" **
whispering to Git, the rotted skeleton of an ogre.
(866) Kha (whispering): translate to english please, I have helm of comprehend lang so I can read it, or should be able to
whispering to Kha, they apprear to be gibberish
** (884) Norfirion approaches the workbench and begins examing all the glass tubes. **
(866) Kha: "Tell you in a sec when I finish translating it"
** (875) Git grimaces at the sight under the linen and tosses it back into place **
(875) Git: "Seen enough dead ogres today."
(877) Ari: "You don't have to actually read it to us, a short summary would suffice."
(866) Kha: "Interesting, I cant make any sense of it, and I can read and understand any currently spoken language. Either it is very very old language or it is giberish"
(875) Git (whispering): how rotted? days? weeks? years?
whispering to Git, centuries?
(884) Norfirion: "Let me see that."
(866) Kha: "It says Istaris Melos Karpa'thas Aristes Ixion"
(875) Git (whispering): shouldn't it be pretty much done rotting by now then?
(866) Kha: "Might be a realy long name as well"
(863) DM: The tubes appear to be empty.
whispering to Git, nope
(866) Kha: "Git you wana see if anything is dangous about the silver door?"
(884) Norfirion: ((how many are there?))
(863) DM: ((tubes? at least fifteen, of varying sizes))
** (875) Git moves over to panel full of knobs and handles, looking it over curiously "not really" **
(875) Git: "I figure it's something bad behind it"
(884) Norfirion: ((ok I want to take a couple. I could use them))
(863) DM: ((k))
(875) Git: (the panel have any labeling or suck to it?)
(866) Kha: "Well then I'll go open it, just thought you might try and make it safer"
(884) Norfirion: )(2 of each size if possible))
(911) Vrondard: "well what about this door?"
(863) DM: (glyphs)
** (866) Kha heads over to the silver door and looks it over and listens for anything on the other side **
(875) Git: "You never listen do you?"
(863) DM: (where are you carrying these? they're glass)
** (884) Norfirion examines the document Kha was looking at after he places several vials, and beakers inside his pack. **
whispering to Kha, frigid to the touch
(875) Git: "Hey norf, you know what these glyphs mean?" :pointing to panel:
(884) Norfirion: ((wrap them up in my winter blanket them put them in my pack))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)
(884) Norfirion: "Give me a moment, there are several things here I need to examine"
whispering to Kha, you hear a slight humming
(866) Kha: "This door is extramly cold"
(875) Git: "No.. really?"
(866) Kha: "And there is a humming on the other side, I'll wait to open it untill we are done examining the room"
(875) Git: "It's a long abandoned lab, what's there to examine?"
(866) Kha: "Can try and read the glyphs"
** (875) Git inspects the panel's rigging, seeing what it connects to if I can and how it works **
whispering to Git, Spot
(884) Norfirion (whispering): could i get some info on what shape/size and number of each of these glass containers?
(875) Git: "Please do Kha, with your fancy helmet"
(875) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10)
** (919) Agatha pokes with some vials in general disinterest. **
whispering to Norfirion, about thirty glass tubes in total, of varying shapes and sizes. carrying two of each size will take up a lot of room but not a lot of weight, fyi
** (866) Kha moves over and examins the glyphs to see if I can interprit them **
** (884) Norfirion begins reading the document after tinkering with the glass. **
whispering to Git, there is a thin gold wire that runs from the back of the panel, almost invisible to the naked eye, up to a hole in the ceiling
(884) Norfirion (whispering): ok just take 2 medium to large sized ones, ones i could use to put monster parts or such in
whispering to Kha, "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8"
whispering to Norfirion, k
(884) Norfirion (whispering): checking this paper to see if its any language i can speak, if it looks like arcane writing, and if that doesnt work, I'll try a decipher script roll
** (911) Vrondard gets bored and opens the other door **
whispering to Kha, "start", "stop"
** (877) Ari looks longingly at the wooden door toward the north, but says nothing. **
(911) Vrondard: (to room #7)
whispering to Vrondard, locked
** (875) Git follows his eyes up the wall, climbing up onto the panel to inspect a hole on the ceiling. **
whispering to Norfirion, arcane writing
whispering to Git, wiring continues
(866) Kha: "They Glyphs are labes, though just numbering the knobs one thru eight, and a start stop lable"
whispering to Git, can't make it out inside the hole
** (875) Git hops down and goes over to search around the door to 6 for a similar gold wire **
(884) Norfirion: "This writing is arcane in nature. I'll haver a closer look at it later."
(866) Kha: "You make any sense of the document Norf?"
(875) Git: "Halthala, don't suppose you could interpret?"
** (884) Norfirion puts the paper into an empty scrollcase and stashes it away. His interest gone in the lab or paper, he approaches the door and examines the glyph. **
(884) Norfirion: "Give me a moment"
** (884) Norfirion peers at the glyph. **
(911) Vrondard: "durn it... locked"
** (863) Halthala shakes her head. **
 (863) Halthala: I have never been in this dungeon, and even if I had been, I am forbidden by law to interfere in a Test once it has begun.

(5149) Norfirion (whispering): i want to go examine the panel with all the knobs and handles, can it be opened?
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (5149) Norfirion...
(5147) Git: (can we get a description of the controls on the panel and the way the numbers and such are set up on it?)
(5154) Vrondard (enter): 00:36
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (5150) Agatha...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (5153) Ari...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (5154) Vrondard...
(5149) Norfirion: "What did you see under that linen by the way Git?"
(5147) Git: :casually to norf: "A decomposed ogre"
(5145) DM: (knobs are numbered 1 to 8 from left to right. red button labeled "start" and blue button labeled "stop")
(5154) Vrondard: [1d8] -> [3] = (3)
(5147) Git: (thanks)
(5145) DM: (red button, 1, 2, 3, 4....8, blue button), from left to right
** (5149) Norfirion casts Detect Magic in the room scanning for any aura's. **
whispering to Norfirion, opened? in what way?
whispering to Norfirion, the panel (STRONG), the silver door (faint)
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): nevermind, got the idea it was like a large cabinet
(5146) Kha has sent you a tree node...
(5146) Kha (whispering): send you a node with the discription for my helm from the DMG, if it is a Arcane lang I should still be able to read it
** (5147) Git moves to check the door to 7( search and unlock if no traps) **
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): was trying to digest too much info at one time with impatient dwavers and humans lurking on :p
** (5153) Ari finds this place very disconcerting. **
whispering to Norfirion, lol
(5149) Norfirion: "This strange panel is mosty definately magical as well as the silver door, which is substantially weaker in power than the panel"
(5149) Norfirion: "Impatient humans, dwarves....."
whispering to Orion, hi, you're welcome to lurk in this session but I am unsure when there will be an opening for this game
(5148) Orion (whispering): Okies
(5146) Kha: "You dont want to look behind the magic door Git" **In a sarcastic tone**
** (5149) Norfirion shakes his head and sighs as he approaches the linen where Git has looked under earlier. **
(5147) Git: "I'm most afraid that the silver door is a holding cell for some nasty creation, so I'm not touching that"
whispering to Orion, long term campaign and there are 7 players at last count
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): take a peak under it
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): i know what Git said was under there, but i have to see for myself
(5146) Kha: "Might be something usefull back there as well though"
(5147) Git: "And it might be a horrible disfigured monster."
whispering to Norfirion, nothing to report
whispering to Norfirion, oh you mean the workbench. its a horribly decomposed ogre skeleton
(5146) Kha: "That too, I guess if noone else wants to look back there I'll just have to wait"
(5154) Vrondard: "might be another rust monster"
(5150) Agatha: "Hmph. At least it'd be more interestin' than all empty tubes."
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): any weapons, jewelry etc on the corpse?
(5146) Kha: "You wana go look Agatha? While Git plays with this other door?"
(5147) Git (whispering): anything from searching the door?
whispering to Norfirion, nope
(5149) Norfirion: "Now for this door"
whispering to Git, the normal door or the silver door?
** (5149) Norfirion rubs his hands together as he approaches the silver door." **
** (5149) Norfirion begins casting. **
(5147) Git (whispering): door to 7, like i said, normal one
whispering to Git, ah, sorry
(5153) Ari: "I do not like the silver door, I do not want to hit the floor."
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): casting Knock spell on the silver door.
(5147) Git (whispering): no prob
** (5146) Kha moves up to the silver door but stays out of Norfs way **
whispering to Git, nope, no sounds
(5153) Ari: ((Ye Gods... I'm channelling Dr. Suess))\
whispering to Git, not locked
(5149) Norfirion: ((lol))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [8,10] = (18)
(5146) Kha: ((Lol exactly what I was just about to say))
whispering to Git, no traps so it seems
(5160) St.Lumina (enter): 00:47
(5160) St.Lumina (exit): 00:47
(5145) DM: The silver door pops open....
** (5146) Kha peers in to see what was humming **
(5149) Norfirion: "Ahh it worked." *smiles*
(5145) DM: The temperature of the lab drops a degree or two.
(5145) TaliesinNYC: This small room contains four large blocks of ice. Each block is 10' tall, 5' wide and 5' deep. The blocks are quite dense in the middle. Two matching gold rods are stuck in each block, close to the top of each block. Thin golden wires run from the rods to holes in the ceiling.

There is a silver lever on the wall in the "up" position.

Each block is affixed to a silver/marble pedestal.

** (5147) Git goes to open the door to , but is halted by the sound of the silver door opening, "whadja do?" **
(5145) DM: There are four empty marble/silver pedestals in the chamber.
** (5147) Git moves over to the door to 6, glancing in. "A freezer?" **
(5146) Kha: "Looks like four of the blocks have melted, or have nor been made yet."
(5145) DM: The interior of the chamber beyond the silver door is antaractic beyond belief.
** (5153) Ari looks on from behind, "Can you make out what's in the ice?" **
(5145) DM: (meant to say antarctic)
(5149) Norfirion: "Strange indeed."
(5149) Norfirion: "But gold nonetheless eh Git?"
** (5146) Kha moves to the lever and looks it over **
(5145) DM: It's a silver lever, and does not seem to have anything inscribed on it.
(5147) Git: "Gold is meaningless if it isn't finely crafted with care"
(5150) Agatha: "Curiouser and curiouser."
** (5146) Kha pulls the lever to the down position to see what happens **
(5147) Git: "Though it does still hold a market value for some reason
** (5149) Norfirion looks at Git with a look of "yeah right". **
(5150) Agatha: "If the cold doesn't get us, the switch will probably zap us."
(5147) Git: "Eight rods..."
(5149) Norfirion: "Eight buttons"
(5147) Git: :grins to norf: "Lets play with buttons"
(5146) Kha (whispering): anything happen when I pulled the lever to the down position?
(5149) Norfirion: "Perhaps not a wise choice"
whispering to Kha, the humming in the chamber ceases
(5146) Kha: "I think I turned it off"
(5149) Norfirion: "As much as I want to examine this, I don't at the same time."
(5145) DM: The humming ceases when Kha pulls the lever.
(5146) Kha: "The humming stoped"
(5147) Git: "Wisdom is a choice of the bored."
(5147) Git: "You probably just turned off what was ever keeping it cold enough in here for the ice not to melt"
** (5146) Kha walks further into the room to get a good look around ((If nothing interesting is seen then I'll flip the lever back to the up position) **
(5150) Agatha: "Aye, this is probably part of the bloomin' test. Why not play for a while?"
(5146) Kha: "Maybe, but I wanted to see what it did"
** (5149) Norfirion searches the room for any hidden doors, etc. **
** (5147) Git looks around the room for vents or such **
(5149) Norfirion: Skill: Search [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
whispering to Norfirion, nothing hidden
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): yeah sorry if u roll search checks, dunno if i was pose to
whispering to Norfirion, I do actually lol
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [Bad dice format] - [1d20+!0]
(5146) Kha: "Go push the start button Norf"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [18,10] = (28)
** (5150) Agatha keeps an eye on the ice and pedestal apparatus. **
whispering to Git, none hidden
(5145) DM: Rivulets of water begin appearing on each of the blocks...
** (5147) Git moves out of the ice room before Norf hit's the button **
** (5149) Norfirion doesn't HIT the button. **
(5146) Kha: "You were right Git it's melting now"
(5149) Norfirion: "I'll leave that to someone else. I'm not 'that' curious to find out."
(5147) Git: "Might be a good thing. meanwhile..." :moves over and presses the start button:
(5146) Kha: "put the lever back to the up position, I wana see what the start button does, but dont want the ice melting yet"
** (5153) Ari looks at the group in horror. "No!" **
(5147) Git: "What?" :after puching the button:
** (5146) Kha turns to Ari "No what?" **
** (5149) Norfirion exits the room and glares inside. **
(5153) Ari: "Are you mad? Don't melt those things."
whispering to Git, which button?
(5146) Kha: "I think they are too large to melt quickly"
(5147) Git: ".... did you want them ofr something?"
(5147) Git (whispering): start
(5147) Git: for even*
(5146) Kha: "I just wanted to see what the lever did, I am going to put it back to the on position now"
(5145) DM: The temperature in the room rises a bit.
** (5146) Kha moves over and puts the lever back in the up position **
(5145) DM: Nothing happens.
(5147) Git: "Hey kha... you might wanna get out of their before I hit anymore switches. and close the door"
** (5146) Kha shugs **
whispering to Kha, You notice that the blocks are melting faster.
(5146) Kha: "No I want to see what is happening
(5147) Git: "Your funeral, but we're closing the door while you're in there."
** (5153) Ari backs out of the room. so very much not wanting to see what is happening. **
** (5146) Kha moves close to the door though ready to slam it shut if anything moves to attack **
(5146) Kha: "The blocks are melting faster now that you pushed the start button"
(5147) Git: "Once again. close the door. I don't need something in there exploding out at me"
(5145) DM: (how long do you spend in the area?)
(5145) DM: (this is directed to Kha)
whispering to Orion, dum de dum dum dum dum duh dum dum dum dum dum dum duh
(5146) Kha: ((long enough to walk around it once))
** (5147) Git waits for Kha to close the door, and then begins turning the knobs in order, 1-8 **
(5146) Kha: ((I am in the door way now watching))
(5146) Kha: "I am not going to shut myself inside "I will stand here and watch, the buttons are not in line of the door anyway so dont wory about exploding things hitting you"
(5147) Git: "Kha, I figure that room's gonna get pretty damn hot, so get out and SHUT THE DOOR!"
(5145) DM: More melting.....as the ice continues to melt faster and faster. Dark shapes are becoming visible to you...
(5146) Kha: "Cant see what is happening if the door is shut"
(5146) Kha: "Start pushing buttons, something is inside the ice"
(5147) Git: "Who cares. ice melting is not a very interesting scene"
** (5149) Norfirion shakes his head. **
(5153) Ari: "me wants them out of there now.
(5154) Vrondard: "what is all this going to accomplish anyway... even if you get it to do what its is supposed to do"
(5147) Git: "By dear Aranis..."
(5147) Git: :fiddles witht eh knobs as Kha refuses:
(5149) Norfirion: "What is that in the ice??"
** (5146) Kha keeps the door open and watches the shapes appearing carfuly **
** (5149) Norfirion stands alongside Kha as he watches the shapes in the ice. **
(5146) Kha: "Might be usefull who knows"
** (5146) Kha turns to Norfirion **
** (5149) Norfirion the more the ice melts, the harder his grip on his staff becomes. **
(5146) Kha: "Some people just have no respect for learning things do they"
whispering to Kha, They're ogres.
(5147) Git: "Somethings you don't need to learn"
(5149) Norfirion: "But some people have a better grasp of staying alive. I don't blame Git, but I do admit my own curiosity can sometimes be a problem."
(5146) Kha: "Ogres in the ice"
(5149) Norfirion: "Those rods..."
** (5146) Kha steps back pulling the door closed **
(5146) Kha: ((Unless Norf is still in the way))
(5149) Norfirion: "They probably supply some magic to this machine."
(5147) Git: "Ogres..." :slams a fist on the off button:
(5149) Norfirion: "Pehaps some form of cold magic, hmmm if we could pry them loose from the ice they could be of some use."
(5146) Kha: "Even I dont want to play with frozen Ogres"
(5149) Norfirion: "I dont care about those brutes, the rods..."
(5146) Kha: "I just wanted to know what was in the ice, so I could make a guess as to what it was for"
(5147) Git: "Unless they look like the rods from the pointing statue, Norf, I don't care."
(5146) Kha: "I would wild a guess that the rods zap the ogres to wake them up after they are thawed"
(5150) Agatha: "Okay, that's enough play...Let's freeze them up again and move on."
(5147) Git: "Don't care kha. Leave em half frozen and lock that door"
(5146) Kha: "Think the frezzer part is broken, just thut the door and lets move on"
(5154) Vrondard: "nooo.. wake em up... then Aggie and I can kill em fer good"
** (5147) Git moves to open the door to 7 **
whispering to Orion, too late. lol.
(5149) Norfirion: "Wouldn't bother me any."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(5148) Orion (whispering): well maybe if they all day i can join? =0p jk
(5146) Kha: "Can probably hack at them before they are thawed all the way but if they wake up before you finish all four?"
(5147) Git (whispering): brain slipping, did I unlock that already or not?
(5147) Git: "If you can kill em in their sleep feel free."
** (5146) Kha shuts the door and moves over to the other door his curiosity about the ice satisfied **
whispering to Orion, huh?
(5148) Orion (whispering): er *die, not day
whispering to Git, the door to 7? yes
(5147) Git (whispering): yes
whispering to Orion, if they die, that wouldn't mean anything
(5154) Vrondard: "bah thats not sporting"
whispering to Orion, how old are you btw?
whispering to Orion, age requirement for the game.
(5149) Norfirion: "Go for it Vordard"
** (5149) Norfirion smiles jokingly. **
(5148) Orion (whispering): 21. why, does your game contain orc porn? =0p
(5147) Git: "you'd rather wake them up, give them a bite to eat, let them rest after the thawing and then fight them?"
(5146) Kha: "Shall we look into the next room then?"
whispering to Orion, hah. prefer 20 and over.
(5146) Kha: "If you wana wait for them to wake and kill them be my guest but I dont realy want to play with four ogres right now"
(5149) Norfirion: "I suppose"
whispering to Orion, have no patience for the young 'uns, I guess
(5150) Agatha: "We'd best bar the door for good measure then."
(5146) Kha: "Wonder if they would thank us for letting them go? I know I would be happy to be unfrozen if I was stuck in a block of ice like that."
(5153) Ari: "Bar the door, yes, I like that idea."
(5169) erendor (enter): 01:19
(5147) Git: "They'll be hungry too Kha"
(5146) Kha: "Oh well lets go to the next room, can let them out on our way back if we took the wrong way out on that statue room"
(5154) Vrondard: "yep better not let them go... since I don't got time to fool wid em"
(5145) DM: (ok)
whispering to Orion, actually, I prefer mature (as in behavior) players. just my experience that older is usually (but not necessarily) better
(5148) Orion (whispering): groovy
** (5146) Kha moves and opens the wooden door **
** (5146) Kha looks around the next room before entering **
(5145) TaliesinNYC: Stacks of shelves fill this room and line the walls giving the room a maze effect. Bottles and vials of every possible description can be seen as light is cast inside the door. Dried pieces of animals, extra equipment and sealed flasks of colored gases are just a few of the things found on the shelves in this room. Everything here is covered with a thin layer of dust. On a bare spot in the SW corner of the room are three colored nozzles: green, gold and blue.
(5145) DM: (fyi, this is room 7)
** (5149) Norfirion casts hist last Detect Magic. **
whispering to Norfirion, the three nozzles are magical. your spell is also retained in memory.
** (5149) Norfirion the enters the room and examines for aura's amongst the strange things. **
(5154) Vrondard: "hmmm more icky stuff"
** (5146) Kha walks around the room looking for something besides colored gas and bottles **
** (5147) Git strolls the room, looking over the dusty collection, paying a bit of intrest to the flasked gases **
whispering to Kha, notmuch
** (5153) Ari shudders, "Why are here again?" **
whispering to Git, not much
whispering to Git, strike that
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): the spell being retained in memory, that strike me as strange? or that some out of game thing? heh?
(5147) Git: :to ari: "Don't know. Halthala won't tell us"
(5148) Orion (whispering): do you have msn or aim?
whispering to Git, several flasks are sealed, some containing colored gasses
(5149) Norfirion: "Those three nozzles are magical in nature as well."
whispering to Norfirion, should strike you as strange since when you cast a spell, its gone
(5146) Kha: "Think we are being tested before we can use the Sla-Mori to get to the city with the undead elves"
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): ok lol just making sure
whispering to Orion, Tolmara on AIM, StashNYC1970 on yahoo
(5149) Norfirion: "Thats interesting, when I cast my spell, it didnt leave memory, I still have it as if I never cast it. Hmmmm"
(5145) Halthala: Of course, Kha.
** (5145) Halthala smiles slightly. **
(5147) Git: "It's a pain really, these open ended vague tests. You never really know what you're being tested for. And there's always the chance that someone completely undeserving might stumble across the right answer."
(5146) Kha: "Wonder if it works like that in here for Divine magic as well?"
(5147) Git (whispering): any labels to the gases?
(5145) Halthala: Well...actually, I suppose it wouldn't hurt.
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): are the nozzles sticking out of the wall, or floor?
whispering to Norfirion, out of the wall
(5145) Halthala: She came to me in a dream, you see.
(5148) Orion (whispering): i'm Orion283 on aim
** (5149) Norfirion begins searching the vials for a container with a gold, green, and blue gas. **
(5147) Git: :glances back at Halthala: "Who now?"
** (5146) Kha turns to Halthala, "Who did?" **
(5145) Halthala: She said, seek them out and they will prove their worth to you. And so they have.
(5145) Halthala: So far...(hastily adds)
** (5148) Orion falls through a plothole. **
(5148) Orion (exit): 01:31
** (5149) Norfirion turns around at Halthala's comment, but returns to his searching. **
(5145) Halthala: Basht, I think her name was.
** (5153) Ari glances around the room, "You don't suppose that cat woman ...." **
(5147) Git: "Ah crap!" :bickers out at the name of Basht:
(5149) Norfirion: ((brb bathroom))
(5147) Git: "That finagling feline is involved in this?"
(5146) Kha: "Cat woman, you havnt mentioned her since I met back up with you in the tower"
(5145) Halthala: It was an odd dream. But so far, you've exceeded my expectations. You see, the statue trap is a common variation in all dungeons protecting a sla-mori. You've actually solved it with a minimum of danger.
(5147) Git: :to Kha: "Like that flail, it's not something I particularly want to talk of"
(5145) Halthala: I think I've mentioned more than I should though. There is my oath to consider....(falls silent)
(5146) Kha: "Oh ya the flail, I forgot about that. Next time it talks it better be ready to answer a question or two"
(5147) Git: "No, continue, How much further is that woman involved in this matter?"
(5145) Halthala: Well...
(5147) Git: "Cause it she 'led us' here on some prophetic quest, I'm walking right out of this damn place. No questions asked."
(5146) Kha: "Oath? Oh well. Anyways so this Basht was able to enter your dreams, or did it feel like a difrent world that looks like our own?"
(5145) Halthala: She said that if you proved your worthiness, it would be proof that you were the Chosen of the Sun or some nonesense like that, and your questions shall be answered. Or perhaps it was that you would answer a question? And something involving a Sword. (shakes her head as if trying to remember something.)
(5146) Kha: "Whats wrong with fufilling prophacy Git? Has to be fufilled by someone some time"
(5154) Vrondard: "thats true"
(5149) Norfirion: ((back))
(5145) Halthala: It felt like a different world. This was shortly after I met you. I believe you cared for me. (looks directly at Git) I am in your debt, my brother.
(5147) Git: :shakes his head and glares at Kha: "Prophecy is a string of predetermined events. Once you follow into one, you get strung onto the next and come the next you'r already entangled for believing in the one. Best to cut it clean at the source and move on with yer life."
(5146) Kha: "Sounds like what thw flail said, sword concering scorpian, question one ask, and will be asked again or something like that. I am sure I wrote down what it said in my jurnal"
(5147) Git: "Don't care. and we're ditching that flail or better yet destroying it first chance we get"
(5154) Vrondard: "well if this is it... should we head back to the statue"
(5154) Vrondard: "choose another way?"
(5146) Kha: "I wonder if it was the Dream wold I can enter while I sleep. I didnt know you could pull other people into it though, if thats what she did, or maybe you just entered it on your own and she met you there. Interesting very interesting. I have never seen anyone else in the Dream world though"
(5145) Halthala: All I want really, is revenge against the one who slew my betrothed, and to slay as many orckin as possible.
(5149) Norfirion: "I believe it said...In the city of diamonds, the Chosen of the Sun will be sun-kissed and sun-touched, the better to behold the might and wonder of Ra, the Ever Living. And three times will they be given the choice, and three times will a question be asked: not the first, not the second, but the third shall come to pass: Will honor win over greed? Can a sword conquer a scorpion? How does death overtake the eternal? For you have no Fate but the Fate you are given, and no Fate but the Fate you have made."
** (5150) Agatha looks around for any hidden catches, switches, doors, etc. **
(5149) Norfirion: "There are strange realms indeed Kha.."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
(5149) Norfirion: "I've done quite a bit of research to one in particular, but thats a discussion for another time."
whispering to Agatha, there is a secret door in the room (see the map above) and the nozzles have something to do with opening it
(5147) Git: :to hal with a sigh, "You aren't part of her prophecy, so, we'll still help, aggrevating as your dumb little test is. Though if you've never been here, shouldn't you be taking it as well?"
(5172) Elledan (enter): 01:42
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): anyways, looking through the vials of gases for any containers with a gold, blue, or green colored gas
(5146) Kha: "No was diffrent the one I hear, but what you just said sound like the first time it spoke like that, sound like it is giving us three chanses to accept it's prophacy or it will end. I for one would accept it for no better reason then it sounds interesting. Well that and it might help me understand the prophacy I am already part of better"
(5145) Halthala: It's not my Test, little brother. You are being Tested by the Ara-Cemnari, our forefathers in this world. All those who use a sla-mori, save that of a Warder, shall be so Tested. So has it been and so shall it be, by the hand of Aranris El-Macil, First of the People of the Sky.
** (5147) Git searches the outer walls of the room, for any compartments or doors, before checking the floor for trap doors **
whispering to Norfirion, well, there are quite a few. about five of each. :)
(5147) Git: "Godesses... too high standards..."
(5149) Norfirion: "The second I believe was something along the lines of...So has it been written by the hand of the one known as Destiny that honor does not win over greed, and so he is unworthy to hold the Sword. The choice passes to another: Can a sword conquer a scorpion? For you have no Fate but the Fate you are given, nor no Fate but the Fate you have made."
(5146) Kha: "So Halthala have you ever had a dream like that before, where it seemed as if you were in familiar suroundings but no other people around?"
(5150) Agatha: "Aye, aye. We've all heard this before. Let's put the matter aside and focus on the here and now."
(5150) Agatha: "Like this hidden door here."
(5145) Halthala: Mmm. No, I don't dream. (looks directly at Kha) I don't like dreams much.
(5147) Git: "Norf.. stop listeninf to that jabbering thing. It never says anything worthwhile"
(5149) Norfirion: "She's of elf kind Kha remember."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [3,10] = (13)
(5146) Kha: "You dont dream?" Turns tword Agatha quickly "Secret door?"
whispering to Git, there is a secret door in the room (see above map) and the nozzles have something to do with opening it
(5149) Norfirion: To Git "I was merely repeating what the blathering thing was saying. My interest in it is little indeed."
(5146) Kha: "I didnt know elven kind did not dream, I knew they did not sleep in the maner of humans, but I figured they would still dream"
(5147) Git (whispering): any markings on the door, and did Norf find matching gas colors on the shelf?
(5149) Norfirion: "I'll explain it later Kha, lets continue for now"
(5153) Ari: "Dream, reverie, is there much difference?"
(5149) Norfirion: "Indeed there is"
(5147) Git: :to ari: "Don't know... I never have much of either"
(5145) Halthala: Dreams remind you of things you once knew, of people who once lived and loved but are no longer alive. I prefer not to dream.
** (5146) Kha walks next to Hathala following the others threw the secret door **
(5150) Agatha: "Aye. We can argue later. As for the door, it's got something to do with these nozzles."
whispering to Git, he found several lol, and no markings on the door.
(5146) Kha: "Not all dreams are of the past, some are of the future"
(5153) Ari: "And some mean nothing at all."
(5145) DM: (door is unopened. needs to be opened first...)
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): taking 1 each of vial of blue, green, and gold gases
whispering to Norfirion, ok
(5149) Norfirion: "How did you open this door by the way Agatha?"
(5149) Norfirion: ((nm))
(5146) Kha: "I have had strange dreams of future events, and I can also ender a Dream world while I sleep and explore places, though I have never seen any people in the Dream World."
whispering to Agatha, one of the nozzles opens the door. but need to figure out which one
** (5147) Git goes over and picks a gold, a green and a blue smoke filled flask from the shelf **
(5149) Norfirion: "I believe I have a solution to the locked door." he says as he approaches the nozzles with three glass vials in hand.
(5149) Norfirion: "I"m already on it Git"
(5150) Agatha: "Open it? Ha! I only said I found the damned thing."
(5147) Git: :to norf: "Great minds..."
** (5149) Norfirion opens the vials and releases the colored glass into each corresponding nozzle. **
(5149) Norfirion: ((gas even))
(5146) Kha: "I wonder where the Cat lady is, if she can enter the world of Dream I would realy like to speak to her. I have never been able to find much information about it"
** (5149) Norfirion leaks over his shoulder to Kha and shakes his head once again. **
(5149) Norfirion: ((damn typos))
(5147) Git: "She'll probably show up sooner or later, and then you and her can go off on a wonderful little adventure into the desert and take the talking flail with you. Okay?'
(5145) DM: (ok...now what?)
(5149) Norfirion: "Woe to the person who wielded a intelligent weapon infused with Kha's personality."
(5147) Git: :to norf: "No go?"
(5149) Norfirion: ((Any sounds, or any kind of reaction aftering releasing the gasses into the nozzles?))
(5146) Kha: "Vontaros what can you tel me of Ra, Thats the God the speaking Flail servers. Would fufilling this prophacy it seems to be talking about be conflicting with the goals of Oneiros?"
(5147) Git: (are there any switches on the nozzels?)
(5150) Agatha: "I think one of the nozzles works the door. Dunno which one or what to do with the nozzle."
(5145) DM: (the nozzles ARE switches)
(5145) DM: ((no sounds))
(5146) Kha: ((Probably have to open the vials and let the gas flow out into the correct color, not just walk over to them with the vials in hand :P ))
** (5149) Norfirion walks over to the door and tries to push it open after releasing the gas. **
(5147) Git: (nozzle = switch? .... 0.o )
(5149) Norfirion: ((I did that already))
(5172) Elledan (exit): 01:55
(5145) Vontaros: All prophecies are born of and lead to Lord Shaper. It is not that Oneiros serves the gods but rather that the gods keep Oneiros as one of their number.
(5145) DM: (yes, Git. :) )
(5147) Git: (spout opening = control device? )
(5154) Vrondard: "hmm sounds like me uncle..."
(5145) DM: (yes, but also, the nozzles can be turned...)
(5154) Vrondard: "if'n he wasnt family he certainly wouldnt be treated like family"
(5153) Ari: "I don't like this, I don't like this at all."
** (5147) Git attaches the vials to the nozzles in corresponding order and then turns them **
(5175) Gate (enter): 01:57
** (5145) Silver scratches at the door, whining. **
whispering to Ari, the luggage rests against you, strangely comforting
(5146) Kha: "Oh how very interesting." Turning to Git "How was the offer to compleat the prophacy made the first time?"
(5175) Gate: Disconnecting from server...
(5175) Gate (exit): 01:58
(5176) Artorious (enter): 01:58
whispering to Git, which order?
(5176) Artorious: Disconnecting from server...
(5176) Artorious (exit): 01:58
** (5153) Ari sits on nothing. **
(5147) Git: :To Kha: "Annoyingly"
(5147) Git (whispering): dunno.. right to left)
(5145) DM: (which order? from left to right is green, gold and blue)
(5146) Kha: "I mean did the Flail ask you to do it, or did someone else make the offer?"
(5147) Git (whispering): ok then... green, gold, blue
(5145) DM: As you turn the green nozzle, colored green gas pours out of the nozzle. (Fort save)
(5147) Git: Fortitude save: [1d20+2] -> [12,2] = (14)
(5177) Exodine (enter): 02:00
(5145) DM: It seems to make you woozy....
(5147) Git: (don't suppose the vial attached to it stops the gas...)
(5154) Vrondard: "bah yer going to kill us all"
(5174) Renzo (enter): 02:00
(5145) DM: (Norf didn't indicate that he attached them to the nozzle, only that he empties the vials into the nozzles)
(5147) Git: "Wa-oah..." :wobbles a bit, gripping the wall to keep from falling over:
(5147) Git: (I indictate)
(5146) Kha: "Humf, Wrong color there I think Git"
(5177) Exodine: Disconnecting from server...
(5147) Git: (indictated rather*)
(5177) Exodine (exit): 02:02

 (5145) DM: Green gas continues pouring out of the green nozzle.
** (5147) Git turns the green nozzle back off **
(5145) DM: ((forgot to moderate the room when we entered here.))
(5147) Git: (I did indicate attaching the vials, that count for anything?)

 (5146) Kha: "Try the gold color"
(5145) DM: (missed that. the vials aren't able to be attached in any event.)
(5147) Git: :in a warbling voive: "Thanks fer the atvize, K'ha." :turns the gold nozzle:
(5145) DM: The door opens.
** (5149) Norfirion covers his mouth. **
(5145) DM: There is a grinding noise....as a section of the wall slides back.
(5147) Git: :seeing the door open: "Yippy...." :drops against the wall to rest a moment:
(5149) Norfirion: "That seemed to do the trick"
(5150) Agatha: "Hm. That wasn't so bad."
(5146) Kha: "See should always listen to me" **Sarcasim clearly in his voice**
(5169) erendor (exit): 02:05
(5146) Kha: "You alright Git?"
(5147) Git: "A little woozy, Not sure what I got hit with..."
(5154) Vrondard: "ea's got a head of mine gas"
(5154) Vrondard: "will take a bit o' fresh air fer it to wear off"
(5153) Ari (exit): 02:07
(5178) Greebo (enter): 02:07
(5146) Kha: "Oh ok, as long as it wont kill him. Lets go see where the next door heads to shal we?"
(5149) Norfirion: "It's impossible to be any more toxic that the stuff that comes out of your rear dwarf."
(5150) Agatha: "You better take it easy then."
** (5146) Kha pauses and looks at Norf funny "Why you sniffin Vrondards read Norf?" **
** (5147) Git gives Aggy a nod as he sits a moment trying to assess his own condition **
(5154) Vrondard: "ooh good one.... let see"
** (5154) Vrondard tugs on his beard and bends over... letting a good one fly **
(5154) Vrondard: (phllllllpppht....)
(5154) Vrondard: "ahhhhhhhhh"
** (5146) Kha moves over to Git and rests his hand on his sholder **
** (5146) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
(5147) Git (whispering): any distinguished damage or just fatigue?
(5154) Vrondard: "that wake ya up Git?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (5178) Ari...
** (5146) Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [2d8+2] -> [8,4,2] = (14) DMG to Subdual} **
(5146) Kha (whispering): Heal
whispering to Kha, k
(5147) Git: "No.... but it did piss me off"
(5149) Norfirion: "I think Kha could use a dose of that Vrondard."
** (5150) Agatha makes a disgusted face as she examines the next room. **
(5146) Kha: "That help Git?"
(5147) Git: "Well.... my chest feels better anyway."
(5146) Kha: "And I am not the one that was talking about sniffing dwarven farts Norf."
(5178) Ari (whispering): hellow? can I come back, the puter went nuts and shut down
(5146) Kha: "Well thats about all I can do to help you."
(5149) Norfirion: "Who said anything about sniffing? Its impossible to escape it."
** (5146) Kha goes though the newly opened door to see what test is next **
(5149) Norfirion: "Much like your mouth" he says with a sneer.
(5149) Norfirion: "Enough bickering, I'm sorry. Lets just continue on."
whispering to Ari, hm
(5145) DM: The door opens to reveal a narrow passage that leads further and deeper into the earth. A damp, mildewy odor wafts up to greet you.
(5145) DM: (passage declines by about 15 degrees)
(5145) DM: Ends in a barred porticullis. (down position)
(5145) DM: (at room 8)
(5178) Ari: (am I here)
(5154) Vrondard: "ooh standard porticullis... need to find the lever"
(5150) Agatha: "A dead end? Lovely."
(5146) Kha: "Hope it wasnt that lever back in the frozen ogre room that I put back into the up position"
(5154) Vrondard: "and watch the trap... there has to be a trap in here somewhere"
** (5146) Kha walks back along the passage carfuly looking for a lever of any kind **
(5154) Vrondard: "rockfall... rolling boulder.... scythe blade... something"
(5154) Vrondard: "oh the crushing walls... that would be nice here"
(5149) Norfirion: "I'd prefer to stay in solid form today Vrondard, being a liquid isnt something I look forward to."
(5154) Vrondard: "schmush yer like an orc pancake... and you squish thru the bars in the end"
(5154) Vrondard: "quite gruesome"
(5146) Kha (whispering): will go all the way back into room 7 looking, if I dont find anything on the way back to room 7 I will go turn on the blue gas nozzle and see what happens
(5149) Norfirion: "I can imagine"
(5147) Git (whispering): still suffering from wooziness?)
** (5150) Agatha steps back. "I couldn't imagine. Why don't you take point and we'll see first hand.?" **
whispering to Git, you come to
(5145) DM: The porticullis raises.
whispering to Kha, Reflex
(5154) Vrondard: "hmmm ladies first is it?"
(5146) Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [6,9] = (15)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [6d6] -> [2,5,2,5,3,6] = (23)
** (5147) Git raises himself along the wall near the nozzles and follows after the others **
(5145) DM: (only Kha: A brilliant bolt of lightning shoots out of the blue nozzle, striking you in the chest.)
whispering to Kha, take 23
** (5147) Git jumps in surprise as Kha gets shocked right behind him **
(5150) Agatha: "Not in here, Master Dwarf."
(5145) DM: (Kha is not here.)
(5154) Vrondard: "hmm how did that go up?"
(5145) DM: (he went back to room 7)
** (5146) Kha wanders back to the others **
(5154) Vrondard: "beauty before brawn?"
(5146) Kha: "Ouchy, blue nozzle is lightning. Oh it looks like it opened the bars though"
** (5146) Kha sits down after ariving at the others **
** (5146) Kha Consentrates a moment and draws power threw Vontaros into himself **
** (5147) Git lets Kha go first, ask thoughtfully, "You gonna be okay, I can't tell considering your simplistic speech" **
(5145) DM: The porticullis raises as you hear a crackle behind you in the distance. It reveals a small chamber, devoid of contents save bleached bones and dust. There is a barred porticullis in the down position that blocks your way.
** (5146) Kha rests his hands on you for a second and you feel a slight cold brush over you. {Turn [3d8+2] -> [8,4,7,2] = (21) DMG to Subdual} **
(5146) Kha (whispering): Heal
(5178) Ari: ((sorry keyboard issues, or something, computer keeps wanting to shut itself down))
(5145) DM: There is a LARGE hook in the center of the ceiling.
(5150) Agatha: "Is Master Dwarf afraid to venture a cave?"
whispering to Kha, done
(5146) Kha: "Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal."
(5146) Kha: ((Gain 1HP Cure all Subdual Dmg))
(5154) Vrondard: "to be honest you are the fastest Aggie.. since I know something bad is in here...yeah"
(5178) Ari: "I'm not embarrassed to admit being afraid."
(5154) Vrondard: "but now that I see that hook"
** (5146) Kha takes a deep breath **
(5154) Vrondard: "speed isn't going to matter..."
(5154) Vrondard: "who thinks they can hook a rope onto that hook?"
(5146) Kha: "Ahh much better, that lightning bolt hurt alot. Remiind me not to get hit by electric bolts again"
(5154) Vrondard: "then we can swing over.. and not touch this floor"
** (5149) Norfirion peers into the room while thinking. **
whispering to Norfirion, Spot
** (5147) Git looks in among the bones **
(5149) Norfirion (whispering): [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12)
(5154) Vrondard: "its either that or jump the thing.. and thats a bit of a jump"
whispering to Norfirion, the ceiling is slightly discolored
(5150) Agatha: "Swing where? The other side is still blocked."
whispering to Norfirion, its an odd orange yellow
(5154) Vrondard: "well assuming that gets unblocked"
** (5154) Vrondard peers in without stepping in and looks around **
(5145) DM: (The room is 50' wide by 20' deep)
** (5146) Kha stands up and examins the room **
whispering to Vrondard, Spot
(5149) Norfirion: "The ceiling is a strange color? Anyone notice that? An organe yellowish color..."
(5147) Git: :looks up to the hook, studiously: (how is it attached to the cieling?)
(5154) Vrondard (whispering):

Spot check:

[1d20+1+3] -> [2,1,3] = (6)

6 cross class Ranks

(5145) DM: (There's something REALLY odd about the hook...you can't tell without closer examination)
whispering to Vrondard, nyet comrade
(5147) Git: (the floor is 20' deep?)
** (5178) Ari looks up and wonders to herself, why is it the people rarely look up? **
(5145) DM: (50' wide x 20' long)
(5147) Git: (oh, how high to the odd colored ceiling then?)
(5145) DM: (30')
(5146) Kha: "I dont have any rope, or I would try and snag the hook"
(5149) Norfirion: "Neither do I"
(5150) Agatha: "I've got some."
** (5147) Git pulls a silk rope and grappling hook from his pack handing them over to Kha. "enjoy" **
(5146) Kha: "Have you tried just walking into the room?"
(5154) Vrondard: "no I think that something bad will happen"
** (5146) Kha rubs his chest where you can see a distinct burn mark on his shirt **
(5147) Git: :agreeing with vronard: "Yeah, the skeletons... dead give away"
** (5146) Kha looks at the rope and graple hook **
(5154) Vrondard: "well we have to get that porticullus open as well"
(5146) Kha: "Stand back a bit so I can have room to sing it"
** (5147) Git shrugs and moves back to give kha room **
(5146) Kha (whispering): Dex check to snag the hook with the graple?
** (5149) Norfirion stands back as well while keeping the room in view. **
** (5146) Kha slowly swings the graple back and forth taking his time to judge the distance and angle to make sure he does not miss **
(5146) Kha (whispering): Taking 20 on the check unless something bad will happen if I miss with the graple then I gota roll it
whispering to Kha, k
(5145) DM: Kha snags the hook with his grapple.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d100] -> [1] = (1)
** (5146) Kha hands the rope to Git **
(5145) DM: (where is Kha standing in relation to the room and the corridor from area 7?)
(5145) DM: (and where is Git standing?)
(5146) Kha: "There ya go, you can do what you want with it now, my chest still hurts from that lightning bolt that smashed into me"
(5147) Git: (a ways back... giving him room to swing)
(5145) DM: (in terms of feet? how many feet?)
(5146) Kha: ((I am standing right at the portculus thing, just turning back to hand Git the rope))
(5145) DM: (k)
(5147) Git: :looks down at the rope in his hands: "Why... thank you for doing the part I could have done myself"
(5145) DM: You hear a sudden crack behind Kha
** (5146) Kha spins around **
(5147) Git: (that would be Git's skull I'm guessing)
(5145) DM: Suddenly, a section of the ceiling crashes onto the floor, crushing the bones on the floor in its wake. The surface of the ceiling is covered in yellowish mold...
(5145) DM: (Kha, Reflex)
(5146) Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+9] -> [3,9] = (12)
(5146) Kha: ((Damn going first into area's :P ))
(5147) Git: (price you pay for being strongest)
whispering to Kha, Fort save
(5146) Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+8] -> [5,8] = (13)
(5147) Git: "Damn!" :hops back a step as the ceiling comes crashing down:
(5145) DM: As the ceiling crashes down on the floor, the mold covering the surface sends clouds of spores into the area. (Kha cleared the area)
(5178) Ari: ((I hate this computer))
(5145) DM: However, clouds of spores filter into the corridor leading out of room 7 after a few feet...
(5147) Git: (spores coming from both ways?)
** (5146) Kha stagers backwards out of the spore cloud and sits down **
** (5149) Norfirion is standing at the back of the group wherever that maybe. **
(5154) Vrondard: "hmmm not good"
(5145) DM: (spores coming in only from room 8, and a portion of the cloud settles into the passage out of room 7, for a few feet. This is why I wanted to know where Git was standing in terms of feet.)
(5146) Kha (whispering): Can I make a wilderness lore check to see if I know what the stuff is?
(5150) Agatha: "Ya think?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
whispering to Kha, take 3 Con damage
(5147) Git: (oh.... read out of room 7 and got confused)
whispering to Kha, yes
(5146) Kha: "That stuff makes me feel funny"
(5146) Kha: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [12,8] = (20)
** (5147) Git kneels near Kha, offering sincerely, "This place is sickening." **
(5145) DM: (Kha took rope and snagged it to the hook in room 8. His finagling with the hook and vibrations from movement caused the ceiling to fall and crash onto the floor of room 8. when Kha turned and gave Git the rope, I needed to know where Git was just in case he was affected when the spores flew into the air as the ceiling fell down, as a result of Kha's actions.)
whispering to Kha, its yellow mold
whispering to Kha, normally, at full strength, it kills people outright
whispering to Kha, it can be gotten rid of by burning
(5147) Git: (still need to know, hmm... enough room to swing a grapple back and forth exaggerated style.... 10 ft give or take?)
(5149) Norfirion: ((got ya))
(5145) DM: (barely)
** (5146) Kha reaches his flaming spear forward and touches it to the spores that settled outside the room **
(5145) DM: The porticullis opposite you raises.
(5147) Git: (roll save?)
whispering to Git, yes
(5147) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+8] -> [16,8] = (24)
(5146) Kha: "The mold is deadly. I was lucky I only got a small spore cloud. Have to burn the stuff to get rid of it so it is safe to cross"
whispering to Git, no effect
whispering to Kha, The spores explode on contact with the flame and burn away.
** (5149) Norfirion has his robe sleeve covering his face in an attempt to keep from breathing any of the spoors. **
(5146) Kha: ""Dont try and swing across. just toss a torch into the room and it will be safe to cross"
** (5178) Ari feeling useless.... "Kha? I don't suppose there's anything I can do to help?" **
(5146) Kha: "I dont know, I feel alot less healthy then I did before I breathed the spores"
** (5146) Kha continues swining his spear in front of him while inching closer to the room, making sure all the spores in the hall burn infront of him **
(5154) Vrondard: "hmm well you'll need to get that fixed before long"
(5150) Agatha: "Bah. He'll be fine, assuming he doesn't take anymore stupid risks."
** (5149) Norfirion gives a laugh at Agatha's comment. **
** (5147) Git reaches into his pocket for a pint of oil and cuts a strip from his handkerchief, stuffining it in as a fuse(improvised molotov cocktail). After grabbing Kha and Ari back he lits it with a tindertwig and tosses it into the roomt o set the spores burning **
(5150) Agatha: "Aye, you're right. He's as good as dead."
(5145) DM: The rest of the spores burn away harmlessly.
(5146) Kha: "What risk, I just did what you asked by snaging the hook with the rope"
(5147) Git: :to Kha while watching the burning: "And you did very well"
(5146) Kha: "Well the room is safe to cross now thanks to me. If you would have tried swinging across you would have died."
(5147) Git: "Breathing in things like that can't be very healthy for you though"
** (5178) Ari looks up at Git, "Thank you." **
(5146) Kha: "Was not my intention, I am very very lucky I only got a small puff of the spores or I would be dead right now."
(5147) Git: :raises a brow at Ari, then tells Kha: "Lovely, how about you sit the next part out then. Rest up."
(5147) Git: "You really don't look very well."
** (5146) Kha stands up slowly and starts across the room **
(5146) Kha: "I am not that hurt, just not as well as I was before. It might pass in time or not."
** (5147) Git follows after kha to the next room **
(5145) DM: The passage ends at a closed wooden door.
** (5154) Vrondard gets to the end with the rest **
(5154) Vrondard: "alrighty... another door... another danger"
** (5147) Git checks over the wooden door (search for traps, listen, check if it's locked **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [12,10] = (22)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
** (5178) Ari forces herself to her feet, not wanting to be left alone here. **
whispering to Git, no traps, no sounds, unlocked
(5147) Git: (see if anyone scribbled a dirty joke on it)
(5146) Kha (whispering): is it Temp Con dmg or permanat?
** (5147) Git stands up straight and tries the door himself for a change **
(5145) TaliesinNYC: The interior of the chamber contains an iron-bound wooden chest in the middle of the chamber.
whispering to Kha, temp
(5150) Agatha: "Now here's a trap if I ever saw one."
** (5147) Git looks around the room before entering (spot check) and then whips out his extendable pole, feeling about the ground to make his way to the chest as long as he sees nothing suspicious **
(5145) DM: (this is room 9, fyi)
whispering to Git, nothing out of the ordinary
(5178) Ari (whispering): how does the luggage react to this?
whispering to Ari, its curious
** (5147) Git taps the ground like a blind man feeling his way about as he moves to the chest cautiously **
** (5145) Silver nuzzles Vrondard, licking him from behind. **
(5178) Ari (whispering): what?
(5154) Vrondard: "hey puppy"
whispering to Ari, its curious lol
** (5149) Norfirion glares on with a stoic look being quite. **
whispering to Ari, is it supposed to do something?
(5154) Vrondard: "getting this chest... thats going to show we passed the test?"
** (5145) Silver whuffs, panting. **
(5154) Vrondard (whispering): how do we pass the test anyway?
(5178) Ari (whispering): it was just your verbage that made me wonder
whispering to Vrondard, you're about to, lol
(5147) Git: :to vronard: "This is one of eight halls. might be one eighth of the test for all I know"
(5154) Vrondard: "well let me try one thing..."
** (5154) Vrondard brings out his javelin and tosses it at the chest **
** (5147) Git kneels down at the chest (assuming no problems getting to it) and takes his time looking over something seeming rather important (take 20 on search for dc 30) **
** (5149) Norfirion laughs. "A good a plan as any Vrondard." **
(5145) DM: The lid flies open.
(5154) Vrondard: Javelin Attack:
Vrondard throws a javelin at his foe
[1d20+4+3] -> [12,4,3] = (19) Critical on Natural 20
** (5149) Norfirion hopes the javelin hits the chest and not the party rogue. **
(5147) Git: (and then watch as it blows up in my face from vronard's javelin)
(5145) Halthala Mithaleil: So behold the first ingredient of the ritual of invocation: a medallion of wondrous might. Six other ingredients you must gather, each a function of the spell that shall reopen the portal of Alindal-en. A tear from the heart of an elfmaiden, the dust of the long forgotten dead, a lock of hair from magicka's true love, valor against corruption, the bane of the dead, and a drop of emerald death.

To perform the ritual of invocation: anoint the medallion with emerald death. Strike the medallion with the bane of the dead. Wrap the medallion in the hands of the valorous who also holds a hair from magicka's true love, dipped in a tear from an elfmaid's true heart amid grains of the long-forgotten dead. Chant the ritual of invocation not once, not twice but thrice and the portal shall be opened.

(5154) Vrondard: "ohya... did I do that?"
(5145) DM: Halthala's voice takes on a sonorous air as she chants the above invocation. Her eyes blaze with an otherworldly light as she speaks.
(5178) Ari: "Oh Goddess protect."
(5174) Renzo (exit): 03:06
(5147) Git: "What now?" :looks back to Halthala:
** (5149) Norfirion turns around and glares to Halthala. **
(5187) Jo]{er (enter): 03:06
** (5145) Halthala faints to the ground, unconscious. **
(5149) Norfirion: "A lock of hair from magicka's true love..."
(5147) Git: "Ugh... Make sure she's alright. "
(5150) Agatha: "We go back to the statue. We still have 5 halls just like this to explore."
** (5146) Kha walks over to Hathala and kneels down next to her **
** (5147) Git checks in the chest already pretty sure what he'll find" **
(5146) Kha: "No, the six ingredents are here, except the emerald death. I dont know what that is"
** (5178) Ari kneels as Halthala's side. **
(5145) DM: Inside the chest is a glittering silver medallion attached to a thin platinum and electrum cord, two chryophase gems, and a sealed silver scroll tube.
(5145) DM: The medallion is inscribed with elven glyphs.
(5145) DM: (I mean elven runes)
(5187) Jo]{er (exit): 03:09
(5147) Git: (normal elven as in I can read it, or arcane runes?)
whispering to Git, you can read it
** (5147) Git gathers up the items from the chest, looking over the medallion as he returns to the others **
** (5178) Ari checks her vital signs. (if she's just fainted she should be ok in a moment or three) **
(5154) Vrondard: "a drop of some green things poison or acid"
whispering to Git, Behold the medallion of the Ara-Cemnari. Keep this medallion at all times for without it, the portal cannot open.
(5154) Vrondard: "that's what everald death sounds to me"
whispering to Ari, she's alive
(5146) Kha: "Bane of the dead is a club. Dust of the dead would be bone dust, whuch is in the room the roof tried to crush me. The tear could come from Ari or Hathala, and hands of the Valorus would be one of us I am guessing. The Hair I dont know either though."
(5178) Ari (whispering): but does she need healing or will she snap out of it on her own?
** (5145) Halthala comes to, sighing **
(5154) Vrondard: "either that or its a drink I havent' 'ad yet"
(5149) Norfirion: ((sorry was getting a drink))
(5146) Kha: "So just need to figure out who's hair, and what emerald death is. Is one of those Games Green Git?"
(5147) Git: "Could be six different items in six different directions though."
** (5146) Kha turns to Halthala "You alright?" **
(5154) Vrondard: "yep... that would make it difficult"
(5147) Git: :shakes his head and gives the gems a once over (appraise check)
(5145) Halthala: You have passed one part of the Test. (smiles)
(5147) Git: Appraise Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(5147) Git: (yeesh)
(5149) Norfirion: "I....I think it may be refering to me Kha..."
(5149) Norfirion: "A lock of hair...."
(5178) Ari: /me turns from Halthala, "Did I ever mention that I hate tests?"
(5149) Norfirion: "But....ah nevermind. My mind hasn't been the same since.."
(5147) Git: :to Norf: "Your hair ain't that illustrious"
(5145) Halthala: By the grace of the Ara-Cemnari, know you that for each part of the Test you complete, your wounds shall be healed and your pains eased away, and returned you shall be to the chamber of the Guardian.
** (5146) Kha looks at Norf **
** (5149) Norfirion 's expression changes to a sad look and he sighs and sits on the ground looking solemn and dishivelled. **
(5146) Kha: "Dont think he was talking about his hair Git"
(5146) Kha: "How many parts of this test are there?"
(5178) Ari: "Then who's ?"
(5145) Halthala: There are eight. Seven in the gathering and one in the battle to come.
(5154) Vrondard: "bane of the dead... that could be that holy juice they make"
** (5147) Git pops the top on the scroll tube, searching the contents **
(5149) Norfirion: "My wife's I suspect.."
(5145) DM: A scroll is inside.
(5145) DM: (stopping in 15)
(5149) Norfirion: "I haven't spoken of it in nearly 3 decades."
(5150) Agatha: ((Hey guys, I'm nodding off here and I gotta get up in about 4 hours. Sorry but I gotta call it a night.))
(5147) Git: (guessed as much... more curious what's on the scroll)
(5145) DM: (later)
(5146) Kha: "Well lets have a look at this scroll"
** (5178) Ari turns her tri colored gaze at Norfiion, "Why your wife's hair?" **
(5147) Git: :peers up to Norf: "You carry a lock of her hair?"
(5150) Agatha: Disconnecting from server...
(5150) Agatha (exit): 03:16
(5145) DM: It appears to be a spell of some sort.
(5178) Ari: ((good night))
(5149) Norfirion: "Not exactly, but I just have a strange feeling about all of this."
(5149) Norfirion: "She was killed 30 years ago by Kernin invaders while I was making my way to the Diamond Citadel to take the Test"
(5149) Norfirion: "This whole prophecy, all of this, along with a vision I saw of my own beloved's death......and the death of my two children."
(5149) Norfirion: "It seems to tie in together, I dont know how or why, but it just does."
(5146) Kha: "Halthala, do we need to finish the test before compleating the spell you mentioned?"
(5147) Git: "If you don't have a lock of her hair, then I don't see how she applies to our current situation." :Replaces the scroll in the tube and places it in Norf's hands: "You have a long life to waste grieving, focus on our task for now."
(5146) Kha: "Well that would explain your far away sad look that I have seen a few times."
(5145) DM: I cannot cast the spell unless you have completed the Test.
** (5178) Ari reaches out to Norfirion, " I too have lost my beloved, I empathize in your sorrow." **
(5145) DM: (whoops lol)
(5147) Git: "Then lets get it over with. This is getting on my nerves." :acting rather colder than usual as he heads out the door and back down south
(5146) Kha: "So all eight parts must be compleat before you are able to cast that spell, so we have six more items to collect and a battle to finish?"
(5145) Halthala: I cannot cast the spell unless you have completed the Test. The Test provides seven ingredients in order for the ritual of invocation to be successfully cast.
(5178) Ari: "Possibly the lock we need will be found in the next test."
(5149) Norfirion: "What if they are not truly items?"
(5149) Norfirion: "Maybe we are part of those components."
(5149) Norfirion: "It's all very metaphorical."
(5145) Halthala: Once you have gathered all seven ingredients, we shall then journey to the portal. You will remove the taint to this shrine, and I shall perform the ritual, and the portal shall be opened.
(5178) Ari: "If we are not, then this will fail"
(5154) Vrondard: "only one way to find out... search all eight chests"
(5146) Kha: "Well lets return to the room of the guardians, since we compleated the first part of the test"
(5145) Halthala: Some of the items are metaphorical, this is true.
(5145) Halthala: At least one of those items will need to be earned. (looks directly at Git as she speaks)
** (5149) Norfirion sits unmoving on the cold stone floor with a stoic look. **
** (5147) Git doesn't look back as he impatiently awaits for them to continue **
(5149) Norfirion: "Those goddamned Kernin bastards...."
(5178) Ari: tears from an elf maiden?
(5145) Halthala: Ays, tears. (coolly) (prepares to leave the chamber)
(5178) Ari: ((so what exactly is the definition of an elf maiden?))
(5145) DM: ((well you are LOL))
** (5146) Kha turns to follow Halthala **
(5149) Norfirion: "The worst part was, their bodies were desecrated, destroyed, nothing left for even a proper elven burial. In our customs, those who die without a proper burial on elven soil cannot reach Arvandor. They are cursed to walk the hereafter for all eternity."
(5178) Ari: ((and does Halthala fit that definition))
(5147) Git (whispering): just playing him a little grumpy with all the talk of dead spouses and the lock of his wife's hair he carries in his journal... still a bit thin skinned
** (5145) Halthala disappears in a flash of light as she leaves the chamber. **
** (5146) Kha pauses for a second then walks out the door **
(5145) DM: Kha disappears as well.
(5147) Git: (halthala's half-elven)
(5178) Ari (whispering): but am I a maiden? that's the query
whispering to Ari, yes you are
(5178) Ari (whispering): okie dokie
** (5149) Norfirion sighs and stands up returning with the others. **
whispering to Ari, maiden isn't necessarily "a virgin"
** (5147) Git follows after kha through the door **
whispering to Ari, but it could be
** (5178) Ari follows Git **
(5146) Kha: "So Halthala are those Gems part of this spell, You only mentioned Emerald Death that sounded like a Gem, and we found two"
(5145) DM: You're all returned to area 3
** (5154) Vrondard follows along... "har!" **
(5178) Ari (whispering): well, she is not 'a virgin' and that's why I had to ask for a definition.
(5147) Git: (yeah... we're gonna be at this a while ^_^ )
(5178) Ari: ah sleep perchanse to dream.... ach.. no not that
(5154) Vrondard: "crazy insane mages..."
 (5145) Halthala: This much I am permitted to help you: each of you may ask me one question and I cannot lie. You cannot ask these questions after you leave this chamber.
(5149) Norfirion: A as well
(5146) Kha: B+
(5145) Halthala: As to the question posed by Kha: each of the items in the spell can be found down each of the corridors. Six items left remaining, six corridors left remaining. To access a corridor, you must ensure that the Guardian does not guard that corridor.
(5154) Vrondard: ((how many items must we find... 8?))
(5154) Vrondard: ((someone was saying 6...))
(5145) DM: (see Hal's answer to Kha's question)
(5149) Norfirion: ((guess that means we're not considered any of the components)
(5145) DM: (might want to think of remaining questions. six more questions (if you count Aggie and Sam))
(5145) DM: ((precisely Norf))
(5146) Kha: ((Ok well I am gona go to sleep. will read the logs to see answers of other questions))
(5149) Norfirion: ((made me spill my guts fer nothing, bah blimey DM :p)
(5178) Ari: ((to tired to ask anything coherent))
(5145) DM: lol

(5145) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)


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